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1 IS PLEASED TO PROVIDE THIS COSTUME PLOT FOR YOUR PRODUCTION OF: Annie NOTE: This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costumes needed for this show. It is intended to provide a price quotation, the number of changes, and a feeling for the costume style. Specific colors and fabrics are not described in particular because of variations in size and an ever-changing and evolving stock. COSTUME RENTAL DISCOUNTS Costume Rental Discount Shows Over: $1, % Over: $4, % Over: $6, %

2 Thank You! We would like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks for requesting a plot through Our electronic plot delivery system gives you the information you need fast, allowing you time to plan your production. For over 120 years, Norcostco has been providing exceptional show costumes with the quality, appearance, and attention to detail you expect from us. Our costumes are customized to character, accessorized, and altered to your performer s measurements. Our full, on-site dry cleaning plant ensures the costumes that you receive are clean and ready to wear. Our staff of professional costumers has developed the enclosed plot ensuring it is correct from a setting and period standpoint. It details by character, the costumes required for the show. We ve also enclosed additional information regarding procedures, extended rental rates, discounts, and shipping information. Norcostco provides other services as well. Whether you need makeup for the show, tech supplies, or a complete overhaul of your performance space, we can meet your needs. Our professional staff of theatrical experts is ready to assist you. We value your patronage and are committed to exceeding your expectations. Sincerely, Norcostco, Inc. and its employees

3 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT RENTING COSTUMES PHILOSOPHY: Whether the costumes you need are simple, elaborate, bright, or drab, what is important is that they are right. Our staff of Costumers is committed to this ideal. ACCESSORIES: Certain accessories are automatically included in the rental price; others are subject to additional charges. The prices quoted on our standard plots reflect these considerations. ONE OR ONE HUNDRED: At Norcostco, we are happy to rent you all of the costumes for a show, some of the costumes, or just one costume if that is all that you need. We can take full responsibility for being your costumer, or you can use us as a supplier for those harder-to-come-by costumes. ACTOR SUBSIDIES: In many schools and community theatres, students/actors are willing to pitch in and pay all or part of the rental costume charges in order to have quality and attractive costumes for their show. The order can be placed in the usual manner with the sponsoring organization paying the bill; then the student/actor pays his/her share to the organization. This reimbursement plan can be a real budget stretcher. MEASUREMENT/ORDER FORMS: Order forms are attached and can also be found on our website. Please remember that complete and accurate measurements eliminate estimating sizes and facilitate a better fit. Norcostco requires submission of a signed and fully completed order form before production of your order can take place. PLAN AHEAD: Our goal is to provide you with complete and timely service along with the greatest looking costumes possible. Please place your orders early; ultimately, this ensures the best look for your show. If you give us complete information well in advance of your production date, we in turn are able to give your show our best effort. EXPEDITED SHIPPING: Norcostco specializes in meeting the last minute needs of our customers and during certain times of the year, our shipping calendar can become quite full. Please be aware that the timeliness with which you place your order determines your placement in the schedule. In some cases, expedited shipping may become necessary and those charges are the responsibility of the customer.

4 COSTUME RENTAL PROCEDURES Prices quoted are for a maximum period of seven (7) days. Costumes needed for longer than seven (7) days are charged at one-third (1/3) the original rental price for each seven (7) day period or part thereafter. You are not charged rental for the time the costumes are in transit. Shipping charges in both directions (to and from you) are in addition to the rental charges. We ask that orders be complete and submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your SHIP DATE. Orders received less than 3 weeks prior to ship date are NOT subject to late order fees but may be subject to expedited shipping charges in order to make your production dates. If an open account has not already been established, a valid purchase order or signed letter of authorization from an official of your organization must accompany your order if the order is to be charged to an open account. Please fill out order form and measurement sheets as completely and accurately as possible. An authorized signature is required for us to process the order. Include a copy of the Norcostco plot for your show on which you have noted the specific costumes that you are ordering and any special needs which may not be indicated on our standard plot. We want to encourage you to or fax your orders. It's speedy and accurate. Certain costumes are marked NET on our plot meaning they are not subject to any further discounting. We would be honored if the phrase "Costumes by Norcostco" appeared in your program. Prices are subject to change without notice.

5 ANNIE TIME: DECEMBER, 1933 PLACE: NEW YORK CITY AND WASHINGTON D.C. CHARACTER ANNIE MOLLY, KATE, TESSIE, PEPPER, DUFFY MISS HANNIGAN BUNDLES McCLOSKEY DOG CATCHER & ASSISTANT POLICEMEN LT. WARD APPLE SELLER, ARTIE, EDDIE, FRED, IRA, MALE HOOVERVILLE-ITES SOPHIE, PEGGY, FEMALE HOOVERVILLE-ITES GRACE FARRELL DRAKE MRS. GREER PRICE COSTUME DESCRIPTION muslin nightgown, hose drab dress, pinafore, sweater fur trimmed coat, fur muff, fur cap 2 pc middy dress, white hose, sailor hat dress, hairbow 2 pc white middy dress w. red trim, hairbow red dress w. white trim plain muslin nightgown drab dress, apron, sweater pastel dress w. white trim, white hose (to match Annie's) long garish robe w. pockets bright colored dress, sweater loud overcoat loud day dress, bright fringed shawl day dress fancy coat, gloves, hat trousers, shirt, short rough coat, soft cap 2 pc uniform, cap 2 pc double breasted uniform, nightstick, gloves, badge, cap 2 pc double breasted suit, shirt, tie, hat trenchcoat worn suit, drab shirt, muffler, cap or hat worn overcoat dark dress, sweater or shawl worn overcoat attractive day dress, hat stylish coat day dress, cape, gloves, hat day dress, hat party dress, necklace 2 pc tailsuit, shirt, green service vest, green bowtie, green gloves green day dress w. white trim NORCOSTCO, INC. PAGE 1 OF 3

6 ANNIE TIME: DECEMBER, 1933 PLACE: NEW YORK CITY AND WASHINGTON D.C. CHARACTER MAIDS MALE SERVANTS MRS. PUGH OLIVER WARBUCKS CHAUFFEUR NEW YORK-MALE NEW YORK-FEMALE THEATRE USHERETTE ROOSTER HANNIGAN LILY ST. REGIS SOUND EFFECTS MAN JIMMY JOHNSON FRED McCRACKEN PRICE COSTUME DESCRIPTION uniform dress, green apron, headpiece w. green trim black trousers, white shirt, green service vest, green bowtie green dress, white bib apron, chef hat 2 pc stylish suit, shirt, tie nice overcoat, homburg, gloves trousers, shirt, ascot, smoking jacket 2 pc suit, shirt, tie 2 pc black tuxedo, shirt, cummerbund, bowtie, suspenders 2 pc green or grey uniform, boottops, gloves, hat 2 pc suit, shirt, tie, hat overcoat 2 pc tailsuit, shirt, white vest and bowtie, suspenders, tophat opera cape day dress, hat overcoat evening dress, gloves long evening cape loud "hooker" dress, tacky feather boas, mesh hose, bandeau red short jacket, black formal skirt, pillbox hat 2 pc zoot suit, shirt, tie, spats, gloves, hat plain suit, shirt, 4-hand tie, hat sexy dress, gloves, short cape, mesh hose, hat house dress, shawl, hat w. veil trousers, shirt, tie, sweater vest 3pc bright squaretail suit, shirt, sash tie 2 pc double breasted suit, shirt, bowtie NORCOSTCO, INC. PAGE 2 OF 3

7 ANNIE TIME: DECEMBER, 1933 PLACE: NEW YORK CITY AND WASHINGTON D.C. CHARACTER RONNIE, BONNIE, CONNIE (BOYLAN SISTERS) BERT HEALY CORDEL HULL HAROLD ICKES HENRY MORGANTHAU FRANCES PERKINS LOUIS HOWE PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT MARINE GUARD PRICE COSTUME DESCRIPTION matching dress, hair flowers (subject to sizes) 2 pc loud suit, shirt, bowtie, skimmer 2 pc double breasted suit, shirt, tie 2 pc double breasted suit, shirt, tie 2 pc double breasted suit, shirt, tie 2 pc suit, blouse or dress 3 pc suit, shirt, tie 2 pc suit, shirt, tie 2 pc double breasted suit, shirt, tie dark blue uniform coat, blue trousers w. red stripe, gloves, cap JUSTICE BRANDEIS black trousers, white shirt, black tie, black judicial gown NORCOSTCO, INC. PAGE 3 OF 3

8 COSTUME RENTAL ORDER FORM Production Information: Show Dress Rehearsal Dates Performance Dates Need By Date Pick-up (After 3:00 p.m.) Ship to Customer Return Ship Date Bill to: WEST Norcostco California Costume 3606 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA Fax CENTRAL Norcostco Northwestern Costume 825 Rhode Island Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN Fax Payment: SALES OFFICE/ZONE DISTRIBUTION CENTERS Fax, Mail & Orders Check enclosed Norcostco Charge (PO required) P.O. Number SOUTHWEST Norcostco Texas Costume 1231 Wycliff Avenue Suite 300 Dallas, TX Fax ROCKY MOUNTAIN Norcostco Denver 4395 Broadway Street Denver, CO Fax EAST Norcostco Eastern Costume 333-A Route 46 West Fairfield, NJ Fax SOUTHEAST Norcostco Atlanta Costume 2089 Monroe Drive N.E. Atlanta, GA Fax Credit Card: Visa MasterCard Discover Card No. Signature Expiration date: Norcostco Customer Account No. CHARGES: All orders will be cash or C.O.D. except to established Norcostco accounts in good standing and educational or government institutions submitting purchase orders. Terms: Net 30 days. Ship to: ORGANIZATION NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP TELEPHONE ( ) FAX MEASUREMENT GUIDE Please use reverse side for measurements and additional information. A. CHEST/BUST (M/F) Taken around greatest fullness (not bra size). B. WAIST (M/F) Taken at natural waistline. C. HIP (M/F) Taken 7-9 below natural waistline. D. WAIST TO FLOOR (F) Taken from natural waistline to floor with stage shoes. E. OUTSEAM (M) Taken from natural waistline to desired trouser length with stage shoes. F. INSEAM (M) Taken from crotch to desired trouser length with stage shoes. G. SHIRT (M) Neck size taken around base of neck (ex. 15-1/2 ) and sleeve length taken from center back of neck across shoulder to wrist (ex. 34 ). H. HAT (M) Taken around head at hatline. ORGANIZATION NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP TELEPHONE ( ) TERMS OF RENTAL Please send the costume(s) listed on the reverse side of this (these) pages. I hereby agree to return in good condition, on the date noted above, the goods I have rented. I also agree to pay for all goods lost, destroyed or damaged; to pay shipping charges both ways (if shipped); and to return the costume(s) immediately following the final use or to pay additional charges. I understand that the prices quoted for costumes used in stage productions apply to a maximum rental period of seven days; each additional week or part thereof is charged at an extended rate. I understand that the prices quoted on costumes for other uses apply to a maximum period of three days; each additional three-day period or part thereof is half the original quoted price. I have read and agree to the above terms. Authorized Signature Title Our business is helping people. Give us a call; we re here to serve you. ALL PRICES ARE U.S. DOLLARS. 113

9 114 Member National Costumers Association MEASUREMENT BLANK Please print or type and fill out completely. NOTE: Please or Fax Order to Norcostco Office Nearest You. ACTOR CHARACTER # OF COSTUMES M/F HEIGHT WEIGHT SUIT/ DRESS SIZE A CHEST/ BUST B WAIST C HIP D WAIST TO FLOOR E OUT SEAM F INSEAM G SHIRT/ BLOUSE SIZE H HAT Code K Costume Rental Discounts: 5% over $1, % over $4, % over $6, Customer Name: Show/Production: