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1 '5 :u Al, I u (luv to I u I E; 1 It: If u -4 _ II! I II n-"'4\ , I I-Ovn l\ 1 ' Il-cI( 6 tv IO: 1 4 vnb s 0; 0: Ilu, 4 In I I7! Ilv':IIlI\ll I r iuou'v 1; hr at 100 :1! 0 1 O 1 w DIV: II,4 l I to I11» " Id lit 5} " I 1 no evil I L! 9 nit v v:i - ear, see, spec/< 7/'26 uttcn Stnnggroup

2 H BMJU} ULHE:?S _E}<}JJBJf Group 3, "The Button String", cordially invite all members of the Michigan Button Society and their friends to attend a exhibit black and educational glass display at the home of Miss Berneice 4l5 W Mansion, Marshall, Owens, some Saturday in May We also invite to participate by entering you cards of black glass either for tive competi or educational purposes This is going to be rather a free forall all around There is to be no charge for entering and no except two rules very simple ones The cards must be the standard 12, and all buttons size, 9x must be of black glass You will be penalized if any other sort of button is used We are inclosing the which is to be followed classification for entering your cards for competition You are being allowed to use any size of button and any number on a card you desire If you are smart enough to accumulate, say, 15 of gblack glass of etched any size, put them on a card for exhibit and lliable to you'll be carry off the prize By the way, are you sure of etched black your glass? Can you tell it from painted or enamelled? ter Bet- study up on it No covering for your cards will be neeessary If your heads any pictorial button is identified or by it subject underneath will the count in button, your favor You might like to review Michigan Bulletin your on black August glass We hope that the members of group will enter at least your one card from every class, no small the matter how number on each card Either bring or send Miss Owens The your cards to exhibit room is being so arranged that can step to a certain you yourself spot and hang your card The cards will be ged and prizes given for iirst jud- and second have places only Some already expressed the desire members to contribute a for button as a certain class If aprize you also would care to Miss do Owensa so, kindly inform Berneice's home will be easy to find as she lives only four houw ses north from Marshall's famous colored fountain Sorry it won't be night so that we might show it to you We want you to stay late Busses come from early and the north, south, east, and west a few houses of her pass within door Program - Educational - a a Nora Patty GPO? 5 Jones luncheon w Minnie Steely, Ohr Parrish, Chr Emma Diehl Dorothy Tuck Kate Bryant Louise McDonald» May Lohr Mrs Gla Brown Lela Mrs Cutting Eulalia OiToole Mrs Oscar Mary Paine Loyer Exhibit- Berneice Marcia Owens, Chr Ayres Nora Wilson Mrs D Sunstrand Registration- Dorothea Hammond Maude Lepper, Ghr & Mrs Reception- CV Williams Leila Andrews Thelma Rector Mary Williams 91aSSifi Mrs Gardner Poole oation-- Pansy Emmert Thelma Rector Elba Walters

3 i PLAbTlG HORN BUTTONS Nora Jones "horses hoors are too hard and coarse to be employed for the making or the better class of combs and buttons, for which purpose the hoofs of cattle, to the value or nearly L 5000, are annually imported into Efl3laHO The above sttenent was printed in l885 The horn of the aninal was used as well The hooi and horn are softened by longcontinuec soaking in boiling water, th=n cut into garaalel strips the width or these buttons by a cutting knife, which in turn are cross cut intu scuares with the corn*rs renoved Tfl pl C S are dyed by being imherseb in a cauldron containing lo; W030 and copperas, and then dried aflotfl I authority says that a nitrate or silver in nitric acid was used, but vegetable compounds are sometimes substituted for the nineral substance or a The button so produced recovers the Original characteristics flexibility,tojéflfless, and transparency when cool and retains beautifully shaped impression of the mold Plastic horn buttons are commonly recognized by the pics mark on the back caused by a sharp pointed instruhent used to remove them from the hold, but, as will be seen later, other marks of identiiication can be found They are light in W l5flt? astonishing ly so when casually balanced in the hand Unfortunately, many or the older ones now remainin5 are badly worn or chipped, either from the inroad oi sohe insect or Iron ruboinb against other buttons bits are Ilaked Orr The DaUKS are apt to be pitted with holes, rough? or chackled The credit ior inventing this type or button is given to Emile 5assot,h Frenchman, because in the year l85b he todk out a patent on the process What a thrill it was, arter readina the above fact in an encyclopedia, to find among my buttons two with enough of the letters legible on the back so that the rest were readily supplied to insure they were or his mare, the addition of "Paris" also being of assistance mine are both conventional floral designs Zorothy Foster brown pictures a boar's head in relie: on black plastic horn beariné on the back his name Polly de bteiguer Orurmett tells us that hornmould shirt buttons are mentioned in an advertisement or the "Country Journal (American) of l757 and by l8wo they werei beiné made by ten country folk of our own land in hone made moulds at this date they were beinfi used on womenls cloaks In 1840, Charles Dickens gives us a detailed description Oftfl9lf manufacture in England "A moldyis formed something lik a pair of pincers, each hali having 6 or 8 small steel dies fastened to it, each die containing the intended impression of the intended button embossed upef on it when shut close,the opposite dies exactly correspond and r prrssht the entir shape or the button The mould being heated somewhat above the temperature or boiling water, a biecn of horn is placed upon each impression in it and the mould is then closed, and then conrined within a pcwerrul press or vice The united action of

4 » ' the neat and or ths prossurs iorcss tn? piscss of norn to tags ths sxact impression of thc two halves of ths di s and tn+y coms out in the fort of buttons, plain or nmboss d? as tnv case nay bn, but Wits outer sdgss a littla raga L; tnis roughnsss is r lov d by fil ingi the button held in a laths Ii tn= horn button thus madw is to havo no snank, four or fivs holes ars drilled thru it by an ingeniously constructsd lath, but if shanks are rsouircd, tncss must b? firmly unit*d to tho horn Th: shanns arr mad? in a curiousimannsr :rass or iron wir: is wrapped spirally round a Stbel bar by the rotation or tnc bar in a laths The coil is than Sllppid off tut bar, forced into a somswhat tnst each turn of coils oval form and out tnru its wnolé l ngtn so products a button shann or an oval form with two disengaésd ends More rscgntly a littlv machine has bssn inv»ntsd, which by the simpl> turnini or the winch, supplies itsol: witn wir? from a reel and d liv rs it out and bent tfls prop r figura of tns_snank; saoh turn of thn winch form a shann onanns sucn as thns are ins rtsd in th: norn buttons by cnildrcn, who, prwvious to the prcssiné into» the mold, drill a nol into vach button pi C and insert tn: shank, Tnr mold nas a cavity for f0cjlvldgtflc snann and the pressure clos s tns horn about it so eiisctually, tnat it will not oom= out?" com tings norn buttons arr mad plain, and than nav* a pleasing dnu vice made upon than be placing on tncir surface a thin plats with a patt rn out in it :y Iuofllflg bvsr the»pnatt with smsry powder,-the horn will bccom: scratcnnd or dsadsnsd thru tnc holes in thé plataa, but lfilt polished at other H parts Tn abovs ouotid notss aré taksn from "Tbs Psnnylnagazinr of 1840, sditcd by Cnarlss Dick ns David E Johnson has found a uniforn button with Eagls and Stars in tns stylé of lala nll tnso rcfsrsncss would indicatr#ths utilization of horn matsrial long bsfor= thc patsnt dats iv*n?y thr way, Mr Johnson was thc first to idsntify plastic horn buttons calling att ntion to tns pick mark; in wars so told way back in ths a Juns, 1969 "Hobbies" n8 ws have sash, tnsss buttons wrrr manufacturcd infrancs I hay found plastic norn buttons marksd Emils 4assot, Paris; LJ;J, Ca n; LOJ & 3 Cash; Dcpos=; super Fin, saris Tn English pro ducsd a similar tyu«, such buttons b ing marksd T Cox Patcnt and T wells lngrams Pat nt nnotncr back mark is a raysd 8point star but from what country it is hard to say so far no sp?cificinm*rlcan manufaoturcr is known but wb hay dciinit> proof thy wsr mads in tnis country nccausz or tnssp various back marnings, dcs it nct s=st silly to continu? using tn: tcrm, picnnarn buttonsfi? Lsts say "the Bassot Typafi, giving honor honor is dun Wt iind than with svsry type of attachmznt; ths vwrtical hols, two holes, slf shann, and wire shann iflundrsds or than have very simpl artistic gsomctrio or floral designs But ws find vsryiné head dfsi5ns, birds, animals, Greek and Italian designs, key, gauntlet, arrows, a frw full fiigurns about tne usual diversity among any picturn buttonsi

5 raysd I I Although we usually think of them as black buttons, there are variations some are painted and enamelled, many inlaid with pearl, others with the design in silver or white metal, or any combination of these These variations are the exception rather than the rule One day while examining my black buttons, I ran across a surprise I discovered that some of the designs were copies exactly by the Novelty Rubber Ooipany in hard rubber For in stance, the boars head, exactly the same, even to the fine parallel lines serving as a background is found on an Emile Bassot plastic horn button and on a hard rubber button made by the Novelty Rubber Company Can you explain that e a button company cf New Brunswick? New Jersey, using the same moulds as a button company of Paris, France? attention Still anether surprise feature suddenly caught my as I was considering these buttons We have always thought of the plastic horn buttons as belonging definitely to the molded classification, as they do But now I became aware that horn was used to face over other materials I was persuaded into this belief while examining a seeming plastic horn button with the British Registry Mark on the back The mark was exactly like that found on the glass croquet set design, with this difference: the III meanhng Glace was replaced by a II meaning wood Then I decided the wood was faced with plastic horn, having a 6 rayed star design on the face Still holding this idea in mind, I collection more critically and found another varifi looked at my cation, one end of a wire-pin shank forming a raised dot on the face Even the lowly cow hcrn has possibilities! Walters of Battle Creek, has two Navajo Indian Mrs e silver buttons One is coneshaped half inch wide turquoise set in top down from set This button was used on the side of the deerskin boot I It is used on inch wide, with design inciead on shirts as ornamentation the leather jackets or Mrs Walters has another silver button, given to her by Carrie Chapman Catt, vhen she was a patient at the BC Sanitarium Evie duttoa was bcught*ints holland in l907 when hrs Matt was a delegate to the Peace Conference It is concave in shape and has a filigree pattern backed WlTh a shiny metal It is studded with small knobs cf the silyergand has a copper shank

6 A 1 JUNIOflo Hair Bows For You To Make Do you have a favorite bow? or do you want to make a new one? Look in mqthkr?s button bag pick out some glass or brass buttons Sew them to the knot of your bow Or string small buttons on a fine wire and form a loop to stand be A tween the Iiboon loops of your bow Do you ever tie an inch wide ribbon around your hair? bew some sparkling button: to the center of the ribbon Now you thinx up a few ideas and let me know about them

7 ' C, ' MY English Poyil ard hohis ty Buttons Minnie 8 eal A man from Finsbuiv Fark, London Engfieni, seeing my name and address under Unidentified Buttons in Hobbies took the liberty as he wrote, of sending me some old luttonr Wfitfih he thought might in GIGS? me Think of it? he apciagired because there were no pic ture buttons, saying he bad not seen any of those for over two YChlfl9 When I opened the tin tobacco box LE which they were in closed, on my return from Natinpalj tiers not my eves about forty large and small roval and nobility private libery buttons with identifications attached whech he had taken from some cards over over there fortyyears old He told me they were very scarce even and very occasionally one sees them made into a brooch In return for them he wished American cigarette cards the Y gathering hf 4 which was his hobby ithere were nine heraadric crests, either showing the wreath or issuing frdm a crown, one full corrt of aihs,&ddth rest plain with English firm names on the back There were several of each kindfi On plate l9, flelen Wegener illustrates la crest buttons but only one of mine is here shown l have not been ab le to cheok\' on the identification or give the descriptions in heraldric termin ology 1 a passant deer with the dexter hoof raised, the wreath below, a twist of two cords, Back: Firmin a bone, Ld; strand, LondoniCrest of the Duke of Bucclove- A crescent (emblem of the increasing moon with the horns directed upward) and a oird, each a crest of two families intermarrying Back: Eirmin and cons, L ondon, Patent 636 Earl of Rosebery A hawk with three piumes in his bill, spurs on his legs, on a standard resting on grass, wreath beneath T zack: C Pitt & Co 30 Maddox st, London Crest of Vis count Falmouth A wreath Back: Eiriin & cons, la Conduit st London Crest of the spitting swan with wings outspread standing on the the king, bestows the title thane of Cawdor upon Macbeth h doable crest like No 5, a hawk on a log, spurs on each leg and an angel kneeling within an open wreath of laurel leaves and berries Back: Firmin and cons} L 41 Narwick, c aegent ctloddon Crest or the Earl oi otrathmore (The present queen Eliz abeth is the youngest daught more and Kinghorne) Crest or the,g Earl of cawdor (hehehoer chakesoeare's "Macbeth" Duncan er or the lath Earl of btrath- ointed star on The bust or u displayed eagle with a five p its breast, the wreath b low back: J: and JNeldon, London Brest or Lord Penryn 3

8 ' -- v-- v-»=:r we '_ -AVVPGNIAFAAAA,_ w,,,,fim: 7, me'-,;=1v =,,,,,,_,,W_,,_mm,_,_,_, T " Lansing, a 7 Pictured on Plate 19 h stump snowing two roots and four branches, one coming from the top, the wreath beneath Back: Firmin and Sons, London, lrest of the at Hon Arthur J Balfour (a sritish statesman) 8 Five plumes rising from a crown Back: eherlock and Go Covert Garden, London Crest of Baron Hastings 9 A bear's paw gripping a key fastened to a chain with a ring on the end, the wreath beneath Back: Firmin & Son, Ld Strand, London fig lotne coat of arms of Greece, showing two savages as Sugffm porters, and the Greek cross, the charge on the shield The rest are plain, either silver or gold plated with these backs: l A crown, Best quality 8 Firmin & eons, Ld ct Martin's Lane 5 C & JW(Weldon) Estra quality 4, arnfield, Birmingham 5,Firmin & 6 Extra quality eons, Ld London If we only knew the history or Firmin & son, we could date these outtonstfrsm theediriereht strsetuaddressese en e':mue: wheeler arrow or G 36 The Commemorative Pattern (T 8) to beknown as "The Remember Baker", the greatgreat grandfather of my husband, who was an heroic captain sf "The Green mountain Boys of Vermont, under, Colonel Ethan Allen in 1770; in 1771 the Governor of New York issued a proclamation offering a reward for his arrest, but no attempt to do so was successful is grandson, srigadier General Lafayette OiBaker, organized and was head or the United states secret service Bureau during the Civil War, and effected the cap ture of John Wilkesjfiooth, the slayer of Lincoln Mrs Irwin Smith, wish The B C, group are very concerned over the March cover of the bulletin? iearoheyblew Is it ETHEL Or is it RUE,nhd little lambie 2?,

9 V a X A Objects snells, " a r F a i i Classification M accordingito material Plain Black Faceted Mirrored v Mourning Mourning Luster Gold Silver Copper Iridescent Jeweled set in metal CLADDIFICATION FOR BLACK GLAbS EXHIBIT faceted set in clotn Outlined v Silvers Gold Goldstone Bullet Inlays Laminated Etched Riveted Hand painted Litnographed Pictorial Heads Buckles, Classification D according to design Miscellaneous Fans, Hands, stars, Grosses, Arrows; Helmets, ships, Paisley, Cameo lntaglio Figures Human animals Birds Insects Misc Buildings Bridges o Mills Houses ignurcnes Misc Flowers Lilyoftnevalley Daisy Rose Backs Misc Screen Trees Date Fruit Name Nuts Tnread Leaves Snankslnrea Misc "o Miscellaneous i«braided Beaded noire Sizesi Diminutives, small, Medium, Large bince the writing or the invitation on tne inside front cover, the date of tne Black Glass Exnibit has been set for Saturday, May stn

10 """ "' """ -" "'" r - -» >4 - A» «i--»-vi-«v- -» -2-»» y '::: m 7» -f»-,-»»: -»»«- -*' =»-?*:'*-'-==' »wv?vz:-/zv-;v'z,/w-a-i,m,»,,,,aa:«-rmm=,/,w«,mpc»,miw,ww,,,, A d 1860 l880, i i i,", _ 6 a NEWS ITEMS Notice has been received of the recent passing of Mrs Harry Kaier, of Detroit, a member of the Log Cabin Group Rhcde Island stationery has a button stamped in the corner of their envelopes fikwt gfifk figs \m E s Q 3 y The Button string Group welcomes three new member: Mrs Oscar Loyer, Marshall; hrs Eulalia O'Toole, Niles; hrs Gla Brown, Kalamazoo The museum at Kalamazoo, for the month of March, is k showing a three case display of buttons from the collection of Patty Parrish of Battle Creek f ; An alphabetical herbarium of flower buttons is shown in a table case; This includes exact drawings of the buttons,l with flowers in natural size and colors, with their botanical names also shown are the following: six walnut trays in specialized collecting, and a nine card Junior dispfiay Four dressed figures, showing fashions of l82o p l84o and three satin trays, showing groupings of materials} china, glass, jewel, uster, r l and cut steel Everything displayed is of an educational value to show the beauty, diversity of material and design in buttons Mrs Wilson of the 5 C Group received the first and second copies of the Minnesota bulleti Veryawell edited We wish them success in their new venture LJUNI ca :3Urro1va=UPi>i:as; Dear Junior Button Gollectorsfi I am collecting glass and plastic buttons, in colors or clear I have all kinds of buttons to swap If interested, WIit 'fl Patty Tuck, llb Lakeview AV, Battle Creek, Mich "i

11 I5} The Button String, Group Three, met for an evening meet«ing February llth, with Mrs hay Lohr, of Battle Creek The outstanding feature was a talk by Mrs Patty Parrish on In lays Bhe has prepared a card illustrated by buttons in an Olranized arrangement to shot every kind of inlay and every Q -:rd or materiat gsed The lower onethird of the card used buttons to illustrate the d ifegenée between laminated and ' ' D - V _1 D V r"w «", ti c: ::>''*': d P i _a,r Wlfid lnifluld ion and?leagure was do-ive ircm e tale and the display, aw Black 1* g Corners white * YWé w7 Glass "j china inlay 3 4 \ -x n Known to be o yy flag ; Mosaic?;,, t r yqfii#} Center i 62 years old ' I -/ X :2:s s;a_-- :1 {23 N J, / W -T - ;'" f/ T»;»\ Pearl inlay n%f{fij}papei maohe Button Probably Chinese? K-k- '«-', a" """ " > Lntarsia Two kinds of wood Pearl ring around center J Steel inlay iblack ruboer v Button Pearl tulip Steel star Inlay Horn button \ Buttons slightly enlaroed :3 Group Five met at the home of Mrs Charles Morrison, in Mayville, February 5th Cards of Heart Buttons were exhibited, and a discussion carried on of the materials used therein New books on buttons were reviewed and buttons exchanged The next meeting will be held in April, when Wedding Buttons will be the special topic The help of each one was ashedin pre paring the April issue of our Michigan Bualetin The Battle Creek Group of the Button String met at Mrs Eoole's at The Inn, on Friday evening Feb 18th, to work on their entries for the bpling snow at opringfield, nass, and on their Black Glass cards for the nicnigan hay Exhibit clever Calif president has been tryind her Our hand at mukin5 hutthns Them &VOQ&flO seeds we uon't Know the secret grooves, out a masrmline race is curved on the seed, eyes are ouinted ans W;1t Gen 5 are glued in the nouth for teeth JL is COLgiEtSO with a screweye in the back and after it has hardened or dried, it is varnished, It hares a startling lapel ornament

12 Thelma mector of Eattle-Creek has about tho largest ora3on bufiton we have ever seen- two and a QHLI inuhos across made of o1ay* grey ang area- colored It fools very cold Toe dragon is cuived around tho button, up makinj an filmflfit ooxolete scrolling desi3n On account of tn; beginning of oour your beinb changed frog may first to October first, too uues are 75 cents, 25 cents from nay 1ixat,rl3é5 to bet iiist3 19%5, ano 50 cents Irom dart fir l84b to 93: iirsti 1ua% mificr fiuis LfiJ no more bulietins will be sent anti; dues are paio,'

13 I/773 SQD ]\/3'5 93/495 BUTTON IN OR A ROMANCE Answers to story in January issue j Story, set, castle, diminutive, girl, miniature, man, flower, head, jet, black, hair, mythological, hero, fable, wood, transpostatioo, unavailable, picture, time, cupid, bird, over all, stars, novelty, luster, scene, police, horn, milioary, offioeos, aomy navy, uniform, cloth, iabsio, modern, dress, silver, gold, dragon, sbost, fops, steel, swords, brass, ornaments, metal, zodiac, quivered, goodyeas, orientals operatic, celluloid, theatrical, pearl, glass, jewel, oalicé porcelain, china, plastic, spoons, pewter, bowls, dear, astronomical, sears, vegetables, ivory, head, enamel, green, ehildren, rubber, game, insects, oherubs boom-«panama HANDKERC1-{IE BU'ITONS Love is like a handkerchief A That glimmers in your pocket; gay rag, a brave rag Lovely as a rocket Chiffon and flimsy, Or linen and strong, Or just good ootton, It always goes along, 33 any Or limp as any rag, Folded neat, or twisted small, Youill take it in your bag A flowery decoration, As pretty as can be, Or plain white, to ery in Until you cannot see Fragile as an autumn leaf, Crumbling with frost,,, Love is like a handkerchief, Always getting lost, --Louise Owen Quiuadiqsmeneausnot "NOW, Ladies, We have a eclemn Women are the dagndest things, duty to keep down ihflationw»«let a Ponca City hardwasetmerehant me suggest that we keep olosecheok has found,, be bought a lot of on our husband's ssending money if shiny things for fish lures, and we expect to buy buttons this year" the women took them off his hands for buttons, etc

14 2 P P L E ENE H T fin BUTTON HAND BOOK Comparative Values, Serial Numbers, 400 Additional Buttons?Pi0e $2«00 Postpaid 'Order New from the Auther Florence Zacharie Ellis Nicho11s[ 114 Overleek Reed Ithaca, New York Group 30 IV, The Wo;verinee, well issue the March number of tee Mlch;gan Bulletlne receive their copy as usual Others who wish this number, please send 10 in coin te: Mrsa T Ee R a 1 _ Members cf the gtate Society will iervie _ Grandvllleg Miehlgan