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6 UNS80 UNS80 - HUNGARIAN CAMOUFLAGE SHIRT s Hungarian camouflage shirt used by border patrols. The camouflage pattern was called M-1949 and was used from 1982 to % cotton. 8

7 SEJ60 SEJ60 - HUNGARIAN CAMOUFLAGE SHIRT s Working jacket used by the Swedish Army from the 1960 s. 100 % cotton. 10

8 CHC50 CHC50 - SWISS ARMY COAT s Swiss coat used by Officials around 1950 s and 1960 s. 100 % wool. 12


10 ITQ90 ITQ90 - ITALIAN QUILTED JACKET s Italian lining of the Campagnola jacket used by soldiers until the end of the 1990 s. Polyester. 16

11 USS51 USS51 - US SHIRT American shirt, known as M1951, used for the first time during the Korean War. 100 % wool. 18

12 SEJ59 SEJ59 - SWEDISH PARATROOPERS JACKET S Swedish jacket used by paratroopers, known as M % cotton. 20

13 UNS65 UNS65 - HUNGARIAN FIELD SHIRT s Hungarian field shirt, known as M65, used by ranks. Green and blue. 100 % cotton. UNS65 - HUNGARIAN FIELD SHIRT s Hungarian field shirt, known as M65, used by ranks. Blue and green. 100 % cotton. 22


15 GRQ43 GRQ43 - GREEK ARMY S QUILTED LINING JACKET M-43 jacket s lining used by the Greek Army. Polyester/viscose. 26

16 MYA3 MYA3 USA ARMY HOODED SWEATSHIRT 1980 s US physical education (PE) army training hooded sweater from the 1980 s. Cotton/Polyester. 28

17 IAS70 IAS70 - ITALIAN ARMY FLANNEL SHIRT s Italian flannel shirt used by the Air Force around 1970 s and 1980 s. 100 % wool. 30

18 ENQ90 ENQ90 - ENGLISH ARMY S QUILTED JACKET s English quilted lining used around the 1990 s. 100 % polyester. 32

19 IRG80 IRG80 - ITALIAN RAINCOAT GILET s Italian gilet used as inner part of the raincoat by enlisted men on their days off. 100 % polyester. 34


21 CHJ60 CHJ60 - SWISS ARMY s Jacket used by the Swiss Army around the 60 s made withstrong and resistant salt & pepper woven fabric. Cotton. 38

22 ESJ80 ESJ80 - SPANISH JACKET s Jacket used by Spanish Army made with green polycotton fabric. 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. 40


24 IMJ90 IMJ90 - ITALIAN MARINE JACKET s Multi striped jacket with mandarin collar. Cotton. 44

25 IMJ9A IMJ9A - ITALIAN MARINE JACKET s White Italian marine Jacket used in the 90 s with mandarin collar. Cotton. 46

26 GBJ90 GBJ90 - BRITISH JACKET s Royal Air Force (RAF) jacket used by the English Army during the Gulf War. Cotton. 48


28 FRJ80 FRJ80 - FRENCH JACKET s Brown Army field jacket used in the 80 s. Cotton. 52

29 GBS80 GBS80 - BRITISH SHIRT s Working shirt used by the Royal Navy during the 1980 s with two chest pockets and big loops on the shoulders. Cotton. 54

30 DES80 DES80 - GERMAN MARINE SHIRT s White long sleeve shirt with two chest pockets. Cotton. 56


32 CHS80 CHS80 - SWISS SHIRT s Short sleeve shirt used by Swiss Air Force officials during the 1980 s. Cotton. 60

33 SES70 SES70 - SWEDISH AIR FORCE SHIRT s Light blue shirt used by the Swedish Air Force officials in the 70 s. Cotton. 62


35 ITS70 ITS70 - ITALIAN ARMY SHIRT s Khaki colored Italian shirt with two chest pockets and shoulders loops. Cotton. 66

36 IMS00 IMS00 - ITALIAN MARINE SHIRT s Deep blue shirt used by Italian Marine with two chest pockets. Cotton. 68


38 SET70 SET70 - SWEDISH T-SHIRT s Long sleeve t-shirt used by Swedish Army starting from the II World War and up to the 70 s. Cotton. 72

39 MYAR MYA1 MYA2 MYAR - USA ARMY T-SHIRT s USA physical education (PE) army training t-shirt from the 80 s. Cotton/Polyester. MYA1 - GERMAN ARMY T-SHIRT Green/brown T-shirt, with stitching on rib neck. Cotton. MYA2 - GERMAN ARMY T-SHIRT German navy t-shirt with blue collar. Cotton. 74

40 ITT90 ITT00 ITT90 - ITALIAN T-SHIRT s Italian green Army t-shirt in the typical green olive shade. Cotton. ITT00 - ITALIAN T-SHIRT s White t-shirt used by Italian Marine forces up to the beginning of the century. Cotton. 76

41 ITT9A CHT90 ATT80 ITT9A - ITALIAN T-SHIRT s Khaki t-shirt used by Battaglione San Marco forces. Cotton. CHT90 - SWISS T-SHIRT s Swiss t-shirt used for nearly a decade from the 80 s to the 90 s. Cotton. 78 ATT80 - AUSTRIAN T-SHIRT s Green olive shaded t-shirt made with the unique Telecom cotton fabric. Cotton.



44 DH70 DH70 - DEUTCH HORSE TROUSERS s German trousers tapered, with articulated knee and indigo yarn dye bottom bindings Polyester, Cotton 3 COLORS AVAILABLE: 84


46 HT70 HT70 - HUNGARIAN TROUSERS s Hungarian horse trousers with the typical legs shape used around the 70 s. Polyester, Cotton. 88

47 IB70 IB70 - ITALIAN BIKE TROUSERS /70 s Italian khaki biker trousers introduced in mid 50 s and used up to the 70 s, with adjustable elastic bands on the waist and gaiters on both legs. Cotton. 90

48 UM51 UM51 - U.S. MILITARY TROUSERS American trousers created for U.S. troops based in Korea in the 50 s. Wool, Nylon. 92

49 FA50 FA50 - FRENCH ALPINE TROUSERS s French alpine trousers from the 50 s with pinces, ironing folds and yellow piping on both sides. Wool. 94

50 IM80 IM80 - ITALIAN MARINE TROUSERS s Italian Marine vivid blue trousers, 7/8 in lenght with elastic bands on bottom. Cotton. 96

51 BP80 BP80 - BELGIUM PARADE TROUSERS s Belgian trousers in olive green/brown shade used for official military services. Wool. 98


53 IM70 IM70 - ITALIAN MARINE TROUSERS s Italian Navy blue trousers with straight legs used up to the 70 s. Polyester, Wool. 102

54 EB60 EB60 - ENGLISH BARRACK TROUSERS s English barrack trousers with large belt hoops and lined trousers bands used in the 60 s. Polyester, Cotton. 104

55 GT49 GT49 - GREEK TROUSERS Wide bike trousers used during the Greek Civil war in the late 1940 s. Olive green/brown Wool. 106

56 BF60 BF60 - BULGARIAN FIELD TROUSERS s Military green trousers mixed with articolated cut on back knee. Cotton, Polyester. 108


58 FS60 FS60 - FRENCH TROUSERS FROM SAINT-CYR MILITARY SCHOOL s French trousers used in civil enviroment in the 60 s. Wool, Viscose. 112

59 KL70 KL70 - DUTCH TROUSERS s Dutch army trousers used in the 70 s with regular straight leg fit. Polyester, Cotton. 114

60 IW60 IW60 - ITALIAN WIDE TROUSERS s Italian army wide trousers used in the 60 s. Green/brown olive shade wool. 116

61 IM60 IM60 - ITALIAN MARINE s Italian marine khaki coloured trousers used in the 60 s. Cotton. 118

62 CT6B CT6B - SWISS SALT&PEPPER TROUSER s Wide Swiss Army workwear trousers used during the 60 s. Polyester, Cotton. 120

63 IW70 IW70 - ITALIAN WORKWEAR TROUSERS s Italian workwear trousers used in the 70 s with eight belt hooks around the waist. Wool. 122


65 CT6A CT6A - SWISS SALT&PEPPER TROUSER s Wide Swiss Army workwear trousers used during the 60 s, cut above the knees and turned-up. Polyester, Cotton. 126

66 IS6B IS6B - ITALIAN MARINE SHORTS S Italian Navy blue shorts with pinces and pockets. Cotton. 128

67 ES70 ES70 - ENGLISH SHORTS - 70 s English field pants shorten with black piping on the both sides. Polyester, Cotton. 130

68 EN60 EN60 - ENGLISH NAVY SHORTS s English Navy beige drawstring shorts used in the 60 s. Cotton. 3 COLORS AVAILABLE: 132



71 RU80 RU80 - RUSSIAN ARMY UNIFORM s Russian army (soviet army) uniform from the 80 s, dry cotton khaki color. Cotton. 138

72 IUP4 IUP4 - ITALIAN UNIFORM s Italian Navy official dress introduced around 50 s and composed by trousers, jacket and waistcoat. Wool. 140


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