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2 Taxi Radio Taxi Zagreb Tel , Taxi Cammeo Tel Eko Taxi Tel , VG-Taxi Tel Taxi Zagreb Tel Network of trams and buses Tram map can be downloaded here: 2

3 Airport bus Zagreb Airport: The airport bus is parked out-side the main arrival terminal (You can t miss it). The trip with the airport bus to the main bus station, takes about 30 minutes. Railway station Airport buses schedule and more info: 3

4 Rent or Buy apartment or house The most popular website Hotel Palace Hotel Zagreb Tel Square J.J.Strossmayer 10, Donji Grad The Westin Zagreb Tel Izidora Kršnjavoga 1 Donji Grad DoubleTree by Hilton Zagreb Tel Ulica Grada Vukovara 269a Hostels International Youth Hostel Zagreb Tel Petrinjska

5 Shappy Hostel & Bar Tel Varšavska 8 Funk Lounge Tel Rendiceva 28 Related Article A guide to finding accommodation in Zagreb If you are looking for a hotel then check If you are looking for a hostel then check If you are looking for a long term accommodation in a room or a studio or an apartment or maybe a house: - The most popular website is Even real-estate agencies are publishing the apartments they have on this website. The challenge is that it is in Croatian but if you use Google translate you will manage. On Njuskalo, you can find an apartment to rent or to buy in addition to other categories in different other fields such as cars, furniture, electrical equipment...etc - Airbnb: Here you can find someone renting a room in their house or an independent studio or apartment or maybe a house with a garden. 5

6 - If you are looking for sharing an apartment you may try those Facebook groups: Interns in Zagreb Expats in Zagreb: 2- What do I need to consider when looking for accommodation? Location: You may consider an area near your work or university but if you have no commitments then you may look in the city center which is the most lively area in the city. If you have a car you may consider the hills of Maksimir, Dubruva, Črnomerec, Podsljeme...etc. If not then stick to the tram zone, at least you will not need to change many transportation to reach the center. The tram is very efficient to use and is connecting large part of the city. It may also be good to be near the main shopping malls, Arena or Avenue. Price: You need to consider your budget, most of the websites have the facility to search with a maximumm price in the search criteria. You may also compromise on your requirements to get the price you can afford. City center area is usually the most expensive but this can change if you are renting in the basement or in the attic. Price get cheaper as well when it is 4th of 5th floor without elevator. Building age: In case you are looking for an authentic feeling and a high ceiling apartment then you won't mind a building 6

7 from the year 1880 that is renovated, but you may take into consideration that you may face problems with heating, plumbing,..etc Being in a building that is 20 years old or less doesn't mean it is well built, for some reason, some years witnessed good construction and architecture while by time buildings were not built to last forever as it used to be. Try to check the building company and research if it has good reputation. This may not be important if you are renting, but very important when you are buying an apartment or a house. Feel free to send us your experiences, if there is any accommodation options that need to be added here, or if you have a feedback send us to And finally join our English speaking community in Zagreb and sign up to our newsletter to get updated with our coming events, activities, articles, photos, videos and more. 7

8 Restaurants Vegetarian / Vegan Green point Tel Varšavska 10, Zagreb Vegehop Tel / ; ; Vlaška 79 Zrno bio bistro Tel Medulićeva ul Gluten free options Spizza Tel Palinovecka

9 Good food Nikole Tesle 7 Gluten free bread: Facebook: katinkruhbezglutena Gluten free desserts: Facebook: Kokolach A full list of Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten free options in Zagreb Sea food As Tel Zelengaj 2 Gallo Tel Hebrangova 34 Ribice i Tri Točkice Tel Ulica Petra Preradovica 7/1 Facebook: ribiceitritockice Ribarski Brevijar Tel Kaptol 27/1 Local cuisine 9

10 La Struk Tel Skalinka 5 Facebook: La-Štruk Agave Tel Tkalciceva Ulica 39 Ivica i Marica Tel Tkalčićeva 70 Lido Tel Aleja Matije Ljubeka 25, Jarun. Dva goluba Tel Maksimirska 7 Facebook: Restoran Dva Goluba Food delivery Related Articles 10

11 Unique international restaurants in Zagreb In Zagreb,The magical taste of the island of Bali Unique meetup around vegetarian food Cafe Crafter's Lav Zagreb Tel / Opatička 2 Facebook: Crafter's Lav Zagreb 42 Coffee Co Tel Vlaška 42 Facebook: 42 Coffee Co. Kim's Coffee Tel Petrova 21 Facebook : Kim's Coffee Tea house 111

12 JING YUAN Teahouse Tel Ilica 107 Facebook: JING YUAN Teahouse Related article Tea time in Zagreb : Bars Spunk Tel Ul. Hrvatske Bratske Zajed-nice Facebook: Spunk Vinyl bar&bar Tel Bogovićeva ul. 3 Facebook: vinylzagreb Vintage industrial bar Tel Savska cesta Related Article Mission possible: Discovering a cafe 12

13 Shops ALGORITAM - English books (Closed for now) Tel Gajeva 1 Bio&Bio - Organic food store Tel Avenue Mall -Av. Dubrovnik 16, City Center. -Ilica 70 -Ozaljska 71 -TC Arena Lanište 32, Prizemlje -Zaprešićka 2m Westgate Mall DSG - Bicycle shop Tel Martićeva 17 Keindle SPORT Tel Vitezićeva 1a Foodness - Exotic snacks Tel Petra i Tome Erdodya 6 13

14 Facebook: Party accessories Party Pops Tel Vlaška 47 Pet Centar - Pet shop Tel Heinzelova 60 Drvinje 1 Tiles and ceramic shops ZOO Shop Belugo - Pet shop Tel Bartola Kašića park International food shops Korean food shop Tel Ulica Janka Draškovićeva 36 Asia store Tel

15 Vlaška 9 Tigris Oaza Tel Trg Ante Starčevića, Importanne Centar Pekinška Patka, internacionalni minimarket Tel Vlaška 78 Asian Cash & Carry Tel Ivanićgradska 33 From UK, British food and drink Related Articles Meet a local - They brought international food to Zagreb! Looking for a unique gift from Zagreb? Your guide to discounts and offers in Zagreb 15

16 Meet a Local: Hidden vintage treasures in Zagreb Meet a local - Daria and Vitaly and unique Croatian Supermarkets Spar Konzum Free phone Kaufland Diona Shopping malls Arena Centar Avenue Mall City center one Zagreb west Zagreb east food 16

17 West Gate Listings in Croatia Online shopping Prices comparison 17

18 Health care Hospitals General Hospital Dubrava Tel Šuška 6 General Hospital Merkur Tel Zajčeva 19 General Hospital Rebro Tel Kišpatićeva 12 General Hospital Sveti Duh Tel Ulica Svetog Duha 64 General Hospital Šalata Tel Šalata 2-4 Klaićeva children s hospital Tel Klaićeva 16 18

19 Private clinics American Chiropractice Tel Mislava 17 Eye center Opto Centar Tel Vlaška 64 Homoeopathy Centre Tel Petrinjska 59 International Health Centre Sunce Tel Trnjanska cesta Salt rooms Tel Medvedgradska ulica 49 Optical centre Opto Centar Tel Vlaška

20 Pharmacies Farmacia Tel Heinzelova 47b Gradska ljekarna Zagreb Tel kralja Držislava 6 Lavanda Mia Tel Kišpatićeva 1 Petrinjska 6 Ilica 51 Dermatologist Dentists Private dental center Tel Iblerov trg 5 Stomatološki centar Mlinovi Tel Mlinovi

21 Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović Tel Ulica Pavla Hatza 23 Dental Centra Miletić Tel Pere Pirkera 15 K2 dental polyclinic Tel Petrova 84 Veterinarian Happy vet Tel Bolnička 63 Vet -svijet Tel Rudeska cesta 81a Facebook: vet.svijet 21

22 English speaking services Pet sitting service Čuvanje i šetanje kućnih ljubi-maca - PETS ONLY Hotel i Škola za pse KARLY Tel Slemenska c.121, Rakov Potok, Horvati House4dogs - luksuzni hotel za pse - čuvanje pasa Tel Bukevje 25 c Baby sitter Cleaning service Facebook: spuzvaserviszaciscenje Schools American International School of Zagreb Tel Voćarska

23 Bright Horizons International British School of Zagreb Tel (0) Sveti Duh British International School of Zagreb Tel Dedići Deutsche Internationale Schule Zagreb Tel Fratrovac 36 The French school Tél : +385 (0) Fratovac 36 Hair dresser Katarina Tel Bauerova 2 Pin up Tel Gjure Deželića 75 Facebook: Pin Up 23

24 Glamour Tel Medvedgradska 39 Perman Koncept Tel Starčevićev trg 3 Jantar Beauty Factory Tel Mesnička 5 Facebook: Jantar Beauty Learn Croatian Sputnik Croatian Language academy Tel Krajiška 27 CroLang Tel Horvaćanska cesta 31B Facebook: CroLang 24

25 Croaticum Tel Ivana Lučića 3 ABC Free Basic Croatian Learn online Speakcro Related article croatian/ Fitness Danzart studio Tel Ulica Pavla Hatza 12 Insanity Tel Miramarski podvožnjak

26 Olimp fitness centar& caffe bar Tel Zadarska 80 Velvet Pepper Studio Tel Vinogradska cesta 6 Internet Providers Printing PromoArt Studio Tel Dankovečka 1 Facebook: PromoArt Studio Ispis Tel / Međimurska

27 Print studio Other International Arts Centre Performing arts classes for children and youth in English Meduliceva 30 Legal service Davor Domijan LL.M. Odvjetnik l Attorney at Law Ovlašteni izmiritelj l ADR specialist & Certified Mediator l Zagreb l Paris 27

28 Museums Archaeological Museum Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19 Croatian Museum of Naïve Art Sv. Ćirila i Metoda 3, Gornji grad Museum of Arts and Crafts Trg maršala Tita 10 Museum of Broken Relationships Ćirilometodska 2 Museum of Contemporary Art Avenija Dubrovnik 17 Zagreb City Museum Opatička ul Related articles The Ethnographic Museum offers English speaking workshops 28

29 Christmas ornaments made the Croatian way Is Zagreb City Museum worth visiting? Museum night unique tour Exploring the museum of illusions! Museum of Broken relationships Other Cinstar cinema Tuškanac cinema Kino Europa Check Subtitled Tuesday where they screen films with English subtitles Swimming pool Karting Arena Zagreb eye view point 29

30 30

31 TIPS How to apply for the Croatian residency Parking in the city center There are no free parking Parking in the streets: For the I Zone, price is 12kn/h and maximum allowed time to be parked is only 2h.For II Zone price is 5kn/h and maximum allowed time to be parked is 3h. Zone I or II, usually is stated on the parking sign. Parking in the garages: Best option is to park in the garage Langov Trg whichh is very near Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica (6min walking): 7kn/h (This garage is rarely full) More info How to open a bank account? You need your passport and an OIB number. 31

32 You can get the OIB number from the tax office at Avenija Dubrovnik 32. How can you know the bus schedule? If you need to know the time schedule of any bus: Type in google (Zet and the bus number) usually the first link in the google search is the time table of the bus you need. How to get your post delivery if you were not at home? If the post man didn't find you home and couldn't deliver your package on that day, he will leave you a post notice in your post box. You will need to pick it up in maximumm 5 days. How can I sell my stuff? If you have products that you may no longer need, or maybe you bought them by mistake and they are brand new with no use for you, how can you sell them in Zagreb? - Hrelić flea market, -The yard sales we organize every now and then - Njuškalo - Facebook group Sell, Donate, Exchange Zagreb 32

33 - Letgo mobile application How to find a job? To find a job in Zagreb you can use or you can also get in touch with recruitment agencies such as If the Croatian language is a problem you may use google translate and try your luck. Your Super market guide to ingredients Contributer : Gavin Hay English Baking powder Baking soda Buttermilk Butter Salted Butter Carob Cream of tartar Cream Sour cream Whipped cream Croatian Baking Prasak za pecivo Soda bikarbona Mlaćenica Maslac Slani Maslac Rogač Vinska kiselina Vrhnje Kiselo Vrhnje Vrhnje za šlag 333

34 Cooking cream Vrhnje za kuhanje Creme Fraiche Mileram (similar) Cream cheese Sirni namaz Chocolate chips čokoladne kapljice Cocoa powder Kakao prah Desiccated coconut kokosovo brašno Eggs jaja Egg whites bjelanjak Egg yolks žumanjak Flour Brašno Plain Flour Oštro Brašno Tip 400 All purpose flour Glatko Brašno Tip 550 Self raising flour Brasno za dizano Tijesto Bread flour polubijelo brašno Tip 850 Corn flour Gustin/gussnel Food colouring Prehrambene boje Flavouring aroma Yeast kvasac Salt sol White sugar bijeli Šećer Raw sugar smeđi Šećer Brown sugar Demerara Icing sugar Šećer u prahu Vanilla sugar vanilin Šećer 34

35 35