The Bear Facts! The OFFICIAL Journal of GWRRA Region F s Capital City Wings! Join Us At Our Next Meeting May 21, 2017

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1 The Bear Facts! The OFFICIAL Journal of GWRRA Region F s Capital City Wings! Join Us At Our Next Meeting May 21, 2017 Chapter CA-C Capital City Wings meets the 3rd Sunday each month Elks Lodge #6, 6446 Riverside Blvd. Florin Rd.), Sacramento, CA. Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge What Else Is There? Volume 13 May 2017 Issue 5 Hard to believe One of CA-C s favorite activities are Dinner and Dessert Rides!!! 1

2 In This Issue: Hello California... 3 Mad!.. 4 Visual Acuity... 5 Help One of Our Own...6 Chapter Activities... 8 We Get Letters!... 9 Photo Contest Entries..12 And much, much more! Count em 32 Pages of Great Information!!! Thank You! to the following contributors for this month s newsletter: Bob Stephens Jerry McHugh Editorial Policy: This newsletter is published monthly by and for the members of capital City Wings. Somebody has to be responsible for the content and that falls on our Newsletter Editor, Rick McCusker. Articles for consideration should be sent to: Receipt will be acknowledged. But, there has to be rules Original articles get first priority. Reprints are used only by permission of the ORIGINAL author. Inappropriate material will be rejected. The Newsletter Editor is solely responsible for the contents and content is at his/her discretion. Articles appearing in The Bear Facts may be reprinted, by permission only. Use in any kid of publication for profit is strictly prohibited. 2

3 District Directors Hello California! I t doesn t seem possible that April is gone and summer is almost here. I guess that s what happens when you are having FUN. We started the month off with the Rally in the Valley in Laughlin another great event by CA1R. Bob and I continued on to Phoenix, where we stayed with friends from AZ-R for the 40 to Phoenix event at national headquarters. We traveled on to San Diego to have the dinner gathering with 40 to Phoenix sponsored by CA- 1F. It is always FUN to gather with wingers no matter where they are from, we have a great connection, the joy of riding and sharing our experiences. April finishes off with two more great events Mardi Gras with CA1A and Rendezvous with Q with CA1Q. The Mardi Gras was filled with FUN activities, great rides, fun games, costumes, and Louisiana sandwiches and Kings-cake cupcakes, and topped off with gorgeous weather. The Pie-in-the-Face activity at Rendezvous with Q promises to be a big hit (no pun intended). Come see your CDs and District & Region Couples of the Year receive their pie. I m sure, as always, it will be another great day with our fellow wingers. May promises a lot more FUN. We start with CA1K on May 6 th in the south and CA2S Garage Sale May 5 th & 6 th in the north. Be sure to support our local chapters. Besides the opportunity to have fun with each other, we help our fellow chapters in meeting their needs throughout the year. May 20 th offers the Spokes in the Oaks with CA1Z in beautiful Julian, CA. Enjoy the ride to the mountain destination and continue the FUN with dancing, music, games, and of course food. Then enjoy your beautiful ride home. Who could ask for a more perfect day? Once rested from all that FUN, head out to Tucson, AZ for the Region F Rally, May Besides all the FUN and the fantastic venue, this is your opportunity to get training and classes, enjoy friends you don t get to see often, and share in the joy when awards are received. Drill teams from CA and AZ will be performing for your enjoyment. If you haven t registered yet, get on it. Let s support our Region F un. Many are making plans for Wing Ding, August 29- September 2 in Grapevine, TX. Hope to see many of you there. Once home, make sure your plans include CA District Rally at Mammoth Mountain September 22nd-24th. It promises to be a great time with wonderful riding opportunities. Couple of the Year/ Individual of the Year selection will be Friday afternoon. Be sure to support those wonderful people that are so special to GWRRA and their chapters. Classes and training will be available, as well as drill team exhibitions, and FUN, FUN, FUN. Be sure to get your registrations in soon before the registration price increases. You don t want to miss out on this opportunity to have FUN with GoldWingers and support your district at the same time. Condos are available at the same greatly reduced rate for the week before and the week after, so make a vacation out of this event and enjoy our beautiful mountains. It is always a joy to hear of all the activity between chapters in California. Northern chapters seem to be having a great time visiting and riding together as are several of the southern chapters. That s what it is all about enjoying each other and enjoying the ride when you have them both it can t get much better unless you add ice cream then it s hard to beat. Keep riding and Ride safe. Bear Hugs, Nancy & Bob Clark 3

4 I m MAD! MAD I tell you! Out of my mind, stir crazy MAD!!! Bob Stephens CA-C Motorist Awareness Coordinator H ow was that for theatrics? I know I can do better Hang on No wait, maybe some other time. The Motorist Awareness Division (get it MAD. I knew you would) is taking off here in the Sacramento area. Several things to tell you about. 1. We will have a booth set up at the CITRUS HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT Motorcycle Rodeo and Safety Day. It will be in August; the actual date has yet to be determined but we will have the MAD booth, I would like to have as many of you and your Wings there as possible. So stay tuned for the exact date. 2. May is Motorcycle awareness Month. As part of the program, I will be setting up the MAD booth at the I-5 North rest stop at Dunnigan. I will be giving out free water to drivers and riders and talking awareness to those I can button hole. This event will be from Noon to 5:00 pm. Add that to your ride calendar and stop by and see the MADness. 3. I will be making a presentation to the River City High School Driver Education Class on Tuesday April 18. If all goes well, there will be a return trip in May. And possibly 6 more times next school year. I hope to make next year s events SHOW AND TELL with your help and others, displaying all types of motorcycles. Again stay tuned to this channel for more details. people and vehicles driving toward you and from the cars in front of you. It will also get noticed by a cop if you are driving over the limit. The modulating light is an eye catcher even if a driver is not looking for a bike. The other device is NOT a Deer Whistle. It is a BRAKE LIGHT FLASHER. When the brakes are applied the flasher flashes the brake lights 4 times then it will light continuously until the brakes are released. It is an eye catcher for the driver behind you. I know these devices work from practical experience. In this day when 66% of all accidents involve distracted drivers every little edge helps. Enough of the HOORAY stuff. Here I will again ask you for your help in changing motorist s awareness of us - ONE DRIVER AT A TIME. I want to recommend two pieces of SAFETY CHROME I firmly believe will make your motorcycle more visible. The first item is a HEADLIGHT MODULATOR. This device modulates the low beam from full ON to very dim and back to full ON. This effect can be seen by 4

5 Visual Acuity The FLAMING Road Ahead By: Jerry McHugh W e all have heard of polarized sunglasses, you may even own a pair, but what exactly are they, how do they work, do I need them, and do I really care? I have always had decent eyesight but lately I have not been seeing as well still ok but not like when I as a lot YOUNGER. Riding a motorcycle around a corner at the speed limit brings the need for good visual acuity to the forefront. We can all see that brick but maybe can t see that fine gravel blending into the road surface. But if we hit it and get a wiggle (i.e., scare) then we know for sure we had better see it next time so that we can slow down or risk the consequences. Proper eyeglasses should be worn, but what further can we do? On sunny days most of us don sunglasses which can vary from $10 at the five-and-dime (how old am I?) to $200 to $300 for a set of Maui Jim s/ Oakley s. The topic of sun glasses is a big one and this article only scratches (no pun intended) the surface. But a few factoids is a good way to ease into the topic. It seems as if sunglasses serve three main purposes: Protection from Ultraviolet Light Nearly all sunglasses seem to do this even the cheap ones but don t buy ones that are not labeled as providing UV Protection. UV mostly comes in as direct light and most every face shield has a high level of UV protection even if not advertised as such. Apparently there is a chemical compound contained within a polycarbonate face shield that stops UV light not because they are trying to protect you from UV, but because they don t want UV to degrade your plastic shield (so if you keep it partially shut, you have UV skin protection as well). UV is a big topic but since it is so easy to get sunglasses to protect against UV there is no sense in discussing this topic further (i.e,, if all sunglasses have it, it is not a differentiator in choosing which sunglasses to buy). Protection from Intense Light Inside, we can see just fine with 400 to 600 lumens of light. Outside, on a sunny day, the lumens can range from 1,000 in the shade to 6,000 on the highway (assuming not much glare) but our eyes get uncomfortable above 3,500 lumens. So we need a bit of a tint, or other lens treatment, to block some of the excess lumens so that our eyes stay in the comfort range. My recommendation is that you don t go with too much tint rather stick with just a bit so you are not squinting all the time. As you block light your eyes see things getting darker and darker. You may be just comfortable in bright sunlight but beware of heavily tinted sunglasses when entering tunnels as it will seem as if the lights were suddenly turned off! And, going through a patch of forest road during daylight can cause you to have difficulty seeing obstacles, gravel, and road conditions when wearing even lightly tinted sunglasses. You may want to develop some skills at getting your sunglasses OFF when suddenly encountering a need to see (e.g., tunnel, tree lined road), as stopping (i.e, pulling over) is not always possible, nor advisable, under these 5 circumstances. We have a lot of choice in tints: gray, yellow/ gold, amber/brownish, green, purple/rose and I am guessing many others. Whichever (safe!) color lenses you opt for, tint density is another important consideration. Tint density is rated on a class scale of 0-4, and is the most important factor for determining how much light is able to reach the wearer s eyes. Two similar pairs of sunglasses with grey lenses, for example, won t block the same level of light should they have different density ratings. By law, all sunglasses need to be marked with their applicable density number. The table explains the uses each density class is suitable for: Riding while wearing sunglasses with an incorrect tint density can reduce concentration, or cause drowsiness, increasing the risk of road accidents. It seems as if Class 3 is a good place to start with your sunglasses; hopefully this gives you the relief you need (move up to Class 3 with caution never go to Class 4). Lenses of different colors affect how much visible light is able to reach the eyes, how well a person can see certain colors, and the degree of visual contrast experienced as a result. As such, choosing the wrong colored lenses can negatively impact how well a rider can see road signs and traffic lights, and spot potential hazards. Scientific research indicates pink, blue

6 and green lenses should generally NOT be worn while driving as they can make red lights indistinguishable. Sunglasses in these hues labelled as safe for driving are the exception the intensity of the featured lens color can make a significant difference safety-wise. The best lenses for riding sunglasses are grey and brown because they are color-neutral, meaning they do not alter how colors appear when worn. Many sunglasses specifically designed for drivers also feature yellow and amber-toned lenses, which can help to enhance contrast and definition. I have used blue blocker sunglasses for years when hiking but they prevent me from seeing (some of the) traffic lights due to impacts they have on color. My next pair might be yellow or amber tinted so that I get better detail contrast definition. If you are going to plunk down big bucks for a pair of sunglasses be sure to get some warranty (or try them out) to ensure you can see traffic lights and your instrument panel. Protection from Glare Glare comes from a lot of sources. However, at high noon, the glare is likely not much of a problem as glare comes mostly from reflected surfaces and when the sun is directly overhead there are not many large surfaces that can reflect (i..e., mirror) light into your eye. However, when light is at an less obtuse angle (e.g., sunrise and sunset) then reflected light can be a real problem. Typically it is just dang annoying but sometimes it is a real hazard. A few months ago I was riding east on Route 4 between Pittsburg and Antioch. There were rain clouds overhead and a light rain was falling the roadway was entirely wet with a film of water. Normally this is not a (visual) issue but on that day the sun was rising in the east and there were no clouds to block the sun - so it was actually a very sunny day down the road but still raining. The sunlight was reflected off the road surface for miles and those reflections were directly beamed into my helmet. The only way to shield my eyes from this light was to put something between them and the sun my normal sunglasses did nothing as they just diminished the intensity but the glare remained overwhelming. The road looked like it was covered with a layer of blinding white light as far as I could see which turned out to be not very far because I could hardly see anything. I had to turn my head to the right to ensure I stayed in my lane luckily traffic that early Sunday morning was light not a frequent occurrence for those of you who know Route 4. I was only a couple of exits away from my turnoff to Route 160 north where I would not be riding into the sun so I veered to the far right lane and slowed for my exit, which I took but found out I was an exit short I could not really see and crept up to the traffic light. Turning right got me going south and I could now see to pull over to out wait mother nature. So what could I do to avoid this hazard in the future? Polarizing Lenses! Which is the next part of this article. Polarizing Lenses I have polarizing sunglasses but they were not with me that day and since I had never experienced debilitating glare I am guessing that I would not have thought to use them anyway. So I did a bit of research on the topic and here is what I found out. There are lots of descriptions on light, electromagnetic radiation, polarizing filters, (yada, yada, yada) but it was difficult for me to really understand what was going on here. So, in my own mind, I have simplified the topic into something I can wrap my mind around and hopefully it will make some sense to you also I don t even know if my 6 interpretation is scientifically equivalent to what is really going on but it makes sense to me. Even though light is coming from a single source (the sun) it is actually hitting the surface coming from many angles, sort of like arrows striking the earth at many different angles not just straight down. Imagine these arrows hitting a level flat water surface no ripples just a smooth surface. Further imagine the surface as not water, but a metal plate. So the arrows will bounce off the surface at many different angles but there are a whole bunch of arrows that will bounce off and head directly for your eye. Normally, if the surface is rough, those arrows will not be so aligned as to come at your eye in such great numbers. However, when the surface is smooth (e.g., water, snow, ice, hood of car, chrome surfaces on car, your motorcycle blind-spot mirrors, vehicle windshields, etc.) the arrows will travel together directly to your eye. If it is a small flat area (e.g., car windshield) you will just see an annoying bright white glow but if it is a large surface (like my totally drenched roadway) you will be blinded beyond belief. Polarized sunglasses have a film with large molecules all aligned in the same direction with the lens oriented so as to stop horizontal light from entering but allow vertical light to enter. This results in the eye getting sufficient light to see objects without the overwhelming glare that causes us to close our eye (like looking into the sun) and/or overwhelm our iris with unwanted light. My analysis of how a polarizing lens works is something like our use of Plantation Blinds. Imagine the Plantation Blinds in the horizontal position. From inside the house looking out, our view if the landscape is unimpeded we can see pretty much everything farther out in the yard, but we likely can t see our bushes alongside the house. So, if someone is in the bushes, trying the shoot an arrow into the house, that arrow is unlikely to find its way inside. This is my analogy as to how a Polarizing Lens allows us to see during conditions of extreme, heavy, or otherwise unwanted glare. Polarizing Sunglasses Polarized sunglasses have been in use for folks doing outdoor activities where there is a need for comfort, high visibility, There are lots of sunglasses that provide Protection from UV protection, Protection from Intense Light, but not as many when it comes to Protection from Glare (i.e., polarized) and the ones that due tend to be a bit pricy but if money is no object go for the best otherwise read on. If you are like me you may be a bit skeptical (i.e., don t believe all that I read), and you may go through sunglasses at a rapid rate (e.g., sit on them, scratch them, drop them, leave them, or otherwise do something that makes them useless). And if I paid $200 a pair it would cost me thousands a year just for sunglasses! So, on a recent trip to Walmart I look in the el cheapo sunglass section and found some polarized sunglasses with a light appropriate tint with UV protection that would fit under my helmet and not slide off my face all for the price of $12!!!! And, they work! I plan to keep them on the ready for when I need them. Lately I have been taking my sunglasses off during stretches of forest road, riding north facing cliffs in the morning, and when light conditions don t warrant their use. You might wish to consider doing the same if not doing so already but please get a pair of polarized sunglasses and keep them handy at all times so you can don them whenever need be. There is a simple test to see if your glasses are truly

7 polarized go out on a sunny day and look at some bright reflected surface WITHOUT the glasses. Then put them on and you should see an 80% reduction in glare. Then turn your head 90 degrees and you should see the glare come back. They are not magic but sure seem to act as if they are. Cautions All of the above sounds good but are there any cautionary tales regarding Polarized Sunglasses and riding? YES! On one hand, you can t see the glare coming off pooled water. But, the downside is you will have much more difficulty seeing a slick spot on the road (e.g., mud, water puddle, ice, anything that is highly reflective slick - on the roadway). For the foregoing reason downhill skiers don t use polarizing sunglasses as they cannot see icy surfaces on the slope. Polarized sunglasses may reduce the visibility of images produced by LEDs that may be present on your dashboard, cell phone, or GPS device. So, there are some tradeoffs here you make the choice. This article is intended to provide guidance for riders on their bikes with a helmet and face shield. Once you are off your bike and you are on the beach, or doing something else, then you sunglass needs will vary and while the above may provide you broad guidance, it is not intended to be a panacea. Further, each of us may have special eye issues that need special attention some folks may even need to wear sunglasses with special properties inside. If you wear correcting lenses, even progressive lenses, you still have sunglass options to aid in your special needs (but no one said that the good life was going to be cheap). Finally, this article was written by a lay-person not some eye doctor or optometrist; however, from personal experience, I have not found them to be particularly useful in the past when it comes to sunglass issues. Should you have any questions regarding the above you can always reach me at Further, I have written another more general article in the past on Visual Acuity that I would be happy to share with you upon request. Thanks for reading this article! One of our very own, Kelly Heath (Ken & Ginny s granddaughter )has been accepted in the 2017 Junior National Young Leaders Conference! She sure could use some help in paying for her trip to Washington, DC this summer. Want to help? Call Ken or Ginny at: (916) Want more information on the program? Go to: kelly_heath. Let s sdee if CA-C can help make this the experience of a lifetime for Kelly! 7

8 336 Handles Dinner Ride Someone was cold! 8

9 Ever Wonder Where Our Charity Money goes? Well, Wonder No More! 9

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12 Let s Have A Contest! Rick McCusker Newsletter Editor A Photography Contest! As anybody who has ever volunteered to be a Newsletter Editor will tell you, one of the hardest things to do is actually fill the newsletter with content. Sure, I get some flyers from other chapters and regions advertising their rallies and events, but the real heart of a newsletter is submissions from YOU the readers of this newsletter. So I (with Hammer s approval) came up with the idea of a Photography Contest. So, yes, there has to be some rules so here s what I came up with for your submissions. 1. ANY photograph submitted must be original and taken by YOU! 2. Photographs do NOT have to be motorcycle related. 3. Technical details would be nice to have, i.e. which camera you used, the time of day it was taken, settings used and any manipulations used in the final image (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.) 4. Commercial photographs and/or any photographs ripped off from the Internet or other commercial sites are not allowed. 5. Photographs shall be judged by members of the CAC chapter and will be voted upon by either an submission to me or by an inperson vote at a chapter meeting. At the end of each contest, members will decide the overall winner of the 6-month contest. 6. The contest is open to CA-C members only! Your name must appear on the official roster to be eligible for the contest (I don t want any ringers submitting material for OUR contest!). 7. Hard copy photographs will be returned to you. Each contest will be for 6 months, beginning with the September issue of each year. The next contest will start in March. What is in it for you? How about a $25 gift certificate to Cycle Gear? And just to make it fair, I will NOT submit photographs I have taken. Those taken by Joyce are another story. World Trade center a few months before the 9/11 attack. Photo by Ken Knox 12

13 Coastal Storm and Rows - Photos by Jon Ingenthron 13


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16 And the Winner of the Wingnut Neal Graham Want to see if he has it on him? Call (916) st Rick Kaspar 3rd Virginia King 12th Paul Barber 25th Tom Jefferies 16th Tom Hammer Whitson & Jill Young 29th Rodney & Anita Brooks 16

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20 MAY 2017 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 Dinner Ride Nations Giant Burgers 5450 Sunrise Blvd. Rancho 6:30 pm 7 Day Ride 8 Business Mtg Day Ride Atwater Air Museum L-8 8 AM Breakfast enroute Denny s 7900 Collegetown Dinner 5:30 Meeting 6:00 3rd Qtr Ride Planning Bert s Diner Wilton 6:00 PM Feather River Canyon L-1 7:30 AM Breakfast before Departure at 8: Dinner Ride Dinner Ride Black Bear Diner 8531 Bond Rd. Elk Grove 6:30 PM Mikuni s 8525 Bond Rd. Elk Grove 6:30 PM 21 Chapter Mtg Dessert Ride Elks # Riverside 8:30 Breakfast 9:00 MeetIng Vic s Ice Cream 3199 Franklin Blvd. Sacramento 6:30 PM 28 Day Ride Mt. Diablo L-5 8:30 AM Breakfast enroute 20

21 JUNE 2017 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 Dinner Ride 2 3 La Mision 4439 Florin Rd Sacramento 6:30 PM 4 Day Ride Overnighter 10 Armstrong Grove L-4 8 AM Breakfast enroute Visit Reno Chapter L-6 11 AM Planning Mtg Dessert Ride Day Ride Denny s 7900 Collegetown Dinner 5:30 Meeting 6:00 Vampire Penguin 9135 W Stockton Elk Grove 6:30 PM Cheese Ride Sonoma area L-4 7:30 AM Breakfast Enroute Dinner Ride Chapter Mtg. Ocean Fish Elks # E.G. Blvd 6446 Riverside Elk Grove 8:30 Breakfast 6:30 PM 9:00 MeetIng Dinner Ride Five Guys 9257 Laguna Springs Dr. #50 Elk Grove 6:30 PM 21

22 Capital City Wings Departure Locations L-1 Interstate West El Camino Blvd. (2738 El Centro Rd 49 r Truck Stop) L-2 Hwy Laguna Blvd. (8296 Laguna Blvd.) L-3 Folsom Power Inn Rd. (8098 Folsom Blvd.) L-4 Interstate Enterprise Blvd. (4800 West Capitol Ave.) L-5 Elk Grove Blvd & Interstate 5 (9615 West Taron Drive) L-6 Sierra College Blvd & Interstate 80 (4211 Sierra College Blvd. North side of freeway) L-7 Sunrise Blvd & White Rock Blvd. (11250 White Rock Blvd.) L Twin Cities Rd., Galt (Raley s Shopping Center) 7343 Home Leisure Plaza Sacramento, CA (916)

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