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2 In Italian, Bello means Beautiful, Vita means Life Bello-Vita = Beautiful Life The Perfect Solution to keep your skin beautiful as your life, The Bello-Vita is guaranteed to make you always looking your best! Every women dreams the beautiful life with love and happy. Bello-Vita is the special skin care suggestion to keep your skin youthful and glowing with health of the beautiful life. With Bio-cell System, Bello-Vita Series will totally solve your skin troubles. Beautiful Life, Bello-Vita will remove dryness, paleness, low elasticity, and eliminate toxins, leaving your skin rejuvenated and healthy. * Ferment Technology + Bio Technology + Nano Technology * RSF Complex + AAO Complex * Target Consumer : 30s ~ 50s the mid-life Women * Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging Rejuvenated and Healthy Skin

3 Bio-cell System: Ferment + BIO + NANO Tech Cell Therapy Bio-cell System is the Amaranth Cosmetic s ultimate technology. Natural Moisture Factors with ferment process under the low temperature, these complexes enhance skin s own balance and give skin condition s optimizing. BIO Technology Cell Optimizing Cell Therapy Ferment + NANO Tech ; Excellent Penetrate, Without Stimulation Free-radical Control, Skin Cell Rejuvenation Healthy Skin

4 What is Nano Technology? NANO Technology is the science of making or working with things very small size that they can only be seen using a powerful microscope, 1nm means 1/1,000,000,000m. This NANO Technology makes natural moist and beauty ingredients can reach to deep skin more easily, penetrate to necessary skin s point, and maximizes absorbing power.

5 Synergy Effect of Nano Complex < Korean Patent No > 1. Non-sticky and Comfortable feeling 2. Effective Beauty Ingredients Penetrate to Deep Skin Fast and Immediately. 3. Make Your Skin Fresh, Moisture, Smooth, Firming and Bright. < Nano Mechanism Pyramid > A Surface Coating Method of NANO Particle for Cosmetic Material

6 RSF Complex : Rice bran & Soybean Fermentation Complex RSF Complex promotes collagen s activity and revitalizes your skin cell. This removes the dead cells and remains, and makes your skin calming without trouble. And RSF Complex helps to penetrate various Vitamins, mineral, amino acid and so for your healthy skin. < RSF Complex > Fermentation Progress 1. High Safety : Vegetable Placenta, Free from BSE 2. Remarkable Function : More Than Animal Placenta or Collagen 3. Skin Cell s Generation : Excellent Effect for Moisturizing & Nourishing Rice Bran& Soybean Extract + Fermentation Progress RSF Complex

7 AAO Complex ; Anti-aging & Anti-oxidation Oriental Herb Complex 1) Angelica gigas root : Anti-oxidation/Anti-aging, Promote metabolism/blood circulation. 2) Sophora Angustifolia root : Antibacterial/Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergenic effect 3) Mulberry(Morus Alba) root : Whitening, Hydrating and Anti-wrinkle treatment 4) Peony(Paeonia Albiflora) root : Astringent, Calming, Revitalizing effect, Heal the scar. 5) Hwanggum(Scutellaria Baicalensis) root : Protecting, Whitening, Anti-oxidation

8 Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Skin : Moisturizing Toner 120ml, Dispenser Type Skin Cell-Arranging Step for Moisturized, Fresh Skin Use morning and night after the cleansing stage. After washing your face, dispense appropriate amount on the cotton and then apply gently onto face along your skin texture, as tapping to penetrate. Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Emulsion : Nourishing Lotion 120ml, Dispenser Type Deep Moisturizing Step for Soft and Smooth Skin After Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Serum, take a sufficient amount of Emulsion and apply on your skin, as tapping to penetrate.

9 Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Serum : Intensive Essence 40ml, Dispenser Type Nourishment-Providing Step for Radiant & Healthy Skin After Bello-Vita CellOptimizer Skin, apply this serum evenly onto your face along the skin texture, as tapping to penetrate. Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Eye Cream 15g, Jar Type Nourishing & Protecting Step for Elastic, Hydrating Skin Around Eyes After Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Emulsion, take some amount, like as small size of a pearl, and then apply on your skin around eyes as massaging and tapping to penetrate. Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Cream 25g, Jar Type Special Moisturizing & Firming Step to Protect Beautiful Skin After Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Eye Cream, gently apply enough amount of cream on your skin as tapping and massaging to penetrate.

10 Machine Company: Courage+ Khazaka electronic GmbH, Cologne, Germany, Model: MPA5 (Corneometer, CM825 probe) Test Target: the latter 30s ~ 40s mid-life women Place Condition: humidity 40~60% temperature 20 Usage: Skin Serum Emulsion Eye Cream Cream < Moisturizing Effect > Normal Products Bello-Vita Series Before After Keep eyes on the moisturizing increasing of 1 week later, continuous usage. 1day later Bello-Vita Series are not temporary change but long-term moisturizing skin care 1week later Normal Products Bello-Vita Series Before After 1 day later 1 week later

11 < Whitening Effect : Melanin Number s Decreasing > Before After 1day later 1week later Normal Products Bello-Vita Series Keep eyes on the moisturizing increasing of 1 week later, continuous usage. Normal Products Bello-Vita Series Before After 1 day later 1 week later

12 < Anti-wrinkle Pictures of Continuously Usage Results > Tester A Tester B

13 QUOTATION OF BELLO-VITA Item Name Quantity Unit Price(USD$) Amount Bello-vita Optimizer Skin Care Set 1,000 $66 $66,000 3,000 $63 $189,000 5,000 $60 $300,000 10,000 $56 $560,000 * Korean Retail Price of Optimizer Skin Care Set : USD$450.00