fashion &trend marsala color gels color powder nail polish C61 C18 C33 Go3 H07 B10 C72 T04 C41 B13 C45 GOGL46 GOGL24 GOGL20

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1 fashion &trend 2015 marsala color gels C18 C33 Go3 GEL&LAC B10 C72 H07 BRUSH&GO GEL&LAC GOGL20 GOGL46 GOGL24 color powder C61 D9 T04 nail polish 2 C41 B13 C45

2 TRANSZFERFÓLIA ZSELÉ new brillbird products 3

3 new hypnotic gel&lac new generation of Gel&lac in beautiful matching bottles Hypnotic 29 & 30 brand new development new development more durable base (Hypnotic Gel&Lac Bond) abrasion- free and non-yellowing shine gel can be applied perfectly, without stripes now easier to soak off, more gentle to the nails highly pigmented colors The new colors (25-40) are available in 4ml bottles! 4ml - durable for more than 3 weeks! The Hypnotic Gel&Lac is the new generation of gel polishes. Due to the latest developments, the colors are more pigmentated egyáltalán nem bőrösödik. Thanks to its density, it can be applied perfectly, without stripes, does not flow to the nail grooves. Easier to soak off, more gentle to the nails. Your clients can easily choose from the wide range of Gel&Lac colors- in matching bottles. Provided that they can choose from them. 4ml - 8ml

4 new hypnotic and brush&go gel&lac New fairy tale romance hypnotic gel&lac kit - For the real romantics Romantic, elegant, decent colors selected in a kit. Turn your client to a fairytale princess with these beautiful colors. The kit contains: Hypnotic Gel&Lac 25, 26, 27, 28 4X4ml - new brush&go gel&lac Brush&Go Gel&Lac new colors New trend colors arrived to the easy to soak off Brush &Go family, which cover perfectly in one layer. Create Gel&Lac nails in maximum 20 minutes! GOGL41 GOGL42 GOGL43 GOGL44 5ml - 8ml - GOGL45 GOGL46 GOGL39 GOGL40 Brush&Go Gel&Lac 40 new Brush&Go Gel&Lac Top - sparkling shine for the nails make your Brush&Go Gel&Lacs more vivid, shiny, livelier! This soak off, no cleansing shine gel was especially developed for our cleansing free, perfectly covering gel polishes. The nails of the clients remain ultra shiny even after 3 weeks. The new Brush&Go Gel&Lac Top enhances the vividness of the colors. TOP TOP 5ml - 8ml - 5

5 new brush&go gel&lac and gel&lac kits new Neon Nights brush&go gel&lac Collection - for the lovers of attention Those brave clients who wear neon nails will be the focus of attention. Perfect choice for festivals,parties and for the weekdays as well, for those who don t like boring things. GOGL39 GOGL40 GOGL41 3x5ml - new Sparkling Beauty brush&go gel&lac Collection - Beautiful glitter on the nails Ultra soft, sparkling micas make these three feminine colors even more special. We collected the favorite sparkling colors of the clients in a kit: Shimmering red, burgundy cherry and peach-pink. GOGL43 GOGL45 GOGL46 3x5ml - new FRENCH gel&lac kit You can easily create the favorite of the clients - the French Gel&Lac nails - with our new kit, which contains everything you need. You can create a bomb-proof base with Bond Gel, then you can combine the white free edge with a pink or a nude cover color. Then with the shiny el&lac Top you can provide long-lasting shine to the nails. 5x5 ml TOP bond Gel&Lac Top Bond Gel C12 white C27 nude cover C28 cover pink 6

6 new magic light and magic diamond gels new Magic Light GEL: brand new, unique effect The novelty of BrillBird for the lovers of unique nails. These new color gels are available in 2 versions: moderate with small micas, and one with larger micas. Cover the whole nail surface, or create the free edge with it. In the daytime your client can appear with a moderate set of nails, but at night everyone will be staring at her nails. Magic Light gels phosphoresce and glow in the dark, so our clients become the queen of the ball. Stir it before using it, in every case! BB Tip: In order to reach a more special effect, paint patterns with Brush&Go gel on its surface, which won t glow in the dark, but the pattern can be seen. In the dark Daylight Magic Diamond 1, Brush&Go Gel ml - new Magic Diamond Gel - Magical sparkling The Magic Diamond gel is the new generation of color gels. Due to the dazzling color changing glitters, you can create wonderful nails. Cover the whole nail surface on short salon nails, but you can enchant those clients who like the longer nail shapes - provided that you create the free edge with this material. There is no need for extra decoration, the special sparkling attracts the eye! Magic Diamond ,5ml - 7 7

7 new brush&go gel The time and the material usage reduce to its 1/3 Brush&Go 40 & 41 new brush&go BRUSH AND GO color gels Covers perfectly in one layer NEW DIMENSION IN GEL MATERIALS Perfect choice for gel decoration Limited edition from the new colors! 3ml - 4,5ml - Go38 Go39 Go40 Go41 THE BRUSH&GO GELS DUE TO THEIR ULTRA-HIGH PIGMENT CONTENT COVER PERFECTLY IN ONE LAYER, MAND CURE SHINY, SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR CLEANSING AND SHINE GEL! Create amazing nails for your clients, with 2/3 less time and material usage! Choose the Brush&Go family of Brillbird!! The biggest development of the recent years is the Brush&Go color gel family, with 25 beautiful colors. We can replace the 2 layers of color gels, plus the top shine with one layer of Brush&Go gel.we do not have to cure the nails layer by layer, and cleanse them at the end of the process. We can suggest our Brush&Go color gels not only for creating a colorful free edge and complete coverage, but they are also perfect for gel decorations! 8

8 new brush&go gel kits new NEON NIGHTS brush&go color gel kit The newest BrillBird kit with the extremely vivid colors! Pinkish-latte with vanilla-yellow, bright red and hot pink! 4x4,5ml Go38 Go39 Go40 Go41 new must have brush&go basic color gel kit We selected you a kit which contains the essential colors: snow white, black, red and pink. You can cover the whole nail surface with them, create the free edge or designs. 4x4,5ml Go1 Go2 Go3 Go18 new pastel brush&go color gel kit We collected you the popular pastel Brush&Go gels in a kit. Trendy peach, pink, lilac, apple green and turquoise colors! 4x4,5ml Go15 Go23 Go31 Go37 9

9 new gel kits new Night Fever Color Gel Collection - for those who love attention! Those who wear the colors of the Night Fever collection on their nails,will be the focus of attention. In the kit you can find the F2 joker color, with this you can create amazing color gradients, mashed with another color. Different shades of neon color: neon yellow orange,- red and pink! 4x5ml new Pastel Color Gel Collection - You can find a baby pink, salmon, lilac, and mint colors in the kit, which will be the favorite of the moderate clients. F02 F03 F30 F37 4x5ml new Diva Color Gel Collection - set the fashion We collected the client-favorite red and pink shades in a kit. You will find a vivid red, pink, claret and a unique pink gek in the kit. C15 C36 C49 C69 4x5ml C06 C10 C26 C32 new Addicted to Diamonds Color Gel Collection - For the lovers of diamond glitter Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are the girl s best friends. Women love sparkling, that gave us the inspiration when creating this kit. The most poular Diamond colors in a collection! 4x5ml 10 D04 D9 D11 D15

10 basic nail tech kit Basic nail technician kit The Basic nail tech kit contains everything you will need at the start of the nail technician course. The kit contains: Natural Tip Box 100pcs/box - mixed size 180/180 file BB Brill File 150/150 BB Drop File BB Brush on Glue Easy Tip Cutter Acrylic Refiner 100/180 Purple Nail Form - Double Wings 30pcs BB Magic Shine Buffer Dust brush - small Manicure bowl Orange wooden stick 1pc #4 Gel brush - transparent handle #6 Gel brush - transparent handle Brill Top 5ml Brush for acrylic powder #6 BB Cleaner gel cleansing liquid 50ml Primer stick Nail art Brush #0 Clear 30ml Pink 30ml White 30ml Nail Prep Iron gel 15ml Cover Tan gel 5ml BrillBird White Builder gel 5ml Brush&Go gel 3ml Go1 Dappen dish - withou a lid Silk thread 20cm Cuticle Pusher Professional Cuticle Scissors - Solingen Professional Nail Scissors - Solingen Cuticle Pusher for manicure - small 2in1 base and top coat Cuticle Remover 15ml Cuticle Oil 15ml BrillBird nail polish (C25) 15ml Diamond file, Solingen, large 17 cm Soaking thimble Baridez tool sanitizer Clarasept Derm - skin sanitizer Innosept soap 11 Anela Mucic

11 new acrylic powders NUDE new nude cover builder Our Nude Builder Gel became very popular,every nail tech immediately fell in love with it.the Nude Cover Builder powder has a really natural color, perfect for creating trendy nude nails, but it is also a perfect choice for the creation of the nail bed extension. Advantages: -natural colors -good adhesion, spreads easily - flexible - even application in cold temperature 30ml - 140ml - Nude Cover Builder powder BRILL 12 Cover Pink Brill powder new Cover Pink Brill Powder - brilliant sparkling The sparkling version of the most popular Cover Pink powder for nail bed extension is now available. The ultra soft white micas give the special effect to the newest nail bed extension powder of BrillBird. With its help you can easily create the trendy nude nails, making it special with a soft sparkling. Your clients will definitely fall in love with it. Advantages: - nice, sparkling, natural colors - good adhesion, spreads easily - flexible - even application in cold temperature 30ml - 140ml -

12 other BB novelties new liquid metal colors A new popular fire red color joined the Liquid Metal family besides the gold, silver, purple, bronze, turquoise and metal blue. The metal colors have very good coverage, and they cover your nails with shiny non-ferrous metal sparkling. Use therm on the whole surface, or create designs with order to reach a perfect result, use their top, and finish the nail with one layer of Mani Gel&Lac TOP! 5ml - Liquid Metal 7& Go2 Brush&Go 7 new expert drill New device with Japanese micro engine, developed by dental instrument manufacturere especially for the nail technicians, top quality, reliable drill. Vibration free, which allows fast and accurate workt. Its is extraordinarily quiet, highly reliable device with a long life span. super quality! Super price! You can adjust the speed of rotation forward and backward between 0-30,000 RPM. Fast chunk - you can change the head part with one movement. Snow white ultra modern device with pastel- purple head. 5ml ,- 13

13 other bb novelties new art lacquer blackwhite - needle-sharp brush The highly pigmented nail polishes of BrillBird are available in a needle sharp brush version. You can easily create any type of pattern on the nail surface with the needle-sharp brush, or the smile line. 5ml - high shine and pleasant, fruity fragrance new scented CLEANER cleanser The fruity scented version of the reliable BrillBird Cleaner. It removes the sticky layer formed on the surface of gels - and Gel&Lacs and gives back the shine of the nails and enchants the clients with its fragnance. 50ml - 100ml - black white new bb appointment card new bb pen Plastic pen in purple and pink design with blue ink. Can be used for touchscreen, with blue ink. new bb posters 14