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1 To Order Online: Phone TollFree: Australia List MAY 2018 For complete and up to date information, visit our website 41 POINTS COST SAVING PACKS 345 PURE Essentials 5 Pack save 13% Sei Bella Essentials save 20% Full Body Pack save 11% EcoSense Cleaning Pack save 9% Everyday Pack save 9% ESSENTIALS AND VALUE PACKS 360 Value Pack save 25% Home Conversion Pack save 30% Sei Bella Value Pack save over 38% Sei Bella Essentials Pack save over 40% FOR YOUR HEALTH VITALITY FOR LIFE PACKS Vitality Pack save 20% Vitality Calcium Complex & Vitality for Men or Women or 50 Plus Women 411 Men Plus 4758 Essential Nutrition Bundle save 13% Vitality for Men or Women or 50 Plus, Plus your choice of Vitality Omega-3 or Twist Vitality Essential Nutrition Pack save 20% Vitality for Men or Women or 50 Plus, Cardio Health EPA, CellWise & Florify Women 1107 Men Plus Peak Performance Pack save 20% Recover AI & Florify Women 861 Men Plus Peak Performance Heart Health Pack save 27% Recover AI, Florify, Phytomega & K2-D Women 7798 Men Plus Peak Performance Bone + Joint Pack save 25% Recover AI, Florify, Vitality Calcium Complex, K2-D3 & Replenex Extra Strength Women 771 Men Plus Peak Performance Total Health Pack save 30% Recover AI, Florify, Vitality Omega-3, K2-D3, Replenex Extra Strength & NutraView Women 592 Men Plus 7799 Healthy Heart Pack save 21% FibreWise Drink, ProvexCV & Phytomega VITAMINS/MINERALS/ANTIOXIDANTS Vitality for Women 60 Tablets Vitality for Men 60 Tablets Vitality for 50 Plus 60 Tablets Vitality Calcium Complex 90 Tablets K2-D3 30 Softgel Capsules CellWise 60 Tablets Florify 30 Capsules CoQ Softgel Capsules ProvexCV 90 Vege Capsules Second ProvexCV Discount save 20% Koala Pals Children s Multivitamin Chewables 120 Tablets NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS 3124 Omega-3 Twist 22 Adult and 64 Children Servings Vitality Omega-3 60 Softgel Capsules Cardio Health EPA 60 Softgel Capsules Activate Immune Complex Cold Relief 60 Tablets FibreWise Drink Citrus Orange 35 x 15g servings Luminex 90 Capsules NutraView 30 Capsules Phytomega 90 Softgel Capsules ProstAvan 30 Vege Capsules Replenex 90 Tablets Replenex Extra Strength 90 Tablets Recover AI 90 Tablets MOUNTAIN CABIN PREMIUM COFFEE 6496 Ground Coffee Ethiopia 250g Ground Coffee Signature Blend 250g Whole Coffee Signature Blend 250g Nespresso Coffee Capsules Ethiopia 10 Capsules N Nespresso Coffee Capsules Signature Blend 10 Capsules N Instant Coffee Signature Blend 20 Sachets Instant Coffee Cappuccino 15 Sachets Instant Coffee Colombian 20 Sachets HIDDEN GARDEN HERBAL & BLACK TEA 4962 English Breakfast Black Tea 15 Sachets N Early Grey Black Tea 15 Sachets N Green Tea Green Tea 15 Sachets N Peppermint Herbal Tea 15 Sachets N Ceylon Black Tea 20 Sachets Comfort Herbal Tea 20 Sachets Lavender Barley Herbal Tea 20 Sachets MELALEUCA HERBAL TEA 8122 Herbal Tea Multi-Pack 4 Pack save 14% Melaleuca Herbal Tea 20 Pack 40g Melaleuca Lemon Tea 20 Pack 40g WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & SPORTS NUTRITION 1264 Weight Management Basic Pack save over 10% Weight Management Complete Pack save over 10% Sports Nutrition Pack save over 10% ProFlex20 Shake 15 servings 1675 Classic Vanilla 555g 1676 Dutch Chocolate 600g Vitality Elevate Ultra-Performance Protein 570g Sustain Sport Drink Lemon Blast 20 x 8g servings N New Formula/Flavour/Shade/Scent/Packaging Available for a limited time Kosher certified

2 9584 ATTAIN Attain with CraveBlocker Bars Multi-Pack 2 Pack save 11% Attain with CraveBlocker Bars 6 x 45g servings 8892 Chocolate Peanut Butter 8893 Sweet and Salty Nut Attain with CraveBlocker Shakes 10 x 30g servings 8991 Milk Chocolate 8992 Vanilla 8993 Strawberry ACCESS 1145 Access Multi-Pack 2 Pack save 15% Access Performance Bars 10 x 30g servings 4256 Chocolate Raspberry Rush 4203 Chocolate Peanut Butter Krisp Access Exercise Shake Chocolate Slam 14 servings SPLASH 2 0 DRINK MIX 2897 SplasH 2 0 Lemonade 5 x 8g Packets SplasH 2 0 Strawberry Kiwi 5 x 8g Packets ACCESSORIES 9199 Vitality for Life Blender Bottle 600mL SIMPLY FIT Simply Fit Granola 312g 4078 Blueberry Crisp 4079 Vanilla Crunch Simply Fit Hot Cereal - Cinnamon 8 x 46g Packets Simply Fit Crackers 170g Real Cheeses 9237 Harvest Grain FOR YOUR HOME ECOSENSE CLEANERS 1212 Clear Power 12x Glass Cleaner 237mL Clear Power 12x Mixing Bottle 473mL Sprayer inc MelaMagic Heavy Duty Cleaner 473mL MelaMagic Mixing Spray Bottle 473mL Sprayer inc Rustic Touch Furniture Polish 237mL Sprayer inc Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x Concentrate 473mL Sol-U-Guard Mixing Spray Bottle 473mL Sprayer inc Sol-U-Mel Stain Remover 237mL Sol-U-Mel Mixing Bottle 473mL Sprayer inc Tough & Tender 12x All-Purpose Cleaner 237mL Tough & Tender 12x Mixing Bottle 473mL Sprayer inc Tough & Tender Wipes 30 Pack EcoSense Cleaning Cloths 2 Pack BATHROOM CLEANER 1216 Tub & Tile 12x Bathroom Cleaner 237mL Tub & Tile 12x Mixing Bottle 473mL Foaming Sprayer inc No Work 12x Daily Shower Cleaner 237mL No Work 12x Mixing Bottle 473mL Sprayer inc Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner 532mL DISH CARE 2654 Diamond Brite Auto Dishwasher Det. 25 uses 1.2kg Diamond Brite Auto Dishwasher Packs 20 uses Lemon Brite Hand Dishwashing Liquid 473mL Cap inc Lemon Brite Pump LAUNDRY CARE EcoSense Value Size Laundry 4-Pack save 15% EcoSense Laundry 4-Pack save 15% PreSpot Laundry Stain Remover 237mL PreSpot Mixing Bottle 473mL Foaming Sprayer inc PreSpot Stain Remover Gel with Scrub Brush 237mL PreSpot Instant Stain Remover - Stick N MelaPower 6x Multi-Pack 2 x 720mL Pack save 10% MelaPower 6x Laundry Detergent Top Loader T.Enz 1.44L 4333 Fresh Scent 3441 Scent Free MelaPower 6x HE Laundry Detergent Front Loader T.En 1.44L 3439 Fresh Scent 215 Scent Free MelaPower 6x Laundry Detergent Top Loader T.En 720mL 4332 Fresh Scent MelaPower 6x HE Laundry Detergent Front Loader T.En 720mL 3438 Fresh Scent MelaPower Wool & Delicates Wash 720mL MelaBrite 6x Colour-Safe Brightener 720mL MelaBrite Plus Oxi 20 uses MelaSoft Fabric Softener Spring Breeze 720mL MelaSoft Fabric Softener Clean Cotton 720mL MelaSoft Dryer Sheets Spring Breeze 100 Sheets EcoSense Drain Back Cap 15-30mL EcoSense Pump 15mL FOR YOUR PET PROCARE 623 ProCare Pet Shampoo 296mL FOR YOUR HOME REVIVE REVIVE HOME FRAGRANCE Revive Wax Melt 69g 4047 Tuscan Orange 4722 Black Raspberry Vanilla 5122 Butterfly Bouquet 8689 Dutch Apple Cinnamon Revive Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer Concentrate 473mL 7197 Original 5575 Sea Salt & Vanilla Revive Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer Bottle 473mL 7036 Original 5597 Sea Salt & Vanilla Revive Room Spray Refill 355mL 3747 Sea Salt & Vanilla 4482 Tuscan Orange 7579 Spiced Apple Revive Room Spray Bottle 177mL 7702 Sea Salt & Vanilla 7703 Tuscan Orange 7568 Spiced Apple Revive Candles 226g 5504 Sea Salt & Vanilla 9997 Tuscan Orange 3026 Tropical Sorbet 7569 Spiced Apple Cider 354 Candied Chestnut 7238 Winter Cedarwood FOR YOUR BODY DENTAL CARE Family Dental Pack save 11% Cool Mint Whitening Tooth Polish With Fluoride 108g Fresh Mint Whitening Tooth Polish Fluoride Free 108g Cinnamon Whitening Tooth Polish Fluoride Free 108g Melaleuca Toothbrush 4 Pack Classic Dental Floss Fresh Mint 50 Metres Fresh Mint Breath-Away Mouth Rinse Concentrate 237mL Fresh Mint Breath-Away Mouth Rinse Ready-to-Use 473mL Cool Shot Fresh Mint Breath Spray 7mL Exceed Sugar-Free Mints 42g 5120 Peppermint 5121 Wintergreen 5127 Strawberry AFFINIA HAIR CARE Moisturising Shampoo 355mL Ultra Moisturising Shampoo 355mL Volumising Shampoo 355mL Moisturising Conditioner 355mL To order go to or call

3 4156 Ultra Moisturising Conditioner 355mL Volumising Conditioner 355mL AFFINIA HAIR CARE FAMILY SIZE 946mL SAVE 10% 4137 Moisturising Shampoo 946mL Pump inc Ultra Moisturising Shampoo 946mL Pump inc Volumising Shampoo 946mL Pump inc Moisturising Conditioner 946mL Pump inc Ultra Moisturising Conditioner 946mL Pump inc Volumising Conditioner 946mL Pump inc AFFINIA HAIR CARE STYLING AIDS 4140 Natural Hold Hairspray 296mL Sprayer inc Hair Gel 163mL AFFINIA FACIAL CARE 3522 Affinia Facial Care Pack Cleanser + Toner, Moisturiser, Scrub save 16% Affinia Facial Cleanser + Toner 150mL Pump inc Affinia Facial Moisturiser 120mL Pump inc Affinia Facial Scrub 113.4g BODY SATIN BATH & BODY 9750 Body Satin Foot Lotion Mint 163mL Body Satin Foot Scrub Mint 163mL Body Satin Hand Crème 59mL Body Satin Body Polish 177mL Exfoliating Mesh Sponge SUN VALLEY BATH & BODY Sun Valley Body Lotion 237mL 8022 Caribbean Coast 9743 Pear Raspberry Sun Valley Body Wash 237mL 8018 Caribbean Coast 9748 Pear Raspberry Sun Valley Body Mist 186mL 8594 Caribbean Coast 8591 Pear Raspberry SUN VALLEY AROMATHERAPY BODY CARE Baby Bubbles 130mL SUN VALLEY HAND SOAPS Liquid Hand Soap 237mL 146 Grapefruit Splash 177 Caribbean Coast Liquid Hand Soap - Pump Foam Hand Soap 237mL Pump inc 454 Grapefruit Splash 484 Caribbean Coast MELALEUCA BATH & BODY Melaleuca Green Tea Body Wash 500mL Melaleuca Green Tea Body Wash Pump Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo 237mL Melaleuca Original Shampoo 237mL Sheer Confidence Antiperspirant Deodorant 2465 Moonlit Orchid 57g Melaleuca Herbal Deodorant 57g BATH AND FACIAL BARS 9857 Melaleuca Bath Bars Multi-Pack 5 Pack save 16% The Gold Bar 127.5g The Platinum Bar 127.5g Melaleuca Exfoliating Body Bar 127.5g Alloy Cleansing Bar 127.5g ALLOY FOR MEN 170 Alloy Shave Gel - 75mL N Alloy After Shave Balm 65mL Alloy Cologne 65mL Alloy Cleansing Bar 127.5g Alloy Body Wash 210mL Alloy Sport Body Wash 210mL Alloy Sport 2 in 1 Shamp-ditioner 210mL KOALA PALS FOR KIDS 8166 Kids Every Day Pack save 19% Apple Training Tooth Gel Fluoride Free 108g Berrylicious Tooth Gel With Fluoride 108g Character Toothbrush 3909 Blue 4951 Green 3487 Pink Flossers Pack 10 Pack Foaming Hand Wash 237mL Pump inc Foaming Hand Wash Refill 444mL save 24% Foaming Hand Wash Pump Tear-Free Hair Wash 325mL Tear-Free Body Wash 325mL KOALA PALS FOR BABY 8732 Koala Pals For Baby Gift Pack Wash, Lotion, Cream save 15% Koala Pals For Baby Soothing Gentle Lotion 255mL Koala Pals For Baby Calming Gentle Wash 255mL Koala Pals For Baby Nurturing Nappy Cream 100g FOR YOUR MEDICINE CABINET GENERAL THERAPEUTIC 5497 Clear Defence Antibacterial Cleansing Gel 266mL Clear Defence Antibacterial Cleansing Gel 70mL Clear Defence Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes 20 Wipes Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 25mL 100% Pure Melaleuca Oil T40-C3 15mL Rare Quality MelaGel Topical Gel Tube 14g MelaGel Topical Balm Disc 12g PURE ESSENTIAL OILS PACK PURE Essentials 4 Pack save 16% PURE Lemon or Lemongrass, PURE Grapefruit or Rosemary, PURE Lavender, PURE Eucalyptus PURE SINGLE ESSENTIAL OILS PURE Essential Oil Lemon 15mL PURE Essential Oil Lemongrass 15mL PURE Essential Oil Eucalyptus 15mL PURE Essential Oil Grapefruit 15mL PURE Essential Oil Rosemary 15mL PURE Essential Oil Peppermint 15mL PURE Essential Oil Lavender 15mL PURE Essential Oil Marjoram 15mL PURE Essential Oil Bergamot 15mL PURE Essential Oil Patchouli 15mL PURE Essential Oil Ylang Ylang 15mL PURE Essential Oil Frankincense 15mL

4 9349 PURE Essential Oil Sandalwood 5mL PURE Essential Oil Lime 15mL PURE Essential Oil Wintergreen 15mL PURE Essential Oil Geranium 15mL PURE Essential Oil Clary Sage 15mL PURE Essential Oil Rose 5mL PURE Essential Oil Jasmine 5mL PURE CARRIER OILS 9371 PURE Fractionated Coconut Oil 118mL PURE Sweet Almond Oil 118mL PURE OIL BLENDS 9370 PURE Oil Blend Vitalize 15mL PURE Oil Blend Vapor 15mL PURE Oil Blend Armor 15mL PURE Oil Blend Peace 15mL PURE Oil Blend Blue Heat 5mL PURE Oil Blend Winter Morning 5mL PURE ACCESSORIES 9405 PURE Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier PURE Roll-On Bottles 6 Pack PURE 100% Wool Dryer Balls 4 Pack PURE - Mini Display Crates RENEW INTENSIVE DRY SKIN THERAPY 1735 Renew Dry Skin Therapy Pack save 15% Renew Referral Pack save 53% Renew Body Wash 355mL Renew Hand Wash 237mL Pump inc Renew Hand Wash Refill 532mL save 20% Renew Hand Wash Foamer Pump Renew Bath Oil 118mL Renew 237mL Renew 237mL Pump Renew 591mL Pump inc save 30% Renew 591mL Pump Renew Travel Size 30mL SUN SHADES SUN CARE 7839 Sun Shades Every Day Pack Lotion save 23% Sun Shades Every Day Pack Spray save 23% Sun Shades Lip Balm Multi-Pack 4 Pack save 15% Sun Shades Lip Balm SPF g 107 Mountain Mint 109 Pina Colada 111 Vanilla Bean Sun Shades Every Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen 100mL Sun Shades Every Body SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion 200mL Sun Shades Every Body SPF 50+ Sunscreen Spray 200mL Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E 210mL REFLECT CLEAR SKIN ESSENTIALS Reflect Clear Skin Essentials Blemish Prevention System Cleanser, Astringent, Moisturiser, Control Creme or Stick save 14% Reflect Foaming Cleanser 133mL Foaming pump inc Reflect Deep-Cleaning Astringent 130mL Well pump sold sep Reflect Deep-Cleaning Astringent Well Pump Reflect Oil-Free Moisturiser 35.5mL Reflect Blemish Control Crème 14g Reflect Blemish Control Stick 8.9mL FOR YOUR BEAUTY SEI BELLA SKIN CARE LUXURY 4678 Luxury Serum 30mL Luxury Crème Concentrate 50mL SKIN CARE NECESSITIES 5939 Skin Care Necessities Plus Set 5 s save up to 30% Skin Care Necessities Set Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser save 15% Hydrating Facial Cleanser 200mL Refining Facial Cleanser 200mL Advanced Youth Revital Hydrating Facial Toner 200mL Advanced Youth Revital Clarifying Facial Toner 200mL Advanced Youth Revital Daytime Crème SPF 15 50mL Advanced Youth Revital Daytime Lotion SPF 15 50mL SKIN CARE AGE-DEFYING TREATMENTS 1062 Age-Defying Treatment Set save 20% Renewing Exfoliator 50mL Fortifying Vitamin Lotion 30mL Night Firming Treatment 50mL Skin-Revitalising Serum 30mL Timeless Age-Defying Serum 30mL Clay Masque 70g SKIN CARE EYE CARE 2711 Bright Eyes Soothing Eye Gel 15mL N Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover 111mL Night Recovery Eye Crème 15mL Wrinkle Release Eye Serum 15mL Cleansing Facial Wipes - 30 Wipes N MYSTIQUE 5067 Mystique Perfume 50mL CONCEALER/FOUNDATION/POWDER 5938 Foundation Basics Set save 10 11% Foundation Primer 30mL Luminous CC Cream SPF30 30mL Age-Defying Concealer 1.2mL N Light 9232 Medium 9233 Dark 9233 Deep Crème-to-Powder Foundation 7.2g N Porcelain 9217 Ivory 9218 Sand 2803 Classic Beige 9219 Beige 2804 Cashmere 2805 Fawn 2808 Chestnut 9220 Natural 9229 Golden 9222 Almond 9223 Walnut 6853 Toffee 9224 Espresso Age-Defying Liquid Foundation 30mL N Porcelain 2223 Ivory 2234 Sand 2212 Classic Beige 2178 Beige 2181 Cashmere 2215 Fawn 2190 Chestnut 2230 Natural 2219 Golden 2168 Almond 2259 Walnut 2235 Toffee 2213 Espresso Mineral Foundation 10g N Light 9212 Medium 9213 Warm Tan 9214 Deep N New Formula/Flavour/Shade/Scent/Packaging Available for a limited time Kosher certified

5 Loose Powder 25g N Light 9089 Medium 9092 Dark 9093 Deep Pressed Powder 8.5g N Light 9107 Medium 9108 Dark 9109 Deep BLUSH AND BRONZING Powder Blush 4g Golden Sunrise 9066 Sweet Apricot 9068 Soft Rose 9069 Mauve Sunset 9072 Spice 9073 Dusty Mauve 3454 Bronze Glo Powder Bronzer 10.5g EYE COLOUR 1444 Eye Shadow Trios save 13% Choose any 3 Eye Shadows Eye Shadow 2g Slate 8826 Candied Walnut 8834 Suede 8840 Rose Quartz 8842 Plum Glisten 8843 Bronze 8846 Ice 8847 French Vanilla 8849 Brown Sugar 8858 Wisteria Three-In-One Brow Pencil g Brown 1237 Brunette 1166 Deep Brown Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil 1g Black 5642 Charcoal 5643 Dark Brown 5646 Midnight 7734 Intense Liquid Liner Black 4.5mL Volumising Mascara Black 10.9mL Waterproof Volume Mascara - Black - 11mL N Defining Lash Mascara Black/Brown 9.8mL Defining Lash Mascara Black 9.8mL Waterproof Defining Mascara Black 8.35mL Lash Primer 8mL LIP COLOUR Luxury Lip Colours 3g Burgundy Bliss 6232 Mauvelous 6233 Pink Sorbet 6234 Plumberry 6235 Politely Pink 6236 Red Kiss 6237 Rosewood 6239 Sugarplum 6241 Coral Reef 6243 Iced Mocha 6244 Peach Silk 6245 Soft Nude 6375 Champagne 6377 Cayenne 6378 Sienna Mechanical Lip Pencil 1g 6809 Nude Rasin Berry 4706 Very Berry 3372 Bronzed Rose 3297 Blushing Berry Brilliance Lip Gloss & Plump Lip Gloss 7.4g Clear 8983 Golden Glow Plump 9892 Pink Pearl 8971 Peachy Créme Plump 8973 Coral Crush 8978 Petal Pink Plump 9886 Red Poppy 8985 Pink Spell Plump 9936 Toasted Mauve 8972 Royal Raspberry Plump 9939 Blushing Beige 8981 Berry Shimmer Plump 8999 Black Cherry Plump FOR YOUR HAIR SEI BELLA LUXURY HAIR CARE 6670 Luxury Moisture Shampoo 296mL Luxury Volume Shampoo 296mL Luxury Ultra Moisture Shampoo 296mL Luxury Moisture Crème Conditioner 237mL Luxury Volume Crème Conditioner 237mL Luxury Ultra Moisture Crème Conditioner 237mL LUXURY STYLING AIDS 6679 Defining Gel 163mL LUXURY STYLING PREP 6678 Soft Hold Styling Crème 118mL LUXURY INTENSIVE TREATMENTS 6683 Intensive Treatment Repair Hair Masque 118mL Intensive Treatment Detoxifying Wash 237mL LUXURY DAILY TREATMENTS 6682 Hot Iron Prep Repair Spray 237mL Sprayer inc Detangling & Smoothing Spray 237mL Sprayer inc HAIR CARE SETS 6687 Necessities Set 3 s save up to 20% Necessities Plus Set 5 s save up to 24% PROFESSIONAL BRUSH COLLECTION 7083 Kabuki Brush Powder Brush Blush Brush Eye Contour Brush Dual Eye Shadow and Smudger Brush Dual-Ended Eyeliner & Brow Brush Eyeliner Brush Liquid Foundation Brush Lip Brush SHIPPING AND HANDLING Shipping and Handling: Effective 1 st October Order Size Web: All other order types $5.95 $ $7.50 $ and Under $11.50 $15.00 Express Shipping anywhere in Australia +$4.95 shop online for 41 pts or more and get half price shipping! EXPRESS SHIPPING +$ Perfecting Lip Treatment 3.5g Copyright 2018 Melaleuca of Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd ABN: PO Box 733 Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia AU NZ /18

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