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2 INTRODUCTION Egoista.. it s time for yourself IT S TIME FOR YOURSELF The new concept of Spa Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi it is clearly reflected in its name Egoista. The care of ourselves as the first priority. Total wellness for a complete regeneration - body, mind and spirit - through a poli-sensory experience to acheive an aesthetic, emotional equilibrium and complete full self-awareness. An oasis of well-being that includes Wellness Area, High Tech, Aqua Zone and Beauty Touch.Also there is the opportunity to practice water activities by the elegant outdoor pool area. The fitness area features a separate cardiovascular and strength training areas. It is possible to follow personalized programs with a Personal trainer, also availability to organize indoor and outdoor sport activities. Egoista SPA is able to satisfy even the most demanding EGO. 2

3 CONTENTS Wellness Area Exclusive rituals Massages Beauty & Technoogy Face treatments Beauty- ful Egoista 3

4 WELLNESS AREA Wellness Area Aqua Zone INDOOR SWIMMING POOL Indoor 25 C heated pool to make pleasant, regenerating swim. JACUZZI 4 jacuzzi stations at 37 C with ergonomic seats with hydro jets to massage all your body. FINNISH SAUNA Temperature 100 C, Humidity 5/7% for those who appreciate strong thermal contrasts and suitable for those who suffer from muscle spasms in general. Training for the cardiovascular system, improving lymphatic and blood circulation with muscles relaxing effect. 4

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8 WELLNESS AREA BIO SAUNA Temperature 50/55 C, Humidity 45/55%. Intermediate between Finnish Sauna and Turkish Bath, promotes a loss of excess fluids, thanks to the possibility of staying longer. Elevated body temperature, favouring the increase in metabolic rate, for a Psyco-physical wellness and a toning up of the skin. STEAM BATH TTemperature 45 C, Humidity 100%. To all those who like deep cleaning of the whole organism: toxins as sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, metals and substances which are toxic to your Health. EMOTIONAL SHOWERS AND HYDRO-JETS Mostly cold also defined Reaction Showers completed with aromatic and colour therapy. Firming, refreshing and energising. 8

9 WELLNESS AREA ICE CASCADE Start from the lower limbs, beginning from the right leg moving upwards, cool the body thoroughly. AREA RELAX Comfortable sofas and soft pillows, an Oasis where you can relax after the Saunas and Showers. TEA CONER At you disposal a Samovar to taste tea, fresh water with lemon, traditional biscuits and fruits on request. TECHNOGYM FITNESS AREA The Egoista Fitness area is equipped with TECNOGYM High Tech technology for the whole body training. 9

10 EXCLUSIVE RITUALS ORIENTAL RITUAL by Cinq Mondes ,00 After some minutes in the Hammam to purify and detoxify, the treatment goes on with an exfoliating and purifying Scrub with Moroccan Black Soap made with short, soft movements with the Kassa glove. Purifying and detoxing BodyWrap with the Rhassoul Cream, followed by a real oriental massage with warm scented oil.the Maghreb Ritual, slow, deep and gentle will leave you in a deep relaxed state of mind and spirit. Your skin will be deeply nourished and regenerated. INDIAN AYURVEDIC RITUAL by Cinq Mondes ,00 Delight yourself in an anchestral ritual, inspired by a deeply rooted custom of body renewal from Java. With a fascinating earthly scent gommage and a brillant refining recipe featuring zesty spicies and sea salts, you will awaken to a satin smooth skin and a stimulating sense of energy. An hot oil toning massage, from the millennia old Indian tradition, relies on a combination of invigorating strokes. BRASILIAN RITUAL by Cinq Mondes ,00 Inspired by a Brazilian ritual, this firming and contouring treatment combines caffeine, well-known as the most powerful slimming ingredient, with a unique massage and kneading technique to fight fatty cellulite on the legs, abdomen, hips and arms. This treatment is followed by a fresh, firming and purifying body wrap. 10

11 EXCLUSIVE RITUALS CITRUS DRENCH by Natura Bissè ,00 Regenerating the damaged skin in the sun, protect your skin Ideal for the summer, for dehydrated skin and smoking. You are using exotic exfoliation, we proceed with the full body wrap with a soufflé of vitamin C, relaxing massage for the whole body, each step accompanied by infusion of orange. DEEP RELAXING BALINESE MASSAGE by Natura Bissè ,00 Immerse in a world of tranquility with this ancestral massage ritual from Bali that uses Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm. This sensorial escape includes genrtle Thai stretching and traditional smoothing movements. 11

12 MASSAGES EGOISTA PERSONALIZED MASSAGE 75 / / 200 The Egoista Massage is not standardized but adapts to the needs of the person in that particular session. It is a survey designed to find out what is good for the person at the time, lead to the relaxation and recovery of physical and mental wellbeing. Tailored on you! RELAX MASSAGE 30 / 50 / 75 80,00 / 120,00 / 150,00 The main purpose of this massage is the recovery of perception of yourself. A gentle massage with almond oil to balance and unwind mind, body and soul. HOT STONE MASSAGE ,00 The hot stone massage allows the therapist to access to your deeper muscle layers, relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and methabolism. It is suggested to combat stress, insomnia, relieve muscle and joint pain, easing tensions in the joints and in particular those of the vertebral column. It may be beneficial to the lymphatic circulation, fluid retention, arterial circulation and venous return. 12

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14 MASSAGES MASSAGGIO TUI NA ,00 Manipulative therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially effective for joint pain, muscle spasm and pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Tui Na prevents problems keeping the body energy in balance to maintain health. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 50 / / 200 Deep Tissue Massage with strong pressures for relieves muscle contractures and indicated to remove stress and tension. We try to restore muscle tone to the normal level with special movements and kneading strokes to produce a highly soothing effect. ARGAN OIL MASSAGE ,00 Ideal for stimulating the skin regeneration that is instantly oxygenated, hydrated and nourished, it enhances the skin elasticity thanks to its anti-ageing properties, against stretch marks, tissue relaxation, dry and mature skin, very effective for damaged hair. 14

15 MASSAGES MASSAGGIO DRENANTE 25 / 50 70,00/ 130,0 Is a form of massage that helps to eliminate waste by stimulating the body s lymphatic system, improves metabolism, but mostly deflated. One of the best massages during your diet. We use manual techniques helps favour the dissolution of fat accumulations. ANTICELLULITE MASSAGE ,00 Is indicated in all cases of imperfection caused by the presence of nodules of localised fat, present especially in the legs and abdomen. This technique leads to the improvement of the flow of lymph and blood circulation. The operator uses energy massage techniques and circular movements, thereby also increase the elasticity of the treated tissue. RESHAPING MASSAGE 25 / 50 70,00/ 130,00 This message is particularly suitable for those who have followed or are following a diet, after childbirth or a period of high stress, after a sudden loss of muscle and skin tone. The skin appears much more elastic and tonic showing greater uniformity. The musculature wakes up and looks more defined. 15


17 BEAUTY AND TECHNOLOGY VENUS FREEZE FACE & BODY Sessions take from 10 min up tp 55 min. depending on the treated areas per session. Venus Freeze is an innovative technology that combines radio frequency and magnetic pulse to produce immediate and visible results from the first session. Venus Freeze promotes the skin care through a relaxing, pleasant and painless experience for face or body including arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, neck and hands. Venus Freeze significantly increases the collagen and elastin synthesis inside the skin layers and stimulates the repair mechanisms of skin tissue. The treatment produces an improvement in the microcirculation of the skin in the treated area. INTRACEUTICAL OXYGEN INFUSION Price according to the selected product. Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion is the only treatment capable of carrying oxygen through the special serums, which are made of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins. Your skin will be hydrated, nourished and will look radiant thanks to this gentle and relaxing treatment, suitable for everyone. 17

18 FACE TREATMENTS FACE TREATMENTS EGOISTA ,00 A complete Facial Treatment personalised in all its phases. From cleansing, exfoliation, removal of blackheads, if it is necessary. Serum and mask are chosen by the therapist, taking into account different aspects: as the season of the year, the state of the skin at this particular time and demands that the skin reveals. FIVE FLOWERS RITUAL by CINQ MONDES ,00 Based on an ancestral Balinese ritual, this treatment includes a purifying deep pore cleansing and blends the extracts of five tropical flowers and a skin glowing patented ingredient, the Kombuchka.a mesmerising massage of the face, nape and shoulder muscles awakens skin vitality. KOBIDO BY CINQ MONDES , 00 Lifting and plumping. This manual anti-wrinkle facial massage from the ancestral Japanese KO BI DO ritual is associated with a unique anti-ageing active complex. Enjoy this holistic approach to lift and modify your facial contours and effectively renew smooth and plump lines on the face and neckline. 18

19 FACE TREATMENTS CITRUS ESSENCE by Natura Bissè ,00 Revitalising Facial Treatment, ideal after the sun and for mature skin with premature ageing. For the sundamaged skin, dehydrated skin and smokers. It consists in cleansing/toning, scrubs with micro granules with rosehip seed, followed by concentration of pure vitamin C, specific anti-aging massage, mask souffle of orange juice, cream to finish with vitamin C. Provides deep hydration instantly, skin firmer and uniform colour. DIAMOND EXPIRIENCE MULTISENSORIAL LIFTING by Natura Bissè ,00 Ritual of cosmetic lifting includes modern aromatherapy with neuropeptides, balance the chakras, cleansing/toning, exfoliation, application of concentrated energising, triple message: shiatsu, myofascial massage, aroma massage, Cryo-lifting mask. Plumps and hydrates the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles FACELIFT by Natura ,00 This treatment deeply reduces the wrinkle making the face tonic, made with Octamioxyl, a Natura Bissé special ingredient that is considered the most effective inhibitor against facial contractions. 19



22 FACE TREATMENTS DIAMOND WHITE FACIAL by NATURA BISSE ,00 Utilising the latest in technology, the Diamond White Facial effectively evens the skin tone and reduces existing hyperpigmentation and ageing spots by deeply renewing the skin, revealing a radiant complexion. PHISIOROULLAGE * NEW 2017 The important part of this treatment is phisioroullage massage. We work in the muscles of your face to relieve the tensions and for having immediately the rejuvenating effect on your skin and on expression. This kind of treatment is indicated to restore colour to the hypo-oxygenated skin of smokers. To have lasting and visible effects over time of the neck, eyelids and facial contour has recommended a series of treatments to agree with our therapists. THE CURE by NATURA BISSE ,00 Deep Cleaning with Carboxytherapy (exfoliation with glycolic acid) followed by extraction of the black points and impurities, detox massage, the mask for skin stimulation, moisturising and sunscreen application. As result is a skin deeply cleansed and detoxified, luminous and with the radiant aspect. 22


24 BEAUTY FUL EGOISTA WAXING Full legs Half legs Bikini Arms Face Under arms Chest Back

25 BEAUTY FUL EGOISTA MANICURE AND PEDICURE Manicure Pedicure Polish Change Manicure with semi-permanent polish Semi - permanent polish change Pedicure with semi-permanent polish

26 FITNESS FITNESS AREA The Fitness Area boasts the most advanced Technogym equipments along with Multistation Kinesis system the for cardiovascular activities and muscles-training. SPA Contacts: Opening Hours Wellness Centre Every day from 10 am to 8 pm FITNESS Centre 24h / 24 Dial 621 from your room Lessons with Personal Trainer on request 50 minutes 70 26

27 SPA ETIQUETTE Cancellation Policy Any cancellations or schedule changes of the appointment must be notified at least 24 hours before the time of booking. The full treatment cost will be imposed for a no-show Arrival Time Please check in at Spa Reception at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will result in a reduction of treatment time. Gift Certificates Gift Certificates for spa treatments and retail products are available for purchase. Payment Cash and credit cards are accepted. Refound Spa treatments are non-refundable, non transferable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated. Spa Protocol We kindly request to keep noises to a minimum to allow all guests to enjoy the serenity of the spa. Children under 16 years old are not allowed to use Spa services, for safety reasons. The access of minors is subject to restrictions and to the full adult responsibilities. It s request the compilation of release.smoking and consumption of alcohol in the spa is not allowed. Special Considerations Before any SPA treatments Please advise reception if you have any health issues or concerns. At the SPA reception Guests are asked to complete an health questionnaire. Contact Lenses We recommend you to remove your contact lenses before any facial treatment. Please bring your own case and solution for lenses. Valuables Jewelry and valuables may be placed in secured drawers in the Reception; however we recommend that no jewelry be worn in the spa. The management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables brought in to the spa. Accidents or Injuries Egoista Spa shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any member or guest. 27