Manicuring and Pedicuring. Copyright 2013 SAP

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1 Manicuring and Pedicuring Copyright 2013 SAP

2 MANICURING AND PEDICURING Manicure ( MAN-i-kyoor) The artful treatment and care of the hands and nails Pedicure (PED-i-kyoor) The care of the feet and toenails

3 NAIL CARE TOOLS Equipment Manicure table with adjustable lamp Technician and client chairs Client cushion Supply tray Finger bowl Container Electric heater Disinfectant container with lid

4 NAIL CARE TOOLS Implements Cuticle nipper Cuticle pusher Emery board Nail brush Nail buffer Nail clippers Orangewood stick Tweezers

5 NAIL CARE TOOLS Sanitation for Implements Wash with soap and warm water. Completely immerse metal implements. Store implements properly. Figure 22-12

6 NAIL CARE TOOLS Nail Cosmetics Antiseptic Base coat Cuticle creams Cuticle oil Cuticle remover or solvent Dry nail polish Hand creams / lotion Liquid nail polish / lacquer Nail hardener / strengthener Polish remover Polish thinner Top coat or sealer

7 NAIL CARE TOOLS MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Should be available on all the products you use Should be kept for easy reference in a file or a notebook Can be obtained from the company that supplies the product

8 NAIL CARE TOOLS Materials Absorbent cotton balls Approved solution and jar sanitizer Chamois Cleanser Cleansing tissue Plastic cups Plastic spatula Powdered alum or alum solution Terry cloth towel Trash container

9 THE MANICURE TABLE Preparing the Table Sanitize table and drawer. Place towel over cushion. Place finger bowl. Arrange metal implements and orangewood stick. Arrange cosmetics. Place disinfected abrasive and fresh emery boards. Attach bag for waste. Prepare fresh disinfectant solution.

10 CLIENT CONSULTATION Client Consultation Conduct prior to service. Complete client record. Health record Service and product record Discuss the client s general health. skin and nail health. lifestyle and needs. services available. Refer any applicable disorders to a physician.

11 CLIENT CONSULTATION Two Parts of Consultation Analysis Recommendations Consultation Hints Focus on client. Look directly at client when speaking. Support your recommendations with facts and information. Be friendly and helpful.

12 CLIENT CONSULTATION Choosing Nail Shape Shape of hands Length of fingers Shape of cuticles Type of work client does Five Nail Shapes Square Round Oval Pointed Squoval

13 HAND AND ARM MASSAGE Apply lotion to fingers and wrist. Limber the wrist. Limber the top of the hand and finger joints. Massage palm to relax hand. Taper each finger. Repeat all steps on other hand. Massage arm from wrist to elbow. Massage elbow with circular motion. Stroke arm in opposite directions from elbow to wrist.

14 THE PLAIN MANICURE Pre-service Sanitize the table. Sanitize all equipment, tools, and implements. Set up the table. Wash your own hands. Cordially greet your client. Remove all client jewelry. Have client wash hands. Perform client consultation.

15 THE PLAIN MANICURE During the Procedure Discuss products used. Explain how to use products between services. Before applying polish, have client replace jewelry, locate car keys, pay for service, and so forth. Post-service Schedule next appointment. Give appointment information to client in writing. Clean work area and dispose of all used materials. Sanitize table, equipment, tools, and implements. Record service information on client s record card.

16 THE PLAIN MANICURE Nail Problems Loose skin around nail Callus skin around nail Stains on fingernails Men s Manicure File nails round or square. Apply dry polish instead of liquid. Buff nails. Lift buffer after each stroke. Wash and dry fingertips. French Manicure Nail polished in translucent color Edge polished in opaque color

17 THE OIL MANICURE Heat oil to comfortable temperature. Perform plain manicure; place hand in oil. Massage hands and wrists with oil. Remove oil from hands with damp towel. Wipe each nail with polish remover before applying base coat. Complete as you would plain manicure.

18 ELECTRIC MANICURE Given with a portable device with a small motor Attachments include: emery wheel. cuticle pusher. callus attachment. chamois buffer.

19 PEDICURES The Technician s Role Refer medical disorders to a podiatrist. Never perform service on feet with a contagious disease. Equipment, Implements, Materials Client s chair with armrests Low stool for technician Basin Waterproof apron Two towels Liquid soap Antiseptic foot spray Toe separators Cuticle nippers Toenail clippers Cotton pledgets Witch hazel Foot lotion or cream Foot powder Pedicure slippers Toenail nippers

20 PEDICURES Foot and Leg Massage A good foot massage is an excellent way to build client loyalty. Foot massage may be extended up to the knee. Do not massage shinbone or above the knee. Figure 22-53

21 SAFETY RULES Cover and label all containers. Have dry hands when holding or moving containers. Take care with sharp or pointed implements. Do not clean under nails with sharp, pointed implements. Bevel sharp nail edge with an emery board. Do not file too deeply into nail corners. Avoid excessive friction in nail buffing. Apply antiseptic immediately if skin is cut. Avoid pushing cuticle back too far. Avoid too much pressure at base of nail. Do not work on nail if area is inflamed or infected.

22 PROCEDURE FOR BLOOD SPILLS If bleeding occurs, stop service until implement is cleaned and disinfected. Immediately put on gloves and inform client. Apply slight pressure to bleeding with cotton and antiseptic. Apply alum powder or solution to stop bleeding from small cuts. Apply bandage if necessary. Place any blood-contaminated disposable implements and materials in a sealed plastic bag. Remove gloves and wash hands with soap and warm water. Complete service as called for. Disinfect all implements that have come in contact with blood in an EPA-registered disinfecting solution.

23 SUMMARY Regular hand and foot care are important to good hygiene and wellness. A professional technician never downplays the importance of manicure and pedicure services. There is no reason why a woman or man should not have well-manicured hands and attractive nails. The professional technician who offers quality manicures and pedicures will be doing clients a great service as well as generating increased personal revenue.