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1 SupadElixir Introduction and Information on SE-tripeptides About us SupadElixirCo Ltd was founded by Prof. Dr. JH Hahn, PhD. in December of 2009 as a bioventure company for the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of biomimetic Tri-Peptides for bio-drugs, OTC drugs and cosmetic / cosmeceutical products. SupadElixir has developed lots of the excellent tri-peptides with less than 500 Dalton molecular weight that are to be percutaneously penetrated without any delivery agents or additives. Such ultra-light 500 Dalton molecular weight tripeptides are quite innovative and effective not only for the development of the new bio-drugs, but also for their cosmetic and OTC drug applications as subcutaneously penetrating ingredients. Major Businesses 1. Research and development of new and efficient tri-peptides 2. Research and development of new bio-drugs using tri-peptides 3. Manufacturing and sales/marketing of cosmetic/ cosmeceutical products using tripeptides 4. Manufacturing and sales/marketing of OTC new drugs using tripeptides Features of our exclusively patented Tripeptides 1) Unlike most of the existing high molecular weight (MW) polypeptides in the skin care markets, all of our SE-tripeptides consist of 3 amino acid (AA) sequence with a low MW. 2) Our SE-tripeptides with less than 500 Dalton (Da) MW can be transdermally penetrated into either epidermis or dermis layers without any delivery agents.

2 * 500 Da rule The general rule is that almost nothing larger than 500 Daltons can pass through the skin barrier (Experimental Dermatology). Binterin (SE209), CD99-derived tripeptide, can easily penetrate mouse dorsal skin without delivery agents.

3 3) Our SE-tripeptides properly interact with specific target proteins. Our tripeptides bind to receptors on the cell surface as ligands and subsequently control intracellular signaling events in agonistic, antagonistic or inverse agonistic way. - Agonistic SE-Tripeptide that occupies and activates receptors. - Antagonistic SE-Tripeptide blocks receptor activation by agonists. - Inverse agonistic SE-Tripeptide induces a pharmacological response in an opposite way to the agonist. 4) SE-tripeptides are safe and stable at room temperature or even at 50 for 4 weeks. HPLC data shows that SE-tripeptide preserves the structural integrity in the harsh environmental conditions Control. After 4 weeks at 50

4 5) SE-tripeptides are able to be sterilized without decomposition in an harsh condition of steamed autoclave sterilization like 121 for 15 minutes, proving that our tripeptides are so stable and may be able to be clinically applied after self-sterilization in future. Control After autoclave Our Tripeptides with INCI name registration INCI name (peptide No.) Tripeptide- 52 (SE201) sh- Tetrapeptid e-2 (SE203) sh- Tripeptide-1 (SE204) sh Tripeptide-2 (SE205) Palmitoy shl Tripeptide-3 (SE208) sh Tripeptide-4 (SE209) Trade Name Enfibin Ilonerin Synderm in Tenefrin Synepin Binterin Target Molecules NF-kB IL1R FGFR TNFR EGFR CD99 Cosmeceutical Functions & Applications -Inhibiting a gene expression of NF-kBp65, an inflammatory signaling protein causing the skin aging and inflammation - Skin soothing/anti-inflammation/anti-aging -Inhibiting Interleukin-1, an inflammatory adipokine, soothing skin with its anti-inflammation process -Skin soothing/anti-inflammation -Activating the function of FGF-receptor, leading to proliferation of skin cells and inducing a collagen synthesis -Skin rejuvenation and regeneration -Inhibiting TNF-α ( tumor-necrosis factor-α), another inflammatory factor, leading to skin soothing with antiinflammation reaction - Skin soothing/anti-inflammation -As an EGF receptor agonistic protein, facilitating the growth of keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts and also facilitating the collagenous fibers (collagenesis ) -Skin rejuvenation and regeneration -Not only modulating leukocyte extravasation (diapedesis: the movement of leucocytes out of the blood circulatory system towards the site of tissue damage or infection), but also inhibiting the systemic inflammatory reaction, soothing the inflammatory tissues

5 - Skin soothing,/anti-aging Tripeptide- 54 (SE214) Tripeptide- 53 (SE215) Adiponin Winhibin Adiponectin Receptor Sfrp-5 -Facilitating the proliferation of the epidermal cells and the generation of the ceramides existing in cell membrane, - Working for the fibroblasts in dermis and inducing the generation of collagens and H/A, - Inhibiting the inflammatory reactions with prevention of fibrosis and cellulite formation - Formation of skin protection barrier/skin regeneration/soothing/anti-aging -Preventing the activation of Wnt-signaling pathway, leading to inhibition of melanogenesis and related cytokines. In addition, inhibiting the inflammatory reaction related with metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity. - Whitening/Soothing Applications of our tripeptides 1. As cosmetic ingredients, cosmeceutical/ OTC skin care products Featured by ultra-light molecular weight, stability, transdermal penetration, topical application and agonistic, antagonistic or inverse agonistic signaling/ functional mechanism, our tripeptides are excellent and promising materials for cosmetic ingredients, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and OTC topical skincare products. 1) Dr Hahn 3P Soothing Serum/ Cream/ Mask Dr Hahn Soothing contains Binterin tri-peptide as an active INCI named ingredient (SE209) and intradermally penetrates into the dermal layer, suppressing the inflammatory process and soothing the inflammation areas excellently and quickly after minimally invasive aesthetic procedures or treatments like CO2 fractional laser or RF micro-needling treatment. * Binterin (SE-209) is a tri-peptide of human integrin beta 1 inhibitor class. Binterin is a tripeptide derived from CD99 expressed in human and animal skin. It suppresses skin inflammation by ameliorating beta 1 integrin affinity through an inside-out signaling pathway.

6 Applications: - post fractional Co2 laser treatment - Post fractional RF microneedling treatment - post microdermabrasion or skin exfoliation - post tattoo removal - post sunscreen soothing - sunburn/ sun damaged skin - as a topical analgesic - Dr Hahn Soothing Serum Good for topical application for bruising or pain area as like a topical analgesic serum. Also good for soothing the sunburn or sun damaged area. Also good for post sunscreen soothing and post tattoo removal. - Dr Hahn Soothing Cream - Good for a topical analgesic use, soothing, post sunscreen, sunburn or sundamage and post minimal invasive aesthetic procedures like CO2 fx or RF needling or tattoo removal. - Rather than Dr Hahn Soothing Serum, this cream is recommended for a bit long-lasting and intensive care. - Dr Hahn Soothing Mask Good for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures or treatments. - fractional Co2 laser treatment - fractional RF micro-needling treatment - post microdermabrasion or skin exfoliation - post tattoo removal 2) 3P Dr Hahn BodyCare kit

7 Dr Hahn Bodycare kit is for body lifting care and lipolysis. It consists of a combination of Dr Hahn Bodycare Binterin serum and Dr Hahn Bodycare Adiponin Cream. When this combo of serum and cream is topically applied and treated together with a suction or electrophoresis handheld unit, the treatment effect can be greatly enhanced. Binterin, our CD-99 derived SE-tripeptide, decomposes the triglyceride in fatty acids, working for lipolysis and Adiponin, our adiponectin SE-tripeptide, increase the glucose uptake, absorbing glucoses from the decompose fatty acids and discharging the glucose through blood circulation. In this way, a combination of Binterin and post-15 minute Adiponin application helps for lipolysis-associated body care. As a combined protocol with Adiponin (Adiponectin tripeptide), Binterin can be used for lipolysis or anti-obesity program with Binterin first (PKa, protein Kinase A) and Adiponin follow-up application in 15 minutes. 2. As OTC or non-rx skin care products Our tripeptides are good active or inactive ingredients for several OTC, non-rx skin care products. We have 3 FDA registered OTC skincare products but can make other skincare non-rx products. -. SE-3P Topical Analgesic Gel For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with Rheumatism Muscle strain Sprains Bruises Neck and Shoulder Stiffness, -. SE-3P AdipoWin Skin Protectants Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked skin. Beneficial for face, hands, body and legs. -. SE-3P Post-Sunscreen skin protectant Just apply topically and soothe your sun-damaged skin 3. Ultimately as APIs, Rx skin care products or Rx drugs Our tripeptides are really good ingredients for Rx drugs. Since we have lots of in vitro/ in vivo tests and couple of published papers for our tripeptides, our tripeptides are going to be really good APIs for skincare Rx products and also for Rx drugs. Thanks Peter Jung, VP & Director for Overseas Sales Marketing SupadElixir Co Ltd. Contact : or