Campaign September 2012

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1 Campaign September 2012

2 HANDBAG OFFER Handbag dimensions: 21cm (h) x 38cm (w) ON A SILVER To all our valued Consultants and customers, September is one of my favourite months in the year! Annique will be serving up the most delicious array of treats over the next few months, with our exciting gifting theme Deli Gifting Delicatessen. Don t miss the stunning pink handbag, which is FREE, when you purchase normal price Forever Young, Essense and Daily Facial Skin Care to the value of R800. This amazing offer includes the exclusive Skin Essentials Set, containing the must-have Forever Young Revitalising Cream, Eye Therapy and Essense Moisture Serum. This month we embrace change and growth as spring is in the air. Celebrate your unique heritage with a cup of one of Annique s quality Rooibos based products and teas. Furthermore, it is heart awareness month, so keep your ticker in tip top shape with our Forever Healthy offers! Be sure to buy the highly anticipated, newly launched Body Xpert advanced body care range, to get your body beach-ready. May this be your best September ever! With my warmest wishes, PLATTER! Buy normal priced products to the value of R800 or more from Forever Young, Daily Facial Skin Care and Essense and receive a beautiful pink HANDBAG FREE! VALUE R Adele du Toit Marketing Manager PS: Congratulations to our cover girl, the beautiful Rensia Ladendorf from Uitenhage, who is the winner in Annique s Beaute Cover Girl 2012 Competition! Cleansing Lotion for Dry Skin 200ml ONLY R159 AA/00040/02 Q10 Therapy 30ml ONLY R179 AA/00152/04 Skin Detox 30ml ONLY R219 AA/00121/08 Bo-Serum 30ml ONLY R369 AA/00100/10 Crème de Nuit 50ml ONLY R219 AA/00050/12 Energising Eye Gel 15ml ONLY R199 AA/00251/12 This offer includes Face Facts, 180 Skin Elements for Men and the Skin Essentials Set (Pages 2-8, and 17) WHILE STOCKS LAST 3

3 FOREVER YOUNG SKIN ESSENTIALS GIFT PACK Revitalising Cream 50ml Now with superior Rooibos extract and vegetal active ingredients that helps to nourish, repair and restore skin even more! ONLY R349 AA/00080/02 Q10 Therapy 30ml Supercharges tired looking skin with renewed energy, while evening out skin tone. ONLY R179 AA/00152/04 DELICIOUS! GREAT VALUE! Crème de Nuit 50ml Now with extra rejuvenating ingredients! A new and improved superior night treatment that helps to nourish and repair aged and dehydrated skin. ONLY R219 AA/00050/12 ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SILVER PLATTER HANDBAG OFFER! Eye Therapy 15ml Aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin becomes smoother, softer and retains its elasticity. ONLY R259 AA/00260/02 Bo-Serum 30ml Helps iron out deep and existing wrinkles. ONLY R369 AA/00100/10 DELI SKIN ESSENTIALS SET ONLY R499! R278 VALUE R777 Revitalising Cream 50ml + Eye Therapy 15ml + Moisture Serum 24ml AA/00083/12 4 WHILE STOCKS LAST 5

4 TREATMENT SKINCARE: ESSENSE ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SILVER PLATTER HANDBAG OFFER! Sensi Crème 50ml Skin sensitivity can be triggered by the environment, like wind and sun exposure. This unique cream is used to condition and coach very sensitive skin types to accept and respond positively to the other Annique products. ONLY R119 AA/00181/13 Before SKIN SOS! After just 3 weeks! Lifting Essence Neck & Bust 75ml Contains an exclusive complex of natural ingredients to help tighten, lift, firm and strengthen tissue for improved elasticity and hydration. ONLY R169 AA/00391/10 Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml A light, quick absorbing tissue oil combined with Rooibos infused oil helps to improve stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone. ONLY R219 AA/00243/09 Testimonial See the amazing results after one of my team leaders, Petro Venter, used Miracle Tissue Oil and Sensi Crème for only three weeks! Celeste van der Walt EYE CANDY! NEW! Energising Eye Gel 15ml Improve dark circles and puffiness! An advanced, quick absorbing, non-oily eye gel with superior actives, Haloxyl and Eyeliss, which helps to promote firmness, skin elasticity, minimise dark circles and localised inflammation around the eye area. Fragrance free. ONLY R199 6 WHILE STOCKS LAST 7 AA/00251/12 Derma Bright 30 ampoules Micro sponge technology releases pure Vitamin C over eight hours to help lighten pigmentation marks, brighten and even out skin tone in as little as 28 days. ONLY R399 AA/01559/06 TREATMENT SKINCARE: ESSENSE

5 TREATMENT SKINCARE: ESSENSE TREATMENT SKINCARE: ESSENSE ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SILVER PLATTER HANDBAG OFFER! RECIPE FOR SUCCESS! Derma Block SPF 30 30ml Sun protection should form part of your every day skincare routine to help prevent pigmentation and premature ageing. ONLY R129 AA/00371/10 FREE! Buy the Intense Repair Serum FOR ONLY R179 and get the Antioxidant Radiance Masque FREE! This offer is only available from Sep Skin Detox 30ml Enhances the skin s ability to fight free radicals, which are caused by pollution, medication and stress, etc. ONLY R219 AA/00121/08 Testimonial Moisture Serum 24ml For Optimal Hydration Helps to restore and moisturise dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, leaving skin noticeably soft and smooth. ONLY R169 AA/00130/12 Skin Detox leaves my skin relaxed, silky soft and heavenly! My skin is evenly toned, supple and I love the moisturised, non-oily feeling after application. Elmien Goosen R129 Intense Repair Serum 24ml Contains 10 Botanical Oils plus Vitamin E Helps to repair visible signs of damage, ageing and dullness, to reveal more radiant skin. VALUE R179 Antioxidant Radiance Masque 50ml A creamy clay masque that combines Rooibos extract for improvement of stressed and dull skin. VALUE R129 WHILE STOCKS LAST 9

6 DAILY SKINCARE: DRY SKIN ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SILVER PLATTER HANDBAG OFFER! DAILY SKINCARE: DRY SKIN CRAMMED WITH GOODNESS! Moisturiser for Dry Skin with AquaVital 50ml Suitable for all ages with extremely dry, dehydrated and aged skin. ONLY R249 AA/00140/02 BEST SELLER! Cleansing Lotion for Dry Skin 200ml A creamy cleanser that gently removes impurities and make-up. Ideal for dry, dehydrated skin. ONLY R159 AA/00040/02 ph Balancing Freshener 150ml Helps to balance the ph of the skin, to prevent ageing and assist in better absorption of other Annique skincare products. The final result: an even, more beautiful skin, faster! ONLY R139 AA/00285/03 Refining Scrub Cream 100ml Helps to remove dead skin cells to reveal soft and smooth skin. Regular use leaves the skin glowing, stimulated and nourished with stronger blood flow to the surface. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. ONLY R119 AA/00060/02 Moisture Masque 50ml Famous for it s gentle moisturising qualities. May even be used on a sensitive skin and left on overnight. ONLY R WHILE STOCKS LAST 11 AA/00320/02 Detox Silk Masque 50ml An antioxidant and rejuvenating formula that eliminates impurities for a cleaner, clearer skin. ONLY R129 AA/00310/03

7 DAILY SKINCARE: NORMAL SKIN DAILY SKINCARE: NORMAL SKIN Herbal Moisturiser 50ml A gentle moisturiser that contains, a variety of herbal and Rooibos extracts. Suitable for normal and combination skin types. ONLY R179 AA/00160/02 The Scrub 75ml Energises normal skin by aiding in the stimulation of blood circulation and the removal of dead skin cells to reveal more beautiful skin. ONLY R119 AA/00070/06 Tinted Moisture Cover SPF 15 50ml Helps to protect skin from dehydration, while light pigment aids in a smoother appearance. Apply under foundation for extra long lasting effect. ONLY R119 AA/00150/08 Nourishing Night Cream 50ml A vitamin and mineral enriched night cream ideal for normal and combination skin types. ONLY R159 AA/00220/02 WHAT S C G D L KING, K G D L KING! ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SILVER PLATTER HANDBAG OFFER! Oil Free Cleansing Gel 150ml This foamy cleansing gel gently removes impurities and make-up. ONLY R159 AA/00030/02 Cleansing Lotion for Normal Skin 200ml A gentle, creamy cleanser that gently removes impurities. ONLY R159 AA/00020/02 BEST SELLER! ph Balancing Freshener 150ml The crucial final step in your skin care routine helps to cool, calm and soothe skin while controlling dryness and oiliness to prevent irritation and breakouts. ONLY R WHILE STOCKS LAST 13 AA/00285/03

8 FACE FACTS FACE FACTS Great Skin... A Piece of Cake! 1. Crystal Clear 100ml A fresh and delicate herbal cleanser that helps to remove dirt, remove oiliness and leave the skin refreshingly clean. ONLY R119 AB/02200/07 2. Moisture Shield SPF 8 50ml A daily moisturiser for oily and problem skin, with sun filters to help protect against damaging UV-rays. ONLY R109 AB/02204/07 3. Calm Down Masque 50ml The ideal cooling masque to calm red, irritated and inflamed skin. ONLY R99 AB/02201/07 4. Spotless 10ml Tea Tree and Rooibos extract help to clear up pimples and skin blemishes. ONLY R99 AB/02203/07 5. Smooth Over Scrub 75ml Rice exfoliator helps to remove dead skin cells and increase nourishment for a clearer skin. ONLY R109 AB/02202/07 6. Liquid Skin Nutrition 100ml Contains a sophisticated formula of essential nutrients that support the skin in its own natural healing and regeneration process. ONLY R129 AB/02206/07 14 WHILE STOCKS LAST 15

9 180 EDT FOR MEN 180 SKIN ELEMENTS FOR MEN THE BRAAI IS THE LIMIT! 180 Skin Elements for Men; Shave Gel 150ml Remember Heritage Day (National Braai Day) on 24 September! NOW DOUBLE SIZE! 180 Skin Elements for Men; Soap on a Rope 180g Indulge in the spirit of freedom while leaving your skin fresh, clean and moisturised. ONLY R39 VALUE R49 AC/04002/12 R10 A light foamy gel that contains multifunctional ingredients and applies easily, ensuring a close, comfortable, smooth shave. ONLY R99 VALUE R119 AC/07000/12 R EDT 100ml 180 contains notes of wood, fresh citrus and spices. Everywhere is your territory. You can navigate the urban jungle and survive in the wilderness. ONLY R349 AF/50001/ Skin Elements for Men; Moisture Balm with Co-enzyme, Q10, SPF 15 and Green Rooibos 50ml Contains Co-enzyme Q10, known for its energising and revitalising properties, with excellent moisturising benefits and a built in sun protection factor of 15 to help protect skin against the elements. ONLY R119 AC/07002/12 16 WHILE STOCKS LAST 17

10 LIFESTYLE SHAKES Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate yoghurt cream Chocolate cake 300 g dark chocolate, grated or coarsely chopped 100 g pecan nuts, chopped 5 extra-large eggs, separated 60 ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, chocolate flavour 1 ml cream of tartar 45 ml sweetener 15 ml cornflour Preheat the oven to 160 C. Butter a 23 cm loosebottom cake tin well. Combine the chocolate and nuts. Place in the fridge. Whisk the egg yolks and Annique Lifestyle Shake until light and thick. Whisk the egg whites, cream of tartar and sweetener until stiff peaks form. Sift the cornfl our on to the mixture and fold in. Combine the nut mixture and the egg yolk mixture, fold in the whipped egg whites and pour into the prepared pan. Bake for minutes until done and the cake loosens from the sides. Serve with chocolate yoghurt cream and ice-cream (see recipe) if desired. Chocolate yoghurt cream 250 ml natural yoghurt 250 ml whipped cream 45 ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, chocolate flavour Combine all the ingredients and serve a spoonful with each helping of chocolate cake. SHAKE YOUR BON-BON! Buy 2 Chocolate Shakes for ONLY R388.50! R LIFESTYLE SHAKES AE/09020/02 AE/09030/02 AE/09090/12 AE/09000/04 AE/09070/11 # Lifestyle Shakes 500g Not only does the Annique Shake taste so good, the whole family will love it, it also contains an extensive list of the essential vitamin and minerals that your body needs. Annique Lifestyle Shake is a complete meal in a cup to boost energy, curb cravings and provide a safe way to lose weight the healthy way! * Only effective for weight loss when used in conjunction with an energy-controlled diet, like # Annique s Lifestyle Programme, and an increase in physical activity and exercise. Ask your consultant ONLY R259 Each Limited stock available 18 about the Annique Lifestyle Programme. WHILE STOCKS LAST 19

11 RESQUE ZEROACHE + UPSIZE HERBAL HEROES! Resque Mist 75ml Contains white flower oils for the relief of allergies, sinus congestion, chest tightness, headaches, and a sore throat. ONLY R119 Resque Essense 10ml A little miracle-worker for neck and muscle pain, headaches, sinus, and hayfever. ONLY R89 AA/01153/05 Testimonial My friend had a mouth ulcer and after two weeks, when it did not heal, she went to a doctor. She also used a mouth wash, but nothing seemed to work. I advised her to use Annique s Resque Crème. She applied it to her tongue and after two days she was fine. Judith Monoto AA/01152/05 3rd RUNNER UP 1st RUNNER UP Resque Crème 30ml The ideal cream to bring relief from itchy skin, allergies, dryness, insect bites, sunburn and heat rashes. ONLY R99 AA/01151/06 Buy products from The Spa Range (pg 28) to the value of R100 or more (normal price) and qualify to pay ONLY R99 for the ZeroAche + Upsize! ZeroAche + 150ml Herbal ingredients help to bring natural and safe relief from muscle pains, aches and sprains. VALUE R238 Testimonial I applied ZeroAche + mixed with Resque Crème to my granddaughter s neck, chest and back after she had coughed non-stop for about an hour. The cough stopped almost immediately. Fransie du Plessis R139 SHOWN ACTUAL SIZE! 20 WHILE STOCKS LAST 21

12 FOREVER HEALTHY NEW! HEALTH IS WEALTH! OptiCalMag 60 softgel capsules Available from 20 September Calcium and magnesium are critical for the maintenance of strong bones and a healthy heart and arterial system. ONLY R139 AE/08219/12 OptiVite 60 softgel capsules Essential daily vitamin and minerals. ONLY R129 AE/08213/12 OptiClear 30 hardgel capsules (Previously Zerotox) ONLY R179 VALUE R199 AE/08228/12 R20 OptiClear can help resolve: Heavy metal toxicity Migraine and headaches Arthritis Allergies Alcohol overindulgence Heart burn FOREVER HEALTHY OptiFlora 30 hardgel capsules Probiotic for digestive support Helps to alleviate food allergies, lactose intolerance, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, diarrhoea, cramps and thrush. ONLY R149 AE/08206/12 Buy the OptiMega and ToniQ + for ONLY R219! LOVE YOUR HEART! OptiC 30 softgel capsules Helps to support the cardiovascular and immune systems. ONLY R119 AE/08222/12 Annique s Forever Healthy range contains Green Rooibos extract from Green Cell Technologies, who use a patented process called DCD (Dynamic Cellular Disruption) that releases the most active ingredients ever recorded. This innovative process ensures that the best quality Rooibos extract, with all the health benefits of this miraculous plant is guaranteed. OptiMega 30 softgel capsules Omega 3 oils can help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. VALUE R129 AE/08220/12 ToniQ + 30ml A 100% pure, natural and organic concentrate that helps to balance your body s ph. VALUE R199 AC/05003/09 R WHILE STOCKS LAST 23

13 COLOUR CARESS COLOUR CARESS LIPSMACKING! Gentle Make-up Remover 65ml Ginger AG/12191/11 Cream AG/12192/11 Summer AG/12193/11 Beige AG/12195/11 Splendour AG/13733/11 Bliss AG/13734/11 Delicious AG/13735/11 Retractable Eye Liner ONLY R59 VALUE R99 AG/12331/11 Super Lash Mascara Superlasting and lengthening: Only 2 layers add d up to 65% more length. Curls and adds volume. ONLY R129 AG/13406/09 Radiance AG/13736/11 Cashmere Eye Shadow Single ONLY R109 Each Feels Like Silk SPF 15 30ml An up-market antiageing foundation that contains hyaluronic acid, that is well-known for its ability to hold moisture, therefore offering a water reservoir to the skin. ONLY R169 Mild on eyes and skin. Contains Bulgarian Rosewater, a superior cleanser known for its mildness, soothing and refreshing properties. ONLY R119 AG/12400/12 R40 R40 R20 Bloom AG/13952/11 Blush AG/13953/11 Vanilla AG/12194/11 Toffee AG/12196/11 Moisturising Lipstick with Chronomoist ONLY R109 Each LIMITED EDITION DELI Peppermint Lip Gloss Apply over your favourite moisturising lipstick for eye-popping shine and intense moisture! ONLY R69 AG/14214/12 Velvet Touch Foundation A beautifully soft foundation with light, natural coverage that glides onto the skin, leaving a velvet smooth finish with flawless coverage. ONLY R109 VALUE R149 Satin Crème Blusher ONLY R89 VALUE R109 Classic Cinnamon AG/12782/11 Iced Champagne AG/12783/11 Nude Cashmere AG/12781/11 Rich Suede AG/12778/11 Ginger Wrap AG/12784/11 Silky Rose AG/12777/11 True Blush AG/12779/11 Plum Radiance AG/12785/11 Peach Lustre AG/12780/11 Natural Beige AG/12161/11 Silky Ivory AG/12162/11 Caramel Silk AG/12163/11 Golden Satin AG/12164/11 Cream Beige AG/12165/11 Honey AG/12166/11 Latte AG/12167/11 Nude AG/12168/11 24 Due to limitations of the printing process, the swatches pictured here may vary slightly in colour. WHILE STOCKS LAST 25

14 BABY CARE INJOI SWEETIE PIE! Baby Detergent 1lt Effective relief for people who suffer skin irritations from harsh fabric detergents and softeners. Washing will be remarkably clean and freshly fragrant plus you ll have the added assurance that baby s skin is protected against irritation. R10 R43 VALUE R109 Baby Sunscreen SPF 20 30ml Rooibos extract, together with a unique blend of oils provide calming properties to the skin. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and reapply sunscreen regularly during the day and after swimming. ONLY R79 VALUE R89 AD/06180/11 Buy the Baby Softener & Detergent for ONLY R Baby Fabric Softener 1lt Effective relief for people who suffer skin irritations from harsh fabric detergents and softeners. Infuses the bed linen and other washing with the hypo-allergenic qualities of the Annique Rooibos extract. VALUE R109 ZEST FOR LIFE! Injoi EDP 50ml Injoi is an astonishing sparkling, fresh fragrance that evokes the spirit of the Mediterranean, the infinite sky, the deep sea and light hearted joy. ONLY R VALUE R369 AF/10100/09 50% Baby Rooibos Tea 100g Use the Rooibos tea as a supplement before breastfeeding to limit the occurrence of milk and other food allergies. ONLY R39 Baby Moist Silky Bar 120g A gentle silky soft, hypo-allergenic gelatine soap with Annique s soothing Rooibos extract. ONLY R40 AD/06140/02 AD/06120/02 26 WHILE STOCKS LAST 27

15 DAILY BODY CARE: THE SPA Buy products from The Spa Range to the value of R100 or more (normal price) and qualify to pay ONLY R99 for the ZeroAche+ U psize! See page 21 for details Extreme Moisture Hand Cream 50ml A light, non greasy hand cream that absorbs quickly. ONLY R49 AA/01348/11 DAILY BODY CARE: THE SPA FOODIE TWO SHOES! Soothing Anti-perspirant Roll-on 50ml Helps soothe and protect your underarms while keeping you dry throughout the day. ONLY R49 AA/01352/11 LIMITED EDITION Refreshing Foot Sorbet 100ml Contains an invigorating combination of Lemon and Bergamot Foot Scrub and Sage and Thyme Cooling Foot Gel, to leave your feet soft, smooth and beautiful. ONLY R129 AA/01358/12 Indulgent Body Oil Wash 200ml 28 Delectable Body Lotion 400ml Formulated with Rooibos infused oil to help soothe and moisturise your skin. ONLY R89 AA/01355/11 Luxurious Body Cream 200ml A rich, luxurious, moisturising cream ideal for soothing very dry skin. ONLY R89 AA/01349/11 An ultra rich and hydrating cleansing oil formulated with Rooibos infused oil to help soothe and moisturise your skin while you shower or bath. ONLY R79 AA/01354/11 R10 Blissful Spa Glycerine Soap 120g Anti-septic and anti-bacterial soap that cleanses gently, while moisturising and nourishing your skin. ONLY R29 VALUE R39 AA/01353/11 WHILE STOCKS LAST 29

16 ROOIBOS HERBAL TEA ROOIBOS HERBAL TEA Annique Rooibos & Herbs contains the highest quality herbs mixed with our special blend of Rooibos to help provide natural and safe relief from everyday ailments. Researchers in Spain found evidence that Rooibos protects the liver against fat accumulation and can help to prevent metabolic disease. Rooibos also helps to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids. Annique s Rooibos tea contains quality selected tea and has a rich taste. BON APPE-TEA! Metabolism Tea 50g Rooibos combined with fennel helps to stimulate metabolism and may suppress appetite and the desire for sweet foods. ONLY R39 AE/08343/11 Stomach Tea 50g Rooibos and mint help in relieving stomach ailments, cramps, indigestion and even headaches. Also helps to soothe menstrual pain. ONLY R39 AE/08324/08 Happy Tea 50g Rooibos and sceletium helps to naturally lift your mood. ONLY R39 AE/08331/08 Rooibos Tea 200g This product is all-natural, free of any preservatives or artificial colourants and hygienically treated. It is ideal to use while on a diet ONLY R40 AE/08300/08 Buy the Colon Cleanse & Detox Tea for ONLY R69! Detox Tea 50g Ginger root assists in the removal of toxins from the organs and helps to soothe a sore throat and indigestion. ONLY R39 AE/08329/08 Colon Cleanse Tea 50g Helps to bring natural and gentle relief from constipation and eliminates intestinal parasites. VALUE R39 AE/08325/08 NEW! NEW Delicious Vanilla Flavoured Tea 50g Contains a unique blend of Annique s finest Rooibos tea, enriched with a warm, pleasant, naturally sweet vanilla flavour. ONLY R39 AE/08347/12 WHILE STOCKS LAST 31

17 SLIMMING LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL GREAT! R139 Available from 1 15 Sep 2012 hot SOME LIKE IT Sun Safety Aerosol SPF ml No more sticky hands or sand in your sun cream with water- resistant sun protection aerosol. ONLY R99 VALUE R139 AA/00507/06 SUN CARE Body Clear 30 Capsules Daily detox formulation that supports the body in natural weight loss. VALUE R139 Body Tone + 60 Capsules Helps to improve muscle tone and formation of muscle tissues. VALUE R249 Buy Body Tone & get Body Clear FREE ONLY R249! LIMITED EDITION DELI Safe in the Sun SPF 30 with DN-Age 75ml Provides optimal UV protection in a non-allergenic formula. ONLY R189 AA/00513/12 R40 Be Wise SPF 50 30ml Formulated with the latest technology to provide broad spectrum protection against ageing and the sun s rays. ONLY R159 AA/00508/09 32 WHILE STOCKS LAST 33

18 HOST A PAMPER PARTY START YOUR OWN BUSINESS Host a FUN Annique Pamper Party! Invite 5 or more friends to your own Pamper Party a unique, fun and easy way to enjoy many of Annique s exciting products in a relaxed atmosphere and have an Annique consultant demonstrate or recommend the skincare products that are ideal for your skin. CONSULTANT PROFILE Tlaleng Behlekazi of Lesotho registered as Annique consultant in April 2011, and is a Liaison Officer for a large hotel group in Lesotho and owns a hair salon. Despite her full programme, she immediately grasped the Annique opportunity and decided to go big. Tlaleng, who came second in Annique s Newcomer of the Year Category at the 2012 Première, is amazed at the difference the Annique business made in her life. For the first time I can see where my life is heading, she adds. I can plan my life - it s no longer up to my boss and neither is my pay cheque. I can decide for myself what I want to achieve and when. Tlaleng, who regularly drives to Pretoria to attend training sessions and Annique meetings a 5 hour drive from Maseru - says, I love Annique s motto We create life-changing opportunities. My life has really been changed. I am very happy, healthy and my financial situation has improved drastically. Crème de Nuit 20ml, Moisturiser for Dry Skin 20ml VALUE R Terms & Conditions apply, find out more from your Annique consultant. Limited to 5 per person. FREE! Sweet Success! Join the Annique Team in September and pay the registration fee of only R126. New consultants only have to purchase a kit worth R1000 (pay R500), but if you purchase a kit for R1500+ (pay R750+) in September, you get 9 Herbal Teas 50g valued at R351 FREE! Deadlines for orders! Dear Annique client, To order special offers from the Beautè, please confirm with your Annique consultant her/his order dates with Annique Home Office, to ensure that you will receive the special offers, as advertised. Every Annique consultant has a specific ordering cycle with Annique Home Office. If you order your specials after the month-end ordering deadline of your consultant, which may be as early as the 27th of each month, you may not qualify for the special offers in this Beautè

19 RECLAIM YOUR CURVES! FIRST IN SOUTH AFRICA! With Cellsothin*, the revolutionary, new advanced active for body care. Buy the NEW Body Xpert Lipo-Sculpt Body Contour and get the Body Wonder Sponge FREE ONLY R * Cellsothin aids centimetre loss by metabolising large fat cells and inhibiting fat storage. FREE WITH PURCHASE Buy the NEW Body Xpert Circulex Cellulite Treatment and get the Body Wonder Sponge FREE ONLY R Lipo-Sculpt Body Contour 150ml Shape up your curves! A revolutionary gel crème formula with Vitamin E beads to sculpt, tone and improve appearance of problem areas such as hips, thighs and arms. Circulex Cellulite Treatment 150ml Minimise your cellulite! A targeted triple action cellulite treatment specifically formulated to enhance your body s ability to eliminate cellulite more effectively. E&OE. Prices specified are recommended selling prices. ALL offers valid while stocks last. All offers limited by availability AI/40040/ To join Annique or place an order: