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3 LET US INTRODUCE OURSELVES NEUMÜHLE ROMANTIK HOTEL THALGO PHARMOS NATUR MT. SAPOLA Discover the treasures of the ocean Nature that is effective Discover the treasures of Asia The true luxury of our time is found more in feelings than in actual things. The Neumühle is an ideal starting point to elimin.ate stress and get away from the hectic daily routine, to find calm and relaxation. Built in 1520, our hotel has had a tradition of cultivated hospitality and savoir vivre for over 30 years now. The Neumühle offers all the comforts of a modern hotel and the benefits of discreet service in a sophisticated setting. The word THALGO is composed of the Greek word Thalasso for ocean and the French word algues for algae. Since 1964, THALGO has been very successful in drawing from the imperishability of the ocean and making use of its soothing powers for beauty and care treatments. New discoveries make it possible for our development team to create increasingly efficient products and treatments to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. PHARMOS NATUR uses 100 % natural ingredients with the full active power of selected plants. Pure organic aloe vera is used in the production instead of water. The cosmetics are completely free of alcohol, citric acid, parabens, and preservatives. Unique beauty and wellness treatments take you to relaxing spheres with a lasting effect. The special thing about the treatments is the use of the fresh plant leaf of the aloe vera. What is extraordinary about Mt. Sapola are the high-quality natural products from Asia that are based on the long tradition in Thailand. For our wide exclusive SPA range from head to toe, pure, natural, handpicked herbs and flower extracts, essential oils and other qualitatively high-class natural essences are used exclusively in the production of our products. The products are absolutely free of fragrances, alcohol and min.eral oils 03

4 BODY & BATHING CULTURE LIKE VELVET & SILK BODY CULTURE BODY SCRUB The skin is our largest sensory organ and its wellbeing is important for the entire organism. A body scrub is a very effective treatment with great results. It removes the upper layer of dead skin flakes, stimulating the blood circulation and allowing the skin to breathe again. A smooth and even skin surface is the result. Tip: Ideal as preparation for a body wrap. Meadow herbs-salt oil approx. 20 min./2 36 Orange-cane sugar approx. 20 min./2 36 PURE ZEST FOR LIFE THE PERFECT SPA DAY Body scrub to prepare the skin Back massage to relax Body wrap as nurturing all-round care approx. 60 min./2 100 BODY PACK IN SOFT PACK In our everyday routine, our body, in particular, our locomotor system is exposed to great strains, which can even make us sick in the long term. That goes under the skin. Close your eyes and let yourself go. You will feel an indescribable sense of the lightness of being. In doing so, you will think back to the complete feeling of security and warmth in the womb. Profound : algae wrap approx. 40 min./2 63 Meadow herbs or coconut approx. 30 min./2 40 THALGO PERFORMANCE FIGURE CARE TREATMENT Intensive treatment of stomach, legs and bottom for a natural perfect figure. A stimulating active oxygen wrap, two highly effective concentrates that firm up the skin, and the perfect sculpting massage provide long-lasting results. approx. 50 min./2 98 BADEKULTUR MASSAGE THALASSO WHIRLPOOL Over one hundred ergonomically positioned nozzles, millions of air bubbles and a special hydro massa- Thalasso whole-body programme Back-intensive programme Stomach, legs & bottom approx. 20 min./2 40 SOUND TUB Let your dreams of pure wellbeing come true as you bathe in the sound tub. Soft sounds together with colour and magnetic field therapy work wonders for body and soul, including a fresh shake. Bath of meadow herbs approx. 25 min./2 45 Lemon grass bath approx. 25 min./2 45 THERMAL STEAM BATH RHASSOUL The body is prepared with a natural salt and milk scrub and then cleansed with a honey scrub, including Neumühle Soft Velvet ge stimulate and relax your muscles. lime water and fruit. Specially developed for you: our To complete the experience, your For 1 person approx. 50 min./2 49 high-quality and natural body bal- body temperature is lowered with an For 2 persons approx. 50 min./2 98 sam available in two fragrances: ice rub-down, including lime water. 04

5 EVERYTHING FOR HIM REFRESHING EVERYTHING FOR HIM MAN OH MAN RITUALS HANDS & FEET Pedicure approx. 30 min./ 2 34 All facial treatments include: cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow shaping, massage, face pack/ Just for men Care for man: back massage Relax: oil bath from hops approx. 45 min./2 77 Manicure approx. 30 min./2 34 Combined treatment approx. 60 Min./2 65 mask, and final care. THALGO DEEP SEA TREATMENT Individual facial treatment to suit the needs of your skin. High-performance PHARMOS MEN ALL YOU NEED The cell repair complex found in the products combined with hyalurone All in the head Keep a clear head: ear candle treatment Relax: foot massage approx. 50 min./2 72 BACK PACKAGE FOR REAL MEN Thalasso back active programme Intensive back massage Cupping massage Soothing heat wrap for the back approx. 60 min./2 85 active substances from the depths serves as a highly effective free radi- Oil bath from hops of the ocean help counter lack of cal scavenger. The result is a refined Do what men do and relax in the moisture, dry skin, sensitive skin, and skin texture combined with a wonder- wooden tub with a refreshing pilsner impurities. For a smooth, soft, clear ful feeling of exhilaration. and the TV. and glowing skin. approx. 60 min./2 105 Including: facial treatment plus head, neck and back massage. approx. 20 min./2 40 approx. 90 min./

6 FACIAL TREATMENTS TONED & ENERGETIC THALGO Each Thalgo care concept is based on highly active ingredients from the sea and is developed according to strictest quality standards. This allows us to offer customised solutions for the widest range of your skin needs. DEEP SEA TREATMENT Individual facial treatment to suit the needs of your skin. Highperformance active substances from the depths of the ocean help counter lack of moisture, dry skin, sensitive skin, and impurities. For a smooth, soft, clear and glowing skin. approx. 60 min./2 105 FACIAL TREATMENT PACKAGE FOR THE UNDECIDED Discussion of treatment concept Choice of anti-aging facial treatment Discussion of care products approx. 100 min./2 185 ANTI-AGING CARE CONCEPT MARITIME HYALURON 30+ This anti-aging care treatment visibly fills out wrinkles by means of an active substance complex of maritime hyalurone that gives your skin a firm, youthful freshness. approx. 90 min./2 155 ANTI-AGING CARE CONCEPT MARITIME SILICON 50+ Your secret against the signs of time! A combination of maritime silicon, collagen and hyalurone efficiently reduces skin flaccidity and gives your skin a lifted appearance. approx. 90 min./2 175 PHARMOS NATUR Experience PURE NATURE on your skin with medicinal and rejuvenating herbs and plants! Precious care products with pure aloe vera instead of water. The special thing about your PHARMOS NATUR facial treatment is the use of the fresh plant leaf of the aloe vera. SKIN IN BALANCE Intense deep cleansing. Balancing and regenerating treatment for impure skin and a combination skin. The result is a refined skin texture combined with a wonderful wellbeing feeling. approx. 60 min./2 90 ANTI-STRESS TREATMENT Deep relaxation for the skin and soul. Signs of stress and tension disappear. New energy stimulates cell regeneration. A wonderful feeling on the skin and new energy for the nerves. approx. 90 min./2 135 BIO-LIFTING New impulses for real and quick regeneration. Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Your skin has a smooth, even and young radiant appearance. From the inside out. approx. 90 min./2 135 PHARMOS BEAUTIFUL EYES EYE TREATMENT Eye treatment with a smoothing and moisturising effect from pure plant extracts. This vitalising eye massage diminishes swelling around the eyes, and a special lifting mask with cooling aloe vera strips reduces rings under the eyes and acts to prevent wrinkles. approx. 30 min./

7 FOOT MASSAGES STIMULATING & SOOTHING FOOT MASSAGES Your feet are our specialty! The foot massage is an art that only very few NEUMÜHLE FOOT RITUAL Interaction of tightening and relaxing as well as warm and cold make our foot ritual a special experience. scrub, massage and care package; without nail treatment. approx. 50 min./2 70 people properly master. It is a treat- Including a foot bath, foot scrub, ment for those who want more than intensive foot and leg massage and a massage. final care. COSMETIC EXTRAS Shaping approx. 15 Min./2 10 eyebrows Eyelash approx. 15 Min./ 2 12 colouring Eyebrow approx. 15 Min./ 2 12 colouring Combined package Wonderful eye openers Shaping eyebrows Colouring of eyebrows Colouring of eyelashes approx. 25 Min./2 30 FOOT ZONE MASSAGE Our feet carry us through life every day, but often don t receive enough attention. The foot zone massage activates the body s own healing powers and can also react specifically to certain regions of the body. approx. 20 min./2 39 approx. 50 min./2 74 THAI FOOT MASSAGE The Thai foot massage is a vigorous massage of the feet and lower legs up to the knees. Various internal organs and almost the entire body are stimulated when these reflex zones are activated. You will feel both relaxed as well as stimulated. approx. 60 min./2 90 approx. 80 min./2 110 HAND- UND FUSSWERK Wellness approx. 50 min./ 2 60 pedicure plus nail polish approx. 60 min./2 68 Wellness approx. 40 min./ 2 50 manicure plus nail polish approx. 50 min./2 58 Combined approx. 90 min./ 2 95 treatment plus nail approx. 100 min./ polish MT. SAPOLA FOOT TREAMENT Pamper your feet with this Asian care treatment; afterwards, you will feel like you are on cloud nine. Foot bath, EAR CANDLE TREATMENT Ear candles are a very old Indian relaxation ritual. They are like a gentle massage of the eardrums and ears. The result: a freed and completely relaxed sense of wellbeing. approx. 20 min./

8 WELLNESS MASSAGES PURE RELAXATION WELLNESS MASSAGES same time, the mind from inhibiting thoughts. Since ancient times, massages have served as a source of wellbeing, sensuality, beauty, rest, relaxation, and regeneration from which one draws new strength. AROMATIC OIL MASSAGES Back approx. 25 min./2 39 Whole body approx. 50 min./ 2 74 Choose your massage oil directly to match your form on the day. FACE AND HEAD MASSAGE approx. 20 min./2 35 BACK AND FOOT MASSAGE approx. 30 min./2 45 Back and legs approx. 70 min./2 95 Whole body approx. 90 min./ NEU NEU NUI MASSAGE RITUAL Foot bath with meadow herbs Face, head and foot massage Massage combinations from the Neumühle Neu Neu Nui massage and herbal stamps on back and legs approx. 110 min./2 150 PHARMOS DETOX MASSAGE Everything flows Removes blockages from tissues, obstructed ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE Your entire organism replenishes its energy, inner tensions are eased, and the nervous system is destressed. With nature s entire concentrated strength, signs of stress and tension vanish. You gather new energy and you feel like a new person. approx. 70 min./2 110 NEUMÜHLE RECOMMEN- DATION: LOOKING BACK Loosen up: Thalasso intensive back programme Deep action: intensive back massage with oil made from meadow herbs Relaxation: thermal wrap for the back approx. 60 min./2 85 NEUMÜHLE NEU NEU NUI MASSAGE The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage is probably one of the nicest massages in the world. Flowing, harmonic massage techniques free your body of tensions and at the lymph energy can flow again, the cell matrix is freed. Metabolism is stimulated and cellulitis can be significantly reduced. New energy for more lightness and wellbeing. A detoxification treatment for the whole body with precious medicinal plants combined with pure organic aloe vera. NEUMÜHLE BACK MASSAGE Classic massage techniques and warm basalt stone stamps help you to forget your hectic daily routine. The oil out of meadow herbs used for the massage gives you new vitality and energy. approx. 30 min./2 55 approx. 60 min./

9 RITUALS IMMERSE YOURSELF RITUALS Neu Neu Nui massage ritual Foot bath with meadow herbs Face, head and foot massage Massage combinations from the Neumühle Neu Neu Nui massage and the herbal stamps for back & legs approx. 110 min./2 150 LOOKING BACK Bath to loosen up with Thalasso back intensive programme Relaxing back massage Thermal wrap for the back approx. 60 min./2 85 Thalgo-Thalasso package Activating algae-sea salt scrub Stimulating Thalasso bath Detoxifying algae wrap approx. 60 min./2 110 FREE YOUR HEAD Cleansing: ear candle treatment Release: gentle head massage approx. 40 min./2 65 Face and head massage, incl. moisturising face mask Foot and leg massage approx. 4 Std. /2 340 Pure zest for life The perfect spa day Orange-cane sugar body scrub Back massage to relax Nurturing body wrap in soft pack approx. 60 min./2 100 All in the head Keep a clear head: ear candle treatment Relax: foot massage approx. 50 min./2 72 Girlfriends package 1 bottle prosecco 2 hot drinks with 2 pieces of cake Scrub in thermal steam bath Neumühle combined massage for back and feet approx. 80 min./2 190 für Zwei Honeymoon package 4 hours stay in our SPA suite: 1 bottle champagne, 1 bottle water, chocolate, fresh fruit and appetizers Romantic milk rose bath for two, incl. grape-cheese sticks Rose oil scrub 09

10 SPA EXPERIENCE À DEUX WONDERFUL HOURS SPA EXPERIENCE À DEUX SPA SUITE Re-experience the romance of being together It is the careful attention to detail that makes our SPA suite so likeable and extraordinary: soft music at an open fireplace, two reclining chaises longues, a private sauna, a mahogany tub, a rain dance shower, care products, and a flat panel display. Including: 1 bottle champagne, 1 bottle water, chocolate & fresh fruit Three types of finger food Bath robes, slippers and towels (at your disposal on loan) SPA SUITE DELUXE And for the added touch if desired Including: 1 bottle champagne, 1 bottle water Large fruit plate Two big salad plates with a seasonal selection and three types of finger food 4 hours Chocolates and surprise dessert 1 extra hour 2 45 Bath robes, slippers and towels (at your disposal on loan) 4 hours extra hour 2 45 Bookable between am. and 10 pm. We grant a 10 % discount if you book additional treatments. BATHING EXPERIENCE À DEUX WOODEN TUB FOR TWO Rose bath: incl. 2 glasses of red wine & grape-cheese sticks Lemon grass bath: incl. 2 alcoholfree wellness cocktails & fruit skewers 60 Min./2 95 MT. SAPOLA PARTNER PACKAGE You start off with a lemon grass salt scrub in the thermal steam bath. This is followed by a relaxing lemon grass bath in the wooden tub. We serve 2 alcohol-free wellness cocktails & fruit skewers with this treatment. The soothing back massage with aromatic oil in the double-massage cubicle rounds off the spa package. 120 Min./2 245 RHASSOUL THERMAL STEAM BATH Here, the body is prepared with a natural salt and milk scrub and then cleansed with a honey scrub, including lime water and fruit. For 2 persons approx. 50 Min./2 98 NATURALLY À DEUX Regardless of how wonderful a feelgood package is, when you enjoy it together with somebody it is twice as much fun. Together our hearts beat faster. Neumühle Neu Neu Nui 70 Min./2 190 Neumühle back massage 30 Min./2 110 Back and foot massage 30 Min./2 90 Are you planning to book our SPA suite for a special occasion? Please contact us and we shall be happy to help with the planning of your unforgettable stay! 10

11 ABC NEUMÜHLE SPA INFORMATIVE CALDARIUM The caldarium is a warm-air room heated with a temperature of approximately 40 C and medium to high humidity. The caldarium is also called a warm-up sauna or stone bath. Its special benefits are found in the even heat radiated from the heated stone walls, floor and sitting surfaces. The recommended stay in the caldarium is 10 to 20 minutes. Two to three sweat sessions a day each followed by a cooling off are possible. STEAM BATH The moist heat in the steam bath ensures rapid warming up and a strong blood circulation in the body. The temperature is about 40 C and the humidity is between 80 and 100 %. FINNISH SAUNA The air in the Finnish sauna is very dry and hot (approximately 90 C). Start your visit to the sauna on the lowest bench. After 5 minutes, you can move to the next highest bench. After leaving the sauna, spend a few moments outdoors breathe deeply in and out. The actual cooling can now begin. First cool your arms and legs using the cold water hose (always start away from the heart), and then cool the rest of your body. Please relax then for at least 20 minutes. FITNESS AREA The fitness area is open from 7.00 am. until 10 pm. Please note that children are only allowed access to the fitness room under the supervision of adults. The use of the equipment is at your own risk; we assume no liability. Please wear suitable footwear when using the sports equipment. Please note that outdoor shoes are not to be worn. We provide towels, water and fruit. SANARIUM A moderately warm sauna with moist air is called a sanarium. You sweat at around 60 C and the humidity level is between 40 and 50 %. If you have cold feet, take a warm bath before entering the sanarium. After the sanarium, breather deeply in and out. Then cool down with the cold water hose or the dousing shower. Please relax then for at least 20 minutes. A warm footbath before your next round in the sanarium stimulates the blood flow. SWIMMING POOL Swimwear is mandatory in the swimming area. Daily opening hours are from 7.00 am. until pm. We provide towels. SUN BEDS The sun beds (free of charge) are located in the sauna area and stop automatically after 10 minutes. The switch is located on the wall. SPA AREA We request you not to smoke or use mobile phones in the entire SPA area. The use of all SPA facilities is at your own risk. Parents are liable for their children. Pets are not permitted in any part of the SPA area. Please do not enter any part of the SPA area with outdoor shoes. We thank you for your understanding. WHIRLPOOL The self-cleaning whirlpool is designed for one person. After pressing the start button, please do not enter immediately as the whirlpool begins with an automatic cleaning programme. After a brief period, the bathtub fills with water warmed to 38 C. Now you may enter. The programme runs for about 10 minutes and then the cleaning process starts again. 11

12 ABC NEUMÜHLE SPA INFORMATIVE WHERE DO I FIND WHAT? 1st floor Fitness room with a view of the Saale River Cardio machines from TechnoGym: Bikes, recumbent bikes, treadmills, steppers, step-cross trainers, power trainers for back muscles, power trainers for chest muscles Ground floor Swimming pool, changing rooms, quiet zone, SPA reception, bistro, magazines, WCs, massage rooms, cosmetic cubicles, private SPA for two, baths, floating pool, hot stone, thermal and steam bath Basement Finnish sauna (90 C), sanarium (55 C), steam bath (40 C), caldarium (40 C), foot basins, ice fountain, water and fruit, whirlpool, sun beds THINGS WORTH KNOWING Arranging an appointment Please book your appointments in good time. We are happy to answer your queries by telephone and book your appointments under the telephone number Clothing We recommend that you wear a bath robe when you come for your massage. Swimwear is mandatory in the pool area; the sauna area is a clothing-free area. Preparation Leave yourself time before your treatment. A warm shower or a visit to the sauna or steam bath will relax you and cleanse the pores. If possible, avoid heavy meals and alcoholic beverages before your treatment. Opening hours Swimming pool: 7.00 am pm. Sauna area: am pm. Fitness area: 7.00 am pm. Treatments: Monday to Thursday from am pm. Friday to Sunday as well as on holidays from am pm. Please note: The sauna area is reserved as a quiet zone for adults. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adults. The sauna area is a clothing-free area. Cancellation terms: Please cancel your arranged appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellation fees shall otherwise amount to 100 % of the agreed service and be invoiced to you accordingly. Prices listed include statutory VAT. VOUCHERS A wellness voucher from the Neumühle is the ideal gift for your partner, friends and relatives. Please visit us online at 12

13 SPA PACKAGES RELAXING DAYS SPA PACKAGES WITH AN OVERNIGHT STAY HONEYMOON 4 hours stay in our SPA suite: All spa packages include an overnight stay with breakfast, an aperitif, a 3-course menu, and coffee after the meal. MASSAGE PURE Neumühle back massage Anti-stress massage Foot massage 1 overnight stay Spa day 2 65 per person with 3-course menu (menu on Sundays pm.) There is no entrance charge for 1 bottle champagne, 1 bottle water, chocolate, fresh fruit and appetizers Romantic milk rose bath for two, EXOTIC PURE WITH MT. SAPOLA Lemon grass & salt scrub Starting at per person 2 overnight stays Starting at per person the wellness area if you have booked treatments exceeding 2 80 per person. incl. grape-cheese sticks Rose oil scrub Face and head massage, incl. moisturising face mask Foot and leg massage 2 overnight stays Starting at per person TIME TOGETHER Scrub in thermal & steam bath Wooden tub experience: Rose oil bath Lomi Lomi Nui massage for back and legs in the double massage Refreshing lemon grass bath Back massage with lemon grass oil Relaxing face massage 1 overnight stay Starting at per person 2 overnight stays Starting at per person DAY SPA FOR DAYTIME VISITORS Please contact us by telephone or if you wish to book a day spa. Telephone: Daily entrance 2 35 per person charge Spa day 2 45 per person with breakfast (bookable Mon.-Fri.) Spa day 2 55 per person YOUR SPA DAY INCLUDES THE USE OF: Bath robe Towels Bathing shoes Sauna landscape Quiet zone Fitness room Outside area Whirl pool Sun beds Water & fruit room with picnic basket (seasonal) 2 overnight stays (please book 2 days in advance) Starting at per person 13

14 FRÄNKISCHE SAALE Richtung GEMÜNDEN A3 MORLESAU 26 Richtung BAD BRÜCKENAU NEUMÜHLE DIEBACH ASCHAFFENBURG-WÜRZBURG Ausfahrt Hösbach 61 OBER- ESCHENBACH HAMMELBURG A7 LAGER HAMMELBURG ELFERSHAUSEN A7 Richtung BAD KISSINGEN Autobahnanschluss HAMMELBURG 97 Richtung WÜRZBURG- NÜRNBERG Journey to hotel: From the A3 (Frankfurt-Würzburg), take the Hösbach exit towards Lohr/Gemünden/Hammelburg. From the A7 (Kassel-Fulda-Würzburg), take the Hammelburg exit. As you enter Hammelburg-West, turn left after the bridge in the direction Bad Brückenau. At the traffic lights (post office), turn left again in the direction of Diebach, then as you leave Diebach, turn left towards Morlesau. The hotel is 2 km along this road. GPS co-ordinates: N O The price list is valid as of February 17, All previous prices will no longer be applicable fachwerk5.de. Romantik Hotel Neumühle Neumühle Wartmannsroth Telephone: Telefax: