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1 MODULE ANEW REGIMES ONLINE VERSION representative training programme

2 CONTENTS Introduction to the module The ANEW brand story ANEW Milestones: video The ANEW regime: tackling skin concerns ANEW regimes: skin concerns quiz Selling ANEW regimes: videos The ANEW regime - activity Selling ANEW - conversation starters Summary video Knowledge check Key learnings Pause and reflect 2

3 MODULE 2 You are here MODULE 1 MODULE 2 MODULE 3 MODULE 4 ANEW REGIMES The ANEW brand story MODULE 2 The ANEW regime How to sell ANEW regimes Wrap up and knowledge check 3

4 Before we begin to explore the ANEW brand story, take a look at the introductory video for this module to find out more about what we are going to be exploring. Video duration: 1 minute 4

5 THE ANEW BRAND STORY Avon revolutionised the world of skincare with the launch of its ANEW brand in 1992, bursting onto the market with the first mass skincare product to contain the anti-ageing powerhouse ingredient - Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs). Since then, ANEW has continued innovating with first to market skincare breakthroughs, consistently delivering on the belief that every woman deserves to have access to the very best in anti-ageing technology to help her look and feel her best. ANEW represents cutting edge skincare developed and tested by the Avon Skincare Institute. In 1992, Avon introduced the first mass skincare product to contain Alphy Hydroxy Acid (AHAs) 5 Created by shashank singh from the Noun Project

6 At Avon s state of the art research and development centre, scientists from numerous countries and multiple scientific fields develop and test every ANEW product. ANEW s success is built on a strong foundation of understanding the science of skin and an ongoing commitment to developing patented anti-ageing ingredients, complexes and technologies The Avon Skincare Institute has partnerships with industry professionals, universities, institutions, thought leaders and top dermatologists in order to continue discovering and delivering the most powerful over the counter skincare available today. ANEW has achieved amazing milestones, watch the video on the next page to see some of the most impressive... 6

7 ANEW MILESTONES Video duration: 2 minutes 7

8 THE ANEW REGIME TACKLING SKIN CONCERNS As we discovered in module 1, there are some common skin concerns that arise as your skin ages. We also recognised that your skin has different needs that can only be addressed by different steps with different products. Now we are going to explore the ANEW regimes which can help address those skin concerns and help your customers to establish the right skincare regime for them. Take a look at the E-BOOK for more about skin concerns - what to look and listen for - and the recommended regimes then come back here to take this quick quiz. Read the ebook again 8

9 SKIN CONCERNS QUIZ Underlying reasons: Skin is loosing its elasticity Fill in the middle column from the options in the box on the right to match the underlying reason with what you might hear your customer say about her skin. Fill in the what you would see column by looking at your customer s skin if she had that concern. Sun exposure The skin is loosing its elasticity and skin cells cant hold the same moisture that they used to Decreased ability of the dermis to support the epidermis Skin cells aren t holding on to enough water What she says Underlying reason What you would see My skin has started to droop My skin is darker in some areas and there s redness where I used to break out My lines have deepened, I m starting to look old There s always a crease above my eye brows! My skin feels tight and uncomfortable Find out how you got on in the quiz by downloading the factsheet HERE 9

10 SELLING ANEW REGIMES VIDEOS Now that you have a good understanding of the ANEW brand, ranges and regimes, you are ready to start selling! Here are videos which recap what we ve covered about regimes and then introduce you to each of the ANEW regimes. Take a look at each video and then go to page 14 and answer the questions which follow. Video duration: 2 minutes 10

11 SELLING ANEW REGIMES REVERSALIST VIDEO Video duration: 3 minutes 11

12 SELLING ANEW REGIMES ULTIMATE VIDEO Video duration: 3 minutes 12

13 SELLING ANEW REGIMES PLATINUM VIDEO Video duration: 3 minutes 13

14 SELLING ANEW REGIMES NOTES Make some notes on the video you have just seen here: 14

15 SELLING ANEW REGIMES QUESTIONS Based on the earlier conversation you had with your buddy about her skincare regime and what you learnt in the last module about her skin concerns, which ANEW regime would you recommend to her and why? Which of your existing customers could you introduce to ANEW regimes? What questions could you ask to open up the conversation into ANEW regimes with an existing customer? How could you use what you know about ANEW regimes to open a conversation with a new customer? 15

16 THE ANEW REGIME ACTIVITY Now let s put your learning about the ANEW regimes into practice! Below are the profiles for two Avon customers. Your task is to decide which regime you would recommend and why. PROFILE 1 - GRACE Age: 65 Primary concern: Loss of definition around jaw line Secondary concern: Skin feels uncomfortable and tight What she says: The lines on my face have deepened - I m starting to look my age. My skin frequently feels dry and tight and my jaw line looks less defined than it used to. Your recommendation with reasons why: PROFILE 2 - SOPHIA Age: 41 Primary concern: Lines around the eyes Secondary concern: Wrinkles on forehead What she says: I ve started to notice some fine lines around the corners of my eyes and I have a noticeable crease on my forehead. Your recommendation with reasons why: Want to know if you were on the right track? Take a look at our recommendations HERE 16

17 SELLING ANEW REGIMES: CONVERSATION STARTERS The top two tips from Avon representatives on how to get the conversation started are: Personal recommendations - talk about products you like and other customers like Tell her your age and explain what skincare you use and why 17

18 YOU CAN ALSO TRY: Asking her what products she is currently using and why Asking her what she is looking to target (skin concern or particular area of the face) Asking her age (perhaps share your age first) Having a full size of each product with you so you can demonstrate them Explaining how the products work together i.e. the benefit of a regime and of using treatments If she is using a day cream, suggesting she tries the night and eye creams Telling her some facts about the products and their ingredients to show you understand how the products work Sharing testimonials from other customers Letting her know about the 28 day returns policy if she is unsure about buying Leaving samples of products you feel would work best for her Using a pre-buy slip to find out which products customers are interested in so that you can order the right samples Which of these have you not tried that you are going to have a go at? 18

19 MODULE 2 SUMMARY As we come to the end of this module, take a moment to watch the summary video. Video duration: 1.5 minutes 19

20 KNOWLEDGE CHECK Once you have watched the video, to complete this module, you will need to go to the MODULE 2 KNOWLEDGE CHECK where you will find 10 multiple choice questions on the key points we have covered so far. Once you have completed that successfully and downloaded your certificate, come back here to pause and consider what you have learnt on this module and how that will influence future conversations with your customers. You will need to be online to complete the knowledge check. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. 20

21 KEY LEARNING POINTS ANEW regimes have been specially formulated to address the key skin concerns customers have. Listening closely to what your customer says and how she describes her skin as well as taking time to notice her skin will provide you with valuable information which will help you recommend the right ANEW regime for her. The 3 key ANEW regimes are: Reversalist, Ultimate and Platinum. 21

22 Encouraging customers to buy regimes is not only good for her skin but is also a cost effective way to buy products. An effective way to start a conversation with a customer is to ask her what she is currently using and what her skin concerns are. Always have samples from each regime with you to leave with a customer. 22

23 PAUSE AND REFLECT QUESTIONS TO PROMPT YOUR REFLECTION What has been the most important learning point for you in this module? What will you continue, stop or start doing as a result? What questions do you have that you can ask your Sales Leader? Module 3 23

24 CONGRATULATIONS CERTIFICATE OF ACCREDITATION MODULE ANEW REGIMES This certificate acknowledges that has successfully completed the training programme and knowledge check for ANEW Skincare Training Module 2. representative training programme A4 certificate to print Share on social media Pass the knowledge check to download your Certificate of Accreditation Module 3 24