FaceTite : A Revolution in Targeting and. Reducing Facial Fat and Sagging without Undergoing a Facelift.

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3 FaceTite : A Revolution in Targeting and Reducing Facial Fat and Sagging without Undergoing a Facelift. written by R. Stephen Mulholland, MD, FRCS(C) Aging Baby Boomers the facelift generation There is a person turning 60 years old every 10 seconds in North America, and it is estimated that over one-fourth of the total North American population in 2010 was between ages 42 and 60 years. This represents over 100 million people who are dealing with weaker facial muscles and skin that are dragged down by gravity. Compounded with the extra pounds the aging population is gaining, there can be unwanted fat and lax skin in the face, neck and body. As faces are one of the main focal points of contact, it is often an important attribute for individuals. The face provides expressions and information about who we are. Individuals who are uncomfortable with extra facial fat or sagging may have decreased confidence and exhibit behavioral changes, such as avoiding eye contact and social interaction. Facial fat can be a stubborn and seemingly impossible problem to treat. Exercise and diet can provide a solution up to a certain point; however increased cardio or healthier eating habits may have a insignificant impact on the specific extra facial fat in the cheek and neck. A New Solution FaceTite fat reduction and skin tightening technology is non-excisional procedures that use radio-frequency energy to tighten skin and melt fat, by heating directly under the skin s surface, causing the skin to contract. Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment with best results at 6-12 weeks. Furthermore, contraction results can continue up to 6 months after treatment. The ability to address unwanted facial and loose skin in a single session makes this an increasingly popular procedure REVIVEMagazine.ca

4 FaceTite - FaceTite can be a good solution that addresses lax skin in small, localized areas. FaceTite can be a good solution where there is saggy skin that requires tightening and contouring, without the need for fat removal. These areas may include saggy skin and laxity around the eyes, eyebrows, forehead and mouth. FaceTite is powered by the BodyTite platform (Invasix, Ltd.). The technology, recently received FDA approval and is Health Canada cleared, has solid scientific basis and is available to leading plastic surgeons in Canada, US and worldwide. There are BodyTite physicians across the country. FaceTite of the brow, lower lids and cheeks FaceTite of the cheek, jaw line and neck How FaceTite Works During treatment RF energy from the internal electrode melts subdermal fat in the immediate vicinity of the tip of the FaceTite cannula. The RF energy passes up to the external electrode, shrinking the skin and connective tissue. Essentially, your face and neck skin gets safely and effectively shrink wrapped. The external electrode has an embedded temperature sensor providing active monitoring of skin temperature during the treatment, ensuring a safe and effective procedure. The triple treatment actions of melting sub-dermal fat, shrinkage of skin and contraction of connective tissue allows to reach triple aesthetic outcome Reduction of excess face and neck volume Reducing amount of excessive skin Reduction of skin laxity Smoothening of wrinkles and folds Smoothening of lower eyelid bags All this can be achieved at single procedure, performed under local anesthesia without traditional excisional surgery. Downtime A FaceTite procedure is typically conducted under the local anesthesia. Tiny needle type incisions are made in invisible areas of the hairline and face. Depending on patient requirements the procedure can typically take from 40 minutes up to 1 hour. Patients experience only mild discomfort post operatively, but some swelling is present for 5-7 days. FaceTite is an office based procedure and patients can go home the same day, but should expect to take 3-7 days off following the procedure, depending on areas treated and treatment intensity. FaceTite Clinical Study Dr. Mulholland has recently completed a medical study on twenty female patients with neck, brow, cheek, lower lid and/or jaw line laxity. The age range was years old. This Toronto based study patients was followed up for a minimum of 6 months and all before and after photos were analyzed. Significant tightening of the brow and lower lid fat and malar pads was observed in all patients. Cheek, jaw line and neck enhancement and tightening was clinically apparent in all patients. Overall, there were no complications and all patients were happy with the degree of tightening achieved with their non-excisional FaceTite procedure. I ve tried for years to get rid of my double chin and fat pads under my eyes! I ve failed over and over again, so I was so excited to hear about FaceTite. It has not only taken off the fat, but also taken off years on my face. Shelia M., age 55. Conclusion FaceTite of the cheek, jaw line and neck Males and females who are looking to improve their facial appearance and do not want a traditional facelift can opt for FaceTite for facial contouring and refinement. FaceTite represents an ideal solution and can take into account individual preferences (for tightening alone, or a combination of tightening with fat reduction). By avoiding the complexities of more extensive surgery, like a facelift, patients can benefit from a more rapid recovery. R. Stephen Mulholland, MD, FRCS(C) Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon & Surgical Director Spamedica - Yorkville 66 Avenue Road, Suite 4 Toronto, ON Canada M5R 3N8 T: REVIVEMagazine.ca - 71