Pharmabroker Sales Order Form PBS - 11/10/2018

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1 Pharmabroker Sales Order Form PBS - 11/10/2018 ASALEO INCO 1882 Sport Wing Super Sport 40g Tube 8 ENERGIZER TENA LADY 1394 Ultra Thin Reg Sport Clr Spray 175g 5 ADVANCED e Extra Plus 8 Instadry Ultra Thin Super Sport Cool Zone Spray Adv X22RP1T 9V 1pk Lady Extra Ultra Thin Wing Reg Sport Tri Sp 240ml Adv X91RP2T AA 2pk Lady Extra Ultra Thin Wing Super Sun Comfort Clear Spr 175g Adv X91RP4T AA 4pk Lady Mini Plus 16 6 LIBRA TAMPON 2547 Sun Comfort Lotion 175ml Adv X92RP2T AAA 2pk Lady Mini Ultra Thin Mini 16 Slim Ultra 100g Adv X92RP4T AAA 4pk Lady Normal Reg Ultra 200g 6 CALCULATOR 1661 Lady Normal Reg 16 Applicator Ultra 400g ECR 1220 BS Lady Super Reg 16 Slim Ultra Clr Spray 175g ECR 1616 BS Maxi 6 Instadry Reg 32 6 HAWAIIAN TROPIC 1144 ECR 1620 BS Maxi Night Reg Pocket pk After Sun Lotion 240ml ECR 2016 BS 1 12 TENA LINER 1077 Super Clear Spray g ECR 2016 BS Liner Daily Super 16 Applicator Face Lotion ml ECR 2025 BS Liner Extra Long Super 16 Slim Lotion ml ECR 2025 BS Liner Long Super ECR 2032 BP-4 12 TENA MEN 1084 Super Pocket pk SCHICK 1159 ECR 2032 BS Men Level 0 Prot Shield 14 3 EXACTA ECR 2032 BS Men Level ASALEO TISSUE 1028 Exacta 2 Mens Sens ECR 2430 BP-1 ^ Men Level HANDEE TOWEL 1538 Exacta 2 Sensitive 18pk ECR 2450 BS Men Level White 3pk Exacta 2 Womens 5pk 12 HEARING AID 1652 Men Level 4 Large White Twin 6 HYDRO 1234 H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 10 4p 6 TENA PANTS SORBENT FACIAL 1527 Hydro 3 4pk Blades H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 10 8p Pants Discreet Wom Large Pocket pk 4Ply Hydro 3 Kit H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 13 4p Pants Discreet Wom Med s White Hydro 5 4pk Blades H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 13 8p Pants Maxi Large s Aloe Hydro 5 Kit H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 312 4p Pants Maxi Medium s Eucalyptus Hydro Gel Sens 238g H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 312 8p Pants Night s Papaw Hydro Gel Sens 78g H/Aid EZ Lock+Turn 675 4p Pants Normal Large *API only s Velvet Large Hydro Gel Skin Protect 236g 6 OTHER EVEREADY 1049 Pants Normal Med *API only s Menthol Hydro Groomer Kit Heavy Duty HP-20 AA ^ Pants Normal Xlarge *API only s Hypo Allergen T&L Hydro Sense Comfort 4pk 10 PHOTO 1605 Pants Plus Extra Large s Thicker & Larger Hydro Sense Comfort Kit BP-2 1.5v Alk ^ Pants Plus Large s Hypo Allergenic Hydro Sense Energize 4pk BP-2 1.5v Alk TBD ^ Pants Plus Medium s White Hydro Silk Blades 4pk A23 BP-1 12v ^ Pants Plus Small 14 4 SORBENT TOILET 1947 Hydro Silk Disp 2pk API ONLY A23 BP-2 12v ^ Pants Super Large pk Extra Thick White Hydro Silk Kit A27 BP-1 12v ^ Pants Super Medium pk Extra Thick Hypo Hydro Silk Trimstyle Kit A v Alk ^ Pants Super Xlarge pk Extra Thick White 3 INTUITION 1156 A76 BP-2.15 ^ 12 TENA SKIN pk Silky White Wipes Intuition F.A.B Kit E90 BP-2 1.5v N.Alk ^ Barrier Cream 150ml Intuition F.A.B Refill 3pk EL123AP BP-1 ^ Skin Lotion 500ml 10 BANANA BOAT 1520 Intuition Nourishment Blade EL1CR2 BP-1 ^ Wet Wipes AFTER SUN 1517 Intuition Nourishment Kit L91 Lith AA 2Pk T ^ Aloe After Sun Clr Spray 175g Intuition Plus Sens Blades L91 Lith AA 4Pk T ^ 6 ASALEO FEMPRO 6302 Aloe After Sun Gel 250g Intuition Plus Sens Kit L92 Lithium AAA BP-2 T ^ 6 LIBRA LINER 6300 Aloe After Sun Spray 250ml 5 QUATTRO DISP 1233 L92 Lithium AAA BP-4 T Liner Flexi Active 50 4 SUNSCREEN Quattro Mens Disp 3pk Lithium 9V 1pk Liner Flexi Dry Baby Finger Spray 200ml Quattro Womens Disp 3pk 6 RECHARGEABLE 1100 Liner Flexi Dry Long Baby Rollon 75ml 6 QUATTRO MEN 1180 Rechargeable AA 2pk ^ Liner Flexi Protect Extra Care Dry Balance Clr Spray 175g Quattro Men Titanium Kit Rechargeable AA 4pk ^ Liner Flexi Thin 2 in Dry Balance Lotion 175ml Quattro Titanium Blades Rechargeable AAA 2pk ^ Liner Flexi Thin Everyday 100g Lotion 6 QUATTRO WOMEN STANDARD 6763 Liner Flexi Thin Active Everyday 200g Tube Quattro Women Blades Max 522 9V BP1T ^ Liner Multistyle Everyday 400g Pump Quattro Women Kit Max 522 9V BP2T 6 LIBRA OTHER 2543 Everyday Clr Spray 175g 5 SILK EFFECTS 1124 Max E91 AA BP2T ^ Get Fresh Wash 150ml Everyday Sensitive 100g Silk Effects Blade 4pk Max E91 AA BP4T ^ Get Fresh Wipes Faces 100g Silk Effects Razor Max E91 AA HP10T ^ 10 LIBRA PAD 2529 Kids 400G Pump 4 XTREME Max E92 AAA 8T Extra Reg Kids Clr Spray 175g Xtreme 3 Men Sens 4pk Tub Max E92 AAA BP2T ^ Extra Wing Reg Kids Roll On 75ml Xtreme 3 Women 4pk Tub Max E92 AAA BP4T ^ Extra Wing Super Kids Trigger Spray 240ml Max E93 C BP2T ^ Goodnights Extra Sensitive 200g 6 WET ONES 1129 Max E95 D BP2T ^ Goodnights Girl Simply Prot Kids C/Spray 175g s Be Fresh Singles 8 WATCH 1535 Goodnights Ultra Thin Simply Prot Kids Lotion 100ml s Be Fresh Travel pk BPZ ^ Invisible Extra Long Simply Prot Sport C/Spray s Be Gentle Travel pk BPZ ^ Maternity Simply Prot Sport Lotion 100g s Grubby Fingers Travel BPZ ^ Reg Girl Sport 100g Tube s Be Fresh BPZ ^ Sport Reg Sport 200g s Be Gentle BPZ Sport Super Sport 400g s Be Fresh Gusset BPZ ^ Sport Wing Reg BPZ ^ BPZ 6

2 Pharmabroker Sales Order Form PBS - 11/10/2018 SXWELL REVLON TOILETRIES AAXIS PACIFIC AMELE INTIMATE MITCHUM CLINICAL BODIGRIP 1226 Freshen Up Wipes 25pk Clinical 45g Powder Fresh B 6.5cm x 1m Flesh Wash 175ml Clinical 45g Pure Fresh C 6.75cm x 1m Flesh 12 CHEKMATE 2601 Clinical 45g Sport D 7.5cm x 1m Flesh Clinical Gel Cool Fresh E 8.75cm x 1m Flesh 12 LIFESTYLES 2618 Clinical Gel Powder Fresh F 10cm x 1m Flesh SKYN 6 MITCHUM ROLL-ON 4390 G 12cm x 1m Flesh SKYN Extra Lub RO 50ml M Sport 6 HOT/COLD PACKS SKYN Intense Feel RO 50ml M Unscented Hot-Cold Limb SKYN Large RO 50ml W Powder Fresh Hot-Cold pk Economy SKYN Unknown Pleasures RO 50ml W Shower Fresh Hot-Cold pk Prem Lge Zero RO 50ml W Unscented Hot-Cold pk Prem Med Zero with dots 6 ZP11 HAIRCARE 5844 Hot-Cold pk Prem XL Closer Fit Anti-D/ruff Spoo Hot-Cold Shoulder & Neck Large Hot-Cold Waist Back Party Mix 6 NATRALUS 5840 Instant Cold pk Large Regular 6 MY LITTLE ONE 5839 Instant Cold pk Medium Ribbed Gentle Spoo & Bwash 200ml ^ Instant Cold pk Small Studded Joyful Bubble Bath 200ml ^ Wheat Bag 2 Sect Rect Ultimate Nappy Barrier Cm 100g ^ Wheat Bag Long Ultra Thin Nourish Lotion 200ml ^ Wheat Bag Small Rect Skyn Relax Touch Massage Oil 125m Wheat Bag Square Zero Sooth Repair Balm 75g Jar ^ 6 MEDISPOT Party Mix Sooth Repair Balm 75g tube ^ st Aid Kit 126pc Regular 3 NATRAPOWER st Aid Kit 25pc Ultra Thin Hand Shield Intens Repair st Aid Kit 62pc SKYN Intense Vibe +1 ring Hand Shield Liq Gloves 30g ^ st Aid Kit 75pc SKYN Elite Handshield Liq Gloves 150ml ^ 6 RECLENS LUBRICANT 1369 Handshield Liq Gloves 200ml ^ Eye Wash Disposable Bath Lub Luxe Personal 3 NATRASAN ANTIBAC 1700 MPS 2 x 240ml + L/Case Lub Silky Smooth 100g Aloe & Cucumber Spr 200ml ^ MPS 2 x 500ml + L/Case SKYN Max Perform Lub 80ml Vit E & Jojoba Spray 200ml ^ MPS 360 & 120ml + L/Case SKYN Natural Feel Lub 80m 4 PAW PAW LIP 1697 MPS 360ml x2 + L/Case Ultra Natural Intimate Gel CDU Paw Paw Ointment 7g MPS 500ml + L/Case Essential Lip Balm 12g ^ MPS Amps 5 x 10ml 90 FIRST PHARMA 1350 Essential Paw Paw Oint 25g ^ Normal Saline 500ml DermaScar Essential Paw Paw Oint 75g ^ Saline 15x15ml Amps DermaScar Plus Sil Gel Vit E Lip Butter Coco Butter 10g 8 CONFECTIONERY 1473 DermaScar Ultr + Vit E & C Lip Butter Coconut 10g Barley Sugar DermaScar Ultr Sil Gel Vit C Lip Butter Honey 10g ^ Citrus Fruit Excilor Nail Fungus Pen Lip Butter Sberry 10g ^ Mixed Fruit Excilor Nail Fungus Soln 12 PAW PAW SKIN 2008 Strawberry Filled Excilor Protector Spray Intens Skin Thpy Moist 200g ^ Sugar Free Mixed Fruit KraveGone 50mL Oral Spray Intens Skin Thpy Moist 30g Wild Berry Poxclin 100ml Intens Skin Thpy Moist 75g ^ 6 Bodifast 1663 Puranox Anti Snoring Spray Sooth Skin Relief Hyd Gel T/Reten Band L Blue 12 LUMINARIE 1446 Sooth Skin Relief Hydr Gel T/Reten Band M Green Dexem Eczema Cream 30g Sooth Skin Relief Hydr Gel 75 ^ T/Reten Band S Red Dexem Eczema Cream 60g Sooth Skin Relief Hydr Spr125 ^ T/Reten Band XL Yell Dexem Eczema Scalp Lot UltraSkin Repair Hydr Gel 200 ^ T/Reten Band XXL Purp UltraSkin Repair Hydr Gel 30g 6 JUNO LABS 1355 UltraSkin Repair Hydr Gel 75 ^ 6 BUSHMAN 1356 UltraSkin Repair Hydr Spr 125 ^ Plus Aerosol 150g Plus Aerosol BREATH A TECH 2018 Plus Aerosol 50g 12 SINGLE PATIENT 2017 Plus Dry Gel 75g Adult Face Mask Plus Pump Spray 100ml Peak Flow Meter Adult Roll On 65g Peak Flow Meter Low Range Ultra Aerosol 130g Portable Nebuliser Ultra Aerosol 225g Silicone Child Face Mask Ultra Aerosol 60g Spacer Ultra Dry Gel 75g Spacer & L Silicone Mask 24 ITCHFIX 2209 Spacer & M Silicone Mask Soothing Gel 75g Spacer & S Silicone Mask Standard Child Face Mask 64

3 Pharmabroker Sales Order Form 3P - 8/11/2018 COLGATE PALMOLIVE 5001 Zig Zag Flexible 1pk Med 8 PAL HAIRCARE PAL SOAP BARS COL M/WASH FLOSS 5002 Zig Zag Flexible 1pk Soft Cond 350ml Act/Nourish pk Soap Gold 90g Floss Total 100m Mint Zig Zag Flexible 3pk Med Cond 350ml Healthy Ends pk Soap Green 90g Floss Total 25m Mint ^ Zig Zag Flexible 3pk Soft Cond 350ml Intensive Moisture pk Soap Gold 90g Floss Total 25m Tartar 6 COL TOOTHPASTE 4079 Cond 350ml Vibrant Colour pk Soap Green 90g Floss Total 50m Waxed in1 Lqd Gel White Cond 700ml Act/Nourish pk Soap Milk /Honey 90g M/Wash Kids Minion 250ml Adv White+Tartar 120g Cond 700ml Intensive Moisture pk Soap White 90g M/Wash Optic White 500ml Adv Whitening 110g Spoo 350ml Act/Nourish Cashmere Soap Classic 4pk M/Wash Total 500ml Pepperm Adv Whitening 190g Spoo 350ml Healthy Ends Cashmere Soap Lavend 4pk Plax 1L Freshmint CSPR 50g Spoo 350ml Intensive Moisture Cashmere Talc Lavend 250g Plax 1L Gentle Care ^ CSPR Enamel 110g Spoo 350ml Vibrant Colour Nutri Milk Soap 80g Plax 1L P/Mint CSPR Multi 110g Spoo 700ml Act/Nourish Protex Soap Active Antibac 90g Plax 1L Spearmint CSPR Prem ExtraProtect 110g Spoo 700ml Intensive Moisture Protex Soap Fresh Antibac 90g Plax 250ml Freshmint CSPR Prem Smart White 110g 12 PAL HAND WASH 1806 Protex Soap Gentle Antibac 90g Plax 250ml Fruity CSPR Rep&Prevent 110g FHW 250ml Antibac Lime ^ 1 PROMOTIONS 5069 Plax 500ml Fresh Tea CSPR White 110g ^ FHW 250ml Cherry Blossom Plax 60ml Freshmint Plax 500ml Freshmint ^ Great Reg Pump 130g FHW 250ml Fig + Coconut S/Gel 100ml Milk/Honey Plax 500ml Gentle Care Max Fresh Coolmint 190g FHW 250ml Lemon&Wh Cit Spoo/Cond 90ml Healthy Plax 500ml P/Mint MStream Reg 120g FHW 250ml Raspberry Travel Pack Plax 500ml Spearmint MStream Reg 175g FHW 400ml Vanilla&Alm Zig Zag Flexible 6pk Med Savacol 300ml Alc Free MStream Reg 250g FHW 400ml Violet&Euc Zig Zag Flexible 6pk Soft Savacol 300ml Freshmint ^ MStream Spklg Gel 110g LHW 250ml Antibac Defence Savacol 300ml Original ^ MStream Trp Act 110g LHW 250ml SW Aloe V 1 LACORIUM COL PROFESSIONAL 1487 MStream Trp Action 220g LHW 250ml SW Antibac 1 CRAMPEZE 4055 Mouth Wash 473ml Dry My First 45g LHW 250ml SW Antibac Lime ^ Crampeze 120s Neutrafluor 5000+Sens 115g Natures Ex Pure White 100g LHW 250ml SW Milk/Honey Crampeze 30s Neutrafluor TP g ^ Natures Ex Ultra Fresh 100g LHW 250ml SW Sea Minerals Crampeze 60s Peroxyl Mint 236ml ^ O/White 140gm LHW Refill 1L AloeVera Crampeze Forte 30s Rinse 220 AlcFree 473ml ^ O/White Enamel 140g LHW Refill 1L Antibac Crampeze Forte 60s 1 COL TOOTHBRUSH 4109 O/White Enamel 95g LHW Refill 1L Milk/Honey Crampeze Gel 50g Advanced Med 1pk O/White Express 125g 12 PAL OIL INFUSIONS 1 DERMAL THPY FOOT Advanced Soft 1pk O/White Express 85g B/Wash 500ml Citrus Blistop 32.5ml Degree Med ^ O/White HighImpact 85g ^ B/Wash 500ml Jasmine Fungistop 30ml Degree Med Twin Sens Enamel Prot 110g B/Wash 500ml Rose Heel Balm 100g Degree Soft Sens MultiProtect 110g ^ Bar Soap 120g Citrus Heel Balm 50g Degree Soft Twin Sens Whitening 110g Bar Soap 120g Jasmine Heel Balm Platinum 125g Sensitive 2pk Sparkling Gel Peppa Pig 80g LHW 500ml Citrus Heel Balm Platinum 75g Advanced Slim Soft 1pk Total 110g ^ LHW 500ml Jasmine Heel Magic 70g Advanced Slim Soft 2pk Total 220g LHW 500ml Rose Warteze 75ml CSPR Total 45g 24 PAL SANITISERS DERMAL THPY SKIN 5651 Extra Clean Total Adv Clean 110g ml Cherry Blossom Anti Ageing Hand Balm Floss Tip Med Total Adv Clean 190g ml Cherry Blossom ^ Anti Itch Sooth Cream 85g Floss Tip Soft Total Adv Fresh 190g ml Fig & Coconut Anti Itch Soothing Lotn 250ml Interdental Kit 2mm Total Adv Whiten 110g ^ ml Lemon & Citrus Crystal Deo RO 120g Interdental Kit 4mm Total Adv Whiten 190g 12 PAL SHOWER/BATH 2014 Crystal Deo Spry Kids Minions Interactive Total Charcoal 110g B/Butter 400ml Coconut ^ Dry Skin Lotion 250ml Kids Motion Ninja Turtles Total Gum Health 110g B/Butter 400ml Coffee Scrub Dry Skin Lotion 750ml Kids Motion Spiderman Total Mint Stripe 110g B/Butter 400ml Vanilla Eczema Moist Lotion 250ml Kids My First Ext Soft Total Pro Clean 170g B/Butter 750ml Coconut Eczema/Psoriasis Cm 50g Kids Smiles Jnr Soft Total Pump 120g B/Butter 750ml Vanilla Hand Balm 50g Kids Smiles Youth Soft White + Tartar 120g S/Gel 1L Cherry Blossom Lip Balm 10g Kids Teens Design It White + Tartar 190g S/Gel 1L Hydrating Lip Balm SPF Max White Med White + Tartar Pump 130g S/Gel 1L Mens Active S/Free Wash 1L Max White Soft Whitening 110g S/Gel 1L Milk & Jasmine S/Free Wash 250ml O/White Plat Med 2pk 6 HOUSEHOLD 5064 S/Gel 1L Milk/Honey ^ Very Dry Skin Cm 125g O/White Plat Soft 2pk Ajax Cream B/Soda 375ml S/Gel 1L Pomeg & Mango Very Dry Skin Cream Tub 250G O/White Sonic Pwr Med Ajax Cream Lemon 375ml S/Gel 2L Hydrating Very Dry Skin Lotion 500ml O/White Sonic Pwr Soft Ajax Spray Wipe Lem 500ml S/Gel 2L Milk/Honey ProClinical Cuddly Sunshine Fresh 1L S/Gel 500ml Anti Stress 6 PLUS DAILY 1483 ProClinical 360 Black 2pk Ref D/wash Lqd Dry Aloe 500ml S/Gel 500ml Black Orchid Recoverthol ProClinical Black C D/wash Lqd Reg 500ml S/Gel 500ml Hydrating ^ ProClinical C Fluffy Ultra Spice 500ml S/Gel 500ml Mens Active ProClinical Tri Clean 2 Ref Fluffy Ultra Summer 500ml S/Gel 500ml Mens Deep Cln ProClinical Tri Clean 4 Ref 20 MENNEN 1964 S/Gel 500ml Milk & Jasmine Slim Soft Charcoal ^ Lather Shave Tube 65g S/Gel 500ml Milk/Honey Slimsoft Dual Action Rapid Shave Gel Sen 200g S/Gel 500ml Revitalise Twister Fresh Med Speed Stick 24/7 Rush 55g Twister Fresh Soft Speed Stick Cool Fresh 45g Speed Stick Orchard Blossom 4 4

4 Pharmabroker Sales Order Form 3P - 8/11/2018 NICE PAK CARMEX BABYLOVE PANTS BABY U pk Lime + Vanilla Stk SPF Jumbo N/Pants Jnr Baby Wipes Bamboo 240pk Jasmine Green Tea Tube Jumbo N/Pants Toddler Baby Wipes F/Free Moisture Plus Clear Jumbo N/Pants Walker Baby Wipes F/Free Moisture Plus Peach Nappy Pant 2 pk Baby Wipes GoatMilk 240pk Moisture Plus Pink Nappy Pants Jnr Disp Change Mats 10pk Orig Click Stick SPF Nappy Pants Toddler Dry Wipes 100pk Orig Jar 7.5g Nappy Pants Walker Goat Milk Baby Soap 100g Orig Squeeze Tube 10g Nappy Pants Wriggler Goat Milk Body Moist 250ml Strawb Click Stick Sleepy Nights 4-7 yrs (15) Goat Milk Body Wash 250ml Watermelon Jar 7.5g Sleepy Nights 4-7yrs (9) Goat Milk Spoo 250ml Sleepy Nights 8-15yrs Nappy Bags 200pk 6 ATKINS 4257 Sleepy Nights O/Ngt 2-4yrs Nappy Bags 50pk 12 ADVANTAGE 1452 Training Pants Large 12 4 BB DISPOSABLE g Choc R/berry 5pk 1 BABYLOVE WIPES 4492 Sticky Fing F/Free Wipe g Cookies & Cream 5pk Baby Wipes Sticky Fing Hnd/Face Wipe g Choc Brownie Baby Wipes W/Lid 80 1 BB FEEDING g Choc Decadence First Feeding Spoons 2pk g Choc Mint 15 COMBE 4398 First Tumbler g Fudge Caramel 15 GRECIAN 4399 Freezer Pots 4pk RTD Shake Choc 330ml Grecian 2000 Lot 125ml Mini Freezer Pots 8pk RTD Shake Vanill 330ml 6 JUST FOR MEN 4403 Trainer Cup with Handles Shake Mix Choc 330g Beard 40 Light Brown Twist Spoon 3pk Shake Mix Vanilla 310g Beard 42 Med Brown Weaning Set 3 DAY BREAK 4506 Beard 44 Dark Brown Weaning Spoons 2pk Cappuccino Nut 5pk Beard 46 Black 3 EUCRYL 1197 Choc Chip Crisp 5pk Beard Care & Face Wash Smokers Toothpowder Fmint Coconut Almond Crisp 60g Beard Conditioner Smokers Toothpowder Orig 6 ENDULGE 1906 Beard Oil 3 FLEXISEQ 1215 Caramel Nut Chew 34g Hair 2in1 235ml Flexiseq Osteo Relief 50g Caramel Nut Chew 5pk Hair 30 Light Med Brown 3 HAIRY LEMON 1203 Choc Break 64.5g Hair 31 Light Brown Hairy Lemon 20s Choc Coconut 40g Hair 32 Ash Brown Hairy Lemon 40s Choc Coconut 5pk Hair 33 Med Brown 3 HEDRIN 1202 Milk Choc 30g Hair 35 Dark Brown Liquid Gel 100ml Milk Chocolate 5pk Hair 37 Black Spray Gel 100ml 6 HARVEST 4511 Hair 40 Med Dark Brown 3 ISOCOL 1926 Apr Almond & Coconut 40g Hair 50 Darkest Brown Isocol 345ml Dark Choc Sea Salt Car 40g 14 RESTORIA 1611 Isocol Spray 75ml Mixed Nuts & Chocolate 40g Discreet Cream 150ml 12 MILTON 4516 Discreet Cream 250ml in1 Combi Steriliser 2 UNICHARM 4517 Discreet Lotion 150ml Antibac Solution 1L 3 BABYLOVE BULK 2035 Discreet Shampoo Antibac Solution 5L Bulk Crawler Express Men Black Antibac Surface Spray 500ml Bulk Jnr Express Men Dark Brown Antibac Tablets 30pk Bulk Nappies Infant Express Men Jet Black Antibac Wipes 30pk Bulk Nappies Newborn Express Men Light Brown Washing Up Liquid 500ml Bulk Toddler Express Men Natural Brown 3 MULTI GYN 1463 Bulk Walker 32 3 SEABOND 8130 Gyn Active Gel 36 BABYLOVE HANDY 4548 Fresh Dent Seals Lower Gyn Flora Plus 5ml 5pk Handy Packs Crawler Fresh Dent Seals Upper 30 4 MULTI MAM 1436 Handy Packs Infant Orig Dent Seals Lower Multi Mam Compress 12pk Handy Packs Jnr Orig Dent Seals Upper 30 4 OCEAN 1435 Handy Packs Newborn 30 4 VAGISIL 4589 Adult Wipes 50pk Handy Packs Premmie Anti Itch Med Wipes 12s Anti-Bac Wipes 30pk Handy Packs Toddler Cream 25g Flushable Wipes 40 pack Handy Packs Walker Daily Moisture Fluid 60ml Sick Bags 6 BABYLOVE JUMBO 4537 Fem Pouch Wipes 20s 3 SUDOCREM 4253 Jumbo Nappies Crawler Fem Powder 100g Sudocrem 125g Jumbo Nappies Infant Fem Wash Fresh Plus 240ml Sudocrem 250g Jumbo Nappies Jnr Fem Wash ph Plus 240ml Sudocrem 30g Tube Jumbo Nappies Newborn ProHydrate Ext Gel 30g Sudocrem 400g Tub Jumbo Nappies Toddler ProHydrate Int Gel 5g Sudocrem 60g Jumbo Nappies Walker ProHydrate Plus Wash 240ml 3

5 Pharmabroker Sales Order Form PBC - 5/11/2018 BAUSCH & LOMB VECTAVIR NEILMED DERMA E Biotrue Soln 1860 Vectavir 2g Clear Canal Ear Kit 1 DERMA E 9310 MPS Duo Pack 300ml 1 WARTNER 4219 Multi Purp Saline Mist 177ml Ess Illuminating Face Oil 30ml MPS Travel Pack 60ml Wartner Plantar 50ml NasaBulb Nose Asp Ess Microderma Scrub 56g 6 BL Splash Soln 1862 Wartner Wart Remover 50ml NasaMist Saline Spr 75ml Ess Overnight Peel 60ml EasySept Peroxide Sol 360ml 1 BURN AND BITE 8512 Naspira Filters Ess Radiance Toner 175ml Splash Saline Sol 355ml Burn & Bite Gel 30g Naspira Nasal Oral Asp Ess Radiant Glow Face Oil 60m 6 Boston Range 4224 NeilCleanse Wnd Wsh 177ml Ess Rejuvenating Face Oil 30ml Adv Cleaner 30ml 1 KENKAY 4215 Netipot Sach Ess Rose Oil 60ml Adv Conditioning Sol 120ml 1 AQUEOUS RANGE 4226 PediaMist Sal Spr 75ml Firming Cleanser Liq Enzymatic Cleaner 5ml Aqueous Cm 100g Jar Sinugator Firming Moisturiser Rewetting Drops 10ml Aqueous Cm 100g Tube Sinus Rinse Ad Kit Firming Serum Simplus MPS 120ml Aqueous Cm 1Ltr Pump Sinus Rinse Ad R/F Hydrating Cleanser 6 RENU Soln 8632 Aqueous Cm 325ml Pump Sinus Rinse Ad Str Kit Hydrating Day Creme Fresh MPS 120ml Aqueous Cm 500g Jar Sinus Rinse Ped Str Kit Hydrating Eye Creme Fresh MPS Duo Pack 355ml 1 DERMATOLOGICAL 1499 Hydrating Mask Sensitive MPS Duo Pack 355ml B/Wash 1L Pump 6 MUNCHKIN 1500 Hydrating Serum B/Wash 500ml Pump 6 ACCESSORIES 1504 Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask 6 PERRIGO 8636 Extra Relief Cm 100g Click Lock Flexi Straw Cup Purifying Gel Cleanser 6 ASCOBIAL 8637 Extra Relief Cm 500g Jar Delux Fresh Feeder Purifying Oil-Free Moisturiser Ascabial Emulsion 200ml HC Hydrating Cond Argan Oil Inflate Safety Duck Tub Purifying Youth Serum 6 AUDICLEAN 1873 HC Therapeutic S'poo Argan Oi Love-a-Bowls 10 Pc Set Sensitive Cleanser Ear Wax Remover 12ml Mineral Concentrate 1lt Miracle 360 Sippy Cup Sensitive Eye Gel Ear/Clns Wash 115ml Mineral Concentrate 500ml Miracle 360 Trainer Cup Sensitive Moisturising Creme Ear/Clns Wash 60ml Moisturiser Pump 1lt Safety Bath Ducky Sensitive Serum Swimmers Ear 30ml Moisturiser Pump 500mL Safety Spoons 4pk Vitamin C Intense Night Creme TTL Ear Care Sys 72ml Shower & Bath Oil Pump 1lt Snack Catcher Vitamin C Micellar Water 175m 6 HERRON 8665 Shower & Bath Oil Pump 500m Soft-Tip Infant Spoon Vitamin C Moisturiser 60ml Blue Ibuprofen Tabs Sustaining Moisture Spr 100ml Stay-Put Suctn Bowls Vitamin C Serum 60ml Blue Ibuprofen Tabs 25 BTL Sustaining Moisture Spr 247m The Medicator Blue Ibuprofen Tabs 60 BTL 1 PHCY ESSENTIALS FORMULA SEQIRUS 1817 Gold Paracetamol Tabs 20 BTL Aqua Gluc/mine Cm 75ml G/Fed Stg 1 Infant Nervoderm 5pk Gold Paracetamol Tabs 60 BTL Aqua Gluc/mine Cm Jar 500g G/Fed Stg 2 Follow-On 6 HYDRADERM 8670 Aqua Gluc/mine Cm Pump G/Fed Stg 3 Toddler 3 PROMISIA 1821 Sorbolene Cream Jar 500g Galenical Soft Wh P/fin 470g 6 LATCH ARTHREM 1822 Sorbolene Lotion Pump 300g No Rinse Hand Sanit 100mL Latch Bottle 120mL 1 pk Soft Gel Capsules 100ml 1 NICOTINELL 8673 No Rinse Hand Sanit Pump Latch Bottle 120mL 3 pk Combo Therapy Pack Olive Oil 200ml Latch Bottle 240mL 1 pk 2 BARTON BRANDS 1829 Gum Fruit 2mg Telsa Nourish Sorb&Glyc+VitE Latch Bottle 240mL 3 pk 0 THE DIVACUP 1830 Gum Fruit 2mg Zinc & Castor Oil Cm Jar 100g Latch Deluxe Btle & Val Brsh Model Gum Fruit 2mg 144s Zinc & Castor Oil Cm Jar 500g Latch Newborn Starter Kit Model Gum Fruit 4mg 24 1 SORBOLENE RANGE 1627 Latch Stage 1 Nipple 2 pk Model Gum Fruit 4mg Emulsifying Ointment Jar 90g Latch Stage 2 Nipple 2 pk Wash Gum Mint 2mg Emulsifying Oint Jar 500g Latch Stage 3 Nipple 2 pk 2 PRUNELAX 1834 Gum Mint 2mg Pure Sorbolene Cm 100g tube Latch Sterilizer Bags Smooth 300g Gum Mint 2mg 144s Pure Sorbolene Cm Jar 100g Latch Transition Cup Extra Strength 40 Tablets Gum Mint 4mg Pure Sorbolene Cm Jar 475g Extra Strength 80 Tablets Gum Mint 4mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Jar 100g 12 NUCHEV 2054 Extra Strength 120 Tablets Lozenge Mint 2mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Jar 500g 6 OLI6 BIOMAGNETIC 1837 Lozenge Mint 2mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Jar 1kg 4 Oli6 Stage Gel Reflex Soles Lozenge Mint 4mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Tube 100ml 12 Oli6 Stage Gel Reflex Soles Lozenge Mint 4mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Pump 325ml 12 Oli6 Stage Moulded Insole - Sm Patches 14mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Pump 500ml Moulded Insole - Med Patches 14mg Sorb & Glyc Cm Pump 1L 4 LACORIUM BABY 2075 Moulded Insole - Lrg Patches 21mg Sorb & Vit E Light Cm 100ml 12 LITTLE BODIES 2076 Moulded Insole - XL Patches 21mg Sorb & Vit E Light Cm 325ml Ecz Moist Lotion Tube 175ml Ankle Supp Black Patches 7mg Sorb & Vit E Light Cm 1L Pump Ecz Relief Cream Tube 56g Ankle Supp Skintone Patches 7mg 28 1 KENKAY DIRECT 1932 Ecz Wash & S'poo Pump 210m Neck & Shldr Wrap Black 1 OSTEOEZE 8684 Aqueous Cm 5kg Pail Neck & Shldr Wrap Skintone Dual Action 60s Cetomacrogol Crm APF Bulk Wrist Supp Black One-A-Day 120s Glycerin 5L Wrist Supp Skintone Triple Action 120s Indulge Shower Gel P1L Sport Back Supp Belt S-M 1 QUELLADA 8683 Sorbovege Cm PPC 20kg Pail Sport Back Supp Belt L-XL Headlice Treatment 100ml Sport Elbow Supp Black Scabies Treatment 100ml Sport Elbow Supp Skintone 1 SILENCE 2059 Sport Knee Supp Black Snoring Relief Foam Spray 50m Sport Knee Supp Skintone 1 SINOCLEAR 1866 Sinoclear 135ml Sinoclear 20ml 1