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1 OUR STORY STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS The smart way to sell perfumes: How to produce a great variety of high-quality perfumes and to sell them at attractive prices? This was the question that back in 1991 brought to the foundation of Refan Bulgaria LTD. Lead by his passion for beauty and his incredible taste for fine fragrances, utilizing the Bulgarian perfumery traditions and the long-term knowledge and experience of one of the most - famous flavor & fragrance companies, Stefan Popov established his family company and named it Refan (after the names of his wife Reni and himself - Stefan). Nowadays, Refan is a worldwide leading brand - a symbol of high-quality and prestige. Since 2009 the company has continually and successfully been run by the son of Mr. Stefan Popov Anguel Popov, who as a company president has modernized and further developed the business on international bases. A significant proof for all that is the great number awards and prizes, received by the company for the last years: 400 diplomas, awards, prizes, letters of thanks and medals. The creation of Refan products is a mixture of a strong passion for the brand, a state-of-the-art innovations, gained long-term expertise and know-how, observing trends and market demands and finding the best-possible solutions to consumer needs. Thus, for almost a quarter of a century the company has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering an economically efficient, environmentally-friendly and an intelligent way for sales: you can buy perfumes for different occasions, in different volumes and with re-fillable glass bottles and with maximum quality at competitive prices. Refan s product catalogue comprises a great variety of branded products: more than 300 perfume references, over 600 high-quality cosmetic products with natural ingredients, soaps and bath products with natural extracts and essential oils, magnificent boutique candles and home fragrances. All new products released on the market by Refan are designed on the basis of the latest innovative achievements and meeting the requirements of up-to-date market trends and demands. THE COMPANY MEETS ITS CLIENTS NEEDS THROUGH A WIDE VARIETY OF PERFUMERY AND COSMETIC PRODUCTS RICH IN NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Create a project of the store; Full equipment on business premises; Initial loading of products; First award in category New business model Diploma for working franchise model Special award FORBES for developing of the family business Special award FORBES for Quality International Europe Award for Quality With the fastest growing franchise chain of perfumery and cosmetics. WHY franchise REFAN? REFAN franchise model is among the most profitable franchises in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and many other countries worldwide. Here are some of the reasons for this success: INTERNATIONAL PRESTIGE Refan franchise model has won awards for: VARIOUS PRODUCT RANGE LOW INITIAL INVESTMENT Attractive design of the store, high profit margins, easy management When purchasing a franchise model you get: Branding the store; Package of free testers; Providing of advertising materials; Operating Manual and training of staff; Award of the German Economy in Bulgaria Special award FORBES for SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS European Award for Quality and Business Prestige - Golden European Award 2016 Special award FORBES for Social and public engagement The product range of REFAN Bulgaria Ltd. includes a huge variety of products with the trademark Refan: we offer more than 300 perfume scent, over 600 high-quality cosmetics with natural ingredients, soaps and bath products with natural extracts and essential oils, intoxicating boutique candles fragrances for the home. All our new products are developed based on the latest innovative achievements and in accordance with market demand. QUALITY Proofs of the quality of our products and services are issued by TÜV NORD certificates: ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: We also have a certificate of good manufacturing practice - EN ISO 22716:

2 QUEEN ROSE QUEEN ROSE Ref Ref Ref DAY ESSENCE - 30 ml WITH NATURAL ROSE OIL AND ROSE CONCRETE NIGHT ESSENCE - 30 ml WITH ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL AND ROSE CONCRETE BODY LOTION ml WITH ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL AND ROSE CONCRETE Ref Ref Ref It provides a complete range of cosmetic products for sensitive skin based on rose products - rose oil, rose concrete and rose water. Rose oil - suitable for all skin types, but most preferably for dry, sensitive and aging skin. It has toning and firming effects on the capillaries, as well as on the blood circulation in general, which makes it very suitable for flushed skin. It is also suitable for dermatitis and eczema and has anti-inflammatory and healing effect after sunburn. REFRESHING FACE & BODY MIST-100 ml Ref WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER SHAMPOO ml WITH ROSE CONCRETE, RICH IN WAXES AND ROSE OIL AND LICORICE EXTRACT SHOWER GEL ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER AND LICORICE EXTRACT Rose water - has antiseptic and invigorating action. Energizes and refreshes skin, improves blood circulation and maintains water balance in skin metabolism. Rose Concrete - obtained from fresh rose blossoms by extraction. It is composed of more than 166 components. It combines anti-inflammatory, regenerating and healing properties and has skin smoothing and softening effect. BAR SOAP g 4 WITH ROSE CONCRETE,ROSE WATER AND LIQUORICE EXTRACT 5

3 GARDENIA AND ROSE GARDENIA AND ROSE Ref Ref Ref DAY FACE CREAM - 30 ml NIGHT FACE CREAM - 30 ml FACIAL WASH CREAM - 75 ml WITH GARDENIA STEM CELLS EXTRACT AND NATURAL ROSE OIL WITH GARDENIA STEM CELLS EXTRACT AND NATURAL ROSE OIL WITH ROSE WATER AND SHEA BUTTER Ref Ref Series with Gardenia stem cells extract and Rose oil: Collagen is the basic skin ingredient which is responsible for its firm and youthful appearance. Like most structural elements of the skin, it is constantly renewed. With the beginning of ageing, acceleration of the collagen degradation processes is observed, which determines the skin s sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. Many environmental factors such as UV rays, smoking, chlorinated water, free radicals and inflammatory processes activate collagenases. They are enzymes responsible for the degradation of collagen. The gardenia stem cells extract acts on three basic levels: - It stimulates collagen synthesis. - It slows down the processes of collagen degradation. - It inhibits the synthesis of collagenases The efficacy of collagen synthesis stimulation is comparable in its effect to the activity of vitamin C. Bulgarian rose oil contains 300 proved ingredients, which constitute 86% of the oil s composition. The remaining 14 % are ingredients in very small quantities but very important for its quality. Rose oil is the oil for women. It is used in aromatherapy for treatment of reproductive system disorders. Suitable for all skin types but most preferably for dry, sensitive and ageing skin. FACIAL SERUM ml WITH GARDENIA STEM CELLS EXTRACT AND 15% ROSE WATER SET DAY FACE CREAM, NIGHT FACE CREAM, FACIAL WASH CREAM AND FACIAL SERUM It has a tonifying and firming effect on capillaries, as well as on blood circulation in general, which makes it very suitable for flushed skin. It is also suitable for dermatitis and eczemas. It has a regenerating effect on tissues and is suitable for wounds it acts as a wound-healing and anti-scar agent. It has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect in case of sunburns. 6 7

4 SNAIL PERFECTION SNAIL PERFECTION Ref Ref Ref DAY FACE CREAM - 30 ml NIGHT FACE CREAM - 30 ml FACIAL SERUM - 50 ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT WITH SNAIL EXTRACT WITH SNAIL EXTRACT AND ROSE WATER Ref Ref Ref Snail extract - an effective ingredient in anti-aging skincare products In our busy everyday life we do not notice the appearance of first wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin tone. We use various means in order to slow down skin aging process. Some of the most effective means have proved to be the ingredients derived from nature. This is the case with snail extract. One of its main features is to activate skin. Its main components are: - Allantoin - moisturizes skin by increasing the water content therein, promotes clearance of already dead cells and reduces inflammation - Collagen and elastin - improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines - Glycolic acid - provides exfoliation of skin - Hyaluronic acid - activates cell division and skin regeneration, reduces wrinkles and helps to add volume to aging skin, provides deep tissue hydration - Proteins - soften skin - Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from free radical damage Snail extract, rich in active components, stimulates cell functions, activates protein synthesis and skin regeneration and slows down skin aging processes Ref FLUID CONCENTRATE - 10 ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT HAND CREAM - 75 ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT BODY CREAM ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT SET 8 DAY FACE CREAM, NIGHT FACE CREAM, HAND CREAM AND FACIAL SERUM 9


6 A ROSE FROM BULGARIA A ROSE FROM BULGARIA Ref Ref Ref Ref NATURAL ROSE WATER ml SHAMPOO AND SHOWER GEL ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER BODY LOTION ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER AND PROVITAMIN B5 BODY DEODORANT ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER AND GLYCERIN Ref Ref Ref Natural rose water is obtained through distillation of the petals of Bulgarian oleaginous rose. It is suitable for all skin types. It supports ph balance, stimulates regeneration processes, has soothing effect on acne and sunburned skin, moisturizes dry skin and makes it smooth and elastic. It is widely used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient in skin care products destined to suit different skin types, especially aging, dry and sensitive skin. In its pure form it can be used as a facial toner for sensitive skin. It does not contain alcohol, preservatives or colorings. EAU DE PARFUM - 50 ml VAPORISATEUR-NATURAL SPRAY PERFUME OIL - 10 ml ALCOHOL FREE ROLL-ON PEELING SOAP-SPONGE - 75 g A SOAP WITH THE SCENT OF THE BULGARIAN OIL - BEARING ROSE Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref FACE CREAM - 50 ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER AND VITAMIN E FACE CREAM - 75 ml LIP BALM - 5 g WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER WITH BEESWAX, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN E, JOJOBA OIL, SHEA BUTTER AND UV-FILTER. HAND CREAM - 75 ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER BATH SALTS g SET FACE CREAM, HAND CREAM, EAU DE PARFUM 12 AND HANDMADE GLYCERIN SOAP 13

7 YOGURT AND ROSE OIL YOGURT AND ROSE OIL Ref Ref Ref HAND CREAM - 75 ml WITH YOGURT CONCENTRATE, ROSE OIL AND ROSE WATER FACIAL SCRUB ml WITH YOGURT CONCENTRATE AND ROSE WATER BODY LOTION ml WITH YOGURT CONCENTRATE, ROSE OIL AND ROSE WATER Ref Ref Ref Combines the world-famous bulgarian products - yogurt and oil-yielding rose, so that their beneficial effect on the human body is intensified. Yogurt concentrate has an excellent hydrating, softening and smoothing effect on dry and problematic skin due to its high content of lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, moisturized in depth, thus regaining its satin softness. Rose oil has a restorative, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and aphrodisiac effect. All this, together with its slightly tonic and soothing properties, makes it suitable for aging, dry and sensitive, red and inflamed skin. HAIR AND BODY SHAMPOO ml WITH ROSE WATER AND YOGURT CONCENTRATE SUGAR BODY SCRUB g WITH CONCENTRATE OF YOGHURT, ROSE CONCRETE MADE OF ROSA DAMASCENA, APRICOT, ALMOND AND GRAPE SEED OILS BAR SOAP g WITH YOGURT AND ROSE WATER Ref Ref Ref DAY FACE CREAM - 30 ml WITH ROSE OIL, ROSE WATER, ROSE CONCRETE AND YOGURT CONCENTRATE NIGHT FACE CREAM - 30 ml WITH ROSE WATER, ROSE OIL, ROSE CONCRETE AND YOGURT CONCENTRATE BODY CREAM-BUTTER ml WITH NATURAL ROSE WATER, ROSE OIL AND YOGURT CONCENTRATE 14 15

8 YOGURT AND ЕLDERBERRY YOGURT AND ЕLDERBERRY Ref Ref Ref BATH SALTS g WITH MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS SHOWER GEL ml WITH ELDER FRUIT EXTRACT AND YOGURT BODY LOTION ml WITH ELDER FRUIT EXTRACT AND VITAMIN E Ref Ref Ref Ref Elder fruit extract regenerate skin, having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Yogurt concentrate has an excellent hydrating, softening and smoothing effect on dry and problematic skin due to its high content of lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, moisturized in depth, thus regaining its satin softness. Provitamin B5 hydrate skin and protect it against inflammations. HAND CREAM - 75 ml WITH BERRIES EXTRACT ELDER AND YOGURT DEO ROLL-ON - 50 ml WITH ELDER FRUIT EXTRACT AND ALLANTOIN BODY MIST ml LIGHT AND REFRESHING MIST PERFUME ALCOHOL FREE - 10 ml ROLL-ON Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref FACE CREAM - 30 ml FACIAL WASH GEL ml BODY CREAM ml SUGAR BODY SCRUB g SOAP - 1 kg BAR SOAP g PEELING SOAP - SPONGE - 75 g HOME PERFUME ml WITH ELDER FRUIT EXTRACT AND YOGURT WITH ELDER FRUIT EXTRACT AND YOGURT WITH ELDER FRUIT EXTRACT AND YOGURT WITH NATURAL SUGAR CRYSTALS AND HANDMADE GLYCERIN SOAP WITH YOGURT AND WITH YOGURT AND WITH RATTAN STICKS NATURAL ALMOND, GRAPE SEED AND APRICOT 16 ELDERBERRY EXTRACT ELDERBERRY EXTRACT 17

9 PURE ROSE PERFECTION SNAIL AND ROSE PERFECTION Pure Rose Perfection is a specially developed series of cosmetic products based entirely on natural ingredients. The aroma extracted from the fresh flowers of the oleaginous Rose damascena is present in every product. The series includes products for face and around the eyes area: day cream, night cream and elixir, packed in the innovative Аirless bottle that is easy to dose and use. It will not allow contamination of its content and will protect the natural ingredients from contact with air and light, in order to preserve the life and quality of the texture as long as possible. Thanks to the special pump, the whole content in the pack may be fully used, to the last drop. Ref SNAIL AND ROSE PERFECTION cosmetic series is an extension of one of the most popular and successful cosmetic series of REFAN - SNAIL PERFECTION. All products are enriched with snail extract and organic rose water - Rosa Damascena. The combination of the two active ingredients regenerates skin, providing deep hydration and restoring skin's elasticity. Snail extract is one of the most effective skin regeneration agents that, thanks to its valuable components, promotes protein synthesis, moisturizes skin and slows down skin's ageing process. Its key feature is to activate skin, stimulating cell function and thus promoting skin regeneration and healing. Organic rose water has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It tones and refreshes facial skin, improves blood circulation and maintains water balance in the skin renewal process, thus moisturizing and softening skin. Ref Ref DAY CREAM FACE AND EYE - 50 ml WITH NATURAL ROSE OIL, ROSE WATER AND STIMULHYAL Ref Ref DAY FACE CREAM - 50 ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT AND ORGANIC ROSE WATER (ROSA DAMASCENA) Ref NIGHT FACE CREAM - 50 ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT AND ORGANIC ROSE WATER (ROSA DAMASCENA) Ref NIGHT CREAM FACE AND EYE - 50 ml WITH NATURAL ROSE OIL, ROSE WATER, STIMULHYAL AND NEUROPHROLINE ELIXIR FACE AND EYE - 50 ml WITH NATURAL ROSE OIL, ROSE WATER AND BEAUTIFEYE FACIAL SERUM - 50 ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT AND ORGANIC ROSE WATER (ROSA DAMASCENA) FACIAL WASH GEL ml WITH SNAIL EXTRACT AND ORGANIC ROSE WATER (ROSA DAMASCENA) 18 19

10 HYALURONIC ACID VITAMIN C If the levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid that fill the space between the skin cells decrease, the skin becomes loose and wrinkles appear. But nature can be fooled, and the fresh and youthful appearance of the skin - restored! In fact, we all know that water is the source of life. If we deprive our skin of its life energy, it loses vitality. As a natural constituent of the skin hyaluronic acid comes to help due to its extraordinary ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. With aging and depending on the way of life, the amount of this invaluable ingredient decreases, which reduces the waterretention capacity of the skin. Consequently, the skin loses its volume, and wrinkles appear. Collagen is also a key component of the skin, which makes skin tight and firm. Collagen s enemy number one are the collagenases - these are enzymes that are activated by the harmful environmental factors and stimulate collagen degradation. The result is sagging skin and the appearance of unwanted signs of aging.the combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen in REFAN s series Hyaluronic acid improves skin elasticity and promotes skin tightening and facial contouring. Day and night cream have a soft and delicate texture that is quickly and easily absorbed and deeply hydrates skin making it softer, smoother and more elastic, and it helps restore its fresh, youthful and radiant appearance. For optimal results it is recommended to apply every day the combination of day and night face cream with hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C has been attracting cosmetologists' attention for a long time, and the studies in recent years confirm that it plays an important role in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. It participates in all processes that run in the skin - growth, restoration of connective tissue, protection against harmful effects of the environment, wound healing, collagen synthesis, and it prevents premature skin aging. It actively inhibits melanin production, thereby reducing the formation of pigmented spots and freckles. It is an excellent skin lightener. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that binds free radicals which are formed under the influence of external factors and as a result of physiological processes within the body. It possesses unique protective properties. Its content in the sun-damaged skin is significantly less than in normal skin, as it is consumed to prevent and neutralize the harmful effects of sunlight. Ref ANTI-AGING DAY FACE CREAM - 30 ml WITH VITAMIN C AND VITAMIN E Ref Ref Ref Ref DAY FACE CREAM - 30 ml WHIT HYALURONIC ACID AND COLLAGEN NIGHT FACE CREAM - 30 ml WHIT HYALURONIC ACID, ARGAN OIL AND COLLAGEN ANTI-AGING NIGHT FACE CREAM - 30 ml SKIN LIGHTENING FACE SERUM - 10 ml WITH VITAMIN C AND SGUALANE WITH VITAMIN C AND VITAMIN E 20 21

11 YOUTHFUL PERFECTION 16+ TEA TREE The cosmetologists of Refan have developed Youthful Perfection series that is intended for young skin. Thanks to their active ingredient Early Boost PA the products of this series awaken and energize the skin in no time just like a cup of strong coffee awakens the body. This is due to the fact that the unique formula of Early Boost PA is a natural source of taurin, which reduces the symptoms of fatigue and leaves the skin refreshed, energized and glowing. It acts as an antioxidant, improving cells properties and cell metabolism and thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles.refan's Youthful Perfection cosmetic series includes a face and eye cream and a night face and eye serum, which awaken the skin and reduce the dark circles under the eyes, as well as a facial wash gel that gently removes impurities without drying out the skin, and its ingredient polylactic acid provides skin exfoliation and deep pore cleansing by removing excess sebum.youthful Perfection is the perfect choice for the young and dynamic people for whom the new and modern is a style and lifestyle. Ref Acne is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It is characterized by blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and possible scarring. Acne commonly occurs in adolescence and affects an estimated 80 90% of teenagers Children and adults may also be affected before and after puberty.although acne becomes less common in adulthood, it persists in nearly half of affected people into their twenties and thirties and a smaller group continue to have difficulties into their forties. That is why the cosmetologists of Refan have developed Tea tree series that is intended for oily and blemished skin. It heals and mattes the oily skin and controls oiliness. Tea tree oil consists of antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds that act effectively against the bacteria that cause acne breakouts. This essential oil can penetrate deep into the skin and helps to unblock the sebaceous glands. The Tea tree series includes facial anti-acne products and anti-dandruff shampoo. Ref FACE AND EYE CREAM - 50 ml WITH EARLY BOOST PA BLEMISH CALMING ROLL-ON - 10 ml WITH TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL AND ROSE CONCRETE Ref Ref Ref Ref NIGHT FACE AND EYE SERUM - 50 ml WITH EARLY BOOST PA FACIAL WASH GEL ml WITH EARLY BOOST PA AND POLYLACTIC ACID BLEMISH CONTROL GEL - 30 ml ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO ml WITH TEA TREE AND LAVENDER ESSENTIAL WITH TEA TREE AND ROSE- 22 OIL, ROSEMARY, GERANIUM AND MARY ESSENTIAL OIL ROSE CONCRETE 23

12 SUN CARE PERFECTION SUN CARE PERFECTION Ref Ref Ref FACE CREAM - 50 ml ADVANCE PROTECTION AND PRO - MOISTURIZER FACE CREAM - 50 ml HYDRATING AND SOOTHING ENHANCER FACE CREAM - 50 ml POWER PROTECTION AND ANTIOXIDANT Ref Ref Ref The new line of sunscreen products SUN CARE PERFECTION BY REFAN contains a specially developed high-sun protection formula that protects against sunburn and skin damage caused by UV rays. Expert wide-spectrum UV-filter Tinosorb system provides high protection for all skin types against photo-damage and photo-aging. Innovative technology provides efficient support against UV rays and solar reactions as well as enhanced protection against free radicals. The sun protection line SUN CARE PERFECTION contains face creams and body lotions with SPF 30 UVA / UVB with delicate fruity fragrances and SPF 50 UVA / UVB in two varieties - with fruity scent and rose scent. Face creams are developed with high molecular hyaluronic acid that hydrates the surface of the skin and prevents water loss. Adequate water content is essential for the proper functioning of all skin structures and improves its relief and smoothness. Face creams are comfortably silky textured without sticky and without a oily film. Body lotions are enriched with natural vitamin E, which effectively protects against free radicals. Their elegant texture creates a silky feel without grease-stained and white traces. Face and body products from the sunscreen line SUN CARE PERFECTION make the skin soft and moisturized. They provide reliable photo protection to obtain even and long-lasting tan without sunburn and allow you to enjoy the sun throughout the year. BODY LOTION ml BODY LOTION ml BODY LOTION ml SUN ANTI - AGE AND MOISTURIZER MOISTURIZER AND ANTIOXIDANT MULTI - PROTECTION AND ANTIOXIDANT 24 25

13 ANTISTRESS ANTISTRESS Ref Ref Ref FACE CREAM - 50 ml WITH VERBENA EXTRACT, SHEA BUTTER AND ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL FACIAL WASH GEL ml WITH VERBENA EXTRACT AND POLYLACTIC ACID HAND CREAM - 75 ml WITH VERBENA EXTRACT AND ORGANIC ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL Ref Ref Ref Stress is part of modern man's life and can hardly be avoided. In daily life we all face various situations that lead to pressure and can disrupt the normal mental and physical functioning of our body which inevitably affects the skin. Stress hormone influences skin's fresh appearance making it look older and tired. Stress cannot be avoided but we can find ways to reduce its negative effect and easily overcome it. ANTISTRESS is REFAN's new cosmetic series, which will help you do it. Combating stress begins with the series pleasant citrus scent which reminds of summer and relaxation. It combines the scent of lemon blossoms, sweet orange and apple freshness, and has a beneficial influence on the senses. The beneficial properties of ANTISTRESS cosmetic series result from its ingredients verbena extract and orange essential oil. Verbena is widely used in cosmetics. Since ancient times it has been known as a herb for strengthening the nervous system and relieving pressure and stress with its lemon scent that awakens mind and body. Verbena extract has a beneficial effect on skin making it smooth and soft. This effect is supplemented by the orange essential oil which tonifies the skin and makes it look fresh. Its refreshing scent has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves everyday stress and awakens the senses. ANTISTRESS cosmetic series includes body care products: face, hands and body creams, sugar body scrub, shower-gel, peeling soap sponge and handmade soap per kilo. Their use can bring a touch of freshness and pleasure into your everyday life and can help you prevent the negative effects of stress. It is recommended not to use these products on skin not protected with sunscreen during the summer months. BODY CREAM ml WITH VERBENA EXTRACT AND ORGANIC ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL Ref Ref SHOWER GEL ml SUGAR BODY SCRUB g WITH VERBENA EXTRACT AND ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL PEELING SOAP SPONGE - 75 g BODY SPRAY DEODORANT ml Ref CONTAINS VITAMIN E AND GLYCERIN HANDMADE GLYCERIN SOAP - 1 kg WITH VERBENA EXTRACT WITH VERBENA EXTRACT WITH VERBENA EXTRACT 26 AND ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL AND ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL AND ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL 27

14 FRUIT COLLECTION FRUIT COLLECTION Ref Ref Ref The new REFAN collection tempts with gentle and sweet fruity scents that soothe the senses, create harmony and fill the life with joy. It includes shampoo-shower gel and body cream with six captivating scents of forest and exotic fruits: Honey Banana, Juicy Strawberry, Tropical Mango, Forest Rasperry, Fresh Tangerine, Exotic Pomegranate. The shampoo-shower gels of the fruity collection moisturize skin and hair and turn showering into a pleasurable experience. They contain following active ingredients: - Glycerin - an excellent moisturizer. Provides deep hydration to skin and hair and has softening effect. It has moisture-retaining properties and creates an invisible protection against the adverse environmental effects. It makes the skin smoother and soft, and the hair regains its elasticity. - Olive oil - strengthens and improves hair texture. Мakes skin and hair feel soft and moisturized. Their irresistible scents conquer the senses and imagination and create moments of pleasure and joy. Suitable for children over the age of 3. The body creams have light texture that is quickly absorbed into skin without leaving a greasy residue. They create a feeling of freshness and silky softness all day long. They contain the following ingredients: - Organic argan oil - has a rich fatty acid composition, which helps keep the skin healthy, fighting successfully against dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. Argan oil is rich in sterols - an essential element of the outermost layer of human skin.- Vitamin E - has protective and antioxidant effects. Improves the epithelialization and increases enzyme activity in the skin. Slows down premature skin aging caused by UV radiation.- Tocopherol - has powerful antioxidant properties and protects skin against the adverse environmental effects.thanks to these active ingredients the body creams provide long-lasting hydration and soften the skin. The fruity scents are well accepted by the modern consumer because of the note of freshness and exotic they bring into the grey daily life. The new REFAN collection is a real pleasure for your skin - aromatic therapy with refreshing effects. SHAMPOO-SHOWER GEL ml SHAMPOO-SHOWER GELS ml SHAMPOO-SHOWER GELS ml FOREST RASPBERRY TROPICAL MANGO FRESH TANGERINE Ref Ref Ref BODY CREAM ml BODY CREAM ml BODY CREAM ml HONEY BANANA JUICY STRAWBERRY EXOTIC POMEGRANATE Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref SHAMPOO-SHOWER GEL ml SHAMPOO-SHOWER GEL ml SHAMPOO-SHOWER GEL ml BODY CREAM ml BODY CREAM ml BODY CREAM ml HONEY BANANA JUICY STRAWBERRY EXOTIC POMEGRANATE FOREST RASPBERRY TROPICAL MANGO FRESH TANGERINE 28 29

15 SEA WAVES SEA WAVES Ref Ref Ref FACE CREAM - 50 ml WITH BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT HAND CREAM - 75 ml WITH BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT RICH BODY CREAM ml WITH BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT RICH Ref Ref Ref SUGAR BODY SCRUB g WITH SEAWEED EXTRACT, ALMOND OIL, APRICOT KERNEL OIL AND GRAPE SEED OI SHAMPOO AND SHOWER GEL ml WITH SEAWEED EXTRACT BODY MIST ml LIGHT AND REFRESHING SEA WAVES cosmetic series of REFAN contains brown seaweed extract, rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It affects the senses, transferring the mind to the carefree atmosphere of summer with its fresh scent, reminiscent of the sea and its caressing and soothing waves. SEA WAVES cosmetic series offers care products for face, hands, hair and body, and its ingredient brown seaweed extract provides gentle care for the skin, keeping it well hydrated during the hot summer days. As a result, skin is soft and smooth, which, combined with the compelling scent of the series products, makes their use a real pleasure. Ref Ref PEELING SOAP SPONGE - 75 g HANDMADE GLYCERIN SOAP - 1 kg ITS FRESH SCENT IS ITS FRESH SCENT IS 30 REMINISCENT OF THE SEA REMINISCENT OF THE SEA 31

16 MEN PERFECTION MEN PERFECTION Ref Ref Ref AFTERSHAVE BALM - 50 ml DAY FACIAL FLUID - 50 ml EYE CREAM - 50 ml WITH LANACITYN TM PF AND ROSE WATER WITH LANACITYN TM PF AND ROSE WATER WITH LANACITYN TM PF, ROSE WATER, OL- IVE SQUALANE AND VITAMIN E Ref Ref Ref The urban environment is getting more and more polluted causing significant damages to our skin with visible consequences, which makes it necessary for us to take better care of our skin protection. REFAN s innovators would like to propose a solution and it is the new men s cosmetic line Men Perfection. Its premium-quality active ingredient - Lanacityn TM PF offers adequate protection against the environmental pollution by capturing the dust particles and maintaining the natural detoxification systems of the skin. The trials performed have shown that Lanacityn TM PF successfully provides protection against cigarette smoke as well. It improves the brilliance and tonus of the skin and reduces the transepidermal water loss through the skin. Lanacityn TM PF is a combination of the hydrothermal bacterium Alteromonas macleodii and chrysanthemum extract. Ateromonas macleodii is a microorganism that lives in exclusively toxic environments at extreme temperatures and the chrysanthemum extract has the capacity to overcome the oxidative stress. The combination of the hydrothermal bacterium Аlteromonas macleodii, chrysanthemum extract and rose water in the cosmetic series Men Perfection forms a protective system which guarantees full protection from the air pollution. NIGHT FACIAL FLUID - 50 ml WITH LANACITYN TM PF AND ROSE WATER FACIAL WASH GEL ml WITH LANACITYN TM PF AND POLYLACTIC ACID HAIR AND BODY SHAMPOO ml WITH LANACITYN TM PF AND ROSE WATER The new men s cosmetic series Men Perfection of REFAN includes: a daytime facial fluid, nighttime facial fluid, aftershave, eye cream and a shower-gel shampoo. The facial products are packed in innovative Аirless vials, easy for dosage and use. These vials do not allow any contamination of the content and protect the ingredients from contact with air and light thus helping to preserve the durability and properties of the consistency for a maximum period of time. Thanks to the special pump, the entire content of the vial is utilized without any residue

17 SHEA/ KARITÉ SHEA/ KARITÉ Ref Ref Ref PARABEN FREE DAY/NIGHT FACE CREAM- 30 ml WITH ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER BODY CREAM ml WITH ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER PARABEN FREE HAND LOTION - 75 ml WITH ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER Ref Ref Ref Shea butter, also known as karité butter, is one of the greatest miracles of the Dark Continent. It is extracted from the nuts of Mangifolia tree (Butyrospermum Parkii) which grows in West African Savannah. Its name means life and it is considered sacred. The tree cannot be cultivated and it only grows wild. The Karité tree grows to a height of 10 to 15 m and it can live for the impressive 300 years. It starts flowering around the age of 50. The karité tree begins to bear fruit after about 15 years, but it may take up to 30 years to bear a quality crop of nuts with a high content of vitamins and fatty acids. The fruits are small, oval, dark green in color with almond-shaped kernel and they ripen from July to September. Harvesting and processing of shea nuts is carried out only by female adults.. Only they have the right to crush the nuts and to prepare shea butter. The nuts are dried and ground into paste. This paste is kneaded continuously until it becomes karité butter - a universal skincare product, often considered women s gold. The women from Burkina Faso traditionally use it to massage newborn babies. It is believed that the Egyptian queen Nefertiti owed the magnificence of her beauty to the daily use of shea butter.shea butter is extremely valuable because of its components and its benefits for the skin. The large amount of Vitamin E provides protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation and free radicals. It helps prevent appearance of wrinkles, smooths out fine facial lines and counteracts premature skin aging. Vitamin F acts as a skin protector. It has strong softening effect on rough, dry and flaky skin. Shea Butter also contains a significant amount of cinnamic acid, a substance acting as a natural SPF 4. Women s gold is rich in trace elements and fatty acids - equal proportions of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains large amounts of oleic acid %, stearic acid %, palmitic acid - up to 10% and linoleic acid up to 2%. They are necessary for maintaining skin moisture and elasticity and for regulation of lipid synthesis in depth. These ingredients of shea butter are beneficial for cell renewal, restoration of horny layer and skin soothing. It is believed that this butter is the best skin care in winter and after sun exposure as it provides the necessary moisture and nutrients in the cold season and dry weather. Shea butter can be applied where skin needs hydration. Ref PARABEN FREE FООT CREAM - 75 ml WITH ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER HANDMADE GLYCERIN SOAP - 1 kg PARABEN FREE HAIR/BODY SHAMPOO ml WITH ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER PEELING SOAP-SPONGE - 75 g WITH SHEA BUTTER WITH SHEA BUTTER 34 35

18 PROVENCE LAVENDER PROVENCE LAVENDER Ref Ref Ref Ref FACE CREAM- 50 ml MOISTURIZING FACE CREAM WITH RELAXING EFFECT ORGANIC LAVENDER WATER ml Ref Ref HAND CREAM - 75 ml MOISTURIZING HAND CREAM WITH RELAXING EFFECT Lavender has accompanied humans since ancient times, fascinating them with its fragrant and beautiful violet-blue flowers. It is used both as an oil and as dried aromatic stalks. In addition to its wonderful relaxing scent, lavender essential oil has antiseptic and regenerative properties. Yogurt concentrate has a superb effect on the dry and problem-prone skin, moisturizing it and leaving it soft and smooth thanks to its content rich in proteins, lipids, minerals, and vitamins. The skin feels smooth and supple, intensely moisturized and satin-soft again. The combination of pure lavender oil and yogurt concentrate in Provence Lavender cosmetic series of REFAN soothes, moisturizes and regenerates skin, and its relaxing scent will take you to the lavender fields of Provence and will captivate and pamper your senses. SHAMPOO SHOWER GEL ml CONVEYS AN INCREDIBLE FEELING OF FRESHNESS AND PURITY TO SKIN AND HAIR FOOT CREAM - 75 ml SOFTENING AND RELAXING FOOT CREAM, SUITABLE FOR HEAVY AND TIRED LEGS Ref Ref Ref FOOT GEL - 75 ml REFRESHING AND RELAXING LEG GEL, SUITABLE FOR HEAVY AND TIRED LEGS BODY LOTION ml PEELING SOAP SPONGE - 75 g SET MOISTURIZING LOTION WITH SOAP WITH RELAXING SCENT OF LAVENDER FACE CREAM, HAND CREAM, FOOT GEL 36 RELAXING EFFECT AND HANDMADE GLYCERIN SOAP 37

19 REFAN TEMPTATION BLEND REFAN TEMPTATION BLEND Fragrance is more than just an accessory. It is alive, spontaneous, sense-provoking, emotionally stirring, evokes memories and perception. REFAN Perfumery has become synonymous with style and elegance over the years. The selective, boutique collection REFAN TEMPTATION BLEND follows the company's historical traditions of developing emblematic fragrances for perfume connoisseurs. This is an exclusive range of avant-garde fragrances created with the most valuable perfume ingredients selected from all over the world, which are characterized by their naturalness and rich and refined scents. Each fragrance of this new collection is a real gem with its intensity, character and long-lasting scent, a symbol of individuality and luxury, presented in a stylish boutique handmade box. Ref GERANIUM & ROSE PATCHOULI & ROSE Mysterious and intensive woody fragrance blended with rose geranium and fresh green mint notes. Emphasized soft peppery sweetness of nutmeg, incense, smoky myrrh and spicy cardamom. Sandalwood and agarwood blended with leathery and resinous notes finish this unique fragrance. Special and delicate with a bohemian chic, elegant bouquet of white flowers, rose and jasmine. Overflowing heart notes of warm and delicate patchouli, musk and sandalwood. Base notes of a magnificent harmony of vanilla, incense and cashmere. AGARWOOD & ROSE INCENSE & ROSE Romantic and seductive oriental fragrance. A unique floral-woody creation blended with the rich scent of Rosa damascena, Indonesian patchouli and noble Arab agarwood. Perfumery masterpiece with the scent of passion, splendor and pleasure. Exotic oriental fairy tale - incense, amber, oakmoss, smoky herbs and warm spicy notes. Middle notes of cardamom, Szechuan pink peppercorn and saffron and base notes of guaiac wood, sandalwood and leather. The rose scent is only alluded and discrete, fading to the main emphasis of this woody-oriental harmony. VANILLA & ROSE Extravagant and unusual fragrance, manifestation of ruby Rose Damascena, spicy herbs, fine green and woody notes. Rose notes fade away gradually to release sweet vanilla, honey, candied fruits blended with saffron nuances, raspberry and smoky woody notes. CHYPRE & ROSE Magic composition with chypre base notes patchouli, oakmoss and red rose in the heart blended into a harmonious whole with incense and sandalwood, resinous and balsamic notes. Bitter, smoky, spicy scent of Indian davana with warm cashmere notes. IRIS & ROSE Fresh head notes of Calabrian bergamot, May rose and Florentine iris, followed by heart notes of teasing pink peppercorn, patchouli and cedarwood fading again to the floral nature of velvet rose, tuberose and neroli. Sensual musk, amber and cocoa complement and finalize this magnificent, exiting fragrance. Ref VANILLA & ROSE - 55 ml Ref Ref Ref CHYPRE & ROSE - 55 ml GERANIUM & ROSE - 55 ml Ref Ref SAFFRON & ROSE Emblematic fragrance, created for perfume connoisseurs. Sensual, sexy, hypnotizing. An incredible composition of Indian jasmine, chocolate, truffle, saffron. Mysterious patchouli and a veil of black rose fill the heart, a hint of vanilla, smoky accords laid on a warm woody base. INCENSE & ROSE - 55 ml IRIS & ROSE - 55 ml PATCHOULI & ROSE - 55 ml SANDALWOOD & ROSE Extraordinary fragrant blend of Rosa damascena and elegant, oriental and woody notes. Notable and provocative fragrance with balsamic-floral heart notes luxuriously blended with resinous labdanum, classical rose and smoky agarwood notes. Ref Ref Ref VIOLET & ROSE Fine and delicate fragrance, citrus-floral extravaganza of violet, black currant and bergamot blended with sunny notes of Bulgarian, French, Moroccan and Turkish rose against warm amber, sandalwood and white cedar base. 38 SAFFRON & ROSE - 55 ml SANDALWOOD & ROSE - 55 ml VIOLET & ROSE - 55 ml 39

20 REFAN GOLD COLLECTION REFAN GOLD COLLECTION Everyone in the daily life uses various cosmetic products. But they are perfumed in different smell directions. Overlayed them on the body, the scent of perfume that we use is modified and it reduces the pleasure of usage. The new line REFAN GOLD COLLECTION has been developed after analysis of consumers behavior which indicates that most of them use various cosmetic products, but they prefer to have them with a unifying scent. This allows the scent of your favorite perfume become richer, intensive and unchanged. But in order to obtain this effect, without causing adverse reactions of the skin, REFAN selected for its products special fragrances that are more tolerant to the skin. They are different from traditionally used in perfumery options. Designed for cosmetics and contact with a large area of the skin.theese fragrances are in the perfume range of the draught perfumery, but are not identical and should not be compared. REFAN GOLD COLLECTION includes eau de perfume and body cosmetics in the same smell direction:for the ladies shower gel and body lotion and for the gentlemen - shampoo shower gel. So you have the opportunity to shower with your favorite scent to take care of your skin after a shower and as a final chord to add perfume - for a complete ritual with your favorite scent. Products of REFAN GOLD COLLECTION influence irresistibly with its durable and intense flavors. Also the packaging is made of luxurious gold card, which gives it a very stylish and sophisticated design and makes it a suitable gift. REFAN GOLD EAU DE PARFUM MEN ml REFEN GOLD COLLECTION MEN - SET PERFUMED SHAMPOO AND SHOWER GEL ml AND EAU DE PARFUM ml INTENSE REFAN GOLD EAU DE PARFUM MEN ml REFAN GOLD EAU DE PARFUM WOMEN ml REFEN GOLD COLLECTION WOMEN - SET INTENSE REFAN GOLD EAU DE PARFUM WOMEN ml PERFUMED BODY LOTION ml, PERFUMED SHOWER GEL ml 40 AND EAU DE PARFUM ml 41

21 REFAN INTENSE EAU DE PARFUM 55 ml REFAN INTENSE EAU DE PARFUM 55 ml When we choose perfumes we want to keep abreast of the fashion and, at the same time to be special and unique therefore it is necessary to properly select them. If you still haven t found your fragrance among the great perfumery abundance, do not hesitate and select at least one of the staggering emblematic perfumes. REFAN INTENSE eau de PARFUM. Their new and attractive packaging gives them a luxurious vision and turns them into real perfume jewelry and exquisite gift. The new trends in the world of perfumes - extreme and intense - other than the well-known classics, provide an escape from boredom and a return to the mystery of nature. These are long-lasting fragrances with increased intensity and enriched composition with accented floral freshness or spices, juicy fruit notes or marked warm basic woody notes. The higher concentration and new remixes of the favorite perfumes keep abreast with the hectic modern world of strong emotions, and they are designed for those who seek for new sensual experiences. These ultra-modern fragrances fully meet the fashion trends and further underline the individual charm, create joyful emotions, improve mood, increase confidence

22 SOAPS PER KILO SPECIALIZED SOAPS THE HOLY LAKE The soap contains curative mud from the Dead Sea which is actually a drainless salt lake located at the lowest point on Earth. Its water has a salt content of over 30 % which is about ten times the salinity of the oceans. The Dead Sea has become famous as a healing spring thanks to its unique mineral content. Layer upon layer of fine silt deposits have evolved over thousands of years to form the Dead Sea mud. In its natural form, the curative mud is a black, fine, greasy and sticky mass. It contains organic substances mixed with minerals and salts from the sea. Some trace and macro elements are found therein - calcium, magnesium, organic nitrogen, sodium, iron, copper, selenium, lithium, etc. with beneficial effects on human body. The mud stimulates the regenerative processes, improves metabolism, and has hypoallergenic and antiseptic properties. The high content of trace elements and sulfur heals vitamin and mineral deficiencies in case of skin diseases. The mud is used in its natural form, without any further processing, in order to preserve its highly curative and dermatological efficiency to the utmost. As a soap ingredient it provides gentle exfoliation which removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. By absorbing excess sebum it revitalizes and refreshes skin. With its high mineral content the mud moisturizes skin and helps with natural skin hydration. 120 g TRANSPARENT (GLYCERIN) SOAPS In recent years, global trends require the use of the so-called transparent soaps, soaps per kilo, due to their softness and attractive appearance. They contain glycerin, which is an essential ingredient. Glycerin is obtained as a by-product of the hydrolysis of fats and oils. But it can be put in the product additionally. It has not only a functional significance as an ingredient, but it also provides pleasant softening and moisturizing effect on the skin after using the transparent soap block.this type of soaps per kilo is produced in the company Refan, too. Our glycerin soaps are made from fatty acids of plant oils. The formulation of this glycerin mass was invented by our specialists here in the company more than 10 years ago. Characteristic feature of these soaps is that they wear away faster than the standard toilet soaps due to their different composition. They have crystal structure, which requires specific composition and technology to be obtained. To obtain this attractive appearance of soaps, the quantity of the active substance (in this case soap) is less.in transparent soaps all quality characteristics of the standard toilet soap are preserved (such as abundant foam, hardness, softness, minimal wear away etc.).the soaps of REFAN collection are handmade an amazing product, which goes beyond the concept of the hygiene items and is considered to be an aesthetic cosmetic product. In the composition of our soaps there are various natural ingredients - plant oils, extracts, herbs and spices, nuts, plant parts, essential oils. Each bar of the soaps per kg can be cut with a knife or a special guillotine into separate pieces, with the weight you desire. LUXURY SOAPS RED WINE & WHITE WINE Tonic wine cocktail for the skin. The soaps contain grape seed oil and grape seed flour. These are valuable ingredients and some of the most powerful antioxidants. The healing properties of grapes and grape seeds have been known since ancient times. They are rich in polyphenols - extremely valuable medicinal substances which neutralize the aggressive free radicals in the body and prevent the skin from aging. The small particles of grape seeds will further exfoliate and massage your skin gently. The aroma of wine, the abundant and soft foam give you pleasure and relaxation, a real wine therapy for your bathroom. 2 x 70 g THREE SCENTED TOALET SOAPS LAVENDER The soaps contain soybean oil, lavender blossom and oat flakes. The soybean oil hydrates and feeds your skin and has a softening and soothing action. 3 x 70 g 44 45

23 CANDLES CANDLES SOY CANDLES Is known that the soybean oil is a rich source of protein and it is a frequently-used raw material in the food and cosmetic industry. Less known is the fact that the soybean oil can be used for the make up of candles. It is also known that the soy candles have greater burning durability than the paraffin ones. This fact was discovered by Michael Richards in 1992 when he found a way to produce soy wax and later, in 1996, the first soy candle in the world was made by some students at Perdue University, USA, as a Christmas gift. Touch the romance, feel the pleasure of warmth, make a gift the candles of Refan! PERFUMED CANDLE Each candle has a burning time of approximately 20 hours. Home perfume with rattan sticks Pleasant perfume presence, providing pleasure and improving the mood. Use: Remove the cap from the bottom of the decorative cone. Put inside the vial with the liquid fragrance and open it. Place the decorative cone by pressing against the bottom surface. Place the fine rattan sticks into the liquid fragrance. The sticks gradually release an incredible fragrance that permeates the atmosphere of your home. The intensity depends on the number of the diffuser sticks used. If you want to increase the scent, it is recommended to just flip the sticks from time to time. ORNAMENTAL CANDLES - Candlestick REFAN Sea - Candlestick REFAN Lavender - Candlestick REFAN - Candlestick REFAN Rose - Rose Engraving - Decorative Candle Coffee AROMATHERAPY CANDLES - Queen Rose - Lavender - Ylang - ylang 46 47

24 INTERNATIONAL PRESTIGE Forbes, the prestigious economic magazine, has acknowledged Refan Bulgaria and its franchise business model in three consequent years: - With the Special Family Business Development Prize in 2013: the franchise business model of Refan Bulgaria was distinguished for providing the best opportunities of the year for development of family business; a business model recognized for its transparency, honesty and maximum quality; - With the Special Quality Award in 2014: for providing the best quality of products and customers service; - With the Special Award in 2015: for Sustainable bussiness; - With the Special Award in 2016: Social and public engagement REFAN s franchise model was awarded also with the following prizes: - New Business Model in 2011; - Diploma for working Franchise Model in 2012; - Best Bulgarian Franchise in Europe for the imposition of a successful franchise model, offering recognizable products of world-class quality; SUSTAINABILITY Refan s success is not a momentary or temporary event but a result of hard and constant work for almost 25 years, a result of long-term and trustful cooperation amongst the company and its suppliers, partners, clients, customers, local authorities and the local communities. - In 2011 Refan Bulgaria Ltd. received the award A Producer Who Has Glorified Bulgaria Abroad and the Honorary Mercury statuette at the National Exhibition Made in Bulgaria. - In 2014 Refan Bulgaria LTD won the German Economic Award for special aims to contribute to the further development of German-Bulgarian economics relations and to motivate the companies for contacts with German partners. - In 2014 International European Quality Award The award is given by GLOBAL TRADE LEADERS CLUB. - In 2016 European Award for Quality and Business Prestige - Golden European Award REFAN TRADE MARK All cosmetic and perfumery products of the company are sold under the trademark REFAN with Certificate The company Refan Bulgaria owns the patent of the glass container brand with Certificate and the patent of amphora (glass vessel) design with Certificate for sale of perfumery products. Any similarity of perfumery products of the company Refan Bulgaria Ltd. with other brands is inappropriate and it violates the intellectual property rights of the company, and the violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law