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2 At a glance 2018 Approximately 9,000 employees Around $6 billion in sales Around 70 facilities Region includes: USA including Puerto Rico Canada Major brands: Main Locations: Rocky Hill, CT Stamford, CT Culver City, CA Mississauga, ON, Canada Westlake, OH Madison Heights, MI Irvine, CA Bridgewater, NJ 2

3 Leading positions in consumer and industrial businesses Three business units Adhesive Technologies Beauty Care Laundry & Home Care 3

4 Sales 2018 Around $6 bn in sales 25% of Henkel s global sales *Eastern Europe, Africa/Middle East, Latin America, Asia (excluding Japan) 4

5 Successful acquisitions as a driver for growth General Mills Chemicals Standard Inc. Chemical Products Adhesives Consultants Group Manco Dexter Corporation Advance Research Laboratories

6 Main locations Westlake, OH Consumer, Craftsmen & Building Adhesives Madison Heights, MI Transport & Metal Adhesives Culver City, CA Beauty Care Hair Professional HQ Mississauga, ON (Canada) Henkel Canadian HQ Rocky Hill, CT Corporate HQ in North America General Industry Adhesives Stamford, CT Henkel Consumer Goods HQ Irvine, CA Electronic Adhesives Bridgewater, NJ Packaging, Consumer Goods & Construction Adhesives 6

7 Business leaders Mike Olosky Stephan Fuesti-Molnar Heather Wallace Stefan Mund President, Henkel of America, Inc. Regional Head of Adhesive Technologies North America & Latin America Corporate Senior Vice President and Global Head of Adhesive Electronics Based in Irvine, CA President, Henkel Consumer Goods North America Regional Head of Laundry & Home Care in North America Based in Stamford, CT Regional Head of Beauty Care Retail North America Based in Stamford, CT Regional Head of Beauty Care Hair Professional North America Based in Culver City, CA 7

8 Portfolio of well-known industrial and consumer brands Adhesive Technologies Beauty Care Laundry & Home Care Business Areas Packaging & Consumer Goods Transport & Metal General Industry Electronics Consumer, Craftsmen & Building Branded Consumer Goods (Retail) Hair Salon business (Professional) Laundry Care Home Care Major Brands Markets Packaging Consumer Goods Construction Automotive Metal Industry Aerospace Durable Goods Assembly Maintenance & Repair Electronics Assembly Handheld Computing Industrial & Infrastructure Automotive Electronics Household Repairs Do-It-Yourself Building Solutions Soaps Body Washes Antiperspirants Deodorants Styling Products Colorants Shampoos Conditioners Styling Products Colorants Shampoos Conditioners Detergents Fabric Softeners Stain Removers Air Fresheners Cleansers Dishwashing Insecticides 8

9 Adhesive Technologies Product portfolio Business Areas Top Brands Packaging & Consumer Goods Transport & Metal General Industry Electronics Consumer, Craftsmen & Building 9

10 Beauty Care Product portfolio Product Categories Top Brands Retail business Bar & body soap Hand soap & antibacterial Antiperspirants & deodorants Hair care, styling, colorants Hair Professional business Hair care Hair styling Hair colorants 10

11 Laundry & Home Care Product portfolio Product Categories Top Brands Laundry detergents Fabric softeners & additives Stain removers Air fresheners Insecticides All-purpose cleaners 11

12 What guides us Leadership in sustainability Our sustainability strategy: Achieving more with less Ambitious long-term goal for 2030: Triple value in relation to our footprint (Factor 3) Interim target : Increase our overall efficiency by 75% Leading positions in various national and international sustainability ratings and indices

13 Status of our sustainability targets Our progress toward our long-term goal Factor

14 Social engagement Supporting social projects More than 430,000 beneficiaries served in North America in 2018 Make an Impact on Tomorrow (MIT) initiative: Global corporate volunteering program Supporting employees and retirees Over 14,600 projects in more than 100 countries around the world since launch Four pillars of our corporate citizenship program: Corporate volunteering Social partnerships Brand engagement Emergency aid 17 14

15 What guides us Our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values Creating sustainable value Purpose Leading with our innovations, brands and technologies Serving our customers and consumers worldwide as the most trusted partner with leading positions in all relevant markets and categories as a passionate team united by shared values Customers and Consumers People Financial Performance Sustainability Family Business Vision Mission Values 18 15

16 What guides us Henkel Strategic Priorities and Values 19 16

17 What guides us Henkel Strategic Priorities 17

18 Learn more: Visit us online Henkel North America website: Follow us on Social media: Learn more about Henkel, our strategic priorities and sustainability strategy on our website. Henkel Global website: The Spotlight News section of our website highlights the most current news and features from across our business units Henkel Corporation All rights reserved. 18

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