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2 Contents After Care Page 3-4 Art Supplies & Anaesthetics Page 5 Blades Page 6 Cleaning Products Page 7 Dressings Page 8-9 First Aid Supplies Page Gloves Page Instruments Page 15 Lighting Page Machine Accessories Page 18 Milton Products Page 19 Mixing & Thinning Solutions Page 20 Paper Products Page 21 Piercing Supplies Page Skin Disinfectants Page Sterilisation and Ultrasonics Page Studio Supplies Page 28 Surface Disinfectants Page Tattoo Equipment - Needlebars Page 31 Tattoo Equipment - Tips, Grips & Tubes Page 32 Index Page 33 Terms & Conditions Page 34 Order Form Page 35 2

3 Aftercare Body Piercing Aftercare BPA safe solutions assists the body s regeneration by keeping the piercing lubricated making it easier to clean and turn jewellery. - Easily absorbed - Convenient applicator - Suitable for all skin types also for vegans. - Will not tarnish jewellery BPA ml bottle BPA ml bottle Savlon Antiseptic Range Savlon Antiseptic Cream SAV x 15g tube 0.89 SAV x 30g tube 1.19 SAV x 100g tube 2.90 Savlon Dry Antiseptic Spray SAV x 50ml spray 2.55 Savlon Wound Wash SAV x 100ml 1.99 Bepanthen 3-1 Tattoo Aftercare Application One product for the life of your tattoo - Natural ingredients - Extra vitamin E - Suitable for all skin types - Colours stay vibrant - Can be applied to fresh inkwork - No paraben, petroleum, alcohols - No food grade colourants - Show your new tattoo sooner! Benefits to studios: - Quality work deserves quality aftercare - Helps provide full aftercare service to customers - Protects quality of artist's work - Fewer touch ups needed - Increases studio revenue - Quality product at a fair price TAT ml jar TAT ml jar TAT ml jar TAT ml jar A&D Ointment A protective and soothing aid that protects from skin irritation and dry skin. BEP g tube BEP g tube Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly AD0011 1lb Jar AD0013 5gm Sachet E45 Cream Helpful for all dry skin conditions particulary dermatitis and eczema. VAS g VAS g WHI g EC001 50g cream EC g cream EC g pump dispenser 3

4 Aftercare Germolene Calcium gluconate for first aid treatment of hydrofluoric acid burns on the skin. Acriflex For the treatment of minor burns, scalds, sunburn, blisters, cuts and scratches. This product can be used by adults and children. GER g Aqueous Cream A light non-greasy moisturiser for all dry skin conditions particularly eczema and dermatitis. ACR001 30g KY Jelly A sterile water soluble lubricant. AQU g tub AQU g tub KY g tube Preparation H Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash PRE g LIS ml 1 x bottle 1.90 Care+ Chlorhexidine Mouthwash Corsodyl Mouthwash CHL ml 1 x Peppermint 1.90 CHL ml 1 x Original 1.90 COR ml 1 x Original 2.60 COR ml 1 x Mint

5 Art Supplies Stencil Stuff Spray Designed to keep drawings on the skin, it will stop your pen drawings from wiping off. SS012 1 x 85g Stencil Stuff Used for longer lasting precision tattoo stencils. It makes the transfer crisper, cleaner and sharper than using all other traditional methods and elimiates the possibility of cross-contamination. SS013 1 x 8oz Practice Skin Great for practicing as a beginner or just trying new techniques. A great way to display your artwork in actual tattoo form so customers can view the final product. PS001 1 x 6 x Surgical & Dual Ended Marker Pens CAM Thermal Imaging Paper Thermal imaging paper used for creating stencils of the tattoo to apply to the skin. Code Product Quantity Price SUR0003 Surgical Marker Pen DE001 Dual Ended Red DE002 Dual Ended Green DE003 Dual Ended Blue IP001 1 x 50 pk Anaesthetics Ethyl Chloride / Cryogesic For local anaesthesia. Styptic Pencil To help stop bleeding from minor wounds. Code Product Size Qty Price CRY0002 Direct Stream 100ml aerosol ETH0001 Fine Jet 100ml glass Code Product Qty Price STY001 Styptic Pencil

6 Blades Swann Morton Scalpel Blades Blue - Non- sterile carbon steel scalpel blades, in boxes of 100. Sizes availables: 10 10a c Green - Stainless steel scalpel blades, in boxes of 100. Individually wrapped for single use. Sizes available: 10s 11 12d E Red - Sterile carbon steel scalpel blades, in boxes of 100. Individually wrapped for single use. Sizes available: 10 10a d 14 15c t E11 E11 Sabre Swann Morton Micro Surgical Handles Code With independently Quantity screwed top sections, Price to facilitate PREP01 blade changing (will 100 fit all Swann 8.20 Morton blades) PREP Code Price SM Swann Morton Blade Removers Code Price SM Code Price SM Code Price SM For the safe and easy removal of used disposable scalpel blades. SM A safety device that is easy to use and accommodates most handles and blades. SM Swann Morton Scalpel Handles Stainless steel autoclavable scalpel handles. Code Price SM to fit Swann Morton scalpel blades 6-16, E11 & E11 Sabre Code Price SM to fit Swann Morton scalpel blades Code Price SM to fit Swann Morton scalpel blades 6-16, E11 & E11 Sabre Code Price SM to fit Swann Morton scalpel blades 6-16, E11 & E11 Sabre Code Price SM to fit Swann Morton scalpel blades 6-16, E11 & E11 Sabre Swann Morton Disposable Scalpels SM SM

7 Cleaning Products Window, Mirror & Plastic Cleaner Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Bleach GC001 1 x 750ml 2.03 TG001 1 x 1 Litre 1.70 Scouring Pads Large White Dishcloths Dusters BLE001 1 x 750ml 1.97 SP Pack 2.50 DC Pack 4.50 DUS Pack 2.90 Floor Cleaner Washing Up Liquid Hand Soap FC002 1 x 5 Litre 7.50 WUL001 1 x 1 Litre 1.60 Refuse Sacks Pedal Bin Caution Sign HC ml 1.42 Broom & Handle RS001 1 x 200pk PB001 1 x 15litre bin CS BR HAN Mop & Handle Mop Bucket Dust Pan Set Toilet Brush Set MOP HAN BUC DP TBS

8 Dressings Aquacel AG Silver Dressing Absorbent dressing with silver which absorbs wound fluid and transforms into a soft gel. Melolin Dressings - Low adherent absorbent dressing. - Sterile. - Individually wrapped. AQUA01 5cm x 5cm CONV0005 5cm x 5cm Kaltostat Absorbent calcium-sodium wound dressing. KA001 5cm x 5cm KAL001 5cm x 5cm KA cm x 12cm KAL cm x 12cm Granuflex A hydrocolloid moisture-retentative wound dressing which is used for partial and full-thickness wounds with exudates. It is also used for the treatment of ulcers, pressure sores and minor burns. GRA003 10cm x 10cm GRA001 10cm x 10cm Primapore Dressings A sterile adhesive surgical dressing similar to Mepore. MEL0012 5cm x 5cm D cm x 5cm MEL cm x 10cm MEL cm x 10cm Skintact Dressings - Low adherent absorbent dressing. - Sterile. - Individually wrapped. - Comparable to Melolin. SK001 5cm x 5cm SKI0001 5cm x 5cm SK002 10cm x 10cm SKI cm x 10cm SK003 10cm x 20cm SKI cm x 10cm Mepore Dressings Adhesive surgical dressing. Individually wrapped and sterile. MEP03 6cm x 7cm MEP0001 6cm x 7cm MEP04 9cm x 10cm MEP0002 9cm x 10cm MEP0003 9cm x 15cm MEP0004 9cm x 20cm PRI01 8.3cm x 6cm PRI cm x 6cm

9 Dressings Sorbsan A sterile calcium alginate wound dressing that converts to a protective gel when in contact with wound exudates, can be applied to leg ulcers pressure areas and most other granulated wounds. SOR01 5cm x 5cm SOR0001 5cm x 5cm SOR02 10cm x 10cm SOR cm x 10cm Tegaderm Dressings The best way to protect small tattoos and piercings when swimming or bathing. Mefix Tape A self adhesive fabric, soft and elastic. MEF cm x 10m MEF0002 5cm x 10m MEF cm x 10m Micropore A quality surgical tape for use with dressings. TEG003 6cm x 7cm TEG cm x 12cm TEG cm x 20cm Opsite Transparent sterile film dressing. OPSITE Spray is easy and convenient to apply. The film helps to provide protection for dry minor surgical and surface wounds. OPS001 10cm x 10cm 1 x Roll OPS ml 1 x Spray on film 7.99 dressing Leukostrip An adhesive hypoallergenic wound closure strip made from 100% polyamide material, allowing for an almost pain free closure of the wound. LEU mm x 7.6mm MIC cm x 10m 1 roll 0.35 MIC cm x 10m 24 rolls 4.75 MIC04 2.5cm x 10m 1 roll 0.60 MIC 2.5cm x 10m 12 rolls 4.75 MIC03 5cm x 10m 1 roll 1.00 MIC0006 5cm x 10m 6 rolls 4.75 Transpore A quality surgical tape for use with dressings. TRA cm x 10m 1 roll 0.33 TRA cm x 10m 24 rolls 6.90 TRA cm x 10m 1 roll 0.66 TRA cm x 10m 12 rolls 6.90 TRA cm x 10m 1 roll 1.33 TRA0003 5cm x 10m 6 rolls 6.90 Non-Woven Tape An excellent economical surgical tape. (similar to micropore) MIC cm x 10cm 12 rolls

10 First Aid Supplies Medium-Sized Individually Wrapped Sterile Unmedicated Wound Dressing Large-Sized Individually Wrapped Sterile Unmedicated Wound Dressing UWD001 1 x Dressing 0.25 UWD x Dressings 2.55 Sterile Eye Pad And Bandage UWD003 1 x Dressing 0.35 UWD x Dressings 3.60 Ambulance Wound Dressing EP012 1 x Bandage 0.22 EP x Bandages 2.25 AMW x Dressing 0.53 AMW x Dressings 5.70 Individually Wrapped Triangular Bandage Individually Wrapped Sterile Plasters IWTB001 1 x Bandage 0.49 IWTB x Bandages 5.25 IWSP Plasters 1.72 Waterproof Plasters Medical Cleansing Tissue Wipes WPP001 1 x Pack of WPP x Packs of MCT002 1 x Single Wipe 0.10 MCT x Single Wipes

11 First Aid Supplies Blue Detectable Plasters (20) Blue Detectable Plasters (100) BDP x Pack of BDP x Packs of BDP x Pack of Hydrofluroric Acid Antidote Gel Calcium gluconate for first aid treatment of hydrofluoric acid burns on the skin. Burn gel Suitable for emergency care on burns, scalds and sunburn. HAA01 1 x 25g gel HAA02 12 x 25g gel First Aid Response Bag Soft PU Nylon Shoulder Bag 280x230x120mm BG x 50ml burn gel 2.70 Foil Space Blanket 200cm x 140cm FSB001 1 x Foil Blanket 0.45 Safety Pins Contents: x 1 Guidance Leaflet x 1 Rescusiade x 2 Waterproof Plasters (20) x 4 Pair Disposable Gloves x 2 Eye Pads x 5 20ml Eye Wash x 6 Triangular Bandages x 4 Low Adherent Dressings x 2 Safety Pins (6) 10cm x 10cm x 6 Medium Dressings 12x12cm x 1 Micropore Tape x 2 Large Dressings 18x18cm 1.25cm x 9.1m x 6 Alcohol-free Wipes x 1 Tuff Cut Scissors x 2 Crepe Bandages 7.5 x 4.5cm x 3 Foil Blankets x 2 Instant Cold Packs FRB001 1 x Bag SP x 12 Safety Pins 1.20 SP x 100 Safety Pins Scissors 5 Inch SCI025 1 x Scissors

12 First Aid Supplies First Aids Kits Sterile Eye Wash FIRST001 1 x 1 employee 5.00 FIRST01 1 x 10 employees 6.99 FIRST02 1 x 20 employees SEW001 1 x 250ml bottle 2.20 Nearest First Aid Box And Contact Sign Resusci Face Shield CS x Self Adhesive 5.09 CS x Rigid Plastic 8.60 RFS012 1 x Membrane 0.20 RF013 1 x 100 Pack First Aid Guidance Leaflet FAG001 1 x Leaflet 0.14 FAG x Leaflets 5.62 First Aid Cabinet 12 x 5.5 x FAC001 1 x Cabinet

13 Gloves Micro-Touch HydraCare A unique combination of protection and skincare Micro-Touch Sterile Superior comfort and grip when sterility is required - Moisturiser that restores skin hydration and elasticity - Low latex protein content: typically lower than 30 ug/g - Lightly fragranced for fresh hands - Lubrication treatment by siliconisation and chlorination - Beaded cuff prevents roll-down - Polyacrylate coating provides easy donning - High sensitivity - Textured surface for good grip and instrument handling - Reduced latex protein content: typically lower than 30ug/g - Low level of residual process chemicals - Beaded cuff MH001 Extra Small 100 / box 6.75 MH002 Small 100 / box 6.75 MH003 Medium 100 / box 6.75 MH004 Large 100 / box 6.75 MH005 Extra Large 100 / box 6.75 Micro-Touch Nitrile Accelerator-Free A unique combition of barrier protection, allergy prevention and comfort - 100% nitrile (acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymer) - Powder-free, to prevent possible contamination of wounds and lab tests and to reduce the risk of skin abrasion - Higher resistance to puncture than most latex or vinyl gloves - Thermo-elastic material moulds exactly to hand shape for comfortable fit - Textured surface for good instrument grip - Beaded Cuff NO0003 Small 50 Pairs NO0002 Medium 50 Pairs NO0001 Large 50 Pairs NO0012 Small 1 Pair 0.40 NO0013 Medium 1 Pair 0.40 NO0014 Large 1 Pair 0.40 Micro-Touch Coated Easy donning and maximum comfort - Very easy donning thanks to polyacrylate coating, ideal for users who must switch gloves often and quickly - Powder-free, to prevent possible contamination of wounds and lab tests and to reduce the risk of skin abrasion. - Reduced latex protein content: typically lower than 30ug/g - Textured surface for good instrument grip - Beaded cuff NIT008 Extra Small 100 / box 3.63 NIT009 Small 100 / box 3.63 NIT0010 Medium 100 / box 3.63 NIT0011 Large 100 / box 3.63 NIT0012 Extra Large 100 / box MC01 Extra Small 100 / box 4.96 MC02 Small 100 / box 4.96 MC03 Medium 100 / box 4.96 MC04 Large 100 / box 4.96 MC05 Extra Large 100 / box 4.96

14 Gloves Black Latex Gloves Non-Sterile TP-BLA005 Extra Small 100 / box 4.70 TP-BLA001 Small 100 / box 4.70 TP-BLA002 Medium 100 / box 4.70 TP-BLA003 Large 100 / box 4.70 TP-BLA004 Extra Large 100 / box 4.70 Kimberly Clark Purple Nitrile Powder Free Non-Sterile PNPF000 Extra Small 100 / box 5.00 PNPF001 Small 100 / box 5.00 PNPF002 Medium 100 / box 5.00 PNPF003 Large 100 / box 5.00 PNPF004 Extra Large 100 / box 5.00 Purple Nitrile Extra Powder Free Non-Sterile PN0010 Extra Small 50 / box 5.00 PN0014 Small 50 / box 5.00 PN0013 Medium 50 / box 5.00 PN0012 Large 50 / box 5.00 PN0011 Extra Large 50 / box 5.00 Purple Nitrile Powder Free Sterile Dermagrip Ultra Blue Nitrile Non-Sterile NIT020 Extra Small 200 / box 6.00 NIT021 Small 200 / box 6.00 NIT022 Medium 200 / box 6.00 NIT023 Large 200 / box 6.00 NIT024 Extra Large 200 / box 6.00 Latex Gloves Non-Sterile Powdered Size Quantity Price Extra Small 100 / box 2.80 Small 100 / box 2.80 Medium 100 / box 2.80 Large 100 / box 2.80 Extra Large 100 / box 2.80 Non-Powdered Size Quantity Price Extra Small 100 / box 3.20 Small 100 / box 3.20 Medium 100 / box 3.20 Large 100 / box 3.20 Extra Large 100 / box 3.20 Vinyl Gloves Non-Sterile Powdered Latex Free Size Quantity Price Small 100 / box 2.20 Medium 100 / box 2.20 Large 100 / box 2.20 Extra Large 100 / box 2.20 Non-Powdered Latex Free PNP001 Small 50 / box PNP002 Medium 50 / box PNP003 Large 50 / box Size Quantity Price Small 100 / box 2.00 Medium 100 / box 2.00 Large 100 / box 2.00 Extra Large 100 / box

15 Instruments Duval Tweezers Mini Pennington Forceps Straight Ended Tweezers Code Qty Size Price BP cm 2.50 Tongue & Navel Clamp Code Product Size Price BP140 Serrated Split End 15cm 4.00 BP142 Serrated Closed End 15cm 4.00 MIN0007 Non Serrated Splint End 15cm 4.00 MIN0008 Non Serrated Closed End 15cm 4.00 Ring Openers Code Qty Size Price CH cm 3.00 Ring Closers Code Product Size Price BP160 Serrated Split End 18.5cm 4.00 BP162 Serrated Closed End 18.5cm 4.00 TON0004 Non-Serrated Split End 18.5cm 4.00 TON0003 Non-Serrated Closed End 18.5cm 4.00 Code Qty Size Price RING001 1 Small End 5.79 BP073 1 Large End 4.99 Code Qty Size Price BP120 1 Small 5.99 BP131 1 Large 5.99 Mayo Needle Holder Surgical Steel Scissors Septum Forceps Code Qty Size Price MAY cm 3.00 Code Qty Size Price SCI x S/S 15cm 8.00 CH009 1 x B/S 15cm 7.00 SCI x B/B 15cm 8.00 SCI x C/S 15cm 8.00 SCI x C/B 15cm 8.00 Code Qty Size Price SEP cm 4.00 Hemostats Pliers Ball Holder Code Qty Size Price HEM Curved 13cm 3.50 HEM Straight 13cm 3.50 BP BH

16 Lighting Freedom Battery Lamp Battery or mains operated, you choose! Use the lamp anytime, anywhere for up to 3.5hrs. Work in optimal comfort with 13W. (75W equiv). The slick design of this lamp integrates a strong handle for easy transport and it even charges when used on the mains. The handy status indicator will let you know when your lamp is fully charged. FBL001 1 x Lamp Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp With a bright 28W light, the unique 17.5cm XR lens and the new free-motion head-joint; this lamp combines the latest innovations in light design. These new features make your lamp extremely easy to operate and reliable. The XR Technology makes the lens 50% lighter, extra resistant and easy to clean. The new head joint guarantees precise and smooth positioning of your lamp without constantly having to tighten the wing-nut. UML001 1 x Lamp Foldi Lamp The Foldi LED battery lamp is one of the most inovative lamps ever launched. With its slim design and smooth lines, this lamp truly is the finest portable designer lamp. Unlimited light once USB connected to your laptop, making it the ideal travel, office and hobby lamp full-spectrum daylight LEDs - Battery powered, up to 8 hours (x3 AA batteries included) - LEDs never need to be replaced FOL001 1 x Lamp USB001 1 x USB Adaptor Twist Portable Lamp This popular portable lamp now comes with an ingenious easy-twist shade for maximum light angle and maximum work space. 13W energy saving tube for the best colour rendering. The lamp is lightweight and desinged to fold away neatly, making it very easy to transport. The detachable base makes it extremely stable and there is absolutely no strobe effect, so eyestrain is reduced and potential headaches are elimated. - Available in White/Grey or Silver/Black TPL001 1 x White/Grey Lamp TPL002 1 x Silver/Black Lamp Deluxe Magnifying Lamp With bright 2x13w light, the unique 17.5cm XR lens and the new free-motion head-joint; this lamp combines the latest innovations in light design. These new features make your light not only extremely strong but also suprisingly easy to position. The XR Technology makes the lens 50% lighter, extra resistant and easy to clean. The lamp includes an electronic ballast so you can work in comfortable light and has a clip-on lens system, allowing you to increase the magnification in seconds without any tools. There is also a practical lens cover to protect the lens from sun and dust. DML001 1 x Lamp Ultra Slim XR Lens Replacement XR Lens LEN Deluxe XR Lens Replacement XR Lens LEN

17 Lighting Slimline Magnifying Lamp This unique, stylish slimline magnifier is ideal for all your detailed work. The bright 22W low heat and flicker-free tube (100W equiv.) combines with the slimline head and adjustable internal spring arm. Two easily changeable 12cm glass lenses ensure you see intricate details clearly. Supplied with table clamp. Table Magnifying Lamp A small and powerful table lamp which uses a 12W tube (energy-saving). It is supplied with tube and lens cover which has a 9cm diameter. TML001 1 x Lamp SML001 1 x Lamp Slimline Magnifying Lamp A slim head design for improved viewing area which uses a 22W tube (energy-saving). It has a high quality 13cm opens for detailed work and is supplied with tube, table clamp and lens cover. ML002 1 x Lamp W Circular Tube 28W Circular Tube 13W Tube 13W Tube D13625 TU W Bulb 13W Tube 13W Tube D13626 TU High Capacity Battery CIR CIR BU HCB Spoke Floor Stand Small Table Base Large Table Base UF TB TB

18 Machine Accessories Doughnut Grommets (Autoclavable) Top Hat Grommets DG Socket Screw Sets (Grub Screws) THG Brush Cleaning Set 5 nylon brushes for cleaning tips and grips. GS Capacitor - A 47mF at 25v capacitor - To ensure smooth operation on coils CAP Foot Switch Standard - Non-slip base - Light pressure on/off action - Jack plug fitted BCS x set 2.40 Clipcord - Heavy duty spring to stop movement when in place - 2 metre lead - Jack plug fitted CC Connector Box For use with most power packs. Jack plug converter with footswitch and clipcord. FS Foot Switch Heavy Duty - Made from steel - Non-slip base - 2 metre lead - Jack plug fitted FS Elastic Bands O Rings CB Foot Stool Height adjustable from 11.5cm (4½ ) to 20.5cm (8 ) in four steps FS Magnifying Eye Loop 5 x Magnification EB OR MEL

19 Milton Milton Sterilising Fluid Milton Sterilising Fluid allows you to sterilise in just 15 minutes, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It has been used in hospitals for many years as a simple and very reliable method. Milton solution leaves no unpleasant taste or odour, so there is no need to rinse after use - utensils can be used immediately. Milton Sterilising Tablets Milton Sterilising Tablets allow you to sterilise in just 15 minutes, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Milton can be kept for 24 hours so you can continue to put items in, and take them out when you are ready to use them throughout the day. MIL x 500ml 1.40 MIL x 1 Litre 2.30 MIL x 5 Litre 6.00 MIL x 15 tablets 1.32 Milton Surface Spray Milton Surface Spray is a very gentle but highly effective way to clean surfaces around the home. It is clinically proven to kill a wide range of bacteria and fungi, including those that that cause food poisoning such as E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Candida Albicans, the fungus that causes thrush. Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel The pleasantly scented Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel had been clinically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, with no need for water, so you can use it anywhere. MIL x Spray 1.38 MIL x 100ml bottle 1.40 Milton Room & Surface Spray - 2 in 1; Disinfects all surfaces and freshems the air removing bad odours - Kills all bacteria and fungi - Prevents the spread of germs when somebody is ill - Kills the germs responsible for bad smells - Clean, fresh alpine fragrance - Formulated with natural essences; bergamont, lavender, lime and eucalyptus. Milton Surface Wipes Milton Surface Wipes are a great way to clean mucky surfaces. Clinically proven to be effective against bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (causes of urinary tract infections) Staphylococcus aureus (a cause of food poisoning) MIL x 300ml Spray 1.75 MIL x 750ml Spray 2.95 MIL x 30 wipes

20 Mixing & Thinning Solutions Purified Water 5 Litres Distilled Water 5 Litres Sterile Water 1 Litre WAT Witch Hazel DW BAX BAX Corks WH001 1 x 200ml 1.99 Colour Ink Caps COR Capstand Stainless steel stand for 8 small caps and 4 large CIC mm (Small) CIC mm (Large) CS

21 Paper Products C Fold Hand Towel Dispenser C Fold Hand Towels PG x Dispenser Centrefeed Dispenser Code Sleeves Quantity Price PG sheets per sleeve sheets per case Centrefeed Rolls Centrefeed Rolls CF x Dispenser Couch Roll Dispenser CR x 20 Dispenser Mini Tork Centrefeed Dispenser Code Quantity Size Price CF0012 White x 6 23cm x 180m 2ply 9.50 CF0013 Blue x 6 23cm x 180m 2ply 9.50 M-Tork Centrefeed Rolls Code Quantity Size Price MTO001 White x 6 23cm x 180m 2ply MTO002 Blue x 6 23cm x 180m 2ply Couch Rolls Couch Rolls 20 Code Colour Quantity Price CR0003 White 9 x 50m 20 (50cm) PG0003 Blue 12 x 40m 20 (50cm) Couch/Wiper Rolls 10 Code Colour Quantity Price CR0002 White 18 x 50m 10 (25cm) PG0004 Blue 24 x 40m 10 (25cm) Mini Tork Centrefeed Rolls 120m x 22cm x 14cm diameter MIN x Dispenser MIN Rolls

22 Piercing Supplies B Braun Introcan Catheters Sharps Bins Code Size Gauge Colour Qty Price INT mm 14g Orange INT mm 16g Grey INT mm 18g Green Jelco Catheters Code Size Gauge Colour Qty Price JEL mm 14g Orange JEL mm 16g Grey JEL mm 18g Green Insyte Catheters Size 0.25 litre SHA litre SHA litre SHA litre SHA litre SHA litre SHA litre SHA litre SHA Code Size Gauge Colour Qty Price INS mm 14g Orange INS mm 16g Grey INS mm 18g Green INS mm 20g Pink Terumo Catheters Code Size Gauge Colour Qty Price TER mm 14g Orange TER mm 16g Grey TER mm 18g Green TER mm 20g Pink

23 Piercing Supplies System 75 Ear Piercing Starter Kit DC Starter Kit Kit Includes x 1 Ear piercing instrument x 1 Marker pen x 1 Box aftercare solution ( 18 x 50ml bottles ) x 1 Ear piercing display board ( with 18 styles ) x 1 Client registration book and aftercare instructions x 1 Ear piercing window sticker x 1 DVD training instructions x 2 Tray inserts to store earings x 6 Brave kid certificates Ear piercing training SSK Nose Piercing Starter Kit Kit Includes x 1 Disposable cartridge ear piercing instrument x 1 Non-toxic marking pen x 1 Box aftercare solution ( 12 x 50ml bottles ) x 1 Client registration book x 12 Medi swabs / antiseptic wipes x 1 Ear piercing window sticker x 3 Traditional stainless steel bezel April crystal studs x 3 Traditional gold-plated bezel April crystal studs x 3 Traditonal stainless steel ball studs x 3 Traditional gold-plated ball studs DCS Registration Book All in one registration book and aftercare leaflets making it easy to keep client records. RB001 1 x 100pg book 4.00 Studex Jewellery Stand Kit Includes x 1 Nose piercing instrument x 1 Marking pen x 1 Box aftercare solution ( 12 x 50ml bottles ) x 1 Nose piercing display board x 10 Selection of titanium nose piercing studs x 1 Nose piercing window sticker Specialist nose piercing training DS Aftercare Cleansing Solution NPK AKS x 50ml

24 Skin Disinfectants Stericlens A sterile saline spray for topical irrigation and cleansing of wounds. Rapidgel A residue-free, non-rinse alcoholic hand rub which is convenient for instantaneous hand decontamination. STE004 1 x 100ml Spray 2.30 STE003 1 x 240ml Spray 3.80 Hibi - Surgical hand disinfection - Pre-operative skin antiseptic - Disinfection of the patient s skin prior to surgery and other invasive procedures HIB x 500ml bottle 3.15 Green Soap Reliable and tested skin cleanser, ideal for preliminary preparation of skin. RAP x 1 Litre Bottle 6.00 RAP x 5 Litre Bottle Rapisoap A medicated liquid soap for use in any application where hand hygiene is of crucial importance. RAP x 1 Litre Bottle 5.00 RAP x 5 Litre Bottle Hibiscrub Pre-operative surgical hand disinfection. GS001 1 x 1 Pint 4.35 GS002 1 x 1 Gallon Hibitane - Antibacterial skin cleanser - Pre-operative surgical hand disinfection - Chlorohexidine gluconate ( walls, floors, trollies etc ) HIB x 500ml 3.75 HIB x 5 Litre DIS x Dispenser Pump 3.10 HIB x 5 Litre

25 Skin Disinfectants Purell Hand Sanitiser An instant hand sanitiser, killing 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. Works in as little as 15 seconds, without the need for water or towels. Medishaw Skin Disinfection A skin disinfectant spray containing chlorohexidine gluconate for killing potentially dangerous bacteria and reducing the risk of spreading germs. To be used prior to any minor proceedure. PUR x 118ml Bottle 1.30 PUR x 350ml Bottle 3.20 Surgical Spirits For the prevention of hardening skin. MS x 200ml Spray Bottle 2.65 MS x 500ml Trigger Spray 2.12 MS x 600ml Pink Screw Top 3.00 MS x 600ml Clear Screw Top 3.00 Hydrex For use as a pre-operative skin disinfectant for minor surgical procedures. SUR001 1 x 200ml Bottle 1.05 SUR x 500ml Bottle 1.92 HYD002 1 x 200ml Spray Bottle 3.22 HYD x 500ml Trigger Spray 5.50 HYD x 600ml Pink Screw Top 3.54 HYD009 1 x 600ml Clear Screw Top 3.54 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% A mild antibacterial skin disinfection. Alkotips A cheaper version of sterets. HYD x 200ml Bottle 0.69 ALK x 100 Wipes 0.90 ALK x 250 Wipes

26 Sterilisation & Ultrasonics Autoclave Bags Self Sealing AUT mmx100mm 200/box 5.85 AUT mmx200mm 200/box 4.50 AUT mmx230mm 200/box 4.90 AUT mmx255mm 200/box 7.95 AUT mmx330mm 200/box Ultraclean M Forumula II - Fluid for use in ultrasonics - Non-foaming - Reduces surface tension of water - Increases ultrasonic activity in the bath 1 litre concentrate dilutes to litres Autoclave Bags On A Roll AUT mm x100m 1 Roll 6.70 AUT mmx100m 1 Roll AUT mmx200m 1 Roll Indicating tape used for sealing of autoclave rolls AUT mm x 55m AUT mm x 55m Rapidex Instrument Cleaner For soaking and use in ultrasonics. 50 sachets dilutes to 250 litres 2.2kg powder dilutes to 400 litres ULT x 1 litre bottle 8.20 Rapizyme A specially formulated instrument cleaner with proteolytic enzymes ideal for endoscopes. It is packed as a liquid concentrate. RAP x 50 sachets RAP x 2.2kg powder Welclean Disinfectant Suitable for most surgery instruments. Combines detergents and a brightening agent with a disinfectant. 1 litre concentrate dilutes to 500 litres 2.5 litres concentrate dilutes to 1250 litres RAP x 1 litre RAP x 2.5 litres WEL01 1 x 300ml bottle 5.20 Perasafe For the preparation and sterilisaton of instruments. 81g tub dilutes to make 5 litres Vapor Line The Vapor Line integrator is a chemical indicator for monitoring the essential conditions of steam sterilisation processes - saturated steam, temperature, time in gravity displacement and pre-vacuum sterilisers operating in the 250 F F temperature range. PER x 16.2g sachet 1.75 PER200 1 x 81g pot 7.50 VAP

27 Sterilisation & Ultrasonics Enigma Steam Sterilisers The Enigma 8 litre steam steriliser has a clean water operation and 2 fast cycle options. The Engima has an automatic drying phase and comes with 2 sterilising trays. Trays 260 x 130mm each. External dimensions 500 x 350 x 330mm (d w h) A printer is also included. We are also able to supply a 12L Enigma. Please call for more information. Code Type Price EN001 Type B Vacuum EN002 Type N Non-Vacuum PR01 Printer Rolls Thermal 5.65 PR02 Printer Rolls Non-Thermal 5.65 Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths - All models are available in digital and / or heated - Replacement lids and baskets also available - UK Manufactured - U 95s always in stock for next day delivery. Other models to order - Please contact for more information Code Model Working Capacity Price ULT005 U litres ULT0007 U litres ULT0002 U litres ULT0300 U litres ULT0003 U litres ULT0500 U litres A 50% deposit required on all non-stock machines at time of ordering, which is non-refundable. RD5 Cleaning Fluid A concentrated biodegradable, nonammoniated general purpose cleaning fluid which has been designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from instruments. RD01 1 x 5 litres Water Distiller - Distilled water produced at a rate of 1 Litre per hour - Reduces 88% total dissolve of solids - 90% of contaminants removed from tap water after distillation - Eliminates cysts, bacteria and viruses - Cost effective process - Compact design - Dimensions 290 x 290 x 390mm WD x Water Distiller CRY x Cleaning Crystals

28 Studio Supplies Disposable Plastic Aprons 42 Tongue Depressors/Spatula Code Type Quantity Price APR White APR04 On a roll Elasticated Face Masks TON Plastic Sleeves QUEEN Prep Razors PLA Instol Instrument Lubricant Spray Code Style Quantity Price PREP01 Single sided prep razors PRE0001 Double sided prep razors Surgical Pen Torches INS ml 1 x bottle 4.95 Moms Clip Cord Covers PEN Tattoo Machine Bags CCS Cotton Wool Products TMB Plastic Cups PLA Product Single Tipped Applicators COT Double Tipped Applicators COT Small Cotton Wool Balls COT Large Cotton Wool Balls COT Large Cotton Wool Balls Sterile COT Cotton Wool Roll BP 500g COT

29 Surface Disinfectants Sani-Cloth 70 Contraindicated for use as a terminal sterilant/high level disinfectant on any surface or instrument. Sani-Cloth 70 can be used to pre-clean or decontaminate medical devices prior to sterilisation or high level disinfection. Effective against - Bacteria - MRSA - E. Coli - Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Diverse range of micro-organisms SAN x 200 Canister 3.69 SAN x 200 Refill 3.00 Super Sani-Cloth Plus Effective against - Bacteria - MRSA - E. Coli - Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Diverse range of micro-organisms SAN x 125 Canister 2.90 Sani-Cloth Detergent Multi Surface Wipes are impregnated with a low level detergent for the cleaning of beds, matresses and most other surface cleaning applications. Wipes are large, strong and easy to use. Reduces the risk of infection caused by reusable cloths. SAN x 225 Wipe Bucket 4.90 SAN x 225 Wipe Refill 4.50 PDI Iodine Prep Pads - First aid antiseptic with 10% Povidone-Iodine solution. - Non-irritating, non-stinging forumula for greater patient comfort. - Skin prep pad helps reduct chance of skin infection from needle punctures. IOD Azo Wipes & Spray Hard surface wipes that are effective against MRSA, E. Coli and a diverse range of micro-organisms. Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. AZO x 200 Canister 4.00 AZO x 500ml Spray 3.50 AzoActive - Alcohol-free, non-hazardous, non-corrosive disinfection sprays and wipes for cleaning surfaces. - Contains Byotrol. - Byotrol technology ensures immediate residual kill (up to 7 days) even after the surface has dried. AZO002 1 x 100 Canister 3.25 AZO013 1 x 50 Wipe Refill 1.99 AZO004 1 x 500ml Spray 2.90 AzoMax - Alcohol-free - Hard surface wipes with Byotrol - Byotrol unique residual active provides 24 hour protection against a wide range of micro-organisms including MRSA. AZO x 200 Canister 4.00 AZO x 500ml Spray 3.50 Virkon Disinfectant - A unique powder product for the safe and rapid disinfection of surfaces and equipment. - Safe containment and disposal of all blood and body fluid spills. - Suitable for routine disinfection tasks whatever the infection threat. - Combined cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces (walls, floors, trolleys etc) 500g powder dilutes to 50 litres 5kg powder dilutes to 500 litres VIR g VIR kg

30 Surface Disinfectants Medistel (Formerly Meddis) - Concentrated instrument disinfectant - High-level disinfection of surgical instruments and medical devices - Disinfects in 10 minutes - Sterilises in 30 minutes MED x 2 Litre Bottle Distel (Formerly Trigene) Aldehyde, chlorine, phenol and ethyl alcohol free. Anti-bacterial, including; MRSA, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Wipes for use on surface & skin. TRI x 100 Wipes 5.20 TRI x 500ml Spray 4.50 TRI x 1 Litre TRI x 5 Litre Chemgene (Trigene Eqvilient) CHEMGENE HLD4H High Level Surface Disinfectants is suitable for all surfaces, furniture, appliances and non-critical applications within hospital, dental and general practice environments. CHE01 1 x 750ml Spray 5.99 CHE02 1 x 1 Litre 9.99 CHE03 1 x 5 Litre Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes Wipes for cleaning and disinfecting hands, surfaces and equipment. Proven to kill % of germs making the Universal Sanitising Wipes one of the most effective sanitising wipes on the market. CL04 1 x 200 Wipes 5.15 CLI001 1 x 225 Bucket Enzystel (Formerly Medizyme) - Triple enzyme instrument and equipment cleaner - Bacterial detergent concentrate which dissolves and removes both organic and proteinaceous material - Non-foaming pre-autoclave cleaner MED x 2 Litre Bottle Hydrex Surface Spray For the disinfection of hard surfaces including trolleys, footwear and surgery furniture. HYD001 1 x 500ml Spray 7.95 Clinell Hospec Liquid Detergent Hospec Liquid Detergent is a ph neutral, unperfumed detergent that s been specially formulated and is used in more than 90% of the hospitals in the NHS. - Damp mopping, spot mopping and flat mopping of floors, including pharmacies. CL05 1 x 1 Litre 2.50 Clinell Disinfectant Spray Proven to kill % of germs making the hand and surface sanitiser spray one of the most effective on the market. - Safe, non-bleach leaves no smell or irritant. - Skin safe & dermatologically tested. CL03 1 x 500ml Spray 3.42 Dettol Antiseptic Dettol liquid contains Chloroxylenol. It kills bacteria and provides protection against germs which can cause infection and illness. Always read the label. Use diluted for antiseptic wound cleansing for cuts, grazes, bites and stings. CLI002 1 x Bucket Refill 5.90 DET x 750ml

31 Tattoo Equipment - Needle Bars Round Liners Code Product Qty Price NBTL001 1 Round Liner NBTL002 1 Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL003 4 Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner NBTL Round Liner Round Shader Code Product Qty Price NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader NBRS Round Shader Flat Shaders Code Product Qty Price NBFS Flat Shader NBFS Flat Shader NBFS Flat Shader NBFS004 5 Flat Shader NBFS Flat Shader NBFS Flat Shader Magnum Shaders Code Product Qty Price NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader NBMS Magnum Shader Magnum Double Stacked Code Product Qty Price NBDS001 7 Magnum Double Stacked NBDS002 7 Magnum Double Stacked NBDS Magnum Double Stacked NBDS Magnum Double Stacked NBDS Magnum Double Stacked

32 Tattoo Equipment - Tips, Grips & Tubes High Quaity Stainless Steel Grips Legend Disposable Tubes All grips are CNC machined for precision and highly polished. Code Product Price SSG0003 Stainless Steel Bomb Grip 5.50 SSG0006 Stainless Steel Knurled Grip 14mm 5.50 SSG0007 Stainless Steel Knurled Grip 16mm 5.50 SSG0014 Stainless Steel Plain Grip 22mm 4.00 SSG0015 Stainless Steel Plain Grip 25mm 4.00 Tips - Polished Stainless Steel Code Product Price TIP Round Tip 3.49 TIP11 3 Round Tip 3.49 TIP12 5 Round Tip 3.49 TIP13 7 Round Tip 3.49 TIP14 8 Round Tip 3.49 TIP15 9 Round Tip 3.49 TIP16 14 Round Tip 3.49 TIP17 18 Round Tip 3.49 TIP18 5 Magnum Tip 3.49 TIP19 7 Magnum Tip 3.49 TIP20 9 Magnum Tip 3.49 TIP21 11 Magnum Tip 3.49 TIP22 13 Magnum Tip 3.49 TIP23 15 Magnum Tip 3.49 TIP24 17 magnum Tip 3.49 TIP Diamond Tip 3.49 TIP26 3 Diamond Tip 3.49 TIP Diamond Tip 3.49 TIP Diamond Tip 3.49 TIP29 14 Diamond Tip 3.49 Code Product Price TT0001 Top Tube /4 Round Tube Grips Code Product Price LC02 1 1/4" Grip 3 Round 0.50 LC03 1 1/4" Grip 5 Round 0.50 LC06 1 1/4" Grip 7/8 Round 0.50 LC07 1 1/4" Grip 14 Round Round Tube Grips Code Product Price LC01 1" Grip 3 Round 0.50 LC04 1" Grip 5 Round 0.50 LC05 1" Grip 7/8 Round 0.50 LC08 1" Grip 14 Round /4 Magnum Tube Grips Code Product Price LC14 1" 1/4 Grip 5 Magnum 0.50 LC15 1" 1/4 Grip 7 Magnum 0.50 LC19 1" 1/4 Grip 9 Magnum 0.50 LC20 1" 1/4 Grip 11 Magnum 0.50 LC23 1 1/4 Grip 13 Magnum 0.50 LC24 1 1/4 Grip 15 Magnum Magnum Tube Grips Code Product Price LC13 1" Grip 5 Magnum 0.50 LC16 1" Grip 7 Magnum 0.50 LC18 1" Grip 9 Magnum 0.50 LC21 1" Grip 11 Magnum 0.50 LC22 1 Grip 13 Magnum 0.50 LC25 1 Grip 15 Magnum /4 Diamond Tube Grip Code Product Price LC10 1" 1/4 Grip 1-3 Diamond 0.50 LC11 1" 1/4 Grip 5 Diamond Diamond Tube Grip Code Product Price LC09 1" Grip 1-3 Diamond 0.50 LC12 1" Grip 5 Diamond 0.50 To go on the end of the grips to attach the grip and tip to the machine 32

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34 Tattoo & Piercing Terms & Conditions Methods of Payment Returns Credit/Debit Cards We accept the following cards (MasterCard/Visa/Visa Debit/Maestro). Cheque Cheques should be made payable to C&P Medical Trading Ltd. Goods will be dispatched five working days after receipt, once funds have cleared. Direct credit into C&P Medical s bank account For bank to bank transfer information please contact us. Please phone or fax to notify C&P Medical that payment has been made. If payment is made by cheque, goods will be dispatched in five working days. If payment is in cash, goods will be dispatched immediately upon receipt of faxed credit slip. Non-stock items A 50% deposit is required on all non-stock machines upon ordering, which is non-refunable. Delivery will be between 7-10 days (however this cannot be guaranteed). Back Orders C&P Medical will run a back order system for all pre-paid orders on our website, once a product becomes available it will be sent out straight away. Banker s Draft/Postal Orders To be made payable to C&P Medical Trading Ltd. Goods will be dispatched immediately upon receipt. Delivery Delivery - All charges quoted are excluding VAT All orders received before 3pm will be dispatched for delivery the next working day (Monday to Friday pm). Whilst we endeavour to deliver next day, this service cannot be guaranteed. Saturday delivery is subject to an 18 surcharge. Please contact us if you require this service. Mainland Britain - Internet Orders Delivery is free on orders placed via the internet over 49 (excl VAT). For orders placed on the internet under 49 (excl VAT), a delivery charge of 4.16 (excl VAT) will be added at the checkout. Mainland Britain - Telephone Orders Orders placed by telephone over (excl VAT), will be sent free of charge. For orders placed by telephone under (excl VAT) a delivery charge of 4.16 (excl VAT) will be added. Northern and Southern Ireland, Highlands and Islands, Channel Islands Orders placed over 150 (excl VAT), will be sent free of charge. For orders placed under 150 (excl VAT), a shipping charge will be payable but not charged at checkout. Instead, we will calculate your shipping charge and contact you to arrange a separate payment. Rest of the World A shipping charge will be payable, but not charged at checkout. Instead, we will calculate your shipping costs and contact to you arrange a separate payment. Opening Times 9am pm Monday to Friday. Order 24 hours a day on our website Answer machine outside office hours. Incorrectly Supplied Items We will accept items back for credit which have been incorrectly supplied, provided that:- a) We are notified in writing or by telephone within 3 days of delivery that they were incorrectly supplied. b) They are unmarked and have not been used/worn. c) They have not been adapted. d) They are returned in the original packaging in a clean, re-saleable condition. e) The Delivery Note or Official Order Number are quoted. Always follow manufacturers guidelines in full C&P Medical Trading Ltd will not be held accountable for any misuse of products. C&P Medical Trading Ltd shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages related to the use of these products. Data Safety Sheets are available on request. General - Prices are exclusive of VAT. - Prices are subject to change without prior notice. - Free samples are available upon request with certain products. - A credit note will be issued for any items returned or for any overpayments, which can be redeemed against your next C&P Medical order. Please quote date and credit note number. - Please ensure that the number of boxes/pallets received correspond to the courier delivery note as discepancies of this nature cannot be later recified. - Please note that flammable goods may not be exported. ALL GOODS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF C&P MEDICAL TRADING UNTIL PAID FOR IN FULL 34

35 Order Form C & P Medical Trading Ltd Unit 1 Avro Business Centre Avro Way, Bowerhill Melksham Wiltshire SN12 6TP Delivery Name / Address Postcode... Telephone No Description Qty Unit TOTAL PAYMENT DETAILS CHEQUE/PO ENCLOSED FOR... VISA/VISA DEBIT/MASTERCARD/MAESTRO CARD No. EXPIRY DATE / Net Total... Carriage... CARD ISSUE No.... VALID FROM / SECURITY CODE _ (last 3 digits) NAME / ADDRESS OF CARDHOLDER (if different from invoice address) Total... Signature of Cardholder... RECOMMEND A FRIEND(s) Please send a copy of your latest catalogue to: 1... POST CODE POST CODE... 35