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1 Thursady, November 17, 2011 Issue 1 Volume 2 JROTC members honor vets with a luncheon Delta High JROTC members Thomas Jones and Brett Bigham eat lunch with a couple veterans at the Elks Lodge. on Friday. My Last is now vetoed as the 2012 class song By: Sonya Coron Every year, seniors suggest songs, quotes, colors, and flowers to represent their class. This year, My Last by Big Sean received the most votes, making it the class song of This caused uproar from some of the seniors and their parents over the message of the song and its lyrics. The lyrics are profane and demoralizing to women, said Emily Adams. The lyrics of My Last talk about women cheating on their men, alcohol making women more attractive, getting drunk and having By: Ticia Potts hook ups. Our senior class doesn t represent drinking or having sex. The class song should represent us all graduating together, not partying, or being a nitwit, said Janis Hudson. Also, the song can be consideed profane. In one bridge, the term muthaf****a is used five times. We can t say this stuff in class, so our class song shouldn t be able to say it, said April Easter. After so many complaints and upset parents and students, My Last by Big Sean has been vetoed. We had only listened to the edited version of the song, and even though the message wasn t great, we thought it would be okay. After all the complaints and listening to the unedited version, we realized how bad the song was and we have vetoed it, said Principle Kurt Clay. The senior class song of 2012 is now 2012 by Jay Sean. Also, if you ve taken an Anatomy course, then you know about the reproductive system and STDs, but you don t learn how to use a condom or when to get tested. ` There are teachers that definitely tell us more about safe sex than others, but it s a topic that needs to be touched on more, said Junior Keisha Ashurst. Students are being left in the dark about safe sex. Yeah it would help if they had a class dedicated to sex education but it would only help to a extent. Teenagers are as responsible to know the wrongs and the rights of having sex as much as they rely on Yeah it would help if they had a class dedicated to sex education, but it would only help to a extent. Teenagers are as responsible to know the wrongs and the rights of having sex as much as they rely on being educated on it. Preaching to teenagers about abstinence is good, but they see it as a joke because most of us already have sex, but it doesn t take a genius to know if you don t use a condom or birth control that you are taking the possibility of catching a disease or risking getting pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant, my whole life changed. I had to grow up and become responsible. I went from being a irresponsible teen going out every weekend doing stuff I probably shouldn t have, to staying home every weekend doing school work just so I make sure I can graduate high school. When you have the responsibility of another life in your hands; it changes your prospective on everything, said Jourdan Herndon. Delta High: safe sex free? Safe sex: it s kind of awkward to talk about, but when you don t know the facts, it can be scary. School is here for our learning purpose, and in the state of Colorado, schools are not required to teach a sexual education class, and if they choose to, it must be abstinence until marriage class. No information on contraception, STDs and HIV are covered. We should offer classes, so kids know the facts on switching partners or catching an STD or getting pregnant and having all those things affect their future. More information needs to be provided so we can get the facts, said Freshman Chastin Ellington. This image has been digitally manipulated. Editor in Chief: Ticia Potts Sports Editor: Irvin Hernandez News Editor: Kim Woodring Arts and Entertainment: Amadi Houston Back Page: Carla Beltran Photo Editor: Sonya Coron Ad Manager: MacKennea Broyles Reporting Staff: Francisco Hernandez Lia Bate Katherine Amerson Daniel De La Rosa Dessa Christian Becca Kanter Whitney Harris Delta Ink is the official student produced newspaper. Delta Ink is a public forum for student editors to inform and educate readers. Delta Ink accepts outside submissions of 350 words or less. Contact us: gmail.com Like us on Facebook

2 News Delta High Gets Hacked! By: Francisco Hernandez On September 29th, the Thursday before homecoming, DHS teachers were told to logout of Power School and other important pages due to someone hacking the school s computers. Teachers found that some of the DHS students were screen sharing. Mr. Vigil was watching some students being hacked in the technology lab. Mr. Vigil said that his students were getting freaked out when their internet was turning on and they were deleting the things on their desktops. According to Mr. Siettmann, being able to screen-share was due to an update in software. He was concerned that students would go beyond just having curiosity. Mr. Siettmann and Mr. Vigil have now corrected this issue. They say that the message in this is that students now should know that hacking is illegal and that you can get in serious trouble. Halloween spirit has arrived. Away From Home Amanda Darrell, Swedish foreign exchange student, visiting Delta for this year. By: Becca Kanter I ve always wanted to come to the United States. I ve heard many A journey of a thousand miles must swedish people say high school in begin with a single step. Lao Tzu America is way more fun than in Sweden and I totally agree with them. Amanda Darell is one of three new foreign exchange students we have here at Delta High. Q: Where did you grow up? A: Malmö, Sweden. It s a city with 300,000 people and I really like this city. Q: What made you want to be a foreign exchange student? A: Sweden is boring because where I live there is nothing to do. The only thing I do when I m hanging out with my friends is going shopping or swimming. In the winter we go skiing and I love that though. Q: How do you like Delta High and its students? A: I like it a lot. Q: How long are you here for? A: A year. Q: Where else will you go besides Delta? A: I will stay in Delta the whole time. Q: Are you homesick? A: No. I don t miss Sweden at all. Q: What do you miss most about Sweden? A: I miss the food. We eat healthy food and I don t like fast food. Q: What is the most shocking difference between America and Sweden? A: The food! It s so unhealthy! Aside from the food being so unhealthy, Amanda thinks America is a great, fun, exciting place. She looks forward to the rest of her time here making lots of new friends. Halloween Extravaganza By: Becca Kanter And our first place winners of the 2011 Halloween fashion show are the Gangsters! said Mr. Hamilton at the DHS Halloween assembly. Only three lucky groups were finalists. The third place winner was Jonathon Standlee as a hobo. The second place winners were Vinny Pinela and Julian Campas as an angel and a devil. The overall winners of the fashion show were Janis Hudson and Jackie Gallegos as Gangsters. All of the finalists got a gift basket full of candy. Even teachers joined in, and it was a hit. Lindsey Alsdorf dressed as a zombie All of the dressed up students line up to be judged by fellow students. Halloween photos courtesy of Ashley Piffer and the DHS yearbook staff. Kaitlyn Suppes and Hunter Brasfield as Johnny and June Cash.

3 News Proposition 103 By: Whitney Harris Education is in desperate need of more funding, said Mr. Seittmann of Delta High. What is Proposition 103? Proposition 103 proposed that the government would raise individual and corporate tax rates from 4.63%-5% for Colorado s sales and use tax rates from 2.9%-3% and would be in effect from An estimated $2.9 billion would have gone to K-12 and public colleges. Sadly, though, Proposition 103 was shot down in the elections. Earlier this year, Colorado lawmakers cut K-12 schools funding by more than $200 million-$2.8 billion. There will be more funding cuts, lower salary, fewer teachers, and bigger classes, said Seittmann. I personally like the idea about more education funding. When Hickenlooper announced his new budget proposal for next year, people found that it called for $189 million in cuts for public schools while public colleges and universities get $60 million less. Throwing money at a problem isn t always a good thing, but in this case it would have been, said Mr. Mitchell. We will continue to have the same issues in the spring. When it comes to education, education is taking a hit, said Mrs. Crowder. I m not usually for an increase in taxes, but knowing a set cut would come back to the kids, I think it would have been great. I m disappointed. You kids are the future of our country and cutting back in education is like cutting back on our future, said Mrs. Byers. I m bummed it didn t pass. Its really gonna hurt us, said Principal Clay. The state budget is so bad so it would have been like a band aid for us. It s a pretty big blow that it didn t pass. Mr. Renfrow helps Jesus Velasquez so that he can understand the lesson for the day. Ordinary? Never. Extraordinary? Always. By: Whitney Harris - I can t believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary, by Lou Holtz. Mr. Renfrow didn t always want to be the successful teacher he is today. When he was a kid, he was always interested in sports, which lead him to want to write professionally. He set his mind to wanting to write for Sports Illustrated. When he grew up and started writing reviews of footballs games, he realized something: My hobby was bleeding into my work. Football became less fun and since he was a good writer, Renfrow started looking at education. He didn t want to be some boring teacher. Renfrow jazzes school up by including dress up days during the Shakespeare unit. Because students go wild and have fun with it, this is Mr. Renfrow s favorite unit. Since becoming an English From oil changes to major engine repairs on domestic and foreign vehicles, we have provided the Delta teacher, Mr. Renfrow s students have taught him to be more patient and understanding. They don t just come to school and go home happy. They all have different things they have to deal with when they go home, said Renfrow. They ve taught me to be more open-minded. Renfrow says he s driven and focused and likes to learn. County area with quality repairs for over 25 years.call or stop in Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm for all of your repair needs! Mr. Hillbig s crowded 6th hour class works in close quarters.

4 Sports By; Irvin Hernandez Starting the season by beating Montrose 3-0, the Lady Panthers volleyball team set themselves up for a season record of At Regional Playoffs, Delta started off dominating Sand Creek, only losing one set by four points. In the next round, the Lady Panthers battled for their playoff life as Montezuma-Cortez kept every set within 3 points, sending them into overtime in which the game was still close by a score of Already having beaten Glenwood twice before, the Lady Panthers looked to repeat the deed against the Devils. Splitting the first four sets, they went into the fifth set. Having already played two games that day, and not having a big bench, the Lady Panthers were defeated in the final set Despite not making State playoffs, the Lady Panthers had four athletes awarded. Katie Kahrs (Sr.) received All-Conference First Team while teammates Sadie Carrillo (Sr.), Taylor Zunich (Sr.), and Natalie Larkin (Jr.), were All-Conference honorable mention. Set, Spike, Score! The four Lady Panthers recognized for their volleyball play in the season: Taylor Zunich, Natalie Larkin, Katie Kahrs, and Sadie Carrillo. Soccer playoffs hopes shot down By: Irvin Hernandez On October 27th, early in the morning, the Hotchkiss soccer team, composed of players from all around Delta County, traveled to Arvada to face Faith Christian, a private school that was ranked 5th in 3a soccer. Having a record, Hotchkiss players thought they were poorly placed in the 32-team bracket as 28th, even below Telluride, 27th, who they beat 5-0. Despite their seeding, sophomore Alex Quintero said, We were very confident coming into the game. We knew it could have been the last game for us, said senior Jose Zapata. The loss really didn t hit us till on the way back, he continued. Everything was perfect, said Zapata about Faith. The speed of the game was fast due to the artificial turf field and the highly skilled players of Faith. The final marker of 3-0 in favor of Faith came from two goals in the first half and one in the second. Little mistakes that the opponent took advantage of, Quintero said cost them the game. It s not bad when you lose to a state championship team 3-0. The soccer team hudles before thier game against Faith Christian

5 Sports TRADING IN TIME Antiques and design ScoreBoard Cross Country (State):Boys-Jacob Ames 15th 17:13.72 Daniel De La Rosa 41st 17:42.27 Girls-Clarissa Whiting 9th 19:34.78 Cleo Whiting 38th 20:37.08 Carissa Sidor 78th 21:27.68 Kyla Ownbey 153rd 23:26.13 Julia Stinson 163rd 24:24.23 Vanessa Pinela 166th 24:40.93 Leda Stinson 168th 25:00.48 Call and leave message Currently doing holiday business and home decorating! Upcoming Winter Sports Boy s Basketball Coach- Von Mitchell Dec.2-3-Cortez Tournament- TBA Junction-7pm Dec.8-Coal Ridge- Dec Bank of the West Tournament-TBA Valley- Jan.5-Battle Mtn.- Jan.10-Palisade-7:30 Jan.17-Gj Central- County- Springs- 2pm Jan.27-Eagley Valley- Mtn.-2pm Feb.4-Glenwood-3:30pm Feb.10-Moffat County- Feb.11-Steamboat Springs- 3:30pm Girl s Basketball Coach-Matt Hamm Junction-7pm Dec.8-Coal Ridge- Dec Bank of the West Tournament-TBA Valley- Jan.5-Battle Mtn.- Jan.10-Palisade-7:30 Jan.17-Gj Central- County- Springs- 2pm Jan.27-Eagley Valley- Mtn.-2pm Feb.4-Glenwood-3:30pm Feb.10-Moffat County- Feb.11-Steamboat Springs- 3:30pm Girl s Swimming Coach-Amanda Hatch Dec.10-CMU Relays-9:30am Dec Montrose Inv.- 4pm&9:30am Jan.7-GJHS, Fruita, Durango, Gunnison-9am County- 11am Jan.20-Fruita, GJHS-4pm Jan.27-GJHS,Gunnison- 4pm Feb.3-4-Conference Meet- 4pm&2:30pm Feb State Meet-TBA Come Support Your Fellow Delta Panthers! Home Events Are In Bold. Football (Overall) (League) Last 5 Valley-Win 27-3 Rifle-Loss Mtn-Loss Springs-Loss Palisade-Loss Soccer (Overall) (League) Last 5 Games Rifle-Win 4-3 Roaring Fork-Loss 1-0 Grand Valley-Win Rocky Mtn-Win 3-1 Christian-Loss 3-0 Softball (Overall) (League) Last Eagle Valley-Win 7-1 *D Evelyn-Loss 15-0 *Roosevelt-Loss 11-1 Volleyball (Overall) (League) Last Glenwood Springs-Win 3-0 *Sand Creek-Win 3-1 *Montezuma-Cortez-Win 3-2 *Glenwood Springs-Loss 3-2 *Regional Playoff Game **State Playoff Game Wrestling Coach- Clayton Curtis Dec.1-Montrose-7pm Dec.3-Maverick Duals-TBA Valley & Moffat County-TBA Dec.9-Cortez-7pm Dec.10-Delta Inv.-9am Dec Warrior Classic- TBA Jan.3-Palisade & Glenwood Springs-TBA Jan.7-Montrose Inv.-TBA Jan.12-Olathe-7pm Vista-7pm Jan.14-Alamosa Inv.-TBA Jan.18-Rifle-7pm Jan.21-Rifle Duals-TBA Jan.31-Coal Ridge-7pm Feb.4-Nucla Tournament- TBA Feb Regionals-TBA Feb State-TBA

6 Arts & Entertainment By: Daniel De La Rosa The Paranormal Continues Darkness is the friend of all evil. Darkness is the place to fear. The darkness, however, is not evil s limitation. It shows its power during the day, but knows man fears the dark and uses it to his advantage. This movie starts out with a brief history of the family. It s a little slow, but important information to know. Dennis, the stepfather played by Chris Smith, and his wife Julie (Lauren Bittner) move into their new home. Along with him are his two-step daughters Katie and Kristi played respectively by Chloe Csengery and Jessica Tyler Brown. Kristi constantly talks to her imaginary friend, Toby. Toby is a ghost with unfinished business in this world. Toby has these talks with Kristie, but soon she no longer wishes to talk to him. As soon as Toby is deserted he starts showing his true power and capability. When these phenomenons arise Dennis (with his profession of video) sets up cameras around the house to try to see what is causing By: Amadi Houston The famous I m a Mac I m a PC commercial opened up the debate between computer users. According to guidenet.net, there isn t a clear choice. This website has a break down, which states that while Mac wins the coolness factor, Windows takes the cake for geek factor. Macintosh, which began in September of 1979, has long since been a favorite of Taylor King: I prefer Mac, because it s very fast compared to my Windows, which is really slow. the disturbances. What he finds is more than what he expects. This movie has strong roots in the department of noise. The movie is nothing without its suspenseful music and its taunting noises like the opening of a door or a chair falling down in the distance. Paranormal Activity 3 keeps you thinking of any logical possible explanation of what might be causing the activities, and then crushes every logical idea with the paranormal. Seeing someone holding onto one another was not rare in the theatre. The suspense would end, but the need to be comforted by someone else would stay. When the viewer gathered enough strength to finally let go, the movie acts upon it as if it knows when they most vulnerable. It creeps up on the audience and delivers another dose of fear. In the movie, the family can no longer take it (and neither can the audience). They move to a safer place. The audience gets a sense of relief to know the horror is finally over. The grandmother s home seems like a perfect place to relax and get However, Haley Donathan prefers Microsoft Windows, a company developed in 1975: I prefer Windows, because the layout is more accessible. Jade Astin prefers Windows as well: I like Dell computers more because they can use more advanced software and aren t as dumbed down as Macs. Raging on, the battle continues between computer lovers. As two of the most popular computer brands, Macintosh and Windows have been competitors for quite a while. Relying heavily on the computer or simply surfing the web, computer over the pandemic that has been going on. The family was wrong. In their final moments, their girls are taken away to be part of a secret cult. Their own lives are taken and Toby is never really known or seen. In the end the movie made the audiences want to flee their seat. But something else let them not venture out of their seat and into the darkness of the aisle. Mac, Windows: Which one are you? users worldwide have an affinity for one of these products. Abi Unruh chooses Mac: I like Mac computers because they have more things to do on them. Yet, Valerie Velasco has a different opinion: P.C is definitely my preference. Although Mac has quality software, P.C still has them beat. It has more to offer, is diverse, and is user friendly to all ages around. The differences between Macintosh and Windows are abundant, however, everyone has a choice. Lifetime Mac customers and Windows users will undoubtedly support their favorite brands. * 100 DHS Students Polled A Twist on a Classic By Lia Bate We all know the story of Cinderella and her prince,but what if she had a brother? Directed by Mr. Bruington, DHS drama is putting a twist on this classic fairytale. Twinderella is a parody of this Disney classic.the Cinderella we all know now has a twin brother played by Jeremy Dziubasik. Jeremy enjoys acting and clearly states that he would rather act in plays than watch. DHS drama is completely flipping the switch on Disney. In this version of Cinderella, Bob, Cinderella s twin brother, has two evil step brothers instead of step sisters, and instead of of going to the ball, he goes to a baseball game. Last but not least Bob recives a muddy cleat instead of that well-known glass slipper. If you re interested in watching this mixed up Disney classic, come on down on December 7th, Your complete contractor and homeowner rental center Hip-hop, Country, Metal, Oh My! POP 15% Thanks for your help with our Home coming float! Graphic By: Dessa Christian

7 Arts & Entertainment The Time is Finally Here By: Daniel De La Rosa Time is money, money is time: this line literally stands true in the Movie In Time. In a place where time is the currency, how would it be spent? Would it be on useless objects or life-saving materials? Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, is a ghetto low time zone, day-by-day worker who wants to give his mother (Olivia Wilde) a better life. When he one stumbles upon a man with more than a century on his forearm, he can think of nothing else but to save this man. That much time in the ghetto can get a man seriously hurt or killed, since anyone in need of time can take it away. Matt Bomer (Henry Hamilton who stars in White Collar), however, is not too thankful. He has lived to long of a life and no longer wishes to be immortal, his time to finally live is here. While Salas sleeps, he times himself out, giving all but a few minutes of his life, just enough to see the sun finally rise. Salas both thankful and saddened by the time he has been given, and his body races to meet his mother. The time is ticking for her and with prices rising, she must make a 2-hour walk in an hour and a half. With his mother s death, Salas seeks escape. He, with his new amount of time, goes to the high class time zone. While there, he gambles his time and doubles it. With 2 centuries on him, he is quickly moving up the chain, but is also being watched by the timekeepers. Lead timekeeper, Raymond Leon, played by Cillian Murphy a.k.a Scarecrow from The Dark Night is on the hunt to find this man who magically has an abundance of time. The chase to catch Salas is soon found difficult when Salas teams up with Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) in a scandal to give people more time. Movie poster for In Time. Sonya Coron s tattoo Sabrina Archibeque s tattoo Janis Hudson s Tattoo Tattoos! By: Carla Beltran Ouch! Who wouldn t want a needle puncturing their skin? Well here at our very own Delta High, students enjoy tattoos. Why would someone want a tattoo? Many are symbolic or are inspired by changes or significant moments in their life. Janis Hudson has eight tattoos! Janis loves all her tattoos, but we talked to her about two of them. The Mad hatter and her lotus flower on her back are very special to her. I feel like the Mad Hatter has a different way of viewing stuff, and I frickin love Johnny Depp, said Hudson. Hudson s other tattoo is on her back. My grandma was the inspiration behind my Lotus flower tattoo because every night after my grandma died I had dreams about her giving me a lotus flower and telling me to never let go of it. Sonya Coron on the other hand has two tattoos. Coron s first tattoo was an impulsive act. Ticia Pott s tattoo The tattoo, thug life, on my butt honors my friendship with Jessica Vigil, said Coron. Some people can spend years thinking about getting tattoos, but Coron hadn t put much thought into this tattoo. It was a spontaneous act, yet for her second tattoo, she thought about it for a month. Yes, some people have a certain perception about people with tattoos, said Sonya. Yet, it all depends on how you were raised and what generation some people are still stuck in. As for teachers with tattoos, some people would gasp at the thought. Mrs. Tyler-Crowder, our school counselor, has one tattoo. She has her maiden in her grandfathers signature, which sits on her wrist. The inspiration behind it was,of course, her grandfather, who has raised her for basically for her whole life. He had a big influence on her life. It was a living tribute to him.

8 ~Back Attack~ Fun Facts By: Francisco Hernandez 1. More than 10 people a year are killed by vending machines. 2. New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states where it is illegal to pump your own gas. 4. Pittsburgh is the only city where all major sports teams have the same colors: Black and Gold. 3. In Miami, it is forbidden to imitate an animal. More Than Pumpkin Pie and Texting By: MacKennea Broyles Comparing Thanksgiving today versus Thanksgiving many years ago, people have many more and definitely different things to be thankful for. We no longer have to worry about the many sicknesses that plagued the pilgrims and Native Americans back in the early 1600s when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, but the recent economy has made Thanksgiving (and giving thanks) a little bit harder on families. In hopes of making the Thanksgiving holiday a little happier, I would like to remind everyone that no matter what age, race, or gender, we ALL have something to be thankful for. Mr. Mitchell: God s patience and goodness, a wonderful family, and 42 years of good health. If we took time to look around and not worry as much, we d be busier being thankful. MacKenzie Jones: My family because they give me love and support. 7. It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year s supply of footballs. 5. Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most stolen from public libraries. 6. During World War 2, because a lot of players were called to duty, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles combined to make the Steagles. 8. It is impossible to hum if your nose is plugged. 9. Standard paper cannot be folded in half more than 7 times. Jordan Montoya (age 6): My family they re nice. Emily Kuda: My family because they re always there to support me. Amanda Darrell: My friends and the chance to come here to America I really like it here. Mrs. K: My family there s nothing more important than family. What about me? Well I am thankful for the people who let me interview them and for the fact that I went into this expecting answers like pumpkin pie and texting, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong. This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to find what you are most thankful for (and all the other little things that you are only semi-thankful for). 10. If you dropped a bullet from the Empire State Building, you could kill someone. Happy Thanksgiving From Delta Ink