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1 ROSE LORE INDEX NOTE: A, An & The are dropped from the beginning of titles to make articles easier to look up. The page number listed is the page where articles begin Roses in Review March 2018, p.13 Alfalfa Meal (Mike Jepsen) June 2009 p.3 All Mini National Rose Show (Marylou Coffman) September 2010 p.9 American Rose Society Spring National Convention (Dona Martin) July 2007, p.4 Ammonium Phosphate, 2 Kinds (Mike Jepsen) June 2010 p.5 Aphids, Natural Approach to Controlling (Cliff Orent) May 2010, P. 6 April Rose Care, Van Vlack, April 2018, p. 6 Arrangements 101: Part Two (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Nov. 2006, p.8 Arrangements -Traditional Designs (MaryLou Coffman) September 2012 p. 15 Arrangements for Beginners (MaryLou Coffman) March 2014, p. 9 Award of Excellence Roses (MaryLou Coffman) October 2009 p.8 Award of Excellence Winner 2014, November 2013, p.7 Bayer Advanced (Mike Jepsen) May 2011 p.4 Bee identification guide June 2015, p. 4 Bees what you can do to help bees June 2015 p. 3 Beijing, China Photos by Steve Sheard June 2007, p.6 Bell, Larry tribute October 2011, p. 4 Blind Shoots (Robert B. Martin Jr.) April 2008, p. 8 Brief Tour of the Portland Rose Garden (Bob O Brien) Nov. 2008, p.3 Bronze Star Rose May, 2009, p.1 Budding and Grafting Roses (Steve Sheard) April 2007, p.8, Dec. 2012, p. 14, Jan. 2013, p. 8 March 2018, p.2 Buds: Coddle Your Buds (Robert B. Martin Jr.) March 2008, p.6

2 But I Haven t Got the Time (Robert B. Martin Jr.) July 2007, p.1 Buying Roses Made Easy (Lou Little) Nov. & Dec p.6 Cajun Sunrise: Rose of the Month (Suzanne Horn) May 2006, p.9 Carefree Spirit (Marylou Coffman) February 2009 p.4 Choosing Roses on the Internet (Cindy Jepsen) Nov. & Dec p.3 Circlehoe ( Cindy Jepsen) June 2009, p.3 Cleaning Pruners (Cass Bernstein) Oct. 2007, p.6 Clematis (Steve Sheard) May 2006, p.5 Climbing Rose-up a tree (Steve Sheard) March 2013, p.2 Coddling Your Buds (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Mar. 2007, p.1, March 2008, p.6 Compost Tea (Charley s Greenhouse and Garden) September 2010 p.2 Compost Use Case Study Nov. 2012, p.10 Composting (Cindy Jepsen) March 2011, p. 6 Composting Made Easy (Steve Sheard) March 2011, p. 11 Confederate Rose March 2010 p.1-2 Cut Roses (Steve Sheard) May 2014, p4 David Austin English Shrub Roses (Marylou Coffman) March 2010 p.4 Deadheader Report, (Carol Poe) March 2009 p.6 Deadheading and Disbudding (Sharon Moore) February 2009 p.8 Deadheading Roses (Carol Poe) May 2009, p.5 Dick Clark-Grandiflora (Marylou Coffman) March 2011, p. 8, March 2018, p.6 Disbud, Grateful Gardener, Van Vlack, April 2018, p. 6 Disper-sul (Mike Jepsen) May 2009 p.3 Double Take (Marylou Coffman) June 2009 p.4 Downy Mildew (Leroy Brady) April 2010, p.6 Dream Come True, Sept 2007 p.6 Dr. Tom Volk s Fungus of the Month: Cause of Rose Picker s Disease, June 2006, p.6 Drainage, February 2008 p.9 Easy Guide to Shooting Pictures of Your Roses Just for Fun (Bob Bauer) March 2008, p.1 Easy Spirit, Coffman, April 2018 p.4 Epsom Salt Product Guide for Roses (Mike Jepsen) April 2009 p.3 Exhibitor s Rose Care Calendar (Kitty Belendez) Feb. 2007, p.5 Fairytale of Roses and Roses in Denmark (Steve Sheard) August 2018, p4 Falling in Love, Watercolors, Wing Ding, Roses of the Month (Sam Jones) Mar. 2007, p.9 Falling in Love, April 2009 p.7 Feed Me I m Hungry! (Mike Jepsen) February 2010, p.3, March 2010 p.3, April 2010, p.3 May 2010, p.3 Fertilizers: When and How (Jill Barnard) February 2008 p.1 Fertilizing Extension Probe and funnel (Cindy Jepsen) May 2009, p.3 Fire-scaping (Bert and Kay Grant) Sept. 2007, p.8 Fish Emulsion February 2008, p.7 Five Brothers (Robert B. Martin Jr.) April 2007, p.1 Floralife (Mike Jepsen) January 2010 p.3 Fond Memories of Bob Miller (Robert B. Martin Jr.) April 2007, p.9 Fusillade II: Grass Control (Steve Sheard) September 2012 p.7

3 Gardens and Castles of Scotland and England June 2007, p.1 Grateful Gardener, Van Vlack, April 2018, p. 6 Gilbert historical Museum Rose Garden April 2008, p. 6 Gloves (Cindy Jepsen) March 2009 p.3 Gold Medal April 2009 p.8 GreenCure: An Environment Friendly Fungicide (Steve Sheard) Jan. 2007, p.9 Groganic (Mike Jepsen) February p.2 Grooming Kit, April 2008, p. 3 Grooming Kit (Marylou Coffman) April 2009 p.4 Hannah Gordon: Rose of the Month (Sally Long) June 2007, p.8 Hauenstein, Ruth Agnes (Lynn Twitchell) March 2010 p.6-7 Helen Baird: Favorite Roses February 2010, p.2 Hello My Name is Tim and I am a Rose-aholic (James Delahanty) June 2007, p.9 Hewlet-Packard Free Online Photography Help March 2008, p.8 High Performance Gardening (David Sakata of Wine Country Flower Farm) Aug. 2007, p.4 Himrich, Herb and Anita (Lynn Twitchell) June 2010 p.9 Hisey, Millie, Member Spotlight (Lynn Twitchell) May 2010, p.9 Home soil Testing and Fertilizers (Robert Moncrieff) p.6 How to Spray Roses (Robert Martin) Mar. 2007, p.3 Hybrid Tea Roses (Mary Lou Coffman) July/August 2010 p.4 I Wonder...Parlez-vous Rose? (Paddy Ruzella) August 2006, p.4 In the Garden (Marylou Coffman, Carol Poe, LeRoy Brady) Feb. 2006, p.7 In the Garden With Barbara and Charlie Schoenberg (Linda Ahlborn) August 2006, p.6 In the Garden With Bill and Phyllis Henslin (Sam Presley) Nov. 2006, p.6 In the Garden With Bob and Dona Martin (Marcia Sanchez-Walsh) July 2006, p.6 In the Garden With Teresa and Chris McGaughey (Linda Ahlborn) Sept. 2006, p.6 Indicate 5 March 2008, p.8 Inorganic Fertilizers (Mike Jepsen) October 2010, p.4 Interview With Tetranychus Urticae, the Spider Mite (Robert B. Martin Jr.) June 2006, p.8 Iron Chelate February 2008, p.7 Iron Chelate (Mike Jepsen) Sept p.3 K & M Nursery (Ryan Regehr) Nov. 2007, p.1 Ketchup and Mustard (Marylou Coffman) October 2011, p. 8 Kneeling Benches and pads (Cindy Jepsen) April 2010, p.3 Koko Loco (Marylou Coffman) October 2011, p. 9 Leda, Damask Rose (Dona Martin) February 2008, p.8 Leafcutter Bee (Phyllis Henslin) July/August 2014, p.3 Love Song (Marylou Coffman) January 2013, p.7 Magnum Grow and Alfalfa Meal September 2012 p.3 Making the Most of your Roses: What Happens at the Show (Bobbie Reed) Nov. 2007, p.6 Manure as mulch February 2008, p.6 Marchesa Boccella: Rose of the Month (Suzanne Horn) July 2006, p.9

4 Mardi Gras Sept 2007 p.6 Matsuri at Heritage Park (Dona Martin) March 2006, p.7 MCC Rose Garden, Notices from (Mickey Kundrat) February 2010, p.6 McCormick Rose (Lynn Twitchell) Feb. 2013, p.6 Member Profile: Vincent Quarles (Lynn Twitchell) March 2009, p.9 Member Profile: Marylou Coffman (Lynn Twitchell) January 2010 p.6 Memories of Ralph Moore (Bob Martin) October 2009 p.6 Merit (Steve Sheard) April 2006, p.4 Messenger (Steve Sheard) March 2006, p.4 Messenger, Use Of (Harold Baker) July 2006, p.5 MEVRS 2010 Fall Show results December 2010 p. 5 Miniature And Miniflora Hall Of Fame (Marylou Coffman) January 2011, p.5 Minimalist Approach to Rose Care (Kitty Belendez) Feb. 2007, p.4 Mound of Mulch (Robert B. Martin, Jr.) February 2008, p.6 Moving Fortuniana Roses (Mike Denson) Aug. 2007, p.1 Moving My Roses (Rod McKusick) Nov. & Dec p.8 Moving Roses in the Desert (Mike and Cindy Jepsen) Nov. & Dec p.4 Mozart: Rose of the Month (Dona Martin) August 2006, p.9 Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Rose April 2009 p.9 Mulch, where to buy in bulk in Phoenix area February 2008, p.6 Mulch (Mike Jepsen) July/August 2009 p.3 Mulch and Cardboard (Charles Shaner) July/August 2010 p.2 Murder by Roundup April 2009 (Maryjane Roe) p.8 My Favorite Hybrid Teas (Robert B. Martin Jr.) February 2006, p.4 Netafim February 2008, p.9 New Armstrong Roses for 2007 (Chris Greenwood) August 2006, p.1 Newer Miniature & Minifloras in Our Garden (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Nov. 2006, p.1 Novice Exhibitor: Coddle Your Buds (Robert B. Martin Jr.) March 2008, p.6 Nutrient Deficiency in Roses - recognize by leaf (Mike Jepsen) June 2010 p.5, August 2011 p.4, September 2011 p.4 October Rose Growing (Henry Seiler) Oct. 2007, p.1 Oh My (Marylou Coffman) January 2013, p.6 Organic Rose and Vegetable Care (Nelson Mitchell) April 2010 p.2 Organic Fertilizers (Mike Jepsen) September 2010 p.5 Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers (Mike Jepsen) February 2011, p.3 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade (Bob Martin, Jr.) Sept. 2013, p.10 Peace (Marylou Coffman) May 2018, p.4 Rose Peggler, Pete and Jean April 2010 p. 7 Pet Smith - Member Profile, June 2009, p.9 Ph versus Nutrient Availability (Mike Jepsen) July/August 2010 p.5 Photographing Roses (Bob Bauer) March 2008, p.1 Photographing Roses-Your Camera and You (Corinne Geertsen) September 2010 Photographing Roses-Focus and Lighting (Corinne Geertsen) October 2010, p. 5 Photographing Roses (Cindy Jepsen) October 2010 p. 4

5 Photoshop March 2008, p.9 Pine Needles February 2008, p.6 Pink Promise Rose (Marylou Coffman) March 2009, p.4 Plant Doctor App June 2013 p.6 Plant Labels (Steve Sheard) May 2006, p.5 Planting Bareroot Roses February 2008, p.9 Planting Roses February 2008, p.9 Polyanthas (Marylou Coffman) June 2010 p.4 Portland Rose Garden, Brief Tour (Bob O Brien) Nov. 2008, p.3 Pots (Cindy Jepsen) February 2010, p. 3 Powdery Mildew (Hal Reynolds) June 2009, p.4 Pressure Compensating Inline Drip Hose February 2008, p.9 Pruners 101: Sharpening Your Pruning Tools (Michael Denson) August 2006, p.8 Pruners (Cindy Jepsen) February 2009, p.2 Pruning (Phyllis Henslin) January 2015 p. 4 Pruning (Annual) This is a great article with great illustrations. January 2019 p6 Pruning and Planting Tools (Cindy Jepsen) January 2011,p.3 PSWD Roses in Review (Paul Van Gundy) March 2006, p.6 Public rose gardens, iconic June 2015, p. 6 Punch N Cut (Cindy Jepsen) February 2011, p.3 Pythium and Fusarium Fungi: Diagnosing, Preventing, Treating (Richard Carroll) June 2008 p. 7 Queen of Show (Robert B. Martin Jr.) June 2008 p. 4 Quick Tour of Our Website (Corinne Geertsen) May 2009, p. 14 Rainlog (Steve Sheard) Oct. 2007, p.7 Raise Fruit, Bury Carbon (Terry Harrison) December 2018, p. 12 Ralph Moore Trophy (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Sept p.1 Redwood Bark Shavings February 2008, p.6 Response (Steve Sheard) September 2006, p.5 Rock as mulch February 2008, p.6 Rooting Hormones (Robert B. Martin Jr.) June 2007, p.3 Rooting Roses February 2012 p.6 Rose Arrangements 101, Part One (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Oct. 2006, p.1 Rose Auction 2010 Photos March 2010 p. 8 Rose Auction 2010 Success March 2010 p. 9 Rose care in April, Van Vlack, April 2018, p. 6 Rose Colors and Meanings October 2009 p.9 Rose Exhibition is Fun (Lynn Twitchell) November 2010, p. 11 Rose Flowering Tree (Steve Sheard) Jan. 2008, p.8 Rose Garden at MCC, Coffman and Brady, April 2018, p. 4 Rose Garden at MCC One of Three Int. Rose Test Gardens in US (Lynn Twitchell) May 2018 p. 5 Rose Grooming Kit April 2008, p. 3 Rose Grooming Kit, Beginners (Cindy Jepsen) October 2009 p.3, November 2010 p.4 Rose Hills International Rose Trials 2008 (Dona Martin) Nov. 2008, p.5 Rose Labels (Paw Paw Everlast Label Co.) June 2009, p.1 Rose Petal Tea Recipe Sept. 2013, p. 16 Rose Photography (Bob Bauer) March 2008, p.1

6 Rose Photography: Focus and Lighting (Corinne Geertsen) October 2010 p.5 Rose Photography: Your Camera and You (Corinne Geertsen) September 2010 p.6 Rose Photography: Composition (Corinne Geertsen), November 2010 p.5 Rose Sale and Auction 2007 Mar. 2007, p.6 Rose Show Results Nov 06: MEVRS Jan. 2007, p.4 Rose Show Results Nov 07: MEVRS & Glendale Jan. 2008, p.6 Rose Show Results: April Show, Rose Society of Glendale May 2007, p.4 Rose Show Results: Pacific Southwest District, April 14, 2006 Show May 2006, p.3 Rose Show Results: Phoenix Rose Society April 1 Rose Show April 2006, p.5 Rose Show Results: Scottsdale Rose Society April 8, 2006 Show May 2006, p.8 Rose Shows of the Past April 2008, p. 3 Rose Sources and Hardware for Your Garden (Joanne Reiter & Siri Khalsa) p.10 Rose Source Watch (Joanne Reiter & Siri Khalsa) March 2010 p.12 Rose Terminology (Jolene Adams) Jan. 2008, p.9 Roses for the Arizona Desert (Cindy Jepsen) October 2009 p.7 Roses for Valentine s Day (MaryLou Coffman Salt Burn (Steve Sheard) Jan. 08, p.8 Scottsdale Rose Society Rose Show results May 2008, p.8 Selecting and Planting Roses for your Garden January 2018 p.13 Seven Musketeers (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Sept. 2006, p.1 Shade Cloth (Cindy Jepsen) June 2010 p.5 Show results (MEVRS) November 21, 2009 Singin the Blues (Marylou Coffman) February 2011, p.5 Six Foot Roses Feb. 2007, p.3 Soil Analysis vs. Tissue Analysis (Mike Jepsen) March 2011, p. 6 Soil Nutrients (Notes from Dr. Jerry Miller) Oct. 2006, p.8 Soil Testers (Cindy Jepsen) July/August 2010 p.5 Solar Bud Opener November 2013, p.13 Sprayers (Cindy Jepsen) September 2009 p.3 Spray Bottles & Pump Sprayers (Cindy Jepsen) January 2010 p.3, May 2011 p.4 Steve s Top ten OGR Tips (Steve Jones) June 2006, p.1 Strengthening Newer Roses & Revitalizing Older Rose Bushes (Mike Jepsen) January 2011, p.3 Stubborn Weed (Steve Sheard) Feb. 2007, p.3 Suckers (Steve Sheard) Nov. 2012, p. 6 Super Bloom (Mike Jepsen) October 2009 p.3 Superthrive (Mike Jepsen) January 2010 p.3 Sunshine Daydream (Marylou Coffman) November 2012, p.9 Sunstruck (Marylou Coffman) November 2011 p.3 Summer Rose Care: July & August (Dona Martin) July 2007, p.6 Summer Rose Care (Brady and Coffman) May 2014, p.10 Sweet or Sour Soil (Steve Sheard) March 2006 p.3 Sweetness (Jackson and Perkins) May 2010, p.4 Taking Pictures of Roses (Bob Bauer) March 2008, p.1 Ten Reasons to Join the American Rose Society (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Aug. 2007, p. 7 Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the MCC Rose Garden (Dona Martin) May 2007, p.1 Tetanus (Kyle Burnis) May 2013, p.10

7 Thrips Control (Mike Jepsen) Nov. & Dec p.3 Tom Carruth King of the Roses (Rayford Reddell) July 2006, p.1 Top Exhibition Roses of 2007 (Robert B. Martin Jr.) May 2008, p.1 Top Exhibition Roses of the Desert (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Jan. 2007, p.1 Top Exhibition Roses of the Desert (Robert B. Martin Jr.) Jan. 2008, p.1 Top Exhibition Roses of the Southwest (Robert B. Martin Jr.) April 2006, p.1 Tour, Portland Rose Garden (Bob O Brien) Nov. 2008, p.3 Transplanting Roses February 2008, p.9 Tree Roses Standards (Dick Streeper) March 2014, p.4 Trellising (Cindy Jepsen) July/Aug 2009 p.3 Triple Super Phosphate when planting February 2008, p.9 Triple Super Phosphate (Mike Jepsen) March 2009 p.3 Turn Suckers into Gold (Steve Sheard) Mar. 2007, p.8 Valentine s Day From Week s Roses Feb. 2007, p.7 Ventura Rose Auction Feb. 2007, p.1 Veterans Garden Christmas Wreaths (Phyllis Henslin) Jan. 2007, p.8 Veterans Garden Roses June 2009, p.6 Veterans Honor April 2009 p.1 Vitech (Mike Jepsen, April 2011 p.5) Water wands Tool Tips: (Cindy Jepsen) April 2009 p.3, March 2010 p.3, April 2011 p.4 Watering and Rainfall Steve Sheard) May 2007, p.8 Watering System Emitters (Cindy Jepsen) September 2010 p.5 We Love Our Deadheaders November 2006, p.12 Website Tour (Corinne Geertsen) May 2009, p. 14 Weeding (Cindy Jepsen) May 2010 p.3 Weeds (Steve Sheard) May 2010, p.7 What are Rose Show Jobs and How Can I Help? (Dona Martin) Oct. 2006, p.5 What IS the Pacific Southwest District? (Heidi Leavitt) March 2006, p.9 What Makes a Good Rose Arrangement (Carolyn Elgar) October 2006, p.6 Why I Run (Robert B. Martin Jr.) April 2006, p.9 Why Test Soil, Water and Plant Tissue for Healthy Roses (Dr. Crawford) July/Aug 2009 p.6 Wing Ding (Dona Martin) Sept. 2007, p.7 World Gardening Naked Day (Bill Sheperd) May 2018, p.11 Worm Castings and Whiteflies (Retta Marconi-Dooley) November p. 10 Worm Castings The Organic Pest Repellant (Sena Kassim) February 2015 p. 8 Worm Castings 101 (Steve Sheard) March 2015, p.10 Yellow Rose-Prescott September 2013, p.9