Based upon parts of R.A. Salvatore s War of the Spider Queen, book I, written by Richard Lee Byers (Forgotten Realms / Dungeons and Dragons)

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1 Forgotten Love Stories: I (Warning: SMUT with Drider) I ll Always Love You. Based upon parts of R.A. Salvatore s War of the Spider Queen, book I, written by Richard Lee Byers (Forgotten Realms / Dungeons and Dragons) Includes the original characters by above authors: Ryld, Houndaer, Tsabrak, Syzran, Pharaun, Valas, and Omraeth as well as my own original character, Jhul olin. Story follows but adjusts the story line from above authors. Total pages: 28. Enjoy! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ryld sat quietly observing the young female with his ever calm but ever keen attention. She went about her duties, as she called them, with a soft hum upon her lips and not once complained of participating in doing work that usually a slave would do. A second daughter to the 7 th House and Jhul olin stooped low to cook for the runaway boys. She stirred the boiling pot of stew, cut rothe meat with an expert hand and not once asked for aid when lifting the heavy pot off and on to the burning pit. With sweat upon her brow from the cooking flames, Jhul olin went about her business with a light heart and a willingness that the Master had never seen in a female before. Are you sure you wouldn t like some help? Ryld asked for a second time as she went to move the pot once again. Scarlet eyes lifted and upon her features a smile formed. Jhul olin shook her head sending strands of thick white to scatter about her heart shaped face. Once again Master Argith, no I m perfectly capable of handling this cooking on my own. She shrugged her shoulders delicately and wiped her hands upon a cloth. If I can t even lift a cooking pot, what good am I to these boys? These boys? Ryld had noticed in his short conversation after meeting the once Drow Priestess and Princess that she had affection for the runaway males. She spoke of them with a fondness that a typical female of her rank wouldn t dare to even think let alone speak. Males were males in the eyes of any proper female, even one who lowered herself to surviving in the Braeryn. By now, any proper female would ve taken her own life or begged another to do it for her if she could not. Here the beautiful Drow was lowering herself to not only taking care of the runaways, seeing to their meals and their mental comfort, yet conducting herself with an aura of importance in doing so. Forgive me for my confusion, said the Master of Melee-Magthere, yet I m still confused as how a once second daughter of the 7 th house and an aspiring Priestess has found herself the den-mother to a group of runaways bent upon the destruction of the city? A frown creased the female s sweet features. She looked to the elder male seated across from the cooking fire then back to the stew at hands. She offered yet another delicate shrug of her shoulders then turned going about gathering bowls for the stew. I don t see these boys as runaways, she answered gently, quietly, as she cut large slabs of freshly baked fungus bread, I see them as followers of a new destiny forged by the need that they have to find a place in the twisted fate of our race and our world. That is all.

2 Ryld tipped his head; his eyes narrowing in thought. Oddly enough it seemed that her answer made some sense to him. From birth many a Drow male aspired to find his place with the chaotic order, if there was such a thing, to the scheme of their species. One either attended Tier Breche, the academy of Sorcere, or Melee-Magthere to become strong and deadly warriors. Those two options were the two safest for a Drow male to take when deciding his fate and places in Drow society. Those who wished to find their place far outside the control of the Matron Mothers or their female rulers sought out the employment of private merchant house or that illusive yet deadly mercenary band, Bragen, D aerthe. For a male to forgo the later options and search out a way to undermine the current, and long holding, formation of their society was a concept that Ryld would never truly understand no matter how hard Pharaun tried to explain it beat it into his head. Breathing out a heavy sigh, Jhul olin sat her hands to her slender hips as she gave a once over look to the simple yet hearty dinner she had made. There are males here who are not a few years older than weaning age. By the norm, they should be within their first few years of training or even entering the academy yet they have chosen to hunt down a new life, one with a deep hope and longing to be more than fodder for the females of our race and Lloth. These runaways as you call them want nothing more than to become something other than what their sad lives would become under the whips and degradation of the females. Jhul olin frowned to the Master with a look of sadness to her beautiful eyes. I can see in your eyes that you have a similar longing, but you hide it well. Then again, you ve experienced many years already and have climbed your way to a high standing in the academy. How long did it take you to gain your reputation? Decades? Perhaps a century or two? She shook her head as she scooped a healthy portion of the stew into the bowl then placed a slice of the bread atop. She offered the bowl to Ryld. You can t tell me that you ve never dreamed of something more a true place to be, and to be respected. I have my respect. Ryld told her, but was he speaking more to himself than to her. He accepted the bowl with a nod. His stomach growled tightly as the thick, meaty scent of the stew drifted up to tease his senses. Which you have achieved through hard training, harder preserving and dedication to your race, to Lloth, your skills and your importance to the Matron Mothers. Once again he nodded. He agreed with her, he had achieved his status by all of that and more. Ryld tore of a hunk of the bread that he dipped into the thick brew. His stomach grumbled once again in hungry anticipation as he popped the thick bite into his mouth. The flavors instantly overwhelmed Ryld and he nearly groaned in pleasure as he ate the bite. It had been such a long time since he had tasted such a wonderful meal, especially since he and Pharaun had taken to this undertaking of hunting down the runaways through the lowest pitfalls of Menzoberranzan. Jhul olin chuckled, pleased that the Master took to the stew. She had to admit that she was a very good cook. She had a talent for preparing delicious culinary creations and was proud that she could prepare meals for the boys. Ryld glanced up over his next bite. Jhul olin was now pouring stew into more bowls adding to each a slice of the bread. Do you cook all the meals? Not all. She replied softly. But most. Doing so keeps me occupied and gives me a sense of purpose among them. This movement that they are creating is not for me or my sisters, but for the males. I believe them and their cause and if cooking for them and keeping them in line with some form of personal pride in themselves is my she

3 paused thinking of the correct term, contribution to their cause then so be it. I shall do so to my fullest extent and without complaint. Ryld chuckled. You speak with the dedication and passion a Priestess should. I don t need to be a Priestess or even a Princess to the 7 th house to be passionate about a cause or even dedicated, she explained turning to regard the Master, all I need is a place and a cause of my own. That is all. And you have no other reason to be here with these runaways than a dedicated cause and purpose? Excuse me Both Ryld and Jhul olin glanced up at a young, almost timid voice came from the door to the kitchen. There, standing off to the side as if wishing the walls could hide him, was a very young looking Drow male. He was eyeing the Master of Melee-Magthere with a cautious and uneasy gaze. Yes Zakn? Is there something you need? Jhul olin inquired as she wiped her hands upon the cloth once again. Ryld ran his eyes along the young male. He saw no weapon or magical device upon the youth, no armor of a warrior or robe of a wizard. He wore a simple tunic and breeches and had the look of a street urchin. Ryld turned away looking to the bowl he held within his hands. He took another bite. Zakn never once removed his eyes from the older male. Houndaer wishes to know if the evening meal is almost ready. He s becoming anxious. A delicate snort of amusement came from Jhul olin. She rolled her eyes then beaconed the youth into the kitchen. You can tell him that if he wishes to inquire about supper, he can get his lazy pompous ass into this kitchen himself and ask me directly. You re not his slave and he has no right really to make you do his work. He has a mouth and legs therefore he can come in here and ask me himself. Zakn hesitated for a moment still watching the other male yet he slowly stepped forwards and hurried across the room as if the elder female would offer him some form of protection if the Master decided to attack. He didn t trust the two newcomers fresh from the upper levels of the city. He never trusted anybody. That wasn t true. He trusted Jhul olin. She had always treated him fairly since he had arrived within the walls of the runaways sanctum. Smiling softly, Jhul olin presented a bowl of stew to the young male; this bowl filled a bit more than the others and had two slices of bread. She offered him a wink as she thrust it into his grip. He looked frightened for a moment simply because Jhul olin was after all a Priestess, or a once Priestess of Lloth. The boy had probably gone through much at the hands of his female family members even if he was born in the gutter much like Ryld. Ryld watched the two interact from the corner of his eye as he continued to eat his stew. Zakn looked down to the bowl. A slight smile played his lips as he noticed the two slices of bread. He knew full well that most of the other runaways would receive only one slice, even Houndaer only Tsabrak would receive three slices.

4 The female chuckled softly, turned the youth about by his shoulders and sent him back towards the door with a gentle shove. Tell Houndaer that supper is ready and if he could please send a few of his brethren to help me distribute these bowls, I would be greatly she paused sucking in a breath as if her next words were dangerous she finally spoke, appreciated. Now go I would suggest you eat one slice of bread before you get to the great hall. Zakn glanced back with a slight, boyish grin to his lips. He offered her a nod then departed yet not without casting Ryld an uncharacteristic glare. Outside the walls of the old abandoned castle, that boy wouldn t dare such a threatening glance. Ryld brushed the glare off. Give the youth one moment of pride and self-confidence considering this small band of rogue males would soon face their most certain death. Even if the group would insight a riot of the slaves, mostly if not all consisting of lower level creatures such as goblins, bugbears and orcs and other similar mindless lives. Once the youth had left, Ryld raised his gaze from over his dinner of fresh stew to stare at the female who was quietly finishing up her preparations of supper. May I ask a personal question, Mistress Jhul olin? Stopping her work, the young ex-priestess glanced over her shoulder regarding the Master of Melee-Magthere carefully. A personal question? He nodded. Jhul olin nodded as well. She turned leaning to the old counter behind her. Very well. You may, but on one condition. She raised and presented a single finger. What s that? Don t call me Mistresses. I never cared for such a title nor do I ever wish to hear it again. Ryld chuckled. He could understand completely for at times he wished he could throw off his own title and walk unknown through the streets. That was never to happen. I ve never seen a female speak so gently and with such familiarity to a boy of that age before. He couldn t have been more than thirty or so Zakn? Jhul olin smiled softly. She nodded. He is only thirty four. His house was destroyed and his father, who was the weapon s Master smuggled him out and to safety before returning to continue in the war that befell them. Zakn wouldn t have had a chance if left to his own devices, so young and inexperienced as he is. He s for the most part untouched by the cruelty of the Priestesses and our dark society. He has worked hard to survive on the streets. When he found his way here, I couldn t help but take him under my wing. He looked so lost frightened and unsure of himself. Ryld took another chunk of bread. He turned his gaze down to the stew he had been eating. It didn t take a genius to see that the stew was made to be filling, to be warm and comforting with chunks of Rothe meat that was for the most part fresh and no doubt cost a nice coin. If she was in charge of preparing the meals, then she was the one who purchased the food so why would a rogue priestess be spending coins on a handful of rogue boys with no future to them but death at the hands of brutal Matron Mother s? There was only one reason the swords Master could come up with. When did you lose your child?

5 The question through Jhul olin off her train of thought as she went pale and quickly turned her back to him to busy herself with dishes and clean-up. That single and very simple question had her hands shaking as she dunked a cutting board into a sink full of water. She didn t want him to see the mirror of pain that swept through her eyes. Ryld saw the instant change in her body. She went tight as she turned away from him. Forgive me No, Jhul olin breathed out raising a hand to silence him, it s alright. She turned back around. Her features sad as they were had softened and danced with a quivering smile. Leaning back to the counter once again, the young female laced her fingers before her. Her eyes lowered. It s a very complicated story All stories are complicated. Very true. She smiled softly before her eyes lifted to the door. Ryld too caught the sound of eight legs scuttling down the corridor outside. His body tightened and his gaze went to Splitter that rested close by against the table. The tension upon hearing the approach of the Drider, Tsabrak, coiled tight within skilled muscles. Though the rogues named the Drider as an ally, Ryld would never be able to feel comfortable in an alliance with one such as that creature. In the next moment the massive cross of spider and Drow loomed within the arched doorway. Tsabrak lowered his curved legs so that his Drow torso could lean forwards into the kitchen. His dangerous red eyes locked instantly upon the Drow male. Lips pulled back to show a hint of fangs as the Drider snarled a low threatening snarling. He moved further inwards but only to where his bulky lower half, that spider half, wouldn t catch in the narrow doorway. Ryld turned his eyes away focusing upon the remains of his dinner. He stole a glance as Jhul olin smiled a smile that didn t hide affection. Yes, that was affection he saw reflecting within her eyes and though it seemed she tried to hide it that smile was true. She pushed forwards taking the bowl that had three slices of bread and stepped across the old kitchen right to the Drider. There was no hesitation in her movements. She walked right to the abomination created of magic and hatred to hand him the bowl. Tsabrak accepted without a hiss or a snarl. What he did next stunned Ryld. The Drider leaned down his lean, taut torso to whisper to Jhul olin s ear. No, she whispered in reply offering him a tender smile, he is not been bothering me. Now go, eat your dinner before it gets cold, alright? Tsabrak scowled towards Ryld yet seemed to have no intentions of departing any time soon. He wasn t comfortable having the Master of Melee-Magthere so close to Jhul olin. Ryld couldn t mistake the protectiveness that stood out like an aura about the Drider. That was rather surprising considering that Driders were created by magic through the will of Lloth s priestesses, one that Jhul olin had once been entitled.

6 The Drider showed no hint of malice or vengeful hunger towards her. On the contrary, if Ryld didn t know any better he would ve assumed that Tsabrak and Jhul olin had formed a rather unique comradeship. Even the female looked upon him with eyes of kindness, not fear. Thinking the male s attention was fully turned, Tsabrak shifted his gaze back to the beautiful female. The dangerous features of the Drider softened as much as they could. His long, scraggly white hair fell forwards to curtain his once handsome features, though some would argue that he still held the beauty that was gifted to most of his race if not for the fangs, the strands of foam slipping from his lips and of course the spider body the held his Drow torso. Tsabrak frowned. He reached forwards only hesitating as he glanced towards the Master. Jhul olin smiled. She took his hand and leaned up to her tip toes to kiss the Drider s cheek. If Ryld had noticed, he didn t react. The Drider s features softened even more to that kiss. His eyes closed and he leaned his cheek towards those soft lips. Turning his head, he whispered softly. I ve missed you Ssshh She whispered touching a finger to his lips unfazed by the line of foam that slid along her finger. We ll speak later. Please go eat. You re too thin Snorting, the Drider parted his lips to speak yet brushed her fingertip with a soft kiss. He wasn t too thin. As what he was there was no concern to his physical appearance or his weight. Jhul olin never saw that she saw him in her eyes as the Drow he used to be and in her eyes he was thin in the torso. You worry too much. He stated with a slight grin pulling his lips. Perhaps I do, whispered Jhul olin as she placed a hand over the Drider s bare chest directly over his heart, but that is my worry to be concerned with. Somebody needs to worry for you. Sadness clouded the Drider s pale red eyes. He bent his head once more and pressed a kiss to her brow. He touched his hand to her cheek, cupping her sweet features with deadly long fingers brushed her temple. Will you come to me tonight? Of course. Tsabrak nodded with a nod of his head. He cast one last scowl to the Melee Master then turned shifting out the door. The hallway danced with the echo of the clicking of his legs soon to disappear. Jhul olin centered herself with a deep breath and a lick to her lips before she turned back into the kitchen. She too cast a cautious glance to Ryld as she returned to the sink to finish her duties. Soon, a few rogues would come along to aid in the distribution of the stew bowls. Silence, it was so very heavy and weighted with tension tension over the interaction that had just occurred. He had questions.

7 Jhul olin had no question in her mind that the skilled and senior Drow had caught the quick and quiet words passed between her and the Drider along with the subtle touches and that one little kiss to the cheek. Had he overheard Tsabrak s inquiry as to her later visitation? If he had he wasn t letting on. Silence once more fell upon the kitchen. Ryld had finished with his stew. He stood from the table caring his bowl to the sink where he sat it into the water. He didn t turn away too quickly. Instead he stood at Jhul olin s side. I saw nothing Ryld told her with a curt nod of his head. He was being discrete with what he had witnessed passed between the Drider and the female. He had known Tsabrak during his days at the academy. The Drow had been a talented swordsman with a keen and deadly skill that would ve gone far if not for the sudden destruction of his House. It was a pity he had been lost for he would ve gone far but to have been turned into a Drider well, Ryld couldn t really comprehend what could ve happened to have that form of punishment delivered unto the youth. Though from what he just witnessed he was starting to see that complicated story unwind. Thank you for your discretion on the matter. Ryld nodded then turned meaning to depart the kitchen. Master Argith He paused at the entry glancing back with a slender brow raised. That one you travel with, the Master of Sorcere? Pharaun. Yes, him, she nodded then continued, he s treacherous. You should not trust him. All he is, is what he wants others to see and nothing he says or does is in truth but an illusion played even upon those he might consider a friend. That term means little to him. Ryld released a sigh. All she spoke on Pharaun he already knew. My thanks. With a nod, he departed the kitchen. After dinner had been finished, the rogues departing for the evening practice and duties, Jhul olin over saw the cleaning of the dining room. Ryld and Pharaun were invited to sit and drink wine with Houndaer and a few of the other Drow who rose ranks among the runaways, one being the powerful and talented bard, Omraeth, with Tsabrak standing close by, always close by with his bow and quiver in safe reach along his back. Jhul olin had been dismissed by Houndaer as if she were nothing but a slave to him. That earned him a swat to the back of his head and a glare from the beautiful female. Pharaun had laughed after she departed warning his young new ally that in all his years, he had learned to never speak low of any female no matter if the title of Priestess was no longer within her name title as the sting of a female s smack could and would be felt for weeks.

8 Hours had past. Many of the rogues who were not set to patrol duty had already turned into their various quarters for the night and a strong deep Reverie. Deep within the abandoned and haunted castle a shadowy figured moved along hallways and upon silent bare steps. Jhul olin walked cautiously, quietly towards her awaiting destination. Her steps were hurried yet never once did she run or scurry. She wore a cloak to conceal her identity, though little it would help if there were any eyes watching her. Houndaer had spoken of freedom for those who resided within the gathered runaways and that no one was watched or judged yet she never felt as if she her actions had truly gone unnoticed. Even as she wandered the halls, Jhul olin was on alert. Her eyes danced to every shadow, every column that stood still and every corner that she passed. She would often pause and listen for any oncoming voices or sounds before slipping past another corner or along another corridor. Soon she arrived at a set of large double onyx doors carved with beautiful inlays of arachnids. She touched a hand to the center of the door and a soft vibration echoed through the stone and a few moments later a groan was heard and the two doors slowly pulled open. A soft cloud of debris, dust and stone sand skittered down from the top of the old doors. Looking down each side of the hall, Jhul olin slipped into the dark room that awaited her. The doors groaned and closed behind her magically locking. She stepped boldly into the dark bedchamber where a few flames of illuminated fire danced upon the walls. For the most part the room was pitch black but with her keen Drow sight, Jhul olin could easily make out the old furniture dotting the room in no particular order. Some of the furniture was broken, tossed aside in the chaos of the castle s destruction. They were but remnants of rotting carved wood purchased at a high price from merchants coming from the world above or parts of stone structures crumbling into infinity. The room held a drab and musty smell as the walls were damp with moisture dripping down from the carved arches and glass-less windows. She crossed a short distance before smiling towards the large bed where once a stone structure of blackness held a lot a soft mattress. Now the stone bed was nothing but broken stone yet a new mattress lay flat among the ruble. It was large enough and comfortable enough to support Tsabrak s bulky spider body during rest. Upon that dark mattress the Drider rested. His appendages bent upwards in an awkward angle that seemed natural and comfortable to him. His Drow torso was resting forwards upon a pile of soft pillows where his strong arms were folded and his chin rested atop. He was staring at her through the darkness with his red eyes glinting. His white hair had been pulled back and seemingly freshly washed with a tie at the nape of his neck. Upon seeing her, Tsabrak arched himself forwards crooking a finger towards her. Jhul olin rolled her eyes. She chuckled at his beaconing call and to play into his game she obeyed and moved forwards.

9 Tsabrak s eyes darkened. His lips pulled to show his fangs and a thin line of acidic like foam drip down to the bed beneath him. His handsome Drow like face tipped to the side as he let his eyes trail over Jhul olin s form that moved with such delicate grace. He flicked another finger towards her. Jhul olin licked her lips as he flicked his finger. She mewed trying to bite back her lips from coiling into a deeper, more seductive smile. Her eyes never left his as she raised her hands to pull upon the cords of her long cloak of maroon velvet, and as she continued her steps the fabric fluttered free from her body to be discarded upon the floor. Bare, naked sweet skin of silvery grey glistened within the darkness. To the Drider, she was the only bit of comfort he could get in his pitiful existence. No other of his kind was blessed to have one like her, a beautiful Drow willing and able to fall into his hold. Yet their odd and certainly taboo and illegal relationship was nothing new. No, the two were more than old friends. Jhul olin came to stop before the Drider s Drow torso. She reached up running her fingers along his taut, dark chest of smooth skin that lined tightly trained muscles, up his neck to cup his features. She held no reservation, didn t even think twice as she leaned forwards to kiss him upon the lips. The Drider groaned a deep, vibrating groan to the feel of her sweet, sweet lips. She tasted of spiced wine and smelled of cooking spices, the mixed scents danced through the Drider s keen sense of smell. His powerful body arched upwards as he gathered the naked female into his Drow arms. Jhul olin moaned. Her lips parted to deepen the kiss as she wrapped her slender arms about her lover. Yes, they were lovers behind closed and secret doors. Though careful of their affections and attention to each other when within the public eye of their associates within the runaway group, behind closed doors their attentions were fully upon each other. Jhul olin threaded fingers into her lover s bound hair. She continued to kiss him, nipping at his lips before her tongue met his in a dancing embrace. She whimpered feeling a deadly hand skim along her tight thigh guiding her leg about his lean, humanoid waist where the bulbous lower body of his arachnid half began. A giggle escaped her lips upon feeling the coarse hairs tickle her sensitive flesh. Tsabrak smirked at her sweet giggle. He drew back just enough to bite at her neck before he leaned back enough to look down to her naked body. he laid her down to the pile of pillows so he could gaze openly at her bare body. With a deep breath, the Drider ran his hands over the naked curves of her exposed form; along her hips her raised and parted legs that were still about his waist, and over her smooth stomach. After a brief pause upon her abdomen, his hands continued upwards to cup her breasts. Jhul olin sucked in a breath as her lover s skilled and deadly hands went to work molding and teasing her breasts. He palmed her, massaged her and squeezed her till she was arching, moaning and writhing upon the pillows. This to him was pure bliss, watching his lover s beautiful body moving before him and beneath his open gaze. He bent down and as he continued to play with her breasts, squeezing and twisting her sensitive nipples, his mouth found her neck. He licked and suckled upon the smooth column of flesh leaving a trail of slickness along her throat.

10 Moaning, whimpering Jhul olin twisted beneath the erotic play. Her breasts felt tight and heavy as they swelled beneath the expert ministrations of her lover s talented hands. She tipped her head to the side offering her throat in submission to the power that her lover held over her. A pleased growl slid from the Drider as her throat was given to him. His lips parted and he bit tenderly with his fangs before washing her flesh with his tongue. His mouth was on the move trailing downwards as his massive body shifted lower. A screech tore from Jhul olin as her body bucked the moment the Drider s mouth parted and he took a nipple inwards. He suckled harshly, hungrily upon her as his twisting fingers tightened upon the other. Whimpering, she would twist and arch; her hips rocking upwards in an attempt to ease the building heat between her legs. It was so hard to be around him day after day and not wish to feel his touch. He was always so gentle, so tender with her even in their most erotic moments where his masculine side demanded to take her in the most perverse way. The Drow are erotic creatures, beings of chaos and beings of pleasure with little limitations as to the perversity that ran their erotic imaginations. Her coupling with a Drider as taboo as it was could also be seen as pleasure seeking. Touch me please Jhul olin s whimpering voice pressed forth from tight lips. Tsabrak pulled back. He grinned down to her and obliged by running a hand down her body once again. Are you begging me? He inquired in an odd guttural purr of a voice. Yyeess She moaned twisting as her lover s hand settled between her legs. Here? He sneered. Oh yes She breathed out reaching between them to grasp at his hand. She pressed his fingers intimately against her and against the slick flesh that trembled with want. Tsabrak growled once again to the wet heat he felt to his touch. He leaned forwards dragging his tongue along her neck to where he could whisper to her ear, You re so wet She gasped and moaned and bent her head with her eyes clenched shut and her lips openly parted. Chuckling, he did as she requested. He parted her wet folds with his long, deadly fingers so he could touch her. Jhul olin cried out as he slid a finger into her body, forgoing their usual lengthy play of touching and petting. Weeks had gone by since their last night of love making. The Drider had no want to spend time at this moment with a bit of foreplay. No he wanted her and he wanted her at that moment. And so he slid his digit into her, gliding the finger within her tight, wet channel -in and out of her body. She cried out, her body arching as she parted her legs even more. More She whimpered tightly as she tightened her grip to his wrist. She urged his movement on in the want to feel more strokes. I think you like this Tsabrak chuckled darkly. He drew back dragging his eyes down her twisting and trembling body to see her pushing his hand against her parted legs where his finger slid in and out of her hot core. Yeah you like this

11 Jhul olin s reply was a rocking twist of her hips and a hearty, heavy moan. Opening her eyes, the beauty glanced down between their bodies and saw a long red organ protruding from the underside of the spider body where a male Drow s member would be. However, this organ was not that of a Drow it was the cock of a mixed creature. Long, slick and red, the Drider s cock twitched as it continued to slide forwards swelling before her eyes. Heat exploded throughout Jhul olin s stomach at the sight of the lengthy organ. Releasing his wrist, she slid her hands down her body to wrap fingers about the red cock. Tsabrak s eyes closed. His head leaned back as he groaned to the intimate contact. His entire body shuddered in sexual want when she began to stroke him from base to tip spreading the slick, sticky fluid that seeped from the narrow tip. The beast inside him clawed to take over, wanting nothing more than to drive its cock into her while the Drow tried to contain that beast s control, wanting to pleasure his lover first before simply taking her like an animal. Whimpering to the incredible and hot sensations dancing his body from his lover s stroking, Tsabrak felt his lower half buck forwards sliding his cock in and out of her hands in a perverse dance of sexual mating. The Drider growled and groaned, his face twisting in looks of rapture as he continued to slide his shaft into his lover s sweet hands. While she stroked him, he continued to stroke her. Wanting to watch her, Tsabrak leaned over his writhing female to see how beautiful her body was as it twisted and arched towards his touch. He grinned, dipped his head and nuzzled her cheek in a tender show of affection. I love your hands He whispered softly into her ear with a whisper of hot breath. Jhul olin mewed giving him a slow, tight squeeze. The Drider hissed. His head leaned forwards resting to her cheek as a tremble of pleasure went through him. You devil He teased her. Moaning so sweetly, Jhul olin pulled the length of his cock as if she were milking him. That I am. She purred to him as she tipped her head to run her tongue along a pointed ear. She felt her lover s body shudder when she began to suckle upon the lobe. She took hold of his hand that continued to tease and grind into her body and raised the long sticky fingers to her lips. Tsabrak s red eyes narrowed in hot expression and even hotter want as he watched her sweet mouth open, her tongue slipped out and she licked each of his fingers cleaned. The feel of her wet, hot tongue trailing his sensitive skin pushed the Drow s control to snap allowing the Drider to take over. He took her into his arms, grasping her as his legs scuttled drawing his body upwards. Jhul olin laughed brightly with her arms wrapping about her lover s shoulders. She pressed a desperate kiss to his mouth with her tongue thrusting hard into his mouth in a dominating kiss of desire. Her legs went to wrap about the Drow torso s lean waist and in the next moment her mouth tore away as a cry of pure pleasure exploded through her. The Drider had thrust himself into her open legs and right into the depths of her trembling core. She felt so tight, so hot and wet that his mind went blank and all he could do was drive himself into her body over and over.

12 The powerful spider body twitched and drove forwards and back grinding and pulling that red, slick length from within her. Tsabrak clutched his lover in his deadly arms as she feasted upon his mouth. Lips parted wide taking care to keep his fangs from slicing her tender lips. He dared not want to harm her during their gifted moment of bliss. Groaning, hissing, he kept moving his body as he held her protectively within his arms. Fingers dug into her lover s hide, nails scraping and clawing along his shoulders and neck till her devious fingers found their way into his bound hair. She pulled and tugged and scraped as she writhed and twisted with each driving thrust of his body into her. The sensation was over whelming! Jhul olin would cry out and moan deeply into that kiss as she bounced and trembled, held suspended by the Drider. With her legs drawn high and wide about him, her lover was able to impale her body to the depth of her core pushing against her womb. Over and over In and out The walls echoed with cries and groans of pleasure where moans danced from stone to stone, pillar to pillar. Their lovemaking was brutal, harsh but erotic and hot. Jhul olin was nothing more than a puppet being played by the Drider s sexual hand. Her body felt nearly abused as muscles were tested and drawn tight from the male s powerful body pumping into her. She held to him, grasping him as her pleasure increased and her mind slipped away. Her body felt as if it were on fire. Her breasts crushed to her lover s hard chest where her swollen nipples were tortured and teased by muscles and skin. Sweat gathered and slipped down bodies, wetting their skins as they moved against one another. Tsabrak felt her muscles give way within her legs and gently lowered her to the pile of pillows without breaking his hard rhythm. Now he was able to watch her, the way her breasts rolled and bounced with each drive of his body, the way her features twisted and her lips parted allowing her cries to echo forth. Taking her hands in his, he held her arms above her head as he leaned down to take her mouth once more by his. This kiss was just as desperate as the others, rough and brutal leaving both lovers with bruised and crushed lips. Neither cared about the pain for the pleasure was greater than anything felt. As fast as their passion bloomed it boiled and exploded. Jhul olin cried out as her lover s stroking pushed her flesh to the edge. Her stomach tightened and a burst of white hot flames licked her insides. That tight channel tightened even more, clutching the cock that buried deep within her. She tried hard to grind herself up against him till the bundle of nerves were teased and rubbed heightening her pleasure.

13 Her release floored Tsabrak. He felt her body tremble as her juices flowed through her. The feel of her passage spasmming about him pushed him to his own limitation. Tearing his mouth from hers, he threw his head back and a sound erupted from deep within his throat that was nothing but pure beast. Jhul olin moaned in pleasure as she laid her head back and opened her body even more allowing him the depth he desired. The Drider drove into her once twice three more times as his release continued to flood her body. She trembled and shook to the very core once their rapture began to dwindle leaving the two lovers hovering over the pits of pleasure. Tsabrak leaned his torso down upon his lover pressing himself tightly to her. He threaded a hand into her beautiful silvery hair. He pressed a cheek to hers and in an attempt to calm his quaking form he lazily pressed his lips to her temple. I love you the Drider whispered in a voice that shook with tenderness that one of his race usually had no concept of, I always will. Jhul olin felt tears instantly tickle her eyes. Those words tore through her heart and she drew her arms from his grasp so she could cradle him with her body. She ran her hand along his back, along his arms and through his bound hair. To have him still love her was almost more than she could handle. Those three simple but deep words were rarely spoken between Drow but to have them spoken between a Drow and a Drider was beyond rare, it was almost forbidden. Tsabrak had said them before her and she had said them to him. They were in love and had been in love for many years, decades upon decades. Their love had survived two tragedies in their past and hopefully their love and their lives would survive the insanity of the rebellion that was stirring within the shadows. Jhul olin still wished her lover would keep himself out of the plans stirred on by that ilithlich, Syrzan. Tsabrak twisted his Drow torso as he drew himself from his lover s warm body. He drew her into his arms so she could rest her head to his chest. He could tell she was thinking. Her eyes seemed so far away, distance and deep within thought. If he had to question to what her mind was pondering the answer would be simple...she was concerned about him and his connection to the rogues and Syrzan. He didn t side himself with the ilithlich for the purpose of aiding the runaway males, no he sided with this band in hopes that they would be able to overthrow the Matron Mothers and the cruel order of the female matriarchal society that was the Drow society. He wanted a place for his kind, the other Driders that have been tortured for years even before they were turned into the abominations that were simple tossed to Lloth s cruel wind. But most of all, he wanted to be accepted by the males thinking that they would share his desire to feel powerful within the Menzoberranzan that would be rebuilt. If, and that was a big if, they could accomplish their goals then he and Jhul olin would be able to proclaim their love and live in peace with each other. Or so he hoped Everything will be well The Drider whispered with a slight hiss to his voice. He tipped his head to press a kiss to the top of her silken silvery hair.

14 Though his words held strength to his solid determination, Jhul olin couldn t help her body that quivered as a wave of delicate fear tickled her. She didn t want to lose him again not again and in this case forever if he were to lose his life. She pressed her cheek to his cooling flesh and sighed heavily. But why this way? She asked timidly as she raised her eyes and set her chin to his chest. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to Houndaer and that.thing s goals and desires when they care nothing for you or your own desires? I don t see the point of this. You ve give up so much, we ve sacrificed so much. To throw it all away on the whims of runaway boys and a creature such as Syrzan it s dangerous. What would you have me do? Beg some House to take me in? You know what I am now. I have no place and no House or school would dare take me in. And these boys haven t taken you in. They re using you, you know that. Jhul olin raised herself up so she could stare down at the Drider s features. Usually one of her kind wouldn t even glimpse in his direction. He was lower than the low, lower than the lowest male. To be truthful, Tsabrak being a Drider in the eyes of many Drow was not even deserving of air, such was why they were discarded and left on their own, their own rules and their own devices much of which were beyond cruel. They were used as punishment for those Drow who didn t deserve to be turned into a Drider but were left to the Driders to dispose of. A frown touched her lips but she reached out to brush fingers down his cheek. Houndaer will throw you into the fodder of those thralls without a second thought just to be done with you. He s too proud of a born Prince to have a Drider stand at his side. Tsabrak flinched at her words. He didn t want to have the truth so close to his eyes. There was a deep part of him that wanted to ignore the fact that Houndaer was the self-proclaimed leader of the runaway rogues with Syrzan dictating orders from above him. With Houndaer being a Drow male born with rank, he made it clear to all the other males that he was of higher birth than them and certainly carried himself as such. He was a pompous male who walked with his chin stuck up his nose. And though he pretended well that he was working side by side with all the others and a Drider Houndaer thought only of himself upon the outcome of the revolt. Depending on what happened would determine Houndaer s loyalty in the end. Tsabrak meant nothing to Houndaer or any of the others; the Drider knew this and accepted it even though the knowledge angered him deeply. Yet he should only care about the end of this battle and Jhul olin. The Drider gazed up to his beautiful lover. He tipped his head just slightly to the feel of her touch brushing his sensitive flesh. Hands settled to her hips with deadly, lean fingers playing along her naked flesh. I only desire a place for myself and for you. I would sacrifice my life to see you safe. Jhul olin s features twisted with sadness over his words. Many Drow found their fated place within their individual Houses, Academies and society. They were comfortable playing with the bloody games that Lloth wrote down for her children and their chaotic world. There were Drow, deviants in their world, who craved a place better for them than what was gifted to them but what could be taken away in a blink of an eye. They desired to belong, to have reason and purpose far beyond what they could ever have or achieve in the Underdark.

15 She was one of them as was Tsabrak. His drive to find a place for himself that was greater than any within the city was one quality of his that drew her to him for she too wanted to find her purpose far beyond Lloth s dictations. We could go to the surface. The Drider snorted with a roll of his eyes. To the surface? he repeated with a shake of his head, and where would we go where we could be safe, accepted an ex-priestess of Lloth and a Drider, hmm? We would not last a ten-day. We would be hunted down by our own race and those that survive in Faerun and if not by them, that ball of fire would burn us into dust. Again her brows furrowed. She sighed at her silly nothing, her daydream of being safe upon the surface. But the surface would hold dangerous for them just as their world in the Underdark. Jhul olin laid her cheek back to his chest and took solace as his arms came about her. Fleeing to the surface may be the only way we can be together. Maybe there s a mage or a cleric of a God who would be able to help you Again the Drider snorted. That idea was almost too childish to comprehend. You were always a dreamer, Jhul I still am. Smiling, she glanced up gazing tenderly to her lover. I believe that one day we ll find a way to return you to your Drow body. There are polymorph spells Those have been tried. There is nothing, no spell no scroll no divine potion or trinket that can turn me back to being a Drow or even offer me an illusion of my former self. I am and always will be this bloated abomination you see. Scowling, Jhul olin shook her head. You re not an abomination to me. I know this, he whispered softly as he ran fingers through her hair, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not seeing me as the cursed creature that I am. Jhul whimpered and buried her features that now slickened with tears against his chest. Hearing her whimper and feeling those tears now scalding his flesh caused the Drider to tighten his arms about her. He cradled her against him, stroked her hair and her shoulders. Drow weren t talented naturally in the skill of comforting one another. Comfort wasn t an ideal to their race. He couldn t help the urgent need to soften her whimpers, end her tears. Grinning, he cupped her features to raise her head so he could brush at her tears. Quiet yourself. We don t have much time to each other. Are we going to spend these few hours day dreaming and crying or are we going to spend this time driving one another mad with desire? Jhul olin scoffed with a playful roll of her eyes yet a devious smile soon coursed her lips as she let fingers trickle down the hard abdomen of her lover s dark stomach. I suppose we could The Drider chuckled. The sound rumbled from deep within his chest hinted with a gurgle that was very much animalistic. He captured her wandering fingers bringing them to his lips that parted to show a hint of his fangs. Ever so gently did he kiss her palm; his eyes kept on hers. Shall we make a bet, dear Lady? A bet? She asked in a purr as her flesh tingles from his continued kisses. What type of bet?

16 How many times I can make you scream The Drider answered in a purr that was deep, dark and devious as his upper body arched up in a move of pure muscle. He groaned softly as he took her lips and into his arms did his lover melt. Hours later, as the hours of the evening if one could say there was a night within the deep cavern of the Drow worldgrew later and later towards the ride of the day, Jhul olin crept from Tsabrak s quarters. She carefully closed the two doors behind her so little noise would be heard dancing down the hall. She wished her lover would allow her to cast a spell of silence around his room but for his own reasons he refused. With a smile upon her lips and her mind and body still reeling from the hours of pleasure her lover dealt upon her body, the ex-priestess made her way back to her own room. She hoped to spend a few hours in reverie before she would need to rise to perform her daily duties. As she rounded a hall she suddenly found herself yanked into a side hall with her back striking hard against the wall behind her. A jutting piece of the broken rock wall tore into her back bringing a gasp of hot pain from her lips. Look what I have found wandering the halls well past her rest time. Houndaer s smooth, hot voice spilled out over Jhul olin s neck. She cringed as the once Prince leaned closer to her, too close for her comfort as she felt his lips brush to her cheek. Only then did her nose fill with the scent of wine, heavy heavy wine. Let me go, Houndaer. Jhul olin hissed as she tried to twist herself from his grasp. His hands only tightened upon her shoulders giving her yet another sharp shove against the wall. He wouldn t listen. He couldn t listen with the wine swirling within his mind and the intoxication of his hours of drinking clouded his rational thinking. The male groaned hotly as he felt her sweetly curved body shifting and twisting against him. Though she was trying to get away, he only felt her moves against him kindling the desire within him. As he held her pinned to the wall, Houndaer ground his hips lewdly against her. A shudder tore past him as his swelling flesh, held tight within leather, rubbed tortuously to her body. I have no want to let you go, Jhul olin never again. I ve released you too many times Jhul shuddered as she felt his mouth began to part against her neck and his tongue washing out to trail a line of saliva to her skin. With all her strength, she forced her arms between their bodies and shoved to his chest with all her might. In his drunken state Houndaer stumbled back from her shove. He skidded back nearly tumbling to his knees. The trained warrior recovered quickly pushing himself up to stand and sending a dangerous, threatening glare towards Jhul who was still pressed to the wall. What s wrong with you? She snapped as she pressed her shaking body to the wall. Houndaer snorted then grinned as he began to stalk towards her once again. Nothing s wrong with me He answered in a voice that slurred from syllable to syllable. You re drunk. She snarled in disgust.

17 The Tuin Tarl Prince waved a hand dismissing her accusation. He continued to advance upon her. Come here. He ordered with a sly smile and a beacon of a curling finger. I want to hold you Swallowing a lump of bile in her throat, Jhul curled her lips at him. I d rather not. It s late She bid him a good night with a dip of her head but as she went to turn away Houndaer was on her once more. She yelped when he pulled her back to the wall, back between his body and the hard surface. She cried out when his hands were upon her, grasping at her body and his mouth attacked her flesh. She tried to struggle but the Prince held her too tightly this time and when she tried to push him away again he grasped her wrists with one hand and slammed them above her head. This time when she cried out her scream was of pure pain as another jagged tear in the stone wall tore into the back of her hands. The feel of hot, wet blood trickling down her arms made her shudder. Let me go Houndaer She whimpered. He answered her with a chuckle against her neck. I ll never let you go. He breathed against her neck with his teeth dragging to her skin. His mouth moved to hers attempting a sloppy kiss. Jhul olin jerked her head to the side when he tried to kiss her with his wine tainted lips. The move angered Houndaer and he grasped at the neck of her cloak. With one pull he tore open her cloak exposing her naked body beneath as he snarled dangerously close to her face. Don t be such a bitch, Jhul he growled against her cheek, you ll open your legs for that abomination but you won t open them to me, a Princess of House Tuin Tarl? Has he cast a spell on you? Is that it? He slurred. If that s true I ll forgive you and maybe I ll considering not gutting that creature Jhul licked her lips as she turned her features back to Houndaer. She had tears trickling down her cheek. Don t hurt him he s suffered enough Oh, Houndaer purred running fingers down over her smooth, bare stomach, don t worry he doesn t know the meaning of suffer. But after I m finished with you, he ll know what suffering means Jhul olin winced, yelped as she felt Houndaer shove a knee between her thighs. He was fumbling with the latches of his breeches. In his wine induced mind, he was intent upon raping her. In the deep corridors and vast halls of the fallen castle, her screams would go unheard and even if they fell upon ears none would come to her aid. Or so she thought. Houndaer suddenly howled in pain as his body was torn away from her! Jhul blinked her eyes to see that somebody had grabbed one of his arms twisting it back till something snapped. His body was flipped then slammed to the stone floor with a sickening crack of either stone or bone. Through her trembling mind and fear coated eyes she saw a dark form knelt upon Houndaer s back with a knee pressed to the back of his neck. The short cropped white hair told her instantly who it was, the Master of Melee-Magthere, Ryld Argith. He had Houndaer flat on his stomach on the floor. Blood trickled from the Prince s mouth as he lay stunned beneath the Master s stronger form.