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1 N ewsletter N o.126 M ay 2013 W ant to see this Newsletter in colour/larger print? T hen d ownload it from our website: http: // w ww.ringwoodartsociety.org C hairman s By D avid Lowe Chat After an interesting Club Night with Roy Lang it was a joy to at- tend his workshop. Re- p ort & Pics on page 2. Did you upload your entries for Boston T ea Party yet? See page 4. The F anfare for Spring at Ringwood Town Centre last Saturday 1th featured a selection of art submitted by o ur members. Was yours there? Following on from our Trip to the Manet exhibition, the BBC recently reported on a film of the exhibition on release.. Show me the Manet Would you pay to see art in the cin- e ma? See the story online at :- entertainment-arts April F or the details of our next trip, IT S ALL ABOUT ART S ee page 5. We are still desperate for a volun- teer to start the take-over as Pro- gramme Secretary Margaret will gladly give a guiding hand to ease t he process. And finally Now is the time to start preparing for our Summer Exhibit ion it is surprising how fast August approaches. Don t forget that we now also have a 3D Art section! Entry forms have been included with this N ewsletter. L oraine Halsey R AS Publicity It's official, summer is here, and hopefully with the warm weather the visitors will c ome in their hoards. In April a promotional leaflet for the society was placed in t he ' Folder of Events' at the Library and Council Offices. The staff there say, 'that many visitors do b rowse through the folder', so fingers crossed. T his month advertising starts for our summer e xhibition in national magazines and one or t wo local ones. However, not everyone may read these, therefore word of mouth advertising is s till a must. For those members who haven't seen Leisure Painter magazine this month. they are to launch an interesting new feature for artists; a Painters-Online website. You can post a com- ment or upload your image on their online gal- l ery, and it's F REE. Visit: nline.co.uk/gallery Finally, July will soon be upon us, and time again to think about 'uploading' your paintings t his month for the ' Boston Tea Party'. Keep painting, keep enjoying it and spread the w ord. We still URGENTLY need a volunteer initially to assist and eventually take over as PROGRAMME S ECRETARY f rom Margaret Plant. Help will be given during the hand- o ver. Margaret has kindly already sorted out the dates for next year and booked our a ccommodations. Please contact a Committee M ember if you can help RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page 1 of

2 W ORKSHOP R oy Sat Lang 27 Apr S eascapes in Oil Roy started of the class by tasking us to mix up the palette required for the seascape. He provided a details mixing instructions and a colour chart. We were also provided with a tracing outline of the finished. A variety of specialised paint application techniques were demonstrated to effect the required wave effects and careful blending of the clouds. The pace was fairly intensive and we were glad to stop for coffee break! Roy carefully monitored our progress throughout the workshop, giving individual guidance where required. The finished works were indeed masterful and a fine selection of finished seascapes were taken home! It was my first experience with oil paint and I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of working the medium with a passable first effort. T hanks Roy a very interesting P rogramme Times Monthly Meetings for 7:30pm - 3 rd Monday in month. P ottery A fternoons pm pm Activity Centre W orkshops am pm Ann Rose Hall 2013 RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page 2 of

3 Page stimulate. exhibit: knowledge: Extend 196: Established Reserved. Rights All RAS UK of board.. down the orking W work. finished the Towards ight E artists happy but tired versions! ersonalised p is Workshop next Our 29th on Saturday with une J Robin Gray ntitled e Graphite rawing D with Book Plant. Margaret there! you ee s

4 The Next Exhibition to be held at Boston Tea Party will be from 15th July- 1th November i nclusive. Paintings will be selected from the website by B.T.P between 30th June - 2nd July. Hand in will be th July 10am. Hand o ut 1th November 10 am. Please upload images as soon as possible for i nclusion in the next exhibition. Maximum of 4 paintings per artist. All painting will be exhibited on the Ringwood Art Society website, BTP Gallery, in batches in date order. Even if your painting is not selected for this exhibition it may be selected for the next one. Only paintings chosen for exhibition will be deleted from the website once the exhibition they are c urrently in has finished. I mportant : Please contact our webmaster M ike Clare at w if you need help to upload your pictures: also advise him if your painting is no longer available f or selection and he will remove it from the gallery. Ann Squire, E xhibition Secretary N EW forest open ART D ear artist/craftsperson I wanted to let you know about the New Forest C entre s forthcoming Open Art competition. The competition is being run in partnership with the New Forest National Park Authority and is being sponsored by Exxon Mobil at Fawley Refinery and s upported by Park Culture Magazine. Submissions are being accepted on Friday 5th and th Saturday 6 July at the New Forest Centre and the exhibition will run from 20 July to 7 September in t he New Forest Gallery. There will be a prize g iving reception held prior to opening. I hope that either you, your fellow artists, group members or possibly students will want to take p art. Please follow the link to our website to d ownload an application form. / a rt/ and please pass this information on to anyone e lse you think may be interested. We look forward to receiving your submissions th th and to seeing you on the 5 and 6 J uly. H ilary Marshall C entre Manager N ew Forest Centre E lvie O Hanlon R AS Membership Following extensive discussions within our committee over the last few months the following is the proposed amendment, sponsored by our Treasurer, to RAS s ubscription rules. 1.Fees are due on 1st October but payment at A GM is acceptable. 2.One reminder will be posted/ ed at the end of November to enable the last payment to be made before the Christmas Party; after that date, membership ceases and no club activities (i.e. Christmas party, exhibitions, trips, club evenings etc.) can be undertaken, unless membership is immediately renewed, if there a re membership vacancies. 3. There will be a membership limit of 165. New membership will be available to that limit throughout the year. For people joining from 1st August the fee will cover the rest of that y ear and the whole of the next. This amendment will be put for confirmation at our n ext AGM RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page 4 of

5 R ingwood Art Society P ROPOSED VISITS C ONTACT FOR BOOKING: Eileen Palmer P O UR NEXT TRIP F RIDAY 26 JULY 2013 t o IT S ALL ABOUT ART a t the B usiness Design Centre, Islington, London - S ociety for All Artists (SAA). Here, one can take part in interactive workshops and demonstrations which are designed to help us discover top tips and techniques from the country's leading artists. All materials are included FREE, including some of the latest on the m arket. T he cost would be: G roup Entry: C oach: W e would leave: Fordingbridge Post Office Bickton Cross Meeting House Lane, Ringwood Cadnam (lay- by by the Sir John Barleycorn PH) O n Return: Business Design Centre Islington London Cadnam (approx) Ringwood (approx) There are plenty of eating places either inside the Centre or outside, and I understand that Cass Art (with discounted art supplies) is also within easy w alking distance. We would be dropped off and picked up outside o f the Centre. To make this trip viable we will require another 7 persons for a 24 seater coach and 31 for a 53 s eater. 11 persons have already booked, but I am hoping that the F ordingbridge Club m ight come in with us. The CLOSING DATE for this trip will be 5 JULY Any tickets required after this date must be purchased at the door at 12.00, (provided of course that there is a coach seat available) unless a member of the SAA, in w hich case the entry is I hope that as many persons as p ossible will kindly support this trip. Of course, a non- refundable coach t rip only is available at C losest underground Angel Islington (approx ¼ mile from B usiness Centre). E mail: Eileen Palmer R AS Trips B ooking details: E ileen Palmer (RAS Trips) 71 Salisbury Road F ordingbridge H ampshire S P6 1EP T el: RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page 5 of

6 45th Summer E xhibition With this Newsletter, A nn Squire we have included R AS Entry Forms and E xhibitions Exhibition Rules for o ur upcoming S ummer Exhibition 26th August Hand-I n 6th Aug 10 11:30 am H and out 27 Aug 10-11:30 am Please remember to book your stewarding days for the e xhibition, the list will be available at the June & July club n ights. If possible please could you book either a full day or two half days but at least one I/2 d ay i s m andatory. Under exceptional circumstances t his would be reviewed. If you know of any art buyers who may be interested in attending please give them one of the e nclosed tickets. T hank 3 D Art you. entries just 1 entry fee We are pleased to announce a lower entry fee for 3D Art entries into this years Summer Exhibition of just 1 to encourage all of our new Potters to enter their creations. Please note that the maximum size is not exceed 2 in any direction. Thanks to all the members who have made favourable comments on the n ew look website. The website provides visitors with an insight M ichael Clare into the Society, R AS Webmaster and the most important pages (for me at least) are the picture galleries, which are now separated into the different mediums. To keep these pages fresh and to encourage visitors to return they do need a supply of new paintings. Some of the images date back to 200, so, if you have a painting displayed please consider updating it or perhaps adding new ones. Just a.jpg file with the picture title and medium u sed to: w a nd I will place it on the website. Why not have your own 'Artist's P rofile' page? The profile pages can be found under the 'Galleries' menu heading and contain a short biography and a s election of paintings. All you need to do is your biography and a selection of your work to: w I will then create your page and also place your paintings on the separate medium pages with a link to your profile. You can have an link and if you have your own website you can add a link to it from your profile p age and from the 'Links' page. If anyone has any ideas or has noticed any glitches in our new w ebsite please let Mike know. (Ed.) 2013 RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page 6 of

7 H ints & Tips During the course of the day we pick up little gems of wisdom and helpful tips: here are a few (but note that you try them at your o wn risk!) To remove those oily p aint stains: try Johnsons B aby Wipes Pink Packet miracle c leaners. To store your loaded oil palette without mould.. Put i t in the freezer!. Told by a r ecent Demonstrator. For instant relief from o ven burns: apply neat washing- up liquid squirted over affected area leave for 5 minutes for total relief from sting, redness and p ain!. Told by a penny wise s tudent. To remove sticky glue r esidue: A squirt of WD40 and a little rub- over.. All g one.. Anon. Do you have p ass along? any tips Let me know me d to at: FORTH COMING E XHIBITIONS S aturday 25th May Moors Valley Country Park a nd Forest 25th anniversary. Lakes, Rivers and Forests: Celebrating 25years of the R ural Landscape. 1st - 23rd June T he Society of Floral Painters T he Vyne, N ear Basingstoke. Normal National Trust a dmission applies. 26th June 2th July. Summer Garden at Rums Eg C ontemporary Garden A mixed exhibition by invited artists celebrating Summer G ardens 27th June - 6 th July T he Society of Women Artists The Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, L ondon 3rd - 30th July B est of Hampshire Artists The Sir Harold Hillier G ardens, N r Romsey, Hants RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page 7 of

8 C LUB NIGHTS / DEMOS Shown in RED R ev 11 WORKSHOPS shown in B LUE Note: Club night times include 30minutes set up time for the artist and member check- i n, Raffle tickets etc. Please note that the Demos start promptly at 7 :30pm M onthly Meetings rd 7.00pm on 3 M onday of each month G reyfriars Hall, Greyfriars P ottery Afternoons pm Activity Centre, Greyfriars W orkshops 10.10am pm Ann Rose Hall, Greyfriars M ay 13 Committee meeting Club Night Robin Gray Graphite artist N o workshop (Bank Holiday) 2 Pottery afternoon pm J une - N ewsletter on Website by Club Night 10 Committee meeting Club night Mike Skidmore Portraits acrylic Pottery afternoon pm 29 Workshop Robin Gray Graphite dwg J uly Committee meeting Club Night Critique with John Butterworth No Workshop 30 Pottery afternoon pm (Greyfriars H all) 4 th A ugust 26 5 S ummer Exhibition 5 Committee meeting Hand In - S ummer Exhibition 10 11:30 7 Preview Evening S ummer Exhibition 27 Hand Out - S ummer Exhibition 10 11:30 S eptember Newsletter on Website by Club N ight 9 Committee meeting Club Night Penny Wilton semi abstract t echniques Pottery afternoon pm 2 Workshop Lyndsey Cole acrylic textured p ainting O ctober 14 Committee meeting Club Night Colin Courtice Pastels Workshop Penny Wilton semi abstract p aintings Pottery afternoon pm N ovember 11 and 25 Committee meeting pm start. AGM PAYMENT OF M EMBERSHIPSUBSCRIPTIONS 26 Pottery afternoon pm 30 Workshop Colin Courtice pastels D ecember N ewsletter on Website 4 X mas Party 6 :00pm Quiz theme TBA. A re you a member of our thriving Society? No? To join us at: or come along to one of our Club Nights. Membership is just 12 per year (to members of Greyfriars Community Centre) which includes attendance at our monthly Art Demonstrations and of course, the chance to exhibit, and sell your w ork, at one of our exhibitions. To have a taster of what the Society can offer guests are always very welcome to come along to our demonstrations for a small charge of 5 All our meetings are held in Greyfriars Community centre, Ringwood. Monthly Club meetings at 7.00pm on the third Monday of each month in Greyfriars Hall; Workshops 10am - 4 pm in the Rose Hall RAS UK. All Rights Reserved. Established 196: Extend knowledge: exhibit: stimulate. Page of