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1 Edicioni Fourth Edition i katërt Korrik July Prishtinë Prishtina Kosovë Kosovo hapu.me hapufest

2 Fourth Edition JULY 2018 PRISHTINA hapu.me Dear friends, This year too, we are setting departure points of our movements in public spaces of city of Prishtina. We are continuing our inexhaustible exploration in a search for points that provoke departure in our common movements with the city. With those movements we will experience in togetherness the exploration of the limits and changing the perspectives of our city. While moving we will meet, co-create, have a conversation and sympathize as we move together. The moving of the city will produce images in motion transformed in a movie, whose protagonists are inhabitants of this city and its many visitor in these times. HAPU this year opens on the first night with movements from "Liquid Loft" from Austria, masterly choreographed by Chris Haring, moving us to the court of Museum of Kosovo and from there many languages from across Europe, including the one recorded in Prishtina, will be echoed in our heads, associated with moving images created with finesse by Liquid Loft. Moving our body and hands, as instructed by Frank Bölter, we will fold together origami objects of real sizes that move with us. We will move them together to place them in points, from where our objects will ask with insistence the movements that have to be made for our common welfare. Another departure point of our moves we have placed in the premises of Faculty of Arts, from where you will start your artistic journey, created by Kunstlabor from Graz, Austria and domestic artists of Teatri ODA, moving in and out of "in between" zones, continuing this movements in the first days of August in La Strada Festival in Graz, Austria. On the move will be also the last night, with movements of actors in ups and downs of the newly created NOA Dance Theatre company in collaboration with Teatri ODA, under the care of the choreographic proficiency of Robert Nuha.

3 The moves of this edition of HAPU Festival are a product of numerous movements throughout the year, experiencing and enjoying European artists and moving the art and Kosovo artists at the European level in the frame of our partnership with IN SITU. This partnership has inspired us to create and to put these movements in the map of Prishtina and we are certain that in the same way will inspire you during the moves in our common space, and in this way we will be moving the city together. Florent Mehmeti, Artistic Director, HAPU - Festival of Art in Public Space

4 PROGRAM Thursday, 19 July :00 16:00-19:00 19:00 21:00 Workshop/Masterclass - Katharina Meves & Chris Harring, Liquid Loft (AUSTRIA) Workshop/Masterclass for interested in contemporary dance. Frank Bölter - "Origami bonds and boundaries" (GERMANY) During this time we will fold origami objects together with you. You are welcome! Frank Bölter - "Origami bonds and boundaries" (GERMANY) Objects are ready!... We will decide together what to do. You are welcome! Liquid Loft - "Foreign tongues" (AUSTRIA) Performance at the court of the Museum of Kosovo Friday, 20 July :00 16:00-19:00 19:00 18:00-21:00 OPEN UP with Artists: Liquid Loft - "Foreign tongues" (AUSTRIA) Talk with artists from Liquid Loft. Frank Bölter - "Origami bonds and boundaries" (GERMANY) During this time we will fold origami objects together with you. You are welcome! Frank Bölter - "Origami bonds and boundaries" (GERMANY) Objects are ready!... We will decide together what to do. You are welcome! Teatri ODA & Kunstlabor - "In-Between" (KosovO, AUSTRIA) Check-in at the Faculty of Arts

5 16:00-19:00 19:00 16:00 18:00-21:00 21:00 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Programi Frank Bölter - "Origami bonds and boundaries" (GERMANY) During this time we will fold origami objects together with you. You are welcome! Frank Bölter - "Origami bonds and boundaries" (GERMANY) Objects are ready!... We will decide together what to do. You are welcome! OPEN UP with Artists: : Teatri ODA & Kunstlabor - "In-Between" (KOSOVO, AUSTRIA) Talk with artists from KunstLabor and Teatri ODA. Teatri ODA & Kunstlabor - "In-Between" (KosovO, AUSTRIA) Check-in at the Faculty of Arts. NOA Dance theatre company & Teatri ODA - "Ups and downs" (KOSOVO) Work in progress :00 Closing of the Festival: Musical performance and fiesta! Everybody is invited! 1 During the festival main meeting points with activities and information for the program of the Festival, Teatri ODA and IN SITU will be in Teatri ODA (location ) and in Zahir Pajaziti square (Mother Theresa Bl.)

6 Teatri ODA (Pallati i Rinisë, nr. 111) Muzeu Kosovo i Museum Kosovës Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti Zahir Pajaziti square (para (in front hotelit of Grand) Hotel) Sheshi Skënderbeu Skënderbeu square (Mother (Nëna Tereze) Theresa) Fakulteti Faculty of i Arteve Arts Ministria Ministry of e Kulturës Culture (Mother (Nëna Tereze) Theresa) Memoriali "Heroinat" "Heroinat" memorial

7 MAP AND LOCATIONS 4 Skënderbeu square 2 Kosovo Museum Zahir Pajaziti square 3 7"Heroinat" 5 memorial 6 Ministry of Culture Faculty of Arts

8 IN-SITU THE EUROPEAN PLATFORM FOR ARTISTIC CREATION IN PUBLIC SPACE A growing number of artists are looking to working out of the box, in direct contact with citizens and local communities. Decision makers and planning authorities are increasingly moving to support artistic events that revive relationships between art and society, blurring the lines between spectators and inhabitants, actors and participants, consumers and those who commission art. Together, the members of IN SITU, a group of programmers who are passionate about new forms of art and public space, reach close to one million spectators and have 15 years of shared experience. The platform, coordinated by Lieux Publics, European centre for creation, aims at increasing the European visibility of artistic creation in public space. The expertise and activities of IN SITU covers scouting and promotion of artists, organisation of project laboratories and incubators, co-productions and promotion of emerging creations, organisation of conferences and seminars, etc. To date, IN SITU has supported over 200 European artists.

9 It gathers 20 partners from 12 countries from many practical and aesthetic backgrounds which all contribute something vital to the network. Whether members come from a sprawling metropolis or a rural area, whether they are seeking to rehabilitate industrial wasteland or redesign landscapes, the goal is always to serve artists working with, in and for public space. Teatri ODA is the only member of IN SITU coming outside of the European Union determined to play a strong and fruitful role in this valuable European partnership. IN SITU ACT is funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. INSITUnetwork

10 Thursday, 19 July 2018 at 21:00h / Museum Of Kosovo Liquid Loft (AUSTRIA) FOREIGN TONGUES Choreographer: Chris Haring Foreign Tongues puts the act of speaking at the centre of a choreography in urban space and reflects its polyphony and multilingualism. With a flexible sound system the performers interweave the city s soundscape with the timbres of distant or neighboring language spaces. Interpreted through dance, voice recordings from different regions in Europe become readable like an open-air score. The sounds of the cities turn into a spoken word symphony. But what is the specific sound of a certain meaning? How does its embodiment look? The -languages sampled in Foreign Tongues are, even before they have meaning, fundamentally sound and rhythm, ambivalent islands of sound. Dialects, regional languages and slangs get transformed into sequences of movement, based on their dynamics, emphasis and acoustic atmosphere. The internationally acclaimed performance company Liquid Loft sets off for public space and uses the collision of languages and communicative contradictions as a means of creation. Foreign Tongues invites you to explore languages we don't understand in words, in a form of bodily communication, discovering how much is actually, already understood.

11 - Chris Haring "Foreign tongues" is a pilot project of IN SITU - The European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space, in the frame of the ACT project. This project is funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

12 Thursday, 19 July 2018 at 19:00h (from 16:00-19:00 we fold together) / Zahir Pajaziti square (in front of Grand Hotel) 3 Friday, 20 July 2018 at 19:00h (from 16:00-19:00 we fold together) / Skënderbeu square (Mother Theresa) 4 Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 19:00h (from 16:00-19:00 we fold together) / Ministry of Culture (Mother Theresa) 6 Frank Bölter (GERMANY) ORIGAMI BONDS AND BOUNDARIES Denis Bury

13 Life size origami artist, Frank Bölter is with us. Folding and unfolding objects that disturb or connect roamers of Mother Theresa in central Prishtina, he will be waiting for us to do it and then play together. This playful togetherness will create other levels of bonds. Visible and invisible boundaries will speak out through the paper. In each of the three days from 16:00-19:00 you are invited to join the actions of creating and at the end in togetherness we decide where and how to place it and what to do... "Bölter's projects are distinguished equally by their powerful poetic imagery and by the precision of their execution, often carried out under the difficult conditions of the public sphere. Moreover his projects are predicated on an impressive effort - to communicate, which leaves traditional definitions of object and practice behind and expands his installations into the realm of the performative." (Jörg van den Berg, Columbus Art Foundation) Monika Radulovic AlexanderBattrell Frank Bölter is supported by the IN SITU- The European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space, in the frame of the ACT project. This project is funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

14 Friday, 20 July 2018 from 18:00-21:00 / Faculty of Arts 5 Saturday, 21 July 2018 from 18:00-21:00 / Faculty of Arts 5 (Length of individual experience: around 60 minutes) Teatri ODA & Kunstlabor (KOSOVO, AUSTRIA) IN-BETWEEN Kunstlabor-Graz and Teatri ODA-Prishtina is offering an experience of the way it feels to be in between. Who is inside, who is outside and what happens in the in between? Where am I? Where do I have to go? Will I be led? May I stay or do I have to go? And who decides? Strange voices, signals, signs, peculiar sounds and surrounding atmosphere intermingle. In a powerful performance of this collective journey, involving few words, the artists offer an experience of what it means to live with and survive these questions. This artistic journey lays in pedestal of one of the most burning societal questions of our times. A co production with La Strada Graz. "In between" further development will be presented in La Strada Festival in Graz, 1-3 August

15 "In Between" is supported by the IN SITU - The European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space, in the frame of the ACT project. This project is funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Wolfgang Rappel

16 Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 21:00h / "Heroinat" memorial 7 NOA Dance Theatre Company & Teatri ODA (KOSOVO) UPS AND DOWNS - work in progress - Enes Sahiti UPS AND DOWNS places the body and object of ups and downs in the center of the choreography of actors body. Actors manipulate objects, creating efforts to manipulate getaways and solutions from situations we often face. With theatrical nuances of the movements of actors, this dance theatre lays artistic paths in which ups and downs are the ones we face in real life pathways. Installed in a public space, UPS AND DOWNS is an artistic work in progress that lays foundations of a new dance theatre company, so much needed in the cultural scene in Kosovo.

17 Concept and idea: Robert Nuha, Florent Mehmeti Choreographer: Robert Nuha Performers: Daniela Markaj, Qëndresa Kajtazi, Flamur Ahmeti, Edlir Gashi. OPEN UP with new emerging experiences in Kosovo!

18 Thursday, 19 July 2018 at 13:00h / Teatri ODA 11 Katharina Meves & Chris Haring, Liquid Loft (AUSTRIA) Workshop/Masterclass This workshop will offer some insights into the working methods and the physical vocabulary of the performance company Liquid Loft. Participants can explore the intricate relationship between movement, voice and sound. The topic of communication inspires to focus on body language and the physical attributes of verbal messages, their ambivalences and contradictions. This workshop will try to raise awareness of the dancers own acoustic environment and explore what it feels like to be in someone else s sound environment. This might open up new creative spaces for compositional choices and choreographic approaches. Open for choreographers, professional dancers, movement- or theater students. Katharina Meves joined Liquid Loft in 2007 for the creation of The Posing Project. She has been working as a dancer, performer and actress in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, Katharina has also been starring in creations by Georg Blaschke, Mara Mattuschka, Lara Kugelmann, Ingo Reulecke, Lukas Matthaei, Ayat Najafi, der Lubricat Theatre Company, Louise Wagner, Christoph Winkler, Anna Malunat, Franz Rogowski, Andreas Bode, the T.r.a.s.h. Dance Company, Das Helmi and Tino Sehgal. She recently starred in TV productions directed by Andreas Morell and Anno Saul.

19 Chris Haring is choreographer and artistic director of the internationally renowned dance- and performance company Liquid Loft. In their performances and installations, Liquid Loft interconnect contemporary dance with other forms of contemporary art, in order to create a cohesive all-embracing piece of art. Their idiosyncratic visual and formal language, their distinctive acoustic stage-sets and professional dance production earned Liquid Loft international recognition and awards like the Golden Lion for Best Performance at the 2007 Biennale in Venice. He has also choreographed pieces for international groups such as the Jin Xing Dance Theatre (Shanghai), Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Staatstheater Kassel, Dialogue Dance (Kostroma), Contemporary Ballet Moscow, Balletto di Roma and Balé da Cidade de Sao Paolo. Chris Haring Number of participants is limited and to reserve a place you should call

20 Friday, 20 July 2018 at 10:00h / Teatri ODA OPEN UP WITH ARTISTS OF LIQUID LOFT (AUSTRIA) "Foreign tongues" Artists from Liquid Loft invite you for a common talk and discovering of behind the scenes and experiences of artistic creations dedicated for public space. What are the challenges when working with different languages across Europe as an artistic material for created work? What are artists experiences in their encounters with the public in different places and cultures in Europe? What are the differences between indoor and outdoor artistic experiences? What are different city policies when undertaking initiatives for artistic creations in public space? Chris Haring

21 Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 16:00h / Teatri ODA Wolfgang Rappel OPEN UP WITH ARTISTS OF TEATRI ODA AND KUNSTLABOR, (KOSOVO, AUSTRIA) "In Between" What are the specifics of art created in public space? Why and how are esthetical choices being made? What are the main different experiences with the public in different places and cultures across Europe? What's the history, benefits and challenges of this Austria - Kosovo collaboration? What is the role of IN SITU - the European network for artistic creation in public spaces in such collaborations? How can we engage more public authorities when deciding to intervene artistically in public spaces?

22 May 2018 Terni Festival (IT) Straßentheater Detmold (DE) 4+4 Days in Motion (CZ) La Strada Graz (AT) PLACCC / Artopolis (HU) Biela noc (SK) Eleusis 2021 (GR) Teatri ODA (XK) ACT Østfold kulturutvikling (NO) METROPOLIS (DK) UZ Arts (UK) Oerol Festival (NL) Freedom Festival (UK) Provinciaal domein Dommelhof (BE) Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK) On-the-move (BE) CIFAS (BE) Atelier 231 (FR) Les Tombées de la nuit (FR) La Paperie (FR) Kimmel Center (USA) FiraTàrrega (ES) Lieux publics (FR) FAI-AR (FR) Members Associated Members

23 Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 22:00h / Teatri ODA CLOSING OF THE FESTIVAL: After this year's journey in our common spaces of Prishtina we invite - you to close the festival together in ODA Theatre. Under the sounds of music we will wrap it up and say Farewell until next year! Everybody is invited! hapu.me

24 Hapu Festivali of i Artit in në Public Hapësirë Space Publike is organized organizohet by Teatri nga Oda Teatri Oda: Pallati i Rinisë, 111 (Rinia, 7), Prishtinë, Kosovë T: M: E: teatrioda Drejtor Artistic Artistik: director: Florent Mehmeti Ekipi Festival i festivalit: team: Flamur Ahmeti, Daniela Markaj, Besnik Canolli, Etrit Mehmeti. Shef Chief i teknikës: technician: Ukshin Krasniqi Administrata: Administration: Lumnije Komoni Ky publikim reflekton qëndrimet vetëm të autorëve, author, and dhe the donatorët, donors, supporters mbështetësit and dhe sponsorët sponsors cannot nuk mbajnë be held përgjegjësi responsible për for çfarëdo any përdorimi use which të may informatave be made of që the përmban information ky publikim. contained therein. Mbështetur Supported nga: by: Sponsorizuar Sponsored by: nga: Partnerët Festival e Partners: festivalit: Sponsorë Media Sponsors: Medial: