LE CARREAU DU TEMPLE. From March 23 RD to 26 TH Wednesday, March 22 ND : preview. Press release.

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1 LE CARREAU DU TEMPLE From March 23 RD to 26 TH Wednesday, March 22 ND : preview Press release January 2017

2 Press contact: Agence Observatoire / Véronique Janneau 68 rue Pernety, Paris Aurélie Cadot: Edito Since 2007, Parisian spring has been coming into bloom with contemporary drawing! This event, which has stood as a highly anticipated seasonal gathering for over ten years, promises collectors, professionals, and enthusiasts a unique encounter with a vast array of diverse contemporary drawing practices. The 2017 edition has some wonderful surprises in store for its visitors, devised by a newly-formed selection committee that will bring a fresh tone to the event. The applications submitted for 2017 were of unprecedented quality, which made it particularly challenging to only accept one in two! Our selection committee is to be commended for their rigorous efforts, which have served to amplify the distinctive spirit of each of the two levels at Carreau du Temple: precedent and emergent! Indeed, how does one judge the notion of emergence without any ageist prejudice? And how can we bring collectors to appreciate new works by recognized artists of whom they think they ve already seen it all? It is in exploring both levels of Carreau du Temple that all visitors can follow their own desires while benefitting from the opportunities provided to see works by artists of differing generations and levels of recognition. The Reference section, comprising 52 exhibiting galleries, will allow visitors to encounter emerging, primarily foreign artists and to discover new works by renowned artists. This experience will be reinforced by the Master Now circuit, which is a fine selection of masterpieces displayed throughout the fair. Thanks to gallery proposals of solo shows and exhibitions specially curated for the fair, great energy emanates from the Emergence section that is composed of 19 galleries and located in the two rooms on the lower ground (-1) level. This edition thus ensures ample discoveries and promises to be a source of endless surprise and inspiration for new enthusiasts. Such discoveries also involve venturing into new territories. Our stronghold is presently European, but in the upcoming edition, new countries are to be represented from Africa to Korea and, within Europe, from Portugal to Hungary. The submissions will interact and visually ricochet from one booth to another. The exhibition, curated by our artistic director, Philippe Piguet, and presented near the Emergence section on level -1, is entitled Deep Surfaces/à fleur de peau. It will no doubt further extend the bounding lines of drawing. For 5 days, drawing, performances, Talks, and encounters will energize Carreau du Temple. The Talks and artist interviews will take place in the Carreau du Temple s auditorium on Thursday, March 23rd, and will resound with exchanges between personalities of the art world and the audience. Artists, students, collectors, and visitors alike will have the pleasure of deepening their knowledge of contemporary drawing. Last but not least, video returns in full force this year with a crossover program from galleries and selected public collections thanks to the Drawing Center New York. As for Le Parcours, the institutional exhibitions trail, it promises a hand-picked selection of complementary, distinct approaches along the avenue of contemporary practices. Christine Phal, chairwoman 3

3 Contents Page 3 Pages 6/7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Pages 12/47 Pages 49/57 Pages 58/59 Page 60 Edito - by Christine Phal, chairwoman List of the galleries Cultural events DRAWING NOW Award The team The selection committee Presentation of the galleries A journey through drawing Our partners Practical informations Henri Jacobs, Journal Drawing 818 (Sun), 2016, watercolour and ink on paper, diameter 35 cm Galerie Maurits van de Laar 4 5

4 List of the galleries 73 galleries / 20 in the Emergence section For 6 years now, DRAWING NOW I EMERGENCE has been hosting galleries that each present a Focus on an emerging artist. This section benefits from preferential exhibitor rates along with promotional opportunities, a distinct location, and its own scenography. The DRAWING NOW I EMERGENCE section is located in one of the two rooms on the lower ground (-1) level of Carreau du Temple, next to the fair s specially curated international exhibition. This section features the galleries with an asterisk in the list below. 16 countries : Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, Kenya, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA 40% of international exhibitors 20% of the galleries will exhibit at DRAWING NOW PARIS for the first time and 65% attended the Fair last year. Focus artist Every exhibiting gallery from the fair s very start, presents at least one artist as a Focus. Focus artists are in the spotlight of each exhibitor s booth, as well as in their communications. Gallery Focus artist Galeria 111 I Lisbon, Portugal Pedro AH Paixão Aeroplastics I Brussels, Belgium Till Freiwald *A Gallery Named Sue I The Hague, Netherlands Nathalie Duivenvoorden Galerie du jour agnès b. I Paris, France Abdelkader Benchamma Galerie Aline Vidal I Paris, France Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson Analix Forever I Geneva, Switzerland Mounir Fatmi Galerie Anne de Villepoix I Paris, France Franck Lundangi Art Bärtschi & Cie I Genève, Switzerland Not Vital *ARTLabAfrica I Nairobi, Kenya David Thuku Bäckerstrasse4 I Vienna, Austria Marianne Lang *Backslash I Paris, France Thomas Lévy-Lasne Galerie Valérie Bach / La Patinoire Royale I Brussels, Belgium Douglas White *Baginski Galeria / Projectos I Lisbon, Portugal Bruno Cidra Galerie Anne Barrault I Paris, France Guillaume Pinard Bendana l Pinel Art Contemporain I Paris, France Pedro Motta Galerie C I Neuchâtel, Switzerland Lionel Sabatté Galerie Bernard Ceysson I Paris, France Bernard Pagès Christian berst art brut I Paris, France Melvin Way *Cob Gallery I London, United Kingdom Emilie Pugh Galerie Heike Curtze I Vienna, Austria Chloe Piene *Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise I Paris, France Nina Ivanovic *Galerie Dukan I Saint-Ouen, France Karine Rougier Galerie Eric Dupont I Paris, France Paul Pagk Galerie La Ferronnerie / Brigitte Négrier I Paris, France Natasja van Kampen Galerie Jean Fournier I Paris, France Claude Tétot *Francis Boeske Projects I Amsterdam, Netherlands Riette Wanders Gallery Joe I Philadelphia, Etats-Unis Sharka Hyland Galerie Isabelle Gounod I Paris, France Glen Baxter Galerie Gugging - Nina Katschnig I Maria Gugging, Austria Leopold Strobl Galerie Karsten Greve I Paris, France Claire Morgan Galerie Heike Strelow I Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany Herbert Warmuth *Galerie Houg I Paris, France Maxime Duveau Galerie Iragui I Moscow, Russia Arkadiy Nasonov Galerie Catherine Issert I Saint-Paul, France Pascal Pinaud *Janknegt Gallery I Laren, Netherlands Roos Holleman Galerie Bernard Jordan I Paris, France Ronald Cornelissen Galerie Martin Kudlek I Cologne, Germany Alexander Gorlizki La Galerie Particulière Galerie Foucher - Biousse I Paris, France Jana Gunstheimer Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre I Paris, France Hessie Galerie Lelong I Paris, France Etel Adnan Loevenbruck I Paris, France Alina Szapocznikow *Galerie Réjane Louin I Locquirec, France Marta Caradec *Galerie Virginie Louvet I Paris, France Antoine Carbonne Galerie Maïa Muller I Paris, France Hassan Musa Galerie Maurits van de Laar I The Hague, Netherlands Henri Jacobs Maus contemporary I Birmingham, Etats-Unis Travis Somerville Galerie Martel I Paris, France Matthias Lehmann *Galerie Modulab I Metz, France Luc Doerflinger *New Square Gallery I Lille, France Mayura Torii Nosbaum Reding I Luxembourg, Luxembourg Rainier Lericolais Galerie Odile Ouizeman I Paris, France Marko Velk Galerie Oniris - Florent Paumelle I Rennes, France Philippe Cognée *Ozenne & Prazowski I London, United Kingdom Ashley Oubré Galerie Alberta Pane I Paris, France Marie Lelouche Galerie Papillon I Paris, France Joël Kermarrec Patrick Heide Contemporary Art I London, United Kingdom Katherine Murphy Galerie Catherine Putman I Paris, France Frédéric Poincelet *Reiter I Leipzig, Berlin, Germany Claus Georg Stabe Galerie Römerapotheke I Zürich, Switzerland Eva Grün Galerie Lia Rumma avec Caroline Smulders I Paris, France Vanessa Beecroft *RV Cultura E Arte I Salvador, Brazil Zé de Rocha Galerie Sator I Paris, France Jean-Marc Cerino *School Gallery / Olivier Castaing I Paris, France Raphaël Tachdjian Semiose I Paris, France André Raffray *Sicart I Barcelone, Spain Antonia del Rio Michel Soskine Inc. I Madrid, Spain Thomas Ravens Galerie Michael Sturm I Stuttgart, Germany Gabriela Oberkofler Suzanne Tarasiève I Paris, France Alkis Boutlis Galerie Tristan I Issy-les-Moulineaux, France Stéphane Mandelbaum Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois I Paris, France Winshluss *Viltin I Budapest, Hungary Zsolt Tibor Wooson Gallery I Daegu, South Korea Sandra Vasquez de la Horra Galerie Zürcher I Paris, France Matt Bollinger 6 7

5 Cultural events DRAWING NOW Award Thursday, March 23rd, from 11.30am to 7.30pm in the auditorium of Carreau du Temple Day devoted to Talks and Interviews with artists DRAWING TALK Joana P.R. Neves, a writer, independent curator, and member of the fair s Selection Committee, will present two conferences which will give specialists an occasion to discuss various questions regarding contemporary drawing and allow the audience to interact with the guest speakers. DRAWING INTERVIEWS Interviews with artists, which Philippe Piguet launched in 2013, have been increasingly popular. A privileged opportunity for an artist and an art critic to engage in a dialogue, they allow the audience to apprehend the creative processes and efforts which lie behind this medium s success in the art world today. Over the past 7 years, the DRAWING NOW Award has been supporting individual emerging artists amongst those presented as a Focus within the fair. An award of 5000 is attributed through the Fund for Contemporary Drawing, which benefits from the backing of SOFERIM. The prizewinner is shortlisted and named by the fair s Selection Committee, together with personalities of the art world (such as Brett Littman, the executive director of the Drawing Center New York in 2016), and the chairman of SOFERIM. One year upon attribution, the Fund for Contemporary Drawing organizes a solo exhibition of the award-winning artist during the next edition of DRAWING NOW PARIS. The Fund has been created to bolster artists at the start of their careers, especially those who obtain the DRAWING NOW Award. This independent support, desired by Christine Phal, the founder and president of DRAWING NOW PARIS, allows both private and corporate patrons to be brought together within a sole entity. The prizewinner of DRAWING NOW Award The auditorium can hold 200 attendees. Deep Surfaces/à fleur de peau Exhibition on the lower ground (-1) level of Carreau du Temple, the fair s main venue. Since our launch in 2007 as the first art fair devoted to contemporary drawing, we have always given visitors the opportunity to enjoy a curated exhibition within the fair. The works displayed and all contributors enable further insight into the multifold nature of drawing practices. This year, artistic director Philippe Piguet extends an invitation to explore Deep Surfaces/à fleur de peau. Dominique De Beir, Macule, 2013, pen and paraffin on printed paper, 92 x 60 cm, courtesy Galerie Jean Fournier Catherine Melin Galerie Isabelle Gounod Prix DRAWING NOW 2011 Clément Bagot Galerie Eric Dupont Prix DRAWING NOW 2012 Didier Rittener Galerie Lange + Pult Prix DRAWING NOW 2013 Cathryn Boch Galerie Claudine Papillon Prix DRAWING NOW 2014 Prizewinner 2016 of DRAWING NOW Award: Jochen Gerner Exhibition at Christie s France from March 17 th to 25 th Abdelkader Benchamma FL GALLERY Prix DRAWING NOW 2015 The partnership established with Christie s France in 2016, continues in The auction house will hold Jochen Gerner s exhibition from March 17th to 25th, during its pre-auction viewing of modern drawings. Master Now For our 10th anniversary in 2016, we gave a dozen galleries an opportunity to display artworks by recognized contemporary artists they represent and which they consider true masterpieces. This year again, such masterpieces can be seen throughout the fair. They have been hand-picked by Philippe Piguet from about ten galleries. In the selected exhibitor booths, under the glass-roofed Carreau du Temple, those works are showcased by wall displays on a black ground. This remarkable MASTER NOW trail will be a pleasure to follow. DRAWING NOW VIDÉO To share another facet of contemporary drawing, a video program has been co-curated with Brett Littman, the executive director of the Drawing Center New York. A new space will be devoted to Drawing Now Videos on the lower ground (-1) level. Jochen Gerner, Ornithologie 5, 2015, encre de chine sur support imprimé, 17,7 x 13,8 cm courtesy galerie anne barrault 8 9

6 The team The selection committee CPCT Arts & Events : what a family story! When Christine Phal, previously an art gallery owner, created the Contemporary Drawing art fair in 2007, she already knew she could rely on her daughter Carine Tissot, Director of Fairs at Reed Exhibitions at the time, to share her know-how and suppliers contact details. Organizing the third Contemporary Drawing Fair in 2009 was very complicated due to a mandatory change in venues and a domino chain of other technical issues. Aware of the situation, Carine Tissot decided to join the venture temporarily. The 2009 fair was up to the family s determination to fight for it! In late 2009, Christine Phal and Carine Tissot decided to pool their expertise and resources officially. They created CPCT Arts & Events to ensure the fair s continuity and give it a new lease of life. Thus, mother and daughter combined their skills to sustain and continue developing the Salon du dessin contemporain, renamed DRAWING NOW PARIS in Since 2010, DRAWING NOW PARIS has become a key event in the international calendar of art fairs. More recently, CPCT ARTS & EVENTS and its team created SOON, the fair for original, numbered editions and multiples. Christine Phal Founder and Chairwoman She opens her first gallery in Bastille in late Drawing was always at the centre of her gallery, in exhibitions that alternated between the gallery s own and guest artists. In 1991, the crisis forced her to change tack: she wandered between venues from 1993 to 2000, before setting up in the rue Mazarine where she remained until It was during her nomadic years that she ironed out the concept that would make DRAWING NOW an immediate success by investing in vacant buildings and launching the CONTEMPORARY DRAWING ART FAIR in The fair changed its name to DRAWING NOW PARIS in 2010, and gained a reputation as an essential event on the European circuit. But success has a price, and she was forced to choose between her gallery and the fair. Choosing the fair, she became a committed chairwoman who would see all of her projects through to breathe life into the drawing calendar throughout the year. The ENDOWMENT FUND FOR DRAWING was formed to nance the DRAWING NOW award, helping to expand the reach of the award winners. Carine Tissot Director Director of shows at Reed Exposition until 2009, she fell in with Christine Phal and helped to manage the Contemporary Drawing Art Fair. In late 2009, Christine Phal and Carine Tissot formed a permanent partnership by launching CPCT Arts & Events in an effort to give the contemporary drawing art fair, now DRAWING NOW PARIS, the attention it needed to grow. Today, CPCT Arts & Events is working on a number of projects, including SOON (Salon de l Oeuvre Originale Numérotée). Philippe Piguet Artistic director Art critic and exhibitions curator, Philippe Piguet, born in 1946, is the artistic director of DRAWING NOW I PARIS and of the Chapel of the Visitation in Thonon-les-Bains. He collaborates regularly on magazines L œil, since 1985, and art absolument, since He is the author of numerous works and texts of catalogues as well as art films. Since the first edition, the galleries are selected by an independant selection committee Elsy Lahner Contemporary art curator, Albertina Museum in Vienna Elsy Lahner is among Austria s leading experts on contemporary drawing and young Austrian art. Since 2011, she is curator for contemporary art at the Albertina. Some of her exhibitions in this time were a large retrospective with Gottfried Helnwein (2013), Dreaming Russia (2013), Eric Fischl. Friends, Lovers, and other constellations (2014), and a comprehensive exhibition on international contempory drawing, Drawing Now: 2015 (2015). She also started an intervention series with a younger generation of artists. She is on the advisory board for fine arts at the Federal Chancellery of Austria, and also jury member of the Klockerstiftung Innsbruck and of the Strabag Artaward International. Marc Donnadieu Curator in charge of the contemporary art at the LaM, Lille Métropole, Musée d art moderne, d art contemporain et d art brut Marc Donnadieu is, since September 2010, curator for contemporary art at the LaM Lille Métropole Musée d Art Moderne, d Art Contemporain et d Art Brut (Villeneuve d Ascq) after being director of the Regional Fund of Contemporary Art of Haute-Normandie for twelve years. He is a member of the commission to purchase photographies (2010/2012) of the National Fund of Contemporary Art. Meanwhile, since the mid 80 s, he is a contemporary art critic under the name of Charles-Arthur Boyer. Regular writer for Art Press, his articles have been published in many french and foreign magazines. He has also written dozens of catalogs and collective books on art, photography, design, architecture and fashion. Tarabuste Editions published in 1997 his first litterary text «Celui qui est encore au monde (La parole transmise)». Julie Enckell Julliard Director of Musée Jenisch Vevey, Switzerland The author of a doctoral thesis, Julie Enckell Julliard studied in Lausanne, Rome, and Paris. In 2001, she obtained a postgraduate degree from the Art Criticism, Curatorial and CyberMedia center at the University of Art and Design in Geneva. After having taught at the university, Julliard held the position of Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Musée Jenisch Vevey, from 2007 to Since 2013, she has been this establishment s director. Member of the Federal Art Commission and the Swiss Society of Engraving, Julliard is also an art advisor for the Nestle Art Collection. For ten years now, she has been undertaking extensive research centered on drawing, in the form of exhibitions and publications. Her favored subjects concern the development of drawing since the 1950s, and she has curated twenty exhibitions with artists such as Alain Huck, Pierrette Bloch, Ante Timmermans, and Markus Raetz. In , she organized the exhibition Here is a Swiss Drawing (Voici un dessin suisse), held at the Rath Museum in Geneva and at Aargauer Kunsthaus in Aarau. She is the author of some fifty written pieces concerning a number of artists, as well as the links between drawing and photography, and the use of paper in contemporary art. In 2014, she published Towards the visible - Exhibiting contemporary drawing (Vers le visible - Exposer le dessin contemporain ) at ROVEN publishing. Joana P. R. Neves Writer and Independant Curator Joana P. R. Neves is a London-based writer and independent curator. She is currently doing research in Art History at Kingston University. She has worked as a director in prominent commercial galleries (Galerie Chantal Crousel ( ), schleicher+lange ( ) in Paris and Marlborough Contemporary ( ) in London. She has curated several group shows in the Parisian area, amongst which Morel s Island at CPIF and, more recently The Lynx Knows no Boundaries at the Ricard Foundation in She also organised solo shows for artists such as Gyan Panchal (2006), Evariste Richer (2007) Reto Pulfer (co-curated with Roven Platform) and Catarina Dias (both in 2015). She is co-founder of the curatorial group Roven Platform with Johana Carrier, Marine Pagès and Diogo Pimentão for which she has co-curated thematic and choreographed soirées and group exhibitions around the medium of drawing. She regularly writes articles for Roven magazine and has written for magazines (Frieze, 02, Le Quotidien de l Art ) and group or monographic catalogues. Her PhD research focuses on drawing, its machines and its language: «A dialogic study of Etienne-Jules Marey s graphic and photographic images in relation to contemporary uses of the line and the trace in abstract and conceptual art. She is a trustee at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art», Northamptonshire, UK. Emilie Bouvard Art historian and Curator of French Heritage Emilie Bouvard is an art historian and heritage curator. She is currently in charge of paintings ( ) at the Picasso Museum in Paris, as well as of research, publications, and contemporary art. In parallel to completing a doctoral thesis on The Violence of Women Artists from 1960 to 1985, Bouvard served as an art critic of emerging contemporary art for pieces exhibited on-site as well as for the Association of Portraits. In 2015, Bouvard acted as the National Picasso Museum s co-curator of the exhibition «Picasso.Mania» held at the Grand Palais, Paris. Together with Laurent Le Bon, she curated the 2016 edition of «Choices» at the Palais de Tokyo. Daniel Schildge Collector Daniel Schildge is an art lover, art enthusiast and art collector. He is a Relentless traveler in order to discover more and more innovations and originalities. He is a member of the Art Collector jury and also a member of ADIAF and famous Marcel Duchamp Prize committee for He is jury for the 9th Fondation d art contemporain Daniel et Florence Guerlain Prize (an award devoted to drawing)

7 Presentation of the galleries Galeria 111 Focus artist: Pedro A.H. Paixão, born in 1971, Angolan nationality Directors: Rui Brito, Arlete Alves da Silva Gallery s creation year: 1964 Campo Grande 113, Lisboa, Portugal Samuel Rama, Cristina Lamas Pedro A.H. Paixão, Little Diamond Crown (Nina Simone in memoriam), 2015, colored pencils on paper, 20,9 x 14,8 cm, courtesy galeria 111 A Gallery Named Sue Focus artist: Nathalie Duivenvoorden, born in 1988, Dutch nationality Director: Nena Milinkovic Gallery s creation year: 2013 Noordeinde 18A, 2514 GH The Hague, Netherlands Miranda Meijer, Hernan Ardila Delgado de à Nathalie Duivenvoorden, Albert s night, 2014, colorpencil on paper, 119 x 138 cm A Gallery Named Sue A Gallery Named Sue presents a diversity of artists who use a spectrum of media in which they disclose the diversity of experiment and conversation within contemporary art. Our vision is to communicate the very precision with which the artists perform and investigate their method and use of materials to reach their goals. Romantic, sinister, idyllic, ordinary, sublime. The landscape in the drawings of our focus artist Nathalie Duivenvoorden contains all of this and more. During her studies Nathalie focused on the modern landscape. She explored how nature unfolded around her while walking or cycling. Grass on the road side, bushes along the shore, and trees on concrete parking lots. We call these forgotten areas wastelands, while it is these areas which connect nature to our lives. Not just during our spare time, but at every other moment. Nathalie handles the color pencil like a painter, layer over layer from the spot instead of line, concentrating on light. Founded in 1964 by Manuel de Brito, Galeria 111 had since its beginning up-to-date, the concern to promote the presentation of a broad range of the most representative national and international artists. Featuring two exhibition spaces in Lisbon, the gallery continues to promote the release of publications and graphic works, as well as collaborating with public and private institutions in the promotion of Portuguese contemporary art. The strategic mission of the gallery is to offer our clients, artists and partners the best acquisition for value in terms of perceived values, such as: aesthetics, quality, confidence and investment. Our position depends mainly on our mission and values. Furthermore we are concerned into exhibit and commercialize the best of contemporary art corroborating what we make best. Aeroplastics Focus artist: Till Freiwald, born in 1963, German nationality Directors: Jerome Jacobs, Garlone Egels Gallery s creation year: rue Blanche, 1060 Brussianls, Belgium Filip Markiewicz, Robert McNally, Gavin Turk, Jason Bard Yarmosky de à Till Freiwald, Stadt, 2016, pastel on varese paper, 250 x 415 cm Aeroplastics, Brussianls Galerie Aline Vidal Focus artist: Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson, born in 1963, Icelandic nationality Director: Aline Vidal Gallery s creation year: rue de Charenton, Paris, France +33 (0) Damian Valdés Dilla, Elika Hedayat, Thibault de Gialluly, herman de vries, François Morellet, Stéphane Thidet de à Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson, Solidified surface II, 2016, graphite on aluminium, 146 x 245 cm galerie Aline Vidal Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson presents laser-cut aluminum forms, which borrow as much from the organization of a honeycomb, alveolar structures as well as from the patterns of the cracks in solidified lava soils which he has observed in Iceland. The result is a form and its double created by the shadow cast on the wall in a play of transparency and opacity. Our gaze fluctuates between the matter the real and the shadow the double as if to confuse our identity. Till Freiwald is a German contemporary artist that favours monumental pastel drawings and watercolour paintings. Famous for his portraits that he sees as an internal effort, which requires a sustained, direct emotional confrontation with the model, he now started working on large scale buildings and neighbourhoods. According to Freiwald, direct observation is the only way to capture the intensity of real encounters. He thus creates his work on a series of dialogue with the model or the place. Starting from a small drawing, he will later build upon the unavoidable absence of the model and start building its own illusory representation. Using monumental enlarged format, that arise solely from his memory later, he so filters the first impression of his own inner eye

8 ANALIX FOREVER Focus artist: mounir fatmi, born in 1970, Moroccan nationality Director: Barbara Polla Gallery s creation year: Rue de Hesse, 1204 Genève, Switzerland Other artist exhibited on the booth: Maro Michalakakos de à mounir fatmi, Roots, 2016, dessins et collages, 50 x 30 cm mounir fatmi et galerie Analix Forever mounir fatmi is widely recognized for his installations, sculptures, videos and photographs, but he has always drawn (some drawings date back to 1995). His drawings tell us all about the fundamental themes of his work: the scissors, the cut, of the umbilical cord, of the tongue and of the language; the amputation, the cultural split, the need to re-make links to survive; the transplant, finally, physical, corporeal, cultural; the roots. The drawing, intimate and fragile (several series of his drawings include the word Fragile in their title): like a red wire of creation. Literally and figuratively: the red colour is found in the oldest drawings. Then the wire becomes root... The drawings of the Roots series, presented at DRAWING NOW for the first time, are an ongoing project. They dialogue with the eponymous sculpture and attempt to answer the transverse philosophical question posed by the artist: to what depth do the roots sink? How we may share, ignore and be free from cultural confinements, in order to transcend borders to create a more mature and expressive transculturality? The aesthetic, trap, dimension is everywhere in the works of mounir fatmi. Aesthetics is a necessity for the artist, it responds to an irreducible will to give a visible form to his existential questions and internal revolts - and thanks to it, the artist captures our attention, caught us in the trap. This aesthetic that takes us at the same time reveals the trap and allows us to escape from it: the sense of beauty remains. Art Bärtschi & Cie Focus artist: Not Vital, born in 1948, Swiss nationality Directors: Barth Johnson, Véronique Huttman, Sébastien Maret Gallery s creation year: , rue du Vieux-Billard, 1205 Genève, Switzerland 43, route des Jeunes, 1227 Les Acacias, Switzerland Javier Perez, Myung-Ok Han, Fabien Mérelle, Guiseppe Penone, Vidya Gastaldon, Alberto Sorbelli, Andrea Mastrovito de à Not Vital, Untitled, 1987, acrylic and adhesive tape on paper, 195 x 152 cm Art Bärtschi & Cie NOT VITAL was born in 1938 in Engadin, a Swiss region coiled in the mountains. His childhood between snow, rocks and animals strongly influences his work still today. His grey, black and white palette expresses itself in stripped down pieces made of noble materials like gold, marble, silver, bronze or in more common components such as paper, plaster or glass. This dialogue between textures is truly central in his practice : the artist describes himself as a sculptor, despite the fact that he creates paintings, drawings, prints and buildings, too. The fascination for Not Vital s works holds on different factors. Firstly, the beauty of the materials catches the viewer; then we become aware their weight, occupation of space through a feeling of danger (the artworks are often displayed in precarious ways, standing on the smallest of their parts). The interaction with the viewer becomes more powerful as he/she moves around the sculpture, creating a dreamlike impression. At the forefront of the Geneva art scene for over 25 years, Art Bärtschi & Cie) is a prominent player in the Swiss contemporary art market. Representing world renowned artists including Marina Abramovic, Nan Goldin, Giuseppe Penone, Wim Delvoye and Jan Fabre, Art Bärtschi & Cie is also committed to such young or emerging artists as Mathieu Dafflon, Omar Ba and Fabian Marti. The gallery collaborates actively with museums and institutions and regularly produces important shows in both its exhibition spaces. Galerie Anne de Villepoix Focus artist: Franck Lundangi, born in 1958, French nationality Director: Anne de Villepoix Gallery s creation year: rue de Montmorency, Paris, France +33 (0) Derrick Adams, Annette Barcelo, Marcos Bontempo, JB Hanak, Yashua Klos, Xie Lei de 800 à ARTLabAfrica Focus artist: David Thuku, born in 1985, Kenyan nationality Director: Lavinia Calza Gallery s creation year: 2013 P.O. Box 83, Nairobi, Kenya Other artist exhibited on the booth: Peterson Kamwathi de à Franck Lundangi, Le mystère de la vie, 2016, watercolor on paper, 76 x 56 cm Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris David Thuku, Observer III (Identity Series), 2016, paper cut, collage and sgraffito on paper, 88,5 x 64 cm ARTLabAfrica Born in 1985 in Nakuru, Kenya, David Thuku is a mixed media artist living and working in Nairobi. His current practice focuses on paper, using the sgraffito technique - normally associated with applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colours to a moistened surface and then scratching material away to reveal parts of the underlying layer. In these works Thuku superimposes several sheets of paper, carefully tested and selected for physical properties and color, and then cuts and peels them away to reveal carefully constructed images. Thuku s practice is an intense, private exercise that explores the nature of social structure, identity and urban migration through the staging of semi-abstract portraits. The figures presented are types of people archetypes not individuals developed with indicators such as a tie, a pair of smart shoes, or a workman s helmet. They analyse the everyday space we occupy, peeling layers off the paper to delve and uncover hidden issues that are often uncomfortable: corruption, scenes of private domestic space, personal decisions. Throughout his compositions Thuku uses repeated motifs to indicate spatial environment and character. Pattern has particular significance in these works, creating an anonymous sense of space and perspective but most importantly, as one pattern appears from piece of work to another signifying continuity and comparison. Thuku is very interested in the iconography of figuration and his subjects are often portrayed in very distinctive poses, reminiscent of iconic imagery. In his current group of works, Thuku has begun exploring themes of power, consumerism, labelling and identity

9 bäckerstrasse4 Focus artist: Marianne Lang, born in 1979, Austrian nationality Director: Gabriele Schober Gallery s creation year: 2008 Bäckerstrasse 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria Other artist exhibited on the booth: Irina Georgieva Marianne Lang, From the series Wood crime, 2016, chalk and pencil on paper, wooden tarsia, 30 x 40 cm Marianne Lang - bäckerstrasse4 Galerie Valérie Bach / La Patinoire Royale Focus artist: Douglas White, born in 1977, British nationality Director: Valérie Bach Gallery s creation year: rue Veydt, 1060 Brussianls, Belgium / Yuken Teruya, Jeanne Susplugas de à Douglas White, Octopus Drawing VII, 2014, octopus printed in its own ink, blotting paper, 48 x 74 cm Douglas White, courtesy Galerie Valerie Bach Born in 1979 in Graz, Austria, Marianne Lang studied at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, in the Painting and New Media section. She received her Diploma in 2005 (class of Prof. Dieter Kleinpeter). She currently lives and works in Vienna and in Lower-Austria. Baumfrevel (Wood crime) From a distance only irregular spots can be seen. On closer inspection the viewer recognises finely drawn motives of leaves, which show conspicuous damage, as known from caterpillars that leave remnants of feeding. These holes are filled with the classical decoration technique of wooden tarsia; thin wood veneers are used to fill the gaps in the paper. Once again the observation of nature serves as the starting point of Marianne Langʼs work. The long gone caterpillars, which have fed from the leaves, leave holes like chaotic ciphers, which we unconsciously interpret as damage or an act of vandalism and which downright disfigures the perfection of the leaf. Marianne Lang uses this affront to literally adorn it. Fittingly the material used for this work is wood to cover up the articifial damage. Born in 1977 in Guildford (United Kingdom), douglas White is graduated of the Fine Art School of Ruskin (2000) and of the Royal College of Art (2005). His work has been exhibited in Europe, in the USA and in in South America and is present in the David Roberts Art Foundation, in the Saatchi Collection, in Frank Cohen Collection and at the Cass Sculpture Foundation. In 2014/2015 he realized sculptures for France and Brazil orders. His work has also been presented to the inaugural exhibition of the new Dairy Art Centre in London. Presented at Valerie Bach gallery for the exhibition Force of Nature in 2016, Douglas White is a sculptor known for his use of objects and materials discarded which he works respecting their nature but imposing their final forms creating sculptural works which play with anthropomorphic forms. In Octupus serie, he uses octopus and their own ink as a medium on blotting paper to give a reproduction in two dimensions of this nautilus. Opened in 2006, Valérie Bach gallery took place in an old part of the Royal Skating of Brussianls built in 1882, major element of the Belgian architectural heritage. Based now close to Louise Avenue, in the galleries neighborhood, Valérie Bach and his team work on an ambitious policy around exhibitions of international, emerging and known artists, focused on a reseach of aesthetic and excellence, expressed through differents mediums (sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, video and installation). Her sensitivity and her demanding for works well thought out at the end of a processus of creation technically accomplished make of Valérie Bach a renowed gallerist in Brussianls. Backslash Focus artist: Thomas Lévy-Lasne, born in 1980, French nationality Baginski Galeria / Projectos Focus artist: Bruno Cidra, born in 1982, Portuguese nationality Directors: Delphine Guillaud, Séverine de Volkovitch Gallery s creation year: rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, Paris, France +33 (0) Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Fête n 76, 2016, watercolor on paper, 15 x 20 cm Courtesy of the artist & Backslash Director: Andréa Baginski Champalimaud Gallery s creation year: Rua Capitão Leitão, Lisboa, Portugal Cecília Costa, Jarbas Lopes de à For its participation to Drawing Now 2016, Backslash is pleased to present an unprecedented project focused on the series of watercolors by Thomas Lévy-Lasne, all linked to the theme of the party. The booth, totally covered by monumental reproductions of works, creates a spectacular and striking mise en abyme for these delicate framed watercolors. In a cinema set style (Thomas Lévy-Lasne is also a movie director), the all-over printings interfere with the readability of the works. The artist constantly feeds his photographic database at parties he attends and focuses his eyes on small details: paper cups filled with alcohol, dirty ashtrays, tablecloths covered by beer can marks, etc. The persons drawn on the works look like extras to the scenes and their clothes seem to catch the artist s main attention. The treatment of the fabrics, the importance given to very small details such as confetti or shoe marks on the floor, all of these details are subjects for Thomas Lévy-Lasne to show his perfect control of watercolor work. The viewer becomes an amused or melancholic observer of these sketches and recognizes familiar ambiances. These images present an appearance to a festive but fragile generation. Thomas Lévy-Lasne graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris. On the occasion of Drawing Now 2016, a catalogue presenting the watercolor series and a text by the 2014 Prix de Flore Aurélien Bellanger, will be expressly published by the art critic Patrick Scemama. Bruno Cidra, Untitled (São Paulo Series), 2013, Indian ink and collage on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm Bruno Lopes The work of BRUNO CIDRA is always that of a sculptor. Not only because that is his medium of choice but also because it is instilled in his way of thinking. Despite his quality of sculptor, Cidra recognizes Drawing as the inevitable starting point of his work configuration, not only as process of thought and outlining of the work but also as space of research and experimentation that eventually becomes itself a work of art. Therefore Cidra s work explores the affinity between drawing and sculpture, as a way to reconfigure the architectural space, investing upon the viewer the role of an operating element towards new meanings of space. The following exhibitions are highlighted: Conversations: Recent Portuguese Art in the Serralves Collection, Serralves Museum of Contemporary art, Oporto ( ); MEXICANO, Galeria Baginski, Lisbon (2016); Canal Caveira, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon ( ); Drawing the World, curated by Delfim Sardo, Filipa Oliveira, and Moacir dos Anjos, Est Art Fair 14, Estoril (2014); Truth and the void between realities, Galeria Baginski, curated by Markéta Stará Condeixa (2014); Crystal Frontier, in Blanco Projektraum, Berlin, Germany (2012); Prémio EDP Novos Artistas, curated by João Pinharanda, Delfim Sardo and Nuno Crespo, Museu da Electricidade, Lisbon (2009). With a diverse set of artists whose practice range in multiple media, the Baginski Gallery develops its purpose of involving established and emergent artists. Its main focus has been the encouragement of contemporary art production through a productive dialogue between artists, curators and institutions both from the national and International context

10 Galerie Anne Barrault Focus artist: Guillaume Pinard, born in 1971, French nationality Director: Anne Barrault Gallery s creation year: rue des Archives, Paris, France +33 (0) La Mélia Tiziana, Jochen Gerner Guillaume Pinard, Beach, 2015, pastels on paper, 76 x 56 cm galerie anne barrault, Photographic credit: Alberto Ricci Born in 1971, he lives and works in Rennes. «In this way, very early I began to consider pieces of art as doors and I can confirm that it is at their threshold that I still try to stand.» Guillaume Pinard He is an informed observer of art and cultural artefacts of which he scans appearances and hidden meanings. He willingly defines himself as an artist who draws, but he also uses several mediums such as painting, sculpture or animated images. He explores very eclectic styles. In the last decade, through a work of copyist, he has appropriated masterpieces from the past. Nevertheless, he looks to the future with illustrated stories. Recently he has had solo exhibitions in several Art Centers in France such as Le Quartier in Quimper, Le BBB in Toulouse, La Chapelle du Gêneteil in Château- Gonthier, as well as in galleries, such as Anne Barrault gallery in Paris, Vera Gliem in Cologne and Team gallery in New York. He has been part of group shows: Iconoscopes curated by Mathieu Poirier at Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in France and in Austria, Until it makes sense at Seventeen Gallery in London, Bonjour Monsieur Matisse at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nice, les inconnus dans la maison at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes He is the author of AMOR (2015), Un art sans destinataire (2012), Le Clou sans tête (2008). Galerie C Focus artist: Lionel Sabatté, born in 1975, French nationality Director: Christian Egger Gallery s creation year: 2011 Esplanade Léopold Robert 1a, 2001 Neuchâtel, Switzerland Nicolas Aiello, Jérémie Bennequin, Hipkiss, Guy Oberson Lionel Sabatte, Caresse boisée, 2016, charcoal, acrylic medium and turmeric on paper, 80 x 120 cm galerie C Lionel Sabatté is an alchemist and creator of a novel bestiary where he sets to work creating a universe, where the instability of our nature is fundamental, by initiating a powerful dialogue with materials that have been abandoned and no longer loved. Both amazing and intriguing, the work of the artist is a pretext for restructuring our mental universe brutality and peace mix in these structures tinted with obsolescence. The materials are invested with a meaning intimately linked to the history of our civilizations and to the history of the environment. The artist, constantly renewing his ideas, devotes himself to the creation of a universe where the materials are in intense dialogue. Born in 1975, Lionel Sabatté lives and works in Paris. He began his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris, in the studios of Vladimir Veličković and then Dominique Gauthier. Very present in the Parisian scene, he featured, e.g. at the FIAC with La meute in 2011, or Le crocodile en pièces in 2002 at the Jardin des Plantes. In 2014, a major retrospective entitled Lionel Sabatté, Un autre monde»was organized at the Abbaye Saint-Jean d Orbestier. He also created the project Phoenix rouge at Mauritius a sculpture commissioned by UNESCO. His works are present in various museums in France (FRAC de Saint-Leu, l Aquarium de Paris or la Maison Rouge). A major solo exhibition will be devoted to him in 2017 at Galerie C. Lionel Sabatté was awarded for the Patio La Maison Rouge in Bendana l Pinel Art Contemporain Focus artist: Pedro Motta, born in 1977, Brazilian nationality Director: Juan Carlos Bendana-Pinel Gallery s creation year: rue du Perche, Paris, France +33 (0) Thomas Broomé, Alberto Cont, Florencia Rodriguez Giles Galerie Bernard Ceysson Focus artist: Bernard Pagès, born in 1940, French nationality Directors: Loïc Bénétière, François Ceysson, Bernard Ceysson Gallery s creation year: rue du Renard, Paris, France +33 (0) Pedro Motta, Flora Negra, 2016, pencil on mineral print on cotton paper, various dimensions Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain & artiste Pedro Motta s work can be understood as a metaphorical and poetic testimony to the evolution of natural landscapes and human interference in nature. Images are a means of documenting the transformations of spaces that take place before our very eyes, without even realizing it. The exploitation of the richness of nature and the relationship between nature and human intervention are at the heart of Pedro Motta s work. The power of nature is perceived as a factor that singles out the landscape contained in a given geographical space. Our coexistence with the natural environment confronts us with situations of which we do not believe or of which we doubt that they actually exist; Motta develops the perception of the real and the false. The works presented - digitally manipulated photos and drawings - deal with the disproportionate power of nature as a factor of singularization of the landscape contained in a geographical space. They are the testimony of how the landscape changes and dislocates itself. In 2016, Pedro Motta participated in the group show Soulèvements, at the Jeu de Paume Museum in Paris. Bernard Pagès, Dessin tracé rigide et tracé souple, 1975, ink and oil on paper, 100 x 75 cm François Maisonnasse While participating in the first exhibition held by the Supports/Surfaces group in 1969, the still in a state of gestation, Pagès presented is first major works, such as the Heap of logs and bricks, in which he pulverized the concept of sculpture: these have no fixed form - not even a series of successive forms that, once they arrive at the end of their sequence, are mechanically repeated. The sculpture becomes for Pagès the subject of a veritable reconstruction, and thus remote from the project, analysis and deconstruction of a work of art, essential to the other Supports/Surfaces members. But sculpture is just as alien with respect to the works of some of the New Realists who, like Arman and Martial Raysse, had fascinated him. But whereas the artists of the School of Nice, like the other New Realists, obeyed certain fundamental principles, Pagès refused all principles that he felt might constrain him, in order that he might better explore schemes of variants. It was through his work, Cistercian in spirit, that Pagès took up drawing once again. The papers that he methodically produced were not a sculptor s drawings in the commonly used sense of the term - preparatory sketches for a sculpture or, on the contrary, the representation of the completed work, most often a rudimentary but effectual sketch that places emphasis on the contours. Stripped of the weight of the materials, in some way they became the mirror image of the possibilities of the sculpted work, translated through the use of colored inks. The set of drawings together appearing like sort of diagram which, thanks to the impression of the veining of the wood, retains that measure of reality that is constant in his work. Daniel Abadie, Through the net s meshes, in «Bernard Pagès - Papiers», Musée Picasso, Antibes, Éditions Snoeck,

11 christian berst art brut Focus artist: Melvin Way, born in 1954, American nationality Director: Christian Berst Gallery s creation year: passage des Gravilliers, Paris, France +33 (0) José Manuel Egea, Kunizo Matsumoto Melvin Way, Kub Came, 2014, ballpoint pen on coloured paper and tape, 24,7 x 8,5 cm christian berst art brut 2016 The christian berst gallery is specialized in art brut. By presenting the contemporary aspect of art brut, the gallery implies that it cannot be confined neither in a period of time nor in a geographical perimeter not even in a formal spectrum. What is at stake here is rather the notion of individual mythology, dear to Harald Szeemann. The gallery - situated in the Marais, distinguishes itself by its exhibitions (seven a year) entrusted to well-known curators (Jean-Hubert Martin, Gaël Charbau, Bruno Decharme, Stéphane Corréard), by its participations in international fairs (NADA New York, NADA Miami, Drawing Now, Dallas Art Fair, Officielle FIAC), its numerous publications (a bilingual catalog is published for every exhibition), the organization of conferences (with the participation of Christian Boltanski, Philippe Dagen, Jean de Loisy, Laurent Derobert, Catherine Millet or Antoine de Galbert) as well as video projections and other cultural events (CHOICES, Un dimanche à la galerie...), always aiming to invite a large public into the mysterious realms of art brut. The gallery also develops different projects outside its boundaries (Passage pas sage) and collaborates with many other institutions (Palais de Tokyo, Hayward gallery, Quai Branly, Mamco Genève, Maison Victor Hugo...). Several artists represented by the gallery recently joined prestigious public collections: Centre Pompidou (Michel Nedjar, Lubos Plny), MOMA (Dan Miller, Henry Darger, James Castle), The Museum of modern art of the city of Paris (Henry Darger), The MET (Mary T. Smith, ). Several of them also appeared in the selection for the Biennial of Venice 2013 (Eugène von Bruenchenhein, Guo Fengyi, Anna Zemankova). Galerie Heike Curtze Focus artist: Chloe Piene, born in 1972, American nationality Director: Mrs. Dr. Heike Curtze Gallery s creation year: 1974 Seilerstätte 15, 1010 Vienna, Austria Guillaume Bruère, Günter Brus, Erich Gruber, Nestor Kovachev, Nina Kovacheva, Bernd Koller, Arnulf Rainer de à Chloe Piene, Oss Glas 01 (Grey Deer), 2016, charcoal on vellum, 61 x 48,3 cm Chloe Piene Studio Chloe Piene is an artist known for skeletal and morbid imagery. Her charcoal drawings on vellum are marked by shaky contours and are at the same time both frightening and delicate. The line in her drawings is as violent as gentle. Many of Piene s images are self-portraits; she renders herself as aware of the viewer s presence, yet she refuses to give the outsider power over her. Works of Chloe Piene are often present in the repertoire of Heike Curtze Gallery, whose main focus revolves around drawing as a medium and its relevance in contemporary art. Recent shows by Piene: «At Ciú Cach Ro Genair/ I See All Who Are Born/ Empress», Galerie Heike Curtze, Wien/Salzburg (2016), «Chloe Piene» Susanne Vielmehtter Projects, Los Angeles (2015), «Banner, Siden, Piene» Barbara Thumm Galerie, Berlin (2015), «Astralis» Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris, France (2014). Her works can be found in Museum of Modern Art, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, FNAC, France, FRAC, France, Sammlung Hoffman- Koenige,Berlin,Centre national d art et de culture George Pompidou, Paris, Olbricht Collection, Me Museum, Berlin, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, Burger Collection, Berlin,The Florence and Daniel Guerlain Collection, Paris just to name a few. Cob Gallery Focus artist: Emilie Pugh, born in 1988, British nationality Director: Victoria Williams Gallery s creation year: Royal College Street, NW1 0SG London, United Kingdom +44 (0) Other artist exhibited on the booth: Cat Roisetter Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise Focus artist: Nina Ivanovic, born in 1986, Serbian nationality Director: Hélène Lacharmoise Gallery s creation year: rue des Filles du Calvaire, Paris, France +33 (0) Nemanja Nikolic, Anila Rubiku de à Nina Ivanovic, Flowers, 2015, cable wire, 200 x 140 x 0,5 cm courtesy galerie DIX9 Emilie Pugh, Whorl, 2016, ink and incense burnt rice paper, 55 x 75 cm courtesy Cob Gallery Through drawing, burning, moving 3D installation and light work, Emilie Pugh investigates the invisible currents that permeate our everyday existence: time, breath, pulse, energy pathways, psychological cartographies; those things that are felt or heard rather then seen. Pugh is guided by an interest in the interconnectivity of all living things. The artist s work appears to both antagonise the shifting state of the natural world, and embrace it, as she draws what we can t see and can t always understand. With a focus on drawing, Pugh employs a wide variety of mediums and processes, combining a combination of unconventional methods of mark making; a lit incense stick, gunpowder, chemicals, thread, and light as well as the more conventional pen and ink. Emilie Pugh (b.1988) studied at The Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing at Oxford University following graduation from Byam Shaw School of Art. Nina Ivanovic s work (* Serbia, 1986) draws on her interest in the urban environment and the relationships between people: a tile washer, a camera, the garden of Eden... Through her drawings, photographs, installations and sculptures, she always experiments the line. But also the relationship between line, movement and space. Her first drawings, quick done, made with felt or pen, pure linear description, led to the drawings made with metal wire which sometimes are similar to a three-dimensional drawing. The artist received the first drawing prize from the Vladimir Velickovic Foundation in

12 Galerie Dukan Focus artist: Karine Rougier, born in 1982, French nationality Director: Sam Dukan Gallery s creation year: rue des Rosiers, Saint Ouen, France / Spinnereistraße 7, Halle 18.I, Leipzig, Germany +33 (0) Other artist exhibited on the booth: Nina Fowler de 500 à Galerie La Ferronnerie / Brigitte Négrier Focus artist: Natasja van Kampen, born in 1970, Dutch nationality Director: Brigitte Négrier Gallery s creation year: rue de la Folie-Méricourt, Paris, France +33 (0) Frédéric Coché, Richard Müller, Stéphane Mulliez de à Natasja van Kampen, Lacework (detail), 2016, mixed media on paper, 300 x 500 cm courtesy galerie La Ferronnerie Karine Rougier, Qu allons nous devenir, 2016, mixed technic on paper, 10 x 15 cm Courtesy Galerie Dukan In her last pictures Karine Rougier gets back to historical surrealism, indeed, we find Tanguy s limbic landscapes, Magritte s flying rocks and even kachinas dolls seen in André Breton s famous photo in his office. In her travels, she randomly collects a big part of her documentation; we find a drawing on a label of a Mexican fairy dust, a rare bird on a Moldavian stamp, an illustrated tutorial on a ripped on the feet corn medicine packaging from Thailand. Those combined figures get animated like a Lilliputian people during a magic trance, adoring colored bubbles or a giant hand descended from Heaven. These slippery figures on these fluid backgrounds from khaki to ochre-orange sometimes remind me of those small retinal ghosts which wander between the eyelid and the cornea just after a glare when we continue to see with the eyes closed will be riche in exhibition, Karine Rougier will be part of (i) the Pavillon Maltais at the Venice Biennale, the groups show «Peindre, dit-elle [Chap. 2]», Musée des Beaux Arts de Dole (March 10 May 28, 2017) curated by Julie Crenn and Annabelle Teneze, Under Influence, Gallery Dukan, Leipzig (March 4 April 22, 2017) curated by Michaela Kühn and will have solo show at the Gallery Dukan, Saint Ouen (March 11 April 3, 2017). Natasja van Kampen is constantly aware of the need for balance between good and evil. During Long-term drawing projects, she explores the elusiveness and the insanity of power.her drawings are sometimes three dimensional, and often of monumental large size. Natasja van Kampen, 2016 : In Lacework, the fence of the Peace Palace (the international court of justice) In The»Hague has been drawn and cut out of paper. Usually people want to go from one place to a better place. The better place is on the other side of a fence. When people are in prison, they want to go out and be free. When they are in a country where there is war, they want to go to a place where there is peace. A fence is always an obstacle towards a better place, but it is also there to protect society from the escape of the prisoner. By the way, a fence is a line between good and bad. I think good and bad is not as strongly devided as a solid steel fence implies. That is why I wanted to make the fence of the Peace Palace as vulnerable as a festoon of lace. Galerie Eric Dupont Focus artist: Paul Pagk, born in 1962, British nationality Director: Élisabeth Golovina-Benois Gallery s creation year: rue du Temple, Paris, France +33 (0) Mari Minato, Yazid Oulab, Didier Mencoboni, Damien Cabanes, Stéphane Zagdanski de à Paul Pagk, Migliarino Series , 2016, watercolor, gouache and conté, 56 x 76 cm courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris Paul Pagk, born in 1962, is a British painter known for his paintings and drawings. He lives and works in New York since His work is made of improbable structures that have both a mental and a physical complexity. Though Paul Pagk inherits of the geometric abstraction history, the matter and the sensoriality are at the heart of his approach. Julie Crenn says of him that he prefers living harmony and generosity of form, matter and color to flawless equilibrium. Geometrical forms then lose their authority... Paul Pagk have had ten personnal exhibitions at the Eric Dupont gallery and gained an international notoriety by exhibiting in New York (Miguel Abreu Gallery, Thomas Erben Gallery, CRG Gallery) and in Germany (Baukunst Galerie, Markus Winter gallery). His works are in public and private collections (Springfield Museum of Art, FRAC Picardie, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées, Les Abattoirs ). He has won several awards like the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptures Grant and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. For this 2017 edition of Drawing Now Paris, the Eric Dupont gallery has chosen to present Paul Pagk s recent works, exclusively on paper, among which is a new series that the artist realized during a residency in Migliarino in Italy. Galerie Jean Fournier Focus artist: Claude Tétot, born in 1960, French nationality Director: Emilie Ovaere-Corthay Gallery s creation year: rue du Bac, Paris, France +33 (0) Pierre Buraglio, Dominique de Beir, Fabienne Gaston-Dreyfus, Gilgian Gelzer, Frédérique Lucien, Pierre Mabille, Christophe Robe, Kimber Smith, Peter Soriano, Claude Viallat Claude Tétot, Untitled, 2015, oil and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70 cm Claude Tétot For its eleventh participation to Drawing Now, the Jean Fournier Gallery has chosen to open a dialogue between some of its artists around the theme that links painting and drawing. Drawing, in its multiple definitions is an underlining factor for the artists of the Gallery. Drawing as painting. How does drawing interact with the pictorial practice? Is it autonomous or does it keep its sketching status? It is around exclusive drawings of Kimber Smith, an American artist of the 60s-70s, that will be gathered works by Pierre Buraglio, Dominique de Beir, Frédérique Lucien, Fabienne Gaston-Dreyfus, Pierre Mabille, Christophe Robe, Peter Soriano and Claude Viallat. Dear to the identity of the Gallery, this choice reflects its exhibition program, founded on the mixing and exchange of different generations. The Gallery s focus will be dedicated to the artist Claude Tétot with a series of exclusive drawings. HIs important practice of drawing is compromised of research in sketchbooks, sketches for paintings and autonomous drawings. Traits of his painting style can be found in his drawn works. Recently his painting has evolved a lot, still loyal Claude Tétot s dear idea of making heterogeneous elements coexist. This formal and structural evolution is strongly supported by his drawing practice, always looking for a sense of unity in disharmony

13 Francis Boeske Projects Focus artist: Riette Wanders, born in 1966, Dutch nationality Galerie Isabelle Gounod Focus artist: Glen Baxter, born in 1944, British nationality Director: Francis Boeske Gallery s creation year: 2015 ms. van riemsdijkweg 41A, 1033rc Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 (0) de 500 à Riette Wanders, Untitled, 2016, charcoal on paper, 50 x 65 cm Riette Wanders and Francis Boeske Projects Director: Isabelle Gounod Gallery s creation year: rue Chapon, Paris, France +33 (0) Maude Maris, Lenny Rébéré de à Glen Baxter, Untitled, 2016, ink and pencil on paper, 53 x 78 cm Rebecca Fanuele, Courtesy of the artist and Isabelle Gounod Gallery Riette Wanders is a Dutch artist who lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In her work Riette Wanders searches for both elusive and contradictory images, images that are difficult to define in regards to the time in which they are made and the intention with which they are made. She works from photographs, music and her own personal experience to realise this imagery within a finished work. The drawings of Riette Wanders are, without exception, black in color. A sensitivity to materials and what the materials evince is a fundamental part of the process. Working mostly with charcoal on paper, Wanders drawings are structured with raw, energetic yet delicate lines and uses a fixative spray to both seal and corrode the original image, altering the composition and giving rise to accidental forms. This process is repeated in numerous layers of charcoal creating a dense, deep velvety blackness. Wanders work is diverse in subject matter, use of materials and discipline, Abstraction next to figuration, Three dimensional next to Two dimensional, Classical next to contemporary, organic vs inorganic. Through her work, Riette Wanders visualizes and connects these apparent differences. Within this context the individual images and the body of work as a whole become more eloquent. Explorers wearing pith helmets, students wearing blazers, tea drinkers and cricket players, cowboys and scouts are the everyday heroes of the captioned drawings that have made him famous. Inspired by the pulp fiction consumed by young people in the 1930s and 1940s, these characters are placed in absurd, extravagant situations in the midst of which they seem to retain a very British stiff upper lip. This master of nonsense knows exactly where to place details that the eye will often discover belatedly and that change the whole meaning of the scene. If you pay attention, there is always a touch of incongruity in the relations that the English artist establishes between his texts and his images: It only takes an arrow, a wimple, a fire in the background for normality to suddenly flip over and become absurd. Glen Baxter was born in 1944 in Leeds (Great Britain). A painter and cartoonist, he initially became known for his graphic work, first in the United States and then in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and of course France, where his work is regularly exhibited. His works are presented in important collections : Tate Gallery, London (UK) ; Victoria & Albert Museum, London (UK) ; Arts Councill of Great Britain (UK) ; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (FR) ; Chase Manhattan Bank New York (USA) ; De Young Museum, San Francisco (USA) ; FNAC (FR) ; FRAC Poitou-Charentes (FR) ; FRAC Picardie (FR) ; New York Public Library (USA) ; Southampton University (UK). Gallery Joe Focus artist: Sharka Hyland, born in 1954, American nationality Director: Rebecca Kerlin Gallery s creation year: St. James Court, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA German Stegmaier, Lynne Woods Turner, Eithne Jordan Sharka Hyland, Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out (187), detail, 2016, pencil on paper, 28,6 x 40,6 cm courtesy The artist and Gallery Joe Sharka Hyland will present her current project a new series of drawings exploring the parallels in the writings of David Foster Wallace and Jack Kerouac, writers who have defined the voice of their generations. Hyland is in particular interested in the affinities between Wallace s seminal work, Infinite Jest from 1996 (published last year in France as L infinie comédie) and Jack Kerouac s early 1950s texts writen in a phonetic transcription of the Canadian-French dialect, his first language. It is in these writings, full of bilingual word-play and poetic invention, where Kerouac finds his voice the quintessentially American voice of the Beat Generation. Hyland will also show works based on the writings of Marcel Proust (whom Kerouac saw as his model), Virginia Woolf and Other. Sharka Hyland is a 2015 Bader Fund Grantee for research and expansion of her work on the writer David Foster Wallace. In 2015 Hyland was awarded a Civitella Ranieri Visual Arts Fellowship. Recent solo exhibitions include Les Phares at The American Gallery in Marseille, and «this thing we call a city» at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia. Galerie Gugging Nina Katschnig Focus artist: Leopold Strobl, born in 1960, Austrian nationality Director: Nina Katschnig Gallery s creation year: 1994 Am Campus 2, 3400 Maria Gugging, Austria +43 (0) Alfred Neumayr, Oswald Tschirtner de à Leopold Strobl, untitled, 2016, pencil, colour pencils, 7,8 x 7,2 cm courtesy galerie Gugging Nina Katschnig I could do this day and night paint the sky green, says Leopold Strobl, when you ask him what he likes best about working on his pieces. For his drawings, Strobl uses coloured pencils in black, light green and three shades of yellow. He gets his motifs from a church newspaper since he likes to rework churches, and also from the local weekly paper. Once he has selected a motif, he first devotes himself to the black areas, then colours the sky green and finally, accentuates the border. He then carefully glues the reworked newsprint onto a piece of drawing paper and signs the back. His works do not have titles a work stands and speaks for itself. He loves the small format, not least because of the daily sense of achievement that he has once it is completed. The galerie gugging, near Vienna (Austria), was founded in 1994 and is acting since then as an ambassador for the Gugging Artists. The galerie gugging, is considered a hub of Art Brut and Self Taught Art as well as a popular source of inspiration for contemporary artists.the gallery specifically aims to support and establish new, upcoming artists

14 Galerie Karsten Greve Focus artist: Claire Morgan, born in 1980, Irish nationality Director: Karsten Greve Gallery s creation year: rue debelleyme, Paris, France +33 (0) Raùl Illarramendi, Manish Nai, Leiko Ikemura Galerie Houg Focus artist: Maxime Duveau, born in 1992, French nationality Directors: Romain Houg, Olivier Houg Gallery s creation year: rue Saint Claude, Paris, France +33 (0) de à Claire Morgan, Tears of a Clown, 2014, pencil, watercolor and remains of carcasses preparation on paper, 101,5 x 66,5 cm Claire Morgan, Courtesy Galerie Karsten Greve Köln, Paris, Saint Moritz Claire Morgan s fragile hanging installations reflect her interest in natural processes and organic materials. In her works, the young artist (b in Belfast, Northern Ireland) engages with the elemental conditions of man in his habitat and reveals the impossibility of grasping the complexity of life and death: Exploring the physicality of animals, death, and illusions of permanence in the work is my way of trying to come to terms with these things myself. Elegance and beauty, but also senselessness and horror, are present in her installations and drawings. Simultaneously poetic and vexing, they express the ambivalence of life. Claire Morgan has had solo exhibitions in Belfast, London and Paris and has taken part in numerous international group exhibitions, including in 2009 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and in 2010 at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. In 2004 she received the Annual Bursary Award from the British Society of Sculptors and the Royal British Society s Roy Noakes Award, and in 2006 she was awarded the Premio Fondazione Amaldo Pomodoro by the Fondazione Pomodoro in Milan. The Fondation Francès in Senlis will hold an exhibition devoted to her work from March 3rd to December 23rd Maxime Duveau, Black West Hollywood House, 2016, charcoal on paper, 56 x 76 cm Maxime Duveau & Galerie Houg-Paris The gallery has existed for over 20 years. Created in Lyon by Olivier Houg with very quickly a direction given to show the emerging artists, from the local scene (Lyon), but also national and international. Since two years the gallery has been installed in Paris under the artistic direction of Romain Houg in order to emerge from a relative falling asleep regional and above all to infuse a new energy on the Parisian square thanks to a gradual renewal of the artists represented by the gallery, now chosen By Romain Houg. Last year, it was decided to move closer to young contemporary art creation, first at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux- Arts in Lyon, then at major events such as Salon de Montrouge and Artagon. It was on this occasion that Maxime Duveau s work was discovered. A first collaboration took place early December 2015 with the exhibition «Echos de garage et Valse du décor», the proposal by Maxime Duveau was such that the gallery has offered to extend the adventure by accepting a collaboration artist-gallery. It is in this context of research of new collaborations and support for the contemporary art emergence scene that Galerie Houg decided to set up a solo show of this young draftsman recently graduated from Villa Arson Nice. Galerie Heike Strelow Focus artist: Herbert Warmuth, born in 1960, German nationality Director: Heike Strelow-Meister Gallery s creation year: 2007 Schwedlerstrasse 1-5, Francfort-surle-Main, Germany Galerie Iragui Focus artist: Arkadiy Nasonov, born in 1969, Russian nationality Director: Ekatherina Iragui Gallery s creation year: Malaya Polyanka, Moscow, Russia Katrin Ströbel, Monika Brandmeier, Tom Butler, Ksenija Jovišević de 450 à Herbert Warmuth, 16 grünes Quadrat, 2016, cardboard, acryl varnish on paper, 30 x 20 cm Galerie Heike Strelow Nikita Alexeev, Sergey Anufriev, Georgy Litichevsky, Valeria Nibiru, Pavel Pepperstein, Viktor Pivovarov de 800 à Arkadiy Nasonov, The Cloud Commissiom foresees. Frome the series «Blanks of Cloud Commission», 1991, collage and gouache on paper, 49 x 32,5 cm Arkadiy Nasonov & Galerie Iragui Though Herbert Warmuth s practice, develops in different mediums like drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, all the works have as a starting point: the color as a material. If there is no color without form than there is no form without color, that s why Herbert Warmuth paints as well with form. It is in between the inseparable unity of color and form that the conceptual work of Herbert Warmuth develops. In his paper works, diverse concepts of drawing emerge, generating different approaches toward the medium. By using materials like, fabric, packages, pencil, pen and paint, his drawings gain an object-associated character but they are everything else than monumental. Medication and pharmaceutical packaging for example became an important visual element in many of his early drawings. He fixes a part of the medication package on the paper and draws and paints the entire design or only elements of it (like a line) further. These works on paper become the sudden but well controlled territory where the transformative creative process of ordinary everyday elements, is being visualized and documented. Warmuth makes use of the medium of drawing, by incorporating highly complex concept of decontextualization, transformation and embodiment with such simplicity, that his creations can be described as works with humour and elegance. (Text: Adela Demetja) Born in 1969 in Ekatherinburg, Russia, Nasonov graduated from Moscow Academical Theatre Institute (stage design). Arkadiy Nasonov is linked to the circle of Inspection Medical Hermeneutics group, founded by Pavel Pepperstein in the late 1980s. In 1991 he founded The Cloud Commission art group (with D.Ligeros, T.Detkina, etc.), and in the TARTU poetry society (with S.Anufriev, and A.Sobolev). He is also an author of a project Gallery of a Single Visitor. Arkadiy Nasonov had grants and fellowships such as Grant of Dutch Instute in Rome in 2000, fellowships of La Napoule Art Foundation in 2002, Kunstlerhaus (Worpswede) in Nasonov s works are in collections of Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Holland, in Deutschebank collection in Berlin. Nasonov s work perfectly matches the term psychedelic realisms, it is filled with conceptual hallucinations and esoteric associations. The sources of his work can be found in Russian logocentric culture and its literary tradition. Galerie Iragui is a contemporary art gallery in central part of Moscow. It presents an cross-disciplinary programme with a particular focus on conceptual work. It is committed to bringing attention to contemporary Russian art. The gallery contributes to the participation of Russian artists in international projects and their integration into the global art context. Attaching much importance to research, Galerie Iragui works in collaboration with cultural institutions and curators in Europe and presents an ambitious program dedicated to fostering critical dialogues between artists, viewers, and institutions. Galerie Iragui exhibits at international art fairs including Drawing Now Paris, Art Brussels, Artissima, Vienna Contemporary, Art Dubai, Cosmoscow

15 Galerie Catherine Issert Focus artist: Pascal Pinaud, born in 1964, French nationality Director: Catherine Issert Gallery s creation year: route des Serres, Saint-Paul, France +33 (0) Jean-Michel Albérola, Jean-Charles Blais, Anne Pesce, Xavier Theunis, Gérard Traquandi, Claude Viallat, Tatiana Wolska de à Galerie Bernard Jordan Focus artist: Ronald Cornelissen, born in 1960, Dutch nationality Director: Bernard Jordan Gallery s creation year: rue Charlot, Paris, France +33 (0) Ronald Cornelissen, Good cop Bad cop, 2016, ink, pencil, watercolour, gouache and collage on paper, 45,5 x 60 cm courtesy the artist and galerie bernard jordan Ronald Cornelissen is characterized as a chronicler of man s sorrow in his urban setting, his inflated ego and the implications of power on human behaviour. He shapes the effects of this turmoil, a dark place of violence and sexual aberrations, translated into drawings questioning perverted exercise of power and macho behaviour. In his work and development, Cornelissen owe much to the classical arts. This is apparent not only in what influences the work, but also in the means used to emphasize a work s credibility. He is led by the development within a drawing. A drawing in which structure, composition and the relation between figuration and abstraction shows a classic approach to the art of drawing. Pascal Pinaud, Sans Titre, 2015, papier adhésif, impression jet d encre sur papier arches, 59,5 x 42 x 3,5 cm courtesy galerie Catherine Issert For the next edition Drawing Now 2017, the Gallery submits to propose as focusing artist: Pascal Pinaud, as a result of his current exhibitions in cultural institutions. Pascal Pinaud will have two monographic exhibitions at the Maeght Foundation, Saint Paul and at the Espace de l art Concret, Mouans Sartoux, from the 8th to the 5th of March 2017 followed by an exhibition at the Frac Paca in the spring. A catalog signing, published by these institutions, will take place in our booth. Janknegt Gallery Focus artist: Roos Holleman, born in 1989, Dutch nationality Galerie Martin Kudlek Focus artist: Alexander Gorlizki, born in 1967, British nationality Director: Justine de Klerk-Janknegt Gallery s creation year: 1998 Brink 2A,1251 KV, Laren, Netherlands / de à Roos Holleman, King Bird of Paradise, 2016, pastel on paper, 220 x 130 cm Janknegt Gallery Director: Martin Kudlek Gallery s creation year: 2012 Schaafenstrasse 25, Cologne, Germany Franz Burkhardt, Katrin Bremermann, Jonathan Callan, Sylvie De Meerleer, Christos Venetis de 900 à Alexander Gorlizki, Book at Bedtime (4246b), 2015, pigment and gold on paper, 30,4 x 25,3 cm Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne Roos Holleman (1989) lives in Aarhus and works in the Netherlands and Denmark. Drawing is her method for transmitting her curiosity for a strange world and the images reproducing it. So-called study skins of birds dominate the often large sheets of paper, as subjects of an optical autopsy with pastel and graphite. By drawing I celebrate my curiosity for the preserved and collected specimen, as well as its history of representations. I visualize these as filters surrounding such objects, the filter created by the museum s display and depot being especially significant to me. In the depot s universe chaos is organized and labeled, compressing the specimen to a strangely anecdotal form. Drawing it allows me to take part in its history, like another kind of collector or explorer. Often I blow it up to man-size to make the experience a kind of encounter, both in detail as in scratchy cacophony. Every drawing, however fragile, withholds the promise of eternal thought and movement. It is the static object wherein I look for the element of myth and vibrancy. Playing with its form and tactility gives the drawing an opportunity to exist not only as another filter in the lineage of representations, but also as homage to the moment of discovery. Her work in public collections: Natuurmuseum Brabant, Tilburg ; Centraal Museum, Utrecht ; Vincent van Goghhuis, Zundert ; Museum Arnhem ; Lievensberg Ziekenhuis, Bergen op Zoom ; Reade, Amsterdam Martin Kudlek Gallery represents international contemporary artists from Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania and the US. The gallery program features the diversity within the classical genres of painting, sculpture and drawing, although the focus lies on objects and paper works. Works which are characterized by their formal rigor and reduction on the one hand and those that embrace figurative styles that are charged narratively and symbolically on the other hand, build the cornerstones of the gallery program. Through regular participations in art fairs Martin Kudlek Gallery holds a broad international network within the art market. With numerous artist cooperation and exhibition projects the gallery also offers an open experimental field for contemporary art production

16 La Galerie Particulière Galerie Foucher - Biousse Focus artist: Jana Gunstheimer, born in 1974, German nationality Directors: Guillaume Foucher, Frédéric Biousse, Audrey Bazin Gallery s creation year: & 11 rue du Perche, Paris, France Place du Châtelain 14, 1050 Brussianls, Belgium +33 (0) Galerie Lelong Focus artist: Etel Adnan, born in 1925, Lebanese nationality Directors: Jean Frémon, Daniel Lelong, Patrice Cotensin Gallery s creation year: rue de Téhéran, Paris, France +33 (0) Pierre Alechinsky, Marc Desgrandchamps, Zoltan Kemény, David Nash, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Barthélémy Toguo, Jan Voss de à Etel Adnan, Forêt IV, 2016, brown ink on Japan paper, book 25 x 11 cm, length 273 cm Etel Adnan, Courtesy Galerie Lelong Paris Jana Gunstheimer, I have never faced the power 32, 2014, graphite on paper, 82 x 61,5 cm Jana Gunstheimer, courtesy La Galerie Particulière, Paris-Brussianls Jana Gunstheimer (born in 1974 in Germany) draws on the world as a reservoir of undiscovered possibilities, ferreting out what is concealed and mysterious. Reality turns out, in her art, to be a conglomerate of labyrinthine spaces and fantastic stories. Fact and fiction can no longer be clearly separated. Gunstheimer s works always operate with possible truths, deftly taking up past or contemporary events and spinning them out, with striking logical consistency, into the realm of invention. In so doing, they employ the means of irony and black humor in such subtle doses that the artist s confabulations, rather than appearing to the naked eye, operate in this play of absurdities as brilliant moments of artistic irritation and amusement. Born in Beirut in 1925, Etel Adnan is a writer and painter. In the 1950s, she studied philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and in Berkeley, United States. Based in California, she taught philosophy, then wrote poems and started to produce paintings, drawings and tapestries. She notably paints more or less abstract landscapes that are vibrant and colourful, often evoking Mount Tamalpais, seen from her window. Although her work had been regularly exhibited in the United States, France and Lebanon since the 1970, it was only in 2013, when she was included in the Documenta in Kassel, that the artist acquired a truly internationally reputation. In 2014, Hans-Ulrich Obrist organised a retrospective at the MATHAF, the Arab Museum of Modern Art, in Doha and published a substantial catalogue. The Whitney Museum in New York included her in their famous biennale. The Museum der Moderne in Salzburg dedicated an exhibition to the artist in 2015, as did the Serpentine Gallery and the Institut du Monde Arabe in Adnan will have her first Canadian exhibition in Oakville in early Writing in French and in English, Etel Adnan has published around twenty books in each language. She has also worked for the theatre, notably in collaboration with Bob Wilson and the British composer Gavin Bryars. She lives and works in Paris. Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre Focus artist: Hessie, born in 1936, French nationality Director: Arnaud Lefebvre Gallery s creation year: rue des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France +33 (0) / +33 (0) Hessie, Untitled, 1970, metal and plastic elements and a piece of card mounted on paper, 50 x 65 cm Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre In a recent interview, Hessie explains she doesn t draw and that if she began making embroidery in the late 1960 s it is because she doesn t know how to draw. Our participation to «Drawing Now» takes Hessie at her very word. For this artist of Caribbean origin, whose work is now being rediscovered, embroidery is indeed her favourite medium, with minimal compositions of threads on raw cotton cloth. However, Hessie also achieved in the early 1970 s an important set of collages and perforations on paper. Being a technique more immediate than embroidery, Hessie s Collages constitute a sort of inventory of the artist s daily life. Bits of toys or strings, wrapping papers or other scraps of ordinary life, the small objects mounted on paper relate to fragments of anonymous memory in which everyone can project one s own experience. Perforation deals with another process, in direct connection to paper. From softness to violence, it s a physical range of feelings that takes place on the white sheet. By the rhythmic pulsation of holes and their precise spreading over the surface, Hessie tells a pre-literate story that comes not from the purity of a formal abstraction but from the overflowing voices of «Thousands of unknown brother», as she titled one of her perforated pieces. Loevenbruck Focus artist: Alina Szapocznikow, born in 1926, Polish nationality Directors: Hervé Loevenbruck, Alexandra Schillinger Gallery s creation year: rue Jacques Callot, Paris, France +33 (0) Gilles Aillaud, Jean Dupuy, Bruno Peinado Alina Szapocznikow, Untitled, 1965, pencil on paper, 31,5 x 24,3 cm Courtesy The Estate of Alina Szapocznikow / Piotr Stanislawski / Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris. ADAGP, Paris Galerie Loevenbruck opened in 2001 and is located at the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter. In 2010 it moved into a new, historic space where it exhibits mainly contemporary artists, among whom Philippe Mayaux (2006) and Dewar & Gicquel (2012) have won France s prestigious Prix Marcel-Duchamp. The gallery also represents the estates of Édouard Levé, Michel Parmentier and Alina Szapocznikow. Galerie Loevenbruck actively supports participation of its artists in exhibitions at major institutions in France (Mnam/Centre Pompidou, Musée d Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Palais de Tokyo, etc.) and abroad (Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; MoMA (New York, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art). Its publishing department, Éditions Loevenbruck, Paris, produces artist s books, monographs and essays, several of which have won awards for their quality

17 Galerie Réjane Louin Focus artist: Marta Caradec, born in 1978, French nationality Galerie Maïa Muller Focus artist: Hassan Musa, born in 1951, French nationality Director: Réjane Louin Gallery s creation year: rue de l église, Locquirec, France +33 (0) Director: Maïa Muller Gallery s creation year: rue Chapon, Paris, France +33 (0) / +33 (0) Marine Joatton, Maëlle Labussière, Thomas Marta Caradec, Santander Bay, 2012, ink and gouache on map, 75 x 105,5 cm courtesy galerie Réjane Louin Jean-Michel Alberola, Giulia Andreani, Io Burgard, Camille Fischer, Myriam Mihindou de 750 à Hassan Musa, The Jackal, 2015, gouache and watercolor on old map, 60 x 34 cm Courtesy de l artiste et Galerie Maïa Muller Born in 1978, Marta Caradec lives and works in Germany. Marta Caradec intervenes by drawing, gouache and collage on old geographical or political maps that she has selected for their motives, their typologies, their subjects or their histories. The initial map is then absorbed, dissolved in graphic designs that combine pattern repetitions in a quasi-viral way (it has long systematically surrounded all o and 0 printed on the map), arachné ramifications or ornamental forms with related subjects links with printed supports. Thus, animals, fishes with head of men, sirens, fabulous imagery arise from certain Breton maps, while a modest reliquary and several vanities invaded golden ornaments recall on a map of Vienna dating from 1878 its feeling of Sickness following her visit to the Schatskammer in Vienna. Yet Marta Caradec loves gemstones and ornamentations. After completing a part of her studies at the École Nationale Supérieure d Art in Limoges, heiress to the National School of Decorative Art, she continued her studies at the Arts Déco de Strasbourg in jewelery. But 10 years after this curriculum that trained her in the design of haute joallerie, she abandoned the drawing of functional objects to draw on old maps. Even if her drawing recall us the goldsmithery, he is also totally attached to the very sociological dimension of the maps and engages the viewer, like an archaeologist, to discover the history of a territory and often of its migrations. Marta Caradec participated in 2013 at the Salon de Montrouge, where she was particularly appreciated. The Galerie Maïa Muller opened in January 2009 in Saint Germain des Près in Paris, and relocated to the 3rd arrondissement in March The gallery s objective is to promote contemporary artists of both France and international background. Maïa Muller continually elargizes her team by welcoming artists who share her sensibilities across painting, drawing, sculpture and video. Galerie Virginie Louvet Focus artist: Antoine Carbonne, born in 1987, French nationality Galerie Maurits van de Laar Focus artist: Henri Jacobs, born in 1957, Dutch nationality Director: Virginie Louvet Gallery s creation year: rue Chapon, Paris, France +33 (0) Other artist exhibited on the booth: Marion Charlet Antoine Carbonne, Sichuan Landscape, 2016, gouache on paper, diptych, 70 x 100 cm each Antoine Carbonne Director: Maurits van de Laar Gallery s creation year: 1991 Herderstraat 6, NL-2512 CV The Hague, Netherlands Martin Assig, Robbie Cornelissen, Marcel van Eeden de à The end of the world, yet calm. Vivid colors, yet nostalgic. The present, yet the future. Not afraid of paradox, Antoine Carbonne explores our ever-fluctuating contemporary world through painting in a logical space and time framework. Antoine Carbonne s paintings are progressively becoming populated again. The artist has moved away from frozen witnesses of our forgotten societies, and finds himself tackling a much more complex problem: how to classify the present time? The endeavor is personal but not narcissistic: the windows and the globe are an ode to the landscape and to the outer world. Photos, posters and post-its on the wall are reminiscent of madmen in thrillers who link their victims together with a web of red yarn. As they do in their apartments, the artist creates his representation of the world in his studio, in a sort of monomaniacal, obsessive search. The landscapes are more outlandish than ever, mysterious yet familiar, between dream and reality. Still using photos gleaned on Facebook, collages and personal notes as inspiration, in a way similar to the work of Jonas Wood, who embodies vibrant Pop Art and cool modern art, Antoine Carbonne s paintings, pieced together and subjective, invent a new time frame issued of memories and figments of imagination. We are the witnesses of a sort of hippy disenchantment that is a direct echo to what the generation of the artist is experiencing, lost between hope and disillusion. Julie Maury, July 2016 Henri Jacobs, Journal Drawing 818 (Sun), 2016, watercolour and ink on paper, diameter 35 cm Galerie Maurits van de Laar Since 2003 he works on a body of drawings on a daily basis, as a journal, the development of these Journal Drawings can be followed on his website www. henrijacobs.be. Geometry is an important source in his work, he also draws on direct observation or can use something that struck his mind on a particular day. A simple leaf of rhubarb with its oppulent, baroque and ondulating forms can be the starting point for a series of drawings. Certain motifs recur and can be used and varied upon to give way to new forms and compositions. At the moment Henri Jacobs works as an artist in residence in Arita in Japan, famous for its porcelain that is produced in a centuries old tradition. Here Henri Jacobs learns to draw and paint on the porcelain, the majority of these motifs have a round circumference. At Drawing Now several of these circular drawings will be on show at Drawing Now

18 Maus Contemporary Focus artist: Travis Somerville, born in 1963, American nationality Modulab Focus artist: Luc Doerflinger, born in 1966, French nationality Director: Guido Henri Maus Gallery s creation year: Second Avenue North, Birmingham AL 3520, USA Willie Cole, Yoshishige Furukawa, Leslie Smith III, Melissa Vandenberg de à Travis Somerville, The Yufe Twins, 2016, graphite on vintage fabric, 49,5 x 129,5 cm the artist and Maus Contemporary Director: Aurélie Amiot Gallery s creation year: rue Mazelle, Metz, France +33 (0) Franck Girard, Roxane Lumeret Luc Doerflinger, Gallery Modulab - exhibition Magic - Normal, 2016, black stone & charcoal on canvas, 213 x 293 cm Modulab Somerville s irreverent installations, paintings and embellished photographs incorporate suggestive symbols of the South s troubled history such as Ku Klux Klan hoods and Confederate flags, whiskey bottles and images of popular advertising from the more recent past, explore the complexities of racism and serve as a platform for discussion about US oppression and colonial attitudes abroad. His graphite-on-paper portraits take their subjects from vintage photographs and offer a more reflective side of his historical excavation. Travis Somerville has garnered critical attention in numerous publications including The Washington Post, Art in America, FlashArt and The Los Angeles Times. His work is included in numerous Museum collections, including SF MoMA; the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego CA; the 21c Museum in Louisville, KY; the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, CA; the San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA; the Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL; the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and the Málaga Centre for Contemporary Art, CAC Málaga, in Spain, where the artists has a solo exhibition from February to May of Modulab welcomes artists and groups of artists belonging to the contemporary art scene whose ways of working interrogate the field of drawing, installation, and multiple images, both printed and as editions. While co-ordinating editorial and plastic issues, Modulab also executes and diffuses limited printed editions of graphic co-editions in the form of portfolios and artists prints in relation to the exhibition project of the artist. Galerie Martel Focus artist: Matthias Lehmann, born in 1978, French nationality Nosbaum Reding Focus artist: Rainier Lercolais, born in 1970, French nationality Director: Rina Zavagli-Mattotti Gallery s creation year: rue Martel, Paris, France +33 (0) Yann Kebbi, Lorenzo Mattotti, Nicolas De Crécy, Thomas Ott, Éric Lambé, Gabriella Giandelli, Manuele Fior, Brecht Evens, Art Spiegelman, Charles Burns Matthias Lehmann, La ville rouge, 2013, scratchboard, ink, 12 x 16 cm Matthias Lehmann Director: Alex Reding Gallery s creation year: rue Witlhiem, 2733 Luxembourg, Luxembourg / Stephan Balkenhol, Damien Deroubaix, Barthélémy Toguo de 500 à From its very start (2008) Galerie Martel has been working with high-standard graphic artists. All of them share a double urge : explore new territories, and bypass the boundaries between illustration, painting, comics and animation. For Galerie Martel, this diversity means strength. Working with internationally renowned artists such as Spiegelman, Burns, Ware, while spotlighting future key artists Evens, Lambé, Fior is the threshold to unexplored artistic worlds. In order to shed a specific light on the artists it works with, Galerie Martel regularly undertakes several projects outside its own walls. For instance, Galerie Martel has set up several international partnerships with other galleries, and constantly develops proactive groundbreaking projects. The gallery is now the fulcrum of a dynamic, creative network : it has exported Art Spiegelman s retrospective all over the world. Recently, the gallery has worked with Fondation H. & E. Leclerc to set an exhibition dedicated to Lorenzo Mattotti s multi-faceted talents. The exhibition is currently presented in Italy, Villa Manin. For the present edition of Drawing Now, Galerie Martel sheds light on Matthias Lehmann, a French artist whose work is at the same time intense and unique. Be it on scratchboard, with ink or paint, Matthias Lehmann works with the substance with a specific aim in mind : going back to the essence of drawing. Rainier Lercolais, untitled, 2015, collage on paper Rainier Lercolais - Nosbaum Reding Founded in 2001 by Véronique Nosbaum and Alex Reding, the gallery Nosbaum Reding has moved to its new premises in the historic centre of Luxembourg City in September The location comprises two distinct spaces allowing the gallery to run a two-folded international programme of exhibitions. It was launched with an inaugural exhibition by Günther Förg. Its steadfast development has paralleled the rapidly evolving arts and business context in Europe s fastest-growing region. From the onset, the gallery has been focussing on young and upcoming artists from Luxembourg and neighbouring Germany, France, and Belgium, occasionally reaching out to other European countries such as Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia or Poland. Its programme has a strong commitment on figurative and conceptual painting, alternating with photography, sculpture- and installation-based media. In confronting its public with new talent, Nosbaum Reding has always been keen to privilege creation by stimulating the artists to produce new work for their exhibitions at the gallery and supporting them in their exploration of new ideas and concepts. Nosbaum Reding Projects (since 2014), is a curatorial program of exhibitions supported and attached to Nosbaum Reding, with the aim to enrich the Luxemburgish art scene and be a complement to other more stablished contemporary art institutions such as Casino Luxembourg or MUDAM. All of the artists proposed show a long and thrilling trajectory, while still being young and permeable to today s aesthetics. In its effort to expand from its local and regional markets, Nosbaum Reding is participating in Europe s main art fairs, like FIAC Paris, Art Brussels, Art Cologne, Art Forum Berlin or Art Genève

19 Galerie Odile Ouizeman Focus artist: Marko Velk, born in 1969, Serbian-american nationality Ozenne & Prazowski Gallery Focus artist: Ashley Oubré, born in 1984, American nationality Director: Odile Ouizeman Gallery s creation year: rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais, Paris, France +33 (0) Iris Levasseur, Simon Rulquin de 800 à Mark Velk, Still Life, 2016, charcoal on paper, various dimensions courtesy galerie Odile Ouizeman Directors: Baptiste Ozenne, Jérémy Prazowski Gallery s creation year: 2015 Acre House, 11/15 William Road, NW1 3ER London, United Kingdom +33 (0) / Ashley Oubré, Untitled, 2016, pastel and india ink on paper, 30,5 x 30,5 cm courtesy the artist and Ozenne & Prazowski Gallery The Gallery Ouizeman, created in 2007, presents young artists whose different fields of expression participate in the theoretical and sensitive questioning : painting, photography, installation, video... In order to increase the value of exchange, this artistic platform, dedicated to contemporary creation, makes a commitment, by means of various partners, in the realization of publications (catalog, artists books), and participates to international art fairs (Paris Photo, Art Brussels, Loop Barcelona ) Marko Velk draws in charcoal and dry pastel. He distills an almost luminous whiteness that stands outagainst the dark background like a hazy evaporation. The preceding series revealed the energy of a compulsive trait. Pressing on the whiteness of the paper, in the chaos of black lines drawn with passionate energy, Marko Velk allowed a phantasmagoria to come about. Like an Alice in Wonderland who strolls among strange creatures, the onlooker is submerged in a world where the real is only a souvenir. Thus, these figures, like emanations of some parallel re - alities, tell us a story in which Art, myths, popular images and common imagination collide. Ashely Oubré is a young American artist born in 1984 who lives and works in Washington where she grew up. At the age of 20, with the chance of travelling abroad with her History of Art class, Ashley Oubré discovered the art of drawing which immediately fascinated her. But it was five years later when this young artist developed her graphics skills through a pictoral dimension using a newly mastered tool, the brush. So an individual piece of work gradually takes shape, layering graphite powder, chinese ink and more recently charcoal and pastel, on the immaculate white space of a sheet of paper. Her work is presented as an anthology of portraits, most often naked and isolated. With a photographic quality, Ashley Oubré tries to reveal the hidden emotions of her anonymous, disturbed, excluded, aching and nostalgic characters. Her graphics style is decisively focused on the subjects of everyday life: the silent language of the body, the expressive face and the precarious nature of the moment. Her work is being exhibited in the Galerie Robert Fontaine in Miami and an independent show will follow at the Drawing Now exhibition in Paris. Galerie ONIRIS Florent Paumelle Focus artist: Philippe Cognée, born in 1957, French nationality Galerie Alberta Pane Focus artist: Marie Lelouche, born in 1984, French nationality Director: Florent Paumelle Gallery s creation year: rue d Antrain, Rennes, France +33 (0) Pierre Antoniucci, Christian Bonnefoi, Claude Viallat de à Philippe Cognée, Three towers, 2015, dye on photo paper, 78 x 112 cm Galerie Oniris - Rennes Director: Alberta Pane Gallery s creation year: rue de Montmorency, Paris, France +33 (0) Gayle Chong Kwan, Joao Vilhena, Michelangelo Penso de à Marie Lelouche, Sens of Place, 2016, Exhibition view Format à L Italian VII, Espace Le Carré, Lille, France Marie Lelouche, Courtesy Galerie Alberta Pane Philippe Cognée is mainly known for his paintings whose very distinctive fade as a real trademark, obtained with encaustic and using the iron. The work of Philippe Cognée is in fact much richer and more complex than what this simplified image could imply as evidenced by his works on paper. Far from preparatory sketches, one can find in the papers of Philippe Cognée a clean style, almost a signature that the artist offers. He uses color as well as black and white, charcoal, wash, ink, watercolor or even encaustic on paper. Despite the importance he attributes to him, for «drawing is not preparatory to painting,» this work on paper has been shown very little. Works on paper by Philippe Cognée were honored in a major retrospective exhibition at the Musée de Grenoble in 2013, and his work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions in France and abroad, at MAMCO in Geneva in Located in a new space in Paris and an upcoming space in Venice (opening on May 2017) Alberta Pane Gallery, specialized in contemporary art, energetically supports experienced and emerging international artists promoting the conceptual force of their projects. The gallery also encourages artist s experimentation in space and urges them to work in balance with their environment. For the next edition of DRAWING NOW, Salon du dessin contemporain, we will present new works by four artists : Gayle Chong Kwan, João Vilhena, Michelangelo Penso and Marie Lelouche, who is the artist presented in Focus. In her work, the French artist Marie Lelouche questions space and volume. With her last work «Sens of place», Marie Lelouche worked with three-dimensional recordings created in public space. These samples, fragmented forms, acquire an indefinite nature that makes them hybrid. Aware of the partial nature of her recordings, both by what it pass on and by the way it does it, she creates forms where these deficiencies become stronger. Opened in Rennes in 1986 with an exhibition by François Morellet, the gallery Oniris has become during the last three decades, one of the essential places of contemporary art in the Western part of France. Alongside the Philippe Cognée focus, Oniris presents works on paper by Claude Viallat, Pierre Antoniucci and Christian Bonnefoi

20 Galerie Papillon Focus artist: Joël Kermarrec, born in 1939, French nationality Directors: Claudine Papillon, Marion Papillon Gallery s creation year: rue Chapon, Paris, France +33 (0) Cathryn Boch, Gaëlle Chotard, Erik Dietman, Juul Kraijer, Charles le Hyaric, Frédérique Loutz, Didier Trenet Joël Kermarrec, Untitled, 2013, mixed media, 20 x 25,5 cm et 33,5 x 28,5 cm, Collection privée Courtesy Galerie Papillon Each element in Kermarrec s work distances the «viewer» from a reasonable and reasoned analysis of his art. Throughout his career he has always sought to reflect through drawings and other «patchworks», to find the most precise way of expressing himself. But there is no need of discourse in the case of Kermarrec, the richness and intelligence of his paintings speak for him. He composes: from color to form, through the object sometimes, always in this concern for accuracy, a sort of intellectual honesty towards his art, he assembles the different elements. The gallery brings together, as well, 7 artists presenting recent productions that explore the design in all its diversity: - Cathryn Boch, Gaëlle Chotard & Charles Le Hyaric : Sewing machine, wire mesh, paint mixture and bleach. By their approach to the matter, the creation of new landscapes and hybrid forms, they push the limits of drawing. - Didier Trenet & Juul Kraijer: If they have in common a perfectly mastered technicality, here we are confronted with two universes that play with a form of surrealism. - Erik Dietman & Frédérique Loutz: Drawing, as a daily act for these two artists, reflects their spontaneity, their humor, but also their obsessions. Galerie Catherine Putman Focus artist: Frédéric Poincelet, born in 1967, French nationality Director: Eléonore Chatin Gallery s creation year: rue Quincampoix, Paris, France +33 (0) Geneviève Asse, Pierre Buraglio, Frédéric Malette, Bernard Moninot, Keita Mori, Carmen Perrin, Georges Rousse Frédéric Poincelet, Untitled, 2016, ball point pen and ink color on paper, 32,5 x 50 cm Frédéric Poincelet,Courtesy the artist and galerie Catherine Putman Author of comic books, Frédéric Poincelet proclaims drawing as a practice in itself. Most of Frédéric Poincelet s drawings bear the title untitled : they have no names and no story to tell; we do not really know what they are, but that does not matter. The new drawings take the viewer on a journey in a series of mysterious abandoned places in a sate of eruption. Still drawing on the same smooth and slightly yellowed paper, his work with the Bic pen has developed, experimenting with empty and filled spaces, and areas of emphasis and release. The colour, ink washes with which he prepares the paper, which timidly appeared in his 2013 works, has become more evident and more daring, sometimes even quite outrageous. The gallery Catherine Putman specializes in works on paper by contemporary artists : drawing, photography and prints. Managed by Eléonore Chatin, following the disappearance of Catherine Putman in 2009, the gallery has been active since its installation on rue Quincampoix, near the Centre Pompidou in Paris, in The gallery has organised over forty exibitions of French and foreign artists work: Geneviève Asse, Georg Baselitz, Imi Knoebel, Bernard Moninot, Tony Cragg, Per Kirkeby, Urs Lüthi, Agathe May, Sophie Ristelhueber, Georges Rousse, etc. It supports artists in their production of drawings, prints and photographies by exhibiting them at the gallery, at a number of art fairs and by publishing new editions of their work. Patrick Heide Contemporary Art Focus artist: Katherine Murphy, born in 1976, British nationality Director: Patrick Heide Gallery s creation year: Church Street, NW8 8EE London, United Kingdom Alex Hamilton, Christos Venetis, David Connearn, Károly Keserü, Pius Fox, Thomas Müller Katherine Murphy, Arkwright Work Task Filing alphabetically, 2016, Hahnemuhle Photo Reg pen, 83 x 63 cm courtesy Patrick Heide Contemporary Art Patrick Heide Contemporary Art is pleased to present British artist Katherine Murphy as the Focus artist at Drawing Now Paris Katherine Murphy investigates the world of labour from different perspectives and the conditions under which specific acts of work are carried out: from the uniformity of daily routines to the monotonous activities of factory or minimum wage workers. Repetition, being so integral to the action/gesture of work, thereby becomes an important aspect in the artistic expression and eventually the display of the resulting work of art. The series Labour + Repetition = Decay is exemplary for this clash of a repetitive, even absurd work task, folding a sheet of paper hundreds of times in the same way, which maybe paradoxically results in a beautiful work of art. In the CV series, Murphy charts everyday professional tasks as type written biographies, also a highly repetitive task in itself. Each CV holds a microscope into a world of menial labor to challenge and investigate labour systems through visualization. At Drawing Now Katherine Murphy would also be showing another ongoing series entitled Arkwright Work Tasks, in which the artist is re-sorting old library cards according to ever changing categories by drawing the allocation system onto a printed version of the cards. The filing tasks can be anything from alphabetical to filing by number of characters in first word. Katherine Murphy holds a Masters in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art; she lives and works in London, UK. R E I T E R Focus artist: Claus Georg Stabe, born in 1984, German nationality Director: Torsten Reiter Gallery s creation year: 1999 Spinnereistrasse 7 / Halle 6, Leipzig, Germany Potsdamer Strasse 81b, Berlin, Germany +49(0) Hans Aichinger, Andrey Klassen, Stefan Krauth, Thomas Sommer, Wanda Stolle de 800 à Claus Georg Stabe, Dreambreaker VIII, 2016, ballpoint pen on paper, 40 x 30 cm R E I T E R Claus Stabe has refined the genre of drawing with the use of simple tools. He virtuously renegotiates the line one of the main and most essential elements of drawing. He adds them to surfaces creating unusual effects. The drawing graphics occur through ballpoint pen on paper. In modifying the pen pressure, solid and clearer lines appear, while overlapping inks unfold a sublime colouring. The horizontal rows present alienated and abstract motives and clichés, such as a palm tree, the moon, and a sunset. In front of bright, pop-like colours the lines iridesce and create a mysterious aura. The effect shines beyond the medium itself and plays with the idea of photography effects, old printmaking techniques, fabric tissues and microscopic recordings

21 Galerie Römerapotheke Focus artist: Eva Grün, born in 1975, Austrian nationality Director: Philippe Rey Gallery s creation year: 2003 Rämistrasse 18, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland David Hare, Gottfried Honegger, Josef Zlamal, Jana Gunstheimer, Marcel Gähler RV Cultura e Arte Focus artist: Zé de Rocha, born in 1979, Brazilian nationality Director: Larissa Martina Gallery s creation year: 2008 Avenida Cardeal da Silva 158, Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Igor Souza, Pedro Marighella, Nestor Jr. et Rômolo de 500 à Eva Grün, untitled, Working title Grelle Stille, 2016, mixed media on molino, 120 x 160 cm Galerie Römerapotheke, Zürich A platform and institution rooted in time, contemporary art with a radical edge: such could be the definition of Galerie Römerapotheke. The gallery celebrates the contemporary and yet yields at and promotes lasting quality. Roemerapotheke celebrates the avantgarde by not borrowing too heavily from elements of its ambient reality, which itself borrows elements from art in order to convert them into simple decoration, and by avoiding the risk of art to be sucked into a whirlwind race at the end of which it would be everywhere/nowhere. We believe in message, we promote senses, opinions, philosophies, comments and statements. Founded in 2003, Römerapotheke started in the center of the red light district, in a building that used to be a pharmacy (thus apotheke). Today, after eleven intense and successful years Römerapotheke invites you to visit our location just between the lake and the Museum of Modern Art, in the heart of Zurich s art scene. This year we present you Eva Grün in the Focus. Her pictures are distinguished by sketch-like, figurative and painted elements. The artist renders the world of images and commodities by the fleeting gesture of the collage. For her tusche drawings she uses materials such as plain tickets, construction plans and newspapers - things that already carry a story with them. Her mode of painting, including experimentation with various techniques, deliberately invites randomness to her sometimes precise forms. Ze de Rocha, Risco de Infinito (Risk of infinity), 2015, charcoal on paper, 115 x 115 cm RV Cultura e Arte Opened in 2008, by curators / directors Larissa Martina and Ilan Iglesias. With a main focus on the graphic arts (drawings, paintings, printing processes and collages) RV Culture and Art does at least five exhibitions every year, individual projects and group shows alike, and represents a total of eleven artists, mainly brazilians. Its international program started in 2012 and comprehends attending art fairs, interchanging exhibitions with different galleries and promoting foreing artists and their works in Brazil. The gallery also carries a strong educational program offering workshops, talks, guided tours and screenings that complement the exhibitions but also stimulate a closer relationship with the local community, collectors and other curators. Also acting as a publisher of RV Culture and Art issues artist books and graphic novels. For Drawing Now the gallery has selected Zé de Rocha as focus artist. Born in 1979 in Brazil s northeast region, Zé de Rocha produces images that discuss everyday urban violence, wether it s from a phisical or psychological source. Risk is his creative starting point, as he plays with the polissemy of the own word in Portuguese, used to designate made on a surface or drawing, and the possibility of being in danger. Selected works include the series «Risco do Infinito» and «Cerol». Galerie Lia Rumma avec Caroline Smulders Focus artist: Vanessa Beecroft, born in 1969, American nationality Directors: Paola Potena, Caroline Smulders Gallery s creation year: Lia Rumma : 1971 / Caroline Smulders : Via Stilicone, 0154 Milan, Italie 12 Via Vannella Gaetani, Naples, Italie 4 rue Martel, Paris, France / +33 (0) de à Vanessa Beecroft, Untitled, 2016, water color and graphite on paper, 33 x 25 cm the artist Vanessa Beecroft (born in 1969 in Genoa and working in California) became famous in the 1990s with performances that durably hit the headlines. Few have witnessed those incredible gatherings, but they have been shown through photography and video. They appear like living paintings with a very strong and personal aesthetic. Since 1993 when she exhibited for the first time, Vanessa Beecroft has been working on the body as if it was a material. In parallel, she never lost sight of a more traditional medium such as drawing. It is a large corpus of drawings like a retrospective of this practice that will exceptionally be exhibited at Drawing Now The artist calls into question but doesn t cleave; chocks, seduces, magnetizes, and reprimands all at once. She stages bodies, often feminine, sexual, depersonified, but who despite the inequity of the situation manage to impose themselves to the viewer with determination. She works on performance as well as sculpture and was particularly noticed at the 1997, 2007 and 2015 Venice Biennale. Her drawings however are less familiar. Nonetheless, they are the spring feeding her sculptural practice; in an elementary way, they sparkle the essence of her thinking. The drawings allow Vanessa Beecroft to remain alone in her studio, something rather uncommon for this artist more used to large technical teams. Vanessa Beecroft s drawings have been exhibited in particular at the New York Guggenheim and Berlin Nationalgalerie. Galerie Sator Focus artist: Jean-Marc Cerino, born in 1965, French nationality Director: Vincent Sator Gallery s creation year: passage des Gravilliers, Paris, France +33 (0) Sylvain Ciavaldini, Gabriel Leger, Éric Manigaud, Nazanin Pouyandeh Jean-Marc Cerino, Marie-Louise et Passe-Partout revisitent l histoire avec Kasimir Malevitch, (reprise de «construction magnétique», Kasimir Malevitch, 1916 sur «Soldats au combat», 14/18», signé Boyer, XXe), 2014, charcoal on paper, 44,2 x 36 cm Marc Noirce, courtesy of the artist and galerie Sator The Galerie Sator booth is introducing a project articulated around the issue of diversion an extremely pervasive notion in contemporary drawing. This reflection will be initiated with a focus on works taken from Marie-Louise et Passe-Partout, a series by Jean-Marc Cerino. It is composed of old drawings, bought or salvaged by the artist, upon which he intervenes and adds iconic and symbolic elements drawn from modern art. The work thus gets pushed into an unsettled art history, the reading of which is comically and elegantly disrupted by anachronistic elements. Jean-Marc Cerino has recently joined Galerie Sator; since more than twenty years, he has shown his work in numerous exhibitions: Musée d art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg, CRAC Montbéliard, Musées des Beaux-Arts de Belfort, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dôle, Göppingen Museum (Germany), Daejeon Museum of Art (Korea) 40 41

22 School Gallery / Olivier Castaing Focus artist: Raphaël Tachdjian, born in 1985, French nationality SICART Focus artist: Antònia del Río, born in 1983, Spanish nationality Director: Olivier Castaing Gallery s creation year: rue Saint Martin, Paris, France +33 (0) Other artist exhibited on the booth: Konrad Raphaël Tachdjian, The factory to dunces, 2015, black stone and graphite on paper, triptyque, 55 x 70 cm x 3 Raphaël Tachdjian, courtesy School Gallery - Olivier Castaing Director: Ramon Sicart Gallery s creation year: 2000 Carrer de la Font, Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelone), Spain Antonia del Rio, st 1., 2010, collage on vellum paper, 29,7 x 42 cm Antònia del Río «And in this bewildering classroom, behind their desks, hundreds of children watch, in the center of the room, stealing a ghost that seems to teach them that innocence is forever lost.»julie Estève «Each drawing is the narrative threshold of an initiatory act. Characters, astonished, experience the strangeness of a world from which they were protected. The intensity of the looks shows the violence of the event. Innocence is a decoy, immediacy a staging.»lionel Hager In 2015, under the impulse of Olivier Castaing, his gallery owner, he decided to devote himself entirely to his art. His virtuosity, his imagination and the realization of serial and narrative drawings confirm the exceptional potential and talent of this young artist, whom some compare to his great and prestigious heldest Robert Longo, through the power of his representations to the confines of the absolute photographic rendering. The Absent Library is an artwork around the transmission of knowledge through books. It is a tribute to all those books that have disappeared throughout history. An absence that weights with an overwhelming density when considering all those books which have been censored, burned, neglected, looted, stolen, pruned... Making them the greatest enemy of totalitarian regimes and any critical or divergent thinking. In this work, Antònia del Río departs from the idea of the book as a memory of the world and the Library as its warehouse. In 2016, Antonia del Río has been awarded the Fundació Banc Sabadell prize in the book fair Arts Libris (Barcelona). She has also received an award for the best stand at the Swab Contemporary Art Fair in Barcelona, awarded by the Sabadell Bank Foundation for Antonia s individual project Sicart: story of a career. Notes about gallerism and the art systems. In 2011, she obtained the ART <30 prize from Sala Parès and Galeria Trama in Barcelona. In 2010, she obtained a grant for artistic production from the Suñol Foundation in collaboration with the Master Artistic Productions and Research of the University of Barcelona, where she began working on the Absent Library. Antonia has participated in several curatorial projects such as Tabula Rasa or inability to construct a generation, curated by Pau Waelder and Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta or Cathedrals in the Chapel, curated by Joana Hurtado Matheu (both in Spain). She has exhibited internationally in institutions such as Es Baluard (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palma, Mallorca), Muu gallery (Helsinki, Finland) and Hilvaria Studio s, (Foundations Kunst, The Netherlands), among Other. Semiose Focus artist: André Raffray, born in 1925, French nationality Director: Benoit Porcher Gallery s creation year: rue Chapon, Paris, France +33 (0) Matthieu Cossé, Guillaume Dégé, Hippolyte Hentgen, Françoise Pétrovitch, Ernest T André Raffray, Les Brigades Du Tigre Saison 2,1975, gouache on cardboard, 31 x 46 cm Courtesy Semiose galerie, Paris, Photo A.Mole Founded in the 20th district of Paris in 2007 before moving to the Marais area in 2011, Semiose from the outset established itself in the artistic landscape as a gallery having first and foremost an interest in exhibiting French art. Established artists (Françoise Pétrovitch, Ernest T.) and younger artists (Amélie Bertrand, Laurent Le Deunff, documentation céline duval, Hippolyte Hentgen and Julien Tiberi) have been shown alongside historic figures (Présence Panchounette and André Raffray) and artists of international repute (Piero Gilardi, Steve Gianakos and William S. Burroughs). Many institutions and public collections have formed durable links with artists represented by the gallery and regularly exhibit and collect their oeuvres. In close to ten years of existence, Semiose gallery has always strived to promote an aesthetic based on questions of taste and by extension cultural hierarchies. Techniques such as collage, (mis)appropriation and subversion are shared by many of our artists as well as a convergent interest in figuration, referencing the realities of an everyday world. Above all, humour, derision and a certain poetry of the absurd are common features. Whether within the gallery or at fairs and salons, the exhibition space is subject to a great deal of thought concerning design: the décor of both walls and floor space contribute to the projection of the oeuvres within the rooms of an enthusiast, a bourgeois interior, a disco club or a refined museum. Since passion exists to be shared, Semiose gallery also distributes its activities through a publishing house: Semiose éditions, and an e-commerce site: Prints, Things and Books, specializing in multiples, objects and contemporary art publications. Michel Soskine Inc. Focus artist: Thomas Ravens, born in 1964, German nationality Director: Michel Soskine Gallery s creation year: 1984 Calle General Castaños 9, Madrid, Spain Park Ave, New York, New York 10075, USA +1 (212) Agathe Pitié, Daniel Zeller de à Thomas Ravens, Untitled, 2014, watercolour on paper, 24 x 30 cm Thomas Ravens Michel Soskine Inc. was founded in 1984 in New York and expanded in 2005 in Madrid. The gallery program is contemporary and 20th century, reflecting a special interest in works on paper. As focus artist in Drawing Now 2017 we present Thomas Ravens (1964, Moers, Germany). Ravens takes as point of departure the idea that landscape can be read not as mere backdrop to human activity or even its absence, but rather as a complex structure which serves both to elucidate and explore modes of symbolic representation, social interaction and the historical. At first glance the ink drawings and watercolours by Thomas Ravens seem to depict a range of science-fiction scenarios; closer inspection, however, reveals an inter-textual approach, in which references to icons of visionary architecture establish a dialogue among contemporary and imagined spatial motifs. Ravens fantastic worlds establish a spectacular lexicon where excessive conurbations construct a set of disorientating hyper-relations between space and society. Landscape becomes a vast expanse of communal architectural aspirations, where citizens aimlessly coalesce, clash, or wander amidst a hierarchy of detail that constructs a classic yet exaggerated montage of perspectival composition, which uses a sophisticated sequence of layers between background and foreground. These images draw their emotional impact from the contrast between a transformation of picturesque values and a vision of hyper-modernity. The sublime and the banal are equally interchangeable in these sprawling utopic/dystopic visions. Anchored in a highly articulate yet ambiguous depth, an atmospheric yet overwhelming melancholy serves to fixate an almost eclipsed idealism

23 Galerie Michael Sturm Focus artist: Gabriela Oberkofler, born in 1975, Italian nationality Director: Michael Sturm Gallery s creation year: 1996 Christophstr. 6, Stuttgart, Germany +49 (0) Fernando Carabajal, Kevin Simón Mancera, Thomas Müller, Dorothea Schulz de à Galerie Tristan Focus artist: Stéphane Mandelbaum, born in 1961, Belgian nationality Director: Bruno Jean Gallery s creation year: boulevard des iles, Issy les Moulineaux, France +33 (0) de 800 à Stéphane Mandelbaum, Georges Dyer, 1981, bic/ballpen on paper, 50 x 70 cm courtesy galerie Tristan Gabriela Oberkofler, Sheep (detail), 2014, watercolour on paper, 220 x 114 cm Galerie Michael Sturm Animals dominate the visual world in Gabriela Oberkofler s (*1975, Bozen, Italy) oeuvre: birds, insects, foxes, sheep, and horses animals that attract the artist s attention above all when she finds them injured or dead. Oberkofler depicts unspectacular moments, the fateful, quotidian agony in a world manipulated by human beings. Beautiful images with radical subject matter. In that respect they are part of an art historical tradition in which the animal played an important role from the start though always in relation to humans, in its function for humans, as a symbol of human passions, or as personification of the Other that poses a threat to us. In Oberkofler s drawings and installations, the invisible and the dead return to life so to say, appearing before our eyes tiny or life-size! Fictional images that understand the animal in its original form as a metaphor and expose the mechanisms that have contributed to the naturalization of its representation. They are part of the South Tyrolean artist s efforts to recollect, continually engaging with nature and cultural spaces or their destruction and loss in order to ask, again and again, the question of identity and compulsiveness. Not coincidentally, Gabriela Oberkofler draws attention to those animals whose habitat is limited by cages, fences, and tethers. Stéphane Mandelbaum was born in He was a dislexic child, but he showed very early predispositions for drawing. He took classes in painting, learned about the engraving discipline in which he will excel. Nevertheless, he will give it up, considering it too slow for his expression. The time was counted to him. He was 25 years old when his body, the face disfigured by acid, was found near a lock, close to Namur. Executed by one of his accomplice, after the theft of a Modigliani which turned out to be a forgery. «He was his own miner, eager, feverish, in trance. What he returned in the day was not the taste of all» said the poet Marcel Moreau. Bacon, Pasolini, Rimbaud, Goebbels, sex, violence, underworld, jewishness take place in his drawings. They are filled by intense, alive and tragic stories in which the body shouts its suffering. He has been classified in the neo-expressionnists, people found him kinships with Dix, Grosz, Schiele, Bacon He was even compared with Basquiat, his contemporary of whom he ignored everything. The list is long and flattering, but no matter. He was a man who never cheated, especially not in his art. The time gives its works, realized with a surprising economy of means, all their strength of truth. Stéphane was naturally gifted, safe for normality. His journey could end only in a dramatic way. It continues nevertheless today through our look on his powerfull and disturbing work. Suzanne Tarasiève Focus artist: Alkis Boutlis, born in 1978, Greek nationality Director: Suzanne Tarasiève Gallery s creation year: rue pastourelle, 75003, Paris, France +33 (0) Jean Bedez, Neal Fox, Eva Jospin, Markus Lüpertz, Tim Plamper Alkis Boutlis, Untitled, 2014, gouache on papier, 56 x 76 cm courtesy galerie Suzanne Tarasiève Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois Focus artist: Winshluss, born in 1970, French nationality Directors: Georges-Philippe Vallois, Nathalie Vallois, Marianne Le Métayer Gallery s creation year: et 36 rue de Seine, Paris, France +33 (0) Alkis Boutlis, born in 1978 in Thessaloniki (Greece). Lives and works in Thessaloniki (Greece). Alkis Boutlis graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Saint-Etienne (2002) and from the Norwich School of Art & Design (2004). In his subjects and compositions he refers to the history of painting, ranging from the Renaissance to the contemporary era. His figures often wear a mask, an armour or a uniform. They indicate the struggle of man with his alter ego and find an echo in the intensity of his landscapes. Using the techniques of iconic art and those of 15th century paintings, Alkis Boutlis works with several medium (charcoal, pencil and oil painting) using cliché-verre, wood panels, canvases or paper. His landscapes, lit in the great tradition of the North, are presented as backgrounds or subjects and echo the intensity of his figures. They provide the viewer with large-scale information and minute details. Gallery Suzanne Tarasieve presented his last solo exhibition, Lettres à Sibylla, in Alkis Boutlis work has been exhibited internationally. Important exhibitions include the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece (2009), the Olbricht Collection / Lebenslust & Totentanz, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria (2010), the Cankaya Art Centre,Turkey (2011) and the Phoenix Art Museum, USA (2014). His work is currently presented at the Monastère royal de Brou, Bourg-En-Bresse (France), as part of the exhibition Marie-Madeleine, passion révélée. Winschluss, Dans la forêt sombre et mystérieuse (Board n 44), 2016, pencil, ink and wipeout on paper, 42 x 30 cm Winshluss, courtesy galerie GP et N Vallois «He hates the word «Graphic novel». He is bored with speech bubbles. He also claims that what he «likes the most» is also what «he slaughters the most». And indeed, Winshluss is terrific in every type of slaughter game : in comic books, movies, animated movies or music.» (David Rosenberg 2009) Born in 1970, Winshluss published his first works in the 1990 s in several fanzines and magazines, where he developed a very personal graphic style, whose sharp lines enhance the darkness of his corrosive words and devastating cynicism. Since then, he has worked with several major independant comic book publisher, from the Requins Marteaux to the Association or Cornelius. In 2008, his Pinocchio comic book obtained the Fauve d or in Angouleme. In 2014, the comic book In God We Trust was critically acclaimed and his short animated movie Smart Monkey, produced by Canal + was released. Winshluss is a cartoonist but also a mvoie director. He received the Prix du Jury from the Cannes Festival in 2007 and two Cesars for his adaptation of Persepolis, with Mariane Satrapi. Winshluss has exhibited, and had an important solo show at the Musêe des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in He has been working with the gallery Georges- Philippe and Nathalie Vallois since For our third participation at Drawing Now, we will be presenting a solo show around his latest work «Dans la forêt sombre et mystérieuse» with several original drawing boards

24 VILTIN Focus artist: Zsolt Tibor, born in 1973, Hungarian nationality Director: Krisztina Dián Gallery s creation year: 2008 Király utca 42, 1061 Budapest, Hungary Tibor Iski Kocsis, Andreas Werner Galerie Zürcher Focus artist: Matt Bollinger, born in 1980, American nationality Directors: Bernard and Gwenolee Zürcher Gallery s creation year: rue Chapon, Paris, France +33 (0) de à Zsolt Tibor, at the studio, 2016, drawings, various dimensions Zsolt TIBOR & VILTIN Gallery Established in 2008, VILTIN Gallery is a significant player of the Hungarian contemporary art scene with its special focus on post conceptual ambitions which seek the reinterpretation of traditional media. The Gallery represents contemporary masters with relevant international reference, mid-generation artists who are shaping the current artistic landscape of Hungary as well as young, emerging talents. VILTIN s program features the experimental potential of artistic practices based on the traditional genres of fine art, such as painting, sculpture and drawing. The Gallery s special focus lies on the characteristics of contemporary painting with its reflections on the classical modernity, as well as on the ever-widening installative tendencies of works on paper. International positions of abstraction and concept-based art in the areas of painting, sculpture, installations and photography have maintained a continuous presence in the program of the Gallery. Zsolt TIBOR (1973) is one of the most prominent contemporary Hungarian artists of his generation. Over the past ten years, TIBOR has expanded the intellectual space of drawing both in physical and medium terms in his artistic practice. His works are based on serial, diary-like, automatic drawing. They come alive sometimes by increasing the dimensions of the paper and by the non-conventional use of different traditional medium, such as colored pencil, graphite, stencils or templates, crayon and gouache. His complex artistic practice based on a large scale of various media which involves projectors, ready-mades and objects. His lyrical drawings are the blueprints of a metaphysical architecture built on the non-existent ideas of an existing world. Matt Bollinger, Independence (1300 Cunningham 1), 2015, graphite on paper, 244 x 183 cm Matt Bollinger - Courtesy Galerie Zürcher, Paris - New York Galerie Zürcher opened it s doors in 1992, 56 rue Chapon, close to Centre Pompidou. In 2009 Galerie Zürcher opened an American branch in New York. Functionning as one international gallery, Zürcher Paris / New York promotes artistic exchange between the two major cities. Bernard Zürcher is an art historian and author of several works on modern and contemporary art. He is a member of the Comité des Galeries d Art and helped to found in 2000 the Contemporary Art Center on the HEC campus. He also created «L Entrée», the contemporary art gallery of Bon Marché Rive Gauche and le prix Meurice. Gwenolee Zürcher is an expert in Asian Art and a translator. Since 2010, she has been in charge of international development at Galerie Zürcher, and she heads Zürcher Gallery in New York. In 2011 she launched the Salon Zürcher, a mini art fair off the Armory and Frieze NY art fairs and the Fiac art fair in Paris. Wooson Gallery Focus artist: Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, born in 1967, Chilean nationality Director: Eunah Kim Gallery s creation year: Bongsanmunhwa-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea (41959) (+82) Ahn Jisan, Choi Byung-So, Marine Joatton, Christiane Löhr, Lee Sang-Won,Barthélémy Toguo, Wang Yuping, Yoo Geun-Taek Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, El Dia Del Juicio Final, 2011, watercolour and pencil on paper, wax, 33 x 21 cm courtesy the artist Sandra Vásquez de la Horra was born in Chile in 1967 and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Vásquez de la Horra not only relates her own personal, private visions and dreams, she also operates within the dense fabric of folkloric, magical, hidden, collective ideas, that is, in an archetypal, conventional and popular context of age-old metaphoric tales. Her imagery coated with black humour reflects the South American cultural context - religion, superstition, myth, social realities, death - as well as an in depth knowledge of European and South-American literature, philosophy and anthropology. Sandra Vásquez de la Horra has the courage and the ability to draw attention to irrational, obscure visions, while at the same time using subversive, ironical complexity and anthropologically determined, archetypal human drama with authentic contemporary empathy. Vásquez de la Horra finishes her drawings by dipping them in wax and this treatment gives her work a unique materiality and endows the pencil line with ambiguous depth. Through this unusual method the pencil lines seem more profound and leave her works with an elegant patina, the works appear timeless. The treatment with wax unifies the papers to a certain degree, and leads the viewer back to concentrating on what is being represented. Her narratives suggest a subversive and at the same time dramatic way of reading our reality. In 2009, Vasquez de la Horra was awarded the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation Drawings Prize. Her work is included in museum collections in Germany, Switzerland and France, as well as prestigious private collections

25 A journey through drawing in Paris The objective of the label is to bring together the modern and contemporary drawing exhibitions held in museums, art centers, foundations and privates venues in Paris and around France, in a friendly partnership. Beyond the temporary duration of the Fair, the label aims to emphasize the importance of drawing and make itself the mouthpiece for all events in this field. The richness and variety of certain public or private collections also benefits from the dynamic created around the Contemporary Drawing Fair by attracting the public s attention to other approaches to drawing. List of the institutions Le Parcours : BnF - Bibliothèque nationale de France Centre Culturel Switzerland Drawing Lab Paris FRAC Picardie - des mondes dessinés Goethe Institut Halle Saint-Pierre LaM - Lille Métropole Musée d art moderne, d art contemporain et d art brut MAC VAL - Musée d art contemporain du Val-de-Marne la maison rouge - fondation antoine de galbert Musée d Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac Musée national Picasso - Paris Palais de Tokyo Sèvres, cité de la céramique In Paris during DRAWING NOW : le plateau, Paris - FRAC Ile de France Topor: a vision of the world Bibliothèque nationale de France March 28 th - July 16 th, 2017 The unclassifiable Roland Topor ( ) is considered today as one of the major artists of the 20th century. An insatiable creator, he used his skills at drawing to serve an unbridled imagination: funny drawings, illustrations for press and publishing, posters, animated movies, TV shows, theatre sets and costumes. Topor also wrote novels, short stories, plays, songs and film scripts. His works found fulfillment in publishing as he did not wish to limit his audience to art collectors and lovers. Organized twenty years after his death, this retrospective aims to show the great diversity of Topor s artistic production; it presents numerous original and rarely exposed drawings from private collections. It so pays homage to the unconventional creator, the artist of genius and the man of wit with subversive humor called Roland Topor. Bibliothèque nationale de France / François-Mitterrand quai François Mauriac, Paris Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m. Thomas Huber, extase Centre culturel Suisse 21 January - 2 April, 2017 For his site-specific exhibition at the Swiss Cultural Centre, Thomas Huber (born 1955, lives in Berlin) is focussing on the figure of Eros. Eros is the hidden motif in my paintings, it is the imperceptible force that nourishes my pictorial inventions. The painter took over the SCC and produced drawings, watercolours and large wall paintings on site. My aim is to structure the genius loci, which is, in this case, the exhibition space, by painting this Eros that brings us together. Thomas Huber, O.T. (sans titre), 2016, aquarelle sur papier, 54 x 74 cm VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn Centre culturel Switzerland Paris 38 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Paris From Thusday to sunday, 6-9 pm 48 49

26 Keita Mori, Strings Drawing Lab Paris February 24 th - May 20 th, 2017 Artist Keita Mori, born 1981 in Hokkaido, Japan (lives in Paris and works out of Montreuil); presented by art critic and independent curator Gaël Charbau. «With Strings, Keita Mori will take on all spaces at the Drawing Lab to develop an ambitious project on migration, travel, and the shift between two moods, two border states. With his singular technique of vast murals made of yarn, his exhibition is a metaphor of a journey directed by the rhythm of the fragile landscapes that constitute our memories and imagination.» Gaël Charbau, curator Drawing Lab Paris 17 rue de Richelieu, Paris Du mardi au samedi de 11h à 19h et le 1er dimanche du mois UNDECIDED PARADIGMS Contemporary drawings in Germany The Goethe-Institut Paris February 9 th - March 30 th, 2017 In cooperation with Drawing Now and four participating galleries Galerie Michael Sturm (Stuttgart), Galerie Heike Strelow, (Frankfurt), Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève (Paris) and Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London) the Goethe-Institut of Paris focuses on the emerging German scene. The exhibition presents works of Pius Fox, Astrid Köppe, Tim Plamper and Katrin Ströbel. The exhibition is curated by Tristan van der Stegen and Katharina Scriba. The Goethe-Institut Paris 17 avenue d Iéna, Paris Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm, Saturday, 9am - 2pm Tim Plamper, Was ist gefährlicher - Wut oder Beherrschung?, 2013, fusain sur papier, 200 x 150 cm Keita Mori, Bug report (Circuit), detail, Coton string on wall Victor Soren, Pénombres Halle Saint Pierre, à la Galerie March 22 th - April 30 th, 2017 Animality haunts Soren. His beasts are like monuments. They are frontal, hieratic; they stand facing your eye, as motionless as stones; they are blocks of intensity, cold and dark; weary, archaic, wounded, of a silent and dense dignity; or, they come to you in an endless almost frozen movement, as if time was flayed, drained. «Soren s beasts are incarnation and wound amputation, gash of the flesh, blood-stained dressing, disfiguring seam. It is a staged silence and injury, watching us, and, what is coming towards us, with the slowness of a dead star, is this gash, these scars, this wound a gap, which is at the same time a voiceless supplication, an inaudible cry or spasm; Soren s use of materials gives these figures a consistency which makes them ever more present and palpable...» Extract from the afterword of «Bestiaire suivi de Pénombres» («Bestiary followed by Penumbras») by J-M Maubert, Maurice Nadeau editions, March Victor Soren, Entrez dans le rêve, 92 x 60 cm Halle Saint Pierre 2 rue Ronsard, Paris From monday to friday :11:00 am/18:00 pm, saturday 11:00 am/19:00 pm, sunday 12:00 am/18:00 pm 50 51

27 Michel Nedjar, introspective LaM, Lille Métropole Musée d art moderne, d art contemporain et d art brut February 24 th - June 4 th, 2017 Michel Nedjar occupies a very distinct lace in the history of the LaM, as a founding member of L Aracine, as a benefactor and as an artist, with the museum holding over three hundred of his works. The LaM retrospective spanning more than forty-five years of creation, orchestrates an unprecedented dialogue between the various aspects of his work - sculptures (dolls, low-reliefs and objects), graphic works, paintings and films. L esprit français Countercultures, la maison rouge - fondation antoine de galbert February 24 th - May 21 st, 2017 This thematic group exhibition is based on research by the curators Guillaume Désanges and François Piron. In post-may 1968 France, the social, sexual and aesthetic freedoms imagined in the 1960s took militant form, while politically the country remained set in a quasi status quo. The situation made itself felt in different forms of counterculture, clearly influenced by the popular culture. LaM, Lille Métropole Musée d art moderne, d art contemporain et d art brut 1 allée du musée, Villeneuve d Ascq From tuesday to sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Michel Nedjar, Untitled, December x 80 cm. Collection of the artist, Paris Michel Nedjar. Photo : N.Dewitte/ LaM la maison rouge - fondation antoine de galbert 10 boulevard de la bastille, paris From wednesday to sunday 11 a.m to 7 p.m late-night, thursday until 9 p.m Pierre et Gilles, Marie-France, 1980 The Vertigo Effect Exhibition of works from the collection MAC VAL - Musée d art contemporain du Val-de- Marne October 24 th, april 23 rd, 2017 The exhibition of works from the collection explores artists relation to history and its narratives, and our own relation as viewers to what went before us. The gaze what informs and constitutes it is an essential element of this relation. The subject of the interpreter is therefore at the heart of the works and at the same time addresses the person who is looking, the beholder who makes any work of art exist. Vue de l exposition des œuvres de la collection «L Effet Vertigo», MAC VAL À gauche, Chourouk Hriech, Sand and Process, À droite, Dominique Blais, Les conducteurs, Marc Domage Karel Appel L art est une fête! Musée d Art moderne de la Ville de Paris du 24 février au 20 août 2017 À partir d une donation exceptionnelle de la Karel Appel Foundation d Amsterdam, le Musée d Art moderne de la Ville de Paris présente une exposition retraçant l ensemble de la carrière de l artiste, des années CoBrA à sa mort en A cette occasion, plusieurs œuvres phares dont le Carnet d art psychopathologique, des peintures et sculptures en céramique, de grandes installations et une peinture-testament méconnue, seront présentées. MAC VAL - Musée d art contemporain du Val-de-Marne Place de la Libération, Vitry-sur-Seine cedex From tuesday to friday 10am to 6pm, saturday, sunday and holidays 12noon to 7pm Musée d Art moderne de la Ville de Paris 11 Avenue du Président Wilson, Paris Du mardi au dimanche de 10h à 18h, nocturne le jeudi jusqu à 22h Karel Appel, L Homme hibou n 1, Acrylique sur souche d olivier, cm. Musée d Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. Photo : Fondation Karel Appel Karel Appel Foundation / ADAGP, Paris

28 Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen, Unleashed Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris March 7 th - June 4 th, 2017 South African photographer Roger Ballen (born in New York in 1950) and Hans Lemmen (born in the Netherlands in 1959) team up for a four-hand creation exercise. Between the two artists, there is an obvious community of imagination that has pushed them to work together. Beyond the formal exercise, it is a way of appropriating each other universe and to integrate it to its own artistic approach. Curator: Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature 62 rue des Archives, Paris From tuesday to sunday from 11am to 6 pm, open every wednesday until 9:30 pm. Closed on mondays and public holydays Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen, Unleashed, 2016, photography, drawings and casein on cardboard, 35 x 53,5 cm Hans Lemmen/Roger Ballen Olga Picasso Musée national Picasso - Paris March 21 th - September 3 st, 2017 The Olga Picasso exhibition, scheduled Spring 2017 at the National Picasso Museum in Paris revisits the years shared between Pablo Picasso and his first wife, Olga Khokhlova, a Russian Ballet dancer. Through a rich selection of paintings, drawings, written and photographic archives, the exhibition will extend to two museum floors comprising around 800 m². Musée national Picasso - Paris 5 rue de Thorigny, Paris From tuesday to friday: 10h30 am to 6pm, saturdays and sundays : 9h30 am to 6 pm. Pablo Picasso, Olga pensive, 1923, drawing with a black pencil and pastel, Musée national Picasso-Paris RMN-Grand Palais / Mathieu Rabeau Succession Picasso L AFRIQUE DES ROUTES Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac January 31 th - November 12 th, 2017 Africa, a continent without a History? Although the preconceptions persist, the facts themselves are undeniable: Africans have never lived in isolation. Africa has constantly traded with other continents, as demonstrated by the sculptures, gold and ivory pieces, paintings and other works presented in this exhibition which portrays a continent at the heart of world history. LASCO PROJECT Palais de Tokyo à partir du 2 février 2017 A breathtaking urban art walkabout which takes you behind the scenes of the building. Attentive to the dynamics of what happens on the sidelines, Palais de Tokyo decided in 2012 to dedicate part of its programme to urban arts. The LASCO PROJECT was born. Interventions by artists in the bowels of the Palais building have since been inscribing the street into art history. Musée du quai Branly Jacques Chirac 37 quai Branly, Paris Tuesday, wednesday and sunday : 11 am - 7 pm, thrusday, friday and saturday : 11 am - 9 pm Palais de Tokyo 13 avenue du Président Wilson, Paris Tous les jours à 12h30 (durée 30 min), les dimanches à 15h (durée 1h) Masque cimier. Guinée. Afrique musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, DR Vue du Lasco Project #7 : Pablo Tomek, Travaux publics. Palais de Tokyo Photo : Aurélien Mole 54 55

29 In Paris during DRAWING NOW EXQUISES ESQUISSES Dessins d artistes contemporains à Sèvres Musée national de céramique du 22 mars au 24 avril 2017 Points de départ des œuvres en porcelaine de Sèvres, les dessins préparatoires des artistes invités à la Manufacture contribuent à l enrichissement du remarquable ensemble d arts graphiques de l établissement. L exposition présente un quinzaine de dessins, la plupart inédits de Johan Creten, Hilton Mc Connico, Anabelle d Huart Fabrice Hyber, Myriam Méchita, Françoise Pétrovitch, Françoise Quardon, Pucci De Rossi. Sèvres - Cité de la céramique 2 place de la Manufacture, Sèvres Tous les jours de 10h à 17h, sauf le mardi Johan Creten, Odore di Femmina, Papier (mine graphite,lavis, stylo), 65 x 49,8 cm. Photo : Sèvres - Cité de la céramique Strange Days le plateau, paris January 19 th - April 16 th, 2017 The Strange Days exhibition draws on some of the latest acquisitions made by frac île-de-france and presents a number of pertinent works which create a particularly symbolic landscape of the world as it is, of this world that is constantly announcing strange and worrying consequences. le plateau, paris 22 rue des Alouettes, Paris From wednesday to sunday: 2pm-7pm Melvin Moti, Cosmism, 2015 Melvin Moti, Frac Île-de-France collection 56 57

30 Our partners Art fair partners Official partner Promoteur indépendant parisien, SOFERIM s est toujours attaché à offrir aux artistes contemporains de nouvelles plages d expression : bâches d artistes sur les chantiers, murs peints, œuvres d art dans les halls d habitation ou de bureaux, soutien à des éditions. Si sa devise est «L immobilier créatif» ce n est pas un hasard et la créativité au sens large s exprime dans les réalisations qui donnent une nouvelle vie à de nombreux bâtiments. Les rencontres avec les artistes et leurs œuvres permettent un dialogue permanent au sein de la société et avec les utilisateurs des immeubles. C est donc naturellement que SOFERIM s est engagé auprès de DRAWING NOW PARIS dès sa première édition en 2007 en lui donnant la possibilité d investir des immeubles avant ou après leur réhabilitation. Cet engagement s est transformé au cours du temps en un concours financier permettant de décerner le prix DRAWING NOW. C est ainsi que 6 lauréats ont été récompensés par une dotation financière et ont pu bénéficier d une exposition personnelle l année suivante. Une nouvelle collaboration inédite vient de démarrer autour d un espace évènementiel de plus de 2000 m 2, dénommé Quai 8 et situé au 1 rue de St Petersbourg. Cet espace sera géré par CPCT Arts&Events en attendant le démarrage des travaux de restructuration : événements culturels, défilés et présentations diverses se dérouleront dans ce lieu insolite! Media partners Institutional partners Premium partners Partners Schools partners 58 59



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LA SERRE at mfc 2 by LA VILLE RAYÉE PRESS RELEASE LA SERRE at mfc 2 by LA VILLE RAYÉE mfc 2 will take place from November 22, 2013 to January 4, 2014 The opening will be held on Thursday November 21, 2013 from 6 to 9 pm, in presence of La

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The Cube and the Face

The Cube and the Face The Cube and the Face Georges Didi-Huberman The Cube and the Face Around a Sculpture by Alberto Giacometti Edited by Mira Fliescher und Elena Vogman Translated by Shane B. Lillis diaphanes French Edition:

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Mali Twist. 18th January André Magnin s curated celebration of Malick Sidibé

Mali Twist. 18th January André Magnin s curated celebration of Malick Sidibé Mali Twist 18th January 2018 André Magnin s curated celebration of Malick Sidibé Fondation Cartier pour l Art Contemporain was the first museum outside of Africa to present a solo exhibition of Malian

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Robert Seidel: Projections, Installations and Films

Robert Seidel: Projections, Installations and Films FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Center for Visual Music Announces NEW DVD Release Robert Seidel: Projections, Installations and Films Center for Visual Music is pleased to announce the release of a new DVD compilation

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H A Y / C H A RT 2017 HAY

H A Y / C H A RT 2017 HAY / 2017 2017 PRESS RELEASE & / As part of and s longstanding partnership, Danish design house and ART FAIR have joined forces to launch a new series of artists posters. The series is curated by and includes

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Current calls for papers and announcements

Current calls for papers and announcements Current calls for papers and announcements The craft + design enquiry blog site Further information about craft + design enquiry is available online on the c+de blog at craftdesignenquiry.blogspot.com.au

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Georges Tony Stoll. PORTFOLIO Georges Tony Stoll. Born in 1955 in Marseille. Lives and works in Saint-Ouen (Paris). Georges Tony Stoll Portfolio

Georges Tony Stoll. PORTFOLIO Georges Tony Stoll. Born in 1955 in Marseille. Lives and works in Saint-Ouen (Paris). Georges Tony Stoll Portfolio Exhibition view in Galerie Jérôme Poggi, 2015. Georges Tony Stoll Born in 1955 in Marseille. Lives and works in Saint-Ouen (Paris). Biography Georges Tony Stoll was Born in 1955 in Marseille, he lives

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FARIDEH CADOT ASSOCIES 7 RUE NOTRE DAME DE NAZARETH (11-19h) & 110 RUE VIEILLE DU TEMPLE PARIS (SUR RENDEZ-VOUS) TEL FAX +331 FARIDEH CADOT A Rebel in the Art World Un Regard Autre Farideh Cadot is something of a legend in Paris and New York, but while she has much to be proud of, she does not plan to celebrate her 40 years in

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STAN DOUGLAS: PHOTOGRAPHS NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL, COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE MARCH 20 MAY 10 2015 STAN DOUGLAS: PHOTOGRAPHS 2008-2013 There s more truth in the lie than in the documentary Stan Douglas, The Guardian, 2014. Photo:

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Clément Rodzielski. Fraises noires. Chantal Crousel. Galerie

Clément Rodzielski. Fraises noires. Chantal Crousel. Galerie Galerie September 6 - October 16, Opening on September 6, from 6 to 9 pm. s third exhibition at Gallery is an opportunity for the artist to follow up on a series of works presented this year at the Synagogue

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Beyond the sparkle Multibrand Retail Partner. Consumer Goods Business

Beyond the sparkle Multibrand Retail Partner. Consumer Goods Business Beyond the sparkle Multibrand Retail Partner Consumer Goods Business Dear Reader In order to carve a clear path toward a brighter future, it s important to first acknowledge the path that one has taken.

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XXIInd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF ARTISTIC CERAMICS CONTEMPORARY CREATION AND CERAMIC Vallauris July November 2012 XXIInd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF ARTISTIC CERAMICS CONTEMPORARY CREATION AND CERAMIC Vallauris July November 2012 Place Jacques Cavasse 06220 Vallauris phone: + 33 4 93 64 24 24 e-mail: biennale@vallauris.fr

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The Rendezvous and Body & Soul exhibitions, with significant works from the Essl Collection, will run until 30 June.

The Rendezvous and Body & Soul exhibitions, with significant works from the Essl Collection, will run until 30 June. Автор: artnovinicom Сряда 06 Април 2016г 20:11ч - Последна промяна Сряда 06 Април 2016г 20:32ч The Rendezvous Body & Soul exhibitions with significant works from the will run until 30 June VIENNA From

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MAKEUP IN NEWYORK, A UNANIMOUSLY PRAISED SUCCESS! MAKEUP IN NEWYORK, A UNANIMOUSLY PRAISED SUCCESS! This seventh edition of MakeUp in NewYork was once again an opportunity to put in the spotlights the entire professional make-up sector. Both through the

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A R C H I T E C T U R A Ma Galerie A R C H I T E C T U R A (exhibition january 07 > april 16 2013) Art must be born from the material and spirituality must borrow the language of the material. Jean Dubuffet This exhibition brings

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Kangaroo Island Easter Art Exhibition Penneshaw Hall, Penneshaw Good Friday 30 March to Sunday 8 April 2018

Kangaroo Island Easter Art Exhibition Penneshaw Hall, Penneshaw Good Friday 30 March to Sunday 8 April 2018 Kangaroo Island Easter Art Exhibition Penneshaw Hall, Penneshaw Good Friday 30 March to Sunday 8 April 2018 Peter Walker Award Peter Walker Award 2 nd prize Current Works 2 dimensional (includes printmaking)

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A conversation with Fernanda Feitosa

A conversation with Fernanda Feitosa OCULA CONV R ATION A conversation with Fernanda Feitosa Founder and Managing Director of P-Arte Camila elchior 04 April 2016 Image: Fernanda Feitosa. Photo: Denise Andrade. Just over a decade ago, successful

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Cindy Sherman: Retrospective By Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones

Cindy Sherman: Retrospective By Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones Cindy Sherman: Retrospective By Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones Cindy Sherman The New Yorker - Read more about cindy sherman from The New Yorker. Jessica Craig-Martin Shoots Cindy Sherman's Show. By Clare A

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_DANIEL PANDINI ART LOFT, LEE-BAUWENS GALLERY _DANIEL PANDINI ART LOFT, LEE-BAUWENS GALLERY _YUNKYUNG JEONG _Daniel Pandini, 1938-2013, was a French painter. Connected to Mondrian s research, Daniel Pandini s work explores the path of abstraction

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Harold Watson. 7 rue Adrien Mentienne Villiers sur Marne +33 (0)

Harold Watson. 7 rue Adrien Mentienne Villiers sur Marne +33 (0) Harold Watson Harold Watson 7 rue Adrien Mentienne 95350 - Villiers sur Marne +33 (0) 6 73 75 43 76 har.wat@gmail.com Born in Saint Germain-en-Laye, France 1980 Live and work between Paris & Le Havre,

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"Like a pineapple, i ve spent my life, half sliced up, half whole" *

Like a pineapple, i ve spent my life, half sliced up, half whole * Like a Pineapple, a carte-blanche exhibition by Philippe Katerine. 4 April 2 June 2012 at the Galerie des Galeries. Show opening, Tuesday, 3 April 2012. "Like a pineapple, i ve spent my life, half sliced

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PRESS RELEASE. 24 May 4 September PALAZZO CIPOLLA - ROMA Via del Corso, 320


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Destination Leaders Programme Case Studies. DLP Case Study: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Destination Leaders Programme Case Studies. DLP Case Study: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Destination Leaders Programme Case Studies DLP Case Study: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo DLP Case Study: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Nancy Riach The Student Nancy Riach is Partnerships and

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International Training Programme Final Report

International Training Programme Final Report International Training Programme 2016 Final Report Barbara Vujanović, senior curator Ivan Meštrović Museums - Meštrović Atelier, Zagreb barbara.vujanovic@mestrovi.hr Supported by the John Armitage Trust

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swiss ceramics : the new generation

swiss ceramics : the new generation swiss ceramics 1959-2009: the new generation M USÉE A RIANA, G ENEVA 23 A PRIL TO 4 O CTOBER 2009 P RESS RELEASE Geneva, April 2009. The Musée Ariana joins the 50 th anniversary celebrations this year

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DIAS & RIEDWEG. Rien presque rien. October 21st > November 25th 2017 PRESS RELEASE

DIAS & RIEDWEG. Rien presque rien. October 21st > November 25th 2017 PRESS RELEASE Contact > Juan Carlos Bendana-Pinel T > + 33 (0) 1 42 74 22 97 P > + 33 (0) 6 14 71 21 81 jc@bendana-pinel.com www.bendana-pinel.com DIAS & RIEDWEG Rien presque rien October 21st > November 25th 2017 4,

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Mawtini my homeland a call for peace at the heart of Paris White night Armenian Syrian artist exhibits first Middle Eastern artistic creation

Mawtini my homeland a call for peace at the heart of Paris White night Armenian Syrian artist exhibits first Middle Eastern artistic creation Press release Mawtini my homeland a call for peace at the heart of Paris White night Armenian Syrian artist exhibits first Middle Eastern artistic creation Paris, 21 October 2014 - Armenian Syrian artist

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William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies

William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies There is a reason why certain organizations and institutions that cross countries and borders actually have a consistency of experience, and it s not because there s one person who s out there enforcing

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The 23rd UOB Painting of the Year Competition and Exhibition

The 23rd UOB Painting of the Year Competition and Exhibition The 23rd UOB Painting of the Year Competition and Exhibition Kit Tan Juat Lee wins UOB POY the second time round. Her winning piece 'The World of Xi You Ji' is, at once, daring and spectacular but still

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The Centre Pompidou Foundation announces donations and acquisitions in excess of $3.8 Million during 2014

The Centre Pompidou Foundation announces donations and acquisitions in excess of $3.8 Million during 2014 The Centre Pompidou Foundation announces donations and acquisitions in excess of $3.8 Million during 2014 Works by Louise Bourgeois, Anne Collier, George Condo, Ana Mendieta and Sterling Ruby secured STERLING

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Media Contact: Will Caperton y Montoya DCA Director of Marketing and Development

Media Contact: Will Caperton y Montoya DCA Director of Marketing and Development September 27, 2012 Media Contact: Will Caperton y Montoya DCA Director of Marketing and Development 213.202.5538 will.caperton@lacity.org FRANCE LOS ANGELES EXCHANGE (FLAX), PALAIS DE TOKYO, PARIS, AND

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LO FI STRATA Gonçalo Sena Kunstraum Botschaft / Camões Berlin. Chroma-Fóssil 2017 detail

LO FI STRATA Gonçalo Sena Kunstraum Botschaft / Camões Berlin. Chroma-Fóssil 2017 detail LO FI STRATA Gonçalo Sena 15.09 17.11. Kunstraum Botschaft / Camões Berlin Chroma-Fóssil detail Chroma-Fóssil concrete, polyurethane, plexiglass, pigment print, wood glue 122,6 x 82 x 64,3 cm Exhibition

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THE WORLD FASHION GALLERIA THE WORLD FASHION GALLERIA PROTOTYPE Globally Managed- Licensing Network From Dream to Reality We believe in the transformational Power of Fashion. Galleria Our Galleria works closely with World Fashion

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THE COLLECTIVE PROTOCOLE PRESENTS MONUMENT A 2017 CREATION THE COLLECTIVE PROTOCOLE PRESENTS MONUMENT A 2017 CREATION MONUMENT A creation for 5 jugglers, an invited musician and local participants. A PERFORMANCE IN TWO CHAPTERS Interventions during 4 days divided

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baudoin lebon hysteria - les planches du Dr. Charcot à la Salpêtrière

baudoin lebon hysteria - les planches du Dr. Charcot à la Salpêtrière 8 rue charles-françois dupuis 75003 paris tel +33 (01) 42 72 09 10 dossier de presse hysteria - les planches du Dr. Charcot à la Salpêtrière /// vernissage mercredi 12 mars 2014 de 18h à 21h exposition

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Galerie Greta Meert. Stef Driesen rue du Canal 1000 Brussels

Galerie Greta Meert. Stef Driesen rue du Canal 1000 Brussels Galerie Greta Meert Stef Driesen b. 1966 in Hasselt, Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium The Brussels based artist brings forward an interest in a more ambient space, providing atmospheric presence

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33rd MUNICH FABRIC START 04 to 06 September 2012: Clash of Plenty

33rd MUNICH FABRIC START 04 to 06 September 2012: Clash of Plenty 33rd MUNICH FABRIC START 04 to 06 September 2012: Clash of Plenty The international fabric fair defies the airline strike and the economic climate with record exhibitor numbers and optimism New record:

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Make art, like love Interview with Kendell Geers

Make art, like love Interview with Kendell Geers Vol. 1 October 2014 October 2014, Interviews Make art, like love Interview with Kendell Geers By Anna Savitskaya Fri, Oct 17, 2014 Broken glass and barbed wire always play a major role in describing Kendell

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Le braceletier, Robert Hirsch, raconte. There is nothing good that cannot be done better.

Le braceletier, Robert Hirsch, raconte. There is nothing good that cannot be done better. HIRSCH NEWSLETTER 02/2016 EDITORIAL Le braceletier, Robert Hirsch, raconte There is nothing good that cannot be done better. This statement made by my grandfather and founder of the company, Hans Hirsch,

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Beyond the White Cube: Dawn Kasper s Studio Within A Museum

Beyond the White Cube: Dawn Kasper s Studio Within A Museum Beyond the White Cube: s Studio Within A Museum By Yasmine Mohseni MAY 21, 2012 LA-based artist has been receiving attention for This Could Be Something If I Let It, her studio-within-a-museum installation

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STANDING IN INK A WORK FOR TWO DANCERS CHOREOGRAPHY BY MICHAEL KLIËN A WORK FOR TWO DANCERS CHOREOGRAPHY BY MICHAEL KLIËN 2008 - STANDING IN INK A DUET Choreography: Michael Kliën Sound: Volkmar Klien Original Dancers: Mark Carberry, Laura Dannequin Dramaturgy: Steve Valk

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List of Works. Claudie Gagnon Time of Ice. From February 1 to April 26, 2009

List of Works. Claudie Gagnon Time of Ice. From February 1 to April 26, 2009 List of Works Claudie Gagnon Time of Ice From February 1 to April 26, 2009 The Secret, 1995 Mural installation Wood, acrylic, fabric, printed paper, cardboard on foamboard, plaster, sand, steel wire, china

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Terry Berlier: Erased Loop Random Walk at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Terry Berlier: Erased Loop Random Walk at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art With over 30 writers contributing globally, DailyServing scours the earth to bring you groundbreaking visual art everyday. Join Our Mailing List SAN FRANCISCO LONDON NEW YORK BERLIN LOS ANGELES SINGAPORE

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Celebrating the first annual SA Women in Energy Award

Celebrating the first annual SA Women in Energy Award Celebrating the first annual SA Women in Energy Award The much anticipated launch of the South African Women in Energy Network (SAWIEN) held in August 2014 offered the prominent women in attendance another

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Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsorship Brochure Sponsorship Brochure About the Festival Edinburgh Art Festival is a unique celebration of the visual arts, delivered in partnership with the city s leading galleries, museums and artist-run spaces. Founded

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ENTRY TERMS AND CONDITIONS 2017 CITY OF WHYLLA ART PRIZE 2017 CITY OF WHYLLA ART PRIZE ENTRY TERMS AND CONDITIONS Established by the Whyalla Arts Council in 1972, the Whyalla Art Prize was initially designed to promote emerging artists; since this time the prize

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FIRST U.S. EXHIBITION IN HALF A CENTURY FOR CÉSAR TO GO ON VIEW IN NEW YORK CITY For Immediate Release Media Contact: Andrea Schwan, Andrea Schwan Inc. +1.917.371.5023 info@andreaschwan.com FIRST U.S. EXHIBITION IN HALF A CENTURY FOR CÉSAR TO GO ON VIEW IN NEW YORK CITY César Luxembourg

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Lalla Essaydi s photographs

Lalla Essaydi s photographs PROFILE LALLA ESSAYDI Lalla Essaydi s photographs are multifaceted explorations of female identity in Islamic culture, inspired by her own personal history. Her childhood in Morocco was full of women.

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Takeaways from the VIP Beauty Breakfast: 2017 s Most Innovative Women Leaders in Beauty, Retail, Technology and Finance

Takeaways from the VIP Beauty Breakfast: 2017 s Most Innovative Women Leaders in Beauty, Retail, Technology and Finance Takeaways from the VIP Beauty Breakfast: 2017 s Most Innovative Women Leaders in Beauty, Retail, Technology and Finance 1) On September 13, the FGRT team attended the VIP Beauty Breakfast at Story, a retail

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The Art Issue 60+ Maine Artists: Collect Them While You Can Farnsworth Award Winner Alex Katz Art at Home: Maine s Most Enviable Collections

The Art Issue 60+ Maine Artists: Collect Them While You Can Farnsworth Award Winner Alex Katz Art at Home: Maine s Most Enviable Collections April 2010 The Art Issue 60+ Maine Artists: Collect Them While You Can Farnsworth Award Winner Alex Katz Art at Home: Maine s Most Enviable Collections 75 Market Street Suite 203 207-772-3373 www.mainehomedesign.com

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Rudyard Kipling s India: Literature, History, and Empire (TR, GS164)

Rudyard Kipling s India: Literature, History, and Empire (TR, GS164) History 1400, Spring 2017 Robert Travers, Associate Professor of History Email: trt5@cornell.edu Office hours (McGraw Hall 345), Thursday 3.30-5.30pm Rudyard Kipling s India: Literature, History, and Empire

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CHRISTIAN DIOR 2017 RECORD RESULTS 30 AVENUE MONTAIGNE PARIS 75008 Paris, February 2, 2018 CHRISTIAN DIOR RECORD RESULTS The Christian Dior group recorded revenue of 43.7 billion euros in, an increase of 11% over the previous year. Organic

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Elger Esser. Zeitigen Baden-Württemberg State Prize for the Visual Arts February 10 July 2016

Elger Esser. Zeitigen Baden-Württemberg State Prize for the Visual Arts February 10 July 2016 Pressemitteilung Elger Esser. Zeitigen Baden-Württemberg State Prize for the Visual Arts 2016 20 February 10 July 2016 Coinciding with the award of the Oskar Schlemmer Prize 2016, the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

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EXHIBITION - INTERVIEW Friday, January 24, 2014 EXHIBITION - INTERVIEW Reynolds Gallery, Richmond VA January 10 - February 15, 2014 Amanda Dalla Villa Adams recently conducted an email interview with Siemon Allen discussing

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LVMH PRIZE FOR YOUNG FASHION DESIGNERS 2018 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS LVMHPRIZE.COM PRESS RELEASE LVMH PRIZE FOR YOUNG FASHION DESIGNERS 2018 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS The applications for the 5 th LVMH Prize will open starting from Friday, December 15, 2017 Applications must be submitted

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Maison Close. EROTIC LINGERIE made by monsieur le français

Maison Close. EROTIC LINGERIE made by monsieur le français Maison Close EROTIC LINGERIE made by monsieur le français Despite the sensual and intimate nature of Maison Close lingerie, the flirty lace details and delicate materials which embrace every curve have

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villa parc Topknots local temperature season An exhibition of Nicolas Momein s work from January 14th to March 11th 2017 press release

villa parc Topknots local temperature season An exhibition of Nicolas Momein s work from January 14th to March 11th 2017 press release villa local temperature 2016-17 season Topknots An exhibition of Nicolas Momein s work from January 14th to March 11th 2017 du press release parc centre d art contemporain parc montessuit, 12 rue de genève

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ERGO Styling Tools Education Curriculum

ERGO Styling Tools Education Curriculum ERGO Styling Tools Education Curriculum INTRO TO ERGO OUR STORY Since 1994, ERGO Styling Tools has been considered the first stop for stylists, salons and hair care companies seeking leading edge hairstyling

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frieze new york 2016 galeria nara roesler new york preview, 4 th of may open to the public 5 th - 8 th may booth C53 spotlight: abraham palatnik

frieze new york 2016 galeria nara roesler new york preview, 4 th of may open to the public 5 th - 8 th may booth C53 spotlight: abraham palatnik frieze new york 2016 preview, 4 th of may open to the public 5 th - 8 th may booth C53 spotlight: abraham palatnik curated by: clara m kim randall s island new york, usa galeria nara roesler new york opening

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SAINT CLAIR CEMIN SELECTED PRESS SAINT CLAIR CEMIN SELECTED PRESS June 2, 2016 Measuring over 15 feet in length and carved from a single piece of Sichuan marble that began as 30,000 pounds, the work alludes to its namesake Psyche, goddess

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SPECIFICITIES OF PRODUCTS TARGET MARKET INSIGHT Lionnet Couture Co Ltd (Lionnet Couture) is a company incorporated in Mauritius on the 20th May 2016 and is involved in the design and manufacture of clothing. Its main product line includes Haute

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Deux Chevaux William Mackrell

Deux Chevaux William Mackrell PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deux Chevaux William Mackrell Performance Date: Saturday 21 June 2014, 11.30am 6.00pm The performance will be followed by a reception at Andipa Gallery, Knightsbridge,

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International Training Programme 2015 Final Report Wesam Mohamed Abd El-Alim, Ministry for Antiquities Supported by the John S Cohen Foundation

International Training Programme 2015 Final Report Wesam Mohamed Abd El-Alim, Ministry for Antiquities Supported by the John S Cohen Foundation International Training Programme 2015 Final Report Wesam Mohamed Abd El-Alim, Ministry for Antiquities Supported by the John S Cohen Foundation Firstly, I want to express my appreciation to everyone working

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2O19. Call for Applications: SITE SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2O19 Call for Applications: SITE SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space invites submissions for the Site Specific Performance Festival, a curated, non-competitive

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ALUTIIQ MUSEUM & ARCHAEOLOGICAL REPOSITORY 215 Mission Road, Suite 101! Kodiak, Alaska 99615! ! FAX EXHIBITS POLICY ALUTIIQ MUSEUM & ARCHAEOLOGICAL REPOSITORY 215 Mission Road, Suite 101! Kodiak, Alaska 99615! 907-486-7004! FAX 907-486-7048 EXHIBITS POLICY I. INTRODUCTION The Alutiiq Heritage Foundation recognizes that

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A special ceremony followed this year by a new DJ set performed by French electropop duo SYNAPSON!

A special ceremony followed this year by a new DJ set performed by French electropop duo SYNAPSON! S E P T. 1 9-2 1 2 0 1 7 P V AWA R D S, 9 T H E D I T I O N : A V E R Y S P E C I A L P R E S I D E N T, J O H N M A L KOV I C H A N E W P R I Z E, T H E FA S H I O N S M A R T C R E AT I O N P R I Z E

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59 rue de Dunkerque Paris France +33 (0) galerieallen.com LAËTITIA BADAUT HAUSSMANN

59 rue de Dunkerque Paris France +33 (0) galerieallen.com LAËTITIA BADAUT HAUSSMANN 59 rue de Dunkerque 75009 Paris France +33 (0)1 45 26 92 33 contact@galerieallen.com galerieallen.com LAËTITIA BADAUT HAUSSMANN Maisons Françaises, une collection #201-202 and a prototype by Ettore Sottsass

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BRAND PRESENTATION Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Made in Italy

BRAND PRESENTATION Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Made in Italy BRAND PRESENTATION Made in Italy BRAND PRESENTATION 02 ABOUT US Our Journey Launched over 20 years ago in Belgium, Sarah Pacini has become since an international fashion brand. Sarah Pacini is a complete

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Fair play. Paris 18 March 2017 AMA

Fair play. Paris 18 March 2017 AMA Fair play Paris 18 March 2017 AMA There are plenty of art events on in Paris this March: five remarkable fairs and exhibitions a gogo. Everything you need to plan an enthralling itinerary, with stops dedicated

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Art Woo. A New Independent Magazine For Young Artists. No May 2014! Olivier De Sagazan

Art Woo. A New Independent Magazine For Young Artists. No May 2014! Olivier De Sagazan Art Woo A New Independent Magazine For Young Artists No. 01 - May 2014 Olivier De Sagazan 7th Videoholica / Transfiguration /Art is Dead / Pilsen Biennial / Keith Haring Foundation Donates 400.000$ / Casaward

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REPORT ON INDIA PAVILION AT VOD 2015 REPORT ON INDIA PAVILION AT VOD 2015 The first edition of VICENZAORO Dubai opened at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) was formally inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Hasher Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, Director

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Press Release. New Designs on View in the Inaugural Display

Press Release. New Designs on View in the Inaugural Display Press Release 15 February, 2018 New Designs on View in the Inaugural Display The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris is renewing its inaugural display. Forty new haute couture designs will be exhibited from

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GIACOMETTI AND MAEGHT GIACOMETTI AND MAEGHT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 26 JULY 2010 INFORMATIONS FONDATION MAEGHT 623, chemin des Gardettes 06570 Saint- Paul de Vence 27 June - 30 November 2010 www.fondation- maeght.com MEDIA CONTACT

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YOUR DESIGNER JEWELLERY. A brief portrait of COEUR DE LION Schmuckdesign GmbH

YOUR DESIGNER JEWELLERY. A brief portrait of COEUR DE LION Schmuckdesign GmbH A brief portrait of COEUR DE LION Schmuckdesign GmbH COEUR DE LION is a leading manufacturer of fashionable designer jewellery based in Germany. Having launched the brand in 1987, Carola and Nils Eckrodt

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From Míro s Studio to Ledger Art, Standouts of the Armory Show s Modern Section

From Míro s Studio to Ledger Art, Standouts of the Armory Show s Modern Section From Míro s Studio to Ledger Art, Standouts of the Armory Show s Modern Section by Benjamin Sutton on March 3, 2016 Installation view of Miró s Studio in the Mayoral booth at the 2016 Armory Show (photo

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GALERIE CAROLE DECOMBE GALERIE CAROLE DECOMBE WOMEN! WOMEN! WOMEN! Group exhibition Tuesday 31 May Wednesday 13 July, 2016 Private view: Tuesday 31 May, 2016, 6pm 9pm Gallery Hours: Monday Saturday, 11am 7pm For the Carré Rive

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Go tell fire. February 2 February 25, 2012 Opening: Thursday 2 nd February / 6 9 pm

Go tell fire. February 2 February 25, 2012 Opening: Thursday 2 nd February / 6 9 pm Go tell fire February 2 February 25, 2012 Opening: Thursday 2 nd February / 6 9 pm Group exhibition: Arturo Hernández Alcázar Benoît- Marie Moriceau Duncan Wylie galerie dukan hourdequin 24 rue Pastourelle

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Tips for proposers. Cécile Huet, PhD Deputy Head of Unit A1 Robotics & AI European Commission. Robotics Brokerage event 5 Dec Cécile Huet 1

Tips for proposers. Cécile Huet, PhD Deputy Head of Unit A1 Robotics & AI European Commission. Robotics Brokerage event 5 Dec Cécile Huet 1 Tips for proposers Cécile Huet, PhD Deputy Head of Unit A1 Robotics & AI European Commission Robotics Brokerage event 5 Dec. 2016 Cécile Huet 1 What are you looking for? MAXIMISE IMPACT OF PROGRAMME on

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David Claerbout

David Claerbout KUB 2018.03 Press Release David Claerbout 14 07 07 10 2018 Press Conference To be announced Opening Reception Friday, July 13, 2018, 7 pm Press photos for download www.kunsthaus-bregenz.at Seite 1 5 The

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A CONSULTANCY DEDICATED TO THE RISING CREATIVE CLASS A CONSULTANCY DEDICATED TO THE RISING CREATIVE CLASS Every Brand Has It s Own Story To Tell. Our objective is to establish a signature narrative that breaks through the clutter and makes others sit up

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SA FASHION WEEK RENAULT NEW TALENT SEARCH FINALISTS ANNOUNCED SA FASHION WEEK RENAULT NEW TALENT SEARCH FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 27 September 2013 The five fashionista finalists in the inaugural 2013 SA Fashion Week Renault New Talent Search competition have been announced.

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