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1 SKETCHBOOK THE SOUTHERN ARIZONA WATERCOLOR GUILD www. MAY 2012 WOW* Watch our Walls!!!! Wall rentals for the summer WOW exhibits seem to be going well, although there are more vacant walls yet to rent towards September. Here s an update of what s available: MAY: V-2, X, Z-2 JUNE: E, F, L, P, T JULY: C-2, E, F, H, K, L, O, T AUG: E, F, H, K-2, L, N, Q, R, T SEPT: C-2, E, F-2, G, K, L, N, O, R, T Also, all of the East Gallery is available from June on. All of the windows are available. Wall J and/or the display case may be available in August and September. People seem hesitant about renting wall L. It used to be dark, but another track light has been installed and the walls have been repainted, so it is now a nice place for showing. Also, the light in the East Gallery is charming; no harsh glare, and visitors can linger in the space and view your work in an intimate setting. Call Judy Constantine to rent a wall for a month or for the summer! Emma Klajbor Kaylah Rasmusssen Dane Anderson GREAT FUN PLANNED FOR THE SUMMER SHOWS! SIGN UP TODAY!!! Scholarship Winners! Jose Vargas Cassandra Doris The Scholarship Awards were given out at our April meeting and if you couldn t attend I want you to know it was an evening members could be proud of supporting. Scholarships were awarded to nine high school seniors planning to continue their interest in the arts in college. They are a talented group and the members who saw their work were impressed. The teachers also received a $50. gift certificate to Sarnoffs for the outstanding support they show for their students. All the entering students received a nice sketchbook to help them continue with art projects. Special thanks to the Hamilton family for their continuing contribution to SAWG for the Shirley Hamilton Memorial Award, to Henry Sarnoff for his generous and faithful contributions, and to all members who have also supported our fundraising efforts. The awards totaled almost $6,000. That is quite a contribution to the youth of our community! Emma Klajbor won the Shirley Hamilton Memorial Art Award - $1000; Kaylah Rasmussen and Dane Anderson won the Awards of Excellence of $1000 each. Jose Vargas and Cassandra Doris were two of the four that won Awards of Honor at $500 each. Submitted by Sarah Schmerl NEXT GENERAL MEETING MONDAY-MAY 14TH SOCIAL - 6:30pm WINDMILL INN TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 2 PRESIDENT S MESSAGE SHOW NEWS PAGE 3 MORE SHOW NEWS GALLERY NEWS PAGE 4 WORKSHOP NEWS QUOTE OF THE MONTH PAGE 5 GUILD ACTIVITIES SCHOLARSHIP NEWS EXPLORATORY NEWS PAINT OUTS LIFE DRAWING PAGE 6 CALENDAR MEMBER NEWS PAGE 7 SAWG OFFICERS ADVERTISING BACK PAGE REMINDERS WORKSHOP ARTISTS PAT WEAVER RALIEGH KINNEY JUDY MORRIS LIAN QUAN ZHEN STEPHEN QUILLER

2 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT I am amazed that we are coming to the end of our SAWG year. How did it go so fast? We have accomplished a great deal this year with everyone s help - the Board of Directors, Chairs of Committees, Show Chairs and of course - YOU. The membership provides encouragement, feedback and participation in all of our activities and programs. The SAWG Gallery is now leased for the next three years. The docents and volunteers have made this possible. Consider renting a wall in the WOW exhibits this summer, show your note cards or prints in the bins. What a great opportunity to sell your work and benefit the gallery as well! We will light up the night sky in the River Center courtyard with our new neon sign going up in May! Progress with our database will soon make it possible for members to fill out and submit forms, payment and jpegs for shows, renew membership and register for workshops ALL online. Another year of SAWG workshops, shows, and programs has already been planned for our new year beginning in the fall. Our presence as an active and growing organization is continuing to grow in the community. THANK YOU to both new and long time members for stepping up - to become involved, serve in board positions, help with shows and make us all that we are today. SHOW FIESTA Sonora 2012 You can enter Fiesta Sonora 2012 NEWS Since our Desert Museum show is at a very different time of year than we are used to, I am including the Prospectus in this May issue of our Sketchbook. As is stated in the Prospectus, entries will be officially open as of May 1st so that those of you who will be leaving early for the Summer can enter before you leave and entrust your painting(s) to a friend with instructions for jury day. If you have a problem, call Gretchen ( ) and we will work it out together. THANK YOU! Gretchen Huff, Co-Chair, Fiesta Sonora 2012 NOW! 200 Under $100 Fall Show This show was done for the first time last December. Over 50 paintings, bin pieces and notes cards sold as well as Tom Hill books with sales totaling over $5000. This year s show runs even longer. SHOW REMINDER: While painting this summer, remember to do some smaller paintings for the 200 Under $100 and Bin Bonanza Show. A few things to keep in mind: Show runs Tues. Nov 27, 2012 through Sun. Jan 6, 2013 Enter up to 4 paintings, and replace with new ones when they sell! Size: finished painting (including frame) needs to be smaller than 16 by 20 (paintings close to the same size for replacements would be helpful) Price: $99 and under Regular glass may be used Saw tooth hangers still NOT acceptable This show was a great success last year, and is a wonderful opportunity to display and sell your work. Let s make it an even better show this PAINT, PAINT, PAINT! La Pilita A Small Pictures Exhibit The La Pilita Small Pictures Show was another great success. We sold 28 framed and matted paintings and were able to support the historical museum with a generous donation. I only wish more SAWG members would participate in our enjoyable outreach event. Thanks to all the volunteers. Submitted by Blue Butler Respectfully, Lynne McGregor President, SAWG REMEMBER - To submit any articles, etc. for the Sketchbook to Debra Irons at On this month s masthead, we are recognizing Signature member Debi Crawford s painting Madova. This painting was in last month s 2012 All Member Show. 2

3 SHOW NEWS The All Member Show Best of Show: Garden Splendor by Renee Pearson Award of Excellence: CHEERS! by Blake Higgins Award of Excellence: Kansas by Kay Sullivan Honorable Mention: Dancing Tulip by Jarv Falkard, Serenity by Betsy Conrad, Friend or Foe by Vivian Sathre, Desert Lives by Robbie Summers, Cooper Hawk by Bonnie Bedillion, and Tucson Memories by Lily Rosenberg were also singled out. The reception for the All Member Show was a delightful party. Chuck Albanese, our juror, was thrilled to be able to select the four top awards from the 74 painting submitted for judging. After viewing all the entries several times, he had narrowed it down to nine top paintings. Unfortunately, he had to narrow the awards to only 4. At the reception, he asked the nine artists to bring their paintings to the front and he explained why he liked each of the nine painting. It was very informative. The sales at the All Member Show got off to a brisk start. While we were still checking in, two paintings were sold. Since then we have sold more. We had a lot of traffic for our first showing in the Tucson Open Studio Tour. SAWG is definitely making its presence known in the gallery scene. NEW!! COMING NEXT YEAR The Show Committee, consisting of people who lead all the shows, has been working on a way to simplify and standardize the requirements, eligibilities, etc., for the shows. We thought they should be readily available to anyone who needs to check on them, too. With that in mind, Nancy Huber is leading the effort to combine all the prospectus language into one document that we will not have to send out with each new show. Instead, it will be posted on the Website, posted in the Gallery, put into the new directory and given to each new member as they join. The exhibiting artist is responsible for understanding and adhering to the guidelines set forth and she/he will have several places to check them. Any deviations from these guidelines, and any special recommendations for any show will be put into the entry form for that show. We re hoping this will make it possible for new people to enter shows right away, with less paper to shuffle, and a quick check of questions for all members. Watch for the new SAWG Show Guidelines in the July in the Sketchbook, in the new directory, in the Gallery and on the website. The Show Committee is always open to ideas from artists who enter shows or want to be involved in any way. GALLERY News Art by SAWG Volunteer Honorees WOW wall winners: May: Del Marinello; June: Debra Irons; July: Sandy Walker; Aug: Mary Jane Lyon; Sept: Judy Constantine. Start May 1 accumulating volunteer hours for next year s drawing! (info on top of page at SAWG Exhibitions on our website) Bins & Cards We are renting bin space in our gallery for the period May 1 through September 24, 10 pieces, $10 per month, (since Sept is not a full month, it will rent for $7.50) on a first-come, first-served basis. Use the new Bin-ventory sheet to reserve and pay at the Gallery. If no more Bins are available, reserve for the next available month. Space in our Card Spinners is now free, on a first-come, first-served basis. Use the CARD-ventory sheet and take to the Gallery. Docents: if the first card spinner gets full, bring out the other one, and put it in front of the other windows. Jobs For Summer: 1) Call Mary Kramer or to sign up to docent one day each month during the WOW Exhibitions. 2) Call Judy Constantine or to chair a WOW reception on May 31, June 28, August 2 or August 30. 3) Clean out studio and book shelves for items you can donate to the Fall Market. Go to any stores you think might have discontinued items to donate. 4) Make some small paintings (16 x20 biggest size) for 200 under $100, our biggest selling Holiday show. Extra ones, too, because if yours sell, you ll get to put up another. 5) Make some Holiday cards this summer for our 200 under $100 show. They can be originals, or printed, and must have envelopes, packaged together to make a $15 package, all different or all the same. Submitted by Mary Kramer 3

4 UOTE OF THE MONTH fluidity... Fluidity is the presence of long, languorous strokes, elegance, panache, dash and curves. To the sensibilities of most, like a long fluid line in a symphony, they give a feeling of completeness, mastery and intrigue. There is, of course, a place for short staccato bursts and all kinds of other notes, but it s the long fluid line that beguiles. Here are a few fluid ideas to lubricate your creativity: Treatment of the media: In watercolour, fat, fully-charged brushes triumph over mean little spindly ones. Handling of the stroke: A confident, arm slength stroke will produce more fluidity than a tightened-up finger and wrist action. Master painter Harley Brown says that painters need to teach themselves not to bend their wrists. The combination of a well-loaded brush, full-body action and the brush held well above the ferrule does the trick. Fluidity practice: Frequent drawing goes a long way to extending your painterly stroke. For example, the use of flat-sided, carpenter-type drawing pencils invites an elegant, thick-and-thin calligraphic effect that lives in its own delight. The stroke length of dry media such as pencils, chalks and pastels is much longer than your typical brush. Dry work promotes fluid habits. The more we sketch and draw, the more we are able to make those fluid strokes we admire, where the brushwork appears so natural, as if the artist were enjoying each moment of his painting. (Harley Brown) COURTESY OF ROBERT GENN - WORKSHOP MINI-WORKSHOP NEWS REMINDER... the new workshop brochure and registration comes out in the JULY/AUGUST Sketchbook. Review Mini-Workshops: 5 mini-workshops presented, 37 participants, Total NET profit $1,435. MORE SHOW NEWS Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Show 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada The 38th Annual Meeting of the WFWS got underway in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 12th. After registration, we all went off to enjoy a barbecue supper at the historic hall of The Mesquite Club. After dinner, we all enjoyed a great presentation by a biologist/ naturalist/artist. She showed us a slide presentation of the beauty of the natural untouched lands surrounding Las Vegas complete with her paintings of the desert animals. Friday s business meeting was hosted by The Southwestern Watercolor Society (Dallas, TX) who will be the host of WFWS in They have a wonderful agenda planned for all those who will attend the show. We voted to accept the Texas Watercolor Society (San Antonio) into WFWS as the 12th society member. We look forward to their participation next year. A number of issues were discussed including special aspects of the 2011 New Mexico WFWS Show that we felt should be incorporated into future WFWS shows. Friday evening, we all gathered on the University of Nevada - Las Vegas campus for the awards ceremony and reception. Music, wine and hors d oeuvres were enjoyed by all. Our own Bonita Garrett received her award of Signature Status granted by WFWS. Congratulations Bonita! Well done! Her painting Spirit Kiva was accepted into this show. Due to unforeseen circumstances at the University of Nevada s gallery, the WFWS Show had to be relocated at the last minute to the lobby of the Ham Concert Hall. It was an unfortunate situation and less than ideal viewing space. Over one thousand paintings were submitted to be juried by Gerald Brommer. One hundred paintings were chosen to hang in the show. On Saturday we met for a discussion of the WFWS process, problem solving, and the needs of WFWS. It was a great information gathering and sharing morning that will help us when we next host the WFWS Show in Tucson in SAWG had 32 artists submit paintings and 9 were chosen to participate in the show. In addition to Bonita Garrett, the other SAWG artists were: Charlie Burton, Carol Davis, Jarv Falkard, Peg Franken, Karen Nolan, Anita Pinkerton, Deanna Thibault, and Larry Wollam. Our congratulations to all the artists. The show catalogues are for sale at $10 each at our SAWG meeting on May 14th for anyone who would like one. Susan Meyer, Delegate and Diane Tractenberg, Alternate Delegate 4

5 GUILD ACTIVITIES EXPLORATORY GROUPS Small, member run exploratory groups are still meeting and forming. Some groups will meet over the summer, so if you stay in Tucson for much of the summer, you still have time to sign up. Please let your group know if you are gone for the summer. People & Figures, Landscapes, and Color groups are still looking for interested members to get a group started. All levels are welcome. Each group decides when to meet and what they want from the group. There is no fee. Interested? FREE!!! For further information on any group, PAINT Tuesday MAY 15TH OUTS The Tucson Botanical Gardens SEE YOU THERE! SCHOLARSHIP NEWS! Co-chairs of the scholarship committee, Lisa Walter and Sarah Schmerl have done a great job for several years and are ready for two other SAWG members to step into their shoes. Their process is so well set up, one can easily assume their tasks. Their assistance would be readily available. The Tom Hill books as well as the SAWG Calendars (NOW $5) will continue to be sold at the SAWG Gallery and at the general meetings. Thanks for all the support for the student scholarships. TRAVEL/PAINTING OPPORTUNITIES Debi Crawford is leading a trip to Venice, Italy, September 6-17, The instructor is Chris Messer, NWS giving instruction in Watercolor and Mixed Media Sketchbook Journaling. There is still room available in the Venice workshop Sept 6-17!!!!! NON-PAINTERS ARE WELCOME!!!! Airfares are down right now, this is a great trip at a great value. We will have an amazing time wandering the canals, soaking in the local culture and partaking of the incredible food, and being inspired by all of it to infuse creativity. This workshop is open to all levels, and Chris Messer is a wonderfully talented instructor. Hope you can make it!! Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. If you have questions concerning the workshop, you may contact: Debi Crawford, or The Gardens are located on Alvernon just south of Grant on the east side. It has shady spots. Martha s cell phone is if you want to find us. They open at 8:30. The entrance fee is $8 or $40 dollars for a year membership. There are always shady spots. They are having a bird house exhibit this summer June through August if you have any house you have made/decorated. Details are on their web site. Any questions - Martha Pankratz Blue Butler WHAT TO BRING: Sun hat, sunscreen, and bug repellant along with your painting gear, paint stool, water for painting and drinking, and a sack lunch. LIFE STUDIES OPEN STUDIOS Junior League (Campbell and River) First and third Saturdays each month Nude (1st) and Costume (3rd) Models 9 am-12 noon $10/artist contribution to model fee (New artists need NOT contribute to the model fee on the 1st visit) All Levels welcome! May 5 & 19 for map, directions and reminders 5

6 CALENDAR MEMBER OF EVENTS FRANCHESKAA POUR YOUR HEART OUT NEWS MAY Here is the opportunity for you to experience the process of pouring. You get out of its way and with your imagination you can choose abstract May 5 - Sat or figurative to complete a painting that has color mixing beyond your Life Studies Open Studio belief. Where: Arizona Art Supply, 4343 N Oracle. Call Holly to register and reserve your space. When: Sunday May 6,13,20,27, or May May 8 - Tues. 4 p.m. - 11,18,25, June 1-11am-1pm for 4 classes or Fridays June 1,8,15,22, Board Meeting 10am-12:30pm Cost: $80 for 4 classes May 14 - Mon. 7 p.m. - General Meeting - SAWG Meet Yourself and Election of Officers May 15 - Tues. 9-noon - Paint Out at Botanical Gardens May 19 - Sat Life Studies Open Studio May p.m. - Reception for May exhibiting artists at SAWG Gallery JUNE June 15- Deadline for July/August Sketchbook Submissions PAINT, PAINT, PAINT for next year s shows!!! SAWG is now on facebook, just enter SAWG into the search area. You can now keep more current with all of our updates. As of: APR 10, 2012 Bank Balances: SAWG Wells Fargo Bank: General Fund Checking...49,321 Money Market Account...16,241 Scholarship Account...14,257 Western Fed Account...10,485 Total:...$90,304 These are actual unadjusted bank balances which may differ from our accountant s report due to timing differences. ROBERT JENNETTE S color photographic print Bud Ballerina will be included in RED: A Juried Invitational. The exhibit in the Temple Art Gallery (upstairs at the Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Ave. Tucson) runs from April 7 to June 1. Hours are Mon. - Fri and prior to theatre performances. CONGRATULATIONS!! to NEW Signature Members: NIKKI BELLIO NEW Juried Members: EUAYNE GLINSKI, YVONNE MATTSON, CAROL DAVIS, JARV FARKLAND Welcome New Members! CATHY LYNCH, NANCY LAPPITT, NORAH LEE, DR. SANDRA ENGORON-MARCH, KAREN PIEGORSCH, CAROL POIRIER, JANE HANSEN, JANET MACH DUTTON, SANDY BRITTAIN, TERRI GAY, KATHLEEN CARMAN If any of you need a form to record your accomplishments, the one on the website is not functioning at this time. So, please Jeny Clark - com. and I will send it to you. REMEMBER - To submit any news you may have of shows, awards, classes, etc for this column to Debra Irons at SAWG Tribute Fund If you would like to make a donation in someone s memory or acknowledge an achievement of a living member, the Scholarship Committee will accept it and acknowledge this in writing to both the honoree and the donor. 6

7 OFFICERS & COMMITTEE CHAIRS OFFICERS President Lynne McGregor Life Studies Allison & Pete McCray Vice Pres. Programs Jim Stremel SAWG s Sue Hildreth Vice Pres. Shows Mary Kramer Watercolor Exploration Groups Carolyn Thurman Secretary Judy Constantine Mini Workshops Joyce Becker Treasurer Jim Homewood Western Federation Delegate Susan Meyer Past President Debra Irons STANDING COMMITTEES Hospitality Anita Pinkerton SHOW CHAIRS Annual Show Bess Woodworth & Paint Ins/Outs/Trips Blue Butler Pamela Howe Property Jim Justice Experimental Show Judy Constantine & Jenny Clark Publicity Allie Goudy Fiesta Sonora Show Gretchen Huff & Susan Libby Scholarship Lisa Walter & Sarah Schmerl Calendar Show Nancy Huber & Nancy Cole Workshops Sharon Matlack & Judi Beck Judy Nakari La Pilita Blue Butler APPOINTED COMMITTEES Signature Show Anne Leonard & B.J. Cass Corresponding Secretary Anna Don All Members Show Robbie Summers Historian/Permanent Collection TBD Annual/Fiesta Too Christine Mathey Becker Data Base Manager Elaine Brown & Marty Plevel Membership Jenny Clark 200 Under $100 Show Debra Irons, Karen Shanahan Newsletter Editor Sandy Walker Resource Librarian Linda Kraus To contact any officers or committee chairs please refer to the membership directory. SAWG ADVERTISERS 2524 N. Campbell Ave (3 blocks north of Grant) QUALITY MATERIALS FOR ARTIST & ARCHITECTS CUSTOM FRAMING PERSONAL SERVICE STUDENT & PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNTS HOURS: MON - FRIDAY, 9:30am - 5:30pm SAT. 10am - 4pm At Sarnoff s SAWG members receive 20% off products and SAWG will receive 10% of all SAWG member s purchases at year-end. ENTRIES ONLY DEAL - $20! your art shot, configured to show specs, and ed. No CD, but a TIFF file will be saved for 6 months. Framing & Plexiglass available ARIZONA ART SUPPLY (520) N. ORACLE RD. TUCSON, AZ AMERICAN FRAME gives 5% discount to SAWG members To receive the discount, the code ALLIANCE12_5% will need to be used at the time of your order. This is a great program from an excellent vendor. If you have questions, please call PETRIE STUDIOS, INC. A.W. Al Petrie The Artist s Framer By Appointment

8 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild PO Box 145 Tucson, Arizona Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID Tucson, AZ Permit #1713 The Sketchbook is published by SAWG 10 times per year Issue MAY 2012 website: REMINDERS... DUES Your membership dues for the year should be paid at this time. The official beginning of the new SAWG year is June 1st, and your dues should be paid by June 30th. Because we now have over 450 members, it would be very much appreciated if you would use a form and mail it to the SAWG post office box. By taking care of your payment in this way, there is less of a chance of database error in recording/updating your information. The Membership Directory *LOST AND FOUND!* When items are left at the general meetings at the Windmill Inn or at the gallery, they are placed in a Lost and Found box in the storage closet at the gallery. Check there if you are missing something. Be sure to check out the full color version of the newsletter 3on our website, will be sent to the printer much earlier this year, and to be included, you must be a current member. This is the only reminder you will receive, as we no longer send them with the Sketchbook. Regarding photographs, if you had a photo printed in the last directory, you need not submit another unless you d like to change it. However, if you had no photo last time and you d like everyone to know who you are, just send a jpeg shot of your head to Jenny at by the end of June. STOP BY TODAY! The SAWG Gallery - River Center Plaza Suite 131 (next door to Ric s Cafe) 5605 East River Road (River & Craycroft) Gallery Hours Open: Tues-Sun 11:00-4:00 PM Events change monthly in the Gallery SAWG (7294)