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1 Show: Friday, April 1 Shorthorn & Shorthorn Plus - 10:00 a.m. All other AORB - 1:40 p.m. Judge: Trae Simmons, Peru, Indiana Sale: Saturday, April 2 Auctioneer: Bill Sheridian Sale Settlement by Sheridian Auction Services 740 S. Cedar St, Mason MI Office: Sale Manger: Mary Siedelman Sue McLachlan Term and Conditions: Herd Health: All sale cattle will be available for immediate shipment, with the exception of cattle that may be purchased by out-of state buyers. Some nearby states have additional health test requirements which may result in the consignor returning those cattle to their home operations and performing the required tests for interstate shipment. Trucking: All arrangements regarding trucking costs and delivery times are to be predetermined between the trucking firm and the buyer prior to the trucking firm hauling the cattle. Sale management and the sellers will assist in coordinating transportation, however, neither the sale management, nor the seller, assumes any responsibility regarding the costs for trucking cattle or the collection of fees due to the trucking firm. Responsibility: The seller is the responsible party for all recommendations and warranties. The sale management, all persons associated, and the auctioneer are acting as agents only and are not responsible in any way, but will endeavor to protect the interest of both buyer and seller. The seller or anyone associated with the sale shall not be responsible in case of accident resulting in injury to anyone attending the sale. Bidding: All animals sell to the highest bidder. Any disputes or challenges regarding bids will be settled by the auctioneer, and his decision will be final. Risk: All animals are at owner s risk and become the property of the purchaser when declared sold. Assistance will be given in loading and shipping of animals, but no risk is assumed by anyone associated with the sale. Liability: All persons who attend this sale do so at their own risk, legal or otherwise, for their safety or the animals behavior. The owner, Michigan Angus Association, and the sale staff assume no liability for property loss or any accidents that may occur. Terms and Conditions: AI certificates for calves carried in dam will be the buyer s responsibility. Show & Sale Registered Breeds including: Black Hereford, Charolais composites, Limousin, Red Angus, Shorthorn, Shorthorn Plus, and Low % Simmental. Consignments by: Dutch Acres Farm Rod Schoon 4381 N 500 E Kendalville, IN Lots: 803, 806, 808 Grandview Shorthorns Gary & Sharon Jonkers 8090 Wabasis Ave NE Rockford, MI Lot: 810 Hammer Farms Red Angus Laurie Hammer DVM N Rock 38th Rd Rock, MI Lots: 811, 816 Holley Land & Livestock 2850 County Rd 62 Gibsonburg,OH Ph Karen Ph Lynn Lots: 817, 820 Lakeside Farm Carla McLachlan Mile Rd Evart, MI Lot: 801 Lakeside Farm Sue McLachlan PO Box Hersey, MI Lots: 814, 819 Michigan Beef Expo - 39 Matthews Farm Services LLC Mark Matthews Lot: 813 Pandora Cattle Company Travis Mitchell 7684 W Beard Rd Perry, MI Lot: 807 Red Rock Limousin Mary Seidelman 5584 Stedman Rd Ionia, MI Lot: 812 RK Cattle Co. Sandy Reid 7647 Wellington Rd #10, RR #1 Moorfield, Ontario Canada N0G 2K or Lots: 802, 804, 805 Walnut Spring Farms Mike Karweik Ave Hopkins, MI Lots: 815, 818

2 801 Lakeside Cage 404 Reg. No: x Tattoo: 404 Calved: 7/13/2014 Lakeside Denaro Lakeside Powerplay 2P Miss V8 Picture Perfect ET A&T Captain Obvious Lakeside Clementine 101 HUB s 18 Clementine Consignor: Lakeside Farm 802 RK Corbin 112C HD Bloodstone 603 DF Talladega 3X WHR Poppin Girl 2801 B Good Soldier 81P RK Rosie 105W RK Lacy 414P 404 is a big footed, smooth moving bull that covers his track. A long sided son of Lakeside Powerplay 2P and a real nice daughter by Captain Obvious. This bull had an actual BW of 79 lbs and Total Maternal traits that are in the top 2% of the breed, use him with confidence. TH PHA and DS Free. Lakesideshorthorns. com for video and additional photos. Reg. No: Can Tattoo: 112C Calved: 1/12/2015 I was told once you need to have CF Trump in your pedigree for consistency of growth and performance. There is enough Trump in this well muscled, big footed bull to make his own band. US Registration papers pending. Lot Lakeside Cage 404 Consignor: RK Cattle Co. 803 MAV Bayou 136Y DAF Cajun AD13 ET DF Lora 206X ET DAF Cajun CD01 Reg. No: x Tattoo: CD01 Calved: 2/22/2015 Sherwoods Red Vision 576M DAF Lilly WD10 Studers Pretender 96th Shorthorn Color: Red A deep cherry red bull with a big hip. Good fronted, and stands on a big foot. He shows a masculinity and will be ready to service several cows. Lot RK Corbin 112C Consignor: Dutch Acres Farm 804 RK Rosie 127C Reg. No: Can Tattoo: 127C Calved: 1/27/2015 HD Bloodstone 603 DF Talladega 3X WHR Poppin Girl 2801 B Good Soldier 81P RK Rosie 208W RK Rosie 402S Shorthorn Color: Red/White A fancy Talladega show heifer. You will appreciate her sweet front end and style. If you are needing a junior project she will bring home the ribbons or she will make a great brood cow with B Good Soldier in her pedigree. US Registration papers pending. Lot 803- DAF Cajun CD01 Consignor: RK Cattle Co. Michigan Beef Expo - 40 Lot RK Rosie 127C

3 805 RK Rosie 209C Reg. No: Can AR22270 Tattoo: 209C Calved: 2/9/2015 SAV Heavy Hitter 6347 Heavy Hitter 4Z Miss World 26U B Good Soldier 81P RK Rosie 105Y RK Rosie 108U Shorthorn Plus Color: Black Percentage: 50% Who doesn t like a good black heifer? Quiet, style, a great set of feet and legs. Juniors she is ready for the show. This shorthorn plus heifer has the best of both breeds in her pedigree. Angus sire SAV Heavy hitter son. Dam is by the strongest shorthorn female line in the RK Registration papers pending. Consignor: RK Cattle Co. 806 Elbee Improved Leader Elbee Leader C087 Elbee Rosy Lady GCC Mr Tags 78 DAF Augusta Pride XD25 DAF Augusta Pride UD22 ET DAF Gizmo s Pride DC16 ET Reg. No: x Tattoo: CD16 Calved: 4/2/2015 Typical of many of the Augusta Prides. Big Topped, sound and attractive fronted. An ET calf from the best female we ever raised, which won her class at the NAILE. Lot 805- RL Rosie 209C Consignor: Dutch Acres Farm 807 ESP Pennie Reg. No: x Tattoo: C103 Calved: 4/9/2015 SRS Silverado 9W05 SRS Silver Tonic WY01 SRS Miss Michelle 8W02 Greens Lucky Vision ET Keehnes Pennie Keehne s Penelope Consignor: Pandora Cattle Company 808 DAF Rose CD07 Leveldale Prince 839U JAF Seductive P1033 Broken B s Seductive Lass FL Reggie RFS Rose s Snow White Keehne s White Rose Lky This one shouldn t be going anywhere! Talk about one being so cocky through her front 1/3 yet so extremely broody in her center of body. Tie that all in with the added muscle and cat like soundness she possess and you ve got yourself a good one. The show season is still young and this one is ready to hang you banners for the rest of the year. Reg. No: x Tattoo: CD07 Calved: 5/4/2015 The one to buy if you are a beef producer. Long spined, very feminine with lots of performance bred in. Lot DAF Gizmo s Pride DC 16 ET Lot ESP Pennie Consignor: Dutch Acres Farm Michigan Beef Expo - 41 Lot DAF Rose CD07

4 810 Rare Shorthorn Semen Semen 1 Unit WHR Sonny 8114ET Reg # , THF,PHAF,DSF 5 Units K-Kim Last Call Reg # THF 8 Units Pa Do Suds Reg # THF, PHAC, DSF 10 Units HS Rodeo Drive 062WR Reg # , THF,PHAF,DSF Consignor: Grandview Shorthorns 811 PFFR Shaq 607 Badlands Net Worth 23U Bandlands Medora 406 TJS Depot 9095 SRN Rosie Y107 SRN EXT 513 Shorthorn HAMF Rosies Networth C Semen available sale day or buyers can pay and arrange for shipments. Reg. No: Tattoo: C21 Calved: 2/6/2015 Red Angus Color: Red Percentage: 100 % 1A From feet to build, genetics to temperment this bull s package fits the bill. Growth, carcass and easy on the eyes. Look not only at the sire for these traits, but look on the dams side as well. He will work in many programs. Category 1A Red Angus Consignor: Hammer Farms 812 Rocks Carlisle Reg. No: NPM Tattoo: PMCS 44C Calved: 2/27/2015 Limousin Color: Black GPFF Blaque Rulon Mags U Haul Mags Paradise Canyon Wulfs Xclusive 2458X Rocks Adel Rocks Angie Percentage: 87 A well balanced breeding bull. Fluent in movement, shape, performance and disposition. His dam is a 6th generation cow that hails from a line of females that have brought most of our previous Expo bulls. His full maternal uncle was our 2015 highlight expo bull. BW 72 lbs. WW 820 lbs. Dbl Badlands Net Worth 23U - Sire of Lot 811 Consignor: Red Rock Limousin 813 MF Theodore 195C Reg. No: F Tattoo: Calved: 4/3/2015 Sitz Upward 307R TA Upward 116 Garret s Forever Lady 800L NPH 517 Juice 5H MFS Miss Holland 223R BDVF 4W Knight Consignor: Matthews Farm Services LLC Black Hereford Color: BlK WF Percentage: ACT BW of 95 lbs, WW of 473 American Black Hereford was organized in The breed is a blend of the docility and feed efficiency of Hereford with the low birth weight and good growth of Black Angus. The combination adds the benefits of marketing black color. Lot Rocks Carlisle Michigan Beef Expo - 42

5 814 KBC Troubadour KBC Yellowstone Hoodoo Lakeside Double H2O 008 Lakeside Pepper Pots Lakeside Rosie H2O ans Ali 4M GTWY Breathe Easy WAG Hairietta 9145J BC Matrix 4132 PSFZ46 PSF Jets Gal K9 Lakeside George 507 Reg. No: AR Tattoo: 507 Calved: 8/31/2015 Consignor: Lakeside Farm WSCF Ms Flora 46Z 35B Reg. No: Tattoo: 35B Calved: 3/28/2014 Simmental Color: Black Consignor: Walnut Springs 816 HAMF Pearls GGD B78 Red Ter-Ron Real Deal 01W HAMF Tarmilys Real Deal Z91 DFRA Tarmily N512 Badlands Net Worth 23U HAMF Ms Worthy Royal Y7 HAMF Robs Pearl W Shorthorn Plus Color: Red Percentage: 33% BW % Charolais, 33% Shorthorn and 19% Red Angus. Our composite program began in 2007 and George s dam is a model in type, udder, feet, legs and disposition all in a moderate mature package. Longevity stacks as long and as deep as his hair coat. Be sure to visit to watch his video and see additional photos. Percentage: 25% Soggy deep bodied, easy keeping Breath Easy daughter. The Breath Easy daughters are making great cows. She was AI bred on 7/16/15 to MCM Top Grade 018X ( ) and called safe to the AI date. She was pasture exposed to Damar Strike Force A758 (Red Angus black coat ) 7/17 to 8/31. With her Sim-Angus pedigree she offers breeding versatility. Reg. No: Tattoo: B78 Calved: 10/18/2014 Red Angus Color: Red Percentage: 100 % 1A Ready to produce calves that grow well, sound in build and can make you money. Her genetic package is growth, maternal, and staying power. All the things you need to continue to make your program a success. Lot 814- Lakeside George 507 Lot WSCF Ms Flora 46Z 35B Consignor: Hammer Farms 817 Unstoppable Harlem Shake Hired Man Holleys Mocha Shake Reg. No: Tattoo: 544C Calved: 4/4/2015 CHD Cigar Holleys Tallulah Three Trees Vanna R0314 Charolais Color: Smoke Percentage: 50% Holleys Mocha Shake is an extremely feminine female with extra stoutness, a big square hip and fluid in her movement. She is flawless in her structure, with plenty of body, muscle, and bone. Mocha Shake is ultra shaggy haired, cool colored, soft middled, with overall style and balance. OCV Red Ter-Ron Real Deal 01W - Reference Sire Lot 816 Consignor: Holley Land & Cattle Michigan Beef Expo - 43 Harlem Shake Sire of Lot 817

6 818 Smokin Bob WSF Natalia 46Z 29C Reg. No: Tattoo: 29C Calved: 5/1/2015 WSF Steeler 22M 15X WSF Ms Ember R Z WSF Ms Torryanna 9213R Red Angus Color: Buckskin Percentage: 50% Very sharp, thick made, easy keeping heifer. She is sired by Traush Farm s Smokin Bob. She offers a complete outcross package with style, bone and mass. Consignor: Walnut Springs 819 TDF Tulip 530 Reg. No: AR Tattoo: TDF530 Calved: 5/15/2015 Shorthorn Plus Color: Red Heat Wave Monopoly WTF Ruth Medina GFS Red Cloud 7026 Lakeside Red Rosela 718T Bowden Mimi Rosela E Consignor: Lakeside Farm 820 Heat Wave Walks Alone Draft Pick Holleys Dream Girl Black Bear Derrer Farms Miss 53L Angus Percentage: 25% This cow family has longevity Tony and Dena purchased Tulip s dam years ago and she is still going strong along with Tulip s granddam. Many daughters of the Red Rosie/Rosella family also continue to produce. Tulip offers the popular proven Monopoly with the staying power of Lakeside Females. Visit to see more Red Rosie s in production. TH pending. Reg. No: Tattoo: L53C Calved: 6/1/2015 Consignor: Holley Land & Cattle Simmental Color: Black Percentage: 25 % Holleys Dream Girl is an impressive heifer that is super smooth fronted, wide based, and massive bodied. She has the bone and structural soundness to show competitively. Her dam is an outstanding cow that never misses. Dream Girl s sister was a past Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Show SimSolution Female and Grand Champion SimSolution Female Open Show at the IN State Fair. OCV Lot WSF Natalia 46Z 29C Lot TDF Tulip 530 Maternal Sister to Lot 820 Michigan Beef Expo - 44