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1 COSTUMES All cast have now received most of their costumes the final costume fitting will be this Thursday (Seniors) and Sunday (Juniors). Please note the following in relation to costumes: Prologue Black Dress Any Dream Will Joseph Costume Brother s Do Costumes Ease On Down Character Costumes The Road All For The Best Friendship Anything Goes Happy Days Suit Pants/Dress Suit Jacket Hat Robbo - Suit Dave - Pants, Shirt, Suspenders Micarle Anything Goes Outfit Sailor Top Sparkle Collar Sailor Coulotte Pants Heels Blue Sailor Pants White Sailor Top/OR White T-shirt Sailor Collar BLUE TAN tap shoes White Gob Cap White Sailor Pants White Sailor Top/OR White T-shirt Sailor Collar with RED side facing out White Canvas Shoes White Gob Cap GIRLS: Dress, White Canvas Shoes, White Socks (above the ankle) BOYS: Black Pants, White T-shirt, Colourful Suit Jacket, Black Socks, Black Shoes Pirate King Pirate Outfit Pirate Pants, Shirt and Vest. Black or OR boots (if you have them) Pirate accessories

2 Don t Stop Green Suit/Dresses Believing Big Doll House I Know Where I ve Been Here On Who Close Every Door 80 s Dresses Heels to match dresses Prison Jumpsuits Own Dress Black Dresses Black Heels Finn Suit, Canvas Shoes Sidney Suit, Tan Chorus Shoes Murron Yellow overalls, striped top, canvas shoes James Cloak White and Yellow skirts, shorts, tshirts & dresses ADDITIOL COSTUMES White leggings to go under skirts Black Step Into The Spotlight T-shirt TURNED AROUND TO BE BLACK SIDE ONLY (OR Plain Black Tshirt) Black pants (leggings, suit pants, dance pants) Black shoes (NOT HEELS) Black socks *The mid curtain will close when James is singing the introduction. This will provide enough time for the HERE ON WHO ensemble and leads to change. There will be a buddy system more info on Thursday* A Musical Robbo Brown Pants, Pink Shirt, Suit Jacket, Cravat, Dress shoes Laneth Salmon jacket, Cravat, Boots, Shirt, Black pants Based on character you will receive a dress and/or Pants/Shirt on Thursday. Shoes based on character (including chorus shoes, canvas shoes, school shoes, boots)

3 Hard Knock Life Orphan Dresses, Shirts and Pants OR No shoes *** This will be repeated for Consider Yourself with additional props/headwear*** There Are Worse Things I Could Do DO RE ME Suddenly Seymour Consider Yourself Red Jumpsuit Heels Black Leather Jacket OR neck tie Green Floral Dress White Apron Black Heels Micarle Red Jacket, black heels Red dress Dave Pants, Sweater vest, white shirt, dress shoes Floral Skirt Black School Shoes White Socks White blouse Black Dress Pink bomber jacket Black heels Orphan Dresses, Shirts and Pants OR No shoes *** This will be repeated for Hard Knock Life with additional props/headwear

4 I Don t Know How To Love Him Purple Dress Tan shoes Shadowland Time Warp Select your favourite outfit from the show Black Shorts Black Singlet Top Sparkle Vest Select your favourite outfit from the show Select your favourite outfit from the show ADDITIOL INFORMATION MISSING COSTUMES If you are still waiting on costumes, please ensure you are at rehearsal on Thursday or Sunday (whichever you are required for first) and speak to Dee or Cathy from the Committee. There are still a large number of costumes to be brought in on Thursday, HOWEVER, if you have not spoken to the committee and/or if you were not present on Sunday, we are not aware that you are missing costume pieces. FOOTWEAR All ENSEMBLE cast are to have a pair of WHITE canvas shoes. These can be purchased at a very reasonable price from Big W, Target, Kmart, Best & Less etc. Note: the image to the right is from BIG W. When Black Shoes are needed, these can be in the form of black school shoes or black canvas shoes. RETURNING COSTUMES After the final show on Saturday evening, all costumes must be collected. This will occur in the BACK FOYER of the JC Building. Please ensure you collect all parts of your costumes and bring them to the BACK FOYER to have your name marked off. We have over 500 costume pieces for this show and each piece is assigned to cast members. If you do not return your costume in this way, we will be billed $50 per PIECE of costume this will be passed on to the relevant cast member. Please help us by returning your costume correctly! DO NOT WASH YOUR COSTUME! If something happens and you need to wash your costume, please see Dee or Cathy to discuss.

5 COSTUME STORAGE All cast have been given a coat hanger for their costumes. For production week, please bring along a suit bag to store your costumes and props. If you don t have a costume bag, a large garbage bag with a hole for the coat hanger works just fine. Please ensure your costume bag (or similar) is LABELLED with your name and Junior/Senior cast. JEWELLERY NO jewellery is to be worn on stage. THINGS TO REMEMBER Ensure costumes fit correctly speak to Dee or Cathy if you need something taken in, up, down etc. Be aware of undergarments nothing should be showing. Be mindful of colours under your costumes. As a general rule; black under black and tan/white under white. Bring a pack of safety pins with you in case of emergency Hang your costume up after each performance Chookas Everyone!