ratifying a Projet de Loi 'Vehicles) (Sari{) La~y, p.969 (Registered on the Records of the Island of Guernsey on '1Jl)le 2611h day of August, 1969.

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Download "ratifying a Projet de Loi 'Vehicles) (Sari{) La~y, p.969 (Registered on the Records of the Island of Guernsey on '1Jl)le 2611h day of August, 1969."


1 0 1)~ n"e-;'r J.'L.. ratifying a Projet de Loi XIJI: 196~' ~rhe llload 1~riffic (1~1(llr~le,~J!)ll'iWD 'Vehicles) (Sari{) La~y, p.969 (Registered on the Records of the Island of Guernsey on '1Jl)le 2611h day of August, 1969.) l1fultl!d bl. GUERNSEY HERALD L2'D.. VictorW Road.

2 . ORDER IN COUNCIL IN THE ROYAL COURT OF THE ISLAND OF GUERNSEY The 26th day of August, 1969, before Sir William Arnold, Kt., C.B.E., Bailiff; present :-Bertram Guy Blanipied, Stanley Walter Gavey, Esquires,. Gilbert Carey de Jersey, Esquire, C.B., Carl Edward Blad, Albert Victor Dorey, Esquires,. Laurence Francis de Vic Carey, Esquire, C.B., C.B.E., D'Arcy George Le Tissier, William Burton Fox, Esquires, Edward James Laine,. Esquire, C.B.E., D.F.C., Edward Martel, and Jean Le Pelley, Esquires, Jurats. Tlhe R.wi1iff hawng itjh~s day rpilaood hedime [tihe COUiDt run.order 10lf Her Ma1 elsty [in Oounoil dalted nhe 2511lh day ill June, 1969, u-aj1li:fy[i!l1'g a Pu-o}et de LOIi of luhe Ohief Blelals af ItJhe ~slland '0 SalfkelThtJ1uled "The Road Ta::affic (HOIl'Se-Dna.will Vleth1d1es) (SalI'k) Law, 1969 ", Ithe CnUflt, afitm luhe lfeadill1jg of Itlhe said Oll1der lin Oouncil IalThd afiue!fh!a>ving heald Her Ma'jClSlty's Oomptro1ler lubmeon, mdclr,ed Itih~lIt rbhie 'sali,d OJ1der in OOUinoiJ be Q',egis'De!f,ed foill Ithe lfeooldds.of this I:s!lalThd amd,thm an exltli'alot 'Of Ivhis present A,ct, togooher Iww1Jh Ia ICopy o,f ruhe fsalid.order [in Coun<Oi[l,. be Isent by Heir Mia jeslty'ls Greffie!f IVO ruhe Senesohal of Salfk rforlfegis'ul1amion on mhe roo<jf11djs of [tlhatt I,srailld, of Wlhidh Order run Coun:ci[l lube ttelthofr oi}ilowotlh:-...,

3 at tbe f..ourt at ~uchingbam 2 Thie 25th day O!f June 1969 tlalatt PRESENT, ~be euetn's ; Most ~xcdltnt ; Majestp LORD PRESIDENT MR SECRETARY SHORT CHANCELLOR OF THE DUCHY OF LANCASTER MR ROBINSON MR HUGHES SIR GEOFFREY CROSS MR HOY MR IRVING WHEREAS ltiher'e was lt1hlis day Iread. all: roe Board a Repolflt {noon Ithe Ri~hJt Honourahle Ithe Lords of nhe GolIliIIlli!tmee of OOUIlJoil 011: l\jhe AffairlS of Guernsey and JeI!Isey,cilamed 11:Ihe 181:1h day of June 1969, lin 1:Ihe words : o110;willlg, Vliz.: "YOUR MAJESTY, mvimg Ibeen plealscld, by Your Geneu:aJ Ordeu: 'Of Re.eI!IeIl!ce lafthe 22Il!d day of F1elhll1UlalfY 1952, 11:10 lj1efeu: 'lmto I1JhJilS Gommil1Jtee tthe mumble Pel1Jilb]OIIl of 811h)'ll Malry Hai1lhawlaIY, D.B.E., Dame de Ser:cq, WliJlmarrn Baker, ElSquir'e, M.B.E., Senesohal, amtd Jomn P,etteu: Guii11e, Esqturur,e, Prevot of the Is.lwnd of Sialrk, ISe1:ltJiJrug tfof'tlh:-, 1. Tthalt, in pul1suance of ltihtei'r Reso1utiolIlIS of the 11:Iwenlty-fiJl:lst day 10 A;pcil ruineteen hundred and,si:lgty-fiv'e, :the 1JhiTmeeIl!t1h day '0' Alprlill Il!ineteen huil!c1r,ed and cixlty-slix and 'the fomluh nay of OODobeu: llimertjeen hurudwd and,sixlty"seven,.tjhe Ohicl P.lealS IOf ltihe IIsl1and ()If Sarik 'llit a meeting held Ion lthe 9th lday of April wneteen hundred wnd :sixlty-illime :approved a BiH or PII:~'et de Loi,!ffilItJ]tJIled "The Road Tl1'aflk (Hioifise-Dmwn

4 3 V,eh1ol~s) {Smk) ija,w, 1969". 2. Tihlait lt1he Staid B!ii]l or "PlIlojelt de Loi" ~s ~n,the wol1ds and figmes Isert :DOIl1th am ltihe Sohedule hereu11jto ailmexed. Arnd,most ihmnbly pmy,ing IUhM Your Majesty might he,graciously plealsed Ito gmrut Your Royall SaruotJi:on Ito,the BiH or "Pmoj,elt de LOli" of luhe Chid RIms of Sa,rk enltii,tjied "The Road T,raffiic {HoiJ.1se-Drwwn V~h~des) {Sarrk) Lal\v, 1969" and IUO ordm Ithalt Ithe is'alme,slhau ha\~e t:he O!Ice '0' Law in ltihe I,slalnd of S:a:rk.' " THE LORDS OF THE COMMITTEE, lin IOhedi~nce Ito Ylour M1ajesty's 'Sali,d Ordm of Reference, hcl!ve mken Inhe 'SCl!id PeflJilUiou :and Ithe,said Plrojet de Loi into,ooi1'sidera,bion, talrud do,nhi,s day agi11ee humbly to report, as their opinion, to Your Majesty, that Dt 'may be ladv~sahl:e OIr Your M,ajesty Ito,oomply W!~tJh Ithe preyer of Itibe ISiwid P.eltiltVon land tjo approve orf and l1auirfy Itfue Isa,id Bl10jert :de Loi." HER MAJESTY ha'ving luaken luhe salid R::pmt i'nto,oonlsider:altjion lils plms,ed, 'by lalnd wlimh i1jhe advlice of Her PIY'}vy Counoill,,to approve of alnd i11cl!tify tibe said Projert de LOri, and Ibo orider, las irt is hereby ordered, Ithalt lube SiCllme.Slha.lrl hav'e,the :Dor,ce of Law wimhin tlhe Tsl1and IOf Salrk. AND HER MAJESTY :do'jh Iherehy 1iuTither dilrect \thalt I1Jhis Order, :alnd luhe sacijdbmjet de Loi~a,copy when~of i'8 hereunlto alnnexed), be ejntejwd upon me Reg,ister of Itihe Ls1and od' Guernsey and oooerved aocorrdgngly. ArND 'vhe LielJf~enlatnt-G:overnO/r a,nd Commanderim-Clhief od' Ithe BaJi,lliwlirck of Guemsey, the BaiJiff and J'Ul1a1VS, land 'alljl other Her IMa}es1ty'ls Officerls Em the Ittmebeing run ItJhe 'Salid Baruliwlkk, and ajl (lither pers,olils ~~holm rut IIllJaY 'OOThoel1n, a're Ito itjake l!1jotioe and govern Ithemselves a,coqiluingly. W. G. Agnew.


6 5 Projet de Loi referred to in the foregoing Order in Council. PROJET DE LOI ENTITLED The Road Trame (Borse-Drawn Vehicles) (Sark) Law, 1969 THE CHIEF PLEAS OF SARK, in pumsua:n.ce of 'vheilf ResOlIuuionJs of,uhe ItweIllty-fiJ11S't day 101 AIpniI, :nineteen hundred and Is,iXlty-fi'Ve, the mhimteemh day of AtpniJ, lth~neteen ihundred and 'suxlty-isux, and I!Jhe roullith da'y of Oataber, nlmet,een IhUTIlcLred and IsUmysev'en, ihavle Glppr,ov,ed 'uhe foililiowlil!l!g provlilsions which, swbjleot 100 ltihe Sa'IlIouion 10 Her Moslt EXloel11ffi1lt Majesty li'n OOiUna~l, IsihalLI lhav'e fooce 101 JaIW Wn Itbi.s IIS1alnd. Licensing of horse-drawn vehicles 1. (1) A person 'SihailI,nOlt drjve or alttelltiipt IUO clriv,e a ho'l~s'e-lclm>wn v,ehide Ion or allang,any of ItIhe public I10ads unilesis IMa't hoifise-clr.awn vlehide is :601f IM,e ltii!me ibe~ng Ilkensed I~n la,aoordance Wli'M,the Isuaoeedling prov'ilslio[lls of ItJhi!S LaJw. (2) kn'y pers'on Iwho desires,00 o<bimn.n a!lkenoe for a hoilis,e-kwajwn velhilo1e n.n pur:sulalthce of rt:ihe provisiol1's of Ithi,s LaJW l~hej."!el1oolfiuer Ife:fenred Ito as "a m.orse-d;ralw!n vehide IJioence ") 'ShaH make appli'cajtion in IMM hehalf Ito Itlhe CO'lllStJaJble and shan IDUIlilliiSih,to ItJhe COIllSltJaJble Isuch pamuocu1al1s W[IM regall1d luo Ithatt motise-clratwill vehide IatS <the COll!Sltaib1e lffiiaty, rom trurne Ito,uime, -r equi;re. (3) Subjeot Ito ltihe provn..suons of :seatn.ons fum, five and six of ItlhilS Law, on an!3.pp1icaluiolil heing made

7 6 to h~m in tpui'suaft1joe,of '1Jhe provl'sdlon's of Ithe las>! preceding subs'botion and upon payment by the applitca'llt ofche fee PH'lSOl1itbed in.tjhe nexit rsucoeedmg seonioln, tlhe Oorusltahle,shawl [Issue Ito ltlhe app1ioant a holl1se~dra,wn Vlemole 1iceft1Jce in such fmm a[1d.subj-ect to sluoh oolnctir1jions als he may deem.it ne-ces'sa'ry or exipedien1 Ito ilimpose. Fee for horse-drawn vehicle licence 2. Thte fee payah1e fm a ihorlse-dm,wn v<tmlide liroellice i'sisued in rpll'l,sua:i1jce rof,t1he provd!sc.orus of subiseon~on (3) 'of Ithe :]WSit Pil"'ClCCldJi'l1lg.seatJion,in il"espect of Wl1'y of l1jhe ICaitegotrieis of ihoil'se.c1il"awln vehic1es 8'Clt out in Ime ldt ihmnd co1umn of It'he Schedule mo ItthiS IJaIW,shaU he 1Jhie fee speoified ilin Tda,uion ITIO 11Jhialt camegmy of iho!l'se dlra.wn vehide ~n Ithe right ih,and oo1umnof thalt Sohedule. Period of validity and renewal of horse-drawn vehicle licences 3. {I) A IhoDse.,amwnVlelhicle dlkeruoe lissued,in pursna'ilice of me prov,isions 'of.seotion one of '1JhUiS Law sh1a:h be v,al1d uruuill It'he '1Jh~l1ty..first day of Ma,rroh nexil fo110wrng 'tlhe <claite iqif ~moh issue and 1heu-eajiter, upon Ibea'rug TenevVied in rpurrsiuja,nce of 11Ihe p'rova,s~otns of ITIhe ill'exit suoceeding Stubseoni'on, rshall,l be valid dur~llig i1jhe ipellliod <commenoing on,the firislt day of Alprn om any yealr a'llld ending on Itihe ltihirrty-finlit day,of Mall1ch,in t~he year next ifolhowing, homh dmes ;industiv,e. (2) SUbjeot :1'0 '1Jhe pmvisiol1's of Ise01JiOlllS :Dour, five :amid six,of mhi!s Larw, a ihnl'se"amwn velhiole lkence issued lin rpul'siuanroe ore Ithe Pl 1 ovli,sions 'of!sec!jion one 'Of IjjhisLarw sha1l,be :rrenclwed by!the COl]starble upon :am JaJPlPlkaluion!bei!rug lillajde Ito hilill lin iuhatt ibehalf on or,before!the!vhilitiy-fil]1st day of M'a,r,ch ~in any year

8 7, ~ ajnd upon payment Iby rllhe ajpp1ioa.lljt of :the tbee ISpecified~n Ithe right ihand r001umn ro f the Sohedule to uhis Law,in Irela:1Ji:orn IDO luhe mtegory of hor:se-;dimwn vehide,set out rin the le t hand oolumn of r~hat Sohedule 1:0 lwihioh,the applioajui,ol11 a:erlartes. Conditions of issue and renewal 4. A holrse.;dil'alwn Vit~h~ole wkence issued or Irenewed.in pursuance '0 ithe prows10ns of!uhris Law:- (a) rsihah be issued O1r li"enewed, ajs Ithe 'GatSre may be, only ~n respeot of 'dhe hms'e.dmwn vehide!speoified lin rohe <alpplicaruion fon: mhe issue 'Oir rthe renerwa'l elf rnhe.licence; (b) 'sihlah not the ItJr,aJns emred. IOlthe<DWI]Se ItJhan by anendol1semenlt Ithereon by 'uhe COllJstaJble. T est certificates 't l 5. r(l) The GOll'SitaJble rslha,ll I11lOt I]ssue or :renew a horse-;dirawn vehird1e {licence an pul1suajnce of luhe provirsions rof Ith,vS Law Ilmless Ithere ~s pr.oduced ItJO him a cm'tificajte (hereijnadit'er Tefenrred to ras,a "Itoot certifica:te") ~iven and Isigned (by a person r0here;ina ter referred ItO a!s a "Vrehide I,llJspeoto,r") talppoovred in rnhart behalf,by the Ohief PJeas Road 'Draffic Oommiiutee '0hereinafter It"derred ItiO as "rthe ComrmLtJtee ") <lrlljd stajvilljg IthM, ralrter exajminj,ng the noll'se-<cimwl1 velhide 'bo which ithe 'telsit oemuifiaarte 'rela;tes.on a dart,e not OOir:lim rthan I!lWD Imonths befor e Ithe clalte on wihioh <llppl,ioartion dim tlhe irs'sue Dr li"enewarl OIf a ih:qli"rse,rnrajw:ll: Vlehide,lioe\l11oe lin a:espeat,od' Ithalt horr~e-drrawn vehide,j,s maide, Ithe Verhi;Gle InspeotOir ~s IO[.the opirn,i'on whajt whe hol1se.;dmwn vehiole j,s IroadrwlOl].i"~hy. (2) 1I11examlining a ihorse-drawn vlehjid,e olr rohe PU111pOSIeS of ' irvd.'llig a Itestcer!rifi.GaIte m ldoopoot IO[ rthat vehicle a Velhi,dle Inspeotor shaul have parmicul:ar li"egall,d.no:-

9 8 (a) mhe.effioiency and.safety of Ithe wihools and.s:ha, us ',rhereloj; (b) Ithe dtiroic:mcy 'of am 'uhe brak.es filtted (uhereto; ( c) ItIh e,oolnd~viiqn 'olf any tyres filtlted td the wheels mhereof; (d:) ;the mndii,uion and safety of the frame t!hereorf. (3) A test cel'tifioai1je given by a V eh~alie I,nspeotor Urn Te'speot,ad: a holl"se~clrwwn Vlehide Ishan coll!ta:m the fo'lljolw:ing paliiticulail's:- (a) mhe mame and address of the iqwner of luhe v,ehiole; (b) Ithe numbor 'ajslsigned Ira 'the vciliicle by rt:he V.ebide iinsjpector Tor 'uhe pmposes 'Of idejlluifimtji,on; (c) the da'~e on which,uhe v,tfuide 'WlaJS,examined fat the purpoise OIf 'givling Inhe nesjt,eer1jifiom,e; and Sludh fumther paiitiou1ars as,the Comlstabloe ma,y, iirorm ti me to Itime, IreqUlhl~e. (4) Tlhe Vahide I:nspeorO[' 'shawl, on givwng a test cemti,figvte ~il IIIeSipeat :of ia hoil'se-<dnawn vehicl'e, IDalrk on 10[' altltaloh 11'0 'ubiwt vehicle, in ISUah lm<l!nner ajs 'llhe COimmiitlt>{~ e Imay didoim mime iva 'n]me d1reot, (tjhe muuilber aslsilgned Ito rut by ihim in purls'l1alnce 'of,the pro Vli'sruons of 'Paragraph {b) of,uhe ~ajs>t pr1eceding sub 'i),eotion. (5) The cotst ;0. 'examining a horse-clraiwm vclhide, nhe Iua!l1kiing,tJhereom or ItIhe a1utjaching luhere!to of a :number and Ithe giving IOf a Itest,cer1Jifioal1Je Jim. pursuajnce 10,uhe pl'olvli'slioiljs {Jlf l1lhi,s lseotiion ISIhal11 he holl11le out of,molilj:les Iproovdded,by Ithe Ohi'cf Pleas.

10 9 Certificate of insurance to be produced 6. The CO'IJJSltahle,srhaJJl nort: issue or renew a horsedr<llwlll v,ehicle ~ioenoe in pfujdsuance of l1lhe provilisdoills of mhils Law unless.there QS pcroduced mo h~1lll a cetitifi C<lJte ad: i'ijjs,rurance indiaa,cinlg ttjhm Olll mhe clatte on W'h~oh tjhe hlceltlceco!iiles truro ope.ral1li.on or l1lhe tt,enew/3.[ becomes eff;eo1liv,e, as the Galse mruy be, tjhe.re iw~;1l be in furce a poli~,cy 'Orr: tinsultlaillce oomply~ng WI~1:ih l1lhe requitt,emelru1ls of l1lhis LaJW Ii:n tte1a'uioll IUO tthe IUiser IOf the Iholl1Se~ruraJWn vehiole by ttlhe,arpplticarilft Oif thy ooher pel1s10:l]s to be covered by the s<llid poli.cy in o:espeot of Itlhe use Iby I\:lheim of l1lhm ihodse4dttawill,vehide. Insurance of horse-drawn vehicles 7. {I) SUJbjeot <too itlhe 'prov;i>sliollts IOf I11hi<s 'S,eo1li>on, a pedson ~hatl1 not drilive IOr attempt Ito drive, OtT OOiUJse or perml1t talny IOI1lheir PeTS'Oill 1110 dmive ioir IaltJtempt to d:riive, ar hors'e.rutalwll vehide on or a101jjg any of l1lhe pujblk r.olaids ;unless Itiher'e ils iill fiolpce tin o:daltion Ito I{]he,user of ItlhM v,elh1ole by Ithalt pel1son 'or Ithalt Oiuher pel1s10n, als,uhe cas'e may!be, ISIUoh a pojii,cy orr: [lllslujmnce in Irespect 'of,th1dd-pa.o:ty lralsks 'ats complties WI~th iljhe requiremetilt:s lof 'tihis <seotilon. (2) In 1000der Ito looffi'ply w,iitih '1lhe cr,equirecrne'ijj1ls of Ithis IseotJi'ol11, a 'rollicy of irusudcvlloe ISlhal11 be 3! poli,cy wihi1ch:- (a) ~IS islsued by a peirson wiho,ils,an CllUitho,Dised ioourer wi<1lhin the meanrurrg 0' Ithe Road Tmffic (Gompu1solry Tihilrd -Pa'Fty IllllsulraTIlce) (GuerDisey) LatW, heminafvelf re, elir,ed to :rus "iilhe GuelTl11Sey La,w 'olf 1936 "); (b) insures limoh perlslon, ped8'orus or datss'ejs of persol1ls as.mjay,be 'speoified an Itlhe po,1icy in respeat of any 1ialbii,L1ty wih~oh may be i'lllomo:ed Iby him lot ltihem ~Ill Irespeat of Ivhe rdeal1:ih 'Do: Ibodily tinjmy Ito amy penson Gl!used by

11 10 or frj.1isuthg out of <1Jhe use of,the hms,e-dra wn vehicle: Plrovided tihart: 11moh a ToLicy sham not be 'l",equired no OOV<ffi":- (i) li3!bi,1ity ~n trespeat of Ithe deauh ari<s]ng OIlllt of a!thd In It!he 'WUJ.1Se of hi,s employment of a [)erson lin luhe 'employ 'Olf a person in'8ured by ItJhe poliey or '0' bodiily injmy susrtja,ilthed by 'suoh pwson IWr1s,i:ng out,00f <lind run cuhe,conr,se of ihits,employment; or (iii) any col1ldra!ot'ua;1 1i:a:biJi<ty. (3) A pormley 'of insurance Slhai~l be of!tho effe,ct fox rtjhe purposes of tih1s seouion ul1iless a'l1id unmi there is de1iv,ered by Ithe ll1lsurer 'DO,the person,by Wihom Itlhe poilijcy Qseffeoted a 'cej.1tifica,te <in itll<e form ph~jscrillbed under ItJhe Guernsey Law of 1936, and ool1ltali!thilthg 'suah pal]:1tlcular, s of alny COThdi,tioll's <subject to Wlhkh t,he pojicy iis a!s'sued 'and 8uoh other paruicull3.trsajs maybe 'so pr,escrihed. Driving under the influence of drink or drugs 8. A persolth when driv~ng Oil" a:ntemprmlthg 11:'0 drive, OII Iwhen in,oharlge ()If, <li Ihorse-drawn vehicle on any ()If Inhe publk rloajds tshah n,olt he under Ithe anfiucil}ce of drunk 0[' 'of a drug ito suoh an e~tel1lt a,s Ito be inoa[)<llble 0' ha,\r,i'ng tpflorpe[' connmi 'Olf luhe horsedmwin vehicle. Offences 9. A pension 'Wlho:- {a) contravooes any 'o,f Ithe provisji,oll's 'Of this Law; OIl" (b) lin conneocionwlilth any «vppmoau.on 0[' the is,sue or,renewall of a nmse-idra;wn veihide licence,in pursuance of rohe,pr:cwdlsions Olf,nhiis

12 II LaIW, kliliowillngly mak,es any mise s:tjaltement Oir tr,ecmesls'ly makes any 'SltaJtemenJt which is ailis e ;i'!} ta IIllilItemiJaJl ip3ll:n:icu;jali'; loll' (c)fail1s Ito 'comply 'wulm amy i()onoitjions alutaooed Ito any hollse~dlralwlll vehicle llio{;jl1jce; VIr (d) w~uholult Ithe pemrmssion of Inbe ComlstJaible, er.3.lses or iremoves,uhenulilliber marked 0Ill Oil" 'wtjtjalclhed ito a IhOlTse.. drawn v,eh101e,1n prtilf'suance of Inbe 'P1'()Ivlis~ons olf subsection (4) of IsootroTh five of Ithis LaiW; shain he iguillity of taith offence amd ilialbj.e,,on loothvqi()tiolll, to a fime mjote:x;ceeruilllg fiidty 'Pounds 10if Ito timpllislooment for a 'berm illiolt,exlceedingrux IDonuhs ()If Ito bonh Sludh fine and ISUah Itemm ore,impmisonmentt wnd [Ill addimio'!} Ito or an 'sculbstdtuitjion, m any Isuch 'Punisih~ meilljt Iffiay lbedisqua1ified ffloim ho1ding m OIbtaliilllillig <li hoirse-ldr.arwln vehidle iliioence under,uhe pl1ovlisions of lth1s LaJW or fr;ojlll iholdilng or Oibta6mling a hotls,edjr:awn vehide,li,oenoe d'm such p:elfaod.us rtlhe wulrt may ltihink,fit. Interpretation 10. (1) In mhis LalW, unless Itlh:e,COilJlteXJt omhwwise If,equrfles, luhe oljowing expr,es!siollls ihave,uhe meaniirjjjgs hereby respeotively a'ss,jgmed ito,tihem, tha;t,is to,ga,y:- "hor,se.,drwwn vehiole "includes a v,ehie'e drawn Iby la pony, a donkey or.a IIlJJuJe; "!policy of :insulta'1ljce " linioluc1es a 'OOV'eIf note; "Ipuhli.c J11oad" means lclithy Irood, slttreet,!lane or pl1a.oe wh~ah lils publk!or Ito whiloh,tlhe puiblic h3js aocess. (2) EXlcept IS'O fur IaJS,uhe tcorjjjtexlt OItJhef'wi,se IfeqUJi;res, <liny 'rmelfienoe 'm 'nhis Law ma any onber ena'otmentt 'sha,n he colltsitrllljoo a,s a reference Ito ithmenaot-

13 12 moot als amended, repealed I(ltThd we-enaoted, ex1ended or appl'ied hy OIr iu'ooerr 'any tsu'bsequent enaotlment indruding rtjhilsla,w. (3) The In'terrpreltaltlion (Guern",ey) Law, 1948, shl(lm apply Ito Ime,1ruterpretaltlion <of i!ihis LawaJS if luhe same,were an ell'algumen1 in foroe in 1the Island of Guernsey. Citation 11. 1!hisLtalw may he,cited as 'uhe Roa.d T,raffic (HO'l'se-nrawn Vehicles) (Sa,rk) Lww, Commencement 12. Thi,s Lruw ISihaiLl,come 1ru1Jo Im:oe on,such d<ljte a's the Ohie Pl,eas may by Ordinal1Jce appollnt. SCHEDULE Sections two and three OaJtegaries ad' []Gl'se.. dmwn v,eih;i,ciles Almounts of annuall fees is. d. V1cooll'ua" oommonly knowln a-s a Jaw,oolrrwage 12 6 Wa.gonette,.oommonly known <l's a high mrl1iage 15 0 Van 5 0 R. H. VIDELO, Her Majesty's Greffier.