Go on, try! Up close with the artist (and fashion designer) who loves to keep people guessing about what her work portends.

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1 P7 Community Chaliyar Doha organises an event to mark Qatar s 2019 AFC Asian Cup win. P16 Community Young climate change campaigner represents Qatar in World Economic Forum. Sunday, February 10, 2019 Jumada II 5, 1440 AH Doha today: Go on, try! COVER STORY Up close with the artist (and fashion designer) who loves to keep people guessing about what her work portends. P4-6 DIFFERENT: Chung Hye Yeon, better known as Grace Hye, is a South Korean artist and fashion designer with a difference. Photo by Noushad Thekkayil

2 2 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 ROUND & ABOUT PRAYER TIME Fajr Shorooq (sunrise) Zuhr (noon) Asr (afternoon) Maghreb (sunset) Isha (night) 4.55am 6.12am 11.48am 3.00pm 5.26pm 6.56pm USEFUL NUMBERS Emergency 999 Worldwide Emergency Number 112 Kahramaa Electricity and Water 991 Local Directory 180 International Calls Enquires 150 Hamad International Airport Labor Department , Mowasalat Taxi Qatar Airways Hamad Medical Corporation , Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation , Primary Health Care Corporation Qatar Assistive Technology Centre Qatar News Agency Q-Post General Postal Corporation Humanitarian Services Office (Single window facility for the repatriation of bodies) Ministry of Interior , , Ministry of Health , Hamad Medical Corporation , Qatar Airways The Prodigy DIRECTION: Nicholas McCarthy CAST: Taylor Schilling, Brittany Allen, Jackson Robert Scott SYNOPSIS: Sarah s young son Miles disturbing behaviour The Lego Movie 2 DIRECTION: Mike Mitchell CAST: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett SYNOPSIS: The citizens of Bricksburg face a dangerous new threat when Lego Duplo invaders from outer space start to wreck everything in their path. The battle to defeat the enemy and restore harmony to the Lego universe takes Emmet, Lucy, Batman and the rest of their friends to far away, unexplored worlds that test their courage and creativity. THEATRES: The Mall, Landmark, Royal Plaza signals that an evil force has overtaken him. Fearing for her family s safety, Sarah must grapple with her maternal instinct to protect Miles in favour of investigating what is causing his dark turn. THEATRES: The Mall, Landmark, Royal Plaza Quote Unquote Share your smile with the world. It s a symbol of friendship and peace. Christie Brinkley Community Editor Kamran Rehmat Telephone: Fax: The Mall Cinema (1): Yatra (Tamil) 2:30pm; Yatra (Telugu) 4:45pm; Yatra (Malayalam) 7pm; Yatra (Telugu) 9:15pm; Yatra (Malayalam) 11:30pm. The Mall Cinema (2): The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 2pm; The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 4pm; The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 6pm; The Prodigy (2D) 8pm; Vs. (2D) 9:45pm; Amavas (Hindi) 11:30pm. The Mall Cinema (3): Kumbalangi Night (Malayalam) 2:15pm; 9 (Malayalam) 4:45pm; Cold Pursuit (2D) 7:30pm; The Prodigy (2D) 9:45pm; Dhilukku Dhuddu 2 (Tamil) 11:30pm. Landmark Cinema (1): Dhilukku Dhuddu 2 (Tamil) 2:15pm; The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 5pm; The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 7pm; The Prodigy (2D) 9pm; Dhilukku Dhuddu 2 (Tamil) 11pm. Landmark Cinema (2): Yatra (Telugu) 2:15pm; Yatra (Malayalam) 4:45pm; Yatra (Telugu) 7pm; Yatra (Malayalam) 9:15pm; Yatra (Telugu) 11:30pm. Landmark Cinema (3): The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 2:15pm; Yatra (Tamil) 4:15pm; 9 (Malayalam) 6:30pm; Cold Pursuit (2D) 9:15pm; Kumbalangi Night (Malayalam) 11:30pm. Royal Plaza Cinema Palace (1): 9 (Malayalam) 2:15pm; The Lego Movie 2 (3D) 5pm; Yatra (Telugu) 7pm; Yatra (Malayalam) 9:15pm; Yatra (Telugu) 11:30pm. Royal Plaza Cinema Palace (2): The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 2:15pm; Kumbalangi Night (Malayalam) 4:30pm; The Lego Movie 2 (2D) 7pm; The Prodigy (2D) 9pm; Cold Pursuit (2D) 11pm. Royal Plaza Cinema Palace (3): Dhilukku Dhuddu 2 (Tamil) 2:30pm; Vs. (2D) 5:15pm; The Debt Collector (2D) 7:15pm; At Eternity s Gate (2D) 9pm; Dhilukku Dhuddu 2 (Tamil) 11:15pm.

3 ROUND & ABOUT Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 3 The olympic sport using horizontal bar, rings and floor exercises on mats for the children from age 4 till 16. Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. For more information, contact EVENTS Baladna Cultural Festival WHERE: Baladna Park WHEN: Ongoing till March 1 Baladna Park will embark you on a delicious and rich journey this time of year, through the Baladna Culture Festival. The festivities will take place each Friday and Saturday of the month of February and will include food, dance shows, entertainment and cultural handicrafts from across the world. For further information Golf on National Sport Day WHERE: Education City Golf Club WHEN: February 12 TIME: 9am 10am If you are looking to participate in Sport on National Sport Day, Education City Golf Club have something specifically for those that have never played golf before. Try golf with qualified golf professionals and experience an introduction to golf, learning the fundamentals of the game of golf. Adults and Children are welcome to participate. mix of 350 stalls. MIA Park Bazaar is a modern version of the old souq tradition. The stalls are going to offer a wide range of gastronomies from all over the world. You can also browse and grab handcrafted artefacts, accessories, canvases, fashion wears, designer ornaments. PECS Level 1 Certified Workshop WHERE: Doha College WHEN: Ongoing till February 13 TIME: 8am 5 pm PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems) training workshop is available in Doha on March 18th and 19th This amazing opportunity to provide parents and professionals the chance to get certified in PECS Level 1 is brought to you by Mind Institute in collaboration with The Pyramid Educational Consultants and Doha College. To register, visit www. mindinstitutes.com Registration closes on February 13. For more information Ballet Lessons WHERE: Music and Arts Atelier WHEN: Ongoing TIME: 4pm 8pm For more info at atelierqatar.com or call on Cycling: Losail Circuit Sports Club WHERE: Losail Circuit WHEN: Ongoing TIME: 5pm Losail Circuit Sports Club, in association with Qatar Sports For All Federation, invites all cyclists, runners and walkers to train under the floodlights of Losail International Circuit every Wednesdays. After School Activities WHERE: Atelier WHEN: Ongoing Music and arts activities for students taking place after they finish their day in school includes Group Music lessons, Hiphop, Ballet, Drawing and Painting, Drama Theatre & Taekwondo. Ages between 5 and 10 years old after school hours. Hobby Classes WHERE: Mamangam Performing Art Centre WHEN:Wednesday Monday Mamangam Performing Art Centre, is a holistic performing arts institution and a one stop solution for adults as well as children looking to explore their talents in various art forms. We offer classes in contemporary, Bollywood, hip-hop and Indian classical dance forms, along with classes for music, art and crafts, karate and yoga. Additional services include dance education and choreography. For details, call MIA Park Bazaar 2019 WHERE: Museum Of Islamic Art WHEN: Ongoing TIME: 12pm 8pm MIA Bazaar will be having a vibrant Mehaseel Festival WHERE: Katara Cultural Village WHEN: Ongoing till March 31 Mehaseel Souq will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 31st of March. It is a perfect market to get amazing local fresh produce. Artistic Gymnastic Classes WHERE: Qatar Academy Msheireb WHEN: Ongoing till February 28 TIME: 3:15pm 4:15pm Arabic Calligraphy Workshop WHEN: Saturday Wednesday TIME: 6pm Arabic Calligraphy workshop is back. Come and learn the artistic practice of Arabic handwriting and calligraphy at Music and Arts Atelier. The lessons will take place every Dance and Instrument Classes WHERE: TCA Campus, Behind Gulf Times Building WHEN: Wednesday Monday Learn the movements of dance styles in Bollywood, Hip Hop and also the musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Keyboard for adults as well kids and move in the world of music. For details, contact / Compiled by Nausheen Shaikh. Events and timings subject to change

4 4 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 COVER STORY I play a kind of hide and seek in my paintings Grace Hye, artist and fashion designer Photos by Noushad Thekkayil We cannot figure out what my paintings are about very quickly. We need to see and think about what I have drawn SUNDAY CONVERSATION

5 COVER STORY Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 5 By Mudassir Raja She is at home both in art and fashion. Her art finds inspiration in everyday events. It influences her creation of clothing and related accessories. It is fashion detourned (rerouted) by art, a new way of sharing the vision of an artist and a new way to bring beauty to everyday life. Chung Hye Yeon, better known as Grace Hye, is a South Korean artist and fashion designer. The 32-year-old entrepreneur runs her fashion brand with the name of Grace Hye. She tries her hand with perfection in paintings, ceramics, interior decoration and fashion designs. Her creations art works and also fashion designs are characterised by high quality and personal touch. They are oriented to a clientele looking for high-end quality products. Community recently caught up with Grace to talk about her personal and professional life. Please describe your journey thus far. I was born and brought up in South Korea. I have two sisters and a brother. I am married to a Spaniard, who I met in France and got married in He works in Qatar. I was a decent student and my parents wanted me to broaden my horizons. However, I chose to study fashion and art. In 2008, I completed Double Bachelor Degree of Fiber Art and Digital Design from Kyung-won University in South Korea. In 2012, I got Master of Fashion Design and Modelling from École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in France. Since completion of my studies, I have been living in France. I have been following my interests in fashion design and artwork. As an artist, I have organised many group and solo exhibitions. All my solo exhibitions have been held in France. I took part in Qatar International Art Festival last year. I am working towards holding a solo exhibition of my creative works in Qatar next month. On the fashion front, I have worked with different famous houses in France, including Lanvin, Maurizio Galante, and John Galliano. I also happened to be an assistant designer for women s fashion. In 2015, I founded my own fashion brand Grace Hye. I work for the brand as artistic director and fashion designer. I have also conducted many fashion shows in Parish highlighting my designs and brand. I also create and design jewelry, shoes and handbags for women. How did you develop an interest in painting? I used to draw different things when I was very young as a student. Since then, I have not given up my interest in art. However, professionally I began doing paintings in 2014 in France. I started having my own collections. I have attended some 20 exhibitions so far. Safari World Black ink on paper. The first of a Hide and Seek Series of paintings. A silent dialogue between all living creatures. The Black Ink paintings are part of my Safari World, a hide and seek Series of Paintings where I refer to natural metaphors in order to express human feelings and emotions. I think that it is important for everyone to bring art and beauty in their everyday life and that is what I try with my art works and also with my fashion collections. I want the people to stop and think how beautiful our world can be and they should bring these feelings to their everyday actions Resin and mix-media on canvas. The geometric paintings belong to my New Composition, another Series of Paintings inspired by Mondrian. What kind of art do you follow and what techniques do you employ? I am basically interested in modern art. I also bring some subjects from South Korea. I like working on papers with Chinese ink. I draw whatever inspires me. I have many details in my artworks. I play a kind of hide and seek in my paintings. We cannot figure out what my paintings are about very quickly. We need to see and think about what I have drawn. After sometime, one can find meaning and story in my work. Continued on Page 6 Coco Zebre 2017: Varnish finish pottery. Dream Vases: Varnish finish pottery.

6 6 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 STANDOUT: During the Paris Fashion Week last year. Grace Hye organised the Pop-up store for the Week. Grace Hye Collection for 2017 International Fashion Art Exhibition in Paris. Grace Hye Collection shirt Emile Violette and trousers Diane Noir. Hye likes to bring a new depth and artistic codes to everyday objects. Every day, I develop designs. Every day, I change my mind, too. Though fashion is similar to art, it is at the same time, different. For me, art is little bit freer. As an artist, I can create something for myself. Fashion is more like a commercial thing. While designing, I can put forward my opinion, but the opinion of others and current trends are more important Grace Hye Collection Top Full Bloom, made with high quality silk of Lyon weaver. Grace Hye Collection Earrings Shaly. Continued form Page 5 I can explain what my paintings are about. However, I want people to think. I like to surprise people with my works. I use splash of colours in my paintings. It is always up to the people how they perceive my work. I am impressed by many contemporary artists in France, but I am really inspired by Pablo Picasso, the legendry Spanish painter. I love his paintings. I also admire works of Joan Miró i Ferrà, also a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. What is art for you and what are your plans in future? Today, art and fashion are a very important part of my life. I have always been a very curious and creative person. As an artist, I have a very particular vision of the world and I would like to share it with as many people as possible, by doing an art exhibition, a fashion show or by opening a pop-up store. I think that it is important for everyone to bring art and beauty in their everyday life and that is what I try with my art works and also with my fashion collections. I want the people to stop and think how beautiful our world can be and they should bring these feelings to their everyday actions. In future, I want to continue working as an artist and fashion designer. I want to have more and more exhibitions to showcase my work. I want to be a part of different art galleries. Throw some light on your fashion designs Every day, I develop designs. Every day, I change my mind, too. Though fashion is similar to art, it is at the same time, different. For me, art is little bit freer. As an artist, I can create something for myself. Fashion is more like a commercial thing. While designing, I can put forward my opinion, but the opinion of others and current trends are more important. I work closely with my customers for my fashion brand. I want what my customers want. My main goal is to continue developing my brand Grace Hye by opening a store for my collections. I am sure that I will continue working with art and fashion all my life, but at the same time I keep my spirit open to the surprises that any new day might bring. I will follow an open path towards my goal. How has been your experience coming to Qatar? I never imagined that one day I would come to Qatar. I came here last year. I took part in an exhibition and met many good people. I got encouraged and now I am going to have my solo exhibition. I see a lot of opportunities here. The artist community of Qatar is very vibrant and passionate. I see different genres of art here. I was happy to see different subjects, especially Arab, in paintings.

7 Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 7 Chaliyar Doha organises an event to mark Qatar s 2019 AFC Asian Cup win Chaliyar Doha, an environmental and sports organisation affiliated to Indian Cultural Centre, recently organised an event to celebrate Qatar s win in 2019 AFC Asian Cup. The event was inaugurated by Nusrath Jahan, Vice Chairman of Malabar Development Forum. VC Mashood, President of Chaliyar Doha, presided over the event. Various community leaders spoke at the event, including Muneera Basheer, Ajmal Areakode, Shanavas C.P, Sameel Chaliyam, Basheer Manakkadav, Raghunath Feroke, Jabir Beypore, Sunil Mathur and Lais Kuniyil. Abdul Latheef Feroke welcomed the gathering. Chaliyar Doha is all set to organise an event to mark Qatar National Sport Day on February 12 at 7am. The event will kick off with a march past from Pearl Signal to Wakrah Stadium. Majizia Bhanu, Gold Medallist of World Power Lifting Championship, will address the gathering. DPS-MIS organises workshop on Brain Utilisation in Learning and Development DPS-Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS) recently organised a workshop on Brain Utilisation in Learning and Development for its faculty members. The workshop was conducted by Saiju Aravind, Founder and Chief Mentor of EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions. Speaking on the occasion, Asna Nafees, Principal of DPS-MIS, expressed her appreciation for the relentless quest to make quality learning easy and affordable. The headmistresses of different sections at DPS-MIS presented a memento to Saiju Aravind. PICPA Qatar Chapter acquires QFC registration The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Qatar Chapter recently acquired its Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) registration. QFC provides a platform for a wide range of business and professional organisations for quick and easy license processing. The registration certificates were handed over to PICPA Qatar Chapter by the officials of QFC, led by Raed al-emadi, Chief Commercial Officer. Rommel A Huenda, Senior Executive Function of PICPA Doha LLC(G), received the registration certificates. PICPA Doha also recently held a seminar at La Cigale Hotel about Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 16-Leases. Over 80 professionals from various companies and business sectors in Qatar attended the seminar. Sharon C Dela Cruz, President of PICPA, welcomed the gathering. Sagun Vaidya, Deloitte Qatar s Audit and Advisory Principal, and Michelle Eugene Baraquio, Audit Manager, facilitated the discussion. The seminar highlighted the core technical principles for identification of leases, its recognition and measurement, lease term, determining discount rate, transition and the disclosures required under the said IFRS. The discussion also included the effects of the updates on business entities particularly those with major assets under operating leases. The attendees also earned up to four continuing professional development units. Elmer H Espiritu, Senior Vice President of PICPA, congratulated the council for successful seminar and thanked everyone for their participation.

8 8 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 ASSEMBLY: Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS) recently organised a special assembly Fancy Dress for the students of Grade I-II. Many students were dressed as super heroes, idealising the popular cartoon characters. GISK celebrates Annual Day Greenwood International School and Kindergarten (GISK) recently celebrated their Annual Day Spirit of Unity at Qatar National Convention Centre. Amala James, Director of GISK, presided over the event. Syanthi Sandeep welcomed the gathering and Sujith Kumar, Vice Principal of GISK, presented an annual report highlighting the achievements of the school for the previous year. Addressing the gathering, Nasser bin al-dosari, sponsor of GISK, appreciated the management for organising the event. The chief guests at the event, included Anand Victor, Principal of Scholars International School; Baburajan, President of ICBF; Santhosh, Regional Head of Malabar Gold; and Dr Binu Babu Mathew, representative of Parent Association. Dr Raghavan Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank, was the guest of honour. Speaking on the occasion, he highlighted the importance of looking up and observing everything around. He appreciated the school s hard work for organising the event. The high achieving students of the school were also felicitated at the event. Speaking on the occasion, Amala James motivated the parents not to pressurise the students for studies and to find their hidden talent and promote it. She also honoured long serving faculty members for their services. Faculty members were also presented with Employee of the Year award in every department. TS Varghese, Co-Partner; Shone V Samuel, CFO; and Renji James, COO, were also present on the occasion. Vimal Pinto, HR Manager at GISK, and Renji James, COO, proposed a vote of thanks. The event was compered by Sagarika Reddy and Sangeetha. The event also featured various cultural performances. ICAI Doha Chapter wins Best Chapter Overseas Award Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Doha Chapter recently won the Best Chapter Overseas Award at the 69th Annual Function of the Institute held at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, India. The chapter has bagged third position. The award is conferred for professional excellence by conducting high quality seminars, providing services for members and students of the chapter and the social responsibility of the chapter towards the society. The award also evaluates the efforts taken by the chapter towards the growth of accounting profession in Qatar. The award was presented by Shri Rajiv Mehrishi, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, along with Naveen ND Gupta, President of ICAI, and Prafulla P Chhajed, Vice President of ICAI. The award was received by Rupalakshmi Setty, Chairperson of ICAI Doha Chapter, and Rukkaiya Pachisa, Vice Chairperson. Rupalakshmi Setty said, This is the third consecutive year the chapter has been awarded best overseas chapter award and this award is in recognition of the efforts undertaken by the chapter for professional development of finance professionals in Qatar. The chapter has conducted regular profession development seminars, social events and recently its 5th International Conference which was well attended by the finance professionals in the region.

9 TECHNOLOGY Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 9 Staying sane in online world where everything looks perfect Social media can pile on the pressure to have a perfect life, making users feel depressed and inadequate. Above all, it s those who passively use apps such as Instagram and Facebook who are likely to suffer negative effects, according to psychologists. PSYCHOLOGIST: Sonja Utz says people who use social media passively are more likely to feel depressed or inadequate, while those who interact regularly have a more positive experience. NEGATIVE EFFECT: A picture of perfection? Social media can have a negative effect on our self image, psychologists say especially for passive users. By Karolin RothbartBy Karolin Rothbart US president Theodore Roosevelt once said that comparison is the thief of joy. And he wasn t even on Instagram. The feeds are full of meals that make you salivate; idyllic-looking faraway places; and selfies that look so good they make you feel like an ugly ogre. In the parallel online world of social media, everyone else s lives appear to be perfect. But while it s no secret that most of the images are staged, depending on how someone uses social media, they can still have a negative effect on the viewer s mental health. More than anything, it s passive consumption that can worsen the mood of a user, says psychologist Sonya Utz. And simply telling yourself you won t make comparisons doesn t work, according to a 2017 review paper on the use of social media networks, which found a negative correlation between passive use and well-being. People nearly always show their best sides on Facebook, Instagram, etc, explains Utz. For the most part, passive users experience upward comparisons or comparing themselves to those who they perceive to be better. These comparisons can lead to low levels of self-worth and unhappiness with one s own life situation. On the other hand, according to the review paper written by various researchers, there s a positive correlation between the active use of social networks and well-being, Utz says. By interacting with other people, you can begin to build up your social capital. Users who write comments, chat, argue and have discussions with others find social media to be a tool that can enrich their lives. For Karin Kruemmel, there is one rule that should be remembered above all others in the online era. Real life must always come first, says the psychologist. Otherwise things will be precarious. Appreciation from friends and family is hard to replace with only virtual likes and followers you ve never met in person. In order to avoid the dangerous pull of comparison and evaluation on social media, it s very important to have a stable social structure. Moreover, the question of one s own worth is also important. As a life coach, I often work with people who have been oppressed by the pressure of social media, explains Kruemmel. In those cases I always advise asking the question: Which values are actually important to me? Most come up with the same answers: honesty, sincerity, frankness things that are often in short supply on social media. But people can still learn how to use the apps in line with their own values, adds Kruemmel. That includes portraying yourself online the way you wish others would. This is not necessarily a bad thing there are many other people looking for authenticity online as well. That s how some Instagram stars, such as Celeste Barber, have found their audience. The Australian comedian, who has 5 million followers, takes perfect Instagram images and recreates them in less-than-perfect style. It s a good idea to make a note of the people who you regularly compare yourself to online, says Falk Hedemann, who deals with social media and other topics on his blog and also advises businesses. We ourselves can determine whom we follow in the different networks, he says. Those who follow influencers and celebrities who have the goal of getting as many likes as possible are constantly confronted with a world of illusion. Algorithms can make things worse, too: They distort our perceptions, in that our real friends often have lower levels of interaction and are therefore shown lower down or less in our feeds, explains Hedemann. To take back a little control over what you see, consider looking at who you follow and banish one or two people from your own stream. Catarina Katzer, a specialist in digital behaviour, has a few tips for making sure you re not online all the time, including using apps that tell you how long you are spending on your phone, and putting it out of sight so that you re not tempted to check the screen every few minutes. Additionally, at gatherings with friends or family, consider collecting everyone s phones and making the person who checks his or her smartphone first pay for the next round of food or do the dishes. Katzer says that leaving the house without your phone from time to time is also a good habit. Many people realise that they don t miss much during a grocery store trip or a lunch date without a phone. DPA

10 10 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 QUIZ Connecting communities and culture Twitter. On April 2, 2019, it plans to stop offering its consumer version and will begin deleting the site. Google+ Back in 2004 when Hey Ya! was still topping the charts, young Mark Zuckerberg, the 19-yearold sophomore, and his Harvard roommates unleashed TheFacebook.com. Within 24 hours of the launch of this dorm room project, the social network had more than 1,000 users. In the sesqui decade that followed, that sliver has expanded far beyond anyone s expectations, including Zuckerberg s. In its most recent earnings update, Facebook had 2.3 billion monthly active users, transforming from a website for poking your college crush to, arguably, the largest director of human attention in our species history. Love it or hate it, Zuckerberg s creation has forever changed how people connect across communities and culture, how businesses make money and how politicians seize power. Facebook is where people announce their engagements, babies, or even divorces and where statesponsored trolls wage cyberwar against other countries. Facebook is how millions of NGOs collect donations and how hate-mongers rally their followers to kill people. It is also arguably the largest repository of personal information about humankind to ever exist. As you d expect from the world s most popular social media site, Facebook has interesting factoids, and more than a few trivia tidbits that can be brought out to impress friends over a coffee. TheFacebook.com didn t become Facebook.com until Zuckerberg purchased the domain for $200,000 in The company wouldn t acquire its shorter URL, fb.com, until 2011, when it bought it from, of all places, the American Farm Bureau Federation. The deal cost the social network a whopping $8.5 million. Yahoo offered $1 billion to buy Facebook in September 2006 but Zuckerberg turned it down. I don t know what I could do with the money, Zuckerberg reportedly said. In September 2009, almost five years since the site launched, Facebook turned profit for the first time. There s a reason behind Facebook s blue colour scheme. Mark Zuckerberg suffers from redgreen colour-blindness. It certainly doesn t hurt that blue is also strongly associated with trust and security, two concepts essential in getting people to voluntarily part with their personal information. Facebook s Like button used A DECADE AN A HALF: Back in 2004 when Hey Ya! was still topping the charts, young Mark Zuckerberg, the 19-yearold sophomore, and his Harvard roommates unleashed TheFacebook.com. to be the Awesome button. This was vetoed by Zuckerberg in Simply sharing aspects of our lives wasn t enough. The Like button fed human beings constant craving for validation by turning every post into a popularity contest. Likes came to drive corporate decision making. They became informal poll tests for politicians. Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, calls himself a Harvard Graduate when in fact he didn t graduate (apparently his reply is that there isn t a setting for dropout ) The scale of Facebook s early profits gave it the means to gobble up its competitions. It bought photosharing app Instagram in 2012, beloved of the trendier, younger and female audience. In 2014, it splashed out 16.6bn on WhatsApp, the closed social network used by families, clubs and neighbours for the kind of messages they prefer to keep off their more public Facebook pages. Despite the scandals and subsequent #DeleteFacebook campaign, its revenue reached around $55 billion in The vast majority of that income is generated through advertising, with just $825mn generated from payments and other fees. It s hard to remember a time when the social network wasn t ubiquitous. We do see people having more power, and there is a long-term trend RARE: Kadupul flower is known to bloom on rare occasions, and only at night. The flower may take a year to bloom, and when it does, it wilts before it sees the dawn. Tribe NI.yays 1. The newly-crowned Asian football champion, Qatar, has climbed to 55th in the latest FIFA /Coca-Cola World Ranking, gaining 38 places. What is its best ever FIFA ranking and when was it attained? 53rd in August, (Fatima Rasool, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar, Doha) 2. Which flower is known to bloom on rare occasions, and only at night? (The flower may take a year to bloom, and when it does, it wilts before it sees the dawn.) Kadupul Flower, also known as Night Queen. (Ghamini Uththiya, St. Paul s Girls School, Colombo) Do you have some interesting bytes to share? And, does your vibe attract you to the Tribe NI.yays! Every week two of your best questions will be featured here. Please do write to us at reshaping society to be more open and accountable over time. As such, Facebook has been the subject of intense scrutiny following a number of data breaches and questions over user privacy. The social network has a job to do to win back public trust. Welcome to Nutty s Infotainment. YAYS!. And your time starts NOW! Which company has its HQ at 1 Hacker Way, also known as 1601 Willow Road, at Menlo Park, California? Facebook, Inc. Prior to a major homepage redesign in 2007, Facebook s front page used to feature a man s face partly obscured with a fog of ones and zeros, the elementary components of digital media. Who was this mystery man? Al Pacino. You Don t Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making a Few Enemies is part of theatrical release poster of which movie? The Social Network. The film portrays the founding of Facebook and the resulting lawsuits. What is claim to fame of Reta Watson of London, as far as Facebook is concerned? At 103, she is the oldest Facebook user. If you think you are too old to use Facebook, think again! Name the Internet-based social network, launched by one of the Big Four in June 2011 in an attempt to challenge other social networks such as Facebook and What s the Good Word? 1. Malarkey: (a) echo (b) foolishness (c) cupreous (d) dynamics 2. Bibble: (a) berate (b) pester (c) to eat/drink noisily (d) brag 3. Collop: (a) box (b) unit of strain (c) din (d) slice of meat 4. Fugacious: (a) consonant (b) fleeting (c) obnoxious (d) fragile 5. Ethereal: (a) delicate (b) earthly (c) sneaky (d) minor 6. Sonorous: (a) amorphous (b) Mutaz Essa Barshim won Qatar s first silver medal in summer Olympics at the Rio Who won the first medal for Qatar at summer Olympic Games? Mohammed Suleiman won bronze in Men s 1500 metres at 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The IAAF World Championships, commonly referred to as the World Championships in Athletics, is a biennial athletics event organised by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). London hosted the last edition in Which city will host the event this year from September 27? Doha In Welsh, February is sometimes known as Y Mis Bach. What does it mean? Little month or short month What flavour ice cream did Baskin-Robbins release in 1969 to commemorate America s landing on the moon? Lunar Cheesecake Identify the below winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature who was born this day (February 10) in He started writing his most famous work in 1915 but did not finish it until It was banned in the then USSR for more than 30 years. Its movie version was directed by David Lean and received five Golden Globes and five Oscars. (Answer next week. Answer to last week s photo-quiz: Woody Allen) corpulent (c) amenable (d) resonant 7. Reverie: (a) sluggish (b) daydream (c) etiquette (d) a small gulf 8. Lassitude: (a) weariness (b) width (c) deliberate (d) excitement 9. Bombinate: (a) charm (b) explode (c) buzz (d) blend 10. Fauxpology: (a) study of lies (b) panacea (c) insincere apology (d) study of fossils Answers: 1 (b); 2 (c); 3 (d); 4 (b); 5 (a); 6 (d); 7 (b); 8 (a); 9 (c); 10 (c)

11 INFOGRAPHIC Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 11 SOTU ADDRESS: President Donald Trump delivering the State of the Union address, with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, at the Capitol in Washington, DC on February 5.

12 12 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 CARTOONS/PUZZLES Wordsearch Adam Movie Director ACTORS BUDGET CAMERA CAST CINEMA CREW DOUBLE EDIT EXTRAS FILM LIGHTS LOCATION PART PICTURE PRINT PRODUCER PROPS REHEARSAL ROLE SCENE SCREENPLAY SCRIPT SETS SHOT SOUND STAGE STAR STORY STUDIO STUNTS TAKE TRAILER WARDROBE WRITER Pooch Cafe Codeword Every letter of the alphabet is used at least once. Squares with the same number in have the same letter in. Work out which number represents which letter. Puzzles courtesy: Puzzlechoice.com Garfield Sudoku Bound And Gagged Sudoku is a puzzle based on a 9x9 grid. The grid is also divided into nine (3x3) boxes. You are given a selection of values and to complete the puzzle, you must fill the grid so that every column, every anone is repeated.

13 PUZZLES Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 13 Super Cryptic Clues Colouring ACROSS 1. Is no longer out when one visits (5,5) 6. That s right: a dessert pudding (4) 10. Talk I figure in that s not meant to be overheard (7) 11. I had to learn differently in the country (7) 12. To put it briefly, record it with some I arranged (9) 13. Between pa and it, there s a rope (5) 14. Stand in front of you while you sit (5) 15. Rubbing out the word doing (9) 17. The sex criminal is found working in a hospital (9) 20. He can turn back time, it is held (5) 21. It s up to Rex to get one money (5) 23. The tourist has to see a clairvoyant (9) 25. It is a nation divided, lady (7) 26. In awful weather, play (7) 27. A launching pad of the first flight (4) 28. Peevish and of a sickly disposition? (3-7) DOWN 1. Manage to trap a second in the wood (5) 2. What we really want to discuss is where the pipe comes out (4,5) 3. School bench? (4,2,8) 4. The former, I note, had been compiled by yours truly (3-4) 5. The greenness of a vine twining on top of the terrace (7) 7. Not fitting the rest into it (5) 8. Can, under coercion, take the point, showing stamina (9) 9. Try not to laugh? (7,7) 14. Come in with the one in brown and put on an act (9) 16. Trailing at that point, foolishly I ran for cover (2,3,4) 18. Isn t wrong, on the whole, to put it in (7) 19. The giant said Shut up, firmly (7) 22. Ready, is taking up positions (5) 24. For a time, angry about having been scolded (5) Answers Wordsearch Codeword Yesterday s Solutions ACROSS: 1 Detached 5 Sealed 10 In extreme danger 11 Emerald 12 Dilutes 13 Assemble 15 Set-to 18 Reach 20 Optional 23 Caramel 25 Banners 26 List to starboard 27 Tenure 28 Consorts. DOWN: 1 Drives 2 The Red Sea 3 Cottage 4 Emend 6 Enables 7 Light 8 Derision 9 Headrest 14 Bootless 16 Trade fair 17 Bracelet 19 Hamster 21 Omnibus 22 Asides 24 Resin 25 Beano.

14 14 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 LIFESTYLE/HOROSCOPE Children should go out and play In this age of computer games, it is important that children should go out and play with neighbourhood kids. A new study says that parents who home-school their children may think that putting them into organised sports and physical activities keeps them fit but the young need much more. The researchers, including Laura Kabiri from the Rice University, said the problem lies in how much activity is part of organised regimen. The authors said parents should give their children more time for unstructured physical activity every day. Parents know if they... don t see their kids breathing and sweating hard, then they re not getting enough exercise, Kabiri said. So there should be more opportunities for unstructured activity. Get your kids outside and let them run around and play with the neighbourhood kids and ride their bikes. According to the World Health Organisation, children should get about an hour of primarily aerobic activity a day. But other studies have noted children involved in non-elite sports actually get only minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise they require. For the study, published in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, the researchers studied data gathered from 100 home-schooled children aged between IANS ARIES March 21 April 19 Certain people close to you are very demanding today. They may ask you to deal with thankless tasks that use up your precious energy. Avoid spreading yourself too thin if you want to reach your goals. Usually you aren t afraid of anything. Nothing can get in your way. From now on, take the time to think about things before you act, Aries. That way, your dreams will come true more quickly. CANCER June 21 July 22 The stars are pushing you to accept more responsibility in your life. In fact, you may not think you can do it, but everything will work out just fine. At the moment, you seem to have a special gift for leading other people, making decisions, and doing whatever is necessary to finish up group projects. It s too bad you really underestimate yourself! LIBRA September 23 October 22 Life just seems to be smiling on you at the moment, Libra. Some sort of mystical force has entered your life and is enriching your contact and with other people. It allows you to make a success of anything you undertake. Luck is really on your side, and you re on cloud nine. Have you made friends with the angels up there yet? CAPRICORN December 22 January 19 The period just ahead of you promises a lot of luck and success. The initiatives you will take in your career or personal life will come off without a hitch. You should think about trying some kind of new activity on a professional level. Take advantage of all the good luck in the air. Don t be afraid to burn the candle at both ends now and live life to the fullest. TAURUS April 20 May 20 You and your friends may have been planning a party for some time. Now you realise it s entirely up to you to actually make things happen, Taurus. It seems that if you re going to get anywhere, you need to take charge and delegate responsibility. You like to be in this position. Your great creative mind could give you a load of ideas for a party that no one will forget. LEO July 23 August 22 You seem to have the bad habit of putting off until tomorrow what you can do today, Leo, especially those little daily things that seem to pile up, like writing letters, paying bills, getting a health checkup, or cleaning the house. However, today is a great day to deal with these monotonous tasks, so seize the moment. SCORPIO October 23 November 21 At the moment, Scorpio, the planets are aligned in a way that encourages communication and the written word. Therefore, you may feel like taking the plunge and writing that book you ve been thinking about for a long time. It will probably be a great success. You re very gifted when it comes to this kind of creative activity. Go for it and stop making excuses! AQUARIUS January 20 February 18 After a recent financial problem, you ve decided to take the bull by the horns and do what you need to do. You re used to being in control of a situation, and small financial worries aren t going to get you down. After all, money isn t everything. On top of your ability to react to a problem, your originality and self-sacrificing attitude will help you deal with this situation. GEMINI May 21 June 20 Luck is finally on your side, Gemini. And you deserve it, because you really worked hard to get these results in your life. In astrology, as in life, you can t succeed just by sheer luck. Success is often the result of a lot of energy you expend or something you may have changed on the inside. So continue to give off the positive energy that s responsible for your success. VIRGO August 23 September 22 When you least expect it, success comes into your life. You can say goodbye to the dreariness of daily routine, fears, and changing moods. You re now entering a period of wonderful good luck and success. All this comes despite the fact that sometimes you might lack confidence in yourself. That doesn t matter anymore, because success is on your side from now on. SAGITTARIUS November 22 December 21 For a while now, you ve wanted to change something about your lifestyle or behaviour towards the people you love, Sagittarius. You want your life to go in a new direction, but you don t want to upset the people around you. Maybe your friends and family want the same thing for you. Do away with your preconceived notions about things and let yourself go with this idea. PISCES February 19 March 20 You re entering a positive period of calm and vitality, Pisces. There s a harmonic atmosphere. You feel very close to the people you love, and they will show you just how much they care about you. Don t try and understand the unexpected nature of the wonderful vibe around you. Just live life to the fullest today.

15 SHOWBIZ Sunday, February 10, 2019 GULF TIMES 15 Women take the lead at this year s Grammys SUPERSTAR: Ranveer Singh looks back at his struggle during his initial days in his acting career. When Ranveer Singh questioned his acting dream Actor Ranveer Singh says there was a time when he thought he would never make it big in Bollywood as he had no filmy connections. I had a struggle period; my first realisation of becoming a mainstream actor was perhaps a bit farfetched. It was in the 10th standard. I sort of realised that my dream - after all - may not come true because most of the people around me were from a filmy lineage, Ranveer said. The actor looked back at his struggle in his initial days in his acting career during an episode of Starry Nights 2. Oh!. The episode will air on Zee Cafe today, read a statement. I thought to settle for something which seems within my reach. So, I decided to join a university in America for further studies and I was late to register for classes due to procrastination only to find out that the acting class for non-majors had a slot empty, so I enrolled myself in, he added. I was told to perform on my first day by my instructor and everybody loved the performance, and that is when I realised I am a performer. Ranveer, who made his debut in 2010 with the film Band Baaja Baaraat as a raw Delhi boy, proved his mettle in the various roles in films like Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Lootera, Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela, Gunday, Dil Dhadakne Do and Bajirao Mastani. He added more power to his star status with Padmaavat and Simmba. Social media helped me become an actor: Kartik Aaryan Actor Kartik Aaryan says social media helped him find his way into Bollywood. I think social media has helped me out to become an actor. It was through Facebook and Google that I used to look out for auditions, Kartik said. Because I didn t know anyone so I used to search for it, I used to type keywords like actors required or casting calls on Facebook and Google, he added. Kartik opened up about his journey in Bollywood when he appeared on Karan Johar s chat show Koffee with Karana, which is aired on Star World, read a statement. When Karan further asked if his parents approved of his career decision, he said: Mummy, Papa didn t want me to become an actor. Looking back, he said: I would get rejected every day. Every day they would tell me I m not fit. Known for Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, he will soon be seen in Luka Chuppi. IANS APPROVAL: Kartik Aaryan says his parents did not want him to become an actor. HOST: Alicia Keys will host the 61st annual Grammy Awards slated for today. By Mikael Wood With scheduled performances by Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Kacey Musgraves, Janelle Monae and hey, why not? the always-welcome Diana Ross, today s Grammy Awards ceremony promises to reflect with some accuracy a record business that for years has been fronted by female artists. Behind the scenes, though, the show will mirror a different situation: pop music s shortage of women in offstage positions of power. Like much of the entertainment industry, the Grammys are controlled by men in this case, the duo of Recording Academy chief Neil Portnow and executive producer Ken Ehrlich, who s overseen the CBS telecast since And the world they re feting is no less male-dominated. According to a study published last week by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, women are systematically pushed aside in the recording studio, where male producers outnumber female by a ratio of 47 to 1. Analysing the 700 most popular songs since 2012 (as ranked on Billboard s Hot 100), the study found that women made up a mere 12 percent of the songwriters responsible for those tunes and that just 10 guys wrote nearly a quarter of them. Yet this year s Grammy nominations show signs of improvement. Beyond the high number of nods for female performers itself a gain from 2018, when not a single one was up for record of the year the crop includes many women who write or produce for themselves or others. Monae, Musgraves and H.E.R. are nominated as both artists and producers in the album of the year category, while song of the year recognises seven female songwriters, including 24-year-old Sarah Aarons, who co-wrote The Middle, performed by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey. Lady Gaga is up for the latter prize as well as record of the year with her smash Shallow, from A Star Is Born, which she co-wrote and co-produced. And among Brandi Carlile s six nods are three tied to her song writing. Then there s Linda Perry, the first woman to be nominated since 2004 for producer of the year a Grammy no woman has ever won. Why is this important? Because awards shows, to the extent that they re important at all, establish value systems that determine how creative industries operate. They influence judgments about who gets opportunities; they make visible to young people the kinds of jobs available to them. And as this year s nominees demonstrate, we re far better off as listeners when women pursue production and songwriting in addition to singing and rapping. I ll acknowledge here that Perry s nomination is something of a lifetimeachievement honour; her recent work cited by the Recording Academy on records by Willa Amai and Dorothy, among other obscure names hardly moved the needle in 2018 as stuff by her competitors, including Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, did. Of course, male producers have been enjoying symbolic nods for ages, so it s only fair that a woman finally should too. (Sorry, Larry Klein.) More to the point, though, it s the trail Perry helped blaze in her heyday, back when she was writing and producing hits for Pink and Christina Aguilera, that some of her fellow nominees are now following and which they in turn will widen for their successors. Representation clearly matters. For Monae and Musgraves, the result of each woman s taking charge in the studio was an artistic breakthrough Dirty Computer and Golden Hour, respectively hard to imagine happening under somebody else s watch. Both albums draw deeply on the talents of other players and producers, but each does so in service of a personal vision that was probably easier to execute than to explain. H.E.R. s self-titled album is selfconsciously rooted in the R&B auterism of mid- 70s Stevie Wonder, which is likely why it connected with so many Grammy voters. (Ditto Carlile s willful throwback to the days of confessional singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Carole King.) And though Shallow was shaped by pros from both the record business and Hollywood, who would dispute that Lady Gaga s experience with her own voice is what led to everyone s favourite part of the song? A prayer for freedom, the singer recently called that famous whoa-ohoh bit, and thank goodness she was empowered as a producer to showcase it. This month, shortly before the USC study was released, the Recording Academy detailed a new programme intended to bring more women into that kind of decision-making role. Describing a status quo that has existed for centuries, Tina Tchen of the academy s diversity task force said in a statement that the music industry is at a crossroads. Here s hoping the Grammy nominations are an indication that it knows which way to go. Los Angeles Times/ TNS

16 16 GULF TIMES Sunday, February 10, 2019 Young climate change activist represents Qatar in Davos By Mudassir Raja A young Indian expatriate represented Qatar in the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently held in Davos, Switzerland as one of the 50 Global Shapers invited every year at the forum. Neeshad Shafi, a member of the Global Shaper Doha Hub, along with the shapers from other parts of the world raised important issues from responding to disasters and combating poverty, to fighting climate change and building inclusive communities. Neeshad s application was accepted for his contribution in Qatar towards raising awareness about climate change and advocacy for sustainable development goals. Community recently spoke to him about his experience of being in Davos as a young leader from Qatar. When asked to comment on the significance of being a part of the 50 global shapers at Davos, Neeshad said: The Global Shapers are a network of more than 7,000 young people working to address local, regional and global challenges. It is an initiative of WEF. Around 50 of them get invited to the forum every year. It is a huge mandate regarding my work on climate change advocacy and awareness in Qatar and to Doha Hub of Global Shapers for doing extraordinary work in our own respective communities. Regarding the selection criterion ACTIVIST: Neeshad Shafi is a member of the Global Shaper Doha Hub and extensively campaigns to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable development goals. for WEF, he said: To apply for it, you need to be a global shaper with any hub across the globe. I submitted a video message highlighting different works that I have been doing in Qatar. I feel proud that I was selected based on my immense work with the hub and as well as for my initiative of Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar. I was able to give young people (especially from Arab World) a voice at the gathering, where older politicians and corporate leaders tend to dominate. When asked to explain what he has been doing in Qatar so far, Neeshad said: Ever since I move to Qatar four years ago, I have been known to be an environmental activist, educator, speaker and a social change advocate for my extensive campaigns to raise the awareness about climate change and sustainable development goals both offline and online channels of communications. I hold a master s degree in Environmental Engineering. Over the years, I gained extensive experience in analysing global environmental and climate politics, with a special focus on the Middle East. Further, this lead me to be a part of several global environmental youth groups and have contributed to international summits related to climate policy and youth s role in development. Since 2015, I have been actively part of the UNFCCC climate negotiation process and been invited to UN climate change conferences for last three years. I have also attended a variety of international forums and conferences representing Qatar. When asked how being in Qatar helped him in reaching Davos, he said: I became a global shaper in Qatar. As a Global Shaper in Doha Hub for one year, I have played a crucial rule raising awareness about environment and climate change. It is in Qatar that I have been organising extensive education and awareness initiatives on different issues. In Qatar, I got appreciated and recognised for my efforts both by the government agencies and international community here. I believe that it is because of Qatar, I got selected to attend the forum as a young leader. I hope that my efforts will encourage the youth in Qatar to step forward and become future leaders. Regarding his contribution at the Davos meeting, he said: As a shaper, I was fortunate to share youth perspective on Voice for Planet initiative in two panel discussions along with eminent scholars, activists and NGO heads. I also attended an open forum with young school students in Davos. I also highlighted the efforts and initiatives Qatar has been taking to deal with climate change. In the coming months, we are planning to work on climate change topic with Global Shapers Doha Hub in collaboration with Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar. DAVOS: World Economic Forum (WEF) invites 50 Global Shapers every year to the forum held at Davos, Switzerland.