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1 NOV/DEC 2017 Shanghai s Newest Fashion & Lifestyle Destination 上海最新時尚生活地標 HKRI Taikoo Hui 興業太古滙 04 Rediscovering the Wonders of Christmas 尋獲聖誕新驚喜 06 The Swire Properties Library Is Live! The Swire Properties Library 現已推出! Green Activities 2018 年環保活動 18 Swire Properties Everyday Superheroes 太古地產的超級英雄

2 SPOTLIGHT 焦點 Shanghai s Newest Fashion & Lifestyle Destination HKRI Taikoo Hui Swire Properties and our partner HKR International launched HKRI Taikoo Hui (HTH) amidst great fanfare last November, marking the last major development in West Nanjing Road District. As our fifth mixed-use development in Mainland China and first ever in Shanghai, HTH is a strong example of Swire Properties' expertise in transforming urban areas and creating projects in prime locations at major transport hubs. HTH comprises a shopping mall, two Grade-A office towers, two luxury hotels and one serviced apartment building. However, its true edge is its focus on a simple but powerful retail trend experiences. Nowadays, making purchases simply isn t enough. Consumers want more, especially in the highly competitive retail industry. This has brought about a new breed of shopping destinations that focus on offering unique retail experiences that complement and raise a customer s shopping experience to the next level. And HTH is leading this charge in Shanghai. To begin with, HTH hand-picked its 250-plus retail and F&B tenants to ensure that there are offerings for every segment of shopper. For example, while mum is looking at cosmetics, dad can shop for cars next door and the children can explore the Disney store. Everything at HTH was planned meticulously to ensure that there are experiences at every corner of our development, says Clarence Lee, General Manager Leasing & Management, HKRI Taikoo Hui. Take for example our beauty corridor, which features one of Shanghai s most comprehensive lineups of standalone beauty and skincare brands. In addition to consumer goods, many of these retailers offer exclusive spa services, allowing shoppers to experience the brand. We don t want visitors to simply walk in and out with their purchases. Rather, we want them to see our development as a destination where they can continually experience new and exciting things. This concept of experiences has also been applied to the mall s F&B, with anchor tenant Starbucks Reserve Roastery as a shining example. This is no ordinary coffee hangout; it s the world s biggest and Starbucks most ambitious project at 2,700 sqm. It s an interactive coffee and retail destination that offers three coffee bars, a fully integrated in-store and online customer experience, including augmented reality (AR), and Mainland China s first Starbucks Teavana Bar. In total, HTH has approximately 45 eateries offering more than 13 types of international cuisine. As retail trends rapidly evolve, we wanted to give the shopping experience another boost. This came in the form of our 10-plus dedicated spaces for exclusive events and activities, themed around art, culture, sports and fashion to name but a few areas, adds Lee. Since its opening, HTH has already hosted "Shoes: Pleasure and Pain", a collaboration between Swire Properties and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the world s leading museum of art and design. This critically acclaimed exhibition features over 140 pairs of shoes from around the world, and visitors can admire footwear and dive into the fascinating world of the shoe collector. Lee adds, HKRI Taikoo Hui represents the best of what Swire Properties has to offer in terms of sustainable design and mixed-use developments. It s truly a destination for all, and we re confident that HTH will transform Shanghai s lifestyle scene. 2

3 上海最新時尚生活地標興業太古滙 太古地產與香港興業國際攜手打造的興業太古滙已於 11 月隆重開幕, 成為南京西路最新的大型發展項目 興業太古滙是公司在中國內地的第五個以及在上海的首個綜合發展項目, 彰顯太古地產專長於市區優化, 以及在主要交通樞紐的黃金地段發展物業的優勢 興業太古滙包括一個時尚購物中心 兩座甲級辦公樓 兩家精品酒店和一家酒店式公寓 此項目真正的特點, 是著重於一個簡單卻非常重要的元素 營造獨特的購物體驗 時至今日, 單純 購物 並不足夠, 消費者希望獲得更多, 尤其在競爭激烈的零售業 因此, 致力提供獨特零售體驗的 購物熱點 應運而生, 把顧客購物體驗提升至更高層次 興業太古滙在上海正引領這股潮流 首先, 興業太古滙精挑細選 250 多家零售及餐飲租戶, 確保妥善滿足不同顧客群的需求 例如, 媽媽逛化妝品店時, 爸爸可以在隔壁看看汽車, 孩子則可以探索迪士尼門店 興業太古滙租賃與管理部總經理李振輝說 : 興業太古滙各方面均經過精心策劃, 處處提供精彩 體驗 舉例說, 美容專區匯聚上海最齊全的美容與護膚品牌 除消費品外, 多家零售商更提供尊貴水療服務, 讓顧客 體驗 其品牌特色 我們不希望訪客出入商場 只為購物, 更希望他們將興業太古滙視為一個可以不斷體驗新鮮事物 享受繽紛姿彩的生活地標 商場的餐飲服務也同樣貫徹這個理念, 主要租戶之一星巴克臻選咖啡烘焙工坊就是最佳例子 這不是一間普通的咖啡店, 其佔地廣達 2,700 平方米, 是全球規模最大的星巴克 這間互動咖啡室兼零售店包括三個咖啡吧, 提供店內和線上緊密結合的客戶體驗, 包括擴增實境 ( AR) 及中國內地首個星巴克 Teavana 茶飲體驗區 興業太古滙共有約 45 家食府, 提供超過 13 種國際美食 李振輝補充說 : 鑑於零售業趨勢快速轉變, 我們希望提升購物體驗至更高層次 因此, 我們提供 10 多個場地專門用作舉辦包括藝術 文化 運動 時裝等主題的活動 興業太古滙開業後, 太古地產與全球頂尖的藝術與設計博物館英國國立維多利亞與艾伯特博物館聯手呈獻備受讚揚的 鞋履 : 樂與苦展覽, 展出來自世界各地超過 140 雙鞋履, 讓訪客欣賞精美的鞋履工藝, 並進入鞋履收藏家的美妙世界 李振輝補充道 : 興業太古滙體現了太古地產在可持續設計和綜合發展項目方面的極致表現, 將為上海市民帶來全新時尚生活面貌 3

4 CORPORATE NEWS 公司動向 Rediscovering the Wonders of Christmas 尋獲聖誕新驚喜 A dual celebration at the Starstreet Precinct (SSP) and on Tong Chong Street (TCS), our annual festive event immersed visitors in Christmasthemed fun, while raising funds for Operation Santa Claus. Taking place on two consecutive weekends (24 26 Nov and 30 Nov 2 Dec), highlights included an iconic 20-foot-tall Gingerbread Man Balloon and the city s first-ever life-sized Gingerbread Man Foosball Machine. The best teams competed in the Foosball Challenge on 2 December for a chance to win a onenight stay at EAST, Hong Kong with Team 1 蔡氏家族 Choi s Family taking home the prize. Visitors also enjoyed DIY workshops, Christmas shopping, and festive food and drinks from our tenants, Mr & Mrs Fox, EAST, and our brand new restaurant REPUBLIC. A special-edition tote bag, featuring the winning artwork from the Starstreet Precinct Drawing Contest, gave visitors to SSP special offers from local shops and restaurants. And of course, live entertainment again took centre stage with our Community Ambassadors amazing everyone with their handchime performance; and rising musical prodigy Kiri T moving the crowd with her ballads. Thank you to everyone who supported our event, and see you next year! 今年, 白色聖誕市集同時在星街小區及糖廠街舉行, 帶來雙重驚喜! 這項年度盛事讓遊人享受節日歡樂氣氛, 更為 愛心聖誕大行動 籌募善款 活動連續兩個周末 (11 月 日,11 月 30 日 -12 月 2 日 ) 舉行, 活動亮點包括一個 20 呎高的巨型薑餅人汽球及香港首個真人比例的薑餅人足球機 多支薑餅人足球機大賽的實力 球隊 在 12 月 2 日展開火拼, 結果由 1 號球隊 蔡氏家族 獲勝, 贏得在香港東隅酒店住宿一晚的獎勵 遊人還可以參與手作工藝工作坊 選購精美聖誕禮品, 以及品嚐由租戶 Mr & Mrs Fox 東隅酒店及全新餐廳 REPUBLIC 預備的節慶美食 遊人如購買印有星街小區繪畫比賽得獎作品的限量版環保袋, 更可享有區內店舖和餐廳提供的特別優惠 現場表演當然再一次是矚目焦點 我們的愛心大使呈獻精彩的手鐘表演, 贏盡觀眾喝彩 ; 新晉歌手 Kiri T 也用動聽的歌聲打動聽眾 感謝大家對白色聖誕市集的支持, 明年再見! 4

5 CORPORATE NEWS 公司動向 Annual Media Gathering 太古地產年度傳媒酒會 On 13 November, we hosted our annual media gathering at blueprint in Dorset House, where our senior management team had the opportunity to meet and connect with the city s top editors and opinion leaders. During the casual cocktail at TONG Bar and Café, Chief Executive Guy Bradley gave a brief update on our business and announced the newest members of the senior team, including Tim Blackburn (CEO-Mainland China), Fanny Lung (Finance Director), Han Zhi (Director, Retail) and Toby Smith (Managing Director, Swire Hotels). To celebrate the occasion, Swire Restaurants mixologists created a special cocktail, aptly named Blue Monday, which attracted its own media coverage! More than 50 media attended the event, and also had a chance to tour the new blueprint space. 11 月 13 日, 公司在多盛大廈 blueprint 舉辦年度傳媒酒會, 讓公司管理層藉此機會與城內主要媒體管理層及意見領袖見面交流 在 TONG Bar and Café 舉行的酒會上, 行政總裁白德利概述業務最新動態, 並介紹管理層最新成員, 分別是太古地產 ( 中國 ) 行政總裁彭國邦 財務董事龍雁儀 零售業務董事韓置及太古酒店執行董事施睿忠 由於活動在星期一舉行, 太古餐廳的調酒師為此活動特意調製了一款雞尾酒, 並靈機一觸取名 Blue Monday, 吸引傳媒廣泛報道! 當日共有 50 多間傳媒派代表出席, 並參觀了全新的 blueprint 共用工作空間 Sanlitun Photography Competition Showcases Beauty of Local Beijing Communities This autumn, budding and veteran photographers living in the Sanlitun (SLT) area captured everyday life, urban landscapes and the hidden beauty of their community during a contest initiated by the local government-run SLT Street Office. As a co-organising and grand prize sponsor, we took two sets of winners on photography expeditions in November and December to explore our developments in the cities of Hong Kong and Chengdu. Winners shot at Taikoo Place, The Temple House, Lantau Island and even at the White Christmas Street Fair 2017 on Tong Chong Street. The highlight of the trips were the one-on-one interviews with a former Taikoo Dockyard and Swire Properties colleague at the Swire HK Archive Service office. The winning competition photos, as well as those taken during the trips, will be exhibited soon so stay tuned! 三里屯時尚文化攝影大賽展現北京當地社區風貌 今秋, 三里屯街道辦舉辦了一場比賽, 鼓勵三里屯社區內的攝影初哥以至資深攝影師捕捉區內的日常生活 城市景觀及隱藏美景 作為協辦機構及大獎贊助, 太古地產帶領了兩組得獎者, 分別在 11 月及 12 月進行攝影考察, 探索我們在香港及成都的發展項目 得獎者在太古坊 博舍 大嶼山, 以及在糖廠街舉行的 白色聖誕市集 2017 留影 此行的重點是在太古集團香港歷史檔案服務部辦公室, 與一位曾任職太古船塢及太古地產的資深同事進行單對單的訪談 獲獎作品以及在考察團拍攝的照片快將展出, 敬請留意! 5

6 CORPORATE NEWS 公司動向 Swire Properties Recognised at the 7 th Swire Annual Sustainable Development Forum The theme of the Forum this year was Together for a Thriving Future, bringing together over 280 sustainability experts and senior executives from 35 Swire companies. During the day, attendees heard from our leaders and colleagues as well as high-profile external speakers from different sectors, who gave their perspectives on sustainable development and how it can be applied at Swire. The forum culminated with an awards ceremony, which recognised projects completed in the past year that have positively contributed to the group s sustainability efforts. We were delighted that Making Swire Places won the Most Innovative Project Award and The Loop won the Most Replicable Project Award. Congratulations and thank you to our PAD, TPMO and TSSD colleagues for all their hard work! 第七屆太古可持續發展論壇太古地產榮獲表彰 今年的太古可持續發展論壇以 Together for a Thriving Future 為主題, 出席者包括來自太古集團旗下 35 家公司超過 280 名可持續發展專家及高級行政人員 在論壇上, 公司領導層 同事及各界享負盛名的講者, 就可持續發展及如何在集團貫徹落實各抒己見, 令與會者獲益良多 論壇在進入尾聲時舉行頒獎儀式, 表揚在過去一年完成並為集團可持續發展作出積極貢獻的項目 我們很高興 Making Swire Places 榮獲 最創新項目獎, 而 The Loop 則奪得 最可複製項目獎 恭喜公共事務部 太古坊辦事處和技術統籌及可持續發展部同事, 感謝大家的辛勤努力! The Swire Properties Library Is Live! 現已推出! It s now much easier (and faster) to find and share Swire Properties images and videos with colleagues and external parties, as well as to store newly created digital assets. The Library contains more than 100,000 items and features an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It represents a powerful back-end upgrade of the previous Digital Resource Centre. With the existing Swire Properties Brand Hub fully integrated into the new system, this resource is a one-stop shop for all brandrelated assets. Try out the new Swire Properties Library today, and feel free to send any feedback or queries to Corporate Marketing at Remember, your input can help make this system even better! 有了 Swire Properties Library, 現在無論是搜尋或與同事和外界分享公司的圖像和影片, 以至儲存新建的數據資產, 都比以前更加輕鬆快捷! 在 Library 內的存項逾十萬個, 簡易直接的介面使用方便, 並將過往的數據資源中心作強大的升級 新系統已全面整合現有的 Swire Properties Brand Hub, 使其成為公司所有數據資產的一站式服務平台 請即試用新的 Swire Properties Library, 並隨時向企業市場推廣部表達意見或查詢, 電郵地址 請緊記, 大家的意見將有助我們改善系統運作! 6

7 MARKETING & PROMOTIONS 市場推廣活動 Foodie Paradise & Great Times Continue at Tong Chong Street Market 美食匯聚糖廠街市集延續美好時光 Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) had the perfect solution to beat the winter blues in December the Pot Festival with market-goers enjoying mouthwatering and hearty one-pot cuisines that kept them toasty and asking for more! Diners gathered at the alfresco hot-pot zone where they chose their soup base and paired it with fresh local ingredients such as organic produce and fish balls. And the best part? Proceeds from broth sales went to NGO Food Angel. Feel your belly rumbling? Don t worry, the food adventures continue in January and February 2018, when TCSM launches Winter Warmers featuring cold-weather comfort foods, with hot, hearty soups taking centre stage. Be sure to keep an eye out for delicious concoctions from Soup Origin and everyone s favourite brand, Campbell's. Highlights include New England Clam Chowder, Cream of Mushroom and of course classic Cantonese slow-cooked soups! 糖廠街市集於 12 月推出驅寒妙方 鍋物節, 讓遊人享受美味鍋物, 暖意 鍋 心! 食客可在露天火鍋區自選湯底, 配搭多款本地新鮮食材, 如有機農產品 魚丸等 最 鍋 心的是, 湯底收益會全數撥捐非牟利機構 惜食堂 感到飢腸轆轆? 別擔心, 在 1 月和 2 月你還可以繼續享受美食 糖廠街市集以 暖心食品 為主題 萬勿錯過由原作家湯及廣受歡迎的金寶湯為大家預備的湯品, 亮點包括新英倫周打蜆湯 忌廉蘑菇湯 當然還有傳統中式老火湯! ArtisTree Welcomes Two Belgian Cultural Icons ArtisTree 呈獻兩位比利時藝壇巨匠作品 今個冬季,ArtisTree 舉辦兩項大型展覽, 展示比利時兩位最具影響力的藝壇巨匠的工作與生活 丁丁的世界 展覽帶領觀眾進入著名漫畫家埃爾熱天馬行空的異想世界 除了展出 丁丁歷險記 漫畫系列中深受漫畫迷喜愛的八個故事外, 觀眾還可欣賞還原漫畫中著名場景而特別製作的 3D 模型 是次展覽由香港當代藝術基金會 (HOCA) 與比利時埃爾熱博物館攜手合辦, 展覽更包括一連兩天公眾研討會, 以及一系列的漫畫藝術教育工作坊 1 月 19 日至 2 月 19 日,ArtisTree 將呈獻 雷內 馬格利特 : 影像透視 照片與錄像 展覽, 讓大眾了解這位著名比利時超現實主義藝術家的創作歷程 個性和想法 是次展覽由 ArtisTree 及藝術圖書出版商 Ludion 主辦 聯同比利時馬格利特基金會合辦, 將展出 132 張相片原檔及八套影片, 當中一些作品更是首次於亞洲和歐洲展出 Hergé-Moulinsart 2018 This winter, ArtisTree is hosting two landmark exhibitions offering intimate glimpses into the work and lives of two of Belgium s most influential artistic figures. In December, THE WORLD OF TINTIN put renowned illustrator Hergé in the spotlight. In addition to featuring eight albums from the beloved The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, visitors explored specially created 3-D models of well-known Tintin scenes. Presented together with the Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation and the Hergé Museum, the exhibition included a two-day public conference as well as a series of comic art workshops. From 19 January to 19 February 2018, ArtisTree will host René Magritte: The Revealing Image Photos and Films, an exhibition offering new insights into the creative process, personality and thinking of this renowned Belgian surrealist artist. Presented together with art book publisher Ludion in collaboration with the Magritte Foundation Belgium, this exhibition will feature 132 original photographs and eight films by Magritte, many of which are being publicly shown for the first time in Asia and Europe. The Giant (Le Géant), Paul Nougé on the Belgian Coast Private collection, Courtesy Brachot Gallery, Brussels 7

8 MARKETING & PROMOTIONS 市場推廣活動 A Spectacular Christmas at Pacific Place 太古廣場呈獻盛大聖誕節慶 太古廣場為全港市民準備了精彩耀目的聖誕節目 由 11 月 23 日至 1 月 1 日, 太古廣場呈獻 Christmas Spectacular, 整個商場充滿五光十色的節慶氣氛 Garden Court 變身 太古廣場大劇院, 多個享負盛名的表演團隊上演 60 多場精彩表演, 觀眾更可享受 劇院糖果店 的糖果及甜點, 錦上添花 此外, 遊人可以參加多個 DIY 工作坊, 感受不一樣的驚喜 當然, 你還可以到聖誕老人屋一睹他的風采! Pacific Place dazzled and entertained visitors of all ages with its Christmas Spectacular campaign, which ran from 23 November to 1 January. The entire mall came alive with the sights, sounds and flavours of the season; with the magical Christmas Theatre in Garden Court taking centre stage with 60-plus performances from world-class companies. As the perfect complement, the Theatre Candy Bar served theatre-goers gourmet candies and treats, and shoppers enjoyed DIY workshops and surprises at every corner, including, of course, a chance to meet Santa Claus himself at the always popular Santa s Grotto! Citygate Outlets Transforms Into Korean Winter Wonderland 東薈城名店倉變身韓國冬日奇趣樂園 This Christmas season we invited renowned K-artist DearDays in her first overseas project to fill our mall with giant ornaments, fabric toys and a largescale mural village in her signature style. Visitors shopped to their heart s content, while enjoying whimsical fun, shopping privileges and more! Deck the Halls with Joy ran from 28 November to 1 January. Apart from the oversized DearDay creations, highlights included our always popular seasonal redemption programme for gifts such as American Tourister Luggage, or live entertainment with a Korean twist A Christmas Acapella and the K-Pop Dance Off. 今個聖誕節, 我們邀請到韓國著名插畫家 DearDays( 閔志喜 ) 來港作首個海外展覽, 以她著名的創作風格, 為東薈城名店倉設計聖誕裝飾, 包括巨型裝飾 布偶及大型壁畫村 顧客在盡情購物之餘, 更可欣賞奇趣的聖誕佈置, 同時享受折扣優惠及獎賞禮遇! 由 11 月 28 日至 1 月 1 日, 東薈城名店倉呈獻 普天同歡綴 除了 DearDays 創作的巨型作品外, 其他精彩節目包括向來大受歡迎的節慶購物禮遇, 如換領 American Tourister 行李箱 ; 以及現場韓風節慶表演如無伴奏聖誕合唱和舞動聖誕韓風表演等 Delightful Christmas Wonderland at Cityplaza 太古城中心呈獻 聖誕光影樂園 Our LIVE HAPPY slogan took centre stage at Cityplaza as we pulled out all the stops to offer visitors a truly delightful Christmas. From whooshing down a 16-footlong slide, to playing interactive games, to snapping a photo with St Nick in support of Operation Santa Claus, the festive fun never stopped. The highlight was the Dazzling Lights Parade featuring colourfully dressed elves dancing to holiday tunes! 太古城中心繼續以 LIVE HAPPY 的口號, 為遊人呈獻充滿喜悅的聖誕節 遊人從 16 呎長的巨型滑梯飛速滑下 暢玩互動游戲 與聖誕老人拍照留念, 並捐款支持 愛心聖誕大行動, 當中亮點是 閃光舞動巡遊, 身穿繽紛服飾的聖誕小精靈隨著音樂載歌載舞, 節日樂趣享不停! 8

9 A Parade of Penguins at INDIGO 北京頤堤港企鵝巡遊 MARKETING & PROMOTIONS 市場推廣活動 Audrey Hepburn Always And Forever TM Mesmerises Chengdu 永恆經典 : 奧黛麗 赫本 巡迴展令成都深深著迷 Timeless elegance is just one phrase that comes to mind when one thinks of film icon Audrey Hepburn. From now until 10 March 2018 at Sino Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, fans can get an intimate glimpse of Hepburn s private life during an exhibition of the screen and fashion legend's personal items and movie props. Don t miss this rare opportunity! 一提起著名女影星奧黛麗 赫本 ( 港譯 : 柯德莉夏萍 ), 都會想到 永恆優雅 這形容詞 由即日起至 2018 年 3 月 10 日, 成都遠洋太古里舉辦這位熒幕女神和潮流教主的個人物品及電影道具展覽, 讓影迷一覽這位巨星的生平事跡 機會難逢, 萬勿錯過! Royalty, or a rather elegant penguin duke, took over the Winter Garden this holiday season and invited visitors of all ages to explore his regal Christmas Castle, meet his court of adorable baby penguins, and even relax and warm themselves in front of his roaring fireplace. In addition to enjoying cuteness overload, visitors could pose and be captured in a painting, or buy a festive gift for that special someone. And to make this Christmas even more memorable, revellers could donate secondhand books as part of a charity book drive to benefit people in need. 這個聖誕佳節, 高貴的企鵝公爵接管 冬季花園, 遊人可造訪牠華麗的聖誕城堡, 探望可愛的企鵝寶寶, 甚至在暖意融融的壁爐前放鬆取暖 除了觀看可愛的企鵝外, 訪客還可在畫作前拍照留念, 或為摯愛選購佳節禮物 遊人歡慶之餘更可捐贈二手書籍, 幫助有需要的人, 讓這個聖誕佳節更加難忘 A Victorian Christmas at TaiKoo Hui In December, TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou whisked visitors back in time with its Christmas Tale campaign, immersing them in the essence of a British Christmas at the turn of the 19th century. Based on the renowned picture book Father Christmas ABC by F. Warne & Co., the celebration gave visitors a glimpse of traditional British customs, kicking off the festivities with a treelighting ceremony and dancers accompanied by chimes from a miniature Big Ben. What s more, visitors could listen to stories from the picture book and send their Christmas wishes to TaiKoo Hui s official WeChat platform. 廣州太古滙打造維多利亞式聖誕 12 月, 廣州太古滙舉辦 約繪聖誕 活動, 帶遊人回溯 19 世紀末的英倫聖誕風貌 慶祝活動以 F. Warne & Co. 著名的 Father Christmas ABC 繪本為靈感, 讓遊人可一窺英倫傳統聖誕風俗 活動由聖誕樹亮燈儀式揭開序幕, 舞蹈員隨著小型大笨鐘的鐘聲翩翩起舞 此外, 遊人還可聆聽繪本故事, 並將聖誕願望發送至廣州太古滙的官方微信平台 9

10 MARKETING CORPORATE & PROMOTIONS NEWS 市場推廣活動公司動向 LIGHT s Li Sanlitun 三里屯太古里呈獻視覺盛宴 Taikoo Li Sanlitun offered visitors the perfect way to drive away the cold-weather blues during the Taikoo Li Sanlitun Light Festival 2017 which featured life-sized and interactive art installations, and was an unforgettable visual feast. Taking place from 13 October to 5 November, the festival was headlined by The Pool, a large-scale interactive sculpture created by internationally renowned new media sculptor Jen Lewin, who is based in New York City. Comprising giant, interactive circular pads made up of hundreds of LEDs that react to movement, The Pool is a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively The Pool was complemented by award-winning public art installations created by an international roster of artists, which offered visitors an extraordinary medium through which to experience light. 北京三里屯太古里舉辦 2017 三里屯太古里燈光節, 以實物大小和互動的藝術裝置帶來一場難忘的視覺盛宴, 為遊人驅散寒意 活動在 10 月 13 日至 11 月 5 日舉行, 焦點所在是紐約知名新媒體藝術家 Jen Lewin 創作的大型互動雕塑 The Pool The Pool 由上百枚大型的互動 LED 圓盤組成, 對動態產生反應, 是 可以同時繪畫及具燈光效果的巨型畫布 此外, 現場還有由世界知名藝術家創作的獲獎公共藝術裝置, 讓遊人親身體驗可以 玩 的藝術 10 INDIGO Celebrates Double Ninth Festival with Elderly Citizens 頤堤港與長者共渡重陽節 During this traditional Chinese festival (known as Chung Yeung in Hong Kong) this year, INDIGO volunteers, together with tenants and government officials, showed their appreciation to and care for seniors citizens with a special interactive celebration. Participants created their own perfume bags in a variety of colours with dried fragrances from tenant SCENT LIBRARY. Afterwards, as they admired their handiwork, volunteers served attendees Chrysanthemum Tea and dainty traditional Chinese petits fours from the renowned Xiheyayuan Beijing Duck Restaurant, and reminisced with these old-timers. 重陽節期間, 北京頤堤港義工聯同租戶和政府官員一同參與別出心裁的慶祝活動, 以表達對長者的感謝和關愛 義工們利用租戶 SCENT LIBRARY 提供的乾香料製成色彩繽紛的香囊, 精緻手工備受讚賞 隨後義工為參與長者奉上由著名烤鴨坊羲和雅苑提供的菊花茶及傳統中式點心, 一起撫今追昔

11 HOTELS NEWS 酒店動向 Swire Restaurants REPUBLIC Opens at Taikoo Place 太古餐廳 REPUBLIC 在太古坊開業 The Upper House Goes Wild & CSO Gets Colourful On the evenings of 23 and 30 October, the rich sounds of the jungle filled Level 4 of Pacific Place, with passers-by asking, What in the world is going on?! If they had peeked into The Continental, they would have seen kangaroos, giraffes, gorillas, chipmunks and even cavemen and women, or rather our Upper House colleagues celebrating the end of a great year at their annual party TUH Jungle. And on the evening of 13 December, CSO took over PUBLIC for their annual bash, which invited them to Colour Up! and dress in shades that best represent themselves. With an Instagram photo booth, a Best Dressed Award and of course a lucky draw, the year came to a memorable and colourful close. 奕居幻變森林中央支援辦公室齊添姿彩 10 月 23 日及 30 日晚上, 太古廣場四樓充滿森林中各種鳥獸的叫聲, 令人疑惑 : 攪甚麼鬼?! 如果他們瞥見 The Continental, 就會發現袋鼠 長頸鹿 大猩猩 花栗鼠, 甚至是打扮成野人的奕居同事 其實, 奕居同事在參加周年派對 TUH Jungle 12 月 13 日晚上, 中央支援辦公室於 PUBLIC 舉辦年度慶典, 邀請大家 Colour Up! 穿上最能代表自己的顏色 Instagram 拍照攤位 最佳裝扮獎, 當然還有抽獎活動, 為這一年劃上一個令人難忘又多姿多彩的句號 For those of us who work in Quarry Bay, there s an exciting new breakfast and lunch option available. REPUBLIC, which officially opened in December on 1/F of Devon House, offers the best of PUBLIC and an even wider selection of Asian dishes. With its relaxed vibe, this is a great spot to grab a quick bite or a coffee during the workday. And just a few steps away from ArtisTree in Cambridge House, it ll be easy to enjoy an early-evening drink before catching a show, or exploring an art exhibit! 在鰂魚涌工作的同事, 最近又多了一個享受早午餐的選擇! 位於德宏大厦 1 樓的 REPUBLIC 已於 12 月正式開業, 供應 PUBLIC 餐牌上的精選美食, 以及更多元化的亞洲佳餚 餐廳氛圍輕鬆舒適, 是工作日吃個快餐或喝杯咖啡的好去處 餐廳距離康橋大廈 ArtisTree 僅幾步之遙, 在準備觀看表演或參觀藝術展前, 不妨先來喝一杯, 輕鬆一下! 11

12 AMBASSADOR UPDATES 愛心快訊 Over 340 Ambassadors Make Street Fair a Huge Success 逾 340 位愛心大使鼎力相助 白色聖誕市集 大獲成功 Even before our 5 th annual White Christmas Street Fair kicked off this year, our Ambassadors were already hard at work creating upcycled gifts, practising the handchime and learning how to twist balloons. The most popular stalls this year were the Balloonions and Gingerbread Man Cookies DIY Workshop, which we ran together with Cityplaza tenant ABC Cooking Studio. And when visitors weren t admiring our Balloonions skills, they shopped for upcycled stationery made from wine corks or explored the 2,000 aromatic gifts created by tenant Hermès and NGO rehab members. The highlight was the amazing handchime performance by 11 of our colleagues on 2 December at the Tong Chong Street portion of the Fair, which they trained for five long weeks to master. Thank you to all our Ambassadors for their hard work, and see you next year! 白色聖誕市集 今年進入第五年, 還未開幕之前, 我們的愛心大使已忙於展開籌備工作, 包括製作升級再造禮品 練習手鐘 學習扭氣球造型等 今年最受歡迎的是扭汽球攤位, 以及我們與太古城中心租戶 ABC Cooking Studio 合辦的薑餅人曲奇 DIY 工作坊 遊人除可欣賞扭汽球手藝外, 亦可以選購利用酒瓶塞升級再造的文具, 或由租戶愛馬仕及慈善機構復康學員製作的 2,000 件香氛禮品 白色聖誕市集 的一大亮點, 是 11 位同事於 12 月 2 日在糖廠街舉行的手鐘表演 同事們接受了長達五星期的訓練, 為遊人帶來一場精彩演出 感謝愛心大使的辛勤努力, 來年再見! Swire Properties Hosts Most Popular Station at Oxfam Trailwalker Nothing beats an ice-cold Coca-Cola during a 100 km trek! This year, 71 of our Ambassadors cheered on the 5,000-plus competitors and kept them energised with hot dogs, Japanese sweet potatoes, a wide variety of tea and coffee, and of course, a refreshing Coca-Cola. The Swire Support Station at Grassy Hill, between checkpoints 6 and 7, is one of the race s longest-running pit stops (this was the 14 th year), and was one of the most popular this time around. Swire Properties also sent five teams of our fittest colleagues to participate in this challenging race. The event also showcased Swire s collaborative spirit, with Swire Properties, Swire Hotels, Swire Foods, Swire Beverages and Swire Resources working seamlessly to support walkers. 太古地產愛心加油站 備受樂施毅行者歡迎 在 100 公里的長途步行中, 最暢快莫過於能大喝透心涼的可口可樂! 今年的樂施毅行者活動共超過 5,000 人參賽, 公司出動了 71 名愛心大使為他們打氣, 並提供熱狗 日本蕃薯 各種茶類咖啡, 當然少不了冰凍的可口可樂, 為參賽健兒補充體力 今年已是第 14 年在草山 6 號與 7 號檢查站之間設置 太古地產愛心加油站, 是樂施毅行者歷史最悠久 並今年最受歡迎的補給站之一 公司今年亦派出強健體魄的同事, 組成五支隊伍參與此充滿挑戰性的比賽 是次活動亦彰顯太古集團旗下公司的協作精神, 太古地產 太古酒店 太古食品 太古飲料與太古資源緊密配合, 攜手支持樂施毅行者 12

13 Once Upon a Swire Time 太古有段故 During a special Community Ambassador event Winnie Leung (HR&A) and Meiling Ng (Projects) took a stroll down memory lane, sitting down with three former Taikoo Dockyard colleagues to find out what life was like back in the good old days. 我們邀請了兩位愛心大使, 分別是人力資源及行政部的梁惠思和工程項目部的吳美玲, 與三位 太古老友記 一起細數當年 Wong Kwai-chung A Swire Lifer Position: Training Supervisor (pre-retirement) Duties: Moved from joinery, cabin furniture design and general maintenance to ship-repair supervisor and, finally, a training supervisor role overseeing Management Trainees AMBASSADOR UPDATES 愛心快訊 黃桂宗 一生工作在太古職位 : 退休時為培訓主管工作範圍 : 由雜工到之後的細木工, 再到船艙傢俬設計及維修, 直至當上修船主管, 退休時為部門訓練管理見習生 Years at Swire 於太古工作年數 46 Unforgettable Moment 難忘經歷 : I ll never forget the extraordinary sight of four to five thousand dockworkers lining up for their lunch break. The moment the gates opened, they would stream across Shau Kei Wan Road (now King's Road) to go and eat. 難忘當時午飯時間的 盛況, 四 五千名船塢工人在差不多放飯時就會在閘口等候, 時間一到鳴笛聲響起, 守門員就會開閘, 更有兩個人站在筲箕灣道 ( 即現在的英皇道 ) 中間阻攔汽車經過, 讓工人可以過馬路食飯, 幾 巴閉 呀! Years at Swire 於太古工作年數 38 Leung Yat-chiu A Caring Company Position: Welder Salary: Starting pay of HK$12/ day + overtime 梁日潮 以人為本的公司職位 : 燒焊工人薪金 : 早期港幣 12 元日薪 + 加班費 Why Swire? 為甚麼選擇在太古工作? I really enjoyed my time at Swire and I felt I was very well rewarded for my efforts. I had a good basic salary and sometimes I earned more by working overtime. After getting married, I only paid half the market rate HK$35 a month for a larger dormitory unit. 我享受在太古工作, 我早期的工資為港幣 12 元日薪, 另外還有加班費, 在工作量多的時候, 加班費甚至可超過正常工資呢! 婚後我更獲公司提供較大的宿舍, 當時月租港幣 35 元, 為市值租金的一半 Years at Swire 於太古工作年數 36 Tung Ping-shing 3 rd Generation Swire Staff Position: Foreman (pre-retirement) Duties: Motor repairer, supervisor and, finally, foreman 董炳成 三代同為 太古人 職位 : 退休時為科文 ( 即領班, 英文 foreman 的粵語音譯 ) 工作範圍 : 摩打維修 管理及領班工作 1 Lunch time at the Taikoo Dockyard. 太古船塢的午餐 盛況 2 The left block is Tai Lok House, the middle building is the dockyard office. 左方建築物是太樂樓, 中間建築物為船塢辦公室 3 The Taikoo Dockyard Chinese Welfare Centre 太古船塢華人福利會 Why Swire? 為甚麼選擇在太古工作? I really loved my work and my colleagues. I was very fortunate to be able to buy a Swire dormitory unit at Tai Hong House, which allowed me to focus on my work until I retired. These units were comfortable and offered stability to my family of five. 我真的很喜歡我的工作及同事, 亦很幸運買了公司的宿舍太康樓, 讓我可以專心工作直至退休, 一家五口可以安居 13

14 AMBASSADOR UPDATES 愛心快訊 Learning the Ancient Art of Shadow Puppetry 學習古老皮影技藝 TaiKoo Hui Community Ambassadors to the Rescue! Along with our Ambassadors in Beijing, aspiring shadow puppetry students from Baijiazhuang Primary School demonstrated their skills last November during a workshop taught by a master puppeteer. To truly immerse the students in this over 2,000-year-old art form, the event was held at a historic Qing Dynasty courtyard inside a traditional Beijing hutong. The afternoon began with coaching from the master, followed by lessons on shadow puppetry s rich culture and history. Participants then practised their performance techniques, before putting on their own productions of Three Neighbours against the backdrop of the ancient courtyard. 我們在北京的一班愛心大使, 聯同白家莊小學一班熱愛皮影戲的學生, 於 11 月參加由皮影戲大師教授的工作坊, 獲益良多 為了讓學生對這種已有二千多年歷史的藝術有更深刻體會, 工作坊特別在傳統北京胡同裡一間歷史悠久的清代庭院內進行 當日下午, 大師先作示範, 隨之教授關於皮影戲的豐富文化與歷史 參加學生之後練習所學到的技巧, 並以古老庭院為背景, 上演由他們製作的 三鄰居 On 19 November, our team in Guangzhou extended a helping paw to stray cats and dogs in Huangpu District, as part of their animal outreach programme. In addition to helping windproof and clean the animal shelter, our Ambassadors gave these adorable pooches and kitties baths before serving them a hearty home-cooked meal. The event supported the tireless citizens who volunteer their time and effort to take care of these animals. It also aimed to encourage the adoption of cats and dogs from a shelter which are often understaffed and underfunded in GZ rather than buying them from pet shops or breeders. Both our two and four-legged friends had a wonderful time! 廣州太古滙愛心大使向流浪小動物伸出援 爪 11 月 19 日, 我們在廣州太古滙的一班愛心大使舉行了一次外展活動, 向黃埔區的流浪貓狗伸出援 爪 除了清潔動物收容所和加固遮風擋雨的設施外, 愛心大使還給這些小動物洗澡, 再為牠們親手做了一頓豐富的食物 廣州的收容所經常人手不足, 而且欠缺經費 是次活動的目的是希望支持無私付出時間和心力照顧流浪貓狗的義工, 並藉此鼓勵市民領養收容所的貓狗, 而非到寵物店或繁殖場購買 愛心大使和四腳朋友們一起共度美好的時光! 14

15 STAFF DEVELOPMENT 員工培訓 Swire Properties Managers Programme (SMP) Offers New Team Collaboration Module People are one of the key pillars of our Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy, and 18 managers from nine departments were hand-picked to take part in the third SMP3 on 3 November. The Team Collaboration module has four main focuses. Participants learn how to: Build mutual trust and respect within a team through experiential activities; Quickly adapt to unfamiliar environments via a positive mindset; Become highly resilient in the face of adversity; Build overall leadership / management skills to foster teamwork; The SMP3 is a one-year modular learning programme carefully designed to enhance specific management skills. The objective is to give our managers the tools and knowledge to become even more effective leaders, which in turn increases productivity and efficiency, and fosters teamwork. More modules are coming soon, so stay tuned! 太古地產管理人員培訓計劃提供新的團隊協作單元 員工是公司 2030 可持續發展策略的重要支柱之一 公司精心挑選 9 個部門的 18 位管理人員, 參加於 11 月 3 日舉行的第三屆管理人員培訓計劃 團隊協作單元有四大重點 讓學員學習如何 : 透過體驗活動在團隊中建立互信與尊重 ; 透過積極的心態迅速適應不熟悉的環境 ; 面對逆境仍堅毅不屈 ; 建立整體領導 / 管理技能, 培養團隊精神 ; 第三屆管理人員培訓計劃是為期一年 精心設計的單元式學習計劃, 旨在提升特定的管理技能 計劃目標是為公司管理人員提供成為更高效率領袖所需的工具及知識, 進而提高生產力, 促進團隊合作 更多單元即將推出, 敬請留意! Allergy Prevention Luncheon Talk 過敏症預防午餐講座 Healthy Tips 養生小貼士 In November, our office colleagues learnt how to prevent common allergies such as nasal congestion, asthma and eczema by living healthy and eating right. The interactive luncheon talk Stay Peaceful with Allergies, part of our Employee Wellness Programme in 2017, was taught by experienced health guru May Lee from Four Dimensions Consulting Ltd. In addition to an informative presentation, Lee taught colleagues several easy-to-understand acupressure exercises. Avoid high-starch, high-protein, high-sugar and spicy foods 戒食高澱粉質 高蛋白質 高糖分和刺激性食物 Have breakfast between 7 am and 9 am 早上 7-9 時內進食早餐 在 11 月, 我們的辦公室同事學習如何透過健康生活與正確飲食, 預防鼻塞 哮喘與濕疹等常見過敏症 作為 2017 年員工健康計劃的一部分, 我們邀請了富達盟信顧問有限公司經驗豐富的健康專家李敏華小姐主持 冷靜應對過敏症 ( Stay Peaceful with Allergies) 午餐講座 除了提供豐富的健康資訊外, 李小姐還向同事們傳授了幾招簡單易學的穴位按壓動作 Avoid intensive exercises, and take a nap between 11 am and 1 pm 中午 11 時至下午 1 時不宜作劇烈運動, 宜小睡 Sleep before 11 pm 晚上 11 時前睡覺 15

16 SUSTAINABILITY UPDATES 可持續發展資訊 Discovering Hong Kong s Marine Biodiversity 認識香港海洋生物多樣性 People are a key pillar of our Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy and this past November we offered our colleagues and their family and friends an in-depth lesson on the importance of marine conservation at the Jockey Club HSBC WWF Hong Kong Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre. Participants played scientist, using stereo microscopes to observe plankton while learning about their key role in nature. Moving up the food chain, an interactive game on sustainable seafood made figuring out how to reduce one s ecological footprint easy. And the highlight of the day was a trip out onto the water in a glass-bottomed boat to observe and learn about HK s numerous types of coral. There are more SD experiences to come, so stay tuned! 以人為本 是 2030 可持續發展策略的重要支柱之一, 故此在剛過去的 11 月, 我們為同事及其親友, 在賽馬會匯豐世界自然 ( 香港 ) 基金會海下灣海洋生物中心, 舉辦一個深入認識海洋保育重要性的課程 參加者扮演科學家, 利用立體顯微鏡觀察海洋浮游生物, 了解牠們在大自然中扮演的重要角色 同事們參加關於環保海鮮的互動遊戲, 認識食物鏈中的海洋生物與人類的關係, 並明白如何減少生態足跡 當日亮點是乘坐一艘玻璃底船觀察和認識香港各式各樣的珊瑚 我們將舉辦更多的可持續發展 體驗, 敬請密切留意! Taking a Proactive Approach to Waste Reduction 積極減廢 With the Government expected to launch the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging Scheme in 2019, we teamed up with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) to help CP tenants and EAST, Hong Kong better prepare for the eventual implementation of the Charging Scheme, while also raising awareness of waste reduction. The MSW Charging Scheme Trial Programme, which began in May 2017, involved 131 Cityplaza tenants from both office and retail, as well as EAST, Hong Kong. After six months, the participants managed to achieve an 18% reduction in overall disposable waste, demonstrating their preparedness and commitment. Moving forward, we will continue to help our tenants prepare for the Scheme and promote waste reduction at source. These initiatives will include workshops and tenantengagement activities. 隨著特區政府預期將於 2019 年實施 都市固體廢物收費計劃, 我們與香港生產力促進局合作, 協助太古城中心的租戶和旗下酒店香港東隅及早了解日後的徵費模式, 同時提升減廢及回收意識 都市固體廢物收費試行項目 於 2017 年 5 月展開, 當中涉及 131 間太古城中心寫字樓及商場店舖租戶和香港東隅酒店 經過六個月的試驗, 參與租戶的垃圾棄置量整體減少約 18%, 展示出他們準備充足及減廢的決心 展望未來, 我們將繼續舉辦工作坊及活動, 協助旗下租戶為 都市固體廢物收費計劃 作好準備, 鼓勵他們進行源頭減廢 16

17 2018 Green Activities 2018 年環保活動 A new year means another chance to get into the SD2030 spirit! In 2018, TSSD has arranged events revolving around the key pillars of People, Places and Partners. Here s a sneak peek so remember to block off your calendars ASAP! 新的一年讓我們再接再厲, 實踐 2030 可持續發展策略的精神!2018 年, 技術統籌及可持續發展部 (TSSD) 將圍繞 以人為本 社區營造 和 夥伴協作 等重要支柱舉辦不同活動 現在先看看節目預告 請謹記抽空參與! SUSTAINABILITY UPDATES 可持續發展資訊 Wood Collection & Recycling Christmas Trees 聖誕樹回收計劃 Tong Chong Street Market (every Sun) 糖廠街市集 ( 逢星期日 ) Pop-up Farmers Stall at Tong Chong Street 糖廠街市集限定農夫檔 René Magritte, The Revealing Image Photos and Films ArtisTree, Taikoo Place 雷內. 馬格利特 : 影像透視 太古坊 ArtisTree(Jan-Feb, 1 至 2 月 ) Lai See Packets Reuse & Recycling 利是封回收活動 Green Spring Dinner: Love Food, Waste Not Campaign (For Swire Properties employees) 綠色春茗 : 惜飲惜食有福氣 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Wood Collection & Recycling Peach Blossom Trees 桃花回收計劃 Tong Chong Street Market (every Sun) 糖廠街市集 ( 逢星期日 ) Pop-up Farmers Stall at Tong Chong Street 糖廠街市集限定農夫檔 Earth Hour 地球一小時 Motion, Beauty, Notation Exhibition and ArtisTree, Taikoo Place "BOOKS for $10" at ArtisTree, Taikoo Place 太古坊 ArtisTree Organic Farm Visit (For Swire Properties employees) 有機農莊體驗 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) PROJECT AFTER 6: Cube Culture Energy Saving Charter (Jun Sep) 節能約章 (6 至 9 月 ) SD Luncheon Talk (World Environment Day) (For Swire Properties employees) 可持續發展午餐講座 ( 世界環境日 ) ( 只限太古地產員工 ) World Environment Day Activity (For Swire Properties employees) 世界環境日活動 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Electronic Waste Recycling Campaign 電子廢物回收行動 Project Green Moon: Mooncake Boxes Collection 環保中秋顯愛心 - 月餅盒回收 Mooncake Donation 月餅捐贈計劃 Textile Recycling Campaign 衣物回收行動 SD Luncheon Talk (For Swire Properties employees) 可持續發展午餐講座 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Community Chest Dress Casual Day (For Swire Properties employees) 公益金便服日 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Freespace at Taikoo Place 太古坊 Electronic Waste Recycling Campaign 電子廢物回收行動 Green Outing (For Swire Properties employees) 生態遊 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Freespace at Taikoo Place 太古坊 Tong Chong Street Market (every Sun) 糖廠街市集 ( 逢星期日 ) White Christmas Street Fair 白色聖誕市集 Calendar Exchange & New Calendar Collection for Elderly Homes (For Swire Properties employees) 日曆交換行動及掛曆捐贈計劃 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Tong Chong Street Market (every Sun) 糖廠街市集 ( 逢星期日 ) Year-Round Programmes: Green The Loop, Taikoo Place 太古坊 The Loop Mandatory Basic Safety Training Courses (Construction Work): Jan Nov (For Swire Properties employees) 強制性基本安全訓練課程 ( 建築工程 ):1 至 11 月 ( 只限太古地產員工 ) Recycling programmes: paper, plastic, metal, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent lamps, used cooking oil, office furniture, glass bottles and food waste (incl. coffee grounds and food donation) 回收計劃 : 紙 塑膠 金屬 充電池 光管 廢置食用油 辦公室傢俱 玻璃瓶和廚餘 ( 包括咖啡渣和食物捐贈 ) All information provided is for reference and may be subject to change. Please stay tuned for event updates. 以上資料僅供參考, 請密切留意我們的可持續發展活動資訊 17

18 ON THE FRONTLINE 前線 In that moment, instinct took over and I made a split-second decision, to chase after the thief. 那一剎那出於本能反應, 我即時決定追捕小偷 Swire Properties' Everyday Superheroes 太古地產的超級英雄 On a seemingly normal March evening, residential security guard Hon Chung-yu came face to face with a thief who had just stolen goods from H&M at Cityplaza. Hon instantly knew something was suspicious the moment the man entered the building, at the same time a resident was exiting. I shouted at him to stop but he ran off, jumping over benches and flower beds trying to lose me. I kept up with him until he crossed onto the roof of one of the bridges connected to Cityplaza, where he hid behind a glass pyramid in the hope that he had lost me, says Hon. Towering at an easy six-foot, the amicable Hon moves with a confident grace that comes from regular exercise and 15 years of extensive experience keeping Swire Properties residents safe. The thief had cornered himself, so I called the police and stood guard until they arrived and arrested him. Safety is very important in our line of work, and I m very lucky to have had great training from many of my leaders here. In November, Hon received The Best Top Ten Security Personnel award from the Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Prevention Office hand-picked from a pool of 1,300 candidates from Hong Kong Island. His accomplishment was also shared with Taikoo Shing residents. If you get a chance, drop by and congratulate this Swire Properties hero! 在 3 月一個看來很平靜的晚上, 住宅保安員韓宗瑜和一個剛從太古城中心 H&M 偷竊的小偷正面相遇 那小偷趁一名住客離開大廈時乘虛而入, 韓宗瑜頓時覺得事態可疑 韓宗瑜說 : 我大聲喊他站住, 但他撒腿就跑, 還跳過長椅和花槽, 但我緊追不捨, 不讓他逃掉 後來他爬上與太古城中心相連其中一座天橋的頂部, 藏在一塊金字塔形狀的玻璃後面, 希望可以避開我的追蹤 韓宗瑜身高六呎, 為人友善 他經常鍛煉身體, 而且保安經驗豐富,15 年來一直在太古地產旗下屋苑守護居民的安全, 因此行動起來從容不迫 當時小偷已把自己困在死角, 進退兩難, 於是我打電話報警, 並一直守在那裡, 直到警察到場拘捕他 我們這一行安全非常重要, 我很幸運能夠得到公司上司提供相關的優秀訓練 韓宗瑜於 11 月榮獲港島總區防止罪案辦公室頒發 十大最佳保安員 獎 這次參選的港島區保安員多達 1,300 名, 得獎者都是百中挑一的精英, 他的英勇事跡亦已張貼於太古城每棟大廈的佈告板上 若然路過, 請向我們這位太古地產 超級英雄 送上祝賀! 18

19 SHARING CORNER 分享園地 Top 3 Projects 三甲得獎項目 : SD2030 Takes Centre Stage During 2017 創意大賽 可持續發展策略成主題 enjoyed its most successful year to date, with projects revolving around our Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy and the five key pillars. With 122 entries from across the Company vying to win (60% from outside HK), only 15 finalists made it to the last three rounds of vetting video pitching to peers, voting by senior management and a public online voting session. A final assessment by the judging panel produced six winners 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, two special mentions and one Video of the Year (highest number of views). Winners hailed from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong. Next step? The Digital Team and New Ventures will help winners develop, pitch (to BUs) and implement their ideas if they decide to do so. www. ideasatwork/ ideas-finalist 今年的 創意大賽是自舉辦以來最成功的一年 參賽項目圍繞 2030 可持續發展策略及五大支柱為主題 今年合共收到 122 份來自全公司各部門的參賽作品 ( 當中 60% 來自香港以外地區 ), 但只有 15 份打入最後三輪的評審活動, 包括使用影片向同事進行宣傳 管理層投票, 以及公眾網上投票 評審團最終選出 6 份得獎作品, 包括冠 亞 季軍 兩項優異獎, 及一項年度最佳視頻獎 ( 錄得最高瀏覽次數 ) 得獎作品來自北京 上海 廣州 成都及香港 下一步是甚麼? 數碼市場推廣團隊及 N e w Ventures 將協助得獎者按其要求開發構思 向業務單位推廣並落實執行 Tenant Maintenance Scheduler 租戶維修排期程式 Book a work item or inspection on a first-come, first-served basis, reducing inefficient correspondence time. 按先到先得原則預約工程項目或檢查, 減少文書往來時間, 提高效率 Parent Support Programme 在職父母支援計劃 Offer more resources administrative policies, office enhancements and personal support to parent employees. 在行政管理政策 改善辦公室環境及個人支援方面為在職父母提供更多資源 Flexible Office Space 靈活辦公空間 Tap Swire Properties resources to make better use of our spaces and tailor them to fit client needs. 運用公司資源提升空間使用效益, 並根據客戶需要度身訂造工作空間 OIE Hosts Abseil Charity Challenge 港島東中心舉辦 香港千呎游繩下降大挑戰 On 9 December, our very own Don Taylor, Director, Office, bravely abseiled his way down all 68 floors of One Island East to help raise funds for Outward Bound Hong Kong, during HK vertical This is the first time that this type of event has taken place in Hong Kong, and proceeds will be used to run adventure training programmes for the city s disadvantaged youth. Taikoo Place and EAST, Hong Kong were both official partners, and we offered climbers a rare opportunity to scale one of the city s most iconic commercial buildings. In total, 34 participants including a representative from our tenant Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Ada Tsang, the first HK woman to climb Mount Everest, took part in this event. 12 月 9 日, 辦公樓業務董事 Don Taylor 勇敢接受 香港千呎游繩下降大挑戰, 從港島東中心 68 樓天台游繩下降到地面, 為香港外展訓練學校籌募善款 此項活動是首次在香港舉行, 籌得款項將用於為有需要的青年提供高質素的戶外體驗式訓練課程 太古坊與香港東隅酒店為官方合作夥伴 公司亦為參加者提供攀爬香港其中一座最具代表性商業大樓的難得機會 活動參與人數為 34 人, 當中包括租戶富而德律師事務所, 以及香港首位登上珠穆朗瑪峰的女性曾燕紅 19

20 SHARING CORNER 分享園地 Time To Go Wild! 人在 野! On 10 November, a host of land and ocean-based creatures took over the Convention Hall at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, to celebrate the end of a great year at our 2017 Annual Dinner, themed Swire Wildlife. The evening kicked off with a screening of the documentary The Concrete Jungle Chronicles, followed by the Swire Jungle Shakedown, a lively opening dance by Swire Properties colleagues. Throughout the night, everyone had a chance to enjoy a delicious buffet filled with sustainable seafood, and participate in fun, wildlife-themed stage games. One particularly special highlight was the Long Service Awards, where Chief Executive Guy Bradley presented Elizabeth Kok with her 30-year service gold medallion! As for the best dressed, the blueprint team s amazing glow-inthe-dark jellyfish costumes dazzled the crowd and won 1st place at the Best Dressed Awards. And as the perfect ending to the evening, we raised a total of HK$20,248 for WWF-Hong Kong. 20

21 SHARING CORNER 分享園地 11 月 10 日, 太古地產員工化身陸地和海洋生物, 齊集香港會展會議廳, 參加以 Swire Wildlife 為主題的週年晚會, 慶祝精彩的 2017 年圓滿結束 晚會以 紀錄片 The Concrete Jungle Chronicles 揭開序幕, 緊接是太古地產員工表演生動的開場舞 Swire Jungle Shakedown 晚會當晚同事們盡情品嚐美味的環保海鮮自助餐, 並參與趣味盎然的野生動物主題遊戲 晚會的亮點之一是行政總裁白德利向郝唐惠莉頒發 30 年長期服務獎金牌! 另外,blueprint 團隊的夜光水母裝吸引眾人目光, 因而摘得最佳衣著獎桂冠 最後, 公司同事為世界自然基金會香港分會籌得 20,248 港元善款, 太古地產亦將捐出等額款項, 為晚會畫上圓滿句號 21

22 SHARING CORNER 分享園地 Making Swire Places Kicks Off at TaiKoo Hui STL & TKH Annual Dinners: Music and Sports Extravaganzas Building on the success of events in Hong Kong and Beijing, "Making Swire Places" debuted in Guangzhou last November to offer our colleagues a fun and interactive way to better understand our Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy, and the two key pillars of People and Places. Participants came together on 15 December to dream up the ideal place to live, stay and work. Highlights during the event included an SD Community board and offline "WeChat Moments", where contestants could submit comments on other projects. After an exciting competition, 11 Master Plans were selected which were then whittled down to six projects after a WeChat poll and an assessment by the judging panel. Check out the winning Master Plans in our next issue! 廣州太古滙首次舉辦 Making Swire Places 繼香港與北京的活動圓滿結束後,Making Swire Places 於 11 月首次亮相廣州, 以有趣互動的方式, 讓同事們深入了解 2030 可持續發展策略, 以及當中 以人為本 和 社區營造 兩大支柱 參加者於 12 月 15 日聚首一堂, 構思享受生活和安居樂業的理想場所 活動亮點包括 SD Community 和 WeChat Moments, 參賽者可就其他項目發表意見 經過激烈角逐後選出 11 個設計方案, 其後經過微信投票和評審團評估後再選出六個設計方案 敬請留意下期公佈勝出的設計方案! During Golden Melody Night, our colleagues from Sino Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu (STL) astounded their peers by showing off their hidden musical talents during a star-studded evening. From hip-hop to Sichuan opera with a twist, and even bel canto, the night was an eclectic mix of high-energy music and dance. Back down south, TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou colleagues pulled on their basketball jerseys and sneakers, and broke out their best on-court moves and tricks during their Game On annual dinner. Inspired by the mall s All-Star Summer campaign, which was all about basketball, attendees shot some hoops, watched live performances and enjoyed a well-deserved dinner to celebrate a successful year. 成都遠洋太古里與廣州太古滙週年晚會 : 音樂與運動的華麗盛宴 成都遠洋太古里的同事在 萬千星輝金曲夜 週年晚會中展露他們隱藏的音樂天賦, 驚艷全場 從嘻哈到川劇, 甚至美聲演唱, 音樂與舞蹈共冶一爐, 成就精彩紛呈的一夜 轉回南方, 廣州太古滙的同事則穿上籃球衣和運動鞋, 在 為創造紀錄而戰 週年晚會上展現最佳運球動作和技巧 週年晚會延續廣州太古滙以籃球為主題的 盛夏籃球名人堂 推廣活動, 出席同事可以展現投籃技術 觀看現場表演並享用豐盛晚宴, 歡慶成功的一年! 22

23 SHARING CORNER 分享園地 喜結連理 恭喜公共事務部 Hely Shu 與她大學時期的戀人 Stephen Lung Sir 於 10 月 21 日喜結連理 Hely 說道 : 我們兩人的性格截然不同 我活潑好動,Stephen 成熟穩重 ; 但我們相遇後一拍即合 Stephen 求婚過程讓我震撼不已 他以表演魔術為開場白, 把一束火苗變成一朵玫瑰, 然後變出一枚戒指! 我從來不知道他有如此浪漫有趣的一面 婚禮當日是我一生最快樂的一天,Stephen 的誓詞更是感人 我永遠不會忘記他在當晚講述的故事 當 Hely 得知她的部門同事 Dennis So 也在同一天結婚時更是驚喜 Dennis 與 Neko Chan 在晴朗的天氣下舉行了戶外婚禮, 在眾親朋好友及同事的見證下結為夫妻 Dennis 說 : 我和 Neko 是四年前在除夕派對上認識的 那天晚上我們兩人原本都打算呆在家裡, 但最後被朋友硬拉出去, 我們的相識真是命中註定 兩個月後我們開始約會 求婚時, 我在房間裡放滿氣球, 還用我們的照片製作了一個 PowerPoint Neko 起初以為只是在慶祝周年紀念, 直到我單膝跪下拿出戒指, 她才醒悟過來 Wedding Bells Congrats to Hely Shu (PAD) who married her university sweetheart Stephen Lung Sir on 21 October. Hely says, We re really from two different worlds I m bubbly and vivacious, while Stephen is reserved and stoic; but when we met, something just clicked. Stephen s proposal really blew me away. He started doing magic tricks and turned an open flame into a rose and then my ring! I never knew he had such a romantic and playful side. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life and Stephen s speech was especially touching. I will never forget the story he told that evening. Hely got an even bigger surprise when she found out that her teammate Dennis So (PAD) was getting married on the same day. Dennis tied the knot with Neko Chan at a sunny, outdoor ceremony with close friends, family and colleagues. Dennis says, Neko and I meet at a New Year s Eve party four years ago, and it really was fate as we were both planning to stay home that night, but only came out as friends dragged us out. We started dating two months later. When I proposed, I fitted out my room with loads of balloons and created a PowerPoint of our pictures. Neko thought we were celebrating our anniversary until I got on one knee and pulled out the ring. Baby Talk 牙牙學語 Hi everyone! I m Theo Rhodes and I was born on 24 July. Daddy says this about me: Finally someone who thinks I m funny! 嗨, 大家好! 我叫 Theo Rhodes,7 月 24 日出生 有了我後爸爸說 : 終於有人覺得我有趣了! Thomas Rhodes (INDMO) 23

24 SHARING CORNER 分享園地 你好 Sam! 你在太古地產負責什麼工作? 我與不同的業務單位合作, 落實它們的數碼項目 我最初加入太古地產時擔任物業助理, 最近調到數碼市場推廣團隊 為什麼選擇數碼市場推廣工作? 當我進行租務團隊的工作流程數碼化和自動化 (The Hub) 時, 意識到自己善於掌握數碼技術, 所以決定全職從事數碼市場推廣工作 你最享受工作的哪方面? 我最享受解決問題和聽取同事的意見, 針對困難與電子技術服務團隊同事一同尋找和構思理想的解決方案 每次解決一個難題就像拼完一副 1,000 塊拼圖一樣, 令人十分振奮 A Day in the Life of 生活點滴 SAM CHAN 你的日常工作是怎樣的呢? 我一天的工作是以與同事舉行早晨簡介會作開始, 接著與電子技術服務團隊開會了解項目的最新進展, 然後不斷進行測試, 再與我的 客戶 見面 你至今為公司處理的項目中, 最有趣的是哪一個? The Hub 這個項目規模龐大, 包括將現有工作流程自動化, 更要創建一個中央處理平台 對外的租戶網站將於 2018 年推出, 將為租戶帶來前所未有的便利, 包括接收資料 提出申請 以至訂購材料等方面 有什麼嗜好或興趣嗎? 工餘時你喜歡做什麽呢? 我喜歡跟太太和三兩知己一起出外看電影 遠足或者旅行等, 讓我鬆弛身心 Hi Sam! So, what do you do at Swire Properties? I work with different BUs to bring their digital initiatives to life. I originally joined the Company as a Property Assistant, but recently transferred to the Digital Marketing team. Why Digital Marketing? I realised when I was digitising and automating the Leasing Team s workflows (The Hub) that I had a knack for digital, so I decided to do it full time. What do you enjoy most about your job? Problem solving and listening to our colleagues. Finding and creating an ideal solution together with es to solve a pain point is like finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle. It s exhilarating. What s a typical day like for you? My day starts with a morning briefing with my teammates before meeting with es for project updates. Then its testing and more testing, before meeting with my clients. What s been the most interesting project you ve worked on so far for the Company? The Hub. It s a massive project that involves automating existing workflows, not to mention creating a centralised platform for information. The External Tenant Portal will be launched in 2018, and it s going to bring a whole new level of convenience to our tenants in terms of receiving information, making requests and even ordering fit-out materials, to name but a few functions. Any hobbies, interests? What do you like doing in your free time? I love hanging out with my wife and our friends, watching movies, hiking and travelling it helps me unwind. What s it like working out of blueprint? I love it because it s very conducive to problem solving. I often work at TONG Bar & Café which is very relaxing. And when I m really stuck, I might go play some ping pong or video games with my teammates. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ or Snapchat? Facebook. No contest. 在 blueprint 工作感覺如何? 我喜歡在 blueprint 工作, 這裡的氛圍有助我解決問題 我經常在輕鬆舒適的 TONG Bar & Café 工作 要是被甚麼難題卡住, 我會和同事打打乒乓球或者玩玩電子遊戲 你喜歡使用 Instagram Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Google+ 還是 Snapchat? 當然是 Facebook 24