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1 Dicembre 2016

2 ABOUT US MRT Distribuzione Srl Acquires agreements as a «Master Agency Italy» for non-european and European companies structurally consolidated that need a start-up in Italy in the medium-high and high segment of the market retail, in the medium scale retail trade and in large scale retail trade. It interfaces with a potential of 1300 clients in Italy, including the member of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, that always more selects Brands with an Easy Low profile to satisfy needs of new markets.

3 FOCUS The 30 year long knowledge of the market and the capillary network of selling experts, allows fast evolving Start-Ups The Master Agency MRT Distribuzione Srl deals with contractualizing the team of agents in each region paying the commissions on the total accrued and the end of each solar trimester of their quantity sold, respecting their liquidation requests at the end of the working relationship and paying the legal grant Enasarco mandatory in the professional field.

4 STRENGHTS The brands that Marco Martini has represent in the years, allowed to MRT Distribuzione Srl to acquire a deep knowledge of the distributive market of high and medium-high Boutiques and Concept Stores. Without forgetting the interrelation with the medium and high scale retail trade and the interaction in the research and construction of franchising affiliation networks. Mrt Distribuzione Srl covers 13 regional sectors or multiregional sectors with a professional and structured network ( selling team) of indipendent and multibrand agents.

5 STRENGHTS It offers a Customer Service in Italy that safeguards the distributive corporate image in the territory and collects, processes and transmits orders to the mandator. Monitoring of the financial rating of the customers with authorized institutes ( Creditsafe ). Support in the recovery of the financial exposition till the legal inquiry, if delegated. Logistic support, if necessary. Control and collection of the flawed seasonal pieces.

6 STORY MRT Distribuzione Srl Mrt Distribuzione Srl is the natural evolution of the professional path of Marco Martini, sole Director. Marco Martini began his career in the fashion world in 1981 (born in Florence on the 22/10/1959) as a regional agent for the center of Italy for the Brands Valentino Man Ungaro - Fendi Oaks By Ferrè Via Vai By Giorgio Armani Brecos Leather, and also passing through Siegel & Stockman Paris Actuel Toulon Uniform Jeans - Replay Replay Footwear XTI Footwear Bray Steve Alan BSA Sexy Woman Absolute Joy Staff Jeans & Co Local Celebrity, Scotch & Soda.

7 STORY MRT Distribuzione Srl In june 2012 he establish MRT Distribuzione Srl with the acquisition, as a Master Agent Italy agreement, of the Brand MOLLY BRACKEN, MINY MOLLY and MOLLY BRACKEN FOOTWEAR France, start-up with a share of distributive value equal to «0» (zero). Today, in Italy, the brand MOLLY BRACKEN counts on 483 consolidated customers and over pieces of clothing sold per year, reaching a consolidated value of around with an expected growth margin of the 22% for the end of Mrt Distribuzione Srl produces and distributes in Italy also the brand «WAT- Walk And Travel» leather clothing, accesorizes and belts ( registered Brand in the 1997 and property of Marco Martini) created, at the moment, for a ristricted niche of customers, reflecting a style Vintage Old-retrò.

8 STORY MRT Distribuzione Srl The 15 th December 2014 MRT distribuzione srl, with the supervision of the french mother house, plans and defines the business plan for the opening in Italy of monobrand Molly Bracken stores, direct and / or partnership. The 28 march 2015 inaugurates the 1 MOLLY BRACKEN STORE Polo Commerciale San Donato Via Di Novoli 10/ Firenze ( MRT Distribuzione Srl direct store ). The 30 th April 2015 inaugurates the 2 MOLLY BRACKEN STORE STORE - Centro Commerciale Campania - Marcianise ( CE ) ( Affiliated store). The 22 nd October 2015 inaugurates the 3 MOLLY BRACKEN STORE - Via G. Mazzini, Viareggio ( LU ) (MRT Distribuzione Srl direct store). The 03 nd December 2015 inaugurates the 4 MOLLY BRACKEN STORE - Centro Commerciale Vulcano Viale Italia, Sesto San Giovanni ( MI ) (MRT Distribuzione Srl direct store). The 01 nd December 2016 inaugurates the 5 MOLLY BRACKEN STORE - Via Santa Croce, Lucca (MRT Distribuzione Srl direct store) Aim stores!

9 STAFF MRT Distribuzione Srl Simona Benucci: Customer service (Italian French Spanish) Francesca Biricolti : Customer service ( Italian French English) Silvia Berti: Sales and support for the agent network (Italian) Arturo Ferruzzi : Italy Retail Manager (Italian - French - English) Alessandra Passigli: Admin and monitoring of the «customer rating» (Italian French - English) Marco Martini: CEO & President (Italian - French)

10 CONTACT MRT Distribuzione Srl Via Giambattista Lulli, Firenze ITALY Phone: (switchboard) Fax: VOIP number : Contact:

11 VAT RI QR Code VAT: IT Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of Florence : N REA : FI