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1 Christopher Bragg Auctions Pty. Ltd. Catalogue of the sale to be held in our rooms at: 194 Christmas St, Alphington On Sunday 27th January 2019 at 11am MasterCard/Visa Payments attract an additional 1.5% premium 18% (incl. GST) BUYER S PREMIUM APPLIES TO ALL LOTS SOLD Cabinet 1 1 "Walkies" G Armani figure of an Up-Town girl with great Dane, H: 49cm 2 "The Status Symbol" fabulous G Armani figurine of fashionista with great Dane, H: 49cm 3 "Always on Alert" Helena Collection figurine of maiden with grey and white great Dane 4 "As A Breed, The World Conquered" bronzed figure of magnificent great Dane 5 "Alert but Not Alarmed!" stunning bronzed figure of an American great Dane 6 "The Invitation" stylish figure of an exotic maiden with protective American great Dane, signed, made in Italy. 7 "Looking for a Chum", hand decorated figure of a modest lady & her great Dane 8 2 Chinese vases, one lidded: a) famille vert with exotic birds and insects; b) early 20th cent famille rose, hand decorated with courtiers engaging, overall H: 21cm 9 "Helena Collection" figure of a great Dane, hand painted 10 "Eyes and Ears Alert" hand decorated figure of a great Dane 11 "My Exhibition Poise!" "Helena Collection" great Dane 12 "Tender Moments" ltd edit bronzed figure group of great Dane mother with 6 pups, signed T Acevedo, 19/ "English Great Danes in Relaxed Mood" figure group signed Steve McKeowan 14 "Just The Two of Us" bronzed figure group of American great Dane with pup, signed T Acevedo, 38/350; minor af to ear 15 "My Best Friend" cast bronze figure of boy reading a book, with great Dane resting under arm, H: 25cm 16 "Found It! The Slipper That Is" charming bronzed family group of American great Danes 17 "Quiet Moment" ltd edit figure group of a master with his great Danes by T Acevedo, 21/ "Looking for Companionship" cast metal figure of an American great Dane, hand painted, H: 20.35cm 19 "Reflections of Bachelor" original print from C Coles Phillips "Gallery of Girls" pub "Dr. Knisely" original caricature drawn by Frank Broadhurst and pub. In "TODAY" Sunday Telegraph 30th Nov Engaging, almost life size seated figure of an English great Dane Cabinet 2 22 "Time is Running" 19th cent Staffordshire flatback, H: 35.4cm"King John Signing The Magna Carta" 19th cent Staffordshire flatback, hand decorated 22.1 King John signing the Magna Carta 19 th cent Staffordshire flatback, hand decorated th cent. Staffordshire flatback spill vase with two sisters upon a bridge, swan below 24 "HIGHLANDER" 19th cent Staffordshire spill vase, H: 32.5cm 25 "Uncle Tom and Eva" 19th cent Staffordshire flatback, hand decorated, H: 16.8cm 26 "Wesley" Staffordshire figure, H: 16.5cm 27 "MINSTRELS" 19th cent Staffordshire flatback, H: 27.3cm 28 "Meeting at The Well" 19th cent Staffordshire spill vase, H: 25.5cm 1

2 29 Pair 19th cent hand thrown figures of merchant and his wife, possibly by Johan Bloch, nos. BU 681 & BU 682 to bases 30 "Autumn Breezes" Royal Doulton figurine, HN 1934 PN 31 "The Milk Maid" 19th cent Staffordshire spill vase 32 "The Lovers" 19th cent Staffordshire flatback, H: 24.5cm, some af 33 "The Maiden" 19th Staffordshire flatback, minor af 34 2 Goeble figs. "Apple Tree Girl" & "The Musician" 35 "The Merchant & His Wife" 19th cent Staffordshire spill vase 36 Beswick figure of a woolly sheep 37 5pcs silver plated serving spoons/ladels, some Mappin & Webb 38 Antique figure of a serene Buddha seated on a lotus pad, H: 24.6cm 39 3 footed carved drinking vessel 40 Interesting figure of a weary Chinese traveller 41 Fine carved knarled boxwood stand 42 "Portrait of Princess Louise of Prussia, and her Sons" superb hand painted 'miniature' in Empire style frame, early 20th century 43 Chinese jadeite emotional support with carved dragon 44 2 attractive Chinese snuff bottles, enamel with hand painted panels of youthful women 45 Antique bronze figure of a Buddha seated in lotus position, H: 13.5cm 46 Amusing figure of a deity, decorative mark to base 47 Antique bronze Chinese figure of a sage, seeking respect, H: 20.8cm 48 Impressive carved natural crystal figure of a laughing Buddha mounted on natural wooden stand 49 Late 19th cent table centre bowl of oval form enhanced with applied flowers in bloom & vine leaves; purveyed by Thos. Goode, London. In the Moore Bros. manner. 50 Important antique bronze Chinese footed table koro, mark to base 51 Pair unsuspecting rhinos, possibly jadeite 52 Splendid horn drinking cup embellished with carved flying eagles 53 Beswick "Ruler of Ouborough" great Dane figure, H: 17cm 54 Lladro figure of "Proud Pet American Great Dane" L: 30.5cm 55 "Ruler of Ouborough" Beswick figure of great Dane 56 Beswick figure, "Ruler of Ouborough" English great Dane 57 Collection of adoreable pewter figures of great Danes 58 "A Great Dane" fig. by Studio Zal, Melb 59 Lenham Pottery great Dane, monogrammed AFR, solid black colour 60 Great Dane figure, by Lenham Pottery, mono. AFR, white with black 'spots' colouring 61 Lenham Pottery great Dane, monogrammed AFR, grey tones with black nose 62 Light tan coloured great Dane figure by Lenham Pottery, monog. AFR 63 3 delightful bronze coloured great Dane pups 64 "Keeping Watch" great Dane by Douglas Gray.92, on wooden plinth 65 "North Light" great Dane copy. No Bronzed figure of a standing great Dane, studio marked 67 "Waiting for Instructions" bronzed fig of American great Dane, signed T Acevedo, H: ms 68 "Playtime" boy with great Dane, signed P Parsons 69 "Resting" great Dane, English breed, c "Who's the Boss?" great Dane with cat figure, sig. Carol Holland 2

3 71 "Resting but Alert" small figure of great Dane, Danny Quest Designs, USA 72 "The Great Dane" Created by Realities Cold Cast Bronze NSW 73 "Mother with Pups" bronzed figure group by Realities Cold Cast Bronze 74 "Great Dane Standing Proud" bronzed figure, H: 18cm 75 Bust of a great Dane, mounted on wooden plinth, Valendale Model 76 "Having a Good Scratch" bronzed figure of a great Dane! Sig. J Spouse 77 "I'M Home!" great Dane on the sofa, signed T Acevedo, 10/ No Lot 79 Pair bronzed great Danes at rest on plinths 80 Brass great Dane of American breeding 81 Pair of great Danes, seated but ready for instruction, signed Anna Cabinet 3 82 Box of John Player & Sons cigarette cards: Dandies, Modern Naval Craft, Motor Cars etc 83 Block 4 MUH Tasmania Hobart 2d with one penny overprint; bk /2d Pan Pacific Scout Jamboree 1948/49 MUH Gov of CA corner block 84 Various footy cards incl. Hoadley's; Standard; TURF; etc 85 Various spots cigarette cards, PATROL TOBACCO cricket; TURF Personalities Series; Player's Tennis; Steam Rollers cricket 86 2 bags cigarette cards: Old Pottery & Porcelain; British Naval Craft; Wix & Sons etc 87 Envelope of Chinese/Taiwan stamps 88 Box of international stamps, most used, mid 20th cent 89 2 envelopes Australia MUH, blocks, pre & post dec. 90 Packet: Chinese stamps incl Chinese Imperial Post etc 91 Tray stamps, mostly Aust. Pre dec. some Brit C'wealth 92 5 sleeves MUH Aust. Pre dec stamps: 1/- Lyre Bird John Ash cnr.; Telegraph Centenary 3 1/2d; Kingsford Smith 2d etc 93 Folder of Australian MUH stamps, most post decimal, many blocks 94 Folder of Australian MUH stamps, most post decimal and in folders 95 3 metal cash tins of coins, some Geo V pennies etc 96 Universal Stamp Album with many world stamps, also British C'wealth, Hong Kong with overprints etc 97 5 vols. "Cranks & Nuts", mostly 1940's Cabinet Coopercraft (Eng.) great Dane figures; black & b/w 99 3 Coopercraft figures of great Danes, various colourings studio potter vases: Remued with applied twig & leaf displaying brown tones; cobalt blue vase with two handles; another vase with stylised M monogram pcs John Campbell incl squat milk jug and stout vase, both blue drip glaze Japanese souvenir dolls, all well dressed having porcelain heads & hands 103 Fine quality Mappin & Webb table sugar with crystal insert 104 Ladies Sheaffer fountain pen pcs figurines: Bayreuth rabbit & elephant; "Startled Girl" 106 3pcs: 1996 Great Dane Club Vic. 50th Championship Show port; great Dane decanter & empty 3rd Nat Great Dane Club of SA 1988 flagon 107 Siamese silver table basket (212gms); and 'modern' crystal stem vase 108 Pleasing early 20th cent parian figure of a classical beauty with dove, minor af 109 Fine terracotta Chinese teapot, with exotic bird motif, inscription to side and chop mark to base 3

4 110 Craftsman turned zitan wood pot, Chinese 111 Late 19th cent pair fish servers, repousse handles and incised blade and prong 112 Perfect Teapot complete with infuser, Two fob watches and a Breitling stop watch. 113 Mid 20th cent musical jug, plays Waltzing Matilda 114 "Book of Common Prayer" pub. 1865, leather bound and brass clasp 115 4pcs: 3 vintage perfume bottles, one with stg. silver collar; also vanity "crinoline lady" mirror holder 116 3pcs rubyesque glassware incl. jug, tall vase & hand cut bowl 117 "Throw Me a Bone Luv" American great Dane figure 118 "Spot the Fly" gorgeous great Dane figure 119 Collection of Great Dane jewellery, mostly brooches 120 Art deco pink table centre bowl, minor af 121 "When's it My Turn?" great Dane figure signed Dawn 122 "Happy To Wait" great Dane figure, Italian made 123 Vintage vanity set, cased with mirror 124 Fine Bone China great Dane figure of American great Dane, white with black spots 125 "Twins, Well Almost" pair Taiwan made great Danes 126 Attractive Chinese wall scroll, flora features, signed with chop 127 Attractive Damacene-esq wooden sewing box, c Tray: costume jewellery, gold plated Elgin pocket watch; fresh water pearl necklace; earrings etc antique quality bottle holders/pourers by Mappin & Webb and Carrington ice bucket 130 Collection of aboriginal mulga wood music sticks, boomerang etc 131 3pcs: chrome plated crab/lobster legs vice; nut cracker & another useful implement 132 3pcs. Royal Doulton "Woodley Dale" table ware: sandwich tray, milk jug & fruit bowl 133 Vintage metal casting of monkey species,'mother & child' 134 Set 3 graduated Royal Winton "Spring" fruit juice jugs Cabinet Attractive jade? Pendant carved with Chinese motifs ct gold bar brooch with 5 graduated diamonds & safety chain, 4.8gms 136 Baltic butterscotch amber bracelet 137 Amber (Baltic) and silver Art Nouvaeu style brooch 138 Vintage Baltic butterscotch amber necklace and matching bracelet 139 Stunning dark honey coloured Baltic amber necklace with 9ct gold clasp 140 Large freeform amber pendant, sterling silver shank 141 Tiffany Sterling silver beaded bracelet, with pouch and box 142 Three 9ct gold chain bracelets of small links, wgt: 3.1 gms 143 Quant of 9ct scrap gold items, some aquamarine stones, 6.7gms 144 Fashion statement 9ct gold dress ring, 2.5 gms 145 9ct gold link bracelet of stylish design, 28.5gms 146 Five 1000 Reichsbanknotes, Berlin Egyptian silver bowl with classical frieze of courtiers 148 Chinese snuff/tear bottle with inscription painted within 149 Box: 9ct gold cased Handley lady's wrist watch, two other watches, coins & 2 porcelain dolls pewter pendants with chains, 1 Danish 4

5 151 Atomiser with stg silver top & Mappin & Webb stg silver Echo Lake presentation cup Five Cook Islands $50 silver coins (1988) 152 Jorgen Jensen Denmark 9.0 silver bangle 153 Pair Mappin & Webb stg silver knife rests 154 Pair Mappin & Webb stg silver pedestal bon bon dishes political badges "Give Gough A Go"; "Snedden For Scotland" 156 Pair stg silver matchbox holders 157 Good pair stg silver nut dishes of pierced repousse decoration 158 Mappin and Webb stg silver clothes brush 159 Stg silver bottle coaster with wooden base 160 Tray: silver bracelet; 925 necklet and earrings incl marcasite; beaded necklace stg silver souvenir teaspoons; two butter knives with stg silver blades etc 162 Attractive amber necklace with robust beads 163 Collection of lady's and gent's wrist watches 164 Chinese carved stone medallion 165 Wooden card box with various grades of silver jewellery, other metals feature 166 Bangle, well crafted and presented, jade related 167 Jade necklace, fine green colour 168 3pcs: amber necklace; green stone dress ring etc 169 Jewellery box full of tempting bling 170 Wooden dome top jewellery casket with appealing costume jewellery 171 5pc Crusader art deco era silver plated tea service with serving tray very 'must have' cocktail shakers & Mappin & Webb ice bucket 173 5pcs silver plated table ware: 3 sugar sifters; night light, with serving tray, some Mappin & Webb 174 "The Walk Home" oil/canvas, English School, c "Day on the Beach" oil/board, by Don R Fraser 176 "At the Seaside" oil/board, signed Don R Fraser 177 "One Girl Power" original print from C Coles Phillips "Gallery of Girls "Dates" original print from C Coles Phillips "Gallery of Girls" "Watching the Water Flow" oil/canvas, signed N I Gufiver 180 Cold Cast Bronze great Dane oval by Sylvia Evans Portmeirion "Birds of Britain" plates 182 Magnificent 3pc tea service, Thos Bradbury Late 19th cent black slate and marble mantle clock, French groups of 3 table cruets, all Mappin & Webb 185 Large antique glass dome with ebonised wooden base 186 R A & Co. 19th cent meat platter with decorative classical edging 187 Collection of PNG/aboriginal souvenirs incl. berry bag; ceremonial drum, walking staff etc 188 Cased Drummond 3pc lady's vanity brush set with hand mirror, all with stg silver handles casings 189 Good selection of cruets and pepper mills incl Christofle, Mappin and Webb 190 Fine quality crepe dish for serving at table, with burner 191 Border Fine Arts, hand made Scottish figure of a fancy great Dane 192 No Lot Main Room 193 Green cast metal 3pc bistro setting 5

6 194 Framed South East Asian tribal embroidery 195 Collection of large metal letters painted white 196 Park bench with cast iron ends 197 Vintage Balinese wall mirror 198 3pcs: antique cedar solid panel doors, one XL 199 Large black and white Great Dane statue, leg broken 200 Group of ten metal stools for outdoors 201 Group of ten metal stools for outdoors 202 Group of seven metal stools for outdoors 203 Attractive heavy cast metal Queen sized bed head, rails and foot 204 Three framed pastel on black velvet portraits of famous New Zealand Great Danes 205 Framed pastel of five Great Danes in trailer 206 Incredibly comfortable three seater blue toned couch, with loose covers 207 Framed tapestry of dogs playing pool 208 4pcs top shelf: three Great Dane figures, two lying down, and a Smiths Great Dane clock 209 2pcs: hand sculpted and painted Astrea Art Great Danes original Castagna Great Dane sculptures made in Italy Great Dane figures in fawn black mast Ron Hevener Great Dane sculptures, harlequin 213 Four small collectable Great Dane figurines, three black and white one all black 214 Hand crafted Great Dane standing over box, with puppy 215 Six Great Dane busts created by Carol Holland 216 Half shelf of various Great Dane figurines 217 Limited Edition "Never to Big for Santa's Lap" from the Hamer Cook Collection USA by Lyn Hamer Cook Great Dane sculptures Great Dane Laurelwood ltd ed collectors plates from inclusive vintage suitcases 221 Large framed print of various Great Danes, signed Gayle Revill Two ceramic Great Danes 223 Two Great Dane busts signed Nickell 224 A very goofy Great Dane sculpture sitting at attention 225 Victorian two door cedar cupboard 226 Two lead light and acid etched framed mirrors feat Great Danes 227 Victorian cedar two door book case with four shelves and cupboard below 228 Three volumes of the Kennel Gazette: Volume 37, 39, Collection of Great Dane hand books from various club inc. thee volumes of Great Dane champions of Australia 230 Three black and white limited edition sketches of Great Dane puppies candlesticks: 2 Royal Doulton, 2 Villeroy & Boch, 1 silver plated Minton trios, Shalimar 233 Antique Sessions mantle clock 234 4pcs: 2 vases, lidded pot and decorative bed side lamp cut crystal decanters and a contemporary crystal ice bucket 236 Twin pedestal large Victorian cedar sideboard 237 Framed print of Great Danes relaxing signed Mick Corstun Large Regency style wooden framed bevelled mirror 6

7 239 Three black and white prints of Great Danes 240 Pair of Capodimonte figurines feat gentlemen working and drinking 241 Collection of English china duos, jugs etc. inc. Royal Crown Derby, Coal Port and Royal Doulton 242 Shelf of decorative boxes and handbags 243 Shelf lot of fine English china inc Worcester 244 4pcs: antique Royal Doulton covered cheese dish, Wedgwood plate, Coalport bowl and pottery face mug 245 Three cruet sets, two silver plated and one boiled egg set 246 Two boxes of stylish costume jewellery 247 Box of fashion jewellery 248 2pcs: antique flow blue Burslem tea pot and flow blue jug 249 Box of designer watches 250 Shelf of tourist ware inc thimbles, salt and peppers, plates and a ceramic bull 251 Collection of silver plate tableware inc. carving knives and steels 252 Basket of vintage buttons and sewing bibs and bobs 253 Large towelling dressing gown and six towels, and a king size bed spread 254 Small towelling dressing gown and six towels 255 Medium size towelling dressing gown and six towels 256 Large antique gilt framed mirror 257 Pair of decorative ceramic frogs 258 Tray of quirky items, ash trays, ducks, cigarette lighter, Guy Boyd plate etc. 259 Vintage two door single drawer cedar sideboard 260 Royal Doulton 'Rosslyn' dinner set for six inc. vegetable dishes and serving platters 261 Large box of fashion jewellery 262 Collection of vintage and antique seafood serving ware and implements, including Muster Schutz and Diana ware 263 Tall pine book case 264 Tall pine book case 265 Three vintage vases, a Royal Doulton jug and a West German vase 266 Hand painted elephant teapot and six brass tankards 267 2pcs: hand painted lidded trough and Chinese style hand painted vase 268 6pcs: cream Art Deco plate, candlesticks and vases 269 Four Great Dane figurines 270 Retro glass fronted display cabinet with open shelf and drawers and cupboards below 271 Six Broinsowski original bird prints 272 Stunning Rococo style glass fronted and sided, gilt embellished display unit 273 Stunning matching dining table with six chairs, two carvers, featuring gilt detailing 274 Huge canvas of Italian peasants enjoying wine and a tobacco pipe, 197x Decorative blue and white Chinese vase 276 Vintage dressing table, mirror and two drawers above, four drawers below 277 Noritake Blair Rose dinner set for six plus extras 278 Arzberg coffee set for Ltd Ed 484/950 framed Lloyd Rees of the Sydney Opera House Three framed oil on board feat hay carts, horses and homesteads 7

8 281 A wistful young lady, crayon, 59x120 signed Anne Middleton 282 Vase of Flowers' still life oil on board, 50x39 signed Molly Roche 283 Oil on canvas, still life, featuring coffee with Camelias, 45x65, signed P. McDonald 284 Beautiful sideboard, ball and claw foot, three drawers four cupboards below 285 Matching claw and ball foot extension dining table with six chairs in lovely condition for age 286 Collection of books relating to dogs, mostly Great Danes 287 Tall pine book case 288 Quality hat box containing fashion stockings and ladies accessories 289 Two drawer wooden filing cabinet, in pine 290 Vintage walnut bed head 291 Matching three door, two drawer wardrobe 292 Fabulous matching dressing table, mirror backed. 293 Matching bed side table two cupboards below 294 Large men's Driza Bone 295 Nain silk inlay Persian carpet, cream field with beige border 353x247cm 296 Woollen William Morris style rug, green and orange tones, 280x186cm 297 Nain silk inlay Persian carpet, cream field with beige border 353x247cm 298 Hand knotted woollen rug featuring South American motifs, 200x Burleighware Balmoral dinner and tea set for eight plus vintage ceramic tea pot 300 Wooden box of cutlery 301 4pcs: two designer jackets, one feather, fur gilet and a mohair jumper pcs: Sass & Bide day and evening wear including leather pants pcs: ladies fashionwear inc. Kenzo and Dolce & Gabana 304 Dainese black leather motorbike pants Men's size 50 in great condition 305 Fox motocross pants size pcs: vintage step chair and vintage raffia foot stool 307 Reproduction mahogany twin pedestal Regency style extension dining table and eight chairs 308 Noritake Bristol tea and coffee set for six, minus one cup 309 White Arzberg dinner set for pcs retro mink evening jacket and red fox stole 311 4pcs: three designer hats inc one by Philip Treacy and a very realistic fox fur stole 312 Two antique bentwood chairs from Austrian/Hungarian maker Harnisch & Co 313 Two acoustic guitars, Alvarez & Valencia and electric guitar 314 Contemporary brushed stainless steel and glass dining table 315 Varidesk adjustable height standing desk 316 Vintage mirrored dressing table, three drawers below, featuring nice inlay detail 317 Four Royal Albert Shakespeare Flowers plates and six Royal Doulton New Hampshire fruit plates 318 Five cabinet plates including Royal Albert and three Wedgwood Etruria serving plates 319 Very nice traditionally styled glass topped desk with chair 320 Large collection of silver plate inc serving dishes some by Mappin & Webb 321 Hardwood sofa table, three drawers below 322 3pcs crystal: comport, serving platter and basket 323 Pair of lamp tables 324 Tray of silver plated tongs, sugar casting spoons, mustard pots and quaiches 8

9 325 Cream damask wing backed chair made my Moran 326 Three tier gilt plant stand featuring grapes 327 Very comfortable arm chair covered in red William Morris style fabric 328 Another very comfortable arm chair covered in green and blue William Morris style fabric with footstool 329 Mahogany drop side desk c1980 in lovely condition 330 Vintage wooden wash stand with bowl feat flowers 331 Hand painted, hand crafted Great Dane bust by Sherratt & Simpson desktop statues of eagles 333 Biedermeier style small chest of drawers (three drawers) in excellent condition 334 Arts and crafts wooden storage box 335 Pair of chrome and black desk chairs 336 Cane veranda chair 337 Suitcase full of vintage children's books 338 Pair of Great Dane wall clocks 339 Large cane shelf coffee table 340 Photax 11 inch reflector interfit lighting standing studio lamp 341 Photax max 500 watts standing studio lamp 342 Geise & Nowicki Berlin studio movie lamp 343 Shelf of eclectic items inc copper ship, wooden crocodile, whiskey barnalia 344 Healing Golden Voice vintage radio, in working order 345 Two shelves of board games, some vintage, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble etc. 346 Vintage American Diner style table in red, interesting leg detail 347 4x Aristoc Scape dining chairs 348 Pair of bamboo veranda chairs 349 "Bird in the Sky", oil on canvas, 700x "Ghost Train at Night" mixed media 540x Bang & Olufson Beocentre 2200 with speakers 352 Two drawer classically styled sideboard unit with inlay detail 353 Tufte visual display of quantitative information 354 Vintage Deadwood Dick poster and vintage spittoon 355 "Dinner is Served" framed art, signed Wendy Heath 1991, 720x Pencil and ink, reclining nude, signed Mednis, 440x Mustard vinyl covered retro footstool on chrome legs 358 Large black and white cowhide rug 359 3pcs: interesting glass jugs and bowl 360 Modern style designer curved single piece glass side table 361 Three reproduction ghost stools 362 Replica Phillippe Starck Louis Ghost armchairs x8 363 Three vintage wall clocks, Smith and Metamec 364 Box containing crystal, souvenir ware, prints, china etc. 365 Vintage AWA Radiola 550-GA in excellent condition 366 Two very large glass floor vases 367 Shelf of copper and brass vases, urn and wooden sailing boat 368 Decorative dial up telephone 369 3pcs: Aynsley "Orchard Gold" stem vase; Royal Doulton pin dish & carnival glass frill edge bowl 9

10 370 Shelf of quality copper bowls, kettle and a ramekin 371 Shelf of cut crystal bowls, vases 372 "Loch Lomond" oil/canvas, signed W McGregor, 67 x 107cm 373 5pcs Chinese collectables: "The Fisherman"; 2 carved figures; 2 soy dispensers 374 Superb ostrich egg in exceptional order & figure of a geisha 375 Vintage Westminster china coffee and dessert set 376 Shelf of Italian hand painted earthenware tableware 377 Massive Mason's (Vista) charger, deep red tone, minor chip to edge but acceptable, dia: 40.5cm 378 Two floor standing religious statues, Jesus and Mary 379 Two framed religious prints and three crucifixes 380 Oval wooden framed mirror 381 Collection of serving ware for oysters in the shell inc. Coal Port 382 Two shelves of Italian serving bowls, tureens, platters etc. 383 A papier mâché framed octagonal bevelled mirror feat flowers 384 Shelf Chinese crockery setting for six with serving dishes. 385 Highly glazed oriental teapot, mark to base, the lid as tea cup 383 Twelve collectable thimbles in display case 387 Pair designer table troughs decorated with regal motifs 388 6pcs: crystal and glass bowls and serving plates 389 "Rosa Parks, Inmate 7053" gouache & w/col. Monogrammed PM '06, 19 x 18.5cm 390 "Portrait of an Old Woman" oil/canvas, signed Gunter Stopa '72, 64x68cm; 1972 Archibald Finalist! 391 Glass fronted four shelf display cabinet 392 6pcs: crystal vase, control bubble bowl, Guy Boyd vase etc. 393 Two English trios, Limoges lidded box and two crystal decanters 394 Royal Doulton supper set for four plus an Arundel trio 395 Shelf of fine English china inc four Colclough trios 396 Hand knotted traditional style runner, green and red tones, 66x Antique Reinhardt Cramer & Franklin shoe shop mirror 398 Small wooden two shelf cabinet Small Anglo-Indian MOP inlay antique chest Antique camphorwood chest painted with peony roses in wood tones Small Anglo-Indian MOP and bone inlay antique chest. 399 Bag of fishing tackle, sailors hat, collectable sailor doll 400 "Waltzing Marching Matilda" oil on canvas, 70x90 signed Joel Magpayo 401 Monopoly board game in wooden box 402 Fabulous vintage leather suitcase made by Nan Hing Leather Company Shanghai 403 Decorative clock mirror print wall hanging 404 Antique Ellams Duplicator Company London self-rising duplicator 405 Antique cobblers work table 406 Two interesting metal wall hangings/serving plates 407 Antique grocer s suspension scales with weights 408 Antique butchers scales with weights 409 Two copper fire extinguishers and a copper scuttle 410 Shelf of garage items, Shell motor oil, pin, planes, bike repair kits etc. 411 Four wooden shoe lasts 10

11 412 Two wooden boxes with vintage tobacco chocolate tins 413 Collection of tobacco tins, bike repair tins, Torrington Spring Beard knitting needles 414 Vintage Godfrey hat last 415 Mettype junior tin typewriter, made in England 416 Shelf: coal scuttle, bellows, old phone etc. 417 Vintage child's cane rocking chair 418 Original Nintendo Donkey Kong in box (DK52) 419 Electronic Detective Game by Ideal in box 420 Box of antique Masonic Lodge regalia 421 Vintage crystal radio with Western Electric Company Headphones 422 Large collection of match boxes 423 3pcs: stainless steel hip flask, cuff links, slide rule 424 Box of ephemera 425 Travelling Mah-jong set 426 Vintage student's microscope 427 Japanese PD Police tin friction motorcycle toy 428 Secret Agents Aston Martin action car, made in Japan, in box and in excellent condition Chevrolet maintenance manual, , and Dyke s automobile Gasoline Engine Encyclopaedia Horny no30 good train set, in box, gauge zero 430 Two antique carver chairs 431 Antique mahogany miners seat 432 Fourteen posters of military aircraft 433 Ten posters military vehicles 434 Fifteen black and white posters of military vehicles 435 Vintage framed cross stitch of Punch and Judy 436 Vintage mahogany three drawer chest of drawers 437 Kitchen step stool 438 Two beautiful tapestries featuring Great Dane 439 Top quality Café Ole coloured leather lounges for a home theatre 440 Hand knotted kilim carpet, red and blue tones 60x250 Extremely comfortable two and a half seater couch covered in blue tone fabric 441 Art Deco gallery tray with several Deco china pieces, two lidded vegetable dishes, one Royal Worcester 442 Large silver-plated serving tray 443 Grindley 'Cream Petal' dinner set for six with serving platter 444 Reproduction mahogany dining extension table 445 Six very attractive spade back cedar chairs, with wooden seats 446 Reproduction oblong mahogany coffee table 447 Hinged glass fronted display case 448 Magnificent inlay circular card table 449 2pcs: one wooden eagle sculpture and one large Armani eagle sculpture 450 Box set of quality silver plated cutlery for six 451 Strachan placemats, Mappin & Web cruet holder and four silver plated toast racks inc rare concertina Mappin & Webb toast rack 452 Vintage cedar hall table 453 Glass fronted hinged display box full of Great Dane key rings and badges 454 Antique hall table with inlay, needs tlc 455 7pcs: designer vases, candle holder and cigarette lighter 11

12 456 Antique photograph of a baby girl in gilt frame 457 4pcs blue art glass 458 Extremely comfortable two and a half seater couch covered in blue tone fabric 459 Large glass and metal contemporary dining table with eight mushroom coloured micro suede chairs 460 Tapestry covered vintage wooden hall chair 461 Vintage tapestry covered mahogany stool 462 Four quality antique chairs inc two spade back and one lyre back 463 Four Jacobean style chairs, three dining one fire side 464 3pc Jacobean upholstered lounge suite 465 Brown leather upholstered piano stool, French polished 466 2pcs: antique stationary box and farmhouse tea caddy 467 Oval Regency style reproduction mahogany coffee table 468 Two and half seater navy blue leather couch 469 Biedermeier style three-seater couch covered in gold fabric 470 Pair of antique fireside gentleman's chairs 471 Shaker style rocking chair covered in beige velvet 472 Upholstered bedroom chair 473 Red wing backed arm chair 474 Pair of floral linen wing backed chairs and couch 475 Glass topped Regency style two tier tea trolley 476 Mahogany demi lune reproduction hall table 477 Two-seater couch with rolled arms 478 Two-seater couch with rolled arms 479 Cream damask covered club chair 480 Biedermeier style three-seater couch covered in gold fabric SILENT AUCTION 1000 Mahogany mirror backed dresser 1001 Box with hand painted vase, lidded dish, silver plate etc Box with assorted Great Dane plates, glasses, mugs 1003 Tub below with jumpers and t-shirts featuring Great Danes 1004 Pair contemporary white and chrome bar stools 1005 Various lamp shades 1006 Two Casalife Adana Cooper Ceiling Pendants in box 1007 Two beautiful brass light fittings with original glass shades 1008 Simpson Esprit kg washing machine 1009 Panasonic Viera tv 1010 Sharp fridge/freezer 1011 Mahogany queen-sized sleigh bed and rails 1012 Framed art of French street scene and gilt framed octagonal mirror 1013 Box with some Maxwell & Williams, Christmas music box, vase, alabaster vase etc Globe of the world and three deco style galley trays 1015 Four framed artworks, two Asian style and two gilt framed landscapes Frames print, Mozambique, Operation Barwood Two shelves of mainly vintage hardbacks, includes 'Erotic Postcards' 1017 HP DeskJet 3520 printer 12

13 1018 Basket with some 7-inch records, Mercedes Benz owner s manual, other interesting vintage titles 1019 Box with copies of Two Hundred Years magazine, some cricket books, Ash Wednesday magazine Two lamp shades and three retro glass light fittings 1020 Vintage rusty set of scales and a leather suit case of books 1021 Four boxes of mainly fiction titles 1022 Framed drawing of homestead and Madonna artwork 1023 Vintage rusty set of scales and a leather suit case of books pcs inc shoe last, fire tool, hook etc Ladies handbags in 1 hand steam cleaner in box 1026 Two wooden boxes with shed items, a white plastic tub with some door furniture and a fire screen 1027 Basket with kids lederhosen, cushions, hand bag, vintage linen etc Basket with fur shawl, letter holder, wooden dish 1029 Two boxes with items for saddlery 1030 Two boxes of popular kids and teens fiction 1031 Retro dresser with mirror 1032 Women's designer shoes: 5 pairs in boxes including Prada and Kenzo 1033 Six silver plated CUB badged tankards 1034 Two bottles of No.4711 original Eau De Cologne, one used one new in box and a cut glass jewellery box/cigarette holder 1035 Box with ruby glass, milk glass, floral art etc Shelf decorative figurines featuring naughty children and old men 1037 The Calf for Market" ceramic figure group, mark for Naples (Capodimonte) 1038 Case of Freemasons paraphernalia 1039 Collection of Adams scenic china, Meakin plates, silver plate tray and beer related items 1040 Meakin bowls, beer items, glasses, silver plate 1041 Jute border floor rug 1042 Three alabaster lamp bases 1043 Eight Willow pattern plates, a Doulton trio and some Australian Stamp Collection books 1044 No Lot 1045 No Lot 1046 Nice large timber framed print by Raoul Dufy "La Baie de Staine-Adresse 1935" 1047 Three boxes of DVDs, lots of blockbusters, House Of Cards series etc. and James Bond and Star Wars books 1048 Box with same games, cricket balls, pencils etc. and a box of DVDS 1049 No Lot 1050 Box with silver plate and cutlery 1051 Panasonic DVD player, record (DMR-XW350) 1052 Box with leather hats, knitted hat, and three boxes of designer shoes 1053 Three paintings on floor one with gilt frame 1054 Two drawer vanity mirror Large wall hanging wooden framed mirror 1055 Collection of artwork includes string and nail snail 1056 Number of framed Banjo Paterson related artworks 1057 Box with AF Great Dane figurines 1058 Box with boxed gilt spoons, forks, cutlery, silver plate tray, office stamps etc Two boxes of books 13

14 1060 Two boxes of assorted stamps 1061 Four drawer timber chest of drawers and smaller four drawer chest of drawers on legs 1062 Large framed film poster "Café Lumiere" with lady smoking large white serving dishes 1064 White kitchen storage unit 1065 Tub with dolls from all over the world inc boxed Qantas doll 1066 Ornate firewood holder, green bottle, canister (?) and three jars 1067 Three framed Australian artworks 1068 Two framed botanicals 1069 BBQ, shelf of shed items, folding work bench 1070 Garden rabbit and dog 1071 White magazine rack with some table linen 1072 Long box on bottom shelf with various garden tools 1073 Stack and box of books 1074 Four drawer small chest of drawers with glass top and four drawer chest of drawers with round handles 1075 Six framed artworks depicting horse racing 1076 Hutschenreuther Germany 'Sylvia' setting for six featuring magnolia blossoms 1077 Welsh spinning wheel 1078 Two nice folding canvas deck chairs 1079 No Lot 1080 Two sets of golf clubs in bags 1081 Box with retro cannisters, australian pottery kettles, nice vase etc Vintage suitcase with dolls, including Barbie and Skipper 1083 Box with Great Dane books, art etc Three framed paintings featuring country scenes 1085 Two boxes of DVDs, includes Homeland and Battlestar Galactica series 1086 Two contemporary style sun lounges, another folding sun lounge and a camp chair 1087 Two lamps, one white with floral detail and a Bendigo pottery base vase 1088 Large ceramic table lamp in brown glaze 1089 Box with English china trios, vases 1090 Box with dolls, nutcracker dolls, an AMF bowling pin 1091 Box with vintage tools: saws, wooden level etc Box with stamps, cat lunch box 1093 Pair of Regency style hall tables 1094 Three office chairs 1095 Two tubs with computer cables, modems, office bits etc Mixed box with fire tools, retro lamp, boxed six piece salad set etc Box with some small toys, Paddington Bear, dinosaurs, coaster collection 1098 Pair of fire dogs, fire tools and a wooden pedestal 1099 Box with teapots, candelabra, wooden cannister, wooden boat etc Box with biscuit barrel, silver plate, cruet set etc Box with serving dish, AF crystal vase, milk jug, ceramic vase 1102 Box with Picquotware, glasses, bowls etc Box with glass fishing float, lidded tin, copper pot, rusty pots 1104 Box with white wire baskets, magazine rack, ornate wall hooks 1105 Large basket with nice Christmas decorations 1106 BEV box with sea ocean stuff - not a lot.. Could be honks? Find. 14

15 1107 Two boxes with bells, door furniture, light fittings etc Homedics Foot & Calf Massager 1109 Box with glass avocado dishes 1110 Large glazed pot maybe used for making sauerkraut 1111 Box with Martin Boyd ramekins, ceramic jug, Bialetti etc Red Jetfast Edger 1113 Box of art books 1114 Box with Great Dane figurine, art, tote bag, tea towels etc Castrol petrol can 1116 Box with 'Punch' magazines, Japanese set of chopsticks, napkins, tablecloth and Beijing 2008 mascot coin set 1118 White garden shelving unit with doors beside 1119 Black and gold fire screen 1120 Box with frames, tins, placemats 1121 Box with plates, wall clock and decanters 1122 Box with Noritake harlequin trios and a pretty ceramic doll 1123 Royal Doulton 'Violets' - part set 1124 Box with cups and saucers, Grindley dishes etc No Lot 1126 Box with bowl, jug, figurines etc Nested table set 1128 Three picnic baskets 1129 Tub with plush toys, wooden house shaped display units 1130 Box with retro picnic cutlery carry case, serving dishes, and the lot next to it inc. fish bowls, wooden tray, plus umbrellas, shooting stick. Includes esky under table 1131 Basket of vintage napery 1132 Box with nice signed milk jug, blue jug on base, Silver Jubilee dish, goblet etc American diner style table 1134 Three pieces: cauldron, tap hook etc 1135 Box with tablecloths and a gilt framed artwork 1136 Two ceramic Sharpe Bros lidded bottles 1137 White and gold shabby chic side table 1138 Box with vintage 'Look & Learn' magazines and some 'Antiques & Art' magazines 1139 Box of costume jewellery 1140 Box of linen 1141 Three boxes of business books 1142 Four boxes of business books 1143 Cream lamp with cracked paint detail 1144 Box of Great Dane related bits and pieces 1145 Audrey Hepburn on canvas, some frames, other canvas art Three boxes of books 1146 Baskets and beach basket under the table 1147 Box with binoculars, Italian table piece, Elvis record etc Tub of vintage coffee jars 1149 Tub with tins, bookends, spoons, kettle 1150 Hat box with doll, wallets, screen 1151 Wooden box with tins and stamps etc Side table with glass top insert 15

16 1153 No Lot 1154 Great Dane art in frames, one broken 1155 Leather top low table 1156 Two boxes with books on psychology 1157 Filing box with items on top, plus tub with mixed items inside, Balinese hat etc Red basket with linen and dolls 1159 Tub of mixed book titles 1160 Basket with garden fairy ornaments 1161 Petrol lawn edger in box and kerosene lamp 1162 Mixed box, red lockable carry case, candles, foot massagers, photo albums etc Box with vintage hardbacks 1164 Box of horse magazines 1165 Box with handbag, Royal Albert trio, West German lamp bases etc Vintage embroidered mahogany framed tapestry fire screen Vintage tapestry covered rocking chair 1167 Box with vase, vegemite tin, Yalumba tray, Dymo gun, wine rack, magazine rack, Badminton racket, Hoover in box etc Tub of linen etc Tub with wire basket, soda siphon, bits and pieces 1170 Box with silver plate, French cook book, egg caddy etc boxes of books under the table 1172 Collection of plates, gravy jug, ceramic lidded box 1173 Box with Raynham pottery vase, scales, decanter, French press, Kodaslide etc Box with wooden items, cow biscuit barrel, floral mugs etc Box with shot glasses, tea cups and saucers, cigar tin 1176 Demi lune reproduction mahogany hall table 1177 Box 7 inch singles, 70s 80s rock Collection of lots purchased Small items only may be collected during the sale after lot 100 has been sold. Larger items must be collected after the sale has finished or on Monday 28th January pm Please note All breakages must be paid for. Electrical goods should be tested before purchase. A licensed electrician has not inspected the electrical appliances. Please ask for assistance. All goods bid for, must be paid for & removed from the premises by the purchaser. Christopher Bragg Auctions Pty. Ltd.Specialists in House Contents, Estate & Executors Auctions,194 Christmas Street - Alphington, Tel.: (03)