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1 SECOND DAY S SALE WEDNESDAY 11th APRIL 2018 ORIENTAL & EUROPEAN CERAMICS & GLASS Commencing at 10.00am Oriental and European Ceramics and Glass will be on view on: Friday 6th April 9.00am to 5.15pm Saturday 7th April 9.00am to 1.00pm Sunday 8th April 2.00pm to 4.00pm Monday 9th April 9.00am to 5.15pm Tuesday 10th April 9.00am to 5.15pm Limited viewing on sale day Measurements are approximate guidelines only unless stated to the contrary Enquiries: Andrew Thomas Tel: Enquiries: Nic Saintey Tel:

2 502 A pair of Powell & Ricketts bottles and three similar all of three piece cylinder construction, the former with embossed marks, 23 and 27 cm high. * A sealed squat cylinder wine bottle the dark olive/ brown body with pronounced kick up and short tapering neck with an applied triangular string rim, the body applied just below the shoulders with a circular seal for W. Blight 1811, 23 cm high, small rim chip. * This bottle appears to be previously unrecorded and probably relates to William Blight of Venn Farm, Newton St Petrock, North Devon 501 Benjamin Edwards, Belfast a mould blown glass decanter and stopper of mallet shaped form with basal comb flutes, the neck with two double feathered neck rings and flaring rim and flattened grid stopper, the body wheel cut R Mc D flanked by flowering thistles and verso with Masonic square and compass, the base moulded B. Edwards Belfast, circa 1805, 22.5 cm high overall, [shallow flake under rim]. * Four coloured glass scent bottles and stoppers each of either scrambled millefiori form or with foil inclusions, three decorated with portrait roundels and one with an all seeing eye, one of flattened circular form, two of oval form and one of cylindrical form, 19th century, cm. * The appearance of thistles strongly suggests that this decanter was produced after the 1800 and 1801 Acts of Union. Cf. Phelps Warren, Irish Glass page 76 for a discussion of these Masonic decanters and page 75 where similar examples are illustrated. At the time of publishing less than ten marked examples have been recorded 96

3 505 A white and red cased glass scent bottle the slender oviform body with gold foil inclusions with e.p. mount and hinged domed cover, 19th century, 10.5 cm high, [slight dent to cover]. * Three glass scent bottles and one other comprising a miniature example, the clear body with white banding applied with a heart and A.B. 1817, another miniature example with multi coloured foil inclusions, another with silvered interior, the exterior painted with enamelled bands and a pottery example printed with Dutch children in a landscape, cm, [smallest devoid stopper]. * Six coloured glass scent bottles and two others various colours, some with cut decoration, silver and e.p. mounts together with a silver mounted engine turned and enamel mounted smelling salts bottle and a cranberry and brass mounted table scent, 4-8 cm, [some dents and knocks to covers]. * A group of eleven glass scent bottles comprising coloured overlay, cut glass and silver and e.p. mounted examples, 19th century, 4-27 cm, [one or two minor knocks to covers]. * Six various glass cheroot or cigarette holders comprising four colour flashed examples with cut decoration, a red and white overlay example and one clear glass holder with green spiral trails, 7-14 cm. * No Lot. * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 511 A Palme Koenig iridescent amethyst glass vase of dimpled oviform with three scrolling crimped handles, the body applied with a lattice of glass trails, circa , 30 cm high. * A Daum Nancy miniature glass vase of ovoid form with shaped rim, enamelled with a winter river landscape scene, signed Daum Nancy 16, 4.5 cm high. *

4 513 A small Chinese doucai bowl of circular form, the exterior enamelled with a pair of dragons amongst scrolling peony, the interior with a single bloom and scrolling foliage, apocryphal six character mark for Chenghua within concentric circles, 9 cm diameter, together with a wooden stand. * A Chinese export famille rose porcelain jug of helmet shape, painted with figures on a terrace, a lake landscape beyond, Qianlong, 15 cm high [minor frits and glazed over firing crack to handle]. * A Chinese porcelain vase of shouldered hexagonal profile enamelled front and verso with lotus and prunus respectively, flanked by panels of poetic texts reserved on a profuse pink ground, red six character seal for Jiaqing, 30 cm high. * A Chinese porcelain bowl of squat globular form painted in blue with a panel containing two figures, a deer and crane in front of a waterside shrine and verso with travellers beside a lake flanked by a ruyi head sceptre below a lappet band, with metal handles, concentric circles to base, Kangxi, 24 cm diameter [cover lacking, minor stain towards base]. * No Lot. 518 A Chinese blue and white sauceboat and a tea caddy and cover the sauceboat of silver shape, painted with peonies and a zig-zag fence, Qianlong, 24 cm; the hexagonal caddy painted with birds perched amongst trees and ornamental rockwork on an ornate foliate ground, the cover with shou medallion, apocryphal four-character Kangxi mark, 16 cm high [minor glaze flake to cover]. *

5 519 A Chinese Imari teapot and cover of octagonal baluster form, painted in underglaze blue, iron red and gilt with panels of lake landscapes and peony sprays below a pendant lappet border, Kangxi, 13 cm high. * A Chinese wucai vase of ovoid form, painted with two mythical beasts amongst scrolling peonies and foliage within cracked ice and line borders, 17th century,17 cm with carved and pierced wood cover and stand. * A Chinese celadon glazed censer of typical squat circular form set on three peg feet, probably late 17th/early 18th century, 25 cm diameter. * A Chinese famille verte biscuit vase of octagonal section, moulded to each side with panels of figures, birds and foliage, Kangxi, 18 cm [damaged, gold lacquer repair]. * A set of four Chinese famille rose plates each painted with a scroll shaped panel, a phoenix, auspicious objects, flowers and foliage, Qianlong, 22.5 cm diameter [one damaged]. * A group of three Chinese famille verte dishes and bowls brightly enamelled with either birds and peony stems or lotus lappet panels of auspicious objects, flowers, foliage and rockwork, two with seal and jade beautiful marks within double circles, Kangxi, 27,34 and 36 cm [all damaged]. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 99

6 525 A Chinese pottery model of a caparisoned Fereghan horse decorated in sancai glazes, standing four-square and wearing a saddle, it s head turned slightly to one side with mouth open, on rectangular base, probably Tang Dynasty, 41 cm high [damaged, some losses]. * A pair of Canton famille rose dishes and one similar of shaped rectangular form, the pair painted with exotic birds, butterflies, bamboo, flowers and rockwork, late 19th century, 21.5 wide [one chipped]; the other with fish within a wide border of butterflies, flowers and fruit, 21 cm wide [3]. * A Chinese porcelain dragon plate enamelled with a central dragon guarding a pearl and surrounded by four further dragons amongst clouds and lightning on a yellow ground, the reverse with three further dragons, red Qianlong seal mark, [cracked with touched in chip]. * A Chinese porcelain butterfly bowl the exterior enamelled in the famille rose palette with numerous butterflies amongst flowers, foliage and fruit, the interior enamelled with a single butterfly and blooms within three bands of iron red calligraphy and an underglaze blue band, blue seal mark to base, 22 cm diameter, [staple repairs]. * A Chinese Imitation Realgar glass vase of ovoid form with everted rim, the glass of marbled red and grey colour, late 19th century, 25 cm. * A Chinese Qingbai brush washer in the form of a grotesque three legged beast, under pale celadon glaze, 9.5 cm long, chip to one toe. *

7 531 A Chinese porcelain wine cup of circular mildly flaring form, the exterior painted in blue with a large insect, crickets and moths amongst foliage, blue four character mark to base, 8 cm diameter. * A Chinese blue and white jug of bottle form with serpent handle, painted with a dignitary and other figures, two further figures in and above the arched entrance to a building, 19th century, 26 cm. * A pair of Chinese famille rose vases for the Straits market of baluster form with Buddhist liondog and puppy handles, each with inscribed figural gourd-shaped panels on a bright pink ground with gourds and foliage between ruyi-head and key fret borders, iron red seal marks, 46 and 47 cm high. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 101

8 A pair of Chinese porcelain vases of oviform with elephant mask handles set above a ribbed band enamelled in the famille rose palette with four figures from the Table of the Peerless Heroes flanked by poetic texts between thunder key bands, Xianfeng seal marks, 38 cm high. *

9 535 A Chinese porcelain medallion bowl of circular form enamelled with four pink ground circular panels containing gold calligraphy and flanked by bats supporting swastikas and jade gongs amongst peonies and foliage between ruyi head and lappet bands, the interior with a further five bats, blue painted seal mark for Jiaqing, 20 cm diameter. * A pair of Chinese porcelain double gourd vases painted in blue with a pair of dragons amongst peony, chrysanthemum and foliage, four-character marks, late 19th century, 30 cm high, [tiny rim chip to one]. * A Chinese porcelain bottle vase with raised neck and triple neck rings enamelled in the famille rose palette with Li Tieguai before a scholar holding a ruyi head sceptre and attended by assistants and children, 32 cm high, [minor rim chip]. * A matched pair of Chinese famille rose butterfly beaker vases each painted with numerous brightly coloured butterflies between borders of ruyi heads and scrolling flowers and foliage, one with underglaze blue apocryphal six-character Guangxu mark, the other with underglaze blue apocryphal six-character Qianlong seal mark, 17.5 cm. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 103

10 539 A pair of Chinese yellow-ground porcelain garden seats each of barrel shaped form, the sides and top pierced with cash motifs between bands of raised bosses, enamelled in bright colours with a gold dragon flanked by eight further dragons and three to the top, all amongst clouds reserved on a yellow ground between lappets and wave scrolls, 20th century, 48 cm high. * A pair of Chinese porcelain dishes enamelled in the famille verte palette with a pair of elegant ladies and a child offering a lotus bloom in a garden setting, blue concentric circles, 19th century, 40 cm diameter, [glue repair to one]. * A Canton porcelain two handled vase and cover of footed oviform with domed petal shaped cover and berry knop enamelled front and verso with panels containing figures in a garden pavilion reserved on a ground of flowers, foliage and precious objects, mid/late 19th century, 33 cm high, [devoid tip of knop with some flaking to enamel]. * A Chinese Qingbai celadon glazed cosmetics box and cover of circular form moulded in low relief with a chrysanthemum encircled by Arabic script, the interior with a pair of cups and a rectangular well, 12.5 cm diameter. *

11 543 A Chinese blue and white wine ewer of baluster form with ogee loop handle and long curved spout, painted with chilong, bats and swastika motifs, Kangxi, later metal cover and mount, 15.5 cm high [handle drilled for a chain mount] * No Lot 545 A Japanese Hirado blue and white teapot in the form of a seated boy holding a puppy wearing a tasselled bell around its neck, early 20th century, 19 cm high [cover lacking]. * A Japanese Satsuma earthenware box and cover by Kinkozan of octagonal form, finely enamelled with a group of five bijin, a man and a child in a garden, the sides with foliate diaper panels, seal mark, Meiji period, 7 cm. * A Japanese Satsuma pottery vase of ovoid form with ribbed waisted neck and flared rim, finely painted with a cabinet, a low table, a screen, scholar s utensils and tea ceremony implements, the neck and base with key fret and diaper borders, indistinctly signed possibly Sozan for Kinkozan, Meiji period, 24 cm high. * A Japanese Arita blue and white hexagonal jar and cover with shi-shi finial, painted with birds amongst flowering plants and foliage, circa 1700, 36 cm [damage and losses] and Chinese hardwood stand. * A rare Japanese Imari coffee pot and cover of tapering square section with foliate reticulated sides, painted with foliage in iron-red and green enamels on an underglaze blue ground, the cover with bud finial, on four leaf form feet, early 18th century, 31 cm high [damaged]. * The hole at the base would have been left vacant for a silver tap to be fitted in Europe. * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 105

12 550 A large pair of Satsuma earthenware vases of baluster form with grotesque mask handles, decorated with panels containing Samurai and numerous figures and attendants between a profuse diaper band containing dragons and a profuse lappet band, signed Da Nihon, Satsuma yaki and possibly Hattori, with incised marks, Meiji, 62 cm high, [one restored]. * A Dutch blue and white delft garlicnecked bottle vase painted with oriental figures in landscapes with fences, rockwork, flowers and foliage, mid 18th century, 21.5 cm high [neck restored, chips to footrim]. * A Continental blue and white tinglazed stove tile painted with a ram and ewe in an extensive landscape with rockwork and sponged trees within a wide geometric border, probably German, 18th century, 22 x 19 cm [minor chips]. * A Cantagalli maiolica crespina in Savona style, with shaped and pierced rim, painted with a putto and landscape panels on a ground of scattered insects, flowers and foliage, cockerel mark, 30 cm diameter. *

13 554 A London blue and white delftware wall pocket of D form with slightly concave back, painted with a Chinese figure standing behind a fence on the side of a lake, a man in a boat beyond, the lower terminal with sponged decoration, pierced for suspension, probably Lambeth, circa , 20 cm high [minor glaze chips]. * Cf. Michael Archer Delftware/The Tin- Glazed Earthenware of the British Isles page 375 pl An English blue and white delftware four-division tripod sweetmeat dish painted with tree peonies and running foliate borders, probably Liverpool, circa , 21 cm wide [minor hair cracks]. * Cf. Frank Britton English Delftware in the Bristol Collection page 137, pl An English blue and white delftware three-division tripod sweetmeat dish painted with Chinese figures by lattice fences, bamboo, flowers and foliage within foliate borders, probably Liverpool, circa , 18 cm wide [some damage and restoration]. * Paper label for F.H.Garner Collection. Cf. Frank Britton English Delftware in the Bristol Collection page 137, pl Two 18th century delftware tiles one painted overall in marbled manganese, 13 cm; the other with an octagonal panel in blue depicting two figures and their dogs in a landscape, the four corners with a vase of flowers, all reserved on a powder manganese ground, 13 cm. * An English blue and white delftware water bottle painted with two Chinese figures, one seated, in an extensive landscape with buildings and mountains beyond, probably Lambeth, circa 1770, 25 cm [rim restored]. * Bears paper labels for F.H.Garner [no.1254] and Art Treasures Exhibition 1928 [no.372]. Cf. Michael Archer Delftware/The Tin- Glazed Earthenware of the British Isles page 277 E An English blue and white delftware water bottle painted overall with an extensive Chinese lake landscape, probably Liverpool, circa 1760, 23 cm [rim restored, glaze loss to footrim]. * Bears paper labels for F.H.Garner and Gautier Collection. Cf. Michael Archer Delftware/The Tin- Glazed Earthenware of the British Isles page 277 E.21. * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 107

14 560 A German blue and white fayence twohandled spiced wine bowl and cover: with small internal strainer, painted overall with Chinese figures in garden landscapes, probably Frankfurt, early 18th century, 28 cm wide [damaged and restored]. * A German Medieval stoneware jug of ribbed baluster form with strap handle and thumb moulded base, Siegburg, 13th/14th century, 22.5 cm [minor chips]. * Cf. Steinzeug Kunstgewerbemuseum Der Stadt Koln, page 160, pl A 19th century slipware pottery money box of globular form decorated with marbled brown and ochre slips on a cream ground, possibly Sussex, 9 cm high. * A Donyatt pottery puzzle jug of typical bellied form, the raised neck with cruciform and circular piercing the rim with single spout, the cream and copper flecked body sgraffito decorated with tulip-like blooms, the neck captioned Fill me full then geat (sic) it out...how you will and dated twice 1766, 18 cm high, [chips to foot rim]. * A large Dutch [De Pauw] blue and white delft charger painted in Chinese Transitional style with figures on terraces, rockwork, flowers and foliage, marked, early 18th century, 48 cm diameter [some damage and riveted crack]; together with a George IV carved mahogany stand [2]. *

15 565 A John Turner caneware teapot and cover in oriental style, the reticulated cover with lion finial, the shaped square section body with circular relief panels of Chinese figures in landscapes, impressed mark, circa , 12.5 cm high [minor chips to spout]. * Two English blue and white delft ware plates one painted with an extensive lake landscape, two figures in a boat in the foreground, 23 cm diameter; the other with oriental flowers and foliage around a fence within a floral bianco-sopra-bianco border, 23 cm diameter, both circa [minor glaze losses]. * A Stephen Green brown glazed stoneware pistol flask in the form of a percussion pistol, impressed mark Stephen Green/Imperial Potteries/Lambeth, circa 1840, 28 cm [trigger guard restored]. * A group of seven English creamware bin labels of coat hanger form, comprising three early 19th century examples for Sherry, Madeira and Hock, the latter Wedgwood; three Farrow & Jackson, London & Paris for Sherry and a similar unmarked example [some damage]. * A Staffordshire pottery model of a leopard on raised tree stump base, probably Thomas Parr, circa 1860, 18 cm high [minor glaze loss to ears]. * Two Staffordshire pottery figures the first of a lion and tiger on grassy mound base, circa 1880, 16 cm high; the second of a standing lion with one paw resting on a sphere, on shaped rectangular base, circa 1840, 13 cm high [tail a made up replacement, minor flaking]. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 109

16 572 A Staffordshire pottery cheese coaster of footed sledgeshaped form, transfer decorated in blue with a scagliola design, mid 19th century, 40 cm long. * A large Farmers Arms pottery jug of Royal commemorative interest of typical bellied form with raised neck and strap handle, transfer printed in black beneath the spout with portraits of the young Queen Victoria and Albert below the caption George Tucker Saunton and flanked by Farmers Arms roundels beneath a band of Union symbols of rose, thistle and shamrock with scattered vignettes of cats, dogs, fish, lambs, rabbits and pigeons, circa , 28 cm high. * This jug seems to relate to George Tucker who leased the 150 acre East Farm at Saunton (now known as Saunton Court) from the Christie family of Tapeley Park, Instow. 575 A late Staffordshire pottery portrait group of Britannia seated with helmet and shield in a floral and patterned dress with a lion at foot, on a rustic mound set on a faux marble base, 34 cm high, [devoid spear]. * A Staffordshire pearlware equestrian figure in the form of a lady wearing a feather plumed hat and blue jacket riding side saddle, on green tree stump support and shaped rectangular base moulded with c-scrolls and foliage, circa 1830, 23 cm high [damaged and repaired]. * Cf. Pat Halfpenny English Earthenware Figures page 229 pl.66 for the model An Enoch Wood pearl glazed head and shoulders bust of Plato the bearded philosopher wearing puce robe and on a black faux marble socle and square base, impressed mark, early 19th century, 5 cm high [glaze filled firing crack, chip to base]. * A pair of Staffordshire pottery figure groups depicting the British lion seated over the prostrate body of Napoleon III, the former embellished with gold flecks, the latter wearing an orange tunic with gold epaulettes, on a rustic gilt line base, circa , 24 cm high. *

17 577 A pair of pearlware figure groups of Elijah and the Widow the former modelled on a rocky outcrop feeding a raven, the latter seated with a child both collecting fire wood with a barrel and jug at foot, both before a flowering bocage and on a captioned faux marble base, early 19th century, 25.5 and 23.5 cm high, [minor loss]. * A Copeland Parian figure group Go to Bed made for the Art Union of London modelled after the original by Joseph Durham with seated girl castigating a pet dog on her lap, on a circular base with embossed banner, impressed verso J. Durhams, 1862, Art Union of London 8/77, Copyright Reserved, Copeland, 45 cm high * A Dutch-decorated Leeds creamware plate of silver shape, painted in green, red, yellow and black enamels with a double portrait of Prince William V of Orange and his Princess on the occasion of their return from exile in 1787, 26 cm. * A Royal Doulton stoneware vase by Hannah Barlow of slender ovoid form with flared rim, the body incised and decorated with a group of eight ponies in a winter landscape between scrollwork and foliate borders in the Art Nouveau manner, impressed and incised marks, circa 1905, 36 cm high. * A Torquay Terracotta Company plaque finely enamelled by Alexander Fisher Snr, of circular form and decorated with a hare sheltering in a snowy windswept landscape below a flock of birds in flight, signed lower left, turner s marks for Higginbottom, circa 1880, 31 cm diameter. * A George Jones pate-sur-pate earthenware plaque, probably by Frederick Schenk decorated in white slip on a dark chocolate ground with four putti fishing on the edge of a lake, one holding a large basket aloft, impressed factory monogram, circa 1870, 24 x 16 cm [minor damage]. * Provenance The Barnes Collection. * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 111

18 585 A Hancock & Sons Morrisware Art Nouveau bowl designed by George Cartlidge and painted with flowers and abstract motifs within geometric borders, printed factory mark and facsimile signature, 27 cm diameter [restored]. * A large Clarice Cliff Forest Glen vase of trumpet form, painted with a cottage and trees in a landscape under a streaked Delecia sky, black script signature, circa 1935, 31 cm high. * A large Hancock & Sons Morrisware Art Nouveau vase designed by George Cartlidge, tube lined and painted with harebells and foliage on a mottled blue ground, painted model no.c28-2, printed factory mark and facsimile signature, 36.5 cm. * A William Moorcroft at James Macintyre Aurelian Ware vase of slender baluster form, decorated in underglaze blue, iron red and gilt with poppies and other blooms and foliage in the art nouveau manner, printed marks, circa , 29 cm high. * A Moorcroft vase of ovoid form with flared rim, tube lined and decorated with the Grape design in sombre salt glaze colours, impressed facsimile signature with Royal Warrant, circa , 16 cm high. * A Moorcroft Tudric pewter mounted vase of trumpet shaped form tubelined in the Poppies pattern in red, orange and blue on a green ground, set on a spreading planished pewter foot stamped Moorcroft, Tudric, Made in England, 01310, circa 1925, 23 cm high, [rim restored]. *

19 589 A Moorcroft Florian Ware vase of squat gourd shaped form tubelined in the Cornflower pattern in yellow, blue and green on a blue ground, printed brown backstamp and signed in green W. Moorcroft des., circa , 9.5 cm high. * A pair of Martin Brothers salt glazed stoneware inkwells of tapering square profile, the facets incised with simple blooms and insects, inscribed Martin London on one facet, 6 cm high, [bases damaged, some chipping]. * A pair of Martin Brothers salt glazed stoneware flasks or vases of footed and flattened circular form with carved and applied central cherub mask, stylised blooms and foliage, incised , R,W, Martin, London and , R.W. Martin, London and numbered 1 and 2 respectively, 19.5 cm high, [minor flake to one foot]. * Jason Wason a stoneware Zig Zag lidded jar of circular form on four tapering peg feet, impressed mark, 16 x 21 cm. * Provenance Acquired from the Lemon Street Gallery 4-25 October No Lot. 594 A Plymouth porcelain baluster vase painted in blue, green, yellow, pink and iron-red enamels with a bird perched amongst bamboo and blossom, the neck and foot with arabesque and diaper bands, circa , 28.5 cm [an extended firing crack partly disguised]. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 113

20 595 A pair of Bristol biscuit porcelain flower plaques each circular plaque finely applied in high relief with a ribbon tied bouquet of flowers and foliage, circa , 9.5 cm diameter, in contemporary ebonised and glazed frames. * For a discussion of this type of plaque, see F.Severne Mackenna Champion s Bristol Porcelain pages A Lowestoft blue and white small bowl painted in the Pagoda & Walled Garden pattern, circa , 10.5 cm diameter. * A Lowestoft blue and white milk jug and cover of baluster form with flower bud finial and grooved loop handle, painted in the Immortelle pattern with panels of flowers and foliage, crossed swords mark, circa , 16.5 cm high [tiny chip to spout]. * A pair of early Bow white shell salts or sweetmeat dishes of large size, each shell supported on a base of three whelks, smaller shells and coral, circa , 14.5 cm wide [some old restoration, minor losses] and velvet covered stands. * cf. Anton Gabszewicz and Geoffrey Freeman Bow Porcelain/The Collection formed by Geoffrey Freeman page 43, plate

21 599 A First Period Worcester teapot and cover of globular form with flower finial painted in puce, brown and gilt with scattered floral sprays, circa , 15 cm. high. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 600 A First Period Worcester tea bowl and saucer painted with a central spray of fruit and flowers surrounded by floral sprigs and vegetables within a bleu celeste scrolling border decorated with tooled gilt flowers and cornucopiae, circa 1770 and later, saucer 12 cm. diameter. * The decoration traditionally attributed to the workshops of James Giles but now thought to be 19th century. Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 601 A pair of Derby pedestal vases of rococo bombe form, each moulded with scrollwork, a handle to one side, the rims applied with flowers, each painted to one side with two elegant figures in a landscape, the reverse with a floral bouquet, the foliage and drapery edged in puce and green, circa 1760, 12 cm. high [damage to one, minor loss of flowers to both]. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 602 A pair of Derby dishes of oval scalloped form, painted overall in cotton stem style with floral sprays and sprigs, brown line rims, circa , 20 cm wide [minor wear to enamels]. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 603 A First Period Worcester leaf dish with stalk handle and puce veining, the rim edged in yellow and mottled green, the centre transfer printed in black with River Scene after Robert Hancock with swans, a heron, a kingfisher and ducks, painted cross mark in pale green, circa , 21 cm. wide [minor chips to footrim]. * Bears paper label See Sothebys 2/11/65, Lot 26 Cf. Cyril Cook The Life and Work of Robert Hancock item 93 for the engraving. Provenance The Flowerday Collection. * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 115

22 604 A First Period Worcester High Chelsea ewer of spiral leaf moulded form with ornate scroll handle, painted with puce and brick red floral sprays, circa , 9 cm. high. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 605 A First Period Worcester baluster vase with waisted neck, finely painted in the Meissen manner with a floral bouquet and scattered sprigs, circa 1758, 16 cm. high. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 606 A First Period Worcester feathermoulded cream jug with double scroll handle, painted with the Staghunt pattern in the Chinese export style, possibly outside decorated,workman s mark, circa 1755, 9 cm. high [two tiny chips to rim]. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 607 A Lowestoft teapot and cover painted in Curtis style with cornucopiae of floral sprays and scattered sprigs within brick red, puce and pink scrolling borders, circa 1780, 14.5 cm high. * Provenance The Flowerday Collection. 608 A First Period Worcester cup and saucer of fluted form, the cup with entwined twig handle, painted in the kakiemon palette with the Two Quail pattern within gilt edged turquoise borders, cup with underglaze blue seal mark, circa 1765, diameter of saucer 14 cm. * A Longton Hall Snowman model of a ewe standing with head turned to dexter, on stump support and mound base, circa , 9 cm high [restoration to ears and leaves]. *

23 610 A pair of Bristol [Champion s] white glazed figures of Liberty and Matrimony the girl holding a bird s nest in her right hand, the youth with a nest of chicks in his left, with bocage tree stump supports and on mound bases, circa , 20 cm [minor damage and losses]. Cf. F.Severne Mackenna Champion s Bristol Porcelain figure 90. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 117

24 611 Two Samuel Alcock & Co. porcelain vases and an English porcelain ewer the vases in neo-classical style with black printed decoration on bright blue and black grounds, mid 19th century, 30 and 26 cm [one with cover lacking, the other with damage]; the ewer painted with floral sprays below a blue ground neck, pattern no.2942/2, 35 cm [3]. * A composed garniture of three Samuel Alcock porcelain named view vases of ovoid form with loop handles, painted with views of Val St.Nicola, Switzerland after J.D.Harding, Entrance to the Fore Walk, Wotton, Surrey and The Brook within foliate scrollwork borders on a ruby ground, the smaller vases also inscribed from the Exhibition of the National Institution, the smaller vases with pattern number 9116/3, circa 1840, 21 and 28 cm [one smaller vase with re-stuck handle]. * Provenance The Barnes Collection. 613 A group of six Samuel Alcock & Co. pottery and porcelain neo-classical ewers, jugs and a plate all printed in colours and black on various grounds including orange, bright blue and black, the ewers and jugs cm high, the plate 23 cm diameter [7] minor damage. * Provenance The Barnes Collection. 118

25 614 A Samuel Alcock & Co. porcelain ewer of baluster form with scrolling loop handle, transfer printed in black with neo-classical figures on an orange ground, pattern no. 5414, circa , 31 cm. * Provenance The Barnes Collection. 615 A Samuel Alcock & Co. porcelain copy of the Portland vase the body printed in black with classical figures on a bright blue ground, the underside with a figure wearing a Phrygian cap, printed factory initials with pattern number, mid 19th century, 26 cm high. * Provenance The Barnes Collection. 616 Two Wedgwood porcelain cups and saucers the first of Friendship shape and decorated with lily of the valley on a solid gilt ground, pattern no.785; the second coloured and transfer printed with a bird perched on peony branches on a pale yellow foliate ground, pattern 607, both with red printed marks, circa * Provenance The Barnes Collection. 617 An H.&R.Daniel maroon ground vase of lily form with snake handles, painted with landscape and river scenes within yellow and gilt scrolled panels, circa , 18 cm high [chips to a leaf and footrim]. * Brian Smith Identifying Daniel Ornamental Wares fig 236 page 147. Provenance The Barnes Collection. 618 A Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain part service with scalloped rims, painted by Harry Martin with bunches of fruit and flowers on a gilded powder blue ground, signed, underglaze blue factory mark with date code for 1912, printed mark for T.Goode & Co., comprising ten plates 19 cm diameter and two square section dishes, 22 cm [one square dish damaged, one plate with small rim chip, minor scratching to enamels] 12 pieces. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 619 A pair of Royal Worcester fruit painted dessert dishes each painted by Frank Roberts with a bunch of grapes, peaches, blossom and foliage within an elaborate floral and scrollwork border, signed, puce factory mark with date code for 1912, 28 x 24 cm. *

26 A pair of Royal Worcester two-handled vases and covers painted by Charles Baldwyn each with swans in flight against a water landscape with reeds and rushes, the reverse with three swallows in flight, both signed lower right, puce printed factory marks with date code for 1897 and shape no.1958, 21 cm [finials to covers re-stuck]. *

27 622 Three Worcester porcelain scent bottles and stoppers comprising a Grainger & Co. example modelled as a small flask set in a basket printed and painted with a view of Malvern Abbey, with gilt embellishment, script mark to base, 6.5 cm, together with two Royal Worcester examples one of scabbard form painted with a Robin on bramble and one of basket moulded form decorated with scattered blooms, gilt and puce marks respectively, late 19th century, 8.5 and 8 cm. * No Lots. 625 A Tournai blue and white two-handled tureen and cover painted with floral sprays, fruit and foliage with moulded and gilt basket weave borders, crossed swords with crosses mark and painter s marks, circa , 18 cm wide [some wear to gilt]. * A Menecy porcelain teapot and cover of reeded globular form with angular scroll handle, the cover with bud finial, painted with floral bouquets and sprigs, circa 1760, 16 cm [damage to spout and handle]. * A large Jacob Petit fruit encrusted vase of baluster form with gilt fret and scroll handles, applied overall with fruit and blossom on a ground of gilt rococo and foliate motifs, mid 19th century, 66 cm high [minor damage, one fruit with glue repair]. * A Gardner (Moscow) porcelain figure of a Berry Picker wearing a blue and gilt floral dress and supporting a basket of fruit in her left arm, on rustic circular gilt scrolling base, impressed factory mark 4, circa , 21 cm high, [good professional restoration]. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 121

28 629 A Meissen cup and saucer the cup of ogee form with scrolling wishbone handle, painted in the manner of C.F.Herold with busy quayside scenes with merchants and other figures within concentric iron red circles and gilt strapwork borders, underglaze blue crossed swords marks, the saucer with incised numerals 63 and red painted B, the cup with gilt L, circa 1740, diameter of saucer 13.5 cm [minor wear to saucer, tiny chips to cup footrim and two paint flakes]. * A French bisque porcelain bust of Marie Antoinette in the white on a royal blue and gilt embellished fluted column set on square base, faux Sèvres marks, 33.5 cm high. * Three French bisque portrait busts two of Napoleon Bonaparte and one other, each in the white on blue glazed and gilt embellished socles, two set on square bases, one with faux Sèvres marks, cm high. *

29 632 A Pirkenhammer porcelain bowl of circular form the exterior pierced and moulded with eagles and foliate sprays reserved on a gold ground, red backstamp, mid 20th century, 30 cm diameter. * A French Japonesque ormolu-mounted pottery tripod dish painted with a central panel depicting a man wearing a conical straw hat and two swords from his belt reserved on a ornately decorated cream ground, the mount with pierced oriental style handles and on claw feet, late 19th century, 50 cm wide. * A German porcelain circular plaque painted in the Berlin manner with the Madonna della Sedia after Raphael, 19 cm diameter in elaborate Florentine giltwood frame [small section lacking]. * A Naples porcelain figural centrepiece modelled with four children proffering baskets and hats full of fruit around a central urn and cover with fruiting swags and set atop a column on a circular gilt scrolling base, underglaze blue marks, 34 cm high. * A late 19th century German porcelain rectangular plaque in the Berlin manner depicting Ruth holding a wheat sheaf, 18 x 13 cm framed. * * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 123

30 637 A late 19th century German porcelain rectangular plaque depicting a young classical woman wearing chains around her wrists, 15 x 10 cm in a Florentine carved giltwood frame. * An Amphora porcelain female water carrier modelled standing barefoot supporting an urn on her shoulder with another at foot, under shot enamels and on a circular base, impressed Imperial Amphora Turn with a crown, Amphora Austria and 5095, circa , 73.5 cm high. * A group of six Meissen monkey band musicians after the 18th century models, playing various musical instruments or singing, on tree stump supports and bases, underglaze blue crossed swords marks, late 19th/early 20th century, cm high [some damage and restoration]. * A pair of Meissen ornithological leaf-shaped dessert dishes and four matching plates ozier-moulded and painted with birds perched amongst leafy branches and scattered insects, underglaze blue crossed swords marks and impressed numerals, late 19th/early 20th century, plates 23 cm diameter [damage to leaf dish handles, minor chips to footrims]. *

31 641 A large Meissen porcelain bacchanalian group in the form of Bacchus holding aloft a bunch of grapes in one hand, a goblet in the other, a nymph and three putti around a barrel to one side, on rocky mound base, underglaze blue crossed swords mark and incised model no.b19, late 19th century, 30 cm high [minor damage and losses]. * A Meissen porcelain figure of The Good House Keeper modelled after the original by Kaendler seated wearing a headscarf, floral dress and cloak holding a bible beside a small table containing a spinning wheel on a scrolling base, blue crossed swords mark with iron red R and incised 2685 with press number 36, 19th century, 16 cm high. * A Meissen porcelain model of an Irish red and white setter in pointing pose with one front leg raised, on rectangular grassy mound base, underglaze blue crossed swords mark with incised model no.u174 and impressed numerals 121, 18.5 cm wide. * A group of three Meissen Bottger red stoneware models of a bird and toad on a tree stump probably modelled by Walther, incised crossed swords and model no.p240, 18 cm high [tiny chip to beak]; a squirrel on a tree stump modelled by Struck, cancelled incised crossed swords and model no.231, 14.5 cm high; and a fox on rectangular mound base, cancelled incised crossed swords mark and model no.p212, 14 cm wide. * No Lots. * All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus 20% 125

32 A Stunning World Record Price Hans Coper ( ) A Stoneware Cycladic vase. Sold for a world record breaking price of 305,000 Entries are currently invited for the next auction of 20th Century & Contemporary Pictures, Studio Pottery, Sculpture & Design to be held on 4th December.