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1 SECOND DAY S SALE THURSDAY 19th APRIL 2012 ORIENTAL and EUROPEAN CERAMICS and GLASS Commencing not before 10.30pm Oriental and European Ceramics and Glass will be on view on: Saturday 14th April 9.00am to 1.00pm Sunday 15th April 2.00pm to 4.00pm Monday 16th April 9.00am to 5.15pm Tuesday 17th April 9.00am to 5.15pm Wednesday 18th April 9.00am to 5.15pm Limited viewing on sale day Enquiries: Andrew Thomas Tel: Enquiries: Nic Saintey Tel:

2 531. A French overlay glass vase cut with panels of blue over clear, enamelled with rose centred sprays and an encircling foliate band with gold embellishment, 15 cm high A French opaline glass vase with gilt-brass handles of scrolling foliate form terminating in floral husks and set on a gilt-brass laurel wreath, on a square base with leonine feet, 37 cm high, mid 19th century A small South German amethyst tinted glass flask of flattened form applied and combed with opaque white trails, 10 cm high, late 17th/ early 18th century

3 534. A Stevens & Williams cameo glass vase of globular form with mildly flaring neck and neck ring, the clear, red and white overlaid body cut and etched with Hydrangea blooms and foliage between simple bands, 31.5 cm high, wheel cut to base Stevens & Williams Ltd, Brierley Hill and diamond point etched C.E. Rowley with Honeybourne Museum label, circa *Provenance - Acquired Christie s South Kensington, 17th May 2001, lot 93 and previously The Royal Brierley dispersal sale, Sotheby s, 3rd March 1998, lot

4 535. A French opaline glass vase of globular form with raised neck with a green and gold scaled lizard observing a wasp amongst wisteria and foliage, 27 cm high, 19th century A pair of opaline glass vases enamelled with birds in flight amongst blooms between beaded and coffee bands, 43 cm high, 19th century A Lalique vase Chevreuse, of ribbed and tapering form, the frosted body applied with four blue stained bands of stylised blooms, 16 cm high, stencilled R.Lalique, circa

5 538. A James Powell & Sons Whitefriar s textured glass Drunken Bricklayer vase in kingfisher blue, 21 cm high A James Powell & Sons Whitefriar s glass Lamb Chop vase in willow, 42 cm high A Chinese porcelain oviform jar and domed cover enamelled in the famille verte palette with panels depicting a slender figure in a garden flanked by panels of household and precious objects within cell borders containing subsidiary panels, 33 cm high, concentric ring marks, Kangxi, hair crack to cover

6 541. A Chinese porcelain wine ewer of flattened hexagonal Persian form with single neck ring, slender handle and spout with domed cover and metal mounts painted in blue with peony and verso chrysanthemum blooms on a floral and foliate ground between fretted borders, 31 cm high, Kangxi, old repair to tip of spout and devoid knop A Chinese porcelain moon flask with dragon handles painted in blue front and verso with opposing dragons reserved on a peony scroll ground between lappet and thunder key bands, 35 cm high, late 19th or early 20th century

7 543. A Chinese porcelain vase of oviform with raised neck painted in blue with a vase of chrysanthemum and peony buds, precious objects and a scholars desk with libation cup, brush rest, ryui head sceptre and a jardiniere of lotus blooms and verso with a single bat, 43 cm high A Chinese porcelain vase of globular form with raised neck enamelled with four magpies amongst the branches of a flowering Prunus, 19 cm high, apocryphal Yongzheng marks in concentric rings

8 A garniture of three Chinese brass mounted porcelain baluster jars and domed covers, the shoulders applied with a pair of serpents painted in blue with scrolling foliage, the largest jar with a French clock movement and all with brass foliate mask handles, pierced bases and rims, the largest 52 cm high, 19th century, one cover damaged

9 545A A. A Chinese porcelain Meiping vase moulded in high relief with branches bearing peaches, finger citron and pomegranate reserved on a swastika and famille jaune ground, 27 cm high, 20th century A Chinese porcelain bottle vase painted in blue with an encircling band of beasts emblematic of the signs of the Zodiac and within a landscape between fretted and peony bands, 25 cm high, four character Kangxi mark but later A Chinese porcelain altar candlestick of bulbous footed form painted in blue with peony scrolls above multiple bands, 19 cm high, apocryphal Qianlong seal mark

10 A pair of Chinese porcelain vases of swelling cylindrical form finely enamelled with two quail and a cricket amongst bamboo and chrysanthemum between scroll and ryui head borders, 20 cm high, four character seal mark, Republican period, cracked A pair of miniature Chinese porcelain oviform vases decorated with figures in a landscape beneath a ryui head and pendant border, 7.5 cm high, Qianlong seal mark but Republican period A Chinese porcelain rouge pot and cover of circular form finely enamelled with a single bird and cricket on bamboo amongst flowers and grass within a ryui head border, 7 cm diameter, four character mark Made during the Qianlong reign, but Republican period A Chinese porcelain shallow dish enamelled in the famille rose palette with a dragon and phoenix competing for a flaming pearl amongst cloud scrolls and lightning within a thunder key band, 24.5 cm diameter together with a similar smaller example, both with six character Guangxu marks. (2) A Chinese porcelain vase of shouldered cylindrical form enamelled with three female figures beneath a fir tree, 25 cm high, four character Qianlong mark but 20th century A Chinese porcelain dish of quadrilobed form, the exterior enamelled front and verso with a pair of ducks swimming amongst lotus blooms, 16.5 cm long, Tongzhi seal mark A Chinese porcelain oviform jar and cover enamelled in the famille rose palette with pierced rock, peony, prunus, chrysanthemum and lotus blooms, 23 cm high, Qianlong, slight chip to cover

11 marks 555. A Chinese pottery bowl of thinly potted form, the interior moulded with flowers and foliage between thunder key bands, the centre with four character Hongxian seal mark, 24.5 cm diameter A Chinese porcelain bowl, the interior with raised white foliage reserved on a profuse cod s roe ground in blue set with a central famille rose panel of figures in a pavilion with two pairs of subsidiary panels of simple baskets of blooms and rose camieau landscapes, all within a cell border, 26 cm diameter, Qianlong

12 A pair of Chinese porcelain hawks each modelled perching on a rocky outcrop and enamelled in the famille rose palette with bars of brightly coloured wing feathers and russet plumage on a blue and aubergine base, 27 cm high

13 Six Chinese porcelain plaques of rectangular form enamelled in the famille rose palette, five depicting deities in a landscape, two bearing calligraphic texts and one with a blue scroll border and the remainder with a mountainous landscape, 39 x 26 cm, early 20th century, all but one framed, one restored A Chinese porcelain oviform jar enamelled in the famille verte palette with a pair of quadrilobed panels and subsidiary oval and leaf shaped panels containing household and precious objects reserved on a powder blue ground, 21 cm high, concentric ring marks but 19th century, together with a damaged hardwood cover

14 560. A Cantonese porcelain punch bowl enamelled to the exterior and interior with panels of figures in garden pavilions alternating with song birds, butterflies flowers and foliage reserved on a profuse ground, 30 cm diameter, mid 19th century A Chinese porcelain garlic shaped vase decorated with sang de bouef glazes, the interior of the neck graduating to purple hues, 52 cm high, mid 19th century A Chinese porcelain vase of tapering slender hexagonal form with flaring neck, the shoulders applied with scrolling foliage and a tree rat enamelled in the famille rose palette with scattered blooms, 16 cm high, late 18th century, some flaking of enamels A Chinese porcelain garlic shaped tulip vase painted in blue with prunus, lotus, chrysanthemum and bamboo between lappet and ryui head bands, 24 cm high, late 19th century

15 564. A Chinese porcelain bottle vase of pear shaped form painted in blue with a phoenix supporting a bound casket in it s beak amongst cloud scrolls and lightning, 25 cm high, two character mark to base, Inner Palace, 19th century marks A Cantonese porcelain vase the shoulders applied with dragons and the neck with opposing kylins enamelled in the famille verte palette with warriors approaching palace steps and verso with warriors in combat at the waters edge, 62 cm high, mid/late 19th century A Chinese porcelain shallow dish of canted rectangular form, the centre painted in blue with a waterside temple amongst pine and peony within a small spearhead border and wider floral and foliate border, 38 cm long, Qianlong A Chinese porcelain tea bowl and saucer and matching tea bowl enamelled in the famille rose palette with figures in a garden pavilion, a similar saucer and a tea bowl, late Qianlong, damages A Chinese porcelain bowl, the exterior painted in blue with peony scrolls, the interior with a landscape within a fretted border, 30 cm diameter

16 A Chinese porcelain dragon vase of bottle shaped form enamelled in the famille rose palette, the body and neck with three scaly dragons pursuing flaming pearls amidst cloud scrolls and further divided by a band of peony scrolls, 39 cm high, six character Guangxu mark and of the period, small rim chip

17 A Satsuma earthenware figure of a rotund scholar seated cross legged in flowing robes, cap in one hand with an open volume in the other and stroking his lengthy beard, 30 cm high, Meiji A Chinese porcelain wine ewer painted in blue with five lines of poetic text and verso with figures in a barge, the shoulders with precious objects, 16 cm high, probably Kangxi An Imari porcelain dish of cinquefoil form painted in blue with a bird surrounded by mythical beasts, chrysanthemum, peony and scrolls in iron red and gold, 31 cm wide together with a similar dish of fluted circular form. (2) A pair of Arita porcelain oviform jars and domed covers, each body applied in low relief with opposing dragons and painted in blue with multiple panels of song birds, flowers and foliage on a wave scroll ground, 48 cm high, with hardwood stands An Arita porcelain vase of oviform with flaring neck painted in blue front and verso with a pair of cranes in a landscape reserved on a floral ground, 45 cm high

18 A Bristol delft charger painted in blue with a European landscape containing a sponged tree in the foreground, a punting fisherman and other sailing vessels and buildings in the distance, 34 cm diameter, some glaze loss An English, probably Bristol, delft charger painted in blue with three cranes in a naive garden landscape, 36 cm diameter, circa , minor rim chips An English, probably Bristol, delft charger painted in blue with a Chinese fisherman flanked by a crane on pierced rocks and peony blooms, 33.5 cm diameter, circa , glaze wear to rim

19 578. A Wood & Caldwell pearl glazed bust of Tsar Alexander I, finely modelled in military uniform and brightly enamelled, set on a waisted faux yellow marble socle, the reverse applied with a medallion impressed Alexander Aet 35, Moscow burnt, Europe preserved 1812, 30 cm high, impressed Wood & Caldwell, Burslem, Staffordshire A. A Hispano Moresque probably Valencia (Manises) bowl the interior decorated with a displaying bird amongst flower and foliate sprays within a double line and loop border, 40 cm diameter, museum type repair A 165

20 B. A Persian pottery tile of Qajar type modelled in relief with three female figures amongst blooms with mountains in the distance within a narrow foliate border, 26 x 35 cm, repaired

21 A Staffordshire pearl glazed bust of Sir Isaac Newton, classically modelled and under brown, purple, grey and flesh toned enamels on a sponged faux marble socle, 25 cm high, impressed verso Newton, early 19th century An Enoch Wood pearl glazed bust of Plato modelled bearded under purple, brown and flesh toned enamels on a black socle and square base, 36 cm high, impressed Enoch Wood, early 19th century, glaze filled firing crack verso and base chipped A pearl glazed, probably Wood & Caldwell, bust of Plato modelled bearded under brown, yellow, red and flesh toned enamels on a black waisted socle, impressed verso Plato, 33 cm high, early 19th century A Dutch delft panel of twenty two tiles painted in blue as a single spiral column decorated with flowers, foliage, putti and insects, the pedestal with a waterside landscape, the whole terminating in a Corinthian capitol and surrounded by a frieze of twenty six border tiles with scroll decoration, 152 x 40 cm. (48)

22 583. A mixed group of Dutch delft tiles painted in blue with figural subject matter including children s games, ball sports, fishing, archery, equestrian groups and others, 18th century and later, some framed and some with faults. (33) A mixed group of Dutch delft tiles painted predominantly in blue with some manganese with landscapes, some with faults A mixed group of Dutch delft tiles painted in blue with flora and fauna subject matter including several hares, a stag, fish, bird, hippocampus and flowers, three framed, some faults

23 586. A Staffordshire pearl glazed watch group of waisted form with moulded foliate decoration, the corners terminating in scrolls and surmounted by Romulus and Remus at the breast of the wolf on a rustic scrolling ground, fully decorated verso with a clock face and foliage, the whole set on a sponged faux marble base, 30 cm high, early 19th century, one twin devoid a foot and wolf s ear chipped

24 587. An Austrian cold painted terracotta bust modelled after the original by Joseph Le Guluche as a tribesman in Arabic head dress and tunic on a tapering square socle, 53 cm high, incised signature under shoulder and impressed A. Hanne verso, two chips A Watcombe pottery plaque of circular form with beaded and moulded border, the centre finely enamelled by Alexander Fisher with a pair of Herons in a waterside landscape, A.F. monogram lower right, 31 cm diameter set in plush frame A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Bonjour shape preserve pot and cover enamelled in the Coral Firs pattern, 11 cm high, printed Newport backstamp, circa

25 589A A. A Clarice Cliff Bizarre part tea service in the Daffodil shape enamelled in the Cabbage Flower pattern comprising teapot and cover, two cups, two saucers, cream jug, sugar bowl and plate, black Newport backstamp circa. 1934, minor rim chip to cups A Clarice Cliff Bizarre pottery vase (shape 363) enamelled in the Delicia Citrus pattern in orange, yellow, green and blue, 16.5 cm high, black backstamp circa A James Macintyre & Co (Moorcroft) pottery box of hexagonal form with circular cover, tube lined in the Eighteenth Century pattern in red, blue and green on an ivory ground, 15 cm wide, brown backstamp, the base and cover with green signature, circa

26 592. A James Macintyre & Co (Moorcroft) pottery small tyg of circular form tube lined in the Eighteenth Century pattern in red, blue and green on an ivory ground, 5 cm high, brown backstamp, painted green signature, circa. 1904, restoration to one handle A Moorcroft pottery vase of globular form with raised neck tube lined in the Anemone pattern in reds, green and blue on a flambe ground, 26 cm high, impressed Moorcroft, Made in England with blue signature and Royal Warrant label A set of Twelve Poole Pottery Medieval Calendar Series plates designed by Tony Morris after illuminated scenes in the Book of Hours, 32 cm diameter, printed and impressed marks, inscribed by various decorators and each numbered as a limited edition of 1000, with the exception of July, each boxed with certificate

27 595. Michael Cardew ( ), an earthenware bowl decorated with simple finger trailed designs in green slip over brown, 31 cm diameter, impressed personal and Winchcombe pottery seals A (John Rose) Coalport porcelain tea pot and cover of wrythen moulded form decorated in black and gold with sprigs and a monogram, 26 cm long, circa. 1800, knop restored A. A pair of Derby porcelain birds in branches candlesticks each modelled with a pair of birds amidst a flowering bocage below a single sconce and drip pan, on a scrolling base, 24 cm high, patch marks, circa. 1770, some restorations A pair of Coalport porcelain plates the centre enamelled with rose centred bouquets within foliate moulded borders enamelled with blooms reserved on an ivory ground, 22 cm diameter, impressed 2, circa A pair of Coalport porcelain plates the borders gilded with acorns and oak leaves, 23 cm diamater A New Hall type porcelain teapot of silver shape enamelled with scattered sprays within a pink fretted and blue dentil border, 22 cm long, late 18th century A Coalbrookdale porcelain shell vase of foliate moulded two handled form with pierced rim with flowers, foliage and insects picked out in colours reserved on a turquoise ground, 21 cm high, blue CD mark, base restored A 601. A John Bevington porcelain figural candlestick modelled with a young girl supporting a basket of flowers at the base of a florally encrusted branching tree terminating in leafy sconces and set on a circular scrolling base, 26 cm high, underglaze blue marks, circa. 1870, some professional restoration

28 An English, either Coalport or Ridgway, porcelain dessert service comprising an oval comport of neo rococo form, two oval and two shell shaped dishes and ten plates, the centre of each enamelled with blooms within a coffee border embellished with prunus and gilt foliage, some marked in gold 3/

29 603. A large Wedgwood black basalt library bust of Homer modelled after the original by William Hackwood the elderly bearded subject set on a waisted and captioned socle, 58 cm high, base and socle impressed Wedgwood, 19th century

30 604. A large porcelain candlestick, possibly Chamberlain (Worcester), of circular form with square sconce and base enamelled with encircling bands of garden blooms flanked by gilt foliate borders, 57.5 cm high, mid 19th century A pair of Staffordshire porcelain figures of two poodles on a blue cushion base set on four legs, glue repair to one together with two further groups of a playful poodle and a Spaniel, probably Samuel Alcock and each on a puce and blue scroll base., mid 19th century. (4) A Spode porcelain antique beaded beaker printed and washed with enamel with Chinese figures in a landscape, 9cm high, printed Spode Felspar Porcelain, circa Four Royal Worcester saucer dishes enamelled by William Powell with a Green Woodpecker, Bullfinch, Thrush and Wagtail within gold dentil rims, 12 cm diameter, blue backstamps, date code for 1925, each captioned verso, the latter unsigned Two Royal Worcester porcelain jugs of barrel shaped form enamelled with a Kingfisher and a Robin by William Nicholls and Gerald Delaney, green back stamps and date codes for 1954 and 1952 together with two smaller examples enamelled with a Bullfinch and a Tit, the former cracked. (4)

31 609. A pair of Derby porcelain figural candlestick one modelled as Mars with shield and banner at foot and the companion as Psyche and Cupid each before a florally encrusted tree stump below a single sconce on a scroll base, 25.5 cm high, late 18th century, minor losses A pair of Coalport match pots or spill vases of cylindrical form and set on three feet enamelled with floral panels, reserved on a pink ground, 12.5 cm high, circa , restored A pair of Minton porcelain candlesticks each with single sconce supported by a tripartite foliate scrolling stem on a rococo base enamelled with panels of blooms reserved on a pink and gold ground, 16 cm high, mid 19th century No Lot A Royal Crown Derby demi tasse coffee service comprising six cans and six saucers printed and gilt with floral designs, red back stamps and datecodes for 1902/03 with silver mounts, maker A.& N C.S.L., London, 1903, cased

32 A K.P.M. Berlin porcelain plaque of rectangular form finely enamelled with a head and shoulders portrait of the young Christ, signed to base Dietreich... nach H. Hofmann, 24.5 x 16 cm, impressed verso K.P.M. with sceptre, incised and inscribed Jesus Knabe nach H. Hofmann, late 19th century, in later frame A pair of French porcelain and gilt metal mounted urns and covers in the Sevres manner enamelled with a figure and child in a landscape and verso with a songbird in a garden setting within gilt and jewelled borders, 24 cm high, mid 19th century, glue repair to one cover A pair of Continental pottery pedestal vases and domed covers with printed and stencilled bird of paradise decoration on a graduating grey brown ground, 54 cm high, impressed F. & A.G., incised 7435, glue repair to one knop A Bing & Grondahl porcelain figure group of a Fish Seller modelled seated with a box, a basket of fish, bucket and scales on a rustic base, 22 cm high, incised Axel Locher verso with green and blue marks to underside, model no and SV

33 618. A large Nove faience mirror of cartouche form, constructed from ten pierced and scrolling sections each painted with bouquets of garden and other blooms and insects, 210 cm high, painted crown and Nove with monogram for G.B. Viero, glue repairs

34 A. A pair of French earthenware landscape plaques A French porcelain box and cover of rectangular form with hinged metal mounts enamelled in the Chantilly taste with song birds, pierced rocks, bamboo and chrysanthemum, 8 cm wide, red hunting horn mark, late 19th century A Meissen porcelain Mayflower pot pourri vase, pierced cover and stand, modelled after the original by Johann Joachim Kandler, the ogee shaped vase with pair of floral and foliate handles with a pair of attendant putti flanking fruit and floral swags, the base with a presentation inscription dated May 1st 1889, 52 cm high overall, blue crossed swords, incised 2707 with press number 49, one putti devoid leg, some loss to flowers and foliage A Meissen porcelain figure group of Old Love being an allegory of Avarice and modelled after the original by J.J. Kaendler with a seated aged lady being attended by a younger gallant and a mischievous satyr over a casket of bank notes and deeds, 15 cm high, cancelled blue crossed swords, incised A.46 with press number 74, glue repair to satyr s hand A Meissen porcelain mirror of oval jewelled form crested with a pair of scantily clad putti supporting a garland, the whole set on a card and silk frame, blue crossed swords, late 19th century, 26 cm high overall No Lots