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2 We hope you all enjoyed the fantastic weather we had this summer. Winter is looming but there is no need to feel sad because our brand new winter range is now available. Our latest lines are sure to cheer you up! Our catalogue is grouped together with lines that match or sit well together. You will find in the contents below all the different categories and what page you will find them on. We have marked all new lines so you can easily spot them amongst our classic pieces. Please feel free to contact us if we can help with any queries or if you would like to place an order. All our contact details are listed at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Winter Glitz Glitter Pearls Heart Full of Joy Tree of Life Winter Bouquet Butterflies & Dragonflies Animal Kingdom Scottish Highlands Celtic Inspiration Page 3 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 22 Page 25 Page 28 Page 31 Page 33 Page 34 Charms Simple & Clean Hammered & Textured Enamels Colourful Delights Earth Magic Pens Christmas Packs Page 35 Page 37 Page 41 Page 45 Page 47 Page 50 Page 51 Page 52 Page 55 Indulgence Ltd, 14 North Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AZ Tel: Fax:

3 NEW IBRA1152 INEC3730 Necklace & Earring Set IEAR567 IBRA1154 ~MATCHING SET~ INEC3738 & IEAR588 Crystal Wave Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) 3

4 Winter Glitz IBAN1438 Wrap Bangle INEC3739 INEC3743 IBRA0588B Stretch Bracelet ITE0405 IBRA1113 IEAR564 IBRA1149 Adjustable ~MATCHING SET~ INEC3592 & IBAN1397 Crystal Infinity Necklace & Bangle (Sold Separately) 4

5 Winter Glitz IBRA1136 IBRO0920 IBAN1504 IEAR569 INEC3549 Small Gift Box IBRA1160 IBAN1473 INEC3550 Small Gift Box IBRA1137 IEAR548 INEC3704 IBAN1417 IBAN1497 INEC IEAR557

6 Winter Glitz IEAR517 INEC3640 & Small Gift Box IBRA1146 IEAR491 IBAN1310 IEAR477 IBAN1289 INEC3665 Small Gift Box IEAR425 IEAR500 INEC3370A IBAN1461 IEAR265A IBAN1227A IEAR554 6

7 Winter Glitz IBAN1402 INEC3694 ITE0401 INEC3724 IEAR236A INEC3302A IBRA1126 INEC3548 Small Gift Box IBAN1500 IBRA1157 IEAR501 IBAN1409 IEAR406A IBRA1156 IEAR489 7

8 Winter Glitz INEC3713 IEAR576 IEAR388 IBRA0700B IEAR562 IEAR467 IBAN1208A IEAR534 IBAN1395 IEAR573 IBAN1499 8

9 Winter Glitz INEC3636 Choker & ITE0403 MATCHING SET INEC3710 & IEAR565 Crystal Cluster Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBAN1485 IBAN0310D IBAN1502 IBAN1302 IEAR216A IBAN IEAR432

10 Winter Glitz IBAN1464 INEC3695 IBAN1463 INEC3732 IEAR558 IBAN1465 IBAN0437B INEC3731 IBAN1220B ITECRYA INEC3619 IBAN1453 IBRA1165 Stretch Bracelet IBAN INEC3611

11 Winter Glitz MATCHING SET IBAN1401 & INEC3605 Crystal Infinity Necklace & Bangle (Sold Separately) ITE0366 INEC3693 ITE0398 IBAN1403 INEC3540 IBAN1404 IBRA1145 Adjustable IBAN1421 INEC

12 Winter Glitz ITE0389 IBAN1294 ITE0419 IBAN1311A ITE0410 IBRA1000A Stretch Bracelet IBRA1148 Adjustable IBRA1144 Adjustable INEC3486 IBAN1468 INEC3546 Small Gift Box IBAN1476 IEAR552 INEC IBAN1362

13 Winter Glitz INEC3578 INEC3580 IBAN1487 INEC3505 ITE0400 INEC3729 IBAN1405 IBAN1470 IEAR550 IBAN1364 IBRA1159 IBRA1153 IBRA1114 Stretch Bracelet IEAR IEAR469

14 MATCHING SET INEC3506 & IEAR505 Glitter Detail Drop Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBAN0742 INEC3421 IBAN1239 IBRA1128 Stretch Bracelet IBRA1129 Stretch Bracelet INEC3737 IBAN1238A INEC3637 IBAN INEC3727

15 IBAN1416 IBRO0894 IBRA1143 INEC3587 IEAR495 INEC3697 MATCHING SET INEC3736 & IEAR589 Mother of Pearl Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) 15

16 MATCHING SET INEC3668 (Small Gift Box) & IBRA1082 Open Heart Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet (Bracelet Sold Separately) INEC3533 IEAR482 INEC3707 IEAR551 INEC3688 ITE

17 Heart Full of Joy INEC3544 Small Gift Box INEC3607 IEAR560 IBAN1431 INEC3602 ITE0412 INEC3392 IEAR234A IBRA1124 IBAN1422 INEC3682 IEAR214A INEC3709 INEC INEC3719 Locket

18 Heart Full of Joy IBRA1147 Adjustable INEC3725 IEAR571 MATCHING SET INEC3701 & IEAR101A - Heart Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) IEAR535 IBRA1093 INEC3465 INEC3666 IEAR533 IBRO

19 Heart Full of Joy IBAN0320A INEC2768A IEAR563 IEAR546 INEC3601 IEAR507 IBRA1134 T-Bar Fastening INEC3585 IEAR543 INEC3705 IBRA1135 INEC Chain INEC3503 INEC3675 Locket 19 INEC3696

20 Heart Full of Joy INEC3699 IBRA1125 INEC3606 IBRA0944A T-Bar Fastening IBRA1133 T-bar Fastening IBRA1109 Satin Finish & Stretch Bracelet IBRA1164 Stretch Bracelet IBRA1110 Satin Finish & Stretch Bracelet INEC3309A IEAR411A INEC3313A IBRA1099 INEC3631 INEC2784A 20 IBAN1436

21 Heart Full of Joy INEC3594 INEC3692 IBAN1469 INEC3715 IBRA0988A INEC3663 ITE0411 INEC3618 IBRA1083 INEC3593 IBAN1474 INEC3547 Small Gift Box IBAN ITE0404

22 IEAR416 MATCHING SET INEC3608 & IBRA1108 Tree of Life Necklace & Adjustable Bracelet (Sold Separately) INEC Chain IBRO0753A INEC3522 IBRO0905 INEC3543 Small Gift Box INEC Chain IBRA

23 Tree of Life MATCHING SET IBRA1155 & IEAR428 - Crystal Leaf Bracelet & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBAN1309 INEC3551 Small Gift Box IBAN1203A INEC3690 Small Gift Box IBAN1338 IEAR458 IBAN1486 IEAR544 IBAN

24 Tree of Life INEC3475 INEC3583 INEC3646 IBAN1489 INEC Chain IBAN1205 MATCHING SET IEAR417 & IBAN1344 Crystal Leaf Drop Earrings & Bangle (Sold Separately) IBRO0866 IBRO INEC3591

25 MATCHING SET IBRA1112 & IEAR510 Satin Finish Flower Bracelet & Earrings (Sold Separately) INEC3287A INEC3708 INEC3281A INEC3689 IBAN1413 INEC3604 IEAR456 IBRA1098 IEAR553 25

26 Winter Bouquet IEAR540 IEAR509 IEAR106A IEAR298A IEAR536 ITE0394 IEAR506 IEAR357A INEC2704B ITE0321A ITE0369A ITE0397 INEC3451 IBAN1458 IBRO

27 Winter Bouquet IBRO0862 ITE0408 IBRO0895 IBRO0911 IBRO0902 ITE0393 INEC3652 IBRO0941 IBRO0932 IBRA1130 Stretch Bracelet ITE0415 IBRO0930 IEAR519 IBAN INEC3532

28 Winter Bouquet INEC3717 IBRA1086 IBRA1023 INEC3741 INEC3387A IBRO0892 IBAN1496 INEC3691 IBRO IEAR102A

29 Butterflies & Dragonflies ITE0307B INEC3643 ITE0395 IEAR549 IBRO0931 IBRO0522B IBRO0842 IBRO0891 IBRO0861 MATCHING SET IBRO0871 & IEAR498 Colourful Butterfly Brooch & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBRO0789A INEC IEAR419

30 Butterflies & Dragonflies IBRO0898 ITE0413 IBRO0928 IBRO0909 ITE0406 IBRO0915 INEC3680 INEC3673 ITE0385 IBRA1115 Magnetic Fastening IBRO0929 IEAR561 IEAR IEAR479

31 Butterflies & Dragonflies MATCHING SET IEAR587 & INEC3735 (Sold Separately) INEC3603 IBRO0771A INEC3545 Small Gift Box MATCHING SET INEC2939 & IEAR300A - Blue Gem Owl Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) INEC3653 INEC Chain 31 IBRO0916

32 Animal Kingdom IBRO0912 IBRO0827 IBRO0925 IBRO0873 IBRO0907 IBRO0899 IBRO0845 INEC3598 IEAR559 IBRO0640A IBRO0650A IBRO0819 IBRO0890 IBRO INEC Chain

33 Animal Kingdom IBRO0870 INEC Chain IBRO0917 IBRO0923 IBRO0904 IBRO0893 IBRO0875 IBRO0817A IBRO0874 IBRO0857 IEAR493 33

34 IBAN1349 IEAR188B IBAN1484 IEAR145A IBAN1483 IEAR545 IBAN0324A IBAN0308C IBAN0666A IBAN0414A IEAR327 IBAN

35 Celtic Inspiration IBAN1479 IEAR572 IBAN1480 IBRA1120 Magnetic Fastening ITE0396 IBAN1481 IBAN1471 Wrap Bangle INEC3575 IEAR457 INEC3103A Reads I love you to the moon & back. INEC2763B 35 INEC3284A

36 Charms INEC3574 INEC3579 INEC3644 IBAN1066A Reads Friends are like flowers in the garden of life. IBAN1399 Greek Meandros Pattern IBAN1495 Greek Meandros Pattern IBRO0942 IBRA1102 INEC3720 ITE0416 IBRO0798A ITE

37 MATCHING SET INEC3031A & IEAR324 - Simple Drop Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) INEC3502 IBAN1462 INEC3681 IBAN0318B INEC3596 IBAN0319B 37

38 Simple & Clean INEC Chain INEC3698 MATCHING SET INEC3642 (23.5 Chain) & IEAR532 Simple Twist Crystal Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) INEC3667 IBAN1420 IEAR474 IBAN1427 IEAR577 IBAN1398 IEAR575 38

39 Simple & Clean INEC3634 IBRA1119 Stretch Bracelet MATCHING SET INEC3734 & IBAN Simple Ball Necklace & Bangle (Sold Separately) IBAN1460 INEC3524 IBRA1095 MATCHING SET IBAN1490 & INEC Geometric Pattern Disc Bangle & Necklace (Sold Separately) 39

40 Simple & Clean INEC3703 INEC3491 MATCHING SET INEC3700 & IEAR539 - Wave Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBRA1073 Stretch Bracelet MATCHING SET IBRA1151 & IEAR555 - Simple Circle Link Bracelet & Earrings (Sold Separately) INEC3492 INEC3712 IBAN1488 INEC

41 Simple & Clean INEC3577 IBAN1400 IBAN1418 IBAN1209 IBAN1225A IEAR427A INEC3597 IEAR547 IBAN1429 IEAR515 INEC3723 IBAN

42 Hammered & Textured IBAN1478 MATCHING SET INEC3716 & IEAR568 - Hammered Circle Double Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBAN1426 INEC3632 IEAR538 INEC3742 IBAN1501 IBAN1433 MATCHING SET INEC3685 & IEAR570 - Hammered Tear-drop Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately 42

43 Hammered & Textured IBAN1467 IEAR586 IBAN1494 IEAR513 IBAN1439 Stretch Bracelet IEAR514 IBAN1394 IBAN1435 IBAN1482 IEAR566 INEC3656 IBRA1123 IBAN1446 IBAN1472 IBAN

44 Hammered & Textured IBAN1393 INEC3610 IBAN1507 INEC3726 IBAN1434 Stretch Bangle IBAN1477 IBAN0977A INEC3537 IBAN1307 IBAN

45 INEC3259 INEC3721 INEC3659 IBAN1425 INEC3616 INEC3624 INEC3614 INEC3649 Small Gift Box INEC3718 INEC3581 IBAN1443 IBAN

46 Enamels INEC3655 IBAN1372 INEC3185A IBAN1370 INEC2141A IBAN1374 IBAN1376 INEC3728 IBAN1373 IBAN1371 IBAN1377 IBAN1375 INEC3625 INEC3648 Small Gift Box 46 INEC3651 Small Gift Box

47 Enamels INEC3711 INEC3526 IEAR518 INEC2899B IEAR522 IBAN1503 INEC3662 IBAN1457 IEAR508 IBAN1445 IEAR521 47

48 Colourful Delights IEAR502 IBAN1491 IEAR529 INEC3654 IBRA1158 INEC3702 IBAN1415 INEC3511 ITE0414 IBRA1163 Stretch Bracelet IBRA1166 Stretch Bracelet IEAR166A INEC3501 IBAN IEAR186A

49 Colourful Delights INEC3366A ITE0343 ITE0407 ITE0417 IBRO0924 IEAR556 IEAR390A INEC3722 IBAN1452 IBRO

50 It is recommended that magnetic jewellery should NOT be worn by pregnant women or wearers of heart pacemakers. IEMH0125 Stretch Bracelet (Magnetic) IEMH0144 Stretch Bracelet (Magnetic) IEMH0147 Stretch Bracelet (Magnetic) IEMH0148 Stretch Bracelet (Magnetic) IEMH0152 Stretch Bracelet (Magnetic) IEMH0153 Stretch Bracelet (Magnetic) IPEN0001A IPEN0002A IPEN0003A IPEN0004A IPEN0005A IPEN0006A 50

51 Pens IPEN0007A IPEN0008 Includes Stylus IPEN0009 Includes Stylus IPEN0010 Includes Stylus 51

52 IBRO0759 IBRO0939 INEC3356 IEAR583 MATCHING SET INEC3687 & IEAR579 - AB Snowflake Necklace & Earrings (Sold Separately) IBRO0846 IEAR582 IBRO0803A IBRO0933 IBRA1167 (Reindeer Charm) INEC

53 Christmas IBRO0935 IBRO0937 INEC3496 ITE0425 ITE0421 ITE0422 MATCHING SET INEC3686, IBRO0938 & IEAR580 Robin Necklace, Brooch & Earrings (Sold Separately) 53

54 Christmas IBRO0853 ITE0354A IEAR496 ITE0423 IBRO0856 ITE0355 IBRO0848 ITE0424 IBRO0809A IEAR581 IBRO


56 Packs Our earring pack features 12 different best-selling earring styles (3 of each style in the pack) at the great price of Please see below images of the great earring styles featured in the pack. Earrings featured in the pack: IEAR324 IEAR327 IEAR388 IEAR500 IEAR508 IEAR510 IEAR521 IEAR546 IEAR548 IEAR549 IEAR551 IEAR558 56

57 Packs Our necklace pack features 9 different best-selling necklace and earring sets (2 of each style in the pack) at the great price of Please see below images of the necklace and earrings sets featured in the pack. Sets featured in the pack: INEC3543 INEC3544 INEC3545 INEC3548 INEC3549 INEC3550 INEC3551 INEC3690 INEC

58 Although you cannot place an order on our website just yet, you can use the website to view our current range, check out the top sellers and check stock availability. Be sure to take a look at the website! 58

59 Minimum opening order 250 subsequent orders minimum 100. Carriage paid order 250 net (UK mainland only). All prices exclusive of VAT but subject to VAT at the current rate. Prices charged are those ruling at the date of the invoice. Payment is net 30 days from the invoice date for account holders. Breakages and shortages must be notified within 7 days of receipt. All goods remain the property of Indulgence Ltd until fully paid for. All orders subject to sales managers review. Prices may be subject to change without notice. NEW CUSTOMERS: Proforma payment is required on all orders until a credit account can be established upon satisfactory completion of a credit account form. Indulgence Ltd is committed to protect your privacy rights. We will only collect your details to process orders and manage your account. Our full privacy policy can be viewed on our website: If you have any questions or concerns about our collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please feel free to contact us. Indulgence Ltd, 14 North Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, SP10 5AZ Tel: Fax:

60 60 Indulgence Ltd, 14 North Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AZ Tel: Fax: