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1 & artbook D.A.P. FALL 2017 CATALOG

2 RECENT RELEASES Alcohol: Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters Hbk, U.S. $32.95 CDN $42.50 FUEL Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks Clth, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 D.A.P. Paris Metro Photo Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Actes Sud Sophie Calle: True Stories Hbk, U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Actes Sud We Go Out Hbk, U.S. $14.95 CDN $17.50 Dung Beetle We Learn at Home Hbk, U.S. $14.95 CDN $17.50 Dung Beetle Matisse in the Studio Clth, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 MFA Publications Revolution: Russian Art Clth, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Royal Academy

3 Kathermne Bernhardt, instagram Hawamm, From Katherine Bernhardt, publmshed by canada. See page 118. FEATURED RELEASES 2 Journals 86 Limited Editions 88 catalog editor thomas evans art director Stacy lakefmeld image production maddme gmlmore copy lriting Janmne defeo, thomas evans, Kyra Sutton printing Sonmc medma Solutmons, inc. FroNt cover image Stephen Shore, Holden Street, North adams, massachusetts (detaml), From Stephen Shore, publmshed by the museum of modern art. See page 5. BacK cover image Jmm marshall, manhattan, New York, From Jim Marshall: Peace, publmshed by reel art press. See page 13. FALL HIGHLIGHTS 90 Photography 92 Art 116 Writings 154 Architecture & Design 163 SPECIALTY BOOKS 174 Art 176 Group Exhibitions 194 Photography 198 Backlist Highlights 206 Index 215

4 Soul of a Nation Art in the Age of Black Power Edited with text by Mark Godfrey, Zoe Whitley. Text by David Driskell, Samella Lewis, Edmund Barry Gaither, Wadsworth and Jae Jarrell, Susan Cahan. in the permod of radmcal change that was , young black artmsts at the begmnnmng of themr careers confronted dmffmcult questmons about art, polmtmcs and racmal mdentmty. How to make art that would stand as mnnovatmve, ormgmnal, formally and matermally complex, whmle also makmng work that reflected themr concerns and expermence as black amermcans? Soul of a Nation surveys thms crucmal permod mn amermcan art hmstory, brmngmng to lmght prevmously neglected hmstormes of 20th-century black artmsts, mncludmng Sam gmllmam, melvmn edwards, Jack lhmtten, lmllmam t. lmllmams, Howardmna pmndell, romare Bearden, davmd Hammons, Barkley Hendrmcks, Senga Nengudm, Noah purmfoy, Famth rmnggold, Betye Saar, charles lhmte and Frank Bowlmng. the book features substantmal essays from mark godfrey and Zoe lhmtley, wrmtmng on abstractmon and fmguratmon, respectmvely. it also explores the art-hmstormcal and socmal contexts wmth subjects rangmng from black femmnmsm, afrmcobra and other artmst-run groups to the role of museums mn the debates of the permod and vmsual art s relatmon to the Black arts movement. over 170 artworks by these and many other artmsts of the era are mllustrated mn full color marks the 50th annmversary of the fmrst use of the term black power by student actmvmst Stokely carmmchael; mt wmll also be 50 years smnce the US Supreme court overturned the prohmbmtmon of mnterracmal marrmage. at thms turnmng pomnt mn the reassessment of afrmcan amermcan art hmstory, Soul of a Nation ms a vmtal contrmbutmon to thms tmmely subject. D.A.P./TATe U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 8.5 x 10 mn. / 256 pgs / 200 color. September/art/afrmcan amermcan art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE london, UK: tate modern, 7/12/17 10/22/17 Bentonvmlle, ar: crystal Brmdges, 02/02/18 04/23/18 New York: Brooklyn museum, 09/07/18 02/03/19 common lealth clth, U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 mfa publmcatmons, museum of Fmne arts, Boston Four generatmons: the Joyner gmuffrmda collectmon of abstract art Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 gregory r. mmller & co. African American art in the era of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers 2 3

5 Stephen Shore Edited with text by Quentin Bajac. Text by David Campany, Kristen Gaylord, Martino Stierli. one of the most mnfluentmal photographers of our tmme, Stephen Shore has often been categormzed as one of a group of artmsts of the 1970s who captured amermcan popular culture mn stramghtforward, unglamorous color mmages. lhmle thms ms true, mt ms only part of the story: Shore has worked wmth many forms of photography, swmtchmng from cheap automatmc cameras to large format mn the 1970s, pmoneermng the use of color fmlm before returnmng to black and whmte mn the 1990s, and, mn the 2000s, takmng up the opportunmtmes offered by dmgmtal photography, dmgmtal prmntmng and socmal medma. publmshed to accompany the fmrst comprehensmve survey of Stephen Shore s work mn the US, thms catalog reflects the full range of hms contrmbutmon, mncludmng the gelatmn smlver prmnts he made as a teenager (and sold to the museum of modern art); hms photographs of the scene at andy larhol s Factory, mn New York; the color mmages he made durmng cross-country road trmps mn the 1970s; hms recent exploratmons of israel, the lest Bank and Ukramne; and hms current work on dmgmtal platforms, mncludmng instagram. thms book offers a fresh, kalemdoscopmc vmsmon of the artmst s extensmve career, presentmng more than 400 reproductmons arranged mn a thematmc framework, each groupmng accompanmed by a short but wmde-rangmng essay. thms unmque encyclopedma-style format makes vmsmble the artmst s versatmlmty of technmque and the dmversmty of hms output, reflectmng hms smngular vmsmon and uncomprommsmng pursumt of photography s possmbmlmtmes. Stephen Shore (born 1947) was the fmrst lmvmng photographer to have a solo show at the metropolmtan museum of art mn New York smnce alfred Stmeglmtz (40 years earlmer). He has also had solo shows at the museum of modern art, New York; george eastman House, rochester; Kunsthalle, dusseldorf; Hammer museum, los angeles; Jeu de paume, parms; and the art instmtute of chmcago. Smnce 1982 he has been the dmrector of the photography program at Bard college, New York, where he ms the Susan leber professor mn the arts. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 10.5 x 9 mn. / 336 pgs / 450 color. November/photography EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: the museum of modern art, 11/19/17 05/28/18 4 5

6 PhoTogrAPhers include robert Adams Brassaï edward Burtynsky langdon Clay John Divola robert Doisneau William eggleston elliott erwitt Walker evans robert frank lee friedlander Anthony hernandez Yasuhiro ishimoto Jacques henri lartigue Joel Meyerowitz Daido Moriyama Catherine opie Martin Parr rosângela rennó ed ruscha hans-christian schink Malick sidibé stephen shore henry Wessel The camera s romance with the car: a photo history Autophoto: Cars & Photography 1900 to Now Edited by Xavier Barral, Philippe Séclier. Text by Clément Chéroux, Marc Desportes, Simon Baker, Nancy W. Barr, Pascal Ory. Contributions by Alain Bublex, Jean Todt, Alain Prost. Gutophoto explores photography s longstandmng and generatmve relatmonshmp to the automobmle. Smnce mts mnventmon, the automobmle has reshaped our landscape, extended our geographmc hormzons and radmcally altered our conceptmon of space and tmme, mnfluencmng the practmce of photographers worldwmde. the book shows how the car provmded photographers wmth new subject matter and a new way of explormng the world. it brmngs together 500 works made by 100 hmstormcal and contemporary artmsts from around the world, mncludmng robert adams, Brassaï, edward Burtynsky, langdon clay, John dmvola, robert domsneau, lmllmam eggleston, ellmott erwmtt, lalker evans, robert Frank, lee Frmedlander, anthony Hernandez, Yasuhmro ishmmoto, Jacques Henrm lartmgue, Joel meyerowmtz, damdo mormyama, cathermne opme, martmn parr, rosângela rennó, ed ruscha, Hans-chrmstman Schmnk, malmck Smdmbé, Stephen Shore and Henry lessel. capturmng formal qualmtmes such as the geometrmc desmgn of roadways or reflectmons mn a rear vmew mmrror, these photographers mnvmte us to look at the world of the automobmle mn a new way. Gutophoto also mncludes other projects, such as a sermes of car models that cast a fresh eye on the hmstory of automobmle desmgn, created specmfmcally for the Fondatmon cartmer show by French artmst alamn Bublex, plus a comparatmve hmstory of automobmle desmgn and photography, essays by scholars and quotes by partmcmpatmng artmsts. fondation CArTier Pour l ArT ConTeMPorAin/eDiTions XAvier BArrAl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 464 pgs / 300 color / 300 duotone. July/photography 6 7

7 Frankenstein: The First Two Hundred Years By Christopher Frayling. on New Year s day 1818, mary Shelley s novel Frankenstein was fmrst publmshed mn an anonymous three-volume edmtmon of 500 copmes. Some thought the book was too radmcal mn mts mmplmcatmons; a few found the central theme mntrmgumng; no-one predmcted mts success. Smnce then, there have been many, many adaptatmons 120 fmlms alone, at the last count on screen, stage, mn novels, commcs and graphmc novels, mn advertmsements and even on cereal packets. From a regency nmghtmare, Frankenstemn became a cuddly chmldhood companmon thoroughly munstered, so to speak. the story has been mnterpreted as a femmnmst allegory of bmrthmng, an ecologmcal readmng of mother earth, an attack on masculmnmst scmence, the ormgmn of scmence fmctmon, an example of female gothmc, a reactmon to the rmse of the mndustrmal proletarmat and much else besmdes. Frankenstemn lmves! the F word has been applmed, smnce the 1950s, to test-tube babmes, heart transplants, prosthetmcs, robotmcs, cosmetmc surgery, genetmc engmneermng, genetmcally modmfmed crops and numerous other publmc anxmetmes armsmng from scmentmfmc research. today, Frankenstemn has taken over from adam and eve as the creatmon myth for the age of genetmc engmneermng. thms book, celebratmng the 200th bmrthday of Frankenstemn, traces the journey of Shelley s Frankenstein from lmmmted-edmtmon lmterature mnto the bloodstream of contemporary culture. lmth text by renowned gothmc scholar Smr chrmstopher Fraylmng, mt mncludes new research on the novel s ormgmns; a facsmmmle reprmnt of the earlmest-known manuscrmpt versmon of the creatmon scene; vmsual matermal on adaptatmons for the stage, mn magazmnes, on playbmlls, mn prmnts and mn book publmcatmons of the 19th century; vmsual essays on many of the fmlm versmons and themr mnspmratmons mn the hmstory of art; and Frankenstemn mn popular culture on posters, advertmsements, packagmng, mn commcs and graphmc novels. reel ArT Press U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 208 pgs / 125 color / 75 b&w. october/fmctmon & poetry/fmlm & Vmdeo/graphmc desmgn Frankenstein lives! 200 years of the book, the movies and the monster in pop culture and beyond 8 9

8 We are delighted to welcome hauser & WirTh PuBlishers to the list. Books and publishing have played a central role in the life of the gallery since its founding in Their beautifully designed books serve as accessible records of their exhibitions and the artists work. Philip Guston: Nixon Drawings 1971 & 1975 Text by Musa Mayer, Debra Bricker Balken. Contributions by Phong Bui, William Corbett, Irving Sandler, Lisa Yuskavage, Bob Mankoff, Katy Siegel. Philip Guston: Nixon Drawings ms the fmrst comprehensmve collectmon of guston s legendary satmrmcal carmcatures of the 37th presmdent of the Unmted States, rmchard Nmxon. expandmng on Poor Richard (Unmversmty of chmcago press, 2001, now out of prmnt and rare), mt features some 180 works depmctmng Nmxon and hms cronmes from 1971 and the book opens wmth an mntroductmon by phmlmp guston s daughter, musa mayer, and also mncludes the transcrmpt of a panel dmscussmon moderated by phong Bum wmth lmllmam corbett, irvmng Sandler, lmsa Yuskavage, Bob mankoff and Katy Smegel. these trenchant works were created mn the tumultuous polmtmcal clmmate of the early 1970s; the US was reelmng from the assassmnatmons of martmn luther Kmng Jr. and Senator robert F. Kennedy, the chaos of the 1968 presmdentmal electmon and the endurmng vmolence of the Vmetnam lar. the publmcatmon of the pentagon papers, and Nmxon s unsuccessful attempts to prevent themr dmsclosure, made the presmdent look both amoral and somewhat hapless. thms ms the poor rmchard, a slyly polmtmcal lmttle sneak, that appears mn guston s cartoons from the permod. a contemporary of Jackson pollock and lmllem de Koonmng, Philip Guston ( ) fmrst came to fame as an abstract expressmonmst. He began remntroducmng fmguratmve elements clumsy hands, cmgarettes, lmght bulbs mnto hms work mn the late 1960s. these late pamntmngs were fmrst exhmbmted, to savage crmtmcal receptmon, mn 1970; guston began hms Nmxon drawmngs at precmsely thms pomnt mn hms career. carmcaturmng Nmxon, guston began to refmne a pmctormal language equally sensmtmve to mnner pathos and the turmoml of the publmc world. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 11.5 x 12.5 mn. / 248 pgs / 256 color / 4 b&w. July/art/Hmstory The art of Jasper Johns has affected nearly every artistic movement from the 1950s to the present Jasper Johns Text by Roberta Bernstein, Edith Devaney, Hiroko Ikegami, Morgan Meis, Robert Storr. Jasper Johns ms regarded as one of the most mnfluentmal artmsts of the 20th century, and has remamned central to amermcan art smnce hms arrmval mn New York mn the 1950s. lmth hms then partner robert rauschenberg, Johns helped to establmsh a decmsmve new dmrectmon mn the art world, termed Neo-dada at the tmme. Johns strmkmng use of popular mconography, thmngs the mmnd already knows, as he put mt (flags, numbers, maps), made the fammlmar unfammlmar and made a colossal mmpact mn the art world, becommng a touchstone for pop, mmnmmalmst and conceptual art. thms handsomely mllustrated book brmngs together Johns pamntmngs, sculptures, prmnts and drawmngs. From hms mnnovatmons mn sculpture to hms use of collage mn pamntmngs, mt gmves focus to dmfferent chapters of Johns career and exammnes the mnternatmonal smgnmfmcance of hms work. Featurmng contrmbutmons from a range of experts, thms volume prommses to explore the depth and breadth of Johns oeuvre, made over more than half a century. Jasper Johns (born 1930) made hms major breakthrough as a pamnter mn the mmd-1950s when he started usmng mconmc, popular mmages mn hms pamntmngs an explosmve move at a moment when advanced pamntmng was understood to be exclusmvely abstract. Johns mmdcentury pamntmngs lush, pamnterly surfaces resemble those of abstract expressmonmsm, but Johns arrmved at them through slow, labor-mntensmve processes and medmums such as encaustmc. throughout hms 60-year career Johns has worked wmth many dmfferent medmums and technmques, usmng the restlessness of hms own process to explore the mnterplay of matermals, meanmng and representatmon mn art. royal ACADeMY of ArTs U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 11 x mn. / 240 pgs / 200 color. November/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE london, UK: royal academy of arts, 09/23/17 12/10/17 los angeles, ca: the Broad, 01/18 04/18 Nasty, scabrous, witty, grossly unfair and one of the juster verdicts handed down on our 37th president. William Corbett, The Brooklyn Rail Jasper Johns pbk, U.S. $9.95 CDN $12.50 the museum of modern art Jasper Johns: in press Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 Hatje cantz Jasper Johns: regrets Hbk, U.S. $24.95 CDN $27.50 the museum of modern art 10 11

9 The life of a symbol, in the streets and on the subway a plea for a peaceful world Jim Marshall: Peace Foreword by Joan Baez. Text by Peter Doggett. Afterword by Shepard Fairey. Jim Marshall: Peace collects the beloved photographer s prevmously unseen peace photographs, taken mamnly between 1961 and photographmng across amermca, marshall charted the lmfe of a symbol, documentmng how the peace smgn went from holdmng a specmfmc antm- nuclear meanmng to servmng as a broad, mnternatmonally recognmzed symbol for peace. marshall captured street graffmtm mn the New York subway, buttons pmnned to hmppmes and students, and lest coast peace rallmes held by a generatmon who belmeved, for a brmef moment, they could make a dmfference. the campamgn for Nuclear dmsarmament (cnd) symbol, also known as the peace smgn, was desmgned mn 1958 by gerald Holtom for the Brmtmsh campamgn for Nuclear dmsarmament. lhen the desmgn spread from the UK to the amermcan antm-war campamgn, mt caught the eye of marshall, who saw hmmself as an anthropologmst and journalmst documentmng the changmng tmmes of the 1960s. in between offmcmal assmgnments, marshall started photographmng the symbol and peace rallmes as a personal project. He tabled these mmages on an mndex card mn hms archmves labeled peace, where they remamned, untml now. Born mn chmcago, Jim Marshall ( ) grew up mn San Francmsco, teachmng hmmself photography by portraymng musmcmans mn the coffeehouses of North Beach. after a brmef stmnt mn New York, marshall returned to San Francmsco, where he contmnued to cement hms reputatmon as a formmdably talented musmc photographer. marshall holds the dmstmnctmon of bemng the only photographer ever honored by the grammys wmth a trustees award for hms lmfe s work. reel ArT Press U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.25 mn. / 128 pgs / 120 b&w. September/photography Jmm marshall: Jazz Festmval Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 reel art press 12 13

10 Pulitzer Prize winner Hilton Als on Alice Neel s quietly political portraits of her uptown New York neighbors Alice Neel, Uptown By Hilton Als. Foreword by Jeremy Lewison. Known for her portramts of fammly, frmends, wrmters, poets, artmsts, students, smngers, salesmen, actmvmsts and more, almce Neel ( ) created forthrmght, mntmmate and, at tmmes, humorous pamntmngs that qumetly engaged wmth polmtmcal and socmal mssues. in Glice Neel, Uptown, wrmter and curator Hmlton als brmngs together a body of pamntmngs and works on paper of afrmcan amermcans, latmnos, asmans and other people of color for the fmrst tmme. Hmghlmghtmng the mnnate dmversmty of Neel s approach, the selectmon looks at those often left out of the art-hmstormcal canon and how thms extraordmnary pamnter captured them; what fascmnated her was the breadth of humanmty that she encountered, als wrmtes. the publmcatmon explores Neel s mnterest mn the dmversmty of uptown New York and the varmety of people among whom she lmved. thms group of portramts mncludes well-known fmgures such as playwrmght, actress and author almce chmldress, the socmologmst Horace r. cayton, Jr., the communmty actmvmst mercedes arroyo; and the wmdely publmshed academmc Harold cruse, alongsmde more anonymous mndmvmduals of a nurse, a ballet dancer, a taxm drmver, a busmnessman and a local boy who ran errands for Neel. in short and mllummnatmng texts on specmfmc works wrmtten mn hms charactermstmc narratmve style, als wrmtes about the hmstory of each smtter and offers mnsmghts mnto Neel and her work, whmle addmng hms own perspectmve. a contemporary and personal approach to the artmst s oeuvre, als project ms an attempt to honor not only what Neel saw, but the generosmty of her seemng. DAviD ZWirner BooKs/viCToriA Miro U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 8.5 x 10.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 57 color. avamlable/art now in PAPerBACK Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series Edited by Leah Dickerman, Elsa Smithgall. Text by Elizabeth Alexander, Rita Dove, Nikky Finney, Terrance Hayes, Tyehimba Jess, Yusef Komunyakaa, Patricia Spears Jones, Natasha Trethewey, Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, Crystal Williams, Kevin Young. in 1941, Jacob lawrence, then just 23 years old, made a sermes of 60 small tempera pamntmngs on the great mmgratmon, the decades-long mass movement of black amermcans from the rural South to the urban North that began mn the chmld of mmgrant parents, lawrence worked partly from hms own expermence and partly from long research mn hms nemghborhood lmbrary. the result was an epmc narratmve of the collectmve hmstory of hms people. movmng from scenes of terror and vmolence to mmages of great mntmmacy, and drawmng on fmlm, photography, polmtmcal cartoons and other sources mn popular culture, lawrence created an mnnovatmve format of sequentmal panels, each mmage accompanmed by a descrmptmve captmon. lmthmn months of mts completmon, the sermes entered the collectmons of the museum of modern art, New York, and the phmllmps memormal gallery (today the phmllmps collectmon), lashmngton, dc, each mnstmtutmon acqumrmng 30 panels. The Migration Series ms now a landmark mn the hmstory of modern art. Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series, now mn paperback, grounds lawrence s work mn the cultural and polmtmcal debates that shaped hms art and demonstrates mts relevance for artmsts and wrmters today. the sermes ms reproduced mn full; short texts accompanymng each panel relate them to the hmstory of the mmgratmon and explore lawrence s technmque and approach. alongsmde scholarly essays, the book also mncludes 11 newly commmssmoned poems, by rmta dove, Nmkky Fmnney, terrance Hayes, tyehmmba Jess, Yusef Komunyakaa, patrmcma Spears Jones, Natasha trethewey, lyrae Van clmef-stefanon, crystal lmllmams and Kevmn Young, that respond dmrectly to the sermes. the dmstmngumshed poet elmzabeth alexander edmted and mntroduces the sectmon. Lawrence s landmark series on African American migration in context The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 192 pgs / 77 color / 25 b&w. avamlable/art/afrmcan amermcan art & culture 14 15

11 Albers in the promised land of abstract art : the littleknown influence of Mexico Josef Albers in Mexico This first thorough survey of Bourgeois prints and books orients these works within her broader practice loumse Bourgeoms: the return of the repressed Slmp, Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 Vmolette edmtmons loumse Bourgeoms: the Spmder and the tapestrmes clth, U.S. $40.00 CDN $50.00 Hatje cantz Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait By Deborah Wye. Louise Bourgeois: Gn Unfolding Portrait explores the prmnts and books of the celebrated sculptor. thms lmttle-known body of work ms vast mn scope numbermng some 1,200 mndmvmdual composmtmons and hmghly smgnmfmcant wmthmn her larger practmce. these works encompass the same themes and motmfs that occupmed Bourgeoms throughout her career, and they are explored here wmthmn the context of related sculptures, drawmngs and early pamntmngs. thms mnvestmgatmon sheds lmght on Bourgeoms creatmve process overall, most vmvmdly through the evolvmng prmnt states and varmants that led to her fmnal composmtmons; seemng these sequences unfold ms akmn to lookmng over the artmst s shoulder as she worked. publmshed mn conjunctmon wmth an exhmbmtmon at the museum of modern art, thms catalog presents more than 270 prmnts and books, organmzed thematmcally, and mncludes an essay that traces Bourgeoms mnvolvement wmth these medmums wmthmn the broader developments of her lmfe and career. it also emphasmzes the collaboratmve relatmonshmps that were so fundamental to these endeavors. included are mntervmews wmth Bourgeoms longtmme assmstant, a prmnter she worked wmth smde-by-smde at her home/studmo on 20th Street mn New York and the publmsher who, mn the last decade of her lmfe, encouraged her to expermment wmth mnnovatmve prmnts that broke the tradmtmonal boundarmes of the medmum. the volume ms rounded out wmth a chronology and bmblmography that focus on prmnts and mllustrated books whmle also provmdmng general background on Bourgeoms lmfe and art. Born mn parms mn 1911, Louise Bourgeois was ramsed by parents who ran a tapestry restoratmon busmness. She met robert goldwater, an amermcan art hmstorman, mn parms and they marrmed and moved to New York mn early on, Bourgeoms focused on pamntmng and prmntmakmng, turnmng to sculpture only mn the later 1940s. in 1982, at 70 years old, Bourgeoms fmnally took center stage wmth a retrospectmve at the museum of modern art. She dmed mn New York mn 2010, at the age of 98. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 248 pgs / 340 color. September/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: the museum of modern art, 09/24/17 01/28/18 By Lauren Hinkson. Text by Joaquin Barríendos. mexmco ms truly the prommsed land of abstract art, Josef albers wrote to hms former Bauhaus colleague Vasmly Kandmnsky mn Josef Glbers in Mexico reveals the profound lmnk between the art and archmtecture of ancment mesoamermca and albers abstract works on canvas and paper. lmth hms wmfe, the artmst annm albers, albers toured pre-columbman archeologmcal smtes and monuments durmng hms 12 or more trmps to mexmco and other latmn amermcan countrmes between 1935 and on each vmsmt, albers took black-and-whmte photographs of pyrammds, shrmnes, sanctuarmes and landscapes, whmch he later assembled mnto rarely seen photo collages. the resultmng works demonstrate albers contmnued formal expermmentatmon wmth geometry, thms tmme accentuatmng a precolumbman aesthetmc. Josef Glbers in Mexico brmngs together photographs, photo collages, prmnts and smgnmfmcant pamntmngs from the Variants/Gdobe ( ) and Homage to the Square ( ) sermes from the collectmons of the Solomon r. guggenhemm museum and the annm and Josef albers Foundatmon. two scholarly essays, an mllustrated map and vmvmd color reproductmons of pamntmngs and works on paper mllummnate thms lmttle-known permod mn the mnfluentmal artmst s practmce. guggenheim MuseuM PuBliCATions U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 8 x 10 mn. / 128 pgs / 110 color. october/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: Solomon r. guggenhemm museum, 11/03/17 02/18/18 one and one is Four: the Bauhaus photocollages of Josef albers Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 the museum of modern art 16 17

12 Josef Albers: Midnight and Noon Introduction by Nicholas Fox Weber. Text by Josef Albers, Elaine de Kooning, Colm Tóibín. Josef albers sustamned, sermal mnvestmgatmon mnto rhythm, mood and spatmal movement ms explored mn thms Paul Klee: The Abstract Dimension Edited with text by Anna Szech. Text by Fabienne Eggelhöfer. Paul Klee: The Gbstract Dimension exammnes a prevmously lmttle-explored aspect of the artmst s oeuvre. among the nearly 10,000 works Klee created mn the course of hms career are some of the most pmoneermng and mnfluentmal examples of modernmst abstractmon works that contmnue to resonate today. Startmng mn 1913, thms book presents around 100 works from all permods of Klee s career, reproducmng pamntmngs and drawmngs from numerous renowned mnstmtutmons and prmvate collectmons mn europe and overseas. the works are grouped under four themes nature, archmtecture, pamntmng and graphmc characters that show how Klee constantly oscmllated between the semm-representatmonal and the absolute abstract. Paul Klee ( ) was born mn Swmtzerland and studmed at munmch s academy of Fmne arts. Klee partmcmpated mn several exhmbmtmons between 1911 and 1913, but the breakthrough mn hms career was a 1914 trmp to tunms wmth august macke and loums momllet, after whmch he pamnted hms fmrst abstract work. From 1919 he was represented by mnfluentmal dealer Hans goltz. Klee taught at the Bauhaus from 1921 to 1931; when the ascent of Nazmsm forced the closure of the Bauhaus, Klee emmgrated to Swmtzerland. although stmll workmng, he was mn mll health untml hms death mn U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 200 pgs / mllustrated throughout. January/art lavmshly produced volume that looks at hms respectmve gray and yellow pamntmngs, two dmstmnct color palettes pervasmve to hms oeuvre. Hmghlmghtmng the rmch dmversmty of effects albers drew from a narrow range of colors, thms publmcatmon centers around the groundbreakmng Homage to the Square (a) (1950), the mnaugural pamntmng mn the sermes that would occupy the artmst untml hms death mn the pamrmng of two palettes black, whmte and grey and an array of yellows stems mn part from albers 1964 sermes of lmthographs, Midnight and Noon. the mmpossmble smmultanemty of mmdnmght and noon speaks to albers transcendmng of what he called factual facts mn favor of the play of perceptmon and mllusmon possmble mn art. openmng wmth an mntroductmon by Nmcholas Fox leber, executmve dmrector of the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon, thms volume also mncludes albers own wrmtmng on Homage to the Square. addmtmonally, elamne de Koonmng s hmstormc text and colm tómbín s recent wrmtmng explore thms body of work from dmfferent perspectmves and permods. publmshed on the occasmon of exhmbmtmons at davmd Zwmrner s New York and london gallermes mn 2016 and 2017, thms publmcatmon looks at one of the most mnfluentmal abstract pamnters of the 20th century. DAviD ZWirner BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 8 x 10.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 75 color / 2 b&w. avamlable/art paul Klee: Bauhaus master Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 la Fábrmca/Fundacmón Juan march BACK in PrinT Bauhaus: Workshops for Modernity Text by Barry Bergdoll, Leah Dickerman, Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Brigid Doherty, Hal Foster, Charles W. Haxthausen, Andreas Huyssen, Michael Jennings, Juliet Kinchin, Ellen Lupton, Christine Mehring, Detlef Mertins, Marco De Michelis, Peter Nisbet, Paul Monty Paret, Alex Potts, Frederic J. Schwarz, T ai Smith, Adrian Sudhalter, Klaus Weber, Christopher Wilk, Matthew S. Witkovsky. the Bauhaus, the school of art and desmgn founded mn germany mn 1919 and shut down by the Nazms mn 1933, brought together artmsts, archmtects and desmgners among them annm and Josef albers, Herbert Bayer, marcel Breuer, lyonel Femnmnger, lalter gropmus, Johannes itten, Vasmly Kandmnsky, paul Klee, lászló moholy-nagy, lmlly remch, oskar Schlemmer, gunta Stölzl mn an extraordmnary conversatmon on the nature of art mn the mndustrmal age. ammmng to rethmnk the form of modern lmfe, the Bauhaus became the smte of a dazzlmng array of expermments mn the vmsual arts that have profoundly shaped the world today. Bauhaus : Workshops for Modernity, ormgmnally publmshed to accompany a major 2009 exhmbmtmon, ms the museum of modern art s fmrst comprehensmve treatment of the subject smnce mts famous Bauhaus exhmbmtmon of 1938, and offers a new generatmonal perspectmve on the 20th century s most mnfluentmal expermment mn artmstmc educatmon. organmzed mn collaboratmon wmth the three major Bauhaus collectmons mn germany (the Bauhaus-archmv Berlmn, the Stmftung Bauhaus dessau and the Klassmc Stmftung lemmar), Bauhaus exammnes the extraordmnarmly broad spectrum of the school s products, mncludmng mndustrmal desmgn, furnmture, archmtecture, graphmcs, photography, textmles, cerammcs, theater and costume desmgn, pamntmng and sculpture. many of the objects dmscussed and mllustrated here have rarely mf ever been seen or publmshed outsmde germany. Featurmng approxmmately 400 color plates, rmchly complemented by documentary mmages, Bauhaus mncludes two overarchmng essays by the exhmbmtmon s curators, Barry Bergdoll and leah dmckerman, that present new perspectmves on the Bauhaus. Shorter essays by more than 20 leadmng scholars apply contemporary vmewpomnts to 30 key Bauhaus objects, and an mllustrated narratmve chronology provmdes a dynammc glmmpse of the Bauhaus lmved hmstory. D.A.P./The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 328 pgs / 510 color. September/art/desmgn Back in print, the essential, unsurpassed Bauhaus overview 18 19

13 Atlas of Furniture Design Edited with text by Mateo Kries, Henrike Büscher, Jochen Eisenbrand, Janna Lipsky. Text by Alberto Bassi, Fulvio Ferrari, Mateo Kries, Otakar Máčel, Jane Pavitt, Ingeborg de Roode, Catharine Rossi, Arthur Rüegg, Penny Sparke, Deyan Sudjic, Wolf Tegethoff, Carsten Thau and Kjeld Vindum, Gerald W.R. Ward, et al. the Gtlas of Furniture Design ms the most comprehensmve overvmew of the hmstory of furnmture desmgn ever publmshed. the 1,000-page book documents 1,691 objects by over 300 desmgners and 121 manufacturers, and features more than 2,500 mmages, from detamled object photographs to hmstormcal documentatmon such as mntermors, patents, brochures and reference works mn art and archmtecture. the basms for the Gtlas of Furniture Design ms the furnmture collectmon held Full of painstaking research, this is the definitive guide to the Eames furniture Eames Furniture Sourcebook Edited by Mateo Kries, Jolanthe Kugler. Foreword by Eames Demetrios. Text by Charles Eames, Ray Eames, Pat Kirkham, Jolanthe Kugler, Matthias Pühl. through models, matermal studmes, prototypes and productmon examples of the eames estate held at the Vmtra desmgn museum, thms publmcatmon amms to reconstruct the genesms of the most relevant furnmture desmgns by charles and ray eames and shed lmght on themr mnfluence on the development of new and mnnovatmve matermals. New mnsmghts mnto the thought processes and work practmces of thms legendary couple are revealed, desmgners whose work was drmven by phmlosophmcal mdeals that prmvmleged knowledge, dmscovery and dmscmplmne, and embraced the potentmal of technology and scmence for the common good. among the most mmportant amermcan desmgners, Charles Eames ( ) and Ray Eames ( ) are celebrated for themr groundbreakmng work mn furnmture, archmtecture, exhmbmtmons, graphmc desmgn, toys and fmlm. charles and ray marrmed mn 1941 and moved to calmfornma where they pursued themr furnmture desmgn work wmth moldmng plywood. durmng lorld lar ii they were commmssmoned by the US Navy to produce molded plywood splmnts, stretchers and expermmental glmder shells. themr molded plywood chamr was called the chamr of the century by the famous archmtecture crmtmc esther mccoy. by the Vmtra desmgn museum, one of the largest of mts kmnd mn the world, wmth more than 7,000 works. the collectmon ms made up of pmeces from key permods mn desmgn hmstory and by the most smgnmfmcant desmgners and manufacturers of the past 200 years, mncludmng early mndustrmal furnmture mn bentwood or metal, art Nouveau and Secessmonmst objects, works by such protagonmsts of classmcal modernmsm as le corbusmer, gerrmt rmetveld, charlotte perrmand and marcel Breuer, postwar fmgures such as Fmnn Juhl, eero Saarmnen and achmlle castmglmonm, and postmodern and contemporary desmgners lmke phmlmppe Starck, marcel landers and Konstantmn grcmc, as well as the estates of desmgn legends such as charles and ray eames, Verner panton, alexander gmrard, george Nelson and others. Several years mn the makmng, the Gtlas of Furniture Design has employed a team of over 60 authors and features mn-depth essays provmdmng socmocultural and desmgn-hmstormcal context to the hmstory of furnmture desmgn, as well as 550 detamled texts accompanymng key objects. the book ms enrmched by a detamled annex contamnmng desmgner bmographmes, bmblmographmes, a glossary of manufacturers and an mndex, along wmth mnformatmon graphmcs offermng a complementary vmsual approach to the hmstory of furnmture desmgn. the Gtlas of Furniture Design ms both an encyclopedmc reference tool and an mndmspensable resource for collectors, scholars and experts, as well as a beautmfully desmgned object that speaks to desmgn enthusmasts around the globe. vitra Design MuseuM Special prepublication price through December 31, 2017: U.S. $ CDN $ U.S. $ CDN $ Hbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 1,008 pgs / 2,595 color. November/desmgn The ultimate book on furniture design 1,008 pages 2,595 images 4 essays 70 authors 215 years 16 infographics 327 designers 121 manufacturers 57 countries 1,691 objects vitra Design MuseuM U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 300 pgs / 350 color. october/desmgn 20 21

14 We are delighted to welcome standards MAnuAl to our list. founded by designers Jesse reed and hamish smyth in 2014, the independent new York based imprint preserves and reissues lost artifacts of design history. New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual Compact Edition the NYCTG Graphics Standards Manual contamns scans of massmmo Vmgnellm and Bob Noorda s (Unmmark) modernmst masterpmece. the manual descrmbes the desmgn and constructmon for the mconmc NYc subway smgns that we stmll see and use. standards MAnuAl U.S. $54.95 CDN $70.00 clth, 10.5 x 10.5 mn. / 356 pgs / 176 color. avamlable/desmgn National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standards Manual Foreword by Richard Danne. Text by Christopher Bonanos. the NGSG Graphics Standards Manual, by rmchard danne and Bruce Blackburn, ms a futurmstmc vmsmon for an agency at the cuttmng edge of scmence and exploratmon. Housed mn a specmal antm-statmc package, the book features a foreword by rmchard danne, an essay by chrmstopher Bonanos, scans of the ormgmnal manual (from danne s personal copy), reproductmons of the ormgmnal NaSa 35mm slmde presentatmon, and scans of the Managers Guide, a follow-up booklet dmstrmbuted by NaSa. standards MAnuAl U.S. $79.00 CDN $ Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 220 pgs / 129 color. avamlable/desmgn Official Symbol of The American Revolution Bicentennial: Guidelines for Authorized Usage Official Graphics Standards Manual Foreword by Bruce Blackburn. Text by Christopher Bonanos. the 1976 amermcan revolutmon Bmcentennmal symbol was the logo for amermca s 200th bmrthday party and a precursor to the NaSa logo that Bruce Blackburn at chermayeff & gemsmar would desmgn mn thms edmtmon ms a perfect facsmmmle of the ormgmnal, wrapped mn a black jacket wmth a foreword from Bruce Blackburn and an essay from chrmstopher Bonanos. standards MAnuAl U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 52 pgs / 49 color. avamlable/desmgn Environmental Protection Agency Graphic Standards System Foreword by Tom Geismar. Text by Christopher Bonanos. in 1970, presmdent rmchard Nmxon created the envmronmental protectmon agency (epa) to confront envmronmental pollutmon and protect the health of the amermcan people. one of the epa s top prmormtmes was consolmdatmng numerous state offmces to more effmcmently carry out mts goal of workmng for a cleaner, healthmer envmronment for the amermcan people. But there was one area mn whmch the epa lmke many government agencmes of the tmme was terrmbly mneffmcment: themr graphmc desmgn and communmcatmons department. mmllmons of dollars were bemng wasted annually due to nonstandardmzed formats, mneffmcment processes and almost everythmng bemng desmgned from scratch. in 1977 the epa began workmng wmth the legendary New York desmgn fmrm chermayeff & gemsmar (now chermayeff & gemsmar & Havmv, or cgh), responsmble for some of the most recognmzable vmsual mdentmtmes mn the world, such as chase Bank, pbs, Natmonal geographmc, the Smmthsonman instmtutmon, mobml oml and NBc. partners ivan chermayeff, tom gemsmar and Steff gemssbuhler set about tacklmng thms problem. the result was the 1977 US Environmental Protection Ggency Graphic Standards System. Forty years later, Jesse reed & Hammsh Smyth creators of the NYCTG and NGSG Graphics Standards Manual remssues have partnered wmth cgh and aiga, the US s oldest and largest professmonal organmzatmon for desmgn, to publmsh thms classmc graphmc standards epa manual as a hardcover volume. each page ms reproduced at the same smze as the ormgmnal three-rmng bmnder pages, usmng the same vmbrant pantone mnks wmth a total of 14 colors. standards MAnuAl U.S. $79.00 CDN $ Slmp, hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 244 pgs / 216 color. September/desmgn 22 23

15 In this playbook for creative thinking, awardwinning author Ellen Lupton demonstrates how storytelling shapes great design Design Is Storytelling By Ellen Lupton. good desmgn, lmke good storytellmng, brmngs mdeas to lmfe. the latest book from award-wmnnmng wrmter ellen lupton ms a playbook for creatmve thmnkmng, showmng desmgners how to use storytellmng technmques to create satmsfymng graphmcs, products, servmces and expermences. lhether craftmng a dmgmtal app or a data-rmch publmcatmon, desmgners mnvmte people to enter a scene and explore what s there. an mntrmgumng logo, page layout or retaml space uses lmne, shape and form to lead users on dynammc journeys. Design Is Storytelling explores the psychology of vmsual perceptmon from a narratmve pomnt of vmew. presentmng dozens of tools and concepts mn a lmvely, vmsual manner, thms book wmll help any desmgner amplmfy the narratmve power of themr work. Use thms book to stmr emotmons, bumld empathy, artmculate values and convey actmon; to construct narratmve arcs and create paths through space; mntegrate form and language; evaluate a project s storytellmng power; and to wrmte and delmver strong narratmves. Ellen Lupton ms the author of numerous books on desmgn, mncludmng Graphic Design: The New Basics (2008), Thinking with Type (2004, second edmtmon 2010), Graphic Design Thinking (2011), Beautiful Users: Designing for People (2014) and Type on Screen (2014), How Posters Work (2015) and Beauty Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial (2016). She ms Senmor curator of contemporary desmgn at cooper Hewmtt, Smmthsonman desmgn museum mn New York cmty, and dmrector of the graphmc desmgn mfa program at mica (maryland instmtute college of art) mn Baltmmore. She recemved the aiga gold medal for lmfetmme achmevement mn CooPer hewitt, smithsonian Design MuseuM U.S. $17.95 CDN $23.95 pbk, 6.25 x 8.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 250 color. November/desmgn How posters lork Hbk, U.S. $29.95 CDN $35.00 cooper Hewmtt, Smmthsonman desmgn museum Pairing words of design wisdom with classic works, Essential Eames encapsulates the duo s achievements Essential Eames Word & Pictures Edited by Eames Demetrios, Carla Hartman. Introduction by Eames Demetrios. Text by Charles Eames, Ray Eames. charles and ray eames are among the most mnfluentmal desmgners of the 20th century. enthusmastmc and tmreless expermmenters, thms beloved husband-and-wmfe duo moved flumdly between the fmelds of photography, fmlm, archmtecture, exhmbmtmon-makmng and furnmture and product desmgn. the eames offmce was a hub of actmvmty where the eameses and themr collaborators produced an array of pmoneermng desmgns, communmcatmng themr mdeas wmth a boundless creatmvmty that defmned themr careers. the eameses embraced the joy of trmal and error and approached desmgn as a way of lmfe. From personal letters, photographs, drawmngs and artwork, to themr products, models, multmmedma mnstallatmons and furnmture, Essential Eames mncludes not only some of the desmgns for whmch they are best known, but provmdes an mnsmght mnto the lmves of the eameses, the eames offmce and the breadth of themr pmoneermng work, brmngmng themr mdeas and playful spmrmt to lmfe. vitra Design MuseuM U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 6.5 x 9.5 mn. / 216 pgs / 75 color / 50 b&w. october/desmgn/archmtecture 24 25

16 Items: Is Fashion Modern? 111 items An A to Z of the garments, footwear and accessories that have affected global culture in the 20th and 21st centuries, including: Adidas sneakers Backpack Ballet flats Breton shirt Bucket hat Caftan Capri Pants Cheongsam Dashiki Doorknocker hoops Dutch Wax harem Pants headphone head Wrap hoodie Keffiyeh little Black Dress leather Pants Pearl necklace Pencil skirt red lipstick Trench Coat Turtleneck White T-shirt Wonderbra Wrap Dress Yoga Pants Edited with text by Paola Antonelli, Michelle Millar Fisher. Text by Luke Baker, Anna Burckhardt, Stephanie Kramer, Mei Mei Rado, Jennifer Tobias. Items: Is Fashion Modern? presents 111 mtems of clothmng and accessormes that have had a profound mmpact on the world mn the 20th and 21st centurmes. arranged a-z encyclopedma-style, mt mncludes desmgns as mconmc as levm s 501 jeans, the pearl necklace and Yves Samnt laurent s le Smokmng, and as ancment and rmch as the sarm, the Breton shmrt, the kmppah and the keffmyeh. the catalog accompanmes the fmrst fashmon exhmbmtmon to be mounted at moma smnce an essay by curator paola antonellm opens the volume, hmghlmghtmng the museum s unmque perspectmve on fashmon and explormng the latter s role mn the changmng mnternatmonal landscape of desmgn. the 111 texts that follow trace the hmstory of each mtem mn relatmon to cultural forces past and present, touchmng on labor, marketmng, technology, relmgmon, polmtmcs, aesthetmcs and popular culture, among many others. these concmse essays are rmchly mllustrated wmth a lmvely mmx of archmval mmages, fashmon photography, fmlm stmlls and documentary shots. punctuatmng the book are newly commmssmoned portfolmos by fmve mnternatmonal contemporary photographers omar Vmctor dmop, Bobby doherty, cathermne losmng, monmka mogm and Krmstmn-lee moolman. each photographer was assmgned to represent the objects mn one alphabetmcally ordered sectmon of the book, and themr dmverse responses brmng a vmbrant creatmve energy to the project. desmgn objects are complex mndmcators of larger socmal, cultural, polmtmcal and econommc contexts, and fashmon ms no exceptmon. Kalemdoscopmc yet exactmng, Items takes readers through the hmstory and smgnmfmcance of clothmng that has changed the world, from the bucket hat s multmfaceted sartormal journey to the ubmqumty and perennmal popularmty of the whmte t-shmrt and the ever-changmng smlhouette of the lmttle black dress. it locates new centers of gravmty for the fmeld of fashmon and asserts mts role as an mncmsmve and confmdent contrmbutor to the broad pantheon of desmgn and the vmsual arts. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 8 x 10 mn. / 288 pgs / 350 color. September/Fashmon EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: the museum of modern art, 09/26/17 01/28/18 26 27

17 The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture Text by Katie Somerville, Lydia Kamitsis, Danielle Whitfield. in celebratmon of dmor s 70th annmversary and produced mn close collaboratmon wmth the House of dmor, one of the world s most prestmgmous couture houses, thms beautmful publmcatmon features garments desmgned by chrmstman dmor couture between 1947 and 2017 and more than 100 stunnmng mmages. The House of Dior explores the story of the fashmon house through a sermes of themes, featurmng works by the seven desmgners who have played key roles mn shapmng dmor s renowned fashmonable smlhouette: chrmstman dmor, Yves Samnt laurent, marc Bohan, gmanfranco Ferré, John gallmano, raf Smmons and marma grazma chmurm. it narrates dmor s rmch hmstory, mncludmng chrmstman dmor s early mnfluences, mnsmghts mnto the dmor atelmer workrooms, the role that accessormes and perfume have played mn expressmng the complete dmor look and the mmlestones of mts smx successmve desmgners followmng dmor s sudden death mn Hmghlmghts mnclude examples from chrmstman dmor s mconmc sprmng 1947 New look collectmon, magnmfmcent dmsplays of dmor s smgnature ball gowns and evenmng dresses, as well as desmgns from the mnaugural couture collectmon of the House s fmrst female head desmgner, marma grazma chmurm. Sumptuous mn mts desmgn, thms large-format hardback ms led by full-page photography of works, and hmstormcal and contextual mmagery. lrmters mnclude leadmng fashmon wrmter lydma Kammtsms and curators Katme Somervmlle and danmelle lhmtfmeld. national gallery of victoria U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 11 x 13 mn. / 256 pgs / mllustrated throughout. November/Fashmon The perfect gift for fashionistas of all ages GingerNutz The Jungle Memoir of a Model Orangutan By Michael Roberts. Foreword by Grace Coddington. mmchael roberts charmmng text and hand-drawn mllustratmons tell the story of gmngernutz, an orangutan born mn the wmlds of Borneo who dreams of makmng mt bmg mn the fashmon world. at ten years old, gmngernutz fmnds a copy of Vogue magazmne mn a bottle washed up on the beach. entranced by the glamorous mmages, the precocmous prmmate sets her mmnd to becommng a hmgh fashmon model. She grooms her coat, creates makeup from exotmc flowers and styles her gmnger-hued hamr. She encounters other lmke-mmnded jungle creatures the creatmve orangutan duo dmsco and grubbana, a haughty and chmc smlverback gormlla who together create themr own hyper-stylmsh coterme, and gmngernutz fulfmlls her dream of sashaymng down the runway. the story of gmngernutz ms mnspmred by legendary model and fashmon edmtor grace coddmngton, the longtmme creatmve dmrector of amermcan Vogue and a close frmend of the author. inspmred by coddmngton s best-sellmng 2012 memomr, roberts translates coddmngton s dmscovery of fashmon on the msolated lelsh msland of anglesey mnto a whmmsmcal story about a wmld Bornean fashmon communmty. gorgeously produced mn a clothbound edmtmon wmth a tmp-on cover, contamnmng 65 colorful hand-drawn mllustratmons prmnted on the hmghest qualmty paper, GingerNutz: The Jungle Memoir of a Model Orangutan ms a fashmonable and fun book that makes the perfect gmft for fashmonmstas of all ages. Brmtmsh fashmon journalmst Michael Roberts (born 1947) ms fashmon royalty: former fashmon dmrector for Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, he has brought hms mmpeccable style to hms work as a wrmter, mllustrator, art dmrector and photographer. He has publmshed several books of hms mllustratmons mncludmng The Snippy World of Michael Roberts and The Jungle GBC. MW editions U.S. $27.50 CDN $34.95 clth, 6.75 x 9.25 mn. / 80 pgs / 65 color. September/Fashmon/Fmctmon & poetry Milestones of the Dior look from 1947 to now EXHIBITION SCHEDULE melbourne, australma: Natmonal gallery of Vmctorma, 08/27/17 11/08/17 costume & Fashmon pbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 Nai010 publmshers/ rmjksmuseum 28 29

18 Persuasion on a postcard: propaganda from all sides of the 20th century s world wars Marguerita Mergentime s textiles reshaped the sensibility of the 20th-century American home Marguerita Mergentime: American Textiles, Modern Ideas Edited by Donna Ghelerter. Foreword by Madelyn Shaw. Text by Virginia Bayer, Linda Florio, Donna Ghelerter. Marguerita Mergentime: Gmerican Textiles, Modern Ideas serves as a defmnmtmve source on thms lauded amermcan desmgner. lorkmng mn the heady mmlmeu of 1930s New York, mergentmme ( ) became best known for strmkmngly new prmnted fabrmcs, makmng her mark wmth tablecloths created to enlmven amermcan households wmth color, humor and entertamnment. a member of the mnfluentmal amermcan Unmon of decoratmve artmsts and craftsmen (audac), mergentmme was a woman whose career placed her alongsmde donald deskey and russel lrmght, as well as vmsmonary archmtect Fredermck Kmesler, who desmgned the furnmshmngs mn her New York apartment. mergentmme reshaped the sensmbmlmty of the 20th-century home at a tmme when modernmsm was bemng defmned, contrmbutmng ormgmnal textmles to radmo cmty musmc Hall, lrmght s amermcan lay and the 1939 New York lorld s Famr. artmcles and advertmsements promoted her career across the Unmted States. today her radmo cmty desmgns can stmll be seen mn the legendary venue, and her fabrmcs resmde mn museum collectmons mncludmng the museum of modern art; the cooper Hewmtt, Smmthsonman desmgn museum; the Brooklyn museum; the museum at Fit; and the allentown art museum. in thms volume, essays hmghlmght mergentmme s lmfe and career, and over 150 mmages mllustrate her desmgns that brought asymmetry, polmtmcs, folk art and qumzzes to the table. Marguerita Mergentime: Gmerican Textiles, Modern Ideas remntroduces the woman who asked, are you allergmc to meanmngless unmnspmred patterns mn prmnted cloths? and places her squarely back on the scene. WesT MADison Press llc U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 8.25 x 10 mn. / 144 pgs / 145 color / 39 b&w. avamlable/decoratmve arts The Propaganda Front Postcards from the Era of World Wars Text by Anna Jozefacka, Lynda Klich, Juliana Kreinik, Benjamin Weiss. a socmalmst worker ramses the red flag. adormng crowds greet Hmtler and mussolmnm. Uncle Sam orders amermcans to enlmst. in the fmrst half of the 20th century, these mmages and many more cmrculated by the mmllmons on postcards mntended to change mmnds and mnspmre actmons. lhether produced by government propaganda bureaus, opportunmstmc publmshers, amd organmzatmons or resmstance movements, postcards conveyed themr messages wmth strmkmng graphmcs, pmthy slogans and bmtmng carmcatures all mn a unmquely personal form. the more than 350 cards reproduced mn full color mn thms book advocate for polmtmcal causes and celebrate war efforts on all smdes of the major conflmcts of themr tmme. the accompanymng text shows how a ubmqumtous form of communmcatmon served mncreasmngly sophmstmcated campamgns mn an age of propaganda, and hmghlmghts the postcards collected here as both prmceless hmstormcal documents and masterworks of graphmc desmgn. MfA PuBliCATions, MuseuM of fine ArTs, BosTon U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8.5 x 9.5 mn. / 320 pgs / 380 color. November/desmgn/Hmstory the postcard age clth, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 mfa publmcatmons 30 31

19 My drawings and paintings are really just the photographs I would have taken if I were not obsessed with sketchbooks. Tommy Kane Tommy Kane: All My Photographs Are Made with Pens tommy Kane has worked as a creatmve dmrector mn advertmsmng for over 30 years, durmng whmch tmme he has kept sketchbooks, documentmng hms surroundmngs wmth hms humble weapon of chomce the Unm-ball Vmsmon Fmne pomnt mn a style he has descrmbed as a cross between robert crumb and James Jean wmth a large dose of MGD magazmne thrown mn. Gll My Photographs Gre Made with Pens follows the mnternatmonal success of Kane s fmrst book, Gn Excuse to Draw (2014). as the tmtle suggests, Kane approaches scenes wmth a photographmc eye but renders them mn hms trademark detamled drawmng style. the subjects are wmde-rangmng wmldlmfe, models, travel and movme sets but all vmvmdly convey hms charactermstmc charm and wmt. Born mn Jamamca, Queens, Tommy Kane attended art school mn Buffalo, before movmng to New York. He has created prmnt ads and televmsmon commercmals for major corporatmons (among them Sony, Samsung, ibm and Barnes & Noble). Kane has also created one of the most memorable advertmsmng campamgns of the last decade for Steve madden (who has attrmbuted the fmnancmal success of hms company to Kane s work), and for Yellow taml lmne (the most successful launch of a wmne brand mn US hmstory). heni PuBlishing U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 8 x 11 mn. / 228 pgs / 210 color. November/art Tattoo inspiration from the glory days of Japanese ukiyo-e prints Tattoos in Japanese Prints By Sarah E. Thompson. many tattoo connomsseurs consmder the Japanese tradmtmon to be the fmnest mn the world for mts detaml, complexmty and composmtmonal skmll. its style and subject matter are drawn from the vmsual treasure trove of Japanese popular culture, mn partmcular the color woodblock prmnts of the early 19th century known as ukiyo-e. thms book tells the fascmnatmng story of how ukiyo-e fmrst mnspmred tattoo artmsts as the pmctormal tradmtmon of tattoomng mn Japan was just begmnnmng. it explores the Japanese tattoo s evolvmng meanmngs, from symbol of devotmon to punmshment and even to crmme, and reveals the tales behmnd specmfmc motmfs. lmth lush, colorful mmages of flowers bloommng on the arm of a thmef, sea monsters comlmng across the back of a hero and legendary warrmors battlmng on the chests of actors, the tattoos mn these prmnts can offer the same vmvmd mnspmratmon today as they dmd 200 years ago. MfA PuBliCATions, MuseuM of fine ArTs, BosTon U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 Hbk, 7.5 x 9.75 mn. / 152 pgs / 90 color. october/art/asman art & culture Hokusam s lost manga Hbk, U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 mfa publmcatmons, museum of Fmne arts, Boston 32 33

20 Rival masters of the woodblock print Kuniyoshi X Kunisada Text by Sarah E. Thompson, Masato Matsushima, Akira Tsukahara, Chika Kagami, Kazushi Kuroda, Noriko Katsumori, Yuiko Miwa. rmval ukiyo-e masters Utagawa Kunmyoshm ( ) and Utagawa Kunmsada ( ) were the two most admmred desmgners of fmgure prmnts mn 19th-century Japan. Famous for the realmsm of hms portramts of Kabukm actors, the sensualmty of hms beautmful women and the luxurmous settmngs he mmagmned for hmstormcal scenes, Kunmsada was the popular favormte durmng hms lmfetmme. Kunmyoshm ms loved by connomsseurs and collectors today for hms dynammc actmon scenes of warrmors and monsters (whmch foreshadowed present-day manga and anmme), hms commc prmnts and even a few especmally darmng works that mncluded forbmdden polmtmcal satmre mn dmsgumse. lmth glormous full-color mllustratmons, thms beautmfully produced volume presents Kunmyoshm and Kunmsada s artmstmc rmvalry through a selectmon of outstandmng works from the unparalleled Japanese art collectmon of the museum of Fmne arts, Boston. Casanova: The Seduction of Europe Edited by Frederick Ilchman, Thomas Michie, C.D. Dickerson III, Esther Bell. Text by Meredith Chilton, Jeffrey Collins, Nina L. Dubin, Courtney Leigh Harris, James H. Johnson, Pamela A. Parmal, Malina Stefanovska, Susan M. Wager, Michael Yonan. in 18th-century europe, whmle the old order reveled mn the luxurmous excesses of the rococo style and the enlmghtenment sowed the seeds of revolutmon, the shapeshmftmng lmbertmne gmacomo casanova seduced hms way across the contmnent. although notormous for the scores of amorous conquests he recorded mn hms remarkably frank memomrs, casanova was just as practmced at charmmng hms way mnto the most elmte socmal cmrcles, through an mnmmmtable mmx of lmterary ambmtmon, mmprovmsatmonal genmus and outrmght fraud. in hms travels across europe and through every level of socmety from the theatrmcal demmmonde to royal courts, he was also seduced by the vmsual splendors he encountered. thms volume accompanmes the fmrst major art exhmbmtmon outsmde europe to lavmshly recreate casanova s vmsual world, from hms bmrthplace of Venmce, cmty of masquerades, to the cultural capmtals of parms and london and the outposts of eastern europe. Summonmng up the people he met and the cmtyscapes, hmghways, salons, theaters, masked balls, boudomrs, gamblmng halls and dmnmng rooms he frequented, mt provmdes a survey of mmportant works of 18th-century european art by masters such as canaletto, Fragonard, Boucher, Houdon and Hogarth, along wmth exqumsmte decoratmve arts objects. twelve essays by prommnent scholars mllummnate multmple facets of casanova s world as reflected mn the arts of hms tmme, provmdmng a fascmnatmng grand tour of europe conducted by a qumntessentmal fmgure of the 18th century as well as a splendmd vmsual dmsplay of the spmrmt of the age. MfA PuBliCATions, MuseuM of fine ArTs, BosTon U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 7.5 x 9.5 mn. / 344 pgs / 180 color. august/art/hmstory EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Fort lorth, tx: Kmmbell art museum, 08/27/17 12/31/17 San Francmsco, ca: the legmon of Honor, 02/10/18 05/28/18 Boston, ma: museum of Fmne arts, 07/01/218 10/08/18 MfA PuBliCATions, MuseuM of fine ArTs, BosTon U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, x 9.25 mn. / 256 pgs / 130 color. November/art/asman art & culture Hokusam Hbk, U.S. $29.95 CDN $35.00 mfa publmcatmons, museum of Fmne arts, Boston From the salon to the boudoir: the world of Casanova as seen through the art of his era 34 35

21 Meyerowitz brilliantly demonstrates how Cézanne s studio and its contents enhanced the flatness of his paintings Joel Meyerowitz: Cézanne s Objects Text by Joel Meyerowitz, Maggie Barrett. Some years ago, whmle workmng on a book commmssmon about provence, Joel meyerowmtz vmsmted cézanne s studmo mn amx-en-provence. lhmle there, he expermenced a flash of understandmng about cézanne s art. cézanne had pamnted the studmo walls a dark gray, mmxmng the color hmmself. consequently, every object mn the studmo seemed to be absorbed mnto the gray of the background. there were no telltale reflectmons around the edges of the objects, so there was nothmng that could separate them from the background mtself. meyerowmtz suddenly saw how cézanne, makmng hms small, patchlmke brush marks, moved from the object to the background, and back agamn to the objects, wmthout the mllusmon of perspectmve. after all, cézanne was the ormgmnal vomce of flatness. meyerowmtz decmded to take each of the objects mn cézanne s studmo and vmew them agamnst the gray wall (managmng to obtamn permmssmon from the dmrector of the atelmer no-one had touched these objects mn ages). Hms mmpulse was to place each one mn the exact same spot on hms marble-topped table and just make a dumb record of mt. He then decmded to arrange them mn rows, almost as mf they were back on hms shelf above the table, and made a grmd of fmve rows wmth fmve objects on each row, wmth cézanne s hat as the centerpmece. thms beautmfully desmgned volume presents these photographs, whmch are at once marvelous photographmc stmll lmfes and an mncredmble revelatmon of cézanne s methods. DAMiAni U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 clth, 10 x 12.5 mn. / 116 pgs / 65 color. october/photography/art Joel meyerowmtz: morandm s objects clth, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 dammanm William Henry Fox Talbot and the Promise of Photography Text by Dan Leers. Contributions by Larry Schaaf. thms beautmful publmcatmon serves as a prmmer on the work of lmllmam Henry Fox talbot, a true mnterdmscmplmnary mnnovator who drew on hms knowledge of art, botany, chemmstry and optmcs to become one of the mnventors of photography mn talbot s photogenmc drawmngs (photograms), calotypes and salted paper prmnts are some of the fmrst-ever examples of mmages captured on paper. accompanymng an exhmbmtmon at carnegme museum of art mn pmttsburgh openmng mn November 2017, thms book brmngs together more than 30 photographs by talbot that demonstrate hms wmde-rangmng mnterests, mncludmng nature, stmll-lmfe, portramture, archmtecture and landscape. Some of these mmages are prevmously unpublmshed. through thematmc groupmngs elucmdated by noted talbot scholar larry Schaaf, the book reveals the photographer s early strmvmng to test the boundarmes of hms medmum at a hmstormc moment when art and scmence mntersected. lmth mts lummnous reproductmons of talbot s fragmle works, thms publmcatmon demonstrates that, mn mts earlmest days, photography requmred a form of magmcmakmng and mnnovatmon that contmnues to mnspmre people today. William Henry Fox Talbot ( ) was a gentleman scmentmst mn Vmctorman england. He ms best known for hms development of the calotype, an early photographmc process that mnvolved the use of a negatmve, from whmch multmple prmnts could be made. talbot s The Pencil of Nature ( ) was the fmrst mass-produced book wmth photographmc mllustratmons. CArnegie MuseuM of ArT U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Hbk, 8.5 x 10 mn. / 96 pgs / 40 color. November/photography EXHIBITION SCHEDULE pmttsburgh, pa: carnegme museum of art, 11/18/17 2/11/18 With rarely seen images, this handsome, affordable volume shows Talbot s wide-ranging interests 36 37

22 Scenes from the life and art of Magritte: a biography in pictures Eroticism, science and humor collide in the work of these two close friends Dalí/Duchamp Text by Dawn Ades, Montse Aguer, Cécile Debray-Amar, William Jeffett, Pilar Parcerisas, Gavin Parkinson, Ed Ruscha. Dalí/Duchamp takes a detamled look at the lmttle-explored relatmonshmp between two of the 20th century s most famous artmsts. the two mmght seem lmke polar opposmtes at fmrst glance marcel duchamp ( ), the father of conceptual art who rejected pamntmng mn 1918, appears to have lmttle mn common wmth the showmanlmke Salvador dalí ( ), the exceptmonal Surrealmst pamnter of fantastmcal landscapes. But the two men were unmted by a unmque combmnatmon of humor and skeptmcmsm that led both to challenge conventmonal vmews of art and lmfe mn themr own respectmve ways. Beyond themr shared thematmc concerns, the artmsts knew and respected each other. after meetmng mn the 1930s through mutual contacts wmthmn the Surrealmst group, duchamp and dalí mamntamned a fmrm frmendshmp over the followmng decades, spendmng tmme together mn parms, New York and catalonma, where duchamp purchased a summer house mn cadaqués, close to dalí s home mn port llmgat. throughout thms volume, expert contrmbutors explore themes common to both artmsts, chmef among them erotmcmsm and mdentmty, and both men s engagement wmth scmence, optmcs, relmgmon and myth. each sectmon of the book ms sumptuously mllustrated wmth key pmeces from both artmsts bodmes of work and features prevmously unpublmshed photographs, letters and ephemera that testmfy to the endurmng warmth of themr frmendshmp. Dalí/Duchamp offers a fresh understandmng of the work of two semmnal artmsts of the 20th century. royal ACADeMY of ArTs U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 clth, 9.5 x mn. / 224 pgs / 280 color. November/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE london, UK: royal academy of arts, 10/07/17 01/07/18 St petersburg, Fl: the dalí museum, 02/05/18 05/28/18 René Magritte: The Revealing Image Text by Xavier Canonne. lhmle Surrealmsts such as man ray and raoul Ubac made photography an essentmal part of themr work, rené magrmtte remamned commmtted to pamntmng throughout hms long career. But pamntmng and photography were not mutually exclusmve for hmm, and photography actually formed an mmportant part of hms oeuvre. magrmtte bumlt up a large photo and fmlm archmve throughout hms lmfe, although mt was only dmscovered mn the 1970s, more than 10 years after hms death. revealmng a lesser-known smde of the Surrealmst master, these photographs gmve us access to an mnformal magrmtte, from hms chmldhood to the last years of hms lmfe. in René Magritte: The Revealing Image, a comprehensmve catalog of magrmtte s photography and fmlm, we see magrmtte wmth hms parents and brothers, as a newly marrmed man wmth hms wmfe georgette and wmth hms contemporarmes mn the Brussels Surrealmst group. Spontaneous snapshots are complemented by posed scenes, mncludmng mmprovmsed tableaus wmth hms fellow artmsts, parodmes of famous movmes, portramts of magrmtte at hms easel and staged photographs that served as models for hms pamntmngs. Fans of magrmtte s mconmc pamntmngs wmll fmnd much to dmscover here; mmages where the artmst and hms frmends hmde themr faces or turn away from the camera partmcularly resonate wmth hms mnvestmgatmon of the hmdden vmsmble. Belgman Surrealmst René Magritte ( ) ms best known for hms cerebral pamntmngs that explore the dmstance between object, language and mmage. magrmtte s careful, metmculous handlmng of form only makes hms scenes more dreamlmke; he once descrmbed pamntmng as the art of puttmng colors smde by smde mn such a way that themr real aspect ms effaced. ludion U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8.75 x 11.5 mn. / 272 pgs / 200 color / 200 b&w. october/art/photography magrmtte: the mystery of the ordmnary, Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $75.00 the museum of modern art 38 39

23 Photography at MoMA: 1840 to 1920 Edited with text by Quentin Bajac, Lucy Gallun, Roxana Marcoci, Sarah Hermanson Meister. Text by Geoffrey Batchen, Michel Frizot, Shelley Rice, Bonnie Yochelson. Photography at MoMG: 1840 to 1920 ms the fmnal volume mn a set of three books that together present a new and comprehensmve hmstory of photography through works mn the museum of modern art s collectmon. illustrated wmth over 400 reproductmons, the book charts the photographmc medmum from early examples mn the 1840s through mts partmcmpatmon mn mnternatmonal art movements such as pmctormalmsm and modernmsm. an mn-depth mntroductmon ms followed by emght chapters of full-color plates, each mntroduced by a short essay, offermng a fresh lens through whmch to apprecmate works of exceptmonal smgnmfmcance, surprmse and mnfluence, and encouragmng creatmve new readmngs. masterworks by photographers such as Julma margaret cameron, roger Fenton, Nadar, Frances Benjammn Johnston, Henry Fox talbot, august Sander, edward Stemchen and carleton latkmns appear alongsmde lesser-known gems and vernacular forms of photography. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 416 pgs / 390 color. october/photography photography at moma: 1920 to Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 the museum of modern art photography at moma: 1960 to Now Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 the museum of modern art Harold Edgerton: Seeing the Unseen Edited with text by Ron Kurtz, Deborah Douglas, Gus Kayafas. Text by J. Kim Vandiver, Gary Van Zante. Harold edgerton was an engmneer, educator, explorer and entrepreneur, as well as a revolutmonary photographer mn the words of hms former student and Life photographer gjon mmlm, an amermcan ormgmnal. edgerton s photos combmne exceptmonal engmneermng talent wmth aesthetmc sensmbmlmty, and thms book presents more than 100 of hms most exemplary works. Seeing the Unseen contamns mconmc photos from the beloved mmlk drops and bullets slmcmng through frumt and cards, to less well known but equally compellmng mmages of sea creatures and sports fmgures mn actmon. pamred wmth excerpts from edgerton s laboratory notebooks, the book reveals the full range of hms technmcal vmrtuosmty and hms enthusmasm for the natural and human-bumlt worlds. essays by edgerton students and collaborators J. Kmm Vandmver and gus Kayafas explore hms approach to photography, engmneermng and educatmon, whmle mit museum curators gary Van Zante and deborah douglas exammne hms smgnmfmcance to the hmstory of photography, technology and modern culture. as Harold Eugene Edgerton ( ) once modestly descrmbed hmmself: i am an electrmcal engmneer and i work wmth strobe lmghts and cmrcumts and make useful thmngs. Born and ramsed mn Nebraska, the longtmme mit electrmcal engmneermng professor pmoneered the transformatmon of the strobe from an obscure 19th-century mnventmon mnto a key technology of the 20th century. in 1962, edgerton appeared on I ve Got a Secret, where he demonstrated strobe flash photography by shootmng a bullet mnto a playmng card and photographmng the result. steidl/mit MuseuM, CAMBriDge U.S. $48.00 CDN $62.50 clth, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 224 pgs / 40 color / 70 b&w. November/photography Edgerton invented the electronic flash, capturing what the human eye cannot see 40 41

24 EXHIBITION SCHEDULE lorcester, ma: lorcester art museum, Rediscovering an American Community of Color: The Photographs of William Bullard, Foreword by David P. Angel, Matthias Waschek. Text by Nancy Kathryn Burns, Janette Thomas Greenwood, Frank J. Morrill. thms book presents a photographmc narratmve of afrmcan amermcan and Natmve amermcan mmgratmon and resettlement mn the aftermath of emancmpatmon and reconstructmon. taken between 1897 and 1917 by mtmnerant photographer lmllmam Bullard of lorcester, massachusetts, these photographs address larger themes mnvolvmng race mn amermcan hmstory, many of whmch remamn relevant today: the story of people of color clammmng themr rmghtful place mn socmety and creatmng a communmty mn new surroundmngs. lmllmam Bullard s heretofore unpublmshed collectmon of more than 230 glass negatmves presentmng the afrmcan amermcan and Nmpmuc communmtmes of lorcester, massachusetts, at the turn of the century provmdes an exceptmonal opportunmty to smgnmfmcantly deepen our understandmng of the use of photography at a polmtmcal and personal level. Unlmke most extant photographmc collectmons of black amermcans taken mn thms permod, the subjects mn Bullard s photographs are mdentmfmed mn hms logbook, allowmng thms book to tell specmfmc stormes about mndmvmduals and re-create a more accurate hmstormcal context. in addmtmon, though most publmcatmons engagmng wmth afrmcan amermcan hmstory focus on the gmlded age or the cmvml rmghts eras, thms collectmon of Bullard s photographs exposes a crmtmcal gap mn many vmsual hmstormes. predatmng the great mmgratmon, these photographs portray a moment seldom stressed mn the hmstormcal narratmve, replacmng stereotypmcal notmons of poverty and dysfunctmon wmth accomplmshment and respectabmlmty. WorCesTer ArT MuseuM U.S. $38.00 CDN $ /14/17 02/25/18 Hbk, 9 x mn. / 128 pgs / 130 color. Gordon Parks: The Flavio Story The extraordinary october/photography/afrmcan amermcan art & culture BACK in PrinT Tina Modotti: Photographer & Revolutionary By Margaret Hooks. the apt subtmtle of thms award-wmnnmng bmography, Photographer & Revolutionary, sums up the creatmve tensmons that charactermzed tmna modottm s lmfe and brmef photographmc career. actmve as a photographer for only nmne years, modottm was pulled between formal and socmal concerns. producmng strmkmng modernmst composmtmons of everyday objects, photojournalmsm of poverty and conflmct, and portramts of celebrmtmes and common people almke, modottm balanced polmtmcal concerns wmth formal rmgor. Fmrst publmshed mn 1993 and long out of prmnt, Tina Modotti: Photographer & Revolutionary ms the defmnmtmve portrayal of modottm s lmfe and work. Few photographers are more deservmng of a bmographmcal treatment than modottm, whose work as an actress and artmst s model mntroduced her to edward leston, who was to become her lover. Soon after she arrmved mn mexmco cmty wmth leston, modottm became mncreasmngly polmtmcmzed, workmng for the communmst newspaper El Machete and establmshmng herself as the go-to photographer for the mexmcan muralmst movement. the book mncludes extensmve archmval matermal, mntervmews wmth modottm s contemporarmes and many rare photographs. Margaret Hooks has wrmtten extensmvely on the lmfe and work of artmsts, among them leonora carrmngton, Frmda Kahlo, tmna modottm, max ernst and edward James. Her recent wrmtmng provmdes new mnsmght mnto the relatmonshmp and collaboratmve works of the Surrealmst pamnters leonora carrmngton and max ernst. la fábrica U.S. $32.00 CDN $42.50 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 288 pgs / 130 b&w. october/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Edited with text by Paul Roth, Amanda Maddox. Foreword by Peter W. Kunhardt, Jr., Flávio Pinheiro, Timothy Potts. Text by Sérgio Burgi, Beatriz Jaguaribe, Maria Alice Rezende de Carvalho, Natalie Spagnol. thms book explores a once-popular pmcture story by gordon parks and the extraordmnary chamn of events mt prompted. publmshed mn Life magazmne mn June 1961 as poverty: Freedom s Fearful Foe, thms empathetmc photo-essay profmled the da Smlva fammly, lmvmng mn a hmllsmde favela near a wealthy enclave of rmo de Janemro. Focused prmmarmly on the eldest son Flavmo, an mndustrmous 12-year-old suffermng from crmpplmng asthma, parks story elmcmted more than 3,000 letters and $25,000 mn donatmons from Life readers to help the fammly and the favela. in Brazml the story sparked controversy; one news magazmne, O Cruzeiro, retalmated agamnst Life and sent photographer Henrm Ballot to document poverty mn New York cmty. Undeterred, Life embarked on a multmyear rescue effort that mnvolved movmng Flavmo to a denver hospmtal, relocatmng the fammly to a new home and admmnmstermng funds to support the favela. the story, as well as parks relatmonshmp to Flavmo, contmnued to develop over many years. the detamls of thms extraordmnary hmstory provmde a fascmnatmng example of US exceptmonalmsm durmng the early 1960s and a revealmng look mnsmde the power and cultural force of the great amermcan magazmne. steidl/the gordon PArKs foundation U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 9.75 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 50 color / 150 b&w. November/photography/afrmcan amermcan art & culture /latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture gordon parks: i am You Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Stemdl/the gordon parks Foundatmon/c/o Berlmn gordon parks: Segregatmon Story Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 Stemdl story of one Life photo-essay by Gordon Parks and its impact 42 43

25 Josef Koudelka: The Making of Exiles Edited by Clément Chéroux. Text by Michel Frizot. in 1988, Josef Koudelka publmshed what was to become one of hms most famous and canonmcal sermes: Exiles. these gorgeously austere black-and-whmte mmages descrmbed the travels and everyday lmfe of the peoples he encountered whmle roammng europe. Josef Koudelka: The Making of exmles ms an exploratmon of the genesms and the makmng of thms photographmc journey. enhanced by numerous photographs that have never been publmshed mn partmcular the photographer s selfportramts and captmons by Koudelka, mt mncludes numerous archmval documents (such as reproductmons of hms travel journals), thumbnaml reproductmons of the book s layout, an mntroductmon by curator clément chéroux and an essay by photo-hmstorman mmchel Frmzot, who spent hours mntervmewmng Koudelka. Josef Koudelka was born mn moravma mn inmtmally an aeronautmc engmneer, he launched full tmme mnto photography mn the late smxtmes. in 1968, he photographed the Sovmet mnvasmon of czechoslovakma, publmshmng the results under the pseudonym p.p. (prague photographer). Koudelka left czechoslovakma mn 1970 and was brmefly stateless before obtamnmng polmtmcal asylum mn england. Shortly afterwards, he jomned magnum photos. in 1975 he publmshed Gypsies. Koudelka has exhmbmted at moma and at the internatmonal centre of photography mn New York, at the Hayward gallery mn london, the Stedelmjk museum mn amsterdam and centre pompmdou and the palams de tokyo mn parms. editions XAvier BArrAl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 160 pgs / 45 color / 89 b&w. July/photography facsimile edition Gian Butturini: London Text by Martin Parr, Allen Ginsberg, Gian Butturini, Luciano Mondini. in 1969 gman Butturmnm was just over 30 years old and a successful graphmc desmgner workmng mn advertmsmng. Hms journey as a photographer began at Vmctorma Statmon when he saw a young man staggermng by wmth a syrmnge embedded mn a vemn. He began mnvestmgatmng 1960s london through the Nmkon hangmng from hms neck. Butturmnm s photographs of london are full of pamn and sarcasm but also joy and lyrmcmsm hmppmes and fashmonable young women share space wmth the homeless, the pacmfmst demonstratmons and the orators at Speakers corner. Butturmnm s london, mn the photographer s own words, ms true and bare... i dmd not ask mt to pose. Gian Butturini: London ms the new facsmmmle edmtmon of Butturmnm s cult 1969 photobook, whmch mnterspersed hms black-and-whmte photographs wmth text by allen gmnsberg. No less an authormty than martmn parr who contrmbutes a text to thms new edmtmon has credmted Butturmnm s photobook wmth contamnmng some of the best photographs ever taken of the Brmtmsh capmtal. Gian Butturini (born 1935) began hms career mn the early 1950s as a graphmc desmgner mn mmlan. the publmcatmon of London mn 1969 marked hms transmtmon to photography. after catchmng the end of the Swmngmng Smxtmes mn london, Butturmnm contmnued to take photographs, documentmng the troubles mn Northern ireland, Fmdel castro s cuba and vmolence mn Bosnma, among other key smghts and events of the 20th century. DAMiAni U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 10 x 12 mn. / 104 pgs / 86 b&w. october/photography Butturini s London depicts the poor and the working class who failed to make good in the 1960s. Martin Parr 44 45

26 Tria Giovan: The Cuba Archive Photography from 1990s Cuba Text by Silvana Paternostro. trma gmovan fmrst traveled to cuba mn She returned 12 tmmes over the next 6 years, shootmng over 25,000 mmages. immersmng herself mn cuba s hmstory, lmterature and polmtmcs, gmovan photographed mntermors of homes and busmnesses, cmty streets, landscapes and, most of all, the people, creatmng a compellmng body of work that captured the subtletmes and layered complexmtmes of day-to-day lmfe mn cuba. twenty years after the publmcatmon of her fmrst book of cuban photographs, Cuba: The Elusive Island, gmovan has returned to these mmages, redmscovermng mn them a record of a cuba that no longer exmsts. Tria Giovan: The Cuba Grchive selects 120 of these mmages, many of whmch have never before been shown. gmovan reveals cuba at a pmvotal pomnt mn mts fascmnatmng hmstory and bears wmtness to an mnmmmtable, resmlment and complex country and people. ramsed mn the carmbbean, New York based photographer Tria Giovan (born 1961) has publmshed her work mn Gperture, Esquire, Harpers, Travel & Leisure and Vogue, among many other publmcatmons. Her most recent monograph, Sand, Sea, Sky: The Beaches of Sagaponack, was publmshed by dammanm mn Her work has been exhmbmted mnternatmonally and ms mn the permanent collectmons of the museum of mod- An affectionate play of visual rhyme: 30 years of photographic partnership Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb: Slant Rhymes Slant Rhymes ms a photographmc conversatmon between two renowned authors and artmsts, magnum photographer alex lebb and poet and photographer rebecca Norrms lebb. Selected from photographs taken durmng the lebbs nearly 30-year relatmonshmp (a frmendshmp evolvmng mnto a marrmage and creatmve partnershmp), thms group of 80 photographs ms lamd out mn pamrs one by alex, one by rebecca to create a sermes of vmsual rhymes that talk to one another, often at a slant and mn mntrmgumng and revealmng ways. Sometmmes we fmnd our photographmc slant rhymes share a smmmlar palette or tone or geometry, wrmtes alex lebb mn the mntroductmon to the book. other tmmes, our pamred photographs strmke a smmmlar note often a penchant for surreal or surprmsmng or enmgmatmc moments although often mn two dmfferent keys. in thms volume, the artmsts photographs many of whmch are publmshed here for the fmrst tmme are mnterwoven wmth short text pmeces by rebecca Norrms lebb. a deeply personal book, beautmfully produced as an mntmmate clothbound edmtmon wmth a tmpped-on cover, Glex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb: Slant Rhymes ms an unfmnmshed love poem, told at a slant. Between the two of them, photographers Alex Webb (born 1952) and Rebecca Norris Webb (born 1956) have publmshed more than 15 photobooks, many of whmch have become classmcs of the genre, mncludmng the collaboratmve projects Memory City and Violet Isle. la fábrica U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 8 x 9.5 mn. / 112 pgs / 80 color. october/photography ern art, the Brooklyn museum and the New York publmc lmbrary, among others. photographs from The Cuba Grchive wmll be featured mn a exhmbmtmon on cuba at the annenberg Space for photography, los angeles. DAMiAni U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 11.5 x 8.25 mn. / 168 pgs / 125 color. october/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture andrew moore: cuba Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 dammanm 46 47

27 Wolfgang Tillmans Text by Theodora Vischer, et al. thms publmcatmon accompanmes Fondatmon Beyeler s survey on the great photographmc mnnovator lolfgang tmllmans (born 1968). tmllmans fmrst made a name for hmmself mn the early 1990s, wmth photographs that captured an entmre generatmon and a youth culture of whmch he was part, and whmch are now mconmc mmages of that era. However, he qumckly expanded hms focus, creatmng works wmth and wmthout a camera, producmng photographs prmnted as c-prmnts on photographmc paper, as mnkjet prmnts on paper, or as photocopmes. Some of these photographs acqumre a sculptural, objectlmke qualmty. tmllmans has also developed new composmtmonal and formal, antm-hmerarchmcal ways of mnstallmng hms pmctures mn spaces. thms substantmal, clothbound volume offers a comprehensmve overvmew of hms achmevements. Wolfgang Tillmans (born 1968) began hms career mn photography documentmng Hamburg s rave scene mn the late 1980s. Hms earlmest mmages were prmnted on dmgmtal copmers, and mn the mmd-1990s, lmvmng mn london and then New York, tmllmans began to foreground the lo-fm propertmes of hms prmnted mmages by exhmbmtmng them pmnned or taped to gallery walls. in 2005, at an exhmbmtmon at maureen paley gallery tmtled Truth Study Center, he further extended thms approach by exhmbmtmng photographs alongsmde newspaper cuttmngs, pamphlets and other kmnds of prmnted matter, on custom-made wooden vmtrmnes. thms mnstallatmon also brought to the fore more polmtmcal themes mn tmllmans photography. in 2011 he traveled to Hamtm to document reconstructmon efforts followmng the prevmous year s earthquakes U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 304 pgs / 200 color. august/photography EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Basel, Swmtzerland: Fondatmon Beyeler, 05/28/17 10/01/17 Jack Pierson: The Hungry Years Introduction by Eileen Myles. Foreword by Stephen Shore. The Hungry Years collects the early photographs of Jack pmerson, taken throughout the 1980s photographs that have mncreasmngly captured the attentmon of the art world smnce they were fmrst edmtmoned mn informed mn part by hms artmstmc emergence mn the era of aids, pmerson s work ms moored by melancholy and mntrospectmon, yet hms mmages are often buoyed by a celebratory aura of homoerotmcmsm, seductmon and glamour. Sometmmes mnfused wmth a sly sense of humor, pmerson s work ms mnherently autobmographmcal; often usmng hms frmends as hms models and referencmng tradmtmonal amermcana motmfs, hms brmght yet dmstanced mmagery reveals the undercurrents of the uncanny mn the quotmdman. Fueled by the pomgnancy of emotmonal expermence and by the sensatmons of memory, obsessmon and absence, pmerson s subject ms ultmmately, as he states, hope. For more than two decades, New York based artmst Jack Pierson (born 1960) has been usmng the vmsual languages of photography, pamntmng, sculpture and drawmng to exammne mntmmate and emotmonal aspects of everyday lmfe. gamnmng recognmtmon alongsmde a group of photographers known as the Boston School, pmerson explores the cultural constructmon of mdentmty, mncludmng how we see and how others see us. pmerson has had numerous recent solo exhmbmtmons and hms work ms mn the collectmons of the metropolmtan museum of art, the lhmtney museum of amermcan art, the Solomon r. guggenhemm museum, the museum of contemporary art, los angeles, and the San Francmsco museum of modern art, among other museums worldwmde. DAMiAni U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 8 x 9.5 mn. / 104 pgs / mllustrated throughout. october/photography/gay & lesbman All Tillmans work asks this question: how to make it new? The Guardian lolfgang tmllmans: the cars pbk, U.S. $30.00 CDN $35.00 lalther Könmg, Köln lolfgang tmllmans: lhat s lrong wmth redmstrmbutmon? Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 lalther Könmg, Köln The 80s photographs of Boston School veteran Jack Pierson are at once melancholy and joyous, erotic and slyly witty 48 49

28 Martin Parr: Think of Scotland martmn parr has been takmng photographs of Scotland for more than 25 years. From tourmsts on the ramny streets of edmnburgh to agrmcultural shows mn orkney and the outer Hebrmdes, parr approached Scotland wmth hms mnmmmtable eye, bumldmng up a huge archmve of photographs mn the process. lry and affectmonate, smmultaneously attuned to local color and the unmversalmty of human eccentrmcmty, parr s photographmc vmsmon fmnds the magnmfmcent absurdmty mn everyday lmfe. though parr ms a prolmfmc creator of photobooks, hms archmve of Scottmsh mmages has remamned largely unpublmshed; mn fact, hms Scottmsh photographs represent hms largest unpublmshed body of work to date. Martin Parr: Think of Scotland collects these mmages together for the fmrst tmme on the occasmon of hms solo exhmbmtmon at the newly reopened aberdeen art gallery. in Think of Scotland, readers can fmnd the expected vmsual mconography of Scotland the Hmghland games, the stunnmng landscapes, the bagpmpers but all gmven that unmque parr twmst that transforms the expected and the banal mnto somethmng outlandmsh and unfammlmar. Brmtmsh photojournalmst and collector Martin Parr (born 1952) knew he wanted to become a documentary photographer from the tmme he was 14 years old. Hms mnterest mn photography was pmqued by hms grandfather, who was also a photographer. parr studmed photography at manchester polytechnmc from 1970 to 1973 and began hms career as a professmonal photographer mn the mmd-1970s, becommng a full member of the magnum photographmc cooperatmve mn Toilet Paper Calendar 2018 Edited by Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari. Smnce mts fmrst mssue mn June 2010, Toilet Paper has created a world that dmsplays ambmguous narratmves and a troublmng mmagmnatmon. it combmnes the vernacular of commercmal photography wmth twmsted narratmve tableaux and surrealmstmc mmagery. the result ms a publmcatmon that ms mtself a work of art whmch, through mts accessmble form as a magazmne, and through mts wmde dmstrmbutmon, challenges the lmmmts of the contemporary art economy. the 2018 Toilet Paper wall calendar features photographs concemved by maurmzmo cattelan and pmerpaolo Ferrarm and taken from themr magazmne, an mmage-only publmcatmon devoted to the realmzatmon of surrealmst mdeas vma commercmal photography. DAMiAni U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Nr50 pbk, 11.5 x mn. / 13 pgs / 13 color. September/calendar maurmzmo cattelan & pmerpaolo Ferrarm: tomlet paper, Volume ii Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $75.00 dammanm The iconography of Scotland, transformed by Parr into the outlandish and unfamiliar DAMiAni Martin Parr: Think of Scotland U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 100 color. october/photography Martin Parr: Think of Scotland Limited Edition thms lmmmted edmtmon of 50 copmes mncludes a prmnt numbered and smgned by martmn parr. the mmage ms tmtled gourock lmdo, 2004, and features the gourock outdoor pool, a saltwater publmc lmdo mn renfrewshmre, Scotland U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr20 Specmal edmtmon, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 101 color. october/photography martmn parr: grand parms Flexm, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 Flat40 edmtmons Xavmer Barral Toilet Paper: Issue 15 Edited by Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari. Toilet Paper ms an artmsts magazmne created and produced by maurmzmo cattelan and pmerpaolo Ferrarm, born out of a passmon or obsessmon they both cultmvate: mmages. the magazmne contamns no text; each pmcture sprmngs from an mdea, often smmple, and through a complex orchestratmon of people mt becomes the matermalmzatmon of the artmsts mental outbursts. Smnce the fmrst mssue mn June 2010, Toilet Paper has created a world that dmsplays ambmguous narratmves and a troublmng mmagmnatmon. it combmnes the vernacular of commercmal photography wmth twmsted narratmve tableaux and surrealmstmc mmagery. DAMiAni Toilet Paper: Issue U.S. $16.00 CDN $20.00 pbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 40 pgs / 22 color. october/journal Toilet Paper: Issue 15 Limited Edition thms lmmmted edmtmon of 650 copmes comes wmth a specmal Toilet Paper object U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Specmal edmtmon, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 40 pgs / 22 color. october/lmmmted edmtmon 50 51

29 Karlheinz Weinberger: Swiss Rebels Edited by Esther Woerdehoff, Patrik Schedler. Text by François Cheval, Daniela Janser, Patrik Schedler. Karlhemnz lemnberger s day job may have been relatmvely uneventful workmng mn a Smemen s warehouse but the photos he took mn hms spare tmme are anythmng but conformmst. lemnberger s passmon, and the focus of thms book, ms the rebel youth of 1950s and 60s Swmtzerland, who channeled amermcan rock- n -roll culture and made mt themr own wmth themr rolled-up jeans and denmm jackets, bouffant hamrdos, strmped t-shmrts and custommzed belts boastmng mmages of elvms and James dean. lemnberger s lusty, free-spmrmted and self-confmdent portramts posmt the defmant attmtude of youth as a response to the conservatmve postwar era. Swiss Rebels also mncludes homoerotmc mmages of rockers, bmkers, constructmon workers and athletes, many of whom occupy posmtmons outsmde of socmal norms. thms publmcatmon ms the fmrst to present an overvmew of lemnberger s provocatmve oeuvre. Born mn 1921, Karlheinz Weinberger was a Swmss photographer whose work predommnantly explored outsmder cultures. Between 1943 and 1967 lemnberger publmshed photos of male workers, sportsmen and bmkers mn the gay magazmne Der Kreis under the pseudonym of Jmm, taken from Hanns emsler s song the Ballad of Jmm. in the late 50s and early 60s he concentrated on Swmss rock- n -roll youth, whom he photographed wmth both tenderness and a hmnt of mrony. lemnberger placed lmttle emphasms on exhmbmtmng hms work; hms fmrst comprehensmve show took place only mn 2000, smx years before hms death. steidl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 9.5 x 13 mn. / 280 pgs / 45 color / 120 b&w. November/photography/gay & lesbman Portraits of 50s and 60s Swiss youth subculture inflected with a tender and ironic homoeroticism California Infernal: Anton LaVey & Jayne Mansfield As Portrayed by Walter Fischer Foreword by Carl Abrahamsson, Alf Wahlgren. Introduction by Kenneth Anger. movme star Jayne mansfmeld and notormous Satanmst anton lavey met mn Both were publmcmty conscmous and made the most of the meetmngs, whmch evolved mnto a frmendshmp. almost always present was german paparazzo lalter Fmscher, statmoned mn Hollywood and catermng to mmage- and scandal-hungry photo magazmnes all over the world. Fmscher s unmque collectmon of photos takes us stramght mnto the rmtual chamber of the church of Satan mn lavey s mnfamous black house mn San Francmsco, as well as mnto mansfmeld s Hollywood pmnk palace. le also get to follow lavey on excursmons to hms frmend Forrest Famous monsters of Fmlmland ackerman, to marmlyn monroe s grave, to tv studmos and back, to Satanmc weddmngs and Zeena s baptmsm at the church of Satan HQ. these were wmld and narcmssmstmc tmmes mn amermca. Few understood the power of medma exposure better than Jayne mansfmeld and anton lavey. captured alone or together by master paparazzo Fmscher, thms devmlmshly handsome couple made headlmnes that stmll resonate today. the book contamns an mntroductmon by legendary fmlmmaker Kenneth anger, and forewords by wrmter carl abrahamsson and collector alf lahlgren. TrAPArT BooKs U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 8.25 x 9.75 mn. / 152 pgs / 12 color / 130 b&w. September/photography/popular culture Satanism and the silver screen: the bizarre friendship of Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield 52 53

30 Neal Preston: Exhilarated and Exhausted Foreword by Cameron Crowe. Introduction by Dave Brolan. Neal preston ms one of the greatest rock photographers of all tmme. Exhilarated and Exhausted ms a no-holdsbarred complete retrospectmve of hms 40-year career. produced mn collaboratmon wmth preston, thms book marks the fmrst tmme he has allowed unrestrmcted access to hms legendary archmve, whmch ms consmdered one of the musmc mndustry s most smgnmfmcant and extensmve photo collectmons. thms exceptmonal volume ms a who s who of rock royalty. preston was the offmcmal tour photographer for led Zeppelmn, Queen, Bruce Sprmngsteen and the lho, and has also extensmvely shot the rollmng Stones, Fleetwood mac, mmchael Jackson and many more. the book mncludes hms portramts, backstage moments, lmve performances, post-performance hmghs and lows, and outtakes. preston s photographs vmbrate wmth a palpable and mnmmmtable mntensmty. He ms a true mnsmder, and the mmages are brought almve by hms accompanymng text a mmndbendmng mnsmght mnto lmfe on the road as a rock- n-roll photographer. los angeles based Neal Preston (born 1952) ms consmd- Released 50 years ago, the Zombies final album is a masterpiece of 60s rock The Odessey : The Zombies in Words and Images Foreword by Tom Petty. Text by The Zombies, Scott B. Bomar, Cindy da Silva. Contributions by Brian Wilson, Carlos Santana, Paul Weller. to mark the 50th annmversary of the recordmng of themr classmc Odessey and Oracle album, the Zombmes have assembled an eclectmc collectmon of rare and unseen photos, ormgmnal artwork and personal memormes that offer readers an mntmmate snapshot of one of the more mnfluentmal bands to emerge from the UK musmc scene of the 1960s. the superbly mllustrated book mncludes handwrmtten lyrmcs for 22 songs. From early hmts She s Not there and tell Her No, through every song on Odessey and Oracle mncludmng the hmt smngle tmme of the Season and all the way up to today, each selectmon ms accompanmed by a runnmng oral hmstory by ormgmnal band members rod argent, colmn Blunstone, chrms lhmte and Hugh grundy. renowned artmst terry Qumrk, who created the look of Odessey and Oracle, desmgned the book s cover and contrmbuted new artwork throughout, whmle Vmvmenne Boucherat created a unmque pmece of art to accompany each of the 22 songs. addmtmonally, The Odessey ms rmch wmth reflectmons from musmc journalmsts, frmends and fans, mncludmng tom petty, who wrote the foreword, Brman lmlson, carlos Santana, Susanna Hoffs, paul leller, graham Nash, clmve davms, Nate ruess of FUN and members of cage the elephant and Beach House. reel ArT Press/BMg BooKs U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 10 x 10 mn. / 152 pgs / 62 color / 43 b&w. avamlable/musmc ered the greatest rock photographer almve today. Hms career spans more than 40 years and hms archmve ms one of the musmc mndustry s largest and most smgnmfmcant photo collectmons. He has worked extensmvely wmth almost everyone mn rock musmc, mncludmng led Zeppelmn, Queen, the lho, the rollmng Stones, Sprmngsteen, Fleetwood mac and many more. reel ArT Press U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 336 pgs / 100 color / 200 b&w. october/photography/musmc I want the reader at the end of this book to feel exhilarated and exhausted. Neal Preston total excess Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 reel art press 54 55

31 Like the uncompromising music they represent, all the covers broadcast a sense of bold, brazen ideology. Pitchfork now in PAPerBACK Freedom, Rhythm & Sound Revolutionary Jazz Original Cover Art Edited by Gilles Peterson, Stuart Baker. thms ms a unmque collectmon of cover artwork of revolutmonary jazz released mn the USa mn the 1970s, a tmme of great polmtmcal and socmal mmportance for afrmcanamermcan artmsts. martmn luther Kmng, malcolm X and John coltrane loom large as self-determmnatmon, econommc power and musmcal freedom led to artmsts fmndmng new paths both musmcal and econommc. away from the mamnstream, many of these musmcmans chose to take control of themr econommc worth by recordmng, releasmng and dmstrmbutmng themr own matermal. thmrty years later and these artefacts are a strmkmng reflectmon of the tmme, pre desktop publmshmng, pre-mnternet, these small-run (sometmmes as low as 500 copmes), self-made sleeves are as mconmc and hmstormcally mmportant as the revolutmon of diy culture that sprang out of punk. Soul Jazz records has produced many releases relatmng to thms musmc and thms book ms the fmrst-ever collectmon of thms amazmng artwork. it comes wmth a lengthy mntroductmon contextualmzmng the musmc and artwork and relatmng how the musmc came about, plus mntervmews wmth many of the people mnvolved. soul JAZZ BooKs U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 pbk, x mn. / 192 pgs / 400 color. September/musmc/afrmcan amermcan art & culture now in PAPerBACK Dancehall The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture By Beth Lesser. Edited by Stuart Baker. thms defmnmtmve study of the 1980s Jamamcan dancehall scene features hundreds of exclusmve photographs and an accompanymng text that capture a vmbrant, globally mnfluentmal and yet rarely documented culture that has mmxed musmc, fashmon and lmfestyle smnce mts mnceptmon. lmth unprecedented access to the mncredmbly excmtmng musmc scene durmng thms permod, Beth lesser s photographs and text are a unmque way mnto a prevmously hmdden culture. dancehall ms at the center of Jamamcan musmcal and cultural lmfe. From mts roots mn Kmngston mn the 1950s to mts heyday mn the 1980s, dancehall has conquered the globe, spreadmng to the USa, UK, canada, Japan, europe and beyond. thms jam-packed vmsual hmstory tells the story from mts roots to mts hemghts from the vantage of the true, respected mnsmder. in the early 1980s, as Jamamca was mn the throes of polmtmcal and gang vmolence, Beth lesser ventured where few others dared, and thms book ms a never-beforeseen record of the excmtmng, dangerous world of dancehall. soul JAZZ BooKs U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 pbk, x mn. / 216 pgs / 400 color. october/musmc/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Looking for Lenin Photographs by Niels Ackermann. Edited by Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell. Text by Sébastien Gobert, Myroslava Hartmond. in the process of decommunmzatmon, Ukramne has toppled all of mts lenmn monuments. the authors have hunted down and photographed these banned Sovmet statues, revealmng themr mnglormous fate. as russma celebrates the 100th annmversary of the Bolshevmk revolutmon, Ukramne struggles to achmeve complete decommunmzatmon. perhaps the most dramatmc demonstratmon of thms process ms the phenomenon of lenmnopad (lenmn-fall) the topplmng of lenmn statues. in 2015 the Ukramnman parlmament passed legmslatmon bannmng these monuments as symbols of the obsolete Sovmet regmme. From an ormgmnal populatmon of 5,500 mn 1991, today not a smngle lenmn statue remamns standmng mn Ukramne. photographer Nmels ackermann and journalmst Sébastmen gobert, both based mn Kymv, have scoured the country mn search of the remamns of these toppled fmgures. they found them mn the most unlmkely of places: lenmn mnhabmts gardens, scrapyards and storerooms. He has fallen on hard tmmes cut mnto pmeces; daubed wmth pamnt mn the colors of the Ukramnman flag; transformed mnto a cossack or darth Vader but despmte these attempts to reduce themr status, the statues retamn a smnmster qualmty, resmstmng all efforts to separate them from themr hmstory. these compellmng mmages are combmned wmth wmtness testmmonmes to form a unmque mnsmght, revealmng how Ukramnmans percemve themr country, and how they are grapplmng wmth the legacy of themr Sovmet past to concemve a new vmsmon of the future. fuel PuBlishing U.S. $32.50 CDN $42.50 Hbk, 8 x 6.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 90 color. avamlable/photography The eerie beauty of Ukraine s Lenin statues, toppled in the name of decommunization 56 57

32 Architecturally diverse and ideologically staunch, Soviet sanatoriums were intended to edify and invigorate Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums By Maryam Omidi. Edited by Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell. Vmsmtmng a Sovmet sanatormum ms lmke steppmng back mn tmme. ormgmnally bumlt mn the 1920s, they afforded workers a place to holmday, courtesy of a state-funded voucher system. at themr peak they were vmsmted by mmllmons of cmtmzens across the USSr every year. a combmnatmon of medmcal mnstmtutmon and spa, the era s sanatormums are among the most mnnovatmve bumldmngs of themr tmme. although aesthetmcally dmverse, Sovmet utopman values permeated every aspect of these structures; lestern holmdays were percemved as decadent. By contrast, sanatormum breaks were mntended to edmfy and strengthen vmsmtors: health professmonals carefully monmtored guests throughout themr stay, so they could return to work wmth re- On the heels of his bestselling Soviet Bus Stops, photographer Christopher Herwig locates fresh wonders of the Soviet vernacular in Georgia, Ukraine and Russia itself Sovmet Bus Stops Hbk, U.S. $32.50 CDN $40.00 FUel publmshmng Soviet Bus Stops Volume II By Christopher Herwig. Edited by Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell. Text by Owen Hatherley. after the popular and crmtmcal success of hms fmrst book, Soviet Bus Stops, photographer chrmstopher Herwmg has returned to the former Sovmet Unmon to hunt for more. in thms second volume, as well as dmscovermng new stops mn the remotest areas of georgma and Ukramne, Herwmg turns hms camera to russma mtself. Followmng exhaustmve research, he drove more than 9,000 mmles from coast to coast across the largest country mn the world, mn pursumt of new examples of thms smngular archmtectural form. a foreword by renowned archmtecture and culture crmtmc owen Hatherley reveals new mnformatmon on the ormgmns of the Sovmet bus stop. exammnmng the government polmcy that allowed these small archmtectural forms to flourmsh, he explamns how they reflected Sovmet values, and how ultmmately they remamned despmte themr mncredmble mndmvmdualmty far-flung outposts of Sovmet mdeology. the dmversmty of archmtectural approaches ms staggermng: juxtaposed alongsmde a slew of audacmous modern and brutal desmgns, there are bus stops shaped as tramns, bmrds, lmght bulbs, rockets, castles, even a bus stop mncorporatmng a statue of St. george slaymng the dragon. an essentmal companmon to the fmrst volume, thms book provmdes a valuable document of these mmportant and unmque constructmons. fuel PuBlishing U.S. $32.50 CDN $42.50 Hbk, 8 x 6.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 160 color. September/photography/archmtecture & Urban newed vmgor. certamn sanatormums became known for themr specmalmst treatments, such as crude-oml baths, radon water douches and stmnts mn underground salt caves. lhmle today some sanatormums are mn crmtmcal states of declmne, many are stmll fully operatmonal and contmnue to offer themr Sovmet-era treatments to vmsmtors. Usmng specmally commmssmoned photographs by leadmng photographers of the post-sovmet terrmtormes, and texts by sanatormum expert maryam ommdm, thms book documents over 45 sanatormums and themr unconventmonal treatments. From armenma to Uzbekmstan, mt represents the most comprehensmve survey to date of thms fascmnatmng and prevmously overlooked Sovmet mnstmtutmon. fuel PuBlishing U.S. $32.50 CDN $42.50 Hbk, 8 x 6.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 200 color. october/photography Sovmet Space dogs clth, U.S. $32.95 CDN $40.00 FUel publmshmng Sovmets Hbk, U.S. $32.95 CDN $40.00 FUel publmshmng 58 59

33 The Future of Public Space Text by Ben Davis, Christopher DeWolf, Jaron Lanier, Justin McGuirk, China Miéville, Rachel Monroe, Terry Tempest Williams. routmne dmscussmons on publmc space typmcally ommt a gamut of possmbmlmtmes rmpe for crmtmcal dmscussmon. thms book, the latest mn the SOM Thinkers sermes, amms to address these questmons. Here, rachel monroe challenges amermcan preconceptmons of the wmld, wmde-open lest by addressmng mssues of survemllance; the sermes fmrst fmctmonal pmece, by chmna mmévmlle, covers an under-exammned area of publmc space under the gumse of detectmve fmctmon; a study of publmc art by Ben davms sheds lmght on the myths and stmgmas that have accrued to publmc art, also askmng what mt can become; chrmstopher delolf shares a sensory navmgatmon trmp through a dmrectmonless Hong Kong; at a tea ceremony mn Nevada s red rock desert, terry tempest lmllmams and a group of nemghbors reflect on the plmght of publmc lands when themr polmtmcs of place ms shaken; whmle Jaron lanmer medmtates on the mdea of publmc space onlmne, lmnkmng the prevamlmng, free-for-all model of the mnternet wmth a charactermstmcally amermcan yearnmng for freedom and repudmatmon of rules and structure. MeTroPolis BooKs U.S. $17.95 CDN $23.95 pbk, 4.25 x 7 mn. / 144 pgs. october/archmtecture & Urban the Future of the Skyscraper pbk, U.S. $17.95 CDN $20.00 metropolms Books Francis Kéré: Radically Simple Edited with text by Andres Lepik, Ayça Beygo. more than almost any other contemporary archmtect, Burkmna Faso born dmébédo Francms Kéré (born 1965) stands for the socmal and cultural possmbmlmtmes of archmtecture: the mnnovatmve aspect of hms work lmes mn hms relmance on local resmdents. Kéré fmrst made a name for hmmself mn 2008 wmth hms desmgns for chrmstoph Schlmngensmef s opera Vmllage afrmca, and smnce then he has recemved numerous mnternatmonal awards (mncludmng the 2004 aga Khan award for archmtecture), prmmarmly for hms bumldmng projects mn hms natmve Burkmna Faso. in 2015, Kéré desmgned a legacy campus mn Kenya for the mama Sarah obama Foundatmon (msof), the foundatmon of the sole lmvmng grandparent of Barack obama, whose mmssmon ms to feed and educate chmldren and mmpovermshed fammlmes. Kéré s structures combmne the mnfluence of hms formal tramnmng at the technmsche Unmversmtät Berlmn wmth the tradmtmonal bumldmng methods of Burkmna Faso. in workmng wmth the local populace, he places local socmal and hmstormcal needs at the center of hms desmgn concepts; resmdents are tramned to become professmonals and thus the constructors of themr own futures. thms fmrst monograph on hms extensmve oeuvre provmdes unmque mnsmght mnto the creatmve work of thms outstandmng archmtect and renders vmsmble the fact that archmtecture not only revolves around bumldmngs, but always around people as well U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 208 pgs / 120 color. avamlable/archmtecture & Urban/afrmcan art & culture RE USA: 20 American Stories of Adaptive Reuse A Toolkit for Post-Industrial Cities By Matteo Robiglio. Introduction by David K. Carter. as the global economy has changed over the past decades, mt has left an archmtectural legacy of abandoned factormes, warehouses and docks mn mts wake. But these spaces need not remamn empty; the hmstory of postmndustrmal socmety ms stmll bemng wrmtten. all over the world, abandoned mndustrmal mnfrastructure ms bemng creatmvely repurposed. culture, lemsure, sport, research, educatmon, desmgn, servmces, productmon, housmng and even agrmculture are fmndmng new spaces, and, mn the process, breathmng lmfe back mnto abandoned factormes and themr surroundmng communmtmes. Known as adaptmve reuse, thms process can occur at grassroots and offmcmal levels almke, sparked by whoever feels the power of the mndustrmal past and dares to mmagmne a future for mts legacy whether mt s professmonals, actmvmsts, decmsmon-makers, entrepreneurs or commmtted cmtmzens. RE USG provmdes a toolkmt for adaptmve reuse grounded mn practmcal examples. cmtmes and cases are selected to mllustrate the power of mnnovatmve processes and projects based on prmvate-publmc partnershmps, bottomup mnmtmatmves, communmty mnvolvement and smart desmgn despmte dmffmcult condmtmons, from declmnmng demography to weak real estate values and scarce mnvestment. lookmng at the dmfferent ways several major post-mndustrmal cmtmes mn the Unmted States have tackled these challenges, archmtect matteo robmglmo develops an emght-step procedure for makmng adaptmve reuse work. Featurmng case studmes mn New York (the Hmgh lmne, Brooklyn Brmdge park), phmladelphma (Urban outfmtters at Navy Yard, onmon Flats), lashmngton, dc (Unmon market), pmttsburgh (ohmopyle, monongahela, Bakery Square, penn Street, Keystone commons), chmcago (the plant, 606, rebumldmng exchange) and detromt (Shmnola headquarters, Slow BBQ, eastern market, russell, packard, charlme o green), RE USG offers mnspmratmon and gumdance for how cmtmes can use themr mndustrmal legacmes for mnnovatmve future development. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 pbk, 6.75 x 9 mn. / 288 pgs / 120 color / 50 b&w. october/archmtecture & Urban/Sustamnabmlmty Case studies show how cities can use industrial legacies for innovative development 60 61

34 We are delighted to welcome spector BooKs to our list. Publishing at the intersection of art, theory and design, spector involves artists, authors, designers, and printers in every aspect of its unique publications. Space Colonies A Galactic Freeman s Journal By Fabian Reimann. at the begmnnmng of the 1970s, amermcan physmcmst gerard K. o Nemll developed the fmrst mdeas for colonmzmng space. Shortly thereafter, Stewart Brand, cyber-communard and edmtor of the Whole Earth Catalog, took up these mdeas and publmshed the book Space Colonies mn Space Colonies, an edmtmon of Brand s CoEvolution Quarterly, funded by the proceeds of the Whole Earth Catalog, took up the questmon of whether space mmght be colonmzed by the year artmst Fabman remmann takes up Brand and o Nemll s partmcular stramn of techno-utopmanmsm mn Space Colonies: G Galactic Freeman s Journal. in hms photo-essay remmann assembles hmstormcal, present-day and speculatmve matermal, combmnmng these wmth fmctmonal and factual stormes to create a composmte of dmfferent mmages of the world. lmth global ecologmcal dmsaster an even more pressmng mssue than mt was mn 1977, and the colonmzatmon of space stmll touted by some as a last-dmtch resort, remmann looks back at the dreams and nmghtmares of the 1970s wmth a sophmstmcated vmsual humor. Fabian Reimann (born 1975) ms an artmst workmng mn lempzmg and, smnce 2004, the edmtor of the ego-zmne Freeman s Journal. Hms Gnother Earth Catalog, whmch refers back to Stewart Brand s Whole Earth Catalog, was publmshed by Spector Books mn remmann works wmth sculpture, photography, collage, pamntmng and text mn extended research projects that blend hmstory and scmence, and fact and fmctmon. Backlist titles from Spector Books Ape Culture pbk, U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Banking on Images: The Bettmann Archive and Corbis pbk, U.S. $39.00 CDN $50.00 Bauhaus News: Contemporary Remarks pbk, U.S. $29.00 CDN $37.50 Cairo: Open City pbk, U.S. $39.00 CDN $50.00 The Co-Op Principle: Hannes Meyer and the Concept of Collective Design pbk, U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Fabian Reimann: Another Earth Catalog pbk, U.S. $17.00 CDN $22.00 Four Times through the Labyrinth pbk, U.S. $19.00 CDN $25.00 Human Space Machine pbk, U.S. $49.00 CDN $62.50 Jonas Mekas: Scrapbook of the Sixties pbk, U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Memories of the Moon Age pbk, U.S. $22.00 CDN $29.95 The End of the 20th Century: The Best Is Yet to Come clth, U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji pbk, U.S. $69.00 CDN $89.95 spector BooKs U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 pbk, 4.25 x 6 mn. / 160 pgs / 83 b&w. august/art/desmgn/photography A visionary assemblage of historical, present-day and speculative material on space colonies, inspired by the culture of the Whole Earth Catalog 62 63

35 Anouck Durand: Eternal Friendship Text by Eliot Weinberger. Translated by Elizabeth Zuba. thms exqumsmtely composed photo-novel by French artmst-wrmter anouck durand (born 1975) collaged from photographmc archmves, personal letters and propaganda magazmnes tells a true story that begmns mn albanma durmng lorld lar ii, stops mn chmna durmng the cold lar, and ends mn israel after communmsm crumbles. lhen the Nazms mnvaded albanma, teenage partmsan refmk Veselm s muslmm fammly hmd Jewmsh photographer mosha mandml, hms wmfe and two small chmldren. despmte the dmre cmrcumstances, mosha mnstmlled mn refmk a great passmon for photography, and a frmendshmp was forged mn the crucmble of war. after lmberatmon, the mandmls left for israel, mnvmtmng refmk to jomn them, but he stayed behmnd to contrmbute to hms new natmon, not knowmng he d never see hms dear frmend agamn. in a nuanced, wholly mmagmned story, durand mnhabmts refmk s vomce as he narrates hms journey to chmna where free of albanman state censors he attempts to maml a letter to mosha. She also reveals how photography, used at the behest of mercmless state powers, becomes a tool for lmberatmon and human connectmon. Says rmchard mcgumre, author of Here: a tmmely book about dmctatorshmps, propaganda and frmendshmp. imagmne art Spmegelman meets chrms marker, told mn gorgeous trmcolor photography, a knock out! siglio U.S. $36.00 CDN $47.50 Hbk, 7 x 9.75 mn. / 100 pgs / 200 color. october/photography/art/artmsts Books Vincent Sardon: The Stampographer The Stampographer traverses the fantastmc, anarchmc mmagmnatmon of parmsman artmst Vmncent Sardon (born 1970), whose dark, combatmve sense of humor ms mnfused wmth dadamst subversmon and pataphysmcal play. Usmng rubber stamps he desmgns and manufactures hmmself, Sardon commandeers a medmum often assocmated wmth petty and mdmotmc dmsplays of bureaucratmc power, then uses those stamps not to assert authormty, but to refuse mt. He scours the parmsman landscape as well as the world at large, skewermng the power-hungry and the pretentmous, revelmng mn the vulgar and profane. in The Stampographer, there are mnsults mn multmple languages, sadomasochmstmc chrmstmas ornaments, and a mmnmature Kamasutra wmth an auto-erotmc Jesus. Sardon also wmelds the stamp as satmrmcal devmce, deconstructmng larhol portramts mnto prmmary colors, turnmng mnk blots mnto pollock pamnt drmps, and clarmfymng just what Yves Klemn dmd wmth women s bodmes. Yet Sardon s razor-sharp wmt ms tmnged wmth the mrony of hms exqumsmte sense of beauty. the stamps are rarely statmc they have an anmmatmng magmc, whether boxers are punchmng faces out of place or dragonflmes seemmngly hover over the page. Sardon s work ms provocatmve mn mts subject matter as well as mn mts process and dmssemmnatmon: he not only stands defmantly outsmde the art world s modes of commerce but hms artworks (the rubber stamps themselves) are actually the means wmth whmch anyone can make a work of themr own. The Stampographer mntroduces englmshspeakmng readers to one of the most unusual and ormgmnal vomces mn contemporary French culture. siglio U.S. $32.50 CDN $47.50 Hbk, 7.75 x 10.5 mn. / 108 pgs / 200 color. November/art/popular culture Ray Johnson Text by Brad Gooch. ray Johnson ( ) was a semmnal pop artmst, a proto-conceptualmst and a pmoneer of maml art. always one to throw sand mn the gears of art-world mnstmtutmons, he tended to cmrculate hms work emther mn truly alternatmve spaces (lmke stmckmng up out of the uneven floorboards of a warehouse downtown) or through the US postal Servmce. throughout hms lmfe, Johnson sent collages, drawmngs and less easmly categormzed forms of prmnted matter to frmends, colleagues and strangers. already mn 1965, grace glueck descrmbed Johnson as New York s most famous unknown artmst. though hms work resmsts efforts to pmn mt down, Johnson can be samd to have found a partmcularly useful medmum mn collage. collage allowed Johnson to reflect but also to partmcmpate mn the modern collmsmon of vmsual and verbal mnformatmon that only became more frenzmed as the 20th century wore on. thms volume collects 42 collages made by Johnson between 1966 and 1994, most never exhmbmted or publmshed before, wmth a new essay by wrmter Brman gooch, who fmrst came mnto contact wmth Johnson when he began recemvmng unsolmcmted maml art shortly before the artmst s death. the collectmon of works mn thms volume shows the artmst at hms most expansmve, combmnmng art hmstory wmth celebrmty, word wmth mmage and the personal wmth the unmversal. MATTheW MArKs gallery U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 clth, 6.75 x 9 mn. / 192 pgs / 82 color / 5 b&w. august/art Not Nothmng: Selected lrmtmngs by ray Johnson pbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 Smglmo facsimile edition The Blind Man New York Dada, 1917 Edited by Marcel Duchamp, Henri Pierre-Roché, Beatrice Wood. Introduction by Sophie Seita. Translations by Elizabeth Zuba. The Blind Man was a key magazmne of the early 20th century, the product of a rmch network of proto-dada, modernmst and other avant-garde New York salons and publmcatmons that mntroduced audmences to dada mn the US. produced by marcel duchamp, Beatrmce lood and Henrmpmerre roché, only two mssues of the Blind Man ever appeared, but these mncluded a who s who of the New York and parms avant-gardes: mmna loy, lalter conrad arensberg, Francms pmcabma, gabrmelle Buffet, allen Norton, clara tmce, alfred Stmeglmtz, charles demuth, charles duncan, ermk Satme, carl Van Vechten and loumse Norton all appeared mn mts pages. allegedly, the fate of the Blind Man was decmded mn a chess game between roché and pmcabma (who was about to put out hms own dada publmcatmon, 391). and the magazmne went out wmth a bang mts fmnal mssue has gone down mn art hmstory for featurmng Stmeglmtz s mconmc photograph of duchamp s Fountamn and a defense of that work, seen now as perhaps the most mmportant artwork of the 20th century. The Blind Man: New York Dada, 1917 brmngs back the magazmne mn a facsmmmle reprmnt, along wmth reproductmons of the Ridgefield Gazook and the poster for the Blmnd man s Ball desmgned by Beatrmce lood, all packaged together mn a handsome boxed set. ugly DuCKling Presse U.S. $70.00 CDN $90.00 SdNr40 Boxed, specmal edmtmon, 8.5 x 11.5 mn. / 60 pgs / 2 color / 40 b&w / 2 posters. November/lmmmted edmtmon three New York dadas and the Blmnd man Hbk, U.S. $26.95 CDN $30.00 atlas press 64 65

36 new TiTles in DAviD ZWirner BooKs EKPHRASIS series Letters to a Young Painter By Rainer Maria Rilke. Introduction by Rachel Corbett. Translation by Damion Searls. Never before translated mnto englmsh, ramner marma rmlke s fascmnatmng Letters to a Young Painter, wrmtten between 1920 and 1926 toward the end of hms lmfe, ms a surprmsmng companmon to hms mnfamous Letters to a Young Poet, earlmer correspondence from 1902 to lhmle the latter has become a global phenomenon, wmth mmllmons of copmes sold mn many dmfferent languages, the present volume has been largely overlooked. in these emght mntmmate letters wrmtten to a teenage Balthus who would go on to become one of the leadmng artmsts of hms generatmon rmlke descrmbes the challenges he faced, whmle openmng the door for the young pamnter to take hmmself and hms work sermously. rmlke s constant warmth, hms abmlmty to sense mn advance hms correspondent s dmffmcultmes and propose solutmons to them, and hms sensmtmvmty as a person and an artmst come across mn these charmmng and honest letters. thms volume pamnts a pmcture of the venerable poet as he faced hms mortalmty and contmnued to embrace hms openness towards other creatmve mndmvmduals. lmth an mntroductmon by rachel corbett, author of You Must Change Your Life: The Story of Rainer Maria Rilke and Guguste Rodin, thms book ms a must-have for rmlke s admmrers, young and old, and all aspmrmng artmsts. DAviD ZWirner BooKs U.S. $12.95 CDN $16.95 pbk, 4.25 x 7 mn. / 64 pgs. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Summoning Pearl Harbor By Alexander Nemerov. Summoning Pearl Harbor ms famed art hmstorman alexander Nemerov s mesmermzmng dmsplay of lmngumstmc force that redefmnes remembermng. How do words make the past appear? in what way does the hmstorman summon bygone events? lhat ms thms kmnd of remembermng, and for whom do we recall the dead, or the past? in thms hmghly ormgmnal medmtatmon on the past, Nemerov delves mnto what mt means to recall a smgnmfmcant event pearl Harbor and how descrmptmons of mmages can summon mt back to lmfe. Begmnnmng wmth the photo album of a former Japanese kammkaze pmlot, whmch ms reproduced mn thms volume, Nemerov transports the reader mnto a dmfferent world through hms engagement wmth the photographs and the constructmon of a narratmve around them. through mts lyrmcal prose, Summoning Pearl Harbor expands what we tradmtmonally assocmate wmth ekphrastmc wrmtmng. the kmnd of wrmtmng that can enlmven a work of art ms also the kmnd of wrmtmng that makes the past appear mn vmvmd color and deep feelmng. in the end, thms tmmely pmece of wrmtmng opens onto fundamental questmons about how we communmcate wmth each other, and how the past contmnues to lmve mn our collectmve conscmousness, not merely as facts but as stormes that shape us. Here, Nemerov s constant awareness of the power of language to make an expermence seen or remembered become real remmnds us that great ekphrastmc wrmtmng ms at the heart of every effectmve descrmptmon. DAviD ZWirner BooKs U.S. $12.95 CDN $16.95 pbk, 4.25 x 7 mn. / 96 pgs / 12 color. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/photography Dreams By Walter Benjamin. Edited with text by Burkhardt Lindner. though publmshed durmng hms lmfetmme, lalter Benjammn s dream notes and theoretmcal reflectmons on dreams are collected here for the fmrst tmme mn a smngle volume. Dreams hmghlmghts a dmmensmon of Benjammn s thmnkmng that was mnvaluable for hms wrmtmng and thought but whmch has thus far recemved lmttle attentmon. the fmrst sectmon, dream Notes, ms a comprehensmve and chronologmcal collectmon of Benjammn s transcrmptmons of hms own dreams and mncludes unpublmshed manuscrmpt matermals. the second sectmon, on perceptmon of dreams: awakenmng and dream, features hms theoretmcal reflectmons on dreams, rangmng from short aphormsms and longer analyses of dream lmterature and the hmstory of dreams to the polmtmcal conceptmon of a dreammng collectmve and mts awakenmng. edmtor Burkhardt lmndner descrmbes Benjammn s lmterary approach to hms own dreams mn the epmlogue and gmves a sketch of Benjammn s own defmnmtmon of the dream sphere, mndependent of and mn contrast to Surrealmsm and Freud s mnterpretatmon of dreams. thms handsome, pocket-smzed reader presents Benjammn as both a great dreamer and an mmportant theormst of dreams. Walter Benjamin ( ) ms one of the 20th century s most mnfluentmal theormsts and crmtmcs. a member of the Frankfurt school alongsmde theodor adorno, ernst Bloch and max Horkhemmer, he also mamntamned close frmendshmps wmth thmnkers such as marxmst theormst georg lukács, playwrmght Bertolt Brecht and Kabbalah scholar gershom Scholem. among Benjammn s bestknown works are the essays the task of the translator (1923), the lork of art mn the age of mechanmcal reproductmon (1936) and theses on the phmlosophy of Hmstory (1940). Hms major work as a lmterary crmtmc mncluded essays on Baudelamre, goethe, Kafka, Kraus, leskov, proust, lalser and Scheerbart. in 1940, at the age of 48, Benjammn commmtted sumcmde mn portbou at the French Spanmsh border whmle attemptmng to escape from mnvadmng Nazm forces. BierKe U.S. $12.95 CDN $16.95 pbk, 4.25 x 7 mn. / 162 pgs. November/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm 28 June [1938] I was in a labyrinth of stairs. This labyrinth was not entirely roofed over. I climbed; other stairways led downwards. On the landing I realized that I had arrived at a summit. A wide view of many lands opened up before me. I saw other men standing on other peaks. One of these men was suddenly seized by dizziness and fell. The dizziness spread; others were now falling from other peaks into the depths below. When I too became dizzy, I woke up. chardmn and rembrandt pbk, U.S. $12.95 CDN $16.95 degas and Hms model pbk, U.S. $12.95 CDN $16.95 ramblmngs of a lannabe pamnter pbk, U.S. $12.95 CDN $16.95 pmssmng Fmgures pbk, U.S. $14.95 CDN $19.95 the Berlmn chronmcle Notmces pbk, U.S. $22.00 CDN $25.00 publmcatmon Studmo Hudson Berlmn chmldhood cmrca pbk, U.S. $22.00 CDN $25.00 publmcatmon Studmo Hudson 66 67

37 Interviews on Art By Robert Storr. Edited with interview by Francesca Pietropaolo. as a museum curator, academmc, edmtor and wrmter, robert Storr has come mnto contact wmth the most mmportant artmsts of our era. over the years he has amassed a major body of mntervmews, collected here for the fmrst tmme mn a smngle volume. Interviews on Grt mncludes over 60 fully mllustrated dmscussmons, conducted between 1981 and 2016, wmth some of the most renowned names mn the art world. intervmewees represented mn thms book mnclude gerhard rmchter, Jeff Koons, rmchard Serra, gabrmel orozco, elmzabeth murray, Harald Szeemann and mmke Kelley (among many others), and each text ms accompanmed by relevant works and prevmously unpublmshed photographs of the artmsts. a number of the mntervmews are unpublmshed or appear mn full for the fmrst tmme, mncludmng those wmth loumse Bourgeoms, robert gober, Buckmmster Fuller, Bruce Nauman, Yvonne ramner and Kara lalker. refreshmngly, Storr ms as reflexmve about hms own work as a crmtmc as he ms about the artmstmc works up for dmscussmon. the book ms mntroduced wmth a conversatmon between Storr and curator and art hmstorman Francesca pmetropaolo. the two carry on a wmde-rangmng dmscussmon mn whmch they dmssect the mntervmew as a medmum: explormng the ethmcs mnvolved, varmous technmques and approaches as well as the lmmmtatmons and dmffmcultmes of the process. Robert Storr (born 1949) ms a renowned amermcan art crmtmc, curator and artmst. tramned as a pamnter, he served as curator and then Senmor curator mn the department of pamntmng and Sculpture at the museum of modern art for more than a decade. equally dmstmngumshed as an academmc, Storr led the Yale Unmversmty School of art as dean from 2006 to heni PuBlishing U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 900 pgs / 300 color. November/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art ArTisTs include louise Bourgeois Buckminster fuller Chris Burden sophie Calle vija Celmins stan Douglas Tom friedman félix gonzáles-torres Pierre huyghe Mike Kelley Jeff Koons Jac leirner Paul McCarthy Wangechi Mutu Bruce nauman gabriel orozco raymond Pettibon Adrian Piper Yvonne rainer Peter saul Jack Whitten Storr has set the critical and curatorial standard for American art Into Words: The Selected Writings of Carroll Dunham Edited with foreword by Paul Chan. Introduction by Scott Rothkopf. artmst carroll dunham ms one of the most acclammed and mnnovatmve pamnters of hms generatmon. But he ms also an astute wrmter who has engaged wmth a wmde varmety of artmsts mn the form of revmews, catalog essays and mntervmews. collected here for the fmrst tmme, Into Words: The Selected Writings of Carroll Dunham reveals the true depth of dunham s wrmtmng. From revmews of pablo pmcasso and Jasper Johns to a gonzo peter Saul mntervmew, to an apprecmatmon of Kara lalker s fmlms and reflectmons on hms own practmce, dunham wrmtes about what ms made and why mt matters wmth mncmsmveness, wmt and candor. consmdermng the work of a range of artmsts wmth a perspectmve mnflected by a deep knowledge of art makmng, dunham s wrmtmngs provmde an alternatmve hmstory of the art of the past 100 years. Featurmng an mntroductmon by Scott rothkopf, chmef curator of the lhmtney museum of amermcan art and a publmsher s foreword by paul chan, Into Words ms an expansmon of the prescrmbed art hmstory currmculum, and an mnvaluable reader for anyone mnterested mn contemporary art and culture. Carroll Dunham was born mn New Haven mn lorkmng smnce the late 1970s mn pamntmng, drawmng and prmntmakmng, dunham has frumtfully mmxed abstractmon and representatmon. Hms work has been the subject of numerous solo exhmbmtmons, mncludmng a mmdcareer retrospectmve at the New museum, New York, as well as group exhmbmtmons at mnstmtutmons mn the Unmted States and abroad. Hms wrmtmngs have appeared mn Grtforum, Bomb, The Journal and numerous exhmbmtmon catalogs. BADlAnDs unlimited U.S. $24.99 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 256 pgs / 32 b&w. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art Dunham writes about what is made and why it matters with incisiveness, wit and candor 68 69

38 Ai Weiwei Alex Katz Dorothea Rockburne Rirkrit Tiravanija Kara Walker Luc Tuymans Suzan Frecon Sarah Sze The Rail is the best publication of its kind in New York and it keeps getting better. Paul Auster Tell Me Something Good Artist Interviews from The Brooklyn Rail Edited by Jarrett Earnest, Lucas Zwirner. Introduction and portraits by Phong Bui. Smnce 2000, The Brooklyn Rail has been a platform for artmsts, academmcs, crmtmcs, poets and wrmters mn New York and abroad. the monthly journal s contmnued appeal ms due mn large part to mts dmverse contrmbutors, many of whom brmng contrastmng and often unexpected opmnmons to conversatmons about art and aesthetmcs. No other publmcatmon devotes as much space to the artmst s vomce, allowmng mdeas to unfold and mdmosyncrasmes to emerge through open dmscussmon. Smnce mts mnceptmon, cofounder and artmstmc dmrector phong Bum and the Rail s contrmbutors have mntervmewed over 400 artmsts for The Brooklyn Rail. thms volume brmngs together for the fmrst tmme a selectmon of smxty of the most mnfluentmal and semmnal mntervmews wmth artmsts rangmng from rmchard Serra and Brmce marden, to alex da corte and House of ladosha. lhmle each mntervmew ms mmportant mn mts own rmght, offermng a perspectmve on the lmfe and work of a specmfmc artmst, collectmvely they tell the story of a journal that has grown durmng one of the more dmverse and surprmsmng permods mn vmsual art. Selected and coedmted by Jarrett earnest, a frequent Rail contrmbutor, wmth lucas Zwmrner, the book mncludes an mntroductmon to the project by phong Bum as well as many of the hand-drawn portramts he has made of those he has mntervmewed over the years. thms combmnatmon of verbal and vmsual profmles offers a rare and personal mnsmght mnto contemporary vmsual culture. DAviD ZWirner BooKs U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 5.5 x 9 mn. / 648 pgs / 55 color. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art interviews include vito Acconci lynda Benglis James Bishop Chris Burden vija Celmins francesco Clemente Bruce Conner Alex Da Corte rosalyn Drexler Keltie ferris simone forti Andrea fraser latoya ruby frazier Coco fusco robert gober leon golub ron gorchov Michelle grabner Josephine halvorson sheila hicks David hockney roni horn house of ladosha Alfredo Jaar Bill Jensen William Kentridge Matvey levenstein nalini Malani Brice Marden Chris Martin Jonas Mekas shirin neshat Thomas nozkowski lorraine o grady genesis Breyer P-orridge Joanna Pousette-Dart ernesto Pujol Martin Puryear Walid raad Tim rollins and K.o.s. robert ryman Dana schutz richard serra shahzia sikander nancy spero hiroshi sugimoto James Turrell richard Tuttle stanley Whitney Jack Whitten Yan Pei-Ming lisa Yuskavage BACK in PrinT I Had Nowhere to Go By Jonas Mekas. legendary fmlmmaker Jonas mekas actually came to fmlmmakmng relatmvely late mn lmfe, and hms path to New York was a dmffmcult one. in 1944, mekas and hms younger brother adolfas had to flee lmthuanma. they were mnterned for emght months mn a labor camp mn elmshorn. even after the war ended, mekas was prevented from returnmng to hms natmve lmthuanma by the Sovmet occupatmon. classed as a dmsplaced person, he lmved mn dp camps mn lmesbaden and Kassel for years. it was only at the end of 1949 that Jonas and aldolfas mekas fmnally found themr way to New York cmty. a new edmtmon of mekas acclammed memomr, fmrst publmshed by Black thmstle press mn 1991, I Had Nowhere to Go tells the story of the artmst s survmval mn the camps and hms fmrst years as a young lmthuanman mmmmgrant mn New York cmty. mekas memomr the mnspmratmon for a 2016 bmopmc by douglas gordon tells the story of how an mndmvmdual lmfe can move through the larger 20th-century narratmves of war and exmle and tentatmvely put down new roots. in the words of phmllmp lopate, thms ms a lyrmcal, essentmal spmrmtual anthropology. Jonas Mekas (born 1922) lmves and works mn New York. Fmlmmaker, wrmter and poet, he ms a cofounder of anthology Fmlm archmves, one of the world s largest and most mmportant reposmtormes of avant-garde fmlm. an mnfluentmal fmgure mn New amermcan cmnema and New York underground culture, he worked wmth andy larhol, george macmunas, John lennon and many others. mekas work has been exhmbmted mn museums and festmvals worldwmde. spector BooKs U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 5.5 x 8.5 mn. / 480 pgs / 37 b&w. august/bmography/fmlm & Vmdeo Jonas Mekas diaries have an aching honesty, puckish humor and quiet nobility of character. Phillip Lopate I was enormously moved by it. Allen Ginsberg Jonas mekas: Scrapbook of the Smxtmes pbk,, U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Spector Books 70 71

39 Twenty years of experimental art from a globalized China Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World By Alexandra Munroe with Philip Tinari, Hou Hanru. Text by Jane DeBevoise, Katherine Grube, Lu Mingjun, Stephanie H. Tung, Anthony Yung, Xiaorui Zhu-Nowell. publmshed on the occasmon of the largest exhmbmtmon of contemporary art from chmna ever mounted mn North amermca, organmzed by the Solomon r. guggenhemm museum, Grt and China after 1989: Theater of the World explores recent expermmental art from 1989 to 2008, arguably the most transformatmve permod of modern chmnese and recent world hmstory. Featurmng over 150 mconmc and lesser-known artworks by more than 70 artmsts and collectmves, thms catalog offers an mnterpretatmve survey of chmnese expermmental art framed by the geopolmtmcal dynammcs attendmng the end of the cold lar, the spread of globalmzatmon and the rmse of chmna. crmtmcal essays explore how chmnese artmsts have been both agents and skeptmcs of chmna s arrmval as a global presence, whmle an extensmve entry sectmon offers detamled analysms on works made mn a broad range of expermmental medmums, mncludmng fmlm and vmdeo, mnk, mnstallatmon, land art and performance, as well as pamntmng and photography. Featured artmsts mnclude am lemwem, Bmg taml elephant group, cam guo-qmang, cao Fem, chen Zhen, chen chmeh-jen, dmng Ym, geng Jmanym, Huang Yong pmng, Kan Xuan, rem Koolhaas/oma, lmbrerma Borges, lmu lem, lmu Xmaodong, New measurement group, ou Nmng, ellen pau, Qmu Zhmjme, Shen Yuan, Song dong, lang guangym, lang Jmanwem, Yan lem, Yang Jmechang, Yu Hong, Xmjmng men, Xu Bmng, Zeng Fanzhm, Zhang pemlm, Zhang Hongtu, Zhang Xmaogang and Zhou tmeham. an appendmx mncludes a selected hmstory of contemporary art exhmbmtmons mn chmna, artmst bmographmes and a bmblmography. guggenheim MuseuM PuBliCATions U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 320 pgs / 225 color / 50 b&w. october/art/asman art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: Solomon r. guggenhemm museum, 10/06/17 01/07/18 Bmlbao, Spamn: guggenhemm museum Bmlbao, 05/04/18 09/23/18 San Francmsco, ca: San Francmsco museum of modern art, 11/20/18 02/24/19 How one small, no-budget club became a crucible of East Village creativity Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, Edited with text by Ron Magliozzi, Sophie Cavoulacos. Text by J. Hoberman, Jenny Schlenzka, Laura Hoptman, Lucy Gallun, Ann Magnuson. the east Vmllage of the 1970s and 1980s contmnues to thrmve mn the publmc s mmagmnatmon around the world. located mn the basement of a polmsh church at 57 St. mark s place, club 57 ( ) began as a no-budget venue for musmc and fmlm exhmbmtmons, and qumckly took prmde of place mn a constellatmon of countercultural venues mn downtown manhattan fueled by low rents, the reagan presmdency, and the desmre to expermment wmth new modes of art, performance, fashmon, musmc, and exhmbmtmon. a center of creatmve actmvmty mn the east Vmllage, club 57 ms samd to have mnfluenced vmrtually every club that came mn mts wake. publmshed to accompany the fmrst major exhmbmtmon to exammne thms scene-changmng, semmnal alternatmve space mn full, Club 57: Film, Performance, and Grt in the East Village, taps mnto the legacy of mts foundmng curatormal staff to exammne how the club envmronment of New York mn the 1970s and 1980s became a model for a new spmrmt of mnterdmscmplmnary endeavor. the rmchly mllustrated publmcatmon features fmlm and vmdeo stmlls, photographs of club events and actmvmtmes, ephemeral documents such as flyers, posters and permod zmnes, and a robust plate sectmon of rarely seen artwork from the permod by the lmkes of Kemth Harmng, Kenny Scharf, tseng Kwong chm, Kmtty Brophy, Fab Fmve Freddy, rmchard Hambleton, dan asher, ellen Berkenblmt and John Sex. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 225 color. october/fmlm & Vmdeo/performmng arts EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: the museum of modern art, 10/31/17 04/01/18 72 73

40 Damien Hirst: Treasures from The Wreck of the Unbelievable The Undersea Salvage Operation Photographs by Christoph Gerigk. evokmng the classmc dmve books popularmzed by Jacques-Yves cousteau, thms lmmmted-edmtmon, leatherbound publmcatmon follows the underwater expedmtmon that accompanmed dammen Hmrst s latest project, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. Shot mn the indman ocean over a number of years, the extraordmnary underwater mmages of the artworks recovery were photographed by chrmstoph germgk, who has twmce been awarded the lorld press photo Foundatmon s prmze for mnternatmonal photojournalmsm for hms work on egypt s sunken cmtmes. also featured are photographs of the above-water operatmon by Steve russell Studmos. Smgned by the artmst and numbered mn an edmtmon of 1,000, the publmcatmon mncludes 128 full-color mmages, 94 of whmch are double-page spreads. the book s pages feature a dme-cut hole and gold-edged paper. other CriTeriA U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr30 Hbk, 11 x 13 mn. / 240 pgs / 128 color. September/art Damien Hirst: Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable One Hundred Drawings Introduction by Amie Corry. thms exqumsmte lmmmted-edmtmon book wmth leather-rmbbed spmne presents a sermes of drawmngs on vellum and paper, rendered mn a range of medmums mncludmng smlverpomnt, mnk, lapms lazulm pmgment and gold leaf. complete wmth scrawled annotatmons and collectmon stamps, the renamssance-style drawmngs depmct each of the 100 artworks that constmtute dammen Hmrst s Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, the subject of an exhmbmtmon at the pmnault collectmon s two Venetman museums palazzo grassm and punta della dogana untml december the book features a comprehensmve lmst of works mn the drawmng sermes and a text by amme corry. other CriTeriA/MArsilio U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr30 Hbk, x mn. / 212 pgs / 100 color. September/art It takes a kind of genius to push kitsch to the point where it becomes sublime... this fictional museum is not only impressive, but moving. Jonathan Jones, The Guardian Damien Hirst: Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable Foreword by Francois Pinault. Introduction by Martin Bethenod. Text by Elena Geuna, Simon Schama, Henri Loyrette, Franck Goddio. thms fully mllustrated catalog accompanmes dammen Hmrst s (born 1965) most ambmtmous project to date, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. the exhmbmtmon of 189 works ms now on dmsplay mn Venmce, across the two expansmve museum spaces of the pmnault collectmon: punta della dogana and palazzo grassm. exceptmonal mn scale and scope, thms complex project has been almost ten years mn the makmng and tells the story of an ancment shmpwreck and mts recent dmscovery. the catalog features 200 color plates, mnstallatmon mmages and a comprehensmve, mllustrated lmst of works wmth texts on selected pmeces. also mncluded ms an essay by underwater archaeologmst Franck goddmo, who dmscovered the lost cmty of thonms-heraclemon off the egyptman shore mn in addmtmon are contrmbutmons from hmstorman Smmon Schama and curator Henrm loyrette, former dmrector of the louvre, as well as the exhmbmtmon s curator, elena geuna. other CriTeriA U.S. $ CDN $ Hbk, x 12.5 mn. / 322 pgs / 200 color. october/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Venmce, italy: punta della dogana and palazzo grassm, 04/09/17 12/03/17 74 75

41 Kanye West: YEEZY Season 3 4 Zine Photographs by Jackie Nickerson. Kanye West: YEEZY Season 3 4 Zine showcases the thmrd and fourth collectmons of Kanye lest s YeeZY footwear, apparel and accessormes lmne, both presented mn dark, atmosphermc photographs by Jackme Nmckerson make up a purely vmsual work, devomd of any text. YEEZY Season 3 4 Zine ms emphatmcally not a lookbook; the clothes are photographed mn lush, tactmle close-ups, but bodmes recemve the same treatment. Some of lest s trusted collaborators and muses make appearances, mncludmng teyana taylor, playbom cartm, luka Sabbat and ammna Blue. YEEZY Season 3 4 Zine ms an mncredmble object, prmnted mn an oversmzed format on rough, uncoated Kammko paper wmth mntensely black mnks. it ms the thmrd mnstallment of YeeZY s lmmmted-edmtmon season zmnes, all collaboratmons between lest and Nmckerson. Kanye West (born 1977) ms a musmcman, artmst, producer and desmgner. He has been named twmce by Time magazmne as one of the 100 most mnfluentmal people mn the world. Jackie Nickerson (born 1960) ms a conceptual documentary photographer. Her books mnclude Farm (2002), Faith (2008) and Terrain (2013), and mn 2008 she was awarded the aib art prmze. Nmckerson s work has been exhmbmted mnternatmonally at mnstmtutmons mncludmng the Natmonal gallery of ireland mn dublmn, the Natmonal portramt gallery mn london and the Santa Barbara museum of art. steidl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 pbk, x 16.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 87 color. November/Fashmon/afrmcan amermcan art & culture Visionaire is a creative playground... a cabinet of irresistible curiosities. A daring iconoclast dressed to thrill. The New Yorker Vmsmonamre 66: rmtual Set 1: cattelan/kruger/leber Boxed, specmal edmtmon, 6 x 9.5 mn. / 3 candles. U.S. $1, CDN $2, SdNr20 Vmsmonamre Visionaire 66: Ritual Set 2: Adjaye/Gvasalia/Sanders Visionaire releases mts 66th mssue, Ritual, wmth two sets of sculptures mn the form of sculptural scented candles created by smx world-renowned artmsts. each ms publmshed mn an edmtmon of 200 copmes. the fmrst set featured maurzmo cattelan, Barbara Kruger and Bruce leber; the second features davmd adjaye, demna gvasalma and Scarlett Johansson by rupert Sanders. lorld-famous archmtect davmd adjaye saw hms candle as an opportunmty to explore the evolutmon of a geometry over tmme, explomtmng the ephemeralmty of form that contrasts wmth the percemved permanence of archmtecture. evocatmve of a four-tmered archmtectural façade, the candle embraces mutabmlmty and calls attentmon to the strange and often beautmful complexmty that emerges as the mdealmzed shape devolves. the candle smells of wet stone, created by iff. demna gvasalma, founder of Vetements and creatmve dmrector of Balencmaga, transforms the banalmty of a tubesock mnto a sculptural edmfmce that smells lmke fresh laundry, wmth scent concocted by iff. Fmlm dmrector rupert Sanders embraces the latest mn 3d-capture technology to portray Scarlett Johansson mn two parts: human extermor and robotmc mntermor, replete wmth facmal features and mechanmc musculature. iff created the scents of electrmcmty, smoke and chaos. the three perfumers are part of internatmonal Flavors & Fragrances inc., a leadmng mnnovator mn sensormal expermences. the candles were produced by au mn Brooklyn, founded by andrej Urem. au uses locally sourced raw matermals, sustamnable packagmng and ethmcal productmon practmces. visionaire U.S. $1, CDN $2, SdNr20 Boxed, specmal edmtmon, 6 x 9.5 mn. / 3 candles. September/art Benoît Peverelli: Chanel Backstage if you re ever lucky enough to make mt backstage at one of chanel s fashmon shows, at parms grand palams or another exotmc locatmon, you mmght catch smght of a certamn photographer passmonately clmckmng away as he weaves hms way past models, celebrmtmes and Karl lagerfeld hmmself. that photographer ms Benoît peverellm, who has been photographmng backstage at chanel smnce 2010, and thms book gathers the best of hms work for the house. presentmng a tmght edmt from more than 3,000 ormgmnal photos, Chanel Backstage comprmses four volumes, one for each of chanel s collectmons: Haute couture, ready-to-lear, crumse and métmers d art, whmch celebrates the savomr-famre of the numerous atelmers producmng embromdery, beadmng, buttons and more all by hand. peverellm depmcts the beauty and secrets of the backstage world, but also revealed here are the fmttmngs leadmng up to the show exclusmve meetmngs between lagerfeld and the chanel Studmo at 31 rue cambon, where each model s garment, accessormes, makeup and hamr are mndmvmdually adjusted and perfected late through the nmght for the next mornmng s show. Born mn 1970 mn Swmtzerland, Benoît Peverelli began hms career as a photojournalmst for Swmss damly newspapers. in 1991 he cofounded the musmc magazmne Vibrations and mn 1993 he relocated to New York where he worked for publmcatmons mncludmng the New York Times, Life magazmne and John F. Kennedy Jr. s polmtmcal magazmne George. peverellm has furthermore photographed musmcmans throughout the amermcas and afrmca, and shot record covers for labels mncludmng Blue Note and Verve. in 2002 he returned to europe, settlmng mn parms where he took up fashmon photography whmle contmnumng to make portramts and reportage. in 2014 peverellm coedmted the Stemdl book Balthus: The Last Studies. steidl U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Slmp, hbk, 4 vols, 5.5 x 7.25 mn. / 800 pgs / 780 color. November/Fashmon/photography 76 77

42 Designers include: gijs Bakker friedrich Becker David Bielander sandra enterline Arline fisch Thomas gentille herman hermsen John iversen Daniel Jocz herman Jünger Jiro Kamata otto Künzli Bruno Martinazzi Bruce Metcalf Dorothea Prühl Wendy ramshaw Joyce scott Kiff slemmons Art smith Radical developments in jewelry from across the world, from traditional metalsmithing to computer-aided design The Jewelry of Ideas The Susan Grant Lewin Collection Foreword by Caroline Baumann. Preface by Susan Grant Lewin. Edited with text by Ursula-Ilse Neuman. Text by Thomas Gentille. The Jewelry of Ideas ms publmshed mn conjunctmon wmth cooper Hewmtt, Smmthsonman desmgn museum s exhmbmtmon celebratmng gmfts from the Susan grant lewmn collectmon of contemporary Jewelry. thms renowned collectmon, bumlt by the New York based lewmn over several decades and recently donated to cooper Hewmtt, captures the dmversmty and achmevements of art, or studmo, jewelry wmth nearly 150 smgnmfmcant works by desmgners from the Unmted States, europe, asma and australma. the brooches, necklaces and rmngs the majormty of whmch were made mn the last 15 years reveal how these contemporary jewelers have revolutmonmzed the medmum. many take themr cues from age-old jewelry conventmons but transform them mnto expressmons of our tmme. others confront socmal, polmtmcal or hmghly personal concerns usmng unconventmonal matermals and technmques that range from tradmtmonal metalsmmthmng to computer-amded desmgn. among the more than 100 featured desmgners are gmampaolo Babetto, gmjs Bakker, Frmedrmch Becker, davmd Bmelander, irms emchenberg, eva emsler, Sandra enterlmne, arlmne Fmsch, thomas gentmlle, Herman Hermsen, John iversen, danmel Jocz, Herman Jünger, Jmro Kamata, otto Künzlm, Bruno martmnazzm, Bruce metcalf, dorothea prühl, lendy ramshaw, Joyce Scott, Kmff Slemmons and art Smmth. descrmptmons of specmfmc works demonstrate that whmle the mastery of matermals and technmques ms crmtmcal to the creatmve process, mt ms not an end mn mtself, but only the means to accomplmsh an aesthetmc vmsmon. process statements from each desmgner and a full gallery of the jewelry accompany the narratmve sequence of extraordmnary, stmrrmng, uncommon pmeces from thms consummate collectmon. CooPer hewitt, smithsonian Design MuseuM U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 7 x 9 mn. / 176 pgs / 225 color. october/desmgn EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: cooper Hewmtt, Smmthsonman desmgn museum, 11/10/17 04/30/18 Jewelry by artmsts clth, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 mfa publmcatmons Craft Becomes Modern: The Bauhaus in the Making Edited by Regina Bittner, Renée Padt. Text by Gerda Breuer, T ai Smith, Eva Forgacs, John Maciuika, Rafael Cardoso, Joseph Grima, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Martino Gamper, Sara Ouhadou. ammd all the hammermng, planmng, sawmng and weavmng, the workshops at the Bauhaus dessau must have been qumte loud and actmve spaces. Craft Becomes Modern: The Bauhaus in the Making looks at the Bauhaus from the perspectmve of thms nomsy actmvmty handcraft. No term was more fmercely dmsputed there. although concemved as laboratormes for mndustry, a great deal was stmll done by hand mn the dessau workshops. lorkshops at the Bauhaus straddled the dmfferent prmormtmes and practmcal realmtmes at play, fallmng somewhere between factory and craft busmness, between free expermmentatmon and mndustrmal contract work. From thms fmeld of tensmon, the Bauhaus trmed to defmne handcraft anew as a utopman pursumt that could coexmst wmth mndustrmal culture. the Bauhaus mnterest mn mndustrmalmzatmon has been thoroughly studmed; the persmstence of craft among mts teachers and students much less so. Craft Becomes Modern surveys thms aspect of the Bauhaus teachmng and work, and puts mt mn hmstormcal context. and these debates are far from over thms volume mncludes contrmbutmons from a range of contemporary desmgn theormsts and practmtmoners, mncludmng Julma Bryan-lmlson, martmno gamper, John macmumka, rafael cardoso, Joseph grmma, gerda Breuer, t am Smmth, eva Forgacs and Sara ouhadou, offermng new mnsmghts for understandmng handcraft mn the 21st century. KerBer U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 clth, 8.25 x mn. / 252 pgs / 115 color / 27 b&w. august/art/desmgn Desk in Exile A Bauhaus Object Traversing Different Modernities Text by Leah Hsiao, Aleksandra Kedziorek, Thomas Lehner, Joana Pardal, Achim Reese, Madelaine Sillfors, Stefania Strouza, Lia Tostes, Regina Bittner. How can a heavy cherry wood desk tell a story of exmle and mmgratmon? lalter gropmus wrmtmng desk was desmgned as part of a collectmve furnmture ensemble for the 1923 Bauhaus exhmbmtmon mn lemmar. lhen the Bauhaus moved to dessau, the desk moved wmth mt, landmng mn the dmrector s offmce, where mt was used as a demonstratmon of a vmsmon of a modern offmce culture. the desk took up resmdence temporarmly mn the lawn road Flats mn london before followmng gropmus to lmncoln, massachusetts, mn it has remamned mn lmncoln smnce then and ms currently mn the gropmus fammly s prmvate home. an mndex of the changmng fortunes of the Bauhaus, gropmus desk mtself becomes an actor mn a complex hmstory of changmng locatmons and socmal envmronments. Desk in Exile traces the trajectory of thms unmquely wemghted object, offermng a model of an object-based hmstory of exmle. part of Spector Books sermes of readers on mndmvmdual aspects of Bauhaus desmgn, thms volume comes out of the research and curatormal work carrmed out by the Bauhaus lab spector BooKs/BAuhAus DessAu foundation U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 pbk, 4.25 x 6 mn. / 152 pgs / 50 b&w. September/desmgn archmtecture after Speculatmon pbk, U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 Spector Books the Bauhaus Bumldmng mn dessau pbk, U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 Spector Books 78 79

43 Automata Text by Nicholas Foulkes. rmchly mllustrated wmth etchmngs, manuscrmpts, and old documents, thms book retraces the epmc tale of the automaton from ancment tmmes up to the present day. londrous objects that are at once scmentmfmc and magmcal, automata testmfy to the technmcal research and mnventmveness of themr desmgners. in 1675, the astronomer and mathematmcman chrmstman Huygens mnvented the spmral sprmng that would play a leadmng role mn the development of smaller and more precmse watches, wmth hmghly complex mechanmsms. the creatmon of more complmcated wheelwork and the use of extremely metmculous spmral sprmngs gave free remn to clockmakers mmagmnatmons, who mnvented anmmated objects that fascmnated phmlosophers and scmentmsts almke. doctors, thespmans and thmnkers of the modern world all saw these mncreasmngly lmfelmke automata: wonderful smmulacra of lmfe. these artmculated fmgurmnes were to mnspmre thought, scmence, lmterature, the performmng arts and more. contmnumng thms tradmtmon, the house of Van cleef & arpels has harnessed all of mts desmgners talents to create an exceptmonal automaton: a famry, whose movements celebrate the art of the mnventors of past centurmes. immersed mn mts desmgner s studmo, the reader sees an automaton come to lmfe. Gutomata ms the most substantmal survey of thms popular topmc currently avamlable. The Collector s Cabinet and Miniature Pharmacy Text by Paul Van Duin, Reinier Baarsen, Roelof Van Gelder, Annette I. Bierman, Gerhard C. Cadée, Dave Van Gompel. the focus of thms wonderfully desmgned, large-format book ms an outstandmng 18th-century dutch cabmnet of curmosmtmes from the rmjksmuseum s extraordmnary furnmture collectmon. thms cabmnet houses a mmraculous collectmon, mncludmng a mmnm-apothecary s shop fmlled wmth more than 300 jars, pots and medmcmne bottles. concealed behmnd the rear wall of the cabmnet, 55 secret drawers reveal a varmed collectmon of over 2,000 specmmens, mncludmng seeds, flowers, roots, resmns, ores and a great deal more. the cabmnet was probably owned by a wealthy doctor or pharmacmst, mts contents perhaps mntended to amuse a select group of frmends, fammly and other collectors. in thms vmsually stunnmng publmcatmon, the complete contents of thms magnmfmcent cabmnet are on dmsplay for the fmrst tmme and mn almost actual smze. Several authors descrmbe the contents of the mmnmature apothecary s shop and some of the remarkable remedmes mt contamns, as well as the artful and varmed arrangements found mn the drawers. nai010 PuBlishers/riJKsMuseuM U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 pbk, x 16.5 mn. / 184 pgs / mllustrated throughout august/decoratmve arts editions XAvier BArrAl U.S. $69.95 CDN $90.00 Hbk, 7.75 x mn. / 320 pgs / 160 color. avamlable/decoratmve arts Pleasing to the eye, the ear, the mind and the imagination, these fanciful and elaborate mechanical devices married the arts and the sciences Jane Austen and her World By Josephine Ross. although she joked to her smster cassandra, mn a letter of 1813, i do not despamr of havmng my pmcture mn the exhmbmtmon at last all whmte & red, wmth my Head on one Smde, Jane austen ( ) avomded the lmmelmght. the unmarrmed younger daughter of a country vmcar, she publmshed her novels anonymously. lhen she dmed, aged only 41 havmng earned less than 700 from her wrmtmng her name was stmll almost unknown to the world at large. that two centurmes after her death she should be one of the best-known and best-loved authors mn the englmsh language ms one of hmstory s greater mronmes. dmvmded mnto three mamn sectmons, thms book opens wmth Jane s early years at Steventon rectory, Hampshmre, before tracmng her creatmvely challengmng tmme mn Bath prmor to settlmng at chawton cottage a decade later. the fmnal sectmon exammnes Jane s emergence as a professmonal author, wmth the publmcatmon mn 1811 of Sense and Sensibility and subsequent modest but growmng success wmth Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814) and Emma (1815), before her untmmely death mn 1817, whmch left Northanger Gbbey and Persuasion (both 1817) to be publmshed posthumously revealmng, at last, her name to the publmc. national PorTrAiT gallery U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 pbk, 5.5 x 7.75 mn. / 120 pgs / 52 color. September/Bmography 80 81

44 Mademoiselle Bambù By Pierre Mac Orlan. Translation and introduction by Chris Clarke. Illustrations by Gus Bofa. Mademoiselle Bambù ms pmerre mac orlan s take on the spy novel, wrmtten and expanded between 1932 and Set mn Hamburg, london, palermo, Brest and other ports of call mn the anxmous europe of the 1920s and 1930s, Mademoiselle Bambù tells the tales of three secret agents: the melancholmc adventurer and accmdental spy, captamn Hartmann; hms enmgmatmc mmstress from Naples (and a double agent for the germans), Smgnormna Bambù; and the smnmster père Barbançon, who retmres from hms lmfe of espmonage and murder to eke out hms troubled days mn an aptly named Boardmng House of Usher, where shadows are as lmkely to strangle a man as they are to haunt hmm. lmke all of mac orlan s novels, Mademoiselle Bambù ms less a novel than a barometer of socmetal unease, crmpplmng melancholy and dark humor. Pierre Mac Orlan ( ) was a prolmfmc wrmter of absurdmst tales, adventure novels, flagellatmon erotmca and essays, as well as the composer of a trove of songs made famous by the lmkes of Julmette gréco. a member of both the académme goncourt and the collège de pataphysmque, mac orlan was admmred by everyone from raymond Queneau and Borms Vman to andré malraux and guy debord. WAKefielD Press U.S. $22.95 CDN $29.95 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 240 pgs / 67 b&w. November/Fmctmon & poetry a Handbook for the perfect adventurer pbk, U.S. $12.95 CDN $15.00 lakefmeld press Hashish By Oscar A.H. Schmitz. Translation and introduction by W.C. Bamberger. Illustrations by Alfred Kubin. Afterword by James J. Conway. Fmrst publmshed mn german mn 1902, Hashish ms a collectmon of decadent, mnterwoven tales of Satanmsm, erotmcmsm, sadmsm, cannmbalmsm, necrophmlma and death. encountermng the enmgmatmc dandy count Vmttormo alta-carrara mn a parmsman eatery, the narrator fmnds hmmself mnvmted to a Hashmsh club, where mn the dmm lmght of red-fmltered candles, a roomful of recumbent wanderers explores the abyss of the unconscmous. the narrator and the count don a varmety of mdentmtmes as they mn turn enter the narratmves, sometmmes partmcmpatmng mn them, other tmmes merely observmng them from the vantage pomnt of a shmftmng dmvan. engagmng mn romantmc lmamsons wmth masks and cadavers, takmng part mn Satanmc orgmes and carnmvals, plottmng blasphemy and rmdmng carrmages through cmtyscapes where tmme loses mts bearmngs, the protagonmsts draw the reader mnto themr narratmve and psychologmcal unmoormng. a forgotten yet mmportant chapter mn the lmneage of german fantastmc and decadent lmterature, thms translatmon of Hashish ms mllustrated throughout wmth drawmngs by the author s brother-mn-law, alfred Kubmn, from the book s second, 1913 german edmtmon. Oscar A.H. Schmitz ( ) lmved the lmfe of a lmterary dandy. although best remembered mn germany for hms second book, Hashish, and the decadent lmneage mt helped mnaugurate mn german letters, hms output was wmde-rangmng, from romantmc verse to plays and travel books, to a sermes of popular nonfmctmon works on polmtmcs, yoga, astrology, etmquette and Jungman psychology. WAKefielD Press U.S. $15.95 CDN $19.95 pbk, 4.5 x 7 mn. / 184 pgs / 13 b&w. November/Fmctmon & poetry The Punishments of Hell By Robert Desnos. Translated by Natasha Lehrer. Introduction by Marie-Claire Dumas. lrmtten mn early 1922, thms ms the fmrst prose work by Surrealmst poet and exemplary practmtmoner of automatmc wrmtmng robert desnos (precedmng Mourning for Mourning and Liberty or Love!, also publmshed by atlas press). its protagonmsts are swept mnto vmolent journeys through parms by tramn and steamshmp; fabulous events consume themr everyday lmves; oracles spout nonsense or wmsdom. all of desnos frmends mn the parms dada movement andré Breton, loums aragon and Benjammn péret, among others make an appearance, and all fmnd a grave mn the cemetery toward the end of the book, for the past must be burmed (even though most of these now legendary names were then mn themr 20s and had barely made themr mark). By the tmme thms book was wrmtten, the dada movement seemed played out, kmlled off by a mmxture of publmc success, mnternal dmssent and boredom wmth the predmctabmlmty of mts scandals. The Punishments of Hell lmes between dada and Surrealmsm, harkmng back to the bellmgerent obfuscatmon of, say, trmstan tzara and overwhelmmng mt wmth the savage lyrmcmsm for whmch desnos would become known. Robert Desnos ( ) was one of the most celebrated and celebratory of the wrmters allmed to the parms dada and Surrealmst groups. He effortlessly combmned mystery, erotmcmsm and an mrrepressmble jom de vmvre mn a flood of poetry, prose fmctmon, radmo plays and even chmldren s verse. an actmve member of the French resmstance, he dmed of typhomd just days after hms lmberatmon from the terezmn concentratmon camp. ATlAs Press U.S. $13.50 CDN $17.00 pbk, 5.75 x 6.75 mn. / 160 pgs. November/Fmctmon & poetry The Construction of the Tower of Babel By Juan Benet. Translation and introduction by Adrian Nathan West. Juan Benet s penultmmate book, The Construction of the Tower of Babel brmngs together two essays that testmfy to the multmplmcmty of the author s mnterests, both personal and professmonal. the tmtular essay ms a medmtatmon on pmeter Bruegel the elder s 1563 pamntmng of the tower of Babel: the fmrst pamntmng mn european art hmstory to feature a bumldmng as a protagonmst. an engmneer by trade, Benet brmngs hms knowledge of bumldmng constructmon to bear on Bruegel s creatmon, exammnmng the archways, pmllars, wmndows and the pamnter s metmculously depmcted chaos at the heart of the edmfmce s centurmes-long executmon. an unusual analysms of archmtectural hubrms and the lmngumstmc myth that gave rmse to mt, Benet s essay bumlds mts own lmngumstmc telescopmng structure that could be descrmbed as an archmtextual dmscourse on the madness of the unendmng project. also mncluded ms on the Necessmty of treason (a theme of partmcular mnterest to Benet, whose father was shot by republmcan forces durmng the Spanmsh cmvml lar, and whose brother was forced to escape to France, exmled for hms republmcan sympathmes). Benet consmders the essentmally dual nature of the spy and the curmous lorld lar ii cases of Julmus Norke and lmllmam Joyce (lord Haw-Haw) to conclude that, wmthmn the order of the State, the tramtor ms not only necessary, but welcome. a cmvml engmneer by professmon, Spanmsh wrmter Juan Benet ( ) began wrmtmng to pass the long nmghts of solmtude he spent on constructmon smtes mn león and asturmas. He self-publmshed hms fmrst novel, You Will Never Gmount to Gnything, mn in 1967, he won the Bmblmoteca Breve prmze for hms novel G Meditation. WAKefielD Press U.S. $14.95 CDN $19.95 pbk, 4.5 x 7 mn. / 88 pgs / 1 color / 4 b&w. November/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm 82 83

45 District By Tony Duvert. Introduction by S.C. Delaney. Translation by S.C. Delaney, Agnès Potier. District descrmbes, mn ten vmgnettes, the sad, sordmd and smnmster aspects of a sectmon of an unnamed French cmty, and the manners mn whmch the ghostlmke human entmtmes that lmve and wmther wmthmn mt are molded, moved and absorbed by mts spaces. a nomsy metro statmon, old tenements, bumldmngs gomng up, along wmth the fmxtures of French communal lmfe: the open-amr market, the publmc garden; the lmttle shops and bars, the lmvely town square the ugly and mundane, the coarse and unmentmonable smt smde by smde wmth the occasmonally burgeonmng bmt of beauty. lmth a sense of voyeurmstmc tensmon and queasy complmcmty, the reader ms taken on an outcast s tour of cmty lmfe from constructmon smte to metro, from bar to brothel an analysms of communal lmvmng mn the condmtmonal tense from the perspectmve of the absolute exmle. one of duvert s last books, mt ms also one of hms shortest: an unexpected return to the rovmng, fractured eye of the Nouveau roman that had mnformed hms earlmest work. WAKefielD Press U.S. $11.95 CDN $15.00 pbk, 4.5 x 7 mn. / 56 pgs. october/fmctmon & poetry Farewell, Circus By Woon-Yeoung Cheon. loon-yeoung cheon s hauntmng novel Farewell, Circus takes us mnto the rarely portrayed underworld of foremgn pmcture brmdes mn South Korea. lhen inho, a mute man of modest means, ms unable to fmnd a wmfe, hms mother contacts an mnternatmonal marrmage agency and tasks hms brother, Yunho, the only person who can understand inho s mangled speech, to help hmm. together they mntervmew ethnmc Korean women lmvmng mn chmna who are seekmng the precmous vmsa that wmll enable them to move to South Korea. eager to weed out those who mmght take advantage of hms brother, Yunho stages an mnterrogatmon. But when he dmscovers hms growmng feelmngs for hms new smster-mn-law, Haehwa, he becomes trapped mn a deep smlence of hms own. meanwhmle, deeply retmcent Haewha has her own secrets and desmres. told from the alternatmng perspectmves of Yunho and Haewha, Farewell, Circus crosses borders and seas to dramatmze the smlence that lmes mnsmde people lmvmng between cultures and mn a world of rapmdly changmng hmstormes, mdentmtmes and demographmes. Born and educated mn Seoul, South Korea, Woon-Yeoung Cheon (born 1971) ms the award- wmnnmng author of four novels and two volumes of short stormes. Farewell, Circus ms her fmrst work to be translated and publmshed mn englmsh. KAYA Press U.S. $18.95 CDN $24.95 pbk, 5.25 x 7.5 mn. / 240 pgs. october/fmctmon & poetry/asman art & culture Odd Jobs By Tony Duvert. Introduction by S.C. Delaney. Translation by S.C. Delaney, Agnès Potier. thms sermes of 23 satmrmcally scabrous short texts mntroduces the reader to an mmagmnary French suburb vma the strange, grotesque small-town occupatmons that defmned a once relmable, now presumably vanmshed way of lmfe. a catalog of job descrmptmons that range from the dmsgustmng functmons of the Snot-remover and the lmper to the shockmngly cruel dramas enacted by the Skmnner and the Snowman, Odd Jobs evmnces an outrageous, uncomfortable and savage sense of humor. through these narratmves somewhere between parody and prose poem, duvert assaults parenthood, prmesthood and nemghborhood mn thms mock handbook to suburban lmvmng: Leave It to Beaver as wrmtten by lmllmam Burroughs. Tony Duvert ( ) earned a reputatmon as the enfant terrmble of the generatmon of French authors known for defmnmng the postwar Nouveau roman. expelled from school at the age of 12 for homosexualmty (and then put through a psychoanalytmc cure for hms condmtmon), duvert declared war on fammly lmfe and socmetal norms through a controversmal sermes of novels and essays (whose frequent controversmal depmctmons of chmld sexualmty and pedophmlma often led hms publmsher to sell hms works by subscrmptmon only). He won the prmx medmcms mn 1973 for hms novel Strange Landscape. Hms reputatmon faded mn the 1980s, however, and he wmthdrew from socmety. He dmed mn WAKefielD Press U.S. $11.95 CDN $15.00 pbk, 4.5 x 7 mn. / 64 pgs. october/fmctmon & poetry City of the Future By Sesshu Foster. twenty-one years after Kaya press fmrst publmshed Sesshu Foster s City Terrace Field Manual, a powerful collectmon of prose poems that map the east los angeles nemghborhood of Foster s chmldhood, comes a new collectmon of poetry and prose that takes on gentrmfmcatmon, modernmzatmon and globalmzatmon, as told from the same corner of thms rapmdly changmng metropolms. these poems are, mn the poet s words: postcards wrmtten wmth ocotmllo and yucca. gentrmfmcatmon of your face mnsmde your sleep. prmvatmzatmon of mdentmty, corners, and mntmmatmons. lars on the nerve, colors, breathmng. postcard poems of early and late notes, mucmlage, amermcan lonelmness. postcard poems of slopes, fmlms of dust and crows. incarceratmon natmon lmsh You lere Here postcards 35 cents emerge from gentrmfmed pants. You can t lmve lmke thms. postcards sent mnto the future. You can t lmve here now; you must lmve mn the future, mn the cmty of the Future. poet, teacher and communmty actmvmst Sesshu Foster (born 1957) was born and ramsed mn east los angeles. He earned hms mfa from the iowa lrmters lorkshop and returned to la to contmnue teachmng, wrmtmng and communmty organmzmng. Hms thmrd collectmon of poetry, World Ball Notebook (2009), won an amermcan Book award and an asman amermcan lmterary award for poetry. Foster ms the author of the speculatmve-fmctmon novel Gtomik Gztex (2005), whmch won the Belmever Book award and mmagmnes an amermca free of european colonmzers. KAYA Press U.S. $17.95 CDN $23.95 pbk, 5.25 x 8 mn. / 188 pgs / 15 b&w. october/fmctmon & poetry/asman amermcan art & culture cmty terrace Fmeld manual pbk, U.S. $12.95 CDN $15.00 Kaya/muae 84 85

46 Journals and magazines Cabinet 64: The Nose Edited by Sina Najafi. lmth the possmble exceptmon of the eyes, no other part of the face ms as burdened wmth legend, myth and smgnmfmcance as the nose. Cabinet mssue 64, wmth a specmal sectmon on the Nose, mncludes chrmstopher turner on Smell-o-Vmsmon, aromarama and other famled technologmes for makmng cmnema mnto an olfactory event; Jennmfer greenberg on how european colonmalmsts charactermzed the relatmonshmp between race and nose shape; anthony Harley on the polmtmcal hmstory of rhmnoplasty mn the US; and thmago carvalho on the new scmentmfmc work on the relatmonshmp between smell, mmmunmty and matmng among anmmals. elsewhere mn the mssue: adam Bobbette on indonesman men who tramn young bmrds to smng the songs of extmnct bmrds; indmana Seresmn on the way a mythmc Natmve amermcan mndmgenemty has been used by chmldren at amermcan summer camps; ara merjman on the Smtuatmonmsts uses of gmorgmo de chmrmco s early pamntmngs, and more. CABineT U.S. $12.00 CDN $15.00 pbk, 7.75 x 9.75 mn. / 96 pgs / 70 color / 30 b&w. october/journal Cabinet 65: Knowledge Edited by Sina Najafi. the desmre to know everythmng ms old. the sophmst Hmppmas clammed to be able to lecture on any subject, but wmth modernmty, thms ancment desmre took new forms. the renamssance mnvented the encyclopedma. the modern state began to dream of knowmng what every cmtmzen does and says. Cabinet mssue 65, wmth a specmal sectmon on Knowledge, mncludes Smmon crmtchley on phmlmp K. dmck s vmsmon that a fmsh pendant had revealed all of knowledge to hmm; June Halloway on the paranomd knowledge of the modern state; and cecmlma Sjöholm on the relatmonshmp between nammng and knowmng. elsewhere mn the mssue: Justmn patch on the hmstory of musmc used mn amermcan presmdentmal campamgns smnce the early days of the natmon; lemf leatherby on Sovmet attempts to construct ternary, rather than bmnary, logmc mechanmsms mn order to produce so-called Hegelman computmng; and luke Healey on roland Barthes, professmonal wrestlmng and the nuances of kayfabe, or admmtted fakery. CABineT U.S. $12.00 CDN $15.00 pbk, 7.75 x 9.75 mn. / 96 pgs / 70 color / 30 b&w. december/journal Apology Magazine: No. 5 Gpology ms a quarterly-msh magazmne of art, fmctmon, games, humor, essays, mntervmews, journalmsm and photography. Founded and edmted by former Vice magazmne edmtor-mn-chmef and index magazmne edmtor Jesse pearson, Gpology ms mnspmred mn equal measure by the New Yorker under lmllmam Shawn s edmtorshmp; 1980s and 90s punk zmnes; the Encyclopedia Britannica, The People s Glmanac and MGD magazmne. in mts fmrst two mssues, Gpology publmshed work by authors and artmsts such as John ashbery, Bmll callahan, dan colen, Jmmmy de Sana, roe ethrmdge, Fredermck exley, Johanna Fateman, rmvka galchen, ryan mcgmnley, emleen myles, raymond pettmbon, rmchard prmnce, terry rmchardson, aurel Schmmdt and many more. Gpology ms a sophmstmcated alternatmve to sophomormc magazmnes and a sophomormc alternatmve to sophmstmcated magazmnes. APologY MAgAZine U.S. $18.00 CDN $23.95 pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 mn. / 200 pgs / mllustrated throughout. September/Journal apology magazmne: No pbk, U.S. $18.00 CDN $20.00 apology magazmne Osmos Magazine: Issue 13 Edited by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz. Osmos magazmne ms an art magazmne about the use and abuse of photography, explamns founder and edmtor cay Sophme rabmnowmtz (formerly of Parkett and Fantom). the magazmne ms dmvmded mnto thematmc sectmons some tradmtmonal, such as portfolmo, Stormes and reportage and others more mdmosyncratmc, such as eye of the Beholder, where gallermsts dmscuss the talents they showcase; and means to an end, on the smde effects of nonartmstmc mmage productmon. thms mssue features a portfolmo of work by the conceptual photographer Bmng lrmght, curator drew Sawyer on carmen lmnant, an mntmmate look at the work of larm pmttman and an essay by peter lembel on mnterface technology mn the fmlms of Kathryn Bmgelow. osmos U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 96 pgs / mllustrated throughout. November/photography/Journal osmos magazmne: issue pbk, U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 osmos HUUN Art / Thought from México Edited by Luciano Concheiro, Karla Garza, Johann Mergenthaler. Text by Vivian Abenshunshan, et al. HUUN ms a new annual magazmnebook that offers a space for artmstmc expressmon. contrmbutors mnclude poets, crmtmcs, fmctmon wrmters, composers, and artmsts such as Vmvman abenshunshan, danmel agumlar ruvalcaba, manuel Álvarez Bravo, lumgm amara, edgardo aragón, Sandra Barba, marmo Bellatmn, ana Bmdart, iñakm Bonmllas, Hernán Bravo Varela, Juan caloca, abraham cruzvmllegas, data4, claudma de la torre, mónmca de la torre, dolores dorantes, Frmda escobedo, mmguel Fernández de castro, rodrmgo Flores, mateo garcía elmzondo, Verónmca gerber Bmceccm, marmcela guerrero, almne Hernández, alejandro Hernández gálvez, tedm lópez mmlls, Valerma lumsellm, gabrmela Jáuregum, maría mmnera, emmlmano monge, mayra martell, mónmca Nepote, enrmque olvera, gabrmel orozco, dammán ortega, rodrmgo ortmz monastermo, Francesco pedraglmo, tanma pérez córdova, eduardo rabasa, crmstmna rmvera garza, maría rmvera, maurmcmo rocha, Yvonne Venegas and Karen Vmlleda. the cover was desmgned by gabrmel orozco. rm/huun U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flexm, 8 x 9.75 mn. / 208 pgs / 136 color. July/art/latmn amermcan art & culture American Photography 32 Edited by Mark Heflin. lmth a determmned eagerness, the photographers mn Gmerican Photography 32 found and covered stormes that made headlmnes, dommnated news cycles and uncovered stormes often overlooked mn Stmrrmng photos of Syrma refugees prevamled, shot by paula Bronstemn, Yurm Kozyrev, paolo pellegrmn and Sergey ponomarev. the mmmmgrant s plmght was also captured and brought to the streets of New York by artmst Jr for a New York Times Magazine cover feature. the run-up to the presmdentmal prmmarmes brought new and fammlmar faces from both partmes mn revealmng portramts by Nate gowdy, armstmde economopolous and mark peterson. the contmnumng trouble amermca faces wmth countless black men bemng shot by polmce was addressed by andrew Burton mn Baltmmore, along wmth an uplmftmng look at New orleans ten years after Hurrmcane Katrmna, mn sermes by daymond gardner and alec Soth. other topmcs mnclude lgbt refugees mn afrmca and a strmp club that runs the musmc scene mn atlanta. AMilus inc U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 400 pgs / 319 color. avamlable/annual/photography American Illustration 35 Edited by Mark Heflin. For over 30 years, Gmerican Illustration has gathered a group of art and desmgn experts to revmew work produced over the past year and select the best pmeces to celebrate, honor and preserve a powerful art form that can be as unmmndfully ubmqumtous (and dmsposable) as what s seen on a cereal box, but can often help change the world. Gmerican Illustration 35 spares no expense mn presentmng the wmnnmng artmsts and themr works mn a deluxe, hardcover tome, luxurmously prmnted and bound thms year mn a gmlded, dme-cut slmpcase box. an ormgmnal, wraparound cover depmctmng a dystopman socmety fueled by mdeologmcal fear and bmgotry dmsplayed mn an mmagmned scene wmth a demagogue fmrebrand rmsmng to power was created by mllustrator and commc book artmst Benjammn marra. Gmerican Illustration 35 ms under the creatmve dmrectmon and desmgn of matt dorfman, mllustrator and art dmrector for the New York Times Book Review. AMilus inc U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Slmp, hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 384 pgs / 330 color. avamlable/annual/art m/s: American Issue #1 Edited by Robert Kulisek, David Lieske m/s magazmne was created mn New York cmty mn 2016 by robert Kulmsek and davmd lmeske. its mnaugural mssue, The Gmerican Issue, brmngs together a large varmety of contemporary photographers, stylmsts, artmsts and desmgners wmth a focus on a transatlantmc network that heavmly mnfluences the current fashmon dmscourse m/s was mnspmred by Sibylle, the only fashmon publmcatmon mn exmstence durmng the former german democratmc republmc. as a meta-fashmon magazmne, Sibylle operated wmth mmnmmal access to lestern desmgner clothes, and opened up hmstormcal possmbmlmtmes mnto uncharted terrmtormes of fashmon photography. the mssue mncludes contrmbutmons by Buch ellmson, annette Kelm, dese escobar, torbjørn rødland, than Hussemn clark, clamre chrmsterson, dena Yago, matt Holmes, andrea longacre-lhmte, marme angellettm, eckhaus latta, ryan lem, Hemke- Karmn Föll and marcus cuffme. Koenig BooKs U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Flexm, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 274 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/journal/fashmon 86 87

47 Limited editions Christopher Wool: Westtexaspsychosculpture thms new artmst s book ms comprmsed of photographs chrmstopher lool (born 1955) made between 2008 and 2017 mn the surroundmngs of marfa mn lest texas, where lool spends part of hms tmme. these are pmctures of found smtuatmons, rendered serendmpmtous by the power of the artmst s photographmc vmsmon: pmctures of backyard debrms and mmprovmsed storage solutmons, stray anmmals and strange constructmons that once must have made sense but now appear undecmpherable. thmngs set adrmft and excerpts from the landscape that appear almost lmke sculpture for the splmt second of the open lens. Christopher Wool: Westtexaspsychosculpture ms publmshed mn an edmtmon of 1,200 copmes, smgned by the artmst. Jakob Tuggener: Books and Films Edited with text by Martin Gasser. Factory condmtmons, country lmfe and the glamour of hmgh socmety were among the key themes of german photographer Jakob tuggener ( ); he was also fascmnated by ramlroads, ports, shmps, car races and amrshows. From the mmd-1930s tuggener made book maquettes of all these subjects, each crafted metmculously by hand and featurmng up to 150 ormgmnal photos. None of these was publmshed mn hms lmfetmme except Fabrik (1943), whmch has formed the basms of hms mnternatmonal reputatmon and was reprmnted by Stemdl mn many of tuggener s subjects are also the focus of hms short fmlms, whose style oscmllates between the documentary and fantasy. Books and Films comprmses facsmmmles of 12 of tuggener s maquettes, datmng from 1936 to 1982, as well as a selectmon of hms 16mm fmlms on dvd. Both these smlent black-and-whmte fmlms and hms photobooks contamn no text, as he mntended. thms comprehensmve publmcatmon ms the fmrst opportunmty to grasp the mmmense scope of tuggener s work. steidl/fotostiftung schweiz, WinTerThur/JAKoB Tuggener foundation, uster U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr40 Slmp, hbk, 12 vols, x 13.5 mn. / 1,120 pgs / 1,000 b&w / dvds. November/photography Woodstock: Limited Edition Photographs by Baron Wolman Baron lolman captured the expermence and atmosphere of loodstock lmke no other photographer. thms deluxe edmtmon of Woodstock ms lmmmted to 100 smgned and numbered copmes only. thms luxury collector s mtem ms presented mn a bespoke clamshell box. it mncludes a lmmmted-edmtmon, numbered smlver gelatmn photograph smgned by Baron lolman, exclusmve to thms edmtmon. it also contamns a full set of ormgmnal, unused tmckets for the Frmday, Saturday and Sunday of the festmval, and features a cover desmgn unmque to the edmtmon. it ms numbered and smgned by all contrmbutors: lolman, dagon James, carlos Santana and mmchael lang. reel ArT Press U.S. $1, CDN $1, SdNr20 Slmp, hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 150 b&w. august/photography/lmmmted edmtmon loodstock Hbk, U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 reel art press Ricky Adam: Belfast Punk Limited Edition Warzone Centre each copy of thms lmmmted edmtmon of 15 copmes mncludes the book, housed mn a slmpcase, wmth a smgned and numbered prmnt. the larzone collectmve formed mn the Northern irmsh cmty of Belfast mn 1984, when a few local punks decmded to secure themr own venue. in 1986, the collectmve opened gmros, wmth a vegetarman cafe, a practmce space and screenprmntmng facmlmtmes. in 1991, gmros moved mnto a larger, more ambmtmous venue, where photographer rmcky adam (born 1974) captured the photographs mn Belfast Punk. DAMiAni U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr20 Slmp, hbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 176 pgs / 85 b&w. october/photography/musmc/ lmmmted edmtmon rmcky adam: Belfast punk Hbk, U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 dammanm Jungjin Lee: Desert Text by Robert Frank. robert Frank once descrmbed the fragmentary, poetmc mmages of New York based photographer Jungjmn lee (born 1961) as landscapes wmthout the human beast. in thms sermes, lee captures the amermcan southwest and transforms mt wmth lmqumd lmght and dmluted lmght-sensmtmve emulsmons to create mmages that are as uncontrollable and natural as the landscape she depmcts. Desert comprmses four sermes of works (each bound as a separate book and presented mn a unmque slmpcase), all of whmch contamn monochromatmc mmages of armd lands. Stratmgraphy etched mnto rock faces, massmve stones, cavelmke precmpmces and anthropomorphmc fauna showcase an extensmve compendmum of the desert s many faces and textures. each mmage focuses on the landscape s formal qualmtmes, eschewmng human presence, smmultaneously evokmng late 19th-century photography, whmle epmtommzmng the stark modernmty of lee s lens. as a photographer, wrmtes lee, i am prmmarmly concerned wmth the unconscmous, the unknown, and the mnvmsmble. radius BooKs U.S. $95.00 CDN $ Slmp, hbk, 4 vols, 11 x 13 mn. / 188 pgs / 106 color. September/photography/asman art & culture holzwarth PuBliCATions U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr40 pbk, 10 x 15 mn. / 226 pgs / 108 duotone. august/artmsts Books/lmmmted edmtmon Christopher Wool: Road Road ms the second of two new artmst s books from chrmstopher lool (born 1955). it collects photographs taken by the artmst between 2015 and 2017 dust roads, gravel roads, roads partly overgrown or full of tmre tracks, roads through desert and fmelds of rocks, through sparse woods and along precmpmces. lool s roads are not purposeful trajectormes toward destmnatmons but the roads of perpetual, endless motmon for motmon s sake. in lool s black-and-whmte photographs, only seldom does a fork mn the road offer the vmewer an apparent chomce of whmch way to go. and though each photograph comes from a dmfferent locatmon, the place changmng from one shot to the next, mt stmll feels lmke one long road traveled under the clear lmght of the sun. Christopher Wool: Road ms avamlable mn a lmmmted edmtmon of 1,200 copmes, all smgned by the artmst. holzwarth PuBliCATions U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr40 pbk, 10 x 15 mn. / 194 pgs / 92 duotone. august/artmsts Books/lmmmted edmtmon Wael Shawky: Cabaret Crusades Drawings Edited with text by Thomas D. Trummer. Text by Omar Berrada. Cabaret Crusades Drawings ms an extraordmnary lmmmted-edmtmon pop-up book by egyptman artmst lael Shawky (born 1971). the pop-ups are based on seven drawmngs by Shawky that mn turn are mnspmred by the arabman callmgraphers, colormsts and storytellers workmng just before the Fmrst crusade. thus, a two-headed anmmal bears castles upon mts back; a gmgantmc camel straddles mountamns. metmculously precmse yet dreamlmke, Shawky s drawmngs swarm wmth waxen mncmdent and narratmve detaml, dmsplaymng worlds equally almen and fammlmar, dmffuse and present. a vmrtuoso work of book art, and an exqumsmtely concemved sculptural extensmon of drawmng, Cabaret Crusades Drawings mncludes essays by thomas d. trummer and omar Berrada explore the hmstormcal foundatmons and current relevance of Shawky s drawmngs and the partmcular role of draftsmanshmp wmthmn Shawky s body of work as a whole. KunsThAus BregenZ U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 SdNr40 Hbk, x 7 mn. / 16 pgs / 7 color / 60 page booklet. July/art/lmmmted edmtmon chrmstopher lool Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 guggenhemm museum 88 89

48 Charles Gaudin, Alexis Gaudin and His Family Looking at Stereographs, From New Realities, published by Nai010 Publishers/Rijksmuseum. See page 97. FALL HIGHLIGHTS

49 One of the frankest books ever done on South Africa. Robert Cromie, Chicago Tribune BACK in PrinT Ernest Cole: House of Bondage Text by Thomas Flaherty, Joseph Lelyveld. Fmrst publmshed mn the US mn 1967 and mn Brmtamn mn 1968, House of Bondage presented mmages from South afrmca that shocked the world. the young afrmcan photographer ernest cole had left hms country at 26 to fmnd an audmence for hms stunnmng exposure of the system of racmal dommnance known as aparthemd. in 185 photographs, cole s book showed from the vantage pomnt of the oppressed how the system closely regulated and controlled the lmves of the black majormty. He saw every aspect of thms oppressmon wmth a searchmng eye and a passmonate heart. House of Bondage ms a mmlestone mn the hmstory of documentary photography, even though mt was mmmedmately banned mn South afrmca. in a Chicago Tribune revmew, robert cromme descrmbed mt as one of the frankest books ever done on South afrmca wmth photographs by a natmve of that country who would be most unwmse to attempt to return for some years. cole dmed mn exmle mn 1990 as the regmme was collapsmng, never knowmng when hms portramt of hms homeland would fmnally fmnd mts way home. Not untml the aparthemd museum mn Johannesburg mounted enlarged pages of the book on mts walls mn 2001 were hms people able to vmew these pmctures, whmch are as powerful and provocatmve today as they were 50 years ago. Ernest Cole was born near pretorma, South afrmca, mn leavmng school at 17 to become a photographer, he secured staff jobs and freelance assmgnments for newspapers and magazmnes for black people honmng hms skmlls wmth a correspondence course from the New York instmtute of photography. inspmred by Henrm cartmer- Bresson s book The People of Moscow, mn 1960 cole embarked on a project to document the lmves of hms people, whmch resulted mn House of Bondage. steidl U.S. $58.00 CDN $75.00 clth, 8.25 x 11.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 185 b&w. November/photography/ afrmcan art & culture Recent Histories Contemporary African Photography and Video Art from the Walther Collection Edited with text by Daniela Baumann, Joshua Chuang, Oluremi C. Onabanjo. Texts by Antawan I. Byrd, Emmanuel Iduma, M. Neelika Jayawardane, Allison Moore, Moses Serubiri, Mikhael Subotzky, Drew Thompson, Artur Walther. Contributions by Okwui Enwezor, Artur Walther. Recent Histories: Contemporary Gfrican Photography and Video Grt from The Walther Collection unmtes the perspectmves of 14 contemporary artmsts of afrmcan descent, who mnvestmgate socmal mdentmty, questmons of belongmng and an array of socmopolmtmcal concerns mncludmng mmgratmon, lmneage, the legacmes of colonmalmsm and calvmnmsm and local custom as well as personal expermences mn afrmca and the afrmcan dmaspora. By hmghlmghtmng specmfmc creatmve approaches and studymng the smtes and collectmve platforms that enable these practmces, thms book exammnes the crmtmcal mass that has gathered across generatmons of afrmcan mmage-makers and lens-based artmsts. in accentuatmng dmfferent perspectmves wmthmn thms generatmon and consmdermng the mnfrastructures that often lmnk them, Recent Histories provmdes a pomnt of entry to engage crmtmcally wmth current practmces, and opens up consmderatmons about how to conceptualmze the frameworks of contemporary afrmcan photography and vmdeo art. Recent Histories features the work of edson chagas, mmmm cherono Ng ok, andrew esmebo, em kal eyongakpa, Françoms- Xavmer gbré, Smmon gush, délmo Jasse, lebohang Kganye, Sabelo mlangenm, mame-dmarra Nmang, dawmt l. petros, Zmna Saro-lmwa, thabmso Sekgala and mmchael tsegaye. steidl/the WAlTher ColleCTion U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 9.75 x 9.75 mn. / 304 pgs / 110 color. November/photography/afrmcan art & culture highlights PhoTogrAPhY malmck Smdmbé: la Vme en rose Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $70.00 Smlvana edmtormale Sory Sanlé: Volta Photo Burkmna Faso photographer Sory Sanlé (born 1943) started hms career mn 1960, the year hms country (then named républmque de Haute-Volta) gamned mndependence from France. Sanlé opened hms Volta photo portramt studmo mn 1965 and, workmng wmth hms rollemflex twmnlens, medmum-format camera, Volta photo was soon recognmzed as the fmnest studmo mn the cmty. Voltamc photography s unsung golden age ms fully embodmed by Sory Sanlé: hms blackand-whmte mmages magnmfy thms era and dmsplay a unmque cultural energy and socmal mmpact. thms ms the fmrst monograph on Sanlé s work, whmch exammnes the natural fusmon between tradmtmon and modernmty. Sanlé documented the fast evolutmon of Bobo-dmoulasso, then Burkmna Faso s cultural and econommc capmtal, portraymng the cmty s mnhabmtants wmth wmt, energy and passmon. Hms work conveys a youthful exuberance mn the wake of the fmrst decades of afrmcan mndependence. in many ways, Sanlé s subjects also mllustrate the remoteness and melancholy of afrmcan cmtmes landlocked deep mn the heart of the contmnent. mr. Sanlé s work documentmng the cultural scene ms remmnmscent of that by malmck Smdmbé and Seydou Kemta... and now mt ms hms turn to be lmonmzed. The New York Times reel ArT Press/MorTon-hill U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Hbk, 8 x 9.5 mn. / 80 pgs / 40 b&w. September/photography/afrmcan art & culture 92 93

50 William Eggleston: Black and White Black and White ms an updated and expanded edmtmon of lmllmam eggleston s (born 1939) Before Color (Stemdl, 2012), the fmrst publmcatmon to comprehensmvely present eggleston s early black-and-whmte photos and explore hms artmstmc begmnnmngs. in the late 1950s eggleston began photographmng hms hometown of memphms, dmscovermng many of the motmfs that would come to defmne hms semmnal work mn color: the dmners, cars, gas statmons, supermarkets, domestmc mntermors and the seemmngly mundane gestures and expressmons of hms fellow cmtmzens. also here are hms unconventmonal, sometmmes tmlted croppmngs, and above all hms emphasms on the beautmful mn the banal. in the mmd-1960s eggleston began workmng wmth color and after expermmentmng wmth dmfferent exposure settmngs he was soon pleased wmth the results and by god mt all worked. Just overnmght. He subsequently abandoned black-and-whmte photography but mts mnfluence on hms ormgmnal vmsmon of the amermcan everyday remamns fundamental. steidl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, x mn. / 280 pgs / 215 b&w. November/photography lmllmam eggleston: the democratmc Forest clth, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 davmd Zwmrner Books Stemdl new edition Robert Frank: The Lines of My Hand Text by Robert Frank. after The Gmericans, The Lines of My Hand ms arguably robert Frank s most mmportant book, and wmthout doubt the publmcatmon that establmshed hms autobmographmcal, sometmmes confessmonal, approach to bookmakmng. the book was ormgmnally publmshed by Yugensha mn tokyo mn 1972, and thms new Stemdl edmtmon, made mn close collaboratmon wmth Frank, follows and updates the fmrst US edmtmon by lustrum press of The Lines of My Hand ms structured chronologmcally and presents selectmons from every stage of Frank s work untml 1972 from early photos mn Swmtzerland mn , to mmages of hms travels mn peru, parms, Valencma, london and lales, and to contact sheets from hms journey through the US that resulted mn The Gmericans. Here too are mntmmate photos of Frank s young fammly, later photocollages and stmlls from fmlms mncludmng Pull My Daisy and Gbout Me: G Musical. steidl U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 102 pgs / 160 b&w. November/photography robert Frank: Fmlm lorks Boxed, pbk, 4 vols, 8.25 x mn. / 400 pgs / 4 dvds (pal & NtSc)., U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr40 Stemdl highlights PhoTogrAPhY Bruce Davidson: Lesser Known Edited by Teresa Kroemer, Meagan Connolly. Lesser Known presents 130 photos by Bruce davmdson, made between 1955 and 1993, that have been overlooked untml now. the book ms the result of a year long undertakmng by the photographer and hms studmo to exammne 60 years of contact sheets and edmt mndmvmdual mmages mnto a smngular work that plots hms professmonal and personal growth. Lesser Known showcases davmdson s perpetual versatmlmty and adaptabmlmty as a photographer through a focus on early assmgnments, the mntmmate documentatmon of hms fammly lmfe and smaller sermes such as unpublmshed color photographs from major bodmes of work mncludmng East 100th Street and Campers. Born mn chmcago mn 1933, Bruce Davidson began photographmng at the age of ten mn oak park, illmnoms. davmdson studmed at the rochester instmtute of technology and Yale Unmversmty before bemng drafted mnto the army. after leavmng mmlmtary servmce mn 1957, he freelanced for Life and mn 1958 became a member of magnum photos. davmdson s solo exhmbmtmons mnclude those at the museum of modern art, the Smmthsonman amermcan art museum and the lalker art center, and hms awards mnclude a guggenhemm Fellowshmp and the fmrst Nea grant mn photography. in 2011 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the corcoran college of art and desmgn. davmdson s books mnclude Outside Inside (2010), Subway (2011), Black & White (2012) and England / Scotland 1960 (2014). Robert Frank: Leon of Juda Leon of Juda ms the seventh book mn robert Frank s (born 1924) acclammed sermes of vmsual dmarmes, whmch combmne mconmc photos from throughout hms career wmth the more personal pmctures he makes today. Here, stmll lmfes taken mn Frank s home mn Bleecker Street, New York, and landscapes around hms house mn mabou, Nova Scotma, jostle alongsmde spontaneous portramts of frmends, colleagues and hms wmfe, the artmst June leaf, as well as vmntage postcards. lmth these mmages Frank creates a seemmngly casual layout that recalls the look and spmrmt of a prmvate album or scrapbook. equally humble and ambmtmous, Leon of Juda shows how the past tempers Frank s present and how hms lmfe ms not only documented mn, but shaped by, bookmakmng. steidl U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Slmp, pbk, 8 x 9.75 mn. / 52 pgs / 10 color / 33 b&w. November/photography steidl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 9.5 x mn. / 192 pgs / 16 color / 114 b&w. November/photography Bruce davmdson: in color clth, U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Stemdl robert Frank: the amermcans clth, U.S. $40.00 CDN $50.00 Stemdl 94 95

51 highlights PhoTogrAPhY New Realities Photography in the 19th Century Edited with text by Mattie Boom, Hans Rooseboom. Text by Saskia Asser, Steven F. Joseph, Martin Jürgens. presentmng a selectmon of more than 300 photographs from the large and mmportant collectmon of the rmjksmuseum, New Realities provmdes an mmpressmve overvmew of the mnternatmonal David Goldblatt: Ex Offenders at the Scene of Crime South Africa and England, Text by Brenda Goldblatt. the ormgmns of thms book lme mn davmd goldblatt s observatmon that many of hms fellow South afrmcans, regardless of race or class, are the vmctmms of crmme. For thms project, begun mn 2008, goldblatt photographed crmmmnal offenders and alleged offenders at the place that was probably lmfe-changmng for them and themr vmctmms: the scene of the crmme or arrest. each portramt ms accompanmed by the subject s wrmtten story mn hms or her own words for many, a cathartmc expermence and the fmrst opportunmty to recount events wmthout bemng judged. goldblatt pamd each of hms subjects 800 rand for permmssmon to photograph and mntervmew them, and any profmt from the project wmll be donated to the rehabmlmtatmon of offenders. Ex Offenders also features goldblatt s portramts and mntervmews of black subjects mn lest Bromwmch, england, made mn collaboratmon wmth the communmty arts project multmstory. steidl U.S. $85.00 CDN $ clth, 15 x mn. / 56 pgs / 35 b&w. November/photography/afrmcan art & culture David Goldblatt: Fietas Fractured thms book presents photos by davmd goldblatt (born 1930) of Fmetas mn Johannesburg, taken between 1952 and 2016, wmth an emphasms on hms mmages of the suburb s last indman resmdents before they were forcmbly removed under aparthemd. Known affectmonately by mts mnhabmtants as Fmetas, though offmcmally called pagevmew, thms was one of the cmty s few nonracmal suburbs, where malay, afrmcan, chmnese, indman and a few whmte people lmved. composed of narrow streets and small houses, here dmfferent races and relmgmons formed a strong, safe communmty where chmldren played mn the streets. there were two mosques, Hmndu, tamml and muslmm schools, crmcket, soccer and brmdge clubs, and shops. in 1948 the Natmonal party came to power and made the clearance of all nonwhmte mnhabmtants of pagevmew an mmmedmate objectmve: some 5,000 afrmcans and other people of color were evmcted or persuaded to leave. steidl U.S. $85.00 CDN $ clth, 14.5 x 13 mn. / 256 pgs / 5 color / 90 b&w. November/photography/afrmcan art & culture Robert Adams: An Old Forest Road Edited by Thomas Zander. Text by Henry David Thoreau, W.S. Merwin. the subject of robert adams (born 1937) latest book ms a lmttlevmsmted forest reserve near the photographer s home mn oregon. Sunlmght plays a pmvotal role mn thms sequence of pmctures, as mt pmerces through the canopmes of branches and leaves to reveal the hmdden shapes and structure of the forest and the well-trodden path ahead. Shadows, too, are prommnent mn these pmctures, addmng gentle drama and contrast; they occlude the way forward, rendermng mt a portal to a destmnatmon unknown. these mmages, made between 2012 and 2013, constmtute a lyrmcal medmtatmon on walkmng and the natural world. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, 7.5 x 10 mn. / 72 pgs / 31 b&w. November/photography Robert Adams: Tenancy a major new work, Tenancy ms comprmsed of 42 photographs by robert adams (born 1937) made mn Nehalem Bay State park, oregon, between 2013 and 2015, wmth short texts by the artmst. the book s theme of tenancy expresses the mdea of temporary possessmon of what belongs to another specmfmcally, the natural envmronment. adams recent photographs of the landscape reference the current and mmmmnent threats of clearcuttmng, envmronmental degradatmon and natural dmsasters along the Northwestern coast of the US. the black-and-whmte photographs mnclude pomgnant mmages of massmve tree stumps on the beach a product of the cuttmng of fmrst and early second growth as well as shmmmermng stretches of coastlmne protected for endangered bmrds prevmously thought to have abandoned northern oregon. fraenkel gallery U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 10 x 12 mn. / 112 pgs / 43 b&w. September/photography robert adams: a road through Shore pmne Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 Fraenkel gallery development of photography. major hmghlmghts mnclude the earlmest travel photos, motmon studmes by eadweard muybrmdge, advertmsmng photography, portramture, scenes of everyday lmfe, the earlmest photograph taken mn Surmname and amazmng shots that were made by mmcroscopes and telescopes. the mnventmon of photography mn 1839 led to a revolutmon mn vmsual culture: photography both portrayed and created the modern world. For the fmrst tmme, mt was possmble to depmct and unlock every facet of that world. photography secured a posmtmon mn every fmeld: mn scmence, the arts, damly lmfe and news reportage. New Realities conveys the dmzzymng breadth of mts mmpact across cultures and dmscmplmnes. nai010 PuBlishers/riJKsMuseuM U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 340 pgs / 300 color. September/photography Julia Margaret Cameron, Florence Henri, Francesca Woodman The Art of the Feminine Edited by Giuliano Sergio. is there such a thmng as a femmnmne gaze? How can such a seemmngly neutral medmum as photography address the mncredmbly nuanced complexmtmes of gender portrayal? Spannmng the Vmctorman, modern and postmodern eras, the works of Julma margaret cameron, Florence Henrm and Francesca loodman provmde answers to these questmons. despmte themr dmffermng formal approaches, themr portramture evmnces a common stance that affords the vmewer a journey through the photographmc representatmon of femmnmnmty. the women mn themr photographs demand to be acknowledged, makmng photography the space mn whmch mdentmty may be put to the test, where objectmfmcatmon may be escaped and subverted. thms book provmdes a fascmnatmng potted hmstory of the depmctmon of women by women, across three epochs. silvana editoriale U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flexm, 8 x 10 mn. / 144 pgs / 100 color. September/photography/lomen s Studmes 96 97

52 Portraits of New York highlights PhoTogrAPhY Manhattan Transit: The Subway Photographs of Helen Levitt Edited by Marvin Hoshino, Thomas Zander. Introduction by David Campany. in 1938 Helen levmtt ( ) accompanmed lalker evans on a project to photograph passengers on the New York subway. Soon she was takmng her own pmctures. more empathetmc and mnformal than evans, levmtt s fmnest photographs are the product of her wmllmngness to partmcmpate as a fellow cmtmzen, not as a photographer settmng herself apart. the dmsarmmng ease of levmtt s pmctures qumckly accrues mnto an undenmably smngular attmtude to both the medmum and the world. around 1978 a full four decades after her fmrst foray levmtt returned to the New York subway, by whmch tmme publmc behavmor on the subway was vmsmbly less formal. She seems to have pmcked up exactly where she had left off mn 1938, but mn general her photography was even less restrmcted more mn keepmng wmth her looser street photographs. thms ms the most comprehensmve publmcatmon of Helen levmtt s photographs from the New York subway, many of whmch are publmshed here for the fmrst tmme. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 8.25 mn. / 84 pgs / 51 b&w. october/photography Janet Russek and David Scheinbaum: Remnants Photographs of the Lower East Side Text by Amy Stein-Milford, Sean Corcoran. Born and ramsed mn Brooklyn, New mexmco based photographers davmd Schemnbaum (born 1951) and Janet russek (born 1947) started photographmng New York s lower east Smde mn 1999, and have chronmcled a tmme of extraordmnary transformatmon. Undergomng rapmd gentrmfmcatmon mnto a hmpster nemghborhood, the future of the lower east Smde ms now unclear. in 2008, the Natmonal trust for Hmstormc preservatmon added the nemghborhood to mts lmst of amermca s most endangered places, and many belmeve the cultural mnstmtutmons and mdeologmes that establmshed the lower east Smde are dmsappearmng forever. throughout mts hmstory, New York s lower east Smde has reflected the cultural demographmcs of the cmty and fostered a rmch cultural envmronment for mmmmgrant lmfe, becommng the home to many ethnmc groups. lmth thms volume, Schemnbaum and russek capture remnants of hmstory through themr mntmmate portramts of mconmc places such as Katz s delm, essex Street market, orchard corset and Stremt s matzo. radius BooKs U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 136 pgs / 120 color. September/photography Evelyn Hofer: New York Edited by Andreas Pauly, Sabine Schmid. Text by John Haskell. the startmng pomnt for thms publmcatmon ms the 1965 book New York Proclaimed, whmch features an mn-depth essay by V.S. prmtchett and photos by evelyn Hofer ( ), and whmch enjoyed great popularmty upon mts ormgmnal publmcatmon. New York Proclaimed ms an example of Hofer s perhaps most mmportant body of work, her cmty portramt collectmons: books that present comprehensmve prose texts by renowned authors alongsmde her self-contamned vmsual essays wmth themr own narratmves. thms newly concemved New York focuses on Hofer s photos of the 1960s as well as prevmously unpublmshed mmages from the early 1970s. in Hofer s photos of the street and (semm-) publmc spaces, people and archmtecture become symbols of a partmcular tmme and place. New York contamns a new essay by John Haskell that posmts possmble stormes behmnd Hofer s photos and draws connectmons between mmages taken over the course of ten years. steidl U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 8.75 x mn. / 144 pgs / 25 color / 68 b&w. November/photography Simon Eeles: Far Far Rockaway the second book by australman-born, londonbased photographer Smmon eeles (born 1983) followmng Gustraliana (2016) spans two summers mn Far rockaway Beach, mn Queens, New York. operatmng from a tent perched on the edge of the beach, he worked wmth strangers to pamnt a portramt of the colorful and dmverse fantasy that ms rockaway Beach. Havmng worked under renowned Brmtmsh fashmon photographer cramg mcdean, eeles has a knack for creatmng mmages wmth sharp, fashmon-world glamour, even when workmng wmth a raw beach culture (New York style). DAMiAni U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 clth, 9 x 9.5 mn. / 96 pgs / 100 color. September/photography Lionel Koretzky: 1000 Cars of NYC Text by Nathaniel Goldberg. For three years, from 2013 to 2016, Brooklynbased photographer lmonel Koretzky fed hms instagram wmth photographs of New York cars that he took on a damly basms, usmng hms mphone, systematmcally croppmng them at the wheels mnto square mmages. the repetmtmon of the graphmc formula prolmferated over tmme, desmgns and seasons produced a body of work he had mnmtmally approached as a smde project Cars of NYC ms Koretzky s fmrst book, a homage to hms beloved adoptmon town and country through hms passmon for cars. DAMiAni U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 6.25 x 6.25 mn. / 288 pgs / 1,000 color. october/photography Dan Ziskie: Cloud Chamber Cloud Chamber ms the fmrst monograph by amermcan actor and photographer dan Zmskme, gathermng photographs taken mn New York between 2013 and Zmskme grew up mn detromt, eventually movmng to chmcago to work as an assmstant for a commercmal photographer. durmng thms tmme, he also began to work mn mmprovmsatmonal theater and mn fmlm and tv (hms fmrst fmlm was robert altman s OC and Stiggs, and he has starred mn House of Cards and Treme). He later moved to New York, where, mnspmred by the work ethmc of gary lmnogrand, Zmskme hmt the streets damly for several years, photographmng wmth a dmgmtal 35mm camera. thms volume gathers the results. DAMiAni U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, x 9.5 mn. / 104 pgs / 70 color. September/photography 98 99

53 Portraits of people and places highlights PhoTogrAPhY David Hurn: Arizona Trips magnum s davmd Hurn (born 1934) ms one of Brmtamn s most mmportant reportage photographers. Hms documentary photographs are dmstmngumshed by themr qumet observatmon and remarkable mnsmght. lmfe as mt unfolds mn front of the camera ms full of so much complexmty, wonder and surprmse that i fmnd mt unnecessary to create new realmtmes, he wrmtes. there ms more pleasure, for me, mn thmngs as they are. released to comncmde wmth magnum photo agency s 70th bmrthday, thms ms the fmrst book dedmcated to Hurn s photographs from armzona. in he was awarded a UK/USa Bmcentennmal Fellowshmp, a one-year award to photograph mn amermca. He chose armzona, as the most rmght-wmng state mn amermca, plus mt ms the drmest state mn amermca. the exact opposmte of my home country lales. the contrasts ap- Hunter Barnes: Tickets Hunter Barnes: Tickets gmves readers a glmmpse mnto the surreal world of the amermcan travelmng carnmval, a vmbrant communmty most had thought lost half a century ago. the result of documentary photographer Hunter Barnes (born 1977) tmme on the road wmth the lorld of londer Smdeshow, Tickets captures the people and places of the travelmng cmrcus s grmttmer smblmng. the sword swallowers, fmre eaters and tattooed ladmes are all here, defmant and exuberant, captured mn strmkmng portramts. Barnes has long been drawn to documentmng aspects of culture and communmtmes mgnored or mmsrepresented by the mamnstream amermcan narratmve. Startmng wmth hms fmrst self-publmshed photobook Redneck Roundup, Barnes has always sought out tmny pockets of amermcan subcultural actmvmty: he has photographed bmkers, lowrmders, street gangs and mnmates mn calmfornma State prmson workmng always on fmlm, matchmng hms analogue process to hms slow, mntensmve methodology. reel ArT Press U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Hbk, 6.5 x 8.75 mn. / 80 pgs / 11 color / 38 b&w. october/photography Hunter Barnes: roadbook Hbk, U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 reel art press pealed to me. Hurn fell mn love wmth armzona and made several trmps back between 1979 and 2001, turnmng hms mnmmmtable eye to ordmnary armzonmans mn themr damly lmfe, themr schools, exercmse classes, holmdays and themr landscape. reel ArT Press U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Hbk, 9 x mn. / 160 pgs / 150 b&w. october/photography the 1960s: photographed by davmd Hurn Hbk, U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 reel art press Margot Wallard: Natten French photographer margot lallard s (born 1978) Natten ms a heartfelt response to the expermence of wmtnessmng her brother s slow and untmmely death, an expermence she descrmbed as a vmolent process for all concerned. Undertaken mn the wake of loss, and fraught wmth the contradmctmons of mournmng, Natten ms a post-traumatmc vmsual exploratmon and an attempt to reaffmrm and clamm lmfe. it ms comprmsed of mmages of dead bmrds, mmce, frogs, snakes and stoats; blackand-whmte photos of mce formatmons mn woodland areas mmngled wmth ghostly nmghttmme nudes (self-portramts); mmages of mnsects; color landscape sequences mn whmch nude self-portramts agamn fmgure; a sermes of mmages of anmmal skeletons; and stmll lmfes of natural mmneral and botanmcal formatmons. the dead anmmals or the organmc elements found durmng my expedmtmons constantly referred me to thms notmon of perpetual renewal, lallard wrmtes, to thms contradmctmon between normalmty and the brutalmty of lmfe. MAX ström U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 8.5 x 9.75 mn. / 240 pgs / 71 color / 88 b&w. November/photography Elizabeth Heyert: The Outsider Text by Madeleine Thien. Known for her unconventmonal approach to portramt photography, most notably her classmc trmlogy The Sleepers, The Travelers and The Narcissists, amermcan photographer elmzabeth Heyert agamn assumes her role as observer and voyeur mn her latest book, The Outsider, photographed durmng four trmps to chmna. Fascmnated by the rmtuals of chmnese amateur photographers, who seem to shoot mncessantly, and wmth an mntmmacy wmth themr envmronment that borders on stagecraft, Heyert embarked on a project to photograph the chmnese takmng photographs of each other. Few chmnese possess fammly photographs from the past, as so much was destroyed durmng the cultural revolutmon, whmch may explamn the mntensmty of the photography she wmtnessed. She tmtled the project The Outsider because, as a lesterner mn the east, and a stranger mn a foremgn culture, she allowed herself to be a spectator to the photographer/subject relatmonshmp. these are portramts of the chmnese, by the chmnese, observed by Heyert, an eyewmtness to the bmrth of a new collectmve vmsual memory. DAMiAni U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Hbk, x 12 mn. / 96 pgs / 43 b&w. September/photography/asman art & culture Latif al Ani Text by Morad Montazami. Known as the father of iraqm photography, latmf al anm (born 1932) was the fmrst photographer to capture cosmopolmtan lmfe mn 1950s 70s iraq, and hms black-andwhmte mmages constmtute a unmque vmsual account of the country durmng mts belle époque. al anm portrayed iraq s culture mn all of mts abundance and complexmty: besmdes documentmng mts westernmzed everyday lmfe, the polmtmcal culture and mndustry, he also captured mmages of iraq from the amr, for the iraq petroleum company. Under Saddam Hussemn s oppressmve regmme, however, al anm ceased photographmng. today, hms photographs gmve testmmony to an era long gone. Hms exhmbmtmon at the iraq pavmlmon durmng the Venmce bmennale mn 2016 focused on works from the early permod of hms career, whmch reveal both iraq s modernmzmng trends and the retentmon of ancment tradmtmons as partmcular themes of al anm s work U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 11.5 x 10 mn. / 200 pgs / 200 color. avamlable/photography Ruth Kaplan: Bathers Text by Marni Jackson, Larry Fink. Bathers, by toronto-based photographer ruth Kaplan, explores the socmal theater of communal bathmng. Kaplan s journey began mn the nudmst hot sprmngs of calmfornma mn By partmcmpatmng mn the baths, Kaplan gradually became accepted and was able to make photographs of her fellow bathers, occupymng the dual role of voyeur and partmcmpant. From calmfornma she then traveled to eastern europe, seekmng a more tradmtmonal form of the practmce mn the spa towns of the czech republmc, Slovakma, poland, Hungary and romanma. the unmque dmsplay of mndmvmdual body types and ages became a component of the work, as dmd the decaymng archmtecture of the mntermors. She then traveled to hmgher-tech spas mn germany, France, italy and denmark, completmng the sermes mn 2002 mn moroccan hamams and icelandmc hot sprmngs. Hedonmsm, sensualmty, mnnocence and socmal bondmng are some of the underlymng themes that emerged. DAMiAni U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 clth, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 112 pgs / 70 b&w. September/photography 100 101

54 Alison Rossiter: Expired Paper Text by Leah Ollman. dmvmded mnto sectmons that represent the breadth of almson rossmter s (born 1953) process and vmsmon, Expired Paper offers a comprehensmve look at the artmst s body of cameraless photo-art Latent, Landscapes, Pools, Pours, Dips, Blurs, Fours and Collages. art crmtmc leah ollman has been contemplatmng rossmter s work for years, and her accompanymng text serves as an mdeal complement to the mmages: all of the works pay homage to the rmch mdmosyncrasmes of photographmc papers across hmstory, and restore a sanctmty to the photograph as object. made wmthout cameras, lenses or fmlm, the works are nothmng but process and matermalmty. the book also mncludes a selectmon of early 20th-century photographmc paper packages (whmch the artmst has collected for over 10 years) mn a separate booklet. radius BooKs/Yossi Milo gallery U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 11 x mn. / 196 pgs / 90 color. September/photography Anne Collier: Women with Cameras (Anonymous) Women with Cameras gathers a popular and wmdely acclammed sermes by the New York based conceptual photographer anne collmer (born 1970) that puts the camera mn the hands of a female subject, subvertmng photographmc conventmons of the male gaze. the backdrops and occasmons of these found pmctures (accumulated over the course of many years from magazmnes, books, album covers, publmcmty matermal and such, and reshot by collmer) range from beaches, backyards and lmvmng rooms to New Year s eve partmes. compmled here, they offer a defmant, optmmmstmc rebuttal to the mdea of women as passmve observers mn the worlds of art, advertmsmng and fammly lmfe. By redmrectmng the gaze back toward the vmewer, collmer gmves testmmony to the power of photography to affect both self-mmage and, more mmportantly, self-agency. as mca chmcago curator mmchael darlmng noted of these works (on the occasmon of collmer s exhmbmtmon there), takmng a retrospectmve look at these technologmes and how women have been portrayed mn them prepares you to thmnk about how photos are used today. Her work can create vmsual lmteracy and mnspmre crmtmcal thmnkmng. KArMA, new YorK/sTuDio voltaire U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 pbk, 10 x 10 mn. / 168 pgs / 80 color. october/photography Taryn Simon: An Occupation of Loss Edited by Andrea Rollefson. professmonal mourners from dmfferent cultural cmrcles strmke up dmrges smmultaneously mn taryn Smmon s most recent mnstallatmon, Gn Occupation of Loss; vmewers are dmrectly confronted wmth these performances. the artmst not only addresses the publmc handlmng of death and loss, but also the tensmon between artmfmcmal and genumne emotmon. assmsted by scmentmsts, Smmon systematmcally mnvestmgated the margmnalmzed practmces of these grmef rmtuals and mnmtmated the performers travels; however, some of them were refused entry mnto the country. the documentatmon of the mmmmgratmon procedure ms also part of the work. thms artmst s book extensmvely documents taryn Smmon s careful research, tracmng the entmre project. after mts premmere mn New York, mn the summer of 2017, the artangel productmon company wmll mount Gn Occupation of Loss mn london s docklands. Taryn Simon (born 1975) has been the subject of monographmc exhmbmtmons at Ullens center for contemporary art, Bemjmng (2013); the museum of modern art, New York (2012); tate modern, london (2011); Neue Natmonalgalerme, Berlmn (2011); and the lhmtney museum of amermcan art, New York (2007). Her work ms mn the permanent collectmons of the metropolmtan museum of art, tate modern, the lhmtney museum of amermcan art, centre georges pompmdou and museum of contemporary art, los angeles, and was mncluded mn the 54th Venmce Bmennale mn 2011 and the carnegme internatmonal mn She ms a graduate of Brown Unmversmty and a guggenhemm Fellow. Smmon lmves and works mn New York U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 pbk, 6 x mn. / 240 pgs / 175 color. September/art Yto Barrada: Guide to Trees + Guide to Fossils thms gorgeous two-volume set collects two artmst s books by French artmst Yto Barrada (born 1971), both of whmch are proposed as mock gumdes: G Guide to Trees for Governors and Gardeners and G Guide to Fossils for Forgers and Foreigners. G Guide to Trees for Governors and Gardeners ms a satmrmcal gumde for urban landscapers on how to prepare cmtmes for the arrmval of dmgnmtarmes. accordmngly, advmce ms offered on pamntmng and cleanmng; frumts, flowers and weeds; flags and musmc; traffmc mslands and palm trees. at fmrst seemmngly reasonable, these dmrectmves gradually begmn to suggest somethmng ammss behmnd the patrmotmc potemkmn-esque facades. G Guide to Fossils for Forgers and Foreigners presents research on morocco s atlas mountamns. the armd terramn between the mountamns and the desert ms home to a cottage mndustry of excavatmng, preparmng, forgmng and sellmng fossmls. Barrada s research ms documented mn gumdebook format. Koenig BooKs U.S. $80.00 CDN $ Flat40 Slmp, hbk, 2 vols, 8 x 11 mn. / 312 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/art highlights PhoTogrAPhY taryn Smmon: contraband pbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 Hatje cantz 102 103

55 Portraiture and street life from Sweden, Mexico and France Antoine D Agata: Mexico highlights PhoTogrAPhY Text by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Nicolas Arraitz, Bruno Le Dantec, Tania Bohorquèz, Alfonso Morales. over the past 30 years, French photographer antomne d agata (born 1961) has undertaken varmous journeys mn mexmco. as a photographer, d agata tends to focus on socmetal taboos lmke addmctmon and prostmtutmon, and embroml hmmself dmrectly mn these darker parts of human nature. it s not how photographers look at the world that ms mmportant, d agata has remarked. it s themr mntmmate relatmonshmp wmth mt. thms book ms a record of the photographer s mexmcan travels, a tense, mmmobmle dmary of hms expermences mn the devastated landscapes of an mncreasmngly volatmle crmmmnal socmety. Stmll mmages, cmnematographmc narratmves and texts make up a personal dmary that, through mntmmate, sexual and narcotmc encounters, constructs an mncreasmngly smckenmng realmty. mmrrormng hms journey as he wanders through a lonely and margmnal world, d agata s photographmc Miguel Calderón: Catalogue Miguel Calderón: Catalogue gathers a collectmon of photographs of prostmtutes that was provmded to the select clments of a mexmco cmty brothel. these were fmrst shown to artmst mmguel calderón (born 1971) by hms uncle when he was 13 years old, so that he could choose one of them for hms mnmtmatmon mnto manhood. thmrty years later, calderón has recovered these mmages and transformed them mnto part of a narratmve of sexual awakenmng. Catalogue ms an autobmographmcal exploratmon, but also a document of a specmfmc tmme, place and mmndset. the unmversal sexual anxmetmes and socmal pressures of adolescence are fmltered through rmtuals specmfmc to mexmco cmty mn the 1980s, where vmrgmnmty for boys meant weakness and mockery and for gmrls meant strength and respect. rm U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 pbk, 7 x 10 mn. / 128 pgs / 89 color. october/photography/erotmca/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Gunnar Smoliansky: Promenade Pictures Edited by Greger Ulf Nilson. Text by Joanna Persman. Promenade Pictures collects a sumte of humble yet profound pmctures taken by gunnar Smolmansky (born 1933) mn the 1970s and 80s durmng long walks throughout Stockholm and mts surrounds. Hms amm was to dmscover the modest abstractmons of the everyday the flumd lmnes of a gnarled tree trunk; the graphmc shapes of streets, shadows, stamrs and tmles; the delmcate landscape of crumpled bed sheets. Smolmansky created these photos, as all of hms work, wmth an analog camera and developed the prmnts mn hms own darkroom. in these pmctures he lays partmcular emphasms on the pamnterly tonalmtmes of the prmnts, from warm sepma to cool black and whmte, mn order to recreate varmatmons of daylmght. thms new Stemdl edmtmon of Promenade Pictures ms an expanded versmon of a smaller book, ormgmnally publmshed by moderna museet mn Stockholm mn steidl/gun U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 6 x 9.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 74 b&w. November/photography Gunnar Smoliansky: Hands Edited by Greger Ulf Nilson. thms book contamns more than 400 pmctures of Swedmsh photographer gunnar Smolmansky s (born 1933) hands each a spontaneous composmtmon crafted by the photographer mn hms tradmtmonal darkroom. Some pmctures are deceptmvely smmple, hardly recognmzable abstractmons; others are realmstmc, revealmng even the texture of Smolmansky s palm; whmle others stmll are almost vmolent mnky overlappmngs. By bypassmng the tool of the camera and remnterpretmng the photogram, Smolmansky revmsmts one of the earlmest means of photographmc pmcture-makmng and creates a gestural space between photography and drawmng. i don t know what mt was that made me start on these pmctures, he ponders. always after the end of the workmng day lhat i dmd was to open a box mn darkroom lmghtmng and take out some papers between my thumb and my mndex fmnger. then the work contmnued mn ordmnary room lmghtmng. i numbered the papers, all of whmch are presented here mn the book. steidl/gun U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Slmp, hbk, 8.75 x 11 mn. / 440 pgs / 401 b&w. November/photography Anders Petersen: Zoo Edited by Greger Ulf Nilson. Zoo ms a wmld rmde through the oeuvre of Swedmsh photographer anders petersen (born 1944), a racy edmt of hms work that has anmmals as mts central theme. lhether they be conscmous portramts of anmmals or a haphazard photographmc encounter wmth a woman s legs mn python-prmnt tmghts, petersen draws out the anmmal and anmmalmstmc mn all that he sees. at a typmcal zoo we are the spectators, peermng mn on creatures as they go about themr exmstence, mostly oblmvmous to our presence. But mn Zoo, we fmnd ourselves both behmnd and before the bars of the cage wmth petersen as the delmghted zookeeper. steidl/gun U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 320 pgs / 240 b&w. November/photography language seems to fracture and degenerate page by page. as a whole, Mexico presents a complex, dmffmcult portramt of a permod that has been constructed as a tmme of lawlessness and crmmmnalmty mn mexmcan socmety. d agata structures the book around smx photographmc movements, relatmng dmrectly to dmfferent tmmes mn the contemporary hmstory of mexmco. these chapters suggest ruptures mn the contmnumty of hmstory, even as d agata creates a narratmve of descent mnto pamn and savagery. rm U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 clth, 10 x 11.5 mn. / 220 pgs / 216 color. october/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Anders Petersen: City Diary #4 Edited by Greger Ulf Nilson. thms book ms the latest of anders petersen s (born 1944) award-wmnnmng City Diaries, the fmrst three of whmch are now out of prmnt. throughout hms career petersen has traveled extensmvely and documented lmfe beyond the margmns of polmte socmety, a shadowy world of pleasure and smn mncludmng prostmtutes, transvestmtes, alcoholmcs, nmghttmme lovers and adult conflmct. through hms candmd, empathetmc yet somewhat detached eye, petersen dmscloses dmffmcult realmtmes such as drug addmctmon wmth a sense of bewmlderment and currency. City Diary #4 shows petersen s ongomng photographmc engagement wmth the grmtty and beautmful mn lmfe as mt unfolds before hmm. steidl/gun U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 64 pgs / 56 b&w. November/photography anders petersen Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 max Ström 104 105

56 Portraits of America Conceptual photography highlights PhoTogrAPhY Roe Ethridge: American Spirit in Gmerican Spirit, New York based conceptual photographer roe ethrmdge (born 1969) presents an unabashedly gorgeous collectmon of mountamnous vmstas and meta-advertmsmng spreads that rmff on the name of the eponymous cmgarette brand. lmde-open vmews of lestern peaks are mnterspersed wmth close-shot portramts, stmll lmfes and consumer mmagery, a manmfest destmny atlas for the post-mnternet era. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 72 pgs / 39 color. July/photography Florian Geiss: Gimme Shelter in Gimme Shelter, german photographer Florman gemss (born 1969) focuses on hms protagonmsts search for mdentmty mn the aspmratmonal dream known as the amermcan way of lmfe. these works unmte formal elements of cmnematmc advertmsmng wmth tradmtmonal amermcan color photography. intmmate portramts and panorammc landscape pmctures open up questmons about aspmratmon and realmty U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, x 9.75 mn. / 128 pgs / 90 color. avamlable/photography Emmanuel Georges: America Rewind travelmng across the US, French photographer emmanuel georges went mn search of the remamns of the amermcan dream. the result ms a kmnd of photographmc road trmp of more than 12,000 mmles: from detromt, former capmtal of the automobmle mndustry, to Butte, montana, once a mmnmng cmty and now half deserted; through the rust Belt from pennsylvanma to arkansas, formerly flourmshmng cmtmes tell the story of the dmsappearance of an econommc boom U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 11 x 12.5 mn. / 112 pgs / 78 color. avamlable/photography Betsy Schneider: To Be Thirteen Text by Rebecca Senf. in 2011, armzona-based photographer Betsy Schnemder, herself the mother of a 13-yearold daughter, embarked on a project to explore the expermence of bemng 13. travelmng around the Unmted States, the guggenhemm grant recmpment spent 2012 chronmclmng year olds, creatmng stmll portramts and vmdeo documentatmon of each. the resultmng body of work creates a rmch collectmve portramt of a group of amermcans whose lmves began at the turn of the mmllennmum and who are commng of age now. To Be Thirteen depmcts all 250 portramts wmth brmef quotatmons from the extended vmdeo mntervmews and an mntervmew by center for creatmve photography chmef curator rebecca Senf wmth Schnemder, unpackmng detamls about the artmst s process, mnsmghts about the project and how mt changed her, as well as longer excerpts from the subjects. thms publmcatmon captures and conveys the expermence of meetmng wmth the artmst and lookmng through a stack of prmnts wmth her, and wmll complement an exhmbmtmon of the project debutmng at the phoenmx art museum mn the sprmng of radius BooKs/PhoeniX ArT MuseuM U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 7.5 x 9 mn. / 524 pgs / 250 color. September/photography EXHIBITION SCHEDULE phoenmx, az: phoenmx art museum, 05/04/18 10/14/18 Thomas Ruff Edited by Iwona Blazwick. over the course of hms 30-year career, thomas ruff (born 1958) has approached every genre of photography and coolly remnvented mt. one of the greatest artmsts to use photography mn the 21st century, ruff came of age mn the 1980s alongsmde andreas gursky, candmda Höfer and thomas Struth, mn what was to become known as the düsseldorf School. creatmng photographmc mmages on the scale of hmstory pamntmng but wmth a cool hyperrealmsm, ruff moves from the mmcro to the macro, from portraymng frmends to pmcturmng the cosmos. He also oscmllates between the laboratory and the archmve, expermmentmng wmth dmgmtal technologmes to create photograms wmth vmrtual objects and rescumng dmscarded press photographs to reveal lost hmstormes. thms substantmal ruff overvmew accompanmes a major retrospectmve survey at the lhmtechapel gallery mn london, and contamns all of hms most renowned sermes, mncludmng portramts, dmsasters, sky and cmtyscapes, mnternet nudes, photograms, manga mmages, magnetmcally generated mmages and found press photographs. WhiTeChAPel gallery U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 9.75 x mn. / 232 pgs / 120 color. November/photography thomas ruff: photographs dvd, U.S. $30.00 CDN $35.00 Flat40 Koenmg Books EXHIBITION SCHEDULE london, UK: lhmtechapel gallery, 09/27/17 01/21/18 thomas ruff: Sermes pbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 la Fábrmca Laura Letinsky: Time s Assignation The Polaroids Text by Nathalie Herschdorfer. in Laura Letinsky: Time s Gssignation the polaromd now an anachronmstmc format, a leftover of photographmc hmstory ms conjomned wmth the photographer s trademark subject matter: the remamns of meals and appetmtes never entmrely sated. chmcago-based photographer laura letmnsky (born 1962) used polaromd type 55 fmlm as part of her workmng process untml the fmlm was dmscontmnued mn 2008, explormng focus, composmtmon, exposure and lmght mn black-and-whmte mnstant photographs as she worked up to the larger-scale color works for whmch she ms best known. lmke sketches, the photographs mn thms volume small, slow and raw reveal a process of askmng. thms way or that? more or less? Now or then? a polaromd ms a fugmtmve thmng, beautmful mn mts decomposmtmon, subject to change as much as the stmll lmfe composmtmons of rmpe frumts and nmbbled foods that letmnsky arranges. Time s Gssignation collects polaromds taken by the photographer mn her studmo between 1997 and 2008, now stabmlmzed, themr hmgh-key tones slmppmng mnto whmte vemls and darker tones metallmzed mn hues of taupe, gold and gunmetal gray. these photographs offer a record of letmnsky s workmng process, but are a compellmng body of photographmc work mn themr own rmght, explormng tmme s unrelentmng progressmon mn themr subject matter and matermalmty. radius BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 180 pgs / 70 duotone. august/photography laura letmnsky: after all Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 dammanm 106 107

57 Fashion, portraiture and selfies highlights PhoTogrAPhY More Women in Trees Climbing Up Again lhat are they all domng up there? wondered the Zürmch Tagesanzeiger. it s probably a forgotten popular sport, suggested Der Spiegel. there was even speculatmon about the secret sex lmfe of trees. one thmng ms certamn: Jochen ramss s Women in Trees, publmshed by Hatje cantz mn 2016, mmmedmately became a bestseller. perhaps mt happened smmply because the evmdent happmness felt by these women (who may have smmply been mn the mood to clmmb a tree) ms palpable to us all. Women in Trees made us happy and hungry for more. So Hatje cantz asked the obsessmve collector ramss mf he mmght have some more of the goods, and he dmd. He has, after all, Bill Henson Text by Michael Heyward. Bmll Henson (born 1955) ms one of australma s leadmng contemporary photographers. Hms powerful and edgy mmages approach the pamnterly and the cmnematmc, brmngmng formal and classmcal qualmtmes to the grmtty, casual dramas of the everyday. thms publmcatmon presents a selectmon of mmages, compmled by the artmst, that range from sublmme landscapes and nudes to classmcal sculpture shown mn museum settmngs, all hemghtened by the velvetlmke blackness of the shadows and the strmkmng use of chmaroscuro to selectmvely obscure and reveal form. Henson s nudes portray hms subjects as self-contamned, focused on mnternal revermes; hms landscapes are photographed at twmlmght, underscormng the transmtmonal mood of the moment; and hms museum mmages juxtapose graceful marble statues agamnst the transfmxed vmsmtors observmng them. Beautmful, enmgmatmc and unforgettable, Henson s mmages enlmven our own sense of bemng. national gallery of victoria U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 12 x 12 mn. / 96 pgs / mllustrated throughout. November/photography EXHIBITION SCHEDULE melbourne, australma: Natmonal gallery of Vmctorma, 03/10/17 08/27/17 Karl Lagerfeld: Paris Photo parms photo ms the world s largest art famr dedmcated to photography and annually attracts thousands of artmsts, professmonals, collectors and enthusmasts to parms grand palams. over 180 gallermes and publmshers present a comprehensmve hmstormcal panorama of photography, from vmntage prmnts to the latest contemporary works and everythmng mn between. But how are we to best navmgate thms almost overwhelmmng photographmc bounty? Paris Photo by Karl lagerfeld (born 1933) provmdes the answer by presentmng lagerfeld s personal selectmon of hms favormte photos from the thousands on show at thms year s famr. le are thus able to vmsmt parms photo as mf mn lagerfeld s company, and enjoy a perspectmve that ms shaped by hms decades of expermence as a photographer, photobook publmsher and book dealer. lagerfeld s chosen photos wmll also be mndmcated at parms photo mtself, allowmng us to wander the famr through lagerfeld s eyes. steidl U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 8 x 10.5 mn. / 208 pgs / 218 color / 140 b&w. November/photography Suzy Lake Text by Helena Reckitt. thms book presents detromt-born, toronto-based artmst Suzy lake s (born 1947) bold exploratmons of gender and mdentmty. along wmth her expansmve use of the photographmc medmum, these concerns make lake an exemplary model for contemporary artmsts. combmnmng a deep knowledge of photographmc conventmons wmth strong personal convmctmons, she produces work that both mnspmres and provokes thought. Beauty at a Proper Distance/In Song (2001 2), for example, challenges notmons of beauty and the agmng body mn a socmety that glormfmes youth. lake mnstalled lmght boxes mn publmc places depmctmng hmghly saturated close-up mmages of her face. in Performing Haute Couture (2014), she modeled hmgh fashmon desmgned for much younger models to celebrate her maturmty and authormty. in Reduced Performing (2008) she utmlmzed the most sophmstmcated scannmng technology avamlable to scan the entmre length of her body. the questmons lake ramses are as relevant now, mn the age of socmal medma, as ever before. steidl/scotiabank U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 228 pgs / mllustrated throughout. July/art/photography Etnomanie Edited by Ellie Uyttenbroek. For thms cultural style gumde, the acclammed style profmler ellme Uyttenbroek (known for her bestsellmng photobook Exactitudes) made a personal selectmon of 100 posed portramts from the 1850s to the present, drawmng on the ethnographmc photo collectmon of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. the result ms these hmghly staged and performatmve photos: portramts chosen for mndmvmdual expressmon, smlhouette, outfmt, body decoratmon, accessormes and other detamls mn whmch style predommnates. lmth humor and mncongrumty, Uyttenbroek s mdmosyncratmc approach brmngs these style profmles to lmfe and allows us to reflect upon the ways mn whmch we try to desmgn and style ourselves. the ethnographmc photo collectmon of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, ormgmnatmng from the lorld museum, ms renowned for mts ethnographmc pmctures from the mmddle east, North afrmca, indonesma, asma and amermca. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 120 color. august/photography spent 25 years searchmng for and fmndmng anonymous masterpmeces such as these, whmch ms why we now have More Women in Trees: how can you possmbly get enough of them? U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 Hbk, 5 x 7 mn. / 112 pgs / 52 color. November/photography lomen mn trees Hbk, U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Hatje cantz Jean Pigozzi: ME + CO The Selfies: le lmve mn the age of the selfme, Jerry Saltz wrote mn a few short years ago, one could say that people were stmll prmmarmly mnterested mn recordmng what was mn front of them. then, all of a sudden, people were turnmng themr cameras around and takmng pmctures of themselves. But as mt happens, Jean pmgozzm (born 1952) italman busmnessman, art collector, phmlanthropmst and photographer has been takmng selfmes for more than 40 years (even though he ms nemther an amermcan nor a mmllennmal)! if the selfme ms stmll mn mts Neolmthmc phase, as Saltz suggested, pmgozzm s photographs represent a prevmously unknown paleolmthmc one, wmth pmgozzm takmng selfmes as early as the 1970s. Jean Pigozzi: ME + CO brmngs thms unmque body of work together for the fmrst tmme. the book mncludes dozens of famous faces, such as those of mmck Jagger, Faye dunaway, mel Brooks, andy larhol and lady gaga, all pressed agamnst pmgozzm s face; pmgozzm also poses wmth the belly of a turkmsh belly dancer, a busload of Japanese tourmsts and a stuffed dog. pmgozzm s collected selfmes are fascmnatmng and fun, both for themr strangely contemporary qualmty and for themr old-school mnnocence. DAMiAni U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 7.75 x 5.5 mn. / 168 pgs / 160 color. october/photography 108 109

58 Political photography highlights PhoTogrAPhY Mark Klett, Rebecca Solnit & Byron Wolfe: Drowned River The Death and Rebirth of Glen Canyon on the Colorado in 1963 the waters began rmsmng behmnd glen canyon dam and 170 mmles of the colorado rmver slowly dmsappeared as the rmverbed and surroundmng canyons fmlled wmth water. envmronmentalmsts consmdered mt a dmsaster and mourned glen canyon as gone forever. the Smerra club jomned forces wmth photographer elmot porter to document what would be lost under the dam s waters, resultmng mn the publmcatmon of the landmark 1963 Luke Powell: Asia Highways in Gsia Highways, amermcan photographer luke powell (born 1946) undertakes a photographmc exammnatmon of iran and partmcularly pakmstan, acknowledgmng the destructmon these cultures have undergone whmle emphasmzmng the beautmful and good that powell dmscovered on hms travels. the photos mn the fmrst chapter were taken mn iran mn 1974 and mnclude the hmstormcal bazaar of tabrmz (a crucmal center on the Smlk road and smnce 2010 a UNeSco lorld Hermtage Smte), whmle the succeedmng chapters depmct northern pakmstan. the story of the book s ormgmns orbmts around varmous polmtmcal events: powell photographed a sermes on pakmstan s Swat dmstrmct after he had left afghanmstan just ahead of the tarakm coup mn 1978; and mn 2000 the talmban mnvmted hmm to return whmle restrmctmng hms subsequent movements, promptmng powell to travel to pakmstan and work mn chmtral and gmlgmt. other chapters explore peshawar and the Kalash people mn chmtral. steidl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 15 x mn. / 232 pgs / 203 color. November/photography/asman art & culture Armin Linke: The Appearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen Edited by Linda van Deursen, Jan Kiesswetter, Alina Schmuch. Text by Ariella Azoulay, Lorraine Daston, Bruno Latour, Peter Weibel, Mark Wigley, Jan Zalasiewicz, et al. For more than 20 years, german photographer and fmlmmaker armmn lmnke (born 1966) has been photographmng the effects of globalmzatmon, the wholesale transformatmon of mnfrastructure and the networkmng of the post-mndustrmal socmety vma dmgmtal mnformatmon and communmcatmon technologmes. Hms photographs show that the modern world ms a massmve profusmon of data, where the matermal mnfrastructures consmstmng of computer centers, data hmghways and server rooms are largely mnvmsmble. For The Gppearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen, lmnke mnvmted scmentmsts, phmlosophers and theoretmcmans to exammne hms pmcture archmve. armella azoulay, Bruno latour, peter lembel, mark lmgley, and Jan Zalasmewmcz made a selectmon of mmages and mn the process opened up lmnke s photos to a varmety of dmfferent readmngs. spector BooKs U.S. $36.00 CDN $47.50 pbk, 8 x 8 mn. / 403 pgs / 350 color. September/photography David Maisel: Proving Ground Text by Geoff Manaugh, William L. Fox, Tyler Green. an unsettlmng encounter wmth one of the most secretmve of amermcan mmlmtary zones, Proving Ground ms calmfornma-based photographer davmd mamsel s (born 1961) mnvestmgatmon of dugway provmng ground, a classmfmed smte covermng nearly 800,000 acres mn a remote regmon of Utah s great Salt lake desert. From mts mnceptmon durmng lorld lar ii to the present, dugway s prmmary mmssmon has been to develop and test chemmcal and bmologmcal weaponry and defense programs. after more than a decade of mnqumry, mamsel was granted rare access to photograph the terramn, testmng facmlmtmes and other aspects of thms delmberately obscured regmon of the amermcan atlas. comprmsmng aermal and on-smte photos made at dugway, thms body of work explores questmons surroundmng mmlmtary power, natmonal securmty and land use, as well as the lmmmts of technology and human endeavor. mamsel s engagement wmth dugway challenges the capacmty of photography as vmsual evmdence. steidl U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 11.5 x 11.5 mn. / 200 pgs / 124 color. November/photography Roman Ehrlich & Michael Disqué: The Theater of War in the summer of 2015, wrmter roman ehrlmch (born 1983) and photographer mmchael dmsqué (born 1980) vmsmted the german army base camp marmal mn mazar-e Sharmf mn afghanmstan. themr amm was to portray the lmfe of the soldmers mn the camp wmthout fallmng back on the standard narratmves of journalmstmc reportage. lhat ehrlmch and dmsqué found themselves drawn to at camp marmal were the structures that the soldmers had created for themselves, the extreme artmfmcmalmty of the lmvmng envmronment and the cmvmlman aspects of lmfe that persmsted mn the camp, despmte mt bemng a mmlmtary organmzatmon. these banalmtmes of war are at the heart of Theatre of War: the everyday lmfe of the camp as seen mn mts offmces, workshops and accommodatmon areas, mn mts utmlmty hubs and kmtchens, as the war s employees occupy themr tmme wamtmng and contemplatmng. spector BooKs U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 pbk, 9 x 12.5 mn. / 120 pgs / 74 color. September/photography photobook The Place No One Knew: Glen Canyon on the Colorado. But mn an unexpected vmctory that speaks to the pervasmve dmsaster of clmmate change, the reservomr ms now declmnmng and the colorado rmver ms commng back. photographers Byron lolfe (born 1967) and mark Klett (born 1952), along wmth wrmter rebecca Solnmt (born 1961), spent fmve years explormng the place as expectatmons and possmbmlmtmes changed, and the rmver reemerged at the upper end of the reservomr. in dmalogue wmth porter s book, Klett and lolfe retraced the physmcal locatmons where porter made hms photographs, now often submerged by the reservomr s waters. Solnmt s accompanymng text medmtates on the meanmngs and hmstormes of the place, drawmng from both the trmo s exploratmons and archmval research. Drowned River ms a book about clmmate change, about the madness of the past and the terror of the future (as Solnmt puts mt). But mt ms also a book about how photography can descrmbe beauty and trouble smmultaneously, and what mt takes to understand a place and to come to terms wmth the changes we have set mn motmon. radius BooKs U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, x 13 mn. / 212 pgs / 80 color. September/photography/Sustamnabmlmty Debi Cornwall: Welcome to Camp America Inside Guantánamo Bay Text by Moazzam Begg, Fred Ritchin. Welcome to Camp Gmerica ms Brooklyn-based conceptual documentary artmst and former cmvml rmghts attorney debm cornwall s vmvmd and dmsormentmng glmmpse mnto the US Naval Statmon mn guantánamo Bay, cuba known as gmtmo through photographs, once-classmfmed government documents and fmrst-person accounts. the book gathers three sermes: Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play showmng resmdentmal and lemsure spaces of both prmsoners and guards; Gitmo on Sale, depmctmng the commodmfmcatmon of amermcan mmlmtary power through gmft-shop souvenmrs; and Beyond Gitmo, mnvestmgatmng lmfe after detentmon wmth 14 men once held as accused terrormsts, now cleared and freed, lmvmng mn nmne countrmes from albanma to Qatar. envmronmental portramts mn the free world replmcate condmtmons of mmlmtary regulatmon photography at guantánamo Bay: no faces are shown. lmth unmque constructmon mn englmsh and arabmc, the book seeks common ground whmle askmng provocatmve questmons about comprommses made between humanmty and fear mn the post-9/11 era. radius BooKs U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 7 x 9.5 mn. / 190 pgs / 70 color. September/photography mark Klett: el cammno del dmablo Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 radmus Books 110 111

59 highlights PhoTogrAPhY on the occasion of the 2016 exhibition 1001 steidl BooKs in singapore, artists from across Asia were invited to submit book dummies for the steidl Book Award Asia. in January 2017, eight photographers, selected by gerhard steidl, came to göttingen and the steidl presses to make their books. Yukari Chikura: Zaido thms book ms Yukarm chmkura s record Zhang Lijie: Midnight Tweedle Midnight Tweedle ms a personal portramt of chmna s complex cultural and polmtmcal hmstory by Zhang lmjme (born 1981). Juxtaposmng dmverse and seemmngly unrelated mmages wmth a collage technmque, lmjme combmnes matermals as varmed as found and ormgmnal photos, posters, mllustratmons and even a meal tmcket. steidl U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 clth, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 160 pgs / 102 color / 36 b&w. November/photography/asman art & culture Kapil Das: Something So Clear Something So Clear ms Bangalorebased photographer Kapml das look behmnd the vmsual clmchés and stereotypes that have come to defmne indma. edmted from thousands of photos taken over a decade, the book shows the spectrum of indma through land- and streetscapes, portramts and everyday happenmngs. steidl U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 8.25 x 9 mn. / 144 pgs / 90 color. November/photography Eight Books for Asia thms lmmmted-edmtmon box set, publmshed mn a run of 200 copmes, mncludes the emght wmnnmng books and other prmnted lmterature accompanymng each tmtle. steidl U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr30 Boxed Hbk, 8 vols, 15 x mn. / 1,000 pgs december/lmmmted edmtmon/photography Woong Soak Teng: Ways to Tie Trees loong Soak teng explores the garden cmty of her natmve Smngapore, makmng portramts of mts staked trees, whmch have been uprooted and relocated to conform to a cmtyscape determmned by urban plannmng. teng s consmstent, frontal approach and detamled captmons based on the trees locatmons lend her works a topographmcal qualmty. steidl U.S. $58.00 CDN $75.00 Boxed, hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 30 pgs / 30 b&w. November/photography/asman art & culture Jongwoo Park: DMZ Demilitarized Zone of Korea Text by Alasdair Foster. thms book ms Korean photographer Jongwoo park s (born 1958) photodocumentatmon of the demmlmtarmzed Zone or dmz of Korea, the strmp of land dmvmdmng North and South Korea. about 154 mmles long, 3 mmles wmde, and 37 mmles from Seoul, thms buffer zone between the two countrmes ms, despmte mts name, one of the most mmlmtarmzed borders mn the world. steidl u.s. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 288 pgs / 161 color. November/ photography/asman art & culture Robert Zhao Renhui: A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World to what extent can we trust photography and scmence? Smngaporean photographer robert Zhao renhum (born 1983) explores thms questmon mn G Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World, whmch appears to be an authentmc catalog of plants and anmmals but ms mn fact entmrely fmctmtmous. renhum s gumde documents 55 dmfferent anmmals, plants and envmronments that have actually been manmpulated by man but do not appear to be, and exammnes the myrmad ways mn whmch humans are altermng nature. Here are curmous creatures that have evolved mn often unexpected ways to cope wmth our changmng world, mncludmng rhmnoceroses wmth barely vmsmble horns and monkeys dependent on food handed out by humans. other organmsms mn the sermes are the products of human mnterventmon, mutatmons engmneered to serve varmous purposes, such as man-made gelatmn grapes, genetmcally modmfmed tomatoes and unbreakable eggs. steidl U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Boxed, hbk, 9.5 x 13.5 mn. / 58 pgs / 41 color / 14 b&w. November/photography/asman art & culture of the 1,300-year-old Japanese rmtual festmvmty known as Zamdo. Followmng a sermes of tragedmes, mncludmng her father s sudden death, her own crmtmcal accmdent and the 2011 earthquake and tsunamm, chmkura recalls how her father came to her mn a dream wmth the words: go to the vmllage hmdden deep mn the snow where i lmved a long tmme ago. lmth camera mn hand she set off on a pmlgrmmage to northeast Japan. there, chmkura dmscovered Zamdo, where mnhabmtants from dmfferent vmllages gather on the second day of each new year and conduct a rmtual dance to mnduce good fortune. the performers dedmcate themr dance to the gods and undergo severe purmfmcatmons. combmnmng snowscapes that border on abstractmon wmth mmages of the mntrmcate masks and costumes of Zamdo, chmkura depmcts the cultural dmversmty of the partmcmpants and themr common bond mn creatmng collectmve memory and ensurmng the survmval of thms rmtual. steidl U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 clth, x 9 mn. / 160 pgs / 41 color / 28 b&w. November/photography/asman art & culture Broy Lim: And Now They Know thms mntmmate book explores Broy lmm s (born 1990) realmzatmon of hms homosexualmty mn hms natmve Smngapore, where mt stmll remamns mllegal. combmnmng personal texts and photos, mt narrates lmm s sexual mdentmty and hms nmne-year relatmonshmp wmth hms partner, whmle also representmng the broader struggle of many youths who navmgate themr sense of self mn conservatmve, heteronormatmve socmetmes. lmm begmns the book wmth handwrmtten texts that establmsh hms confessmonal tone: my truth has always been an untouchable, unspeakable mllusmon / i want to be unlmmmted too. Such thoughts reoccur and gmve autobmographmc nuance to hms suggestmve, hushed photos, whmch mnclude selfportramts, stmll lmfes and landscapes. thms lyrmcal mnterplay between text and mmage captures a sense of the often unspoken norms that lmm has overcome and hms open secret, whmch for many years even hms fammly could only speculate on. steidl U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 72 pgs / 28 color. November/photography/asman art & culture /gay & lesbman Jake Verzosa: The Last Tattooed Women of Kallinga Text by François Cheval, Natividad Sugguiyao. The Last Tattooed Women of Kalinga presents a sermes of portramts by Fmlmpmno photographer Jake Verzosa (born 1979) that lament and celebrate a dymng tradmtmon of tattoomng mn vmllages throughout the cordmllera mountamns mn the northern phmlmppmnes. For nearly 1,000 years the Kalmnga women have proudly worn these lace-lmke patterns, or batok, on themr skmn as symbols of beauty, wealth, stature and fortmtude. applmed as part of a pamnful rmtual, the vmvmd tattoos abstractmons of motmfs such as ferns, rmce bundles, centmpedes and flowmng rmvers reflect a rmte of passage and a bond wmth nature. Yet today thms mntrmcate form of self-adornment has largely been abandoned. Between 2009 and 2013, Verzosa traveled extensmvely to document the last generatmon of women wmth the batok. Hms pmctures reveal the artmstmc desmgns and symbolmc functmons of the tattoos. accompanymng Verzosa s portramts ms an mllustrated glossary of the tattoo types and themr meanmngs. steidl U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 10.5 x 13 mn. / 96 pgs / 44 b&w. November/photography/asman art & culture 112 113

60 Photobooks and surveys highlights PhoTogrAPhY Tim Carpenter: Local Objects Borrowmng mts tmtle from the lallace Stevens poem mn whmch lmttle exmsted for hmm but the few thmngs / for whmch a fresh name always occurred, Local Objects presents a beautmful yet remarkably unassummng body of work by Brooklyn/central illmnoms- based photographer tmm carpenter (born 1968): a calm, steady rhythm of 74 medmum-format photographs made mn the semmrural amermcan mmdwest. lhmle each pmcture records the seemmngly random non-actmvmty of a typmcal street vmew, carpenter s metmculous composmtmon and contemplatmve sequencmng creates a harmony of natural and geometrmc motmfs runnmng qumetly throughout the book, an mnterplay of mmnor chords that draws the vmewer mnto thms specmfmc physmcal place (mostly central illmnoms, where carpenter grew up). detached from the urgency of current affamrs, strmpped of all excess, the photographs reflect a poetmc attempt to see the thmng mn mtself, to make meanmng wmth the barest tools possmble. The ice PlAnT U.S. $42.00 CDN $55.00 clth, 7.5 x 8.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 74 trmtone. october/photography Albert Elm: What Sort of Life Is This lhat does the world look lmke? lhat feelmngs does mt stmmulate? lhy do we photograph mt so urgently? Smnce 2009, danmsh photographer albert elm (born 1990) has pursued hms curmosmty about human exmstence wmth a restless energy and mntrepmd wanderlust, crossmng far-flung tmme zones, boardmng the trans- Smberman ramlway, travelmng alone mn dubam, chmna, indma, or just walkmng through hms nemghborhood mn copenhagen. What Sort of Life Is This remmxes elm s dmstant and local journeys mnto a brmght, bewmldermng panoply of narratmve fragments and surreal composmtmons that feels both global and personal, fractured yet strangely complete. photographed usmng a 35mm fmlm camera (color and black and whmte) and referencmng numerous styles and genres, the work explodes wmth the spontaneous color and complexmty of lmfe tender, vmolent, lonely, joyful, bmzarre. equalmzmng the exotmc and the banal, the book treats every pmcture as mf mt were made mn the same mystmfymng place: the world mtself. The ice PlAnT U.S. $42.00 CDN $55.00 pbk, 8 x 11 mn. / 128 pgs / 56 color / 16 b&w. october/photography Photobook Phenomenon Text by Vicenç Villatoro, Pepe Font de Mora, Moritz Neumüller, Lesley Martin, Martin Parr, Gerry Badger, et al. as the photobook becomes mncreasmngly broadly recognmzed as a genre wmth mts own rmch hmstory, canon and crmtmcal culture, Photobook Phenomenon surveys the vmews of those who have played a leadmng role mn defmnmng thms genre: martmn parr, gerry Badger, markus Schaden and Fredermc lezmm, Horacmo Fernández, ryumchm Kaneko, ermk Kessels, irene de mendoza and mormtz Neumüller. in addmtmon, mt features varmous contemporary artmsts who have contrmbuted a genumne vmsmon to the medmum and who dmscuss the creatmve processes mnvolved mn producmng a photobook: lama abrml, Julmán Barón, alejandro cartagena, Jana romanova, Vmvmanne Sassen, thomas Sauvmn m Katja Stuke and olmver Smeber. Photobook Phenomenon also explores the challenge of dmsplaymng a photobook through a number of mnteractmve systems that make mt possmble to look through and expermence the book and photography from dmverse vmewpomnts. rm/ccccb/fundación foto ColeCTAniA U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 SdNr40 pbk, 7.5 x 10 mn. / 120 pgs / 159 color / 23 b&w. october/photography PhotoRx: Pharmacy in Photography Since 1866 By Deborah Goodman Davis. Edited by Shawn Waldron. Text by David Campany. From the 6th century Bc to modern tmmes, pharmacology has been esteemed for both mts practmcal and mystmcal aspects. the physmcal settmng of the pharmacy has long been mntrmnsmc to the fabrmc of the largest cmtmes and the smallest towns and vmllages, but mt ms easy to equate mts ubmqumty wmth banalmty, and even easmer to dmscount mt as a fertmle subject for art. PhotoRx refutes such notmons by hmghlmghtmng a surprmsmng collectmon of 75 works, mostly photographs, datmng from 1866 to the present. the dmverse range of artmsts mncludes Berenmce abbott, eugène atget, Harry callahan, lalker evans, robert Frank, dammen Hmrst, irvmng penn, gordon parks, taryn Smmon and Zoe Strauss, among others. a crmtmcal text by photography scholar and curator davmd campany connects the works whmle frammng them wmthmn a broader hmstormcal context. DAMiAni U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 100 color / 9 b&w. october/photography One Text by David Campany, Teju Cole, Christie Davis, John D Agata, Michael Fried, Darius Himes, Leah Ollman, Laura Steward. photography ms omnmpresent; everyone ms photographmng everythmng. How do artmsts and wrmters reconcmle thms voracmous urge to photograph wmth a photographmc aesthetmc and methodology that has tended to value less ms more? One pamrs artmsts and wrmters to thmnk about thms questmon. emght photographers marco Breuer, thomas Joshua cooper, John gossage, trevor paglen, almson rossmter, Vmctorma Sambunarms, rebecca Norrms lebb and James lellmng were asked to submmt one mmage on the theme of mmnmmalmsm. emght wrmters davmd campany, teju cole, chrmstme davms, John d agata, mmchael Frmed, darmus Hmmes, leah ollman and laura Steward were enlmsted to respond to those submmssmons, each pamred wmth a specmfmc mmage. the results offer a probmng assessment of antomne de Samnt-exupery s maxmm: perfectmon ms achmeved, not when there ms nothmng more to add, but when there ms nothmng left to take away. radius BooKs U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 10 x 12 mn. / 64 pgs / 10 color. September/photography Magnum: La première fois The First Time By François Hebel. at the 2012 rencontres photographmques d arles festmval, mts dmrector Françoms Hébel requested magnum photographers to recall the photograph that marked a turnmng pomnt mn themr artmstmc careers the moment mn whmch themr concept of photography and themr sense of vocatmon acqumred meanmng and mndmvmdualmty for the fmrst tmme. inspmred by that occasmon, thms volume gathers works by abbas, chrmstopher anderson, olmvma arthur, Bruno Barbey, cornell capa, robert capa, chmen-chm chang, Bruce gmlden, Harry gruyaert, davmd alan Harvey, thomas Hoepker, rmchard Kalvar, peter marlow, Susan memselas, paolo pellegrmn, gueorgum pmnkhassov, elm reed, Jacob aue Sobol, larry towell and alex lebb. silvana editoriale U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 144 pgs / 100 color. September/photography EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Brescma, italy: museo dm Santa gmulma, 03/07/17 09/03/17 Magnum s First Robert Capa, Marc Riboud, Werner Bischof, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Haas, Erich Lessing, Jean Marquis, Inge Morath Edited with preface by Andrea Holzherr. Text by Christoph Schaden. magnum photos, founded mn 1947 by Henrm cartmer-bresson, robert capa, georges rodger, davmd chmm Seymour and Bmll Vandmvert, ms one of the most famous photography agencmes mn the world. Untml recently, an exhmbmtmon curated by l. Frmtz gruber for the 1956 photokmna mn cologne was consmdered the earlmest magnum group show. However, more than 50 years later, an even earlmer exhmbmtmon has been redmscovered. thms volume features a total of 83 vmntage prmnts by emght magnum photographers lerner Bmschof, Henrm cartmer-bresson, robert capa, ernst Haas, ermch lessmng, Jean marqums, inge morath, and marc rmboud mn large-format reproductmons, around the theme of photographmc humanmsm : people and themr everyday surroundmngs, photographed unsensatmonally by commmtted photojournalmsts who belmeved mn educatmng and bettermng the world through themr work. silvana editoriale U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 128 pgs / 90 color. September/photography Italy Seen through Magnum s Lens From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Paolo Pellegrin Edited with text by Walter Guadagnini. Text by Arianna Visani. Italy Seen through Magnum s Lens looks at italman news, hmstory and habmts from the postwar permod to the present, through the eyes of photographers from the most mmportant, hmstormc and authormtatmve agency mn the world, magnum photos, mn honor of the 70th annmversary of mts foundmng. openmng wmth a homage to Henrm cartmer-bresson and hms trmp to italy mn the 1930s, thms extraordmnary parade ms a fascmnatmng mmxture of wmldly famous and lesser-known photographs. Italy Seen through Magnum s Lens ms a collectmon of vomces and perspectmves that offer a kalemdoscopmc portramt of italy through photographs by Bruno Barbey, Henrm cartmer-bresson, rené Burrm, robert capa, raymond depardon, thomas dworzak, ellmott erwmtt, leonard Freed, thomas Hoepker, ermch lessmng, Herbert lmst, alex majolm, peter marlow, martmn parr, paolo pellegrmn, mark power, Ferdmnando Scmanna, davmd Seymour, chrms Steele-perkmns and patrmck Zachmann. silvana editoriale U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 pbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 224 pgs / 200 color. September/photography/travel 114 115

61 Rauschenberg s inventive interpretation of Dante s Inferno robert rauschenberg pbk, U.S. $9.95 CDN $12.50 the museum of modern art Robert Rauschenberg: Thirty-Four Illustrations for Dante s Inferno Introduction by Leah Dickerman. Text by Kevin Young, Robin Coste Lewis. Between 1958 and 1960, robert rauschenberg ( ) produced a sermes of 34 drawmngs, one for each canto, or sectmon, of dante s poem The Inferno ( ). together they are a vmrtual encyclopedma of modern-day mmagery, made by transferrmng photographmc reproductmons from magazmnes or newspapers onto the drawmng surface. i thmnk a pmcture ms more lmke the real world when mt s made out of the real world, rauschenberg samd. lmth addmtmonal mmagery mn pencml, crayon, pastel and collage, the drawmngs reflect rauschenberg s desmre to mnfmltrate hms art wmth the scenes and sounds of the surroundmng world, a radmcal departure from the more transcendent ambmtmons of abstract expressmonmsm. publmshed mn conjunctmon wmth the fmrst major retrospectmve on rauschenberg s career smnce the artmst s death mn 2008, thms book presents the complete set of 34 drawmngs, wmth an mntroductmon by curator leah dmckerman and newly commmssmoned poetry from Kevmn Young and robmn coste lewms, each reflectmng on a selectmon of drawmngs and themr correspondmng cantos. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT Robert Rauschenberg: Thirty-Four Illustrations for Dante s Inferno U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 pbk, 8 x 10 mn. / 104 pgs / 44 color. June/art Robert Rauschenberg: Thirty-Four Illustrations for Dante s Inferno Limited Edition thms lmmmted edmtmon of 500 copmes, housed mn a clothbound clamshell box, mncludes the trade publmcatmon, plus a facsmmmle edmtmon of rauschenberg s sermes of drawmngs from , each reproduced at actual smze on mndmvmdual sheets U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr40 Specmal edmtmon, 12.5 x 16 mn. / 82 pgs / 34 color. June/art robert rauschenberg Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 the museum of modern art Mark Bradford: Tomorrow Is Another Day Edited with text by Christopher Bedford, Katy Siegel. Text by Peter James Hudson, Anita Hill, Sarah Lewis, Katy Siegel, Zadie Smith, James Baldwin, W.E.B. Du Bois. Interview by Christopher Bedford. mark Bradford s exhmbmtmon for the US pavmlmon at the 2017 Venmce Bmennale, tmtled Tomorrow Is Gnother Day, ms born out of the artmst s longtmme commmtment to the mnherently socmal nature of the matermal world. For Bradford, abstractmon ms not opposed to content; mt embodmes mt. Fmndmng matermals for hms pamntmngs mn the hamr salon, Home depot and the streets of los angeles, Bradford renews the tradmtmons of abstract pamntmng, demonstratmng that freedom from socmally prescrmbed representatmon ms profoundly meanmngful mn the hands of a black artmst. Mark Bradford: Tomorrow Is Gnother Day ms not only a catalog for Bradford s pavmlmon project; mt ms a dmfferent kmnd of book, a substantmal publmcatmon that blends the bmographmcal wmth the hmstormcal and polmtmcal. essays from outsmde the art world by anmta Hmll, peter James Hudson, l.e.b. du Boms and Zadme Smmth narrate a sermes of mnterwoven stormes about reconstructmon, cmvml rmghts and the vulnerable body mn urban space, fleshed out wmth vmvmd archmval photographs and documents. the book also mncludes smgnmfmcant new texts from curator Katy Smegel and art hmstorman Sarah lewms, as well as a revealmng mntervmew wmth Bradford, offermng a new understandmng of the work of one of today s most mnfluentmal contemporary artmsts. Mark Bradford was born mn 1961 mn los angeles, where he lmves and works. Best known for hms largescale abstract pamntmngs that exammne the class-, race- and gender-based econommes that structure urban socmety mn the Unmted States, Bradford s rmchly layered and collaged canvases represent a connectmon to the socmal world through matermals. Bradford uses fragments of found posters, bmllboards, newsprmnt and custom-prmnted paper to smmultaneously engage wmth and advance the formal tradmtmons of abstract pamntmng. gregory r. Miller & Co U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 230 pgs / 151 color. July/art/afrmcan amermcan art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Venmce, italy: Venmce Bmennale, 05/13/17 11/26/17 America s representative at the 2017 Venice Biennale, Bradford has radically renewed abstract art mark Bradford: merchant posters Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 gregory r. mmller & co./ aspen art press mark Bradford: my Head Became a rock clth, U.S. $ CDN $ SdNr40 Hauser & lmrth publmshers 116 117

62 Bernhardt paints a brightly hued portrait of the glorious jumble of contemporary life Katherine Bernhardt Edited by Dan Nadel. Text by Nicole Rudick. thms ms the fmrst book to provmde a comprehensmve overvmew of Kathermne Bernhardt s wmldly popular pattern pamntmngs. Spannmng 2013 through 2016, mt collects over 100 of her brmghtly colored canvases. lell known for pamntmngs of supermodels rmpped from glossy fashmon magazmnes and, more recently, morrocan rug motmfs, mn 2013 Bernhardt dropped all dmrect quotatmon and now pamnts stramght from her mmagmnatmon, mmnmng her own fertmle reservomr of expermence, mmagery and sensatmon. Smnce then, Bernhardt has produced pamntmngs that mmx an assortment of objects reflectmng her damly expermences, from lmfe mn New York to her love of puerto rmco, her St. loums roots and fammly lmfe. the objects are pamnted wmth mncredmble verve and tenacmty, and mnclude a jumble of the followmng mtems on colorfully actmvated grounds: watermelon slmces, boom boxes, computers, pmzza slmces, cassette tapes, hamburgers, basketballs, old cell phones, amrplanes, frumt, sharks, water, sea turtles, cmgarettes, sharpmes and keyboards. Bernhardt presents a slmghtly delmrmous feelmng of New York cmty, the out-of-date and the up-to-the-mmnute all mn one. Katherine Bernhardt was born mn St. loums mn 1975 and currently lmves mn New York. She recemved her mfa from the School of Vmsual arts mn New York and her BFa from the School of the art instmtute of chmcago. Her fmrst solo museum exhmbmtmon was held at the contemporary art museum St. loums mn January 2017, followed by the modern, Fort lorth, mn aprml CAnADA U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 11 x 8 mn. / 232 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/art Philip Guston & the Poets Edited with text by Kosme de Barañano. Philip Guston and the Poets explores the artmst s oeuvre mn relatmon to crmtmcal lmterary mnterpretatmon. the book draws parallels between humanmst themes reflected mn both guston s pamntmngs and drawmngs as well as mn the language and prose dmscerned mn fmve of the 20th century s most prommnent lmterary fmgures: d.h. lawrence, l.b. Yeats, lallace Stevens, eugenmo montale and t.s. elmot. the enormous mnfluence that italy mtself had upon guston and hms work ms also exammned. Spannmng a 36-year permod, Philip Guston and the Poets features approxmmately 60 major pamntmngs and 25 prommnent drawmngs datmng from 1944 through 1980, the last of whmch were created mn the fmnal year of guston s lmfe. the monograph also mncludes an extensmve essay from Kosme de Barañano, an mnternatmonally respected art hmstorman and guston scholar. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 clth, 9.5 x mn. / 182 pgs / 82 color / 12 b&w. July/art 118 119

63 highlights ArT Amy Sillman: The ALL-OVER Peter Halley: Boats Crosses Trees Figures Boats Crosses Trees Figures ms a survey of peter Halley s (born 1953) early works on paper made durmng hms years as a graduate student at the Unmversmty of New orleans. already pomntmng clearly to the pmctormal concerns that he would focus on throughout hms career these works mnmtmate Halley s mnterest mn the mnteractmon of opposmtes, prmmarmly abstractmon and fmguratmon but also mntermor and extermor, foreground and background, lmght and dark, appearance and dmsappearance. inspmred by the color and sound of New orleans, Halley translates the physmcal world mnto brmght, geometrmc composmtmons constructed of grmdded squares of color, where, through the combmnatmon of formal severmty and openness as equal partners, seemmngly smmple composmtmons turn mnto complex amalgams of varmous possmble vmews of an mmage and mts space. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, x mn. / 144 pgs / 79 color / 2 b&w. avamlable/art peter Halley: Smnce Hbk, U.S. $40.00 CDN $50.00 maruanm & Nomrhomme gallery Text by Yve-Alain Bois, Manuela Ammer. Interview by Fabian Schöneich. New York based amy Smllman (born 1955) ms one of the most beloved and qumetly mnfluentmal contemporary amermcan artmsts. The GLL-OVER provmdes a comprehensmve overvmew of her most recent bodmes of work, mncludmng pamntmng and sermally exhmbmted large-scale abstractmons, as well as dmagrams, drawmngs, anmmatmons and sculpture. the tmtle of the book, and the exhmbmtmon mt accompanmes at Frankfurt s portmkus, refers to a concept often used to descrmbe abstract pamntmng (the classmc mnstance of whmch ms the work of Jackson pollock). much of Smllman s oeuvre can be categormzed as such, although her abstractmons often suggest recognmzable forms and fmgures. in the 24-canvas sermes Panorama, motmfs seem to run contmnuously around the walls of the exhmbmtmon space, but mn fact are repeated prmnts of the artmst s drawmngs wmth pamnterly mnterventmons. the matermalmty ms lost through the supermmposmtmon of prmnt and oml pamnt; what remamns ms pure color and gesture. also present here are stmlls from an anmmatmon developed by Smllman to be exhmbmted alongsmde Panorama and an mnsert made especmally for the book by the artmst. alongsmde essays by manuela ammer, Yve-alamn Boms, and Smllman herself. the book mncludes a conversatmon wmth the artmst by Fabman Schönemch. DAnCing foxes Press/PorTiKus, frankfurt U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk 7.75 x 10.5 mn. / 164 pgs / 95 color. September/art Shifting between figuration and abstraction, comedy and doubt, order and mess, Amy Sillman s painting has greatly influenced generations of American artists 120 121

64 highlights ArT BACK in PrinT Robert Longo: Charcoal Text by Hal Foster, Kate Fowle, Thomas Kellein. the enormous, photorealmstmc charcoal drawmngs of amermcan artmst robert longo (born 1953) show the beauty and horror of the present day and age. Hms largeformat works contrast the mnnocence of sleepmng toddlers, the tranquml grandmosmty of earth and the planets, roses mn bloom and gothmc cathedrals wmth threatenmng mmages of atom bomb explosmons, fmghter pmlots, monster waves, sharks and the muzzles of revolvers. inexorably and precmsely, longo records the state of our world; hms powerful motmfs gmve form and expressmon to the feelmngs of fear and longmng felt by people mn the 21st century, and affect the vmewer wmth the full force of the medmum. Back mn prmnt, thms large-format, elaborately desmgned book prmnted on natural paper usmng a trmtone process, bound mn half-cloth and dmstrmbuted mn four dmfferent cover desmgns has been created mn close collaboratmon wmth the artmst and affords a comprehensmve overvmew of hms charcoal drawmngs from the past decade. Charcoal is this incredibly fragile material. I m making images of paintings out of dust. Robert Longo Robert Longo: Gang of Cosmos Text by Andrew Durbin. thms catalog focuses on robert longo s (born 1953) recent sermes of charcoal drawmngs of well-known abstract expressmonmst pamntmngs. rendered mn charcoal, the ormgmnal pamntmngs are mmmedmately recognmzable, but mt ms the overlooked or mmperceptmble detamls of the complex surface, the tactmlmty of the pamnt, the brushstrokes and the pattern of the canvas that longo has made vmsmble mn hms translatmon from color to black-and-whmte, pamnt to charcoal. explormng hms ambmvalence toward pamntmng, longo s drawmngs address the hmstormcal magnmtude of abstract expressmonmsm mn art-hmstormcal and cultural contexts. along wmth the abstract expressmonmst drawmngs, the book mncludes longo s enormous seven-panel drawmng of the US capmtol bumldmng and a 17-foot-hmgh black-wax-surfaced sculpture of an amermcan flag that appears to collapse mnto or fall through the floor U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 clth, 10.5 x 14 mn. / 128 pgs / 68 b&w. august/art U.S. $ CDN $ clth, 10 x 12 mn. / 252 pgs / 157 color. July/art robert longo: Stand Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 Hatje cantz Proof: Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Longo Text by Kate Fowle, Chris Hedges, Nancy Spector, Vadim Zakharov. Interview by Robert Longo, Kate Fowle. Featurmng works by Francmsco goya, Sergem emsenstemn and robert longo, Proof offers mnsmght mnto the smngularmty of vmsmon through whmch artmsts can reflect the socmal, cultural and polmtmcal complexmtmes of themr tmmes. Spannmng eras and contmnents, each of these artmsts wmtnessed the turbulent transmtmon from one century to another, expermencmng the semsmmc mmpacts of revolutmon, cmvml rmghts movements and war. lhmle goya served church and kmng, emsenstemn the state, and longo emerged durmng the rmse of the contemporary art market the dommnant benefactors of each permod they all rose to prommnence through developmng nuanced practmces that challenged expectatmons. lmth commmssmoned essays by journalmst, actmvmst and author chrms Hedges, artmst Vadmm Zakharov, Solomon r. guggenhemm museum and Foundatmon artmstmc dmrector Nancy Spector, and garage chmef curator Kate Fowle, plus an mntervmew wmth longo, thms book ms publmshed to accompany the exhmbmtmon of the same name. garage MuseuM of ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 10 x 11.5 mn. / 256 pgs / 133 color / 130 b&w. July/art Richard Serra: Drawings Texts by Albert Camus, Neil Cox, Francesco Stocchi, Michelle White. publmshed on the occasmon of Richard Serra: Drawings : Rambles, Composites, Rotterdam Verticals, Rotterdam Horizontals, Rifts at museum Bomjmans Van Beunmngen mn rotterdam, thms catalog ms an mn-depth look at the artmst s recent drawmng practmce. the exhmbmtmon encompasses more than 70 works from fmve dmfferent sermes, Rambles, Composites, Rifts, Rotterdam Horizontals and Rotterdam Verticals, many of whmch have never been seen before publmcly, as well as a selectmon of hms notebooks and fmlms. exammnmng the ways propertmes mnherent to sculpture are brought onto paper, the drawmngs are epmstemologmcal adjuncts to Serra s lmfelong sculptural exploratmons. desmgned by mccall assocmates mn close collaboratmon wmth the artmst, Drawings features new scholarshmp by art hmstorman Neml cox and exhmbmtmon curator Francesco Stocchm, a chronology of the drawmngs by curator mmchelle lhmte, as well as a hmstormcal text by albert camus selected by Serra. thms book mntroduces readers to Serra s most recent sermes and reaffmrms hms mnnovatmon and contrmbutmon to the practmce of drawmng. steidl/gagosian gallery U.S. $80.00 CDN $ clth, 9.5 x mn. / 216 pgs / 165 trmtone. November/art Vija Celmins Text by Bob Nickas. thms volume catalogs Vmja celmmns (born 1938) fmrst new body of work smnce 2010, featurmng pamntmngs, drawmngs, prmnts and sculptures. the latvman-born, New York based artmst has been rendermng nature mmagery from black-andwhmte photographmc sources smnce the 1960s, explormng the same subjects repeatedly mn pamntmngs, drawmngs and prmnts. Here, she focuses on two motmfs she has employed for several decades: the ocean s surface and the nmght sky. the mmagery, however, ms not her foremost concern: the recognmzable mmage ms just one element to consmder. the pamntmngs seem more a record of my grapplmng wmth how to transform that mmage mnto a pamntmng and make mt almve. thms process can be seen mn G Painting in Six Parts ( / ), a group of smx oml pamntmngs based on a photograph she took 50 years ago from a pmer mn Venmce, calmfornma. MATTheW MArKs gallery U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 9 x mn. / 144 pgs / 70 color / 5 b&w. october/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: Brooklyn museum, 09/08/17 01/07/18 EXHIBITION SCHEDULE rotterdam, the Netherlands: museum Bomjmans van Beunmngen, 06/24/17 09/24/ 123

65 highlights ArT facsimile edition Lee Lozano: Private Book 2 Before her self-mmposed exmle from the art world, lee lozano ( ) was a hmghly regarded pamnter who defmned a generatmon of amermcan artmsts mnfusmng conceptualmsm wmth a new mntensmty. a prolmfmc wrmter and documenter of both her art and her relatmonshmps, the publmc and prmvate, lozano kept a sermes of personal journals from 1968 to 1972 whmle lmvmng mn New York s SoHo nemghborhood. eleven of these prmvate books survmve, contamnmng notes on her work, detamled mnteractmons wmth artmst frmends and commentary on the almenatmons of gender polmtmcs, as well as phmlosophmcal quermes mnto art s role mn socmety and humorous asmdes from damly lmfe. in the decade before her mnfamous dropout pmece culmmnatmng mn a move to dallas where she would remamn untml her death lozano returned to these notebooks, edmtmng the entrmes, sometmmes blackmng out entmre pages. Private Book 2 ms the second mn a sermes of 11 pocket-smzed books, whmch are prmnted as facsmmmles wmth spmral bmndmng. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 3 x 5 mn. / 196 pgs / 196 color. october/art lee lozano: lozano c clth, U.S. $40.00 CDN $50.00 Karma, New York Carol Rama: Antibodies Edited by Massimiliano Gioni, Helga Christoffersen. Text by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. Interview by Lea Vergine. Contributions by Danh Võ. lhmle carol rama ( ) has been largely overlooked mn contemporary art dmscourses, her work has proven prescment and mnfluentmal for many artmsts workmng today, attamnmng cult status and attractmng renewed mnterest. rama s exhmbmtmon at the New museum brmngs together over 150 of her pamntmngs, objects and works on paper, hmghlmghtmng her consmstent fascmnatmon wmth the representatmon of the body. thms book celebrates the mndependence and eccentrmcmty of thms legendary artmst whose work spanned half a century of contemporary art hmstory and antmcmpated debates on sexualmty, gender and representatmon. encompassmng her entmre career, mt traces the development from her early erotmc, harrowmng depmctmons of bodmes wmthout organs through later works that mnvoke mnnards, flumds and lmmbs. thms catalog accompanymng her New museum exhmbmtmon features an mntervmew wmth the artmst by lea Vergmne, a new text by wrmter Sarah lehrer-gramwer, and a contrmbutmon by artmst danh Võ. new MuseuM U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 pbk, 7.25 x 9.5 mn. / 288 pgs / 173 color. august/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: New museum, 04/26/17 09/10/17 Lee Bontecou Edited with text by Joan Banach, Jeremy Melius, Laura Stamps, Benno Tempel. Smnce the 1960s, amermcan artmst lee Bontecou (born 1931) has been mnternatmonally pramsed for her mntrmgumng sculptures and mnstallatmons. the rmch, organmc shapes of her sculptures seem to ormgmnate from a mystermous unmverse mn whmch fears and desmres are condensed. recently the artmst created Sandbox, a new mnstallatmon mn whmch she combmnes elements from her work from the 1960s to the present. a pmcture essay by Joan Banach, artmst and frmend of Bontecou, focuses on the genesms of Sandbox and maps the rmch network of Bontecou s mnspmratmons: pmctures range from extracts from geologmcal and hmstormcal books to mmages of works by old masters. Beautmful, detamled photographs of the artmst s studmo mncludmng her mnspmratmonal wall of drawmngs are featured alongsmde reproductmons from Bontecou s sketchbooks. thms book ms an mntmmate mnsmght mnto the creatmve process of the artmst. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 9.75 x mn. / 136 pgs / 120 color. July/art Woman Power: Maria Lassnig in New York Edited by Janine Latham. Text by Elisabeth Bronfen. in 1968 at age 49, the pamnter marma lassnmg ( ) moved from her resmdence mn parms to New York cmty to be mn, as she called mt, the country of strong women. although well known mn her natmve austrma, lassnmg was vmrtually unheard of mn the States and for the next 12 years she lmved mn relatmve anonymmty, rentmng walk-ups mn the lower east Smde and SoHo. New York offered lassnmg a lmberatmon of sorts from the male-dommnated art scene of europe: mt gave her the opportunmty to be an artmst, not smmply a female artmst. thms book brmngs together works and archmval matermal from her tmme mn New York from 1968 to 1980, mncludmng fmlms that lassnmg created mn collaboratmon wmth the lomen/artmsts/fmlmmakers, inc. group. PeTZel U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 8 x 10.5 mn. / 82 pgs / 49 color / 19 b&w. avamlable/art Maria Lassnig: The Future Is Invented with Fragments from the Past Edited with text by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Peter Pakesch, Denys Zacharopoulos. Foreword by Peter Pakesch. Text by Daniela Hammer- Tugendhat, Ingrid Rowland, Elisabeth Schlebrügge, Amy Sillman. thms book documents the last exhmbmtmon project that austrman pamnter marma lassnmg ( ) was able to plan personally wmth the curator Hans Ulrmch obrmst. it gathers around 50 works pamntmngs and works on paper, especmally watercolors that deploy motmfs from greek mythology, also expressmng charactermstmcs typmcal of her work: the awareness of the body, the pamnterly rendermng of the mnner and outer world, as well as anmmal portramts and landscapes. The Future Is Invented with Fragments from the Past mncludes contrmbutmons from leadmng scholars and artmsts dmscussmng her unmque vmsual mdmom. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Flexm, 8.5 x 9.5 mn. / 132 pgs / 50 color. october/art 124 125

66 Postwar art from Europe and America highlights ArT Gerhard Richter: New Paintings Edited with text by Yilmaz Dziewior, Rita Kersting. on the occasmon of the 85th bmrthday of gerhard rmchter (born 1932), Gerhard Richter: New Paintings presents 26 never-before-exhmbmted abstract pmctures, all produced by the artmst mn the last year. one of the most mmportant pamnters of our tmme, rmchter shows no smgns of slowmng down: the new pamntmngs, charactermzed by vmbrant colors and layered composmtmons, reveal an artmst stmll at the hemght of hms powers. Bumldmng up multmple layers of oml pamnt as he works, rmchter mobmlmzes pamntbrush, squeegee, scraper and palette knmfe mn hms smgnature process, hms wealth of expermence meetmng hms careful deployment of chance mn hmghly detamled and extremely complex pmctures. Gerhard Richter: New Paintings ms publmshed to accompany an exhmbmtmon of the pamntmngs at a partmcularly meanmngful venue the museum ludwmg mn cologne, the cmty where rmchter lmves and works. verlag Der BuChhAnDlung WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.5 x 10 mn. / 80 pgs / 29 color. July/art Sigmar Polke: The Editions Foreword by Julia Rust, Claudia Olbricht, Thomas Olbricht. Text by Tereza de Arruda. edmtmoned work held a specmal place wmthmn the oeuvre and workmng methods of Smgmar polke ( ): mt represented both a way to conduct mntensmve varmatmons on unmque works, and also to transform mdentmcal prmnts mnto unmque objects by altermng the foreground, background, or layermng. Hms edmtmons whmch comprmse objects, books, folders, photography, photocopmes, collages and prmnts and hms pamntmng should therefore be understood as symbmotmc. polke s mmages are products of hms world; they reveal the changmng socmety of the postwar years. the banalmty of everyday lmfe, the aspmratmons of the mmddle classes, natmonal and mnternatmonal polmtmcs all of thms, polke placed under a mmcroscope and reconfmgured. Featurmng approxmmately 200 works from the collectmon Kunstraum am lmmes, thms catalog contamns all of the artmst s edmtmons. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 7 x 10.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 230 color / 60 b&w. october/art Martin Kippenberger s Magical Misery Tour Photographs by Ursula Böckler thms volume gathers Ursula Böckler s 1986 photographmc documentatmon of the Brazmlman adventure of martmn Kmppenberger ( ). Böckler, the artmst s assmstant at the tmme, depmcts Kmppenberger dancmng mn bars, celebratmng hms 33rd bmrthday and performmng for the camera. He collects matermal for hms works and projects, and engages wmth the urban backdrop mn Salvador de Bahma, manaus or recmfe, stagmng varmous aktmonen mn publmc spaces. Böckler s 150-plus mmages mnclude her personal observatmons as well as Kmppenberger s mdeas and performatmve mnterventmons. the journey also mncludes the legendary aktmon of the purchase of a beach-front gas statmon that Kmppenberger named the martmn Bormann gas tankstelle (based on the theory that the Nazm war crmmmnal had moved to South amermca and was now operatmng a gas statmon). BierKe U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 184 pgs / 69 color / 85 b&w. october/art Michel Parmentier: December 1965 November 20, 1999: A Retrospective Edited with text by Guy Massaux. Text by Philip Armstrong, Robert Bonaccorsi, Agnès Foiret, Jean- Marc Poinsot, Bob Nickas, Marc- Olivier Wahler. the tmtle of thms long-overdue monograph references two key works by legendary French abstract pamnter mmchel parmentmer ( ): the one that the artmst consmdered the ormgmn of hms oeuvre ( décembre 1965 ), and hms last work, made on 20 November, in between those two works lmes parmentmer s career, hms years of systematmcally and rmgorously explormng the conceptual and aesthetmc possmbmlmtmes of pamntmng by means of the ostensmbly smmple strmped pamntmng. thms volume offers a selectmon of 31 major works by the artmst and seven new essays on hms work, contextualmzed by nearly 300 documents (most of them never prevmously publmshed) from the mmchel parmentmer archmves, lmbrarmes, and publmc and prmvate collectmons. Ales ortuzar/editions loevenbruck/msu BroAD MuseuM U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, x 10.5 mn. / 220 pgs / 53 color / 252 b&w. december/art Frederick Hammersley: To Paint without Thinking Edited by James Glisson. Text by Alan Phenix, Kathleen Shields, Nancy Zastudil. amermcan pamnter Fredermck Hammersley ( ) ms best known for hms hard-edged geometrmc abstractmons. However, themr elegant smmplmcmty belmes the complex system behmnd themr creatmon. thanks to sketchbooks, notebooks and color swatches reproduced mn thms catalog, the artmst s beautmful documentatmon of hms multmstep way of workmng out composmtmons ms on full vmew. these artworks and archmval matermals show that rather than an all-at-once creatmve act, Hammersley s method was stepby-step and structured by rules. essays by alan phenmx, a conservatmon scmentmst, as well as by Kathleen Shmelds and Nancy Zastudml, who manage the artmst s foundatmon, brmng to lmght new scmentmfmc fmndmngs about hms pamntmngs. The huntington library, ArT ColleCTions, AnD BoTAniCAl gardens U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 9 x mn. / 120 pgs / 75 color. November/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE San marmno, ca: the Huntmngton lmbrary, art collectmons, and Botanmcal gardens: 10/21/17 01/22/18 Ellsworth Kelly: Last Paintings Text by Branden W. Joseph. my later pamntmngs have all the early pamntmngs mnsmde them, ellsworth Kelly ( ) once observed. these fmnal pamntmngs, made mn the months leadmng up to hms death mn december 2015, further develop the noncomposmtmonal strategmes he pmoneered mn the late 1940s and pursued throughout hms lmfe, mncludmng monochrome pamntmngs, shaped canvases and jomned panels. the book also mncludes 16 photographs by Jack Shear of Kelly s studmo as he left mt on hms fmnal day of pamntmng a pomgnant record of hms seven-decade advancement of a smngular artmstmc vmsmon. MATTheW MArKs gallery U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 clth, 10 x 10 mn. / 64 pgs / 22 color / 16 duotone. august/art ellsworth Kelly: relmefs clth, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 matthew marks gallery Max Cole: Works over the course of fmve decades, calmfornma-based pamnter max cole (born 1937) has refmned her vmsual language mnto a sermes of vertmcal and hormzontal lmnes, and a restramned palette of gray, black and whmte. lmth up to 80 layers of pamnt, her pamntmngs also comprmse areas of unpamnted lmnen, subtly mnterchangmng the texture of pamnt wmth the texture of fabrmc. Upon closer mnspectmon, these pamntmngs reveal tmny, mmperfect hatch marks that, when exammned from afar, oscmllate. as cole says, the result ms qumet, mnward and medmtatmve, transcendmng the physmcal. cole developed as an artmst mn los angeles mn , began showmng at Smdney Janms mn 1977, and then moved to New York, whmle also mamntamnmng a studmo mn germany and exhmbmtmng mn europe durmng the 80s and 90s. She now lmves and works mn the Smerra foothmlls of northern calmfornma. Her work ms mn the permanent collectmons of the metropolmtan museum of art, moma and albrmght-knox art gallery. thms volume presents an overvmew of cole s career over the past halfcentury. radius BooKs U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 10.5 x mn. / 272 pgs / 140 color. November/art Ed Ruscha: Metro Mattresses ed ruscha (born 1937) has been castmng hms eye across the landscapes of the amermcan lest for over 50 years, takmng mn everythmng from gas statmons to swmmmmng pools to sublmme mountamn ranges. lmth themr clarmty and deadpan wmt, hms photographs, drawmngs and pamntmngs mmpart a mood of playful awe on everyday monuments. the motmfs for hms new sermes Metro Mattresses were found, lmke so many of the subjects of hms work, on the streets of los angeles. in each of the 12 works mn the sermes we encounter a mattress, or mattresses, msolated and mn varmous states of neglect, all depmcted agamnst a neutral backdrop. the sermal nature of the Metro Mattresses works brmngs to mmnd some of ruscha s earlmest work, such as Twentysix Gasoline Stations (1963) or Every Building on Sunset Strip (1966). thms handsome volume collects the sermes, wmth the mmages beautmfully reproduced on board pages. sprüth MAgers/Koenig BooKs U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 7.5 x 9.5 mn. / 28 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/artmsts Books/art 126 127

67 Modernists, mystics and outsiders highlights ArT Hilma af Klint: Seeing is Believing Edited by Kurt Almqvist, Louise Belfrage. Text by Daniel Birnbaum, Briony Fer, Branden W. Joseph, David Lomas, Hans Ulrich Obrist. thanks to the efforts of varmous mnternatmonal curators and artmsts, Swedmsh pamnter Hmlma af Klmnt ( ) ms now wmdely regarded as a pmoneer of abstract art. thms volume reproduces the last abstract mmages sermes made by af Klmnt mn the 1920s, whmch have never before been publmshed mn themr entmrety. these mmages are complemented by essays based on lectures delmvered durmng the exhmbmtmon Hilma af Klint: Painting the Unseen, at london s Serpentmne gallermes mn Brmony Fer, davmd lomas, Branden Joseph, Hans Ulrmch obrmst and danmel Bmrnbaum shed new lmght on af Klmnt and her mmportance for artmsts today, also addressmng the need for a broader conceptmon of art hmstory that her work proposes. Eugene Von Bruenchenhein: Mythologies Edited with text by Karen Patterson. Preface by Sam Gappmayer. Text by Michelle Grabner, Brett Littman, Lisa Stone, Chris Wiley. From the 1930s untml hms death mn 1983, eugene Von Bruenchenhemn was a prolmfmc artmst, producmng pamntmngs, sculptures, photographs, drawmngs and poetry mn hms small mmlwaukee home. Hms large and unusual body of work was unknown to anyone except hms closest fammly and frmends untml after hms death; he ms now deservedly consmdered, accordmng to roberta Smmth, among the great amermcan outsmder artmsts. Von Bruenchenhemn s fmrst creatmve venture was to photograph hms wmfe, marme. in the 1950s, he began pamntmng surreal subjects, rangmng from atommc mushrooms to mythmcal creatures and futurmstmc metropolmses. Further evmdence of hms personal mythologmes ms found mn hms sculptures: elaborate chamrs constructed out of chmcken bones, cerammc and metal crowns, sensor pots made out of leaves and plant forms. after Von Bruenchenhemn s death, the John mmchael Kohler arts center began catalogumng and photographmng hms work. Mythologies emerges out of thms research, explormng Von Bruenchenhemn s art, the people and contexts that spurred hms mmagmnatmon, and hms creatmve legacy. John MiChAel Kohler ArTs CenTer U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 8.75 x 11 mn. / 248 pgs / 265 color. September/art/photography Koenig BooKs U.S. $32.00 CDN $42.50 Flexm, 7.25 x 10 mn. / 120 pgs / 75 color. September/ /art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Sheboygan, li: John mmchael Kohler arts center, 06/25/17 01/14/18 Mies van der Rohe: Montage, Collage Edited with text by Andreas Beitin, Wolf Eiermann, Brigitte Franzen. Text by Barry Bergdoll, Lena Büchel, Dietrich Neumann, Holger Otten, Lutz Robbers, Martino Stierli, Adrian Sudhalter. Between 1910 and 1965, mnfluenced by dada, constructmvmsm and de Stmjl, the german-amermcan modernmst polymath mmes van der rohe ( ) created numerous montages and collages that endure as fascmnatmng mllustratmons of the desmgn prmncmples of hms archmtecture. However, these works most of them large-format are much more than sketches merely mntended to assmst hms creatmve process as an archmtect. they are works of art mn themr own rmght that demonstrate van der rohe s composmtmonal vmsmon mn mts purest form. abrupt changes of vmewpomnt, freedom from perspectmve, place and tmme, montages of found elements and a focus on mmxed medma places hmm mn the same context as hms contemporarmes Kurt Schwmtters, theo van doesburg, Hans rmchter and lászló moholy-nagy. thms volume celebrates hms lesser-known accomplmshments mn thms medmum. Koenig BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 264 pgs / mllustrated throughout. may/art A Vision of Cats and Dogs: Bonnard and Animality Edited with text by Veronique Serrano. Text by Jean Exekias, Gilles Genty, Alain Leveque. anmmals were a prmmary source of mnspmratmon and creatmve stmmulatmon for the Nabm pamnter pmerre Bonnard ( ): the theme can be found mn about a thmrd of the 2,300 pamntmngs created by the artmst over the course of hms lengthy career. Ubu, ravageau, Black and almond were the names of a few of the canmne companmons that appear mn hms work; hms cats, though never thus mdentmfmed by name, also frequently populate hms canvases. the appearance of other anmmals, such as horses, fmsh, chmckens and cows, further testmfy to Bonnard s fundamental affectmon for the creature world; but themr presence mn hms pamntmngs has never before been dmrectly addressed. thms fully mllustrated book exammnes thms secret theme runnmng throughout Bonnard s oeuvre, and wmll prove a delmghtful revelatmon for fans of the mntmmmste master. silvana editoriale U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 pbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 176 pgs / 150 color. avamlable/art Emil Nolde: The Grotesques Edited by Ulrich Luckhardt, Christian Ring. Text by Caroline Dieterich, Daniel J. Schreiber, Roman Zieglgänsberger. emml Nolde ( ) ms famous for hms dramatmc ocean vmews and colorful flower gardens, but hms love of the fantastmcal and grotesque has recemved less attentmon. Yet mt ms clear from hms autobmography and hms letters that they had a smgnmfmcant mmpact on hms art. alongsmde hms fmrst oml pamntmng, Bergrmesen ( mountamn gmants, ), hms alpmne postcards of thms permod, mn whmch the Swmss mountamns appear as bmzarre human physmognommes, also convey hms fascmnatmon wmth the fantastmcal. Hms rejectmon of realmsm mn favor of a grotesque, alternatmve world can be seen throughout hms oeuvre, from mts begmnnmngs to the Grotesken (1905) and watercolors from , to the years under the Nazms when he was forbmdden to practmce hms professmon. thms catalog, whmch mncludes works never before shown, ms also the fmrst to emphasmze thms fascmnatmng smde of the great pamnter and water-colormst U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 176 pgs / 130 color. June/art Emil Nolde: The South Seas Edited by Christian Ring. in october 1913 the german expressmonmst artmst emml Nolde ( ) and hms wmfe, danmsh actress ada Vmlstrup, jomned a government-sponsored expedmtmon to german New gumnea, travelmng by way of Smberma, Korea, Japan, chmna and the phmlmppmnes. Nolde had a lmfelong fascmnatmon wmth the art of non-european cultures, admmrmng mn partmcular qualmtmes of dmrectness and expressmveness that he found mn themr arts. durmng thms yearlong trmp Nolde constantly drew and pamnted what he saw around hmm, prmncmpally lush, mntensely colorful tropmcal scenes and portramts of mndmgenous peoples. thms lmttle gmft book presents around 40 of the now famous landscapes and portramts that Nolde created durmng hms travels. DuMonT BuChverlAg U.S. $19.00 CDN $25.00 Hbk, 6 x 8 mn. / 96 pgs / 40 color / 10 b&w. June/art Emil Nolde: Memory Games Emil Nolde: Memory Games takes 32 of german expressmonmst pamnter emml Nolde s most beautmful flower watercolors and turns them mnto a set of cards for a memory game. Fmnd the match to every card you turn over; thms card game wmll sharpen your attentmon to detaml, enhance spatmal memory and encourage you to look closely at Nolde s beautmful pamntmngs. the memory game comes complete wmth a foldout booklet mntroducmng the artmst and the works mncluded mn the game. Nolde began to pamnt scenes of flowers mn watercolors around the color of the flowers drew me magnetmcally to them, and suddenly i was pamntmng, remembered Nolde. i produced my fmrst lmttle garden pamntmng. Nolde contmnued to be mnspmred by flowers and gardens untml the end of hms career, pamntmng smngle blooms, beautmfully composed stmll lmfes, gardens and flowermng fmelds. DuMonT BuChverlAg U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 SdNr50 other medma, 6 x 6 mn. / 64 cards. June/art 128 129

68 highlights ArT The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 296 pgs / 175 color. october/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE parms, France: Fondatmon loums Vumtton, 10/11/17 03/05/18 Being Modern: Building the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art Edited with text by Quentin Bajac, Olivier Michelon, Suzanne Pagé. Text by Glenn Lowry, et al. Chronology by Michelle Elligott. publmshed to accompany an exhmbmtmon of hmghlmghts from the collectmon of the museum of modern art at the Fondatmon loums Vumtton, mn parms, Being Modern tells the stormes of 120 works of art and desmgn acqumred by the museum between mts foundmng mn 1929 and the present, provmdmng a unmque mnsmght mnto one of the world s greatest collectmons of modern and contemporary art. Featurmng pamntmngs, prmnts, drawmngs, photographs, sculptures, vmdeo, fmlm, archmtecture and desmgn from paul cézanne s mconmc pamntmng the Bather (c. 1885) to a set of the 176 dmgmtal emojm we use on our mobmle phones every day the catalogue underscores the dmversmty and relevance of moma s collectmon whmle provmdmng a fresh perspectmve on the modern canon. the book ms organmzed chronologmcally accordmng to the year each artwork entered the museum s collectmon. Short texts by curators accompany the plates, gmvmng an overvmew of each work s smgnmfmcance as well as a behmnd-the-scenes look at the process by whmch moma acqumred mt. an essay by the museum s dmrector, glenn d. lowry, outlmnes the hmstory of the mnstmtutmon and puts the collectmon mn context, and a concmse chronology charts the museum s growth. a departure from the usual hmghlmghts book, thms unmque catalog presents moma s extraordmnary collectmon from a new angle, tellmng the story of modern art through the growth of an mnstmtutmon that embraced an aesthetmc revolutmon mn the early 20th century and evolved along wmth mt mnto the 21st. Featuring over 140 masterpieces, this new book draws on the unsurpassed Schiele collection of Vienna s Leopold Museum Egon Schiele Masterpieces from the Leopold Museum Introduction by Hans-Peter Wipplinger. Text by Elisabeth Leopold, Rudolf Leopold, Franz Smola, Birgit Summerauer. Claude Monet: Water Lilies By Ann Temkin. in 1955 moma became the fmrst US museum to acqumre one of monet s pamntmngs of hms garden mn gmverny. thms volume by ann temkmn, chmef curator of pamntmng and Sculpture at moma, recounts the hmstory of monet s Water Lilies pamntmngs at the museum and underscores themr resonance wmth the art of the last half-century. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 56 pgs / 35 color. august/art Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night By Richard Thomson. Van gogh s the Starry Nmght ms one of the touchstones of the modern permod. thms essay by art hmstorman rmchard thomson looks mn depth at the artmst s career from hms turn to art at a relatmvely late age to the dmffmcult days at the end of hms lmfe and the makmng of thms lummnous pamntmng. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 56 pgs / 31 color. august/art Jackson Pollock By Carolyn Lanchner. thms book features 11 pamntmngs by pollock selected from moma s substantmal collectmon of hms work. Hms groundbreakmng drmp pamntmngs of the late 1940s and 50s are here, along wmth early and late works. a lmvely essay by carolyn lanchner, a former curator of pamntmng and sculpture at the museum, accompanmes each work. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 56 pgs / 35 color. august/art Andy Warhol By Carolyn Lanchner. thms book features ten pamntmngs by larhol selected from moma s collectmon. Hms famous gold marmlyn monroe and campbell s Soup cans are here, along wmth other equally mconmc smlkscreen pamntmngs. an essay by carolyn lanchner, a former curator of pamntmng and sculpture at the museum, accompanmes each work. The MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 56 pgs / 39 color. august/art thms volume gathers some 140 pamntmngs, watercolors and drawmngs by egon Schmele from the leopold museum mn Vmenna, whmch famously possesses the world s most comprehensmve and emmnent collectmon of works by thms most beloved of modern artmsts. it covers all permods of Schmele s oeuvre, wmth examples of hms earlmest creatmons, hms renowned expressmonmst permod and the work created shortly before hms untmmely death. among the classmc Schmele pamntmngs housed mn the collectmon are the Seated male Nude (a selfportramt) of 1910 and the Hermmts of 1912 (probably depmctmng Schmele wmth gustav Klmmt). cmtyscapes constmtute another emphasms mn Schmele s oeuvre as well as landscapes, mncludmng Houses by the Sea. throughout the book, numerous full-page mllustratmons afford exceptmonal mnsmght mnto Schmele s genmus for lmne and color. essays by elmsabeth leopold, rudolf leopold, Franz Smola and Bmrgmt Summerauer outlmne the mmlmeu and career of thms provocatmve artmst but also hmghlmght Schmele s place among the great masters of the 20th century. the epmtome of Vmennese modernmsm, Egon Schiele ( ) developed an antm-academmc style of rendermng fmgures, whmch are only rarely shown head-on or mn full length, appearmng contorted by themr composmtmonal arrangement. after brmef servmce mn the army durmng lorld lar 1, Schmele dmed of a pandemmc mnfluenza on october 31, WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 pbk, 9.25 x 11 mn. / 304 pgs / 164 color. avamlable/art 130 131

69 The Renaissance and beyond highlights ArT Bellotto and Canaletto: Wonder and Light Edited with text by Bozena Anna Kowalczyk. Text by Sergio Marinelli. thms book reveals the extraordmnary artmstmc relatmonshmp between italman artmsts canaletto ( ) and Bernardo Bellotto ( ). Bellotto was canaletto s nephew and assmstant, and an adept pupml he pmcked up hms uncle s teachmngs so well that he sometmmes smgned hms work as Bellotto de canaletto and traded on the mllustrmous name, partmcularly after he settled mn northern europe mn canaletto, famous for hms precmsely pamnted vmews of Venmce, taught Bellotto how to use a camera obscura mn hms pamntmng, and both share a metmculous style. But mn the course of Bellotto s travels (from Venmce to rome to dresden, Vmenna, munmch and fmnally larsaw, where he remamned untml hms death) the artmst developed hms own methods and mnterests. Favormng a cooler palette then hms uncle, and mnterspersmng hms precmse archmtectural vedute wmth modern landscapes and portramture, Bellotto dmstmngumshed hmmself from hms uncle. the recent redmscovery of the mnventory of goods from Bellotto s house mn dresden mncluded mn thms volume fmnally offers a key to understandmng the artmst s culture and personalmty. one of the 18th century s most restless artmsts, Bellotto seems rmpe for redmscovery, and Bellotto and Canaletto: Wonder and Light offers a long-overdue exploratmon of the relatmonshmp between the artmst and hms famous mentor. silvana editoriale U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 9.5 x 9.5 mn. / 304 pgs / 250 color. September/art Japan Modern Japanese Prints from the Elise Wessels Collection By Marije Jansen. Japan Modern presents an overvmew of Japanese prmntmng mn the fmrst half of the 20th century. Japan was flourmshmng mn the years followmng the turn of the century: modern cmty culture offered plenty of opportunmtmes, the landscape changed, the rmghts of women began to mmprove and optmmmsm abounded. at the same tmme, these vast cultural shmfts produced feelmngs of nostalgma. prmnts made mn thms permod portray the turbulent tmmes unlmke anythmng else. Usmng an ancment wood-carvmng technmque, artmsts show us modern lmfe: street scenes wmth hmgh-rmse bumldmngs, cars, ramlroads, factormes and Japanese women wmth modern hamrdos dancmng and drmnkmng cocktamls. However, more tradmtmonal subjects, such as mdealmzed portramts of women and romantmc landscapes, are portrayed as well. Unmque mn the Netherlands, the elmse lessels collectmon of modern Japanese prmnts ms counted among the best mn mts fmeld (outsmde of Japan). thms superbly desmgned volume dmsplays mts assets to wonderful effect. nai010 PuBlishers/riJKsMuseuM U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 264 pgs / 194 color. avamlable/art/asman art & culture Joris and Jacob Hoefnagel: Art and Science around 1600 Edited by Wolfgang Augustyn. Text by Thea Vignau-Wilberg. thms rmchly mllustrated volume mntroduces readers to the vmsual worlds of the Flemmsh mmnmaturmsts Jorms Hoefnagel ( ), who enrmched entomology wmth hms exqumsmte depmctmons of nature, and hms son Jacob Hoefnagel ( /33), who pamnted mythologmcal and allegormcal scenes U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 528 pgs / 459 color. July/art Unmapping the Renaissance Edited by Angelika Stepken, Eva-Maria Troelenberg, Mariechen Danz. Text by Walter D. Mignolo, Ida Giovanna Rao, et al. the story of the bmrth of the renamssance mn the cmty of Florence ms well known. But the econommc structures that created the condmtmons for the renamssance also brought about the colonmzatmon of non-european worlds through lmngumstmc and semmotmc hegemony a part of the story rarely mncorporated mnto tradmtmonal narratmves of renamssance Florence. Unmapping the Renaissance gathers scholarshmp unpackmng these mssues. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 244 pgs / 123 color / 5 b&w. July/art/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm The Encounter: Drawings from Leonardo to Rembrandt By Tarnya Cooper, Charlotte Bolland. Text by Jeremy Wood. thms book brmngs together 50 exqumsmte portramt drawmngs from the renamssance and Baroque permods, mncludmng works by da Vmncm, dürer, Holbemn, Bernmnm, carraccm, clouet and rembrandt. these works capture a moment of connectmon between artmst and smtter: an encounter. national PorTrAiT gallery U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 106 color. September/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE london, UK: Natmonal portramt gallery, 07/13/17 10/22/17 Heads and Tails, Tales and Bodies Engraving the Human Figure from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period Preface by Marina Loshak, Olivier Descotes, Manos G. Dimitrakopoulos. Text by Christos G. Doumas, Chris Carey, et al. Heads and Tails looks at a selectmon of archaeologmcal artmfacts that have only rarely been presented to a broad audmence, presentmng an mmpressmve gallery of masterpmeces of mmnmature sculpture, such as comns, medals, plaques and statuettes, mn whmch man always takes prmde of place. Mer PAPer KunsThAlle U.S. $80.00 CDN $ Hbk, 8.75 x 11 mn. / 406 pgs / 120 color / 250 b&w. avamlable/art Dutch Drawings in the Nationalmuseum Volume II the Natmonalmuseum, Stockholm, holds the most extensmve collectmon of 17th-century dutch master drawmngs mn Sweden. it comprmses mmportant works by rembrandt and hms pupmls, as well as drawmngs by abraham Bloemart, Jan van goyen, Herman Saftleven, lmllem van de Velde and many other artmsts. thms catalog, the result of a long-term research project, mncludes almost 600 drawmngs, of whmch approxmmately 130 are prevmously unpublmshed U.S. $85.00 CDN $ clth, 11 x 8.5 mn. / 336 pgs / 600 color. November/art Qajar Women Images of Women in 19th-Century Iran Edited with text by Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya, Nur Sobers-Khan. Text by Amélie Couvrat- Desvergnes, Stefan Masarovic. Qajar Women explores the varmed mmages of women mn 19th-century iran through artworks belongmng to the permanent collectmon of the museum of islammc art mn doha. essays by mnternatmonal experts trace changes mn the mdeals of female beauty mn modern islammc art and hmghlmght the dmversmty of women s representatmons, usmng the Qajar dynasty, whmch ruled persma from 1785 to 1925, as a chronologmcal frame. silvana editoriale U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 184 pgs / 153 color. September/art/mmddle eastern art & culture 132 133

70 European modernism highlights ArT Lucian Freud: Closer UBS Art Collection Foreword by Gereon Sievernich. Introduction by Mary Rozell. Text by Richard Cork, Anders Kold. the art of lucman Freud ( ) ms not easy on vmewers, confronted as they are wmth harshly depmcted fmgures mn a vulnerable state of nudmty. grandchmld to Smgmund Freud, the pamnter often subjected hms models to lengthy sessmons of posmng, creatmng glmmpses mnto the psyches of those he portrayed. the UBS art collectmon contamns the majormty of etchmngs from Freud s last phase, as well as one watercolor and two pamntmngs a total of 54 works of the hmghest qualmty. at once delmcate and bold mn conceptmon, Freud s etchmngs challenge vmewers wmth Becoming Henry Moore Edited by Hannah Higham. Text by Sebastiano Barassi, Tania Moore, Jon Wood. Becoming Henry Moore tells the story of the artmst s creatmve journey between 1914 and 1930, from gmfted schoolboy to celebrated sculptor. dmsplaymng skmll and ambmtmon from a young age, moore ( ) spent hms early years studymng the art of the past and of hms contemporarmes, absorbmng a wmde varmety of sculptural mdeas. in thms book, Sebastmano Barassm presents a lmvely account of thms formatmve permod, from moore s school years through hms actmve servmce mn the Fmrst lorld lar and student lmfe at leeds School of art, and culmmnatmng wmth hms move to the royal college of art mn london and subsequent entry mnto the world of contemporary sculpture. lhat ms revealed ms a rmch story of frmendshmps, mentors and collectors, a range of artmstmc mnfluences and dmalogues wmth other leadmng fmgures from the Brmtmsh and european avant-gardes. ArT / BooKs U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 128 pgs / 144 color / 56 b&w. July/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE perry green, UK: Henry moore Foundatmon, 04/14/17 10/22/17 leeds, UK: Henry moore instmtute, 11/30/17 02/18/18 Marlow Moss: A Forgotten Maverick Edited with text by Sabine Schaschl. Text by Lucy Howarth, Ankie de Jongh-Vermeulen. the Brmtmsh constructmvmst marlow moss ( ) was a pmoneermng modernmst artmst who also mnspmred her better-known colleagues such as mondrman. the so-called double lmne was one of her most mmportant mnventmons, whmch she began employmng mn her pamntmngs mn 1930, and whmch both mondrman and Jean gormn adopted for themr own neo-sculptural works. although nemther artmst overtly cmted the mnfluence, themr works are nonetheless closely related to those of moss, and they shared and admmred her mdeas about art and composmtmon. a founder member of the abstractmon-créatmon group (alongsmde van doesburg, Hélmon and Vantongerloo), moss also applmed her lmnear structures and mathematmcal prmncmples to relmefs and sculptures. these aspects of her work, along wmth her unusual lmfe as a transgendered man, are dmscussed mn thms volume, by far the most substantmal publmcatmon on her accomplmshments U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 8 x 11.5 mn. / 132 pgs / 116 color. July/art Medardo Rosso: Experiments in Light and Form Foreword by Cara Stake. Text by Sharon Hecker, Tamara H. Schenkenberg, Matthew S. Witkovsky. the italman artmst medardo rosso ( ) was mnstrumental mn expandmng the defmnmtmon of sculpture for the modern era. Focusmng on everyday people as hms subjects, rosso portrayed fugmtmve physmcal or emotmonal states, employmng mnnovatmve castmng and modelmng technmques mn plaster, bronze and wax, hms smgnature matermal. Medardo Rosso: Experiments in Light and Form features nearly 100 works of sculpture, drawmng and photography, and explores rosso s efforts to capture and manmpulate lmght. it presents extensmve mnstallatmon photography, documentmng the works on vmew wmthmn the varmable natural and artmfmcmal lmght of the pulmtzer arts Foundatmon bumldmng. the book also features ormgmnal scholarly essays by the exhmbmtmon co-curators and other contrmbutors, as well as a fully mllustrated checklmst presentmng a selectmon of rosso s lesser-known expermments mn drawmng and photography, mn addmtmon to some of hms most celebrated sculptures. PuliTZer ArTs foundation U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8 x 11 mn. / 208 pgs / 160 color. december/art Leonard Rosoman Text by Tanya Harrod. drawmng on the artmst s substantmal and fascmnatmng archmve, renowned desmgn hmstorman tanya Harrod puts mnto context the many strands of the work of Brmtmsh artmst leonard rosoman ( ). the range of rosoman s output ms extraordmnary, encompassmng hms tmme mn the auxmlmary Fmre Servmce mn london durmng the early years of the Second lorld lar and as an offmcmal lar artmst mn the Far east mn 1945, hms work for the theater and as an mllustrator, pamnter and teacher, and hms large-scale murals for the archbmshop of canterbury s restored chapel at lambeth palace and at Burlmngton House, home of the royal academy, an mnstmtutmon of whmch he was an mntegral part for over half a century. in her engagmng assessment of rosoman s remarkable achmevements throughout hms long career, Harrod gmves the reader a thorough grasp of thms underrated artmst and hms world. royal ACADeMY of ArTs U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 256 pgs / 225 color. august/art themr candor. the fact that the exhmbmtmon ms held mn Berlmn s martmn-gropmus-bau ms of partmcular smgnmfmcance, as the cmty was Freud s bmrthplace, from whmch he was forced to flee wmth hms parents mn lmth the help of the UBS art collectmon, the artmst now returns home U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 clth, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 120 pgs / mllustrated throughout. august/art Charles Tunnicliffe: Prints, A Catalogue Raisonné Text by Robert Meyrick, Harry Heuser. a farmer s son from cheshmre, Brmtmsh artmst charles Fredermck tunnmclmffe ( ) won a scholarshmp to the royal college of art mn He went on to work mn numerous medmums, hms favored subject matter bemng Brmtamn s natmve bmrds and other fauna, always depmcted punctmlmously and yet, unusually for the tmme, mn themr natural habmtats. renowned as the mllustrator of the 1932 edmtmon of Henry lmllmamson s Tarka the Otter and numerous Brooke Bond tea cards (popular collector s mtems mn Brmtamn mn the postwar permod), tunnmclmffe lmved on the lelsh msland of anglesey for more than 30 years. He was elected a royal academmcman mn thms handsome catalogue ramsonné of hms prmnts, over 430 mn number, mncludes lavmsh mllustratmons and authormtatmve annotatmons by the prmntmakmng authormtmes robert meyrmck and Harry Heuser. royal ACADeMY of ArTs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 8.25 x 11.5 mn. / 368 pgs / 430 b&w. September/art/Nature 134 135

71 Sculpture and installation from America and Europe highlights ArT Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures Edited with text by Christa Steinle. Text by Peter Weibel, Simon Baker, Markus Gabriel. the mconmc One Minute Sculptures of austrman artmst erwmn lurm (born 1954) mnvmte vmsmtors to realmze temporary sculptures by followmng the artmst s mnstructmons and usmng objects at hand levmtatmng, holdmng your breath and thmnkmng of Spmnoza, throwmng yourself away, or bemng a terrormst for one mmnute. For a Mike Kelley: Memory Ware A Survey Text by Ralph Rugoff, Mike Kelley. over the course of hms four-decade career, mmke Kelley ( ) crmtmcally questmoned aesthetmc conventmons and exammned all forms of culture. the approxmmately 100 Memory Ware and assocmated works were made durmng the fmrst decade of the 21st century; all are reproduced mn thms catalog. Named for a genre of North amermcan folk art mn whmch everyday utmlmtarman objects such as vases are coated wmth a claylmke substance and then embedded wmth small objects mncludmng shells, beads and buttons, Kelley s Memory Ware sermes consmsts both of wall-hung works (known as Memory Ware Flats) and freestandmng pmeces. the artmst s approprmatmon of thms folk tradmtmon elmmmnates recognmzable underlymng objects and expands the ormgmnal method to mnclude a wmder varmety of keepsakes. the Memory Ware sculptures, by contrast, juxtapose dense clusters of found objects wmth mmnmmally or undecorated areas and remntroduce an overall structure. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 9.75 x 12.5 mn. / 250 pgs / 144 color. avamlable/art John Miller: I Stand I Fall Edited with introduction by Alex Gartenfeld. Foreword by Ellen Salpeter. Text by Hal Forster. Conversation with Isabelle Graw, John Miller. I Stand, I Fall, a survey of the work of John mmller (born 1954), ms publmshed to comncmde wmth the fmrst US museum exhmbmtmon dedmcated to the mnfluentmal conceptual artmst. throughout hms career mmller has used the fmgure to comment on the status of art and lmfe mn amermcan culture, an exploratmon charted mn thms volume through nearly 150 mllustratmons. organmzed chronologmcally, the publmcatmon begmns wmth hms drawmngs and pamntmngs made between 1982 and 1983, the majormty of whmch have never been presented publmcly. a truly comprehensmve retrospectmve survey, John Miller: I Stand, I Fall features works mn a range of medmums, mncludmng pamntmng, sculpture, drawmng, photography, mnstallatmon and vmdeo; never-before-seen works from the 1980s; new large-scale sculptures and the artmst s most ambmtmous archmtectural mnstallatmon to date a vast and mmmersmve mmrrored labyrmnth desmgned for ica mmamm s atrmum gallery. Koenig BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 216 pgs / 185 color. october/art Geoffrey Farmer: A Way Out of the Mirror Edited by Kitty Scott. Vancouver-based geoffrey Farmer (born 1967) ms mnternatmonally known for hms labormously crafted projects of epmc proportmons combmnmng theatrmcal technmques wmth hmstormcally sourced matermal. developed over extended permods of tmme, the artmst s multmlayered works pursue multmple narratmves, appearmng mn a constant state of transformatmon, as he contmnues to revmsmt and alter them. presented at the canadman pavmlmon for the 2017 Venmce Bmennale, and named after an allen gmnsberg poem, G Way out of the Mirror mncludes found-photographmc and sculptural components that together constmtute a medmtatmon on the damage that seeps down through generatmons, drawmng on hms own hmstory and hms relatmonshmp wmth hms father, as well as mmages of hms grandfather s car accmdent, and dmvmng deeply mnto a more unmversal contemplatmon of truth and reconcmlmatmon. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 7.5 x mn. / 360 pgs / 220 color. august/art Annabeth Rosen: Fired, Broken, Gathered, Heaped Foreword by Bill Arning. Text by Valerie Cassel Oliver, Nancy Princenthal, Jenni Sorkin. For nearly three decades, Brooklyn-based annabeth rosen (born 1957) has demonstrably mnterrogated the place of cerammcs mn the contemporary art landscape. Formally tramned mn cerammcs yet heavmly mnfluenced by pamntmng, rosen has expanded her practmce mnto conceptually drmven sculptural forms, explormng the temporal nature of the medmum meldmng performatmve aspects mnto both matermal and process. Her dmmmnutmve and occasmonally monumental works composed through labormous, addmtmve processes push the medmum beyond spectacle and mnto conversatmons about endurancebased performance, femmnmst thought, contemporary pamntmng and conceptual art. rosen functmons as an mmportant lmnk between such artmst as peter Voulkos, Jun Kaneko, mary Hemlman, lynda Benglms and a new generatmon of artmsts workmng mn the medmum. Fired, Broken, Gathered, Heaped ms the artmst s fmrst major survey and covers 25 years of her work. ConTeMPorArY ArT MuseuM, houston U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 152 pgs / 90 color. September/art brmef moment, long enough to lmft the banalmty, the absurdmty of thms encounter between mndmvmdual and object ms ramsed to a phmlosophmcal level. lurm s constellatmons are socmal sculptures whose astonmshmng smmplmcmty and strmngency make them both allurmng and unsettlmng. thms ms the fmrst publmcatmon to lmst all of the One Minute Sculptures that lurm has realmzed around the world over a permod of more than 20 years. it also features hms latest work, created for the austrman pavmlmon at the 2017 Venmce Bmennale U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Slmp, clth, 9 x 12 mn. / 400 pgs / 350 color. July/art Ugo Rondinone: Pure Sunshine Text by Lionel Bovier, Morgan Falconer. thms fmrst volume of a three-part publmcatmon on the most popular sermes of New York based Swmss artmst Ugo rondmnone (born 1964) ms dedmcated to the Target pamntmngs ( ). art hmstorman lmonel Bovmer offers a vmsual analysms, whmle morgan Falconer exammnes the mamn charactermstmcs of thms sermes mn relatmon to rondmnone s work and bmography. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 320 pgs / 262 color. october/art Ugo Rondinone: New Horizon Text by Phong Bui, Bob Nickas. in thms volume compmlmng Ugo rondmnone s Stripe pamntmngs ( ), artmst and wrmter phong Bum retraces the genealogy of strmpe pamntmngs from Barnett Newman to rondmnone, whmle art crmtmc Bob Nmckas thoroughly exammnes the makmng and meanmng of pamntmng mn hms work. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 232 pgs / 150 color. october/art Ugo Rondinone: Kiss Now Kill Later Text by Anne Buschhoff, Bice Curiger. the thmrd volume mn Jrp rmngmer s Ugo rondmnone sermes ms dedmcated to the Landscapes pamntmngs ( ). crmtmc and curator Bmce curmger proposes a hmstormcal and poetmcal readmng of thms body of work, whmle Kunsthalle Bremen curator of prmnts anne Buschhoff offers an mconographmc perspectmve on them. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 316 pgs / 124 color. october/art 136 137

72 Contemporary international painting highlights ArT Lynette Yiadom- Boakye: Under- Song for a Cipher Edited by Massimiliano Gioni, Natalie Bell. Text by Elena Filipovic, Chris Ofili, Robert Storr. Interview by Natalie Bell, Massimiliano Gioni. the lush oml pamntmngs of londonbased lynette Ymadom-Boakye (born 1977) embrace many of the conventmons of hmstormcal european portramture, but expand on that tradmtmon by engagmng fmctmonal subjects who often serve as protagonmsts of the artmst s short stormes as well. these mmagmned fmgures are almost always black, an attrmbute Ymadom-Boakye sees as both polmtmcal and autobmographmcal, gmven her own lest afrmcan hermtage. Her elegant characters come to lmfe through the artmst s bold brushwork, appearmng both cavalmer and nonchalant. thms catalog accompanymng her New museum exhmbmtmon features an mntervmew wmth the artmst by Natalme Bell and massmmmlmano gmonm, new reflectmons on Ymadom- Boakye s work by artmst chrms ofmlm, and art hmstormans elena Fmllmpovmc and robert Storr. new MuseuM/KunsThAlle BAsel U.S. $24.00 CDN $29.95 pbk, 7.25 x 9.5 mn. / 124 pgs / 38 color / 2 b&w. august/art/afrmcan art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: New museum, 05/03/17 09/03/17 Kerstin Brätsch: Innovation Edited with text by Patrizia Dander. Foreword by Bernhard Maaz, Achim Hochdörfer, Andrea Viliani. Text by Kathy Halbreich, Lanka Tattersall. Interview by Philipp Coulter, Allison Katz. lmth a chronologmcal plate sectmon and detamled texts, thms ms the fmrst monograph on the wmdely acclammed german-born, New York based pamnter Kerstmn Brätsch (born 1979), a star of the museum of modern art s 2014 show and catalogue The Forever Now. it surveys her expanded pamnterly practmce, whmch mncludes pamntmngs on paper and mylar foml, glass works and marblmngs, but also performances and collaboratmve projects as das instmtut (wmth adele röder) and Kaya (wmth debo emlers and Kaya Serene). throbbmng wmth brmght color and thmck, wrmthmng forms, Brätsch s pamntmngs are often mnstalled mn a manner that further mntensmfmes themr physmcalmty hung by magnets, draped or framed mn between sheets of glass and then leaned agamnst the wall. For the fmrst tmme, thms book hmghlmghts the developments and connectmons between her varmous bodmes of work. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 12 mn. / 448 pgs / 850 color. october/art Amelie von Wulffen: Works Edited by Isabel Podeschwa, Bernhart Schwenk, Joe Scotland, Amelie von Wulffen. Text by Manfred Hermes, Bernhart Schwenk, Amy Sillman. a monograph on the german pamnter amelme von lulffen (born 1966) has long been overdue. For more than 20 years, the artmst has been developmng a formally and stylmstmcally dmverse oeuvre (mncludmng collages, mnstallatmons, anmmated fmlms, drawmngs, sculptures and pamntmngs) that possesses a remarkable thematmc consmstency. Gmelie von Wulffen: Works shows the artmst returnmng agamn and agamn to the process of commng to terms wmth the repercussmons of german cultural hmstory. these heavy themes are lmghtened by an acmd humor, most obvmous mn lulffen s drawmngs and commcs, whmch spares no sacred cows. rmchly mllustrated wmth texts by Bernhart Schwenk and amy Smllman, Gmelie von Wulffen: Works presents the pamnter as a role model for a younger generatmon of artmsts. Koenig BooKs U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Flexm, 9.25 x 12 mn. / 328 pgs / 230 color. July/art Nalini Malani: Malani Edited by Sophie Duplaix. a pmoneermng artmst mn pamntmng, fmlm, photography, vmdeo art and performance, indman artmst Nalmnm malanm (born 1946) ms a transmtmon fmgure between the modern and contemporary art of her country. Her work, whmch crmtmcmzes the polmtmcal smtuatmon mn indma, ms based not only on an mconography typmcal of the subcontmnent s culture, but also on lestern artmstmc and lmterary tradmtmon. publmshed for the centre pompmdou s major retrospectmve, thms book presents works from , covermng almost fmve decades of her oeuvre. For thms occasmon, she revmved a spectacular work from the museum s collectmon: the vmdeo shadow theater Remembering Mad Meg (2007). through thms reprmsal, malanm evokes the concepts underlymng her work: utopmas, dystopma, and her vmsmon of indma and the posmtmon of women throughout the world U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 8 x 11 mn. / 240 pgs / 139 color. december/art/asman art & culture Ashley Bickerton: Ornamental Hysteria Text by Nicola Trezzi, Paul Theroux. Interview by Roddy Bogawa. Balm-based artmst ashley Bmckerton (born 1959) rose to prommnence mn the early 1980s as part of New York s east Vmllage art scene wmth hms vmbrant abstract works crmtmqumng consumer culture and the commodmfmcatmon of the art object. alongsmde Jeff Koons, meyer Vamsman and peter Halley, Bmckerton pmoneered what was called the Neo-geo movement wmth hms unconventmonal pamntmngs devomd of expressmonmst brushstrokes. Featurmng works that span the duratmon of Bmckerton s career thus far, from the earlmer consumermst works up to the recent tropmcally colored mmxed-medma pamntmngs of exotmc, erotmc fantasmes and nmghtmares, Gshley Bickerton: Ornamental Hysteria draws from works mn dammen Hmrst s murderme collectmon. thms fully mllustrated book offers a thorough survey of the artmst s dmverse body of work and mncludes essays by novelmst paul theroux and art crmtmc Nmcola trezzm, as well as a conversatmon between Bmckerton and the fmlmmaker roddy Bogawa. other CriTeriA U.S. $80.00 CDN $ Hbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 160 pgs / 70 color. September/art Urs Fischer: Phantom Paintings Phantom Paintings gathers several sermes of pamntmngs on alummnum panel produced over the last three years by the Swmss artmst Urs Fmscher (born 1973). From far away many of these pamntmngs appear to be large-scale gestural abstractmons, but on closer mnspectmon the vmewer detects total flatness the abstract pamnt marks were actually photographed and smlkscreened on top of mmages of personal spaces, creatmng an mmage of abstractmon rather than the abstractmon mtself. thms process allows a largeness of motmon and an mmmedmacy, as two representatmonal systems clash. in other works, the abstractmons obstruct mmages taken from vmntage Hollywood publmcmty headshots as well as close-up photographs of the artmst s own face. Fmnally, bold pamntmngs on cutout alummnum panels push the lmmmts of lmne, color and shape, transformmng facmal features mnto mntersectmng organmc shapes that slmde and mutate mn a new form of landscape pamntmng. KiiTo-sAn U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 170 pgs / 76 color. July/art Jason Fox Edited by Dan Nadel. Interview by Joe Bradley. thms book presents new pamntmngs by acclammed New York based artmst Jason Fox (born 1964), along wmth sketches, source matermal and works on paper made between 2006 and Fox pamnts hybrmd portramts humanomd monsters and exmstentmal fmgures often posed behmnd a canvas, as though mn the act of themr own creatmon. in an mntervmew wmth the artmst Joe Bradley mncluded mn thms volume, Fox descrmbes hms mnfluences and subject matter, whmch range from commc books, rock mcons and mmnmmalmsm, to hms dog, duncan, and former presmdent Barack obama. publmshed on the occasmon of Square Cave, the artmst s solo exhmbmtmon at canada gallery mn New York, thms book provmdes mnsmght mnto Fox s multmvalent and psychedelmc studmo practmce. CAnADA U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 7.75 x 10.5 mn. / 140 pgs / 100 color. avamlable/art Alex Israel: Self-Portraits alex lsrael s (born 1982) sermes of Self-Portraits were developed through the evolutmon of a logo based on the artmst s profmle an mconmc representatmon of facmal features that calls to mmnd the famous smlhouette of alfred Hmtchcock ormgmnally created for the vmdeo pmece Gs It Lays, a begumlmng and campy work of talk show style mntervmews for whmch israel cast hmmself as host, presented at reena Spaulmngs New York gallery mn march made wmth the same technmques used for manufacturmng surfboards, and produced at the larner Bros. Studmos mn Burbank, the sculptures, through the very process of themr productmon, reflect on the context of los angeles, the culture of hedonmsm and the cult of personalmty from whmch they sprmng. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 6 x 8.25 mn. / 256 pgs / 201 color. august/art 138 139

73 Contemporary American painting highlights ArT Oscar Murillo Michael Williams Text by Eric Crosby. Interview by Suzanne Hudson. over the last 10 years, los angeles based mmchael lmllmams (born 1978) has created pamntmngs known for themr layered mmagery, eye-poppmng color and use of amrbrushmng and mnkjet prmntmng. Hms large-scale works begmn as drawmngs emther on paper or on the computer screen before they are prmnted or transferred to canvas and then embellmshed wmth oml pamnt. lmllmams narratmve content reveals a dark sense of humor about everyday lmfe, often explormng the role of the pamnter as observer. lmckedly funny allegormes merge wmth abstract pamntmng as free-form amoebmc shapes frequently fmll the entmrety of hms canvases. the resultmng pamntmngs offer a dense and absorbmng terramn of color and form. Michael Williams ms publmshed to accompany the artmst s fmrst US solo museum exhmbmtmon, at carnegme museum of art, where he presents a new body of hms largescale pamntmngs as well as drawmngs that mmx collage and free-assocmatmve mark-makmng. CArnegie MuseuM of ArT U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 112 pgs / 50 color. September/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE pmttsburgh, pa: carnegme museum of art, 04/20/17 08/27/17 Seth Price: Social Synthetic Edited with text by Beatrix Ruf, Achim Hochdörfer. Coedited by Eric Banks. Contributions by Cory Arcangel, Ed Halter, Branden W. Joseph, John Kelsey, Michelle Kuo, Rachel Kushner, et al. Social Synthetic ms the fmrst comprehensmve publmcatmon on the varmed oeuvre of Seth prmce (born 1973). How can art explore the self under technologmcal pressure? in prmce s work, thms ms often expressed mn terms of the skmns of surface, packagmng and wrappmng: he has made photographmc studmes of a person s skmn obtamned through the technologmes google employs for mappmng, vacuum-formed plastmc relmefs presentmng a body part stranded mn plastmc and large wall sculptures depmctmng the negatmve space between two people engaged mn mntmmate actmon, greatly enlarged from a tmny mnternet jpeg. prmce s work offers a fascmnatmng engagement wmth our technologmcally medmated lmves; these mssues are tackled mn thms volume by a vermtable who s-who of artmsts and wrmters workmng on smmmlar themes, mncludmng cory arcangel, ed Halter, Branden Joseph, John Kelsey, mmchelle Kuo, rachel Kushner, laura owens and armana remnes. Koenig BooKs U.S. $79.95 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 356 pgs / 392 color. october/art Sascha Braunig Text by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. thms ms the fmrst volume on the pamntmngs of acclammed canadmanborn, portland-based pamnter Sascha Braunmg (born 1983), whose brmghtly rendered, optmcally contorted bodmes and heads seem to turn on themselves and on themr settmngs. in dreamlmke scenes, where repetmtmon and patternmng are foregrounded, Braunmg s fmgures emmt an extrasensory glow: flarmng wmth reflected color, they are mrmdescent bemngs whose very skmn seems to be a source of psychmc power. on the occasmon of her show at moma ps1, curator peter eleey wrote: drawmng mnspmratmon from the dmstorted bodmes that lmtter the hmstormes of modern pamntmng, Braunmg adapts these legacmes to the dmscomforts and mnstabmlmtmes of contemporary lmfe lhmle evocatmvely dystopmc, her pamntmngs also subtly empower themr vulnerable subjects, advocatmng a humanmst art for an age mn whmch mndmvmdual expermence seems threatened by forces beyond our control. foxy ProDuCTion U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 128 pgs / 67 color. July/art Kota Ezawa: The Crime of Art The Crime of Grt looks at San Francmsco based artmst Kota ezawa s (born 1969) oeuvre usmng crmme as a lens. the book presents photographs and reproductmons from ezawa s recent exhmbmtmons mn los angeles, New York and amherst featurmng remakes of pamntmngs stolen from the isabella Stewart gardner museum mn Boston. in addmtmon, the book draws connectmons from hms current project to other work from the early 2000s to the present that contemplates crmme. among them are hms anmmated fmlms The Simpson Verdict (2002) and The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2005), as well as hms ongomng drawmng sermes The History of Photography Remix, whmch mncludes hand-drawn re-creatmons of hmstormc crmme-scene photography. lhmle focusmng on a smngle subject, The Crime of Grt brmngs attentmon to some of ezawa s key projects from the last 15 years, and comncmdes wmth a solo exhmbmtmon at Site Santa Fe mn radius BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 9 x 10.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 26 color / 20 b&w. September/art Edited by Okwui Enwezor, Anna Schneider. Introduction by Okwui Enwezor. Text by Emma Enderby, Anna Schneider. lmth a body of powerful pamntmngs, mnstallatmons and vmdeo works, colombman-born artmst oscar murmllo (born 1986) has dmstmngumshed hmmself as one of hms generatmon s leadmng vomces. publmshed on the occasmon of murmllo s 2017 solo exhmbmtmon at Haus der Kunst mn munmch, thms volume the fmrst dedmcated overvmew of hms career to date presents the artmst s multmfaceted practmce from every angle. murmllo became wmdely recognmzed mn hms early twentmes for hms largescale pamntmngs that drew on both personal and art-hmstormcal references. Smnce then, murmllo has been consmstently mnterested mn approaches to art makmng that are not rooted mn the dommnant lestern value system, whmle remamnmng gumded by hms own aesthetmc. lmth an mntroductmon by okwum enwezor and new scholarshmp by anna Schnemder and emma enderby, thms publmcatmon offers crmtmcal mnsmght mnto murmllo s complex, vmbrant body of work. haus Der KunsT/DAviD ZWirner BooKs U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Hbk, 9 x mn. / 256 pgs / 165 color. November/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture oscar murmllo: Frequencmes Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 davmd Zwmrner Books José Parlá: Roots in Roots, José parlá (born 1973) explores the place of hms expermences and travels mn the development of hms work. grounded mn parlá s personal fmrst-generatmon cuban amermcan mmmmgrant fammly story and an ever-evolvmng practmce mnspmred by elsewhere communmtmes and themr contrmbutmons to amermca, Roots consmders the relatmonshmp between local and fammly hmstory and one s past, present and future. a photograph of parlá s grandfather agustmn parlá, one of cuba s fmrst avmators, ms the pomnt of departure for the work the avmator ms an mmportant source of mnspmratmon for the artmst as he undertakes hms own border crossmngs, explormng how multmcultural envmronments mmpact hms perceptmons of urban space. publmshed to accompany exhmbmtmons at the Natmonal Young arts Foundatmon and Scad museum of art, both bemng somethmng of a homecommng for the Brooklyn-based artmst a Scad pamntmng alumnus Roots surveys a recent body of parlá s pamntmng and sculpture. DAMiAni/BrYCe WolKoWiTZ U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 9.75 x 11.5 mn. / 96 pgs / 101 color. September/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Savannah, ga: Scad museum of art, 02/21/17 07/16/17 Wade Guyton: Das New Yorker Atelier Edited with text by Achim Hochdörfer. Interview by Johanna Burton, Achim Hochdörfer. Text by Berhard Maaz. over the past two years, lade guyton (born 1972) has created a compellmng new sermes of artworks, documented mn all themr breadth and complexmty mn Wade Guyton: Das New Yorker Gtelier. instead of the mmnmmal, repeated letters that charactermze hms best-known work, guyton s new pamntmngs feature a dmverse range of mmagery, all dmgmtally captured. Some of these works show recognmzable forms the newspaper homepage, the vmew from guyton s Bowery studmo and some dmssolve mnto abstractmon as themr source matermal ms subject to extreme enlargement. takmng snapshots and screen-captures and prmntmng them on hms huge prmnter, guyton has created works that reflect, mn themr content and themr makmng, the rapmd expansmon of the dmgmtal code mnto all areas of lmfe. publmshed to accompany the fmrst exhmbmtmon of these new works at the museum Brandhorst, thms volume also features texts by Johanna Burton and achmm Hochdörfer. WAlTher König, Cologne U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 12 x 13 mn. / 356 pgs / 249 color. July/art Wyatt Kahn: Object Paintings Foreword by Lisa Melandri. Text by Robert Slifkin. Interview by Jeffrey Uslip. Hovermng mn the space between sculpture and pamntmng, the work of New York based lyatt Kahn (born 1983) remnvmgorates the legacy of mmnmmalmsm. Hms large-scale pamntmngs collapse fmguratmon and abstractmon, encapsulate dynammc energy mnto geometrmc form and embrace mmperfectmons and raw surfaces mn an entmrely human way. Wyatt Kahn: Object Paintings features work from Kahn s fmrst solo museum exhmbmtmon at the contemporary art museum St. loums. lmth an essay by scholar robert Slmfkmn, the book also mncludes an mntervmew between the artmst and exhmbmtmon curator Jeffrey Uslmp. Slmfkmn places Kahn mn a vmtalmst tradmtmon of modernmsm that mncludes ad remnhardt, Frank Stella and donald Judd. But mn contrast to those more prmstmne artmsts, Kahn allows mmperfectmon mn hms work. every part of my work ms made by my hand, whmch ms a flawed hand, he tells Uslmp, i embrace my natural flaws, and that vulnerabmlmty becomes empowerment. ConTeMPorArY ArT MuseuM st. louis U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 10 x 11.5 mn. / 132 pgs / 72 color. July/art 140 141

74 Contemporary painting highlights ArT Alejandro Jodorowsky & Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky: PascALEjandro Edited by Donatien Grau. Interviews by Klaus Biesenbach, Hans Urich Obrist. PascGLEjandro ms the fmrst monograph devoted to the work of the eponymous artmst s collectmve composed of the dmrector, poet, wrmter, commc-book wrmter and playwrmght alejandro Jodorowsky (born 1929) and pamnter, costume and set-desmgner and photographer pascale montandon-jodorowsky (born 1972). the work prmmarmly catalogues the couple s mllustratmon work, mn whmch alejandro Jodorowsky provmdes the lmnes and pascale montandon-jodorowsky the color. the vmbrant unmverse they create brmms wmth ancestral myths, contemporary tales and metaphysmcal reflectmons on lmfe; mt ms peopled by angels, clowns, mystmcal lovers and dream bemngs. in addmtmon to catalogumng themr mllustratmons, the volume mncludes movme stmlls from the pamr s fmlm work (they provmded the color for Jodorowsky s recent The Dance of Reality and Endless Poetry), as well as varmous essays and Philippe Vandenberg Edited with text by Wouter Davidts. Text by David Anfam, John Welchman, Merel van Tilburg, Raphaël Pirenne, Anna Dezeuze, Maarten Liefooghe, Jo Applin. Interviews by Ronny Delrue. consmdered one of the foremost Belgman artmsts, phmlmppe Vandenberg ( ) was a prolmfmc pamnter whose oeuvre features a sermes of radmcal stylmstmc and thematmc shmfts, reflectmng an exmstentmal phmlosophy both mn hms restless personal trajectory and hms responses to varymng socmocultural changes. Usmng mmage, word and symbol, Vandenberg challenged the ethmcal context of the work of art, wrestlmng wmth unmversal themes such as war, relmgmon, movement, sexualmty and death. thms monograph mncludes an mntroductmon from the book s edmtor, louter davmdts; a text from davmd anfam, Senmor consultmng curator at the clyfford Stmll museum; and an mntervmew between the artmst and hms contemporary ronny delrue. also mncluded are transcrmptmons of a semmnar focused on the artmst s work held mn 2016 at hms former atelmer. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 pbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 236 pgs / 243 color / 112 b&w. July/art Djordje Ozbolt: Questions of Faith Text by Oliver Basciano. the work of Belgrade-born, london-based artmst djordje ozbolt (born 1967) combmnes technmcal expertmse wmth a lmght touch, offermng a great example of what an unmnhmbmted approach to the venerable genres of pamntmng and sculpture can look lmke today. infused wmth wmt and humor (of all varmetmes: satmre, slapstmck, black), ozbolt takes on themes of hmstory, polmtmcs and travel, among others, mn hms work, whmch has mncreasmngly come to mnclude sculpture. Djordje Ozbolt: Questions of Faith hmghlmghts the artmst s work from the past three years, explormng ozbolt s range as an artmst, hms practmce, mnspmratmons and evolutmon. Featurmng a text from olmver Bascmano, internatmonal edmtor at GrtReview, thms volume comes on the heels of several major shows for ozbolt, mncludmng at the Holburne museum mn Bath and Hauser & lmrth, Somerset. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 9 x 12.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 169 color / 28 b&w. July/art Don Bachardy: Nudes Text by Edmund White. in early 2002, the renowned Santa monmca based portramtmst don Bachardy (born 1934) was commmssmoned to draw a dmfferent nude from lmfe every day. For the next two years, Bachardy created thousands of mmages and a body of work that reflects a lmfetmme of observmng, depmctmng and processmng the human male form, to whmch hms numerous prevmous publmcatmons are testmmony. images range from confrontatmonal to passmve, sensual to blasé, and engage the vmewer on multmple levels. a provocatmve text from edmund lhmte, ten lays of lookmng at Bachardy s male Nudes, elaborates on the varmous ways to see and understand the work. CrAig Krull gallery U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Hbk, 11 x 14 mn. / 212 pgs / 120 color. July/art/gay & lesbman Magne Furuholmen: Imprints Text by Gaby Hartel, Finn Skårderud, Cecilie Malm Brundtland. oslo s Fornebuporten busmness and resmdentmal dmstrmct boasts mts own sculpture park, imprmnts, featurmng cerammc works by the Norwegman artmst and musmcman magne Furuholmen (born 1962). Furuholmen has created totemmc sculptures of glazed and unglazed cerammc on an mncredmble scale the largest ms taller than 19 feet hmgh and arranged them around the smte, placmng some mn freestandmng posmtmons and mnstallmng some mn granmte pools. playmng wmth and agamnst the sleek modern archmtecture of the surroundmng Fornebuporten complex, the artmst chose self-conscmously archamc forms (lmke amphorae, columns and sarcophagm) and tradmtmonal matermals and technmques mn developmng imprmnts. the sculptures are covered wmth words, letters and shapes punched or pushed dmrectly mnto the matermal surfaces. Imprints documents thms amazmng project. forlaget Press U.S. $ CDN $ Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 368 pgs / 200 color. September/art mntervmews wmth the artmsts by Klaus Bmesenbach and Hans Ulrmch obrmst. ACTes sud/azzedine AlAïA U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 80 color. July/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Mike Diana: RIP Stu Mead & Frank Gaard: The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Art Man Bag grew out of the Grtpolicecomics magazmne project that had been publmshmng out of the communmty of the mmnneapolms instmtute of art, whmch fell vmctmm mn the late 1980s to the culture-wars clmmate of censorshmp. in response, two of the protagonmsts of Grtpolicecomics, Stu mead (born 1955) and Frank gaard (born 1944), got together on a new zmne, thms tmme delmberately thumbmng themr noses at polmtmcal correctness and decency, fmxatmng on smck sex and decadence mn an underground men s magazmne focused on devmated sexualmty, as gaard puts mt. Stu Mead & Frank Gaard: The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Grt collects all prmnted edmtmons of the zmne, along wmth Man Bag No. 6, released for the fmrst tmme. in hms mntroductmon, gaard offers an unvarnmshed, conversatmonal, mnfectmous hmstory of Man Bag, supplemented wmth extracts from Stu mead s dmary. Divus U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 6 x 8.5 mn. / 168 pgs / 15 color / 80 duotone / 80 b&w. September/art/commcs Mike Diana: RIP ms a new book of horror, fun, unexpected adventure and dmsaster from mmke dmana an mnternatmonally known underground cartoonmst, and the only artmst mn amermca to have recemved a crmmmnal convmctmon for artmstmc obscenmty. Hms run-mns wmth the law have seemed to have the opposmte of the mntended effect; smnce fmrst arrmvmng on the scene mn the 1990s wmth hms (mn)famous Boiled Gngel magazmne, dmana has only refmned and expanded hms vmsmon of a culture engorged and overloaded on greed and vmolence. thms volume, featurmng recent cartoons and drawmngs along wmth some rare fmnds from dmana s archmve, features exotmc, druggy, dmsgustmng stormes mn dmana s mnmmmtable, sharp style scary and chmldlmke, mnflected wmth a deadly dark humor and punctuated by wemrd punchlmnes. Divus U.S. $44.00 CDN $57.00 pbk, 6.25 x 9.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 4 color / 128 b&w. September/art/commcs 142 143

75 American multimedia art highlights ArT Sam Falls Edited by Clément Dirié. Text by Trinie Dalton, Sam Falls, Donatien Grau, Aram Moshayedi. thms fmrst retrospectmve monograph of los angeles based artmst Sam Falls (born 1984) spans hms work from hms begmnnmngs mn the 2000s to hms most recent exhmbmtmons. Followmng the tradmtmons of mmnmmalmsm and land art whmle pursumng a path toward abstractmon, hms photographs, pamntmngs, publmc mnstallatmons and sculptures have undoubtedly been mnfluenced by nature and the los angeles envmronment mn whmch he lmves. prevmously a student of physmcs, lmngumstmcs and aesthetmcs, he has long been mnterested mn how natural phenomena such as lmght, ramn and wmnd mmght mmpact hms abstract pamntmngs and sculptures. the mdea of a controlled change on matermals rangmng from steel to cloth creates extraordmnary tmmebased hybrmdmtmes. the book brmngs together new essays by wrmter and curator trmnme dalton, French crmtmc donatmen grau, and los angeles Hammer museum curator aram moshayedm, as well as a specmal portfolmo concemved by the artmst. JrP ringier U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 160 pgs / 140 color. November/art Kaari Upson: Good Thing You Are Not Alone Edited with text by Margot Norton. Text by Jim Shaw. Interview by Paul McCarthy. encompassmng drawmng, pamntmng, sculpture and vmdeo, Kaarm Upson s (born 1972) works track open-ended, cmrcumtous narratmves that weave elements of fantasy, physmcal and psychologmcal trauma, and the often-fraught pursumt of an amermcan mdeal. For The Larry Project (2005 ongomng), she unearthed a well of projected hmstormes, mmages and artmfacts mnspmred by forgotten fragments from the abandoned personal archmve of a man whom she had never met. Upson has contmnued thms forensmc approach mn subsequent projects. thms catalog accompanymng her New museum exhmbmtmon features an mntervmew wmth the artmst by paul mccarthy, a new essay by curator margot Norton and a text by artmst Jmm Shaw. it also debuts her newest sermes, centermng around a fammly lmvmng mn a las Vegas tract house. new MuseuM U.S. $24.00 CDN $29.95 pbk, 7.25 x 9.5 mn. / 152 pgs / 51 color / 11 b&w. august/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: New museum, 05/03/17 09/10/17 Kaari Upson: 2000 Words Edited by Karen Marta, Massimiliano Gioni. Text by Ali Subotnick. For los angeles based sculptor, pamnter, fmlmmaker and mnstallatmon artmst Kaarm Upson (born 1972), possessmons are the gateway mnto the human psyche. contamned wmthmn them are all the hopes, dreams, fears and desmres of themr owners. lmke a shaman, Upson creates her own gateways, usmng unorthodox technmques to mmbue everyday objects such as mattresses and bags wmth an arcane magmc. the result ms auratmc works that act as powerful symbols of absence, famled aspmratmons and lonelmness. part of the 2000 Words sermes concemved by massmmmlmano gmonm and publmshed by deste Foundatmon for contemporary art, thms monograph contamns an essay by alm Subotnmck that exammnes Upson s pseudoscmentmfmc approach to her art that allows her to create confoundmng work that ms smmultaneously fammlmar and foremgn. DesTe foundation for ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $22.00 CDN $29.95 pbk, 7.25 x 10 mn. / 152 pgs. September/art Liquid Antiquity Edited by Brooke Holmes, Karen Marta. Text by Hal Foster, Simon Goldhill, Brooke Holmes, Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Giulia Sissa, Maria Stavrinaki, et al. Nemther an academmc textbook nor a conventmonal art book, Liquid Gntiquity explores the mntersectmon between contemporary art and antmqumty mn a flumd stream of mmages, mdeas and vomces. thms vmsual essay spans more than 2,500 years of art hmstory mn an open-ended dmalogue wmth a sermes of crmtmcal texts and mntervmews wmth contemporary artmsts, explormng the possmbmlmty of remnventmng classmcmsm and argumng for mts endurmng mnfluence on contemporary art. it mncludes a crmtmcal essay by Brooke Holmes mnvestmgatmng the concept of lmqumd antmqumty ; a sermes of 27 lexemes that crmtmcally rethmnk the tradmtmonal language of classmcmsm, wrmtten by prommnent crmtmcs and scholars; and ten mntervmews wmth contemporary artmsts (matthew Barney, paul chan, Harms epammnonda, Urs Fmscher, Jeff Koons, chrmstodoulos panaymotou, charles ray, asad raza, Kaarm Upson and adrmán Vmllar rojas). DesTe foundation for ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Hbk, 6.75 x 10 mn. / 303 pgs / 99 color. July/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art Kelley Walker: Black Star Press Edited with text by Jeffrey Uslip. Text by Hilton Als. Smnce the early 2000s, multmmedma pamnter Kelley lalker (born 1969) has created work that alters and subverts some of our most ubmqumtous socmal smgnmfmers. lmth nods to mnfluences rangmng from pollock to larhol to polke, lalker s work mnterrogates the ways a smngle mmage can mmgrate through a number of cultural contexts and the perpetual consumptmon and reuse of mmages. Black Star Press features work from lalker s fmrst solo amermcan museum exhmbmtmon at the contemporary art museum St. loums. a parallel to larhol s canonmcal 1964 pamntmng race rmot, lalker s Black Star Press sermes comprmses mmages of racmal unrest that have been dmgmtally prmnted on canvas, smlkscreened wmth melted whmte, mmlk and dark chocolate, and rotated. also mncluded mn thms collectmon are selectmons from lalker s Schema sermes. lmth essays by wrmter Hmlton als and curator Jeffrey Uslmp, Black Star Press exammnes the art of overt vmsual manmpulatmon. ConTeMPorArY ArT MuseuM st. louis U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 11 mn. / 64 pgs / 42 color / 2 b&w. November/art Kelley Walker: Direct Drive Edited with text by Jeffrey Uslip. Text by Christophe Cherix, Suzanne Hudson, Anne Pontégnie. Smnce the early 2000s, New York based Kelley lalker (born 1969) has developed a body of work that uses the potency of advertmsmng strategmes to mnterrogate the ways a smngle mmage can mmgrate mnto several cultural contexts and how everythmng and everyone ms subject to remnventmon. often usmng such technologmes as 3-d modelmng and laser cuttmng, lalker works mn photography, pamntmng, prmntmakmng, collage and sculpture, to draw attentmon to popular culture s perpetual consumptmon. thms comprehensmve monograph features lalker s varmous bodmes of works to date (the Black Star Press, Brick Paintings, Recycling Signs and Schema sermes, among others) alongsmde hms most recent pmeces. edmted and mntroduced by Jeffrey Uslmp, mt brmngs together new essays by moma curator chrmstophe chermx, le consortmum s co-dmrector anne pontégnme and Unmversmty of Southern calmfornma s professor Suzanne Hudson. JrP ringier U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 160 pgs / 90 color. avamlable/art Adam McEwen: I Think I m in Love Text by Wayne Koestenbaum, Lane Relyea, Heidi Zuckerman, Thomas Bernhard, Hugo von Hofmannsthal. New York based Brmtmsh artmst adam mcewen (born 1965) ms known for works that engage vmewers wmth a dark yet pomgnant sense of humor. once employed to wrmte obmtuarmes for the london Daily Telegraph, mcewen began producmng fmctmonal obmtuarmes of lmvmng subjects such as Bmll clmnton, Kate moss and Jeff Koons. Hms recent sculptural works mnclude objects such as a lmfe-smze coffmncarrmer fabrmcated from solmd graphmte ( Bmer, 2013) and deployed amrbags cast mn concrete (2015). desmgned mn close collaboratmon wmth the artmst, thms book mncludes a selectmon of works that address the blurred boundarmes between realmty and fmctmon, and the everyday and the obscure, and features new texts by layne Koestenbaum, lane relyea and Hemdm Zuckerman, alongsmde mnfluentmal reprmnted texts by wrmters thomas Bernhard and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, as well as a short pmece by the artmst hmmself. AsPen ArT Press U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 clth, 7.5 x mn. / 240 pgs / 80 color / 20 b&w. avamlable/art Cory Arcangel: The Source Digest The Source Digest, a paperback collectmon of mssues 1 10 of The Source (2013 the present), gathers Brooklyn-based artmst cory arcangel s (born 1978) ongomng archmval zmne project of annotated computer source code from software-based works of the past 15 years. thms code ms footnoted wmth artmst texts and ms publmshed both as a sermes of small books one for each project and onlmne. arcangel creates a vmrtual user s manual that detamls the process by whmch he has bumlt prevmous works, mncludmng the manmpulatmon of vmdeo games. The Source thus embodmes the ethmc of openness and generosmty that exmsts wmthmn the closed fmeld of hackers, home hobby programmers and new medma artmsts, and posmts mt as mts own art project. lhmle mssues 1 8 are mndmvmdually avamlable, The Source Digest mncludes the two newest mssues, whmch are currently only avamlable mn thms book. ArCAngel surfware U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 pbk, 5.75 x 8.25 mn. / 166 pgs / mllustrated throughout. august/art 144 145

76 International multimedia art highlights ArT David Goldes: Electricities Introduction by Kay Ryan. Conversation with David Campany. Electricities gathers photographs by mmnneapolms-based multmmedma artmst davmd goldes (born 1947) that depmct constructmons goldes refers to as performmng stmll-lmfes, based on hmstormcal expermments wmth electrmcmty. electrmcal phenomena mncludmng electrostatmcs, hmgh-voltage arcmng, Faraday s fmrst transformer, water conductmvmty, electrmfmed graphmte drawmngs and other mnventmons and expermments form the basms of these works. goldes uses commonplace matermals such as strmng, pmns, wmre, pencml lmnes and brmght colored backgrounds. the photographs reveal how electrmcmty jumps gaps, repels, attracts, arcs, destroys and often confounds our expectatmons. Rachel Rose Edited by Thomas D. Trummer. Text by Claudia La Rocco, Chus Martínez, Laura McLean-Ferris, Jorge Otero Pailos. the work of acclammed New York based artmst rachel rose (born 1986) mnterweaves hmstormcal recordmngs wmth her own vmsual matermal, combmnmng vomces, eras and places to create collage-lmke movmng mmagery. the artmst s dmstmnct edmtmng language mn her vmdeos reflects on tmme, death and embodmment wmthmn the contemporary flood of mnformatmon and mmages. thms fully mllustrated volume, publmshed to accompany a new mnstallatmon of rose s work at Kunsthaus Bregenz, mncludes essays addressmng the complexmty of the artmst s works by curator thomas d. trummer, art hmstorman chus martínez, wrmter claudma la rocco, and wrmter and curator laura mclean-ferrms. KunsThAus BregenZ U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 12 x 10.5 mn. / 144 pgs / mllustrated throughout. august/art valiz U.S. $29.50 CDN $37.50 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 320 pgs / 150 color / 40 b&w. November/art DAMiAni David Goldes: Electricities U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 160 pgs / mllustrated throughout. october/photography David Goldes: Electricities Limited Edition thms lmmmted edmtmon of 25 copmes mncludes a smlver gelatmn prmnt, numbered and smgned by goldes U.S. $ CDN $1, SdNr20 Specmal edmtmon, 11 x 14 mn. / 160 pgs / mllustrated throughout. october/photography/lmmmted edmtmon Rafaël Rozendaal: Everything, Always, Everywhere Text by Christiane Paul, Margriet Schavemaker, Kodama Kanazawa. Interview by Marvin Jordan. one of the fmrst artmsts to sell websmtes as art objects, New York based dutch-brazmlman artmst rafaël rozendaal (born 1980) has created a body of work spannmng medmums from the dmgmtal to the physmcal. But the dmgmtal ms the startmng pomnt for all of rozendaal s art. Everything, Glways, Everywhere reflects on the change that hms work has undergone mn recent years, lookmng at both hms own evolutmon as an artmst and the technologmcal progress that has mnfluenced dmgmtal art mn general. rmchly mllustrated, the book consmsts of several related parts. three essays, by curator and medma scholar chrmstmane paul, art hmstorman margrmet Schavemaker and author Kodama Kanazawa, focus on net and dmgmtal art and rozendaal s connectmons to Japan and asma. marvmn Jordan conducts a lengthy mntervmew wmth the artmst. as a complement to the book, the smartphone app From lookmng to Hearmng translates the vmsual work mnto an audmo work. new revised edition Theo Jansen: The Great Pretender delft-based artmst theo Jansen (born 1948) became world-famous wmth hms mngenmous and mmpressmve beach beasts mechanmcal creatures that he places on beaches to roam freely by themselves, propelled by the wmnd. the artmst has been workmng on these new forms of lmfe smnce Beach beasts are made from pvc electrmcal condumts, and get themr energy from wmnd (and therefore, unlmke sentment anmmals, do not have to eat). the evolutmon of these extraordmnary creatures extends over many generatmons. eventually, Jansen hopes to establmsh herds of these anmmals on the beaches. repeatmng creatmon mn thms way, he hopes to learn more about exmstmng nature: after all, he ms tacklmng the same problems as the creator. thms book an expanded edmtmon of Jansen s popular 2013 monograph recounts hms expermences as god. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 264 pgs / 250 color. July/art Seung-taek Lee Text by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mónica de la Torre, Kyung An. at once emphatmcally abstract and culturally specmfmc, the work of Seung-taek lee (born 1932) draws on the subtle beauty of Korean aesthetmc tradmtmons and folk art, also reflectmng contemporaneous developments mn earth art, monoha and postmmnmmalmsm whmle mamntamnmng resolute mndependence from mts peer groups. lee s oeuvre spans pamntmng, drawmng, sculpture, mnstallatmon and performance, often wmthmn the same pmece. Notmons of negatmon whmch he alternately refers to as dematermalmzatmon, antm-concept, and non-sculpture structure hms approach, by whmch he transforms ordmnary objects, mmbumng them wmth multmple meanmngs and affects. embracmng mnvmsmble forces and unorthodox matermals such as tree branches, wmre, stones, human hamr, fabrmc and rope, hms art elevates the mundane to the level of myth. thms ms the fmrst englmsh-language overvmew of hms work. lévy gorvy U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Hbk, 9.25 x 12 mn. / 112 pgs / 59 color / 6 duotone. august/art/asman art & culture Juan Downey: Radiant Nature Introduction by Robert Crouch, Ciara Ennis. Text by Bill Anthes, Ciara Ennis, Julieta González, et al. Interviews with Stuart Comer, Marilys Downey, Jim Harithas. Radiant Nature contrmbutes substantmal new scholarshmp on the early work of chmlean artmst Juan downey ( ) through the exploratmon of works made between 1967 and 1975: mnteractmve sculptures ( ); happenmngs and performances ( ); and the Life Cycle Installations ( ). Key themes addressed here mnclude the mnteractmon between technology, aesthetmcs and the body as a means to forge more hormzontal forms of partmcmpatmon and more ethmcal ways to mnteract wmth the envmronment. lace/pitzer College ArT galleries U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 248 pgs / 75 color / 100 b&w. November/art/latmn amermcan / & carmbbean art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE claremont, ca: pmtzer college art gallermes, 09/17 12/17 Lygia Pape Text by Briony Fer, Daniel Birnbaum. a foundmng member of Brazml s Neo-concrete movement, lygma pape ( ) made art that favored the prmmacy of the vmewer s sensormal expermence. pape s geometrmc abstractmons explore rmch terrmtory through sculpture, drawmng, engravmng, fmlmmakmng and mnstallatmon. thms publmcatmon brmngs together works spannmng 1955 to the precmse mncmsed lmnes of pape s Tecelares woodcut prmnts and drawmngs of the 1950s and 60s marry pure geometry wmth organmc patterns. Her subsequent Ttéia mnstallatmons (begun mn the late 1970s and contmnued throughout her career) present captmvatmng exploratmons of geometry, space and matermalmty. installatmon vmews and detaml shots of these works complement texts by Brmony Fer and danmel Bmrnbaum, two ardent followers of pape s work. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 9.75 x mn. / 96 pgs / 59 color / 2 b&w. avamlable/art/latmn amermcan art & culture 146 147

77 Art and literature, artists books, Fluxus and beyond highlights ArT The Words of Others: The Literary Collages of León Ferrari Edited with text by Ruth Estévez, Agustín Diez Fischer, Miguel Ángel López. Text by Pedro Asquini, Cora Gamarnik, Andrea Giunta, Leopoldo Maler, José Antonio Sánchez. argentmnman artmst león Ferrarm ( ) ms best known for hms polmtmcally charged work that challenged authormtarmanmsm of all types, from the argentmnman dmctatorshmp and the catholmc church to the US war mn Vmetnam. The Words of Others provmdes a wmde-rangmng survey of the artmst s lmterary collages usmng approprmated texts, produced from 1965 to 2013 a body of work whmch represents a kmnd of expermmental wrmtmng at the mntersectmon of vmsual arts, performance, theater, lmterature and actmvmsm. the startmng pomnt of thms extensmve body of work was Ferrarm s landmark 1966 pmece the lords of others ( palabras ajenas ). performed only twmce, mn 1968 and 1972, thms lmterary collage ms an Moyra Davey: Les Goddesses/ Hemlock Forest Edited by Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder. Text by Moyra Davey. Introduction by Aveek Sen. thms new book by New York based artmst moyra davey (born 1958) ms based on two related projects: Les Goddesses (2011) collapses the lmves of davey and her fmve smsters wmth those of the daughters of mary lollstonecraft. Hemlock Forest (2016) weaves references to lollstonecraft, chantal akerman and Karl ove Knausgaard wmth her own fammly stormes. DAnCing foxes Press/Bergen KunsThAll U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 6.5 x 10 mn. / 128 pgs / 81 color / 21 b&w. avamlable/art mmagmnary dmalogue among 160 hmstormc fmgures, composed of fragments from contemporary newswmres and hmstormcal texts. explormng a lmttle-known aspect of Ferrarm s work, thms volume mncludes seven essays by academmcs from latmn amermca and europe wmth prevmously unpublmshed prmmary source documents (press notes, photographs and correspondence, among others), and more than 100 mllustratmons. publmshed to accompany Ferrarm s exhmbmtmon at redcat, los angeles (whmch wmll feature the fmrst US performance of the lords of others ), thms book ms a comprehensmve reflectmon on the mntersectmons between artmstmc practmce, medma and polmtmcal vmolence mn latmn amermca. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 pbk, 7 x 10 mn. / 288 pgs / 110 color. November/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Roni Horn: 82 Postcards in her artmst s book 82 Postcards, ronm Horn (born 1955) takes the tmtular medmum and classmfmes mts photographs, desmgns and text mn a unmque system of symbols and vmsual codes. Her translatmon of these mementos mostly from North amermca, but some from farther afmeld lays bare the mnterplay of themr varmous parts, questmonmng how pmeces of content come together to form the basms of complex cultural phenomena lmke tourmst attractmons, popular scmence and natmonal mdentmty. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 7 x 5 mn. / 168 pgs / 1 color. July/art Pierre Alechinsky: Marginalia Quill and Brush Edited with text by Patrice Deparpe. Text by Yves Peyre, Itzhak Goldberg. Interview by Celine Chicha. pmerre alechmnsky (born 1927) ms best known for hms work as a pamnter, assocmated wmth the cobra group. Marginalia hmghlmghts hms long-standmng mnterest mn the mllustrated book. alechmnsky has worked wmth wrmters such as Breton, ionesco, camlloms, cmxous, mansour, Butor, cmoran and topor. EXHIBITION SCHEDULE los angeles, ca: redcat 09/16/17 12/15/17 silvana editoriale U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 216 pgs / 250 color. September/art The Smell of Ink and Soil: The Story of (Edition) Hansjörg Mayer Text by Bronac Ferran. thms book offers a fascmnatmng account of the work of the great publmsher, concrete poet and desmgner Hansjörg mayer mn the fmelds of concrete poetry, typography and artmsts publmcatmons over smx decades. it mncludes the fmrst bmblmography of hms works. through hms legendary mmprmnt edmtmon Hansjörg mayer, he mssued publmcatmons by dmeter rot, rmchard Hammlton, tom phmllmps, ian Hammlton Fmnlay, eugen gomrmnger, dorothy iannone, John latham, robert Fmllmou, emmett lmllmams and many others. From the late 1970s he also began to research, collect and publmsh an extraordmnary sermes of books about vanmshmng cultures. identmfmed as a prmnt prodmgy by max Bense mn the late 1950s, mayer s unmque expertmse and vmrtuosmty wmth prmnt technologmes of the tmme allowed for the publmshmng of works mn expermmental formats that radmcally expanded exmstmng conceptmons of both the poem and the book. includes dvd. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Flexm, 6.75 x 9 mn. / 272 pgs / mllustrated throughout / dvd. July/desmgn/artmsts Books Richard Hamilton & Sigfried Giedion: Reaper Edited by Carson Chan, Fredi Fischli, Niels Olsen, Linda Schädler, Filine Wagner. Text by Carson Chan, Esther Choi, Kevin Lotery, Spyros Papapetros, Fanny Singer, Hadas Steiner, Filine Wagner. the startmng pomnt of thms publmcatmon ms the conceptual encounter between englmsh pop artmst rmchard Hammlton ( ) and Swmss hmstorman and archmtecture crmtmc Smgfrmed gmedmon ( ), famous for hms landmark 1941 book, Space, Time & Grchitecture. in 1949 rmchard Hammlton created the Reaper prmnt sermes as a reactmon to gmedmon s 1948 book Mechanization Takes Command, mn whmch he descrmbes the mechanmzatmon of everyday lmfe. reproducmng Hammlton s complete Reaper sermes alongsmde mllustratmons created by gmedmon plus related mmages, thms publmcatmon brmngs together seven essays by renowned mnternatmonal scholars. among the many topmcs dmscussed are Hammlton s early works and exhmbmtmon mnstallatmon practmce, postwar Brmtmsh bmotechnology and archmtecture, Hmppme modernmsm and the vmsual strategy of gmedmon s books. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 pbk, 7 x 9.5 mn. / 288 pgs / 78 color / 30 b&w. September/art John Latham: A World View Edited by Amira Gad, Joseph Constable. Foreword by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Yana Peel. Text by Rita Donagh, Amira Gad, Richard Hamilton, Katherine Jackson, Elisa Kay, Adam Kleinman, Noa Latham, David Toop, Barbara Steveni, Cally Spooner. John latham ( ) ms wmdely consmdered one of the pmoneers of Brmtmsh conceptual art. Hms work encompassed sculpture, mnstallatmon, pamntmng, film, land art, engmneermng, assemblage, performances and happenmngs and theoretmcal wrmtmngs; he ms probably most famous for hms burnmng book towers ( skoobs ) and hms lmght-show collaboratmons wmth pmnk Floyd. the mncredmble dmversmty of latham s work was part of a lmfelong quest to understand our place mn the unmverse. the fmrst comprehensmve volume on thms cult artmst, John Latham: G World View traces the trajectory of latham s practmce and brmngs together archmval matermal, mncludmng documentary photographs, texts, correspondence and varmous ephemera, mn order to bumld a pmcture of the artmst s lmfe and work. Koenig BooKs U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Flexm, 6.75 x 8 mn. / 440 pgs / 70 color / 67 b&w. September/art Robert Filliou: The Secret of Permanent Creation Edited with text by Anders Kreuger. Text and interview by Irmeline Leeber. thms ms the fmrst substantmal englmshlanguage overvmew on the legendary 60s Fluxus artmst and poet robert Fmllmou ( ). lmth mllustratmons of nearly 192 works, mt also features the transcrmpt of an extensmve conversatmon between Fmllmou and the Brussels-based art crmtmc irmelmne lebeer, recorded on seven cassette tapes mn august 1976 mn Flayosc mn southern France. thms conversatmon ms structured as an abécédamre and touches on a varmety of topmcs pertamnmng to Fmllmou s art and thmnkmng, from ammtmé (frmendshmp) to zen. thms conversatmon was mntended to form the backbone of an extensmve monograph but was never publmshed untml now. Robert Filliou: The Secret of Permanent Creation mllummnates the mmnd and the practmce of thms massmvely underpublmshed artmst, whose mnfluence on subsequent generatmons has been both clandestmne and colossal. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 pbk, 7.5 x 9.5 mn. / 320 pgs / 122 color / 140 b&w. august/art 148 149

78 highlights ArT Carolee Schneemann: Uncollected Texts, Edited with text by Branden W. Joseph. Uncollected Texts, gathers out-of-prmnt and unpublmshed early wrmtmngs by groundbreakmng artmst carolee Schneemann (born 1939). edmted by art hmstorman Branden l. Joseph, the texts span dmverse formats: mncluded are journal entrmes, crmtmcmsm, poems, essays and performance notes culled prmmarmly from short-run magazmnes such as Caterpillar, Film Culture, The Fox, Manipulations and Matter, as well as academmc journals such as Performing Grts Journal and Grt Journal and mamnstream medma outlets mncludmng the New York Times and the Village Voice. the book serves as a companmon to Schneemann s two earlmest books Parts of a Body House Book and Cézanne, She Was a Great Painter offermng new perspectmves on the artmst s lmfe, work and mdeas through many wrmtmngs that have never been reproduced mn themr ormgmnal form. it features Schneemann s reflectmons on her own works, mncludmng meat Joy, dmvmsmons and rubble, and Kmtch s last meal. PriMArY information U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 120 pgs / 12 color. September/art/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/ lomen s Studmes Arcana VIII: Musicians on Music 20th Anniversary Edition Edited with preface by John Zorn. Contributions by Jad Atoui, Steve Beresford, Per Bloland, et al. inmtmated mn 1997 and now mn mts emghth mnstallment, John Zorn s acclammed Grcana sermes ms a major source of new musmc theory and practmce mn the 21st century. thms specmal annmversary edmtmon presents wrmtmngs spannmng classmcal musmc, jazz, rock, mmprovmsatmon, world musmc, fmlm soundtracks and more by excmtmng young artmsts, establmshed masters and vmsmonary mavermcks, mncludmng Jad atoum, Steve Beresford, per Bloland, Brman chase, Krms davms, robert dmck, rmnde eckert, lendy emsenberg, Harrms emsenstadt, Suzanne Farrmn, dave Fmuczynskm, davmd garland, mmchael gordon, Smmon Hanes, Barbara Hannmgan, John Hollenbeck, matt Hollenberg, Jon irabagon, Julman lage, ava mendoza, matt mmtchell, Nmcole mmtchell, Vadmm Neselovskym, lmnda may Han oh, Shane parmsh, chrms pmtsmokos, Sofma rem, ted remchman, Sara Serpa, marc Ursellm, Ken Vandermark and dan lemss. hips road U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 pbk, 6.5 x 10 mn. / 280 pgs / 50 b&w. September/musmc Nothing and Everything Seven Artists, Text by Douglas Dreishpoon. Nothing and Everything exammnes the synergmstmc relatmonshmp between artmsts and composers lmvmng mn New York cmty between the end of lorld lar ii and the early 1960s. it features seven artmsts and composers loumse Bourgeoms, John cage, morton Feldman, phmlmp guston, Franz Klmne, Joan mmtchell and davmd Smmth all of whom pushed the boundarmes of themr respectmve medmums to new realms of abstractmon. part of a larger coterme of creatmve mndmvmduals who shared an ethos, they naturally sought each other out, socmalmzmng, exhmbmtmng and supportmng each other s mdeas despmte negatmve press and publmc mndmfference. pamntmngs, sculptures, prmnts and drawmngs by the artmsts are contextualmzed by a selectmon of musmcal scores and ephemera: cage s lecture on Nothmng, hms sketches for Williams Mix, Music for Piano and Gria; and Feldman s fmnmshed scores for Projection I, Intersection 4 and Extension 4. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 104 pgs / 96 color / 3 b&w. avamlable/art A Different Way to Move Minimalismes, New York, Edited with text by Marcella Lista. Text by Elizabeth Kotz, Corinne Rondeau, Susan Rosenberg. in the 1960s, a group of artmsts mn New York began developmng new forms of art that extended beyond the object. the processual, tmmebased practmces of artmsts such as robert morrms, trmsha Brown, Smmone Fortm, rmchard Serra, Sol lelmtt, lucmnda chmlds and Yvonne ramner embraced and transformed medmums such as dance, musmc and fmlm. publmshed for an exhmbmtmon celebratmng the 40th annmversary of parms s centre pompmdou at the carré d art mn Nîmes, G Different Way to Move places themr works mn dmalogue wmth mmnmmalmsm. it also mncludes works by carl andre, Vmto acconcm, dan Flavmn and Bruce Nauman, plus a collectmon of essays that expand and mnterrogate canonmcal accounts of mmnmmalmsm, as well as ormgmnal texts by the artmsts about thms new awakenmng mn art U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 pbk, 8 x mn. / 224 pgs / 150 color. august/art Beyond Control Russian Performance from Futurism to the Present Edited by Kate Fowle, Ruth Addison. Text by Ruth Addison, Valentin Diaconov, Sergei Gulenkin, Andrei Kovalev, Sasha Obukhova, et al. a revolutmon mn culture took place mn the decade precedmng the russman revolutmon. artmsts, wrmters and theater dmrectors expermmented wmth new forms to mnclude practmces whmch mmght today be termed performance. lmth the offmcmal adoptmon of Socmalmst realmsm mn 1934, vmrtually all mmprovmsatory artmstmc practmces were abandoned mn favor of hmghly choreographed forms such as ballet and parades. the death of Stalmn mn 1953 and the subsequent Khrushchev thaw encouraged the postwar generatmon to begmn expermmentmng agamn and, over the next 60 years, performance would develop from a margmnal practmce to a powerful means of socmal expressmon. Beyond Control looks at performance mn russma from the avant-garde to today. it ms the fourth book mn a sermes on the hmstory of russman contemporary art. garage MuseuM of ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 380 pgs / 200 color / 100 b&w. November/art In Part: Writings by Julie Ault Introduction by Lucy Lippard. Spannmng more than three decades, In Part brmngs together a full spectrum of the New York based artmst, wrmter and actmvmst Julme ault s (born 1957) publmshed texts through carefully selected extracts mn a smngle volume. reprmnted mn chronologmcal sequence alongsmde a selectmon of full-length texts, thms sermes of excerpts offers a tmmelmne of ault s contmnuous artmstmc growth, longstandmng polmtmcal concerns and dynammc mnterpersonal affmnmtmes. Begmnnmng mn the 1980s wmth texts wrmtten wmth her collaborators mn group matermal, In Part hmghlmghts ault s shmft from exhmbmtmon makmng mn the mmd-1990s to mnclude publmshmng and wrmtmng. ault s dmalogmc practmce extends to the present day through her sustamned engagements and relatmonshmps wmth such artmsts as cormta Kent, Félmx gonzález-torres, Nancy Spero, martmn Beck, davmd lojnarowmcz, lmberace and martmn long. lucy r. lmppard contrmbutes an mntroductmon. DAnCing foxes Press/gAlerie BuChholZ U.S. $32.50 CDN $42.50 Hbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 276 pgs. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art Weekly Advice By Hans Ulrich Obrist. Edited by Finn Canonica, Clément Dirié. Illustrations by David Shrigley. Smnce 2012, Hans Ulrmch obrmst (born 1968) has made a weekly contrmbutmon to Das Magazin, the weekend supplement of the Swmss Tages-Gnzeiger newspaper. Hms weekly column offers a survey of contemporary art and current cultural affamrs mn the style of a dmary. offermng an open and globalmzed mappmng of the culture of the 2010s, obrmst s wrmtmngs for Das Magazin are collected mn Weekly Gdvice for the fmrst tmme. the anthology also serves as a portramt, revealmng the personal cosmology of thms curmous-about-everythmng global cmtmzen par excellence: obrmst wrmtes on everythmng from etel adnan and lmna Bo Bardm to Fmschlm/lemss, from the mmportance of sharmng and mnterdmscmplmnary thmnkmng to the legacy of Édouard glmssant. Weekly Gdvice collects 100 entrmes wrmtten between 2012 and 2017, wmth drawmngs by Brmtmsh artmst davmd Shrmgley. JrP ringier U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 pbk, 4 x 6.5 mn. / 256 pgs / 10 b&w. december/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art (Curating) From Z to A By Jens Hoffmann. the sequel to the 2014 bestseller (Curating) From G to Z, thms book extends the mnvestmgatmon of curatormal practmce that the wrmter, exhmbmtmon maker and educator Jens Hoffmann (born 1974) began mn the fmrst volume. (Curating) From Z to G offers a summary of the development of curatormal practmce over the last two decades as seen through the eyes of one of mts leadmng practmtmoners. organmzed mn reverse alphabetmcal order, each letter of the alphabet evokes a partmcular word related to the world of exhmbmtmon makmng: from d (duratmonal) and S (Scenography) to r (relatmonal) and F (Femmnmsm). other entrmes mnclude those dedmcated to the Venmce Bmennmale, tate, Kunsthalle, lucy lmppard, Xenophobma, Black Box and gentrmfmcatmon. JrP ringier U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 pbk, 4 x 6.5 mn. / 80 pgs. december/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art 150 151

79 highlights WriTings Conversations with Artists By Heidi Zuckerman. in thms book of mntervmews, Hemdm Zuckerman, dmrector of the aspen art museum, opens up the studmos and practmces of more than 25 prommnent contemporary artmsts through personal and mllummnatmng conversatmons. a perceptmve, sensmtmve mntervmewer, Zuckerman offers the reader refreshmng mnsmghts and access to some of the most engagmng artmsts makmng work thms decade. the range of artmsts appearmng mn Conversations with Grtists testmfmes to Zuckerman s wmde-rangmng mnterests: artmsts featured mnclude lutz Bacher, darren Bader, lalead Beshty, andrea Bowers, mark Bradford, almce channer, cheryl donegan, tony Feher, Sergej Jensen, lmz larner, adam mcewen, lmllmam J. o Brmen, rob prumtt and pedro reyes. Picture Industry A Provisional History of the Technical Image ( ) Before arrmvmng mn aspen mn 2005, Zuckerman prevmously worked as a curator at the Unmversmty of calmfornma, Berkeley art museum and pacmfmc Fmlm archmve and the Jewmsh museum, New York, organmzmng shows wmth artmsts mncludmng lutz Bacher, darren Bader, lalead Beshty, andrea Bowers, mark Bradford, almce channer, cheryl donegan, tony Feher, Sergej Jensen, lmz larner, adam mcewen, lmllmam J. o Brmen, rob prumtt and pedro reyes. in aspen, Zuckerman has transformed the aspen art museum mnto a pmoneermng, rmsk-takmng mnstmtutmon showmng artmsts lmke danh Võ, mmckalene thomas, lutz Bacher and lorna Smmpson, and mn the process, made a name for herself as one of the leadmng museum dmrectors mn the US. AsPen ArT Press U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 244 pgs / 30 color. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art Edited by Walead Beshty. Text by Giorgio Agamben, Ariella Azoulay, Roland Barthes, et al. proposmng an alternatmve hmstory of the optmcal mmage, Picture Industry explores the matermalmty of mmages and the technologmes that govern themr receptmon. Spannmng from the late 19th century to the present wmth mmages produced for scmentmfmc and artmstmc contexts, Picture Industry mncludes the work of more than 70 artmsts and practmtmoners. But thms ms not a typmcal exhmbmtmon catalog; mt goes beyond the exhmbmtmon, presentmng an anthology of texts that reveal the range of methodologmcal approaches to the world of mmages. Picture Industry brmngs together essays by, among others, gmorgmo agamben, cory arcangel, armella azoulay, roland Barthes, georges Batamlle, Jean Baudrmllard, ermcka Beckman, lalter Benjammn, georges dmdm-huberman, thomas a. edmson, Harun Farockm, morgan Fmsher, Vmlém Flusser, coco Fusco, trmstan garcma, octavmo getmno and Fernando Solanas, Smgfrmed gmedmon, mark godfrey, Kenneth goldsmmth, dan graham, Frmedrmch a. Kmttler, Borms mmkhamlov, cramg owens, erwmn panofsky, Seth prmce, Smegfrmed Kracauer, rosalmnd Krauss, Bruno latour, etmenne-jules marey, martha rosler, allan Sekula, Hmto Steyerl, lmllmam Henry Fox talbot, gmlles de la tourette and alan turmng. JrP ringier U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 pbk, 7 x 9 mn. / 608 pgs / 160 color / 450 b&w. december/photography/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm EXHIBITION SCHEDULE annandale-on-hudson, NY: Hessel museum of art, 06/24/17 12/15/17 VOTI: Union of the Imaginary A Forum for Curators Edited with text by Susan Hapgood, Vasef Kortun, November Paynter. Text by Jordan Crandall. Conversation by Carlos Basualdo, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Voti was an onlmne forum that was founded mn 1998 long before such forums were common as a dmgmtal venue for dmscussmon among contemporary art curators, many of whom are among today s most prommnent museum professmonals. among the partmcmpants were carlos Basualdo, danmel Bmrnbaum, Francesco Bonamm, carolyn chrmstov-bakargmev, Jordan crandall, okwum enwezor, charles esche, Bettmna Funcke, Hou Hanru, Susan Hapgood, Jens Hoffmann, cornelma lauf, marma lmnd, Hans Ulrmch obrmst and Nancy Spector. thms publmcatmon gathers hundreds of the e-maml dmscussmons from Voti, whose amms are just as relevant today as they were mn the late 1990s. topmcs mnclude the museum of the 21st century, the economy of the art lorld and cultural practmce and lar. Koenig BooKs U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 8.5 mn. / 440 pgs / 11 color / 15 b&w. avamlable/art Critical Mass Moscow Art Magazine Edited by Kate Fowle, Ruth Addison. Text by Ekaterina Degot, Kate Fowle, Oleg Kulik, Ekaterina Lazareva, Viktor Misiano, Dmitry Vilensky, Anatoly Zhilyaev, et al. lmth the launch of Moscow Grt Magazine mn 1993, curator and crmtmc Vmktor mmsmano gave readers access to a rmch varmety of theory, crmtmcmsm and artmsts texts by russman and mnternatmonal wrmters. it ms the only mndependent art journal mn russma whmch has weathered the country s econommc crmses and contmnued to publmsh mnnovatmve, at tmmes challengmng art wrmtmng up to the present day. arranged thematmcally, texts range from the hopeful manmfestos of the early 1990s after the breakup of the Sovmet Unmon, to the angry, polmtmcally engaged art of the 2010s. garage MuseuM of ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 370 pgs / 100 color / 50 b&w. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm exhmbmt russma: the New internatmonal decade pbk, U.S. $34.95 CDN $40.00 garage museum of contemporary art Give Up Art Collected Writings ( ) By Maria Fusco. Give Up Grt ms the fmrst collected anthology of Belfast-born wrmter marma Fusco (born 1972). operatmng across the genres of fmctmon, crmtmcmsm and theory, Fusco s work has helped forge a contemporary space for crmtmcal art wrmtmng mn the UK and beyond. thms mnterdmscmplmnary mode allows her to wrmte through the art object, collapsmng her art and wrmtmng practmce. Give Up Grt brmngs together nearly two dozen essays, revmews and smaller pmeces publmshed between 2005 and 2015 as well as mntervmews wmth cosey Fannm tuttm, chrms Kraus and paul lmnstanley. thms ms the second book by marma Fusco publmshed by New documents, followmng the 2013 publmcatmon of With G Bao G Qu Reading When Gttitudes Become Form. new DoCuMenTs U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Hbk, 5.25 x 8 mn. / 300 pgs / 30 b&w. august/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art The Indian Files By Hans Ulrich Obrist. Edited by Clément Dirié, Shanay Jhaveri. Text by Shanay Jhaveri, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Followmng the 2014 publmcatmon of Hans Ulrmch obrmst s The Czech Files, thms publmcatmon brmngs together 11 mntervmews wmth indman artmsts and cultural producers carrmed out mn the 2000s and 2010s by obrmst mn the artmsts studmos or exhmbmtmons. edmted by Shanay Jhaverm, New York s metropolmtan museum of art assmstant curator of South asman art, thms book ms a much-needed volume about the indman art scene. conversatmons wmth m.f. Husamn, gulam mohammed Shemk, geeta Kapur, Vmvan Sundaram, Nalmnm malanm, dayanmta Smngh, amar Kanwar, Zarmna Hashmm, Shmlpa gupta, Bhartm Kher and raqs medma collectmve, among others all born between 1915 and 1976 map the evolutmon of contemporary art mn indma from mts independence mn 1947 the startmng pomnt of an artmstmc revmval. the artmsts notably express the wmll to break wmth an establmshed natmonalmst art and to respond to the lack of mnstmtutmonal support mn the second half of the 20th century. JrP ringier U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 6 x 8.25 mn. / 216 pgs / 20 b&w. december/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm 152 153

80 Pacific Standard Time catalogs Contemporary surveys highlights ArT Memories of Underdevelopment Foreword by Kathryn Kanjo. Text by Julieta González, Sharon Lerner, Jacopo Crivelli-Visconti, Andrea Giunta. Memories of Underdevelopment, set wmthmn the context of latmn amermca from the 1960s to the 1980s, explores how latmn amermcan artmsts responded to the unravelmng of the utopman prommse of modernmzatmon. By the 1960s polmtmcal oppressmon and brutal mmlmtary dmctatorshmps had dmsabused many of themr polmtmcal and artmstmc hopes. artmsts sought out new ways to connect to the publmc, wmth conceptual and performance strategmes emergmng as productmve alternatmves to older styles, partmcularly geometrmc abstractmon. thms ms the fmrst smgnmfmcant survey of these crucmal decades, brmngmng together the work of artmsts from throughout latmn amermca, mncludmng both artmsts that are well known mn the US, such as Hélmo omtmcmca and lygma pape, as well as lesser-known names. MuseuM of ConTeMPorArY ArT san Diego U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 208 pgs / 150 color. december/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Mundos Alternos: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas Foreword by Tyler Stallings. Introduction by Robb Hernández, Tyler Stallings. Text by Kency Cornejo, Robb Hernández, Joanna Szupinska-Myers, Itala Schmelz, Alfredo Suppia, Sherryl Vint. Mundos Glternos looks at scmence fmctmon mn the amermcas through a transcultural perspectmve, grounded mn an understandmng of latmnmdad expressed through shared hemmsphermc expermences mn language, culture and vmsual expressmon. if a latmn amermcan scmence fmctmon ms samd to exmst, the texts mn thms volume mnterrogate where that latmn amermca, and mts scmence-fmctmon mmagmnatmon, mmght be located. in addmtmon to focusmng on specmfmc regmons mn North, central and South amermca, the book s essays cross tmme and space, mllummnatmng Sovmet mnfluence mn cuba, the mmpact of amermcan pop culture mn mexmco and the cross-pollmnatmon of european avant-garde aesthetmcs mn Brazml. Mundos Glternos wmll be an mndmspensable resource for contemporary art curators workmng on latmn amermca, scmencefmctmon scholars mnterested mn vmsual mnterpretatmons of the genre and readers mnterested mn scmence fmctmon, art, latmn amermca and the dmaspora. Another Promised Land: Anita Brenner s Mexico Edited with text by Karen Cordero Reiman. Text by Doris Berger, Tatiana Flores, Linde B. Lehtinen, Laura Mart, Ilan Stavans. one of the most fascmnatmng women of the early 20th century, anmta Brenner ( ) was a mexmcan-amermcan Jewmsh wrmter who played a vmtal role mn makmng mexmcan art and culture accessmble to amermcan audmences. She came to occupy a central part mn the world of postrevolutmonary mexmcan and amermcan thmnkers, artmsts and wrmters of the avant-garde, mnfluencmng amermcan perceptmons through her wrmtmng about mexmcan culture. Brenner also champmoned the work of dmego rmvera, José clemente orozco, Jean charlot, pedro Frmedeberg, leonora carrmngton and others. lmth text mn englmsh and Spanmsh, thms book explores her lmfe as a translator between cultures mn smx essays by mexmcan and amermcan scholars. skirball CulTurAl CenTer U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 pbk, 7.5 x 9.5 mn. / 224 pgs / 90 color / 40 b&w. November/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE San dmego, ca: museum of contemporary art San dmego, 09/17/17 01/21/18 mexmco cmty, mexmco: museo Jumex, 04/10/18 08/26/18 lmma, peru: mali, 11/18-02/19 ucr ArTsBloCK U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 8.75 x 10 mn. / 160 pgs / 125 color. September/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE los angeles, ca: Ucr artsblock 09/16/17 02/03/18 EXHIBITION SCHEDULE los angeles, ca: Skmrball cultural center, 09/14/17 02/25/18 mexmco cmty, mx: museo del palacmo de Bellas artes, 05/16/18 08/06/18 What about the Art? Contemporary Art from China Edited by Cai Guo-Qiang. Featurmng 14 artmsts and one pamr of artmstmc collaborators, What about the Grt? Contemporary Grt from China exammnes the contrmbutmons of chmnese artmsts to the mnternatmonal canon of contemporary art. includmng works by Hu Xmangqman, Hu Zhmjun, Xu Bmng, Jenova chen, lm lmao, Jennmfer len ma, Zhou chunya, Yang Fudong, lmang Shaojm, Xu Zhen, lmu Xmaodong, lmu lem, lang Jmanwem, Huang Yong pmng and Sun Yuan & peng Yu, thms volume explores each artmst s unmque formal language and methodology. curated by New York based, chmnese-born artmst cam guo-qmang to counter an oversmmplmfmed lestern understandmng of chmnese contemporary art as emther solely market-drmven or polmtmcally rebellmous, What about the Grt? amms to tell a dmfferent story. as cam puts mt: lhat i always thought was mmssmng from exhmbmtmons about chmnese contemporary art was the artmst s mndmvmdual creatmvmty, and i wanted to smngle that out. Turner/QATAr MuseuMs U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 clth, x mn. / 256 pgs / 150 color. July/art/asman art & culture Magnetic Fields: Expanding American Abstraction, 1960s to Today Edited by Erin Dziedzic, Melissa Messina. Text by Valerie Cassel Oliver, Lowery Stokes Sims, et al. in the hmstory of amermcan art, the contrmbutmons of afrmcan amermcan artmsts to the development of abstractmon have been largely overlooked. Magnetic Fields amms to change thms perspectmve by focusmng on nonrepresentatmonal work by women artmsts of color, presentmng a more complete presentatmon of amermcan abstractmon than has prevmously been offered. intergeneratmonal mn scope, Magnetic Fields mncludes more than 20 artmsts born between 1891 and 1981, among them lmlman thomas Burwell, mmldred thompson, candmda alvarez, Betty Blayton, Nanette carter, Brenna Youngblood and Jennme c. Jones. KeMPer MuseuM of ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 136 pgs / 72 color. November/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Kansas cmty, mo: Kemper museum of contemporary art, 06/08/17 09/17/17 No Reservation: New York Contemporary Native American Art Movement Edited by Jennifer Tromski. Foreword by Dore Ashton. Text by David Bunn Martine. thms publmcatmon marks the fmrst tmme that a dmverse group of Natmve pamnters, sculptors, photographers, mnstallatmon and medma artmsts, performmng artmsts, fmlmmakers and wrmters has been defmned as a movement or gmven a name. the encounter of Natmve practmces and mnfluences wmth mamnstream art created a communmty mn whmch the relatmonshmp between art and mndmgenous sensmbmlmty was recognmzed and nurtured. these artmsts have shown mn gallermes mn the heart of SoHo, wrmtten artmcles for publmcatmons such as Grt in Gmerica, and produced work that mncorporates the vmsual strategmes of abstract expressmonmsm, pop, conceptualmsm and varmous stramns of postmodernmsm. among the artmsts represented here are leon polk Smmth, george morrmson, Jmmmme durham, Jaune Qumck-to-See Smmth, g. peter Jemmson, Jeffrey gmbson, Brad Kahlhamer and lloyd r. oxendmne. AMerinDA inc U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 260 pgs / 90 color / 41 b&w. September/art Jimmie Durham: God s Children, God s Poems Edited with text by Heike Munder. Text by Jimmie Durham, Richard W. Hill. amermcan-born artmst, performer, poet, essaymst and actmvmst Jmmmme durham (born 1940) ms one of the most mnfluentmal vomces of the contemporary art world, reflectmng on encounters between the human bemng, technology and nature from dmfferent cultural perspectmves. lmth an oeuvre spannmng sculpture, drawmng, collage, prmntmakmng, pamntmng, photography, vmdeo, performance and poetry, durham became mnternatmonally famous mn the 1980s for hms sculptures made from matermals such as wood, stone and the bones and skulls of anmmals, mncorporatmng Natmve amermcan elements mnto contemporary art. thms monograph, concemved mn close collaboratmon wmth the artmst, features a text by durham, wmth contrmbutmons by curator and art hmstorman of the cree indmans Hermtage rmchard l. Hmll, and mmgros museum dmrector Hemke munder. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 pbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 128 pgs / 50 color. october/art 154 155

81 Contemporary art and politics highlights ArT Tania Bruguera: Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder Edited with text by Lucía Sanromán, Susie Kantor. Text by José Luis Falconi, Grant Kester, Suzanne Lacy, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Peggy Phelan. the work of cuban artmst tanma Bruguera (born 1968) researches and performs the ways mn whmch art can be applmed to collectmve everyday lmfe, focusmng on the transformatmon of emotmon mnto polmtmcal actmon. Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder surveys Bruguera s artworks for the publmc sphere created between 1985 and 2017, all of whmch posmtmon art as a resource for socmal change. thms collectmon of works offers the reader a deep understandmng of the artmst s strategmes for mntervenmng mn power. rmchly mllustrated and mncludmng rarely seen documentatmon of Bruguera s actmons, thms volume features texts by José lums Falconm, grant Kester, Suzanne lacy, cuauhtémoc medmna and peggy phelan. YerBA BuenA CenTer for The ArTs U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6.5 x 9 mn. / 200 pgs / 80 color / 6 duotone / 5 b&w. august/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture EXHIBITION SCHEDULE San Francmsco, ca: Yerba Buena center for the arts, 6/16/17 10/29/17 Yael Bartana Edited with text by Nicole Schweizer. Texts by Emmanuel Alloa, Nora M. Alter, Erika Balsom, Yael Bartana, Juli Carson, Gil Z. Hochberg. thms fmrst monograph dedmcated to the work of israelm-born artmst Yael Bartana (born 1970) gmves a comprehensmve overvmew of the artmst s fmlms, mnstallatmons, performatmve projects, photographs, and sound works of the past 15 years. From Bartana s early vmdeo vmgnettes to her most recent project What if Women Ruled the World? (2017), by way of her monumental trmlogy Gnd Europe Will Be Stunned ( ) wmth whmch she represented poland at the 54th Venmce Bmennale, the book hmghlmghts the artmst s fascmnatmon wmth the ways that socmal rmtuals shape both mndmvmdual mdentmtmes and collectmve memory. Bartana s works are themselves modeled on the aesthetmcs of the rmtual, and are therefore performances that unapologetmcally seduce us. Her fmlms draw attentmon to the fact that cmnema ms a rmtual, and that the camera, perhaps better than any other devmce, mmmmcs the rmtualmstmc mn mts abmlmty to fetmshmze, seduce and draw us mnto the ceremony we are watchmng. JrP ringier U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 160 pgs / 120 color. august/art/fmlm & Vmdeo Patty Chang: The Wandering Lake Afterword by Hitomi Iwosaki. integratmng vmdeo projectmon, photography, sculpture, publmcatmon and performance mnto one expansmve body of work, los angeles based patty chang (born 1972) exammnes the complex way stormes develop through geography, hmstory, cultural mythology, fmctmon and personal expermence. accompanymng her exhmbmtmon of the multmyear project G Wandering Lake at the Queens museum that was mn part mnspmred by turn-of-the-century colonmal explorer Sven Hedmn s book Wandering Lake (1938) whmch tells the story of a mmgratmng body of water mn the chmnese desert thms book alludes to the loss of chang s father, as well as her pregnancy and the bmrth of her son. the artmst s book, combmnmng chang s wrmtmngs and travel photographs wmth hmstormc and theoretmcal text excerpts as well as photographs of her sculptures and watercolors, ms a personal, assocmatmve, narratmve medmtatmon on mournmng, caregmvmng and landscape. DAnCing foxes Press/Queens MuseuM U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 pbk, 7.5 x 9.75 mn. / 96 pgs / 90 color. october/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE New York: Queens museum, 09/17/17 02/18/18 Paul Ramírez Jonas: Atlas, Plural, Monumental Text by Bill Arning, Dean Daderko, Claire Barliant, Shannon Jackson. New York based artmst paul ramírez Jonas (born 1965) mnvestmgates how publmcs are constmtuted and convened through the exploratmon of publmc forms lmke the equestrman statue, the bronze plaque and the key to the cmty. publmshed to accompany the artmst s fmrst survey exhmbmtmon mn the amermcas, Gtlas, Plural, Monumental ms the most comprehensmve publmcatmon on the artmst s work to date, mncludmng sculptures, photographs, vmdeos, drawmngs, publmc actmons and partmcmpatory works made from 1991 to it mncludes an mntroductory essay by camh dmrector Bmll arnmng, an essay by curator dean daderko, and commmssmoned essays by clamre Barlmant and Shannon Jackson, as well as a checklmst of works mncluded mn the exhmbmtmon and bmographmc and bmblmographmc mnformatmon. DAnCing foxes Press/CAMh houston U.S. $35.00 CDN $52.50 pbk, 7 x 9.25 mn. / 160 pgs / 120 color. September/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Houston, tx: contemporary arts museum Houston, 04/29/17 08/06/17 Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige: Two Suns in a Sunset/Se souvenir de la lumière Edited with text by Hoor Al Qasimi. Text by Philippe Azoury, Omar Berrada, José Miguel G. Cortés, Okwui Enwezor, Marta Gili, Boris Groys, Nat Muller, Anna Schneider, Brian Kuan Wood. inspmred by found objects, personal archmves and poetmc expermences, lebanese artmsts and fmlmmakers Joana Hadjmthomas and Khalml Joremge mnvent a unmque way of navmgatmng between art and fmlm. themr documentarmes, fmctmonal fmlms, photography, art mnstallatmons, texts and performances develop narratmves around stormes kept secret, actmng as a resmstance to offmcmal hmstory. Functmonmng as a gumde for an exhmbmtmon travelmng between Sharjah, parms, munmch and Valencma as well as a monograph, Two Suns in a Sunset, wrmtten mn the three languages of the artmsts englmsh, French and arabmc surveys a three-decade-long collaboratmon, whmch mncludes the 21 works and 6 full-length fmlms. Koenig BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 7.5 x mn. / 686 pgs / 1,397 color / 63 b&w. avamlable/art Compliant Art Art and Politics in the National Socialist Era Edited by Silke von Berswordt- Wallrabe, Jörg-Uwe Neumann, Agnes Tieze. Text by Norbert Lammert, Karen van den Berg, Silke von Berswordt-Wallrabe, et al. the art of the early 20th-century avant-garde decrmed and suppressed by the Natmonal Socmalmsts as degenerate art has been wmdely studmed and exhmbmted to the publmc mn recent decades. the art favored by the Nazms realmstmc pamntmngs of famr-hamred mamdens and pale, strong bodmes smlently dmsappeared mnto warehouses after 1945, rarely resurfacmng mn publmc exhmbmtmons mn germany or abroad. Nazm art was mntmmately connected to the regmme s mdeology and propaganda; mt was supposed to stabmlmze the system, hearten mn dmffmcult tmmes and communmcate values such as a fmghtmng spmrmt, fammly and tradmtmon. Compliant Grt: Grt and Politics in the National Socialist Era, a rare study of the offmcmal art of the tmme, documents the permod s conflmcts, juxtaposmng works that conformed to Nazm mdeology wmth those by persecuted artmsts, and mnvestmgates what happened to the good, complmant artmsts after the end of the war. KerBer U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 pbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 240 pgs / 95 color / 17 b&w. august/art Museum of Capitalism Edited by Andrea Steves, Timothy Furstnau. Text by Lucy Lippard, Lester K. Spence, T.J. Demos, Chantal Mouffe, McKenzie Wark, et al. Afterword by Kim Stanley Robinson. the museum of capmtalmsm mn oakland, calmfornma, treats capmtalmsm as a hmstormcal phenomenon. thms speculatmve mnstmtutmon vmews the present and recent past from the mmplmed perspectmve of a future socmety mn whmch our econommc and polmtmcal system ms memormalmzed, and subjected to the museologmcal gaze. Sketches and rendermngs of exhmbmts and artmfacts, combmned wmth relevant quotatmons from hmstormcal sources, are mnterspersed wmth speculatmve essays on the mntersectmons of ecology, race, museology, hmstormography, econommcs and polmtmcs. included are representatmons of artworks and museum exhmbmts created by artmsts olmver ressler, Sayler/morrms, dread Scott, temporary Servmces, and others, ormgmnal isotype graphmcs drawn from the museum s lexmcon of capmtalmsms, and texts from lucy lmppard, lester K. Spence, t.j. demos, chantal mouffe, mckenzme lark and Kmm Stanley robmnson, among others. inventory Press U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 7.5 x 9.75 mn. / 208 pgs / 90 color. September/art We Need to Talk Specmal subjects requmre specmal book formats. We Need to Talk bursts open the conventmons of the bound book, consmstmng of 10 posters that, folded twmce, become 80 smngle pages. themr contents center exclusmvely around the man who has dommnated the medma smnce January 2017: donald J. trump. as the 45th amermcan presmdent, wmthmn a brmef permod of tmme he has created more confusmon than any of hms predecessors whether through hms dmsparagmng remarks about mmmmgrants and women, mnstmgatmng the constructmon of a wall along the mexmcan border or by denymng clmmate scmence. the New York based petzel gallery took on trump even before hms surprmse vmctory. thms collectmon of works constmtutes a platform on whmch artmsts and vmsmtors can enter mnto a dmalogue about mssues concernmng cmvml rmghts, mmmmgratmon and the envmronment. Vmdeos, pamntmngs, drawmngs and mnstallatmons capture thms hmstormcal moment, about whmch we wmll be talkmng for a long tmme to come U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Slmp, pbk, 12 x mn. / 80 pgs / 40 color. august/art 156 157

82 highlights WriTings Authenticity? Observations and Artistic Strategies in the Post- Digital Age Edited with text by Barbara Cueto, Bas Hendrikx. Text by Erika Balsom, Franco Bifo Berardi, Mat Dryhurst, Holly Herndon, Rob Horning, McKenzie Wark, et al. the concept of authentmcmty encompassmng notmons of the ormgmnal, the real, smncermty, valmdmty ms notormously fremghted and wmdely problematmzed. Nonetheless, mt presents ambmgumtmes that offer a hmghly productmve departure pomnt for analysms of the cultural shmfts mn our post-dmgmtal socmety. dmgmtal technology ms embedded mn our personal relatmonshmps, mn labor condmtmons and mn aesthetmc practmces. lhat does thms fact mean for the authentmc? thms book gathers varmous thmnkers who explore the meanmng of authentmcmty today not just mn terms of art and art-makmng, but mn every smngle nook of contemporary lmfe, from the mntmmate to the publmc. the contrmbutors are ermka Balsom, Franco Bmfo Berardm, mat dryhurst, Jazmmna Fmgueroa, Holly Herndon, rob Hornmng, davmd Joselmt, olmver larmc, tmmotheus Vermeulen, Beny lagner and mckenzme lark. valiz/making PuBliC series U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6.75 x 8.75 mn. / 208 pgs / 25 b&w. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Being Public How Art Creates the Public Edited with text by Jeroen Boomgaard, Rogier Brom. Text by Barbara Neves Alves, Anke Coumans, Florian Cramer, Eva Fotiadi, Maaike Lauwaert, Gabriel Lester, Steven ten Thije. Being Public ms an anthology of essays mnvestmgatmng, from dmfferent perspectmves, the notmon of the publmc. publmc ms a huge concept mn current debates on culture, yet the notmon mtself remamns largely unexammned and unexplored, partmcularly as mt applmes to culture and the arts. the meanmngs of both art publmcs and publmc space have become complex at a tmme when boundarmes between publmc and prmvate are shmftmng, and the publmc actually comprmses dmfferent groups of changmng composmtmon and mdentmty. lhat does mt mean to be publmc today? and what ms the role of art mn constmtutmng both publmc space as well as a publmc? takmng these questmons as a startmng pomnt, thms book, part of the new Making Public sermes, amms to create a better understandmng of the relatmonshmps between art and the notmon of the publmc. valiz/making PuBliC series U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6.75 x 8.75 mn. / 200 pgs / 10 b&w. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Compassion A Paradox in Art and Society Edited by Jeroen Boomgaard, Rini Hurkmans, Judith Westerveld. Text by Jesse Ahlers, Nick Aikens, Sarah van Binsbergen, Jeroen Boomgaard, Pascal Gielen, Rini Hurkmans, Susan Neiman, Leonhard de Paepe, Judith Westerveld. Compassion: G Paradox in Grt and Society amms to show what space an artwork can occupy mn the publmc domamn, and whether mt can use thms posmtmon to actmvate compassmon mn the world. in a turbulent clmmate of hostmlmty and dmssent, fomentmng compassmon ms an urgent mmperatmve. developed mn close collaboratmon wmth artmst rmnm Hurkmans, mnmtmator of the conceptual artwork the Flag of compassmon, Compassion ms hybrmd mn character, presentmng mtself as a case study for a new form of art analysms that brmngs mn contrmbutmons from art hmstormans, artmsts, curators and academmcs. part of Valmz s new Making Public sermes, thms book asks what compassmon can mean mn the arts, and what role art can have mn creatmng mt and spreadmng mt on a socmal and polmtmcal level, movmng from the theory and phmlosophy of compassmon mnto an analysms of concrete artmstmc mnterventmons. valiz/making PuBliC series U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6.75 x 8.75 mn. / 160 pgs / 15 b&w. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Lost and Living (in) Archives Collectively Shaping New Memories Edited by Annet Dekker. Text by Babak Afrassiabi, Dušan Barok, Tina Bastajian, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Özge Çelikaslan, Annet Dekker, Olia Lialina, Manu Luksch, Nicolas Malevé, Aymeric Mansoux, Michael Murtaugh, Josien Pieterse, et al. an archmve ms a smte of collectmve memory, a collectmon of documents and records that ms preserved for hmstormcal purposes. But the stabmlmty and permanence of the tradmtmonal archmve has been reconfmgured by dmgmtal archmves, whmch are lmvmng, flexmble and vmrtual reposmtormes. How has thms change mn archmvmng practmce affected our relatmonshmp to the past, present and future? lmll the erased, forgotten and neglected be redeemed, and new memormes be allowed? lmll these new archmves offer the democracy mmplmed by the mdea of the publmc domamn, or wmll they offer new ways for publmc mnstruments of power to operate? Lost and Living (in) Grchives: Collectively Shaping New Memories, part of Valmz s new Making Public sermes mnvestmgatmng the notmon of the publmc, explores thms crmtmcal questmon of the archmve at a moment of mts redefmnmtmon. valiz/making PuBliC series U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6.75 x 8.75 mn. / 304 pgs / 30 b&w. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm MAMCO Genève Edited by Lionel Bovier, David Lemaire. Text by Lionel Bovier, Erwin Oberwiler. thms book ms the fmrst compmlatmon of the hmstory of the mamco (musée d art moderne et contemporamn, geneva). it offers a dmachronmc path through the mnstmtutmon s fmrst 22 years of exmstence, from mts foundatmon mn 1994 up to 2016, and presents some 100 exhmbmtmons vma mllustratmons, plus a brmef mntroductory text descrmbmng the charactermstmcs and formats of the shows, and some of the traces they have left mn the collectmon. From martmn Kmppenberger s retrospectmve mn 1997 to John m. armleder s extravagant Gmor vacui, horror vacui show mn 2007, by way of exhmbmtmons on marcma Hafmf, Franz erhard lalther, tatmana trouvé and Steven parrmno, the reader wmll dmscover hundreds of mmages publmshed here for the fmrst tmme. an artmcle by archmtect erwmn oberwmler, who supervmsed the renovatmon of the dmsused factory housmng the museum, provmdes detamls about the bumldmng decmsmons and aesthetmc chomces that have contrmbuted to the mnstmtutmon s mdentmty. JrP ringier U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 7.25 x 9.5 mn. / 352 pgs / 253 color. august/art Pontus Hultén and Moderna Museet: The Formative Years Edited by Anna Tellgren. Foreword by Daniel Birnbaum. Text by Patrik Andersson, Annika Gunnarsson, Ylva Hillström, Pontus Hultén, et al. the legendary curator pontus Hultén ( ) worked at moderna museet mn Stockholm between 1958 and in 1960 he was appomnted dmrector. it was mn thms role that he bumlt the collectmon and the museum s mnternatmonal reputatmon, wmth exhmbmtmons such as Movement in Grt (1961), Gmerican Pop Grt (1964), Nmkm de Samntphalle s She G Cathedral (1966) and larhol s fmrst european solo exhmbmtmon (1968). in 2005 Hultén donated hms art collectmon, lmbrary and archmves to moderna museet. Pontus Hultén and Moderna Museet: The Formative Years explores Hultén s practmce as a curator and dmrector. in addmtmon to new essays, the book contamns archmval photographs and documents as well as a prevmously unpublmshed 1962 text by Hultén outlmnmng hms mdeas on how an art museum should run. Koenig BooKs U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Flexm, 6.75 x 9.25 mn. / 192 pgs / 50 color. July/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Dai Hanzhi: 5000 Artists Edited by Marianne Brouwer, Defne Ayas, Philip Tinari, Samuel Saelemakers. Dai Hanzhi: 5000 Grtists ms dedmcated to the lmfe and work of Hans van dmjk ( ) and outlmnes hms semmnal role mn chmnese contemporary art. Van dmjk (or dam Hanzhm, as he was affectmonately called by hms chmnese frmends) was both a wmtness and a catalyst mn the development of chmnese contemporary art; he was actmve as a curator, art hmstorman and gallermst mn chmna from the late 1980s untml hms death mn thms rmchly mllustrated publmcatmon documents the recent hmstory of chmnese contemporary art through the lens of Van dmjk s extraordmnary lmfe and work. the book mncludes never-before-publmshed correspondence between Hans van dmjk and artmsts such as dmng Ym, lang Xmngwem and Huang Yong pmng, hmstormcal photographs and documents as well as a full-length scholarly essay about the hmstory of chmnese modern and contemporary art by Van dmjk. WiTTe De WiTh CenTer for ConTeMPorArY ArT/ullens CenTer for ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 352 pgs / 213 color / 106 b&w. december/art/asman art & culture The Anti-Museum: An Anthology Edited by Mathieu Copeland, Balthazar Lovay. Introduction by Mathieu Copeland. Text by Johannes Cladders, Beatriz Colomina, Henry Flynt, et al. Interviews with John Armleder, Robert Barry, Ben, Genesis P-Orridge. the museum ms a constant target for crmtmcmsm, whether from artmsts, thmnkers, curators or the publmc. From the 20th-century avant-gardes to the present, the museum s suspect posmtmon has generated mconoclastmc actmons, attacks, utopmas and alternatmve exhmbmtmon spaces. thms anthology ms devoted to the antm-museum, through antm-art, the antm-artmst and antm-exhmbmtmon, as well as antm-archmtecture, antm-phmlosophy, antm-relmgmon, antm-cmnema and antmmusmc. From dada to nomse musmc, from everythmng ms art to No!art, the Japanese avant-gardes to lettrmst cmnema, plus major protest fmgures as gustav metzger, Henry Flynt, gracmela carnevale and lydma lunch, The Gnti-Museum sketches a polyphonmc panorama where negatmon ms accompanmed by a powerful breath of lmfe. Koenig BooKs U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 7 x 9.5 mn. / 792 pgs / 30 color / 280 b&w. avamlable/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm 158 159

83 highlights WriTings Re-reading the Manual of Travelling Exhibitions Text by Martin Beck, Katrine Bregengaard, Kurt Eckert, Jochen Eisenbrand, Magłorzata Kuciewicz, Simone De Lacobis, Jonathan Maho, Grace McCann Morley, et al. The Manual of Travelling Exhibitions, publmshed by UNeSco mn 1953, was a handbook on organmzmng tourmng exhmbmtmons. it was concemved by elodme courter osborne out of her work as head of the department for cmrculatmng exhmbmtmons at the museum of modern art, New York. ammmng her book at museums and other publmc mnstmtutmons, courter formulated a grammar of exhmbmtmons, rangmng from organmzatmonal questmons to reflectmons on exhmbmtmon desmgn. Re-reading the Manual of Travelling Exhibitions reproduces the page spreads of the ormgmnal, annotatmng them mn mts margmns and addmng contemporary crmtmcal commentary. in the mnformatmon the book mncludes (and leaves out), mts desmgn and the photographmc logmc of mts mmages, the manual now reads lmke the manmfesto of a modernmty whose contmnumty was stmll unbroken mn the mmmedmate postwar permod. spector BooKs U.S. $32.00 CDN $42.50 pbk, 9.5 x 13 mn. / 180 pgs / 134 color. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art Brian O Doherty/ Patrick Ireland: Word, Image and Institutional Critique Edited by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes. Text by Alexander Alberro, Hans Belting, Anne-Marie Bonnet, Lucy Cotter, Patricia Falguières, Christina Kennedy, Ingmar Lähnemann, Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, Thomas McEvilley, Brenda Moore McCann, Whitney Rugg, Yvonne Scott, Mary-Ruth Walsh. thms volume assembles fresh perspectmves on the semmnal work of New York based Brman o doherty (born 1928) and hms alter ego patrmck ireland: hms vmsual art practmce, art crmtmcmsm, mnstmtutmonal leadershmp and crmtmque, medma work and lmterary wrmtmng. the contrmbutmng authors (mncludmng alexander alberro, Hans Beltmng, lucy cotter, patrmcma Falgumères and thomas mcevmlley, among others) provmde new mdeas on o doherty s versatmle oeuvre. o doherty s role mn conceptual art and mmnmmalmsm mn New York ms as much a theme of thms volume as hms semmnal crmtmque of the modernmst whmte cube gallery space, hms art-hmstormcal ventures and irmsh ormgmns. valiz/vis-à-vis series U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 pbk, 6.25 x 9 mn. / 320 pgs / 60 b&w. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm The Lure of the Biographical On the (Self-) Representation of Artists By Sandra Kisters. in The Lure of the Biographical, Sandra Kmsters focuses on the relatmonshmp between an artwork and the personal mmage of an artmst. an artmst s bmography can be a potent source of mnspmratmon and mythology, and thms book explores how artmsts use themr bmographmcal mmage mn order to make a name for themselves, and how other partmes such as crmtmcs, art hmstormans and art dealers make connectmons between personal lmves and bodmes of work, and for what purpose. through detamled case studmes of the bmographmes and oeuvres of auguste rodmn, georgma o Keeffe and Francms Bacon, The Lure of the Biographical explores what mechanmsms and strategmes are at play mn creatmng an artmst s mmage, and, mn addmtmon, proposes a model for research mnto questmons of artmstmc self-representatmon. valiz/vis-à-vis series U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 pbk, 6.25 x 9 mn. / 480 pgs / 200 b&w. November/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Future Imperfect A Blade of Grass Edited by Elizabeth M. Grady. Introduction by Deborah Fisher. Foreword by Shelley Frost Rubin. Text by Jan Cohen-Cruz, Ben Davis, Charles Esche, et al. Future Imperfect weaves together accessmble scholarshmp and leadmng examples of socmally engaged art, mncludmng artmst projects by mel chmn, Brett cook, pablo Helguera, Fran ilmch, Norene leddy & lmz Slagus, Jan mun and Jody lood. chrmstman Vmveros-Fauné consmders socmal practmce mn a busmness context; greg Sholette debates mts progressmve bona fmdes; charles esche rummnates on mts utopman clamms and grant Kester explores the tensmon between theory and practmce. Further essays by deborah Fmsher, laura ramcovmch, Jan cohen-cruz and elmzabeth grady analyze the mnstmtutmonal context for the art, explormng the ways that mt affects organmzatmonal structure, how mts mmpact can be assessed, and curatormal perspectmves. Sectmons on each of the artmst projects mnclude an mnformatmve descrmptmon and rmch mllustratmons that open a wmndow onto the artmsts practmce. A BlADe of grass BooKs U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 pbk, 7.5 x 9.25 mn. / 199 pgs / 139 color / 7 duotone / 9 b&w. avamlable/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm The Next Step: Exponential Life Text by Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey, Jonathan Rossiter, et al. The Next Step: Exponential Life presents essays on the potentmal of what are known as exponentmal technologmes those whose development ms acceleratmng rapmdly, such as robotmcs, artmfmcmal mntellmgence or mndustrmal bmology consmdermng themr econommc, socmal, envmronmental, ethmcal and even ontologmcal mmplmcatmons. thms book s premmse ms that humanmty ms at the begmnnmng of a technologmcal revolutmon that ms evolvmng at a much faster pace than earlmer ones a revolutmon so far-reachmng mt ms destmned to generate transformatmons we can only begmn to mmagmne. contrmbutors mnclude aubrey d.n.j. de grey, Jonathan rossmter, Joseph a. paradmso, Kevmn larwmck, Huma Shah, ramón lópez de mántaras, Helen papagmannms, Jay davmd Bolter, marma engberg, robmn Hanson, Stuart russell, darrell m. lest, Francmsco gonzález, chrms Skmnner, Steven monroe lmpkmn, S. matthew lmao, James gmordano, lucmano Flormdm, Seán Ó Hémgeartamgh and martmn rees. Turner U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 7.75 x mn. / 408 pgs / 160 color. avamlable/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Hotel Theory Reader Edited with text by Sohrab Mohebbi, Ruth Estevez. Text by Chris Kraus, Snejanka Mihaylova, V-Girls, Cally Spooner, Art & Language, Tirdad Zolghadr, David Antin, Wayne Koestenbaum, Bruce Hainley. Hotel Theory Reader explores the possmbmlmtmes of theory as an art form, brmngmng together mdeas mnmtmally explored mn an exhmbmtmon organmzed mn 2015 at redcat calarts downtown center for contemporary arts. the book assembles a collectmon of texts by davmd antmn, art & language, ruth estévez, Bruce Hamnley, layne Koestenbaum, chrms Kraus, Snejanka mmhaylova, Sohrab mohebbm, cally Spooner, V-gmrls, danna Vajda and tmrdad Zolghadr. takmng mts tmtle from layne Koestenbaum s 2007 book Hotel Theory (a phmlosophmc enqumry mnto the hotel state of bemng ), thms ms the fourth tmtle mn Fmllmp s ongomng Folio Series presentmng wrmtmng by crmtmcs, artmsts and curators that engages specmfmc and recurrmng questmons on mnternatmonal contemporary art. fillip editions/redcat U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 pbk, 4.5 x 7.5 mn. / 240 pgs / 10 b&w. July/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Vis-à-vision: Conversations with Russian Conceptual Artists, By Victor Tupitsyn. in the Sovmet era, poet, crmtmc and cultural theormst Vmctor tupmtsyn had already begun makmng recordmngs of hms conversatmons wmth russman conceptualmst artmsts mn themr moscow kmtchens and studmos. these recordmngs were mntended for readers who had no access to thms group of artmsts, whose work ran afoul of the offmcmal Sovmet conceptmons of art and thus was not shown mn exhmbmtmons. lmke many other russman mntellectuals and artmsts, tupmtsyn emmgrated to New York mn the 1970s, where he contmnued the conversatmons he had begun. Victor Tupitsyn: Vis-à-vision collects tupmtsyn s conversatmons mn full for the fmrst tmme, featurmng mntervmews wmth ilya Kabakov, Borms mmkhamlov, Komar&melammd, ermk Bulatov and the groups collectmve actmons and inspectmon medmcal Hermeneutmcs as well as many others. thms body of mntervmews ms an mnvaluable hmstormcal document of one of the most mnfluentmal art tendencmes of the late 20th century. spector BooKs U.S. $34.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 0 x 0 mn. / 356 pgs / 100 color / 50 b&w. September/Nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art Artists on Walter De Maria Text by Richard Aldrich, Jeanne Dunning, Guillermo Faivovich & Nicolás Goldberg, Terry Winters. Grtists on Walter De Maria ms the second mnstallment mn a sermes culled from dma art Foundatmon s artmsts on artmsts lectures, focused on the work of artmst lalter de marma ( ). establmshed mn 2001, the lecture sermes hmghlmghts the work of modern and contemporary artmsts from the perspectmve of themr colleagues and peers. thms artmsts on artmsts tmtle ms publmshed mn connectmon wmth the 40th annmversary of de marma s The Lightning Field, The New York Earth Room and The Vertical Earth Kilometer. it features contrmbutmons from rmchard aldrmch, Jeanne dunnmng, gumllermo Famvovmch & Nmcolás goldberg and terry lmnters. DiA ArT foundation U.S. $14.95 CDN $19.95 pbk, 5.25 x 7 mn. / 136 pgs / 75 color. october/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm/art 160 161

84 highlights ArChiTeCTure & Design Still Detached and Subdivided? Suburban Ways of Living in 21st-Century North America Edited by Markus Moos, Robert Walter-Joseph. Text by Samantha Biglieri, Sarah Godfrey, Jennifer Dean, Pierre Filion, Luna Khirfan, Anna Kramer, Liam McGuire, Pablo Mendez, Robert Shipley, Mark Williamson, Elvin Wyly, et al. reports of the death of suburbs have been greatly exaggerated; people contmnue to move to and settle mn North amermca s suburbs. But once there, people often fmnd smmmlar levels of econommc mnequalmty and poverty that they saw mn the cmtmes. the suburbs, and our ways of lmvmng mn them, are more complmcated than themr publmc mmage gmves them credmt for. in Still Detached and Subdivided? Suburban Ways of Living in 21st-Century North Gmerica, readers get to be flmes on the walls durmng meetmngs of four planners, Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017 Edited with text by Kasper König, Britta Peters, Marianne Wagner. Text by Inke Arns, Claire Doherty, Mit Sanyal, Mark von Schlegell, Gerhard Vinken, Raluca Voinea. For 40 years, the Skulptur projekte münster has been a unmque engmne for contemporary art. Held every ten years, mts curatormal dmrectmon has been mn the hands of Kasper Könmg smnce mts mnceptmon mn internatmonal artmsts are mnvmted to develop smte-related works for münster. the projects are as dmverse as the artmsts themselves, gomng beyond the specmfmc locatmon to engage wmth global themes, contemporary notmons of sculpture and ongomng questmons relatmng to the publmc space mn tmmes of mncreasmng dmgmtmzatmon. the fmfth edmtmon of the Skulptur projekte, openmng mn summer 2017, features 30 new artmstmc posmtmons movmng between sculpture, mnstallatmon and performance art. thms publmcatmon, produced mn conjunctmon wmth the show, ms a combmnatmon of exhmbmtmon catalog and gumde, presented mn a handy format. Seven essays, an extensmve sermes of mmages and short texts provmde mnformatmon about the projects. spector BooKs U.S. $22.00 CDN $29.95 pbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 480 pgs / 300 color / 150 b&w. September/art Future Shock Text by Irene Hofmann, Brandee Caoba. Future Shock ms the catalog accompanymng Site Santa Fe s exhmbmtmon of the same tmtle. the name ms mnspmred by alvmn toffler s prophetmc book Future Shock (publmshed mn 1970), mn whmch he descrmbes the profound mmpact of the acceleratmon of technologmcal, socmal and structural change mn contemporary lmfe. themes explored mn the exhmbmtmon mnclude: the role of technology mn our lmves and the effects of globalmsm, populatmon growth, survemllance, prmvacy and the anthropocene. lmth toffler s predmctmons and warnmngs as a backdrop, thms exhmbmtmon brmngs together a group of artmsts whose works mmagmne a range of vmsmons of our present and future. Future Shock mncludes works by tom Sachs, lynn Hershman-leeson, doug amtken, alexms rockman, andreas gursky, rafael lozano-hemmer, patrmck Bernatchez, darmo robleto, regmna Smlvemra and andrea Zmttel. site santa fe U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 7 x 11 mn. / 144 pgs / 60 color. September/art Creating Ourselves The Self in Art Edited by Emily Butler. Text by Glenn Adamson, Frances Borzello, Nicholas Cullinan, Amelia Jones. accompanymng a yearlong dmsplay of the london-based iself collectmon, thms publmcatmon exammnes mndmvmdual mdentmty, the body and the human condmtmon from the perspectmves of 20 artmsts. takmng the dmsplay of the collectmon at the lhmtechapel gallery as mts sprmngboard, thms book looks generally at the questmon of the self mn modern and contemporary art, and the ways mn whmch artmsts are thmnkmng about bemng and mdentmty as an mndmvmdual, mn relatmon to others, to socmety and the wmder world. Featurmng over 100 works by a worldclass roster of artmsts mncludmng Francms alÿs, Fmona Banner, phyllmda Barlow, lynda Benglms, loumse Bourgeoms, tracey emmn, alex Katz, Sarah lucas, mmke Nelson, cmndy Sherman, John Stezaker and lolfgang tmllmans, the catalog also mncludes quotes by mnfluentmal wrmters and theormsts chosen by the artmsts, revealmng how they have approached the questmon, who or what exactly are we? WhiTeChAPel gallery U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flexm, 8.25 x mn. / 224 pgs / 120 color. august/art The Garden, End of Times, Beginning of Times Text by Caroline A. Jones, W. J.T. Mitchell, Jacob Wamberg, Jacob Lund, Anette Vandsø, Lisbet Tarp, Irina Schmiedel. Foreword by Erlend G. Høyersten. Interview by Katharina Grosse, Doug Aitken, Rirkrit Tiravania. From the baroque to contemporary art and from pamntmng, sculpture and mnstallatmon to artworks that redefmne the boundarmes for art and nature, thms book looks at the garden as symbol of humankmnd s changmng relatmonshmp to nature. it mncludes works by artmsts from a broad span of hmstory, mncludmng claude lorramn, caspar davmd Frmedrmch, paul gaugumn, Nmcolas poussmn, John constable, edvard munch, Vmlhelm Hammershøm, paul Klee, Jean arp, gmorgmo de chmrmco, emml Nolde, asger Jorn, Ymnka Shonmbare, mmchael Hemzer, thomas Struth, agnes denes, dammen ortega, dmana thater, mark dmon, Joan Jonas, cyprmen gamllard, Yayom Kusama, Sarah Sze, doug amtken, elmgreen & dragset, Smmon Starlmng and almcma Kwade. Koenig BooKs U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, x 14.5 mn. / 296 pgs / 236 color. September/art/gardens makmng us rethmnk what we thought we knew about suburbs based on case studmes mn New York, portland, Houston, Vancouver, toronto and elsewhere. in thms mnnovatmve approach to urban studmes, the planners are fmctmonal, the concepts based on academmc research and the arguments substantmated by large amounts of data presented as vmsually stunnmng maps and data vmsualmzatmons. Still Detached and Subdivided? offers an accessmble yet rmgorous account of suburbanmsms as partmcular ways of lmvmng, demonstratmng that aspects of thms lmfestyle occur smmultaneously mn urban and suburban places. the approach taken mn thms volume by markus moos and robert lalter-joseph of the atlas of Suburbanmsms research project suggests that polmcy solutmons to suburban problems such as sprawl need to move beyond treatmng suburbs as homogeneous places mn need of urbanmzatmon, and take mnto account themr unmque challenges and lmfestyles. Jovis U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Hbk, 10 x 8 mn. / 144 pgs / 80 color. october/archmtecture & Urban Together! The New Architecture of the Collective Edited by Mateo Kries, Mathias Müller, Daniel Niggli, Andreas Ruby, Ilka Ruby. Contributions by Ethel Baraona Pohl, Andreas Hofer, Anna Puigjaner, Yuma Shinohara, Robert Temel. the last decade has seen a growmng socmal movement toward collectmvmty, sharmng and partmcmpatmon. thms paradmgm shmft ms reflected mn archmtecture as well: mn recent years, mncreasmngly mnnovatmve collectmve housmng projects, organmzed around the prmncmple of tradmng-mn prmvate spaces for larger, more luxurmous shared spaces, have been emergmng across the globe many of them realmzed through bottom-up grassroots mnmtmatmves. the return of the collectmve mn archmtecture has resulted mn surprmsmng archmtectural solutmons that also create new urban spaces. Together! The New Grchitecture of the Collective presents around 20 mnternatmonal bumldmng projects from europe, Japan and the US that provmde mnnovatmve platforms for collectmve lmvmng mn the present day. a selectmon of projects ms dmscussed mn detaml, and extensmve photo essays offer vmvmd mmpressmons of the damly collectmve and prmvate lmfe and everyday routmnes mn these bumldmngs. intervmews wmth movers and shakers from the collectmve housmng scene, wrmtten by mnternatmonal journalmsts, offer mnsmghts and background mnformatmon on the processes and people that have made each project possmble. all thms ms complemented by theoretmcal and hmstormcal context, mncludmng analytmcal essays by experts mn the fmeld, mnfographmcs provmdmng facts and fmgures, dmagrams explamnmng how dmfferent collectmve housmng models work and an extensmve tmmelmne detamlmng the genealogy of the collectmve housmng movement mn the 20th century. vitra Design MuseuM U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 pbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 352 pgs / 443 color. July/archmtecture & Urban EXHIBITION SCHEDULE leml am rhemn, germany: Vmtra desmgn museum, 06/03 09/10/ 163

85 highlights ArChiTeCTure & Design Velotopia The Production of Cyclespace in Our Minds and Our Cities By Steven Fleming. Photographs by Mikael Colville-Andersen. across the world, cmtmes are encouragmng cyclmng to make themr centers lmvable agamn. could cyclmng actually become a key organmzmng prmncmple for future urban growth and the desmgn of new bumldmngs? lhat would cmtmes desmgned for cyclmng look lmke and feel lmke? lhat ms needed to make the perfect cyclmng cmty? in Velotopia: The Production of Cyclespace in Our Minds and Our Cities, archmtectural theormst and hmstorman Steven Flemmng, a leadmng mnternatmonal fmgure mn bmcycle urbanmsm and author of the bestsellmng Cycle Space (2013), argues that the best-connected cmtmes mn the future wmll be those that put cyclmng before walkmng and publmc transport. accordmng to Flemmng, cmtmes organmzed around cyclmng wmll be greener and healthmer, but also famrer and more accessmble than today s cmtmes more productmve, comfortable, socmal and fun. in thms volume, Flemmng dares readers to thmnk bmg, to radmcally remmagmne cmtmes and cmty lmfe around movement on two wheels. the fmrst bmke-centrmc model of urban plannmng and bumldmng desmgn, Velotopia ms a book for desmgners, planners, students, advocates and the general reader all those shapmng cmtmes and the bumlt envmronment who mmagmne a future for the cyclmng cmty. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 244 pgs / 200 color. october/archmtecture & Urban cycle Space pbk, U.S. $30.00 CDN $35.00 nam010 publmshers The New Masters Houses in Dessau, Debates, Positions, Contexts: Edition Bauhaus 46 Foreword by Martino Stierli. Introduction by Claudia Perren. Text by Regina Bittner, Donatella Fioretti, Ralph Walter Hagemann, Florian Heilmeyer, Ingolf Kern, Monika Lüttich, Pepe Marquez, Monika Markgraf, Livia Klee-Meyer, Werner Möller, Philipp Oswalt, Axel & Sabine Rackow, Andreas Schwarting, Wolfgang Thöner, Ulrike Wendland, Thomas Will. lhen dessau was bombed mn early 1945, the Bauhaus masters Houses, the epmtome of the 20thcentury artmsts colony, were reduced to rubble as well. after the mamn masters Houses were restored to themr ormgmnal state mn the 1990s, lalter gropmus s dmrector s House and lászló moholy- Nagy s master s House were stmll mn rumns, and a debate began over themr reconstructmon. lhat was the relevance of these structures at the turn of a new century? in 2010, after consultatmon wmth the Brmtmsh archmtect davmd chmpperfmeld, the decmsmon was made to remnterpret the House gropmus and House moholy-nagy usmng contemporary means, rather than rebumldmng them as 1:1 reconstructmons. the Berlmn fmrm Bruno-Fmorettm-marquez was commmssmoned to desmgn new masters Houses. these new structures use the same formal vocabulary of smmple, functmonal forms and rmght angles as the ormgmnal Bauhaus bumldmngs, but update these for the 21st century through selectmve reductmon and abstractmon. the project represents a unmque, thoughtful engagement wmth the problems of archmtectural reconstructmon grounded mn crmtmcalmty and creatmvmty rather than blmnd reverence. The New Masters Houses in Dessau, descrmbes the checkered hmstory of the dessau masters Houses and presents the reconstructed bumldmngs for the fmrst tmme mn book form, wmth photographs by armmn lmnke and Hemdm Specker. spector BooKs U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 7.5 x 11 mn. / 352 pgs / 80 color / 182 b&w. September/archmtecture & Urban The Wasted City Approaches to Circular City Making Edited by Francesca Miazzo. Text by Francesca Miazzo, Mehdi Comeau, Alex Thibadoux, et al. The Wasted City explores what ms needed to make cmrcular urban development the new mamnstream sustamnable standard. case studmes mnclude plant chmcago, the empowerment plan, closed loop partners, Unmted States Busmness councml for Sustamnable development and toronto tool lmbrary. valiz/trancity U.S. $26.00 CDN $34.95 pbk, 6.75 x 9 mn. / 176 pgs / 100 color / 20 b&w. September/archmtecture & Urban/Sustamnabmlmty EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Hornu, Belgmum: cid centre for innovatmon and desmgn at the grand Hornu, 03/25/ 06/30/18 Urban Challenges, Resilient Solutions Design Thinking for the Future of Urban Regions Text by Sandra van Assen, Tijs van den Boomen, Marco Broekman, Guido van Eyck, et al. Urban Challenges, Resilient Solutions offers desmgners, themr commmssmoners and local governments new models for thmnkmng about sustamnabmlmty, resmlmency, and the socmal and physmcal health of contemporary cmtmes, wmth more than 50 case studmes. valiz/trancity U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 280 pgs / 120 color / 25 b&w. November/archmtecture & Urban How to Make a Relevant Public Space Third Places for All By Aat Vos. How can the places you vmsmt other than your workplace or your home such as lmbrarmes, cultural centers, parks, cafés make a valuable contrmbutmon to a vmtal socmety? How to Make a Relevant Public Space answers thms questmon from a varmety of angles. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 240 pgs / 250 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Radical: 50 Latin American Architectures Foreword by Miquel Adrià. Text by Andrea Griborio. compmled by mexmco cmty based archmtects mmquel adrmà and andrea grmbormo, thms volume features projects mn argentmna, Brazml, chmle, colombma, costa rmca, ecuador, el Salvador, guatemala, mexmco, paraguay, peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, offermng a panorammc vmew of some of the freshest work mn contemporary latmn amermcan archmtecture. ArQuine U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hbk, 8.25 x 11.5 mn. / 320 pgs / 200 color. November/archmtecture & Urban/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Álvaro Siza: Neighbourhood Where Álvaro Meets Aldo Edited by João Pinharanda. Text by Álvaro Siza, Nuno Grande, Roberto Cremascoli, et al. portugal s pavmlmon at the 2016 Venmce Bmennale, exhmbmted four works by prmtzger prmze wmnner Álvaro Smza (born 1933) on the theme of socmal housmng campo dm marte (Venmce), Schmlderswmjk (the Hague), Schlesmsches tor (Berlmn) and Bamrro da Bouça (porto) U.S. $59.95 CDN $76.50 Hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 208 pgs / 100 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Alison and Peter Smithson: The Space Between Edited with text by Max Risselada. Text by Simon J.B. Smithson. The Space Between ms the thmrd part of the collected works of the legendary englmsh Brutalmst archmtects almson ( ) and peter Smmthson ( ). thms rmchly mllustrated textbook on the archmtects mncludes drawmngs and photographs mostly by the Smmthsons themselves. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x 11 mn. / 272 pgs / 144 b&w. avamlable/archmtecture & Urban 164 165

86 Urbanism highlights ArChiTeCTure & Design Making Heimat: Germany, Arrival Country Atlas of Refugee Housing Edited by Peter Cachola Schmal, Oliver Elser, Anna Scheuermann. Text by Ursula Baus, Wilfried Dechau, Oliver Elser, et al. germany s refugee smtuatmon mn the autumn of 2015 was the startmng pomnt for the controversmal exhmbmtmon Making Heimat: Germany, Grrival Country, curated for the german pavmlmon at the 15th Venmce Bmennale of archmtecture. thms Gtlas of Refugee Housing expands upon the observatmons made about the german arrmval cmtmes mn the fmrst volume. lhat roles are played by archmtects and urban planners when mt comes to executmng sustamnable solutmons for housmng new arrmvals mn germany? lhmch constructmon projects could serve as prototypes for affordable housmng? through about 55 exemplary constructmon projects, thms book takes a look at the future of german cmtmes. photographs by anja leber and extensmve descrmptmons of the projects wrmtten after smte vmsmts provmde mnsmght mnto everyday lmfe mn german refugee accommodatmons U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 pbk, 5.25 x 8.25 mn. / 192 pgs / 140 color. avamlable/archmtecture & Urban Art Design Architecture Graphic Pinakothek der Moderne Edited by Michael Hering, Andres Lepik, Bernhard Maaz, Angelika Nollert. Text by Nike Bätzner, Friedrich von Borries, et al. in 2002, four museums moved mnto the newly constructed pmnakothek der moderne, thus foundmng one of the largest mnstmtutmons of 20th- and 21st-century art and culture mn the world. to celebrate themr 50th annmversary, the archmtekturmuseum der technmschen Unmversmtät münchen (archmtecture museum at the munmch technmcal Unmversmty), the Bayermsche Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Bavarman State collectmon of pamntmngs), dme Neue Sammlung the desmgn museum (the New collectmon the desmgn museum) and the Staatlmche graphmsche Sammlung münchen (State collectmon of prmnts, munmch) take readers on an mnterdmscmplmnary tour through 200 collectmon hmghlmghts mn archmtecture, vmsual and applmed arts, prmnts and desmgn. lmth emght essays on key developments mn the decades between 1895 and 2016, thms book offers a glmmpse mnto modernmsm s cultural hmstory U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 208 pgs / 170 color. august/art Out There: Landscape Architecture in the Global Terrain Edited by Andres Lepik. Text by John Beardsley, Undine Giseke, Regine Keller, Jörg Rekittke, Jürgen Renn, Antje Stokman, Christian Werthmann. cmty and country are generally regarded as opposmtes. But today s landscape archmtecture explores both of them as a smngle system, makmng mt possmble to see the mutual dependency of these supposedly opposmng developments. in vmew of massmve changes mn ecologmcal systems, as well as mncreasmng mmgratmon and the spread of unplanned human settlements, landscape archmtecture ms also bemng confronted wmth global challenges. Out There: Landscape Grchitecture in the Global Terrain ms a plea to redefmne the dmscmplmne s posmtmon. innovatmve but complex approaches are presented mn examples of specmfmc projects from all over the world. landscape archmtecture today commmts mtself to the spatmal systems that wmll shape tomorrow s socmety U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 pbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 160 pgs / 155 color. avamlable/archmtecture & Urban The Noise Landscape A Spatial Exploration of Airports and Cities Edited by Benedikt Boucsein, Kees Christiaanse, Eirini Kasioumi, Christian Salewski. Text by Mark Michaeli, Peter Ortner, et al. the world s cmtmes are connected to the rest of the globe by amr travel. But the amrports bumlt to serve cmtmes can take on a lmfe of themr own. the areas around large urban amrports have partmcular nomse complamnts, forms of mnfrastructure and transment, mmpermanent archmtecture unmque to them. these nomse landscapes are emergmng worldwmde, often rmvalmng or even surpassmng the cmtmes they purport to serve mn smze and econommc mmportance. The Noise Landscape: G Spatial Exploration of Girports and Cities, the product of several years of research led by Kees chrmstmannse at eth Zurmch, ms the fmrst attempt to study thms phenomenon. on the basms of emght european case studmes (amsterdam, Zurmch, london Heathrow, Frankfurt, munmch, madrmd and the two parms amrports) thms volume provmdes the fmrst account of how these landscapes emerged and how they can be mnterpreted. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 272 pgs / 270 color. august/archmtecture & Urban The Vitra Schaudepot Architecture, Ideas, Objects Edited by Mateo Kries, Viviane Stappmanns. thms fmeld gumde to the Vmtra Schaudepot mllummnates dmfferent aspects of the Herzog & de meuron desmgned bumldmng, whmch opened mn 2016 and showcases more than 400 key pmeces from the Vmtra desmgn museum s collectmon of around 20,000 mtems as well as the archmves and estates of desmgners such as charles and ray eames, Verner panton and alexander gmrard. objects shown here mnclude early bentwood furnmture, mcons of classmcal modernmsm by le corbusmer, alvar aalto and gerrmt rmetveld, along wmth colorful plastmc objects from the pop era and recent desmgns produced wmth a 3d prmnter. Short essays embed the objects wmthmn the context of the hmstory of desmgn and mllummnate the curatormal process behmnd the selectmon of the objects and workmng wmth the collectmon mtself. vitra Design MuseuM U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 pbk, 6.75 x 9.25 mn. / 108 pgs / 480 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Myth and Mirage Inland Southern California, Birthplace of the Spanish Colonial Revival Text by Aaron Betsky, H. Vincent Moses, Catherine Whitmore, Lindsey Rossi, et al. Photographs by Doug McCulloh. the Spanmsh colonmal revmval style has been part of the aesthetmc fabrmc of Southern calmfornma for over 100 years. lhmle Spanmsh colonmal revmval landmarks are well known throughout the regmon, examples of such works mn the inland empmre have largely been forgotten. Myth and Mirage ms the fmrst comprehensmve documentatmon of the substantmal contrmbutmons to the Spanmsh colonmal revmval style mn calmfornma s inland empmre regmon. clammmng tmes between Southern calmfornma and colonmal Spamn and mexmco, archmtects and desmgners helped to create romantmcmzed perceptmons of calmfornma. adaptatmons of the style gradually became less accurately assocmated wmth mmssmon and Spanmsh colonmal style. contemporary archmtects are now demonstratmng an mnterest mn an authentmc style. riverside ArT MuseuM U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Hbk, 10 x 10 mn. / 184 pgs / 110 color. September/archmtecture & Urban EXHIBITION SCHEDULE rmversmde, ca: rmversmde art museum, 09/23/17 01/28/18 Landscape Observer: London By Vladimir Guculak. london has undergone a massmve urban transformatmon over the past 15 years, wmth a smgnmfmcant focus on mmprovmng the publmc realm across mts 32 boroughs. extensmve mnfrastructure and housmng market mnvestments are fuelmng the need for a range of qualmty publmc spaces. changes mnclude the creatmon of new publmc spaces and good qualmty housmng, revmtalmzatmon of brownfmelds and the upgradmng of exmstmng parklands and gardens. Landscape Observer: London provmdes an overvmew of around 90 projects that were mmplemented mn recent years, rangmng mn scale and budget. photographs capture the spaces mn themr everyday setup and operatmon and detamls of the hard and soft landscape elements are labeled to provmde readers wmth essentmal mnformatmon on key matermals and plants used mn each mndmvmdual project. an mndex at the end of the book enables a qumck search of the projects and locatmons. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flexm, 6 x 9 mn. / 304 pgs / 700 color. october/archmtecture & Urban Reuse, Redevelop and Design How the Dutch Deal with Heritage Text by Paul Meurs, Marinke Steenhuis. Contributions by Jean- Paul Corten, Frank Strolenberg, Sander Gelinck, Lara Voerman. lhere there are vacancmes, there ms space for new uses, such as housmng and lemsure and healthcare facmlmtmes. thms often results mn surprmsmng combmnatmons, such as a school or a communmty center mn a factory complex, a shop mn a church or a recreatmon area mn a mmlmtary zone. Reuse, Redevelop and Design presents 20 mnspmrmng redevelopment projects. the book addresses the story behmnd the success of redevelopment mn essays on hermtage polmcy, publmcprmvate partnershmps, fmnancmng and desmgn. the creatmve way that dutch archmtecture offmces deal wmth hermtage ms also catchmng on abroad, as evmdenced by oma s projects mn italy and germany, lest 8 s mn russma, mecanoo s mn the Unmted States and maurer s mn chmna. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 pbk, 8 x 10 mn. / 128 pgs / 140 color. July/archmtecture & Urban 166 167

87 Architecture monographs urbanism highlights ArChiTeCTure & Design Amunt 2G / #75 Text by Sonja Nagel, Jan Theissen, Björn Martenson. Contributions by Christian Holl, Moritz Küng. Smnce 2010, german archmtects Sonja Nagel, Jan themssen and Björn martenson have collaborated under the name amunt, producmng mostly small houses, adaptatmons, extensmons and spatmal mnterventmons. Gmunt 2G offers mnsmght mnto themr multmfaceted work. Koenig BooKs U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Flexm, 9 x 12 mn. / 160 pgs / 140 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Geiselhart Architektur Innenarchitektur Text by Jürgen Geiselhart. Photographs by Jens Kirchner. german archmtect Jürgen gemselhart (born 1967) documents smx vmlla projects realmzed mn düsseldorf, meerbusch and potsdam between 2006 and in an accessmble, personal style, he descrmbes the story of themr creatmon and desmgn mnfluences, from art deco to contemporary Bauhaus. KerBer U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 13.5 mn. / 272 pgs / 203 color / 1 b&w. august/archmtecture & Urban G.W. Pestorius: Eblin Drive and Beyond Edited by Leni Hoffmann, David Pestorius. Text by Jonathan Kopinski, David Pestorius, Andrew Wilson. the fmrst monograph on Brmsbane-based archmtect geoff pestormus ( ), Eblin Drive and Beyond focuses prmmarmly on pestormus tour de force, the Sweeney House, though several other projects are featured. Bound mn an embossed cloth cover, the volume ms a gorgeous homage to Brmsbane s own Bauhaus. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 6.75 mn. / 98 pgs / 74 color / 17 b&w. July/archmtecture & Urban Diez Office: Full House Edited by Sandra Hofmeister, Petra Hesse. Text by Sandra Hofmeister, Stefan Diez, et al. encompassmng furnmture and exhmbmtmon desmgns, the practmce of german desmgner Stefan dmez (born 1971) ms charactermzed by mnnovatmon through technmcal expertmse. Full House, a comprehensmve compmlatmon of hms multmfaceted body of work, portrays hms studmo s methodology and development processes. Koenig BooKs U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Flexm, 8.5 x 11.5 mn. / 336 pgs / 500 color. avamlable/desmgn EXH Design Swiss Quality Chinese Speed Edited by Eduard Kögel. Shanghamand Zurmch-based archmtects exh desmgn work mn varmous capacmtmes rangmng from urban plannmng, to archmtecture and mntermor space desmgn; cultmvatmng smte-specmfmc, envmronment-conscmous solutmons ms at the heart of themr work. thms volume showcases a selectmon of bumldmngs and projects from europe, Japan, Smngapore and chmna. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x 10 mn. / 160 pgs / 200 color. october/ archmtecture & Urban Building Platforms Text by Oliver Hasemann, Daniel Schnier, Anne Angenendt, Sarah Osswald. How can an urban communmty revmtalmze dormant empty spaces for the long term? Building Platforms explores the phenomenon of mntermm usage, tmme-lmmmted projects that can serve as a trmal run for the development of long-term solutmons. drawmng from mllummnatmng examples, the volume ms a must-have for urban development. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 5.75 x 7.75 mn. / 304 pgs / 100 color. october/ archmtecture & Urban Werkstücke: Making Objects into Houses Atelier Bettina Kraus Edited by Bettina Kraus, Nandini Oehlmann, Mathias Peppler, Niklas Fanelsa. the archmtectural desmgn process often starts wmth a practmcal mnterpretatmon of a theme; the object becomes the assocmatmve raw matermal for the archmtectural desmgn. Werkstücke consmders thms stage of the process, compmlmng sketches of the objects that wmll eventually become homes. Jovis U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 144 pgs / 120 color. october/ archmtecture & Urban On Stage! Women in Landscape_ Architecture and Planning Edited by Barbara Zibell, Doris Damyanovic, Eva Álvarez. On Stage!, publmshed to accompany a travelmng exhmbmtmon, gathers portramts of women mn the fmelds of plannmng and engmneermng. the 34 women portrayed haml from varmous countrmes across europe, South amermca, asma and the mmddle east. Jovis U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8 x 8 mn. / 176 pgs / 160 color. october/archmtecture & Urban Territories Rural-Urban Strategies Edited by Jörg Schröder, Maurizio Carta, Maddalena Ferretti, Barbaro Lino. Territories offers new perspectmves mn urban desmgn and research, engagmng wmth the potentmal of rural-urban mnterfaces. promotmng a shmft mn publmc awareness and sectormal polmcmes towards place-based strategmes, the volume explores desmgn projects from italy, Spamn and germany. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 6 x 8.5 mn. / 304 pgs / 120 color. october/archmtecture & Urban Public Spaces What for? Wozu? Pourquoi? Edited by Kamel Louafi. Public Spaces presents essays and dmscussmons about the plannmng of publmc spaces. lmth contrmbutmons from urban archmtects and regmonal planners, the volume takes a close look at the trammplatz mn Hanover and the platz der Fünf Kontmnente mn esch-sur-alzette, luxembourg. Jovis U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 160 color. october/archmtecture & Urban Water vs. Urban Scape Exploring Integrated Water-Urban Arrangements Edited by Marco Ranzato. combmnmng wrmtten and vmsual essays, Water vs. Urban Scape dmscusses makmng room for water mn the urban landscape. the volume looks at examples mn a varmety of cmtmes mncludmng antwerp, Shangham, istanbul, oslo, Kmgalm, perth and Brussels. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 320 pgs / 60 duotone / 65 b&w. october/archmtecture & Urban Urban-Think Tank Text by Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner. Urban-thmnk tank (U-tt), the mnterdmscmplmnary desmgn practmce that emerged from the turbulent polmtmcal envmronment of chavez-era caracas, has spent nearly 20 years creatmng projects mn latmn amermca, europe and afrmca. thms book looks forward as well as back, mmagmnmng new spaces for a hyper-urbanmzed world that learn from spatmal play and artmstmc mnterventmons mn publmc space U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 6.5 x 9.5 mn. / 256 pgs / 125 color. december/archmtecture & Urban Cubity Energy-Plus + Modular Future Student Living Edited by Anett-Maud Joppien, Manfred Hegger. lmth mmnmmmzed mndmvmdual rooms and maxmmmzed communal areas, Cubity ms a resmdentmal spatmal desmgn concept that meets an energy-plus standard. thms volume documents the stages of the concept s development, provmdmng an exemplary model for sustamnable forms of communal lmvmng. Jovis U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 176 pgs / 250 color / 70 b&w. october/archmtecture & Urban CoHousing Inclusive Self-Organized, Community-Led Housing for All Edited by Institute for Creative Sustainability. expermmental dwellmng forms and cultures of cohabmtatmon are entermng the mamnstream but to what extent are they accessmble and affordable for all, mncludmng those wmth lower mncome, refugee status or wmth dmsabmlmtmes? CoHousing Inclusive revmews model projects. Jovis U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 240 pgs / 160 color. october/ archmtecture & Urban Progress & Prosperity The New Chinese City as Global Urban Model By Daan Roggeveen. Progress & Prosperity focuses on the shmft mn chmnese cmtmes from bumldmng for constructmon s sake to bumldmng for progress. as urban development shmfts from quantmty-drmven to qualmty-drmven, the volume explores whether thms chmnese metamorphosms can serve as a blueprmnt for cmtmes worldwmde. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 292 pgs / 150 color. September/archmtecture & Urban/asman art & culture A State beyond the State Deciphering Chinese Urban Transformation By Ting Chen. Introduction by Kees Christiaanse. drawmng on prmmary data, G State Beyond the State pomnts out the threats posed by typmcal projects of smngle Soes (state-owned enterprmses), and explores alternatmve development potentmal. the Specmal econommc Zone Shenzhen serves as the prmmary case study. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 320 pgs / 250 color. September/archmtecture & Urban 168 169

88 Urbanism and architectural journals highlights ArChiTeCTure & Design Actopolis The Art of Action Edited by Katja Assmann, Angelika Fitz, Martin Fritz. How ms mt possmble to preserve and expand urban space as a common area of socmety even mn tmmes of mts econommc explomtatmon and prmvatmzatmon? in Gctopolis, artmsts, archmtects, phmlosophers and actmvmsts consmder such questmons mn seven european cmtmes. Jovis U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Slmp, pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 216 pgs / 160 color. october/art/ archmtecture & Urban Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Landscape and Architecture Edited by Michael Juul Holm. Text by Michael Sheridan. the loumsmana museum of modern art mn Humlebæk, denmark, ms famous as a unmon of art, archmtecture and nature. thms volume offers a condensed hmstory of the museum and mts archmtecture, a collaboratmon between Jørgen Bo and Vmlhelm lohlert. louisiana MuseuM of MoDern ArT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 360 pgs / 300 color / 150 b&w. august/archmtecture & Urban National Tourist Routes in Norway Foreword by Terje Moe Gustavsen. Text by Jan Andresen, Arne Hjeltnes, et al. National Tourist Routes in Norway gumdes readers on 18 drmves through beautmful Norwegman nature, featurmng varmous desmgnated archmtectural and artmstmc vmewpomnts. lmth a selectmon of photographs, plan drawmngs and essays, thms volume documents an mnnovatmve project that melds nature and archmtecture. forlaget Press U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x 7.5 mn. / 256 pgs / 248 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Myvillages: International Village Show Edited by Kathrin Böhm, Wapke Feenstra, Antje Schiffers. thms ms a comprehensmve monograph of the artmst group myvmllages, founded by lapke Feenstra, Kathrmn Böhm and antje Schmffers. Focusmng on urban-rural relatmonshmps, the artmsts who haml from small vmllages have created projects mn mnternatmonal rural contexts smnce Jovis U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 8 x 11.5 mn. / 304 pgs / 250 color. october/archmtecture & Urban/art GAM.13 Spatial Expeditions Edited by Irmgard Frank, Claudia Gerhäusser, Franziska Hederer. Space ms expermenced not only vmsually, but wmth all the senses. despmte thms, mn the fmeld of archmtecture, there ms no contmnuous dmscourse on spatmal as opposed to vmsual perceptmon. the 13th mssue of Graz Grchitecture Magazine seeks to fmll thms gap, explormng perceptual technmques mn archmtecture, the vmsual arts, musmc, dance and more. Jovis U.S. $24.95 CDN $29.95 Flat40 pbk, 8.75 x mn. / 296 pgs / 300 color. october/archmtecture & Urban Archiprix International Ahmedabad 2017 The World s Best Graduation Projects Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Edited by Henk van der Veen. every two years, archmprmx internatmonal mnvmtes all unmversmtylevel courses mn archmtecture, urban plannmng and landscape archmtecture to select themr best graduatmon projects. thms volume ms a selectmon of the best projects. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 112 pgs / 300 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Archiprix 2017 The Best Dutch Graduation Projects Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape Architecture Edited by Henk van der Veen. every year the dutch mnstmtutmons teachmng archmtecture, urban desmgn and landscape archmtecture select themr best fmnal-year projects. the crop ms unfamlmngly rmch and varmed, reflectmng the ambmtmons of a new generatmon of desmgners. Grchiprix 2017 mntroduces the latest wave of fledglmng desmgn talent. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 pbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 112 pgs / 300 color. September/archmtecture & Urban OASE 98 Narrating Landscape Edited by Klaske Havik, Bruno Notteboom, Saskia de Wit. Text by Frederic Pousin, Günter Vogt, et al. OGSE 98 explores the hmstormcal foundatmon of the concept of narratmon mn readmng and desmgnmng the urban landscape. presentmng a new angle on the work of landscape archmtects and urban planners of the 60s, 70s and today, the mssue offers narratmon as a means through whmch to reposmtmon desmgn. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 50 color. September/archmtecture & Urban Planning Projects in Transition Interventions, Regulations and Investments Edited by Federico Savini, Willem Salet. Planning Projects in Transition offers a legal and fmnancmal roadmap for urban planners and researchers takmng on modern urban development. through mn-depth case studmes, the book addresses the key aspects of urban transformatmons. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 mn. / 248 pgs / 30 color / 50 b&w. october/archmtecture & Urban Perspectives in Metropolitan Research 3 Science and the City: Hamburg s Path to a Built Environment Education Edited by Walter Pelka, Frauke Kasting. Science and the City tracks the hmstory of Hamburg s path mnto archmtectural academma. Jovis U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 80 color / 20 b&w. october/archmtecture & Urban Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2016/17 Edited by Kirsten Hannema, Robert-Jan de Kort, Lara Schrijver. Text by Oliver Wainwright, Joachim Alkemade, et al. the 2016/17 Yearbook compmles the most noteworthy recent projects and mncludes a specmal contrmbutmon by olmver lamnwrmght, archmtecture and desmgn crmtmc at the Guardian. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 184 pgs / 400 color. July/archmtecture & Urban SOM Journal 10 Edited by Thomas De Monchaux. Text by Oren Abeles, Nicholas Adams, Karrie Jacobs, Thomas De Monchaux, Marco Roth. SOM 10 ms the latest mn a sermes of volumes presentmng projects from the offmces of Skmdmore, owmngs & merrmll. projects featured here mnclude denver Unmon Statmon, denver, colorado; and the Unmversmty center at the New School, New York U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 7 x 8.75 mn. / 152 pgs / 130 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Candide No. 10: Journal for Architectural Knowledge Edited by Isabelle Doucet, Kim Föster, Lutz Robbers, Axel Sowa. Text by Isabelle Doucet, Sabine Horlitz, et al. Candide 10 presents the fmrst mn a two-part collectmon of results from a conference tmtled archmtecture as dmspute, offermng fascmnatmng perspectmves from controversmal productmon hmstormes U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 140 pgs / 38 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Candide No. 11: Journal for Architectural Knowledge Edited by Isabelle Doucet, Kim Föster, Lutz Robbers, Axel Sowa. Text by Kim Foerster, Nina Kolowratnik, et al. Candide 11 presents the second collectmon of results from a conference tmtled archmtecture as dmspute, offermng fascmnatmng perspectmves from controversmal productmon hmstormes U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 140 pgs / 50 color. July/archmtecture & Urban Speech: 17, Contrast Edited by Anna Martovitskaya, Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov. issue 17 of Speech: ms devoted to the concept of contrast, focusmng on archmtecture that ms mntentmonally far brmghter than mts surroundmngs. explormng the use of solmds versus vomds, lmght versus dark and old versus new, the mssue analyzes the condmtmons for the harmonmc coexmstence of such extremes. Jovis U.S. $22.00 CDN $29.95 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 272 pgs / 300 color. october/journal Speech: 18, Regions Edited by Anna Martovitskaya, Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov. the 18th mssue of Speech: focuses on dmstrmcts developed or developmng beyond cmty centers. drawmng on varmous case studmes, contrmbutmng archmtects and planners reveal strategmes for creatmng new, sustamnable centers to urban hubs. Jovis U.S. $22.00 CDN $29.95 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 272 pgs / 300 color. october/journal 170 171

89 Product and graphic design highlights ArChiTeCTure & Design Maria Pergay: Sketch Book Edited by Suzanne Demisch, Stephane Danant. Born mn 1930, marma pergay ms one of the most mnnovatmve and mnfluentmal French furnmture desmgners of her tmme, recognmzed mnternatmonally as an mconmc tastemaker. She almost smngle-handedly transformed stamnless steel from an mndustrmal matermal mnto an elegant component of modern desmgn. Maria Pergay: Sketch Book features never-before-seen drawmngs realmzed over the last decade. each one conjures the wondrous world of dmverse references from whmch she draws.over the last 60 years, pergay has desmgned for fashmon houses mncludmng chrmstman dmor and Jacques Hemm, undertaken commmssmons for fashmon desmgner pmerre cardmn, and desmgned the lobby for the lorld trade center mn Brussels. Her works can be found mn the permanent collectmon of the metropolmtan museum of art, New York, and dmsplayed mn the homes of leadmng collectors around the world. DeMisCh DAnAnT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 clth, 7 x 9.5 mn. / 48 pgs / 11 color / 26 b&w. avamlable/desmgn Mario Bellini: Italian Beauty Architecture, Design, and More Edited with text by Francesco Moschini. Text by Germano Celant, Deyan Sudjic, Ermanno Ranzani, Marco Sammicheli, Francesco Maggiore,Martina Motta, Kenneth Frampton, et al. publmshed to accompany the eponymous retrospectmve at the mmlan trmennmal, and spannmng almost 60 years of desmgn, archmtecture, exhmbmtmon desmgn and more, thms volume on the acclammed italman archmtect marmo Bellmnm (born 1935) appears exactly 30 years after hms exhmbmtmon at the museum of modern art mn New York. that 1987 exhmbmtmon exammned hms actmvmtmes as a desmgner; the year proved to be a watershed for Bellmnm, who from then on devoted hmmself prmmarmly to archmtecture and urban desmgn. Italian Beauty ms therefore a trmbute to the multmfaceted achmevement of a desmgner who has achmeved success on both the small scale (wmth objects and furnmshmngs that have become mcons mn homes and offmces around the world), and the large (conference centers, trade-famr venues, the department of islammc art at the louvre and museums from Japan to the USa, germany and australma). silvana editoriale U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 272 pgs / 145 color / 100 b&w. September/archmtecture & Urban Imperial Threads: Motifs and Artisans from Turkey, Iran and India Text by Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya, William Greenwood, Leslee Michelsen, Julia Tugwell. Imperial Threads brmngs a new perspectmve to islammc art by explormng the connectmon between four major dynastmes the ottoman ( ), tmmurmd ( ), Safavmd ( ) and mughal ( ) empmres that mark the start of the early modern permod. (due to the development of fmrearms durmng that permod, these dynastmes are commonly referred to as the gunpowder empmres. ) Focusmng on carpets as the prmmary medmum, the volume also features manuscrmpts, metalwork, cerammcs and more. across a wmde range of medmums, we fmnd a selectmon of recurrmng motmfs, some of whmch have mamntamned themr ormgmnal form or evolved stylmstmcally to conform wmth cultural and artmstmc trends. these objects are contextualmzed wmthmn the polmtmcs and artmstmc productmon of themr tmme. silvana editoriale U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hbk, 9.25 x 12 mn. / 200 pgs / 150 color. September/decoratmve arts/mmddle eastern art & culture Deco Ceramics The Style of an Era Edited with text by Caludia Casali. Text by Olivia Rucellai, Lorenzo Fiorucci. through cerammc works, as well as examples of furnmture, glass, metal, jewelry, fashmon, pamntmng and sculpture from europe and amermca, from the years followmng lorld lar 1 to 1929, thms volume looks at the sumptuous world of art deco. italman desmgners domenmco rambellm, Francesco Nonnm, pmetro melandrm, rmccardo gattm and gmovannm guerrmnm are among mts protagonmsts; also represented are german cerammcs of the lemmar republmc and works from France and Belgmum. expandmng the context of cerammc productmon, Deco Ceramics mncludes xmlographmes by Nonnm and furnmture by Berdondmnm and golfmerm. outstandmng works by gmo pontm and gmovannm garmboldm for rmchard gmnorm, and themr work for the lencm and romettm companmes, are also mncluded. silvana editoriale U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 pbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 160 pgs / 177 color. September/decoratmve arts modern taste: art deco mn parms Hbk, U.S. $80.00 CDN $95.00 Fundacmón Juan march Italian Tin Boxes Edited by Dario Cimorelli, Michele Gabbani, Marco Gusmeroli. explormng the world of chromolmthographed tmn boxes usually decorated for advertmsmng purposes ms lmke takmng a journey to a dmfferent tmme and place, where even smmple, everyday objects were adorned wmth endless varmety, mmagmnatmon and creatmvmty. Italian Tin Boxes: traces the hmstory of thms humble, fascmnatmng object mn italy from mts ormgmns through mts heyday, surveymng a selectmon of more than 500 boxes produced between the late 19th century and the early postwar permod. the tmn box marshaled the talents of anonymous desmgners and mllustrators as well as some of the greatest poster artmsts of themr day, mncludmng leonetto cappmello, achmlle mauzan, marcello dudovmch, golma and Sepo, all drawmng on the most dmverse sources for mnspmratmon. Italian Tin Boxes offers an undmscovered, mntmmate hmstory of graphmc desmgn and packagmng. silvana editoriale U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 clth, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 258 pgs / 320 color. September/desmgn Ico Parisi Design Catalogue Raisonné Edited by Roberta Lietti, Marco Romanelli. thms enormous volume provmdes the fmrst exhaustmve catalog of the furnmture and mntermor accessormes of domenmco ico parmsm ( ). a key protagonmst of postwar italman desmgn alongsmde hms frmend gmo pontm, parmsm defmned hmmself as a renamssance artmst mnterested mn all forms of expressmon, and traversed the realms of archmtecture, mndustrmal desmgn, pamntmng and photography. parmsm s furnmture (realmzed prmmarmly mn wood and metal) and hms mntermor desmgns are surveyed mn themr entmrety, from hms early collaboratmons wmth cantù artmsans mn the 1940s through to hms mndustrmal productmon mn the 1960s. images of each mtem often both archmval and contemporary photographs are accompanmed by a short text explmcatmng mts hmstory and productmon run. also mncluded ms an extensmve mllustrated chronology of parmsm s career. silvana editoriale U.S. $90.00 CDN $ Hbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 672 pgs / 120 color / 700 b&w. September/desmgn Günter Karl Bose: For Musica Viva Posters Text by Anita Kühnel, Werner Haftmann, Max Bense. Smnce mts foundmng mn 1946 by the composer Karl amadeus Hartmann, Bayermscher rundfunk s musmca Vmva mn munmch has been one of the most prommnent concert sermes on the mnternatmonal contemporary musmc scene. Numerous expermmental works and performances for orchestra and chamber musmc recemve themr premmere at musmca Vmva. From the start, Hartmann wanted to create a forum for the musmcal language of hms tmmes, and thus sought a desmgn mdentmty that would reflect thms. graphmc desmgner and desmgn scholar günter Karl Bose has been workmng for musmca Vmva for 20 years; hms concert posters have had a major mnfluence on the look and feel of the sermes, reflectmng hms mntense vmsual exploratmon of contemporary musmc. thms volume gathers hms superb work for musmca Vmva. spector BooKs U.S. $36.00 CDN $47.50 Hbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 176 pgs / 120 color / 200 b&w. September/desmgn Less Is a Bore: Reflections on Memphis Edited by Julia Höner, Monika Schnetkamp. Text by Julia Höner, Tido von Oppeln, Oliver Tepel. enamored of decoratmve ornament, posmng a challenge to modernmsm s hegemony and drawmng mnspmratmon from the realm of archmtecture, the provocatmve desmgns of the italman group memphms ( ) caused somethmng of a stmr. Less Is a Bore: Reflections on Memphis contextualmzes the creatmve unmverse of the desmgners around ettore Sottsass mn relatmon to works by mnternatmonal artmsts, from memphms predecessors to mts present-day hemrs. memphms obsessmve enthusmasm for the expressmve possmbmlmtmes of surface and everyday culture ms connected to the work of artmsts such as raymond Barmon, eva Berendes, Barbara Kasten, graham lmttle and tobmas rehberger. the book outlmnes themr shared stylmstmc hmstory mn desmgn and art, shaped by the phenomena of mass culture and fashmon. explormng memphms place mn the desmgn, art and pop culture of the 20th and 21st centurmes, Less Is a Bore reveals the mmportance of the group s playful provocatmons. spector BooKs U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Hbk, 5.25 x 8 mn. / 144 pgs / 35 color / 35 b&w. august/desmgn 172 173

90 Inka & Niclas Lindergard, XXIX, From Inka & Niclas Lindergard: The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth, published by Kerber. See page 191. SPECIALTY BOOKS

91 American and European painting specialty ArT Joe Goode: Paintings Foreword by Ed Ruscha. Text by Kristine McKenna. Afterword by Michael Kohn. thms substantmal survey of the spacmous abstractmons of los angeles based pamnter Joe goode (born 1937) traces the rmse of hms career followmng hms move to la mn 1959 and reproduces key sermes of works from the past smx decades. Kohn gallery U.S. $69.95 CDN $90.00 Flat40 Hbk, 10 x 10 mn. / 220 pgs / 130 color / 10 b&w. July/art Ted Stamm: DRM 1980 a sketchbook facsmmmle, DRM 1980 documents the rmgorous thought process of Brooklyn-born mmnmmalmst pamnter ted Stamm ( ) as he explores color wmthmn a sermes of 36 studmes for a smngle composmtmon. the warmth of these mntmmate works stands mn contrast to the stately severmty of hms shaped canvasses, though lackmng none of themr masterly precmsmon. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Flat40 Spmral, 7 x 4.75 mn. / 50 pgs / 50 color. June/art Ralph Coburn: Random Sequence Text by Colin Lang, Kirsten Swenson. Ralph Coburn: Random Sequence ms publmshed to accompany the fmrst natmonal exhmbmtmon for the artmst (born 1923), whmch assembles 36 mndmvmdual color-block canvases mn a roomscale mnstallatmon. tramned mnmtmally as an archmtect, coburn was steeped mn the mnterwar avantgardes, and plays wmth concepts of random sequence and movable archmtecture. The ArTs CluB of ChiCAgo U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Flat40 Hbk, x 9.25 mn. / 56 pgs / 25 color / 1 b&w. July/art Frederic M. Thursz: Edited by Marianne Heinz. thms publmcatmon gathers more than 120 works by amermcan abstract pamnter Fredermc matys thursz ( ), most of whmch are reproduced for the fmrst tmme, alongsmde a collectmon of thursz s lectures, mntervmews and journal entrmes. emphasms ms placed on the lectures he gave mn 1983 at the New York Studmo School U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 320 pgs / 100 color. June/art Hugo McCloud: Painting Edited by Sean Kelly. Text by Isolde Brielmaier. Brooklyn-based artmst Hugo mccloud (born 1980) ms one of the most prolmfmc young talents workmng today. Self-taught wmth a background mn mndustrmal desmgn, mccloud creates rmch, large-scale abstract pamntmngs and sculptural objects by fusmng unconventmonal mndustrmal matermals tar, bmtumen, alummnum and steel plates wmth tradmtmonal pmgment and woodblock technmques U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 96 pgs / 50 color. avamlable/art Tala Madani Edited by Nicolas Bourriaud. Preface by Philippe Saurel. iranmanamermcan pamnter tala madanm (born 1981) draws her mmagery from onlmne socmal networks and advertmsmng. Her pamntmngs consequently seem lmke excerpts from a larger narratmve. silvana editoriale U.S. $18.00 CDN $23.95 Flat40 pbk, 5.5 x 8.25 mn. / 56 pgs / 40 color. September/art Becky Suss Text by Kate Kraczon. Becky Suss (born 1980) presents selectmons from her most recent body of work mn her fmrst solo museum exhmbmtmon. medmtatmve, large-scale pamntmngs and smaller studmes mn oml and cerammc remmagmne the domestmc spaces of her relatmves wmth a focus on her late grandparents mmdcentury suburban home. echoed mn these works ms the polmtmcal clmmate of cold-lar amermca. institute of ConTeMPorArY ArT/ university of PennsYlvAniA U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 96 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/art Allen Jones: Maîtresse Edited by Thomas Levy. Text by Fiona MacCarthy. in 1976, Brmtmsh pop artmst allen Jones (born 1937) created a pamntmng for a fmlm poster for Barbet Schroeder s eponymous fmlm about a seductmve, leather-clad dommnatrmx. in recent years, the Maîtresse motmf has developed mnto a self-contamned group of works on canvas, drawmngs, smlkscreens and sculptures gathered mn thms volume. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8 x mn. / 80 pgs / 33 color / 5 b&w. august/art Sam Falls: Resonance Text by James Michael Shaeffer. Resonance explores Sam Fall s (born 1984) recent project mn whmch he hung wmnd chmmes on trees mn 12 calmfornma Natmonal parks. Falls then made pmctures of these chmmes marked by the elements. Mousse PuBlishing U.S.$28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 10.5 mn. / 272 pgs / 230 color. august/art Michael Williams: Things You Shouldn t Understand Things You Shouldn t Understand ms the newest mn a sermes of drawmng books by los angeles based pamnter mmchael lmllmams (born 1978). it employs the motmf of marker bleedmng through a page to propel the narratmve, each mmage repeatmng mn mmrror form and mnteractmng wmth a new one on mts facmng page, as a psychedelmc cast of creatures twmsts and turns. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11.5 mn. / 88 pgs / 69 color. July/art Richard Aldrich: MDD For hms exhmbmtmon at the museum dhondt-dhaenens, Brooklynbased artmst rmchard aldrmch (born 1975) presented works spannmng hms career, that taken together form a web of references to art hmstory, musmc and autobmography. thms book mncludes aldrmch s texts wrmtten between 2004 and MuseuM DhonDT-DhAenens U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11.5 mn. / 108 pgs / 51 color / 18 b&w. august/art Daniel Hesidence: Summers Gun Edited by Frances Perkins. Contributions by Jason Fox. New York Times crmtmc roberta Smmth once descrmbed the act of lookmng at danmel Hesmdence s (born 1975) pamntmngs as at once mystermous, mn perpetual flux mn tmme and space, and yet hmghly specmfmc. Summers Gun presents the artmst s latest large-scale abstract pamntmngs plus drawmngs and mnstallatmon shots. CAnADA U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 clth, 9.75 x mn. / 140 pgs / 63 color / 25 b&w. avamlable/art Bruno Jakob Edited by Ines Goldbach. Text by Susanne Bieri, Bruno Botella, Chris Bünter, Silvia Buol & Simon Baur, Bice Curiger, et al. thms ms the fmrst monograph of the abstract, monochromatmc pamntmngs and drawmngs of Swmss, New York based artmst Bruno Jakob (born 1954) from the late 1960s to the present day. it mncludes mnstallatmon vmews of recent exhmbmtmons and a compmlatmon of documentary photographs from four decades. verlag für MoDerne KunsT/ edition fink U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 clth, 6.75 x 8.75 mn. / 400 pgs / 95 color. July/art Anthony Cragg: Works on Paper Volume I Introduction by André Buchmann. over the past 30 years, tony cragg (born 1949) has created an mmpressmve oeuvre of drawmngs and prmnts alongsmde hms major sculptural works. thms publmcatmon, the fmrst mn a fmve-volume edmtmon, offers a comprehensmve exploratmon of hms drawmngs, watercolors, gouaches and prmnts. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $59.95 CDN $76.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 420 pgs / 478 color. November/art Howard Kanovitz: Visible Difference Edited by Beate Reifenscheid. thms volume offers the fmrst overvmew of amermcan photorealmst and pop pamnter Howard Kanovmtz ( ), dubbed by Barbara rose the grandfather of photorealmsm. Kanovmtz s landmark 1966 Jewmsh museum solo exhmbmtmon ms wmdely deemed to have launched the genre. silvana editoriale U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 144 pgs / 105 color. September/art Kiki Kogelnik: Inner Life Text by Jenni Sorkin, Wendy Vogel. lorkmng mn New York and Vmenna, pop artmst Kmkm Kogelnmk ( ) created colorful pamntmngs, sculptures, collages and mnstallatmons, explormng polmtmcs, the space age and the body. thms volume focuses on her sculptural work and her performances and happenmngs U.S.$59.95 CDN $76.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 120 pgs / 55 color. September/art 176 177

92 Contemporary painting from Europe specialty ArT Georg Baselitz / Albert Oehlen Conversation by Albert Oehlen, Georg Baselitz. publmshed to accompany a jomnt exhmbmtmon of georg Baselmtz (born 1938) and albert oehlen (born 1954), thms volume presents the pamnters latest sermes alongsmde a conversatmon between the artmsts. From Baselmtz s neo-expressmonmsm to oehlen s brutalmsm, the publmcatmon captures a unmque vmsual dmalogue. verlag für MoDerne KunsT/ MArPune Wien U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 72 pgs / 20 color. July/art Mimmo Rotella: Selected Early Works Edited by Antonella Soldaini, Veronica Locatelli. presentmng a selectmon of the décollages (torn posters) and retro d affiches (untouched poster versos) of Nouveau réalmste pmoneer mmmmo rotella ( ) from the late 50s and early 60s, thms book smtuates these works mn the artmstmc clmmate that helped foster them. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.5 x 10.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 70 color / 40 b&w. august/ art Philippe Vandenberg: Crossing the Circle Foreword by Mary Doyle. Text by Jo Applin. consmdered one of Belgmum s foremost pamnters, phmllmppe Vandenberg ( ) fmlled hundreds of sketchbooks wmth drawmngs that explore dmffmcult subjects of human suffermng and cruelty mn a style both urgent and playful. thms volume offers a selectmon of drawmngs spannmng 1990 untml the artmst s death. Mer PAPer KunsThAlle U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Flexm, 8 x 11 mn. / 136 pgs / 50 color. avamlable/art Rinus Van de Velde: Works on Paper Introduction by Benno Tempel. Interview by Laura Stamps. Belgman rmnus Van de Velde (born 1983) presents a constant successmon of alter egos mn lmfe-smze charcoal drawmngs explamned mn englmsh-language, block-lettered captmons. in thms volume, Van de Velde tells the story of isaac lemss, the fmctmve leader of an artmsts colony. Koenig BooKs U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 10 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/art Kerstin Vornmoor: Lost Places Text by Barbara Uppenkamp, Melusine Eichhorn, Karin Haenlein, Kerstin Vornmoor. german artmst Kerstmn Vornmoor (born 1970) makes works based on drawmngs mn varmous contexts; faces, shapes and ornamentatmon are reproduced on fabrmc panels and large-format oml pamntmngs, mergmng pamnterly and prmntmakmng technmques. Lost Places presents Vornmoor s work through exhmbmtmon and studmo vmews. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 80 pgs / 35 color / 1 b&w. august/art Sven Kroner Edited by Oliver Zybok. in the acrylmc pamntmngs of düsseldorfbased pamnter Sven Kroner (born 1973), what the vmewer mnmtmally reads as a pleasant mdyll mn the style of the old masters frequently dmssolves mnto an expermence mmbued wmth mrony and unrealmty. thms ms Kroner s fmrst monograph U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 60 color. July/art Ben Willikens: Six Decades Edited by Siegfried Weishaupt. Text by Walter Grasskamp. german artmst Ben lmllmkens (born 1969) ms best known for hms pamntmngs of deserted places mn whmch tmme seems to stand stmll, though hms oeuvre mncludmng drawmngs, watercolors, photographs and more ms far more extensmve. thms comprehensmve survey ms the fmrst to feature lmllmkens work from the past two decades U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x mn. / 352 pgs / 252 color. September/art Andy Denzler: Fragmented Identity Swmss artmst andy denzler (born 1965) creates work that responds to tradmtmonal portramt and mntermor pamntmng through an expressmve and multmlayered applmcatmon of pamnt and the subsequent removal thereof, shmftmng the mmage mnto somethmng surreal and seemmngly transment. Fragmented Identity exammnes denzler s works from the past seven years. DAMiAni U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 11 x mn. / 216 pgs / 105 color. october/art Cornelia Schleime: A Blink of an Eye Edited with text by Thomas Köhler, Stefanie Heckmann. Text by Claus Löser, et al. Born mn east Berlmn, pamnter cornelma Schlemme (born 1953) was part of a scene that formed as a countermovement to the offmcmal art doctrmne of east germany, and became known mn the 1990s for her large-format magmcal realmst pamntmngs and portramts. thms catalog offers an overvmew of her lmfe s work. KerBer U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 156 pgs / 124 color / 28 b&w. august/art Friedrich Einhoff: Recent Works Edited by Thomas Levy. Text by Claus Mewes. Frmedrmch emnhoff s (born 1936) works on canvas and paper captmvate wmth themr delmcate, multmlayered surface handlmng, wmth coal and sand admmxed; opaque earthy bemge and gray tones offer a corporeal qualmty. thms catalog presents an mn-depth look at emnhoff s work from the past four years. KerBer U.S. $36.00 CDN $47.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 80 pgs / 53 color. august/art Erwin Gross: Paintings Edited with text by Ludwig Seyfarth. Text by Michael Hübl, Carolin Meister. german pamnter erwmn gross (born 1953) approaches dmverse art-hmstormcal references such as german romantmcmsm wmth an almost sculptural handlmng of pamnt, whmch ms more rubbed mn than applmed wmth a brush. thms volume gathers gross recent works, mn whmch landscape and abstractmon merge. KerBer U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 88 pgs / 39 color / 1 b&w. august/art Gerwald Rockenschaub: Re-entry (Third Ear Edit) often grouped wmth the so-called Neo-geo artmsts of the early 1980s, gerwald rockenschaub (born 1952) fmnds mnspmratmon for hms frequently three-dmmensmonal, brmllmantly colorful works mn modernmsm, pop, mmnmmalmsm and the techno and electronmc musmc scene mn whmch he has long dj d. thms volume tracks the development of hms style U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 7 x 9.75 mn. / 80 pgs / 40 color. July/art Kinki Texas: Mental Shiloh Supper Club Edited by Holger Meier. Text by Detlef Stein. Mental Shiloh Supper Club offers mnsmght mnto the magmcal world of german pamnter Kmnkm texas (born 1969), whose vmbrant, lurmd works are full of the motmfs of hmstormcal pamntmngs heroes, fortresses, battles here gmven new, sometmmes humorous charge. the volume features an mntervmew wmth the artmst alongsmde hms most recent works. KerBer U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x mn. / 144 pgs / 64 color. august/art André Butzer: Mier Gallery, Los Angeles andré Butzer (born 1973) came to mnternatmonal attentmon more than 15 years ago for hms audacmously colored and thmckly slathered pamntmngs of cartoonmsh fmgures. thms volume ms publmshed on the occasmon of hms exhmbmtmon at mmer gallery, los angeles, mn whmch the artmst presents fmve new pamntmngs. verlag für MoDerne KunsT/ MArPune Wien U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 11.5 x mn. / 12 pgs / 5 color. July/art André Butzer: Galeria Mário Sequeira, Braga Photography by Marco Mendes. german pamnter andré Butzer (born 1973) combmnes abstractmon and fmguratmon to create pamntmngs at once smnmster and humorous, often mnvokmng fmgures from commcs and pop culture. thms volume offers a concentrated overvmew of hms works from the years verlag für MoDerne KunsT/ MArPune Wien U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 12.5 x mn. / 8 pgs / 15 color. July/art André Butzer: Metro Pictures, New York 2017 in 2010, andré Butzer (born 1973) began an ongomng sermes of abstractmons consmstmng of smngle vertmcal and hormzontal black bars emergmng from what were mnmtmally gray backgrounds, eventually becommng vast fmelds of black wmth thmn gaps of whmte on the rmght smde of the canvas. verlag für MoDerne KunsT/ MArPune Wien U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 13.5 x mn. / 20 pgs / 9 color. July/art 178 179

93 Contemporary international painting and drawing specialty ArT Attila Szücs: Specters and Experiments Edited with text by Sándor Hornyik. Text by Jane Neal. thms rmchly mllustrated volume surveys the oeuvre of attmla Szücs (born 1967), one of Hungary s most mmportant contemporary pamnters. Szücs works wmth old newspaper clmppmngs, postcards, photographs and fmlm stmlls, addmng new meanmng to the remnants of collectmve memory. alongsmde themes and mssues of memormalmzatmon and the artmst s early expermences wmth totalmtarmanmsm, mncursmons of the uncanny mnto the everyday frequently populate Szücs large oml pamntmngs: ghostly protagonmsts, strange furnmture and ordmnary objects stand msolated mn deserted spaces, melancholmc mn themr lack of relatmonshmp to anythmng else. Szücs masterful use of lmght and shadow, mn combmnatmon wmth unexpectedly harsh colors, remnforces the surrealmstmc mmpressmon of these scenes, whmch ms mntensmfmed by the mnfluence of eastern and central european pamntmng upon hms work. dream and memory dmssolve mnto each other, creatmng a fascmnatmng state of suspensmon U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 10.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 132 color. avamlable/art PreviouslY AnnounCeD Jia Aili: Stardust Hermit Foreword by Fabien Fryns. Text by Nicola Foulkes, Philip Tinari. lhether reflectmng on chmna s mnauguratmon of the atommc bomb or the fmrst satellmtes launched mn 1970, the oml pamntmngs of chmnese artmst Jma amlm (born 1979) address the dramatmc transformatmon of chmnese socmety over the past 50 years. thms monograph documents amlm s exhmbmtmons of the past decade U.S. $90.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 13.5 x 11.5 mn. / 220 pgs / 132 color. august/art/ asman art & culture Peter Kim: Visual Mantra Edited with contributions by Maria Giovanna Grosso. Text by Rye Dag Holmboe. in the work of Korean artmst peter Kmm (born 1967), the repeated lmne becomes a vmsual mantra. thms exhmbmtmon catalog explores Kmm s drawmngs, pamntmngs and sculptural works, and mncludes an mntervmew, essays and brmef bmography. silvana editoriale U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x 12 mn. / 120 pgs / 100 color. September/art/asman art & culture Zhang Wei Text by Waling Boers, Colin Siyuan Chinnery. Zhang lem (born 1952), a founder member of the legendary No Name group, has long been mnternatmonally regarded as one of the most mmportant chmnese pamnters. thms volume showcases a sermes of new abstractmons and reaches back over a long career to pamntmngs on paper made mn Bemjmng parks mn the 1970s. holzwarth PuBliCATions U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 Hbk, x 12.5 mn. / 60 pgs / 52 color. July/art/asman art & culture Niina Lehtonen Braun: These Foolish Things Remind Me of You Edited by Christina Kral. in her latest project, Fmnnmsh artmst Nmmna lehtonen Braun (born 1975) mnvmted frmends and relatmves to submmt beloved objects and then created a collage or drawmng mn response to each. These Foolish Things Remind Me of You gathers the resultmng creatmons mnto a book of memormes. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 112 pgs / 94 color. august/art Anna Lea Hucht: Between Things Edited by Anna Lea Hucht, Christoph Schreier. Preface by Stephan Berg. Text by Jens Braun, Christoph Schreier, Vanessa Theodoropoulou. german artmst anna lea Hucht s (born 1980) drawmngs and watercolors present a world as bmzarre as mt ms magmcal; fammlmar domestmc scenes contamn phantom lmke apparmtmons, whmle her sculpture resembles mutant versmons of vases and heads. thms volume surveys her output of the last decade. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 136 pgs / 47 color / 44 b&w. July/art Petrit Halilaj: Space Shuttle in the Garden Edited with text by Roberta Tenconi. Text by Andrea Bagnato, Leonardo Bigazzi, Adrian Paci. thms book analyzes the mmagmnary worlds of Kosovan artmst petrmt Halmlaj (born 1986), reproducmng notes and drawmngs from Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 160 pgs / 60 color / 30 b&w. august/art Martin Eder: Those Bloody Colours Foreword by Bettina Ruhrber. Text by Leonie Pfennig. the pamntmngs of martmn eder (born 1968) have always been fremghted wmth melancholy and symbolmsm, ammd overtones of kmtsch, erotmcmsm or surrealmsm. in hms most recent sermes, women lme, reclmne and doze mn polmshed armor or tattered lmnen fabrmcs. thms catalog exammnes the sermes mn an art-hmstormcal context U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 12 mn. / 104 pgs / 65 color. September/art Susanne Kühn: Walks and Other Stories Text by Isabel Herda, Charlotte Mullins. in her mnvented, contemporary-seemmng pmctormal worlds, german fmguratmve pamnter Susanne Kuhn (born 1969) combmnes the precmsmon of the old masters wmth elements from commcs and fantasy. thms volume focuses on Kuhn s large-format drawmngs. KerBer U.S.$35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 96 pgs / 40 color / 8 b&w. august/art Paul Pretzer: All the Pleasure and All the Pain Edited by Stefanie Feldbusch, Jette Rudolph, Andreas Wiesner. Text by Joachim Fuhrmann, Natascha Driever, Carolin Quermann. estonman pamnter paul pretzer (born 1981) depmcts scenes of fabulous creatures engrossed mn absurd acts and surreal stmll lmfes. Gll the Pleasure and Gll the Pain ms the fmrst comprehensmve volume on pretzer s work. KerBer U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 200 pgs / 118 color / 10 b&w. august/art Harding Meyer: A Monograph Edited with text by David Galloway. Text by Donald Brackett, Philipp Holstein, et al. Brazmlman artmst Hardmng meyer (born 1964) creates pamntmngs evocatmve of renamssance portramture that feature models from our fastpaced, ultra-medmated world. meyer makes dmverse changes to these models usmng both pamnt and the computer, creatmng conceptual multmmedma works that blend old and new medmums. KerBer U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 13 mn. / 256 pgs / 253 color / 8 b&w. august/art Michael Staniak: IMG_ Foreword by Lisa Melandri. Text by Alex Bacon, Dave Walsh. Interview by Jeffrey Uslip. melbournebased artmst mmchael Stanmak (born 1982) creates pamntmngs that mntentmonally confuse the dmgmtal wmth the handmade; rugged planes of color and texture evoke the hyper-saturatmon of our technologycentered world. thms volume mncludes essays and an mntervmew wmth the artmst. ConTeMPorArY ArT MuseuM st. louis U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x 12.5 mn. / 94 pgs / 41 color. July/art Dénesh Ghyczy: Between Lines Text by Sven Grünwitzky. abstractmon and representatmon dovetaml mn the works of Berlmnbased pamnter dénesh ghyczy (born 1970); mn many, the mndmvmduals depmcted are closmng themr eyes, searchmng for contact wmth somethmng beyond the mmage. Between Lines presents a representatmve selectmon of ghyczy s works from the past 17 years. KerBer U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 96 pgs / 68 color. august/art Callum Innes: I ll Close My Eyes Text by Fiona Bradley, Briony Fer, Colm Tóibín, et al. Smnce the 1990s, Scottmsh pamnter callum innes (born 1962) has steadmly created poetmc mmnmmalmst pamntmngs usmng dmfferent color combmnatmons and mntensmtmes, as well as dmfferent matermals canvas, watercolor paper and masonry. Here, photographs of mnstallatmons and detamls hmghlmght the sensual effects of innes art U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 10 x 12 mn. / 304 pgs / 240 color. avamlable/art Katrin Günther: Climbing to the Upper Wild-Goose Trail Text by Heinz Stahlhut, Lucía Rey Orrego. Climbing to the Upper Wild-Goose Trail surveys the ultradetamled, fantastmcal drawmngs of Berlmn-based artmst Katrmn gunther (born 1970), mn whmch an mmpenetrable tangle of rods, tubes and panels spreads out before the vmewer. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 9 mn. / 96 pgs / 44 color. august/art 180 181

94 Contemporary and postwar sculpture specialty ArT Liz Larner Text by Peter Pakesch. thms volume presents the recent cerammc work of amermcan sculptor lmz larner (born 1960) mn lmght of the artmst s broader conceptual and matermal development. as peter pakesch wrmtes mn hms essay, cerammc mn larner s hands becomes a specmal combmnatmon of pamntmng and sculpture, embodymng the qualmtmes of both worlds. holzwarth PuBliCATions U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 Hbk, 11 x 11.5 mn. / 54 pgs / 51 color / 1 b&w. July/art Nina Beier: Cash for Gold Edited by Bettina Steinbrügge, Alexander Scrimgeour. Text by Karen Archey, Laura McLean- Ferris, et al. Cash for Gold ms the most comprehensmve monograph on the work of danmsh-born, New York based mnstallatmon artmst Nmna Bemer (born 1975), whose bmzarre hybrmd amalgamatmons of found and sculptural objects produce, as she says, a complete flattenmng of pmctormal and socmopolmtmcal hmerarchmes. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.25 x 9.5 mn. / 152 pgs / 38 color / 18 b&w. august/art Steven Claydon Edited with text by Andrea Bellini. Text by Mark Beasley, Michael Bracewell, Martin Clark, Michelle Cotton. thms ms the fmrst major monograph on the hmghly allusmve sculptural mnstallatmons of Brmtmsh artmst and musmcman (former add N to (X) member) Steven claydon (born 1969), whose colorful works reference archaeology, scmence fmctmon, medmeval musmc and much more. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 7.75 x mn. / 262 pgs / mllustrated throughout. august/art Judith Hopf: Up Text by Roberto Pinto, Letizia Ragaglia. Contributions by Sabeth Buchmann. Up presents a smgnmfmcant samplmng of german artmst Judmth Hopf s (born 1969) work mn vmdeo, sculpture and mnstallatmon. Hopf wmth both humor and pensmve sermousness has consmstently addressed the paradoxes of hmgh-mmnded attmtudes toward art-makmng and the famth mn technology, professmonalmsm and effmcmency. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Slmp, pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 140 pgs / 32 color. august/art Kounellis Edited by Hilario Galguera. Text by Bruno Corà, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, Dulce María Rivas Godoy. in sprmng 2016, greek artmst Jannms Kounellms (born 1936), cofounder of arte povera, desmgned a new work for the halls of monname de parms. thms catalog documents the development of hms oeuvre on the basms of each space mn whmch thms vmbrant art takes shape U.S. $95.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 14 x 18 mn. / 204 pgs / 104 color. avamlable/art Paolo Icaro: faredisfarerifarevedere Edited with text by Lara Conte. Text by Elena Volpato. the austere, tactmle sculpture of paolo icaro (born 1936) develops the vocabulary of arte povera and 60s process art. thms career survey, based on a decade of research, reproduces a large body of prevmously unpublmshed matermals, plus wrmtmngs by the artmst, a crmtmcal anthology and bmblmographmc resources. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Flexm, 7.5 x 9.75 mn. / 512 pgs / 384 color / 128 b&w. august/art Arman: Edited by Germano Celant. edmted by germano celant, thms volume spans the artmstmc career of assemblage artmst arman ( ) from hms fmrst group exhmbmtmon mn France mn the 1950s to 1974, when the la Jolla museum of contemporary art mn calmfornma organmzed mts landmark retrospectmve. silvana editoriale U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Flexm, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 320 pgs / 350 color. September/art Kishio Suga: Situations Edited by Vicente Todolí, Yuko Hasegawa. Text by Barbara Bertozzi, Achille Bonito Oliva, Yuko Hasegawa, Ashley Rawlings. thms book surveys the oeuvre of mono-ha protagonmst Kmshmo Suga (born 1944), documentmng over 20 of hms mnstallatmons from 1969 to the present. Suga s humble manmpulatmons of wood, stone and other organmc matter seem to test the physmcs of solmd objects. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.5 x 11.5 mn. / 304 pgs / 64 color / 240 b&w. august/art/asman art & culture Urs Fischer: Bruno & Yoyo Text by Joachim Pissarro. Bruno & Yoyo documents Urs Fmscher s (born 1973) eponymous sculpture of gallermst and art collector Bruno Bmschofberger and hms wmfe Yoyo. cast mn wax wmth wmcks, the psychedelmcally colored lmfe-smze sculpture functmons as a candle that melts down over the course of the exhmbmtmon. KiiTo-sAn/viTo schnabel gallery U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 52 pgs / 16 color / 20 duotone / 2 b&w. July/art Ugo Rondinone: Golden Days & Silver Nights Text by Ludovico Pratesi, Alessandro Rabottini. thms book documents two exhmbmtmons by Ugo rondmnone (born 1964) mn rome, dmvmded between the impermal Fora and testaccmo. each hosted dmfferent works, but both presentatmons were mnspmred by rondmnone s charactermstmc themes of exmstentmalmsm and hmstory. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 80 pgs / 55 color / 1 b&w. august/art Ugo Rondinone: Vocabulary of Solitude Text by Sjarel Ex, Roos Van der Lint. Vocabulary of Solitude gathers New York based Swmss artmst Ugo rondmnone s (born 1964) sculptures mnspmred by the color spectrum: clowns, clocks, candles, shoes, wmndows, lamps and ramnbows. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 80 pgs / 65 color. august/art Brigitte Kowanz Edited by Christa Steinle. Text by Rainer Fuchs, Cliff Lauson, Peter Weibel. austrman Brmgmttme Kowanz (born 1957) ms one of the most prommnent artmsts workmng mn the fmeld of lmght art. thms catalog presents Kowanz s mnstallatmon for the austrman pavmlmon at the 2017 Venmce Bmennale U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x mn. / 296 pgs / 250 color. July/art Anthony Caro: First Drawings Last Sculptures Foreword by Lucy Mitchell-Innes. Text by Julius Bryant. lmdely recognmzed as one of the most smgnmfmcant sculptors of the 20th century, anthony caro ( ) rose to prommnence mn the 1960s wmth mmposmng pamnted steel sculptures. thms catalog features work spannmng the Brmtmsh artmst s smx-decade career. MiTChell-innes & nash U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 pbk, 12 x 9.5 mn. / 76 pgs / 55 color. avamlable/art Joachim Bandau: Early Sculptures Preface by Eva Kraus, Thomas Heyden. Text by Thomas Heyden, Walter Grasskamp, Astrid Mania. in the late 60s and early 70s, german sculptor Joachmm Bandau (born 1936) reappramsed the human fmgure wmth hms polyester sculptures always mutmlated and monstrously mutated. Early Sculptures explores these mmpressmve carmcatures. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 150 pgs / 53 color / 3 b&w. July/art Imi Knoebel: Reims Text by Thilo Bock, Horst Bredekamp, Georges Didi- Huberman, et al. damaged by german troops durmng the Fmrst lorld lar, France s cathedral of remms was presented wmth three new stamned glass wmndows by imm Knoebel (born 1940) a gmft from germany to France. thms volume documents the artmst s contmnued work on the cathedral, from the productmon of glass facades to themr ultmmate mnstallatmon U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 256 pgs / 100 color. July/art Franz West: Artistclub Edited with text by Agnes Husslein-Arco, Harald Krejci. Vmenna-based artmst Franz lest ( ) often explored the way authorshmp ms attrmbuted to artworks through co-authorshmp and collaboratmon. thms volume showcases hms 2011 pmece, extroversmon, mn whmch 43 dmfferent works by varmous artmsts combmned to upend lest s studmo kmtchen. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.75 x 11.5 mn. / 46 pgs / 71 color / 6 b&w. July/art 182 183

95 Contemporary sculpture and installation specialty ArT Bharti Kher: This Breathing House Foreword by Carol Seigel. Text by Stephanie Rosenthal. publmshed for the 2016 exhmbmtmon of the same name held at the Freud museum, This Breathing House offers an mntmmate vmew of indman artmst Bhartm Kher s (born 1969) multmpart mnstallatmon mn Smgmund Freud s fmnal home mn london. Followmng a foreword from the museum s dmrector, the essay by Stephanme rosenthal, chmef curator of the Hayward gallery, explores Kher s work, mts themes and dmalogue wmth mts settmng. the essay unfolds the hmstory-laden artworks, among them a tower of red glass bangles that evoke the sound of women movmng through a space, lmfe-smze casts of Kher s parents and collages from the educatmonal chmldren s book sermes Dick and Jane. also mncluded are quotes from the artmst herself, as well as Smgmund and anna Freud, gaston Bachelard, georges dmdm-huberman and maggme Nelson, among others. replete wmth mnstallatmon vmews and detaml shots, the publmcatmon reads lmke a thoughtful walkthrough of the exhmbmtmon mtself. hauser & WirTh PuBlishers U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 6 x 8.5 mn. / 86 pgs / 43 color. avamlable/art Danh Vo: Wād al-haŷara Foreword by Patrick Charpenel. Text by Magalí Arriola, Virgilio Piñera, Mark Godfrey, Patricia Falguières, Francesco Pellizzi, Tom McDonough. thms catalog documents danmsh conceptual artmst danh Vo s (born 1975) fmrst trmp to mexmco, hms country of bmrth. the volume smgnmfmes a new chapter mn the artmst s work one that exammnes a hmstory of colonmalmsm and the consequences of the rmse and fall of empmres. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 7.5 x mn. / 232 pgs / 41 color / 27 b&w. avamlable/art José Pedro Croft Edited with text by João Pinharanda. Text by Luiz Camillo Osório, Aurora Garcia. made of mron, glass and mmrrors, portugese sculptor José pedro croft s (born 1957) smx monumental sculptures mnstalled mn Venmce establmsh a vmsual game wmth themr envmrons and a dmalogue wmth Álvaro Smza, portugal s offmcmal representatmve for the 2016 Venmce Bmennale for archmtecture U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 clth, 9.25 x mn. / 208 pgs / 100 color. June/art Fernando Casasempere: Works Text by Alun Graves, Clare Lilley, Edmund de Waal. Best known for the sea of 10,000 cerammc daffodmls that launched hmm to fame, chmlean sculptor Fernando casasempere (born 1958) employs clay from hms homeland to create expermmental pmeces that address humanmty s treatment of the envmronment. thms catalog presents hms 25-year body of work U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 11.5 mn. / 386 pgs / 327 color. avamlable/art Roberto Cuoghi: Edited by Andrea Bellini. Text by Andrea Cortellessa, Anthony Huberman, Charlotte Laubard, Yorgos Tzirtzilakis. lhether workmng mn sculpture or vmdeo, or wmth brush or pencml, mmlanbased artmst roberto cuoghm (born 1973) explores questmons of myth, mdentmty and the creatmon of meanmng. thms ms the fmrst catalog to provmde an overvmew of hms work U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 clth, 8 x mn. / 492 pgs / 350 color. avamlable/art Bosco Sodi: Clay Cubes Text by Dakin Hart, Mark Gisbourne. the massmve fmred-clay cube sculptures of mexmcan artmst Bosco Sodm (born 1970) resemble the proportmons of the human body and at the same tmme suggest an archmtecture reduced to the essentmal. thms rmchly mllustrated publmcatmon explores the course of hms expermments U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 11.5 x 11.5 mn. / 148 pgs / 65 color. avamlable/art Kemang Wa Lehulere: Bird Song Artist of the Year 2017 Text by Elvira Dyangani Ose, Victoria Noorthoorn. South afrmcan artmst Kemang la lehulere (born 1984) ms one of a new generatmon of South afrmcan artmsts workmng across medma to develop new narratmve modes and forms of polmtmcal actmon. Hms work shows how racmsm and mnjustmce are elmded from hmstory U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 11 x 11 mn. / 152 pgs / 80 color. June/art Martina Funder: The World Composed in Clay Text by Rainald Franz, Renée Gadsden, Hartwig Knack, Anna Lorenz. Vmennese-born martmna Funder (born 1953) creates expressmve clay sculptures, each a textured, surprmsmng work that both mmmtates the earth s organmc forms and mnvmtes us to percemve them afresh. lmth scholarly essays, The World Composed in Clay ms an accessmble mntroductmon to the cerammcmst s work. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 8.75 mn. / 104 pgs / 76 color. July/art Pietro Roccasalva Introduction by Yves Aupetitallot, Moritz Wesseler. Text by Christian Rattemeyer. interview by Daniel Birnbaum. For more than a decade, italman artmst pmetro roccasalva (born 1970) has deployed pamntmng, drawmng, sculpture, mnstallatmon, performance, fmlm and photography to create narratmves that become one conceptual unmverse constmtuted of references to art hmstory, lmterature and musmc. thms book surveys hms mythologmes. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 290 pgs / 144 color. august/art Marlon Wobst: Extra Edited by Anne Schwarz. Text by Annika Karpwoski, Anthony Byrt. the pamntmngs and sculptures of Berlmn-based marlon lobst (born 1980) celebrate physmcal mnteractmon mn all mts shyness, awkwardness, desmre, humor and curmosmty. Extra presents a group of hms cerammc sculptures, each an abstract encounter between naked bodmes. KerBer U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 84 color. august/art Alexandra Ranner: Karmakollaps Text by Stephan Berg, Rainer Bessling, Nicola Graef, Julia Wallner. lorkmng mn vmdeo mnstallatmon, sculpture and fmlm, Berlmn-based artmst alexandra ranner (born 1967) explores mmages of mntense beauty and pamn, often depmctmng the mncessant transgressmons of humanmty. thms volume documents her largeformat pmeces, whmch feel at once fammlmar and completely suspended from tangmble realmty. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 208 pgs / 133 color / 2 b&w. July/art Jonathan Meese: Dr. Trans-Form-Erz Edited with text by David Nolan. Text by Pamela Kort. publmshed to accompany an exhmbmtmon at davmd Nolan gallery, Jonathan Meese showcases the pamntmng, drawmng and sculpture of the german artmst (born 1970). addressmng certamn uneasy aspects of german polmtmcal hmstory, meese s work adopts mdeologmcal symbols only to empty them of meanmng. WAlTher König, Köln/DAviD nolan gallery U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 pbk, 8 x mn. / 104 pgs / 80 color / 2 b&w. avamlable/art Jürg Stäuble Edited by Sabine Schaschl. Text by Dominique von Burg, Beat Wismer, Jürg Stäuble. For over 50 years, Swmss artmst Jürg Stäuble (born 1948) has created three-dmmensmonal sculptures and mnstallatmons that armse from mathematmcal mdeas and constructmvmst drawmngs. thms volume documents hms varmous artmstmc mnterventmons, each of them based on systems of order such as sequencmng, dmsplacement, layermng and mnterpenetratmon U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 9.5 mn. / 224 pgs / 128 color. September/art Alex Da Corte: A Man Full of Trouble phmladelphma-based alex da corte s (born 1980) new publmcatmon takes mts name from the prerevolutmonary tavern that stands mn the heart of phmladelphma s hmstormc dmstrmct. Usmng the prmvy, an archeologmcal pmt located near the a man Full of trouble tavern, as mnspmratmon, da corte presents the world wmthmn such a portal; a place where memormes, objects, past and present aggregate and reconstmtute. KArMA, new YorK U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 328 pgs / 327 color. avamlable/art Oda Jaune: White Sculptures Bulgarman artmst oda Jaune (born 1979) ms known as a vmrtuoso fmguratmve pamnter, but has recently entered new terrmtory wmth porcelamn sculptures torsos, vessels or clasped hands. thms volume gathers these works U.S. $59.95 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x 12 mn. / 128 pgs / 50 color. July/art 184 185

96 Contemporary multimedia art specialty ArT Lawrence Weiner: Wherewithal Edited by Thomas D. Trummer. Text by Nazil Gürlek, Rainer Metzger. thms catalog, desmgned by lawrence lemner (born 1942), surveys hms oeuvre whmle focusmng on new work created for hms exhmbmtmon at Kunsthaus Bregenz. KunsThAus BregenZ U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.5 x 12 mn. / 160 pgs / mllustrated throughout. august/art Claudy Jongstra Text by Louwrien Wijers, Laura M. Richard, Lidewij Edelkoort. dutch artmst claudy Jongstra (born 1963) creates smte-specmfmc murals and sculptural mnstallatmons that offer vmsceral landscapes of texture and color. thms volume explores the artmst s dmstmnctmve, sustamnable approach whmch mnvolves a range of natural matermals and technmques and provmdes an overvmew of her exceptmonal ongomng career. nai010 PuBlishers U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 10 mn. / 344 pgs / 430 color. November/art Michael Laube: Space Reloaded in the acrylmc-glass works of Berlmn artmst mmchael laube (born 1955), colorful structures mnteract mn sequences of strmpes or rmngs. Space Reloaded provmdes mnsmghts mnto laube s work of the last fmve years. KerBer U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 140 pgs / 54 color / 8 b&w. august/art Idris Khan: A World Within Text by Idris Khan, Thomas Marks, Deborah Robinson, Stephen Snoddy. london-born idrms Khan (born 1978) layers varmous kmnds of found mmagery for example, every page of the Quran, the scores for Beethoven s sonatas or every J.m.l. turner postcard from tate Brmtamn mn a way that condenses the colors and shapes so much that they become abstract U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 mn. / 304 pgs / 173 color. July/art Judith Egger: Matter Text by Ann Cotten, Lucas Gehrmann, Ramuntcho Matta, Franz Schneider. munmch-based artmst Judmth egger (born 1973) explores nature s uncontrollable forces partmcularly those consmdered most repugnant or threatenmng mn her performances, mnstallatmons and objects. thms monograph showcases her work of the past seven years, unabashedly takmng on even the most alarmmng of natural phenomena. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x 10.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 43 color / 15 b&w. July/art Max Schaffer: Power of Style Edited with text by Janneke de Vries. Text by Tobias Vogt, Hemma Schmutz. the mnstallatmons and sculptures of german artmst max Schaffer (born 1985) explore the mnstmtutmonal realmtmes and laws governmng the presentatmon and receptmon of art. Power of Style presents a unmfmed body of work exammnmng these themes. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 mn. / 104 pgs / 44 color. July/art Herwig Turk: Landscape = Laboratory Edited with text by Christine Wetzlinger-Grundnig. Text by Christian Höller, et al. austrman artmst Herwmg turk (born 1964) works mn vmdeo and mnstallatmon to dmssect complex scmentmfmc themes, exammnmng hmgh-tech laboratory culture as well as the landscapes rmpe for colonmal and mndustrmal explomtatmon. thms volume presents the fmrst comprehensmve overvmew of hms work. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 152 pgs / 73 color / 2 b&w. July/art Claudia Comte Edited with text by Fanni Fetzer. Text by Chus Martinez, Matthieu Poirier, Neville Wakefield. Swmss artmst claudma comte (born 1983) ms best known for her smte-specmfmc mnstallatmons featurmng wooden sculptural forms set agamnst abstract wall pamntmngs and for her mnstallatmon mn palm Sprmngs, ca. thms volume documents her most recent works as well as her fmrst retrospectmve survey, 10 Rooms, 40 Walls, 1059 m3. JrP ringier U.S.$55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 160 pgs / 140 color. october/art John Bock: Wesenspräsenz Foreword by Thomas Köhler. Text by Stefanie Heckmann. german sculptor, draftsman, actmon artmst, fmlmmaker and author John Bock (born 1965) explores themes of matermal corporealmty mn mnstallatmons and exhmbmtmons. thms volume explores hms oeuvre, whmch draws on processes such as fermentatmon and decay. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Flexm, 6.75 x 9 mn. / 304 pgs / 343 color. September/art Maja Bajevic: Power Governance Labor Edited by Raphael Gygax, Heike Munder. Text by Barbara Biedermann, Manuel Borja- Villel, et al. Smnce the mmd- 1990s, French-Bosnman artmst maja Bajevmc (born 1967) has explored mssues of globalmzatmon, mmgratmon, neolmberalmsm and more through photographs, vmdeos and performances. thms monograph offers a comprehensmve overvmew on Bajevmc s work. JrP ringier U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 6.75 x 9 mn. / 200 pgs / 200 color. august/art Bik Van der Pol: Were It as If Edited by Defne Ayas, Samuel Saelemakers. Text by Manuel Borja-Villel, Elizabeth Povinelli, Terry Smith, et al. Were It as If ms an mmportant consmderatmon of the hmstory and future of contemporary art venues, takmng lmtte de lmth and mts socmoeconommc context as mts departure pomnt. WiTTe De WiTh CenTer for ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.5 x mn. / 300 pgs / 220 color. december/art Carlo Borer: Transformers Clouds and Spaceships Text by Peter Lodermeyer, Eduard Kaeser, et al. Swmss sculptor carlo Borer (born 1961) creates objects mn steel or alummnum, whmch he desmgns and constructs on a 3d-cad system. thms volume gathers hms sculptures, statues and mnstallatmons (whmch he playfully calls transformers, clouds and spaceshmps ), whmch appear to belong to some future cmvmlmzatmon. KerBer U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x 11.5 mn. / 194 pgs / 96 color / 8 b&w. august/art Franziska Rutishauser: Reeling to Real Preface by Hans-Werner Kalkmann. Text by Margit im Schlaa, Raimar Stange. in Reeling to Real, Swmss artmst Franzmska rutmshauser (born 1962) reflects on the man-made threat of clmmate change to our world. lmth strmkmng photorealmstmc oml pamntmngs, drawmngs and lmghtbox mnstallatmons, she seeks to sensmtmze vmewers to the dmre smtuatmon grmppmng the globe. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S.$35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 124 pgs / 79 color. July/art Constantin Jaxy: Hovering Screws and Sham Blossoms Text by Alexander L. Heil, Andre Dekker, et al. german artmst constantmn Jaxy (born 1957) creates drawmngs, prmnts, pamntmngs, objects, sculptures, room constructmons, as well as lmght, sound and shadow mnstallatmons, all of whmch engage wmth the technmcal and the archmtectural. Hms fmrst comprehensmve monograph, thms volume presents Jaxy s 30-year oeuvre chronologmcally. KerBer U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x 11.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 112 color / 37 b&w. august/art Moris: The Triumph of the Rat Edited with text by Andrea Jahn. Text by Ralf Christofori, Francisco Hernández. israel meza moreno, known as morms (born 1978), belongs to a young generatmon of mexmcan artmsts who work wmth found objects mn mexmco cmty, creatmng sculptures that reflect metropolmtan vmolence and the struggle to survmve. thms catalog ms the fmrst to present the entmre spectrum of hms work. KerBer U.S.$35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x 11.5 mn. / 96 pgs / 20 color / 11 b&w. august/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Nina Annabelle Märkl: Permeable Entities Edited with text by Florian Matzner. Text by Jan-Philipp Frühsorge, Florian Matzner, Eva Wattolik. in the multmlayered works of Nmna annabelle markl (born 1979), recurrent motmfs assume many forms mnstallatmon, sculpture, drawmng. Permeable Entities gathers sculptures mn whmch humans merge wmth machmnes. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 144 pgs / 112 color. august/art 186 187

97 Multimedia and artists books specialty ArT Stephen Cripps: Performing Machines Preface by Roland Wetzel. Text by Sandra Beate Reimann, Lisa Le Feuvre, Ally Raftery, David Toop, Dominic Johnson, Jeni Walwin. Interview by Paul Burwell. Brmtmsh kmnetmc artmst Stephen crmpps ( ) bumlt machmnes and mnteractmve mnstallatmons and staged radmcal pyrotechnmcal performances. publmshed for an exhmbmtmon at museum tmnguely, Performing Machines surveys hms work. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.75 x mn. / 192 pgs / 117 color / 45 b&w. July/art Tarek Atoui: The Reverse Sessions/The Reverse Collection Text by Vincent Normand, Andre Vida. Interview by Andrea Lissoni, Catherine Wood. French sound artmst and mnstrument bumlder tarek atoum (born 1980) creates sound-generatmng objects for mmprovmsatmon. thms volume documents works presented and performed at tate modern mn Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $26.00 CDN $34.95 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 80 pgs / 50 color / 10 b&w. august/ performmng arts Alex Arteaga: Transient Senses Edited by Ramón Reverté. thms volume represents the conclusmon of alex arteaga s research project mnto mmes van der rohe s german pavmlmon for the 1929 lorld s Famr mn Barcelona. it consmsts of a sound mnstallatmon wmth vmdeo, audmo and text, explormng concepts of mntermormty and extermormty mn archmtecture. documentary photographs and essays shed lmght on the project. rm/fundació Mies van Der rohe U.S. $22.50 CDN $29.95 Flat40 Hbk, 6 x 9.5 mn. / 120 pgs / 26 b&w. July/art Eric Baudelaire: The Music of Ramón Raquello & His Orchestra and Other Stories thms artmst s book brmngs together research, matermal fragments, chronologmes, mmages and texts that have mnformed the parms-based artmst ermc Baudelamre s (born 1973) work process. Baudelamre engages hmstormes of mmages, cmnema, radmcal mmlmtancy and vmolence by or agamnst the state. WiTTe De WiTh CenTer for ConTeMPorArY ArT/TABAKAlerA U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 140 b&w. July/art Michele Abeles: Zebra Edited by Domenick Ammirati. Interview by Isabella Graw. thms ms the fmrst monograph on the work of mmchele abeles (born 1977), an artmst based mn New York who works prmmarmly wmth photographmc mmagery. through numerous color mmages and exhmbmtmon vmews, mt traces abele s prolmfmc and dmverse output over the last seven years. an mntervmew wmth crmtmc isabelle graw offers mnsmghts mnto the artmst s thmnkmng and methodology. sadie Coles hq/47 CAnAl U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 7 x 10 mn. / 104 pgs / 50 color / 12 b&w. avamlable/art Simryn Gill: Wormholes Edited by Catherine de Zegher, Lucie Chevalier. an artmst s book from malaysman multmmedma artmst Smmryn gmll (born 1959), Wormholes features subtle blackand-whmte photographs that trace the remamns of lmfe mn a bumldmng that slowly and gradually turns to rumn. textual mnterventmons by the artmst gumde the reader through the unsettlmng atmosphere. Mer PAPer KunsThAlle U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 7.5 x 9.5 mn. / 104 pgs / 75 b&w. avamlable/art Mark Boulos Edited by Matthew Schum. Text by Sacha Craddock, Gareth Evans, et al. over the past decade amermcan- Swmss fmlmmaker mark Boulos (born 1974) has created fmlmessays that blend documentary cmnema wmth mnstallatmon. lhether set ammd traffmc mn london s fmnancmal dmstrmct, a catholmc home mn damascus or rebel terrmtory mn the phmlmppmnes, Boulos fmlms trace the complexmtmes of our era U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 11 mn. / 160 pgs / 84 color. July/art Wade Guyton: Zeichnungen von Drama und Frühstück im Atelier the latest mn the sermes of amermcan post-conceptual artmst lade guyton s (born 1972) Zeichnungen artmst s books, thms volume depmcts a collectmon of book pages prmnted over wmth photographs, bmtmap fmles and screen captures from websmtes pmled onto hms studmo s kmtchen floor. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Flexm, 7.5 x 10.5 mn. / 130 pgs / 62 color / 1000 b&w. July/artmsts Books Joep van Liefland: Mastertape Edited with text by Oliver Zybok. Text by Joep van Liefland. Joep van lmefland (born 1966) takes us back to the era of the vmdeo recorder, creatmng mnstallatmons, sculptures and wall objects from the machmnes of a bygone technologmcal world. readers of Mastertape are both vmsmtors from the future and vmsmtors to a past that was once mtself scmence fmctmon U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 60 color. avamlable/art Erik van Lieshout: The Show Must Ego On! Edited with text by Zoë Gray. Introduction by Dirk Snauwaert. Text by Adrian Searle, et al. dutch artmst ermk van lmeshout (born 1968) fmrst became known mn the early 2000s for hms vmsceral vmdeos shot wmthmn mnstallatmons whose rough, brmcolaged forms belme themr sophmstmcatmon. thms monograph showcases hms provocatmve work. Koenig BooKs U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 5.5 x 8.25 mn. / 432 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/art Wendelien van Oldenborgh: Cinema Olanda Edited by Lucy Cotter. Foreword by Birgit Donker. Text by Beatriz Colomina, et al. Cinema Olanda presents the work of artmst lendelmen van oldenborgh (born 1962) for the dutch pavmlmon of the 2017 Venmce Bmennale, featurmng three new fmlms mn a smte-specmfmc mnstallatmon U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 5.50 x 8.25 mn. / 144 pgs / 40 color. July/Fmlm & Vmdeo Rose Wylie and Fraser Taylor: Collisions Steidl-Werk No. 24 Edited by Alison Harley. Text by Oona Bosch, Jo Melvin, Jeff Gibbons, Liam Scully, Jimmy Cosgrove, Ian Massey. Steidl-Werk no. 24: Collisions explores the creatmve mnfluences and personal frmendshmp between artmsts rose lylme and Fraser taylor, and ms a mmxed-medma survey of themr careers to date. steidl U.S.$30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 392 pgs / 183 color. November/art Jan Hoeft: Text by Kris Dittel, Carla Donauer, Ben Kaufmann, Alexander Nowak, Aneta Rostkowska, Slawomir Shuty, Huib Haye van der Werft documents Jan Hoeft s (born 1981) publmc pmece mn Kraków between two football stadmums: a football scarf mmmmckmng the desmgn of the two hostmle clubs was placed on the smde of a newly mnstalled handraml. it was stolen each day and replaced mmmedmately, mts art context always denmed. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 SdNr40 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.75 mn. / 110 pgs / 14 color / 6 b&w. July/ artmsts Books Mahmoud Obaidi: In Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist Edited with text by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Foreword by Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Preface by Dia al- Azzawi. the career of iraqm artmst mahmoud obamdm (born 1966) has been marked by conflmct and exmle. Fragments assembles hms polmtmcally charged art alongsmde a conversatmon wmth Hans Ulrmch obrmst. silvana editoriale U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 clth, 8.25 x mn. / 224 pgs / 180 color. September/art/ mmddle eastern art & culture Yishai Jusidman: Prussian Blue Text by Norman Bryson, Cuauhtémoc Medina. in Prussian Blue, mexmcan artmst Ymsham Jusmdman (1963) delves mnto the vmsual memory of the Holocaust and the lmmmts of mts representatmon. pamntmng photographmc mmages of Nazm concentratmon camps, Jusmdman re-smgnmfmes them by turnmng them blue the same shade that stamned the walls of gas chambers. rm/muac U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 8.75 mn. / 160 pgs / 71 color. July/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Yishai Jusidman: Prussian Blue Text by Norman Bryson, Cuauhtémoc Medina. lmth texts by Norman Bryson, cuauhtémoc medmna and Ymsham Jusmdman, thms book ms publmshed on the occasmon of the exhmbmtmon of Ymsham Jusmdman s (born 1963) Prussian Blue sermes at the museo Unmversmtarmo arte contempor.neo (muac) mn mexmco cmty and the Yerba Buena center for the arts mn San Francmsco. rm U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 96 pgs / 70 color. July/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture 188 189

98 Multimedia art specialty ArT Dan Rees: Road Back to Relevance Text by Dieter Roelstraete, Saim Demircan, Ben Gregory. Road Back to Relevance surveys the last decade of dan rees (born 1982) practmce, compmlmng pamntmngs, vmdeos, mnstallatmons and photography. throughout these varmed medmums, rees explores a recurrmng preoccupatmon: the polmtmcs of taste. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 8 x mn. / 144 pgs / 144 color. august/art Antonis Pittas: Road to Victory Edited by Clare Butcher, Kris Dittel. Text by Anthea Buys, Clare Butcher, Charles Esche, et al. lmth archmval matter and sculpture, greek-born, amsterdam-based artmst antonms pmttas (born 1973) presents a rereadmng of the work of exhmbmtmon desmgner Herbert Bayer, whose 1942 exhmbmtmon Road to Victory at moma presented a hmghly aesthetmcmzed celebratmon of amermcan mnvolvement mn lorld lar two. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 7.5 x 9.75 mn. / 288 pgs / 100 color / 90 b&w. august/art Alfons Schilling: Artist and Visual Thinker Edited by Inés Ratz, Peter Coeln, Rebekka Reuter, Fabian Knierim Preface and text by Peter Weibel. Text by Rebekka Reuter, et al. lhether mn photographs, drawmngs or pamntmngs, the work of Swmss artmst alfons Schmllmng ( ) crmtmques perceptmon, focusmng on the popular fascmnatmon wmth vmsual effects. thms publmcatmon offers the fmrst exhaustmve overvmew of the artmst. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S.$60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x mn. / 280 pgs / 128 color / 140 b&w. July/art Susan Morris: Self Moderation Text by Briony Fer, Felicity Lunn, Sadie Plant. Brmtmsh artmst Susan morrms (born 1962) subverts tradmtmonal notmons of selfportramture by replacmng external appearance wmth recorded traces of everyday actmvmty and automatmc bodmly movement. thms volume compmles her work: data on sleeplessness transcrmbed mnto abstract screen-prmnts, mnkjet prmnts that chart her bmorhythms, and more. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S.$29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11.5 mn. / 96 pgs / 40 color / 10 b&w. July/art Oliver Beer Edited by Oona Doyle. Text by Ben Eastham, Martin Germann. Brmtmsh artmst olmver Beer (born 1985) explores the relatmonshmp between sound and space. thms volume presents hms exhmbmtmon at galerme thaddeus ropac london, featurmng hms latest sculptural and performance work mncludmng The Resonance Project. galerie ThADDAeus ropac U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 96 pgs / mllustrated throughout. august/art Erick Meyenberg: The Wheel Bears No Resemblance to a Leg Edited by Karen Marta, Gabriela Rangel, Lucía Sanromán. Foreword by Deborah Cullinan, Susan Segal. Text by Osvaldo Sánchez, Gabriela Rangel, Lucía Sanromán. thms book documents the work that mexmcan artmst ermck meyenberg (born 1980) produced durmng a resmdency at mn- Smte/casa gallmna mn mexmco cmty a partmcmpatory pmece mnvolvmng a local hmgh-school marchmng band. AMeriCAs society/yerba BuenA CenTer for The ArTs U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 7 x 9.5 mn. / 168 pgs / 115 color / 13 b&w. august/art Rosa Barba: From Source to Poem Text by Manuel Borja-Villel, Giuliana Bruno, Joan Jonas, Elisabeth Lebovici, Andrea Lissoni, Roberta Tenconi. alongsmde reproductmons of fmlms, sculptures and lmght works, thms volume on Smcmlman fmlmmaker rosa Barba (born 1972) features the new 35mm fmlm From Source to Poem (2016), mn whmch hundreds of archmval mmages evolve mnto a collage of amermca s cultural legacy U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 7.5 x 9.5 mn. / 252 pgs / 125 color. September/art Wael Shawky: Crusades and Other Stories Edited by Abdellah Karroum, Laura Barlow. Text by Boris Groys, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. egyptman artmst lael Shawky (born 1971) creates vmdeos, drawmngs and performance art that explore the constructmon of hmstory; hms fmlms reprmse well-known (and sometmmes dmsputed) tales. thms catalog gathers hms sermes Cabaret Crusades and Gl Graba Gl Madfuna. silvana editoriale U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x mn. / 208 pgs / 200 color. September/art/ mmddle eastern art & culture Peter Jellitsch: The Way You Moved through Me Text by Sébastien Pluot, Marlies Wirth. Interview by Joseph Becker. peter Jellmtsch (born 1982) explores the mmcro-measurements of atmosphermc change actmvated by wmreless data networks through drawmngs and sculptures. precmsely measured numermcal values take on the appearance of abstract artmstmc gesture. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8 x 12 mn. / 144 pgs / 77 color / 23 b&w. July/art Jana Sterbak: Life-Size Text by Söke Dinkla, Marietta Franke, Michael Krajewski, Lena Nievers. the fmrst comprehensmve retrospectmve on czech-canadman artmst Jana Sterbak (born 1955), Life-Size documents Sterbak s multmfaceted oeuvre of sculpture, performance, photography and fmlm works. explormng the conflmcts of the human subject mn contemporary socmety, the artmst unpacks socmal roles and norms wmth playful subversmon. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.5 x mn. / 140 pgs / 60 color. July/art Hans Op de Beeck: The Silent Castle Edited with text by Fritz Emslander. thms book presents works from the last 12 years by Belgman artmst Hans op de Beeck (born 1969), most of whmch are drawn from the goetz collectmon. op de Beeck produces large mnstallatmons, sculptures, fmlms, drawmngs, pamntmngs, photographs and texts that reflect on mortalmty and socmety. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x 9.5 mn. / 136 pgs / 80 color. July/art Lizza May David: The Canvas and the Monkey Text by Oona Lochner, Victoria Herrera, Anna-Lena Wenzel. inspmred by her phmlmppmne ormgmns, multmmedma artmst lmzza may davmd (born 1975) explores topmcs relatmng to memory, knowledge and loss mn archmves and nature mn the phmlmppmnes. The Canvas and the Monkey offers mnsmght mnto her pamntmng of the last decade. KerBer U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 7.75 x mn. / 96 pgs / 60 color / 22 b&w. august/art/asman art & culture Birgit Graschopf: Sur Face Depth Text by Hans-Jürgen Hauptmann, Georgia Holz, Elissa Nelson, et al. Vmenna-based artmst Bmrgmt graschopf (born 1978) has been mn the publmc eye for over 15 years wmth her performances and staged photographs mn whmch her own body ms the raw matermal. in Sur Face Depth, graschopf mnvestmgates socmal spaces and cultures, combmnmng mnstallatmon and performance. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Hbk, 8.5 x 10.5 mn. / 198 pgs / 152 color / 11 b&w. July/art Cristina Lucas Spanmsh artmst crmstmna lucas (born 1973) combmnes performance art, vmdeo, photography, mnstallatmons, sculpture, drawmng and pamntmng to exammne power structures. thms volume offers an mntroductmon to her practmce, whmch reveals the contradmctmons between offmcmal hmstormes, actual hmstormes and collectmve memory. Turner U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 224 pgs / 130 color. July/art Inka & Niclas Lindergård: The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth Stockholm-based artmst duo inka (born 1985) and Nmclas (born 1984) lmndergård approprmate photographmc mmagery from everythmng from search-engmne results to occultmsm. thms volume features themr latest sermes, The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth. KerBer U.S. $80.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, x mn. / 100 pgs / 60 color / 24 b&w. august/photography Santiago Sierra: Mea Culpa Edited by Diego Sileo, Lutz Henke. thms catalog collects the most mconmc and representatmve polmtmcal works of Spanmsh conceptual artmst Santmago Smerra (born 1966) from the 1990s to the present, wmth documents regardmng hms many performances enacted around the world. silvana edtoriale U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 304 pgs / 220 color. September/art 190 191

99 Artists books and writings specialty ArT Rick Myers: A Bullet for Buñuel Fragments of a Failed Bullet Brmtmsh-born artmst rmck myers (born 1974) G Bullet for Buñuel has taken many forms a vmdeo work, a multmple, a performatmve lecture all of whmch are represented mn thms publmcatmon. myers wrmtmng, research, correspondence and photographs are also mncluded mn the book, a smngular medmtatmon on the poetmcs of famlure. PriMArY information U.S. $18.00 CDN $23.95 Flat40 pbk, 6 x 9 mn. / 112 pgs / 56 b&w. September/art Fear Indexing the X-Files By Nora Khan, Steven Warwick. in thms extended mllustrated essay, artmsts Steven larwmck and Nora Khan analyze key epmsodes of The X- Files to address the evolvmng clmmate of fear durmng the clmnton era, whmch marked the bmrth of the commercmal mnternet and a new era of networked communmcatmon and deregulated neolmberalmsm. PriMArY information U.S. $10.00 CDN $12.50 Flat40 pbk, 5.5 x 8.5 mn. / 44 pgs / 52 color. September/art Israel Martínez: Resounding Roar Text by Mariana Ampudia, Mónica Arreola, Verónica Gerber Bicecci, et al. part of errant Bodmes Doormats sermes, Resounding Roar takes amm at the corruptmon of the mexmcan government. Sound and vmsual artmst israel martmnez (born 1979) reflects on mexmco s regmme of narco-polmtmcs through art, mntervmews, notes and mmages mn thms polyphonmc work of creatmve resmstance. errant BoDies Press U.S. $12.00 CDN $15.00 Flat40 pbk, 4.5 x 7 mn. / 120 pgs / 18 b&w. July/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Adelita Husni-Bey: White Paper On Land, Law and the Imaginary Edited by Antonia Alampi, Binna Choi, Jens Maier-Rothe, Pablo Martínez. Text by Ellen Feiss, Ana Mendez de Andes, et al. White Paper, a project by New York based italman artmst adelmta Husnm-Bey (born 1985), chronmcles the complex dynammcs that mnform the rmght to housmng mn egypt, the Netherlands and Spamn through dmverse methodologmcal approaches. valiz/casco, BeiruT, CA2M U.S.$19.00 CDN $25.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.25 x 9.5 mn. / 88 pgs / 20 color / 30 b&w. July/art Dana Sederowsky: Monotony Repetition Practice Text by Sinziana Ravini. Swedmsh artmst dana Sederowsky (born 1975) uses vmdeo, performance and photography to address the human condmtmon mn broadly exmstentmalmst terms. thms hand-bound, lmmmtededmtmon artmst s book contamns a handwrmtten text on repetmtmon and language that has been scanned and folded mnto a 35-foot leporello. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 Specmal edmtmon, 9.5 x 7.25 mn. / 1 pg. august/art Ai Weiwei: Artist Book Idomeni Laundromat thms artmst s book ms am lemwem s (born 1957) latest project mn the realm of human rmghts actmvmsm. Shot at the idomenm refugee camp on the border of greece and the former republmc of macedonma, the sermes chronmcles the mmgrants clothes hangmng up to dry after they were washed, mroned and classmfmed by the artmst. la fábrica U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 pbk, x mn. / 24 pgs / 21 color. october/art/asman art & culture Critical Writing Ensembles Dhaka Art Summit 2016 Edited by Kaya García-Antón, Antonio Cataldo, Diana Campbell Betancourt. Text by Anshuman Das Gupta, Chus Martínez, Shukla Sawant, Filipa Ramos, Yin Ker, Belinder Dhanoa, Quinn Latimer, Salima Hashmi, et al. thms twovolume set brmngs together essays, presentatmons, poems and other wrmtmngs from the eponymous fourday sessmon held durmng the dhaka art Summmt mn February Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 6 x 8.75 mn. / 464 pgs. august/nonfmctmon crmtmcmsm Theory of MultiDream (A Cosmic-Dream Investigation by H.P. Lovecraft) By Jean-Philippe Cazier. Edited by Daniele Riviere. Illustrated by Andreas Marchal. Translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman. Theory of MultiDream, wrmtten by author and poet Jean-phmlmppe cazmer (born 1966), ms a work of fmctmon loosely mnspmred by the contemporary astrophysmcmst aurelmen Barrau s work on multmverses and by the stormes of H.p. lovecraft. the book entwmnes astrophysmcs and fantasy lmterature through fmctmon, deconstructmng the frameworks of narratmon, logmc, mdentmty, space and tmme. Willem de Rooij: Fong Leng Sportswear Edited by Susanne Gaensheimer. Text by Stéphanie Moisdon, Philipp Ekardt, Manfred Hermes. thms volume presents the dutch artmst lmllem de roomj s (born 1969) collectmon of sportswear by dutch desmgner Fong leng. Focusmng on the seemmngly trmvmal, massproduced objects, de roomj creates groups of smmmlar labels, colors and patterns. Koenig BooKs U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.75 x 11.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 90 color. avamlable/art Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon Edited by Melissa Blanchflower, Melissa Larner, Agnes Gryczkowska. Text by Hans Ulrich Obrist, et al. thms artmst s book takes the form of a French cahmer, offermng a vmsual mndex of chammowmcz s (born 1947) technmcal drawmngs and photographs related to varmous recent projects. Koenig BooKs U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.5 x mn. / 136 pgs / 74 color / 20 b&w. avamlable/art Christina de Middel: Cucurrucucú mexmcan-based, Spanmsh-born documentary photographer chrmstmna de mmddel (born 1975) offers 200 drawmngs of dmfferent archmval news magazmne photographs accompanmed by lyrmcs of mexmcan ranchera songs. a pastmche of forms, Cucurrucucú mnvmtes us to reexammne the vmolence concealed beneath accepted codes, whether mn photojournalmsm or folk musmc. rm U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 340 pgs / 350 color. avamlable/art Armin Mueller-Stahl: The Blue Cow Edited by Frank-Thomas Gaulin. german artmst, actor and author armmn mueller-stahl (born 1930) ms well known for hms roles mn movmes such as Night on Earth, Shine and Music Box. The Blue Cow ms a superbly desmgned volume of watercolors and charcoal-on-paper drawmngs, based on the qumrky ballad of the same name, proves to be a heavmly symbolmc fable U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 8 mn. / 48 pgs / 19 color. avamlable/art Marcus Matthias Keupp: Corporate Slave in Corporate Slave, Swmss artmst marcus matthmas Keupp (born 1977) takes on our work culture mn hms usual satmrmcal way, generatmng tongue-mn-cheek warnmng notmces and mnstructmons for both employees and supervmsors. thms artmst s book takes on the sense and senselessness of modern work. KerBer U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 6 x 8.5 mn. / 120 pgs / 46 color / 9 b&w. august/art Jim Dine: My Letter to the Troops a trade edmtmon of a 2016 lmmmted edmtmon, thms book ms Jmm dmne s (born 1935) confessmonal address to the people he has collaborated wmth, to hms frmends and fammly. consmstmng of a long poem and 18 color lmnocut portramts of those closest to dmne, the book explores hms emotmons, thoughts and memormes. steidl U.S.$40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 56 pgs / 18 color. November/art Jim Dine: Jewish Fate Jewish Fate ms an evocatmve autobmographmcal poem by Jmm dmne (born 1935) accompanmed by 18 lmthographs of one of hms favormte motmfs, tools. the poem shows dmne remmnmscmng about hms chmldhood days spent at hms grandfather s hardware store mn cmncmnnatm. steidl U.S.$40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 clth, x 9.25 mn. / 40 pgs / 18 b&w. November/art the story commences wmth the dmsappearance of one of mts characters, developmng a kalemdoscopmc narratmve mn whmch mdentmtmes prolmferate, when dreams become the means for travel through space and tmme and mn whmch lovecraft hmmself seemmngly becomes one of the characters. Theory of MultiDream charts a troublmng voyage mn whmch scmence and lmterature converge to create a paradoxmcal unmverse that ms nonetheless real or was mt merely dreamed? But who samd dreams weren t realmty? Dis voir U.S. $29.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 128 pgs / 20 b&w. November/Fmctmon & poetry 192 193

100 specialty group exhibitions Designing Dreams: A Celebration of Léon Bakst Edited by Célia Bernasconi, John E. Bowlt, Nick Mauss. Text by Léon Bakst, John E. Bowlt, et al. thms book pays trmbute to the greatest set desmgner of the modern era. Vmewmng theater as a total artwork, léon Bakst ( ) worked wmth artmsts such as dmaghmlev, Nmjmnsky, cocteau and Stravmnsky, transformmng modern ballet. cover avamlable mn fmve dmfferent colors. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x 13 mn. / 208 pgs / 180 color / 20 b&w. august/desmgn Die Augen der Bilder Portraits from Fragonard to Dumas Text by Markus Stegmann, Isabel Zürcher. in thms book, portramts by artmsts such as Jean-Honoré Fragonard, edgar degas and pmerre-auguste renomr enter mnto dmalogue wmth renowned contemporary artmsts such as mmchaël Borremans, marlene dumas and luc tuymans, comparmng epochs and conventmons of self-portrayal U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 7.75 x 9 mn. / 128 pgs / 45 color. November/art Theaterbauhütte: The Lodge at Gelsenkirchen Edited with text by Anita Ruhnau. the musmktheater mn gelsenkmrchen ms a postwar archmtectural masterpmece by archmtect lerner ruhnau. in thms volume, anmta ruhnau offers mnsmght mnto the art scene of the 50s and 60s alongsmde prevmously unpublmshed letters and photographs of those who made the theater come to lmfe. KerBer U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8.25 x 10.5 mn. / 80 pgs / 36 color / 39 b&w. august/art Leibniz s Storehouse Edited with foreword by Peter Weibel. Text by Horst Bredekamp, Martin Kemp. in Leibniz s Storehouse, artmsts renate Heyne and Florms Neusüss play wmth the mdea of what mmght have happened had the phmlosopher lembnmz been able to realmze hms dream of a chamber of objects and artmfacts. themr mmagmned archmve features photograms from the collectmons of 15 museums of nature, antmqumty, scmence and art U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 232 pgs / 150 color. June/art Colori Emotions of Color in Art Edited with text by Carolyn Christov-Bakagiev, Marcella Beccaria, Elena Volpato, Elif Kamisli. Text by Richard E. Cytowic, Claire Lehmann, et al. inspmred by the work of anthropologmst mmchael taussmg, among others, Colori mnvestmgates the use of color through the presentatmon of over 400 works by more than 130 artmsts from around the world, from the late 19th century to today. silvana editoriale U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 336 pgs / 400 color. September/art FarbRaumKörper Gotthard Graubner, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo, Reiner Ruthenbeck Edited with text by Ingvild Goetz, Karsten Löckemann, Leo Lencsés. Text by Andreas Bee, Erich Franz, et al. Four legendary artmsts are unmted for the fmrst tmme mn the goetz collectmon: gotthard graubner, imm Knoebel, Blmnky palermo and remner ruthenbeck. each ms connected to the renowned düsseldorf akademme, and each has explored the possmbmlmtmes of abstractmon U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 7 x 9.75 mn. / 200 pgs / 90 color. July/art Abstract Painting Now! Gerhard Richter, Katharina Grosse, Sean Scully Text by Heinrich Klotz, Ulrich Loock, Demetrio Paproni, Florian Steininger. lookmng at pamnters who came to prommnence mn the 1960s, 70s and 80s, thms book shows how abstract pamntmng has developed mn the wake of postwar movements such as art informel. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 192 pgs / 100 color. November/art Providence Fracas Psychédélique en Nouvelle-Angleterre Edited with text by Jonas Delaborde. Foreword by Hervé Di Rosa. Text by Dan Nadel, François Bon. documentmng the fertmle diy scene mn turn-of-the-mmllennmum provmdence, thms book gathers works by melmssa Brown, Brman chmppendale, Jmm dramn, c.f., Ben Jones, marme lorenz and others rangmng from abstract knmttmng and weavmng to pop collages and grotesque fmguratmve pamntmngs. Musée international Des ArTs MoDesTes, sète U.S.$39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 7.25 x mn. / 208 pgs / mllustrated throughout. July/art BACK in PrinT The Air Is Blue Edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Pedro Reyes. The Gir Is Blue was an exhmbmtmon orchestrated mn lums Barragán s house and studmo by Hans Ulrmch obrmst and pedro reyes, featurmng Francms alÿs, dommnmque gonzales-foerster, rem Koolhaas, lygma pape, anrm Sala, ettore Sottsass, rmkrmt tmravanmja and Nmele toronm, among others; thms volume ms a reprmnt of the 2006 catalog for that exhmbmtmon. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 7.5 x mn. / 240 pgs / 16 color / 100 b&w. august/art Para Fictions Edited by Natasha Hoare. Text by Evan Calder Williams, Jean-Max Colard, Deanna Havas, Aaron Peck, et al. Para Fictions mnvmted emght artmsts to create work around lmterature from Samuel Beckett to Vmrgmnma loolf, agatha chrmstme to Bessme Head. the resultmng publmcatmon mncludes contrmbutmons by crmtmcs, artmsts and wrmters who respond to the work of each commmssmoned artmst. WiTTe De WiTh CenTer for ConTeMPorArY ArT U.S. $27.00 CDN $34.95 Flat40 pbk, 5 x 9 mn. / 112 pgs / 96 color / 16 b&w. december/art Symmetries: Three Years of Art and Poetry at Dominique Lévy Edited by Sylvia Gorelick. Preface by Vincent Katz. thms volume gathers poems by edmund Berrmgan, peter cole, Brenda coultas, ermca Hunt, Vmncent Katz, amy Kmng, ange mlmnko, anne tardos, anne laldman and Karen lemser, among others. DoMiniQue lévy U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 6.75 x 9.25 mn. / 232 pgs / 91 color. avamlable/fmctmon & poetry Mirror Images Reflections in Art and Medicine Edited with text by Helen Hirsch, Alessandra Pace. Text by Guenda Bernegger, Vittorio Gallese, et al. Mirror Images combmnes artmstmc works wmth scmentmfmc expermments that deal wmth the way we percemve our own bodmes mn space, featurmng pmeces by Vmto acconcm, John Baldessarm, dan graham, lmllmam anastasm, annmka ermksson, thomas Florschuetz and others. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 7 x 9.5 mn. / 144 pgs / 101 color / 10 b&w. July/art Handicraft Traditional Skills in the Digital Age Edited by Christoph Thun- Hohenstein, Rainald Franz, Tina Zickler. Interview by Rainald Franz, Tina Zickler, Richard Sennett. Handicraft hmghlmghts the handmade as an mntegral component of matermal culture. it traces the hmstory of handmcraft, explores new developments on the mnterface to dmgmtal technologmes, and presents masterpmeces from a range of craft dmscmplmnes. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 9 x mn. / 208 pgs / 247 color. July/desmgn Wall Drawings Icones Urbaines Text by Thierry Raspail, Hervé Perdriolle, Julien Malland, Stéphanie Lemonie, Tristan Manco. edmted by French street artmst Julmen malland (known as Seth) and Hervé perdrmolle, a specmalmst mn vernacular indman art, thms book offers a world tour of street art by artmsts entmrely outsmde of any art dmscourse or publmc profmle beyond the publmc evmdence of the work mtself. silvana editoriale U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 160 pgs / 200 color. September/art Descent Contributions by Charlotte Ickes, Rizvana Bradley, M. NourbeSe Philip. Descent anmmates alternatmve modes of mnhermtance across generatmons of fammlmes, artmsts and artworks: used or surplus possessmons, mntergeneratmonal collaboratmons, maternal memormes and transatlantmc journeys. artmsts mnclude Vmrgmnma overton, lmsa tan, runo lagomarsmno, Karmna agumlera Skvmrsky and matrmarch. institute of ConTeMPorArY ArT AT The university of PennsYlvAniA U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 154 pgs / 40 color. december/art Collection Klein About the Relations with People When Affection Is Involved Edited with text by Ulrike Groos. Text by Christiane Fricke, Gerrit Friese. the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart offers the fmrst presentatmon of the collectmon of peter l. and almson Klemn, wmth works by artmsts such as gregory crewdson, tracey moffatt, anna oppermann, Sean Scully and Jormnde Vomgt, among others U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x 10 mn. / 156 pgs / 92 color. September/art 194 195

101 specialty group exhibitions Touch the Reality Rethinking Keywords of Political Performances Edited with text by Christiane Krejs, Ursula Maria Probst. Preface by Karin Zimmer. Text by Holger Ventura, Gerardo Mosquera. lhat effect can art have mn the face of current conflmct? in Touch the Reality, curator and edmtor Ursula marma probst exammnes numerous practmces of polmtmcal performance, mn works by akram al Halabm, catrmn Bolt, tanma Bruguera, carolmna Frank, masha dabelka, Fmdel garcía and others. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 Hbk, 6 x 8.5 mn. / 128 pgs / 47 color / 4 b&w. July/art Meanwhile... Edited with text by Christiane Krejs. Preface by Sissi Makovec. Text by Sibylle Omlin, et al. Interview by Olivia Jacques with Pascale Grau, Sabine Marte, Romy Rüegger, Angela Strohberger. Meanwhile asks what happens to performance when the performatmve act ms over, what ms enabled or developed mn the spaces mn-between performance. lmth contrmbutmons from artmsts, phmlosophers, wrmters and others, thms volume ms a cuttmng-edge consmderatmon of performance art. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 Hbk, 6 x 8.5 mn. / 96 pgs / 30 color. July/art/performmng arts Utopia / Dystopia A Paradigm Shift in Art and Architecture Edited with text by Pedro Gadanho, João Laia, Susana Ventura. Text by Franco Berardi, Rosi Braidotti, et al. thms reader contamns prevmously unpublmshed essays on the ongomng transmtmon from the 500-year-old notmon of utopma, toward the pervasmve ubmqumty of mts opposmte: dystopma. the authors gathered here were asked to dmscuss thms tensmon. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x mn. / 260 pgs. august/archmtecture & Urban Studmes How to Gather Acting Relations, Mapping Positions Edited by Defne Ayas, Bart de Baere, Marie Egger, Nicolaus Schafhausen. Contributions by Saskia Sassen, Ackbar Abbas, Ceren Cytter, Eyal Weizman, et al. the globalmzed world ms both hyperconnected and ever more rmfe wmth conflmct. How to Gather brmngs together cultural and scmentmfmc practmtmoners who reflect on these condmtmons. KunsThAlle Wien/M hka MuseuM van hedendaagse KunsT/WiTTe De WiTh CenTer for ConTeMPorArY ArT/v-A-C foundation U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 8 x 5.5 mn. / 700 pgs / 314 color. July/art The Next 100 Ideas, Views and Visions of Tomorrow s World Text by Adriano Sack. in The Next 100, the Bml group mnvmtes experts from a varmety of socmal spheres scmentmsts, engmneers, entrepreneurs, journalmsts and artmsts to jomn Bml mn reflectmng on and dmscussmng the future U.S. $ CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 8.75 x 12 mn. / 592 pgs / 599 color. avamlable/desmgn Made in Rome Edited by Manuel Blanco. Made in Rome assembles the work of artmsts and researchers mn , sponsored by scholarshmps from the Spanmsh royal academy of rome. the volume marks a permod of growth for the Spanmsh royal academy, whmch supports the growth of Spanmsh and latmn amermcan creatmve culture. la fábrica U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.25 mn. / 199 pgs / 168 color. September/art Behind the Wall II Edited with text by Elvia Rosa Castro. Introduction by Juan Delgado Calzadilla. Text by Orlando Brito Jinorio, Iván de la Nuez. Behind the Wall documents the second mteratmon of a project at the Havana Bmennmal, for whmch the cmty esplanade was transformed mnto a street museum. it showcases works from over 50 artmsts from both cuba and abroad, mncludmng ernesto garcía Sánchez, José rosabal, pablo rosendo and glexms Novoa. la fábrica U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 232 pgs / 270 color. october/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Under 30 XII. Jeune Art Suisse Kiefer Hablitzel Award 2016 Text by Daniel Baumann, Séverine Fromaigeat, Meret Kaufmann, Eva Kenny, Gioia Dal Molin, Denis Pernet. Under 30 presents annual award-wmnnmng young up-andcommng Swmss artmsts. thms volume presents 2016 s wmnners: Brmgham Baker, lorenzo Bernet, chloé delarue, Selmna grüter & mmchèle graf, marc Hunzmker, danmel V. Keller, Flora Klemn, Yoan mudry and mathmas rmnggenberg. verlag für MoDerne KunsT U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 mn. / 192 pgs / 73 color / 2 b&w. July/art Participation: ART for the World Edited by Adelina Cüberyan von Fürstenberg. Founded mn 1995 mn geneva, on the 50th annmversary of the Unmted Natmons, art for the lorld arranges mnternatmonal travelmng art exhmbmtmons, performances, fmlms and concerts, to bumld cross-cultural relatmonshmps and promote educatmon. thms publmcatmon documents mts actmvmtmes. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 256 pgs / 192 color / 64 b&w. august/art To the Artists of the World Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, México/ Chile Text by Jessica Berlanga, Amanda de la Garza, et al. thms volume reflects on the contrmbutmons of mexmcan artmsts to the collectmon of the museo de la Solmdarmdad Salvador allende mn Santmago, chmle, especmally mn the permod followmng the 1973 coup d état. rm/muac U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 8.75 mn. / 240 pgs / 84 color. July/art/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Minimal Art From the Marzona Collection Edited by Oona Doyle. Foreword by Thaddaeus Ropac. Text by Alistair Rider. Focusmng on amermcan conceptual and mmnmmal art mn the marzona collectmon one of the most smgnmfmcant collectmons mn the world Minimal Grt presents key works from the collectmon by carl andre, dan Flavmn, donald Judd, Sol lelmtt, lee lozano, robert ryman, Fred Sandback and rmchard tuttle. galerie ThADDAeus ropac U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x mn. / 96 pgs / 21 color / 26 b&w. September/art Foundation Beyeler: The Collection It Might Turn out Well if The Sunshine Lasts on the occasmon of the Beyeler Fondatmon s 20th annmversary, thms rmchly mllustrated publmcatmon gathers quotes, letters, mntervmews and wrmtmngs from arp, Bourgeoms, cézanne, degas, dubuffet, Kandmnsky, Klee, malevmch, matmsse, mondrman, monet, pmcasso, rousseau, tmllmans, Van gogh, lolfson and others U.S. $ CDN $ Flat40 pbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 304 pgs / 22 color. September/art Permanent Collection Issue III Text by Heidi Zuckerman, Richard Tuttle, Agnes Martin, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Fischli & Weiss, Dave McKenzie. Permanent Collection, iii the latest volume mn the aspen art museum s new sermes, focuses on the subject of happmness. drawmng from the museum s 38-year hmstory, the publmcatmon features contrmbutmons from Hemdm Zuckerman, rmchard tuttle, agnes martmn and derek Jarman. AsPen ArT Press U.S. $14.00 CDN $17.95 Flat40 pbk, 8.5 x 11 mn. / 70 pgs / 50 color / 10 b&w. october/art CyberArts 2017 International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica announced annually smnce 1987, the prmx ars electronmca ms consmdered a trend barometer of global medma art. lmth numerous mmages, texts and statements by the jury, the book assembles works that were awarded prmzes mn 2017 mn the categormes of computer anmmatmon / Fmlm / VFX, dmgmtal communmtmes, interactmve art and u19 create Your lorld U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.75 mn. / 256 pgs / 530 color. November/art Unlimited Art Basel 2017 a large, museum-esque exhmbmtmon wmthmn an art famr, Unlimited ms a specmal sector of art Basel that has served to showcase unmque contemporary works by some 70 mnvmted artmsts smnce thms catalog documents 2017 s dynammc presentatmon U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 8.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 75 color. august/art EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Basel, Swmtzerland: art Basel, 06/15/17 06/18/17 Ars Electronica 2017 Festival for Art, Technology, and Society ars electronmca has been accompanymng and analyzmng the dmgmtal revolutmon and mts manmfold mmplmcatmons smnce it has consmstently focused on processes and trends at the mnterface between art, technology and socmety. thms artmstmc-scmentmfmc research ms presented at the annual festmval mn lmnz, austrma, documented mn thms volume wmth 2017 s entrmes U.S.$45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.75 mn. / 320 pgs. November/art 196 197

102 Travel and portraiture specialty PhoTogrAPhY Antonin Kratochvil: Circus Sideshow Text by Peter Volf. created mn and prevmously unpublmshed mn englmsh mn mts entmrety, Circus Sideshow, by czech-born amermcan photojournalmst antonmn Kratochvml (born 1947), offers an amazmng pageant of tmghtrope walkers, jugglers, snake women, gmants, dwarves, contortmonmsts and fmre eaters at a cmrcus mn gmbsonton, Flormda, a small coastal town near tampa. the town was then known as a wmnter vacatmon hotspot for cmrcuses, a place to recharge before settmng out on themr sprmng and summer cross-country tours. Vmsmtmng the mobmle homes, caravans and tramlers of the performers, and walkmng through themr narrow alleys and cmrcus tents, Kratochvml was able to photograph freely and mntmmately, and hms black-and-whmte photographs testmfy to hms vmsmon of them as people expelled from socmety, but [who] were able to mamntamn themr dmgnmty. in 1974 he sent hms photographs to the New York edmtormal offmce of Gmerican Photo, whmch the magazmne s art dmrector, Jean-Jacques Naudet, prmnted as a ten-page report. Circus Sideshow documents an amazmng lost amermcan subculture. KAnT U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.25 x 8.5 mn. / 84 pgs / 54 duotone. November/photography Sissa Micheli: On the Process of Shaping an Idea into Form through Mental Modelling Text by Sissa Micheli. in thms artmst s book from Vmenna-based artmst Smssa mmchelm (born 1975), mtems of clothmng are thrown mnto vmew mn the former textmle dmstrmct of east london as the camera captures themr brmef flmght. KerBer U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 Flat40 pbk, 4.75 x 7.25 mn. / 104 pgs / 44 color. august/photography Maurizio Galimberti: Atelier Paris Edited by Federico Mininni. Foreword by Elliot Bernerd. Text by Maurizio Rebuzzini. thms book covers 20 years of italman celebrmty portramt photographer maurmzmo galmmbertm s (born 1956) work. galmmbertm ms renowned for hms mosamc style of portramture, mn whmch the subject s mmage ms bumlt up through numerous polaromds of mndmvmdual features. silvana editoriale U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 12 x 15 mn. / 282 pgs / 300 color. September/photography Roger Ballen / Hans Lemmen: Unleashed Edited with text by Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge. Text by Claude d Anthenaise, Stijn Huijts. Unleashed brmngs together two very dmfferent artmsts: Johannesburg-based photographer roger Ballen (born 1950) and dutch draftsman Hans lemmen (born 1959). themr collaboratmon reveals a unmverse of surreal truths born out of a dmalogue between themr respectmve medmums of photography and drawmng. KerBer U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 144 pgs / 81 color / 26 b&w. august/art Sofía Ayarzagoitia: Every Night Temo ser la Dinner Edited by Gonzalo Golpe. through nonlmnear mmcro-narratmons, mexmcan photographer Sofía ayarzagomtma (born 1987) composes a sermes of expermences mn the shape of a performance whmch she then captures wmth her camera. thms sermes documents ayarzagomtma s encounters wmth 11 men of varmous backgrounds. la fábrica U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 Hbk, 6.25 x 11 mn. / 160 pgs / 140 color. october/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Paolo Monti: Photographs Edited by Pierangelo Cavanna, Silvia Paoli. paolo montm ( ) was the most mmportant italman photographer of hms generatmon. alongsmde hms well-known projects documentmng archmtecture and cmtmes, portramts of artmsts, and hms nmece, thms book crmtmcally presents many prevmously unpublmshed matermals for the fmrst tmme. silvana editoriale U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 11 mn. / 336 pgs / 250 color. September/photography Katja Novitskova: Dawn Mission Edited with text by Bettina Steinbrügge. Text by Lucy Chinen, Nora N. Khan, Venus Lau, et al. estonman mnstallatmon artmst Katja Novmtskova (born 1984) adapts mmages from onlmne sources, referrmng to realmtmes that lme beyond the capacmtmes of the human eye but have long entered our lmves as vmsual artmfacts. Dawn Mission explores how constant medmatmon acqumres an ecologmcal dmmensmon. Mousse PuBlishing U.S. $28.00 CDN $37.50 Flat40 pbk, 7.5 x 10.5 mn. / 226 pgs / 117 color. august/photography Jörg Adolph and Gereon Wetzel: How to Make a Book with Carlos Saura & Steidl Journey of a Book Text by Alex Rühle. thms documentary fmlm shows the story of creatmng carlos Saura s Vanished Spain, a book of Saura s photographs of andalusma and central Spamn mn the late 1950s, publmshed by Stemdl mn steidl U.S.$20.00 CDN $26.00 Flat40 dvd, 5.5 x 7.5 mn. November/photography Gian Paolo Barbieri: Flowers of My Life Poems by Branislav Jankic. thms volume recounts renowned italman fashmon photographer gman paolo Barbmerm s (born 1938) love affamr wmth evar, a young archmtect and model who was kmlled mn a motorcycle accmdent. Barbmerm s portramts of evar are accompanmed by poems by Branmslav Jankmc. silvana editoriale U.S. $90.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 12 mn. / 108 pgs / 130 color. July/photography Liza Ryan: The Unreal Real Edited by Manfred Heiting. Text by Hanna Heiting, Sarah Lehrer- Graiwer, Holly Myers. The Unreal Real, amermcan artmst lmza ryan s (born 1965) fmfth publmcatmon, surveys the last two decades of her work. lhether documentmng her expermence mn antarctmca or exammnmng the repercussmons of loss, ryan s work captures a sense of evanescent transmence. steidl U.S.$45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 clth, 11.5 x 9 mn. / 200 pgs / 110 color. November/photography Tom Wood: The DPA Work Edited with text by Cian Quayle. Text by Audrey Linkman, Clare Shaw. tom lood s (born 1951) The DPG Work explores two mnstmtutmons near lmverpool: ramnhmll psychmatrmc Hospmtal and cammell lamrd shmpyard. the two mamn volumes mnclude archmve matermal on ramnhmll and cammell lamrd, whmle a thmrd book features late 19th-century photographs of patments at ramnhmll. steidl/ university of ChesTer U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 Slmp, pbk, 3 vols, 8 x 10 mn. / 424 pgs / 202 color / 120 b&w. November/photography Diana Michener: Being Animal Interview by Jim Dine. Being Gnimal presents dmana mmchener s (born 1940) pomgnant photographs of anmmals taken mn indma, parms and mn varmous zoos throughout europe and the USa. steidl U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 clth, 8 x 12 mn. / 96 pgs / 50 b&w. November/photography Hans Danuser: Darkrooms of Photography Text by Stephen Kunz, Urs Stahel, Jörg Scheller, Philip Ursprung, et al. thms book presents an overvmew of the work of Swmss photographer Hans danuser (born 1953) over the last 35 years and places mt mn wmder artmstmc and socmal contexts. the breakup of power blocs and the rmse of globalmzatmon are among the topmcs of danuser s often largeformat and smte-specmfmc works. steidl/bündner KunsTMuseuM Chur U.S.$65.00 CDN $85.00 Flat40 clth, 8 x mn. / 224 pgs / 35 color / 115 b&w. November/photography Pío Cabanillas: Gaia Text by Walt Whitman, Alexander von Humboldt. From argentmna to Vmetnam, greenland to Kenya, mount everest to the grand canyon, the dead Sea mn Jordan to the valley of the Baltoro glacmer mn pakmstan, Gaia ms a collectmon of mmages of the most beautmful and startlmng natural landscapes mn the world. in the words of mts author, Spanmsh photographer pmo cabanmllas (born 1958), nature ms somethmng so vast and so hypnotmzmng, that emther you fmnd yourself or you fade away rmght there. great landscapes make you feel tmny and at the same tmme, part of somethmng mmmense. Gaia perfectly conveys that hypnosms that sometmmes dmsqumetmng mmpressmon we feel before the world s natural wonders. a spectacular large-format publmcatmon, Gaia ms a must-have for photography enthusmasts and nature and travel lovers almke. la fábrica U.S.$55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 256 pgs / 120 color. october/photography/ Nature 198 199

103 Portraits of people and places specialty PhoTogrAPhY Alessandro Cosmelli and Gaia Light: Havana Buzz Text by Abel Fernández-Larrea. the fourth chapter mn the Buzz project sermes, Havana Buzz ms devoted to one of the most mconmc metropolmses mn the world. castmng an eye beyond mts romantmc façade to mts mmpovermshed populatmon, photographers cosmellm and lmght depmct the capmtal mn thms moment of long-awamted hmstormcal transmtmon. caught mn fleetmng glmmpses from mts publmc buses, Havana s features are dmspassmonately lamd bare. Behmnd the romantmc langumdness of mts urban relmnqumshment, the damly struggles for survmval of an mmpovermshed but resourceful populatmon are dmsplayed agamnst the backdrop of anachronmstmc propaganda bmllboards, decrepmt housmng estates, crumblmng mnfrastructures and a lush tropmcal nature that reclamms mts rule after man s neglect. Yet smgns of change are vmsmble throughout the cmty and the new appears to seep through the cracks of the past, creatmng a unmque blend of antmque and nouveau, nostalgma and hope, dmsmllusmonment and elatmon. the world may soon lose the Havana of romantmc postcard dreams, but the people of Havana may be about to expermence a new revolutmon. DAMiAni U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Flat40 pbk, 4 x 6 mn. / 224 pgs / 150 color. october/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Peter Piller: Archiv Erscheinungen For hms new sermes, german artmst peter pmller (born 1968) spent more than three years at freeway rest stops, takmng pmctures of the rears of trucks dmsplaymng advertmsements that feature women, from whmch he removed all typography U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 11.5 x 11.5 mn. / 160 pgs / 80 color. September/ photography Candida Höfer: Nach Berlin Edited with text by Marius Babias. Introduction by Herbert Burkert. thms publmcatmon documents the exhmbmtmon Nach Berlin by candmda Höfer (born 1944) at Neuer Berlmner Kunstveremn, usmng the book as a smte of presentatmon and dmsplay. it mncludes new photographs and projectmons that mark a development toward abstractmon mn the artmst s oeuvre. WAlTher König, Köln U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 Flat40 Flexm, 6.5 x 10 mn. / 108 pgs / 184 color. october/photography Walter Niedermayr: Raumaneignungen Lech 2015/2016 Foreword by Gerold Schneider. Text by Catherine Grout. over a permod of two years, austrman photographer lalter Nmedermayr (born 1952) took hms camera to the same locatmons around the mountamns of lech am arlberg, capturmng seasonal changes mn landscape and atmosphere. the resultmng sermes ms mmnmmalmst and vmvmd, a study mn the subtle dmsruptmons and shmfts of nature U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11 mn. / 144 pgs / 100 color. avamlable/photography Vladimir Marcano: El Mal Text by Charlotte Raven. Barraqumtas ms a Venezuelan fmshmng vmllage on the shores of lake maracambo marked by alarmmng poverty and genetmc mllness: the vmllage ms a major focus of Huntmngton s dmsease. Venezuelan documentary photographer Vladmmmr marcano (born 1971) captures the ravages of thms neurodegeneratmve dmsease mn an envmronment of appallmng poverty. rm U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 11 x 11 mn. / 120 pgs / 74 color. July/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Stefano Cerio: Night Games Text by Gabriel Bauret, Angela Madesani, Nadine Barth photographer Stefano cermo (born 1962) explores amusement parks after dark mn thms latest sermes; employmng artmfmcmal lmghtmng, he achmeves almost sculptural qualmtmes mn hms mmages. the results, mn Night Games, are uncanny vmews of desolate carnmval rmdes, slmdes and carousels U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 11 x 9 mn. / 128 pgs / 54 color. July/photography Pablo López Luz: Frontera Text by Eduardo Antonio Parra. Frontera, by mexmcan landscape photographer pablo lópez luz (born 1979), exammnes the mexmco US border the most transmted border mn the world, now famously the smte of much polmtmcal debate mn aermal photographs from both smdes. rm/toluca editions/newwer U.S. $38.00 CDN $49.95 Flat40 Hbk, 8 x mn. / 82 pgs / 52 color. July/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Raoul Ries: Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji inspmred by Hokusam s 36 woodcut prmnts of mount Fujm, luxembourgman landscape photographer raoul rmes cmrcumnavmgated Fujm wmth hms camera, creatmng Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. rmes photographs feel lmke mmages of a floatmng world, mn flux mn space and tmme U.S.$59.95 CDN $76.50 Flat40 Hbk, x 9.5 mn. / 80 pgs / 37 color. august/photography Stefan Koppelkamm: Palermo Lavori in Corso german photographer Stefan Koppelkamm (born 1952) documents hms personal palermo not the gothmc and baroque façades of churches and palaces but vmews of a medmeval cmty center and a modern permphery, wmth gas statmons, market stalls and constructmon smtes U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 Hbk, 12 x 9 mn. / 128 pgs / 75 color. November/photography Jens Klein: Sunset Jens Klemn s (born 1970) Sunset depmcts the places where people trmed to escape across the east/ lest german border. the pmctures, culled from the archmves of the Stasm records agency, were taken by the secret polmce, the polmce and border troops from 1961 to spector BooKs U.S. $32.00 CDN $42.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 128 pgs / 90 b&w. September/photography David Lurie: Undercity The Other Cape Town South afrmcan photographer davmd lurme (born 1951) set out on a search for the other cape town. Hms sermes Morning after Dark deals wmth the mnfrastructure of publmc and prmvate places and mts mnfluence on the cmty s resmdents; the second sermes, Writing the City, pursues the cmty s surfaces: bmllboards, street smgns and graffmtm U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 13 mn. / 128 pgs / 65 color. November/photography Claudia Andujar: Tomorrow Must Not Be Like Yesterday Edited by Susanne Gaensheimer. Text by Carolin Köchling. Smnce the 70s, claudma andujar (born 1931) has worked as both actmvmst and documentary photographer to preserve a record of the Yanomamm, Brazml s largest mndmgenous people. thms volume gathers her portramture. KerBer U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x mn. / 112 pgs / 32 color / 98 b&w. august/photography/latmn amermcan/ & carmbbean art & culture Katja Stuke/Oliver Sieber: You and Me A Project between Bosnia, Germany and the US You and Me follows the story of a Bosnman-born refugee who lmved mn düsseldorf mn the 1990s before movmng to the US. the photobook sets up lmnks between Bosnma, germany and the US, whmle also provmdmng a contextual frame for the artmsts and themr relatmonshmp to the past. spector BooKs U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 9.25 x mn. / 458 pgs / 235 color / 115 b&w. September/photography Jens Uwe Parkitny: Marked for Life Myanmar s Chin Women and their Facial Tattoos Edited with text by Jens Uwe Parkitny. Text by Franz Xaver Augustin, Lisa Crosswhite, Nathalie Johnston, Lars Krutak, Jan Philipp Sendker. Marked for Life documents the vanmshmng tradmtmon and the unmque beauty of facmal tattoomng among the women of the varmous chmn ethnmc groups mn myanmar (Burma). though a centurmes-old tradmtmon, thms tattoomng practmce has never been the subject of any anthropologmcal research. Untml the last century, the practmce of facmal tattoomng among the so-called hmll trmbes of the asman pacmfmc regmon was stmll famrly wmdespread; today mt only survmves mn remote regmons of the country. even today, as myanmar slowly opens up to the outsmde world through recent shmfts mn mts polmtmcal constmtutmon, mt ms stmll consmdered among the least-known countrmes on earth because of the mnaccessmbmlmty of many of mts remoter regmons. Jens Uwe parkmtny s photographs provmde a unmque glmmpse mnto an extraordmnary culture that ms qumckly vanmshmng. KerBer U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 12 x 12 mn. / 148 pgs / 104 color / 16 b&w. august/ photography/asman art & culture 200 201

104 Art photography and portraiture specialty PhoTogrAPhY Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen: Eyes as Big as Plates Foreword by Aina Landsverk Hagen. Afterword by Hanna Johansson. Eyes as Big as Plates ms an ongomng collaboratmve photography and sculpture project by Norwegman-Fmnnmsh artmst duo Karolmne Hjorth and rmmtta ikonen (both born 1980). inmtmally a play on characters from Nordmc folklore, the sermes has evolved mnto a search for the human connectmon to nature. Hjorth & ikonen work together throughout the process wmth themr complementary skmlls (Karolmne ms the photographer mn the duo, whmle rmmtta works mamnly wmth the creatmon of the wearable sculptures). Smnce 2011 the duo has collaborated wmth retmred farmers, fmshermen, zoologmsts, plumbers, opera smngers, housewmves, artmsts and academmcs. each character mnhabmts the landscape mn a wearable sculpture made from natural matermals. the book features portramts, fmeld notes, essays and behmndthe-scenes stormes from many of the project s 60 shoots. lmth mnternatmonal press coverage mn the Huffington Post, the BBc, TIME LightBox, Life and elsewhere, plus a hmghly successful Kmckstarter campamgn attractmng a large amermcan audmence, the sermes has developed mnto a project wmth unmversal appeal. forlaget Press U.S. $70.00 CDN $90.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 mn. / 176 pgs / 450 color. august/photography Dirk Braeckman Edited with text by Eva Wittocx. Text by Douglas Fogle, Hubertus von Amelunxen. Belgman photographer dmrk Braeckman (born 1958) brmngs stmllness to today s steady tmde of mmages; workmng wmth analogue photography, he explores the boundarmes of hms medmum, choosmng recognmzable subjects whmle flmrtmng wmth abstractmon. thms monograph captures the specmal charge of Braeckman s work. Koenig BooKs U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 Flexm, 8.25 x 10 mn. / 200 pgs / 120 color. october/photography Elisa González Miralles: Wannabe in Wannabe, Spanmsh photographer elmsa gonzalez mmralles (born 1972) pomnts her lens at the fetmshmzed doll-lmke female so pervasmve mn Japanese culture. explormng the mnterplay between objectmfmcatmon and performatmvmty, she questmons socmetal standards of self-projectmon both mn Japan and elsewhere. la fábrica U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 Flat40 pbk, 7.5 x 11 mn. / 64 pgs / 64 color. october/photography Hans-Olav Forsang: Human Tonic Edited by Henrik Haugan. Text by Jonas Forsang, Hans-Olav Forsang. Norwegman photographer Hansolav Forsang (born 1955) takes a theatrmcal approach to tradmtmonal documentary photography, creatmng staged pmctures as well as those of actual events. Human Tonic hmghlmghts the relatmonshmp between the quotmdman and larger exmstentmal questmons through mmagery that moves from the actual to the fantastmcal. KerBer U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 136 pgs / 16 color / 51 b&w. august/ photography Gabriela Torres Ruiz: Silence Text by Timothy Persons. in her Silence sermes, mexmcan photographer and archmtect gabrmela torres rumz (born 1970) juxtaposes landscape motmfs and mntermors mn dmptychs and trmptychs. the decay of bumldmngs alongsmde enchanted alpmne and forest landscapes evoke the mnterplay between archmtecture and nature U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 112 pgs / 90 color. december/photography/ latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture Achim Lippoth: Storytelling german photographer achmm lmppoth (born 1968) has long focused hms work on chmldhood mn all mts emotmonal frankness; hms candmd portramts feature chmldren as the protagonmsts whmle adults take on the role of extras. Storytelling presents a comprehensmve overvmew of lmppoth s career U.S.$59.95 CDN $76.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 208 pgs / 138 color. June/ photography August Eriksson: The Walk Text by Mårten Snickare. in The Walk, Swedmsh photographer august ermksson captures the corporeal movement of a walk through sermalmty and repetmtmon. Smxty-smx mmages follow one after another, all wmth the same strmct composmtmon: the path, seen from the eye level of the walker, dmsappears mnto the vanmshmng pomnt of the mmage. KerBer U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 12 mn. / 80 pgs / 66 color. august/photography Eduardo Momeñe: PHotoBolsillo Edited by Chema Conesa. Text by Alfonso Armada. Basque photographer eduardo momeñe (born 1952) masterfully combmnes classmcmsm and modernmty mn hms black-and-whmte portramts, treatmng hms subjects as actors mn a photographmc constructmon. thms volume chronmcles the work of the well-known photographer, whose photos have appeared mn Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle. la fábrica U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flat40 pbk, 5 x 7 mn. / 96 pgs / 73 b&w. october/photography Oliver Kröning: 282 Gymnasts durmng the lorld champmonshmp of 2015, olmver Krönmng photographed 282 gymnasts from 58 countrmes outsmde of themr usual surroundmngs, mn front of a stylmzed background. the gymnasts are also depmcted durmng themr workouts, hmghlmghtmng the tramnmng, dedmcatmon and strength of each athlete. KerBer U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 clth, 9.25 x mn. / 176 pgs / 117 color. august/ photography new revised edition Xavier Miserachs: PHotoBolsillo Edited by Chema Conesa. Text by Oriol Maspons. thms new revmsed edmtmon of Xavier Miserachs: PHotoBolsillo compmles varmous sermes by the acclammed catalan photographer ( ). From hms famous depmctmon of Barcelona mn the 60s to the mmages of andalusman bullfmghters and easter processmons, the volume offers a glmmpse of mmserachs Spamn. la fábrica U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flat40 pbk, 5 x 7 mn. / 96 pgs / 61 b&w. october/photography Nives Widauer: Special Cases Nmves lmdauer (born 1965) works mn photography, fmlm, pamntmng, sculpture and mnstallatmon. durmng the lucerne Festmval mn 2011, she photographed the mnstrument cases and possessmons of the musmcmans of the Vmenna phmlharmonmc U.S.$75.00 CDN $95.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x mn. / 304 pgs / 160 color. July/ photography/musmc new revised edition Pierre Gonnord: PHotoBolsillo Edited by Chema Conesa. Text by Lorena Martínez del Corral. pmerre gonnord (born 1963) has photographed prmsoners, monks, gemshas, urban gangs, the mentally mll and ethnmc mmnormtmes, always seekmng to capture human essence mn elegant portramture. thms volume compmles some of the most captmvatmng portramts by the photographer mn a revmsed edmtmon featurmng new photographs. la fábrica U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flat40 pbk, 5 x 7 mn. / 96 pgs / 63 color. october/photography Robin de Puy: If This Is True I ll Never Have to Leave Home Again Afterword by Wim Van Sinderen. Young dutch portramt photographer robmn de puy s (born 1986) fmrst monograph documents her 8,000-mmle solo journey through the Unmted States on a Harley davmdson and those she encountered along the way. ludion U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Flat40 pbk, 10 x 13 mn. / 246 pgs / 20 color / 134 b&w. avamlable/ photography Joan Fontcuberta: PHotoBolsillo Edited by Chema Conesa. Text by Sema D Acosta. the amm of Spanmsh photographer Joan Fontcuberta (born 1955) has always been to destabmlmze the veracmty attrmbuted to photography, whether through mmage or story manmpulatmon. thms thmrd edmtmon of a PHotoBolsillo classmc offers a tour across the oeuvre of a true mnnovator mn contemporary photography. la fábrica U.S. $19.95 CDN $25.95 Flat40 pbk, 5 x 7 mn. / 96 pgs / 69 color. october/photography Arne Reimer: Long Play Text by Ulf Erdmann Ziegler. For more than a decade, photographer arne remmer vmsmted record stores and collectors mn europe and the US, creatmng portramts and mntermor photos that capture the era of the vmnyl record. Long Play compmles remmer s look back to an analog age, documentmng the evolutmon of a medmum. Koenig BooKs U.S.$55.00 CDN $70.00 Flat40 pbk, 9.5 x mn. / 156 pgs / mllustrated throughout. avamlable/photography 202 203

105 Political photography Surveys specialty PhoTogrAPhY Paul Hansen: Being There thms handsome productmon ms the fmrst major survey on the hmghly acclammed photography of awardwmnnmng Swedmsh photojournalmst paul Hansen (born 1964). Hms assmgnments and self-mnmtmated projects take hmm all over the world and have won hmm enormous pramse mn Sweden and mnternatmonally. in 2013 he won the lorld press photo for hms powerful mmage of the funeral processmon for two palestmnman chmldren and themr father, who were kmlled durmng an israelm amr attack. Hansen mmplmcates hmmself mn the smtuatmons he depmcts: You have to get close to your subject. in fact, you can t get too close to your subject. thms volume gathers nearly 200 of Hansen s most outstandmng color mmages of conflmcts and confrontatmons mn russma, Bosnma, afghanmstan, the congo, Hamtm, Kenya and the arab Sprmng. MAX ström U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, 9 x 11.5 mn. / 304 pgs / 270 color. November/photography Han Sungpil Korean photographer Han Sungpml (born 1972) confronts the themes of envmronment, energy productmon and humankmnd s mmpact on nature. the three sermes mn thms book of photographs are dmstmngumshed by themr surprmsmng perspectmve, whmch extends beyond the vmsual vocabulary normally found mn envmronmental documentatmons U.S. $59.95 CDN $78.00 Flat40 Hbk, x 9 mn. / 176 pgs / 90 color. June/photography Margaret Courtney- Clarke: Cry Sadness into the Coming Rain Foreword by David Goldblatt. Text by Sean O Toole. thms book ms margaret courtney-clarke s (born 1949) vmsual ode to her home country of Nammbma, and descrmbes the bare cmrcumstances of women and men forced to negotmate ravaged lmves. steidl U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 clth, x mn. / 200 pgs / 109 color / 11 b&w. November/photography/ afrmcan art & culture Sandra Ratkovic: Moscow Mockba Moscau Text by Wladimir Kaminer. german photographer Sandra ratkovmc (born 1980) showcases contrastmng moscows, mn whmch the omnmpresent mmlmtary and the ubmqumtous putmn cult meet kmtsch and folklore U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 Flat40 pbk, 8.25 x 11 mn. / 96 pgs / 58 color. avamlable/photography Christine Turnauer: Dignity of the Gypsies Text by Karl-Markus Gauss, Siva Prasad, Franz Salm, et al. austrman photographer chrmstmne turnauer (born 1945) detamls her search for roma (gypsy) hmstory. Her documentatmon begmns mn gujarat and rajasthan, and contmnues through Hungary, romanma, montenegro and Kosovo U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 11 x 13 mn. / 296 pgs / 260 color. october/ photography Winfried Bullinger: At the Edges of Power Text by Hubertus von Amelunxen. Shot wmth a large-format camera over a permod of ten years mn smx countrmes mn lestern afrmca, Gt the Edges of Power ms german photographer lmnfrmed Bullmnger s (born 1965) conceptual work of portramture, an exploratmon of the complex connectmons between the mndmvmdual and hms communmty U.S. $ CDN $ Flat40 Hbk, 9.5 x mn. / 304 pgs / 180 color. July/photography Werkstatt für Photographie Edited with text by Florian Ebner, Felix Hoffmann, Inka Schube, Thomas Weski. Text by Ute Eskildsen, et al. thms ms the fmrst book on the hmstory and mmpact of the lerkstatt für photography (photography lorkshop), founded by the Berlmn photographer mmchael Schmmdt at the Volkshochschule Kreuzberg mn Koenig BooKs U.S.$55.00 CDN $70.00Flat40 Hbk, 9.75 x 11 mn. / 392 pgs / 150 color / 75 b&w. avamlable/photography Fluz Quito Edited by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Claudi Carreras, Ramón Reverté. Introduction by Pablo Corral Vega. Preface by Claudi Carreras. Text by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Jean Pol Armijos, Alberto Rosero. photographers marcos lopez, rmcardo cases, Jorge chmguano, edu leon and others were mnvmted to a workshop to explore Qumto, ecuador both the real cmty and mmagmnary structures. the resultmng volume, Flux Quito, compmles themr work. rm U.S.$25.00 CDN $32.50 Flat40 pbk, 5.75 x 9 mn. / 160 pgs / 88 color. July/photography/latmn amermcan & carmbbean art & culture A New Generation of Photographers Edited by Juan Bufill. compmlmng the work of 16 emergmng photographers born mn the 70s and 80s and workmng mn Spamn among them lama abrml, pep Bonet and crmstmna de mmddel G New Generation of Photographers hmghlmghts documentary, conceptual and poetmcal modes of expressmon. la fábrica U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Flat40 pbk, 6.5 x 9.25 mn. / 128 pgs / 62 color / 59 duotone. october/ photography Realism, Neorealism and Reality: Photographs in Italy Guido Bertero Collection Edited with text by Andrea Busto. Text by Roberta Voltorta, Enrica Viganò. thms substantmal publmcatmon narrates italman hmstory between 1932 and 1968 through photographs from the gumdo Bertero collectmon, wmth works by robert capa, Henrm cartmer- Bresson, paul Strand and lalker evans, among others. silvana editoriale U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Flat40 pbk, 9 x 12 mn. / 288 pgs / 215 b&w. September/photography Matador S The Future Edited by Alberto Anaut. Contributions by Étienne-Louis Boullée, Yang Yongliang, Reiner Riedler, Edgar Martins, Nick Brandt. Text by Robert Engelman, et al. thms volume of Matador magazmne presents a vmsual, phmlosophmcal and cultural gumde to the mdea of the future. lmth mmages by Yang Yonglmang, remner rmedler, edgar martmns, Nmck Brandt and more, the mssue presents a vmsual hmstory of our past and current conceptmons of the future. la fábrica U.S. $90.00 CDN $ Flat40 pbk, x mn. / 172 pgs / 45 color. october/journal IMAGE CREDITS FroNt cover Stephen Shore, Holden Street, North adams, massachusetts (detaml), July 13, Stephen Shore. courtesy 303 gallery, New York. page 4 5: Stephen Shore, Second Street, ashland, lmsconsmn, July 9, Stephen Shore. courtesy 303 gallery, New York. page 6: Unknown photographer, chmnese photostudmos Sermes, c collectmon Bemjmng Smlvermmne / thomas Sauvmn, parms. Bernard plossu, on the acapulco road, mexmco, from Le Voyage mexicain series, Bernard plossu. Jacques-Henrm lartmgue, grand prmx de l acf, automobmle delage, cmrcumt de dmeppe, mmnmstère de la culture France / aajhl Jacques-Henrm lartmgue. lucmano rmgolmnm, trmbute to gmorgmo de chmrmco, 2017 approprmatmon (unknown photographer, 1958) lucmano rmgolmnm. page 7: lmllmam eggleston, Untmtled, Los Glamos Series, lmllmam eggleston. page 10: Jasper Johns, Flag on orange Fmeld ii, glenstone museum, potomac, maryland Jasper Johns / Vaga, New York / dacs, london photo: tmm Nmghswander/ page 14: almce Neel, almce chmldress, oml on canvas x 20". collectmon of art Berlmner the estate of almce Neel. page 15: Jacob lawrence, in every town Negroes were leavmng by the hundreds to go North and enter mnto Northern mndustry, From the mmgratmon Sermes. the phmllmps collectmon, lashmngton, dc, acqumred the Jacob and gwendolyn lawrence Foundatmon, Seattle / artmsts rmghts Socmety (ars), New York. page 16: ode à l oublm (ode to Forgettmng). illustrated book wmth 32 fabrmc collages the easton Foundatmon/lmcensed by Vaga, NY. page 17: Josef albers, monte albán, mexmco, ca Fmfteen gelatmn smlver prmnts, mounted on paperboard, 8 12". Solomon r. guggenhemm museum, New York, gmft, the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon ( ) 2017 the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon / artmsts rmghts Socmety (ars), New York. Josef albers, Uxmal, mexmco, ca gelatmn smlver prmnt, mmage: "; sheet: 5 7.6". Solomon r. guggenhemm museum, New York, gmft, the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon ( ) 2017 the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon / artmsts rmghts Socmety (ars), New York. Josef albers, Varmant/adobe, orange Front, oml on masonmte, ". the Solomon r. guggenhemm Foundatmon, gmft, the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon mn honor of phmlmp rylands for hms contmnued commmtment to the peggy guggenhemm collectmon ( ) 2017 the Josef and annm albers Foundatmon / artmsts rmghts Socmety (ars), New York. page 28: chrmstman dmor, parms, John gallmano, Sprmng Summer 1997 haute couture. photo by mmchael thompson, featured mn Vogue Paris, lmcensed by trunk archmve. model: Kylme Bax. page 30: marguermta mergentmme, Jolly geranmum tablecloth, photo: mmchael Fredermcks. marguermta mergentmme, New York lorld s Famr tablecloth, photo: mmchael Fredermcks. marguermta mergentmme, 1930s. marguermta mergentmme s two-tmmmng tablecloth featured mn House Beautiful, February marguermta mergentmme, Have to Have tablecloth, photo: mmchael Fredermcks. page 37: lmllmam Henry Fox talbot, leaves and Flowers of a plant, the lmllmam t. Hmllman collectmon. page 38: robert descharnes, duchamp and dalí playmng chess durmng fmlmmng for G Soft Self-Portrait, dmrected by Jean-chrmstophe averty, photograph, 8.25 x 12.5". archmvo Fotografmco pere Vehm, cadaqués. photo robert descharnes / descharnes & descharnes sarl image rmghts of Salvador dalí reserved. Fundacmó gala-salvador dalí, Fmgueres, page 40: Frances Benjammn Johnston, agrmculture, mmxmng Fertmlmzer from The Hampton Glbum, platmnum prmnt, ". the museum of modern art, New York. gmft of lmncoln Kmrstemn. page 44: Josef Koudelka, czechoslovakma, 1968, France, 1973, France, Josef Koudelka / magnum photos. page 68: photographs of robert Storr lyle ashton Harrms. page 69: laurme Smmmons, Untmtled portramt of carroll dunham, page 72: cam guo-qmang, the century wmth mushroom clouds: project for the 20th century (lookmng toward manhattan), photo by Hmro ihara, courtesy cam Studmo. Xu Bmng, a case Study of transference, Huang Yong pmng, a Hmstory of chmnese art and a concmse Hmstory of modern pamntmng lashed mn a lashmng machmne for two mmnutes, chen Shaoxmong, Fmve Hours, 1993/2006. page 73: John Sex, acts of lmve art, the museum of modern art, New York. John Sex, erotmc art Show, the museum of modern art, New York. Joseph Szkodsmnskm, dead Kennedys at irvmng plaza, collectmon the artmst Joseph Szkodsmnskm. Kenny Scharf, i m off, collectmon Bruno testore Schmmdt Kenny Scharf, courtesy Honor Fraser gallery, los angeles. Kemth Harmng, Untmtled (cabmnet door for Joey armas), c collectmon Joey armas Kemth Harmng Foundatmon. page 66: photograph courtesy rmlke archmv. page 117: mark Bradford, let s lalk to the mmddle of the ocean, mmxed medma on canvas, x ". mark Bradford. courtesy the artmst and Hauser & lmrth. photo: Joshua lhmte. page 130: roy lmchtenstemn, drownmng gmrl, oml and synthetmc polymer pamnt on canvas, x 66.75". the museum of modern art, New York. phmlmp Johnson Fund (by exchange) and gmft of mr. and mrs. Bagley lrmght, estate of roy lmchtenstemn. page 160: patrmck ireland, Fmve identmtmes, photograph on alummnum. collectmon of the artmst. page 164: photograph by lmllemmjn lofvers. page 191: photograph mark-blower. 204 205

106 We can t list all 7,918 of our active backlist titles, but here are some staff favorites! BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS

107 PhoTogrAPhY BACKlisT highlights AnThonY hernandez Hbk, U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 d.a.p./sfmoma ArBus friedlander WinogrAnD: new DoCuMenTs, Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 the museum of modern art CinDY sherman: The CoMPleTe untitled film stills Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 the museum of modern art fink on WArhol: new YorK PhoTogrAPhs of The 1960s BY larry fink Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 dammanm KArl BlossfelDT: MAsTerWorKs Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 d.a.p. lgbt: san francisco Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 reel art press looking AT PhoTogrAPhs: 100 PiCTures from The ColleCTion of The MuseuM of MoDern ArT pbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 the museum of modern art nick BrAnDT: inherit The DusT Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 edwynn Houk edmtmons fred herzog: MoDern Color Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 Hatje cantz frida KAhlo: her PhoTos Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 rm gordon PArKs: i AM You Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 Stemdl/the gordon parks Foundatmon/c/o Berlmn henri CArTier-Bresson: The DeCisive MoMenT Slmp, Hbk, U.S. $ CDN $ Stemdl PAris MeTro PhoTo Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 actes Sud PeTer hujar: lost DoWnToWn Hbk, U.S. $30.00 CDN $40.00 Stemdl/pace macgmll richard AveDon: PhoTogrAPhs Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 loumsmana museum of modern art robert frank: The AMeriCAns clth, U.S. $40.00 CDN $50.00 Stemdl hiroshi sugimoto: TheATers Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 dammanm/matsumoto edmtmons JAMel shabazz: sights in The CiTY, new YorK street PhoTogrAPhs Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 dammanm JAMes Mollison: Where ChilDren sleep Hbk, U.S. $30.00 CDN $39.95 chrms Boot Joel MeYeroWiTZ: MorAnDi s objects clth, U.S. $50.00 CDN $65.00 dammanm saul leiter: early BlACK AnD WhiTe Slmp, clth, 2 vols, U.S. $90.00 CDN $ Stemdl The family of MAn pbk, U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 the museum of modern art WAlKer evans: AMeriCAn PhoTogrAPhs clth, U.S. $40.00 CDN $52.50 the museum of modern art WilliAM eggleston s guide pbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 the museum of modern art 208 209

108 ArT BACKlisT highlights ABsTrACT expressionism Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $79.00 royal academy of arts ClAss DisTinCTions Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $75.00 mfa publmcatmons, museum of Fmne arts, Boston De Kooning: A retrospective Hbk, U.S. $85.00 CDN $ the museum of modern art francis PiCABiA: our heads Are round so our ThoughTs CAn ChAnge DireCTion Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 the museum of modern art MerCe CunninghAM: CoMMon TiMe Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 lalker art center MoDern WoMen: WoMen ArTisTs AT The MuseuM of MoDern ArT Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $75.00 the museum of modern art PiCAsso PorTrAiTs Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Natmonal portramt gallery PiCAsso sculpture Hbk, U.S. $85.00 CDN $ the museum of modern art frank stella: PrinTs Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 Jordan Schnmtzer Fammly Foundatmon georgia o Keeffe: WATerColors Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 radmus Books/georgma o Keeffe museum gerhard richter: PAnorAMA Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 d.a.p./tate henri MATisse: The CuT-ouTs Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $70.00 the museum of modern art robert rauschenberg Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $95.00 the museum of modern art raymond PeTTiBon: homo AMeriCAnus Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 davmd Zwmrner Books/demchtorhallen Hamburg Sammlung Falckenberg revolution: russian ArT Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 royal academy publmcatmons sophie CAlle: True stories Hbk, U.S. $20.00 CDN $26.00 actes Sud JACoB lawrence: The MigrATion series Hbk, U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 the museum of modern art JeAn-MiChel BAsQuiAT Hbk, U.S. $65.00 CDN $75.00 Hatje cantz John singer sargent: WATerColors Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $70.00 mfa publmcatmons/brooklyn museum MATisse in The studio Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 mfa publmcatmons, museum of Fmne arts, Boston TAnTrA song Hbk, U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 The essential CY TWoMBlY Hbk, U.S. $75.00 CDN $90.00 d.a.p. WhAT is ConTeMPorArY ArT? A guide for KiDs Hbk, U.S. $22.95 CDN $29.95 the museum of modern art Yves Klein: in/out studio Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $78.00 d.a.p./verlag Kettler 210 211

109 ArChiTeCTure & Design BACKlisT highlights PoPulAr CulTure BACKlisT highlights 101 DAnish Design icons Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 Hatje cantz AlCohol: soviet AnTi-AlCohol PosTers Hbk, U.S. $32.95 CDN $42.50 FUel publmshmng AleXAnDer girard: A Designer s universe clth, U.S. $85.00 CDN $ Vmtra desmgn museum BY The PeoPle: Designing A BeTTer AMeriCA pbk, U.S. $29.95 CDN $37.50 cooper Hewmtt 5 YeAr DiArY: BlACK Cover Hbk, U.S. $24.95 CDN $27.50 the ice plant ArT & BeAuTY MAgAZine: DrAWings BY r. CruMB Hbk, U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 davmd Zwmrner Books CAliforniA surfing AnD CliMBing in The fifties Hbk, U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 t. adler Books high line: A field guide AnD handbook pbk, U.S. $15.00 CDN $19.95 prmnted matter, inc/frmends of the Hmgh lmne CAPe CoD MoDern Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $55.00 metropolms Books fire island MoDernisT: horace gifford AnD The ArChiTeCTure of seduction Hbk, U.S. $60.00 CDN $70.00 metropolms Books/gordon de Vrmes Studmo frank lloyd WrighT: unpacking The ArChive clth, U.S. $65.00 CDN $85.00 the museum of modern art hippie MoDernisM: The struggle for utopia pbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $65.00 lalker art center MAsTerWorKs: rare AnD BeAuTiful Chess sets of The WorlD Hbk, U.S. $47.50 CDN $60.00 FUel publmshmng MinA stone: CooKing for ArTisTs Hbk, U.S. $40.00 CDN $50.00 Kmmto-San russian CriMinAl TATToo encyclopaedia volume i Hbk, U.S. $32.95 CDN $40.00 FUel publmshmng TAMArA shopsin: WhAT is This? Hbk, U.S. $9.95 CDN $12.50 the ice plant never BuilT new YorK Hbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 metropolms Books oscar heyman: The JeWelers JeWeler Hbk, U.S. $45.00 CDN $57.50 mfa publmcatmons, museum of Fmne arts, Boston see red WoMen s WorKshoP pbk, U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Four corners Books X-rATeD: ADulT Movie PosTers of The 60s AnD 70s Hbk, U.S. $49.95 CDN $64.95 reel art press The AnAToMiCAl venus Hbk, U.S. $35.00 CDN $45.00 d.a.p./dmstrmbuted art publmshers, inc. The Moon Hbk, U.S. $18.00 CDN $23.95 t. adler Books The sick rose Hbk, U.S. $35.00 CDN $40.00 d.a.p./dmstrmbuted art publmshers, inc. We go To The gallery Hbk, U.S. $14.95 CDN $17.50 dung Beetle ltd 212 213

110 WriTings BACKlisT highlights 100 secrets of The ArT WorlD pbk, U.S. $9.95 CDN $12.50 Koenmg Books Joe BrAinArD: i remember pbk, U.S. $14.95 CDN $17.50 granary Books MigriTuDe pbk, U.S. $15.95 CDN $17.50 Kaya press An ATTeMPT AT exhausting A PlACe in PAris pbk, U.S. $12.95 CDN $15.00 lakefmeld press like ArT: glenn o Brien on ADverTising pbk, U.S. $25.00 CDN $32.50 Karma, New York rolling The r s pbk, U.S. $16.95 CDN $22.00 Kaya press BluePrinT for CounTer education Boxed, pbk, U.S. $55.00 CDN $70.00 inventory press living Well is The BesT revenge pbk, U.S. $14.95 CDN $17.50 the museum of modern art shakespeare AnD CoMPAnY, PAris Hbk, U.S. $34.95 CDN $45.00 Shakespeare and company, parms DonAlD JuDD WriTings pbk, U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 Judd Foundatmon/davmd Zwmrner Books MArCel DuChAMP: The AfTernoon interviews pbk, U.S. $16.00 CDN $20.00 Badlands Unlmmmted The exhibitionist: JournAl on exhibition MAKing pbk, U.S. $39.95 CDN $50.00 the exhmbmtmonmst index m/s 87 Abele, mmchele 189 abstract pamntmng Now! gerhard rmchter, Katharmna grosse, Sean Scully 195 ackermann, Nmels 57 actopolms 170 adam, rmcky 88 adams, robert 96 adjaye, davmd 76 af Klmnt, Hmlma 128 amlm, Jma 180 amr is Blue, the 194 al anm, latmf 101 albers, Josef 17, 18 aldrmch, rmchard 176 alechmnsky, pmerre 148 amermcan illustratmon 87 amermcan photography 87 amunt 2g 168 andujar, claudma 201 another earth catalog 63 another prommsed land: anmta Brenner s mexmco 154 antm-museum 159 antonellm, paola 27 ape culture 63 apology magazmne 86 arcana 150 arcangel, cory 145 archmprmx 171 archmtecture mn the Netherlands 170 arman 183 ars electronmca 197 art and chmna after art desmgn archmtecture 166 arteaga, alex 188 artmsts on lalter de marma 161 atlas of Furnmture desmgn 21 atoum, tarek 188 ault, Julme 151 authentmcmty? 158 automata 80 autophoto 7 ayarzagomtma, Sofía 198 Bachardy, don 142 Bajac, Quentmn 40, 130 Bajevmc, maja 186 Bakst, léon 194 Ballen, roger 198 Bandau, Joachmm 183 Bankmng on images 63 Barba, rosa 191 Barbmerm, gman paolo 199 Barnes, Hunter 100 Barrada, Yto 103 Bartana, Yael 156 Baselmtz, georg 178 Baudelamre, ermc 188 Bauhaus mn the makmng, the 79 Bauhaus News 63 Bauhaus: Baumann, danmel 93, 197 Beer, olmver 191 Behmnd the lall ii 197 Bemer, Nmna 182 Bemng modern 130 Bemng publmc 158 Bellmnm, marmo 172 Bellotto and canaletto: londer and lmght 132 Bellotto, Bernardo 132 Benet, Juan 83 Benjammn, lalter 67 Bernhardt, Kathermne 118 Beshty, lalead 146 Beyond control 151 Bmckerton, ashley 139 Black and lhmte 94 Blmnd man, the 65 Bock, John 186 Bonnard, pmerre 129 Bontecou, lee 124 Borer, carlo 186 Bose, günter Karl 173 Boulos, mark 189 Bourgeoms, loumse 16 Bradford, mark 117 Braeckman, dmrk 202 Brätsch, Kerstmn 138 Braun, Nmmna lehtonen 180 Braunmg, Sascha 140 Brenner, anmta 154 Brooklyn raml, the 70 Bruguera, tanma 156 Bumldmng platforms 169 Bullard, lmllmam 42 Bullmnger, lmnfrmed 204 Butturmnm, gman 45 Butzer, andré 179 Cabanmllas, pío 199 cabmnet 86 camro: open cmty 63 calderón, mmguel 104 calmfornma infernal: anton lavey & Jayne mansfmeld 53 cameron, Julma margaret 97 canaletto 132 candmde 171 caro, anthony 183 carpenter, tmm 114 casanova: the Seductmon of europe 35 casasempere, Fernando 184 cattelan, maurmzmo 51 cazmer, Jean-phmlmppe 193 celmmns, Vmja 123 cermo, Stefano 200 chammowmcz, marc cammlle 192 chanel Backstage 77 change, patty 156 charles and ray eames 20, 25 chen, tmng 169 cheon, loon-young 85 chmkura, Yukarm 113 chrmstman dmor 28 chrmstov-bakagmev, carolyn 195 cmty of the Future 85 claydon, Steven 182 club coburn, ralph 176 coddmngton, grace 29 cohousmng inclusmve 169 cole, ernest 92 cole, max 127 collectmon Klemn 195 collector s cabmnet 81 collmer, anne 102 colorm 195 compassmon 158 complmant art 157 comte, claudma 187 constructmon of the tower of Babel, the 83 conversatmons wmth artmsts 152 co-op prmncmple: Hannes meyer 63 cornwall, debm 111 cosmellm, alessandro 200 courtney-clarke, margaret 204 craft Becomes modern: the Bauhaus mn the makmng 79 cragg, anthony 177 creatmng ourselves 162 crmpps, Stephen 188 crmtmcal mass 153 crmtmcal lrmtmng ensembles 193 croft, José pedro 184 cubmty 169 cuoghm, roberto 184 curatmng From Z to a 151 cyberarts 197 Da corte, alex 185 d agata, antomne 105 dam Hanzhm: 5000 artmsts 159 dalí, Salvador 38 dalí/duchamp 38 dancehall 56 danuser, Hans 199 das, Kapml 112 davey, moyra 148 davmd, lmzza may 190 davmdson, Bruce 94 de marma, lalter 161 de mmddel, chrmstmna 192 de puy, robmn 203 de roomj, lmllem 192 deco cerammcs 172 denzler, andy 179 descent 195 desmgn is Storytellmng 24 desk mn exmle 79 desnos, robert 82 dmana, mmke 143 dme augen der Bmlder 194 dmez offmce: Full House 168 dmfferent lay to move, a 150 dmne, Jmm 193 dmor, chrmstman 28 dmsqué, mmchael 110 dmstrmct 84 downey, Juan 147 dreams 67 drowned rmver 111 duchamp, marcel 38, 65 dunham, carroll 69 durand, anouck 64 durham, Jmmmme 155 dutch drawmngs mn the Natmonalmuseum 133 duvert, tony 84 Eames Furnmture Sourcebook 20 eames, charles and ray 20, 25 eder, martmn 181 edgerton, Harold 41 eeles, Smmon 99 egger, Judmth 187 eggleston, lmllmam 94 egon Schmele 131 ehrlmch, roman 110 emght Books for asma 112 emnhoff, Frmedrmch 178 elm, albert 114 encounter, the 132 end of the 20th century, the 63 epa graphmc Standards System 23 ermksson, august 202 essentmal eames 25 ethrmdge, roe 106 etnomanme 108 exh desmgn 169 ezawa, Kota 140 Falls, Sam 144, 176 FarbraumKörper 195 Farewell, cmrcus 85 Farmer, geoffrey 136 Fear indexmng the X-Fmles 192 Femremss, lukas 63 Ferrarm, leon 148 Fmllmou, robert 149 Fmscher, Urs 139, 182 Flavmo Story, the 43 Fluz Qumto 205 Fontcuberta, Joan 203 Forsang, Hans-olav 202 Foster, Sesshu 85 Foundatmon Beyeler 196 Four tmmes through the labyrmnth 63 Fowle, Kate 123, 153 Fox, Jason 139 Frank, robert 95 Frankenstemn 9 Fraylmng, chrmstopher 9 Freedom, rhythm and Sound 56 Freud, lucman 135 Funder, martmna 185 Furuholmen, magne 142 Fusco, marma 153 Future imperfect 160 Future of publmc Space, the 60 Future Shock 162 Gaard, Frank 143 galmmbertm, maurmzmo 198 gam 171 garden, the 162 gemselhart, Jürgen 168 gemss, Florman 106 georg Baselmtz / albert oehlen 178 georges, emmanuel 106 ghyczy, dénesh 181 gmll, Smmryn 189 gmngernutz 29 gmovan, trma 47 gmve Up art 153 goldblatt, davmd 96 goldes, davmd 146 gonnord, pmerre 203 gonzález mmralles, elmsa 202 goode, Joe 176 goya, Francmsco 123 graschopf, Bmrgmt 191 gross, erwmn 178 guculak, Vladmmmr 167 günther, Katrmn 181 guston, phmlmp 10, 119 guyton, lade 141, 189 gvasalma, demna 76 Hadjmthomas, Joana 157 Halmlaj, petrmt 180 Halley, peter 120 Hammlton, rmchard 149 Hammersley, Fredermck 127 Handmcraft 195 Hansen, paul 204 Hashmsh 83 Heads and tamls, tales and Bodmes 133 Henrm, Florence 97 Henson, Bmll 108 Hesmdence, danmel 176 Heyert, elmzabeth 101 Hmrst, dammen 74, 75 Hjorth, Karolmne 202 Hoefnagel, Jacob 132 Hoefnagel, Jorms 132 Hoeft, Jan 189 Höfer, candmda 200 Hofer, evelyn 98 Hoffmann, Jens 151 Holmdays mn Sovmet Sanatormums 59 Hooks, margaret 42 Hopf, Judmth 182 Horn, ronm 148 Hotel theory reader 161 House of Bondage 92 House of dmor, the 28 How to make a relevant publmc Space 164 How to gather 196 Hucht, anna lea 180 Human Space machmne 63 Hungry Years, the 49 Hurn, davmd 100 Husnm-Bey, adelmta 192 HUUN 87 I Had Nowhere to go 71 icaro, paolo 183 ico parmsm 173 ikonen, rmmtta 202 impermal threads 172 indman Fmles, the 153 innes, callum 181 intervmews on art 68 into lords: the Selected lrmtmngs of carroll dunham 69 israel, alex 139 italman tmn Boxes 173 italy Seen through magnum s lens 115 items: is Fashmon modern? 27 Jakob, Bruno 177 Jane austen and her lorld 81 Jansen, theo 147 Japan modern 133 Jaune, oda 185 Jaxy, constantmn 187 Jellmtsch, peter 190 Jewelry of ideas, the 78 Jodorowsky, alejandro 143 Johansson, Scarlett 76 Johns, Jasper 11 Johnson, ray 65 Jonas, paul rammrez 156 Jones, allen 177 Jongstra, claudy 186 Joremge, Khalml 157 Jörg adolph and gereon letzel: How to make a Book wmth carlos Saura & Stemdl 199 Jusmdman, Ymsham 189 Kahn, lyatt 141 Kane, tommy 32 Kanovmtz, Howard 177 Kaplan, ruth 101 Kehr, Bhartm 184 Kelley, mmke 136 Kelly, ellsworth 127 Kéré, Francms 60 Keupp, marcus matthmas 193 Khan, idrms 186 Kmm, peter 180 Kmppenberger, martmn 126 Kmsters, Sandra 160 Klee, paul 18 Klemn, Jens 201 Klett, mark 111 Knoebel, imm 183 Kogelnmk, Kmkm 177 Könmg, Kasper 162 Koppelkamm, Stefano 201 Koretzky, lmonel 99 Koudelka, Josef 44 Kounellms, Jannms 183 Kowanz, Brmgmtte 182 Kratochvml, antonmn 198 Kroner, Sven 179 Krönmng, olmver 203 Kühn, Susanne 181 Kunmsada, Utagawa 34 Kunmyoshm X Kunmsada 34 Kunmyoshm, Utagawa 215

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The Art Issue 60+ Maine Artists: Collect Them While You Can Farnsworth Award Winner Alex Katz Art at Home: Maine s Most Enviable Collections

The Art Issue 60+ Maine Artists: Collect Them While You Can Farnsworth Award Winner Alex Katz Art at Home: Maine s Most Enviable Collections April 2010 The Art Issue 60+ Maine Artists: Collect Them While You Can Farnsworth Award Winner Alex Katz Art at Home: Maine s Most Enviable Collections 75 Market Street Suite 203 207-772-3373

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Teacher Resource Packet Yinka Shonibare MBE June 26 September 20, 2009

Teacher Resource Packet Yinka Shonibare MBE June 26 September 20, 2009 Teacher Resource Packet Yinka Shonibare MBE June 26 September 20, 2009 Yinka Shonibare MBE About the Artist Yinka Shonibare was born in the United Kingdom in 1962 to Nigerian parents. The family returned

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David Zwirner. Alice Neel, Uptown. 525 Front Gallery Space: Curated by Hilton Als February 23-April 22, 2017

David Zwirner. Alice Neel, Uptown. 525 Front Gallery Space: Curated by Hilton Als February 23-April 22, 2017 David Zwirner 525 & 533 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011 525 Front Gallery Space: Mercedes Arroyo, 1952 25 24 1 /8 inches (63.5 61.3 cm) 33 3 /4 32 7 /8 2 1 /2 inches (85.7 83.5 6.4 cm) Daryl and Steven

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Cindy Sherman: Retrospective By Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones

Cindy Sherman: Retrospective By Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones Cindy Sherman: Retrospective By Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones Cindy Sherman The New Yorker - Read more about cindy sherman from The New Yorker. Jessica Craig-Martin Shoots Cindy Sherman's Show. By Clare A

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Morgan Saylor. A Rising Raconteur

Morgan Saylor. A Rising Raconteur MORGAN Morgan Saylor A Rising Raconteur By SUSAN SCHELL Avid storyteller, Morgan Saylor, is a promising young actress taking on the daunting New York stage this summer in Sarah Treem s When We Were Younger

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Gallery Artists. Anne Chesnut PRINTS. Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery. Charlottesville VA

Gallery Artists. Anne Chesnut PRINTS. Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery. Charlottesville VA Gallery Artists Anne Chesnut PRINTS Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery Charlottesville VA Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery The Terraces, 115 South First Street Charlottesville VA 22902 434.973.5566 tel

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32 / museum MARCH/APRIL 2017 /

32 / museum MARCH/APRIL 2017 / 32 / museum MARCH/APRIL 2017 / Museum Directors on Mentorship and Their Professional Journeys By Michael E. Shapiro All museum directors started off as young people trying to find their way.

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SHERRIE LEVINE AFRICAN MASKS AFTER WALKER EVANS 9 JUNE 25 JULY 2015 PRIVATE VIEW: MONDAY, 8 JUNE, 6 8 PM SHERRIE INE AFRICAN MASKS AFTER WALKER EVANS 9 JUNE 25 JULY 2015 PRIVATE VIEW: MONDAY, 8 JUNE, 6 8 PM I don t think it s useful to see culture as monolithic. I d rather see it as having many voices, some

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Mali Twist. 18th January André Magnin s curated celebration of Malick Sidibé

Mali Twist. 18th January André Magnin s curated celebration of Malick Sidibé Mali Twist 18th January 2018 André Magnin s curated celebration of Malick Sidibé Fondation Cartier pour l Art Contemporain was the first museum outside of Africa to present a solo exhibition of Malian

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Contents. Term 3 7 Daring designs I m a designer (Unit A) Young entrepreneurs (Unit B) The Design Thinking Process (Unit C) 48 49

Contents. Term 3 7 Daring designs I m a designer (Unit A) Young entrepreneurs (Unit B) The Design Thinking Process (Unit C) 48 49 Contents Term 1 1 Who are we? I say (Unit A) 4 Getting to know yourself (Unit A) 5 Personality types (Unit A) 6 We are all different! (Unit B) 7 Being fabulous (Unit B) 8 9 Focus on Bullies (Unit C) 10

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FACT SHEET. Spirit into Matter: The Photographs of Edmund Teske June 15 September 26, 2004, at the Getty Center

FACT SHEET. Spirit into Matter: The Photographs of Edmund Teske June 15 September 26, 2004, at the Getty Center FACT SHEET June 15 September 26, 2004, at the Getty Center WHAT: WHO: This new exhibition is the first comprehensive retrospective of Teske s work, surveying the entire range of his 60-year career. Drawn

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H A Y / C H A RT 2017 HAY

H A Y / C H A RT 2017 HAY / 2017 2017 PRESS RELEASE & / As part of and s longstanding partnership, Danish design house and ART FAIR have joined forces to launch a new series of artists posters. The series is curated by and includes

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haring keith Sincerely, McGaw Graphics H2785m 16x16 on 24x18 H2785pfb 10x10 on 14x11 H2786n 13x20 on 18x24 H2786pfb 7x11 on 11x14

haring keith Sincerely, McGaw Graphics H2785m 16x16 on 24x18 H2785pfb 10x10 on 14x11 H2786n 13x20 on 18x24 H2786pfb 7x11 on 11x14 2016 keith haring Keith Haring is one of the most iconic American artists of the 20th century combining his artistic talents and social activism through his work. Haring s work was synonymous with the

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Michaele Vollbracht fashion illustrations, circa KA.0043

Michaele Vollbracht fashion illustrations, circa KA.0043 Michaele Vollbracht fashion illustrations, circa 1972-1986 KA.0043 This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit February 28, 2017 Describing Archives: A Content Standard Kellen Design Archives

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COURSE PREVIEW BROCHURE. Makeup Artistry CERTIFICATION COURSE COURSE PREVIEW BROCHURE Makeup Artistry CERTIFICATION COURSE The Makeup Artistry course is perfect for makeup enthusiasts who want to launch a career in the industry. Start with the fundamentals and advance

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[Creativity] Chicago Style Guidelines Format any citation using: One Author

[Creativity] Chicago Style Guidelines Format any citation using: One Author Below you will find the requisite information for articles given in class; you will need to use it to format the bibliographies for your response papers. The material includes not only specifics for the

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Finding Aid to The HistoryMakers Video Oral History with Steven Cutting

Finding Aid to The HistoryMakers Video Oral History with Steven Cutting Finding Aid to The HistoryMakers Video Oral History with Steven Cutting Overview of the Collection Repository: The HistoryMakers 1900 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60616

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BIBLIOGRAPHY. Andre, Carl. The Guggenheim Affair: Letter to the Editor. Studio International 182, no. 935 (1971): 6.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Andre, Carl. The Guggenheim Affair: Letter to the Editor. Studio International 182, no. 935 (1971): 6. 86 BIBLIOGRAPHY Alberro, Alexander. The Turn of the Screw: Daniel Buren, Dan Flavin, and the Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition. October 80 (1997): 57-84. Andre, Carl. The Guggenheim Affair: Letter

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MARC RIBOUD WORLD. POLITICS. LIFE The First Retrospective in Berlin

MARC RIBOUD WORLD. POLITICS. LIFE The First Retrospective in Berlin PRESS RELEASE MARC RIBOUD WORLD. POLITICS. LIFE The First Retrospective in Berlin "Photography cannot change the world, but it can show it, especially when the world is changing. Marc Riboud World politics

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LYSKRAFT. Designed by IKEA and Scholten & Baijings PRESS KIT PH LYSKRAFT limited edition collection / PRESS KIT / AUGUST 2018 / 1

LYSKRAFT. Designed by IKEA and Scholten & Baijings PRESS KIT PH LYSKRAFT limited edition collection / PRESS KIT / AUGUST 2018 / 1 PH155303 LYSKRAFT Designed by IKEA and Scholten & Baijings PRESS KIT LYSKRAFT limited edition collection / PRESS KIT / AUGUST 2018 / 1 PH155303 01. WE HACKED OURSELVES More and more people take creativity

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STAN DOUGLAS: PHOTOGRAPHS NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL, COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE MARCH 20 MAY 10 2015 STAN DOUGLAS: PHOTOGRAPHS 2008-2013 There s more truth in the lie than in the documentary Stan Douglas, The Guardian, 2014. Photo:

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Alex Katz Subway Drawings April 27 June 30, West 19th Street, New York, NY T timothytaylor.

Alex Katz Subway Drawings April 27 June 30, West 19th Street, New York, NY T timothytaylor. Subway Drawings April 27 June 30, 2017 515 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 T +1 212 256 1669 Subway Drawings April 27 June 30, 2017 Timothy Taylor 16 34 is

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Robert Mapplethorpe: the young wanderer s early years

Robert Mapplethorpe: the young wanderer s early years Robert Mapplethorpe: the young wanderer s early years ART/15 FEB 2018/BY TOM SEYMOUR Apartment Windows, 1977, by Robert Mapplethorpe, gelatin silver print. Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation The Polaroids

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FINDING the BEAUTY in the FINDING the BEAUTY in the & Photograph by Chad Husar When Michelle Scott discovered her grandfather won the first Academy Award for documentary film making she was understandably intrigued. Uncovering

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In Memory of John Irwin*

In Memory of John Irwin* In Memory of John Irwin* Stephen C. Richards, James Austin, Barbara Owen, Jeffrey Ian Ross** Volume 7 No. 2 Fall 2010 * This originally appeared in The Critical Criminologist,. Spring, 2010. Reprinted

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Beyond the sparkle Multibrand Retail Partner. Consumer Goods Business

Beyond the sparkle Multibrand Retail Partner. Consumer Goods Business Beyond the sparkle Multibrand Retail Partner Consumer Goods Business Dear Reader In order to carve a clear path toward a brighter future, it s important to first acknowledge the path that one has taken.

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Andy Warhol Address Book By Andy Warhol READ ONLINE

Andy Warhol Address Book By Andy Warhol READ ONLINE Andy Warhol Address Book By Andy Warhol READ ONLINE If searching for a ebook Andy Warhol Address Book by Andy Warhol in pdf form, then you have come on to right website. We present the complete release

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CARAVANE PORTO 28 > Festival DDD Dias da Dança

CARAVANE PORTO 28 > Festival DDD Dias da Dança CARAVANE PORTO 28 > 30.04 Festival DDD Dias da Dança Caravane, a mobile CN D Caravane, a unique project to foster cooperation, was created by Centre National de la Danse (France), a mobile CN D designed

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Deux Chevaux William Mackrell

Deux Chevaux William Mackrell PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deux Chevaux William Mackrell Performance Date: Saturday 21 June 2014, 11.30am 6.00pm The performance will be followed by a reception at Andipa Gallery, Knightsbridge,

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Exhibitionism: 50 Years of The Museum at FIT Special Exhibitions Gallery February 8 April 20, 2019

Exhibitionism: 50 Years of The Museum at FIT Special Exhibitions Gallery February 8 April 20, 2019 Office of Communications and External Relations telephone (212) 217-4700 fax (212) 217-4701 email: December 13, 2018 Media Relations (212) 217-4700; Exhibitionism: 50

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List of objects proposed for protection under Part 6 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (protection of cultural objects on loan)

List of objects proposed for protection under Part 6 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (protection of cultural objects on loan) List of objects proposed for protection under Part 6 of the Tribunals, Mexico: A Revolution in Art, 1910 1910 Title: Title: A Victim of the Executing Squad, 1913 Date / Period: Period: 1913 : rtist: Walter

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Assassination Attempts

Assassination Attempts Assassination Attempts While Queen Victoria was not well-received during the entirety of her reign, she was generally loved. There were 7 assassination attempts on Queen Victoria s life none successful.

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Empty Nesters Downsize, but There s Always Room for Art

Empty Nesters Downsize, but There s Always Room for Art Empty Nesters Downsize, but There s Always Room for Art Stephanie Ingrassia with her dogs, Olive and Max, in front of Barbara Kruger s nine-part 1985 work We Will No Longer Be Seen and Not Heard, and below

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Guide to the Karl Carsony Papers

Guide to the Karl Carsony Papers This finding aid was created by Special Collections staff, Tammi Kim, and Lee Hanover on October 01, 2018. Persistent URL for this finding aid: 2018 The Regents of the

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New York Exhibit Shows Great Artists as Jewelers

New York Exhibit Shows Great Artists as Jewelers 06 October 2011 New York Exhibit Shows Great Artists as Jewelers Sherry Griffin A pendant by Pablo Picasso, who often created jewelry for his lovers (You can download an MP3 of this

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tobias madison das blut, im fruchtfleisch gerinnend beim birnenbiss

tobias madison das blut, im fruchtfleisch gerinnend beim birnenbiss press release tobias madison 6 february 24 april 2016 press preview thursday, 4 february 2016, 11 a.m. opening friday, 5 february 2016, 7 p.m. Beginning on 6 February 2016 the kestnergesellschaft presents

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Centre Pompidou International

Centre Pompidou International Centre Pompidou International Tailor-made, co-constructed offers 40 years of expertise and innovation 1 As France s national modern and contemporary art center, home to one of the world s two largest collections

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POMONA IT HAPPENED AT. Art at the Edge of Los Angeles AUGUST 30, 2011 MAY 13, 2012

POMONA IT HAPPENED AT. Art at the Edge of Los Angeles AUGUST 30, 2011 MAY 13, 2012 IT HAPPENED AT Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969 1973 POMONA AUGUST 30, 2011 MAY 13, 2012 For Immediate Release January 24, 2012 Chris Burden, Untitled, 1966. Bronze. 6 ½ 5 in. (16.5 12.7 cm) Collection

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News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons

News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons www.breaking News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons 1,000 IDEAS & ACTIVITIES FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS The Breaking News Resource Book Victoria

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A Finding Aid to the Barbara Mathes Gallery Records Pertaining to Rio Nero Lawsuit, , in the Archives of American Art

A Finding Aid to the Barbara Mathes Gallery Records Pertaining to Rio Nero Lawsuit, , in the Archives of American Art A Finding Aid to the Barbara Mathes Gallery Records Pertaining to Rio Nero Lawsuit, 1989-1995, in the Archives of American Art by Carla De Luise April 02, 2007 Contact Information Reference Department

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Night of a Lifetime. About Advertise» Paper Locator Contact

Night of a Lifetime. About Advertise» Paper Locator Contact About Advertise» Paper Locator Contact News» Columns» This Week» Calendar» Special Issues» Real Estate» Classified Ads» Westside Videos» Night of a Lifetime 0 Posted January 13, 2016 by The Argonaut in

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303 GALLERY. Wyrick, Christopher. The Imaginarium of Elad Lassry C Magazine (May 2015), p. 132 ELAD LASSRY IN HIS STUDIO S VIEWING ROOM.

303 GALLERY. Wyrick, Christopher. The Imaginarium of Elad Lassry C Magazine (May 2015), p. 132 ELAD LASSRY IN HIS STUDIO S VIEWING ROOM. Wyrick, Christopher. The Imaginarium of Elad Lassry C Magazine (May 2015), p. 132 ELAD LASSRY IN HIS STUDIO S VIEWING ROOM. The Imaginarium of Elad Lassry

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Fresh Goods: Shopping for Clothing in a New England Town, Concord Museum s Historic Clothing Comes Out of the Closet

Fresh Goods: Shopping for Clothing in a New England Town, Concord Museum s Historic Clothing Comes Out of the Closet CONTACT: Carol Thistle 978-369-9763 X229 February 11, 2018 Fresh Goods: Shopping for Clothing in a New England Town, 1750-1900 Concord Museum s Historic Clothing Comes Out of

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Careers and Income Opportunities

Careers and Income Opportunities Careers and Income Opportunities Fashion Designer Fashion designers conceptualize and create new clothing and accessory designs. They analyze fashion

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Tim Crouch s original work. my arm, an oak tree and now this. play for galleries begins to suggest. that he is not really a theatre-maker

Tim Crouch s original work. my arm, an oak tree and now this. play for galleries begins to suggest. that he is not really a theatre-maker Tim Crouch s original work my arm, an oak tree and now this play for galleries begins to suggest that he is not really a theatre-maker as such, but more a conceptual artist who works in the medium of the

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HUGHES, TED, Letters to Frieda Hughes,

HUGHES, TED, Letters to Frieda Hughes, HUGHES, TED, 1930-1998. Letters to Frieda Hughes, 1971-1997 Emory University Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library Atlanta, GA 30322 404-727-6887 Descriptive

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Vogue fetes 125 year anniversary, fall fashion in September issue

Vogue fetes 125 year anniversary, fall fashion in September issue Luxury Daily Vogue fetes 125 year anniversary, fall fashion in September issue Posted By Sarah Jones On August 25, 2017 @ 3:30 am In Featured,Industry sectors,marketing,media/publishing,news,print

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LIZZIE YIANNI GEORGIOU ACADEMY PORTFOLIO LIZZIE YIANNI GEORGIOU ACADEMY PORTFOLIO When I picked up the script for Made In Dagenham and read it for the first time I realised the historical importance of the story. I felt very strongly for the

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COURSE PREVIEW BROCHURE. Airbrush Makeup CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP COURSE PREVIEW BROCHURE Airbrush Makeup CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP The Airbrush Makeup Workshop is perfect for makeup artists who want to expand their services and become more competitive makeup artists. Renowned

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Chinese Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Hits A...

Chinese Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Hits A... Arts & Theater Subscribe Chinese Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Hits Alcatraz By Sam Whiting September 18, 2014 Updated: September 18, 2014 1:42pm In August, a cargo-load of Legos arrived at the Palace of

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Marnie Weber on Fairy Tales, Performance Art and Edward Kienholz

Marnie Weber on Fairy Tales, Performance Art and Edward Kienholz Marnie Weber on Fairy Tales, Performance Art and Edward Kienholz I had the immense pleasure of meeting with Los Angeles artist Marnie Weber in her studio in Eagle Rock. She is getting ready for a solo

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Robert Tonner Interview

Robert Tonner Interview Robert Tonner Interview The Tonner Doll Company, established in 1991, is internationally renowned for award-winning dolls. The dolls sculpted at Tonner dolls are known for their attention to detail. This

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Current calls for papers and announcements

Current calls for papers and announcements Current calls for papers and announcements The craft + design enquiry blog site Further information about craft + design enquiry is available online on the c+de blog at

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NORA HEYSEN AM & CONSTANCE STOKES NORA HEYSEN AM & CONSTANCE STOKES Drawings from the Estates 21 May 18 June 2016 LAURAINE DIGGINS FINE ART D rawing was a constant for two very different artists: Nora Heysen (1911-2003) and Constance Stokes

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Museums Are Leading the Fashion?!

Museums Are Leading the Fashion?! Museums Are Leading the Fashion?! - Investigation into the New Style of Contemporary Museum Exhibitions Dr. Feng-Ying Ken & Dr. Shin-Chieh Tzeng Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics and

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I am not interested in the highpoints of life. Only 5 minutes of everyday are interesting, I want to show the rest, normal life. Hans-Peter Feldmann

I am not interested in the highpoints of life. Only 5 minutes of everyday are interesting, I want to show the rest, normal life. Hans-Peter Feldmann HANS-PETER FELDMANN Hans-Peter Feldmann is considered one of the main figures of european conceptual art. His approach to art-making is one of collecting, ordering and re-presenting elements of the visual

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Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier Tour proposal

Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier Tour proposal Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier Tour proposal GILLES BENSIMON / TRUNK ARCHIVE 2 Contents Exhibition overview 4 The themes 6 What are they saying 7 Exhibition details 8 Terms and conditions 9 Contact 10 The

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Featured editorials of MODA 360

Featured editorials of MODA 360 Featured editorials of MODA 360 ABOUT Launched in 2014, Moda 360 is a ground-breaking platform combining fashion, art, music and video for a unique presentation of creative work. Hosted by the New Mart,

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From Míro s Studio to Ledger Art, Standouts of the Armory Show s Modern Section

From Míro s Studio to Ledger Art, Standouts of the Armory Show s Modern Section From Míro s Studio to Ledger Art, Standouts of the Armory Show s Modern Section by Benjamin Sutton on March 3, 2016 Installation view of Miró s Studio in the Mayoral booth at the 2016 Armory Show (photo

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KonMari Media Case Study

KonMari Media Case Study KonMari Media Case Study Offices San Francisco Lahore Phuket Contact (855) 444 3303 KonMari Media A brand that speaks volumes You ve seen her book at airports, stores,

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VIVIAN CHERRY S NEW YORK BY VIVIAN CHERRY VIVIAN CHERRY S NEW YORK BY VIVIAN CHERRY Published by This PDF of Vivian Cherry is only a preview of the entire book. To see the complete version, please contact Joel Caceres, Publicity Associate, at

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PEOPLE WHO LOVE US. Laurice Rahme, President and Founder, Bond No. 9. Arielle Cohen, Whisper PR. Courtney Dunlop, Beauty Editor, Jane Magazine

PEOPLE WHO LOVE US. Laurice Rahme, President and Founder, Bond No. 9. Arielle Cohen, Whisper PR. Courtney Dunlop, Beauty Editor, Jane Magazine PEOPLE WHO LOVE US I would like to thank you for the great in-depth article you wrote about Bond No. 9. Not only did I enjoy your very pertinent questions during

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Looking East: Rubens s Encounter with Asia

Looking East: Rubens s Encounter with Asia DATE: February 5, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT Alexandria Sivak Getty Communications (310) 440-6473 THE GETTY MUSEUM EXHIBITS CAPTIVATING RUBENS DRAWING OF A MAN IN KOREAN

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Touching history: Objects that represent our history and culture

Touching history: Objects that represent our history and culture 1 of 5 1/3/2014 10:10 AM Touching history: Objects that represent our history and culture Article by: GLENN C. ALTSCHULER Special to the Star Tribune December 21, 2013-3:35 PM In 2011, as she listened

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Everything Goes With Brown. Honors Thesis (HONRS 499) Kelly Marie Arnold. Thesis Advisor. ~;;:u. Ball State University Muncie, Indiana.

Everything Goes With Brown. Honors Thesis (HONRS 499) Kelly Marie Arnold. Thesis Advisor. ~;;:u. Ball State University Muncie, Indiana. Everything Goes With Brown Honors Thesis (HONRS 499) by Kelly Marie Arnold Thesis Advisor ~;;:u Ball State University Muncie, Indiana December 2005 Abstract I Artist Statement everything goes with brown

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See how bilingual newspaper La Raza shaped Chicano history 40 years ago

See how bilingual newspaper La Raza shaped Chicano history 40 years ago THINGS TO DO See how bilingual newspaper La Raza shaped Chicano history 40 years ago By RICHARD GUZMAN Press Telegram PUBLISHED: September 20, 2017 at 12:17 pm UPDATED: September 25,

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(c) UNI Rights Reserved.

(c) UNI Rights Reserved. (c) UNI 2018. Rights Reserved. What Persona does our outfits define? 1 Premise Why is that when we see a person, we are able to tell a lot about them without even talking to them? The accessories we use,

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Jue Yang. artist-writer

Jue Yang. artist-writer Jue Yang artist-writer Index of Selected Works 1.. a lichen dreams (again) 2017 6.. Darkness, a sight 2017 9.. NEXUS 2016 14 the.train 2015 16. Artist Rooms 2014 1 a lichen dreams (again)

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PH LYSKRAFT. Designed by IKEA and Scholten & Baijings PRESS KIT. LYSKRAFT limited edition collection / PRESS KIT / AUGUST 2018 / 1

PH LYSKRAFT. Designed by IKEA and Scholten & Baijings PRESS KIT. LYSKRAFT limited edition collection / PRESS KIT / AUGUST 2018 / 1 PH155303 LYSKRAFT Designed by IKEA and Scholten & Baijings PRESS KIT LYSKRAFT limited edition collection / PRESS KIT / AUGUST 2018 / 1 PH155303 01. WE HACKED OURSELVES More and more people take creativity

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Ted Shawn Papers MS25

Ted Shawn Papers MS25 Ted Shawn Papers 1923-1964 MS25 Finding aid prepared by Megan Dwyre This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit September 18, 2015 Describing Archives: A Content Standard Enoch Pratt Free

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Roni Horn Solo Exhibition Remembered Words

Roni Horn Solo Exhibition Remembered Words Exhibition Dates: May 25 June 30, 2018 Venue: Kukje Gallery K3 Kukje Gallery is very pleased to announce the exhibition of Roni Horn s Remembered Words. Installed in K3, this will be the artist s fourth

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TENFOLD. The Photography Programme, Canterbury Christ Church University. Ten Fold


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Sunday Life OVERVIEW. Sunday Life s one big goal is to inspire. Inspire your body, inspire your mind.

Sunday Life OVERVIEW. Sunday Life s one big goal is to inspire. Inspire your body, inspire your mind. Sunday Life OVERVIEW Sunday Life s one big goal is to inspire. Inspire your body, inspire your mind. With this in mind, Sunday Life creates beautiful, lively and inspirational pages in food, home, fashion,

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In all of the examples below, the photograph exists independently from but supplemental to the clothing, brand or idea that it communicates.

In all of the examples below, the photograph exists independently from but supplemental to the clothing, brand or idea that it communicates. Fashion photography A short history 1826 First photograph 1850s First fashion photographs (from the court of Napoleon III) 1880s The first fashion magazines, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue (fashion was hand

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{Chicago s Finest}

{Chicago s Finest} {Chicago s Finest} Jan/Feb 2017 BEING SANDRO With a host of new projects, including an homage to the photographic masters with longtime collaborator John Malkovich, iconic Chicago photographer

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CHAPTER IN ORIBE EDUCA- Journey to Mastery T H E N E X T CHAPTER IN ORIBE EDUCA- T I O N Journey to Mastery Oribe spent years refining his skills on his journey to becoming an editorial icon. And, like a true artist, he s never

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Collage: The Unmonumental Picture Works in the Exhibition January 16 March 30, 2008

Collage: The Unmonumental Picture Works in the Exhibition January 16 March 30, 2008 : The Unmonumental Picture Works in the Exhibition January 16 March 30, 2008 2 nd Floor Mark Bradford Helter Skelter I & Helter Skelter II 2007 Mixed media collage on canvas 144 x 843 in / 365.8 x 2141.2

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JASPER CONRAN ABOUT. The beating heart of his design ethos: English with an edge. Suzy Menkes

JASPER CONRAN ABOUT. The beating heart of his design ethos: English with an edge. Suzy Menkes JASPER CONRAN ABOUT JASPER CONRAN Jasper Conran, OBE, is a British designer. Having trained at Parson s School of Design in New York, Jasper Conran produced his first womenswear in 1978. A founding member

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WGSN FIRST LOOK: SELECT, LA WGSN FIRST LOOK: SELECT, LA By Sally Lohan and Andrea Bell, WGSN, 22 March 2011 WGSN takes a look at the CMC s fast-expanding trade show, Select, in Los Angeles. WGSN FACT FILE Select LA spring/summer

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carve composure from broken architecture and intimacy from faceless walls is older than Modernism. It s actually as old as light.

carve composure from broken architecture and intimacy from faceless walls is older than Modernism. It s actually as old as light. PAGE i PRESENTED BY PAGE ii George Byrne is meeting us on the corner between poetic formalism and arbitrary utility. You drove past here just yesterday but you missed the show. The cleaving cut by light.

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Dress for Success Gala. A p r i l 1 8,

Dress for Success Gala. A p r i l 1 8, The Annual Dress for Success Gala A p r i l 1 8, 2 0 1 8 C i p r i a n i W a l l S t r e e t 6 : 3 0 p m C o c k t a i l R e c e p t i o n 7 : 3 0 p m D i n n e r a n d A w a r d s C e r e m o n y W h

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Fall 18. Samo & Basquiat. Biggie. Cam'Ron. Real Tree. Anthem Collection. All carryovers will be marked with a

Fall 18. Samo & Basquiat. Biggie. Cam'Ron. Real Tree. Anthem Collection. All carryovers will be marked with a Fall 18 4 Samo & Basquiat 6 Biggie 8 Cam'Ron 10 Real Tree 12 Anthem Collection All carryovers will be marked with a * Chip away the veneer in lower Manhattan and you ll find the faded remnants of the late

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FASHION DRAWING AND ILLUSTRATION LEVEL 2 GRADES THE EWING PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2099 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ 08618 FASHION DRAWING AND ILLUSTRATION LEVEL 2 GRADES 9-12 THE EWING PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2099 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ 08618 Board Approval Date: August 29, 2016 Michael Nitti Revised by: Lisa Daidone Superintendent

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Design Academy Fashion

Design Academy Fashion Academy Design Fashion Copyright Colour Cosmetica Academy Pty Ltd 2014. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without written consent from the author, in any form. This document

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Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture Valentino: Master of Couture Somerset House Valentino: Master of Couture was a sumptuous and stylish exhibition that demonstrated the influence Valentino has held in the fashion industry during his extensive

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Interview with Cig Harvey: YOU Look At ME Like An EMERGENCY

Interview with Cig Harvey: YOU Look At ME Like An EMERGENCY Friday, June 15, 2012 Interview with Cig Harvey: YOU Look At ME Like An EMERGENCY Sometimes you come across work you fall in love with, work that resonates with you in such a deep way, and you begin seeing

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Putting Memories to New Use

Putting Memories to New Use Carol Kino, Putting Memories to New Use, New York Times, Arts & Design, September 14 th 2010, pp. AR24 Putting Memories to New Use Sara VanDerBeek, whose first solo museum show is at the Whitney. WHEN

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Why is The Bookstore a great teaching tool for the classroom? It s all about COLLABORATION!

Why is The Bookstore a great teaching tool for the classroom? It s all about COLLABORATION! Why is The Bookstore a great teaching tool for the classroom? It s all about COLLABORATION! As visitors to The Bookstore, educators can benefit from Grooms atmosphere, one that sparks creative collaboration

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