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3 Pieces Of Light Millard North 2014 High School Stampede 1010 S. 144th Street Omaha, NE Phone: (402) Fax: (402) Enrollment

4 Pieces Through the luminous rays that filter through our windows, waking us too early on those weekday mornings, and those faint glimpses of sunrays as they fade over that evening football game, we stand under the same light. These mere flashes, radiate throughout our day, and brighten those pieces of a new school year. Of Light 2 3

5 Basking in the bright rays of those last few summer days quickly became taking glances through the window while under florescent lights in class as the school year begins. While this annual shift back to school seems dull, those pieces of each day such as grabbing a snack out of the hole in the wall or watching the opening night of the fall musical seem vivid. Pieces of Reality <<Fellowship: Students from every grade gather around the flag pole to start their day off with prayer and worship. See You at the Pole occured on every fourth Wednesday of September at different schools around the world. photo by Lyndsay Schroeder Fernanda Reutzel, 11 Andrew Bartholet, 11 Myah Morrissey, 9 Ashlyn Therkelsen, 10 Christian Donohue, 12 Adam DeGroodt, 9 Lizzette Jimenez,

6 Stand out. Be different. By Maggie Lutton <<Bling: Sophomore Amanda Lieberman shows off her abundance of ear piercings. I love my piercings. They show who I am. I d be nothing without my bling, Lieberman said. photo by Alayna Brothers <<Nailed it: Senior Brooke Konecky displays her newly painted nails. I found the design on Pinterest, and I love being different and getting my nails done, Konecky said. photo by Laura Ney <<Ink d: Sophomore Adrian Kellogg flaunts his tattoo on his right shoulder. I wanted a cross to show my love for Jesus and the date is just my birthday, Kellogg said. photo by Alayna Brothers People want tattoos for all kinds of reasons; some want tattoos that look cool, but others want tattoos with deep, personal meaning. Regardless, tattoos are used to express oneself. In loving memory of his father who had passed away December 26, 2011, junior Adrrell Taylor tattooed a cross with his name on the inside of his left arm. His father was a large impact and role model in his life. My dad was a role model to me because he wasn t just my dad, Taylor said. He was my football, wrestling, and track coach, and pushed me to be the best I could be at anything I do. Taylor also has a tattoo of a lion on his chest over his heart, which he got when he turned 16 years old on June 22. The lion tattoo was kind of a football tattoo, Taylor said. When I won my first championship, my dad told me that I had the heart of a lion, so I just tattooed that on me. Taylor is happy with his tattoos because they mean something to him personally. I m glad I got them, and I wouldn t change them if I had the chance, Taylor said. They both symbolize something in my life and usually people just get meaningless tattoos, but mine actually do have a meaning. The tattoos remind Taylor of how supportive his father was to him during sports and throughout his life. Looking at my tattoos motivate me to do better in school and in all the sports I play, Taylor said. I love thinking about the good memories I had with my dad and these tattoos remind me so much of him. Every time Taylor looks at his tattoos, he thinks of how great of a father and role model his dad was to him. Don t you wish your backpack was hot like mine? Students show off their orginal and expressive backpacks Maddie Bliss, 10: Bliss proudy flaunts her pink and black zebra and camo backpack. She purchased it at Target at the start of this school year. Emily Theis, 11: I purchased it initially because I love floral prints! Then I put a bunch of Beatles pins on it to make it even cuter, Theis said. 20 Margeaux Gomez, 11: Gomez poses with her colorful tribal print one shouldered purse. She purchased it at Earthbound at Westroads Mall. Luis Ramirez, 11: Ramirez stands and smiles while showing off his ornate tribal print backpack. He got it as a gift from the Vans store at the Mall of America. <<In memoriam: Senior Brooke Rotherham holds still for her tattoo. She chose three butterflies to symbolize her three siblings who passed away from Spina Bifida as well as to promote awareness. contributed by Brooke Rotherham <<Electrifying: Junior Ethan Clay gets lightning bolts shaved into his hair at Salon Z Studios. I did it because I wanted something different and lightning bolts are definitley different, Clay said. photo by Megan Donahue 21

7 The brilliant feeling of acing that IB internal assessment, completing that play for Creative Writing before it s due, or finishing that group project in Spanish, combine to brighten our day. Even through days of sitting under fluorescent lights or cramming before the sun has risen, these achievements, these accomplishments, these pieces of success lighten the dullest of school days. Pieces of Success <<Observing: Senior Ryan McDermott watches closely as spinach pieces rise to the top of the beaker. Doing labs is my favorite part of the class because the processes of life are interesting to me, McDermott said. photo by Laura Ney Elizabeth Dressler, 12 Sara Champman, 11 Isabella Graves, 10 Rita Steffes, 11 Halle Magid, 12 Matthew Renze,

8 <<Define: Freshman Christa Yong copies down her weekly vocab list for her Honors English class. Vocab lists are easy, I just make flash cards and I m good to go, Yong said. photo by Jessica Leever <<Hard at work: Seniors Adam Cloonan and Taylor Brewer study IB Biology at a local Starbucks. They met at least once a week to review the previously learned material from that week. photo by Jessica Leever All It Takes Is All You ve Got Easy As 1, 2, 3 Students give their insight on how to write the perfect Extended Essay <<Curtis Stokes, 12 <<Alese Sanders, 12 <<James Clifford, 12 Step 1 Compile a list of fads and general information about the subject over summer. Step 2 Be told that none of your information is relevant and start over. Step 1 You might want to pick a topic, but it s completely optional. Step 2 Don t be Justin Sleep. Step 1 Ignore planning the essay. Step 2 Ignore creating drafts of the essay. By Caroline Tsai Procrastination is a fine art mastered by many high school students. However, none have it quite as perfected as the International Baccalaureate senior class of MN. My process for my Extended Essay was to tell myself that I was going to work on it, while staring at the computer screen for about, oh, a year. I ended up rushing it through a course that lasted 18 hours straight, the weekend before it was due, senior Justin Sleep said. While a method practiced by many, procrastination became especially prevalent for IB students, because of their large workload. It s hard staying on top of everything. If you let one thing slide, it piles up on top of you and becomes an avalanche, senior Allie Bird said. The students worked hard to keep their grades up, manage their classes, and balance the overload of their challenging schedule. I worked very hard and tried to do my best in every class. It s hard because sometimes, despite how hard I worked, it felt like it didn t matter, senior Faith Thomas said. Nonetheless, many IB students have learned the error of their ways, and tried to overcome the desire to put off their work. <<Pose: The IB senior class poses for the annual staircase picture after school. The students wore their essays in a design of their choice on the day that they re due to flaunt their accomplishments. photo by Jessica Leever <<Reflections: Sophomore Alex Jana cuts pieces of paper so that he can glue them onto the drawing of himself. Nothing is more tantalizing a subject to me than my own face. The chance to depict such a gorgeous object was one that I could not pass up, Jana said. photo by Jessica Leever There are always going to be struggles, but as a whole, we re overcoming the demotivation. This was something that wasn t going away. We might as well learn now, Thomas said. Despite the hardships, the students knew that working to the best of their ability was what truly matters. I ve learned that all it takes is all you ve got. That s how you succeed, Bird said. Some students, however, disagreed with procrastination. I have no moral opposition to procrastination. It works for me. Although ask me again after we get our Extended Essay grades back, Sleep said. Step 3 Panic and reformat the essay in the library the day that it is due. Step 3 Revel in your work, and praise your new god. Step 3 Write the essay while trying not to cry the Sunday before it s due

9 Pieces of robots Team Mustang Blue: Won first in the state competition and received the overall excellence award, which is the highest award a robot can receive. B-Team: Has competed in many competitions throughout the year. They qualified for the National competition, which is held in California in the spring. Team Trojan Mustangs: Has competed in various competitions throughout the year, placing first in the state competition. They will compete at Nationals in the spring. <<Cutting: Senior Nick Flaxbeard cuts part of an axle so that it fits properly on his robot. Flaxbeard is in charge of gaining sponsors for his team so that they can be given money for competitions. Photo by Kaitlyn Forsythe Technology Takeover Robotics team members talk about what they contribute to the team <<Construction: Senior Shane Regen screws on missing parts for his robot. Competitions are always something I look forward to because we compete against other talented schools that push us to get better, Regen said. Photo by Kaitlyn Forsythe <<Building: Sophomore Nick Wilson continues the building process for robot 5069D. After every competition, we spend about one week building and fixing little parts of our robot for the next competition, Wilson said. Photo by Kailyn Tauber 102 <<Teamwork: Seniors Dominic Nguyen, Roger Luo, Montana Thomas, Alan Alahmad, and Anthony Rangel work together to build a successful robot. Each year our goal as a team is to make it to the World competition in California, Rangel said. Photo by Kaitlyn Forsythe <<Fine Tuning: Junior Dain Armbrust adds the last minute touches to his robot before competition. Armbrust is in charge of building and coaching his team during competitions. Photo by Kaitlyn Forsythe Haidon Shultz: I consider my job the hardest out of everyone on the team. I am in charge of programming our robot to make sure the drive is working properly. Alan Alahmad: My job on the team is building our robot. The process takes about two weeks: one week for building and one week for fine tuning to make sure everything is perfect. Kelsey Moss: I am in charge of the notebook for our team. This book is presented to the judges during each competition. It includes information and the progress of our team throughout the year. Ankita Ghotikar: I usually just help out wherever my team needs me, but I am mostly in charge of creating alliances with other teams and making sure everyone knows who we are. 103

10 Through the daily practices over the summer under the intense sun, prepping for that first game beneath those incandescent stadium lights, we play on. During the season, the overly bright lights of the pool during those 5a.m. practices, or the gym, glare on our season. Yet the dazzling and brilliant feeling of hoisting that trophy top those lost hours of sleep and free time. Pieces of champions <<Stiff-arm: Senior Clay Fisher stiff-arm s a Millard South opponent while running along to score the first touchdown of the football season. Fisher had a total of 1,709 rushing yards this season. photo by Lyndsay Schroeder Niran Balu, 10 Holly Hild, 12 Taylor Caniglia, 10 Jeeva Venkatesh, 10 Kennady Thompson,

11 Alan Alahmad Dear Alan, You have brought joy to our life and have always made us so proud of you. You are a great dreamer and a great doer; work hard, never give up and follow your dreams knowing that we will always be there to support you. Love you much. Mommy and Daddy Erin Albright Erin, There ain t a cloud in sight... May you always have Mr. Blue Skies. Love and wishes Your Family Sarah Bryan-Banik Sarah, our lives were incomplete before you came along. You taught us to love and cherish every day. You are such a beautiful young woman and we know you will go on to do great things We love you, Mom Dad, & Deb Chaylin Barten Chaylin- When I married your mom, I was blessed with a great stepson. We know you will be very successful in everything you do. Me and your mom are very proud of you. We love you, Zak and Mom Neely Aldy Every day we are reminded of your kind heart, beautiful spirit and soul. Enjoy life as you build on your experiences and memories with family and friends. Blessed are those who have been and will be part of your life s journey. We are very proud of our bug. Love, Mom and Dad Christine Altilio Teeny, May you always love to dream, love to learn, love new experiences, love life and have love in your heart. We are your biggest fans and wish you many blessings and much success. Know you bring us endless joy. We love you!! Dad, Mom, Sarah, Juila Sarah Alexander Sarah, When we grew up, it was common to be cursed with I hope you have a child just like you. You have given us such joy, pride, and happiness that we would bless you with the wish that you should have a child just like yourself. Love, Mom and Dad Rachael Alvarez Rachael, I m so proud of you! May all your dreams come true. Work hard and never give up. Love & Blessings, Mom Chaylin Barten We love our tuffmudder. Yaaaa family time. Allie Bayless Congratulations Allie Bayless! We know you re headed for a bright future full of excitement. Remember to have as much enthusiasm for life as this picture shows. And don t forget style is always important... We are so very proud of you and will always love you bunches. Love Mom and Dad Amber Bartling Amber, your smile and giggle have been infectious since the day you were born. We are SO PROUD of the young lady you have become and what you have achieved! We have no doubt you will be a success in everything you do. All our love, Mom & Dad Alexandra Beccard Alex, We are so proud of you. All your dreams can come true when you have the courage to pursue them. If you can dream it you can do it. We are so excited to see what is next for you. Love you! Mom, Dad, and Kaitie Anthony Angello Anthony, We could not be more proud of you. You have been and continue to be an exceptional son. We wish you all the joy and success life has to offer. Life s a journey. Enjoy the ride! Love Always, Mom, Dad, Maria, Ava and Kano Aono Kano, Congratulations on completing your senior year of high school in the USA! You are so beautiful and brave and everyone here has fallen in love with you! We know you will go on to do many wonderful things. We love you and will miss you when you go back to Japan. Love, your Omaha Family; the Hodson s Luke Annis Luke, We love you so much and are so excited to see where God leads you! Keep using your talents for His glory. He has blessed you richly! For you are my hope, O Lord God; you are my trust from my youth. Psalm 71:5 Love, Dad, Mom and Sarah Blair Archer Blair We have been so blessed to have you as our daughter. We wish you all the happiness and success life has to offer. Reach for the stars!!! Love you so much, Mom and Dad Michelle Benda Michelle, we are so proud of all you have accomplished so far! The sky is the limit! Never stop believing in yourself! And always smiling! We love you! Dad, Mom and Patrick Lauren Birkentall To Lauren, our beautiful daughter you are a gift from above. We love your laugh and artistic ways. You understand the feelings of others and stand up for what is right. You are what God wants you to be. Psalm 139:14 Much love, Dad, Mom, John and Jeff Alexandra Bird Allie What fun it has been to watch you become the free thinking, creative, beautiful young women you are today. You truly are a gift from God. Always dream big, do your best, play hard and fair, be a sincere and loyal friend. Love you Always Daddy, Mama and Keenan Naomi Bishop Naomi... Delightful Pleasant. The joy of my life. A blessing from God. The best daughter a mother could ask for. You are truly a gifted and talented young lady, I am honored to be your mother. I pray all your dreams and heart s desires are met completely. Love, Mom