The admission was only $25, cheap by rave standards, but Isach knew the promoters would make a huge profit selling energy drinks and $5 waters.

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1 Chapter 17 Isach was still upset by the treatment he and the other Gorstrums suffered at the hands of Uncle Franda and the brothers. He was determined to appease his wounded psyche by finding a human girl that would accept him the way he was and show him some affection. The rave was on the night of the New Moon. Isach didn t quite get the irony that he was looking for someone to accept him while the rest of the family was participating in a bonding ritual at Grandma Sofi s home. After all, he was a member of the family and she was his grandmother too. Isach just wanted some time for himself away from Desert Rest, and a full night of EDM Electronic Dance Music would make him forget all about how he was treated. He loved doing the raves and the feel of the loud techno-music beating against his body. He knew that if everything was just right, he could really lose himself in the laser light show. He had heard some really good things about tonight s DJ SpinnerMan and was looking forward to the feeling of exhaustion after a full night of dancing. The rave was in an unused warehouse off of Industrial Road, just behind the Las Vegas Strip and the Circus Circus casino. The train tracks that ran through the center of the Las Vegas valley were on the other side of the warehouse. 102

2 The admission was only $25, cheap by rave standards, but Isach knew the promoters would make a huge profit selling energy drinks and $5 waters. With the non-stop frenzied dancing of the huge crowds, raves usually got very hot and sweaty. Water was a remarkably prized resource. Like most raves, there had been no publicity of the normal kind - no newspaper, magazine or radio ads. There were a few flyers, s, text messages and mentions on social media but that was about it. Amazingly the word always got out and somehow several thousand ravers all showed up at the same place at the same time. Isach made sure he was showered and shaved, hair combed, and he even used deodorant and cologne. He rummaged through the one dresser, in the crowded room the Gorstrum shared, to find his cleanest clothes. He found a tee-shirt that wasn t too wrinkled and dragged it over his head, tucking his dragon necklace inside. By habit he started to grab a supply of drugs from the top drawer of the dresser but stopped himself before he could jam them into his pockets. Fuck Uncle Franda, he thought, I m not selling drugs tonight. When Isach was just about ready, Treydore popped into the room looking for his MP3 player. As he searched his own pile of dirty clothes, Isach asked him, Can you give me a ride to the rave tonight? I ll figure out some way to get back. Okay, Treydore replied. He had nothing else to do. Like other members of the family, Isach looked about half 103

3 his age. At thirty-five he appeared to be at the high end of his teenage years, especially when he shaved. But he had a really good fake ID expertly produced by cousin Dravston and his son Larmon in their high-tech print shop. They produced all the identification papers for the clan. ~~~{ }~~~ The rave was illegal but the organizers still had security that made sure no one under the drinking age got in. If the authorities wanted to, the promoters could be busted for all sorts of violations, but selling alcohol to underage minors would be the most serious offense. Treydore dropped off Isach about a block away from the rave; the crowd of young people and cars was too heavy to get nearer. Have fun, man. Hope you get lucky, he wished his compatriot before driving off. Isach paid his $25 to the doorman and showed his ID to the security guard. The guard studied both sides of his fake driver s license for almost a minute then used his flashlight to eye him up and down before allowing him to enter the abandoned warehouse. Lights were set up to illuminate the center of the floor and powerful lasers were aimed at the open space above. The DJ, SpinnerMan, was already playing his tunes in the booth set up off to the right. It was early but the usual factions had already staked out 104

4 their corners. The Glow Stick Groupies stood out with their assortment of brightly colored, luminescent necklaces and bracelets plastic tubes that contain chemicals that glow in the dark when the tube is bent and they combine together. The Club Drug Crowd was in the darkest corner of the warehouse. This is where Isach, Brundy and Treydore usually hung out. The drug of choice for ravers was Ecstacy also known as E or X. It was easy to spot the girls and younger boys on X they would be sucking on baby pacifiers to keep their jaws from clenching and their teeth from grinding, two of the common side effects of the drug. And then there were the Kandi Kids. They were the hard core followers of the P.L.U.R. culture Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Kandi is the slang term for the self-made craft-store plastic-bead bracelets they wear. Kandi Kids usually have a dozen or more cuffs that have special designs or wording and can be given away to others as a sign of friendship. Isach had been to hundreds of raves before and had absolutely no trouble walking up to strangers and starting a conversation. But he was usually with Brundy and Treydore and their ultimate goal was either to sell drugs or to kidnap, rape and kill victims. But this was different. This time he was looking for love or, at least, a short term version of it. At about midnight, really early by rave standards, the warehouse wasn t oppressively crowded but it was noisy. The ear- 105

5 shattering, techno-beat music was just what Isach wanted and the temperature on the dance floor wasn t too high yet. Isach had some good moves that he could show off and started dancing by himself at the edge of the crowd, slowly moving to the center. He stopped every once in a while to watch the laser light show above, and after about fifteen minutes he found himself right in the middle of the floor. He made eye contact with a blonde girl with big breasts that were bouncing all over her chest, but after a minute she turned away and continued dancing with another girl. A brunette with a pixie cut was his next attempt. But she just closed her eyes and moved to the music. He decided that the volume was way too loud for him to try to get her attention by starting a conversation. The heat at the center of the dance floor was starting to elevate so he danced his way off to the edge of the warehouse and bought himself a $5 bottle of water. Hey, a voice said close enough that he could hear. What s your name? He turned around and looked down. She was a little bit of a thing no more than five foot two, but it was difficult to tell because of the platform soles she wore. Even though she was petite she was powerfully built with well-defined shoulder and arm muscles. He didn t know it but she worked out every day and could bench press 185 pounds. Her breasts were small, which wasn t a problem for Isach tonight, although he did prefer well-endowed women. Her hips 106

6 were slim and she had a tight butt. She was dressed in black jeans and a gray tee-shirt. Her brunette hair was shoulder length and bounced every time she shook her head. They made some small talk, as much as the volume of music would allow. He thought she said her name was Vanessa. After a few minutes she moved real close to him, looked him straight in the eye and said, I like skinny guys with big dicks. Do you have a big dick? Isach eyes widened as he physically did a double take, swallowed hard and took a long moment before he said semiconfidently, Big enough. Let me see it, she demanded. He took a step back and looked around, Here? Why not? Are you shy? I ll show you my tits. She pulled up her sweat stained tee-shirt exposing her braless breasts tipped with hard little brown nipples. Now whip it out. Isach looked around again to make sure no one was too close then shyly pulled his zipper down. Unceremoniously she reached inside his fly, aggressively grabbed his member and squeezed. Despite his embarrassment it started to get hard. Oh yeah, that ll do. She let it go and he quickly adjusted his clothing as she fired a few questions at him, Are you by yourself? You didn t come with anyone did you? Does anyone know you are here? Isach was too stunned to speak. He nodded in response to 107

7 the first question and shook his head in answer to the others. Meet me outside in five minutes, I want to freshen up first, she shouted in his ear then abruptly turned and walked toward the rest rooms. Isach didn t know that what she really wanted was for no one to see them leaving together. 108