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1 The Weibel Chronicles , Issue 3 May 22, 2017 Interview With Mr. Ontiveros Hey guys! We are Ojas and Krish of the Weibel Chronicles Team. The team has done an interview with our teacher supervisor, Mr. Charles Chuck Ontiveros. Here are the questions, answers, and notes: We interviewed Mr. Ontiveros because he won the local Chapter Who Award, which is given to the best FUSD teachers Ojas: how long have you been at Weibel? Mr. Ontiveros: I have been here since August, Ojas: Who did you get the award from? Mr. Ontiveros: I got it from the FUSD. Ojas: Has anyone else won this award from Weibel? Mr. Ontiveros: Not yet. Ojas: How long have you been teaching in total? Mr. Ontiveros: I have been teaching in public schools since Ananya: What is your favorite part of teaching? Mr. Ontiveros: I really enjoy watching kids learn. Aditya: What was your favorite year to teach? Mr. Ontiveros: It s always the year that I m teaching in at the moment, so I would say this year is my favorite. Kaitlyn: What are the biggest challenges of teaching first graders? Mr. Ontiveros: Discipline problems are always the most challenging. Ojas: What is the biggest hassle of teaching? Getting up in the morning is the biggest hassle. I have to get to school very early, so I have to wake up even earlier. Shreya: What is your favorite subject? Mr. Ontiveros: Science is my favorite subject. Arvin: Why did you start teaching? Mr. Ontiveros: My wife said I had to choose a career, I also like working with children. Faisal: Was there anytime when you wanted to quit? Mr. Ontiveros: While sometimes are trying I have not considered quitting. Krish: Why did you decide to teach newspaper? Mr. Ontiveros: Nobody else did it

2 Sruthi: If you did any other occupation, what would it be? Mr. Ontiveros: I have been a construction worker and I would enjoy to returning it. Ojas: What was your first job? Mr.Ontiveros: I worked as a laborer at Mt. Diablo State Park. Ojas: How old were you? Mr. Ontiveros: I was 16 years old. Newspaper: THANK YOU MR. ONTIVEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye Mr. Stange!!!! Mr.Stange, after many years of teaching, has decided to retire. Although this is his last year here, all of the students have enjoyed the wonderful time in his class. Here is an interview about his thoughts on teaching, Weibel, and retirement. Q: What is your favorite part about teaching? A: Seeing the improvement in my students writing from the beginning of the year to the end is one of my favorite parts of teaching. I also enjoy teasing my students about many things, something I do almost every day. I also love being able to work with Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Stewart for many years throughout my teaching career. Q: What are you going to do once you retire? A: I may come back and substitute in Weibel. I will probably find a part-time job doing something because I may get bored at home doing nothing. Q: What are some challenges you face while teaching? A: Trying to motivate kids that don't pay as much effort into their work, or dislike school in general, is a problem I face while teaching. Making sure meeting the needs of all the students and their parents is also another challenge. Q: How long have you been teaching? A: I have been teaching for 35 years. Q: Why do you prefer to teach sixth grade? A: Sixth graders understand my jokes better.they laugh with me and sit through my several stories throughout the day. They are more open to being motivated.i also think sixth grade has a good curriculum.

3 Q: What awards have you won? A: I have won the Who's Who Among American Teachers award. It is for excellence among American teachers. I have also gotten rewards from teaching the students as well as from talking to the parents about the improvements the students have made over the year. Q: What career would you have rather pursued than teaching? A: I would have liked to be a professional baseball player. I couldn t because I was too small to be a catcher in baseball. Q: What are your thoughts about Weibel? A: I think Weibel is the most amazing school in Fremont. It has incredible students and teachers with super supportive parents. Mr.Stange, you will be very much missed by your students and fellow teachers! Thank you so much for your support! Farewell, Mrs. Stewart Q1: Where did you grow up? A1: I grew up in Niles. Q2: What was your first job? A2: I cleaned at a golf course. Q3: What is the new school you will be teaching at? Q3: It is Junction Avenue Middle School. Q4: What is the difficult part of teaching at your son s school? A4: I can t give him hugs and kisses in the hallway. Q5:: What are some of the reasons you are leaving? A5: The commute is too long, and I want to be closer to my kids.

4 Q6: Will you come back to Weibel to visit? A6: Yes. Q7: Will you do the things you did in your classroom in your new school? A7: Maybe a few of them, but since it is a middle school, there needs to be a lot of changes. Q8: What will you be teaching at the new school? A8:: Honors and Non-honors Math. Q9: What was your son s reaction when he was told you were teaching his new school? A9: He smiled and said Yay! Q10: What will you say to Weibel as a farewell message? A10: I will miss all of you, and you hold a special place in my heart. Y o u t u b e r s We All Know and Love By Shreya For the past ten years, Youtube has revolutionized communication. Youtubers can talk to viewers and show them how to make DIYs, capture amazing events to be shared with the world, and can just serve as plain entertainment. Here are the top five Youtubers many people enjoy seeing on their screens from a phone to a flat screen TV. Lilly Singh: Superwoman, better known as Lilly Singh, is a Canadian youtuber. Her videos are mostly comedies relating to her parents, who she portrays by dressing up. She reminds everyone to bring out their happy inner U N I C O R N!

5 Liza Koshy: Liza Koshy is a half Indian, half American girl who brings out the me in comedy. She uses her own themes and experiences to bring all her crazy out. With her awesome family members, everything just gets a whole lot funnier. Ryan Higa: Ryan Higa, known as Nigahiga by his fans, is probably most enjoyed for his Dear Ryan videos. There, his fans ask him to do challenges and ask him about his life. For each of these questions, a hysterical explanation is given leaving us all wondering how his mind thinks of these comical justifications. The weird thing is they all actually make sense! Colleen Ballinger: Colleen Ballinger and her friend Miranda Sings, really put up a show. Miranda, known as a crazy lady with odd needs and wants, is popular on Youtube and has caused Colleen s channel to grow rapidly. Even though they are nothing alike, Miranda and Colleen have given Youtube another funny factor. Rosanna Pansino: Ro Pansino with her sister, Mo, have many cooking DIYs and challenges in store for her fans. With her mad baking skills, she pretty much has a treat for everyone. Through her large number of videos, her treats definitely seem delectable. iphone 8, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG G6: Smartphones of the Future By Faisal Let s all agree, smartphones are awesome, but what are the new ones, and how do they compare? Ok, first things first, do you like smartphones? Yes? Probably. If you haven t noticed by now, smartphone companies reveal new products every year. Last year, Apple revealed the iphone 7, a revolutionary and innovative piece of tech that had been sold 78.3 million times in Then, not much later, Google unveiled the Pixel. Unfortunately, the smartphone had a slow start, but eventually became one of the hottest smartphones

6 during the holidays. If we had to compare the iphone 7 and the Pixel, Apple s astounding device would rise triumphant. Next up are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the successor to the widely popular S7. Last year, Samsung received quite a shaming after their product, the Galaxy Note 7, caught on fire and caused several injuries. The product was even banned by several airline companies. It seemed as if that was the end of Samsung, but the recently revealed Galaxy S8 has been projected to be at the top of the sales chart as new features are being revealed. Next? The LG G6. Little is known about this new phone, but it is projected to be at the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S8 in sales charts. People are comparing the LG G6 to the SGS8. Hopefully all these products turn out great. The Best Upcoming Book in By OjasV. 4/10/17 Okay, before you guys start spurting out opinions, let me state a few of my options on this topic. 1. NOTHING 2. NOTHING 3. NOTHING Just kidding. First, let me tell you about these cool books that I just read.

7 I read this with my class. An overall touching book about the American Revolution. Losses are common, however, Samuel, the main character, gets through them all. Definitely teaches many lessons.. A good book..overall a very interesting book It is about a newspaper team crashed, with no knowledge of the wild. With two people dead, how will they survive??

8 A very interesting book.definitely showing how one 12 year old kid goes through hard times, with one goal in mind.. To get his mom a house..will he get the house by landing just one home run in a bathtub by the Home Run Derby? Amazing book.. So I definitely recommend these books these books are amazing..and I hope that you will feel the same way about these books as I do!see you later! If I was Lost In a Jungle... By Ojas Vatsyayan and Eshaan Mistry I would die...not! Please do not follow any of the following advice if you should actually get lost in a jungle. Definitely do not believe that. If you do for some weird and odd reason and you are lost in a jungle, you may die. But, you will try to survive first, at least, if you want to live. Oh, before we start, one more thing. Bring your computer because even if you get no wifi signal in the middle of the jungle our advice in this article will almost certainly help

9 you survive(hopefully). If you don t, a refund is guaranteed, only because there is no price. Okay, now let s get serious(not really). The first thing you do if you are lost in a jungle is to scream like a Homer Simpson and run until you can t run anymore. Once you got that out of your system, build a SHELTER!! You do NOT want to be eaten by a leopard or jaguar or something. Even if your shelter isn t strong enough to withstand a dangerous beast, you will have practiced running away and distracting the beast by doing what is listed above. Anyway, it ll also protect you from weather. Now that that is done, it s time to get WATER! If you can t, then you ll die sooner than later. Yay! Find a lake or spring of some sort. It must be freshwater, otherwise you will die by overage of salt consumption...and you don t want THAT to happen. (Unless you really, really, really love salt.) Now, find some dry bark or wood and rub it together till you have a fire. But it might not work. That will be your problem. Now that you ve made the fire(we hope) get extra wood and make a signal fire. Now that you have all your resources- food, water, and a fire and a shelter.. Oh, we didn t actually get to the food part! First, rub two sticks together until one point of a stick becomes sharp. Then use your legs to walk until you find food. Make sure you don t lose your shelter. If you find an animal, kill it and cook it over the fire. If you don t find a ground animal, follow a bird to its food source and eat that. If you don t find any, eat different types of plants. You HAVE to find one of those things. Now we have covered everything, I think. Well, good luck if you really are lost in the jungle. Hopefully our expert guidance and advice will help you survive! (It probably won t.)

10 The Great Barrier Reef By Kareena and Rucha Have you ever been to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? It is an amazing natural wonder that is visited by many people every year. The sight of this marvelous collection of coral and sea creatures occasionally brings visitors to tears. However, big sections of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia have been killed by overheated seawater, and other sections in the south that are still alive are bleaching now. Terry P. Hughes, the director of a government-funded place for coral reef research at James Cook University, said, We didn t expect to see this level of destruction to the Great Barrier Reef for another 30 years. In the north, I saw hundreds of reefs literally two-thirds of the reefs were dying and are now dead. The Hughes research team found that the Australian government s Reef 2050 plan of restricting port development and limiting agricultural runoff had not been sufficient enough to improve the reef s water quality. In addition, an Australian government study found that last year brought the highest sea temperatures across the Great Barrier. It is unclear if the coral species will be able to keep up with all the rapid changes humans are making. The coral reef s anguish and death are sure signs that climate change is real.

11 Source: * ff.html?_r=1

12 Hydrogen Fuel By Rohan S. and Krish G Many companies have decided to switch to hydrogen fuel cells. Imagine: Riding a car that runs on air! With hydrogen being nearly everywhere, it is a very effective fuel source. Unlike many other cars, the hydrogen fuel cell car does not pollute the environment. For example, the new Toyota Mirai is one of the first cars with hydrogen fuel cells. The vehicle converts hydrogen power to electricity. This has been a thriving idea for many companies, but now it has been made a reality! Source:

13 Lear s Macaw By Rucha The Lear s Macaw ( Anodorhynchus Leari ) is an endangered species that lives in scrub forests. These playful birds were named after the British artist, poet, and author, Edward Lear. Sadly, these beautiful birds were desired by illegal poachers. Their habitat was almost destroyed, and they were being hunted and trapped. Thankfully, the numbers of this amazing species has increased from a few dozen to about 1,300! The Lear s Macaw is about c.m. long and weighs around 950 grams. Its body, tail, and wings are dark blue, and it has a black beak. Furthermore, it has a gray head. The Lear s Macaw s diet consists of licuri palm nuts and Agave flowers. Therefore these amazing birds deserve to be protected and cared for.

14 Beginner s Guide to Volleyball By Kareena 1. Bump (also known as pass): Hold your arms out, palm facing upward. Place the upper part of your right (or left, depending on what you re more comfortable with) hand on the upper part of your left hand. Fold your hands like a taco, and press your hands together. This is known as your platform. While bumping the ball, bend your knees and don t swing your platform too much. Tilt your platform to where you want the ball to go. 2. Set: Spread your fingers on both hands and make a triangle with your two hands. Separate your hands about an inch and a half, and set the ball! Make sure you bend your knees and use your legs while setting. 3. Spike (also known as hit): There are two possible approaches: left, right, left, spike, or right, left, right, left, spike. The simpler approach is the three step approach. Remember to jump high and swing hard! Keep your eye on the ball as you swing through it.

15 The Science Camp Diary -Ananya Monday: Today we finally took what promised to be a boring bus for one hour to get to science camp. The bus ride was actually being pretty interesting There was a lot going on during it. There was a lot of singing, some cards went missing from an Uno deck, notes being thrown around to friends sitting in other rows all the normal stuff. But there was a cloud of anxiety that engulfed everyone there, sleeping or awake. This cloud burst within seconds once we reached the camp. Once everybody walked into the main hall, a mini play was performed by our naturalists, or teachers. It was about the tickle squirrels, tickling everybody at night. One of the characters, Mustard, immediately became everyone s favorite. With a few quick introductions, and everybody getting assigned to their cabins, we all had some lunch. It was the all American favorite, burgers. After a large lunch, we had our first class. It was the best class I had ever taken, because we went. ROCK CLIMBING! I loved it sooooooooooooooo much. We also played a quick balancing game, where all of the 14 students had to balance on a fat, large plank of wood without letting the edges touch the ground. We almost made the camp high score! After the excitement of the day, they let all the cabins have some cabin time, when you can hang out with your cabin-mates. Everybody began getting ready for Recreational Time, once everyone had claimed their beds and took out their sleeping bags and bedding. Rec Time is a type of recess that we got where we could choose an activity to do. Some of the activities were swimming in the Olympic sized pool, diving of the high or low board, playing volleyball, playing basketball, or you could play in the game room, which had a pool table, foosball, table-tennis, and air-hockey. They also set out some fresh fruits like apples and oranges. I started out by putting my feet in the pool, then leaving when I got splashed by all my friends in there. After that I went to a smaller room to play some cards with my other friends. After an hour long of fun, everyone got ready for dinner, some delicious mac-n-cheese. We ended the day with a long bonfire, where everyone got s'mores and we all sang some songs. The next day might come out in the next issue, so keep reading! Science Olympiad: Will Weibel make it to The Nationals?! -Ananya Science Olympiad is a great experience for anyone who loves science. This occasion has several events, some that need lots of studying, and others that require building and construction, like towers or bottle rockets. One event, Bottle Rocket, is an event you can do at home. All you have to do is take a soda bottle, fill it up with water, pressurize it, and launch it! The rocket goes pretty high up into the sky before plummeting to the ground. In addition, there are many interesting topics including the examples listed above, in the Science Olympiad. Currently, Weibel does have a Science Olympiad team, which won third place in the East Bay region. They had three first places, three second places, and three third places. This

16 means that they will be moving up to States, charging their way to the Nationals! Go Weibel! On April 1, Weibel competed against several middle schools, each trying to make it to the Nationals. World s Most Dangerous Tree By Aditya and Sruthi At 50 feet tall, the Manchineel Tree holds the title in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World s Most Dangerous Tree. This tree is native to the Caribbean, Florida, Central America, the Bahamas, and the northern coast of South America. The Manchineel Tree looks harmless, but even one bite of its apple-like fruit can lead to hours of suffering. After a few minutes, the eater will experience a peppery taste in their mouth. This slowly escalates into a burning, tearing sensation and tightness in the throat. A few hours later, solid food cannot be digested. It can also result in abdominal pain, vomiting, bleeding, and digestive tract damage. A few have died from eating these fruits.these symptoms subside 8 hours later. The fruit of the Manchineel Tree is called the beach apple because it looks like an apple and is often found strewn on the beaches. The sap is thick and milky white, and is as dangerous as the fruit. Contact with skin can range from blisters to rashes, headaches, and respiratory problems. Exposure to the eye can result in a temporary but painful blindness. Experts advise not to use Manchineel Trees as shade in the rain, for raindrops carrying the sap can easily scald your skin.

17 Breathing in the sawdust can easily burn your eyes, skin, and lungs. It is no wonder that Spanish speaking cultures refer to it as the tree of death. Fear has caused people to kill the trees, which results in the endangering of the trees in Florida. However, the tree has its uses. Poinsettia, a popular Christmas decoration, is in the same family as the Manchineel tree, which may be important in local ecosystems for protection against ocean winds. It also prevents beach erosion in Central America. The wood is very popular with Caribbean carpenters, who learned to neutralize the poison in the sap by drying it in the sun. In Central and South America, the bark is used to treat body swelling caused by injury and inflammation. The Manchineel tree is very dangerous, but can be very useful at the same time. Best of the Best? By Kaitlyn Johnson and Kabita Nath. Here s a list of the best paying jobs in the United States. Take a quiz and find out which one would suit you! QUIZ 1. Do you get queasy when looking at blood? a. YES, it is absolutely disgusting! b. Yes, but I could handle it if I had to. c. NO, I think that it is super cool and totally natural! d. No, I m not bothered by it. 2. Do you consider yourself to be a good business person? a. Absolutely not! I think that I would destroy my company! b. Not really but I think I could. c. Yes, I think I would be capable of creating and caring for a successful company. d. YES! I love all concepts of business and think that I would develop a great company! 3. Are you fascinated with general and mental health concepts and working close with families? a. YES! I think that I would do extremely well if I was working with families in the general and mental health workforce!

18 b. Yes, I would absolutely love to work in the health industry. However, I m not sure about working with families and with mental health problems. c. No way, I feel that that would be uncomfortable and awkward. d. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I could not and absolutely would never consider working in the mental health industry, especially not with families! 4. Do you consider yourself to have good memory or math skills? a. Sure, why not? More so memory than math though. b. Sure, why not? More so math than memory though. c. UHHH HOW IS ANY HUMAN GOOD AT ANY OF THOSE THINGS, I prefer hands on learning. d. Duh, I mean, you have to be able to count your money. 5. Are you organized and a quick thinker? a. Not really but I guess???? b. Definitely, you always have to be aware. :) c. I mean like how could you not be organized and a fast thinker. d. Nope! I Mean like who needs to be a fast thinker or organized, take all the time and space you need. 6. Do you consider yourself an organized person who likes to plan things out ahead of time? a. Well, yeah, I mean you have to be able to organize and plan things or nothing can get done! b. No way. I am NOT one of those neat freaks who have everything all organized and perfect. I mean, I can live without. c. I do keep a schedule, but that s pretty much it. d. It is necessary to prepare things ahead of time. I set goals for myself every year, too. 7. Are you fascinated by science? a. Yeah! It s so cool! b. It s good to know the facts. c. Meh.. d. Not at all, because some of it is disgusting, like the miracle of life 8. Do you feel comfortable with working with families? a. I like meeting new people, and I believe that helping families would be a great way to get new friends! b. I m one of the shy kind of person, so I d just like to keep with myself. c. No thank you, I don t like to do things with people I barely know! d. I don t actually care, I would only do so if I have to or am getting good money for it. 9. Are you a person who is careful with anything they have to handle? a. I do actually remember to dot my I s and cross my T s, and I can t bear to get 99% on my tests; I have to get 100%! b. I don t like to admit it, but my friends do call me clumsy at times. c. Sometimes. d. Yes, I can take care of things, especially if it is a dog or some other pet!

19 Results are below Results... (MOSTLY Ds) 10. Chief Executives - A chief executive is someone who devises strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals. They plan, direct, and coordinate operational activities of companies and public or private-sector organizations. (MOSTLY Bs) 9. Psychiatrists - A psychiatrist is a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. (MOSTLY As) 8. Family and General Practitioners - Family and General Practitioners are physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases and injuries that commonly occur in the general population. May refer patients to specialists when needed for further diagnosis or treatment. (MOSTLY ALL Bs AND SOME Cs) 7. Physicians and Surgeons (all other) - In medicine, a surgeon is a doctor who performs operations. Surgeons may be physicians. ( "All Other" titles represent occupations with a wide range of characteristics which do not fit into one of the detailed occupation.) (MOSTLY ALL Cs AND SOME Bs) 6. General Internists - An internist, also called a general internist or doctor of internal medicine, is a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and medical (nonsurgical) treatment of adults. Internists provide long-term, comprehensive care and manage both common and complex diseases. (MOSTLY ALL Bs AND SOME Ds) 5. Orthodontists - Orthodontics is a dental specialty which aims to prevent, diagnose and treat facial and dental irregularities, such as malocclusions (bad bites). Many orthodontic practices are limited to dentofacial orthopedics and general orthodontics but can successfully treat patients of any age. (MOSTLY ALL As AND SOME Bs) 6. Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - Obstetrics and Gynecology is the medical specialty that deals with obstetrics and gynecology. The postgraduate training program for both aspects is unified. This combined training prepares the practicing OB/GYN to be adept at the care of female reproductive organs' health and at the management of pregnancy. (MOSTLY Cs AND SOME Ds) 3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons - Oral & Maxillofacial surgery (OMS or OMFS) specializes in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the Oral (mouth) and

20 Maxillofacial (jaws and face) region. It is an internationally recognized surgical specialty. (MOSTLY ALL Cs AND SOME Bs) 2. Surgeons - A surgeon is a medical practitioner qualified to practice surgery. (MOSTLY ALL Bs AND SOME Cs) 1. Anesthesiologists - An anesthesiologist is a doctor (MD or DO) who practices anesthesia. Anesthesiologists are physicians specializing in perioperative care, development of an anesthetic plan, and the administration of anesthetics.

21 Why Schools Should Give Students More Recess - By Arvin Starting from this school year, fourth to sixth graders will have no afternoon recess. This means that after lunch, there will be no recess for the rest of the school day. I disagree with this arrangement because all schools should give their students more recess. One reason why I strongly believe this is true is because recess gives students a much-needed break from the vigorous activity of school. Also, many studies show that students focus a lot more and behave much better after recess. Last but not least, recess offers students a chance to socialize and learn social skills that can t be taught in the classroom. That is why all schools should give pupils more recess. It gives students a break from class, it helps them focus more, and it teaches them social skills. A message from 6th graders Our sixth grade experience was extremely rewarding and educational, with a hint of fun, games, and stories. Along the way, we experienced several challenges, such as keeping up with the school curriculum and more homework. Aside from these challenges, we had lots of fun and got to take part in many activities, such as science camp and Walk Through the Ancient Civilizations. Rucha (Mrs. Powell): I have to say that my sixth grade year has been my favorite year in Weibel. I enjoyed being pushed to do my best by my teachers and being able to learn new things. In my sixth grade year, I had to overcome many difficult challenges like barely making Honor Roll or trying not to miss any homework for an entire month. My advice to you fifth graders or any graders is hang in there. Just because

22 sixth grade or even fourth grade is too difficult to try your best and hang in there. Life will always get better, even if you do not see easily or quickly. Shreya (Mr. Stange): Though I have been in this prodigious school for seven whole years, my time here is almost at its end. I remember Mr.Stange telling us at the beginning of the year that this year would go by incredibly fast, and I thought it would go by as it always has. However, now I m wondering whether this statement was actually true. Needless to say, all of my teachers at Weibel have been absolutely brilliant from Mrs.Dennison to Mr.Stange, each one nourishing me and teaching me so much! I have taken away so much from these short (but important) years at Weibel. This school has embedded itself in my memory, and it will continue to lead me forward as I move farther away from my experience at Weibel. The staff here has helped me grow mentally as I grew physically. My entire life has been based off of Weibel, from the environment to how much I have learned. I have developed as a person and as a student. My time at Weibel has taught me lessons that I will definitely consult for future reference. Thank you so much Weibel staff and school! I will really miss you! Kaitlyn (Mrs. Stewart): Oh, where do I even begin? I personally believe that there are far too many precious memories to cover in this small farewell article. Sixth grade has faced me with many challenges, from social life to sports and academics, I face new obstacles every day. I learn new things by personal experience and from others on an almost hourly basis and while I will miss the opportunity to learn from Weibel, I am excited for the adventures that are to come. Weibel has provided me with many unique experiences that I hope every student can experience, such as the many field trips and friendships that offer priceless memories that will last for years. As a student about to graduate, I think that almost all of the graduating class of 2017 would agree that we will miss Weibel and the cosy environment that it and its staff offers. While my time at Weibel is coming to an end, I will try to come back and visit this wonderful school, as it has practically been my second home for 4 memorable years. Kareena (Mrs. Powell): I enjoyed my time here at Weibel. However, just like everyone before me, it is time for me to leave. I ve made many memories here at Weibel which I will forever treasure. I d like to thank my teachers, my peers, and most importantly, this school, for making my elementary school years very special. A message to future sixth graders: don t stress, work hard, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Good luck! Ananya (Mr. Stange): When I joined Weibel in second grade, I felt it as a brand new challenge. Weibel was, and still is, very different from my old school, Challenger, and I have enjoyed every part of it. From fourth grade s Aqua Adventure to Sixth grade science camp, I loved my journey through Weibel. Each of my teachers have contributed to my time here at Weibel. Weibel has given me numerous memories which I will never forget, but I wish I had more to keep with me as I move on to middle school. I feel that my sixth grade year is probably my most favorite year of all. I loved Mr. Stange s stories throughout the year, as well as all of his jokes (even if some of them were a bit cheesy). In conclusion, I can t think of a better school than Weibel for me to finish elementary school. Now, for someone else! Sruthi (Mr. Stange): I really enjoy being in Mr. Stange's class. His enriching and amusing stories help me remember that 6th grade is not just about learning - it is also about having fun. I definitely will miss Weibel when I go to Horner next year. Arvin (Mrs. Qualls): Wow. I can t believe that my three short years at Weibel are almost over and that I go to junior high next year. I still remember my first day at Weibel; as a transfer student from Warm Springs Elementary, I thought I wasn t going to be able to make any friends at all. I was so wrong! Weibel has proven to be a great environment, and now I ll have to leave it(sad face). I ll thank all the Weibel staff and especially my teachers, Mrs.Patterson(formerly Ms. Talao when she taught me), Ms. Guinan, and Mrs.

23 Qualls(and that doesn t even count my GATE teachers!) for helping and guiding me during my time in Weibel. And a special thanks to all my friends who supported me during school! Eshaan(Mr. Stange): I m sad. Weibel is awesome. Now I won t be able to have fun in class. My teachers were awesome. Be happy you are still in elementary. ΎΎ ΆΡΡΡΡ Aditya(Mrs. Stewart) - I can t believe my time of being at Weibel is over. Now it s off to an unknown place which I don t know what has in store. Even though I stayed for a short time, I loved everything about it. No one time, I loved the place. No uniforms, an air conditioning system, and very nice people; a big difference from India. And I know that the 5th graders will love their last year. I liked the stories from almost all 6th grade teachers, ( in Mrs.Qualls s class, fun was derived in many other ways). I was lucky to hear Mrs. Stewart s anecdotes about her children, Mr. Stange s HILLARIOUS Frog Story, and one funny story centered around a vocabulary word when I had to go to Mrs. Powell s class while others were taking a test. And there was also Mrs. Qualls s maze while reading The Rats of Nimh. So it s sad to see almost all of them go. Have fun, 5th grade!!!!! Rohan(Mrs. Qualls) -My time at weibel was fun. There were some funny moments, boring moments and exciting moments. Now I m going to Horner...a larger school with MANY more people. I ll have less fun, no recesses, and will have to run to other classes. I m sad and will have less fun :( :( Samrit(Mr. Stange):Weibel has been a fun journey, but the best year, in my opinion was sixth grade. With the best homeroom teacher, Mr.Stange,he taught us and told us humorous stories. With Mrs.Qualls as my reading teacher, she was strict,but humorous at times. Last of all,mrs,powell.she told stories about her children and taught math with games, These three teachers made my 6th grade an awesome experience. I can t wait for next year,junior high.good luck to next year s sixth graders. Teacher Advisor: Chuck Ontiveros Parent Advisor: Pooja Parkash