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2 Looking for Safe Cosmetics? Say YES to No Toxics Please Let s admit it. Using personal care products (e.g., skin care items, cosmetics, and hair care products) has become a huge part of our daily grooming routines. We ve gotten used to using shampoo, conditioner and soap when we take a bath, applying lotion before we put on our clothes, and spraying ourselves with perfume before we get out of the house. But do we care to know what s in these products before using them? Are we aware that these may contain toxic substances that can potentially cause serious health issues? When it comes to using cosmetics, we have to bear in mind that not all cosmetics and grooming essentials are created equal. Yes, all of them can highlight our best physical features (e.g., high cheekbone, plump lips and deep-set eyes). But not all of them add nourishment to our skin. It s those chemical-based products that we should be wary of because these can trigger allergic reactions and other skin concerns. The Risks of Using Too Much Make-up For those who say they can t leave the house without wearing layers of cosmetics, today s the perfect time to ditch artificial colours and go the natural way. Several researches link cosmetics as one of the leading causes of skin problems, three of the most common of which are the following: Unnaturally oily skin Those who ve tried using oil-based cosmetics, especially foundation, may have observed the sticky look and feel of this product on the skin. Instead of bringing out your natural, youthful glow, oil-based foundation and face powder will only give your face a think and oily sheen. The best way to go if you like to achieve a healthy glow is to go natural. Those with dry skin can follow these six tips to relieve dryness1 and those with oily skin can pick up these beauty routines to manage oily skin2. Skin Reactions The presence of preservatives and fragrances in beauty products can trigger skin reactions, which can either be irritant contact dermatitis3 or allergic contact dermatitis4. Clogged pores Certain types of cosmetics (especially those oil-based ones) clog the pores, trapping in acnecausing dirt and bacteria inside the skin. In the long run, this can cause chronic appearance of pimples, face redness and swelling. Experts recommend the use of non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic make-up to avoid clogged pores and acne. 5 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid When Shopping for Cosmetics Now what exactly are the chemicals that cause these skin troubles? Based on lab experiments, the following toxic substances are the most harmful to the skin: 1. UV-blocking chemicals Although we love sunscreen lotion for their capability to protect our body from direct sunlight, these products may also contain a range of chemicals that can harm the skin. The UV-blocking chemicals in sunscreen creams and lotions can disrupt endocrine system, which is responsible for hormonal functions. Specifically, the most commonly used UV-protection substances include Benzophenone, camphor, para-animo benzoic acid and octyl-methoxycinnamate. 2. Fragrance Yes, we like to use perfumes, lotions, colognes, shampoo and conditioners with refreshing smell. But without our knowledge, these products contain artificial fragrances that can impair our cells defence mechanism, hampering our body s natural way to detoxify. 3. Phthalates Usually found in deodorant, nail polish and hair spray, this chemical can also disrupt physiological processes (e.g., fetal development, endocrine functions). Besides, a research also discovered that women who use cosmetics with high phthalate content are more at risk of diabetes. 4. Parabens Although these are commonly used to preserve foods, parabens can also be found in cosmetics to extend a product s shelf life. Many lab experiments show that the presence of parabens contributes to the development of food sensitivities, high stress hormones in expectant mothers and susceptibility to airborne allergies. 5. Triclosan Otherwise called as Irgasan DP- 300, Ster-Zac and Cloxifenolum, this chemical is most common in hand sanitizers, toothpaste and deodorant. Despite of its germ-killing properties, Triclosan can also get into our system. Tips to Choose to Toxic-Free Cosmetics Knowing the chemical content of regular cosmetics and its adverse effects on the body, it is practical for us to be wary of these chemical-based products. To ensure you ve bought the right items, apply the following tips the next time you go shopping: Read the label s fine print. Beware! Not all cosmetics company stay true to their promise of producing organic or natural products. So to clarify things, take a look at the ingredients list and see if the foundation, powder or lotion you re planning to buy do contain any harmful chemicals (e.g., parabens, triclosan, fragrance). Look for a Certified Organic Logo. Consult the experts and research first before shopping. Before you order cosmetics online or visit the nearest grocery store, make sure to educate yourself regarding cosmetic products. Read up on the latest scientific discoveries about certain components in make-up items. Better yet, consult a dermatologist to help you choose the right cosmetics suited to your ski type, complexion and other needs. Opt for products made by reliable manufacturers. Don t be an avid fan of fad beauty products. To be safe, choose supplies manufactured by reputable companies those who ll bother to apply patents for their products and let third-party authorities check their items first before launching these on the market. Yes, it s certainly a practical decision to say YES to non-toxic beauty products. Doing this is the best way to protect your health, especially from the adverse effects of the disease-causing, and probably carcinogenic, chemicals present in some cosmetics. By steering clear from products with toxins and applying the shopping tips above, you can be more confident in using the items you ve just bought. - Anthony Orpen 2

3 Why Tilley Organic? Tilley Organic is proud to offer an Australian Certified Organic Personal Care Collection. More so now than ever before, customers ask for pure and active alternative products that are environmentally friendly, healthier for your skin and free from ingredients such as Parabens, mineral oil and propylene glycol which can cause irritation. We believe you will love the Local processed Tilley Organic personal care collection. By choosing Tilley Organic and Tilley Natural Personal Care you are contributing to the good of your skin and the planet. Why Ausganica? Certified Organic Skin Superfoods, maximising nutrition to the skin, body and hair. The goal is to deliver powerful nutrition to the skin, body and hair that comes from using pure organic botanicals Certified by Choose Cruelty Free. Current markets Promotional support Certified Organic Bio active ingredients Safe cosmetics Pure essential oils Palm free soaps Australian made Certified Organic Active skin care Australian made Hair super foods Organic perfumes Organic essentials oils 3

4 Why Thambili Life? Enjoy the added benefits of Tambilli - the Virgin King Coconut Oil native to Sri Lanka, This super fruit is overflowing with micro nutrients such as Vitamin E, Iron and Calcium that benefits your overall well being. This smooth, sweet scent enriches the whole experience of using organic coconut oil. Offering a great tasting cooking oil to a natural skin and hair care rejuvenating oil. Why SuperOrbs? Eridu SuperOrbs are designed to deliver enzyme intact nutrients, providing sustained vitality and an effective boost to your immune system. When we eat food in its natural state, free from high-impact processing and intense cooking, we enable our digestive system to better absorb and distribute the vitamins and minerals it needs for the body to function at its prime. Tambilli Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect choice to replace other fats in your diet with no cholesterol. A simply pressed and bottled so it retains its original nutrient content, flavour, and colour. Its non-gmo and gluten free, and it contains no tarns or hydrogenated fats. Its also chemical and hexane free, and its perfect for high heat cooking. Excellent Cooking Quality Great Taste Vegan Friendly Raw Super-Food Enriched with King Coconut Packed with Nature s Goodness Certified Organic Raw - Vegan - Superfood Organic Wholefoods Low Gi Vegan Raw Living Food Gluten Free Wild crafted Ingredients Full of Vitamins and over 20 Trace Minerals High in Amino Acids and Antioxidants Australian Made 4

5 Certified Organic: How to Know if It s Really Organic Obesity is on the rise and people are turning to Another important thing to look into is to check Can I visit your farm? Certified Naturally Grown organic and healthy food. You can buy lots of organic what foods are in season. If the farmer sells more of This is a make-or-break question that can sometimes This may be an alternative to organic. Both may products at the farmers market or in your favourite those which are not in season, they are probably not put farmers in a difficult situation. Farmers are very use more or less the same farming methods, yet local store or supermarket. But the question there is: locally grown. open to their production methods if they know they the difference lies in food regulations and labelling. how do you know if the food is real organic? Is it certified organic? have nothing to hide. You may find some getting uneasy with such question, while there are others Organic farming needs certification to sell their produce while natural does not need such certification. There are extensive ways in determining how organic It is a need for every farmer to get certification who are very much open to the idea of you visiting When it comes to labelling, the organic label the food really is. To completely know if the produce set by an accredited certifying body that their farm. means that the product contains at least 95 percent is grown organically or conventionally, you should follows the Australian National Standard organically produced and processed ingredients. You not only be a keen observer but also an effective ( before selling organic At the supermarket might also see a label with a percentage indicating scrutinizer. Always check the label and ask questions. produce. However, some farmers opt out from Labels are very crucial in determining if the product how much of the product qualifies as organic. A label Below are sure-fire techniques you can use in certification because of the cost, even if they use is an organic or a conventional produce. Below are of natural does not indicate anything about the raising, recognizing real organic products. purely organic farming methods. If such is the case, do the labels you should look into when buying food in a feeding or care of the animals. On other products, the At the farmers market When you buy food at a farmers market, the first thing that comes to mind is who and how the crops not hesitate to ask if they have other national or local certifications required for selling organic produce. How do you control weeds or pests? grocery store: Organic This is of course the first word you should look for natural label ideally means minimal processing and no artificial additives.**** Look out for brands that use the word ORGANIC are grown. The best bet to know the real thing is to We all know that farmers using conventional methods when buying food at the supermarket. When it says on there brand name as some have less then 1% of talk to the seller and ask open-ended questions about spray harmful chemicals to kills pests and prevent organic, the item must have an ingredients list and organic ingredients in their product. Best thing if you how the produce is grown. Take a look at the series of growth of weeds. Organic methods, on the other hand, the contents should be 95% or more certified organic, wish to purchase an organic product is look for an questions you may want to ask when buying produce use various unconventional methods for killing pests meaning free of synthetic additives like pesticides, accredited organic logo. at the farmers market: and preventing the growth of weeds. Organic methods chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be Who grew this food? for weeding include using cover crops, mulching, cultivation, and if it s a smaller operation, even hand- processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering.*** Being sure your food is healthy makes all the difference. You may find all these labels glued in your When buying produce in a farmers market, make sure weeding.** Oftentimes farmers use organic-approved favourite food s package when you buy them, but these are locally grown and sold by the farmers who pesticides for pest control. there is no harm in asking if it is real or not. These days, grew them. In some venues that resemble farmers it is better to be safe than be sorry. markets - and perhaps present themselves as such - buyers resell produce they bought wholesale.* - Organic Advisory Line 2016

6 Why Naughty Goat Farm? Naughty Goat Farm provides the genuine solution to the current demand in the market for quality Goats Milk soaps and other products. Naughty Goat Farm soaps contain 33% Real Goats Milk, bringing the real benefits of Goats Milk to your body. Why Angelic Lily? Using only the best that Mother Nature has to offer, Angelic Lily achieves heavenly skin in just 3 easy steps. Purify, Nourish and Restore skin using the power of 100% natural, proven botanicals to smooth skin and erase fine lines. Proudly Australian. 33% Real goats milk soap Active body care Vegan skin care Australian made Gluten free 3 Step Treatment System Proven botanicals Non toxic ingredients Permaculture goat farm No harsh chemicals Safe skin care Australian made 6

7 Why SkinB5? SkinB5 is a NEW WAY TO TREAT ACNE - Patented & Award-Winning. Many people ask why SkinB5 is so effective. And the reason is two fold. First the strategic use of Vitamin B5 a core natural ingredient that regulates the overproduction of skin oils. Second is the inclusion of oral supplements a critical component of the complete SkinB5 system that fights acne from within. SkinB5 works for people of all ages and skin types. It is effective for mild, moderate and serious acne and for acne on all areas of the body. Why EBO Raw? The RAW range is testament to Every Bit Organic s unwillingness to compromise on quality and sourcing of ingredients from the highest quality farms in Australia and from around the world. Fights acne from inside-out Reduces and regulates skin oil production balances hormones Strengthens the immune systems Helps relieve stress, a main contributor to acne RAW Foods Certified Organic Australian Processor Preservative Free Body Oils Pure Extracts 7

8 Spot the Difference: Essential Oil vs. Synthetic Fragrance Apart from picturesque scenes, delicious foods and soothing music, refreshing scents also have the capacity to help us relax and get over a day s or week s worth of stress and pressures. For instance, many people find pleasure in taking walking tours at parks and gardens to smell the subtle scent of water to let out the enzyme-bound oils. After the distillation process, the oil is then isolated from the water phase. This method is commonly used when extracting oils from wintergreen, onion, bitter almond and garlic. Synthetic Fragrance - What is it? Synthetic oils or fragrances are usually manufactured. These are made artificially using a range of substances and chemicals to mimic a specific, natural scent such as those of flowers and fruits. Usually used by perfumers, synthetic fragrances are good replacements for natural Specific scents and their therapeutic properties Although there are a plethora of blends on the market these days, you might like to get started with the following scents to benefit from their specific aromatherapeutic qualities: flowers. Others make it part of their daily routine to Apart from this, essences can also be obtained through raw materials (e.g., plants, fruits, trees), which are spray perfume on their clothes before going to work or school to smell nice. Still, many others like to take a bath and go to bed with a lighted scented candle in their room. If you re more inclined to use perfume or scented candles and soap, it might be best to know how to choose the right scent for you. Basically, you a process called expression or cold-pressing, which is commonly used to extract oil from citrus peel. Where and when it s best used? With its relaxing scents, these are used as oils for aroma-therapeutic massage and spa sessions. already diminishing. Producers can copy a range of natural scents, which cannot be obtained naturally such as lily or lilac. Where and when it s best used? Knowing synthetic fragrances are artificially made, Peppermint can be a perfect mental stimulant, especially for those who would be driving long distances. Fir is a good sanitizer and relaxant, which can lower stress levels and help one feel refreshed. have two choices; you can either opt for products with essential oils or synthetic fragrances. Now what s exactly the difference between these two? Some soap, lotion and other beauty products also contain essential oils, although a series of chemical processes are applied to mix these with other cosmetic these are the usual types found in soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes and other cosmetics that are meant for mass production. Manufacturers of food flavourings Ylang-Ylang has a unique kind smell that can create a sense of sensuality and can also give one an instant happiness boost. Essential Oil - What is it? ingredients. Oils can also be taken internally for medicinal use. and candles also add fragrance oils to their products to enhance the smell. Makers also apply patents for Lavender has a calming, relaxing scent that can greatly reduce stress and enhance mood. Essential oil is made from the essences and extracts of aromatic plants. Usually, this is sourced from the skin of plants, leaves, seeds, fruits, sap or flowers. Apart from these, some essential oils are also obtained from resins, roots and bark of certain trees. Experts refer their signature synthetic fragrances because the production of these products involves a specific choice of chemicals and blending processes. Unlike essential oils, artificial scents should not be taken internally, knowing its high chemical content. Vanilla has a relaxing smell that helps reduce stress. Rosewood exudes a calming smell that can function as an anti-depressant. to essential oils as the life force of trees and plants, knowing these contain therapeutic properties usually used in aromatherapy. Because these are sourced from natural plant materials, the types of essential oils produced may depend on the season and the availability may vary throughout the year. Aroma - therapeutic properties of some plants Now that you already know the difference between essential and synthetic oils, it s now time to shop for the right fragrances. Basil has an upbeat fragrance that uplifts the mood and improve alertness. Lemon is another mental stimulant that is perfect for those in the workplace to minimise errors and improve focus. The manner of obtaining this type of oil isn t easy. - Organic Advisory Line 2016 It involves a series of labour-intensive, physical processes1, which usually starts with distillation or maceration with either steam or water. In this process, the raw plant material is crushed and steeped in warm 8

9 Why Pro-Water? PRO-WATER produces the healthiest certified organic hydrating sports drinks in the world. All PRO-WATER s are packed with powerful probiotics, enzymes,antioxidants, electrolytes & nutrients that naturally protect and purify the body. What you see, taste and digest comes straight from nature. Why Bio Living? Bio Living household Cleaners are designed to clean well and are fantastic to use, whilst respecting our earth. We have developed a range that uses Certified Organic Soap nut extract, certified organic coconut oil, certified organic soapwort, pure essential oils and beneficial botanical extracts. Not only biodegradable and grey water safe but green and clean. Certified Organic No synthetic ingredients No colours added No flavours added No preservatives used Australian made Certified Organic No synthetic ingredients No colours added No flavours added No preservatives used Australian made 9

10 Why Choose Thrive Traders Brands Selective criteria with all brands Merchandising deals for wholesalers and retailers Work direct relationships with your suppliers Suppliers are ready to support thier brands and your efforts Full marketing support Trade shows On-going marketing Social media marketing In-store deals and promotions Why Local Organic Producers? Supporting sustainable local organic food production makes sense socially, ecologically and economically. This is why we aim to use over 95% Australian grown organic ingredients in all our meals. Such ingredients as spices that are not grown in Australia generally make up less than 5% of our meals. Speak to Thrive Traders Brand Manager to find out how we can team up to grow your business. Local Australian meals Certified Organic food Gluten free No added sugars Taste great Healthy alternatives 10

11 Why Teelixir? Superfood mushrooms are a kingdom of herbs that are very powerful health promoting agents. There are hundreds of thousands of mushroom species in the world but according to ancient texts and scientific studies, close to 700 varieties are believed to have preventative and therapeutic properties beneficial to human health. People have been consuming medicinal mushrooms for thousands of years and they offer many great benefits. Their power and incredible intelligence work to predominantly train, and to build and rejuvenate our immune system. There are many compounds, constituents and nutrients in medicinal mushrooms that benefit human health, but the most well studied and tested are carbohydrate molecules called polysaccharides (long-chain sugars), more specifically beta-glucans, and the triterpenes. The polysaccharides and triterpenes are extremely beneficial to our health as they are believed to stimulate and strongly enhance our immune system Why Soap Guru? From the peaceful masters of organic soap making, French 18the century tripled milled process - the purest organic soap in the world. Our formula is simple: Use only the finest organic ingredients and abstain from using unwanted and toxic ingredients such as: NO PALM OIL WITHIN Micro-nutrients Antioxidants Vitamins C & E Anti-microbial Anti-fungal WITHOUT X Paragons and other harmful preservatives X Sulphates and other harmful detergents X PEGs and other harmful compounds that can carry toxic substances through the epidermis (skin) X DEA, TEA & MEA and other harmful emulsifying agents X Synthetic perfumes and artificial fragrances Australian Company PALEO & VEGAN Antioxidant Boost Increase Fitness Improve Libido Activate Memory Elevate Mood Reduce Stress NON GMO & GLUTEN FREE Supports Immunity ITEM CODE BARCODE PRODUCT UNIT SIZE Organic Blue Mallee Eucalyptus 100g Organic Lemon Scented Tea Tree 100g Organic Sweet Orange 100g 11

12 Why Go Organic? 5 Reasons Behind the Healthy Choice Thousands of years ago, organic produce was the only option for our ancestors. There were no agricultural methods used to alter the food they eat. They consumed natural food packed with wholesome nutrients for their body. Nowadays, producing vegetable, meat, fish and other food products involves the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and geneticengineering. When we eat these unnaturally produced food items, our body may absorb harmful chemicals and toxins believed to cause many illnesses. Fortunately, we saw a set of good changes in recent years. Many farm owners started producing organic food free from artificial chemicals. Health-conscious people, including us, can now switch to eating organic. So, Why Should You Choose To Go Organic? Here Are 5 Top Reasons: 1) No Harmful Pesticides or Chemicals According to the Better Health Channel website, Exposure to chemicals can lead to health effects including headache, poisoning, respiratory illness, burns, cancers and birth defects. Although farm workers are the ones who are mostly vulnerable to exposure, some health studies suggest that the residue of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals can enter our system through food consumption. Meaning, it is best to choose natural and organic food produce free from any type of toxin that can be harmful to our body. 4) High Nutrient Content Based on many studies conducted by nutrition experts, organic food has more nutrients compared to conventionally produced crops or meat. Researchers say that organic fruits and vegetables contain 20% more nutrients and antioxidants based on the daily recommended amounts. If we ll do the math, you only need to eat 5 organic apples if you are required to eat 6 apples a day. Isn t that great? 2) Helps Protect Our Environment If you ll choose to eat organic, you are supporting farmers who are not using any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. With this, you are promoting the reduction of toxic chemicals released into our environment. Well, if more and more people switch to going organic, we all can make a brighter and cleaner Earth for generations to come. 5) No Genetic Modifications As defined by Australia s Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR), a GMO is an organism that has inherited particular traits from an organism (the initial organism), being traits that occurred in the initial organism because of gene technology. Although many scientists are citing lots of advantages in using GMOs for farming, there are also some great risks for such technique. For example, modified plants may create toxins, allergens or teratogens. These chemicals may be consumed by people and may cause illnesses or other medical conditions. 3) Better Flavor Organic produce, especially fruits and vegetables, have lower level of water and sugar compared to conventionally grown crops. This means they are packed with more intense flavor. In fact, numerous polls and customer surveys here and abroad suggest that organic food does tastes better. Well, based on the list we have provided, organic food is definitely the choice that you should make. So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch now and reap the benefits of going organic! 12

13 Why Woohoo Body? Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste does the hard work of keeping you fresh and B.O. free, so you can focus on moving your body and feeling freaking amazing. If you re making healthy lifestyle decisions this is a no-brainer. Stop clogging your pores with aluminium and get some Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste. Why Farm Dog? Farm Dog Naturals uses ingredients you can trust to be gentle but effective. Sustainability is an important part of their mission. Each ingredient is sourced from organic or chemical free suppliers. Farm Dog Natural uses the benefits of Organic peppermint, lavender, apricot kernel oil and aloe butter and contain natural candelilla wax, mineral salts, extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil and roman chamomile essential oil. All natural Vegan and cruelty free Australian made & owned Aluminium salt & phthalate free Contains 4 different odour busting ingredients Fast acting, long lasting all day protection guaranteed Cruelty-free Non-GMO Vegan 100% plant-based Ethically produced and sourced Our products are made by us not a third party company 13

14 Why Mixmymuesli? Are you sick of starting every day dissatisfied with your breakfast? Do you wish there was something that was healthy, natural, and free from sugar, butter, and other hidden unhealthy nasties? Mixmymuesli s Healthy Start range is the answer you ve been waiting for!! The Healthy Start range was developed when people kept asking us for advice on truly healthy options for breakfast. Muesli is supposed to be healthy, so we searched everywhere, but all we could find was brands that offered gluten free, organic, or Paleo options. None of these options guaranteed the muesli was actually healthy!! In fact, what we found was these mueslis were still full of sugar, fall of fat, and not really healthy at all! Many of the major food manufacturers are adding trendy ingredients to try and capture this market with words like Superfoods, Ancient Grains, and Protein on their packs. Mix My Muesli provides a fantastic way to start the day. It s healthy, it s nutritious, and there are no added sugars in any of our premium dried fruits. Ranges from Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic Mixes The bases are 100% natural, and contain Wholegrains such as Rolled Oats, Barley & Triticale. Our nuts and seeds are preservative-free and are all-natural products. Offering superfoods in the range also, look out for the SF Icon. The dried fruits have been selected from the finest available in Australia. They re all natural, with no added sugar. But, when we looked more closely, these products were also still full of sugars, fats, oils, and highly processed nutrient stripped grains. As people with backgrounds in health, fitness and nutrition, the mixmymuesli team didn t want to recommend these products to anyone they cared for. So, we developed the Healthy Start range. Why Messor Ingredients? Our vision is to supply high quality renewable Raw Material with excellence in service in order to fulfil the highest industry standards and customer requirements. We believe in their purity and importance in today s marketplace. Our customers represent a multitude of commercial and industrial applications and we are dedicated to meeting their supply demands. We are the right partner to work closely with in the world of specialty oils, protein, grains and pulses, and waxes and butters products. Ensure that healthy end products can be produced, based on high quality ingredients Support innovative new product developments Increase the use of natural and renewable raw materials Ensure sustainability Improve shelf life Increase production efficiency Reduce costs Increase the value creation of the customers end products

15 Why Plantrich Organics? Plantrich Organics is more than just organic - it is a philosophy, a passion and a strongly held belief that foodis an extension of life. Now launched in Australia, an opportunity for Plantrich Organics to be a contributor to the enrichment of fair trade in India. Enjoy traditional organic & natural Indian food from Plantrich Organics Foods. Why Nature2Body? Nature2 Baby Balm is a Smart Multi Action Formula - used for nappy rash, cooling and soothing cuts and wounds, calming for hard or dry skin. Protect and calm the skin with a combination of gentle, soft moistursing ingredients, that includes Rice Brain Oil, Coconut Oil and Mango Butter. Apply as required to dry, sensitive or chaffed areas and also can be used on face, body or bottom. Whilst the oils lubricate the skin, the actives like Beeswax and Shea butter provide a thin protective layer that smoothes the irritated skin, keeping it moisturised even Nature2 Baby Balm is an All In One Baby Balm that helps you save time & money whilst giving Mum & Baby a Smart Triple Action Use - Nappy Rash, Soothing Wounds & Cuts + Moisturising Dry Skin. Anand from Plantrich Organics is a Qualified Chef and brings his distinctive & traditional sense of Indian food, food preparation & recipes to make Plantrich a brand that delivers goodness to your body and amazing tastes for your soul! Australian Certified Organic 100% Natural Ingredients Safe Active Ingredients No Zinc Oxides No Petroleum Gels or By-products No Synthetics allowed No Parabens No Fragrances No Artificial Colours Pure Organic Paw Paw at a High Level Great for Sensitive and all Problem Skins 15

16 Why Origin Chocolate? Origin Chocolate would like to take your taste buds on a journey around the world, to experience chocolate that is as exotic as its ORIGIN. We are bean to bar chocolate makers and use only the finest ethically sourced cacao beans from around the world to create a chocolate that tastes as amazing as the cacao s origin. Chocolate that has individuality with a complex flavour profile that varies between sweet rich caramels, exotic fruits, nuts and spice with no two chocolates tasting the same. We source only certified ingredients and only use cacao that is ORGANIC,FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED or has RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFICATION in order to give you the ultimate experience in GUILT FREE PLEASURE...this is truly one of natures gifts. Why SoilCharge? At SoilCharge, we take care of the improvement and maintenance of sporting fields, lawns and general gardens using Certified Organic inputs and products. We work to reduce the levels of chemical toxins and chemicals in general in schools and places where children play. Scientific evidence links exposure to pesticides to reduced neuro development, increased risks of cancer, allergies and other health risks. Certified Organic Inputs FREE Consultation Certified Organic Fair Trade Rainforest Alliance s approach Dairy Free Soy Free Gluten Free Lawn Garden Sports Ovals Vegetble Gardens Evaluation of your School s Natural Environment Soil Testing and Toxicity Reports (where required) Education & Training Sessions with School Grounds Maintenance Staff Progress Reports FREE Procedure Documents Have Current Working With Children Checks and Clearences 16

17 Why My Organic Tea? An Organic Medicinal Tea range, with your health in mind. Blended by our Herbalist Cheryl Davis, from Pioneer Bay, Victoria Australia. Why Raw Alternative Beauty? Raw Alternative Beauty is the world s certified organic performance skin care focusing on blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. EVERY DAY BALANCE & COMPLEXION Luxurious complexion and clear skin is yourswith MIR Booster Serum. An organic skin serum that will lift, firm and renew your skin whilst offering powerful ant aging ingredients and fast-absorbing hydrating extracts that will help greatly to minimise the signs of aging. What People are Saying: I've tried "My Sleeping Tea" as I used to faced some sleeping issues and was looking for a natural way to solve them. I was so surprised to see all the positive effects! This tea has so many benefits. I have already recommended it to my friends and relatives. - Elise Love Love Love My Organic Tea!! My Sleeping Tea works a treat! And tastes amazing too!. - Kira Bio-Active & Safe Ingredients Age defying Intense hydration Rich in Omega fatty acids 3,6 & 9 Soy Free Gluten Free Powerful antioxidants Fight free radical damage Rejuvenates and repairs Proven results Blemish prom skin result Rich in Vitamins A, D and E 17

18 Tel: 61 (0)