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1 Cheshire West & Chester Council Exhibi{ions&Even{s Grosvenor Museum I OCTOBER 2014 JANUARY 2015

2 Exhibi{ions COVER: Picturesque Chester: The City in Art Until 12 October The Great War: Personal Responses by Cheshire Artists Network Exhibition Gallery Two Members of Cheshire Artists Network have produced work in a range of media which represent personal responses to the Great War, seen through collective recollection, documentary accounts, and family histories. Even though the subject matter cannot help but be emotional, and is often personal through the involvement of ancestors and their loved ones, the clouding of memories will increasingly be a threat. The artists hope to slow that process by means of their work, and in this way pay their respects to those who paid the price of our freedom. Until 2 November Buildings, Battles and Bodies: A History of Heronbridge Exhibition Gallery One 85 years of excavations at Heronbridge have revealed some amazing secrets. This exhibition begins by exploring the Roman origins of Heronbridge, where a settlement was established on the edge of the River Dee close to the fortress at Chester. It then jumps forward to the 7th century and the Battle of Chester to investigate Heronbridge s fortified enclosure and mass grave. Visitors can even come face to face with two Anglo-Saxon warriors who fought, died, and were buried on the site. Until 19 December Dulce et Decorum Est For many of the young men who volunteered to fight for their country in the Great War it was a great adventure regular meals, good companionship and an outdoor life which was sure to be over by Christmas. Neither they nor those who so actively encouraged them to enlist had any idea of the horrors that were in store. Using photographs drawn from both our own collection and those images and stories that were shared at our recent Roadshow, this exhibition looks at the local men and their families whose lives were irrevocably changed by the war to end all wars. 01 Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

3 Exhibi{ions Exhibitions Until 19 December The Nurses Story This exhibition, contributed by the Backford, Mollington and District Local History Society, looks at the experiences of two dedicated nurses during the Great War, drawing on their photographs, diaries and letters. nurses story 1-3 images Until 19 December For Those in Peril: HMS Chester Until 19 December From Bombs to Bandages The flow of casualties from the battlefields of the Great War overwhelmed the existing medical establishments at home, and many civilian buildings and houses were turned over to military use. Chester was no exception and these images, taken from a donated photograph album, show the young convalescent patients and nurses of the Voluntary Aid Detachment from Hoole Bank, their smiling faces shining out at us from that long ago sunny afternoon when the booming guns of the front line must have seemed a world away from those peaceful gardens. It was an exciting moment for the citizens of Chester when a ship was named after the city and launched in At the Battle of Jutland in June 1916 HMS Chester came under heavy fire and amongst the gun crew fatalities was 16 year old John Cornwall, who received the Victoria Cross for his dedication to duty despite being mortally wounded. This display commemorates his courage throughout that terrible battle and the ship and crew that he was so proud to be a part of. Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 02

4 Exhibi{ions Exhibitions Until 2015 Motherhood Costume Gallery This small exhibition explores the role of motherhood between 1860 and 1960, with interpretation extending into the surrounding period rooms. Recognising that the role is not always fulfilled by the biological mother, the exhibition examines the themes of baby and child-care, home-making and time out. Through objects, costumes and ephemera, the exhibition considers the roles of motherhood, laboursaving equipment, and the implications of social developments during a century of enormous change. 18 October 18 January Cian Quayle: Points of Departure Exhibition Gallery Two Cian Quayle is an artist whose work investigates ideas of place. He uses journeys and travel as a means of recording the experience of urban space and landscape, and of what lies between. The exhibition brings together paintings, photographs, prints and object-based works, which span a period of twenty years. Dr Cian Quayle is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in BA Photography at the University of Chester. Exhibition organised in partnership with the University of Chester 15 November 22 February Picturesque Chester: The City in Art Exhibition Gallery One Chester is England s most picturesque city, the two-mile circuit of her Roman and medieval walls enclosing two thousand years of history. Chester s rich architectural heritage includes the unique Rows, the majestic Norman church of St John the Baptist and the Gothic cathedral, charming Tudor and Stuart half-timbered houses, a monumental Greek Revival castle, and the spectacular buildings of the Victorian and Edwardian black-and-white revival. Chester has inspired artists for more than four centuries, and the cream of the museum s remarkable collection has been selected to provide a fascinating exploration of this enchanting city. 03 Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

5 Exhibitions 6 January 27 March Oh You Pretty Things! The 1970s was the decade of the Space Hopper, Aquamanda perfume, the Ford Cortina, and the Winter of Discontent. Despite strikes and water shortages the whole nation celebrated The Queen s Jubilee in 1977 and British popular culture still led the world. This exhibition looks at people and places in Chester during those years, which for many of us meant glam and glitz as much as trouble and strife. 6 January 27 March Band of Gold With St Valentine s Day in mind, this foyer display looks at Chester weddings some high church, some not and all of them joyful days full of promise and new beginnings. From weddings in the cathedral to a 1970s register office ceremony, we take a look back at the dresses, bridesmaids and proud families involved in making this a day to remember. 6 January 27 March Voluntary Action on the Home Front in Chester: History & Legacy Set up days after the outbreak of the Great War, the Council of Social Welfare (later to become Chester Voluntary Action) co-ordinated the provision of assistance on the Home Front, providing relief to those in need due to the war. This centenary exhibition shines a light on the significant contribution made by local charities to support families whose main breadwinner was away in the services, wounded or killed, and those affected by unemployment arising from the disruption to trade. It highlights major events and social issues in Chester from 1914 onwards, showing the significant impact of Chester Voluntary Action then and now. Calling All Artists! The Grosvenor Museum s 11th Open Art Exhibition will run from March to June This biennial show celebrates the best of the region s contemporary art, providing a diverse and stimulating exhibition for the public and giving artists in the area an opportunity to show their work. Entry forms will be available after 5 January from Ruth Marshall, telephone , 24 January 19 April Louise Rayner: Victorian Watercolours Exhibition Gallery Two The much-loved watercolours of Louise Rayner ( ) present a uniquely charming vision of Victorian Chester. She delighted in the textures of crumbling plaster, weather-beaten timber, peeling posters and rough cobbles. Her views of Chester s picturesque streets are brought vividly to life with ordinary people going about their daily lives in the sunlit city. Louise Rayner came from a family of artists, and the exhibition includes watercolours by her father Samuel and sister Margaret. Exhibition supported by the Megan Gwynne-Jones Charitable Trust Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 04

6 Even{s Events for Children & Families Monday 27 Friday 31 October Haunted Period House Period House Open all day Our Period House will be slowly transformed for Halloween, one room at a time. Pop in and see the changes over the course of the week, then see the finished house on Friday. The Haunted Period House may be unsuitable for young children. Monday 27 October Halloween Masks Newstead Gallery 2-4pm Free drop-in. Make a scary Halloween mask in preparation for the 31st. Visit again on Friday wearing it or fancy dress and you will receive a treat! Tuesday 28 October Photo-Sensitive Newstead Gallery 2-4pm Free drop-in. Use light-sensitive paper to make an abstract silhouette photograph of found urban objects; nuts and bolts, bottle tops, leaves and more. You are welcome to bring your own small found objects to use, too. Wednesday 29 October Roman Helmets and Shields Newstead Gallery 2-4pm Free drop-in. Make your own helmet and shield like the ones used by Roman soldiers 2000 years ago. Thursday 30 October Peg Warriors Newstead Gallery 2-4pm Free drop-in. Make your very own Anglo-Saxon peg warrior. Events You may have to book for some activities: contact details are given where needed Events for children and families Children s activities are aimed at 4 to 12 years unless otherwise stated. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Group bookings: please contact the Museum Shop and Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

7 Even{s Events for Children & Families Friday 31 October Halloween Day at the Museum Grosvenor Museum Stories: Art Gallery, am, pm, pm Spiders and skeletons: Newstead Gallery, 11.30am-12.30pm, pm, pm Join us for a day of spooky goings-on in the museum. Listen to tales of witches, goblins and ghosts, then make a creepy spider or jangly skeleton to take home. You can also follow our Pumpkin Trail around the museum and visit our petrifying Period House. Children in trick or treat costumes will be given a treat! The Haunted Period House may be unsuitable for young children. Friday 31 October Halloween Night at the Museum Period House pm: entry pm, leave when you like. For year olds Free, to guarantee your place. Join us for an evening in our haunted house, where the ghosts of the past 400 years have come back to haunt their former home. Come and wander around the rooms, have some food and listen to ghost stories by candlelight. Our Period House has been spookily transformed with help from our new Youth Panel, our first event designed by teenagers, for teenagers. Come along if you think you re brave enough! Saturday 29 November Winter Watch Snow Birds Newstead Gallery 2-4pm Free drop-in. Make a spectacular snow bird with a streaming tail and join the fun on the Winter Watch parades. Thursdays 4 & 11 December Winter Watch Parade Starts from Forum Shopping Centre 7pm This spectacular event is based on Chester s 15th century tradition of Setting the Watch, when the city leaders handed over the keys of Chester to the City Watch the early police force after processing around the city to ensure it was secure. The Winter Watch Parade combines colourful costumes and a collection of characters to provide a popular festive event. Celebrate Christmas with the Lord of Misrule, devils and dragons, dancing and sword fights, and a spectacular fire breathing finale. Saturday 6 December Christmas at St Michael s 11am-3pm Free drop-in. Join us for carols, mince pies and lots of nostalgia! Browse through thousands of photographs, including a seasonal display of curious myths and legends, delve into your family history and discover your past. Lots of children s puzzles and activities, and a glittery Christmas card-making workshop. Thursday 18 December Saturnalia Parade Lantern Making, Grosvenor Museum, Newstead Gallery, pm Parade starts from Grosvenor Museum, 6.30pm Chester is back under Roman control for the night as the Roman legion lights up the streets with a torch-lit parade. This traditional Roman event celebrates the feast of Saturn. It was a time of celebration, visits to friends, and gift-giving. It was also traditional for masters and slaves to swap places, making Saturnalia very popular. Make your own lantern and join Roman Tours/Deva Victrix legion in a parade around the city to celebrate this festival. Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 06

8 Even{s Events for Adults Every day of the year Guided Walking Tours of Chester Meet at Visitor Information Centre, Town Hall Square pm 7, 6 concession, tickets from Guide or online at Discover Chester s glorious heritage with the Guild of Chester Tour Guides. Sunday, Secret Chester: King Charles Tower, Water Tower and Shropshire Union Canal. Monday, Secret Chester: Chester Castle, River Dee, Grosvenor Park and St. John s Church. Tuesday, Secret Chester: Racecourse, Chester Castle and St. Michael s Church. Wednesday & Friday, Curious Chester: hidden gems, including the Rows. Thursday & Saturday, Chester Walls: Water Tower, King Charles Tower and Eastgate Clock. Secret Chester and Chester Walls include steps. Routes may vary subject to conditions. Tuesdays & Saturdays (except Saturday 20 September) until 11 October In Different Skies 11am & 3pm This nine-minute video is a personal response by artist David Heke to aspects of the Great War. It is constructed in two parts, linked by an emphasis on the human experience of the war, from the battles for the ocean to the conflict on the land. It speaks as much for those left behind as it does for those caught up on the front lines. Wednesday 1 October The Art of War pm 3, pay at the door. Adrian Sumner s lecture will examine the memorable and moving images created by British artists in the First and Second World Wars, as well as those by artists from other countries. He will also explore how artists have recorded and remembered conflict down the ages, together with posters, propaganda, and political cartoons. Artists include Paul Nash, David Bomberg, Wyndham Lewis, Graham Sutherland, Umberto Boccioni, Gino Severini, George Grosz and Otto Dix. Saturday 4 October Heronbridge: From Romans to Roundheads with a battle in between 1-2pm Project director Dr David Mason discusses the most recent excavations at Heronbridge and looks at the wider history of this multi-period and nationally significant site. Sunday 5 October Heronbridge Site Tour Heronbridge, Eccleston Meet 1.30pm Free, but booking essential at the Museum Shop Join project director Dr David Mason for a tour of Heronbridge. The tour meets at 1.30pm outside Eccleston Village Hall. There will then be a minute walk along a footpath to the site, and the tour will last approximately one hour. Please dress appropriately for the weather and for walking. No dogs except guide dogs. 07 Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

9 Even{s Events for Adults Wednesday 15 October Chester College: The Formative Years, pm 3, pay at the door. In this talk, Professor Graeme White will explore Chester College s early history. At the time of its founding it was a pioneering institution the first purpose-built teacher-training college in England and the first founded specifically to serve a diocese. Indeed, in its early years Chester College offered a distinctive educational experience with an emphasis on workshop skills. After nearly collapsing in 1869, it revived following the 1870 Education Act and by the First World War was thriving as a college preparing young men to teach in elementary schools. Wednesday 22 October Chester College: The Transformative Years, pm 3, pay at the door. This talk focuses on the history of Chester College from the First World War until the 1970s. Professor Graeme White will explore the institution s relationship with the city during this sixty year period. As a relatively small college, its most obvious impact on Chester residents was through the annual Rag Day inaugurated in the 1920s. But after the Second World War there were some major changes, including the replacement of dormitories by residential hostels in the 1950s and the admission of the first women students in the 1960s. Thursday 23 October The Eccleston Project 1-2pm Eccleston, two miles south of Chester on the River Dee, is documented in the Domesday Book and may date from AD 600. Fieldwork coordinator, Dr Niall Macfayden, will provide an update on the ongoing excavations by the Chester Archaeological Society. Saturday 25 October The Secret Life of a Recorder 2-3pm 3, or 2 if carrying a ticket for the evening Piva concert. Pay on the door. It s easy to take the recorder for granted, but it has a long musical history and was once seen as superior to the flute! The Grosvenor Museum has a unique set of recorders made by master instrument maker Peter Bressan in the 17th century. To celebrate this collection and as an introduction to their evening concert this talk by the Renaissance music group Piva will take you on the recorder s musical journey from early medieval times through to the Baroque, giving a unique insight into the life and times of the instrument and the people who made and played it. Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 08

10 Even{s Events for Adults Saturday 25 October Measure for Measure: Music from Shakespeare s Time pm 8, includes a complimentary glass of wine. To book call To mark the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare s birth, the Renaissance music group Piva presents a concert of popular dance and ballad music from the theatres of the day. Shakespeare wrote for all of society, and Piva will reflect this with pieces ranging from village green to stately court. They will also bring the period alive with stories about life in Shakespeare s theatre. One of the country s leading early music groups, Piva play throughout the UK and across Europe. Using a wide range of period instruments, the members are all multi-instrumentalists who create music of the past played for today. Wednesday 29 October From Teacher Training College to the University of Chester, pm 3, pay at the door. During this talk, Professor Graeme White will consider why Chester College survived during the 1970s, when many similar colleges closed or merged. One of the reasons, as he will explain, was that Chester College diversified beyond teacher training. More recently, the institution has grown considerably in size, maturity and economic impact. Since the turn of the millennium it has become a university and has spread to new campuses at Warrington and Thornton as well as in Chester itself. However, the original campus on Parkgate Road continues and its diverse buildings illustrate changing educational priorities over the past 175 years. Fridays 31 October & 21 November Chester Ghosts 2-3pm Free, but booking essential at A ghostly film looking at some of the most haunted sites in Chester from the atmospheric Thornton s shop and the spirit of Sarah, to the chilling Bear & Billet Inn where desperate screams can still be heard today. A spooky show in keeping with this misty time of year, where the autumn nights grow longer and the short days become gloomier and overcast. Refreshments available. 09 Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

11 Even{s Events for Adults Friday 7 November Put That Light Out! pm 3, book at Chester History & Heritage The war to end all wars became one of the most common catchphrases of the Great War but in 1939, for the second time in many people s lives, our country was again in conflict with Germany. Join the inimitable Len Morgan, who chooses from his vast collection of photographic slides to show just what these years of hardship and loss meant to Chester. Wednesday 19 November Contemporary China through Chinese Opera Wednesday 26 November Cian Quayle: Artist Journeys 2-3pm Dr Cian Quayle s illustrated talk introduces the work in his current exhibition. He explores the significance of artist journeys via personal practice and researchrelated influences and projects, which, amongst others, make reference to the work of Dada artist Kurt Schwitters and Wirral born writer Malcolm Lowry. 2-3pm Whilst Western opera is considered a high art, in China it is mainstream entertainment and integral to the common people's way of living: feeling the breeze within a garden venue and listening to familiar song whilst sipping tea and discussing classical lyrics. Dr Haili Ma was a member of the Shanghai Luwan Opera Company and is now Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Chinese Cultural Studies at the University of Chester. Haili unfolds the concept of China, and explores how centuriesold Chinese culture continues to evolve in contemporary people's lives. Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 10

12 Even{s Events for Adults Saturday 29 November Scandimania: The Art of Scandinavia Study Day 10.30am-3.30pm 15 including tea, coffee, biscuits and lunch. To book contact Adrian Sumner , A study day with Adrian Sumner looking at the extraordinary richness of fine and applied art to be found in the Nordic lands. Forget all prejudices and the bleakness suggested by Nordic Noir : this series of linked lectures reveals the beauties of landscape, portrait, wildlife, myth and legend, as well as the 19th century explorations of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, Symbolism and Art Nouveau truly a Golden Age. Some names you ll recognize, such as Edvard Munch and Carl Larsson, but others will come as a wonderful revelation, including P.S. Kroyer, Aksel Gallen-Kallela, Anders Zorn, and many more. Wednesday 3 December Picturesque Chester: Exhibition Tour Exhibition Gallery One 2-3pm Chester is England s most picturesque city, the two-mile circuit of her Roman and medieval walls enclosing two thousand years of history. Join Peter Boughton, Keeper of Art, to discover how Chester s rich architectural heritage has inspired artists across more than four centuries. Wednesday 7 January Picturesque Chester: The City in Art 2-3pm The Grosvenor Museum houses a remarkably comprehensive collection of pictures of Chester. Peter Boughton, Keeper of Art, shows how artists have responded to the city s wonderful architecture. Wednesday 14 January Rebecca pm Free, but booking essential at Chester History & Heritage Named Best Picture in 1940, this all-time classic starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine is a brilliant adaptation of Daphne du Maurier s celebrated novel. Refreshments available. Thursdays 15 January & 5 February Town Hall Tours Meet at Visitor Information Centre, Town Hall Square 11.30am-1pm 7, 6 concession, book at Visitor Information Centre or online at Explore Chester Town Hall with an expert from the Guild of Chester Tour Guides. Discover why, when, and how the Town Hall was built. See a wealth of civic portraits, stained glass, and carvings in stone and wood. Imagine yourself in the dock in a wonderfully preserved courtroom. Admire some of the Mayors and Lord Mayors of Chester on panels naming them all back to Might Alfonso, Earl of Chester, have become King of England? 11 Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

13 Even{s Events for Adults Wednesday 21 January Exploring Medieval Chester 1-2pm 3, pay at the door. Chester is usually marketed as a Roman settlement, but its medieval heritage deserves equal attention. Using the earliest known map of the city as an aid to orientation, Vanessa Greatorex takes the audience on a pictorial tour of Chester s medieval sites, highlighting episodes from its rich collection of court records along the way. The Castle, the Cathedral, the Church of St John the Baptist, the Rows, the Pentice, and the Old Dee Bridge all feature, along with the Chester Mystery Plays. Lucian the monk, Richard the Engineer, Ranulf Higden and Henry Bradshaw also have walk-on parts. Wednesday 28 January Chester s Role during the English Civil War, : Regional Capital or Red Herring? 1-2pm 3, pay at the door. Professor Peter Gaunt explores the city s role in the main civil war of , during most of which it served as a royalist base and housed a royalist garrison but was subject to intermittent though eventually successful blockage, siege and bombardment by parliamentarian forces. In particular, he examines the differing views held by local, regional and national royalist and parliamentarian generals, administrators and politicians about the importance and potential of Chester in the wider war effort, and thus also the very different levels of priority and importance which they attached to holding or capturing the city. Wednesday 4 February High and Broad Walls with many Towers and Bulwarks 1-2pm 3, pay at the door. Chester is famous for retaining, virtually complete, its circuit of city walls. They are built of the local friable red sandstone and have survived in spite of chance, neglect, war and changing needs. Recent restoration work has refocused attention and research on this most iconic of Chester s monuments. Using the results of recent discoveries, Simon Ward will explore how politics, warfare, resources and changing fashion have moulded and developed the walls into the monument we have today. Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 12

14 Diary OCTOBER Wednesday 1 The Art of War Saturday 4 Heronbridge: From Romans to Roundheads with a battle in between Sunday 5 Heronbridge Site Tour Wednesday 15 Chester College: The Formative Years, Wednesday 22 Chester College: The Transformative Years, Thursday 23 The Eccleston Project Saturday 25 The Secret Life of a Recorder Saturday 25 Measure for Measure: Music from Shakespeare s Time Monday 27 Halloween Masks Tuesday 28 Photo-Sensitive Wednesday 29 From Chester College to the University of Chester, Wednesday 29 Roman Helmets and Shields Thursday 30 Peg Warriors Friday 31 Halloween Day at the Museum Friday 31 Halloween Night at the Museum NOVEMBER Friday 7 Put that Light Out! Wednesday 19 Contemporary China through Chinese Opera Friday 21 Chester Ghosts Wednesday 26 Cian Quayle: Artist Journeys Saturday 29 Scandimania: The Art of Scandinavia Study Day Saturday 29 Winter Watch Snow Birds DECEMBER Wednesday 3 Thursday 4 Saturday 6 Thursday 11 Thursday 18 Picturesque Chester: Exhibition Tour Winter Watch Parade Christmas at St Michael s Winter Watch Parade Saturnalia Parade 13 Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester

15 Contact JANUARY Wednesday 7 Picturesque Chester: The City in Art Wednesday 14 Rebecca Thursday 15 Town Hall Tour Wednesday 21 Exploring Medieval Chester Wednesday 28 Chester s Role during the English Civil War, FEBRUARY Wednesday 4 High and Broad Walls with many Towers and Bulwarks Thursday 5 Town Hall Tour Grosvenor Museum 27 Grosvenor Street, Chester Admission free Monday Saturday 10.30am 5pm, Sunday 1 4pm Closed December & 1 January St Michael s Church, Bridge Street Row East, Chester Admission free Monday Friday 10am-12noon & 1-4pm Closed 22 December 4 January Grosvenor Museum Society Ring Ruth Marshall on Access Issues People with disabilities may experience problems with some venues. Grosvenor Museum. Full independent access to the ground floor, including Exhibition Gallery One, Lecture Theatre and accessible toilet. Art Gallery, Costume Gallery and Exhibition Gallery Two on 1st floor; Education Workroom on 2nd floor: no lift.. Stairs at entrance, no wheelchair access. Wha{ s On I Exhibitions and Events in Chester 14