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1 t: e: w: a: James Moroka Avenue, Potchefstroom. P.O. Box 20355, Noordbrug, 2522 SHORT COURSE INFORMATION BROCHURE 2017 GENERAL INFORMATION SAAHST short courses are designed to equip the learner with the necessary skills to build their own business as well as expand their current expertise. The duration of the courses varies, with a theoretical and practical assessment according to the specific timetable. Requirements are excluded from the prices stated below. Details available on request. Please note that in order to get maximum benefit from the short courses you should have your own requirements. These will be used to complete the required experiential hours and also equip you to start earning an income. Dress code for all short courses is comfortable, yet professional and practical. An attendance certificate will be issued after successful completion of each course. Light lunch is included for full day courses. Refreshments will be given for half day courses

2 NAIL SHORT COURSES NAIL TECHNOLOGY Acquire the necessary skills to become a Nail Technician. This course is for a person who is creative, has strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Treatments and procedures consists of gel, gel polish, acrylic, acrylic dip, nail art, manicure and pedicure. 12 days training R R IN-1 NAIL COURSE Increase your existing skills by learning the application of gel and gel polish as well as the techniques of acrylic and acrylic dip. 10 days training R R ACRYLIC NAILS Acrylics can be whole or partial, used over the entire nail or simply as tips. A mixture of liquid acrylic (monomer) and acrylic powder (polymer) is applied to the nail. The artificial nail is built and then buffed to a shiny, natural looking nail. Includes Acrylic dip. 3 days training R ACRYLIC DIP This modern version of acrylic application can be applied to the natural nail or on tips for a faster alternative. GEL For client s that prefer a natural look gel can be applied on the natural nails or on tips. Includes Gel Polish. 3 days training R R GEL POLISH Gel polish is applied to the natural nail as an alternative to nail polish for a no-smudge end result. BIO SCULPTURE Bio Sculpture Gel produces award-winning nail technicians worldwide. With comprehensive training globally, Bio Sculpture gel is suitable for both beginners and experienced nail technicians with full on-going support. Includes Evo. 4 days training R Requirements included BIO SCULPTURE EVO Evo is a revolutionary colour overlay system fully compatible with Bio Sculpture Gel. The Evo Gel system is aimed at providing a quick, safe, high colour Gel overlays. 2 days training R Requirements included 02

3 NAIL SHORT COURSES CONTINUED BIO SCULPTURE CONVERSION For the qualified nail technician who would like to convert to the Bio Sculpture system. *Proof of prior training required MANICURE & PEDICURE Course consists of necessary skills required for perfect grooming of the hands and feet. These include aspects of filing, buffing, application of nail varnish and a massage. NAIL ART Create out of the ordinary, colourful and interesting designs on nails using various techniques. 4 days training 3 days training 2 day training R Requirements included R MASSAGE SHORT COURSES INTRODUCTION TO BACK MASSAGE This course teaches the history of massage and the five classical massage movements and enables the student to perform a back massage. 1 day + evaluation R

4 INTRODUCTION TO BODY MASSAGE This course teaches the history of massage and the five classical massage movements and enables the student to perform a body massage. *Prerequisite: Introduction to back massage. 2 day training R R 200 BABY MASSAGE Simple and effective training in massages for babies with the following benefits: relaxing the baby, improving blood flow and the bond between baby and parent. R 200 HOT STONE THERAPY Specially selected heated stones are used to massage the body, providing a nurturing and enhanced therapeutic effect. *Prerequisite: Learner requires a background in anatomy or basic massage techniques before enrolling. AFRICAN RUNGU MASSAGE The Rungu is a wooden throwing club that is carved out of natural eucalyptus wood, used by the Massai African Tribe. The therapist uses this club to perform a deeply relaxing, yet stimulating full body massage. *Prerequisite: Learner requires a background in anatomy or basic massage techniques before enrolling. EAR CANDLING TREATMENT An ancient healing technique that is helpful for a variety of ailments, e.g. sinusitis, tinnitus and mild ear infections. Ear candling is non-toxic, non-invasive and safe. It is suitable for all ages. A special candle that is about 22cm long is inserted into the ear and burns while the head is massaged with small petrissage movements. R 800 CALABASH MASSAGE A full body massage utilising different types of calabashes to provide an interesting and relaxing experience. *Prerequisite: Learner requires a background in anatomy or basic massage techniques before enrolling. BAMBOO MASSAGE During the bamboo massage different bamboo stalks are used to induce wellbeing and relaxation whilst providing therapeutic benefits. *Prerequisite: Learner requires a background in anatomy or basic massage techniques before enrolling. R 800 R 800 HEAD MASSAGE The head, neck and face are massaged with the purpose of manipulating energy channels. It soothes away stress and tension, leaving the client refreshed, relaxed and with a renewed clarity of mind. 1 days training R

5 MAKE-UP SHORT COURSES BASIC DAY AND NIGHT MAKEUP Step by step makeup application and how to transform day makeup into night makeup. Also includs makeup kit consulting and how to choose products that suit your skin tone. Practical tips and tricks. BRIDAL MAKEUP Great introduction to bridal makeup. Focus on the consulting process and the application of makeup. Different eye shadow looks and practice of natural makeup application as well as stronger makeup application. Includes basic contouring for wedding. FANTASY MAKEUP Fun workshop where you can express your creative side. This will inspire you to think out of the box, play around with colour and give you absolute freedom of expression. Fantasy makeup will push your boundaries and give you the confidence to try new things and grow as a makeup artist. CONTOURING Contouring is necessary for Photography, TV and film. In countries like America contouring is part of everyday makeup. Contouring is all about the art of shading and highlights. To refine, sculpt and slim your face with different shades of foundation and powder. MAKE-UP ARTISTRY Basic day and night makeup. Bridal makeup. Fantasy makeup. Contouring. 4 days training R EYELASH EXTENSIONS Separate lashes are glued onto the client s existing lashes to create a very glamorous, yet natural look. This is a very easy way to increase your salon s income. *Prerequisite: tint and shape TINTING AND SHAPING OF EYEBROWS Eyelash and eyebrow tinting enhance the look of the natural lashes. Tinting the length of the lash or brow hairs makes it appear longer and bolder, yet natural. Shaping techniques include plucking and waxing. 2 days training R

6 REFRESHER COURSES AND EXAMINATIONS REFRESHER COURSE Any difficulties experienced during training will be addressed, as well as preparation for your practical exam. Examination fee included. 1 day R 500 EXAMS Appointments for the exams are made during the refresher course and should be completed within six months of the training. (If written within six months after completion of a course no examination fee will be charged). The required experiential hours should be handed in on the day of the exams. 1 day R 500 HAIRDRESSING SHORT COURSES INTRODUCTION TO STYLING A practical short course introducing basic hairdressing skills such as creative styling techniques and pin-ups. ADVANCED COLOURING TECHNIQUES R 800 R 315 This course will improve your existing hair colouring skills by incorporating advanced creative and fashion colouring techniques to take your expertise to the next level. (This course is ideal for hair technicians working full time in the industry). *Prerequisite: one year experience in the hair industry. 1 week training R R HAIR EXTENSIONS This course is perfect for anyone who wants to develop and broaden their hairdressing skills. The method includes either full or partial head extensions and will provide the learner with the knowledge and confidence to apply extensions. (This course is ideal for hair technicians working full time in the industry). *Prerequisite: one year experience in the hair industry. ADVANCED HAIR CUTTING This course focuses on using the very latest cutting techniques, including fashion hair cutting and razor cutting. Using these newly acquired skills you will be able provide a fresh and innovative approach to hairdressing on your return to the salon. (This course is ideal for hair technicians working full time in the industry). *Prerequisite: one year experience in the hair industry. 2 days training 1 week training R1 200 R7 665 R R GENT S HAIR CUTTING Expand your knowledge and skills to cut men's hair into a variety of fashion looks and trends. You will learn how to use your imagination by incorporating fashion cutting techniques, scissor over comb techniques, razor cutting, texturizing and clipper cutting. (This course is ideal for hair technicians working full time in the industry). *Prerequisite: one year experience in the hair industry. 1 week training R R

7 HAIRDRESSING SHORT COURSES CONTINUED HOT TOWEL AND SHAVING Ideal for recently qualified stylists who want to perfect their barbering skills. This would include client analysis, consultation, hot towel treatment, a shaving service and aftercare. *Prerequisite: one year experience in the hair industry. 1 week training R R PRE-TRADE TEST TRAINING AND AND TRADE TEST PRE-TRADE TEST TRAINING We specialise in pre-trade test training to prepare applicants to enter for the trade test in order to become fully qualified according to national requirements. Our pre-trade test training courses are focused on the practical and theoretical aspects of the trade and focuses specifically on requirements still needed to pass their trade test in Hairdressing. 1 day R (Hairdressing Technician, Hair Stylist [Ladies Caucasian], Afro Hairdressing, Barbering [Gent s]). TRADE TEST To qualify as a hairdresser, you must obtain your trade test certificate in order to be legally qualified. The trade test is a practical observation in which all criteria of the hairdressing qualification is evaluated by a NAMB (National Artisan Moderation Body) registered assessor. 1 day Prior learning requirements: 4 years or more in the industry OR formal hairdressing training at an accredited Service Seta Institution. (Hairdressing Technician, Hair Stylist [Ladies Caucasian], Afro Hairdressing, Barbering [Gents]). DECORATING SHORT COURSES INTERIOR DECORATING This course is designed for people with a personal interest in interior decoration and will enable the learner to release and use their creativity. The course provides an overview of spatial layout, trends, colour schemes, wall finishes, soft furnishings and styling. 2 days R

8 PUBLIC SPEAKING PUBLIC SPEAKING SHORT COURSE The most frequent tool used is the spoken word. It can be an overwhelming and daunting task to talk or give a presentation in front of other people. In this course, we will give you tools and techniques that will help you become a better public speaker. We will focus on the correct body language, gestures and use of mannerisms necessary to mesmerize and capture audiences. This course will change the way you look at yourself and you will gain the confidence you need to become the best public speaker you can be. Classes take place from 18:00-19:00 twice a week over 10 weeks. R PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKSHOP Terrified to speak in public, and have limited time? Our public speaking workshop will enable you to conquer your fear. This workshop will teach you how to engage your audience in a way that will leave them with a lasting impression. R 650 per day PHOTOGRAPHY SHORT COURSES PHOTOGRAPHY SHORT COURSE This course is designed to expand and test your current skills. It consists of : Technical foundational knowledge: exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focusing, photographic lenses and light metering. Studio work: people and product photography. Post-production techniques: covers the interface and tools required to visually enhance images according to the professional industry standard. Classes will have theory and practical components as well as assignments, followed by class critiques. Contact the office for further details. TBA / / S HORT C O U R S E S DSLR camera (compulsory). 08