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1 1 Page FOOT SPA AND FACIAL SET UP: ITEMS NEEDED: A. 10 HAND TOWELS B. 10 WASH CLOTHS C. 10 HEAD BANDS D. 10 PENS, CATALOGS AND ORDER FORMS E. CLOSE SHEETS F. ARBONNE PRODUCTS G. DISPLAY ACCESSORIES: trays, chargers, etc H. SHAKER CUP I. FIZZ and detox tea ALREADY MADE UP (I use the 32 oz water bottles) J. Have Protein bars out to sample Arrive at least 30 min early Set up RE9 set and Rescue and Renew products where you will be conducting the presentation (Remember, only take what you need) FOOT SPA SET UP: unfold large bath towels on floor, you can get 2 foot spas per bucket. If I have a large group, I like to fill the buckets up early with very hot water FACIAL PREP: As soon as people arrive, take them to the bathroom to start their facial: set up re9 cleanser, Rescue and Renew Detox Face Mask in a bathroom. Make sure to have 8-10 hand towels ready with a head band. Ask your host if he/she has a crockpot. You will store your wet washcloths in a warm crockpot or a microwaveable dish. That way they are nice in warm to remove the mask. (I like to use a silver tray and tongs for the wash cloths) PRESENTATION GOALS: 1. HAVE FUN and be a blessing to those that come! 2. Find Business partners 3. Book more presentations 4. Sell product

2 2 Page WELCOME. THANK YOU FOR COMING. THANK HOST. The presentation is all about them. Relax. Enjoy all free product sampling. Learn about the products, the company, how to be better label readers, and how to spend their personal care/nutrition dollars wisely. Great benefits like a free product and using my 35% discount off of your purchase! Drop ½ scoop of the Detox Bath Soak into everyone s bucket. Helps remove surface impurities and cleanse the skin. Smoother softer looking skin! Major stress reliever! Can you imagine soaking in this? (Tumeric root helps boost radicance) Introductions/icebreaker Have everyone share their name, how they know the host and If they had all the time and $$ in the world, what is ONE thing they would do with it? OR if you could change one thing about your health what would it be? Your Story How you were introduced to Arbonne. Your hesitations, what changed your mind and why you jumped in. Arbonne How many of you have heard of Arbonne? I am very excited to introduce you to this great company and pamper you tonight! As you sit and listen, be thinking of other folks who would be interested in learning more about this and who are always seeking to find products that are healthy and beneficial.

3 3 Page You're going to have a chance to win! (free shipping, small gift, etc) Just remember a few things about what I'm going to tell you about Arbonne. Founded Switzerland in Brought to the US in Swiss heritage. Europe has stricter standardizations on health products and botanicals and more restrictions on their ingredients. Over 1300 chemicals banned in Europe! In the USA today, the FDA has only banned 11. Arbonne Difference = Pure, Safe, Beneficial. (our motto) Pure: botanically based and stricter ingredient policy; Safe: test on people; Beneficial: see results and the products benefit the outside and the inside of the body. Health and wellness from the inside out! GLUTEN FREE, No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. NO cholesterol, saturated fat or trans fat. NO GMO s Skin is our largest organ in our bodies. Whatever you put on our skin absorbs into our body in 26 seconds or less. (Beth;s garlic story, medicated patches, etc) >ph correct. (also, our 30 day program will help to keep your blood ph correct as well. Alkaline vs acidic >Hypo-allergenic >No mineral oil (2nd most aging thing for skin, It is like putting saran wrap on your body and adding aloe, the aloe will never get through the wrap; another word for mineral oil: petroleum) >No animal testing, no animal products or by-products certified vegan! (Rendering plants in existence because of cosmetic industry. U.S. woman ingests 5lbs of rendered product in her lifetime.) WE HAVE A 45 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

4 4 Page Quiz Time. 1. Where was Arbonne founded? Switzerland 2. When was Arbonne founded? When was it brought to the United States? What is Arbonne s motto (3 words)? Pure, Safe, Beneficial 5. How long does it take a chemical on your skin to absorb in your body? 26 seconds 6. How many chemicals are banned in Europe? What is the second most aging thing for your skin? mineral oil 8. What is the first most aging thing for your skin? Sun 9. How many days is our money back guarantee? How many Arbonne products contain animal by-products? zero 11. what is the Arbonne company car? (color and make) White Mercedes Earn more poker chips! Ask a question about product, get one, ask about business, get 2! You can also ask fun questions from your eye story or who has known the host the longest, when is his/her birthday, etc.

5 5 Page Let s finish up your foot soak! This product line is formulated with pure essential oils including dandelion, turmeric and ginger along with grapefruit, tangerine, rosemary and more Just pure botanicals going into your skin! 1. The Warm soapy water held our Detox wash. Promotes detoxification by removing impurities, oil and dirt from the skin. 2. We also added the Detox Soak; Helps remove surface impurities and cleanse the skin. Smoother softer looking skin! Major stress reliever! Can you imagine soaking in this? (Tumeric root helps boost radiance) 3. Next I am going to pass around a small amount of the Detox Scrub. This is going to polish away all that dead skin and hydrate your skin with the avocado oil. 4. Once you scrub and rinse, you can finish with our Detox Gelee. This is going to cool, hydrate and refresh your skin. Loaded with essential oils, shea butter, Vitamin E and green algae to moisturize and heal your skin. (works on so many things! Severe diaper rash, aches and pains, etc) We also have a Detox Oil and Detox Lotion that help deliver deep hydration. >>Give everyone hot washcloths for their face. READ THE DO I NEED TO DETOX QUESTIONARE while folks are letting washcloth set on face. Remove the Detox Face Mask; detoxifying mask: creamy French pink clay formula cleanses to draw out impurities from the skins surface like a magnet, resulting in smaller looking pores. Helps clarify and brighten skins appearance balances skin as well. Can be used 1-2x per week.

6 6 Page Sample ADVANCED RE9 Anti-Aging Skincare set. 6 steps: cleanse, tone, renew, correct, protect and repair. I am going to explain our Anti-Aging system as we walk through each step. What makes us so different is that we formulate with innovated botanical stem cell technology along with algae extracts, peptides and botanicals; the products contain ingredients that provide clinically proven results. Most people see results within 24 hours. Adjusts to all skin types. All products are PH correct. Pre-measured pumps. Get just the amount you need causing your product to last longer! Smoothing Facial Cleanser Gentle cream cleanser that doesn t strip your skin. It moisturizes as it cleanses. Regenerating Toner DON'T SKIP THIS STEP! Keeps skin's protective barrier in correct ph disrupted by city and well water. Shrinks the size of pores. Helps with black heads and redness Intensive Renewal Serum Loaded with antioxidants and peptides which are the building blocks of collagen! Has the holy grail of anti-aging: hyaluronic acid. Sloughs off the top layer of skin and helps create the Arbonne Glow lightens dark spots, minimizes the look of fine lines. Corrective Eye Creme provides immediate firming and moisturizing benefits. reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. One half pump on ring fingers is enough for BOTH eyes. Only use eye creme around the eyes! Day Crème: 4 Amazing choices: Restorative or Extra Moisture with SPF 20, a Restorative Day Cream without SPF and an amazing lifting and contouring Day Crème. All provide moisture and visibly firm. 90% of visible signs of aging come from environment and sun--we must protect!

7 7 Page Night Repair Cream Your pores open up at night, and your skin is correcting and healing while you sleep. Our night cream promotes skin cell turnover!! Repairs and heals damage on the skin and makes your skin feel like velvet the next morning. So, if you go to bed with the dirt, grease and grime along with makeup on your face, you are preventing this process causing you to age and giving you a dull complexion with blackheads as you trap the dirt in the pore causing them to enlarge.(have them sample a tiny amount on their hand or neck.) So that is our basics for the Advanced Re 9 Skin care line. How does your face feel? BONUS: Age-Defying Neck Cream is a specialized cream just for the neck! It firms, tightens, and moisturizes to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Often a neglected area! Favorites: GENIUS Nightly Resurfacing pads The World s 1st Botanical Retinoid! SUPERCHARGES your skincare regimen!! Helps reduce look of dark spots, lines &wrinkles. Improves: Overall Texture & Skin Tone; Clarity & Blotchiness: Acne & Scarring. Use at night after cleanser safe for ages 12 and up. (only demo this at night parties) GENIUS ULTRA!! Cutting edge ultrasonic technology. This device delivers over 300k ultrasound waves into your skin and more evenly distributes your skincare into your skin to increase the results and maximize the benefits you are going to see from your skincare. It is like putting your skincare on steroids! SAMPLE PRIMER: This acts like spackle for your skin use before makeup or as a substitute! Awesome filler for deeper wrinkles. Feels like liquid silk. 30 DAYS TO HEALTHY LIVING! Tell your story show what a day looks like (cards)

8 8 Page 3 Ways to win with Arbonne: (hand out a close sheet for each guest) 1. Become a Consultant. Purchase products wholesale. Great opportunity, If anyone is looking to make an extra $500 or $1000 a month I can show you how. Or if you are looking to replace a full-time salary working part time, I can show you that too...2 parties a week for 12 months can get you to the place of averaging 7k a month! SPECIAL ASVP PACKS JUST FOR YOU! 50% SAVINGS! 2. Become a Preferred Client. $29 Receive 20% all products with no minimums. ARBONNE SPECIAL VALUE PACKS--40% SAVINGS! (BEST VALUE): When you have at least a order with your sign up, you get free shipping. When your order is at least ? free product PLUS FREE SHIPPING! 3. Become a HOST. If you are like me, I wanted it all. So, you could do what our host did tonight: Invite some of your friends over and let me pamper them! We have great host rewards. With every $250 in sales you will get to pick out $125 of products for just $30! For example, if your presentation sells worth, you get to pick out worth of product for 60.00! Plus on top of that, tonight I will give you my 35% discount and (Free shipping or a little wrapped product or deal or no deal). >>WRAP up with a little more about your story! It is your time to shop! Pass out the catalogs and let them know you will be mixing up a shake for them to try. Sample the fizz, tea and bars

9 9 Page From Arbonne: (Suggested ASVPS: RE9 and NUTRITION RE9 ASVP NUTRITION ASVP Item #6812 Detox Scrub Item #6813 Detox Face Mask Item #6816 Detox Gelee Item #6810 Detox Bath Soak Item #6814 Detox Wash Item #7825 Makeup Primer Business aids *item #6496 Consultant application (these come in packs of 10) *Item #6366 Retail order work sheet (these come in packs of 10) *Item #9335 Preferred client signup sheet (these come in packs of 10) Item # 2538 Opportunity brochures (these come in packs of 10) Item # 9050 Regular catalog (packs of 10) Samples (new consultants receive 10 re9 samples in kit) Samples I like to have on hand: primer, RE-9 face, RE-9 lift/ neck creme, FC-5 face-both kinds, RE-9 body products, FC-5 shampoo/conditioner, men's RE-9, Mini hand creams and foot creams *available to down load for free at under the source Have 3 prospecting packets and host packets at each party Print out before and after photos from

10 10 P a g e Make up cheat sheet for liquid foundation: Soft blush: lighter pink undertones Buff: Freckles Honey beige: lighter yellow Neutral beige: darker yellow Rosy beige: darker pink

11 11 P age