Safe Color π for geometry in hair θ for therapy

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1 Safe Color π for geometry in hair θ for therapy

2 Mediterranean... Mediterranean recipes from professionals to professionals only from where it all started Innovations Education in fashion and hair business development Color Safe Color Tint + Grain Mousse Color Support Γη θ therapy Rosemary Series Basil 2Phase i 10iB π service Styling Creative Styling

3 Safe Color White Bleaching Cream WITH OIL OF ARGAN 500gr c Tech dye cream with olive oil In 79 shades with the power of olive oil for amazing shine. 100% reliable reflets Long lasting colors 100gr and a great price Mixing with TENIVITA Oxycreme 1/1 ½ for 2.5 tons of lightening and 1/2 ½ for 4 tons of lightening Dermatologically Tested Oxycreme Stabilisee 100%. With volume 10, 20, 30, 40. With high quality conditioning ingredients ml in a very competitive price. Bleaching cream with very low aggression contains Argan oil and Shea butter. Ideal for root discoloration without stinging low degrees Oxycreme. To the bleached future for all the work, leaving the hair without damage, and with the right time, it gives the pure white. A pack of 500gr. mint blue INGREDIENTS (CTFA): POTASSIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM METASILICATE, AMMONIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM STEARATE, CORN STARCH, GUAR GUM, CYCLODEXTRIN, SILICA, MAGNESIUM CARBONATE, TETRASODIUM EDTA, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, C.I e: 1000gr BLEACHING POWDER lemon white INGREDIENTS (CTFA): POTASSIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM METASILICATE, AMMONIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM STEARATE, CORN STARCH, GUAR GUM, CYCLODEXTRIN, SILICA, MAGNESIUM CARBONATE, TETRASODIUM EDTA, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, C.I e: 1000gr BLEACHING POWDER white BLEACHING CREAM with oil of argan e: 500gr Mint Blue + Lemon White Bleaching powder in a package of 1.000gr. Lightening without yellowness. Quality result. P

4 s color Support Shampoo Aloe Vera Shampoo Wheat Protein & Aloe Vera ph Neutral shampoos for the bath with ph 6.5. In 2 types and 3 fragrances. Aloe Vera with aloe and bitter almond fragrance. Wheat Protein and Aloe Vera with bubble gum fragrance. Both of them fully respect the hands that bathe. The hair does not fall nor hardens and has shine. Packages of 1.000ml, 4.000ml and with dispenser. Shampoo Mauve 300ml 1000ml Lilly Water extract Shampoo Silvery gives clear blonde without yellowing after dyeing or discoloration or at home for maintenance. Suitable for white hair. The containing Lilly Water guarantees better care of sanding and dyed hair. (Dispenser available) Color Stop Liquid 120ml Barrier Protective skin moist for the crown, ears and generally the scalp with dye. Optimum protection for your hands or nails that dye. Banana-scented Post Color Shampoo Color Off Liquid 120ml Remover Liquid remover with a wonderful fragrance for spots that dye escaped and made color stains. Ideal complement to the Color Stop Liquid. An acidic shampoo ph 3.8. To restore the hair after oxidative maintenance color work, hydration and consolidation of colorist s work when the client leaves the salon. Excellent moisturizer with sunscreen filter and wonderful fragrance. With a great price to 1.000ml, 4.000ml and with dispenser. Conditioner Olive Oil + Herbal Conditioners with natural olive oil and addition of vitamins A, B, E, F, H or herbals. Acidic ph 4. For shine, elasticity and hair protection. Perfect disentanglement with beneficial effects on damaged hair due to technical work. Packages of 1.000ml, 4.000ml and with dispenser.

5 Γη F o θ apy r e h T r θ Rosemary elixir 50ml One product... 2 services! STRENGTH - NUTRITION - SPARKLE - ANTI-UV It contains proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, omega 3 oil, rosemary extract, argan oil and provides antioxidant protection. Characteristics: Two key services for dry hair, dyed and damaged: Flash and restitution in the full length of hair Separate softness and elasticity Protect the scalp from irritation and dryness. Rosemary Mask 300ml / 750ml ph 5.8 With organic rosemary for intense hydration & ultimate nourishment in dry and dehydrated hair It contains real organic rosemary extract. Ideal combination with Shampoo Rosemary. Mask of 300ml and 750ml with dispenser and pump. Shampoo Rosemary 300ml / 1.000ml With organic rosemary Dryness? Dullness? Organic rosemary for ultimate nourishment and hydration for dry and dehydrated hair. Shampoo of 300ml and 1.000ml with dispenser and pump. P

6 Γη F o P apy he r T r θ Basil Deep Hair Balm 300ml / 1.000ml With organic basil Immediate hydration, smoothing, supreme nourishing to the dehydrated, dry and dull, without volume hair. It contains real organic basil extract. In a 300ml jar for home and 1.000ml bottle with a pump. θ 2 Phase leave in Organic olive oil mask Specialized intensive treatment and rehabilitation mask with organic olive oil. Olive oil nourishes and strengthens dry and dehydrated hair, making it soft and manageable after shampooing. Moreover, drying gives shine without frizz and static electricity. In functional package for resale and with dispenser. Application: wash with a professional shampoo and then apply the mask 3cm above the root. Let it act for 5 to 8 minutes in the bath or shower cap. Rinse very well. In a package of 500ml. A powerful tool for disentanglement, moisturizing and smoothing the hair before clipping or styling. With two components which are mixed. No rinsing needed. With innovative spray mist. In a package of 200ml. Just one minute mask Shampoo Vanilla 300ml / 1.000ml / 3.000ml ph 5.8 with olive oil and olive leaves Neutral shampoo for use in the bath on natural or dyed hair or before permanente. Pump can also be adapted. Ideal for resale and daily use at home in a small package. Mask for total reconstruction of hair in just 1 minute, always with the power of olive leaves and olive oil. In functional package for resale and dispenser for bath. Wonderful fragrance. Package of 500ml.

7 Fo r Styling 24h Hair Spray Professional hair spray to stabilize the styling. Strong hold with index 5. Flexibility without any residue. Package of 500ml. G π ry in ha t e m ir eo π P Gum gel Unique fast drying gel, texture and bubble gum fragrance. Hold with index 7. Shine with index hour duration with index 7. Functional package with dispenser for the counter or the toilet. Packages of 250ml and 500ml. Milk of Argan 300ml Therapeutic hairstyle? Improving the structure of hair up to 50% in 3 applications. Hydrosis Anti-frizz Sparkle Grinding Perfect heat protection Night mask. Silk Liquid 50ml Shine Booster Liquid Shine Booster for maximum shine and reconstruction of the hair. πilos 100ml Clay for matt result Strong clay, perfect for extreme, high-definition textures with a strong hold but remouldable. Matt effect, perfect for the metropolitan trend.

8 e Marketing Support Eιδικές υπηρεσίες Θεραπείας marketing and education support promote new concepts in hair salons education for sales persons international hair fashion communication and new philosophies Marketing Services i statistics management and growth Education

9 dzyn: w w w. t e n i v i t a. g r Tenivita Hair Mission