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1 PRESS PREVIEW Monday, February 29, :00 5:00 PM Opening: Monday, February 29: 5-8pm Hours: Tue March 1: 12-8pm, Wed March 2: 12-6pm Thurs March 3 Sat March 5: 12-8pm Sun March 6: 12-5pm Sponsor: p. 1

2 ABOUT: The 12 th Edition of SALON ZÜRCHER, NY seeks to represent an emerging art world inside and outside of New York City. Between our two galleries, Zu rcher Paris / New York has hosted 11 mini art fairs, which have been major successes and garnered very positive media attention. Zürcher Gallery is located in the East Village, in walking distance from the lower east side art scene and the New Museum. The salon will function as an accessible yet impressive, small but representative art fair, this year showcasing 6 galleries including galleries from Brussels, Paris, and New York. Salon Zürcher, NY offers visitors an intimate alternative to the large-scale, superstore style fairs during The Armory Show in New York. PARTICIPATING GALLERIES: Marie Finaz Gallery (Paris, France) Galerie Gris (Hudson, NY) Mathilde Hatzenberger (Brussels, Belgium) Kips Gallery (New York, NY) Weathervane (Brooklyn, NY) Zürcher Gallery (New York, NY) CONTACT: Directors: Gwenolee and Bernard Zürcher Assistant: Eliana Teran For all SALON inquiries, contact Eliana Teran at Sponsor: p. 2

3 p. 3

4 Marie Finaz Gallery, Paris Marie-Rose Lortet La Molle 1984 Rigidified cotton thread, lace x x 7.09 in Courtesy of Marie Finaz Gallery Jill Galliéni Les Saintes nitouches 2015 Textile x x in Courtesy of Marie Finaz Gallery p. 4

5 Galerie Gris, Hudson, NY Marina Adams A Detail of a Late Afternoon 2015 Acrylic on linen 68 x 78 in Courtesy of Galerie Gris Lizzie Scott Drifter 2015 Flashe, textile, bubble wrap Courtesy of Galerie Gris p. 5

6 Mathilde Hatzenberger, Brussels Marc Van Cauwenbergh At Night Along Your Shore 2015 Oil on linen 20 x 15 in Courtesy of Mathilde Hatzenberger p. 6

7 S A L O N Z Ü R C H E R, NY Kips Gallery, New York Jean Marie Haessle Rite of Spring October, 2015 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 95 in Courtesy of Kips Gallery WWW. GALERIEZURCHER. COM GALERIEZURCHER. COM p. 7

8 Weathervane, New York Mary McDonnell Class Portrait (Installation) Oil on panels Dimensions variable (as pictured: 30 x 336 in) Courtesy of Weathervane p. 8

9 Zürcher Gallery, New York Lynn Umlauf Galvanized wire grid, fiberglass, acrylic paint 14 x 40 x 32 in Courtesy of Zürcher, Paris / NY p. 9

10 i-robot Tai-Chi by Bonnie Tchien Hwen-Ying Performance on Monday, February 29 th at 6:30 PM After a massage around the eyes by stimulating the acupuncture points... The high-frequency vibrations are providing an intense feeling of relaxation. The body doing Tai-Chi wanders into a strange universe between tradition and modernization of our well contemporary life today. Bonnie Tchien Hwen-Ying Artist, Performer Born in Taipei Taiwan, lives & works in Paris France p. 10