Permanent Colour. tint me. Image courtesy of PRAVANA. permanent hair colour

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1 Permanent Colour Image courtesy of PRAVANA tint me permanent hair colour

2 BIG PROFESSIONAL Colour Range: REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE. A World First!! Professional MULTI-CHROMATIC, TRANSLUCENT colour for shinier, brighter, natural and modern hair at half the processing time. THE BIGGEST FASTEST SAFEST PROFESSIONAL JUST LAUNCHED IN U.S.A NOW COMING TO S.A. LAUNCHING IN APRIL 2017 PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOR IN THE WORLD MADE IN ITALY Super sized at 200ml for cost effective savings, to minimize waste and environmental sensativity. Super fast processing saving up to half the normal processing time for you time sensative clients who demand EXPRESS SERVICES. Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 19

3 BIG PROFESSIONAL Colour Range: REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE. A World First!! NH3 patented Ammonia Encapsulation not only improves processing time, it ensures the health, safety and comfort for your client, you and your colleagues. No longer will you or your client have to tolerate ammonia fumes during processing. LOWEST AMMONIA CONTENT: Thanks to the NH3 Control Technology the performance of the Ammonia is concentrated and non-dispersed into the atmosphere. BIG PROFESSIONAL SUPER SONIC COLORS are formulated with less than 1% ammonia in the mixture. The ammonia used is of the highest pharmaceutical quality and derived from 100% natural origins, therefore is gentle and non-drying to the hair. NH3 CONTROL AMMONIAENCAPSULATIONTECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL PATENT This patented technology electromagnetically attracts, encapsulates and locks the Ammonia molecules and the emerging vapors into the color cream at the moment of activation with the BIG OXY BUTTER Developers. The encapsulated ammonia is then transported directly to the hair shaft where it gently and naturally opens the cuticles while acting as a catalyst enhancing the pigmentation process. Once the color development is completed the water-soluble ammonia is easily carried away by water leaving no ammonia residues and no unpleasant irritating vapors or odors. NANO-ABSORBED MOLECULAR MAGNETS ACTIVATED AMMONIA NH3 CONTROL AMMONIA ENCAPSULATION + = AMMONIA VAPORS RELEASE COMPARISON BETWEEN MAIN COMPETITORS BIG PROFESSIONAL AMMONIA ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY 1st RANKING WORLD LEADER (L1) 2nd RANKING WORLD LEADER (W2) 3rd RANKING WORLD LEADER (S3) AMMONIA (NH3) PPM LEVELS AMMONIA VAPOR THRESHOLD VALUE COLOR PROCESSING TIME MINUTES 20 PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

4 BIG PROFESSIONAL Colour Range: REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE. A World First!! BOND REDUCTION: This advanced technology gently reduces the hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds and disulphide bonds within the hair s polypeptide structures, facilitating pigment penetration without breakage or damage to the bonds. The Big Professional Color cream contains 98.9% pure, ultrarefined color pigments which instantly enter, cluster and fuse with the hair s amino acid keratin protein structures. BOND-REDUCTION This results in superior grey coverage, longevity of colour and improved condition of the hair. Deeper penetration of the pigment and superior lift and deposit ensures true-tocolour-chart results that last. TARGETED HAIR REPAIR enriched with A-BkC Complex. This Amino Btonik Conditioning Complex made of essential oils and botanic extracts: HAIR STRAND ROOT HAIR STRAND LENGTH HAIR STRAND END TARGET REPAIR FILLING ACTION F-SIMS IMAGES OF DIFFERENT REGIONS OF THE HAIR FIBRE AFTER (1) (2) F-SIMS IMAGES OF HAIR COLORED WITH A-BkC Complex (1) COMPAIRED TO HAIR COLORED WITH CLASSIC CREAM COLOR (2) Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 21


6 BIG PROFESSIONAL Colour Range: REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE. A World First!! BIG OXI BUTTER VELVETY LUSH DEVELOPERS perform a 5-Phase Fusion Action during the color process: 1. Activates the ammonia and oxidative actives within the colour cream. 2. Assists with the encapsulation of the ammonia and developing vapours at the moment of oxidation. 3. Delivers the active ingredients directly to the hair shaft where it reacts in conjunction with the ammonia to lift and diffuse the natural pigments. 4. Assists with the development, delivery and linkage of the newly forming activated colour pigments deep into the cortex to the amino protein structures. 5. The pigments are then linked and trapped in the spaces between the hair s peptide bonds for extended color vibrancy. BIG OXY BUTTER VELVETY LUSH PEROXIDE 3% 10VOL 3L % 20VOL 3L % 30VOL 3L % 40VOL 3L This conditioning cream lightener can easily and gently lift up to 6 levels, is ideal for on scalp bleaching treatments as well as free-hand highlighting techniques. Builtoilin conditioning and barrier protect while the ultra-lightening factors work on lifting the melanin molecules to the desired levels. The anti-yellow features work to neutralize warm hues from inside-out, giving it excellent toning capabilities. The creamy emollient formula gives the colorist an unlimited array of lightening technical options and application ation control. BIG CREAM BLEACH BIG COLOR DIRECT SEMI-PERMANENT is an alkaline direct color conditioning system. The collection has ten concentrated shades. Depending on the amount of colour and technique used these luscious, joyous shades can produce amazing colours, change or intensify the natural base tone, create avant-garde effects or gentle natural pastels and highlights. BIG BLEACH is formulated with Biodegradable Polyglycol-Dust- Inhibiter Technology. This anti-volatile technology creates a dust-free molecular composition with rapid bleaching action that lifts up to 7 levels, making it ideal for lightening darker base shades that require a higher lift concentration. This ammonia free, ph balanced formula adheres well, does not swell or expand to assist in preventing or minimizing overlapping. The Micronized Blue Pigment Technology creates a unique combination of lightening + toning for visibly clearer BIG BLUE BLEACH1+2 DUST FREE BIG BACK BAR POST COLOR SHAMPOO & TREATMENTS: ph Balancing Targeted Hair Repair Thanks to the low ph3.9 factor this luscious shampoo used after professional coloring treatments, completes the fixing of the pigments deep within and ensures durability and brilliance of color. It favors the balance of ph levels while eliminating alkaline residues. Restores moisture and elasticity re-establishing the proper physiological condition of skin and hair Post-Color Conditioner ph4.5 is a Post-Color Treatment that reconstructs and offers intensive rehydration and comb-ability. Post-Color Conditioning treatment counteracts the oxidation and aging of cosmetic color enhancing the naturalness and brilliance of colour Post-Color ColorFix Leave-in Spray ph3.5 Intensive Post-Color treatment spray, multi action, Leave-in. Gives immediate body and vitality to the hair. Easy to use, has multiple properties: 1. Increases the shine of the hair. 2. Disciplines frizzy hair. 3. Facilitates combing. 4. Gives body and volume. 5. Increases the longevity and intesity of colour. 6. Protects from heat damage. 7. Speeds up the drying. 8. Increases the color fastness. 9. Restores the ph of skin and hair after every technical treatment When you want to lighten the BIG Color Direct colour shades or create a pastel tone, mix the colour with the 000.Pastel White toner a small amount at a time in a bowl until the desired shade is achieved and to darken, intensify, deepen or create more matte colour tones gradually add.111black to the mixture until the desired richness is achieved PASTEL 1L IRON 1L METAL 1L GOLD 1L FUCSIA 1L BROWN 1L COPPER 1L VIOLET 1L RED 1L Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 23

7 Bleach & Color We are proud to introduce a NEW range of colour pigmentation: BLEACH & COLOR PERMANENT CREAM and SPECIALONECOLOR SEMI-PERMANENT MASKS. Made in Italy A revolutionary one step, high fashion hair color system From the color you have, to the colour you want in one step! while oxidation-resistant pigments deposit into the hair shaft. Bleach&Color permanent cream 80ml, 16 shades: Lightening acts as a decolorizer to remove the pigments present in the Depositing - once the hair has been lightened appropriately, oxidation-resistant pigments into the hair Combined ideal environment for the new color pigments to bond with those remaining in the hair after lightening, while leaving the cuticle intact, ensuring minimal damage to the hair HOW TO USE: The mixing ratio is 1 part developer to 1 part measure, and mix formula thoroughly, until smooth. Choose the right developer that suits the amount of lift required, either 20 volume, 30 volume, or 40 volume. 40 volume is recommended for previously colored, and level 5 or darker hair. Cover the hair with foil, meche, or a processiong cap, you may process under heat. Check the hair after minutes to ensure the cuticle is not damaged. As long as the hair is not damaged, continue processing under heat, checking every 10 minutes (check green every 5-10 minutes), up to 50 minutes. Remove from heat and allow an additional 15 minutes for the color to deposit. It is extremely important to monitor the color progression. IMPORTANT: The shades containing primarily blue pigment (blue, aquamarine, and green) are considered advanced shades, and must be monitored very closely. If the green is left longer than intended, the blue pigment will become the dominant pigment, and the hair will appear more blue than green. Once you have achieved your desired color, rinse the hair and shampoo to remove any color residue. Do not condition if you plan to apply a mask. Light Blonde Ash Blonde Silver Steel Champagne Brown Yellow Copper Blonde Titian Blonde Red Fuchsia Violet Magenta Purple Aqua Marine Green Blue PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

8 Bleach & Color SpecialOne shade in pre-lightened hair. Create unlimited shades by mixing any of the SpecialOne create any custom shade you desire. The 000 mask is used to dilute more intense masks shades and create pastel colors. SpecialOneColor masks: alkaline agent, which allows the pigments to penetrate the hair cuticle, and adhere to the hair for longer lasting results. simply choose the desired color masks, and apply directly to the hair, do not add developer to your formulation. Color Stabilizer ph 3.5 Spray 230ml: ph 3.5 Spray is the final step in the System. It prevents the hair color from fading, seals the cuticle and leaves the hair shiny and soft. It is imperative to use the ph 3.5 spray to extend the life of the color, keep the cuticle smooth, and the hair shiny. The ph 3.5 spray is also an excellent product for clients to use at home in order to keep their color vibrant and shiny between appointments. HOW TO USE: Choose your desired mask shade(s). If mixing more than 1 mask together, make sure to mix well, to ensure even color distribution. Apply the mask to pre-washed, towel dried hair. Process for minutes, then thoroughly rinse, shampoo, and condition the hair. For optimal results, use HOW TO USE: After shampooing, apply ph 3.5 spray to return the hair to its natural ph and close the cuticle. For best results, spray on clean damp hair and use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product, after every shampoo, then proceed with styling. Tuft Color Chart SpecialOne (except Pastel White ml) Color Stabilizer ph 3.5 Spray 200ml Pastel White Platinum Intense Grey Lavender Intense Violet Blue Very Light Golden Blonde Light Beige Golden Copper Copper Intense Copper Mahogany Magenta Ruby Red Fuchsia Intense Red Moka Cocoa Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 25

9 Bleach & Color How do you use this system? For example: permament shades achieves the target base color shown on the right-hand side. Assuming you used champagne (13197), this is the effect: FROM TO the 10 results shown: 3. OneColor Masks as shown below. Other makes of fashion colour lines require pre-lightening to a light blonde shade, in order for the fashion colours to show up, however, when the permanent, which means the mask shades will always have those base tones to adhere to, and will never fade to those uneven and undesirable tones. shade, however, the SpecialOneColor masks give you the creative freedom to create and enhance any shade. COLOR PIGMENT BASE / BLEACH&COLOR SEMI-PERMANENT MASK SPECIALONECOLOR % 20% 40g 10g 13 50% 50% 25g 25g % 35% 32g 18g % 5% 47g 3g % 20% 40g 10g LEVEL 4 / LIGHT BLONDE % 50% 25g 25g % 35% 32g 18g % 5% 85% 15% 75% 25% 43g 7g 37g 13g 47g 3g LEVEL 4 / ASH BLONDE LEVEL 4 / SILVER LEVEL 4 / STEEL LEVEL 4 / CHAMPAGNE LEVEL 4 / BROWN % 30% 35g 15g % 15% 43g 7g % 25% 37g 13g % 5% 95% 5% 47g 3g 47g 3g % 25% 37g 13g 11 95% 5% 47g 3g % 20% 40g 10g % 5% 47g 3g % 5% 47g 3g % 20% 30% 25g 10g 15g % 25% 38g 12g % 60% 20g 30g % 2% 50% 24g 1g 25g % 20% 40g 10g % 50% 10% 20g25g 5g % 5% 47g 3g % 25% 37g 13g % 50% 50% 50% 25g 25g 25g 25g Mixing BLEACH&COLOR The mixing ratio is 1:1 cream hair color to d (Example: 40g of BLEACH&COLOR Cream + 40g 4 Choose the desired shade, taking into account the initial and the volume of developer needed to achieve the des and darker, 40 volume is recommende Processing time varies by hair type, color history, and cond color with heat, if necessary. It is recommended to watch th desired result is achieved LEVEL 4 / YELLOW PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

10 Bleach & Color COLOR PIGMENT BASE / BLEACH&COLOR SEMI-PERMANENT MASK SPECIALONECOLOR % 2% 50% 24g 1g 25g % 5% 47g 3g % 50% 25g 25g % 25% 80% 20% 40g 10g 38g 12g LEVEL 4 / COPPER BLONDE LEVEL 4 / TITAN BLONDE LEVEL 4 / RED LEVEL 4 / FUCHSIA LEVEL 4 / VIOLET MAGENTA LEVEL 4 / PURPLE LEVEL 10 / AQUAMARINE LEVEL 10 / GREEN LEVEL 10 / BLUE % 30% 50% 20% 80% 20% 30% 80% 20% 25g 15g 10g 40g 4 10g 66 40g g 56 35g 3 15g % 20% 40g 10g % 60% 20g 30g % 5% 5% 45g 2g 3g % 35% 5% 30g 17g 3g % 30% 20% 25g 95% 5% 47g 3g % 20% 40g 10g g 10g % 35% 33g 17g % 50% 25g 25g % 20% 80% 20% 40g 4 10g 66 40g g 56 65% 35% 33g 17g % 60% 20g 30g % 20% 30% 25g 10g 15g % 30% 35g 15g % 20% 30% 25g 10g 15g Important Information & Usage Instructions Unlike any other product on the market, BLEACH&COLOR cream lifts and deposits permanent color on both natural and previously colored hair, in one step. BLEACH&COLOR cream offers endless creativity, with the ability to lift up to 7 levels, while oxidation-resistant pigments deposit into the hair shaft. There are 3 main components that comprise the Bleach&Color cream; Lightening colorizer to remove the pigments present in the hair (both natural and synthetic) Depositing - Once the hair has been lightened appropriately, Bleach&- Color cream begins depositing the new oxidationresistant pigments into the hair. Combined, the lightening and depositing actions create an ideal environment for the new color pigments to bond with those remaining in the hair after lightening, while leaving the cuticle intact, ensuring minimal damage to the hair. How to use: BLEACH&COLOR Permanent Color: The mixing ratio is 1 part 40 volume developer to 1 part BLEACH&COL- OR cream. (Ex. 30g (1oz.) 40 volume developer + 30g (1oz.) BLEACH&- COLOR cream) For best results, always use a scale to measure, and mix formula thoroughly, until smooth. Processing For more vibrant results, cover with a processing cap and process under heat, periodically checking the progress until desired color result is achieved. Rinse, and proceed with further process, either apply desired mask, or additional color, or shampoo & style as desired. For Aquamarine, Green, and Blue shades, hair must be pre-lightened to a level 9 before applying Bleach&Color cream. SPECIALONECOLOR Masks: SPECIALONECOLOR masks do not require developer. When formuating, simply choose the desired color masks, and apply directly to the hair, do not add developer to your formulation. Apply the mask to pre-washed, towel dried hair. Apply desired mask formula, and comb through, ensuring equal distribution. Leave the mask on the hair for minutes, depending on the porosity of the hair, leaving the mask longer will produce more intense results. After processing, shampoo thoroughly and towel dry. Apply ph 3.5 spray to return the hair to it s natural ph and close the cuticle, preventing the hair color from fading, and leaving the hair shiny and soft. See chart for suggested mixing formulations oz Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 27

11 CDC COLOURS: PERMANENT Made in Italy CDC is well known for its quality and extreme variety of high technology colours. You can choose from 130 different colours, making it the widest range in the world and allowing you to really express your creativity and satisfy any of your customer s requirements. CDC colouring cream formula has the lowest possible level of ammonia thanks to the use of Pure Micro Pigments which guarantee deep penetration of the colour molecule with the minimum disruption to the hair s natural structure. used guarantee uniformity of colour, brightness, shine and long lasting properties, also making the hair silky and soft colour to 1.5 parts developer, allowing up to 3 applications per tube make the colour easy to apply, spread and rinse out Orange butter has anti-oxidising, UV protection, anti-pollution and anti-age properties, while honey is nourishing and hydrating for cuticles and gives elasticity, body and shine to hair Opening deals available. Please request details. TIP 100ml CDC tint weighs 96g 100ml peroxide weighs 92g CDC scalp soothing fluid 004 Protects the scalp during chemical treatments. Applied either directly on the skin or mixed with product used. 150ml 8063 INTENSE NATURALS CDC 1 Black 100ml 3277 CDC 1.10 Blue Black 100ml 3296 CDC 2 Darkest Brown 100ml 3278 CDC 3 Dark Brown 100ml 3279 CDC 4 Brown 100ml 3280 CDC 5 Light Brown 100ml 3281 CDC 6 Dark Blond 100ml 3282 CDC 7 Blond 100ml 3283 CDC 8 Light Blond 100ml 3284 CDC 9 Very Light Blond 100ml 3285 CDC 10 Natural Platinum Blond 100ml 3286 EXTRA INTENSE NATURALS (for resistant grey coverage) CDC Extra Intense Natural Brown 100ml 5502 CDC Light Extra Intense Natural Brown 100ml 5503 CDC Dark Extra Intense Natural Blond 100ml 5504 CDC Extra Intense Natural Blond 100ml 5505 CDC Extra Intense Natural Light Blond 100ml 5506 ASH NATURALS CDC 4.01 Ash Natural Brown 100ml 3297 CDC 5.01 Light Ash Natural Brown 100ml 3298 CDC 6.01 Dark Ash Natural Blond 100ml 3299 CDC 7.01 Ash Natural Blond 100ml 3300 CDC 8.01 Light Ash Natural Blond 100ml 3301 CDC 9.01 Very Light Ash Natural Blond 100ml 3302 MAT NATURALS CDC 6.11 Dark Mat Blond 100ml 3492 CDC 7.11 Mat Blond 100ml 3493 CDC 8.11 Light Mat Blond 100ml 3461 CDC 9.11 Very Light Mat Blond 100ml 3462 SAVANNAH NATURALS CDC 4 NS Savannah Brown 100ml 3407 CDC 5 NS Light Savannah Brown 100ml 3408 CDC 6 NS Dark Savannah Blond 100ml 3409 CDC 7 NS Savannah Blond 100ml 3410 CDC 8 NS Light Savannah Blond 100ml 3411 CDC 9 NS Very Light Savannah Blond 100ml 3412 CDC 10 NS Platinum Savannah Blond 100ml 3413 WARM NATURALS CDC 5.03 Light Warm Natural Brown 100ml 3290 CDC 6.03 Dark Warm Natural Blond 100ml 3291 CDC 7.03 Warm Natural Blond 100ml 3292 CDC 8.03 Light Warm Natural Blond 100ml 3293 CDC 9.03 Very Light Warm Natural Blond 100ml 3294 CDC Warm Natural Platinum Blond 100ml PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

12 CDC COLOURS: PERMANENT BEIGE CDC 6.32 Dark Beige Blond 100ml 3303 CDC 7.32 Beige Blond 100ml 3304 CDC 8.32 Light Beige Blond 100ml 3305 CDC 9.32 Very Light Beige Blond 100ml 3306 CDC Platinum Beige Blond 100ml 3414 GOLDEN CDC 4.3 Golden Brown 100ml 3307 CDC 5.3 Light Golden Brown 100ml 3308 CDC 6.3 Dark Golden Blond 100ml 3309 CDC 7.3 Golden Blond 100ml 3310 CDC 8.3 Light Golden Blond 100ml 3311 CDC 9.3 Very Light Golden Blond 100ml 3312 INTENSE GOLDEN CDC 5.33 Light Intense Golden Brown 100ml 3415 CDC 6.33 Dark Intense Golden Blond 100ml 3416 CDC 7.33 Intense Golden Blond 100ml 3287 CDC 8.33 Light Intense Golden Blond 100ml 3288 CDC 9.33 Very Light Intense Golden Blond 100ml 3289 COPPER CDC 4.4 Copper Brown 100ml 3313 CDC 5.4 Light Copper Brown 100ml 3314 CDC 6.4 Dark Copper Blond 100ml 3315 CDC 7.4 Copper Blond 100ml 3316 CDC 8.4 Light Copper Blond 100ml 3317 CDC 9.4 Very Light Copper Blond 100ml 3318 CDC 7.44 Intense Copper Blond 100ml 3319 CDC 6.34 Dark Gold Copper Blond 100ml 3345 CDC 7.34 Gold Copper Blond 100ml 3346 CDC 8.34 Light Gold Copper Blond 100ml 3347 CDC 9.34 Very Light Gold Copper Blond 100ml 3348 MAHOGANY CDC 4.5 Mahogany Brown 100ml 3320 CDC 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown 100ml 3321 CDC 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blond 100ml 3322 CDC 7.5 Mahogany Blond 100ml 3323 CDC 5.55 Intense Light Mahogany Brown 100ml 3325 CDC 8.52 Light Mahogany Violet Blond 100ml 3324 CHOCOLATE CDC 4.35 Chocolate Brown 100ml 3362 CDC 5.35 Light Chocolate Brown 100ml 3363 CDC 6.35 Dark Chocolate Blond 100ml 3364 CDC 7.35 Chocolate Blond 100ml 3365 CDC 8.35 Light Chocolate Blond 100ml 3366 RED CDC 4.62 Red Violet Brown 100ml 3327 CDC 7.62 Red Violet Blond 100ml 3332 CDC 5.56 Light Red Mahogany Brown 100ml 3328 CDC 5.6 Light Red Brown 100ml 3329 CDC 6.6 Dark Red Blond 100ml 3330 CDC 6.66 Dark Intense Red Blond 100ml 3326 CDC 7.66 Intense Red Blond 100ml 3333 CDC 8.66 Light Intense Red Blond 100ml 3417 CDC 7.46 Red Copper Blond 100ml 3331 CDC 8.46 Light Red Copper Blond 100ml 3418 VIOLET CDC 2.2 Darkest Violet Brown 100ml 3334 CDC 4.2 Violet Brown 100ml 3335 CDC 5.2 Light Violet Brown 100ml 3336 CDC 6.2 Dark Violet Blond 100ml 3337 CDC 7.2 Violet Blond 100ml 3419 CDC 5.22 Light Intense Violet Brown 100ml 3338 TOBACCO CDC 4.23 Tobacco Brown 100ml 3341 CDC 5.23 Light Tobacco Brown 100ml 3342 CDC 6.23 Dark Tobacco Blond 100ml 3343 CDC 7.23 Tobacco Blond 100ml 3344 CDC 8.23 Light Tobacco Blond 100ml 3420 HAZELNUT CDC 4.73 Hazelnut Brown 100ml 3421 CDC 5.73 Light Hazelnut Brown 100ml 3422 CDC 6.73 Dark Hazelnut Blond 100ml 3423 CDC 7.73 Hazelnut Blond 100ml 3424 CDC 8.73 Light Hazelnut Blond 100ml 3425 CDC 9.73 Very Light Hazelnut Blond 100ml 3426 MOKA CDC 4.88 Moka Brown 100ml 3427 CDC 5.88 Light Moka Brown 100ml 3428 CARAMEL CDC 6.8 Dark Caramel Blond 100ml 3429 CDC 7.8 Caramel Blond 100ml 3430 SUPERLIGHTENERS (mix ratio 1:2) CDC 10.0 Super Light Natural Blond 100ml 3349 CDC 10.1 Super Light Ash Blond 100ml 3352 CDC Super Light Pearl Blond 100ml 3351 CDC 10.3 Super Light Golden Blond 100ml 3350 CDC 11.0 Platinum Blond 100ml 3353 CDC Pearl Platinum Blond 100ml 3355 CDC 11.3 Golden Platinum Blond 100ml 3354 CDC Extreme Blond 100ml 3431 CDC Extreme Golden Blond 100ml 3432 CDC Extreme Ash Blond 100ml 3434 CDC Extreme Pearl Blond 100ml 3433 CORRECTIVE AGENTS CDC Yellow 100ml 3356 CDC Red 100ml 3357 CDC Orange 100ml 3437 CDC Violet 100ml 3358 CDC Blue 100ml 3359 CDC Green 100ml 3360 CDC Clear 100ml 3361 GREY CDC Light Grey 100ml 3339 CDC Dark Grey 100ml 3340 TONERS CDC Lilac 100ml 3435 CDC Silver 100ml 3436 Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 29

13 Introducing by demand, CDC AMMONIA FREE range of colour,100ml: DEMI-PERMANENT Ideal to work on the lengths of hair (with 7 or 10 vol peroxide) after having done the roots with permanent shades Also ideal for using on treated hair (highlighted, permed, bleached) as ammonia free colours have a greater restructuring power on damaged, processed hair 52 Colours: 49 are the same as permanent shades with 3 special shades only available in ammonia free Also can be used between tints for temporary re-touches INTENSE NATURALS - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 1 Black CDC 1.10 Blue Black CDC 2 Darkest Brown CDC 3 Dark Brown CDC 4 Brown CDC 5 Light brown CDC 6 Dark Blond CDC 7 Blond CDC 8 Light Blond CDC 9 Very Light Blond CDC 10 Platinum Blond ASH NATURALS - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 5.01 Light Ash Natural Brown CDC 7.01 Ash Natural Blond CDC 9.01 Very Light Ash Natural Blond BEIGE - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC Platinum Beige Blond CDC 8.32 Light Beige Blond CDC 9.32 Very Light Beige Blond GOLDEN - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 5.3 Light Golden Brown CDC 6.3 Dark Golden Brown CDC 7.3 Golden Blond CDC 8.3 Light Golden Blond COPPER - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 4.4 Copper Brown CDC 5.4 Light Copper Brown CDC 6.34 Dark Golden Copper Blond CDC 6.4 Dark Copper Blond CDC 7.4 Copper Blond CDC 8.34 Light Gold Copper Blond CDC 8.4 Light Copper Blond MAHOGANY - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown CDC 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blond CDC 7.5 Mahogany Blond CHOCOLATE - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 5.35 Light Chocolate Brown CDC 6.35 Dark Chocolate Blond CDC 7.35 Chocolate Blond RED - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 4.62 Red Violet Brown CDC 5.6 Light Red Brown CDC 6.6 Dark Red Blond CDC 7.46 Copper Red Blond VIOLET - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 4.2 Violet Brown CDC 5.22 Light Intense Violet Brown CDC 6.2 Dark Violet Blond TOBACCO - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 5.23 Light Tobacco Brown CDC 7.23 Tobacco Blond MOKA - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 4.88 Moka Brown CDC 5.88 Light Moka Brown CARAMEL - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 6.8 Dark Caramel Blond CDC 7.8 Caramel Blond SUPERLIGHTENERS (MIX RATIO 1:2) - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml CDC 10.1 Super Light Ash Blond SPECIAL SHADES - AMMONIA FREE, 100ml (not available in permanent colour) CDC 9.21 Very Light Ice Blond 5242 CDC Extra Intense Red Light Brown 5240 CDC Extra Intense Red Blond 5241 CORRECTIVE AGENT, 100ml Clear PEROXIDE (universal colour activator) 7 VOL (2.1%) 150ml ml PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

14 CDC - Colour Mask An exotic mix of colours, shades and vitamins that allows you to customise, enhance the colour and give incredible shine to hair. The molecular structure of the pigments allows maximum penetration and adhesion to hair. Also contains sun filters to protect colour. Colour Mask revives, intensifies and adds depth to natural, coloured and streaked hair. Restores intense tones to dull and lifeless hair. Lasts for 3 to 5 washes. Red, for red reflexes 6804 Gold, for blond reflexes 6805 Caramel, for natural and coloured hair 6806 Copper, for copper reflexes 6807 Violet, for violet and mahogany reflexes 6808 Chocolate, to maintain brown tones 6960 Ultra Silver for stubborn yellow tones, great for all blondes, specifically formulated for South African conditions Swatch chart 3403 BY POPULAR DEMAND - CDC CREAM PEROXIDE - 1 litre Should be used in conjunction with CDC Permanent colour range, to enhance the final result. Rich in conditioning and protective agents. Scented for stylist and customer s comfort. Made in Italy. 10 Volume, to tone Volume, covers grey 7272 Bleach powder, dust free 500g: white 3375 blue Volume, achieves can be used with superlightener series Volume, achieves must be used with superlightener series 7274 Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 31

15 OSMO IKON PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR: long lasting transluscent colour brilliance colouring options and easy application allows serious colourists to express their creativity and versatility. The micro-sized Osmo Ikon Colour molecules are easily absorbed in the hair cuticle, allowing for a far lower ammonia content in the formula. Hair conditioning is NATURALS Ikon 1.0 Black 100ml 8064 Ikon 3.0 Dark brown 100ml 8102 Ikon 4.0 Medium brown 100ml 8104 Ikon 5.0 Light brown 100ml 8110 Ikon 6.0 Dark blonde 100ml 8121 Ikon 7.0 Medium blonde 100ml 8130 Ikon 8.0 Light blonde 100ml 8138 Ikon 9.0 Very light blonde 100ml 8146 Ikon 10.0 Lightest blonde 100ml 8094 COOL NATURALS Ikon 5.00 NATURAL COLD 100ml Ikon 6.00 NATURAL COLD 100ml Ikon 7.00 NATURAL COLD 100ml Ikon 8.00 NATURAL COLD 100ml Ikon 9.00 NATURAL COLD 100ml WARM NATURALS Ikon 4NW medium natural warm brown 100ml 8108 Ikon 5NW light natural warm brown 100ml 8119 Ikon 6NW dark natural warm blonde 100ml 8129 Ikon 7NW medium natural warm blonde 100ml 8137 BAHIA Ikon Light chocolate brown 100ml 8111 Ikon Dark chocolate blonde 100ml 8122 Ikon Medium chocolate blonde 100ml 8131 Ikon Light chocolate blonde 100ml 8139 Ikon Very light chocolate blonde 100ml 8147 SPECIAL BLACK Ikon 1.1 Black - blue 100ml 8093 NATURAL ASH Ikon 4.01 Medium natural ash brown 100ml 8105 Ikon 5.01 Light natural ash brown 100ml 8112 Ikon 6.01 Dark natural ash blonde 100ml 8123 Ikon 7.01 Medium natural ash blonde 100ml 8132 Ikon 8.01 Light natural ash blonde 100ml 8140 Ikon 9.01 Very light natural ash blonde 100ml 8148 ASH Ikon 4.1 Medium ash brown 100ml Ikon 5.1 Light ash brown 100ml Ikon 6.1 Dark ash blonde 100ml Ikon 7.1 Medium ash blonde 100ml Ikon 8.1 Light ash blonde 100ml Ikon 9.1 Very light ash blonde 100ml GOLDEN Ikon 5.3 Light golden brown 100ml 8114 Ikon 6.3 Dark golden blonde 100ml 8124 Ikon 7.3 Medium golden blonde 100ml 8133 Ikon 8.3 Light golden blonde 100ml 8142 Ikon 9.3 Very light golden blonde 100ml 8150 NATURAL GOLDEN ASH Ikon 8.13 Light natural ash golden blonde 100ml 8141 Ikon 9.13 Very light natl ash golden blonde 100ml 8149 COPPER Ikon 5.4 Light copper brown 100ml 8115 Ikon 6.4 Dark copper blonde 100ml 8125 COPPER INTENSE Ikon 7.44 Medium intense copper blonde 100ml 8135 Ikon 8.44 Light intense copper blonde 100ml 8143 COPPER GOLDEN Ikon 5.43 Light copper golden brown 100ml 8116 Ikon 6.43 Dark copper golden blonde 100ml 8126 Ikon 7.43 Medium copper golden blonde 100ml 8134 VIOLET Ikon 8.2 Light Violet Blonde 100ml Ikon 9.2 Very Light Violet Blonde 100ml Ikon 10.2 Lightest Violet Blonde 100ml MAHOGANY Ikon 4.5 Medium mahogany brown 100ml 8106 Ikon 5.5 Light mahogany brown 100ml 8117 Ikon 6.55 Dark intense mahogany blonde 100ml 8127 ABSOLUTE RED Ikon 4.62 Medium red violet brown 100ml 8107 Ikon 5.66 Light intense red brown 100ml 8118 Ikon 6.66 Dark intense red blonde 100ml 8128 Ikon 7.66 Medium intense red blonde 100ml 8136 Ikon 8.66 Light intense red blonde 100ml 8145 Ikon 8.62 Light red violet blonde 100ml 8144 VIOLET BROWN Ikon 5.22 Light intense violet brown 100ml 8113 CHOCOLATE Ikon 4 coffee 100ml 8103 Ikon 5 dark chocolate 100ml 8109 Ikon 6 milk chocolate 100ml PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

16 OSMO IKON PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR SUPERLIGHTS Ikon 11.0 Extra lift natural blonde 100ml 8095 Ikon Extra Lift Natural Blonde Cold 100ml Ikon 11.1 Extra lift ash blonde 100ml 8096 Ikon Extra lift beige blonde 100ml 8097 Ikon 0.00 Blonde boost 100ml 8092 Ikon 11.3 Extra lift golden blonde 100ml 8098 UNDERBLONDES Ikon 12.0 Natural platinum blonde 100ml 8099 Ikon 12.2 Ash platinum blonde 100ml 8101 Ikon Violet sandre platinum blonde 100ml 8100 Ikon 12.9 Uber Ice Blonde 100ml Ikon Uber Rose Blonde 100ml CORRECTORS/INTENSIFIERS Ikon Blue Corrector 100ml 8153 Ikon Red Corrector 100ml 8154 Ikon Yellow Corrector 100ml 8155 Pearl Intensifier 100ml Silver Intensifier 100ml Violet Intensifier 100ml IKON - Peroxides & enhancer Cream Peroxides 1 Litre 10 Volume Volume Volume Volume 8159 Ikon tone on tone enhancer 7.5 volume 1000ml 8160 Dust-free Bleach Power Lift Bleach 500g Blue 8151 Ikon Tufted Chart - 82 shades Power Lift Bleach 500g White 8152 Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 33

17 WELLA PASSIONATELY PROFESSIONAL IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT, YOU CAN CREATE IT KOLESTON PERFECT s refined and sophisticated shades portfolio brings truly perfect and vibrant colour results. Its Triluxiv Technology delivers up to 66% more shine and perfect grey coverage, Achieve glossy, long-lasting colour particularly when combined with Welloxon Perfect which has been specially developed to get the best results from Koleston Perfect PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

18 WELLA PASSIONATELY PROFESSIONAL KOLESTON PERFECT All tubes 60 ml 10/8 Lightest Pearl Blonde 10/0 Lightest Blonde 99/0 Intense Very Light Blonde 9/96 Very Light Cendre Violet Blonde 9/8 Very Light Pearl Blonde 9/38 Very Light Gold Pearl Blonde 9/17 Very Light Ash Brunette Blonde 9/16 Very Light Ash Violet Blonde 9/1 Very Light Ash Blonde 9/0 Very Light Blonde 88/0 Intense Light Blonde 8/73 Light Brunette Gold Blonde 8/38 Light Gold Pearl Blonde 8/34 Light Gold Red Blonde 8/3 Light Gold Blonde 8/1 Light Ash Blonde 8/03 Light Natural Gold Blonde 8/00 Light Natural Blonde 8/0 Light Blonde 8/ Light Pure Blonde 77/0 Intense Medium Blonde /75 Medium Brunette Mahogany Blonde7671 7/7 Medium Brunette Blonde /43 Medium Red Gold Blonde /41 Medium Red Ash Blonde /4 Medium Red Blonde /38 Medium Gold Pearl Blonde /37 Medium Gold Brunette Blonde /34 Medium Gold Red Blonde /3 Medium Gold Blonde /17 Medium Ash Brown Blonde /1 Medium Ash Blonde /03 Medium Natural Gold Blonde /00 Medium Natural Blonde /0 Medium Blonde / Medium Pure Blonde /0 Intense Dark Blonde /77 Dark Intensive Brunette Blonde /75 Dark Brunette Mahogany Blonde /74 Dark Brunette Red Blonde /73 Dark Brunette Gold Blonde /7 Dark Brunette Blonde /5 Dark Mahogany Blonde /45 Dark Red Mahogany Blonde /43 Dark Red Gold Blonde /41 Dark Red Ash Blonde /34 Dark Gold Red Blonde /1 Dark Ash Blonde /00 Dark Natural Blonde /0 Dark Blonde / Dark Pure Blonde /0 Intense Light Brown /77 Light Intensive Brunette Brown /75 Light Brunette Mahogany Brown /73 Light Brunette Gold Brown /71 Light Brunette Ash Brown /7 Light Brunette Brown /5 Light Mahogany Brown /4 Light Red Brown /1 Light Ash Brown /07 Light Natural Brunette Brown /0 Light Brown / Light Pure Brown /0 Intense Medium Brown /77 Medium Intensive Brunette Blonde /75 Medium Brunette Mahogany Brown7716 4/71 Medium Brunette Ash Brown /0 Medium Brown / Medium Pure Brown /0 Intense Dark Brown /0 Dark Brown /0 Intense Black (was 22/0) 7723 KOLESTON PERFECT SPECIAL BLONDES 12/96 Special Cendre Violet Blonde /81 Special Pearl Ash Blonde /7 Special Brunette Blonde /61 Special Violet Ash Blonde /17 Special Ash Brunette Blonde /16 Special Ash Violet Blonde /11 Special Intensive Ash Blonde /1 Special Ash Blonde /0 Special Natural Blonde 7726 KOLESTON PERFECT INTENSIVE REDS 88/43 Light Intense Red Gold Blonde /46 Medium Intense Red Violet Blonde /44 Medium Intense Red Blonde /43 Medium Intense Red Gold Blonde /56 Dark k Intense Mahogany Violet Violet Blonde /55 Dark Intense Mahogany Blonde /46 Dark Intense Red Violet Blonde /44 Dark Intense Red Blonde /66 Light Intense Violet Brown /65 Light t Intense Intense Violet Violet Mahogany Brown Brown /55 Light Intense Mahogany Brown /46 Light Intense Red Violet Brown /44 Light Intense Red Brown /66 Medium Intense Violet Brown /65 Medium Intense Intense Violet Violet Mahogany Mahogany Brown Brown /55 Medium Intense Mahogany Brown /44 Medium Intense Red Brown /66 Dark Intense Violet Brown /55 Dark Intense Mahogany Brown 7750 KOLESTON PERFECT MIXTONES 0/88 Intense Pearl 0/81 Pearl Ash 0/66 Intense Violet 0/65 Violet Mahogany 0/45 Red Mahogany 0/43 Red Gold 0/33 Intense Gold 0/28 Cool Ash Pearl BLEACHES 7410 Blondor Soft Blonde Cream 7411 Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder DEVELOPERS All bottles 1 litre 7412 Welloxon 6% (20 Vol.) 7413 Welloxon 9% (30 Vol.) 7414 Welloxon 12% (40 Vol.) COLOUR CHARTS 8363 Technical Colour Chart printed 7804 Technical Colour Chart tufts WELLA PROFESSIONALS KOLESTON PERFECT INCLUDES EASY-TO-USE MIXING AND APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 35

19 WELLA PASSIONATELY PROFESSIONAL AWAKEN YOUR CLIENTS HAIR WITH NEW LIFE COLOR TOUCH awakens hair! Its sophisticated mix of light-reflecting ingredients and iridescent colour makes hair shine and dance with light. Its gentle, ammonia-free formula is non-permanent and colour lasts for up to 24 shampoos. Proven in extensive testing with over 500 clients, With zero tonal shifting, Color Touch has up to 57 % more multifaceted colour and up to 63 % more shine as compared to untreated hair PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

20 WELLA PASSIONATELY PROFESSIONAL COLOR TOUCH All tubes 60 ml COLOR TOUCH INTENSIVE REDS 10/81 Lightest Pearl Ash Blonde /45 Medium Int Red Mahogany Blonde /6 Very Light Blonde Violet /45 Dark Intense Red Mahogany Blonde /0 Lightest Blonde /44 Dark Intense Red Blonde /16 V.Light Ash Violet Blonde /65 Light Intense Violet Mahogany Brown /01 V.Light Natural Ash Blonde /54 Light Intense Mahogany Red Brown /81 Light Pearl Ash Blonde /65 Medium Int Violet Mahogany Brown /38 Light Gold Pearl Blonde /3 Light Gold Blonde 7765 COLOR TOUCH MIXTONES 8/0 Light Blonde /68 Violet Pearl /7 Medium Brunette Blonde /56 Mahogany Violet /43 Medium Red Gold Blonde /45 Red Mahogany /3 Medium Gold Blonde /34 Golden Red 7/03 Medium Natural Gold Blonde /0 Medium Blonde 7767 DEVELOPERS All bottles 1 litre 6/77 Dark Intense Brunette Blonde 7779 Touch 7431 Crème Color Lotion Touch 1.9% Crème (6 Vol.) Lotion 1.9% (6 Vol.) /75 Dark Brunette Mahogany Blonde 7778 Touch 7432 Intensive Color Touch Crème Intensive Lotion 4% Crème (13 Vol.) Lotion 4% (13 Vol.) /71 Dark Brunette Ash Blonde /7 Dark Brunette Blonde 7776 COLOUR CHART 6/4 Dark Red Blonde 6/37 Dark Gold Brunette Blonde 6/0 Dark Blonde 5/71 Light Brunette Ash Brown 5/5 Light Mahogany Brown 5/4 Light Red Brown 5/3 Light Gold Brown 5/0 Light Brown 4/77 Medium Intense Brunette Blonde 4/71 Medium Brunette Ash Brown 4/6 Medium Violet Brown 4/0 4/57 Medium Brown Mahogany Brunette Brown 3/66 4/0 Dark Medium Intensive BrownViolet Brown 3/0 3/66 Dark Brown Intensive Violet Brown 2/0 3/0 Black Dark Brown 2/0 Black Touch 7805 Colour Color Chart Touch tufts Colour Chart tufts 7805 Blondor Freelights Powder 400g Ideal for Balayage Freelights Developer 1ltr 20 vol vol vol WELLA PROFESSIONALS COLOR TOUCH INCLUDE EASY-TO-USE MIXING AND APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 37

21 WELLA PASSIONATELY PROFESSIONAL Firebrand 7561 /wellasouthafrica /WellaProSA * Based on survey with 218 hairdressers using ILLUMINA COLOR in Europe, fielded in January THE NEW NATURAL LUMINOUS SHEER SHADES with colour so real, it s the new natural! IT S A FACT: 8 out of 10 stylists agree that ILLUMINA COLOR gives them the most naturallooking colour results they ve ever seen.* 38 PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL:

22 WELLA PASSIONATELY PROFESSIONAL ILLUMINA COLOR All tubes 60ml Illumina Colour Chart Tel: (011) Fax: (011) PERMANENT COLOUR 39

23 Tint me: permanent colour system All colour ranges have upwards of 65 different shades. It is well known that not all colours in the range are equally popular. That results in wasted costs for the distributor as they have to carry stock of all shades irrespective of how well they sell. There are other expenses like colour charts that have to produced showing all shades, storage and other logistical costs even though only about a quarter of shades account for most of the sales. have met this challenge for the new tint me range by creating a range that offers only the top 25 shades that sell the best at the most affordable price. Because the tint me range is only made up of the best selling permanent shades, we have been able to pass on substantial savings. This has allowed us the price this 100ml tint at the most affordable price possible. The colour is made in Italy by a world-class manufacturer with no compromise in the quality. It will perform to the highest expectations as only the best ingredients (Pure Micro Pigments) and the lowest levels of ammonia possible have been used. tint me is compatible with our CDC range of tints, giving you the flexibility to mix special colours as required. INTENSE NATURALS tint me 1 Black 100ml 9251 tint me 2 Darkest Brown 100ml 9252 tint me 3 Dark Brown 100ml 9253 tint me 4 Brown 100ml 9254 tint me 5 Light Brown 100ml 9255 tint me 6 Dark Blond 100ml 9256 tint me 7 Blond 100ml 9257 tint me 8 Light Blond 100ml 9258 tint me 9 Very Light Blond 100ml 9259 EXTRA INTENSE NATURALS tint me Extra Intense Natural Brown 100ml 9260 tint me Light Extra Intense Natural Brown 100ml 9261 tint me Dk Extra Intense Natural Blond 100ml 9262 RED tint me 5.56 Light Red Mahogany Brown 100ml 9268 tint me 5.6 Light Red Brown 100ml 9269 tint me 6.66 Dark Intense Red Blond 100ml 9270 INCREDIBLE SPECIALS AVAILABLE - PLEASE ENQUIRE SAVANNAH NATURALS tint me 5 NS Light Savannah Brown 100ml 9264 tint me 6 NS Dark Savannah Blond 100ml 9265 SUPERLIGHTENERS tint me 10.1 Super Light Ash Blond 100ml 9273 tint me Extreme Ash Blond 100ml 9274 CHOCOLATE tint me 4.35 Chocolate Brown 100ml 9266 tint me 5.35 Light Chocolate Brown 100ml 9267 MOKA tint me 4.88 Moka Brown 100ml 9271 tint me 5.88 Light Moka Brown 100ml 9272 ASH NATURALS tint me 9.01 Very Light Ash Natural Blond 100ml 9263 GREY tint me Light Grey 100ml 9275 tint me permanent hair colour tint me tuft swatch chart 25 colours PERMANENT COLOUR SHARECALL: